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30th May 2003, 11:23 AM
Everyone has heard tales of mysterious Pokémon, duly dubbed the Legendaries. Stories that tell of ancient time, before humans walked the planet. You have always been fascinated by these stories, but that’s all they are. Stories. Right?

Not quite...

The alleged “stories” are true. You begin to realize this as you find your life beginning to change. You discover you now have strange powers, like generating heat, or making it rain. And you’re not the only one. There are others like you. Twenty, to be exact, and each has a strange power, just like you do.

After awhile, you notice the others’ bodies beginning to change. And the same thing is happening to you. You recall a certain story that you had heard once, a story about the Legendary Pokémon...

In times of greatest peril, when the world is on the brink of doom, the Legendary Pokémon have always arisen to obliterate the threat. It is said that during the last of such times, all of them gave their lives to save the lives of Pokémon everywhere. It has been foretold that the next time such a menace appears, that they will be reincarnated into human forms, and will once again save the world from certain destruction...



Legendary ~ What part of nature it represents ~ Name/Player

Articuno ~ Blizzard ~ Amanda/Nabooru23

Zapdos ~ Thunder ~ Ed (subject to change)/Kohdok

Moltres ~ Fire ~ Fire/Flying ~ Melanie/Light_Togetic

Mewtwo ~ Shadow ~ Menosuke/|)ark |_ink (in *GuyPersonDude*'s account)

Mew ~ Light ~ Psychic ~ Marika/Pichu Luver

Raikou ~ Lightning ~ Rikora/She_wolf_warrior

Entei ~ Volcano ~ Fire ~ Erik/Big Lutz

Suicune ~ Crystal ~ Sara/Naboor23

Lugia ~ Ocean ~ Psychic/Flying ~ Larry/OpOp32

Ho-Oh ~ Rainbow ~ Hoshi/PoLIzumi-chan

Celebi ~ Forest/Nature ~ Cirotchin/*GuyPersonDude*

Regirock ~ Stone ~ Robb/Parsec's Politoed

Regice ~ Ice ~ Raleigh/Parsec's Politoed

Registeel ~ Metal ~ Rachel/Parsec's Politoed

Latias ~ East Wind ~ Laura/GothicLatias

Latios ~ West Wind ~ Leea/|)ark |_ink (in *GuyPersonDude*'s account)

Kyogre ~ Rain ~ Kazumi/Ice_Maiden

Rayquaza ~ Faith ~ Dragon/Flying ~ Rinco/*GuyPersonDude*

Jirachi ~ Sun ~ Jack/Dogman

Deoxys ~ Moon ~ Psychic ~ Darhe'ela "Annika"/Yami Annika

Groudon ~ Desert ~ Gori/Opaque Onigoori

~Name: Amanda
~Age: 13
~Gender: F
~Legendary: Articuno
~Looks 1: A bit on the tall side for her age (5'6"), and sorta skinny. She has slightly pale skin, sapphire-blue eyes, and shoulder-length white-blonde hair. She wears a sleeveless blue top and white Capri pants, and white leather sandals with two-inch heels.
~Looks 2: Her hair goes from white-blonde to blue, her eyes go red, and blue feathers sprout in a row from her forearms. Her skin gains a slight bluish tint.
~Looks 3: A regular Articuno, only slightly darker than normal, and the claws and beak are silver.
~Personality: Very calm and collected, and somewhat shy. She's very soft-spoken, although around her friends she can be quite hyper.
~Powers: Can freeze small objects and create snow flurries.
~Attacks: Blizzard, Icy Wind, Powder Snow, Aurora Beam, Steel Wing, Fly, Hail
~Relations: Friends with Sara.
~Other: *hacks other with machete*

~Name: Sara
~Age: 14 (just a few months older than Arnen)
~Gender: F
~Legendary: Suicune
~Looks 1: Medium height and build, and has curly light-brown hair that goes halfway down her back. Her eyes are a startling violet color. She wears a light purple white-trimmed tank top and blue jeans, with white tennis shoes.
~Looks 2: Her hair turns purple, and always seems to be stirred by wind. Her skin gains a slight pale bluish tint, with white diamond-shaped things going up her sides. An image of a turquoise crystal is on her forehead, like a tattoo but brighter. Her eyes turn a reddish-pink color, almost like mauve, I guess, and streamer thingies come out below her shoulders and fall down her back.
~Looks 3: Like a regular Suicune, only without the white diamonds on the legs, and the streamer thingies are silver.
~Personality: Loves to laugh, and is very good-humored. She is fun to be with, and tries to remain optimistic in dangerous situations.
~Powers: Can grow crystals from her palms or from the ground, can create small gales, and can freeze water.
~Attacks: Ice Beam, Whirlwind, Razor Wind, Silver Wind, Hydro Pump, Surf, Crystal (a spire of crystal erupts from the ground)
~Relations: Friends with Amanda.
~Other: Aaah! *runs from other*


"Uuuggghhh..." I groaned. I was lying half-asleep in bed, my face planted into my pillow. I lifted my head and gazed around my room. I had had the weirdest dream, with some kind of big, blue bird flying... I shook my head, sitting up.

I got dressed and went downstairs. After eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes, I went to the bottom of the stairs and yelles to my mom that I was leaving to meet Sara at the mall. I grabbed my little blue mini-backpack, stuffed my wallet into it, and ran out the door.


I had gotten up early that morning in preperation for Amanda's arrival. I suspected she had slept in, and was probably gonna be late, so I was just sitting around, watching TV.

When I finally heard the doorbell, Igot up, and glanced at the clock. Yup. Fifteen minutes late.

"So, I guess you're casually late, huh?" I grinned as I opened the door. She grimmaced, motioning towards my purse, which lay on the table. I grabbed it and we headed off towards the mall.

OoC; Really, really sorry, but I've gotta go to my cousin's wedding, and won't be back till Sun or Mon. Just everybody get to the mall, maybe have your powers slip out a bit. ANd if nobody signs up for Groudon, I'll make him an NPC.

Roy Karrde
30th May 2003, 12:56 PM
Okay I guess I'll start off my character

~Name: Eric Dax
~Age: 15
~Gender: M
~Legendary: Entei
~Looks 1: He has hazel eyes with short black hair, a black jacket, blue pants, with a plain white shirt on
~Looks 2: His hair has changed to pure white and is a longer, almost into a mane that flows down his jacket, he has a large flatyellow mask coming out of his face, the yellow part lengthens to the top of his head while two flat red triangles form just above his eyes, which have turned to slits.
~Looks 3: A Entei with a white mane that flows down his back, and silver fur.
~Personality: Kind, he is the type of person that always wants to make friends with the people around him.
~Powers: He can light anything on fire, or create fire out of thin air
~Attacks: Flamethrower, Fireblast, Slash
~Relations: He is the brother of Darhe'ela Dax


It was one of those mornings, one of those in which you just wanted to kill your little sister.

"Hey, Darhe'ela mom want's us to head down to the mall to pick some clothes up for church " I yelled out reading the note mom had left us one more time.

" Hey, Darhe'ela?" I yelled out again, when I got no responce, it was annoying egnough that I would have to take her down to the mall and spend some "Quality Time" with the annoying brat that was my younger sister, it was even worse that she wouldn't answer me.

"Anni let's go" I yelled out again, this time pounding on the door of her room, "The faster we get this done, the faster I can get away from you"

Yami Annika
30th May 2003, 01:11 PM
~Name: Darhe'ela Dax
~Age: 14
~Gender: F
~Legendary: Deoxys
~Looks 1: Dark green eyes, pale skin color, golden-blonde hair a little past shoulder length with strips of blondish highlights. Hair is usually up in a pony-tail, but works either way. Usually wears blue or green. Wears different color sparkles [make-up, I guess?] on her face
~Looks 2: Face sparkles with dark blue and green dots/sparkles, high-lights in hair turn red, the whip-like things (the best I can describe it from a picture, you'll have to forgive me) start coming out of shoulder around one arm, and the other grows a green-like glove, legs and arms become sparkled with ruby-ish dots.
~Looks 3: Deoxys with a little sparkle on it's face, and the green parts are a little more darker than usual
~Personality: Usually very quiet and shy until you get to know her, then she's very friendly and a happy-go-lucky person.
~Powers: Creates shadows and illusions, can heal, and slightly cool down temperatures
~Attacks: Psychic, Recover, Psybeam, Hypnosis, Reflect, Teleport, Hyper Beam
~Relations: Sister of Erin Dax
~Other: Would much rather be called "Annika", or even "Ann". Is very close to her brother, Erin, (even though he can be a little mean to her) and maybe even a little protective of him.

Darhe'ela Dax

"ANNI!" Eric started yelled into my doorway. "Darhe'ela, you better get out here, RIGHT NOW, or I'll---"

Sigh. I thought. Again with the threats. All right... Fun's gone.

Eric continued yelling as I opened the attic door right behind his head, and poked my head out, hanging upside down. "TaDA!" I announced my presence, giggling. He turned to me, seething with anger.

"ANNIKA!!" He yelled, and continued yelling his threats. I frowned, pretending to listen, and got down. We used to be so close, but now he's so angry with me. Sometimes I wonder why he continues using the nickname when he's angry. It's just a phase. I think. Hope.

But, nonetheless, we were going SHOPPING! Nothing could bring me down!

"Thanks to you, we're going to be--"

"What, 4 minutes late?" I snickered. I yawned. It was still morning... What was the rush? Maybe he thought his friends were gonna be there? Probably.

As we headed out the door, I grabbed my camera. If they were there, maybe I could torture him... His friends wouldn't think he'd look too cute in a pink tux, would they?

Ah, I'm so evil... Meehee.

30th May 2003, 02:12 PM
Name: Ed (Names that start with 'Z' are REALLY hard to find. Plus, you'll see why I hame him Ed in due time...)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Legendary: Zapdos
Looks 1: Short, black hair and pale skin. Slightly lanky with wide, dark blue eyes. Always wears dark clothing and sports a depressed attitude. He sometimes speaks in rhyme and normally prefers to be alone. He's a bit of a hermit.
Looks2: Same personality, but he is a little bulkier, his hair is blonde and jutts back in spikes. Black spots surround his eyes, and his eyes have turned red. His arms also have long, yellow spots on them that end in long points just short of his hand. His hear is also soft and feathery to the touch.
Looks3: He has a mournful appearance to him. His feathers have a bluish tint, and his eyes have reverted to their deep blue hue.
Personality: Always acts like he is in suffering. Mournful, depressed, and reclusive. He sometimes speaks in rhyme even when he doesn't mean to.
Powers: can manipulate electricity and create storm clouds. When he is in an especially deep slump, it might rain within a 2 foot radius of himself, surronding him in a little downpour.
Attacks: Thunder, Rain dance, fly, Thundershock
relations: None
Other: Always seems to come out of his slump when he is near Kazumi. The two of them also have great synergy when battling.


Once upon a mid-day dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
as if someone gently rapping, rapping on my chamber door.
"Tis some visitor," I muttered, "Tapping at my chamber door,"
"merely this and nothing more."

I closed the book I had been reading, one that told fantastic stories of the pokemon known as the legendaries. Stories of birds of fire and cats of wind, and many other too fascinating to describe. After setting the book down on the table next to me, I stood up and walked over to the door. I nervously took the knob and opened the door.

Standing there was Kazumi, someone I had known since childhood. We resembled each other in a way, pale, reserved...It was no wonder that we had known each other so long.

"Oh," I said, "Kazumi...It's good to see you."

"You seem a little tense..." Kazumi replied, "You've been reading those books again, haven't you?" Of course, she was referring to the book I had been reading earlier.

(Ice_Maiden, I choose you!!)

30th May 2003, 03:10 PM
Looks 1:Tall, about 6 foot, with Ever-flowing Midnight Blue Hair. Her eye's are Light Icy blue eyes. She wears White Oversized Parachute Pants, and a Navy Blue T-shirt. Her shoe's are Like Kouji's from Digimon Frontier.
Looks 2: Her Hair is a Vibrant Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,LightBlue and Purple.Her Eye's are a striking Red. She has That yellow Thing near her Butt(A Bunch of Sharp,Big Feathers). She also has little flaps of skin on her back for the wings.
Looks 3: A Normal Ho-Oh, But the Red is Blue, and the Green Feathers are white.
Personality: She's rather to stay by herself, She'll endulge herself in Depressive thoughts at the first moment she seem's she's happy.She's a loner, and more Mature than her age. Later though, She'll have a more Playful state, where she's out of Depression. Actually, you really don't know she's depressed. She eats normally.
Powers:The ability to Send Rainbow light from her hands, and the ability to bend and break up light beams to be rainbows.
Attacks:FlameThrower,Thunderbolt,Sacred Fire,Sunny Day,Whirlwind.
Relations:Not really, I'll allow 1 friend.

'Great, another Great day..'I sarcasticly thought..I wonder who will make fun of me today..

"Hun!You breakfast is getting cold!It's bacon!"Mom yelled. It wasn't real bacon, but Turkey Bacon. "Diet" Bacon. Like I need the diet..

"Take your.."Mom said, as I came in full PJ's. I popped in my "Happy"Medicine, that did crap, and sat down..

"So, your going to the mall?For what?"Mom asked.."It's probably something with money.."

"You've got ton's. And it's for a Cell Phone. Like you promised me for my birthday."

"Little Hoshi, I did get you that Nice DVD player."
"I'm getting the Damn Cell phone."

Mom Handed me a wad of cash, and I ate..Turkey Bacon. Pancakes. Skim Milk. Orange Juice...

I got changed, and put a Badana on, my Blue and white one..I then got my Skates, and rolled off..


30th May 2003, 03:22 PM
Hey, that sound like "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe

Name~Rikora(pronounced Rick-or-a)
Looks1~Blonde hair, blue eyes. Wears black shirt with dark blue pants
Looks2~Think black stripes appear on arms and legs, hair tends to curl at ends, eyes become brown, a barely visible lightning tail appears
Looks3~Like a normol Raikou with a blonde mane instead of purple
Personality~Hates slow ppls, loyal, can be stubborn
Powers~Can make sparks from the ground
Attacks~Thunder, Extreme Speed, Crunch, Double Team, Thunder Wave (I don't feel like making up new attacks)
Relations~Jack is Rikora's friend


I sat at my house, doing one of my favourite activities, going on the internet, chating with my friends.

Running Raikou(Rikora) says:Hey, what up?

Little Person says:Nothing else happened since the last time you told me which was 5 min ago:mad:

Running Raikou says:Well I'm bored. SO TELL ME!

Little Person says:Hey, you don't control my life:P. Anyways, what is with your name?

Running Raikou says:My teacher said that I need to read something educational. It's about legends and stuff like that

Little Person says:Cool....uhh, but that doesn't answer my question though:confused:

Running Raikou says:Oh fine, I will tell. Raikou is one of the 3 legendary dogs. Anyways, Raikou looks cool

My mom turned off the computer. I turned around "Hey, what was that for?". "You have been on that computer all day. Go out and get some excersise". I had a clever look on my face "But I'm excersising my fingers by typing". My mom pulled me from the computer, and got me outside. I frowned by my doorstep

Krystalline Kabutops
30th May 2003, 03:42 PM
~Name: Giro
~Legendary: Groudon (duh)
~Looks 1: 6'5, with a white shirt and khaki pants. His hair is a pale white, and he looks almost like an albino.
~Looks 2: His fingers have grown claws on the ends, and he has that head thing that groudon has. His skin has gotten more reddish, and he looks indian. He still wears the same clothes. His hair has taken on a reddish tint.
~Looks 3: His body is white, not red, and his head is normal. He's noticably smaller then normal Groudon, and is one of the more diminutive legendarys.
~Personality: Class clown, but can be serious when need be. Hates heat, and is ill-suited to be a Groudon reincarnation.
~Powers: He can create heat-waves that spread out from him like ripples on a pond.
~Attacks: Earthquake, Overheat, Slash, Dig
~Relations: Sara, if Naboo doesn't mind...
~Other: Is kinda wacky, loves water types, especially Vaporeon. ^o^

30th May 2003, 04:45 PM
~Name: Melanie
~Age: 14
~Gender: Female
~Legendary: Moltres
~Looks 1: Shoulder-length red hair with bright green eyes. She isn't tall or short, she's right in the middle.
~Looks 2: Her hair and body have a slight heat resonating from them, and her skin (which is reddish now) is warm to touch. Her eyes become blue. Her hair has an almost feathery feel to it.
~Looks 3: Like a regular Moltres, except her claws are a deep red, and the flames are variations of dark and light reds. Her beak is a bright yellow.
~Personality: Sometimes she can take comments a little too seriously, and when you make her angry, it's hard to get her back on her good side. Other than that; she's a very nice and loyal friend. She can be a bit of a hot-head, but will stick up for her friends in any situation.
~Powers: Can summon flames and start fires.
~Attacks: Drill Peck, Fire Blast, Razor Wind, and Ancient Power
~Relations: None.
~Other: Uh, she likes spicy food! ^-^


I woke up with a start at about 5:30 in the morning. I looked over to my alarm clock; the source of my annoyance. Man, I have GOT to get a new alarm clock. One that doesn't abrubptly wake me up from sleeping... I could hear my mom downstairs starting to cook breakfast; so I decided to get up. After I put on an old red shirt from my closet (the only thing that was clean), and my newest pair of jeans; I ran down to eat.

My mom did her usual round of questions as we ate breakfast, but then asked me a favor. "So," she said happily, "Would you mind doing an errand for me?" "Huh?" I said, "What kind of errand?" "Would you mind going to the store and buying some groceries?" "Alright... I guess so," I said, finishing my juice. "Great," she answered back, "The list is on the table!" "List?" I said, picking it up, "I didn't know I'd be getting that much!" "Be home soon sweetie!" my mom said with a fake smile. Ugh, I thought to myself, she always tricks me into doing stuff for her, and then she sits at home watching TV while I slave away... what am I? A daughter or a slave? Despite my thoughts, I walked out the door to do the shopping anyway. Heh, the joke'll be on her... I'll just stay out extra late and make her worry about me, I thought evily... though, deep down, I knew I'd probably never really do it.

30th May 2003, 05:32 PM
Looks 1:Spiked siver hair with yellow streaks,yellow eyes and Tan skin.A 5'6".He wears silver sweats and a yellow t-shirt.
Looks 2:Grows smaller,and hair splits into 3 parts with cards on them.
Looks 3:Like a regular Jirachi,but a little darker.
Personality:A serious personality,but lightens up once you get to know him.Will stand up for others.
Powers:Can fire small beams of light from his hands,but is very weary after use.Whenever he enters a dark area,he can make light appear.Can make warmth,and heal himself or others.
Attacks:Light screen,Iron Defense,Psychic,Psybeam,recover.
Relationships:Friends with Rickora.
Other: DIE!*Crushes other with bulldozer*


I woke up with a start.I looked at my clock on the wall next to my poster of a mysterious thing surrounded in light.It was 6:00.I picked up my yellow shirt and my silver pants and put them on.
I walked downstairs and my mom was cooking breakfast.I sat down and picked up a waffle.Without mom noticing,I dumped loads of sugar and syrup on it.I ate it quickly,but my mom said something."Honey,could you run to the mall and gather some things for me?"I sighed and said yes.She told me the list was on the table.I picked it up and walked out.I started toward the mall.I started thinking."I am used as a guinea pig while my mom sits down watching T.V."I growled and ran to the mall.

30th May 2003, 08:45 PM
Name~ Laura
Age~ 13
Gender~ F
Legendary~ Latias
Looks 1~ Hazel green eyes, mid-neck length dark brown(close to black) hair with blue highlights, and extremely pale skin. Is also on the tall side, 5'4", and thin. Wears a black jacket over a black long-sleeved shirt and navy-blue khakis with several pockets and a length her black combat boots are barely visible. Also wears silver rimmed, oval-lensed, black tipped glasses(nearsighted) and a silver chain necklace of a yin-yang.
Looks 2~ Her hair goes completely red, skin goes even paler than before, a red triangle appears on her forehead, and a blue triangle takes the place of her yin-yang. Her eyes go an orangish color, and apparently slits form on her back that are supposed to sprout wings.
Looks 3~ Looks like a normal Latias, but her forehead's triangle is deep blue, her body is silver, and the triangle on her stomach is black.
Personality~ Is mainly calm and silent, but can be a little dark depressive at times. Will try to stand up for her friends when possible.
Powers~ Can create winds, sometimes generate heat, and maybe might create sonicbooms.
Attacks~ Aerial Ace, Dragonbreath, Fly, Dragon Claw, Steel Wing
Relations~ None yet...;_;
Other~ Apparently will sometimes get a feverish feeling....Even when she never knew of her actual form.

Laura/Eastern Winds of Latias

I just slowly awoke yet again with a slight feverish feeling, 6:00 AM, damn! Why did I need to wake up today? I didn't wanna get up today....And that's when I heard my mom open the door.

"Laura....It's six. Get up."

"Mom...I got that feverish feeling again...."

"So what....Get up."

I could only shrug and dressed how I usually did....I watched my mom just go back into her room for sleeping(she works nights...), and I walked down the stairs into the kitchen. I looked through what I had, and grabbed the box of Reeses' Puffs, I ate them along with a piece of toast. I sighed after putting my bowl up and grabbing my wallet, and went outside to the garage. I opened the door, and walked towards my Mach Bike, all black with a blue flame design. I walked it out, closed the garage door, and went on my usual bike ride to Hot Topic on weekends(if okay with you that it's a weekend, Nab).

The streets weren't really that crowded on Saturdays, so I could whiz by with a breeze. After biking to the mall, I entered and walked the first route possible to Hot Topic. As I walked by, I somehow spotted two girls, one with white-blonde hair, the other with light-brown and curly hair. I sighed and just walked past them....That's when the prophecy all came back to me....The one of the legendaries and their human re-incarnations. I shook my head and walked on....Suddenly, my fever became a little warmer, and suddenly the whole place began to feel all warm. I broke a sweat in confusion.....What was this for?

I shrugged and just continued on.....Taking a rest on the bench in front of my 'heaven'(Hot Topic)...Wondering about all of this.....

31st May 2003, 07:17 AM
I got up and kicked at the ground "Stupid mother, won't allow me to chat with Little Person". My mom called from the window "Oh ya, please walk Lily". I nodded even though it was HER turn to walk her. So I got to the backyard, and got the leash. I wasn't really excited about walking the family dog. Lily was an Irish Wolfhound and always ended up dragging me for 4 blocks. I found Lily in her GIANT doghouse, and clipped the leash on the sleeping dog's leash. The click woke her up. She imeaditely got up, and knocked me over "EIIIIIII!". I got up, and tugged her with the leash, thinking to myself "why didn't we get a chihuahua or something much smaller than THIS". Calmly, I got Lily out of the backyard

Ice Maiden
31st May 2003, 09:18 AM
~Name: Kazumi
~Age: 14
~Gender: Female
~Legendary: Kyogre
~Looks 1: Has long black hair with dark blue streaks. Her eyes are ice-blue, and she has a pale face. She's quite tall. Kazumi wears a blck and white jacket over a light blue sleeveless t-shirt.
Her pants are black and she wears white trainers.
~Looks 2: Her eyes turn red, and she gets red markings all over her body. White circles appear under her eyes, and her skin gets darker.
~Looks 3: Like a regular Kyogre, but she's black instead of blue.
~Personality: Seems distant at times, but she'll really open up if you get to know her. She's v. sarcastic, and gaining her trust is a rare thing. Loves change, and is easily bored.
~Powers: Controls the rain, acts like an ice pack for burns, and can blast opponents away with jets of water.
~Attacks: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Bubblebeam and Double Team.
~Relations: None yet...
~Other: *Slowly tuns red at the sight of such horror*


"Mom, i'm going to Ed's house...See ya later..."
"Okay dear, be back soon!"
Don't call me dear... I thought, as i stepped out of the house.
I walked the half mile to Ed's place, then knocked on the door. It was opened quickly.
"Oh...Kazumi...it's good to see you..."
"You seem a little tense," i replied,"You've been reading those books again, haven't you?"
I had already seen the book on the table a thousand times before. He was constantly reading it, i'm surprised he never got bored. Myself, you'd rarely catch me doing the same thing twice. Most people couldn't believe that two people could look so similar, but act so differently.
He broke the thoughtful silence.
"So, whaddya want to do?"

Pichu Luver
31st May 2003, 11:28 AM
Name: Marika Tari
Age: 15
Gender: F
Legendary: Mew
Looks 1: She's about 5'8 feet tall, with slightly tanned skin. Has Brown hair with blond streaks. She ties it up in a ponytail and curles it. Along with two curled strips along her face. Brown eyes and wear's small oval shaped glasses. A plain corn flower blue t-shirt with a purple sweater/vest overtop(with hood). Black pants and skyblue and white runners.
Looks 2: She has gotten quite a bit shorter about 5'2 feet tall now. Her eyes have turned a sky blue colour. Doesn't need her glasses anymore. Now very pale and has whitish/pink hair on her arms and legs. Also whitish/pink triangle shaped ears come out through her hair and a tail. Her hair is the same colour except for the streaks. They are now a whitish/pink colour. Her clothes are the same but she wear's the hood up to hide the ears. She wraps her tail around her waist and everyone thinks it's a belt.
Looks 3: Nomal Mew just a bit bigger then the usual. Also a more white colour then pink.
Personality: Very quiet and reserved and as only one friend. Doesn't seem to fond of the whole talking thing. Everyone thinks she's to serious. Rarely speaks to anybody. To her friends though she can be very talkative and a big goof, who loves to have a good time. Very caring to her friends. She doesn't get angry too easily and even when she is she doesn't do much. In a fight though she is very courageous, though she doen't like to fight. Will try to avoid it at all costs.
Powers: Healing abilities, fire off a beam of light, and can fly (in the movie Mew could fly soooo pwease?).
Attacks: Psychic, Teleport, Double Team, Recover, Mega Punch, Shadow ball, Solarbeam, Swift
Relations: Is best friends with Larry(that ok OpOp32?)
Other: Has abusive parents and ran away from home when she was 10. Tells nothing of her past unless she's in the mood (which is rarely).

Marika Tari

Mew is said to live in the jungles around ancient ruins. With a clean water source nearby at all times. It is said to have strong psychic abilities but has not been known to use them in a battle. It is very curious but also very elusive. The last known sighting of this Pokemon was about 120 years ago in the jungles of the amazon. Most respected scientists believe th-

"Excuse me miss but you have to leave now." I looked up from my book and saw Nurse Joy from the counter with an apologetic look on her face. I sighed and packed my book into my backpack. Putting my glasses back on.

I bowed my head slightly to Joy and said very quietly, "yes I understand. Thank you for letting me stay here last night." I then turned and walked out of the center and hopped onto my bike.

If you havn't realized it yet I don't live with my parents. I ran away when I was 10. They were abusive ******** and I got a beating everyday. Just cause they felt like it. That's all you really need to know though.

I rode through town no paticular place in mind. I looked at kids laughing happily and playing. I sighed and decided to head over to Larry's. He was the only friend I had in town. No one else wanted to be a friend with a run away.

I got to his house within a few minutes and parked my bike next to his porch. The only thing I really had in the world. Besides my book on the Legendaries. I must of read it at least 20 times since I got it. It was a ragged old thing that I had gotten from the book store for $3.

I walked up to the door and knocked. I heard someone yell coming from inside and I waited on the steps. The door opened not to long after I had knocked and Larry was standing there.

"Hey Larry wanna go do something today?" I asked him and got up.



31st May 2003, 07:22 PM

As I walked along the sidewalk toward the store, I passed an old man with some sort of souvenier stand. It had keychains and plushes of legendary pokemon. I stopped in front of him, looking at the shinny keychains. The one that caught my eye was the one of a Moltres. I slowly picked it up and looked at the fiery pokemon closer. "Ah Moltres," I heard a voice say. "Huh?" I said, jumping a bit from being startled. The old man was the one who had spoken to me. Obviously he was thinking I was some stupid tourist that was going to be suckered into buying his cheap and poorly crafted keychains.

"The perfect balance of grace and power. It's one of my personal favorites," he continued, "Its cool blue eyes compliment its fiery soul. Say, you kinda remind me of a Moltres!" He must have taken note of my red hair. "Look pal," I said, trying to get out of this conversation, "I don't want to buy a keychain, I was just stopping to loo-" "That's alright!" he said cheerfully, "I'll let you have that one for free!" I looked down at the Moltres I was holding. "Okay," I said, figuring that it couldn't hurt if it would make the old guy shut up. "Have a nice day!" he called as I walked away, my new Moltres keychain swinging from my bag.

31st May 2003, 08:07 PM
'Going to the mall...Cha cha cha...Going to get my Custom Made Cell Phone..Cha cha cha'I openly thought and sang towards the mall. I was happy that I was away from my mom.

"Hey!Whipper Snapper!"I heard someone say,"You should be watching where you go!"

"So."I whispered in my Deep Tone Voice..

"Hey, come over here..To my Cart.."It was a old man who was tending to a bright red-head...

She left, and I skated over.."Your voice, somewhat raspy.."

"Shut up"

"Reminds me of Ho-Oh's Voice that still pierces the mind at the sight of the Rainbow. SO, your name?"


"Star, is Hoshi, right? Fit's you so. Anyway..Here, have this..And say hi to your Mom Kasumi."

"Yeah..Sure."I said,"Thanks, old man."

I placed the Ho-Oh Keychain on my Key-chains, and rode off to the mall..

'Going to get my Cell Phone..Cha cha cha..Going to Get Away from Kasumi..La La La'

Roy Karrde
31st May 2003, 10:14 PM
We finally made it to the mall, even though Darhe'ela's constant complaining was begining to anger me, yet once I saw the parking lot I realized how packed it was, and that's when I began to get afraid for Darhe'ela's safety.

"Stay close to me" I told Darhe'ela as I squeezed her hand tightly and began to walk to the enterence of the mall..

"No way, let me go Eric" Darhe'ela paniced as she strugled to free herself from my grasp.

"No I don't want you getting lost..." I began yet felt a heavy hand on my sholder that spun me around to face a tall homeless man that must have thought I was trying to kidnap my sister or something.

"Eric huh? that sounds kind of like Entei" The homeless man sputtered, which caused me to guess that he wasn't that well educated which scared me even more. "Here take this you will understand" He added before handing me a dirty broken coin with the picture of Entei on it.

"And what's your name little girl" The homeless man asked bending down to talk to Darhe'ela which made me want to take her away from her as fast as I could but I just couldn't seem to move.

Yami Annika
31st May 2003, 10:41 PM

"And whats your name, little girl?" The old man bent down, breathing into my face. Eric tightened his grip on me, so not only was I losing circulation, but the stench was unbearable. Was it proper to slap a homeless man?

"Darhe'ela." I managed my voice. How I wanted to be home...

"Darhe'ela, eh?" His hand reached out to touch my face. Out of habit, I jerked my head back. Eric half-stepped infront of me, with a deadly Don't-You-DARE-Touch-My-Sister look. As I peeked over my brother's shoulder, the stranger had stood up, looking me straight in the eye.

"Sounds a little like... Deoxys, doesn't it?"

Okay, I thought. This man's crazy. Insane. Three fries short of a Happy Meal. Wacko!

"Here." The old man dug in his ragged pockets. Fear overcame the fear that had overcame my body. What was it? A gun? Could this be.. the end? I tried to swallow my heart that was in my throat. He brought out his hand, and I prepared myself for the worst.

After a moment of silence, I opened one eye, then the other. What was in his hand was... sparkly. Slowly, to Eric's discomfort, I took it and looked closer at it.

It was... a marble? But there was no doubt about it. A marble with a keychain chain coming out from it. Confused, I held it up to the light. Inside, was some kind of small model creature. But with all the dirt on it, I couldn't see it. The marble was a ruby red, covered with, under the dirt of course, blue and green sparkles. I guess. The chain, however, was a shiney silver. On the opposite side of the marble, polar opposite of the chain, was some kind of leaf. Sparkly or dirt-ridden. On the outside of the marble, right where the creature thing was, was some kind of engravement. Or dirt. I wasn't too sure or too eager to figure it out.

"Thank...?" I whispered uncertainly, but when I looked up, he was gone.

"Friendly guy, huh?" I asked Eric. Automatically he started toward the mall, literally dragging me along with him. I could see he was as confused about the gift as I was. Or maybe he was back to his normal self. My head began to hurt from the excessive thinking at the mall.


1st June 2003, 06:36 AM

I finally made it to the mall.I searched for the stores to get what my mom needed until I realized to just stay here for a long time
to get my mom worrying.I saw somebody coming up to me.I turned and ran off.I said to myself "Why am I running?"I found a bench and sat down.I felt slighty cold,so I started to walk around a bit.After about 5 seconds,I felt hot."Why am I acting so weird today?"I mumbled.I got up and got a drink from the water fountain.I was still hot.I felt so hot,until,I felt cool again.

1st June 2003, 07:03 AM
The second I took Lily out, she broke into a sprint "SLOW DOWN....please......pretty please....". She didn't slow down, and I was getting dragged allong the sidewalk. I thought quietly to myself "At least it wasn't a greyhound". I brought out my legs foward, and held the leash tight. I put my feet ground as they skidded down the sidewalk. "When I say stop I mean STOP". The gigantic dog stopped as I got up and dusted myself off

1st June 2003, 07:54 AM
Laura/Eastern Winds of Latias

I watched several people pass by me as I just waited for an answer...But when I least expected it, a woman that appeared around my mother's age, maybe a year or two older, approached me.

"Hello young child...." she said in a gentle voice, "Remember the legend of the legendaries? I must ask of your name."

I nodded, "It's Laura...."

She slightly widened her eyes, but smiled, "Sounds much like Latias...Here, take this." and she dropped a keychain much like an army dogtag with a picture of Latias on it, it felt somehow, warm.....unlike most metal.

"Arigato," I whispered as she walked away. I stared at it, and placed it in one of my khaki pockets. I continued to watch people pass by, it felt serene, until somebody who was on my nerves since I was seven passed by.

The 14-year old boy just made an insane face that made me get p***ed of. I pointed at him with anger, and suddenly, the eastern entrance doors swung open, blew eastern winds in, and knocked him over. After that....I stared at my index finger, O_O;; was my expression. I shrugged, and just waited until Hot Topic would open.....

1st June 2003, 10:13 AM
Sry im late...had this huge cancer walk thingy and cudn't get to a computer...
And that's totally fine Pichu Lover:)

Age: 14
Gender: Male
Legendary: Lugia
Appearence: tall, about 5' 10", is slightly tanned and has messy dirty blonde hair. Wears a long sleeved white shirt and baggy jeans with large pockets. Has green eyes.
Appearence 2: Hair turns silver and grows longer. His pupils turn a shimmering dark blue, grows taller and canine teeth enlarge to give him a slight vampirish look.
Appearence 3: Looks like a regular Lugia except the fins along his back are much large and jagged.
Personality: A humorous guy, very trustworthy and kind, but isn't the most courageous of the group.
Powers: Has the ability to manipulate water...can manipulate larger portions as his powers grow
Relations: Is best friends with Marika
Attacks: Aeroblast, Recover, Ancient Power, Psychic


I woke up early, like around 7, as the sun streamed in through my window. My eyes slowly opened, and I couldn't help but to groan. Waking up this early was not something to my liking.

I sat up on my bed, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Might as well get dressed while I'm at it. I slipped on a long sleeved white shirt that I grabbed from my closet. I realized that i had no clean pair of pants, so I wandered into the laundry room and found a freshly washed pair. I pulled them on and fastened them around my waist with a thick brown belt.

I trudged downstairs, still a bit sleepy, but managed to make my way to the kitchen. It was just as I sat down and got out a bowl to pour myself some cereal that a knock rang through the house.

I knew who that was, I didn't even need to guess. It was Marika. She obviously was doing a normal wander around the neighborhood, without a home to go to. She was given a rotten slice of life, with her abusive parents, and I have been her best friend since I can remember. She especially needs a friend now.

My mother answered the door, and called to me. I decided to forget the cereal and grabbed two fruit bars, those things that they say are a better start then any sugar coated cereal. I walked to the door and pulled open it open, and saw Marika sitting there on my front stoop.

She stood up when she heard me come, her face still looking as happy as though she was at home.

"Hey Larry you wanna go do something today?" She asked.

I tossed her one of the bars, "I guess so, there isn't anything else to do."

We began to walk through the town, just strolling along side by side as I asked her how her night was. Every response was a just fine, obviously something she didn't enjoy talking about.

I then go the idea to go to the mall. I told her it would be my treat. She said sure, and we began to walk towards the mighty shopping center.

1st June 2003, 02:43 PM

I sat down on a bench until the same man following me before man cloaked in a couple of jackets walked up to me and whispered rasply"Have you learned the legend of the legendaries,if so,What is your name?"I replied"Jack.."
I couldn't see his eyes because they were cloaked in darkness but he replied in a Raspy voice"Sounds...like...Jirachi..."He paused for a bit and pulled out something from his pocket.A crest that had three pointed edges and the exact thing that was cloaked in light from my poster.I rubbed the bottom a bit and looked up.The man was gone.I placed the crest in my pocket and walked up to a bench.

1st June 2003, 06:15 PM
OoC: *stares at post count* *keels over* ... Opaque, Giro's in, but as long as he's somehow in town, instead of Arizona. And this takes place in summer, sorry if I forgot to mention this. But, yeah, it can be the weekend. Sure.

And I likey the keychain idea. Cool :)


Sara and I walked down the sidewalk to the mall. Pidgey and Taillow were chirping happilly in the trees; the occasional Ratatta or Zigzagoon dug through the garbage in the alleys. It was a beatiful, sunshiney day. Then WHY did I feel so COLD?

I hugged my arms, trying to warm up, but nothing worked. We came to a stall selling legendary Pokémon keychains and plushies. I rolled my eyes as Sara enthusiastically pulled me aside to have a look.

"Ah, hello young ladies. What might your names be?" the old man who owned the cart asked kindly.

"I'm Sara and this is Amanda," Sara beamed. Urgh. If I had been an Anime charecter, I would be sweatdropping like crazy.

"Sara and Amanda..." he said thoughtfully, "Sounds kind of like Suicune and Articuno..." He turned to the stall and grabbed a pair of keychains, one silver with Articuno, the otehr purple with Suicune. He handed the former to me, the latter to Sara. "Free of charge," he smiled kindly.

I was slightly perturbed, but managed a murmered "Thanks," before rushing off into the building, Sara in hot pursuit.


Amanda put her shiny new keychain in her pocket. I, of course, hooked it on my belt-loop. I fiddled with it as we walked into the mall.

As we went through the sliding doors, I suddenly caught my foot on the rug. I yelped, falling flat on my elbows. "Grr..." I growled, rubbing my poor arms. I clenched my fist in anger and embarrasment. I heard a weird noise, and opened my hand. In it, I held some sort of aqua-blue crystal. "Whoa..."I murmered, dropping it. I stood up, brushing the dirt off my pants. "umm... Let's go!" I cried to Amanda, running off. I heard her yelling after me, and stopped, pitying her. It was, of course, hard to run wearing heels.

Krystalline Kabutops
1st June 2003, 06:47 PM
Edited accordingly. I'll just post it now so it's easier to find.

~Name: Giro
~Legendary: Groudon (duh)
~Looks 1: 6'5, with a white shirt and khaki pants. His hair is a pale white, and he looks almost like an albino.
~Looks 2: His fingers have grown claws on the ends, and he has that head thing that groudon has. His skin has gotten more reddish, and he looks indian. He still wears the same clothes. His hair has taken on a reddish tint.
~Looks 3: His body is white, not red, and his head is normal. He's noticably smaller then normal Groudon, and is one of the more diminutive legendarys.
~Personality: Class clown, but can be serious when need be. Hates heat, and is ill-suited to be a Groudon reincarnation.
~Powers: He can create heat-waves that spread out from him like ripples on a pond.
~Attacks: Earthquake, Overheat, Slash, Dig
~Relations: Sara, if Naboo doesn't mind...
~Other: Is kinda wacky, loves water types, especially Vaporeon. ^o^


"GIRO! I need you to go to the mall to get something for me!" Mom called, waking me from my dreams of oceans. "Does she not realize she can drive and I can't?" I muttered as I pulled on my usual monochromatic outfit. White, all white. After I got it all on, I walked downstairs for breakfast. "Sorry hun, no time to make breakfast today. Here's the list of stuff I need, along with the money for it all. Oops, I almost forgot! Here's some cash to get yourself something from Mcdonalds." She handed me $3 and ran out the door. Sadly, I got on my bike and set out for the mall. Who knew, I might meet Sara there. It was one of her usual haunts. As I biked, I noticed a stand selling legendary pokemon souveniers. I decided to take a closer look. Parking my bike nearby, I walked over to it. As I looked at the merchandise, the man said abrubtly "What's your name?" "Elvis." I said sarcasticaly. He stared at me, and said "Giro, am I right?" I flinched. How did he know that? "Have you ever heard the legend of Groudon?" "No, and I don't want to." I replied testily. "Groudon's a fire pokemon. I hate heat."(Ooc: I know Groudon's a ground type, but Giro's undereducated.) The man grinned. "Well, you better get used to heat. You're going to be feeling it a lot in the future." With that, he shoved something into my hand, and said "Be off with you." Dazed, I got back on my bike, and opened my hand. I was holding a little white earring of Groudon. I wanted to get rid of it, but I couldn't let go. I decided to attach it to my right ear. I had gotten it pierced latly, and was looking for a good earring. This would do for now. I biked the rest of the way to the mall, and walked in. Why was it so hot? This mall had AC, and I was wearing all white.... Suddenly, I noticed Sara and one of her friends walking through the mall. "Sara! Hey, Sara!" I yelled, disturbing some people walking by. Sara turned around, and saw me. She waved, as if to say "Come on over!" I walked to where they were, and noticed theirkeychains. "Where'd you get those?" I asked, trying to make my earring as inconspicuous as possible. "Some souvenier stand. Where'd you get the earring?" I sighed. No use trying to conceal anything from that Amanda. Her eyes were like that of a hawk's. "You're not going to believe this, but I got it at a souvenier stand too." I replied. They just stared at each other, like they had discovered the key to world peace or something. I noticed Amanda was shivering. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "It's so cold in here..." She replied uncomfortably. "Really? It's too hot for me, I feel like I'm in an oven." They just stared at me. Girls.

Yami Annika
1st June 2003, 07:00 PM

Eric took me into the mall, and we started to look around. The stores were everywhere, as were carts selling strange and fun knick-knacks. Much to Eric's dismay, I had kept my marble in my pocket. He had too, but ever since we saw the man, he was oddly worried for me.

It was strange, but I loved the attention anyway.

"Stay close, Anni," Eric murmured, using my nickname. "It's too crowded here."

Which was true. The mall was so crowded, you could barely see the stores' names over the people's heads. A claustrophobic's nightmare, to be certain.

Eric took me to the map, to see which place might be the best to start. The map bored me, so while he looked, I watched the people and looked for the stores I wanted to go into later on. Finally, something caught my eye... The Candy Store.

"Candy!" My face nearly lit up, and I was almost to the point of jumping up and down. Maybe I should go look, it'd only be a second... He wouldn't notice.

"I'm going to the candy store!" I breathed rapidly. Eric grunted his response, entranced in the map. I took that as a "yes" and wriggled free.

It took longer to get there than I expected. This place was really crowded, and it was tiring to have to say "'Scuse me, 'Scuse me" every two seconds. Finally, it was in sight. I started to step in when I heard:


I turned around and saw Eric bounding toward me. He kept yelling and scolding me... Then he stopped. He stood a few steps away, in the light from the store with me. He just stood there. Staring. Creepily.

"What?" I asked, looking around. He nodded behind me, and I turned.

My shadow... It was... changed. My head was not mine, neither was my body. It was different. Yet, it mirrored my every move. How..?

My heart seemed to be beating faster, and a chill went down my spine. I moved my foot back, and that... thing's... leg moved along with it. I looked up, then back at my shadow, and it moved along with me. But then... something else happened. It moved it's head... on it's own. Left, and right.

I yelped, and turned around to see if there was anything behind me to cast such a shadow. But, obviously, I was too fast, and knocked down a shelf of boxed chocolates. I fell down with the shelf... and what should roll out of my pocket but the marble keychain, on it's side, remarkably clean. I caught it in my hand before it could go to far, and looked at it. The imprint, yes, there was an imprint there, looked like my shadow.

Suddenly, the memories of Eric and I reading the stories of legendaries came back to me. I remembered the tale...

...of "Deoxys"?

What was happening?


1st June 2003, 07:55 PM

I skated over to the Cell Phone Booth, as I saw some wind come from the door, knocking some kid over..

"Strange"I rolled my eyes, and took my Blue Wallet out...

I sat down, planning what to do, and how to escape people making fun of me today..I felt someone would creep up to me soon.

"Hoshi.."I heard a familiar voice creep up my spine.."Little Hoshi.."

"Get away, Dave"

"Oh!I'm hurt!"He sighed,"So,what are you going to buy today to show off to me..."

"Shut up, loser."

All of the Sudden, The Bright Light from the outside went through me with a slice, and I felt, I saw Rainbow Light Blinding Dave..

"Heh!You've got..Oww!!"Dave yelled, as I skated towards the Verizon Cell Phone cart.

1st June 2003, 08:11 PM
I walked back home with Lily, and put her back into the backyard. My mom called back from the window "Rikora, your allowence". My eyes lit up, and ran back to the house. My mom gave me 10 dollars. I looked at it, dashed out the door to the shed, and grabbed my Mach Bike. I pulled it out, and headed out to the store a couple of blocks away, knowing that they usually had good bargins. When I got there, I chained it to a post, then walked in

Roy Karrde
1st June 2003, 08:23 PM
"It...It's a trick of light Darhe'ela" I stammered out, my eyes were transfixed on the transformed shadow, I had to get away I had to get Darhe'ela away from here before anyone noticed.

I grabbed Darhe'ela by the arm and took off running dragging her behind and pushing people out of my way. In a matter of seconds we reached the food court, I stopped to take a breath and began to take everything in, from the homeless man's gift to the shadow, everything was going too fast.

"Eric" Darheela began but I pushed her aside waving off anything she was saying.

"Eric, please I'm scared" She said again this time she grabbed a hold of my shirt pushing the small token that was given to her into my skin.

"I'm scared too, just let me think, then we can go home" I said laying a hand on her sholder for reassurance yet as I did the fabric on her sholder burst into flames causing me to jump away. Once I realized what I did I quickly padded it down once the small fire was out. I began to gasp for breath, I needed to find away out, I needed to get away, yet everywhere I went there was people, people everywhere. I had to get away so I just charged into the croud with out any knowledge of where I was going.

Yami Annika
1st June 2003, 08:34 PM

"Eric! Eric, WAIT!" I stepped after him, but he was so quick. My shoulder hurt so bad. Part of the fabric was in ashes and my shoulder was a dark, dark red.

"ERIC!" I screamed after him, my voice seemed to echo, but few seemed to notice it. He was gone. I couldn't see his head anymore, or his face. I stood on the tip of my toes, looking around.

He was no where to be seen.

I looked in every direction. Everywhere. He was gone. Nowhere. There was nothing but strange faces...

The room seemed to spin around me. I was so dizzy... I wanted to sit down, but I had to find him... I had to...

I had to...

I collapsed onto the chair.. I wanted to get up again, but I couldn't... I felt sick. I wanted Eric to come back... He had never left me before... He was always at my side... Always... I felt so lost... Why? Why was this happening? I felt so scared.

A warm droplet fell down my cheek. No, I couldn't cry... Not now... Why wouldn't the tears stop? I tried brushing them away...

"Eric..." I murmured. Putting my face into my hands, I repeated it helplessly, while my mind repeated, "Why?"

1st June 2003, 08:56 PM
OoC: Yami Annika: You make it seem like Annika's a lot younger than 14, like 10 or something. If you want, you could be younger; I'd allow it...


Boys. How could Giro possibly be the least bit hot in this place? ... Maybe sombody oughtta turn down the AC, neh?

I glanced back at Giro. He can't have been to hot; he wasn't even sweating or anything. He looked perfectly fine. Weird.

"ERIC!" I heard a girl [Dar (heh, nickname)] cry from somewhere near the foodcourt.

"Who do you think that was?" GIro asked, obviously having heard it as well.

"I dunno," Sara said, "Maybe we should check it out. Whoever it was might be in trouble." I waited to see what Giro thought we should do before responding.

1st June 2003, 08:58 PM
My eye's caught on a Small fire. A 15 and a 14 year old, must be brother and sister,together..

'I wish...'I thought...But I stopped it..He put the fire out, and charged into a crowd..

I stopped..He left the 14 year old. I saw her somewhat confused in a sence. She collapsed onto a chair, and closed her eyes, and opened them, brushing away tears..

I skated over. I shortcutted a little bit, but I got to her. She looked at me, somewhat scared..

"Hey, it's ok."I said, in My Deep tone voice..

Yami Annika
1st June 2003, 09:09 PM
Nabooru23~~ Sorry for being a little off-topic, but I wanted to make this note before I forgot. ^^U She does seem a little younger, but she's weird like that. Unless she's serious, she perfers to act like a kid, 'cause of the whole innocence thing. Plus, she's never been away from her brother, so... Yeah.

As another note, I haven't been in an original RPG for a while, so I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. If it's alright with you, I'll leave the age as it is, and she'll grow up once she gets serious. Sorry for the off-topic post, I thought I might want to make a note of it. Thank you for the offer, but for now I want to see how she progresses.

Cheers, and happy posting with the RPG! (I'll be thinking up of another post pretty soon. :) )

[Sorry again for the off-topic post]

1st June 2003, 09:38 PM

The grocery store looked moderately crowded when I got up to the front doors. "Oh great," I said aloud, "Just what I wanna do... wait in long lines..." I walked in, and reached down for the list my mom had given me in my pocket. As I brought it out, my hand brushed against the keychain the old man had given me earlier. "Wha?" I said, surprised to see myself with a keychain, "Oh yeah.. that old guy." I paused, wondering what it was that attracted me to it. "It's just a stupid Moltres," I said to myself, and tried my best to forget about it.

As I walked around in the frozen foods section of the store, a little girl next to me tugged at her mom's dress. "Mommie," she said, staring strangely at me, "Why is that girl so red?" "What?" I said, confused by her statement. Her mother looked at me. "Oh, well she just has a really bad sunburn. Been having fun this summer?" she asked me. "Uh..." I said stupidly, still confused. She laughed and walked away with her daughter. Okay, I thought, that was really weird... why would they think my skin looked red? Out of curiosity, I looked down at my arm. The skin really did look red! And it wasn't just my arm, or a few small spots; it was all over my body! "Huh?!" I said, my eyes widening, "Why am I like this?!" A woman grabbing some ice cream from a freezer stared strangely at me. I didn't care.. this was really freaky! I couldn't understand it; I hadn't been out in the sun long enough to get that sunburned. I shakily looked down at my mom's list... "Ice Cream," I said, "Okay, I just need some Ice Cream and then I can get outta here." I walked up to the Ice Cream freezer, and pulled out a small gallon of vanilla. As I held it in my hand, water began dripping off the container.

"Geez, these people need to fix their freezers... this ice cream is starting to melt, and the frost on the container is completely gone!" That's when I looked at the other ice cream containers, and realized that the only one that was melting was mine. "Huh?" I said, "Must be the one I have then..." I put mine back, and grabbed another. But as I grabbed it, the frost melted away... "What!?" I said, starting to get really freaked out. "Okay... first my skin is sunburned for no reason... and then I can melt the frost off of ice cream? What's going on here?!"

I suddenly realized that a little boy was standing next to me. "Did you want something kid?" I asked, a bit annoyed. "No. I'm over here 'cause it's warm. I get really cold over in this part of the store, but it's warm by you." "Warm by me..." I repeated, feeling more than a little scared. Sweating now, I decided to ditch the groceries, and get outside. The grocery store was really making me uncomfortable.

2nd June 2003, 03:05 PM
I walked into the store with my allowence money at hand. I saw a sign in the cornor 'NEW CHARM NECKLACES $9.99'. That got my attention, even though I will be left with one cent left. I rushed over to the rack, looking at the charms that hung from the many strings. At the top was the legendaries. I looked up, staring at them.

A clerk walked behind me tapping my shoulder "Can I help you Miss?". I turned around "Huh?, uhhh, no, I'm just fine". I got back to my search. I saw one of a Raikou with lightning bolts of topaz hung beside it. I took it off the rack, wanting to buy it because topaz WAS after all my birthstone. I brought it to the desk "I would like to buy this for $10". The clerk accepted, and took the cash, and gave me the necklace. I tried it on. It was a perfect fit

2nd June 2003, 04:09 PM

I turned from the bench and went to the grocery store.I walked around and found a girl walking out of the store.I enterd and picked up some ice cream.The ice cream felt hot so I decided to open it just a bit.The ice cream melted!I got freaked out and picked up some more ice cream.Same thing.I was freaked.People stared at me.Things were happening too fast.I stared at my hands.A little boy walked up to me.I stammered a bit and backed up some.The boy kept following me.I stared at him and placed my hands on the glass case.My hands glowed a bit and I backed off with my hands facing the glass freezer.My hands glowed and the case blew up.I collapsed to the ground and the boy stared at me and ran away.Everyone stared at me.I walked out of the store saying"I didn't need anything and I didn't do it!"I ran out and collapsed on a bench.I panted and felt like taking a long rest.I saw a girl sitting on a chair and a boy standing over her.I felt too heavy and I rested a bit."Why did this happen?"I asked myself.

Pichu Luver
2nd June 2003, 09:20 PM
Marika Tari

I galdly accepted the fruit bar from Larry. I hadn't eaten yet and was quite hungry.

We wandered around for a bit when Larry suggested that we go to the mall. I said sure, couldn't hurt.

We weren't that far from it so it only took us a few minutes to get there. We had the mall in view when an old man with a cart of key chains stopped us.

"Hey kids do you want a keychain for free? Just give me your names. I'll choose the one right for you." he said smiling.

I looked him over not quite willing to give my name away to someone I didn't even know, but Larry seemed intrigued by the little keychains and gave it for me.

"I'm Larry," he said pointing then turned his hand to me,"and that's Marika."

"Hmm Larry and Marika. That's sounds just like Lugia and Mew. Here you go, the perfect keychain for you two." replied the old man and gave us each a keychain. Mine looked like a little ancient statuet of Mew while Larry's Lugia was inside a small bubble.

I smiled slightly. I liked my little statue, "thank you sir." nodding my head a bit. Larry thanked him also.

We then entered the mall and when I looked back the man was gone. "Strange," I muttered shaking my head.

"What?" asked Larry looking at me.

"Oh nothing, come on lets go to the book store!" I said, slightly yelling and took off. Clipping the keychain to my backpack. Larry rolled his eyes but quickly caught up to me.

"Do you always have to go to the book store?" he asked teasing me.

"Of course. Reading makes me smarter. At least smarter then you." I said grinning and having to slow down to a walk because we hit the crowd.

"Hey!" he said stepping in beside me, "for your information I have an IQ of 130."

"Uh huh suuuuure, and was that for a slowpokes brain?"

He just glared at me but I knew he didn't mean it. We were always teasing each other. "No, but you'd HAVE to take a slowpokes test or you'd never have anything higher then 50."

"Mmph for your information I did pass my grades with A's." I said lightly hitting him in the back of the head and fixing my glasses which had slid down my nose a bit.

"Ah ha! Another piece of your past." he said triumphently raising a fist into the air.

I sighed but didn't deny it. "Hey look there's the book store." Purposely changing the subject. Larry raised an eybrow at me but got the message.

We entered the bookstore and I immediatly headed for the Pokemon history/Information/Types section. I loved to read anything on Pokemon. Especially legendary Pokemon.

Larry followed me and soon we were in one of the seats reading away. It had only been about a half hour when we heard . . .


We both jumped and looked out just in time to see a guy run past REALLY fast.

"Ooooooook . . ." I said looking back at Larry sitting across from me. I then jumped again. His hair was . . . grey a kinda silver. It wasn't all silver just in parts. And if I wasn't mistaken it was slightly longer. Just then I noticed he was staring at me too.

"Yes?" I asked him and he blinked and shook his head. "Uh um your hair it's . . . pinkish . . ."

"Uh what?" I said deeply confused. "well yours is erm silver-y."

"Your kidding right?" he asked getting nervous.

"Um no, maybe we should leave . . ." I said getting up and started to put my book away when I noticed I couldn't feel the ground. I looked down and was REALLY freaked out. I was floating about 3 inches above the floor.

"Eep!" I cried and I landed very roughly on the floor and looked up at a very freaked Larry. "What the heck is going on?"



Yami Annika
2nd June 2003, 09:39 PM
Woo... Sorry for not posting sooner. I just got back from the dentist, and the "Goofy Gas" :rolleyes: just wore off. I figured it'd be better if I posted coherently. ;)

Ooookay... Here we go.


"Hey, it's okay." Someone with a deep-tone said to me. I looked up and jumped a little. I took in a deep breath and steadied myself. I was always a little wary of strangers...

"Oh, hello. I'm fine really, thank you." I said hurriedly and started to get up, but something stopped me. I looked at the girl. For some reason, she didn't seem... what? Bad? She didn't give off "bad vibes"?

Yet, I didn't think she was going to hurt me.

So I sat back down, still a little jumpy, and laughed a little. "Sorry." I dried my eyes.

"It's okay." She repeated. "What-?"

"Happened?" I finished for her, then continued on before she could verify. "Funny story actually. Deals with a marble and fire and that wackiness." I snorted a laugh, but felt a pang of sadness at all the memories of what had happened in the last few minutes. She probably thought I was insane... I would have questioned my sanity as well.

"I'm.. Darhe'ela, by the way." I decided for a quick change of the subject. "Just don't say it sounds like Deoxys." I murmured quietly.

"My name's Hoshi." She introduced herself. As much as I wanted to find my brother, I didn't want to go through it alone. Perhaps... I had a friend...

I hope that was okay. :(

2nd June 2003, 10:29 PM

"I'm.. Darhe'ela, by the way."The Girl said to me..
"Just don't say it sounds like Deoxys"She murmmed..

"My name is Hoshi."I said, more welcomly than I ever did before..


"Well..so.."I said.."You need help?"

Ok, so I wasn't good at helping, or trying to act..Maybe a Tad bit more openly to people..But I was trying..

"Yeah.."She whispered.."My brother ran into the crowd..and.."

'I wish I had a brother'

"Hey, it's Ok. I'll help you find him.."


Roy Karrde
2nd June 2003, 10:44 PM
I kept running with my hands tucked into my jacket so that I wouldn't touch anyone, and set them on fire like I had done to my sister.

As I moved on I noticed the smell of burning leather when I looked for the source I found the pockets of my jacket smoking, my hands, my hands were causing the fires. I needed to stop it, I needed to get what ever was on my hand off of it.

I found the nearest water fountan and pushed the little girl away from it. With my elbow on the button to start the water, I began to scrub my left hand with the nails of my right hand. I had to get the stuff off, I had to get off the stuff that was causing fires. I kept scrubbing until my right hand was bleeding and then I scrubed harder. As much as the pain hurt, seeing the look on Darhe'ela's face from the fire that my hand had caused was worce. I kept scrubbing, and scrubbing yet I knew it was still there, what ever it was it was still there. Eventually I crumbled down next to the water fountan, holding my bleeding hand.

"It's still there, get it off" I begged as tears rolled down my cheek. "Get it off"

3rd June 2003, 11:53 AM

I ran outside the store, and stopped to catch my breath. This was really, really weird. Then I looked over to the mall. "Maybe I can go find some stuff to help this odd sunburn of mine..." I said to myself, "Besides, I kinda wanted to go to the mall."

I walked into the main courtyard of the mall, and immediately noticed that a boy sitting under a drinkning fountain crying. What's up with him? I thought.

I ran up to him, looking concerned, "What's wrong? Are you okay?" He just continued to scrub his hand saying, "Get off! Come on get off already!" "What happened?" I asked, still trying to get him to talk. I bent down to him and grabbed his hand to see what was wrong with it, but he snatched it away before I could look.

"No!" he yelled, "Get away; don't touch my hands! They'll set you on fire!" "What?!" I said, getting mildly annoyed, "That's ridiculous! Nothing on your hands is going to..." But as I looked down at my jeans, which had been grazed by his hand when he grabbed it away from me, they had a small fire going on them!

"Aaahhh!" I yelled, standing up. My head told me to stop, drop, and roll, but for some reason, I started to pat out the flames on my jeans with my hands. When my hands touched the fire, they didn't feel like they were getting burned... only a little warm. "Huh?" I said, confused, "Why doesn't it hurt me?"

3rd June 2003, 03:07 PM
I walked out of the store, and turned to my bike. I unchained my bike, and set off, cycling in circles so I can gain speed. After a few loops, i set off.

When I was on my way to Jack's house to show him my necklace, I had a craving for gum. I stopped, and checked my pockets, finding 30 cents left from the time I cleaned the coushins and found them there. I did my loops, and headed to the grocery store to get some gum.

I had a funny feeling come over me, not enough to make me stop though. I started to gain speeds, even though I was on the same pace "Huh? Am I going downhill?" I knew this street too well "K, this is getting REALLY WEIRD" When I got to the grocery store, I saw Jack "Hey Jack, something weird is going on with me-"I cut short "Are you ok?"

3rd June 2003, 04:07 PM

My hair...was silver? I wouldn't believe it, but after seein Marika's hair turn that pink color, I was starting to accept it. Forgeting why I was at the mall I began to sprint towards the men's bathroom, I had to see for sure if my hair really had changed colors.

As I ran I looked back, and saw Marika getting up off the floor, looking very dazed. This was probably the worst time to be leaving her but something inside me was fueling my thoughts to investigate the change. Hopefully I would come back to her after I realized what was happening.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, manuvering through the bustle of store going shoppings. I accidentally knocked into a passing man, and I stopped quickly to help him up and apologize before continuing on.

I eventually came to the men's bathroom, and ran past a boy kneeling by the water fountain, crying over his bleeding hands. Psycho, I thought to myself as I sprinted into the bathroom.

There was only one other man in the bathroom, who was carefully washing his hands. Braced myself on a sink and stared hard into the mirror that hung in front of me. To my amazement I relized Marika had been right, my hair really was changing, and it was changing right before me eyes! I could see the strands of dirty blonde hair shift color into the shinier silvery color that Marika had noticed.

I was thoroughly freaked now, and I needed a splash of cold water on my face. I turned on the faucet, but nothing began pouring out of the faucet.

"What the..." I said as I hit the faucet, trying to knock lose the water. When it failed I just hit it harder, and the wierdest thing occured.

The water began to come out, but it was also spraying wildly at me. I put my hands in front of my face trying to block the water but it only sprayed it everywhere. The man who had been washing his hands looked at me and then ran out of the bathroom. I moved over so I wasn't directly in front of it, but for some odd reason the spray of water was still directed at me. I moved to the other side, but the water still aimed towards me.

I was thoroughly drenched now, but the water continued to splash in my face and seep through my clothes so it chilled the skin. I was now angry, and as my furry built up I felt a sort of rumbling inside of me. Finally I couldn't take the water spray anymore.


I yelled it loudly, and my I shot forth my hands and extended my arms out straight. My eyes were closed as water dripped down my face, but the curiously the spray of water had ceased. I slowly opened my eyes, and peeked through my eyelids only to see the wonder that stood before me.

The water that had just been dousing me, now hung completely still in the air. Almost like it was frozen it time, it hung suspended in the air. I could only breath heavily and stare.

"What the hell is happening to me?"

3rd June 2003, 10:16 PM
Ok, everybody, umm, I think we'd better all get together now. If I can get online tomorrow morning, I'll edit this and post. Otherwise... I gotta go no! *is dragged from comp* Nooooo!

Yami Annika
3rd June 2003, 10:40 PM

I got up, suddenly with renewed energy. We could find him! I knew we could. I told Hoshi what he looked like, and she said she had seen him... I think. Anyway, she agreed to help me and all was good.

But which way did he go..?

I looked over at Hoshi, she had no clue either. So, we'd just have to choose...

"This way," I called, and moved to the right into the crowd. Hoshi hesitated and skated (?) after me. Before long she was ahead of me, but that didn't matter.

Store after store... Shoe store, Clothing store... Candy store. Door to the outside... Nothing. I couldn't see him anywhere! It didn't look like Hoshi was having much luck either.

Another clothing store, a jewelry store. My neck hurt from twisting and turning my head, trying so hard to look at all the faces.

I saw a wall in the distance, which meant the ending of this hallway. If I didn't see him by then, it was all... for nothing.

Yet, closer and closer still the wall came. Eric could not be found.

I skidded to the stop towards the end of the hall, and saw Hoshi, who had also stopped.

"Did you see him?" I asked.

"No," she told me. "I even went in some of the stores..." She shook her head.

My face and heart fell. I looked around. "Eric!" I called his name. "Eric!"

Hoshi went back into the crowd a little, looking for him. I continued calling. A few minutes later, she came back. I didn't even need her to shake her head, the look on her face told me she hadn't found him.

"I... I guess he isn't here." I muttered. "I'll... I'll go try the other end." I started off, but Hoshi didn't follow. She was looking at something curiously.

"Wait.." She said calmly. Her eyes showed a spark of recognition, and I followed her gaze.

There, towards the bathrooms at the waterfountains... was Eric.

I suddenly got excited and my face felt all lit up. There was a girl with him... Of course! That's why we hadn't been able to see him... She must've been in the way.

"ERIC!" I screamed and ran over to him.


So far, four of us are together (if I'm correct in assuming that Melanie stayed with Eric and Hoshi followed Darhe'ela). Some other people passed Eric, so maybe they're not too far behind? :confused:

3rd June 2003, 10:57 PM

"ERIC!!"She yelled towards a male in a Bathroom with a girl..

I leaned against the doorway as the reunion subsided...Eric tied not to touch Darhe'ela with his hands, but hugged her without his hands touching her..

'Aww...'I thought..The site of it wanted me to have a little brother or something..But I know my mom denied it.

Darhe'ela called me over, and I skated a bit..

"Name?"Eric asked..
"Hoshi."I whispered..


"Hoshi"I replied, louder..

Roy Karrde
3rd June 2003, 11:09 PM
"Eric!" Darhe'ela screamed running over to me. I turned to look at her, and realized that I had left her, I had done something I had never thought of doing and left her alone, in the middle of a crowded mall.

" Oh God, I'm sorry " I sobbed wrapping my jacket around my hands and hugged her tightly even though the blood was begining to seep threw the jacket and onto the floor. The pain continued to be unbarable but I didn't care. My sister was okay, she was okay and had done her best to find me even though I had hurt her, that was what all mattered.

"Oh hey, I had a little help in finding you" Darhe'ela chipped up, she broke away from the hug and motioned for this young girl to come over. She seemed kind of shy and quite but she was kindof cute.

"Um, hi I guess you allready know who I am, I really dont know your name though" I said hiding my bleeding hands and jacket behind my back.

"Ho..i" she wispered I really couldn't make out what she was saying.

"Huh?" I asked a little confused at what she said.

"Hoshi" she replied this time a little loader with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Oh well hi, I want to thank you for what you did for my sister " I said smiling a bit, I then remembered the girl that had come over and helped me when I was ripping my hands apart.

"Oh this is, well I really dont know her name, she helped me out when I needed it most" I said trying to introduce the new girl that I had just met.

Pichu Luver
4th June 2003, 07:28 PM
Marika Tari

I got myself of the floor shaking my head and trying to clear it. I saw Larry run off, I guess to the bathroom. The least he could of done was told me, to be sure. I picked the book off the floor and put it on the shelf and thankfully didn’t float this time.

I ran off after Larry and looked for the nearest bathroom. I saw turned and saw a man walk VERY quickly with a door slam behind him. It was the men’s bathroom. I ran up to it and waited outside for a few minutes. The funny thing was that things started to get blurry as I approached I took of my glasses and rubbed my eyes. Maybe all that reading was getting hard on my eyes. I hadn’t read that much today.

I looked up and was about to put back on my glasses when I noticed that things were in focus. I blinked twice and I was pretty sure nothing was blurry. I flipped my glasses and everything went blurry.

“Things just keep getting weirder and weirder.” I mumbled to myself and I put my glasses in my backpack. I decided to check and see if my hair had actually turned pink and took out my mirror. Sure enough my once blond highlights were now pink. I looked closer and my eyes were blue to. I jumped when I heard a lot of shouting from in the washroom and I started to worry. It ceased after a few seconds and I knocked on the door.

“Hey Larry you in there?” I called to the doors and put my mirror away. After a few seconds the door opened and out he came. I widened my eyes and saw that his hair was now completely silver, and most DEFINATLY longer. He looked very confused and quite disturbed. He looked at me and I noticed his pupils were not really black . . . An almost blue colour.

“Look Larry I think we should leave. Things are really starting to freak me out.” I said troubled by the expression on his face. He nodded and I heard him mumble,

“Yeah freaky . . .” then he turned to me and seemed to become confused. “Hey where are your glasses? Your eyes, they’re blue . . .”

“Oh uh I, I don’t . . . need them anymore for some reason. As for my eyes I know already” I stammered and he just shook his head.

“Alright lets go.” He said and we took of at a moderate run for the exit. We were almost got there when I felt a tingling at the base of my spine and for no reason at all I tripped and tumbled head over heels into Larry who in turn crashed into two girls and a guy. They fell over too and we all ended up in a heap on the ground getting some amused looks from some of the other shoppers.


Hint, hint to Nabooru23 and/or Opaque Onigoori. :D


4th June 2003, 09:31 PM

"Oh this is, well I really dont know her name, she helped me out when I needed it most"Eric said..

'This is great. Everyone is so happy.'I thought, sarcasticly..

I rolled my eyes, when Eric's back was to me, talking to Darhe'ela and Melanie....

I then started to think what I did to David, my next door neighbor that needs a clue. I basiclly sliced him with a Rainbow ish light..
I then placed my Hand next to a Light, and Rainbow lights appered...

"Wow."I whispered. Eric just stared at the Rainbow Light I sent out..

4th June 2003, 09:40 PM
OoC: I take it the "tingling" was growing a tail? If not, I'll change this.


We all stood for quite awhile, looking at theg round. When I finally looked up, I noticed something strange. "Sara," I said, "Has you hair always been purple?" It was indeed purple, and seemed to be stirred by wind. Her skin seemed a bit blue, and there was what looked like a tattoo on her forehead. I saw some sort of silver things behind her back.

She glanced up, and I noticed a red tint to her eyes. "Has yours always been blue?" she asked, staring at my hair.

"N-no..." I said, grabbing a lock of hair. I stared; it WAS blue! My eyes were then drawn to my arms; they looked sort of blue, too, only very pale. And were those FEATHERS?! I was beginning to feel pretty faint. Cautiously, I looked over at Giro. He had some sort of weird white things sticking out from under his hair, which now looked reddish. He looked like he had gotten a sunbrn, and his fingernails looked like claws. "Giro..." I said quietly, pulling a little mirror out of my pocket and handing it to him. He took one look in it and nearly dropped it. I took back the mirror, and was about to say something when two people came slamming into us.


"Oww..." I grumbled as I stood up, having been knowcked over. "Hey..." I began, looking at teh guy and girl who had run into us. The girl had pink hair, and what looked like a tail, and the guy had long, silver hair and blue pupils. "Um..." was all I could say, "Hi. Uh, I'm Sara, and this is Amanda and Giro..." I bit my lower lip, trying not to say anything rude. Did they know? Maybe it was all just fake... Yet... Something told me otherwise.

4th June 2003, 09:44 PM

"Oh this is, well I really dont know her name, she helped me out when I needed it most" said Eric.

"Oh," I said, blushing, "I didn't do that much! My name's Melanie." I then realized that Eric and I were both having strange things happening to us. I looked down at Hoshi's side and noticed that she had.. a keychain. "Where'd you get that keychain?" I asked her.

"Huh?" she said, puzzled by my question, "Some weird old guy gave it to me, why?"

"I got this keychain from an old man too, and he said that I reminded him of a Moltres..." I said, trying to figure out the strange connection that we had.

Darhe'ela and Eric both spoke up. "Some creepy old guy gave us stuff too after he said our names reminded him of Entei and... Deoxys..." Darhe'ela said. "Yeah, I wonder why he would do that to all of us?" Eric added.

"This is weird," I said, looking at my keychain, "Really weird..."

Krystalline Kabutops
4th June 2003, 09:49 PM

I just stared at my claws, oblivious to the world around me. What was going on? I hadn't been out long enough to get a sunburn... Breaking out of my reverie, I looked at the people who had slammed into us. "I'm Marika, and he's Larry." She replied to Sara. They looked even weirder then us. Well, except maybe for Amanda. She's grown feathers, which in my book topped the list in weirdness.
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Roy Karrde
4th June 2003, 10:13 PM
The light vibrated from every inch of the room, it was in every crevece, every hole.

"Wow" Hoshi wispered drawing all of our attention back to her. She seemed to be the source of the rainbow light, some how our bodies were creating these gifts for us, but who else had these.

"Maybe these 25 cent machine toy rejects our allowing us to have our power" Darhe'ela speculated which I found really wierd coming from her.

"We could try to track him down, you know, make him take these toys and powers back" I said but as I did I remembered how fast he moved, he disapeared with out a trace just after he gave them to us so, who knows where he could be know.

"It might be better if we find more people who might have gotten these, this guy could have infected half the mall, and other people might have any idea what's happening to them" Melanie said, which brought up a good point, this guy could have gotten to over a hundread people now, none of them could have any idea what's happening to them. Yet we had no idea of what was even happening to us.

"Well I'm going to go see if I can go help anyone else" I said begining to walk outside, it seemed like the right thing to do and go help the other people even though I couldn't touch anyone. I turned and nodded to everyone else before leaving. This time I knew that Darhe'ela was okay even if I went off, she was around people that I just could feel that I could trust. Hoshi had helped Darhe'ela when I couldn't, and Melanie had helped me when no one else could.

5th June 2003, 01:02 PM
OoC: Sorry I was gone! I was forced to visit my aunt in Louisiana and her computer wasn't working....;_;:End

Laura/Eastern Winds of Latias
I was distracted by these other teens....That were all somehow....abnormal...And they each had keychains of legendaries. I blinked, maybe this had to deal with something....I wasn't sure what...But I think it came from that woman. I ran off to find her, but I came down with a serious fever, broke into a sweat, and fell over once I came towards the other teens.

"What's...going...on?" I screamed faintly, trying to pull myself back up, but struggled. Suddenly, I felt change. I blinked wishing this wasn't happening, but I soon opened them, grabbing a lock of my hair and seeing that it was completely....red?!? I finally picked myself up, seeing that my skin grew paler, and my yin-yang transformed into a blue triangle. I blinked and pulled a small mirror from my wallet, looking into my reflection. My eyes were now orangish and my forehead beared a red triangle, but I felt as if my skin split open on my back, but I didn't feel bleeding. I blinked then looked at myself again...Small Latias-like wings have sprouted from my back slits! I sighed, and pulled them back in.

"Damn....This is bad...." I muttered and put the keychain and mirror up. I looked towards the others, they stared at each other, then at me.

"Who are you?" asked this one girl with blueish feathers on her arms and pale blue hair, stepping foreward a bit.

"I'm...Laura..." I replied, startled by each of the others, there appeared to be keychains of an Articuno, Suicune, Mew, Lugia, Entei, Deoxys, Moltres, and Groudon. I stepped back a bit with a startled feeling.....Was I really a true dragon, or was my mind playing tricks on me again? Whatever was going on, I knew the little Murkrows that haunted my dreams were stealing my sanity again...I blinked. "Who're you?"

"I'm Amanda. This is Sara..." She said, pointing towards one girl with purple hair.

Ice Maiden
6th June 2003, 12:07 PM
I'm really really sorry for not posting sooner! My internet connection has gone all wierd and i couldn't get online for a while. I'll bring me up to date.


"Wanna go to the mall?" I asked Ed.

We'd just about walked the half-mile to the mall, when a strange old man jumped out at us.
"What are you're names, children?"
"Um..." Why have i lost the use of my brain? I know what my name is...
"I'm Ed, and this is Kazumi..." replied Ed.
"Hmm...Kazumi...that sounds a lot like Kyogre...here, have this."
"And Ed, well, it doesn't really sound like Zapdos, but since it's the only one left, then have this..."
"Thanks, old man."
He had given us each a keyring, mine with a Kyogre, and Ed's with a Zapdos. Ed was looking at his intently. Sometimes you'd think he was obsessed with the ledgendaries. Well, they were pretty cool, but...
I glanced up and saw a boy sat next to the water fountain, crying over his bleeding hands. A girl came over to him, and they began talking. Then, another two girls, one hugging him, the other stood back from the crowd. I felt strangely drawn to them.
I began walking, with Ed following me, over to the eight people. As i got closer, i could see their appearences changing, some looking confusedly at various body parts, others talking to eachother.
"Hey, Kazumi...you look different..." said Ed.
I pulled a mirror out of my pocket and saw my reflection staring back...was that me?
I had white circles under my now red eyes, and my skin was definitley darker than usual. There were red markings all over my face and arms as well.
I turned around and saw...Ed?
"You don't look to good yourself..."
I passed him the mirror and watched his eyes widen at the sight of his now blonde hair and red eyes. He had black spots around his eyes, and long yellow spots on his arms, ending just before the fingers.
By this time, we were getting strange looks from passers-by, so we decided to hurry it up.
Arriving at the small group, we could see five girls and three boys, with various features, from purple hair to wings.
"Um...hi..." i said.
They all looked up, glanced over my person, then got back to whatever they were doing before. All exept a girl, the one with purple hair.
"Hi, i'm Sara. I can't really say anything about the way you look, can i!"

6th June 2003, 04:08 PM
OoC: Time to get moving.


Amanda walked over.

"Who're they?" she asked.

"I'm getting to that!" I exclaimed, "This is Amanda," I added.

"I'm Kazumi, and this is Ed," the girl explained.

I looked back at the others. The were still talking away. I glanced at the clock; the mall would close in a couple minutes. "YOU GUYS!" I cried. Everyone stopped talking and looked at me. "The mall's closing in a few minutes. Why don't we all meet here tomorrow?" Everyone nodded in agreement just as someone came over the loudspeaker saying that the mall was closing. Everyone went their seperate ways. I went with Amanda to her house; I was gonna stay the night. With one last wave to the others, we were off.


"What a weird day, huh?" I asked softly, fingering the feathers on my arm. Sara nodded. We walked in silence until we were at my house. Sara's stuff was already there, and my parents were out, not to be home until really late (knowing them, 2 in the morning). Once in my room, Sara spread out her sleeping bag while I brushed my teeth in the bathroom. We had not spoken since leaving the mall. I climbed into bed while Sara lay down in her sleeping bag.

"Night," I said, already half-asleep.

"G'night," she yawned. I drifted off into sleep...

6th June 2003, 04:21 PM

I said bye to the others, and skated out of the mall.It was about closing time, and I wanted to be by myself on the way home.

It was about 5 block skate home, and then going on the highway, then 5 more blocks. I was tired when I got home, and got changed..I then saw something..

"AHHH!!"I screamed. My Hair was all the colors of the Rainbow, I saw these 2 big flap's of skin, and my eyes. Completely Red.

I got changed into my Red and Blue PJ's, and feel asleep..

Hoping the whole day was just a dream.

Roy Karrde
6th June 2003, 04:34 PM
I finally ran back into Darhe'ela with nightfall coming and the mall quickly closing. I said my goodbyes to Hoshi and Melanie before taking off with Darhe'ela to head home.

"You know, we never got the clothes that we were told to get" I mentioned to Darhe'ela as we walked home, it had been pretty quite for half the way home, I guess with everything that happened none of us were in a mood to talk.

"Yeah I guess we can do it tomarrow when we all meet up again" Darhe'ela mumbled.

"Yeah, I guess so" I said back as I began to scratch a itch that seemed to be all over my body, most likely it was from something I touched. "Hey I'll race you home" I added trying to cheer her up, today had been hard on her most of all, anything to take our minds off of it would be nice.

We began to ran, we ran harder and harde till we had almost reached our street when I looked down and saw small silver hairs covering my hand and arm it seemed like a wave of hair had crawled up my arm almost like fur. Now it seemed that powers we'rent the only thing in store for all of us, a transformation was happening also.

6th June 2003, 04:50 PM

I said goodbye to the others, well, okay so mostly just Eric, Hoshi, and Darhe'ela, but I waved to the others.

I walked into my house, apparently mom forgot to lock the door... again. "Mom!" I yelled to her, "You have got to remember to lock the stinkin' door! Someone could have robbed or killed you!" My mom leaned out from behind the refridgerator door, "Oh Melanie, you're so paranoid sometimes! By the way, where are the groceries?" "Oh!" I said, remembering the ice cream. "Well, if you really want the truth, I got freaked out because every time I touched something cold it would melt, so I went to the mall where I found some other kids that were also experiencing strange things with their bodies." My mom blinked. "You could have just said you forgot..." she said, starting to look annoyed. I rolled my eyes, and went upstairs to my only sanctuary; my room.

I first brushed my hair, and felt it slowly. "Hmm," I said to my pet fish, Cleo, the only person in the house that would listen to me, "Why does my hair feel so soft... kinda like feathers?" This day had been really odd, and I was more than ready for some sleep, so I laid down on my bed. "We'll see how things go tommorrow..."

Yami Annika
6th June 2003, 06:14 PM

Eric and I were almost nearing out street, and he was ahead of me. I tried to run faster, and, by some miracle, I passed him. I had never done that before. But, when I turned back, I realized he had slowed down.

"Eric?" I stopped and watched him carefully. When he looked up at me, I saw why he had stopped. All the hairs on his arms... were... silver?

"Oh my gosh.." I breathed. And the hairs continued to change.

"It's nothing, let's go on home," he told me. But he wouldn't meet my eyes. I began to feel panic rise.

"What is it? Is something wrong? Why are you silver?" I asked rapidly. "Is there something you're not telling me?" He finally looked at me.

My arm itched. And, oddly, without moving my two arms, I scratched it. Realizing what I had done, I looked, and screeched.

"Anni, it's okay! Don't panic." I heard him say.

"How can you say that?!" I screamed. "Look at THESE!" I motioned rapidly to the two whip-like things coming out of my arm. One moved around.. waving. "You're silver, and... and... I'm SPARKLY!" I looked down at my arms and legs to see the little dots of sparkles which made me look like I had had too much fun with glitter. "I'm a freak!"

"Look," Eric replied, trying so hard to keep the shakiness out of his voice. "We saw other people... change, at the mall, remember? They were okay."

"We don't KNOW that!" I exclaimed. "We left!"

"It'll go away." He told me, trying to convince himself as much as me. "I won't let anything happen to you."

"Promise?" I whispered.

He swallowed hard. "Promise."

6th June 2003, 07:30 PM

I didn't respond,but I looked ahead and saw two people screaming at each other.I had to admit,they were looking a bit freaky.I started to faintly feel my hair,but I felt something weird.My hair was splitting and I saw cards on them.I felt my hair to see if it wasn't a trick.It wasn't.I mumbled"Oh my gosh..."I looked at my crest.There were some words covered in dirt,I rubbed it off and it said Jirachi.I was too freaked out.I looked at my hands.They were glowing again.I yelled out to Rikora"Get out of the way,quickly!"

6th June 2003, 09:06 PM

I walked back a few stepps, wondering what was wrong "What's going on here Jack? Things are being weird here. First me gaining speed, then you are starting to change" I thrusted up my hands "What is this world coming to?". With a short glance, I looked at my arms. There was small black stripes. I hung my mouth open "For Fenir's sake, what the hell is going on?"

7th June 2003, 01:04 PM
Laura/Eastern Winds of Latias

I soon heard on the loudspeaker that the mall was closing....Hmm, I guess Hot Topic was closed today for re-stocking. All of us went our separate ways, going towards where we came from. I stared back the girl that was apparently half-Articuno....Who knows why we were all lead here. I sighed, got onto my bike, and went on home.

I arrived home, seeing the last of sunset fade into night....Stars starting to appear within the navy-blue night sky. I sighed and entered my home after putting my bike up, making sure my mother was asleep. Fortunately, she was, and I snuck up towards my bedroom. I sighed and changed into my pajamas, black Chinese silkies with deep blue dragon designs on them. I kept my necklace on, and slipped into bed, sighing. I slowly drifted into sleep, trying to ignore the pain of my fever....Wishing it was all a dream....

7th June 2003, 03:01 PM

I yelled"Move,now!"I tried to aim the blast toward a car.It hit the car.Rikora lokked at me,but I ran off home.A man who looked 18
said"My car!"As the car split into 4 parts.When I got home,my mom said"Where are the groceries?"I thought about what happend,and all I replied was"I'm tired."I walked up to my room and got into my bed,hoping it may have been just a dream.I clutched my crest and kept on rubbing my hands over the word Jirachi.I mumbled "What's Jirachi???"I closed my eyes and decided to rest now.I thought about what could have happend to the man.I opened my eyes and said to myself"What if the man gave a lot of these trinkets to people,They wouldn't have an idea what was happening to them."I clutched my crest and said"I might just be a dream right now."I closed my eyes.

Ice Maiden
7th June 2003, 03:32 PM
"The mall is now closing. Please leave the building."
"We'd better go," said Sara, "the mall's closing now. Meet here tomorrow."
"Sure," i muttered."
Ed and i walked out of the mall. A light shower started, covering us in rain. I sped up, hoping to get home before it really started, when all of a sudden, it stopped. The weirest thing was, Ed was still getting soaked.

7th June 2003, 05:36 PM

I opened my eyes widely, quickly blinking "ooooooooookkkkkk. This cannot be natural" I went over to the store to take cover. In the cornor of my eye, I saw the gum machines. I walked over to them with 25 cents in my hand "Finally, a better change of pace". I was about to put in the coin, until I got a shock. I pulled back "Ywoch. Stupid static". I tried it again, another shock. "Maybe I was better off before I had a snack attack". I reached again, and I got a bigger shock. I walked from it "Ummm, maybe I should try a pack instead"

Roy Karrde
7th June 2003, 08:16 PM
It was 3 am and I couldn't sleep, I could feel the changes courcing through my body, atleast I thought that they could changes. The last time that I had checked the fur had grown to the point that I no longer needed a shirt, and my mouth and nose had grown into a small cat muzzle which bearly pushed off of my face. I had no idea how long the changes were going to last or if they were just going to stop leaving me as mixture of Human and Cat. In the next room I could hear Darhe'ela tossing in turning it was obvious that she was going through the same changes that I had just wen through a few hours earlier.

"You okay?" I asked poking my head into her room, it was too dark in there to tell how far she had transformed but I would guess that it would be near half way like me, if this was even half way.

"Yeah, how about you?" Darhe'ela asked, I ran my hand across my new mouth, before answering. "Yeah, I'm okay"

"I wonder if Hoshi and Melanie are okay?" I thought out load, ever since I started to grow fur, I began to wonder if it was happening to our friends at the mall, were they changing like Darhe'ela and I are were powers the only thing they got.

"Hey, Darhe'ela..." I began but I had no idea on how to apologize on the way that I had treated her for such along time. "...Just get some sleep we have to sneak out tomarrow before mom and dad sees us" I added before shutting her door.

7th June 2003, 10:25 PM

As I slept, I had no dreams. It was a nice, peaceful, dreamless sleep; until I awoke with a splitting headache at about four in the morning. I sat up in the dark, and reached to turn on my bedside lamp.

After turning it on, I went over to my fish. "Ow, this headache is killing me..." I said to her, "Maybe it has to do with all of the weird stuff happening..." I looked over to my Moltres keychain that was partly in shadow.

"I'm going to become a... a... Moltres... aren't I?" I said trembling slightly. I looked at myself in the mirror on my wall.

My hair was all poofy and feathery, but felt warm to touch. So did my skin. I looked down at my arms. Small warm feathers were starting to grow out of them. "Oh great," I said aloud, "Just what I want... unsightly hair..."

I thought of Eric, Darhe'ela, and Hoshi. "I hope they're taking this well..." I said to Cleo, who just swam in a circle in her bowl.

7th June 2003, 10:54 PM

I woke up in the middle of the night to a sharp pain going down my arms. Groaning softly, I ran to the mirror in the bathroom, shut the door, and turned on the light.

"Oh no..." I whispered. My face... I looked like some sort of mutant freak! "<I hope this is just a dream...>" I thought, "<And I'm gonna wake up real soon...>" I glared at my arm, which now had feathers almost two feet in length sprouting from it. I sighed, resigned, and went back to bed.


I was awakened by Amanda going into the bathroom. I sighed, frustrated. I had been having such a nice sleep... On a whim, I glanced at my arm. The skin was now totally blue. I sighed loudly, flopping back onto my sleeping bag.

I poked Amanda in the ankle as she walked by. "Hey," I said, "I think we should, you know, leave, really early, before your parents wake up. If they saw us like this..." I trailed off, not sure of how to finish. Amanda nodded, staring straight ahead into the darkness, and I knew my friend was thinking the same thing as I was...

"<Why me?>"

8th June 2003, 06:08 AM

I looked at myself in the mirror.I screamed "I look like a 6 year old!"I sat down an looked at my crest,which was partly in shadow."Am I going to become a Jirachi?"I whispered.I mumbled to myself"Why is it always me..."I got into bed shut my eyes.I decided to get out of bed in morning,early morning.I looked at my poster and I went to bed."Awww,great!!!!"I mumbled.I was shining with light,filling the whole room.Now I looked at the poster.Now I know what it is,it's Jirachi!I looked like Jirachi.I went back to sleep,spite the fact I was shining.

Ice Maiden
8th June 2003, 06:56 AM

After getting home without completely mutating, i went to bed, hoping that this was all one very weird dream.
However, when i woke up at 3 in the morning, with burning red eyes and a terrible headache, i knew this was for real. The red and white markings were brighter than ever, and my skin was getting darker and darker.
"This is your fault, isn't it..." i muttered to the keychain on my bedside table.
A small downpour started, covering me in tiny droplets of water.
Why the hell is it raining indoors? STOP IT!
The rain came to a halt, leaving me, very confused, in a soaking wet bed.
Why me?

8th June 2003, 07:15 AM

I went into the isles of the store, and froze "Wait a minute, what if they run into me, and I shock them. Or they see the stripes. That's it. I'm not going in there". I went outside, and biked home.

When I was there, I quickly headed up to my room to make it less likely that mom can question on my stripes and shocks. I wore some rubber gloves that I got when I was cleaning my room. I logged on to my computer, and went on MSN

Pichu Luver
8th June 2003, 03:23 PM
Marika Tari

“Store closing in 5 minutes, head to the counter to make you purchases. Thank you.”

I had heard the announcement but I wasn’t paying much attention to it. I was looking at my tail with my eyes practically bulging out of my head.

“This can’t be good.” I muttered to myself as I wrapped it around my waist to make people think it was a belt.

I waved goodbye to the people I had accidentally caused Larry and I to crash into. We all agreed to meet back here tomorrow.

“Well this is turning out to be a strange day.” Said Larry shaking his head.

I now saw that two of his teeth were now much too large to be normal, like fangs. He seemed to be taller to. I nodded to what he said not surprised anymore with all that had happened today.

It didn’t take us to long to get back to Larry’s hose and I grabbed my bike.

“See you tomorrow Larry, I’ll meet you at the mall ok?” I said hopping onto my bike. I brushed my hair out of my eyes and found now I had ears on the top of my head.

“Yeah sure.” He said and quietly entered his house. Hoping not to let his mom see him like this.

I pulled my hood up to hide my ears and pedaled to the nearby Pokemon Centre. Nurse Joy saw me enter and gave me my usual room. She let me come back every day as long as I left every morning. Thankfully she didn’t see my now pinkish hair.

I got some food from the small cafeteria in the Centre and went to my room. I worked at the Pokemon Centre every now and again to earn some money.

I ate my food in silence uncurling my tail and wiping it around in frustration.

“Why does this always happen to me?” I grumbled to myself as I looked at my tail glaring at it. Wishing I could just scare it away.

After I ate my ‘dinner’ I quickly feel asleep not long after. Pulling my covers up to my chin hoping this all was just a bad dream but knowing it wasn’t.

About 4 hours I fell asleep I woke up feeling like I was itching all over. I went to scratch my arm finding fur.

“What the heck?!?” I almost shouted and quickly went to a mirror. Not turning the lights on. Boy I was glad I didn’t.

I gasped at my image. First of I was now A LOT shorter. I looked like I was 4 feet tall! My face and arms and well everywhere was covered in a slightly pink fur. My face had bulged out a bit in a weird nose. My index and middle finger on both hands where joined together, same with my ring finger and pinkie.

I felt like screaming but decided that doing that would just bring to much attention to myself. Instead I just sighed and went back to bed. As I lay down I looked over at the key chain hanging off my bag.

“I’m becoming a Mew aren’t I?” I mumbled to myself covering my face with my well, paws. I sighed and rolled over going back to sleep. Resigning myself to my fate.



8th June 2003, 05:24 PM

I watched as Marika left, and stood on the front porch until she dissapeared out of view. I would really wish she would find a home to stay at, but unfortunately there was none to go to. Plus she had a very independent outlook and she wouldn't accept the help.

My silver hair gleamed as the sunset reflected off it. And I felt something jabbing into my lower gum. I put my finger inthere and felt something large and pointed. Then I realized it was my tooth.

"Geez," I said. This was to much for me.

I went upstairs and sat on my bed, looking out the window on my right. I saw the sun drop below the mountain line. I lay back and closed my eyes.

I slowly drifted off to sleep, my fatique that had built up drifting me off to sleep.

Guess tomorrow is another day.

Yami Annika
8th June 2003, 05:55 PM

Eric shut my door, quietly. As much as I didn't want to sneak out... I didn't want my parents to see me, not like this.

I turned over on my stomach, unwillingly catching a glance at my reflection on the TV screen, which was lit by moon and starlight. My highlights, they were totally red, and the rest of my hair was on the verge of a strawberry blonde.

I looked away. No need to get scared... It's going to be okay... I kept telling myself. But I saw sparkles on my face, and my heart began to beat faster. I shut my eyes.

Warmth creeped up my leg, and I knew what it was. More sparkles, but it seemed more than that. The tentacles, or whatever, moved around, tickling my legs, rumpling my sheets, and hitting the nightstand beside me. I wasn't moving them, not on my own..

I pulled the sheets over my head, and covered my face with the pillow.

"Please go away," I begged and silently prayed my transformations to vanish. "Please, please, please go away..."

I was so scared. I didn't like this. I was some sort of freak... Somehow, I hoped, that tomorrow morning, everything would be normal again...

Roy Karrde
8th June 2003, 06:08 PM
I snuck into Darhe'ela's room around Five A.M. I wasn't sure if she got any sleep I knew I didn't. I did have to poke her a few times with my gloved hands to wake her up completely. When I did I had to use my other hand to cover her mouth before she screamed.

"It's me Eric" I said my voice had changed over night it was a little deeper yet it also came out with a little bit of a Purr also. "Don't scream okay" I added. She had gone quite away in her Pokemon transformation last night to the point I was a little scared of her new appendages that she had.

After we had gotten ready to go, we both quickly snuck out the window and ran down the street. The night air hung deeply in the air as we ran down the sidewalk, so far we we'rent spotted. Finally we reached the mall which was luckly open for the morning to allow people to walk around the mall before it opened for exercise. "C'mon we have to hide" I purred before we ran off to find a hiding place.

8th June 2003, 07:48 PM

I woke up to Amanda trying to shake me awake. Or at least, I think it was Amanda. Her arms were completely covered in feathers, and her nose was blue and looked like a beak. Something blue was sticking up from under her hair. Seeing how much she looked like Articuno, I wondered how much I looked like Suicune.

"Hey!" I she hissed, "It's 5 o' cklock! We'd better leave now; my dad wakes up for work in an hour or so!"

Wondering not only how we were supposed to get out of the house without waking up her parents, but also why her dad was crazy enough to go to work so early, I nodded, sitting up. I quickly put all my stuff in my bag and rolled up my sleeping bag. Amanda beckoned me to the open window. Without a word she gestured outside. Nodding, I hoisted my stuff out the window.


"Ok then..." I muttered, leaning out the window. I was planning on trying something, and wasn't 100% sure it would work. Gulping, I swung my legs over the windowsill and out onto the roof below my window. "Here goes..." I whispered, squeezing my eyes shut. I stepped to the edge of the roof. Spreading my arms out to the sides, I leapt off, praying for my life.

Just as I had hoped, the feathers that had grown along my arms slowed my fall a bit. That, and the fact that I landed in a relatively soft bush, made for a safe landing. I sighed, climbing out of the srub.

"C'mon!" I called hushedly to Sara. I saw her nod from the window, and leap out after me. Closing her eyes, she took a running leap off the roof. To my amazement, she landed all the way across the street, looking as though she had only jumped a few feet. "Whoa," I said, rushing over with our stuff.

"That was weird," she said, looking just as amazed as me.

"Terrific, now let's go!" I cried, starting off down the street towards the mall with Sara in hot pursuit.

8th June 2003, 09:28 PM

When I finally figured that it was time to leave to meet the others, I walked downstairs. The feathers on my arms were getting longer, and were still warm to touch. They almost seemed to sway with the appearance of a flame.

First I thought of how my mother would be without me. Ah, she'll be okay. She just hates me anyway... I sneaked out the front door quietly. I didn't want this to turn into a big production.

I glared at people I walked by who stared at me funny. One kid looked at me and laughed. "What's so funny kid?!" I yelled at him in a high-pitched voice. The kid ran off, looking pretty scared. "Hey," I said aloud, "Was that my voice?!"

Yami Annika
8th June 2003, 09:58 PM

He took my hand, and we walked around, frantically searching before we could call attention to ourselves.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before we called a little attention to ourselves.

Whap! WHAP! My appendages, having a mind of their own, were knocking against the glass windows, leaving several dents, and causing chairs to tip over. Luckily with no people on the chairs. Even then, we gained some stairs, and it was easy to see why.

Noticing this, Eric stopped and turned to me.

"We've gotta do something about those," he purred. I visibly shuddered... I hated that voice. It still gave me the creeps.

"Easy for you to say," I snapped at him. "You only have fur... I have THREE ARMS at the moment! Two of which have a mind of their own."

At this time, one arm was visibly shrinking while my appendages were a little longer, and maybe even growing. He grunted, or something, and grabbed the two tentacles. They waved around, forcefully, trying to resist his pulling.

Eric first put them together, holding the tips. For a moment, they just looked like a big, thick, red and green string coming out of my back. He looked around, knowing he couldn't hold it forever.

"Anni, your hair thing." He ordered. I touched my hair, which I had put in a ponytail, not having time to look somewhat decent. I grimaced, and ripped my hair-band (scrungee?) out of my hair, handing it to him. He tied the tips together.

For a moment, it looked perfect. Until they started moving again, and popped out.

"Okay, let's try another way." Eric seemed annoyed.

He took the two tentacles, and forcefully wrapped them around my arm, tying them even tighter to my wrist. For some reason, it reminded me of those ice-cream bars, where the four flavors wrap around the main part of the bar. The tentacles moved, but didn't break free. It looked like I had some kind of weird bracelet on, and my arm hurt, but it looked better.

"Now, let's go find everybody." We started walking again.

"Think they'll even show?" I asked, looking around for any sight of mutated people. I wasn't looking foward to this... Seeing Hoshi, or Melanie, or even the other people I barely knew in such bad shape, it would be creepy. I just hoped they were taking it better than I was.


8th June 2003, 10:50 PM
Laura/Eastern Winds of Latias
I awoke 'round 5:00 AM, feeling warm and....different. I got out of my bed, realizing my arms were shorter, hands turned silvery unlike the ture Latias and grew slight claws. The triangle that formed on my forehead turned a deep blue, and the triangle that was my yin-yang turned black and somehow melted into my shirt. I looked down and realized my feet were somehow wider and also silver....I sighed and checked if my mother was still asleep.

"Crap...This can't be happening..." I muttered as I opened my window. I felt the breeze blow against my skin....it felt somehow mixed between feathery and furry...I couldn't guess which. I sprouted my wings, they turned silver, and I leapt out the window....wandering if I would fall to my doom.

Yet, I lived. I landed in a bush with soft texture. I sighed with relief and went towards the mall.....Expecting to see the others...

Ice Maiden
9th June 2003, 10:11 AM

I woke again at 5.30. Feeling the marks on my face, i soon realised that things were not getting any better. They were now pushing my skin up, so it looked like i had numerous veins sticking out of my skin.
I rolled out of bed, remembering my promise to meet the others at the mall.
Getting dressed, i wondered how to sneak out of the house without being seen by my brother, or worse, my parents. I wore my black hooded top, and black jeans.
I put the hood up and crept down the stairs, then out of the door, locking it behind me.
Walking down to the mall, i saw the brother and sister. She had tentacles sprouting out of her back, and he had a load of fur on his arms.
Another small drizzle started, this time not caused by me.
Stop it...you don't want me even more annoyed...
I walked to the mall in complete dryness.
The rain started again as soon as i stepped through the door.

9th June 2003, 10:31 AM

As I got closer to the mall, I could see people whispering to themselves and some were talking about other kids that had looked weird. They must be talking about the others, I thought.

When I got to the mall, I saw Darhe'ela and Eric standing by the water fountain.

"Hey there!" I said, walking up to them. At first they looked a bit puzzled at my new higher sounding voice, but then they recognized me.

"What happened to your voice?" Eric asked me.

"What happened to yours?" I asked him back.

"This is really weird..." said Darhe'ela, "I hope Hoshi and the others get here soon."

"Wow," I said noticing Darhe'ela's new apendages, "You've changed quite a bit."

"Hey," said Eric pointing to a girl appraoching us.

"Hi," she said, "My name's Kazumi."

9th June 2003, 10:53 AM
Laura/Eastern Winds of Latias
I approached the mall in complete confusion....shadowing myself with my black jacket. My khakis worked fine of hiding my feet, so did my combat boots. I had placed a grey shirt to see the triangle on me...to let them know who I was: Latias.

I entered and looked around, the lights of early sunrise shining through the windows. I looked around for the others and soon spotted them near the water fountain. I sighed and made sure no people were staring at me, and I was safe. I approached them slowly, there was Moltres, Kyogre, Entei, and Deoxys so far....where were the others?

"Hi....Who're you?" asked the one that apparently was Moltres.

"I'm Laura." I replied in a sighing tone.....Why was I changing? I was practically fine being mortal, so, why did I have to become Latias? I might never know until the transformation is complete.

Roy Karrde
9th June 2003, 11:13 AM
Seeing all the new people here, it started getting me worried that something bad was going to happen, that some one was going to see us and do something or...well I don't know what else could happen but I had a bad feeling about it.

"Laura, Kazumi, I'm Eric, atleast I used to be" I said to both new arivals. "It's good to see you again Melanie" I said turning to her, obviously she had changed like the rest of us overnight I was just suprised by howmuch.

"Darhe'ela are you okay?" I asked for the fifth time this time I noticed my voice was changing even more, it was becoming more animalistic, more cat like, Darhe'ela nodded at the question but I wasn't sure if she was telling the truth. "Stay close to me" I added.

9th June 2003, 04:18 PM
I woke up at 5:35.I got out of bed and ran outside.A kid looked up at me and asked"Are you a six year old?"I looked at him in the eye,and in low tone I said"NO WAY!"The kid looked at me and ran away screaming.I saw a group of kids,but I stood clear of them.They looked a lot changed,like me.I mumbled"Maybe..."I stood and wayched them from a distance.Why am I changing...I'll never know until the transformation was complete.I stood and watched and walked a bit closer.I walked and mumbled"Hello.I'm Jack."

9th June 2003, 06:08 PM

I woke up at about 4:30 am..I took a very quick shower, and hair dryed..

"I need to Match.."I said..The Flaps of Skins on the Back hurt...Feathers of different colors would fall on the ground..

I picked Blue Jeans, A Red Shirt with Writing in all sorts of colors...

I placed my skates on, and took the quick escape out I prepared...down the Laundry shute, to the basement. Then go out the Basement Door..

I skated to the mall. My Eye's had sharper vision..I saw the others..


I did some tricks, went into the mall and stopped at the others..They stared into my eyes..

'I'm weird because of my Red Eye's..Sue me.'

"Hey,Hoshi.." Darhe'ela said...she changed a lot too. I also saw some people I didn't know.

9th June 2003, 06:10 PM

I woke up early, planning to get out of the house so my parents wouldn't notice my changes. My alarm went off and I slapped it halt the beeping. As I sat up I noticed that my feet hung off the edge of the bed. I wondered if it had been like that last night, and mabye I just didn't care to notice it.

Either way, I still had to leave, so I quietly got out of bed and slipped on a new pair of clothes. Cargo shorts, a white t-shirt, and a fisherman hat (the ones with the brim all the way around). I mainly put it on to hide the silver hair, but it still hung down in the sides.

"Oh well," I said to myself in the mirror, as I truly realized I was taller.

I stepped out of my room, tip-toeing down the hallway with the intent of not waking anyone in my family. I made it down the stairs and out the door, grabbing another one of the fruit bar thingies to eat. I slipped on my sneakers, made a note to leave letting my parents know where I was, and then exited out the door.

"Better go get Marika," I said to myself and ran off towards the PokeCenter. I also noticed how much faster I could run...almost like flying...

Yami Annika
10th June 2003, 09:35 PM

I was so glad Hoshi was there. It was one less unknown face in the crowd.

Although... All of our faces were different. Some of them were unrecognizeable. I felt relief that it wasn't just Eric and I who had changed, but at the same time, I felt... scared, uneasy, sad... Scared of what may lie ahead, uneasy looking at all the changes, some fierce and some just weird, and sad that this was effecting so many people.

So we waited. Some were still late. Everyone made small-talk, except for me. I just watched. It felt rude, but it was the only thing I could do. I felt as if I was almost going into a daze...

Who could do this? Why? The questions burned in my mind, as I watched the others. They seemed so brave, I was the only one freaking out.

I wondered what my parents would thing, if they saw me now, with odd tentacles spiraling down my arm and too much sparkle-make-up on. They'd probably have the same reaction I've been having. Worry, fear...

I sighed and touched the marble-ornament in my pocket. In all this chaos, madness, and fear I felt safe with one thought.

The thought that, whoever did this, did this to everyone, no matter who he/she may be... I was almost certain, I knew, Eric would make them pay.

Pichu Luver
11th June 2003, 06:59 PM
Marika Tari

“Uhhhhhhhnnnn” I moaned as I woke up to see the light flooding in through the window. I turned over to look at the clock on the desk and saw it beeped 8:46am. “Just my luck I wake up late.” I grumbled.

I quickly changed into my usual clothes. I went to the mirror and saw that may face seemed to form a small muzzle, and you couldn’t even tell that I had had four fingers and a thumb. They were pawish. Making sure to have my hood up to hide my ears and I wrapped my tail around my waist. “Ok now to get out of here. I can’t get past nurse Joy looking like THIS.” I mumbled to myself.

I then remembered how I had floated at the mall. “Hmm maybe I can fly out a here.” I thought about flying and a second later I was floating about a foot off the ground. I floated over to my bag and grabbed it. I then floated up to the window and pried it open. I flew out of the window but unfortunately the flying seemed to cut out and I ‘crashed landed’. “Oof!” I said

I ran to the front of the centre and saw Larry there. “Hey Larry!” I called to him and ran up. He looked at me, well more like looked down at me. “Yeah I realize I’m short, and furry, now lets get to that mall.”

“Uh right.” He said and we took off down the road. We got to the mall soon enough and saw the other people standing around. We ran up and Larry said, “ sorry were late.”

I looked around and saw the people we had run into, or at least I think I did. They looked at me and my, err height problem. I sighed and waited to see what we would do.