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29th May 2003, 11:20 PM
Okay then. Most of you ready this probably read "Tyler & Magmar", and are thinking, "Why the *censored* is he writing this when he's still got to update his real story?! What the *censored* is he thinking?!"
Well, maybe not in those words, but around it. Anyway, the answer to that is simple: to unwind. I have quite a few stories that I write, and having to update all of "Tyler & Magmar" not only gets stressful, but I get cramped with writer's block repeatedly. In other words, it gets frustrating.
So, as a way to unwind and use jokes that aren't and can't be in "Tyler & Magmar", I'll be writing this. The chapters will take a very long time, since they're based on my battles in ASB here. Seeing that I've only completed one, and they sometimes take months, you guys don't have to worry about it taking all of my attention.
This story is more serious than "Tyler & Magmar," but it still contains what people love in my writing: odd Pokémon. It's rated PG for Pokémon battling and mild swearing, and it'll probably stay around that level. I couldn't think of a name for the trainer, so I'm just using my user name. Hopefully, you'll all tolerate it, maybe even like it. Well, enjoy!

Departing and Arriving

I’ve always loved Cianwood Island. Maybe because it was far away from the hussle of a major city, maybe because the beach was filled with many wonderful Pokémon, or maybe just because the gym leader, Chuck, was the nicest guy on the planet.
Whatever the reason, I was going to miss this place when I started my own Pokémon journey, which is something every kid gets to say. Kids love starting their own Pokémon journeys, leaving home and getting into much trouble with Team Rocket; also, many fall in love on their journeys. Yes indeed, kids grow up on their trips, and the only one truly sad to see them go is their mothers.
Which was why mine was holding me so near to her that any closer would result in me being behind her.
“I’m going to miss you!” she sobbed loudly, embarrassing me in front of everyone present, a requirement that all moms must fill out every week. Dad was passive, but was smiling like a proud man. Chuck, also present, was laughing at my great misfortune, as was everyone else watching me struggle from my mom’s deadly ‘love grip.’
When she finally released me, I knew then how a Pokémon felt when getting out of its Pokéball. Chuck snickered one more time, then clapped me on the shoulder. “We wish you the best of luck, young man!”
I winked, then asked, “Who’s my starting Pokémon?”
“Ah, yes!” he handed me a brown and blue Pokémon, the official Cianwood Pokéball. “I’ve been saving this great Pokémon for you, because I know it is your favorite Pokémon type!”
I could easily blame Chuck for making Fighting Pokémon my favorite. I loved hanging out around at his gym, and the Fighting Pokémon enchanted me. Their excellent skill, their talent and potential, and they had muscles harder than steel and hearts of gold to match. Even Primeapes can be good friends when you get through their tough shell.
Releasing the Pokémon, I looked down at the Pokémon. It was a Machop, yet there was something special about it. A green headband was tied around her solid forehead, and fluttered in the seashore wind. Its eyes, however, were more captivating than the stars at night. They glowed with a brilliant, light blue, and twinkled with cheer, with excitement, with love. Its semi-long eyelashes gave away this Machop’s gender.
“She has no nickname, but I was thinking you’d give her one. I’m certain you’ll give her a good one, SilverMachop!” commented Chuck.
SilverMachop was what everyone called me; it was my official nickname, replacing my real name. I received the name because Machop was always my favorite Fighting Pokémon, and of all the precious metals found in Johto, silver and gold are the two most common. I was named SilverMachop, for the most successful silver mine in Johto has the same name as my first name; what my first name was, I’m not telling. My last name was originally Pearl, but being called SilverMachop Pearl just sounds silly, don’t you think?
I had green hair that stuck out from all sides, unruly and semi-curly; I always wore a cap that had several Pokémon patches stitched on it. I wear glasses and my eyes are green, so I usually wear colors that match green. I really don’t have a sense of fashion, but blue really does look good on me, especially dark blue.
My sister, Suzanne, has normal blue eyes, and black hair that spills down to her shoulders. She was only seven, and is as sweet as honey. My mom and dad passed on their looks to her, and mine most likely came from their ancestors. I always feel different than my family, especially when it comes to looks.
“Thanks, Chuck!” I said, shaking Machop’s hand in a sign of friendship. “I think I’ll call her Mastar, for it suits her eyes! That is, if she likes it!”
“Maaa-chop!” she chimed with a nod and a smile.
My ferry then pulled into port. With no water or flying Pokémon, I’d have to travel across the sea to start my adventures. Olivine City was my stop, and was anxious to meet the gym leader, whom I knew little about. Maybe I would be able to battle on the ship, and give Mastar the training she and I needed!
Setting her down, I gave my parting hugs, and then Mastar and I walked towards our ship.
“Bring fame to Cianwood, Silver!” my dad called as I stepped onto my ferry.
“We’re counting on you, bro!” shouted Suzanne.
“Good luck!” exclaimed my teary-eyed mom.
“Come back and earn a badge from me!” boomed Chuck, wearing a bigger grin than my dad had on.
I waved back, and Mastar, walking on her own, waved as well.


It has been two or three months since I’ve started. So far, I’ve won and lost my share of battles, but gym leader battles were impossible! Also, catching Pokémon was so much more difficult than I thought it was, and was only armed with a team of six. A very special team of six, however, all capable of speaking English by now.
Mastar is still a Machop, enjoying her cutest and smallest stage. So far, she shows no intention to evolve. She still wears her headband, although it is stained from battles. She is by far my best Pokémon, yet even she could not defeat the gym leaders that I faced.
My second Fighting Pokémon was a Tyrogue, as active and peppy as Mastar. He has taken after his favorite Star Wars character, and loves to talk like he does. He also resembles him, for on the battlefield, he stumbles constantly and then accidentally ‘dodges’ an attack. He prefers being called Jar-Jar Binks, and gets angry when he hears the common insults directed to his role model.
The water Pokémon of my team is a headache-suffering Psyduck. She loves watching TV and playing video games, but is terrible at them, since her feeble flippers and slow reaction rate keeps her from doing well at all. Named Sailor Mercury, after her (and my) favorite animé character, Psyduck proves to be a decent fighter, even without a splitting headache.
The fire Pokémon of my team, ever since he learned to speak English, has taken after his own role model. With a fake moustache of black polish and glasses, walking around with his chest parallel to the floor and shouting witty insults at his opponents, my Magby calls himself Groucho Magmarx; he sometimes uses Swagger without even trying. He’s never abusive toward us, however, and keeps his insults to those who deserve it.
My fifth Pokémon, on the other hand, will insult everyone and everything that moves (and several things that do not)! He overuses the word ‘fool,’ and uses it almost every other word. He loves to laugh evilly and shouts that he will conquer the galaxy. You wouldn’t expect this from a Cubone, or from any Pokémon, but it’s true! With his helmet and long staff-like weapon, he has gained the name Lord Helmet, after Mel Brook’s Spaceballs character; he loves this nickname. However, beneath this hard shell of silly wickedness, Cubone is really nice. If he wasn’t, then I wouldn’t have taken him in when his arrogant trainer abandoned him.
The final Pokémon of this unique team is Abra a.k.a. Ness. He loves the game Earthbound, and always plays Ness in SSB and SSBM; we cannot defeat him, and I suspect that his psychic powers help him out when we play. He has a lot of potential, but as an Abra, he cannot fight as well as he really should. When he evolves, I believe he will be one of the greatest psychic Pokémon ever.
All of them are very bright, and have created their own moves. Lord Helmet taught himself to use a very speedy headbutt called Ludicrous Speed; Mastar can whip up a tornado with Fist Tornado; Ness creates a powerful, psychic energy bat for knocking back Shadow Balls and hitting other Pokémon; Groucho creates a fireball shaped like a cigar and throws it the opponent, exploding on impact; Mercury creates a rolling snowball that can “pick up” smaller Pokémon and damage larger ones; Jar-Jar hasn’t thought of anything yet, but he says he’ll think of something when he evolves. Into which Hitmon, I’m not sure; he’s never told us.
However, Pokémon adventuring is not as fun as I wanted it to be, mainly because I had thought that the rest of Johto would be as nice as Cianwood is. Unfortunately, they have no love for a boy and Pokémon that they cannot understand; Tyrogue is treated with intense dislike for his fondness of Jar-Jar Binks, and Cubone could provoke a Blissey into a fight.
This discrimination and dislike is so overbearing that it gets me down at times, not to mention my Pokémons’ depression. Maybe because they are so unhappy, they do not evolve. Only Mastar is able to make it through the days with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes; we all envy her.
Then we heard of a place called Pokémasters. I thought it seemed like a club for experts only, but it was really a club for Pokémon fans of all kinds! He entered for our own purposes:
I wanted to meet new people and make new friends. Ever since I left Cianwood Island, I missed talking to other people.
Mastar and Sailor Mercury wished to meet new Pokémon friends, and relax. They also wanted to find some other girls to talk too, for being with five other guys left them with only each other to ‘girl talk’ with.
Groucho Magmarx and Ness wanted to battle and evolve. Pokémasters was famous for their virtual reality arena, a place where you could battle from ‘Lord of the Rings’ locations to the Resident Evil mansion. This appealed to their creative tastes, and the fact that they might win some battles would be great to cover their many loses.
Jar-Jar Binks wanted to get away from the pointing fingers, the jeers and insults, and all of the other discomforts his infamy brought him. He was hoping to even find one soul out there who would except him as we all did, and maybe even a Jar-Jar fan too. A small hope that even he did not believe in very much, but one that made him smile just thinking about it.
Lord Helmet wanted to join this foolish club, for all these foolish members would be his foolish servants by the end of the foolish month, because he would pretend to be just another foolish Cubone at foolish Pokémasters, and then he would become their leader and then conquer the foolish galaxy with their intelligence of Pokémon!
When we joined, I was ecstatic! The people couldn’t be nicer! All of my Pokémon were thrilled too. They seemed to be enjoying themselves more than they ever had in their lives.
Except for Lord Helmet, that is. His world domination plan backfired when on the Pokémasters’ message board, Little_Pikachu closed his “masterful brainwashing topic, but that foolish, midget rodent put a foolish lock on my topic, and I can’t post in the damn foolish topic and use it to take over this foolish place!” It then hit another snag when he tried to start up the most disgusting, repulsive shippings (a belief that two characters are in love); these phony and ‘psychological damaging’ shippings would brainwash everyone into states of ‘zombification.’ However, Archaic just put them in his list like if they were common, and Cubone spent a week in the hospital when he read the complete list himself.
I was able to meet an important member when I first started. Pokémaster Ash, who is married to gym leader Sabrina, informed me about the ASB battling, and once Cubone was let out of the hospital, we decided to start battling! I thanked him very much, and he was very polite about the whole ordeal when Magby and Mastar started acting like Wayne and Garth.
“We’re going to battle in the same place Pokémaster Ash does!” gasped Groucho in mock shock.
“A Pokémon Master, the greatest Gundam Wing pilot, and he survives EngiMatikul’s remarks and Salvester2’s comments!” added Mastar.
Then, with great gusto, they got down on their hands and knees and started bowing before Ash, Sabrina and their daughter Sara.
“Are all your friends’ Pokémon like this?” Sabrina asked her husband playfully.
“Is that the foolish gym leader of foolish Saffron City?!” exclaimed Lord Helmet, pointing at Sabrina with his club. “The one with a foolish, female Mr. Mime? How do you sleep at night, foolish gym leader?!”
So, our battles are going to start for real now! The worlds of Pokémon, combined with Star Wars, Spaceballs, Sailor Moon, Earthbound and the Marx Brothers, are going to fight in the most unique battlefields! No more will we be held back, and all of Pokémasters will hear of our battles!


You can wake up now. Prologue's done.

29th May 2003, 11:27 PM
Anyone who wants to know if I win or lose this battle can go to ASB and spoil it for themselves; just don't spoil it for us. Anyway, this is against me, Jarreddo (who has sadly quit ASB), and OzAndrew (who is mod here, so of course I'll have to watch what I write). Anyway, here's part of the battle; it was a very long battle, so you're getting it in pieces.

Chapter One
Battle 01 - Pandemonium Beginning

The field was beautiful. The grass was fresh and green, no sign of any weeds or dirt patches. Pleasant flowers bloomed in small patches. The wind blew calmly, with the grass and trees swaying gently in the cool breeze. A wide and deep river gushed peacefully through the arena, the sounds of water running comforting to those who hear it. There was a thick forest on the other side. Mountains circled the area; they seemed to reach the sky. The sun beams down on the area, basking everything in its welcoming warmth.
You couldn’t tell it was virtual reality, even if you knew it was.
The Pokémasters used, as I’ve said before, a virtual reality system for trainers, so that they could battle wherever they wanted to. The decided arena was this simple, pleasant place. Yet in a few seconds, it wasn’t going to be so peaceful anymore...
Three trainers walked onto the clearing, each looking confident. One of them was me, an anxious grin spread across my face. I wore my favorite cap, a blue t-shirt and green track pants. Jarreddo, one of my opponents, was dressed in a large red jacket and blue jeans, also wearing some interesting, orange-tinted glasses. OzAndrew, my other opponent, was dressed very casually, and gave off a mischievous aura; I’d met and talked to him beforehand, he’s nice and has an interesting sense of humor.
“You remember the rules, SilverMachop?” OzAndrew asked me. His Australian accent was intriguing, but it wasn’t Steve Irwin-like, and I very much doubted I’d ever hear him say ‘Crikey!’
“How could I forget them?” I replied with a chuckle.
OzAndrew had decided for three trainers to battle at once, with all of them using a full team of Pokémon all at once! He had asked Jarreddo beforehand, and then he asked me to fill in the third place. I couldn’t believe that my first battle on Pokémasters would be an eighteen Pokémon brawl!
OzAndrew chuckled, holding a Pokéball in his hand. “Well, don’t worry, Silver! We won’t treat you or your Pokémon like inferiors; we’ll mow them down like everyone else!”
Jarreddo raised an eyebrow, juggling a Pokéball in one hand. “I believe that I will be doing the mowing today, Oz.”
“We’ll see, Jarreddo!” replied Oz. He then released his Pokémon from its Pokéball, and it materialized onto the field. It was a Mr. Mime, who looked very eager to begin.
“Meet OzMime V. 2.0!” Oz called to us. Releasing his Pokémon one by one, he introduced them to us one by one.
“OzMissy!” An wicked, smirking Misdreavus appeared, humming a crooked tune.
“OzKrow!” The Murkrow looked very nasty, ready to bring torment to anyone. His wicked eyes seemed to burn through anyone he looked at.
“Skanky Mankey!” A very scruffy Mankey appeared, and the others looked a little disgusted suddenly.
“OzBuzz!” An Electabuzz appeared, looking very tough and anxious.
“OzHoppy!” A small and very happy Hoppip was last to appear. She gave out a happy cheer, and looked around the field with a huge smile on her face.
Jarreddo didn’t seem fazed by Oz’s Pokémon; I knew I was. With my team of small and unevolved Pokémon, I knew Electabuzz, Mr. Mime and Misdreavus would be a huge amount of trouble. There was also no doubting that the other three would also be tough.
The red jacketed trainer chuckled, and adjusted his glasses. He then released his Pokémon, and I felt my blood freeze in my veins when I saw some of them.
“Kengo!” A Farfetch’d posed like a samurai when he appeared, then bowed before us.
“Hilde Garde!” A very angry-looking Aerodactyl settled on the ground, growling menacingly. It was the size of all of the Pokémon currently on the field put together!
“Talgeese!” The razor-sharp mantis Pokémon Scyther appeared, his blades and emerald skin shining in the sun. He grinned a toothy grin at me, as if knowing that I was nervous about his presence.
“Spirit!” A very energetic Dratini slithered across the grass, looking around curiously.
“Victoria!” A Pidgeotto flapped her wings and landed on the grass. Her beautiful feathers were trimmed perfectly, and they gleamed in the sun.
“Nonoshiru!” With a loud growl, the large sea creature Gyarados appeared in the river nearby. He looked very temperamental, more than Aerodactyl.
The other two trainers looked satisfied, having released their mighty Pokémon. OzAndrew looked over at me. “Well, Silver, it’s your turn!”
Swallowing a lump that had grown in my throat, I nodded. The sun had suddenly seemed less pleasant, now beating down on me. Could my Pokémon stand up to the force of these Pokémon, some huge, some fully evolved, all of them most likely more experienced?
Turning around and forcing a smile, I called out to them. “Hey, guuuys!”
My six Pokémon came walking out from behind me, hiding in a small cluster of trees behind me. They were talking as they walked to the open field. Each had their costumes on, and were acting like everything was natural!
“Look, all I’m saying is that the Marx Brothers would definitely outsmart the Three Stooges!” Groucho Magmarx exclaimed, duck-walking out. He had a painted moustache and glasses on, and had a fake cigar in his hand.
“Are you saying that the foolish Marx Brothers can out-muscle the Three Stooges?!” bellowed Lord Helmet. His black cape billowed out behind him, and he was shaking his bone club at Groucho. “They could easily overpower them!”
“Mesa no dink so,” chimed in Jar-Jar Binks. The little Tyrogue was dressed in worn-out, black clothes that looked exactly like Jar-Jar Binks’s. “Dee Three Stooges are muy clumsy! Dey neber would beat dee Marx Brothers!”
“I have to agree with Jar-Jar and Groucho here!” replied Ness. The little Abra was dressed in a striped shirt and blue shorts, and a red cap with a blue lid adorned his head. “Intelligence will always beat stupid strength!”
“Must you boys keep debating this?” Sailor Mercury said quietly. She was wearing the foku that Mercury wore, but as a Psyduck, it looked rather silly on her; she hoped when she evolved, she would finally look good in a Sailor Mercury costume. “It’s giving me a headache!” she added, rubbing her sore head with one flipper.
Mastar giggled, amused by her friends’ antics. Her green headband fluttered in the breeze, and her captivating eyes gleamed with excitement. “Are you guys ready?” she asked them.
“You better believe I am, you foolish Machop!” shouted Lord Helmet, then looked up at me. “Who are our foolish opponents that I shall so easily crush?!”
I pointed at the twelve Pokémon, as they all looked directly at my Pokémon. Big and little, intimidating and cute, tough and passive, our opponents came in all shapes in sizes. And they knew that they almost towered over my Pokémon.
The spirit seemed to be sapped from my Pokémon, some more than others. A trace of fear slipped through Mastar’s beautiful eyes, Mercury swallowed hard, and Ness took a deep breath. The other three reacted differently.
“I left the oven at home, good-bye!” exclaimed Lord Helmet, bolting away.
“Me too!” agreed Groucho, running away.
“Mesa gonna bae crunched!” wailed Jar-Jar, trailing after the two.
“Hey, get back here!” I shouted. “Don’t you guys have any confidence in yourself?”
“No, but I am confident that I’ll die if I go through with this!” replied Groucho.
“Is everyone ready?” came a new voice. On the sideline, which was basically a safe distance from the field, stood our referee, Charizard04621. She was dressed in casual clothes, mainly brown and red. Strangely enough, her shirt had a large logo that said “Wheevee”, and I had no clue what that was. It sounded funny to say, but I never dared to tell her that.
“Can I just hide under the bed, ref?” cried Lord Helmet.
Charizard04621 smirked at this. “There is no bed out here, Cubone.”
“Damn these foolish rules! Alright, I’ll fight!” Helmet grudgingly to the middle of the field, Groucho and Jar-Jar following close behind. Jar-Jar swallowed loudly, and muttered, “Dis es nutsa,” and Groucho tossed away his fake cigar.
“Okay then!” Charizard04621 exclaimed. “You all know the rules, so I won’t bother to repeat them! May the best Pokémon team win! Let the battle begin!”
Needless to say, pandemonium ensued as the three teams clashed! Lord Helmet was the first to do anything. His skin and helmet suddenly turned plaid, and he burst forth with speed that rivaled the fastest Pokémon! The plaid blur slammed into an unsuspecting OzKrow, who cawed loudly as he was catapulted backwards, the air knocked out of him.
< What...was that?! > gasped the Murkrow as he stood up slowly to his talons. He really had no idea that my Cubone had created his own signature move, something he called Ludicrous Speed.
“ARRRGH!! Stupid helmet!!” Lord Helmet roared, suffering from something far worse than recoil damage; his helmet was now stuck over his eyes from the impact. “Doesn’t matter, I’ll get you anyway, you stupid crow! Come here and get what’s coming to you!” He swung his club around dangerously, not hitting anything but air.
OzAndrew’s Pokémon ignored my Cubone and charged towards their opponents, selecting them at random. OzMime V 2.0 was approached by Jarreddo’s Farfetch’d, and the psychic mime let loose with a Thunder Wave! The electricity crackled as Farfetch’d clenched up and cried out angrily.
OzHoppy bounced around the field, shooting Leech Seeds at Pidgeotto. However, the bird Pokémon was far too fast for the grass Pokémon. With a defeated sigh, OzHoppy shook her head. She then around, to see Spirit the Dratini let loose a Blizzard on her from behind! Panicking, she shot more Leech Seeds, which were shredded by the icicles. The icy blast knocked back the Hoppip, freezing the leaves on her head.
Skanky Mankey charged for Sailor Mercury, grunting angrily in primal rage that all Mankeys have. He jumped through the air and lunged out with his foot, but suddenly was stopped in midair! Mercury’s eyes were glowing with cyan power, and slammed Mankey down to the floor. My usually-gentle Psyduck was now tossing the monkey around, until OzMissy appeared right in front of her! She squawked in surprise, and OzMissy mocked her scream, then spat Toxic on her. My Psyduck cried out as the purple muck seeped through her down and started to sap her strength.
Jar-Jar Binks split into four images of him, using his Double Team to dumbfound his opponents. OzKrow had recovered by now, and dive-bombed at one of them, talons outstretched. Shattering and disappearing, the fake Jar-Jar was gone the second OzKrow touched, and the unsuspecting bird crashed to the ground, unable to stop his momentum. This just wasn’t his day.
Kengo the Farfetch’d grumbled as he tried to shake off the paralyzation that clamped his muscles. He glared at the Mr. Mime that had done this, and suddenly produced another leek from his feathers!
< I challenge you to a duel, mime! > he shouted, tossing the leek at Mr. Mime. OzMime V 2.0 caught it with ease, but didn’t really want to use it; he wasn’t that strong, and he had never dueled with weapons before. However, he didn’t want to look bad for his trainer, so he decided to go ahead. Posing silly like a true Mr. Mime, OzAndrew’s psychic Pokémon slashed out at Kengo feebly. The bird Pokémon dodged it, and slapped OzMime across the face with his own leek.
< Is that the best you do? > mocked Kengo, angering OzMime.
At the same time, Hilde Garde swooped through the air. The Aerodactyl spotted OzBuzz, and dived-bombed the unsuspecting, electric Pokémon with her killer teeth bared! Then suddenly, she slammed into an clear wall that appeared right in front of her! Electabuzz had known she was coming, and had pretended to notice her as he created a Barrier.
The prehistoric Pokémon hit the ground, dazed and confused. The tiger Pokémon walked up to her, and gave her a painful, electric shock. He was enjoying this, feeling superior and enjoying the battle.
OzBuzz failed to notice an thrashing, shouting Cubone coming near him. “Where are you, my foolish opponents?!” roared Lord Helmet. “I’ll pound you into the foolish ground!” With that, my Cubone swung down his club, nailing Electabuzz right on the foot!
Shouting out in surprise and flinching, OzBuzz forgot about Aerodactyl, who quickly flew away. Snarling, Electabuzz rounded on the blinded Cubone, and blasted him with a powerful Thunderbolt! The electricity didn’t damage the ground Pokémon much, but it did catapult him through the air, and landed roughly to the ground far from the battle.
“Oh, so that’s how you want to play, huh?!” Lord Helmet snapped, standing up and swinging his bone club at nothing again. “Well, I’ll cream you even while blinded!”
With his back to the battle and swinging his club at the river, Lord Helmet was oblivious to the chaos behind him. Anyone watching the fight would probably think he was the lucky one.
Ness then went after one of the most dangerous threats on the battlefield: Gyarados. Nonoshiru growled at Ness, but was unable to do anything before the Abra fired off electrical energy in rings. The Thunder Wave gave Gyarados an unwelcome shock, and he let out an ear-splitting roar!
Talgeese the Scyther quickly zipped over to Magby, yet my fiery creature hit him in the eyes with a blast of Confuse Ray! The baffled mantis staggered around, wondering what to do. Groucho had to dodge several, clumsy slashes from the mantis.
Mastar was not battling anyone. She sat down with her legs crossed, thinking calm thoughts, as her energy built up inside her. She felt her energy building inside of her, becoming more focused and stronger.
OzMime V 2.0 and Kengo were still dueling with their leeks, but the Mr. Mime was clearly on the losing side. Large scratches and bruises were apparent on OzMime, while the Farfetch’d only suffered a few of them. Mime really wanted to throw the leek away and blast Kengo with psychic attacks, but he did not want to look bad in front of his trainer, so he grudgingly fought on with the leek.
Straining and trying to concentrate as the Toxic sapped her strength slowly, Sailor Mercury hit Skanky Mankey with a Psychic blast, sending the monkey flying away. My Psyduck groaned as the poison sapped more life from her.
Talgeese, still confused, lost Groucho when the fiery Pokémon ran away from the wild creature. He then spotted Ness with his back to Scyther. The mantis Pokémon, even though still confused, knew what an advantage this would be for him. Darting over to the psychic Pokémon, he raised his scythe-like arm and slashed down at...nothing! Ness had mysteriously vanished, and his blade embedded into the ground. Very confused, Talgeese looked up to see a very ticked Gyarados thrashing, trying to remove someone from on top of him. That someone was, to Talgeese’s fury, Ness!
“Whoa, Nellie! Calm down!” shouted Ness, holding onto one of Nonoshiru’s spikes. Powering up his fist with electric energy, he punched the sea creature and gave him a terrible shock. With an deafening roar, the Gyarados whipped his body around in a frenzy, accidentally slamming his head into Talgeese, knocking the mantis Pokémon away. Ness was terrified, screaming at Gyarados to calm down like if he were a horse. Nonoshiru struggled as much as he could, but Abra’s Thunder Wave had cramped his muscles. The sea serpent plunged itself underwater, and Ness cringed at the biting cold of the water.
Unbeknownst to Ness’s struggles, Talgeese recovered from Gyarados’s blow, and tried to ignore all of the weird things flashing before his eyes. Like the Magby with a painted moustache, smirking up at him...wait a minute!
The Scyther had no time to react before Magby blew a stream of fire at Scyther, who screamed and flew away singed. His confusion was long gone, but he didn’t like his current condition.
Spirit the Dratini then noticed Cubone approaching the battle, swinging his club at nothing, shouting threats as well. Smirking, the energetic creature approached him and let loose another Blizzard! The ice and wind hit Lord Helmet hard, and he screamed out more in rage than pain.
“You foolish, ice spewing fools!” he roared, swinging his club in a frenzy, never coming close to Spirit. “When I get my hands on foolish you, there will be nothing left but...a foolish, beaten you! Come here and fight me like a foolish man!”
Electabuzz and Aerodactyl continue to battle. The prehistoric kicks up the wind and creates a sharp blast of power that nails Electabuzz directly! The tiger Pokémon recovers quickly, and powers up his electricity to the maximum! Using his incredible electric power, he uses Zap Cannon to send a ball of electric power to slam right into Aerodactyl! Hilde Garde, furious with OzBuzz, recovers as quick as she can, and begins to power up one of the most powerful attacks: Hyper Beam! Electabuzz notices this, and started to run, but his sore foot kept him down. Jumping away from the beam of power, he felt the explosion of it, and he was sent sprawling through the air! When landing, he noticed a small, fire Pokémon grinning at him. Thinking “Oh-no!”, OzBuzz felt the pain as Groucho Magmarx punched him in the face with a fiery fist. Now enraged, OzBuzz shot up to his feet, grabbed Magby, and chucked him into the middle of the battle!
Gyarados finally burst up from underwater, and a sputtering, shivering Abra is still clinging onto him. Suddenly, the wicked face of Misdreavus appears in front of him! With a cackle, OzMissy spits Toxic all over Ness, and vanishes as quickly as she appeared! Ness shook his fist at where Misdreavus once was, and regrets instantly, for Nonoshiru thrashes about, and he goes flying off! Crashing to the edge of the river, Abra groans and quickly levitates away, just as Gyarados bites down where he was two seconds ago!
Mastar is oblivious to it all. She is meditating, and her power is rising to a considerable level. None bother her, all too busy with nearby opponents.
OzKrow is furious now, what with Lord Helmet whacking him around and slamming into the ground. Taking to the skies, he approaches Hilde Garde. With a nasty smirk, he spits Toxic sludge at her, and she becomes sickened with poison. She roars and slashes her claws and wings at OzKrow, but the nimble bird darts away.
OzHoppy spots her next target, Jar-Jar Binks. Yet there are three Jar-Jars! What should she do? Her answer comes when Spirit slithers by, and blasts Jar-Jar Binks and his clones with Blizzard. The cold winds destroy the clones, and Jar-Jar is now shivering from the cold. Frost clings to his clothes, and icicles hang from his head spikes. OzHoppy happily takes advantage of this. Shaking the frost off of her leaves, she shoots Leech Seeds at him, tying him up with tight vines! Yet Jar-Jar Binks’s training before ASB kicks in, and he knows exactly what to do. Planting one foot on the ground, he starts spinning himself around and around, faster and faster! With his Rapid Spin at full speed, the vines are shredded, and OzHoppy is so surprised, she can’t brace herself as Binks shoots forward and slams into her, knocking her away.
OzKrow and Skanky Mankey meet and hatch up a quick scheme. OzAndrew’s Mankey powers up his energy, and shoots forth a huge beam of electricity at Gyarados! Nonoshiru roars in fury as the Thunder hits him, and he is too distracted to notice OzKrow flying nearby. Hacking up more poison, OzKrow spits another Toxic and Gyarados is poisoned, only aware of it after the electricity coursing through him dies down. They both beat a hasty retreat, but Skanky Mankey is not so lucky. Enraged and knowing who just hurt him, Nonoshiru shoots a great blast of water from his mouth, which pummels Skanky Mankey like a giant punch! The Hydro Pump sends him flying through the air, right next to a dazed Groucho.
“Hi, dude. Ya get thrown too?” mumbled Groucho.
“Where are you, foolish opponents of mine?!” Lord Helmet approached, swinging madly. He suddenly runs forth, and using his weapon like a golf club, whacks Skanky Mankey into the air and away from them! Then the bear cub Pokémon swings again, just barely missing Magby!
“Hey, watch it, Helmet!” snapped Groucho.
“I heard that! Who’s foolishly there?!” yelled Helmet, swinging at Groucho.
“It’s me, you fool!” Groucho shouted, dodging the blow and grabbing a hold of Cubone’s bone helmet. Tugging, he brought it back up to its normal spot, something Lord Helmet had not thought of. My Cubone blinked in surprise, then cleared his throat in embarrassment.
“I...err, meant to stay blind. It gave me a challenge against these easy fools!” Lord Helmet then adjusted his helmet, and added, “If you’ll excuse me, foolish Groucho Magmarx, I have some smashing to do!”
Then he charged forth at Victoria, who flew up into the air. Shouting curses and swinging his club up at her, he shouted at her to come down. Jarreddo’s Pidgeotto smirked, amused by Lord Helmet’s futile attempts to get at her. She instead swooped down towards Abra and smacked him across the field. My sore Abra grumbled as he stood up, frustrated and angry now. He was unaware that Scyther now saw him, and was charging straight for him!
Frustrated and sore beforehand, Talgeese was now racing toward Ness with a wicked grin on his face. He so wanted revenge! But then just before he could slice at the unsuspecting Abra, a blast of ice knocked him away!
Ness whipped around to see Sailor Mercury wave at him, clutching her head with her other flipper. He smiled appreciably, and then quickly levitated away before the shivering Scyther could recover.
< This isn’t my day! > grumbled Talgeese as he stood up.
OzMissy was thinking the exact opposite, as the untouched ghost Pokémon appeared in front of a startled Dratini, spat Toxic on her, and then disappeared again. She was enjoying this tremendously, and thought about who she should poison next.
Suddenly, Mastar snapped out of her state of meditation! She smiled brightly as she felt her power course through her, and she looked around for a suitable Pokémon to test her strength on. Her eyes fell upon the dueling OzMime and Kengo, and she ran towards them as fast as she could! The two Pokémon never knew what hit them, as Mastar plowed into them with a move she had created herself, Fist Tornado.
Spinning her arms around and striking at the two Pokémon, the two felt themselves being sucked towards her as her strength created a small tornado around them! They felt the terrible sting of her powered up fists, and knocked them both into the air after she was done! Both came crashing down to the ground, wondering which was worse, the cuts they had been receiving, or the beating they just got.
I couldn’t help but sigh in relief. My Pokémon were doing far better than I expected, and with the exception of Lord Helmet, they were giving the others good reason to not underestimate them.


30th May 2003, 01:56 AM
ROFL! Love it, love it! Great work silver machop! Although why you have to watch what you say about me is really meh whatever, you can make me out to be a bumbling fool and I'll still read :D Although ;) Ooh lookie! EDIT BUTTON >=] jk. lol.

So all the way from Cianwood. I'm surprised you lived that long on that little hell of an island. From what I've seen you've got like 7 houses and a population of maybe 20? lol.

Anywho, nice to see a nice little backstory. ^^ And I can't wait for the Buffy Inspired Sig - Once More, With Feeling :D Hillarious.

Besides, who doesn't love a story written about them :P Its of excellent quality again, no faults, just a good old story. Good work.

30th May 2003, 02:19 AM
Ahhhh, another melee story from ComedyMagmar, I mean, SilverMachop! I love this, it has some of my favorite Pokes (Machop, Tyrogue, Electabuzz). And I'm happy to meet another Fighting Pokemon fan :)

Ludicrous Speed! Space Balls has to be one of the best movies of all time!

13th July 2003, 01:17 PM
I'm sorry for keeping you people waiting. Well, you are!

Chapter Two - Music’s Effects
(OzAndrew VS. Jarreddo VS. SilverMachop)

Suddenly, the battle’s sounds were drowned out by a mysterious singing voice. All of the Pokémon combatants stopped, and saw the sneaky Misdreavus singing “Relax” as loud as she could. Her necklace was glowing an eerie blue, and her eyes had an even bigger gleam of mischief than before. Her teammates looked excited, and it was obvious they knew that something would come from this. OzAndrew’s Pokémon and mine looked very confused, wondering what on earth Misdreavus would be doing.
“Mastar!” I called out. “Mimic that!”
She nodded, then studied OzMissy carefully. Her Pokémon genes allowed her mind to reserve a carbon copy of this special move. She smiled as she listened on, curious as to what this move would lead to. And then the singing was rudely interrupted.
“I HATE THAT STUPID SONG!! SHUT UP! SHUT UP, YOU FOOLISH MISDREAVUS!” Lord Helmet shoved through the crowd, and lunged at a surprised Misdreavus. The ghost Pokémon smirked as Cubone sailed through her and crashed to the ground. He quickly stood up and swung his bone club through OzMissy, shouting at her to shut up even though she had stopped when he attacked her.
The battle kicked back into action, with everyone going at each other once again. Fists, energy and bodies were projected at opponents, with the soul purpose of bashing the enemy into submission. The only reason to believe that this battle wasn’t as brutal as it would seem would be Lord Helmet swinging his bone through OzMissy again and again, with her laughing and whistling “Relax” to annoy him.
OzMime V. 2.0, now having lost his leek and Kengo the Farfetch’d flown away, set his sights on the nearest fighting Pokémon, who happened to be Jar-Jar Binks. Grinning, he used his psychic powers to create hypnotic rays directly at my Tyrogue’s eyes. Tyrogue became sleepy, his eyelids getting heavy...
Shaking his head wildly, Jar-Jar forced himself to snap out of it. Acting quickly, he kicked at the dirt under him, shooting mud and grass into OzMime’s face. The psychic mime cried out, and tried his best to wipe the debris from his eyes while running away. If Jar-Jar wasn’t sluggish from the Hypnosis, he might have followed him.
Taking advantage, OzBuzz suddenly snatched Jar-Jar with one hand and lifted him into the air! With a crackling fist, Binks received a Thunder Punch to the gut.
“Owtch!” he cried out. “Wha-sa yousa do dat for?” wailed Jar-Jar.
Electabuzz ignored him, and prepared for another punch. Then suddenly, a blast of cold energy hit his left side! Dropping Jar-Jar, OzBuzz tried to turn around, but a thick sheet of ice kept his left leg, not to mention most of his left side, to the ground. Turning his head as best as he could, the tiger Pokémon noticed a snarling Gyarados looking right back at him. OzBuzz would’ve snarled back, but a victorious laugh in front of him distracts him.
“Nyah nyah nyah!” taunted Jar-Jar Binks, sticking his tongue out at OzBuzz. “Now yousa dee one whosan caught!” Then he stomped on OzBuzz’s free foot and run off.
< OW!! > OzBuzz exclaimed, very uncomfortable with his only good foot now throbbing. < That’s the second time today, damn it! >
Meanwhile, the first one to injure OzBuzz’s foot was screaming at OzMissy to foolishly phase back to him and fight him. Giving up, he decided to attract OzMissy by using Focus Energy. He felt his strength coming back to him, wasted from all that blind swinging. He grinned under his mask, wondering if OzMissy was noticing him now. She wasn’t, and was pursuing Magby under her invisible cover.
OzKrow and Victoria were now in a wing-flapping contest, seeing who could overpower the other with their hurricane-causing flaps. Unfortunately for Murkrow, some dust irritated his eyes, and he lost concentration. Pidgeotto continued, knocking OzKrow out of the air and crashing to the wind beaten ground below him.
Victoria’s win doesn’t last long as Skanky Mankey, irate from all the damage he has been taking, leaps into the air at her. Clawing and punching, the bird Pokémon takes considerable damage. She managed to knock him off, but only after suffering a Thunder Punch to her back. She quickly flew away, not wanting the furious Mankey to jump on her again.
Ness tries to blast Talgeese the Scyther with his psychic powers but he disappears with a puff of bright green smoke. Raising his eyebrow, Abra turned around to see three Scythers grinning wickedly at him. “A clever use of Double Team,” muttered Ness, wondering what to do next.
Kengo noticed this battle, and used his Mirror Move to copy Ness’s Psychic attack. Then suddenly, a loud, furious cry is heard near him, and the bird Pokémon noticed the irate, scruffy Mankey charging right at him! Quickly using his Mirror Move attack, and squinting in determination from his stiff joints, Skanky Mankey was blasted back by a burst of psychic power! A little freaked out by the bird Pokémon’s glowing, blue eyes, Mankey decides to leave the suddenly-psychic bird alone.
Spirit the Dratini notices Mastar charging toward her, and quickly fires an Ice Beam at the fighting Pokémon. Yet Machop is far too focused and in charge to let this hurt her, so she quickly deploys a Light Screen. The beams of ice reflect off, and they connect with Hilde Garde in the air! The now stiff with ice and coldness Aerodactyl loses her balance, and plummets to the ground screaming! She just barely misses landing on Ness, who was concentrating hard on the three Scythers ahead of him.
Sailor Mercury, growing more and more exhausted from the poison, tries to concentrate, but finds it impossible. She suddenly realizes now in control Mastar is, and hopes that her friend won’t find her forward for this. Using Psych Up, she reaches deep into her unsuspecting friend’s mind, feeling the same, relaxing thoughts that she does. Feeling vitalized, Mercury is now energized! However, she suddenly feels vines and a light body attach to her back!
OzHoppy had caught Psyduck off guard, and started to sap her life away with Giga Drain! Panicking and losing all focus again, Mercury squawked out for help. Hearing her pleas, Groucho Magmarx quickly ran towards her! A good thing too, as OzMissy appeared from her invisible state to spit Toxic on him, and just missed him because of his sudden movement.
“Close your eyes, Mercury!” shouted Groucho. He held his hand in front of his mouth, and spat out a cigar-shaped cinder. Large and easy to hold, Magby clutched it as he ran towards his friend. Jumping over a collapsed Hilde Garde, dodging a wild Mankey thrashing about, and ducking under the legs of OzMime, Magby came within throwing range of his friend and the grass creature on her back. With a grunt, the baby fire Pokémon flung his cinder at the grass creature. Upon contact, it exploded with a burst of fire, sparks and ash!
Letting go immediately, OzHoppy shouted in surprise and rolled around on the grass desperately. Her leaves were now terribly singed, and her skin sooty. Magby quickly checked on Mercury, who hadn’t suffered any damage from the attack.
Suddenly, OzHoppy leapt to her feet! Groucho and Mercury prepared for an attack, and the grass Pokémon... danced?! Sure enough, the grass Pokémon was dancing and humming “Relax” to herself, not caring about anyone around her. Groucho thought she should have cared; she danced very strangely, in his opinion.
One by one, the Pokémon all burst into song and dance for no apparent reason! OzMissy appeared over an unsuspecting Cubone and burst into song again; Lord Helmet immediately started swinging at her and screaming for her to shut up. Mankey smiled for the first time this battle, as all angry thoughts left his head. Now dancing and humming “Relax,” Skanky Mankey forgot all of the hardships he had suffered throughout this match. OzMime started dancing, ad-libbing some mime routines; OzKrow did a little tap dance on his talons; OzBuzz swung his body about, fiercely breaking himself from the ice that once encased his left side!
Then Ness started to join in. Doing what looked like a version of the Robot, Ness moved in quick, jolting moves. Talgeese and his clones loved the idea, and started doing the Robot too! All confusion and hallucinations left Scyther’s mind as he danced. Spirit was spinning and bouncing near them.
Groucho and Mercury took each other in their arms and started dancing with each other. Mastar was near them, cheering them on. Clapping her hands, tapping her feet, and singing with all her heart, Mastar was really into the song. Above them, Pidgeotto swooped and dove, flying in a rhymic pattern.
The dancing had curing powers as well. Farfetch’d, who was marching and swinging his leek like a parader, felt his wings and legs loosen up! Gyarados, who was really furious at himself for swaying and growling to the song, had similar results! The paralyzation in both of them was now completely gone, and both had to admit that the humiliation of dancing at a time like this was covered up by this grand perk. Hilde Garde, who like Nonoshiru was hating every moment of her body forcing her to dance, was relieved as the solid frost and ice broke and shattered off her wings. She took to the sky, swaying to the music.
Even the humans broke into dance. As I, as much as I would like to deny it, was dancing to the music, I noticed OzAndrew and Jarreddo dancing along with our Pokémon. However, our ref Charizard04621 was nowhere to be seen! I hoped nothing bad happened to her!
Then everyone felt themselves slow down as the singing and dancing that came from nowhere stopped. The area was filled with heavy panting and the last dying hums of singers. I noticed a flushed Charizard04621 come from behind some trees, trying to act normal as if she hadn’t done anything awkward; I couldn’t blame her, I felt so silly at the moment. Groucho and Mercury blushed fervently as they parted from their dance, and Mastar giggled through her panting.
The only one to suffer no humiliation was Lord Helmet, who hadn’t danced or sung a single note. He had been swinging at Misdreavus the whole time, shouting and cursing her like crazy. In fact, he still was. Probably more exhausted than anyone else, Lord Helmet’s swings were not as strong as beforehand.
So now we all knew what that singing from Misdreavus would do. A very clever plot, now that three of her teammates were no longer paralyzed, and her opponents had been caught off guard. She looked very annoyed, however, when she saw Lord Helmet had not fallen under her spell and was still swinging at her.
“Shut up! Shut up, I can’t bear it!” he was screaming. “I will not relax! I will do it! Shut up, you foolish, female ghost! When I conquer the galaxy, that foolish song, along with foolish you, will be banished from the galaxy forever! Does foolish you hear me?! FOREVER!!”
OzMissy replied by spitting a wad of Toxic on top of him. Luckily for Helmet, the poison cannot seep through his solid bone helmet, and it harmlessly drips off. He snickers, and swings through her again.
Then all hell broke loose. The attacks flew, the roars of fury echoed around the mountains, and the Pokémon let loose on whoever was closest. OzAndrew and Jarreddo were shouting orders out to their Pokémon, who followed them precisely. However, my Pokémon were either too distracted to hear me, or chose not to obey me.
Lord Helmet was swinging at Misdreavus, who laughed evilly as he continued his pathetic attempts to hurt her. Ness starting blasting Talgeese’s clones and the mantis himself with his psychic powers, his eyes glowing a bright cyan. Mastar and Skanky Mankey were fist fighting, and both were blocking many of the others attacks, but Mastar landed a more considerable amount of punches than Mankey did. Mercury blasted out at Hilde Garde with Ice Beams, as the Aerodactyl darted to and fro to avoid them. Jar-Jar Binks was leaping up at OzKrow, trying to kick and punch the bird while in the air. Groucho Magmarx fought against Spirit, them both shooting elemental breath weapons at each other.
“Mastar!” I shouted, a trace of panic in my voice I wish I did not have. “Use that singing move that Misdreavus did! Hurry!”
She did not hear me, as Jarreddo’s Pidgeotto dive-bombed down at Mastar, and slapped Mastar across the face with her long wings. Mastar cried out, and her guard was dropped. Performing a flying jump kick, Skanky Mankey knocked her away. Mastar’s head was throbbing as she stood up, but she managed to keep herself calm; her strength-boosting moves were not just for hitting harder.
OzMissy had grown tired of Lord Helmet trying to hit her. With a blast of Psychic, she launched the bear cub Pokémon across the field, where the skull-helmeted head of Cubone connected with OzMime’s head.
< OW! > exclaimed OzMime, no longer able to concentrate on the Psychic he was using to hold OzBuzz in place; the electric tiger snarled as he was released, then chased after Kengo, who took flight when he saw the Electabuzz come after him.
OzMime, rubbing his sore head, looked down at the bear cub Pokémon, who growled up at him. “A mime!” grunts Lord Helmet, glaring at OzMime nastily. “I hate mimes! Go get caught in an invisible box or something, mime!”
OzAndrew’s Mr. Mime was not going to stand for this. With his broad and gloved hand, he lashed out with Double Slap. When he hit the front of Cubone’s helmet, the head gear swung around and snapped on backward. Lord Helmet was blinded, and was now shouting in rage.
“Oh, so that’s how you play, is it?” he snarled, muffled and now swinging his bone club around. “Foolishly blinding a poor, innocent Pokémon like me? I’ll get you for this, foolish Mime!”
The battle continued without order or direction, and I was fearing for my team; we were outweighed, unevolved, and not as experienced. I called out to Mastar again, and this time, she heard me.
Mastar started singing out one of her favorite Mandy Moore songs (I am unaware of the title), and the other Pokémon stopped fighting slowly but surely. They turned to watch Mastar, who was putting all her effort into the song. Even Lord Helmet was stopping his attempts to hit OzMime, as he readjusted calmly so he could see the source of that beautiful voice...
Suddenly, there was an earsplitting roar! Nonoshiru, Jarreddo’s Gyarados, was glaring at Mastar with intense hatred. He must know that Mastar was pulling off the same move that OzMissy humiliated him with!
The mighty sea serpent then powered up one of the most dangerous of all attacks: Hyper Beam! The Pokémon cried out in terror, and starting running from Nonoshiru. Mastar was trapped, though; Gyarados was aiming right at her.
“AUGH! Don’t blast me, foolish Gyarados!”
Lord Helmet’s voice carried above the screaming of Pokémon, and the powering of Nonoshiru’s Hyper Beam. Suddenly, the bear cub Pokémon lifted OzMime over his head, and chucked him towards Gyarados! “Blast him instead!”
Then the ultra-powerful beam was launched. OzMime saw it coming straight at him, but had no time to react; he received the full blast. Mastar performed a flying jump, which saved her from the Hyper Beam. All of the Pokémon were shaken by the huge explosion that rumbled the arena, the ones on the ground were thrown off of their feet.
“Talgeese, Hyper Beam that Mastar!” Jarreddo’s order was barely heard over the noise.
“No!” I shouted. “Mastar, look out!”
But it was too late. Scyther had zipped past a dazed Abra, powered up his own Hyper Beam, and shot it at Mastar. Although feeble-looking compared to Gyarados’s, Scyther’s Hyper Beam hit Mastar in the back, and sent her sprawling to the floor.
When the dust cleared, we could see that a huge crater had been burned into the field. All of the Pokémon seemed to be adjusting, still shaken by the attack. OzMime V. 2.0 lay in the middle of the crater, sprawled out and unconscious.
“OzMime V. 2.0 is unable to battle!” announces Charizard04621, looking at OzAndrew. The Aussie trainer sighed, and called his Mr. Mime back. He looked around as his remaining five Pokémon, who had all recovered by now.
Then a feeble roar echoed across the plains. Nonoshiru was straining to stay up, his large face contorted with exhaustion. The Toxic afflicting him and the exhaustion of all that had taken place were beating him down. Then, giving out a small growl, he fell down into the river, closing his eyes.
“And that Gyarados is unable to battle too,” adds our referee. Jarreddo shrugged, and called back his sea serpent Pokémon. I noticed he smiled at its Pokéball, as if to thank it for doing a good job. The rest of his Pokémon had all recovered as well.
My eyes darted around to see if mine were okay too. Lord Helmet was wiping the dirt from his skull cap, grumbling something that was too muffled to comprehend. Sailor Mercury was looking very beat-down, but still on her feet. Groucho Magmarx was wiping the dust from his eyes, and looked fine compared to some of the others. Ness seemed to be suffering terribly; he tried to sit down calmly as if to meditate, but he kept gasping for air. Jar-Jar Binks was stumbling around, looking as confused as ever.
Mastar was slowly pulling herself up to her feet, but the amount of effort she was putting into it made it look like she was going to faint any moment. Talgeese watched her closely, and then was surprised when Mastar straightened up and smirked at him.
“Nice try, honey,” she said to Scyther, “but it will take a little more to bring me down!”
< That’s it! I’ll bash every one of you! > roars OzBuzz, who charged at Jar-Jar. My Tyrogue ‘eeped’ in fear, and ran from him, weaving between Pokémon.
“Hilde, take care of that Electabuzz!” shouts Jarreddo. And before OzAndrew could warn his Electabuzz, the mammoth Aerodactyl swooped down and grabbed the electric tiger. He roared and snarled in protest, but she was oblivious to her prey’s struggle.
My Abra was looking so shaken that I had only one idea: “Ness, use Rest!” He looked over at me, and a smile etched over his face. He nodded, and then suddenly, his head drooped. The toxins in his body were destroyed, and his health slowly came back to him. He finally looked content as he slept.
A wailing roar could be heard from above, as Aerodactyl shot downward at a terrifying speed, and then threw OzBuzz to the ground. With a terribly loud ‘thud’ and a bounce, OzBuzz lay motionless on the ground. Then a small groaning could be heard from him, as he started grumbling while unconscious.
Charizard04621 noticed, and starts to say, “OzBuzz is unable to ba-” Then a terribly painful, extremely high-pitched sound burst out! Hands flew to ears as the sound continued to ring. OzAndrew covered one ear with one hand, and recalled his Electabuzz with the other hand.
The source of the sound was Spirit, as the Dratini was unaffected by the Supersonic ringing out. Jar-Jar, the closest, ran around in circles and screamed out incomprehensible sentences. Ness was also unaffected, as he was so deep in sleep, not even the terrible noise could wake him.
Everything went bad for my team when the Supersonic died down. Pidgeotto then shot down from the sky and slammed into Jar-Jar, knocking the dazed fighting Pokémon away. OzHoppy dove for Lord Helmet, and started sucking health from him with Giga Drain. Magby quickly used Sunny Day to part the clouds and bring hot sunshine, but this did not stop OzMissy from launching a Thunder at Sailor Mercury, who had her back turned to the ghost.
With a scream of surprise and pain, Psyduck quivers in the electric energy, then fell to the ground. The soft grass was inviting, as she felt her spirit to continue leave her. The last thing she saw before she fell unconscious was Groucho Magmarx, who was look down at her nervously.
“Psyduck is unable to battle!” announced Charizard04621. I regretfully called back Mercury, who had been doing such a good job during this battle. Groucho Magmarx then looked furious, and he rounded on OzMissy, who was smirking wickedly.
“I’ll get you for this!” he shouted, blowing fire at the Misdreavus. She was hit by the blast, looking taken aback by the sudden assault. Then she disappeared, and Groucho cursed under his breath. He then was shocked by OzMissy, as she reappeared behind him and used her powers to conjure up electric energy to blast him with. Both now were gritting their teeth, hoping to take down the other.
Talgeese and Mastar were staring each other down, both waiting for the other to attack. Mastar’s eyes seem to dart around the Scyther’s body, taking in every detail of the mantis. Jarreddo’s Scyther grinned, and then used Double Team to create three clones.
Mastar then ripped a collection of boulders from the ground, and looked around at her four opponents. Even though the clones were perfect copies, Mastar did not seem to look nervous about her situation.
< Can you pick the real one? > all four Scythers croon in unison.
Mastar nods, and replied simply, “Using Foresight does that.”
Talgeese’s eyes bulged in terror, as the rocks were thrown at him personally. Mastar had seen him highlighted in red when the clones were created, and she smiled in satisfaction when the rocks smacked into Talgeese’s body. The clones vanished, and the mantis Pokémon fainted before he hit the ground.
“Scyther is unable to battle!” calls out Charizard04621.
Talgeese called back his bug Pokémon, then looked over at Aerodactyl, who was resting on the ground. “Hilde, Flamethrower them!” he shouts, pointing at the crowd in particular.
She nodded, sneering at her trainer, then took in a breath of air. Then with a roar, the prehistoric Pokémon blew a stream of fire that hit Skanky Mankey and Ness, leaving them scorched black.
< OW! OW! > chatters Mankey, brushing the burnt fur off of him. He then glared at Ness (who had not awakened) as if it was his fault. He charged at him, and punched Abra in the head.
Mankey then prepared to punch him in the stomach, but then Abra started to glow a bright red. Using Sleep Talk, Ness then performed Counter, sending Mankey flying backward with twice the amount of force his punch had done. Ness continued to sleep peacefully, as though nothing had happened.
“GET OFF OF ME, YOU FOOLISH SHRUBBERY!” roars Lord Helmet, trying desperately to get OzHoppy off of him. Yet the Hoppip refuses to budge, smiling as she saps health from him.
Cubone’s yelling does not go unnoticed, however. Mastar, now done with Scyther, hurries over to him. Yanking off the Hoppip, she flung the plant off of her friend.
“Errr...,” grumbles Lord Helmet, “I was going to get her off just then.”
“You’re welcome,” says Mastar, smiling at him.
OzHoppy was now getting up, shaking off the pain. She then bounced towards Lord Helmet, preparing to sap his health again. Lord Helmet and Mastar prepared themselves, then...
“AYI-YI-YI-YEE-AH-HAAAAH!” Jar-Jar Binks’s war cry sounded from above, and the three looked up to see the fighting Pokémon come shooting down at OzHoppy.
The grass Pokémon was kicked down by Jar-Jar’s Hi Jump Kick. Rolling away, she groaned, and then passed out. Jar-Jar grinned at his friends, and chats with them briefly, “Moy moy, day was bombad! Woo!”
“You’re foolishly weird, my friend,” replies Lord Helmet, but you could see that he was smiling under his helmet.
OzAndrew calls back his Hoppip, after our referee announces the grass Pokémon’s defeat. The score is now five on my team, four on Jarreddo’s, and three on OzAndrew’s. We were doing better than them, something that surprised me. The Pokémon were now passing out, from exhaustion and damage. Pretty soon, more of mine were going to faint as well; Sailor Mercury was only the first.


Team Stats:
Fighting - Hilde Garde (Aerodactyl), Kengo (Farfetch’d), Spirit (Dratini), Victoria (Pidgeotto)
Fainted - Talgeese (Scyther), Nonoshiru (Gyarados)

Fighting - OzMissy (Misdreavus), OzKrow (Murkrow), Skanky Mankey (Mankey)
Fainted - OzBuzz (Electabuzz), OzMime V. 2.0 (Mr. Mime), OzHoppy (Hoppip)

My Team
Fighting - Groucho Magmarx (Magby), Lord Helmet (Cubone), Jar-Jar Binks (Tyrogue), Mastar (Machop), Ness (Abra)
Fainted - Sailor Mercury (Psyduck)