View Full Version : RSbot on its way?

Kari and Mewtwo
29th May 2003, 11:56 PM
a few hours ago, the rsbot just had its first full-length battle (or at least its safe to say that). I wish i had a log, but i don't. BUT I do have a log about when the rsbot MIGHT be finished..

<Kari_and_Mewtwo> tell me that was a full length rsbot just a few min ago
<Kari_and_Mewtwo> *rs battle
<Fanha> yep
* Kari_and_Mewtwo faints
<Fanha> I've got most of the round structure complete
<Kari_and_Mewtwo> ah
<Fanha> just need to add functions to end the battle and such, then it'll be complete for that
<Fanha> then just the daunting task of all the move effects
<Kari_and_Mewtwo> so all the moves added effects dont work yet?
<Fanha> of course, that's after I finish what I'm working on now, which is pre-move checks like paralysis and attract and sleep
<Fanha> the only moves I have working are moves with effect of "None"
<Kari_and_Mewtwo> ah
<Fanha> and even then, I don't know anything about programming the CH check routine, I have no information on a formula

So there. Its says it right there. Just a few more things and everything will be complete, hopefully. This is good news..

Mana Lugia
30th May 2003, 06:41 AM
hmm, maybe meowth346 would know the forumla

30th May 2003, 02:12 PM
The Critical hit formula is the same as in GSC.