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Krystalline Kabutops
2nd June 2003, 02:55 PM
Kuro, if you wanna join, now's the time!

Team Eon believes that Eevee has the ultimate potentiel. They wish to create an army of Eeveelutions and take over the world. However, Eevee are extremely hard to come by. They have made many attempts to steal Eevees, but all have failed. However, they have managed to obtain hair from all these Eevees. They decide to create their own Eevees. All the attempts fail, until a scientist decides that they need to not create them from sctratch, but make them from current creatures. Humans seem the best choice, and they start luring in subjects. Kids from the streets that won't be missed are ideal. They post posters all over town, and soon have a group of kids ready for the first test. They inject the kids with the DNA of the Eevee hairs, but it's not successful. The kids have taken on some of the Eevee whose hair's DNA they were injected with's traits, but are still easily human. They lock the kids up, and begin to perfect the formula. The kids wait in their cages, desperate to escape.

This is where you come in. You're one of those kids, and you wanna get out.

My form:


Name: Zoran
Age: 18
Gender: M
Personality: Very solid, takes him a while to get angry or cooled down. Makes a good friend, is very upfront.
Looks: 6'3, black hair, white shirt and slacks.
History: Always overlooked at home, He had to take care of himself almost always.
Relationships:Laura Rider. Not GF/BF, just friends.
Other: ......


Name: Zyra
Gender: F
Personality: Completly overhauled. She's prone to mood swings in an instant, and is antisocial. She might be Euphoric one second, sobbing the next.
Looks: She's the one on the right, but she wears a white tee and jeans intead of that. (
Relationships: Relies on Laura a lot now, because She has yet to get the hang of being a girl. Needs lots of instruction.
Evolved form: Espeon
Evolved form looks: Her hair goes dark pink/light purple.
Evolved form powers: She has mild pshychic abilities, and can use telepathy.
Method of evolution: Happiness in morning or day, duh.
Other: EVIL OTHER!!!!



"End all your problems, eh?" I thought as I read the flier. It was an adverisement for what seemed the perfect life. I sighed. Definatly not my life. How could they make your life perfect? Force your parents to notice you? Well, what did I have to lose? I decided to go.

A few hours later, I had arrived. I plopped my backpack down and took a seat. Other kids slowly filtered in, even Laura. I had bugged her to come, and she had! She sat next to me and said "Well Zoran, This better be worth it. Otherwise, I'll knock your ****ing lights out." I grinned. That was Laura for you, always making threats. At that moment, some guy in a lab coat walked in. "We will see you now, Zoran." He addressed me. I followed him into another room, and sat down. Suddenly, metal clasps fastened to my wrists, effectivly immobilizing me. "What the ****?!" I yelled at the guy, as he pulled out a big needle. "This will end all your problems, and ours as well." He said calmly as he plunged the needle into my arm. I screamed, and kept on screaming until I blacked out from the pain.


Ugh. My arm hurt. Why? My mind was too foggy to try and figure it out. Right now all it did was keep me alive. Struggling, I finally broke out of the foggy confines of my thoughts, and opened my eyes. The pain in my arm doubled, and I winced. I was looking at a steel surface, like a ceiling. Sitting up abruptly, I whacked my head against it, and groaned. Survying my surrondings, I realized I was in a cage with someone else. The cage was about the size of a bathtub, and there were many others nearby, with two kids each. I focused my groggy eyes on the person with me. The hair was different, and so were the clothes, but I knew that face. It had to be "Laura! Laura, wake up!" I whispered, as I nudged her with my foot. Sleepily, she sat up and yawned. Opening her eyes, she asked me, "Who're you?" "I'm Zoran. Remember? Zoran, your pal?" She stared at me. "You can't be Zoran. Zoran's a guy." "Huh?"

Ok, two people per cage, post basically seeing the poster, coming, seeing other kids, injection, waking up, talking to your cellmate is optional.

2nd June 2003, 03:30 PM
Name:Kalad Galadorian
personality:A loner, but is very nice to those he opens up to, to everyone else he seems apathetic and uncaing, unless he's mad.
looks:this guy, lacking the weapons (http://www.classicgaming.com/castlevania/art/konami/dcmdrac.jpg)
History: Had a fairly good home life, right now he's a surly teenager
relationships: an older brother, not on the best terms...
other: STAY BACK FOUL DEMON! *drives a stake through other:'s heart.*

Personality: a bit more introverted than before.
looks: has some fangs and has light claws
relationships: open... gonna have a hard time getting under his skin tho.
evolved form:argenteon:steel type
evolved form looks: teeth and hair are coated in steel, his claws lengthen and become steel.
Powers:He slices, he dices look at that tomato! also, he has highly enhanced physical strength
method:EXTREMELY PO'ed and a bunch of metal rods fall from a building onto him*ouch*
Other: You are back!? Take this foul beast!* pulls out Samus' Arm cannon and starts using plasma beam

UGH! PARENTS! they were so annoying. "Huh? what's this?" I said, seeing the poster. "Fix all my problems?" It's worth a try...

Later, at the lab... A bunch of other kids were there, a man came up to me and guided me into the room, and I sat in the chair, he flicked what looked like a lightswitch and my arms and legs were shackled. He silently pulled out a needle and plunged it into my arm, I fainted instantly...

Krystalline Kabutops
2nd June 2003, 03:36 PM
Ooc: Kalad, could you make the rest of your posts more detailed? It's a really short. :/

2nd June 2003, 03:42 PM
Personality~Moody, intelligent, can be stubborn
Looks~Red hair with blue eyes. Wears long pants that reach to her shoes. Her shirt is yellow(used to be white, but something happened in the wash)
History~Had close friends until she moved. Her parents were divorced and lived with her dad. The father didn't know what she liked, and Kina got fed-up
Relationships~Elk/Tsukasa((PM me if you wanna be a friend))


Gender~Male(heh, my 1st male rp charactor here)
Personality~Still moody, but has lost stubborness
Looks~Has increased hearing and hair is longer
Relations~(see Original one)
Evolved form~Umbreon
Evolved form looks~Hair turns black with yellow rings
Powers~To see in the dark as if it was light
Method of evoloution~Happiness in night
Other~*sees what other ppls are doing with their others*Oh well. If you can't beat them, join'em.*Brings out fire rod from LOZ game and starts to burn other*MWAHAHAHAHAHA


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT I CAN'T GO TO ELK'S HOUSE?"I shouted at my father. "It's too late. And besides, you're grounded Kina". I gave him a snarling look "Fine, I can handle it. I'M GOING TO MY ROOM" I stormed up there, and locked the door.

Few minutes later, I gathered my sheet, and tied it into a rope, and hung it out the window. I packed my bag, and headed down the rope on my way to my best friend Elk's house

On my way there, I looked at a post that had a poster 'See all your problems disapear before your eyes'. I believed it, and headed to the address.

I knocked the door "Hello, any ppls there?". The door was unlocked. I opened it, and walked around in the dark room. The door slammed shut, leaving me in complete darkness "Ok, what's up here". In seconds, I was knocked out by a crobar, and was left on the floor. All I remembered was voices saying "You were found in darkness, you shall be darkness", and a jab in my left arm


I awoke in a dark cage, barely any light at all. I saw a glow from around my eyes, arms and legs. A thought went through my head, Kina. It didn't sound like it was very fimilur. I remembered my lonliness(sp?), and my friend. I felt my hair was shorter "Was this all a dream?" I didn't remember my name fully except my 1st letter 'K', I became 'Kona'

2nd June 2003, 04:00 PM

Name: Imani
~Age: just turned 18
~Gender: F
~Personality: Kind, quiet, near antisocial. Very fearful.
~Looks: short for her age, around 5' 4". African-American. Her shoulder length dark brown hair is in a ponytail. Purple T-Shirt, blue jeans, and dirty sneakers. Brown eyes. Wears a silver necklace with a tiger charm.
~History: Parents died when she hit eighteen years old. Is old enough to take care of herself, but isn't ready to. Had to move to a run down apartment with nothing more than the clothes on her back and a few of her favorite books.
~Relationships: Open (any friends, please? Anyone?).
~Other: Uh-uh.


~Name: Aurora
~Gender: still female and proud of it!
~Personality: did a total 180. Mischievous, outgoing, loves to flirt. Can be reckless.
~Looks: is now 5' 10" with shorter, spiky hair. Canine teeth have lengthened a bit.
~Relationships: like I said, open. Can make friends or something.
~Evolved form: Vaporeon
~Evolved form looks: Webbed hands and feet. Black eyes and blue hair. Small spines down her back and arms that she can fully retract.
~Evolved form powers: heightened speed, especially in the water. Hearing and sight are also heightened. Knows Water and Ice attacks and can use small Electric attacks. And can mimic voices.
~Method of evolution: Water Stone
~Other: Nup.

Imani ~ Waiting Room

I sat shaking in the waiting room while holding my favorite book. Why was I here? Oh yeah, the poster. Maybe they'll pay me for being their guinea pig. I looked around at the other kids, hoping that I didn't look stupid or anything.

"Imani, we're ready for you," a woman said behind a door. I stood up and gathered up my things, rubbing my tiger charm for good luck. If they'll make my life perfect, that'll be the miracle to end all miracles. I was a lost cause.

I walked in the room and set my backpack down. The woman pointed to a chair which I sat down in. I was alright until metal clasps appeared and tied me down to the chair. My eyes went wide with fear. "What are you going to do to me? LET ME GO! I want to go home!" I frantically twisted in my seat as I watched the woman walk toward me with what had to be the king of needles. The needle was injected in my arm, and the room rang with my screams.

Aurora ~ Cage

"Oww..." I opened my eyes. My vision was too cloudy to see anything, but I could make out shadows of kids in cages just like mine. But my hearing was just fine, better in fact. But my memory was strangely clouded. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a picture. This could've been me, but I wasn't sure. If it was, I could've used a change in wardrobe.

I reached up and scratched my head, expecting to feel my ponytail like the one I had in the picture. Instead I felt shorter hair, and it felt kinda spiky. I ran my tongue along my teeth and found out that they changed, too. And I could swear I was taller! "Ooh, when I get my hands on that woman I'm gonna..." I stopped and turned around. There was another kid beside me.

"Hi, my name's, um, Aurora," I said. I don't think that was my name, but it was the first thing that came to mind.

2nd June 2003, 04:04 PM
*swoops in and cackles* n00bs! w00t!
Prepare to be


Name: Varda Morgil
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: She's known by everyone at school, yet she always seems to be alone. Alone, with only her thoughts. She's not anti-social, she just doesn't talk much. She's always calm and quiet, but never judgemental. Often people will come to her with problems because she always seems to have the answers. She's got herself together; always making the best grades and whatnot, but she couldn't care less. There's something in her past... something that no one knows. Something that makes her afriad of getting close to and being with people... She's the ever-sad one, no one has ever seen her smile. She doesn't exactly frown, but there's a deep longing and sadness there. You can see it in her eyes...

Looks: here (http://images.quizilla.com/L/Lorac/1035578025_topwarrior.jpg)
History: She was raised by her mother in poverty and never knew who her father was. She never asked and her mother never told her. She's suffered great losses in her life; the death of her best friend to cancer when they were around ten years old (what type is irrelevant), the loss of her mother when she was 16. At that point, she was old enough to live on her own with a hardship.
Relationships: As stated in personality, she knows just about everyone, but prefers to be alone.
Other: >:0 I KILL YUO!!!

Name: Morbid V
Gender: nope, still Female
Personality: She becomes brooding and cold. Before, she wasn't the most open person in the world, but at least she was a little nice. Now, she just plain hates everyone.
Looks: Her eyes become black and void of all emotion.
Relationships: You can try, but I don't recomend it...
Evoved form: Only one?! Awwww... Flareon. :(
Evolved form looks: Her hair becomes a dark, dark red and falls down her back like a Flareon's. Her eyes will flash red when she's angry, but otherwise they're still black.
Evolved form powers:
Fire spin- you know, traps, w00t. Burn 'em alive, w00t!
Simple fire attacks too...
Method of evolution: Fire stone...
Other: >:0 Still gonna kill yuo!

Another day of school. I walked out of the building, my backpack over my shoulder. It was Monday, time to go by the welfare office and pick up my weekly check. Fuuuun...
I ran through all that crap and headed home. I'd gone shopping the other day, so I didn't need to pick anything up. Then a poster caught my eye.
"Make your life perfect? What are they selling... oh well, if it's claiming that, there's some kind of money involved, and hell knows I need more of that. A one bedroom apartment in the government housing complex is hardly luxury, especially when you have to share a bathroom with half of the people on your floor..." I muttered to myself as I hurried home to dump my things and go check this out. I threw everything in my backpack but my CDs and CD player onto the bed and left.

The place was crouded. Lots of kids. It looked hardly legal too. I was about to leave when an attendant said that they would see me, whatever the hell that meant.
"Fine, but this better be quick, and none of those f*cking forms either." I growled as I went into the side room where people were going in. Going in, but not coming out. I should have heeded my instinct to just leave...
I threw my wieght into the chair and crossed my arms and legs. I wasn't going to be taken lightly. I sighed.
"Welcome Miss... Morgil..." said a rather creepy character. I suddenly found myself bound to the chair.
"Hey hey, what's this? You know, you could have asked me, we could have gone to my place..."
The man raised an eyebrow and pulled out a siringe.
"Ah, sh*t, health dept, eh? You know, you people got some wierd ideas, tying a girl down like this..."
He still didn't say anything, but plunged the needle into my arm.
"Woah, f*ck dude, that hurts. Do it again," I winked at him. He went to a radio.
"We need some help here with Subject 1842C." He said.
Another door opened and two men that looked like NFL dropouts came in and untied me.The picked me up and I tried to move, but... I couldn't.
"I thought that you were going to drug the kids too," grunted one of the thug-ish guys.
"This one seems semi-resistant. She won't be a problem. Take her back."
I didn't like this at all. They carried be back to where there were cages... and other kids. There was something very, very wrong here...
They put me in a cage. "What the hell are you doing?!" I screamed at them.
"Shut up," one said, and he hit me over the head with something. I blacked out...

2nd June 2003, 05:56 PM
~Name: Katie
~Age: 17
~Gender: F
~Personality: A bit impatient, she can sometimes make people very angry. She's very friendly, and likes to talk to people about their pasts because she finds them to be facinating stories. She also likes to share her past. She might seem like the popular type of girl, but she's really far from it.
~Looks: She has short blond hair and bright blue eyes. She wears a spaghetti strap pink shirt and khakis (did I spell that right? ^-^;; ). She also wears a small silver chain necklace.
~History: Katie comes from a very well-off family. When she was young, her family moved a lot, but when she turned about 15, they found a city (and a mansion) that they liked and decided to stay. Because of the constant moving, Katie completely despises her parents and hardly ever talks to them. Which doesn't bother them much, because they're too snobby to care about their own daughter. Katie could never make any friends because of the fact that her family was rich. It just made all of the kids jealous and hateful toward her. She was very happy to turn 18, because that meant that she could finally move out and get a place (and a life) of her own. When she moved out, she made sure to take her belongings, and her trust fund, and move as far away from her parents as possible.
~Relationships: None.
~Other: Um... nottin' I can think of...


~Name: Egan
~Gender: Ahh!! She's a HE now!! ^^
~Personality: Strangely enough, he's pretty much still the same... except for one thing... he now has a very high temper! One little thing goes wrong and... oohhh... I'd watch out if I were you...
~Looks: He has light brown hair mixed with his blond, and his eyes have become darkened a bit. And he still has the pink shirt (which really bothers him)... although it's got sleeves now. And his Khakis have now turned to cargo pants of the same color.
~Relationships: None.
~Evolved form: Flareon!
~Evolved form looks: The blond hair has now got red-orange streaks in it instead of brown, and is really fluffy. And his blue eyes have now gotten darker so that they look almost black. He also has a reddish tinge to his skin and his teeth are a bit pointier.
~Evolved form powers: He can breathe fire (which really surprises him), and isn't quite graceful about it either. He can also warm up a small area with his body heat.
~Method of evolution: Fire Stone
~Other: ::Shrugs Shoulders::


"Oh man!" I said as I looked at the clock on my dresser, "I'm late for my job interview!!" I had been planning this for days now, and still things were going wrong! It was going to be my first job interview, and I was determined to show that even blond girls from rich families could be hard workers. I ran out the door, and hoped more than anything that my interviewer was still waiting for me. However, when I stumbled in the door to the office of my potential employer, a man approached me saying, "I'm sorry, but we do not hire workers who aren't punctual." Then he pointed to the door, and went back to what he was doing. "Oh..." I breathed sadly.

As I walked dejectedly down the street, I spied a poster advertisment. It claimed to be able to offer me a better life. "Huh, it's probably a hoax... but... I guess it couldn't hurt!" I said, feeling that almost anything would be better than wandering around aimlessly.

I entered the building that had been on the poster, and slowly walked in. This place gives me the creeps... I thought to myself. I sat down in what appeared to be a waiting room, and plopped down next to a girl in a purple shirt who looked as freaked out as I felt. A woman came up to the both of us and said, "Katie, you're turn.." I gulped and got up, leaving the remaining people to themselves.

She told me to sit down in a large chair that looked as if it could be used to restrain a person. "What are you going to do for me?" I asked, but the woman just pressed a button on the side of the chair. Then I knew that my suspicions were correct, because I was being restrained! A man with a large needle came walking up to me, and I recoiled, yelling out, "Help!! These people are nuts, and they've got a HUGE needle that's---" But before I could finish, I blacked out... someone had hit me over the head...


I woke up with my head hurting in a cage with another person. A cage? I asked myself, What am I... a pokemon? And even they don't have it that bad. I felt... funny... I couldn't really remember anything... It was really starting to frustrate me... why couldn't I remember? Although one thing was for sure, I did recognize the girl in the cage with me. I remembered sitting next to her in a room... She was awake too, and was saying something about getting a woman. "Hi, my name's, um, Aurora," she said. "Hi," I answered, "I'm, uh, Katie! Wait... that's a girl's name... uh, then my name's uh, Egan?" I said, frowning. Then I looked down at my shirt. "Why am I wearing a pink shirt?!" I said, frowning even more, "And why did I think that I had a girl's name?" This was just way too weird...

Krystalline Kabutops
2nd June 2003, 06:12 PM
Ooc: Bwee! Posties!

I looked down. Nope, I was definatly not a guy anymore. "Who are you, really?" Said Laura, staring at me suspiciously. "I'm Zoran! Or at least I was.... C'mon Laura, test me on something! something only I would know!" "Mmmm..... Ok, what's my favorite color?" "Blue." I answered quickly. She stared at me in surprise. "Lucky guess." "No Laura, it's me, Zoran !" She stared at me, thinking. Suddenly, she gasped. "I recognize that shirt! But.... If you're really Zoran, what happened to you?" "I... don't know." I replied sadly. "After walking into that room, I don't remember anything." I slumped down dejectedly. She seemed to be thinking, surveying her surrondings. Suddenly, she turned to me and asked "Who are all these other kids, Zyra? I've never seen them before." "What did you call me?" I growled. She shrugged. "Obviously, you're not Zoran anymore, so you need a new name. Zyra seems to fit perfectly." "My name is Zoran! Zyra is a girl's name!" She stared at me as if I had just said the stupidest thing in the world. "You are a girl now, Zyra. Get used to it. You're going to be one for a long time." Giving up, I slumped in a corner, and heard Laura gasp. She was staring at her hair. "About time she noticed." I grumbled dejectedly. Nothing to lose, eh? That would have to go in my archive of "The stupidest things I've ever thought". As Laura gaped at her hair, I tried to get comfortable. This new body was going to be tough getting used to.

2nd June 2003, 07:15 PM
With a groan, I awoke. My vision was all blurred. when it cleared, I saw I was in a cage with some other dude, one with red hair. I saw he was awake and asked, "who are you?" "I'm.... Kona, who are you?" he asked. "I'm Kalad." I replied. I then yawned, and he had a startled look on his face. "what?" I asked. "Y-you have fangs in your mouth." Kona stated. I took a finger and felt in my mouth, and indeed, my canine teeth had lenthened considerably, now about three-quarters of an inch in length. "What do you know, you're right, but I don't remember having teeth THIS long..." I replied. I felt a little cold and began rubbing my hands together. "Ouch!" I yelped. I looked down, my palm was bleeding, then I looked at the backs of my hands, I saw three small, inch-length claws, right between my knuckles. "Okay, NOW I am starting to get freaked out." I said.

Krystalline Kabutops
2nd June 2003, 07:26 PM
Time to give the enemy's perspective!

Some Team Eon scientist-lab:

The scientist cursed under his breath. all those trys, an still no Eevee. The first had seemed to become an Eevee, but he had reverted back to human form. Interestingly, he had switched genders. The other ten were similar stories. Temporary Eevee, then new person. Many had changed only a little, but some had changed genders, like the first. None had gone from male to female, however. Maybe this kid just had rotten luck. Suddenly, the speaker behind him crackled, and he turned around. "Did it work?" Came his bosses voice. "No sir, they're still human, but we're perfecting the formula as we speak." "Good," He said, with a hint of menace in his voice. "Because if those kids aren't Eevees by tomorrow morning, you'll be with them." The scientist gulped. "Yes, sir."
Naturally, we'll be escaping soon. ;)

Fai D. Flowright
2nd June 2003, 08:24 PM
Here's my stuff:

Name: Elk

Age: 16

Gender: M

Personality: Quiet type, but seems to show an aura of kindness and strength. Somewhat reserved but, would like to get to know more people. Seems to be blue and would rather try to escape his problems than face them. Somewhat intelligent.

Looks: Like this: Click! http://www.the-magicbox.com/Jan/hack15.jpg

History: Decided to run away from home when he was criticized and tormented by his peers and parents because of an embarrising relationship with an "Unpopular Dork." He came here hoping to find freedom from the uptight nature of the people in hiis neighborhood.

Relationships: Kina/Kona (PM if you want to be MY friend.)

Other: Drat this! None can conquer the Other!

Name: Tsukasa

Gender: Same

Personality: Very similar. Seems to be less reserved, but would rather not face anyone in competition. The aura surrounding him seems to be highly intense, much more fierce than it was before. Is more light-hearted but still shows a solemn attitude. Plans to become friends with more people and move away from being so solitudial.

Looks: Like this: Click! http://www.lvcm.com/genzou/tsukasa.jpg

Relationships: Kina/Kona, but hopes to become semi-decent friends with as many people as possible. (PM if you want to be MY friend.)

Evolved form: Espeon

Evolved form looks: Hair changes from blue to grey, clothing changes, that's basically it.

Evolved form powers: The intense aura surrounding him forces people he dislikes away from him. This is one reason why it can be difficult to get to know people.

Method of evolution: The was at an extremely joyous time just before night fall and became somewhat similar to an Espeon.

Other: Drat! Why can't the Other's just go away! >_<;

Sorry about the delay, had homework to do and exam studying to finish.

Here I go!

"I can't stand this criticism any more! I'm leaving this forsaken home and life for something better! AHHHH!" I shout as I stomp into the house. They had pressed my last button and I snapped. I knew I couldn't go back, only if I wanted more hatred and jokes. So, I decided to pack the necessities and leave...for good. As I pack my things, I thought places where I could go. "Maybe I could go to Kina house for a while until things settle down." I sounded like a good plan to me, so I closed my suitcase and quietly snuck out of the house.

When I arrived at Kina's house, I knocked on the door. Her parents had told me that she had been grounded, but they said that I could talk to her for a few minutes. Several minutes later, they return to say the they could not find her, but they found a line of sheets hanging out the window. "Thanks." I said grimly, as I walked back out to the road. Angered by he absents, I threw my things in the trash and ran as far as I could, mourning on the loses I had just experienced. As I slowed down from my mad dashing, I saw a sign that read, "...And all your worries and hardships will be destroyed!" My eyes widened as I looked for an address. Once I found it, my feet and mind were carring me to my new destination.

Once at the small, shabby building, I stepped inside to see many scraggly looking kids, many looked as though they were street urchins. As I walked to the counter, a man in a white lab coat shouted to me saying, "You would be perfect for our experiment. Just as long as you have no ties to parents or friends." I replied with a no. "Please, come with me." the man said in a mysterious voice.

I walked into the bakc room with him, and he had me sit in a small metal chair. He turned on the bright light, which just about burned out my 'retnas. After seeing the bright light, all Ic ould see was black. I had passes out! V_V;

As a woke from my state of comatose, I could feel a stabbing pain in my right arm. My mind seems to think about things that had never crossed my mind before. I focused my eyes to see some creature with black hair and rings. As my eyes came back to full focus, I could see the person next to me. It was Kina, but I asked myself, "Why is she here?"

She stood up, walked over to me, and said, "Elk! Is that you!?! Is that really YOU!?!"
I replied, "I think so, but...where did you get that name from? My name is Tsukasa. Well..at least that's what they called me while I was unconcious."
"Well, I don't know where you got Kina from, but the smae thing happened to me. The only name I could remember was them calling me Kona. And by the way, I"M NOT A GIRL!" Kona resonded.
"This is too bizzare. I just don't understand." This was my final question before silence came over both of us.

Krystalline Kabutops
2nd June 2003, 08:54 PM
Ooc: Who's with Kona? Kalad, Whiteangel, make up your minds...

Laura was still staring at her hair. Big whoop, her hair changed color. Was she a new gender? Noooooooooooope. Turning around, I looked int the cage at our left. There was a purple clad girl and some guy wearing a pink shirt. I snickered, and they turned around. "Who're you?" The guy in pink asked, mildly offended. "Er..... Zoran!" "No, you're Zyra." Came Laura's voice from the back of the cage. I groaned. I hated that name, and she wouldn't let it go. The guy looked at me strangly. "Why are you named Zoran? That's a boy's name, and you're a girl." I tried to grab his collar, but their cage was too far away. "Don't remind me." I hissed at him. The girl next to him butted in. "You mean you weren't always a girl?" She asked curiously. "I don't think so....." I replied, confused. I seemed to be losing my memory bit by bit. "I think I was a guy, once...." They looked at me strangly. "Well, I'm Egan, and she's Aurora. Nice to meet you, Zyra." Said the guy in pink. I slumped down, and tore at my long, brown hair in frustration. Who was I? Zyra, or Zoran? The differences were begining to blur.

Fai D. Flowright
2nd June 2003, 09:08 PM
I'm with Kona, We talked about it through PMs. Hope this is alright, Kalad?

Tsukasa/Kona Cage
As I turned away from Kina...ummm, Kona, I see that there were others here also, I talked out to the nearby cage, "What's going on here? Why do I feel so strange? Anyway, What's your name?"
"I'm Laura and that's Zyra." the girl responded. I could here someone call out from behind here, "My name is Zoran, not Zyra!" the person said with anger.
"What's up with him...or her...or whatever?"
"Don't mind him. Well...her now! He just had a sex change from this bizzare experiment that they have done to us." Laura responded in a joking type manner.
"Seriously, I don't think this is a laughing matter. Why would a group of people want to do this to a bunch of kids?" I questioned as I slumped into a corner to take in what I had just been told. "By the way, Laura, as far as you know, how many of us are there?"

EDIT: Fixed a gender mix up! ^_^;

Krystalline Kabutops
2nd June 2003, 09:11 PM
Ooc: Zyra used to be a guy, now she's a girl. Just a little reminder! ^_^;

EDIT: Oh yeah! Forgot to post!

Aaargh!! Laura would drive me crazy! "For the last time, I'm ZORAN!" I yelled at her. "Or am I....?" "See?" Laura said to the new person. "She'll adjust. Hmph, you'd think she'd be happier this way." She talked about it like it was a joke. I sweatdropped. "AND what, may I ask, is so good about being a girl?" I asked Laura testily. "Well, we girls have better fashion senses then boys." She replied smoothly. Laura actually seemed to be pleased that I was a girl now. I hoped she wouldn't want to take me shopping. >_< I twitched, and walked over to the newcomer's cage. He was looking at me oddly. "You're soooooooo lucky." I grumbled in his direction. "You're still male." "Don't listen to her." Laura said to the guy, ignoring me. "I think some of those chemicals got to her brain." The guy, however, seemed to take a little pity on me. He cast a sympathetic look at me before returning to his conversation with Laura. I just wanted to blow up the world right now.

2nd June 2003, 10:12 PM
Personality:She's very shy, alone.She's anti-social, but if she had a friend, she would vow to protect their lifes. She's a tomboy.
Looks:Tall, about 6 foot 5, with Midnight Blue Hair . She wears a white T-Shirt, blue Baggy pants with white Pockets.
History:Her mom's a rich, snobby brat that is a model. Her mom tried to mold Hoshi by making her go to a Private School. She
doesn't wear a uniform.

Name:Koji(By the way I pronounce it, they both have the same Syllables, and somewhat sound the name.)
Personality:She's actually happy she's a Boy, he's still a loner, and anti-social. He is very caculating and doesn't want to do anything before a plan is made.
Looks:About 5 foot 4, Basicly Kouji from Digimon Frontier, Except for his hair.Kouji wears Black Capris, White and Blue Shoes, Yellow T-shirt and Blue Jacket with a yellow Stripe. His Hair is still long, in a ponytail and a Bandana.
Evoved form:Jolteon
Evolved form looks:His hair has pure yellow Streak's, along with his blue Hair.
Evolved form powers:To control little static fields, and Run a tad faster.
Method of evolution:ThunderStone
Other: Die!!


'This is going to be classic..'I thought, as I read the flier...Yeah..Like they can make my Life Perfect. They would have to give me a new Mom. No..

A New Sanity...

I decided, I was going to go anyway. If my life was perfect...Oh..what Tourture and 0wning I could do..


The Few Hours, 3 or 5 hours later, I walked into where the Stupid flier had announced, and sat down..

'Great..More People'I thought, as I rolled my eyes..I wanted to get out..but something inside me craved it.

One by one, each went into a room. I felt, nor heard a little yince from each one...Untill.

"Hoshi..Hoshi..Your next"A Lab-Coat suited guy came in,and I followed him into a chair..


"I'm not a dog."I muttered..

"Sit in the chair, Miss."He said it more properly, rolling his eyes.

"That's better.."I said, and winked to him..But as I sat down, metal ring things wrapped around my wrists and ankles..

"YOU BETTER NOT TOUCH ME!!"I yelled..He pulled a strange needle..

"Your problems, nor our problem's shall end by the end of this.."He whispered in my ear..Somewhat like some freaky guy in a horror movie would do..He injected it into me, and it went through my veins like something quick..

Because..I passed out..


"Gah.."I as my eyes set upon a room once more..I looked around..

'Like they can contain me..Ha.'I thought..but I looked down..And in Amazment..

I was a Boy..I looked across the cage..and Another Human was with me..A Girl..

She opened her eyes, and I felt coldness creep upon me..

"Damn"I whispered..

"I'm.."I said..but somethign came oue.."Koji.."

Koji..Is Like Hoshi..


3rd June 2003, 01:44 AM

I giggled at the freaked out boy-turned-girl. "Don't worry, you'll cope. The only thing you'll have to worry about is a little thing called your period."

"Period?" Kyra asked.

"Yeah! It's a little thing that happens once a month. You'll get strange red stains on your underwear, but don't worry, it's not blood. Well, not all of it. You'll get cramps and bloating and...hey, are you all right?" I looked at her near green face and scooted as far away from her as possible. The last thing that I wanted was to have someone new to the girl's life barf on me.

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd June 2003, 10:29 AM
It's Zyra, with a Z.

Once I had overcome my nausea, Aurura walked back over. "There's some other stuff you should know too..." She said, then started "informing" me on..... other things... After about 10 minutes, I was shaking. Too much information. WAY too much information. "It's ok, I'll let you get used to it." She said as she looked at me, highly amused. "No, I won't." I replied, shuddering. "Maybe your friend there can help you get some stuff when we escape." She said, pointing at Laura. Laura turned around upon hearing us. "Yeah Zyra, we'll go to the department store and get you some new clothes!" "STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" I yelled as she started talking about this great place she knew. "Leave me alone...." I said, curling up into a ball in a corner. "I need to think...." They cast worried looks at me before starting to talk about what I would look better in, lavender or dark blue. >.<

3rd June 2003, 11:33 AM

I laughed as Zyra scrunched herself up in a corner. "Maybe she'd look best in a light pink!" I suggested to the other girls. Zyra glared over at me. "No, I think light pink looks best on you!" she said smugly.
"Shut up!" I yelled, wishing that she was still a boy so that I could beat her up. "The reason I'm in pink is... well... I think I used to be a, uh, girl..." I said, trying not to look embarrassed. "And I'm probably not the only one... but why'd I have to be wearing a pink shirt?" I added, frowning at my current situation.

I wonder if there's anything I need to know as a boy... I thought to myself, but I'm not going to ask.

3rd June 2003, 02:52 PM
Man there is a lot of mistakes going around here lol:)

Oh ya, the rings that are on Kona's body are like the yellow rings of an Umbreon


"That goes double for me" I sat with my arms crossing my legs "Tsukasa, what do you think is going to happen to us?....Tsukasa.....Tsukasa...?". Not hearing her reply, I turned my head around, seeing her speak to another teen. I listened with intrest when they said that someone had a sex change. I turned my whole body around "Hey, I think that is what happened to me too. I thought I was always a guy, but, I had this dream about me being a gal"

Fai D. Flowright
3rd June 2003, 03:37 PM
Hey, S_S_W, I'm still a boy! Not a girl. I guess we just added another mistake to the list! ^_^;

Tsukasa/Kona Cage
I turned back to Laura once again to tell her my name. "I'm sorry, how impolite of me," I told her, "I haven't introduced myself yet! my name is Tsukasa, and my friend over there's name is Ki...Kona."
"Well...It's nice to meet you, but I think it may have been nicer to meet in a better place and time." Laura responded with a smile.
"I wonder...? Do yo think we'll ever get out of here I want to take a shower!" I say back with a sigh, "Back on topic, from what you can tell, how many others are here? I'd really like to know...?"

3rd June 2003, 03:44 PM
Kona was talkin' about Zoran/Zyra


I looked at Tsukasa "In my opinoin, I'm not sure" I grabbed the bars, and started to pull "I can't break these bars, they are too strong". I sighed "And besides, do you have any idea of what the other ppls would say. WE WILL BE CONSIDERED FREAKS. We will be sent to a freak show and be displayed" I stopped exagurating(sp?) and got back to realistic thoughts "Or, those ppl that brought us here will haul our a$$e$ back here". My eye ring started to glow bright yellow

3rd June 2003, 04:05 PM

"You look just fine in that shirt, Egan. But I look like someone from Dragonball Z with this hair!" I looked over at Zyra and Laura's cage and stared.

"Whoa, where's that light coming from?" I said. I squinted and found the source of the light. It was coming from another kid! "Hey, turn off that light! Or at least look somewhere else!"

Fai D. Flowright
3rd June 2003, 04:20 PM
Tsukasa/Kona Cage
I turned around with no answer from Laura in my head. I watched the circle on Kona's eye shine bright with a yellow glow. Suddenly, I heard a voice from the background, "Hey, turn off that light! Or at least look somewhere else!" I could tell that Kona knew who they were talking about. She calmed down a little and the glowing became dimmer. "I guess I know when you're mad now." I remarked with a solemn grin, "But, I wonder who said that?"

I turned back to Laura once again to see if she knew who was shouting from the black shadows of the room.

3rd June 2003, 04:23 PM
I became frustrated, and covered my eyes "I am SO sorry. Things are being VERY weird. This is one of the weirdest yet. I have these circles around my eyes that seem to glow every now-and-then. They get so annoying that I feel that I want to put dirt on them...."I looked around "Well, if there was actual dirt around at least" I turned around "Anyways, I'm Kona"

3rd June 2003, 04:37 PM

I turned my head to the source of the now gone light. "Aww, it's okay," I said brightly. "I just hope nothing that weird happens to me." I went through my pockets and pulled out a set of keyrings, among them a keychain flashlight. "Score!" I called out. I turned it on and shined it on the cage across from Zyra's. There were a couple of more kids. One of them had strange rings around her eyes. She must've caused the light.

"Hi, the name's Aurora," I said while shining it on me. I then shined it on Egan. "And this is Egan. Nice to meet you!" I shined the flashlight around the room. "Now who else is here? Hello!" I spotted some more kids. "It looks like about ten of us in here. If you can hear me, introduce yourselves!" I called out to them.

3rd June 2003, 04:42 PM
Ack. *was confused* I changed a couple things on my form -- namely, the modified looks.


~Name: Erin
~Age: 15 (actually, 14, but her b-day's in a week, so that's what she says)
~Gender: F
~Personality: A loner, and doesn't trust people. She's pretty paranoid, and always thinks people are saying bad things about her. She's a readahollic, and loves to read fantasies in an attempt to drown out real life.
~Looks: She's a bit tall for her age (5'6"), and a little overweight (not really fat, just a little on the heavy side). She is kinda pretty, with short, straight light-brown hair and grey-green eyes, and is zit-less, astonishing for a girl her age. She wears a lightish-purple halter top with white trim, white flares, and black boots with zippers up the sides.
~History: She left home a few weeks ago; she couldn't stand her familly. Her sister was a snotty little brat who always had to have things exactly her way, her dad had a very quick temper and constantly yelled at her, and her mom treated her like a little baby. She brought with her only a small suitcase containing clothes, her GBA, and several books.
~Relationships: None.
~Other: Uh-uh.


~Name: Aaron
~Gender: M
~Personality: She's actually kind of glad to be a guy. She hasn't really changed much otherwise.
~Looks: Still sort of tall, only thinner, with dark-brown (Eevee-colored) hair and gold-brown (Eevee-colored again) eyes. He wears a black T-shirt with a teal-blue dragon on it, black jeans, and black Nikes. Canines have also lengthened somewhat.
~Relationships: ... No...
~Evolved form: Drakeon (Dragon-type. Looks sort of like Vaporeon, only teal in color, and without the fins (has horns on head instead). The tail is forked, and silver spikes run down the back. Has fangs, and paws are clawed (can be retracted))
~Evolved form looks: Has teal hair with a few streaks of silver. His eyes are bright, deep blue, and the dragon on his shirt disappears. Dons a white headband to *almost* hide the silver horn that protrudes from his forehead.
~Evolved form powers: Dragon-type attacks (Twister, Dragon Claw, Outrage, etc.), and a few Water-type attacks (Bubble Beam, Surf, and Dive)
~Method of evolution: Dragon Scale (works like stones)
~Other: Nup.


"Hmm..." I hummed as I read the flier. Better life? Hell, yeah, I'd go!

I arrived at the lab ("<Why is it at a lab?>" I thought.) at the designated time, and waited in the waiting room, reading a really good book: Transformation, by Carol Berg. I was just getting to the part were prince Aleksander transforms into a rock lion and kills a bartender when, finally, I heard my name called. Sighing (my foot had fallen asleep), I got up, followed the man into the room, and sat down. Without warning, metal straps came out of the chair's arms and wrapped around my wrists!

"Hey!" I cried, seeing the man pull out a very long needle. "The flier didn't say this was gonna hurt!!" The man didn't reply; he simply stabbed the needle into the flash on my arm, causing me to pass out...


I woke up... It was very dark. I was leaning back against something very hard that was poking into my spine. "Oww..." I groaned, shifting forward away from what appeared to be bars. But, wait... Was that my voice? My voice wasn't that deep... Confused, I looked myself over. My clothes were different, and -- What the?!?! I was a fricken guy! WTF?! I looked around, shaking slightly, and saw other kids around. They all seemed to be talking to each other. Groaning lightly under my breath, I hugged my knees, crossed my arms over them, and buried my face in my arms, on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

"If you can hear me, introduce yourselves!" I heard a girl cry. I glanced up slightly, just enough to see over my arms.

"... Aaron..." I muttered, just barely audible. Hey, why not? It sounded the same, just spelled differently. I then resumed burying my face in my arms in an attempt not to be seen.

OoC: So... Anyone wanna be cellmates? :) Or, I could just be by myself, if that's ok...

3rd June 2003, 04:50 PM

I turned around again, uncovering my eyes "I don't like these rings, especially around my eyes. Fist of all, it's hard to sleep because they seem to always come on again, and it really hurts my eyes" I felt around my eye area "They aren't stickers or paint. Then that means I...." I froze "DAMN IT, these are natural to me" I pounded the bars of my cage

3rd June 2003, 04:59 PM

"Did he say his name was Aaron?" I muttered. He was burying his face in his hands. He probably had undergone a sex change as well.

"Don't worry Aaron, all of us are in the same boat. You're not the only one who underwent a genetic makeover!" I called out to him. "Besides, I think you look cute! Come on, look up!"

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd June 2003, 05:09 PM

Listening to all the voices, I counted ten. "I think there's ten kids here." I told Tsukasa. Suddenly, I felt something sharp hit my leg. "Owch! Who threw the key? Key?" I looked down, and sure enough, there was a key by my foot. I noticed a shadow flitting past the door to the room. "A sympathetic guard... Who woulda thought?" I asked no one in particular as I unlocked our cage. As I walked around, unlocking the other cages, the kids got out and stretched. When everyone was out, They all started voicing their opinions. "SHUT UP!!" I yelled. "Now that we're out of our cages, we're still in danger. We need to get out of here." No one argued. Quietly, or at least as quietly as ten kids with new bodies could be, we tiptoed out into the corridor. Suddenly, a pair of guards rounded the corner and saw us. Grinning evilly, they sent out a Mightyena and a Crawdaunt. "Oh no...." Someone behind me groaned. Well, we'd just have to fight our way through.
Ooc: We finally escape! No using powers yet, and don't defeat them like that *snaps fingers* It has to be tough.

3rd June 2003, 05:12 PM
~`~`Aaron (before we break out)`~`~

"<She thinks I'm cute?>" I thought flaty, "<Oh, great...>" I looked up anyway, glaring at the one who had spoken. "I don't really feel like talking right now," I snapped before putting my head back down. My, wasn't this day just splendid? I sighed, once again on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

3rd June 2003, 05:13 PM

"If you can hear me, introduce yourselves!"I head a girl cry. I sat up more, but didn't sat anything..

"... Aaron..."The Person, a Guy, said..he was in my cage..I barely heard him, not that I care, for the girl..

"Don't worry Aaron, all of us are in the same boat. You're not the only one who underwent a genetic makeover!Besides, I think you look cute! Come on, look up!"The girl replied...Aaron looked up for a second, and dropped his face once more..

"Hey!You kid..Whats your name?"The girl said, talking to me..

"Koji"I muttered..


"You gotta have a name!Come on!"

"Koji, but once I get out of here, I'm away from you losers."I told her, and she sat back..

"It's not that bad...is it?"She asked..
"It's not that,"I said, banging on the bars.."I don't hanging out with Losers.."

"Hey.."She continued...


Fai D. Flowright
3rd June 2003, 05:19 PM
I could feel my body tense up before we exited into the corridor. As the last one out, I saw everyone set up in a battle like formation. What am I supposed to do? I've never been in a fight before. Trying to seem somewaht confident to the others I asked, "What can I do to help?"
Someone responded...

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd June 2003, 05:31 PM
Ooc: I got a pic of all our chars in Eeveelution form! (Trust me, we'll be using them later...)http://www.pokemasters.net/oekaki/pictures/79.png FYI: I didn't make the pic.

"Help me with the Mightyena!" I replied to Tsukasa, as we charged. As I ran towards it, the stupid thing ducked beneath my legs and came up behind me, tackling me. It started scratching up my back, until Tsukasa kicked it. rolling a short distance, it was soon up on it's legs, and running at us again. We winked, and a moment before it got to us, Tsu(Mind if I call him that? Tsukasa is too much to type out..) and I both kicked it. It went crashing into the wall, and it's trainer recalled it. "You're in for it now, kid!" He yelled as he rushed me. The other did the same to Tsu, and we were soon wrestling with them on the floor. The rest of the group was trying to attack the Crawdaunt, but not with much luck.

3rd June 2003, 05:39 PM

As they unlocked the cage, I gotup, and Streched...Everyone else voiced their opinions...

I kept quiet. Once I was out, I was free. I would get away form these loser's ASAP.

We all tiptoed to the next room, and Two Guards smilied a evil smile..

I rolled my eyes as they Sent out a Mightyena and Crawdaunt. Tsu and Zyra went to attack the Mightyena, the rest to the Crawdaunt.

"Damn.."I said. I kept on kicking it. Not with anger..In a sence. I was only angry that I was locked up like a caged animal..

"Craw!"It said, and used it's pincer to grap a ankle..and Twisting it..

'Damn it'

Nice Piccy..^^(Note that I'm the only Jolteon..^^)

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd June 2003, 06:03 PM
Ooc:I guess they were kinda pushovers. ^_^

"Get the **** OF OF ME!!!" I yelled at the guard. He just kept trying to get me to the ground. "Fine, I guess I've got no choice." I said as I gave him a kick in the crotch. He slumped over, out cold. Noticing Tsu's predicament, I jumped on the guy, and within a number of minutes he was out like a light too. We quickly ran over to the group, where the Crawdaunt had gotten a hold of Koji's ankle. I ran over and started pummeling it with my fists, but it just grabbed me by the arm and started twisting. It was worse then any Indian Burn I'd ever had before. "Kalad!" I yelled, as the Crawdaunt continued to twist my arm. "It's eyes!" With a flash of understanding, he ran up and poked the Pokemon's eyes with his claws. The creature shrieked in pain, and realesed us. Taking our chance, we all ran around it, me supporting Koji. At the end of the corridor, we saw a door, with the moon clearly visible. "Let's go!" Laura cried, running out the door. Right before I left, I pulled a match out of my pocket and lit a nearby rug. "WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING?!" Koji yelled in my ear. "Making sure we're not followed." I replied as I helped him hobble out the door, and into the night.
Ooc: We're in a town a little north of Lilycove, so just make your way to this town's pokemoncenter. Tomorrow we'll go to Lilycove.

3rd June 2003, 06:14 PM
You see, this is what happens when you log off for a bit:o


I rushed out of my cage, but froze once I was in the corridor. I brought my fists up as I was prepared to fight "Bring it on". Suddenly, I noticed that the other ppls were leaving "Damn it, damn it all" I quickly followed Zyra and Koji

LOL, are we actually going to turn into them (eg. Kona into an actual Umbreon)

AND I suspect I'm the one in the back:D

3rd June 2003, 06:15 PM
Kalad (I take it that I'm the grey one?)
man, that was... extreme. the adrenaline, the focus, the awareness of the world around me, I felt more alive during that fight. well, we had to escape. I saw Zoran/Zyra light a carpet on fire, but didn't say anything. I just kept running foward. Deep within me, I felt a tinge of anger.... not enough to alter my additude, but it didn't go away...

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd June 2003, 06:15 PM
Ooc: We don't transform yet, that's in a few days (RPG Time).

Fai D. Flowright
3rd June 2003, 06:18 PM
Before Zyra's help.
I struggled to free myself from the guard's grip. I continue to work my way free while Zyra fought off the other with ease. I shouted at the guy on tops of me, "Get off you fat a$$hole! Go eat another donut!"
He responded, "You got a problem, take it up with this!" He stood up, leaving my short of breath. Suddenly, in a sumo type sytle, he ran and jumped over top of me. Quickly, I pull out from underneath his targeted stop and hopped up to my feet. A huge slam rumbled the ground causing almost everything to shake violently. As I began to loose balance, I leaped into the air and came down to smash my foot into his back. He groaned in pain as I jabbed my heel into the pressure spot in the middle of his back. He seemed to be in too much pain to do anything so I figured that the battle was won.

I ran with the group out the back door to our freedom. We agreed on our meeting place and we all split up. Me and Kona stayed together to make sure that we would each still have somebody to talk to while our night wandering...
Question: Which Espeon am I? There's too many for me to tell. >_<;

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd June 2003, 06:19 PM
Ooc: The one looking up.

3rd June 2003, 06:27 PM
Origanal Form-
History-Born in Honen,and when he was 10,went off for his Pkmn journey,and when he quit at age 15,he just roamed around.He then was 16,and saw this poster for "Eveevulutions" and thought,"Why not try?". That's where the story begins.

Changed Form-
Name-Jack X
Looks- Looks like Neo. 8) Except the eyes.
Method-Uses lots of weapons,likes to scare you guys in dark areas.
Conidtions-When put into a pool of Phazon.
Other-See me,RUN....but I'll catch you before you can even start to run.

"Heck,why not try?" I said,looking at the door to the place where the experiments were held.I was placed in a chamber,sealed shut,and some guy smacked a shot into the back of my neck,and I didn't do a thing to show that hurt.Some other person talked to me.
"This is going to be long,so be patient,Jack.It'll feel really strange,but you'll get used to it."
"Okay,and how long will this take?" I asked.
"Days." The person answered.
So,I waited for a day or two,and nothing happened,some parts of my body changed.But outside,something would change my life forever.The injections were doing more changes.
"Okay,all the chambers are sealed and ready." One of the guys said.
"Now,what about the new one?" Another asked.
"Fine,just started-" One of them started to say,but tripped.
He fell on the "Phazon Radiation-Large" button and the injection started pouring Phazon into my neck.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!........" I screamed so loud,but the phazon muffled me.
"****.Now what do we do?" One of the staff cursed.
"He's goona be dead soon,unless we leave him alone,for now".The other guy said.
"Are you okay?" The person in the other chamber said.
"He's been choked by Phazon,and he'll be-WTF?"
I suddenly heard repeated Gunshots,and some guy came torward my chamber,and he said-
"I did that on purpose,so you could be one of us."
I heard the gunshots again,and this time,cries of bullet shots pulsed into bodies echoed the room.
Wires connected to my head,arms,and feet.
And they injected loads of Phazon.
Instead of the injection doing what it was supposed to do,I turned pure human again.Well,not pure,but the others kept changing.
I felt something REALLY strange,my hands being infused with large amounts of Phazon.My feet,brain,head,everywhere,was being radiated by HUGE amounts of Phazon.My eyes turned a deep,dark blue.
"Uh-Oh." One of the crew members said. "Large Phazon readings in the chamber where Jack is.We have not much time before Jack is killed.Better to open the other chambers and let them out before his chamber explodes."
The guy escaped...would I see him again?
The other chambers opened,and the others tried to run,but as they started to run,my body couldn't help the pressure inside the chamber any more.
A gunshot smashed the glass,and I jumped out,glad to be free.
I had a suit as if I turned into Neo.Even the sunglasses.
I grabbed a pistol,and shot it at a guard.My finger seemed to move so fast,the gun fired like a machine gun. Team Eon grabbed their secruity guns.
They tried to shoot me,but an invisible force made me hold my hand up,and strangly,the bullets slowed down. I took one,put it into my pistol,and I shot it,the whole top of the gun shot itself at a wall. The wall detonated.
I flung my fist into the air,and it turned into a chunk of Phazon.I slammed it down,and the ground seemed to ripple like waves.The building couldn't hold up against this much force,and it started to fall down.I shot the rest of the guys,and I ran out.
But some of Team Eon survived.
I ran out the door,and onto where they had Phazon Tests.
There was a girl,in a chamber,with lots of Phazon in it.She had a junpsuit on,and had the same eyes as myself.I pushed the button to open the chamber,and she tumbled out.
"Thanks for opening that latch...?" She started to say.
"The name's Jack." I said.
"Thanks,Jack,my name is,or was,Alexandra.Now they call me Akima." She said.
So,I gave her a gun.She aimed it at a wall and said-
"I know a way to the Archives,Jack.Follow me."
She shot the gun as fast as myself when I shot those Team Eon guys.
We went into the archives,and found all succesful DNA tests,and every file was there,every single one.We kept the files,and decided to split and find them all,we figured they will be in a group,all together.It would be easy to catch them once we know where they are.
But I had an idea.
I would hack the files,and find out where the others where.
Akima would hunt them down,tracking there every move.I would try and stall them at places where they could run right on.
It was fool-proof.
Akima shot a window,and got out,I,ran out the front door.
I wasn't pure human,but I felt like someone stuffed Phazon on my organs. I decided the Phazon told me to hold my hand up to stop the bullets,and make the building fall.
"Whoa." I said to myself. "I wonder if the others have powers like this..."
I started walking,and my body turned into a blue-code-like-Phazon color.It went over my body,and I turned invisible.
I decided to go after the other Eeveelutions.
They wouldn't stand a chance against me,Jack-X. 8)

3rd June 2003, 06:27 PM
Me soooooo cute8)


I stayed with Tsukasa "Freedom, sweet sweet freedom" I breathed in the fresh air. My rings started to glow brighter "Ok, so maybe minus the rings, it would be freedom" I looked at Zyra "Where do we go now? I'm starving and thristy..." I yawned "I'm also a bit bushed. We need a shelter, we are also the 'Most Wanted' most probobly"

3rd June 2003, 06:40 PM

Fight? How was I supposed to do that? Especially against pokemon... and I didn't know any cool attacks or anything. I just stood watching the rest of them wrestle with the two pokemon. I should help them... I thought, but what good could I be?

Soon enough though, the two pokemon were beaten, and we were on our way out. Zyra lit a fire to block the path to us from the other guards. Koji looked stunned as Zyra helped him out, "WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING?!" he yelled. Zyra turned to him, "Making sure we're not followed." "Yeah, that's good, so let's get outta here already!" I yelled over the mumbling of everyone else.

We all began to run towards Lilycove in the darkness of the night. It was pretty cold out, and I was thankful that the girl me had decided to put on shorts that morning instead of shorts or a skirt... I noticed that nobody around me was talking, in fact, I didn't even know who was around me. I looked around and noticed Koji, Zyra, Laura, and Aurora walking near me.

"Boy," I said, breaking the silence, "That was quite an adventure!" "How would you know," said Zyra, "You didn't even fight." "What?!" I yelled, "Well... well.... I was going to, but you guys seemed like you were handling it pretty well..." Kona asked about a shelter, thankfully placing the attention on something else, and all of us agreed to find a place to sleep.

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd June 2003, 06:46 PM
The_Hunter: Sorry, too late to join.

As we all walked towards the center, I heard Aurora and Laura whispering about something. When we finally got there and walked through the door, Nurse Joy stared at us in disbelief. "How may I help you?" She asked politely. I showed her my arm and Koji's ankle. "Oh my! That looks terrible! Let me see that!" She hastily walked over and examained the wounds. When she looked up, she was smiling. "They'll heal overnight, I bet. In the meantime, you kids can sleep here." She pointed to a group of cushioned benches. "Thanks," Koji said. "By the way, do you have any food? We're starving." Nurse Joy shook her head sadly. "No, we're all out. Sorry." Sighing, our little group went over to the benches and began to talk in hushed voices. "I didn't finish our talk earlier...." Said Aurora, pulling me away from the group. "There's more?" I asked, tensing myself fo her "Help".

3rd June 2003, 06:55 PM

I walked into the center the second Joy said there was no food. I closed my eyes "Guys, can you excuse me for just a second". I walked out and talked to myself "WHY ME, WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYY. First these rings, then no food" I made myself calm again, and walked inside, hoping no one had heard me. I leaned up against the wall "So guys, how are we going back to our normol selves? I highly doubt I had this body a couple of days ago"

Fai D. Flowright
3rd June 2003, 06:56 PM
As you speak with Nurse Joy about the wounds, I turn to look around the small building. I see the benched off to the side and run over to one. As I reach it, I jump right into it and fall to sleep almost instantanioulsy. As Joy directs you to the benches, you see me half on and half dangling off the comfy bench. Kona tries to get my attension, but it's no use. I'm out like a light and don't plan to wake until sunrise! See ya!

(P.S. - I'll still actually be on here. My characters just asleep. He may wake up with the convincing of food. ^_^ But as far as this is going food doesn't seem like it's going to be the thing right now. V_V; He'll be up in a few posts, though!)

3rd June 2003, 06:56 PM
I'm going to be a bad guy who chases you guys,I'm sure you need a good villian once in a while.;)

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd June 2003, 06:58 PM
T_H: No, we don't need a villan. We're gonna be seeing plenty of them in the future. Sorry!

3rd June 2003, 07:03 PM
Talk about type-casting, I'm actually hungry:yes: LOL


I looked down at Tsukasa "Hey man, you awake there?" I waved my hand in front his eyes "Hello? Anybody home in there"((Kona is very persistant lol)) I took a step back "I guess not" I sat beside him, keeping watch. My ring dimmed until it was off completly. I grinned "Finally the juice is cut off"

Fai D. Flowright
3rd June 2003, 07:27 PM
When you guys feel that I should wake up, just let me know and I'll be here, on the double! *takes real nap* Huh!?! What!?! Oh, It's just you. *returns to sleep* Never mind I'm not tired. Grrrr.

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd June 2003, 07:54 PM

"Ok everybody, get to bed! Lights out is in two minutes!" Nurse Joy called to the group. Sighing, I got up and found a nice bench between Laura and Aurora. Nurse Joy handed out some blankets as everyone got settled, and I fell instantly asleep, having unpleasent dreams about all the info I had recieved from Aurora. She and Laura stayed up a little late, talking about something. None of my beeswax, I decided.

3rd June 2003, 08:04 PM
After the lights went out, I fell asleep, and began to dream...
A silvery eevee looking creature was running, sometimes through forests, sometimes through streets, the scenery kept shifting, but I felt... connected to it... then, suddenly, it was surrounded by flames and darkness...
I awoke, sweating in the middle of the night, "What was that?" I muttered to myself as I went back to sleep....

Fai D. Flowright
3rd June 2003, 09:02 PM
Tsu's Dream
As I fell asleep on the bench, I began to immidiately have dreams that would include some sort of creature, an Eevee, I think, running through fields and forests and several other scenes. Suddenly, the surroundings would change to a morning setting, where a bright flash of light would burn the inside of my eyes. Several colors of the rainbow would glimmer and shine to my liking. I felt relaxation when I saw these rainbows of color. The only problem was that there would be a sudden over taking of Darkness for several seconds after the light. This moment of evil would cause my blood to race and my body to sweat. After seeing a wasteland of trees and ground, the dream would start all over again, like a broken record...

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd June 2003, 09:04 PM
Ooc: We'll meet a new char soon, and we'll get our stuff back...

I twisted and turned in my sleep. I was dreaming of an Espeon. She was being chased by a group of people... They called for her to come back, but she just kept running, and running, and running. When she stopped, she was lost. I could feel her fear, like it was my own. Suddenly, a pit opened up beneath her and she fell into blackness, calling for the people she had run away from. I woke with a jolt, and realized it was just a dream. Just a dream...

3rd June 2003, 09:51 PM

As I laid down to get some sleep, I thought about my new situation. Next time, I thought, I will fight... I eventually fell asleep, and started to dream...

I was a bit different looking... like a humanish Flareon... and I wanted to help my friends get away from some evil people. I tried to scratch and bite at the enemy, but it wouldn't have any effect. I then felt a warm sensation growing in my throat, and then I started to breathe fire! But, I couldn't aim it, and I was starting to spray fire toward everyone else... Why won't it stop?! I was really out of control, and it was scaring me...

I woke up, breathing heavily, and sweating quite a bit... thankfully, it was only a bad dream, and not the real thing. I tried my best to forget about it, and go right back to sleep.

3rd June 2003, 10:01 PM


"Jolt!"I was floating above everything else. A Group of Eeveelutions was fighting some clouded figure..

The Jolteon Thunderbolted the thing..and I felt the pain too..


It was late at night, maybe midnight or so..My ankle wrapped up in a Ace Bandage..I got up, and limped to the door..

"Where do you think you are going?"Nurse Joy said,"Your injured.."

"Like.."I said,"I care.."

I wasn't ashamed of being a guy, Persay..I didn't have to buy..

You know..

"Not in my life you are going.."Nurse Joy said, and carried me to the couch..

3rd June 2003, 10:13 PM

I sat down next to the hearth, just lying on the ground, trying to fall asleep. When sleep finally did come, I sorely wished it hadn't...


I saw some sort of little animal... Was it a Pokemon? Yes, it was... An Eevee. It was running. The scenery kept changing rapidly. One second, it was a forest, the next it was a plain, the next the Eevee was actually running over the ocean. Suddenly, there was a flash, a bright silver one, and the Eevee was gone. Instead, there was some sort of dragon-looking thing. It turned its head, the scene around it still changing. It started walking towards me...


I woke up with a start. My back felt kind of sore; that's what I got for sleeping on the ground. Grumbling, I went to a vacant bench and sat down, trying to get back to sleep, but I couldn't.

4th June 2003, 02:27 AM
(During the Fight)
I rushed at the Crawdaunt with the others. I didn't know any attacks, but I could at least try. But my heroic attempt was cut short when the Crawdaunt tried to pinch my arm and instead got shirt. I was stuck trying to get my shirt loose with one hand and pounding on the Pokemon with the other. Some fighter I was.

(After the Fight)
"Man, what a fight," I groaned as I looked around the room. Zyra looked like he was going to have one heck of a night from the info I gave him. That's what he gets for being a girl, I thought to myself. I looked at Egan. Poor guy didn't look too well, either. I should talk to him in the morning, give him a little pep talk. I curled up on my bench and drifted to sleep.

I opened my eyes. I was surrounded by water, yet not at all scared. I looked up and saw a Vaporeon floating in front of me.

What's going on? I thought to myself. I looked up at the surface of the water. It was covered in ice! And above it ran the shadows of various Pokemon.

The Vaporeon stared at me and then looked below us. I followed its gaze and felt my heart race. There were hundreds of glowing red eyes staring at us! The Vaporeon shot up toward the surface, leaving me alone.

Don't leave me! I mentally called out to it. I clumsily paddled my way to the top. The Vaporeon had disappeared. I reached the surface too late. I pounded on the giant ice sheet as the eyes suddenly rushed towards me. As they did, I heard the voices of my new friends on the other side of the ice sheet.

I jerked straight up, my whole body trembling. It was just a dream, but it felt so real. Floating in the water, touching the cold ice with my hands. I sat there with my trembling cold body, unable to go back to sleep.

Krystalline Kabutops
4th June 2003, 09:47 AM
Wakey wakey, eggs and bacy! (Cheesy, I know. Hey wait, that makes me want a cheese omellete! Ok, bad jokes, don't rub it in. XP)

I got up sleepily. Ugh, was I hungry! Nurse Joy, seeing me, said "Good morning, young lady! Sorry, we still have no food." "Who? Oh yeah." I sighed. So it hadn't all been a bad dream. Getting up, I looked around. Everyone else was stirring. I yawned. Suddenly, Officer Jenney burst through the door. "Hello Nurse Joy." She said importantly. "I'm looking for a group of kids that torched the Eon company's research facility last night. Have you seen them?" She handed Nurse Joy a picture. Nurse Joy looked from our group to the picture, then back at our group. "Sorry, I haven't seen those kids. Good luck!" Officer Jenny thanked her for her cooperation, and walked out the door. "That was close." I murmered to Aurora. She just grunted. Not much of a morning person, I could see. When everyone as up, the guys started watching a football game on TV. Sighing, I got up and watched it too. After about ten minutes, Someone came through the door. He was tall, blonde, somewhere in his thirties, and wearing a scientist's lab coat. Upon seeing us, he lugged a box he had been carrying over to where we were. Everyone was watching him now. Adjusting his glasses, he said "Hello, kids. My name is Samuel. I know what happened to you." Immediatly, everyone tensed up. He must be working for Team Eon. He noticed our reaction and said "No, I'm not with Team Eon. I work for Team Gonite. I've been undercover in Team Eon for years. I'm here to help you." It was plain we still didn't believe him. Sighing, He emptied the box. "Will this convince you?" It was all of our stuff! I rummaged around and found my backpack in the pile. I slipped it on, feeling more secure. After a quick check, everyone agreed that their stuff was all there. "Now kids," He whispered to us, breaking us out of our reverie. "You need to get out of town, and I'll help you." He handed each of us a large plastic bag. "Put on the clothes in your bag. You can slip out of town as my students on a field trip." No one argued. We all wanted to get away from town, so we went to the bathrooms to change. Some people forgot that they were the opposite gender, and started going into the wrong room until someone corrected them. Deeply saddened, I walked into the girl's room and found a stall. Opeining the bag, I nearly cried. A skirt and t'shirt. I sighed again, and began trying to work out how it went on.
Ooc: Samuel's shifty, but not evil. Just get your stuff on and meet right outside the door of the Pokecenter.

4th June 2003, 10:57 AM
Oh, I forgot to say how cool the pic of all of us looked! So, I'll say it now: It looks cool! ^^


"Will this convince you?" the man, Samuel, said, emptying the contents of the box. I looked around for my bag, and then I saw it! "Hey, alright! My bag!" I said happily, pulling it out. It was one of those smaller backpacks, you know, the kind that a girl would wear. I frowned, "Oh well, at least it isn't pink..." Thankfully, it was black.

Samuel told us to get dressed so that we could be disguised as students of his. I looked in the bag he gave me. "Yes!" I said aloud, "No more pink shirt!" We all walked off to the bathrooms to change, but when I walked in the bathroom, I saw Aurora. "What are you doing in here?" she said. "Huh?" I asked, puzzled. "This is the girl's bathroom! You're a boy now..." Laura answered for me. "Oh!" I said, blushing from embarassment.

I sheepishly walked out of the bathroom and toward the other. Zyra stopped herself before she went into the boy's bathroom, and turned to go to the girl's. "You too huh?" I said, passing by her. "Yep..." she said, wearily walking to the door with the little pink girl picture on it.

As I found, there was only one stall in the boy's room, and the rest were urinals. "What the?" I said trying to find a spot. "Oh well, guess I should just get this over with..." I said, pulling my shirt off.

After I got out, a few of the others were aldready ready in front of the Pokemon Center. How do we really know if we can trust this guy? I thought, watching him laugh at a comment Nurse Joy was making. Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough...

Fai D. Flowright
4th June 2003, 11:22 AM
Still sleeping of the bench, I woke up when I heard all the commotion coming from the door way. "Will this convince you?" I heard a strange man say. Rolling over to see what he was talking about, I saw my bag being tossed about by the other kids' rummaging. I stood up, groggy from the strange dream and limpy walked over to the pile of bags and items. I grabbed my things and went thorugh it to make sure all of my things were there. The only thing missing was a container of PB that I slipped into my luggage as I ran out of my house. "Well... I guess that really isn't too important." I mumbled under my breath. Not paying attention, all I heard the man say was, "...out of town as my students on a field trip." I groaned at the though of going back to school again. I continued to search for articles in my bag, when, all of a sudden, a plastic bag with clothes in it smacked me in the head. I grabbed it and ran off to the bathroom to change. For some reason, I knew that the clothes were there for that purpose. I walked into the boys room and locked the stall. I changed my clothing in a hurry and ran back thorugh the Center, to the door. I met with the man standing out side and said, "What did you say your name was again?"
He replied, "Samuel. Why do you ask?"
I responded, "Do you go by any other name? I think I've seen you before...

4th June 2003, 11:42 AM
Holy crap... o_o;;;
Sorry I haven't posted, I seem to have fallen behind. I'm reading page three so far. I'll post once I've caught up... damn...
I'm not gone, just a little lost... or something...

4th June 2003, 12:03 PM
After waking up, I had met this guy that was talking to all of us, Samuel. I didn't totally trust him... but he seemed to be telling at least PART of the truth... well, I grabbed my bag and went to the men's room. Inside, I opened my bag, which was a golden brown color. "Let's see here, AH! my pocket knife! hmm, my flashlight, and AHA! my spare t-shirt!" I went into a stall and put the shirt on. I took the pocket knife and put it in my pocket. I then closed up my bag and went out. There I saw the others gathering, including an irritated looking Zyra.

Krystalline Kabutops
4th June 2003, 12:16 PM
Ooc: Kalad, you put on the stuff that was in the plastic bag, not your pack....

I was still trying to figure out how everything went when Aurora popped her head over the side of the stall. "Need some help?" She asked jovially. "No, thanks. Now get the hell outta here!" I replied, ready to box her. She hastily got down and exited the room. After an awkward five minutes, I walked out of the room with as much dignity as I could muster. Suddenly, Laura whispered in my ear, "Zyra... you forgot your bra..." "Oh f*ck, so I did..." I ran back in and put it on quickly. It didn't feel uncomfotable, it just felt... weird. Coming back out, I sat on a bench in front of the Pokecenter, trying to grasp why this had to happen to me. I decided to sock Aurora to make myself feel better, as soon as she showed herself.

4th June 2003, 12:33 PM
Ooc: I just got a good look at that pic. I look goooooood!

"I just got out of high school. Why am I going back to being a student?" I asked myself as I looked for my backpack. Thankfully, nothing was missing. My books and...nothing else.

"Oh well. At least I have my Stephen King back." I took my backpack and the clothes that Samuel gave me and walked into the girl's room, correcting a couple of the kids as I did so. My new clothes were a light blue shirt and a pair of flare jeans. I looked over the side of the stall and asked Zyra if she needed help. She clearly indicated that she didn't.

I slipped on the clothes and walked out of the Pokecenter to wait for the others. I was met by a painful punch in the arm. "Ow! What was that for?"

"For not leaving me alone!" Zyra yelled at me.

"Sorry! By the way, need to adjust your bra," I told her with a pat on the back.

4th June 2003, 01:07 PM
~*~Morbid V~*~
I had my CD player back. And I had clothes. I threw on a new outfit, all black; extremely baggy black pants and a black Metallica t-shirt. The other girls looked at me nervously as I came out of the stall I had changed in, not sure if I was a boy or not.
"F*ck off, b*tches," I snarled at them. My voice proved that I was a girl, and that was enough for them. They could deal with anything else.
I slid my CD player into my pocket and turned it up, playing Slipknot full blast. I'd always liked them, but now they seemed... really me. I'd never really been an angry child. But I was now, and I was loving it. They could go screew themselves if they had a problem with it.
Outside, the Samuel person looked me over. He didn't approve, but I was not the kind that would be messed with, so he didn't say anything. He turned away, and I flicked him off.
The others were emerging from the Pokemon Center. Among them was the slightly cute Koji. He had been a girl, but that didn't bother me. He was still cute.
"Is everyone here?" asked Samuel. I spat on the ground and looked, no, glared at everyone.

Heh... Sorry it's short, best I can do right now... :-/

Krystalline Kabutops
4th June 2003, 01:16 PM

"I'LL F*CKING ADJUST YOUR BRA!!" I screamed as I tossed a crumpled up pop can at Aurora. It hit her dead between the eyes, and she looked a little woozy. FInally she'd stop talking and rubbing it in. It was traumatic enough without her giving me pointers. As I preapared a second can, I looked at our little group. I knew just about everyone except the girl in black. As I tossed the second can at an already dazed Aurora, I went over to talk to her. When she saw me, she just gave me the middle finger. That was enough for me. I turned around and proceeded to chase Aurora some more. She was gonna pay for the bra crack. Actually, it did need adjusting. I fixed it and started cussing at Aurora while I ran after her.

4th June 2003, 02:21 PM

I got my pack back...It had a MP3 PLayer I got for my birthday, and a soda. And a new set of clothing...

'I'm a guy..'I repleatedly thought..and entered the male stall..

I stared. 1 stall..the Other's were urinal's..

I hoped over to a corner, and took off my Clothing. I was happy I wore Uni-Sex clothing...But..A New set would be nice..

I took out the first piece...Boxer's..Placed on...I then placed on My pants, shoes...My Yellow T-Shirt and a Blue Jacket thing with a yellow Stripe..

I then looked at something...It was a rubberband and a Bandana..I alway's wanted a Bandana to put on my Head..but my Mom claimed I would look like a Gangster..Or a Boy..

'I'm a boy now.'

I finished off...and Walked off...To Samuel..and the rest of the group...though I much denied..

Actually..I hoped. My ankle Still hurt.

Krystalline Kabutops
4th June 2003, 02:32 PM
Samuel-leaving the Pokecenter:

Why had I bothered to save these kids anyway? There was this brat, Who I guessed used to be a guy, chasing this other girl around, trying to strangle her because she kept bringing up his/her sex change. Then there was the girl in black. Should have left her there, for all the good she'll do. And the rest ere no better. There were clearly a bunch of girls getting used to life as boys, but they were coping better then the boy gone girl. Maybe I'd have to use what I'd hidden from the Eon scientists on her if she didn't stop trying to murder her "mentor". Sighing again, I announced "Ok, time to get moving! We have to get to Lilycove today!" I started down the path, and they followed me, with that damn girl in the skirt still chasing the other one. This was going to be a long walk.

4th June 2003, 02:44 PM


I walked into the Poke Center. I quickly noticed that there was someone I didn't know. Keeping my eye on him, I followed Samual out "Sorry guys, sorta drifted off for a momment there. I saw they had stuff I never seen before. They were from a bag. I looked in there, trying to find something that looked fimilur to me. I found something that did, a shirt. I grabbed it, and walked into the bathroom to change.

I walked into a stall, and changed, coming out wearing a black shirt

Fai D. Flowright
4th June 2003, 02:51 PM
I kept near the back, trying to get to know Morbid V a little better. I seemed to me that she had some kind of chip that she was constantly carrying on her shoulder. "Why are you so mean to everybody? An attitude like that won't get you to far." I shared with the girl.
"Why do you care? This attitude is f*cking good enough for me and it better be f*cking good enough for you too!" Morbid replied with sarcasm and anger in her voice.
I gigled, "You make me laugh."
"Yeah. The way your always trying to look like the bad one. It's too funny how you hide yourself behind a different person than you really seem to be. I don't know. Maybe it's just me."
"Bah! What do you know?" She remarked with a persnickety attitude, "Why don't you go bother you friend!?!"
"Whatever you say. But, if you ever want to talk, I'm willing to listen to every word you have to say!" I said back to her as I ran up in the crowd to find Kona...

Krystalline Kabutops
4th June 2003, 02:53 PM
Ooc: Morbid was always a girl. Man, if this was a book, it'd probably take a couple milleniums to fix all the mistakes. Oh, and S_W_W, there's no food. I made it that way for a reason.

4th June 2003, 03:04 PM
When what happens? O_o

~*~Morbid V~*~
Bah, what DID he know. I mean, he hadn't had to take care of himself. He didn't have to rely on tax money to get by. He couldn't understand...
I didn't like this Samuel guy one bit. He seemed about as reliable as a politician... maybe even worse. I needed to talk to the others; as much as I didn't like them, we were in the same boat and we wouldn't survive unless we helped eachother. I'd wait until nightfall, then then I'd try to talk to one of the calmer girls. Speaking of...
The one girl who had tried to approach me was running around and driving me insane. I waited... she came for another pass by me. I reached out and grabbed her by the back of her shirt and lifted her off the ground.
"Alright chica, or whatever you are, you're gonna calm down right now," I purred with menace in my voice. She looked at me and nodded. She gulped. I let her down.
"Right now, you tell the others to come find me tonight when this Samuel guy's not around, OK?" I whispered to her.
She nodded and went off. She realised that I didn't want Samuel to know, and thankfully she seemed smart enough to keep what she was up to hidden from him. I just hoped that the others were as smart... or else, there'd be trouble. I didn't like Samuel, and I didn't want to be around him any longer than I had to. Not to mention that it seemed like I was the only one here that noticed how rather creepy he was. The others had to be warned... or something really, really bad would happen...

Krystalline Kabutops
4th June 2003, 03:18 PM
Zyra-path to Lilycove:

It seemed easy enough. The one problem was that Aurora had wised up and was keeping her distance. I decided that if I told Laura to tell Aurora, it'd work. After I had done so, I thought about it while we walked. Chica.... Why did everyone keep having to rub it in my face that I was a girl now?! Jeeze, I was almost used to it. Well, I was a little happier. Aurora was leaving me alone, and I could think in peace. Suddenly, I noticed something. "Apples!" I yelled as the tree came into view. Everyone ran over and hauled as many apples as they could into their packs, while they ate the one's in their hands. As soon as our packs were full, we continued on. The apples tasted so good after two days with no food. I was ecstatic. I felt my hair prickling, like someone was watching me. I turned around, but no one was there. After a few more minutes, I heard Egan say "I told you she'd look good in pink." I turned on him. "What are you talking about?" I growled. He worked hard to restrain a laugh. "Your hair turned pink a minute ago." I pulled some down, and sure enough it was pink! "One more word, and I'll send you for a loop." I snarled at him. God, the last thing I needed was pink hair. Aurora would be on my case worse then ever. Rummaging around in my pack, I found a hat which should cover it. Upon putting it on however, I realized that most of my hair was still showing. Oh well, better some then all.
Espeons and Umbreons can start evolving now. You others'll have to wait until we get to Lilycove.

4th June 2003, 03:38 PM

Zyra had a color change in her Hair almost Instantly. It changed in a matter of Seconds..nor Minutes..

I ate the Only Apple I picked..I didn't feel like eating. Once my Ankle was better, I would be out of this..

"Rat Pack"

"Hey..Cheer Up!"Someone said in the back of me..
"No."I was uncomfortable. I haven't been in a large crowd in my Life. I felt trapped..

4th June 2003, 03:38 PM
Hang on there SWW, you're Umbreon, you can't change yet. You have to wait until nightfall...

4th June 2003, 04:28 PM
^You're obviouly correct.:D
Maybe I can come in later in the story,or not come in at all,or I'll join if someone drops out.Wait-I'm a villian.8) Neo-style.8)
But just different eyes beneath those sunglasses.Deep dark blue.

4th June 2003, 04:50 PM
Yeah, uhh, kid...
We've said NO LSUs. So stop asking.
You have been



4th June 2003, 05:11 PM
Dude,keep ya cool.:D
I wasn't begging to be part of this.:rolleyes:
What's with the "Owned" sh**?

Fai D. Flowright
4th June 2003, 05:19 PM
As we come up to the apple tree, my eyes widen with joy and hunger. I raced over to it and jumped up to grab the first ripe apple on the lowest branch. I sat down under the shade of the tree and made myself comfortable. I left a spot for Kona to sit so that I had someone to talk to while I ate.

As I took the first bite, the juices ran down my face and dripped off of my chin. The sweet taste of the red fruit was so delicious that I almost fell in love with it. I savored the 6 or 7 bites I got out of it, and stood up to grab another. As I looked up, I new I had to climb to get the next one. When I stood up, I saw that there was deep purple hair growing on my legs. I ignored it for the moment, as my sights were set on getting more food. I climbed as high as I could to reach the apple in my eye. ^_^; As i reached out to snap it off the twig it hung by, the branch I was on cracked and fell to the ground. I did grab the apple but my a$$ also found the ground. I felt a pain that I never felt before, and...it came from my tailbone area. I cautiously felt around to the backside of my body and grabbed hold of...a long tail. "What the heck did this apple do to me!" I shouted from my landing place. Then I looked over and saw Zyra take a bite of her apple. Immediately after she swallowed, her hair turned pink. "Zyra, What happened to your hair? And waht's going on with me!?!"
I could see Samuel giggling at us, but that made me have a curious thought of him...

4th June 2003, 05:28 PM
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I followed Zyra, Laura, and the others to Lilycove "Hey, wait for me" I picked up speed. I froze when I saw the hair that Zyra had "Woh, nice doo dude" I gave a small laugh. My shoe became untied, and tripped on it "Drrrrrrrrr" I brought my feet underneath me, and tied them up "I knew I should've got ones with velcro(sp?)". I got up, and brushed myself off. I looked at Tsukasa "Hey man, what happened?" I walked over to him, trying to figure it out

4th June 2003, 05:37 PM
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Dude,keep ya cool.:D
I wasn't begging to be part of this.:rolleyes:
What's with the "Owned" sh**?

have a nice day (no)
now go ---, kthnxbai

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Don't make me do this again, Dru.

Krystalline Kabutops
4th June 2003, 07:05 PM
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Zyra-midmorning, almost to Lilycove:

I giggled. Jeeze, I was becoming more like "Zyra" by the minute. "Hey, nice tail. Why're you all furry?" I asked, looking at his legs. "I dunno, I took a bite of apple, then I'm growing fur on my legs. You know, Egan was right. You DO look good in pink." "Shut the **** up about my hair, ok? I HATE pink." Samuel turned around. "Hey kids, we're almost to Lilycove." "Yeah!" Someone yelled. Within ten minutes, we were there. Samuel led us to a place called the Cove Lily Inn. "Ok, I'm giving you each $50. Buy any nessecities, then meet back here by 8 PM. I'll have our rooms ready by then." He then handed us all our money and went in to get our rooms. "C'mon Zyra, time to get rid of Zoran once and for all!" Laura cackled as she and Aurora dragged me off to the department store. "What? No! Let me go! HELP!!" I called out to the other guys, but they had clearly abandoned me to these two. Morbid followed a little ways away, clearly wanting to help torment me.

4th June 2003, 08:00 PM
Kalad (now, HE changes)
I walked around, looking at these different stores. then, something caught my eye. It was a pair of Leather gloves coated in metal plates, and lacking fingers. I walked up to the store, and looked into the window, it was a store full of Motorcycle stuff. I turned to go in, when I tripped on a rock. suddenly, that spark of anger I had been feeling for so long flared to life, and I was in a foul, angry mood. I got up and started walking and went in the store, the gloves cost way more than fifty bucks, so I went outside and started walking, even angrier than before, when I heard a shout from above, and looked up, just in time to see some metal rods fall on me from the fifth floor of a building. I was smacked into the ground. I groaned and got up, and stumbled into an alley, accidentally avoiding the worker looking for me. I then noticed that something felt different about me. I saw the claws instantly, once about half inch, were now an inch and a half, and looked metallic. I noticed a mirror laying on the ground nearby. I picked it up, and looked at my face, and immediately saw my hair was a metallic color as well. I then opened my mouth, acting on a hunch, and saw that my teeth too, had changed to a metallic substance. I hurriedly went and bought a hat to hide my hair. I then went back to the meeting place to meet the others.

4th June 2003, 09:19 PM

I took the $50 from Samuel as we reached Lilycove. My ankle healed up...

"Ok, I'm giving you each $50. Buy any nessecities, then meet back here by 8 PM. I'll have our rooms ready by then." He then handed us all our money and went in to get our rooms. "Samuel said..

First..I thought..I needed nothign, really. But I was so overcome by hunger..I walked to a near Pizzariea..

"Sugiteku hibi Arikitari de hayakute Mienaku naru
Ima Jibun no iru basho ga doko na no ka Doko e mukau no ka"I hummed and sung in a deep tone voice that I had.
(The days that pass by are common, fast, and I cannot see
the place that I'm at now, to where am I going)

I thought..Why wasn't trying to go away from those other teen's? I decided Food was More Important..And also..

Men have better Metabolism..I don't have to worry if I walked it off.

I walked over to the Pizzariea...And it was cheap. 2 Wings and 1 1-liter of Cola cost about $10.

I ate, and left. My hunger subsided, and I went off to do something with the $40 left..

4th June 2003, 09:23 PM
Wow, lots of posts... see what happens when you don't pay attention? ;)


"All right, money!" I said, taking the money that Samuel gave us. Aurora and Laura started dragging off Zyra. For a second, I felt sorry for him, but then I chuckled, "Heh heh, I hope they buy him some pink clothes to go along with that hair..."

I walked up to Kona. "What're you going to buy?" I asked her curiously. "I don't know... maybe I'll just look around," she answered. "Well, maybe I can find something to eat; I'm starved!" I said, holding my stomach as it growled. I looked over at Samuel as I turned to go away. He just seems so nice... I thought, trying to figure out what side he was really on, but then again, I'm kinda naieve...

4th June 2003, 09:45 PM
OoC: Sorry for not posting XD I'll wait awhile before changing.


I had gotten a white T-shirt and black cargos, along with shoes, in the bag. Now that we were in Lillycove, the first thing I did was look for a new shirt. I had gotten back my backpack (which, ofrtunately, was black, and couldn't be mistaken for a girl's bag), which held my wallet, GBA, books, and various forms of junkfood and soda. I had about $20, plus the $50 from Samuel. I went into a clothing store, and came out wearing a black shirt with a dragon on it. I had always envied the guys at school, thinking their shirts with dragons were so cool. My mom was, to tell the truth, a bit embarrassed with my love of all things fantasy, and would never let me wear any, even as PJs, so now I was happy. Well, as happy as one could be under teh circumstances.

I decided to have a drink, and pulled a Mt. De Livewire out of my bag. I sat down on a bench. I then got out Transformation and began to read some more.

Fai D. Flowright
4th June 2003, 09:53 PM
With the $50 given to me, I went out to look through the town. I saw several books and other unnessicary items, but one thing caught my eye the moment I saw it. A diamond ring! "Wow! That's what I've been looking for all of my life! And now that I've found one, I can't buy it with the money I was given." I costed 75 bucks, and I was $5 short. I remembered that I shoved my saved up money, $20, into my bag. I ran back to the Hotel, snatched the moola out, and began to search the streets for a $5...

Krystalline Kabutops
4th June 2003, 10:06 PM
Zyra-somewhere in Lilycove:

"Let go! LET GO!!" I yelled at Laura and Aurora, but they just walked on. "Zyra, it's for your own good. Besides, you need some new clothes. The skirt you're wearing clashes horribly with your hair." After a few minutes of untypable obscenities, I gave up. Clearly there was no swaying these two. They were set on making me the perfect girl, and it was obvious that anything I di wouldn't stop them. When we reached the department store, I started to thrash around, but they just pulled me on to my feet and stretched me between them, so I had no room to thrash. As we got into the elevator, I went into a frenzy. At long last, I managed to escpe their grasp, but the elevator door closed before I could get out. "Mercy..." I pleaded as they pressed the button for the 5th floor, the Girl's Department. Morbid just stood in a corner, watching like it was a funny TV show. After about 10 seconds, Laura and Aurora had me restrained again, and we were entering the 5th floor.

5th June 2003, 02:17 AM
Ooc: I wonder if I can make a few minor changes to my evolved look before I change into it...

"Man, are you feisty!" I said to the squirming Zyra as we arrived at the fifth floor. "It's for your own good. You need new clothes and new shoes."

"Why can't you leave me alone?" Zyra pleaded.

"Because you need some fashion sense!" Laura told him.

I tried not making eye contact with Morbid. Something told me that saying the wrong thing to her would have me minus an arm. I looked at Zyra pink hair and started snickering.

"What's with you now?" Zyra asked me angrily.

"Nothing," I assured her. "Never win first place, don't support the team..." I started to sing.

"THAT'S IT!!! YOU'RE DEAD!!" Zyra screamed as she attempted to strangle me.

Krystalline Kabutops
5th June 2003, 10:30 AM
Zyra-the brink of insanity:

Before I could tighten my grip, Laura had me pinned on the ground. Damn, being the smallest sucked. "Zyra, time to get your measurements!" "Let go, LET GO!" I yelled as Morbid measured me, and wrote them down on a little pad. Aurora and Laura each grabbed an arm, while Morbid held me feet. I was completly at their mercy. I closed my eyes, and seconds later I was dropped on the ground in a dressing room. "Laura, I'll go get some clothes for her. Morbid, guard the door so she doesn't get out." With that Aurora walked out, and Laura pinned me to the ground. Five minutes later, Aurora came back with a cart full of clothes, mostly consisting of skirts and swimsuits . "Time to try 'em on, Zyra!" Desperatly, I tried to scramble over the door, but their hands pulled me back down. "No.... Have mercy!!!" Aurora sighed. "Well, I guess if she won't put them on, we'll have to put them on her."

5th June 2003, 10:44 AM

Wow, Lilycove sure is big, I thought to myself, walking along the street. As I noticed a Pizzaria across the way, I saw Koji coming out of it. "Koji!" I yelled as I waved to him. He looked up in my direction, apparently not in the mood to wave. "Okay fine, don't wave to one of your friends!" I said jokingly as I walked up to him. He rolled his eyes, and stood there, as if waiting for me to stop talking so he could escape. "Hey! Is that Pizzaria over there good? I'm starved! I hope they're cheap, I was thinking of maybe buying some extra food in case some of the others want some," I said, looking toward the restaurant. "By the way," I added, "Is your ankle feeling better? I notice you're not limping on it."

5th June 2003, 10:59 AM
Geez o'Pete, don't you kids ever go to school?
~*~Morbid V~*~
I looked at the clothes that they were bringing back, horrified.
"No no no! You can't put her in those! That's cruel! I'll be right back..."
I wandered through the department. The color choices were awful. I wandered off into the juniors and women's sectoin. Here, the colors were more... dignified and mature. Plenty of blue, black, and silver. Cool colors, none of those little girl pinks and purples. I found some skirts, since that's what the other girls seemed to have thier hearts set on. I selected some in shades of burgandy, various demin blues, and of course, black. I also picked up a pair of sturdy hiking boots. They were nothing compared to my motorcycle boots, but they would have to do. I made a note of where they were; all of the other girls would need something more durable for thier feet...
I knocked and entered. Zyra looked up, her eyes bright at the sight of non-girly colors. Then she saw what I had.
"NOOOO!!!" she screeched. I dropped the clothes and covered her mouth.
"You shut up, good Lord. We DO NOT want to be found by any athorities. They're looking for us, remember that!" I whispered. Zyra's eyes looked at me in horror, a look of 'Don't hurt me, please!' in them. I almost laughed.
"Chill out already. I'm not going to hurt you. If I was, I would have already," I said, and turned to the clothes that I had retreived.
"Now, these are the kind of shoes that she's going to want. Now, I know you want to make her all pretty, but listen. I don't like Samuel at all, and I trust my instinct. Probably tonight, we're going to run for it. And that means we're going to want some sturdy clothes. Hiking boots, jeans, cotton tees. We're going to be running for our lives, not taking a stroll down the runway, got it?"
The other girls just looked at me, and one by one, realisation dawned on them. I knew what I was doing, and they were finally realising that.

Fai D. Flowright
5th June 2003, 11:12 AM
As I searched the streets for the cash, I smacked my head into a person. "Hey! Watch where you're going, buddy!" I looked up and saw Kona staring donw at me. "Maybe YOU should look where your're going!" She said with a giggle in her voice. "What are you looking for?"
"Dropped money." I said, staring back at the ground again. " I'm 5 bucks short fo something I wanna get. Hey! Could you lend me the money!?!"
I stood back up straight and looked deep into her eyes. "PLEEEEESE!"
I had such a big puppy dog look on my face my eyes almost started watering.
She told me...

Krystalline Kabutops
5th June 2003, 12:47 PM

Well, at least they were denim.... Sighing, I slipped them on. "Oh, they look so good on you, Zyra!" Aurora and Laura squealed as one. "I'm gonna murder you two in your beds someday." I muttered as I payed for them, and tossed 'em into my pack. "Let's go get some food now, I'm starving!" I announced as we exited the store, Laura and Aurora admiring their new boots. At least Morbid realized I hated this whole gender switch thing. "Hey, Mcdonalds!" I exclaimed as I saw the giant yellow M. I dashed in with the others following at a slow trot. I slapped down three bucks and said "A large fries, Double cheesburger, and a large coke." The cash register employee just commented "Nice hair." Before handing me my order. I ran to a nearby table and began to ravenously devour my double cheeseburger. Morbid got her order next, and sat down next to me with a hot dog and shake. Surprisingly, she struck up a conversation! "Zyra, I know this is hard for you, but just suck it up and get used to it. You're stuck like this until we find a way to get us all back, which may be never. So just relax, and give up any hopes of becoming a guy again for a while." I sighed. She was right. I didn't like it, but I was in this spot indefinatly. Who knows, maybe I might even get used to it. At that moment, The diasastorous duo walked over with their food. "What're you two talking about?" "Nothinng. Go ahead, take a seat." I said, gesturing to my other side. They sat down, and we all ate and talked.

5th June 2003, 01:12 PM
I was getting nervous, just standing there by myself. I was getting worried. What if someone recognised me, or noticed my claws? I decided to walk around a bit and I saw a store that had lether gloves, and I had an Idea. I went in, and bought the gloves and let the claws go through, that way, at first glance they might mistake them for a part of the glove. I had Thirty dollars left and saw the McDonalds sign, I went to it and ran into Zyra and company....

5th June 2003, 02:35 PM
I can relate;)


I walked along the streets, amazed that I was given 50 bucks by someone I never knew. I saw a store that seemed interesting, a book shop. I walked inside, looking at the non-fiction books "Let me see what I can get for 50 bucks" I strolled down the isle, and found a survival book for 20 bucks "Kewl. I might be needing this". I brought it to the counter, and flashed out my $50 "Can I have change for this". The clerk nodded, and handed the rest of the money to me . I took the book "Thanks man". I walked out, and joined Tsukasa

5th June 2003, 02:44 PM

"By the way,Is your ankle feeling better? I notice you're not limping on it."Egan asked me..I wasn't in the mood to talk.

Actually, I normally ain't..

"It's going ok."I said, in my very deep voice..

"That's good, Do you think I should buy some extra food for the others?"

I pointed to the McDonalds Sign..
"They went in there"

"Oh..So, is it cheap...I mean, the food?"

"Yeah..Much better than McDonald-crud man."I teased..I really wanted to escape the wrath of a conversation with Egan. not that I have anything wrong, but I wanted to be by self. Much more Quieter..

And It was a nice day out, to put in fact. I have $40 bucks left, and some of my Pepsi.

"Well...Ok then.."Egan sighed.."Why do I feel you don't wanna talk to me?"

"I'm not in a mood."


Krystalline Kabutops
5th June 2003, 02:55 PM

"Hi Kalad!" Said Aurora as he came in. "Hey." He said as he got in line to get some food. I took my chance. "Morbid..... Should we tell him?" I whispered in her ear. "No, I don't trust guys." "Hey!" She looked at me, surprised. "I thought you were over that." "Not completly." I admitted. Still, it was a nice thought that I'd be back in jeans by tonight. I looked out the window. "It's getting dark, maybe we should go back." I said to no one in particular. "You're right." Said Laura as she finished her food. "Kalad, eat the food on the way back." I dumped my trash in a trash can and exited, As everyone else walked out, we went on our way back to the Cove Lily Inn. I noticed Koji nearby. "Hey Koji, I think it's our curfew! Time to go back." Without a word, he joined our little group, as did Egan, who was with him. "Zyra, I see you didn't get anything to match your hair." I had to try as hard as possible not to sock him in the nuts.
Ooc: Dru, GL, CC, we don't run for it yet. First we need to get some stuff from the Inn......

5th June 2003, 03:11 PM
Just wonderin' somethin'. When is it going to be night?


With $30 left, I had a craving for something to eat. I walked in a store, picked up a basket, and walked down the isles "Let me see, what the gang like" I saw a box of cheese RITZ crackers. I put them in the basket. I walked to the fruit/veggetables section. I took some bags, and put some carrots, oranges, and various berries in them "I think this will last us for now". I walked down to the counter, and let them count it up. "$10". I brought out the $10 bill I had, and put it on the counter. The clerk gave me the bag, and I walked out, and to the Inn

Krystalline Kabutops
5th June 2003, 03:20 PM
Ooc: It's night now.

After a silent walk, we reached the Inn. Kona was aleady in the lobby, and as we entered so did Samuel. "Ok kids, time to get you to your rooms. Girls in this one, boys in this one, and Me in this one." With that he went into his room and closed the door. After evertone said good night, we went into our respective rooms. "I get dibs on the bathroom!" I called as I went in to change into my jeans and good t-shirt. I tossed the stuff I had been wearing earlier into my pack. "Do we leave now?" I asked Morbid. "No, we have to wait until Samuel's asleep so we can take his case." "Why do we need that?" I asked, perplexed. "I'm betting it has some important stuff in it, and that could mean the difference between life and death." "I guess you've got a point." I said as I fell onto my bed, waiting for Morbid to say the word.

5th June 2003, 03:31 PM
*cheers like Rod & Tod* YAY *thinks* AHHHH, WHY AM I DOING SOME GAY CHEER?!?!?!?!?!?!?


I walked into my bed "Well, time to hit the hay". I covered myself tightly, and shut off the light

A few minutes later(like what? Ten), I couldn't sleep. I felt it was like the morning. It was dark, so it wasn't it. "Something is really screwed here" I got up from bed, my eyes were barely open because I was so frustrated. I got back into bed, and covered my head. There was a yellowish glow. "Hey guys, don't turn the lights on, I'm trying to get some shut-eye. When I pulled the comfoter off, the lights were off, but the glow wasn't. I walked to a mirror, the glow was from myself. My eyes widened "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?"

Fai D. Flowright
5th June 2003, 04:10 PM
As the sun sunk below the horizon, I was back at the store, trying to barter with the manager about the price of the ring. Finally, we reached a conclusion. We settled on $55, which was definitely in my range of pay. I gave him the money, he gave me that ring and I was out of there! "Owwww. My stomache hurts!" I moaned as I ran down the street towards the inn. "I'll stop at that Micky D's really quick. There's not much of a line inside!" I grabbed my food and was on my way again.

When I finally arrived back at the inn, everyone was already upstairs. I ran up, trying to be quite and saw the two rooms upstairs. I tried to think of which would be the guys room but with little luck, I opened the door to the girls. I pulled the door shut quickly, and opened the door in the opposite side of the hall. When I stepped inside, I saw a strange glow coming from under Kona's blanket. "Hey guys, don't turn the lights on, I'm trying to get some shut-eye." She yelled from under the sheets.
I watched the comforter and blankets fly up as she got out of bed. I ran into the corner to aviod his sight. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?!" I heard her say out loud.
I come out of the shadows and let her know I was there, "What is going on with US." I said to him. Kona jumped a little from being startled but seemed to recognize the vioce right away. "Well...I say, forget it for right now and go back to bed. I just got in, and I'm extremely tired." I explained as a yawn snuck from my open mouth. "Good Night!"
I slunk into my bed and fell right to sleep, heavy as a rock once again...

5th June 2003, 04:59 PM

After Koji and I had our "talk", we walked into the McDonalds to meet the others. Zyra pointed out that it was our curfew, after I made another "nice" comment about her hair, so we all decided to go to the Inn to rest up. As we walked, I could tell that there was something that I didn't know. The girls seemed to be whispering about something to each other.

When we got to the Inn, Samuel told us to get some sleep. Heh, yeah right, I thought, why, so you can do something to us in our sleep? But, I layed down anyway, after asking a kid in the lobby for some of his fries. "Oh man," I said out loud, "I'm still hungry!" Then I laid on my bed, listening to my stomach rumble.

5th June 2003, 05:07 PM
In the boys bedroom, I talked to the others for a second. First, I removed my hat and made a big smile that showed my teet. "I too, have changed further. also, we can't trust this guy completely, he's telling us part of the truth, a twisted part, but there seems to be a fragment of truth none the less. I say we surprise him in his sleep and make him talk!" They looked and murmured amongst each other and finally they agreed. "Okay, we move at midnight." I stated.

5th June 2003, 05:16 PM
Did you call Kona a 'She'?


I got back to the mirror, there was thick yellow rings in my hair. There wasss yellow rings that were not as thick as the ones in my hair "Am I turning into some sort of mutant?". Seeing Tsukasa go to bed, I too went so I wouldn't wake the others. I covered my face and hair so my light wouldn't be as disturbing. I burried my face in a pillow, and went to sleep

5th June 2003, 07:25 PM

After going down and getting a spare blnket from the front desk, I went back up to the room and laid down, placing my bag and stuff beside me. I covered my head with the blanket, got the flashlight out of my bag, and read some more of Transformation. After awhile, I heard the guys outside talking about something. Angrilly, I pushed the blanket off of my head. "Will you SHUT UP and let me get some peace and quiet?" I growled. Honestly, they were as bad as my sister, back at home... Not waiting for an answer, I got a bottle of Livewire out of my bag and went back to reading.

5th June 2003, 10:34 PM

I went into my room, Laying down..I really didn't change, I didn't feel up to it..

I turned on My MP3 player, and Sung along to "An Endless Tale(By Wada Kouji and AiM)

"Kimi no tame ni Boku no tame ni
Nani ga dekiru?"
(For you and for me
what can I do?)
"Mienai nani ka ni michibikare
Bokura wa mata
Meguriaeta ne
Yakusoku datta Toki o koete"
(Being led by something unseen
once again, we
were able to meet
passing over the promised time)
"Kimochi ga sukitooru yo (sou da ne)
Kawaranai egao ni ima"
(My feeling is clear (yes)
at the unchanging smile now)
"Eien ni monogatari wa
Kimi o shujinkou ni erabu yo
Takusan no deai to sayonara ga
Michishirube sa (michishirube sa) Bokura no"
(The tale endlessly
chooses you as the protagonist
the many meetings and good byes
are our guideposts (guideposts))

I hummed the rest of the song. I overheard something about leaving when Morbid said so, So I lowered the Volume on my MP3 Player..

"Gomibako o tobi koeta saki ni aru mirai
Hikari o matotte get a fire power!!
Giragira to moe agare Hitomi no chikara
Kesenai yuuki de get a fire power!!
Michi ga michiteru furontia e
Hashiri tsuzukeru nda "Kimi o tsurete""I sang, humming to FIRE!!
(The future that's beyond the trash can
gather the light and get a fire power!!
burn up, the power of the eyes
with the unstoppable courage get a fire power!!
to the frontier full of roads
I continue to run "taking you along")

5th June 2003, 10:49 PM

"Well, excuse us for talking about important stuff!" I said loudly to Aaron. I went back to agreeing with the others about Samuel. "What about the others?" I said to them. "We'll just have to get them or something," Kalad said, looking toward the girl's room.

"You with us Koji?!" I said enthusiastically to him. Koji, with his headphones on, probably didn't hear me, but all the same, I turned back to Kalad. "He'll come with us. What's he gonna do? Stay here by himself?" I said to them. The others shrugged, and Aaron gave us another dirty look for talking so loudly.

"Ah, well, I'm getting some shut-eye before midnight," I said, laying down. "At least I haven't changed that much," I muttered to myself, "I just have brown streaks in my hair... maybe I won't change that much at all..."

5th June 2003, 11:25 PM

"You with us Koji?!"I heard Egan say, but I didn't answer. Would they think it would be common sense That I would go? I don't wanna get caught..

Though, you know, I don't like to be in groups..Or in fact, with anyone of those...Well..Egan was ok...Zyra was a tad..well..

"He'll come with us. What's he gonna do? Stay here by himself?"I heard Egan say again. Damn, he was so loud....

'I was going to think about that...'

I wasn't sleepy a Bit. I Layed down, and didn't fall asleep. I wasn't Hyper Awake, but..

Well..I didn't to be sleep when We escape..

It's not bad being a Boy. If I had the chance to be a girl again, I wouldn't do it. Being a Boy is well...'I no longer thought myself of a Girl in a Boy's body. I felt, more welcomed to the changes. I wouldn't be pressured into wearing makeup and crap..

6th June 2003, 01:38 AM

I was exhausted by the time we retired to our rooms. The other girls whispered about sneaking in Samuel's room and stealing his case. Fine by me, as long as they wake me up when they do it. I found a nice bed and sank into a nice nap. No cracking on Zyra, just a nice little nap.

Krystalline Kabutops
6th June 2003, 10:19 AM
*boredom sets in* Guess we should get this moving...

It was around 11:30. "Time to get that case." Morbid announced. While I would dearly have loved to leave Aurora behind, something told me Morbid might get mad. Reluctantly, I shook her awake. "Snzz, five more minutes... snrmph." "Get up already!" I whispered as loudly as I could in her ear. after a few more minutes, she finally got the hint. We slowly tiptoed out the door, and down the hall to Samuel's room. As quietly as we could, we pushed the door open. He was snoring like a Snoelax, and his case was right by the door. "Take it!" Morbid hissed, and I grabbed it. Something fell out, a little vial, and rolled under his bed. As quickly & quietly as possible, we ran to the elevator, and clicked the first floor button. I felt sad to be leaving the guys behind, but I was glad to be away from Samuel.
Ooc: Tag, Dru, CC, GL, or Kalad's it. (to Kalad: ;) )

6th June 2003, 10:47 AM
~*~Morbid V~*~
What was up with always leaving at midnight anyway? Stupid tradition... it was a little after eleven. Close enough.
I got up and pulled on my jacket. "Right-o people, let's haul," I whispered. I snuck out into the hallway and knocked lightly on the boys' door.
"We're outta here," I told whoever it was that answered the door. I couldn't see very well, there was no light at all. I went down to Samuel's room and grabbed the case and shoved it at Zyra.
"C'mon, let's go!" I hissed at the girls. "Will you guys be OK?" I asked the boys. Kalad nodded.
"You get the girls out of here..." he said.
I nodded. "Meet you out there then," I said, and ran down the hall toward the elevator where the other girls were.
Out into the night air... free at last! Zyra handed me the case, since I was the biggest of all of them and probably had the most endurance. We ran out of town and into the trees on the outskirts and waited...

Sorry it's short... :/

6th June 2003, 11:55 AM
I watched as Morbid and the rest left, and turned and woke up the other guys. "it's Time to move, guys." They got up and we went down to Samuel's room. we went, in and closed the door behind us. I noticed a glint of light under the bed. and picked it up, it was a vial. I put it in my pocket without the others seeing. I then put my hand over Samuel's mouth and slapped his face. He woke up instantly, adn would have shouted, but my hand was in the way. I said, "now, we're going to ask you a few questions, you had better answer truthfully or your throat gets a date with my claws. got that?" he nodded. I pulled my hand away. "Okay, what is the REAL reason you were sent to get us?" I asked. he sighed and said, "okay, I was sent to bring you in to use as test subjects." "Good. Now I'll leave the rest of the questions for later. nighty night!" I said,the smacked him hard enough to knock him unconsious. " guys, folow me, we're gonna folow the girls." I said, after slinging Sam over my shoulder. we then went and left...

6th June 2003, 12:05 PM

Too restless to go back to sleep, I sat on the ground waiting for the guys to show up. What was in that vial that I saw? I thought to myself. And what's in that case?

"What are we going to do now?" I quietly asked myself while looking up to the moon.

6th June 2003, 01:22 PM
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~*~Morbid V~*~
What to do now... There was no way for me to know for sure that the guys knew for sure where we were.
Then, I saw movement. The boys were coming, and they had that damn Samuel with them. Why didn't they just kill him and leave the body there? There was no point in trying to question him; I had a feeling that the changes that we'd undergone were permnament, and that they may not even be done. Something else was going to happen... I just wanted to get away from civilization and get on with it.
"What the hell did you bring him for?!" I hissed at Kalad.
He dropped the body. The man was still alive, but not for long if I had any say in the matter.
"We need to know more," he replied.
I growled. I growled?!
"Look, he's no use to us. No humans are anymore. Face it kids, we're screwed. There's no way for us to return to human form. It must be just luck that whatever happened to us didn't kill us. I'm not about to try my luck again by trying to change back! Let's just accept who and what we are and get on with whatever life we have left."
The others stared at me, not believing. Slowly, the realisation dawned on them that we weren't human. And we weren't going to be human again.
"Now, what do we do with this?" I asked, kicking the man with my boot.

Krystalline Kabutops
6th June 2003, 01:50 PM

I couldn't believe it. If he had helped turn us into... whatever we were, he would most likely know how to change us back. I snatched the suitcase from Morbid and rummages around in it, looking fo an antidote. Finally I came upon a vial filled with clear liquid. I pulled the top off and chugged it before I could stop. Suddenly, I tensed up, and froze. My hairs were tingling.... I seemed to be shrinking. I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I felt like I was stuck in a collapsed circus tent. Someone pulled me out. It was Aurora. "Aw, what a cute little Espeon! can I keep her?" Espeon? What the f*ck... I looked down, and saw pink fur. Sighing, I slumped. What next? I flicked my tails as Egan said "Hehe, now she's ALL pink!" Aurora had to hold onto me for dear life to stop me from tearing his face off... Morbid stared at me, and said "Ok, no more drinking random beakers. Aurora, you better keep a hold of her for now..." "Espe esp!(MUST KILL EGAN!)" I mewed. This was so embarassing...

6th June 2003, 02:31 PM

Still asleep, I rolled around in my bed, groaning. I accidentally rolled off the bed. "YOW!". I quickly got up, and rubbed my head "I'm up, I'm up". I got back to the mirror, wondering if it was just a nightmare of him changing. I opened my eyes fully, seeing that it wasn't one. I groaned "This cannot be happening to me". I yawned, and walked outside to the others "Hey guys, what up?". I saw the Espeon "Woh, what happened here? And where did that Espeon come from?"

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Krystalline Kabutops
6th June 2003, 02:36 PM
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6th June 2003, 02:50 PM

As we Left, with Samuel over our shoulder, We tiptoed to the outside, and then to were The Girl's were.

We Reached the Tree's in the outskirts, having to Punch and Kick him back to sleepy nighty nite land.

I leaned on a tree, looking at the midnight sky..I heard a vial drop and break, I turned around to a Espeon.

"Aw, what a cute little Espeon! can I keep her?"Aurora said.

"Hehe, now she's ALL pink!"Egan said. Zyra, in Espeon body, launched at her..

"Ok, no more drinking random beakers. Aurora, you better keep a hold of her for now..."Morbid said, I looked back on to the sky....

'Oh..How I want to be away from this group...But I might get Caught'

Krystalline Kabutops
6th June 2003, 03:00 PM

I sweatdropped. Who was missing? Whos clothes were on the ground? "Kona, this is Zyra." Said Aurora adoringly. "What happened to her?" Kona asked, scratching my ears. "Esp Espeon eon!(I drank a vial!)" I said, annoyed. Kona stared at me blankly. "What? Well, she is sorta cute..." I tried to bite his finger, but he pulled away. "Esp esp Espeon.(Leave me the f*ck alone)" I mewed as I tired to get comfy. This was the worst part yet. First a girl, now a girl Espeon. As soon as I could hold a gun again, I'd shoot Samuel. All pink... my worst nightmare.

6th June 2003, 03:13 PM

I looked down at Zyra the Espeon. A shiver went down my spine, and I gulped hard "Aurora.......you don't think we will be like that....do you?" I stepped back a couple steps, and looked down at the Espeon "So, you are Zyra huh. Unlucky break man, you had it hard since we were in that laboratory" Even the thought made me shudder. I looked at Aurora again "Well, is there anything that can change her back?"

Krystalline Kabutops
6th June 2003, 03:20 PM

"Well, if Zyra wants to try another vial..." Aurora said evilly. I jumped into my jeans. They made a good cave. "Well, we should probably put her stuff in her pack.." I heard Kona say, and the next thing I knew I was being hauled off of the ground. I managed to get out just as Kona stuffed them in my pack, and gave it to Aurora. Kona was right, my day just kept getting worse and worse. Sighing, I climbed up on his head to lie down. At least someone got it. I hated this as much as being a girl. Maybe more.

6th June 2003, 03:47 PM
OoC: My turn to change.


I stared as Zyra turned into an Espeon. Of course, Aurora and co. just kept bugging her about being pink. I sighed, feeling oddly sympathetic. I had gotten that a lot at school (not about being pink, of course...). I watched as everyone stuffed her clothes into her bag. "<Finally, we can go...>" I thought.

Right then, I spotted something shiny off to the side. "Hmm," I murmered, going over and picking it up. It was a scale, sort of a transparent silver color. As I looked at it, it disappeared, much to my surprise. I felt a sort of tingling on my scalp, on my canines, and my forehead, and my eyes felt weird. "Oh no..." I whispered. I knew what had happened. I tapped my forehead, and felt something pointy. "<Oh, perfect...>" I thought. A horn. I reache back into my bag and grabbed out a white headband. I wrapped it around my forehead in an attempy to hie the horn. I happened to glance down at my shirt, and noticed that the dragon had disappeared. I groaned softly, cursing my luck. Reluctantly, I turned and headed back towards the oters. "<If anyone says anything, I'll rip out their tongue...>" I thought dismally.

Fai D. Flowright
6th June 2003, 04:15 PM
"Hey, you guys! Wait for me!" I yelled as the group moved quickly towards the edge of town. "Don't leave me here!"
As I ran up behind Aurora, I saw a pink tail flop out of her arm. I quickened my pace to get in front of here. As soon as I did, I saw an Espeon laying in her arms. "Where'd this cute little Espeon come from, Aurora? Is it wild?"
"No!!! It's Zyra!" She said with a smile and a laugh.
"What!?! No...way." A surprized look fell over my face. "How did that happen?"
"She drank a vile that was in Samuel's bag. she chugged it down and...poof. She turned into this cut little Espeon." Aurora relplied to my question.
"Esp..Esp...ESPEON!" Zyra said angrily. (Why...you little!)
Out of curiosity, I asked, "With Sam gone...What do we do now..."

6th June 2003, 04:41 PM

I leaned against a wall, and scratched my head "To tell you the truth, I don't really know. I guess we sort of have eevee evoulution in us, we should have instincts to survive" I dug through my pockets, and brought a little book out "This is a book of how to survive in the wild. That is, if we are suppose to go elsewhere. You know, low profile" I brought out my $20 "That or we can stay and we need to use cash to survive here"

I stopped for a second "But before we can solve that......what are we going to do with Zyra?"

6th June 2003, 06:09 PM
I had been waiting on the outskirts of the group, not being very talkative. I noticed where the conversation was headed and stepped forward. "Wait, before we make ANY descisions, we must take into consideration the fact that despite all of us being here, Zyra is quite alone." I said. the group turned, looking at me in a stunned way. "What do you MEAN? She's got ME!" exclaimed Aurora. "And as for you, I'm sick of your additude, you take joy in Zyra's grief, you should be ashamed, I am already ashamed to be traveling with scum that thinks that way." I told Aurora coldly. "Why you!" She shouted as she tried to get forward to punch me, but thankfully two of the others decided to grab her and hold her back. "I say that one of us join her in this kind of form, so that Zyra may know that she is truly not alone. and I dictate that it shall be me." I said, then turning and facing Aurora, I said, "So that my words will not merely be empty preaching." One of the others reached for the case, and I stopped them. "no, I have one already, I found it in the room." I told them, "I guess this is goodbye humanity." I then pulled off the cap and drank it down...

6th June 2003, 09:40 PM

I decided to keep a safe distance away from Zyra. With teeth and claws like that, she could probably rip me to shreds...

Kalad held the vile in his hands, and started to drink it down. "You're crazy!" I said, as I watched him. Koji stood in the back, watching us all like a spectator.

We all watched as Kalad finished the bottle's contents, and Aurora spoke first. "Well," she said, "Feel anything yet?" I noticed my heart was beating with excitment, "I still say you're crazy!"

"Shut up already!" said Kalad, glaring at me, "Or Zyra and I will both rip you to shreds!" "Espe!" (Yeah!) said Zyra, also glaring. "Well excuse me!" I said, folding my arms.

6th June 2003, 10:01 PM

I watched them, my 2 eyes moving on each one. Aurora and Kalad faught, something came up that I agreed with...

"I am already ashamed to be traveling with scum that thinks that way"Was one of Kalad's sentence's. I wasn't ashamed. I just didn't wanna travel with them. I would be faster on my own 2 feet.I didn't think of them as scum, just something in my way.

I looked on as Kalad drank a Vile or something..

Once we are in Pokemon/Eeveelution form, can we get back to be human?

7th June 2003, 01:36 AM

I squatted in front of Zyra and sighed. "I'm sorry, buddy. I was a real jerk. No one deserves this, not even you. And I'm gonna make it up to you." I reached into the case and pulled out a vial.

"Aurora, you don't have to do this," Egan said.

"I know, but you know what? I'm tired of being human! Well, part human. So, down the hatch!" I downed the entire vial.

"I guess I'll stay with you guys, just in case you want to be my trainer or something. I'm thinking since I'm still just part Eevee, I'm counting on you guys to find a Water Stone so I can evolve into a Vaporeon," I continued. "After all, I didn't have that crazy dream for nothing!"

7th June 2003, 07:22 AM

I sighed "Not you guys too! Do I have to baby....ummmm.....eevee sit you or what?" I looked around "I mean, what would the public say if they saw you turn into those. They will think we were from a nut house, or that we stole this stupid stuff" I looked around again, seeing few people around me "Ok, now, sooner or later I will be talkin' to myself" I calmed down, and looked in my book "I doubt there will be a cure here"

Fai D. Flowright
7th June 2003, 10:23 AM
I watched as a couple of my group members shrunk to the ground, becoming Eevees and Eeveelutions. I asked them, "What does this...stuff...taste like?" as I took a vial and swirled it around.
"Espe...Espeon!" (It tastes really bad!) Zyra meowed to me trying to warn me. But it was to late. By the time I heard her cry, I had alread downed half the vial. There Wasn't anything I could do to stop what I had done. I gagged on the foul-tasting liquid and almost stopped breathing. My tail split at the end and I leaned over. I could feel my spine twisting to become more cat-like. My ears grew and my hair became a deeper purple color. The transformation was over and as I step forward, I used all-fours to walk. I had evolved into an Espeon, just like Zyra! (Only, without the sex-change. ^_^)
"Espe...Esp, Espeon!" (Your right...That was gross!) I meowed with surprize...

Krystalline Kabutops
7th June 2003, 10:37 AM

Well, it was about time people noticed my annoyance.... "Espe, esp espeon!(Hehe.. you're an Espeon too!)" He looked kind of embarrassed. pink wasn't his color. Suddenly, a nearby bush moved, and everybody tensed up. An Umbreon jumped out. Looking around, he noticed me. "Espe...(Uh-oh...)" He ran at me, and I fled. "Espe Espeon!(Leave me alone!)" He was too far in love however, and wouldn't stop. The others started chasing him, but they were too slow. As a last resort, I jumped onto Egan's head. "Espe espeon esp...(hehe, now You've got pink hair...)" The Umbreon tried to jump up to, and bowled me over. He got me pinned and tried to get me still. At that moment, Aurora's paw came down on him, and he scampered into the bushes, whining. I was shaking. My first real hazard... I sat next to Aurora, too shaken to talk. She just sat and petted me. I felt reassured.
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7th June 2003, 10:39 AM
~*~Morbid V~*~
I watched as the others transformed around me. I really, really wanted to change too... but I knew that I shouldn't. Someone had to stay human enough to pose as a trainer... at least, until we found somewhere to live away from people.
"Kona, Laura, Koji, looks like we're the last ones left. Kona, you and Laura pose as a trainer for the girls... and Koji I'll take the dudes, kay? Of course, if you want to transform now, go ahead."
They nodded, still trying to get over what we had just witnessed.
"Alright guys, I'm pretty sure yall can still understand me, so listen up. Chicks, you're "trainers" are Laura and Kona, and Koji and I working with the dudes. We're going to have to find a place to live away from people. Yes, Aurora, we'll find you a water stone. I need a fire stone... but I want to change before turning eon. Sounds fun... Anyway, we might as well try to get some more sleep... we've got a long journey ahead..."

7th June 2003, 10:48 AM
Kalad (pokespeech)
I drank it down, and I felt myself srink, felt my bones shift, realign and change shape. In a few short seconds, I was on the ground on all fours, and in the middle of my clothes. I angrily clawed my way out. when I was out, the others were staring at me. (what? What are you staring at?) I asked of the others, well, the ones who could understand me. (you aren't what we... expected, you are, different from all the other eevee evolutions) said Zyra. (what do you mean?) I asked. (look at yourself in that nearby pond.) she replied. I went over, and saw my reflection in the dark pond, I was looking like a spiky haired eevee with metallic fur! (Dude! I'm a steel type!) I shouted...

7th June 2003, 10:50 AM
Ummm, Drusilla, Kona ain't no chick anymore. His formor self Kina was, but his DNA was of male umbreon.


Kona shrugged "I guess I can be their trainer for these peoples....ummm, eeveelutions. But wait a minute, if you guys become eeveelutions, then what about ME? I can't handle everyone" I look at the vial "I guess I become one too after you guys

7th June 2003, 10:56 AM
It doesn't matter that much... but I'll edit. I'll also put in the two who haven't changed too... Laura and Koji, right?

7th June 2003, 11:00 AM
Ya, ok, sure. I'm also going to change too. Like, Kona can't be the only one standing. Like he said in the other post, he can't handle everyone

7th June 2003, 12:50 PM

With only Morbid, Me and Laura being the "trainers" for the People who changed into Eeveelutions, I didn't wanna change. I mean, they wil hopefully be lest pesterous as Pokemon..

Kona chnaged too...As I watched everyone getting used to their new "bodys"..

I went up, and Petted Zyra, the Espeon..

"Good Pinkie."I whispered, and Zyra snapped at me, looking like she wanted to kill me..I moved back to spectation view..

7th June 2003, 01:14 PM
I'm going to change in this post


I had a hard desicion to make. I suddenly realised something, Tsukasa was an Espeon. My best friend was an Espeon "Ok guys, that does it. If Tsukasa is one, then, I will be one" I grabbed the vial, and gulped it down. I coughed a bit, and scratched the back of my neck "No affect, this is......" I froze in speech as I colapsed to the ground as an Umbreon ".....Breon(rubbish)"

7th June 2003, 03:23 PM

As I watched Aurora drink down, I looked down at the remaining vials. "I guess... I guess it couldn't hurt... It'd be better than being half and half..." I said, reaching for one of the vials.

I held it in my hand, as Zyra jumped on my head from an Umbreon chasing her. "Ah!" I said, as she messed up my hair. The Umbreon started jumping at me, and I freaked out a bit, and decided that if I drank now, that Umbreon might miss when I shrink, so I drank it down. However, my transformation didn't quite go until after the Umbreon had knocked off Zyra.

"Whops.." I said, looking at Zyra being chased by the Umbreon until Aurora's paw stopped him. "Well, I tried! Didn't I?" I said. But my voice had sounded differently... it was more like... pokemon speak?!

"Ahh!" I squeked in Eevee, "Why did I drink that stuff? What possessed me to do it?!" Zyra and Aurora laughed. "Oh well... I guess Eevee's aren't too bad... but why couldn't I have been a Charizard?" I said, sitting down on top of my now-obsolete clothes, watching Kona change into an Umbreon.

7th June 2003, 06:11 PM
OoC: What? So everybody forgot about me now?


It seemed tha nobody noticed me. They were probably too busy watching each other turn into Eeveelutions. I sighed softly, staring at the sky. Why did this have to happen to me? I looked back at the others. Egan had just turned into an Eevee.

"Hmmph," I grumbled, deciding something. I walked over and grabbed a vial out of the suitcase. Without even a glance at the others, I downed it in a few quick gulps.

Almost immediately, I felt myself beginning to shrink. I felt sort of tingly all over, and I felt soreness all along my back and on my forehead. In a few seconds that seemed like painfull eternity, I was looking up at the world. I was on the ground, sitting on the clothes that were now much too large for me. Everyone was looking at me strangely.

"Eon? (What?)" I asked, obviously in Pokespeak.

"Ee... Eevee ee ee vee evee... Vee, evee. (Um... I've never seen an Eeveelution that looks... Well, like you.)" Egan said.

"<Huh?>" I thought, going over (quite akwardly, as I was not yet used to four legs) to a small pond not far off. Looking at my reflection, I saw some sort of dragon thing, the same one from my dream. Shrugging slightly, I went back towards the others, staying slightly off to the side.

7th June 2003, 07:15 PM
K o n a

I sat straight, seeing that Aaron had too turned into a eeveelution "Bre um eon(Welcome to the club)" I scratched my neck quickly "Eon umbre, umbreon?(what do I have, Poke fleas?)". I rubbed my back against the ground, and lied down in relief. I shook my black coat, and walked over to Tsukasa(Espeon). "Umbre umbreon?(well, how are you ajusting?)"

7th June 2003, 09:53 PM
ooc: Hey don't worry Nabooru, I think everyone forgot about me for a while back there too! ^^;


I glared at Zyra after pondering what Aaron had become. "Eee, eevee vee!" (You had to drink the vial, didn't you!) I said to her. "Esp peo" (You chose to drink it) she said back, starting to get annoyed. "Vee..." (Whatever...) I said, looking down at the fluffy tail I now had.

I stood up on all fours, looking at my body. "Eee evee" (I don't like being covered in hair) I complained, inspecting my fluffy neck.

I looked up at the rest of the real humans. "Eee? Eevee vee?" (Koji, you gonna stay a human?) I asked him. I looked next to the other humans left. "Eee eveee?" (And what about you guys?) I asked them curiously. Part of me wanted them to be like us, but the other part knew that us pokemon needed protection against the trainers in the world...

7th June 2003, 11:02 PM

"Oh man, being small sucks!" I squeaked in Eevee as I walked around the giant legs of those that were still part human. "And I'll miss my thumbs! How am I supposed to read my book?"

"Well you should have thought of that before you drunk from that vial," Zyra squeaked back in Espeon.

"Well, at least guys aren't chasing me yet," I said while checking out the other Eeveelutions. I saw a couple that I haven't heard of before. I had this powerful urge to chase after a ball or something.

I plopped on the grass and sang. "Just lying here on the floor where you left me, I think I took too much..." I looked at Zyra and laughed. "Sing with me, Pink!"

"You want some of this, Tiny?" Zyra growled. She rushed towards me, ready to fight in her new body. I got up and ran, immediately crashing into Aaron.

8th June 2003, 07:29 AM
K o n a

I saw Aurora and Zyra about ready to fight "Breon breon(I gotta see this)" I walked closer. My thick tail was wagging "Um, um, um(Fight, fight, fight). I got a little itch behind my ears "Breeeooooon(IIIIIIICCCCHHHHYYYY)" I quickly scratched my head, and rubbed it on the ground, trying to get rid of the itch. I walked up to Koji, rubbing up against him.

8th June 2003, 01:31 PM

"Drake! (Hey!)" I cried as Zyra slammed into my side. "Eon drak!(Watch it!)" Using my new tail, I shoved her back towards Aurora, much to her dismay. Chuckling evilly, I backed up to a wall, watching as Aurora prepared to pounce on Zyra. I didn't bother to watch the rest, however, and leapt lightly up onto a garbage can nearby, where I yawned and stretched out for a nap.

OoC: Sorry for the hsort post, but my brain's a ittle dead today.

8th June 2003, 02:37 PM

Kona came up to me, after trying to get rid of what seemed to be a itch...She rubbed against my leg..

I rolled my eyes, and bent down, scratching behind her ears. A Couple of minutes later, she sighed, probably because I got the itch...

I petted Kona, and she(or he....totally forgot) ran off t watch the fight again..
I reached into the case,and pulled out a Vial of Brown stuff(Eevee), and placed it in My Pocket..

"Not know...They need protection, though I don't wanna give it to them..."I said, and thought how it would be like being a Eevee..

8th June 2003, 02:50 PM
Ya, Kona is a he
K o n a

I sat there, wondering what to do. A breeze picked up, and a leaf blew right passed me. Me eyes followed it, and my paws ran after it "Bre bre eon?(Why am I chasing a stupid leaf?) Eon?(Instincts maybe)" I continued to follow it, until I caught it with my teeth. I chewed a little, then spat it out "Um!(Yuck!)" I slunked back to the group

Fai D. Flowright
8th June 2003, 03:36 PM
I stood back from the group, trying to avoid the fighting as much as possible. For me, I always seemed to get into a fight even though it had nothing to do with me. I walked over to the pond that everyone had looked at themslves in and layed down. <"Why did this have to happen to me? What did I do to deserve this?"> I thought to myslef as I stared at my new body. I saw a shadow appear above me in the water. I look up behind me to see Koji stroll in and sit down beside me. "What's like to be a Pokemon?" He asked, as he scratched my head. All I did was pur because the scratching felt soooo good...

8th June 2003, 03:57 PM

"Whoa, uncle!" I yelled as I ended up at the mercy of Zyra's weight. "Get off of me! Don't make me chew on your tail."

Zyra stood up and laughed at me. "Now who's boss?" she squeaked.

"Just wait until I evolve," I muttered as I walked to the pond and sat by Tsukasa. "Hey, how's it going? Need a shrimp to pick on? I'm all yours!" I ran around him and Koji for a minute, then screeched to a stop and scratched behind my ear. "Whoa, where did all of this energy come from? I need to calm down." I walked to Laura and curled up beside her for a nap.

Fai D. Flowright
8th June 2003, 04:03 PM
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Krystalline Kabutops
8th June 2003, 04:17 PM
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After crushing Aurora with my.... um.... Espeon prowess, I wandered over to Samuel's suitcase. It might contain important information! Flipping the clasp, I rummaged around until I found what I was looking for. It was something about a lab! "Esp espe eon!(Look at this!)" I called, and everyone walked over. "It looks like the location of his lab!" Koji said, astounded. Everyone perked up. A lab meant that we might be able to return to normal! There was a map that led to it. It was all the way in Dewford! "Well, we better get going." Said Morbid. "We have to swim past Mt Pyre." Everyone flinched. That place was famous for it's ghosts. I gulped. "Espe, eon es.(Well, let's go.)" I said with more bravery then I felt. We set of down the path, toward the shore of the lake we had to swim through.

Fai D. Flowright
8th June 2003, 04:24 PM
"Do we HAVE to go past Mt. Pyre? Why dont we just go by dry land through Fortree and past the Weather Institute? That sound better to me. But if you insist that we have to swim past Mt. Pyre, I'll go" I suggested to everyone. I seemed to have a great hatred for ghosts, but I guess the reason was fairly obvious. I would have liked to try and avoid my fears, but it wasn't just my decision. I waited for a responce to my questions...

Krystalline Kabutops
8th June 2003, 04:37 PM

I nuzzled Tsu empathtically. "Espe eon e Espeon epeon.(I want to keep way just as much as you, but we have to go.)" "Are eon gent eon? Argenteon!(What about me? I'll sink!)" Kalad moaned. thinking, Morbid said "Ok, how about Tsu and Zyra carry you?" We both groaned. We had to carry Kalad? Sighing, I slowly walked into the misty lake, getting used to the water as those who were still human went to change so that their clothes wouldn't get soaked. We eon and Eevees got in, getting used to the water. Why couldn't I have been a Vaporeon? it would be so much easier to swim.

8th June 2003, 04:39 PM

I was awoken by the sound of Zyra yelling about something.

"Drrr...? (Wha...?)" I mumbled, turning over, and, falling off the garbage can. "Onnn... (Owww...)" I grumbled, walking with a slight limp over to the others. " Drake on? (What's up?)" I asked.

"Bre um breon Umbreon on um bre. (Zyra found a map to Seymour's lab.)" Kona explained.

"Eee vee Eevee evee eeve vee. (But it's all the way in Dewford.)" Egan added.

I sighed, knowing what was next. We'd have to swim all the way past Mt. Pyre. "<Perfect,>" I thought, rolling my eyes. I walked over to the lake and waded in. It seemed that since I was obviously a Dragon-type, I could swim relatively easilly. Considerably more confident, I swam out a bit further. "<I guess this isn't so bad,>" I thought.

8th June 2003, 04:53 PM
K o n a

I grinned to myself "Umbreon breon, breo on(Heh, ghosts are no problem against dark types like me)" I galloped to the others, not wanting to be left behind. I walked back onto land, and jumped into the water, making a splash. I emerged from the water, and shook my head, getting all the water from my ears. "Breon(This is fun)"

Fai D. Flowright
8th June 2003, 04:54 PM
"Espeon! Espe eon es eon!" (What! I don't think I'm strong enough!) I said aloud. How were two Espeons supposed to carry a heavy steel Pokemon across an entire bay. "Espe..." (Grrrr...) I groaned as I jumped into the bay. My body became completely rigid from the cold water. I swam stiffly until my body got used to the cold temperature of the water. I kicked my legs and got used to swimming like a dog or cat. "Ar...gent ent eon?" (Are...you two read for me?) Kalad yelled to us from shore...

Krystalline Kabutops
8th June 2003, 05:08 PM

Es... eon.(Yeah... sure)" With that, Kalad jumped on us. We sank, and I felt momentary panic. But we bobbed back up again, and sputtered like mad. The humans had come back, some in swimsuits, some in underwear. (Ooc: :o ) They got in the water, but immediatly jumped back out. "It's freezing!" Laura yelled. "Espeon.(Get used to it.)" As they slowly waded in, the Eevees followed suit. When everybody was finally in, Kalad was made to hold the packs, and we set off. Tsu and I could barely move, due to the combined weight of the packs and Kalad. Slowly but surely, we moved on through the mist.
Ooc: don't get to the other side, just make conversation, see ghosts, etc.

Fai D. Flowright
8th June 2003, 05:19 PM
"I know I don't want to see a ghost." I said to Zyra. "Because I know if I do, you and Kalad will be bottom bait!"
I pushed forward, shivering from the freezing water. I knew that the shore couldn't be too far away, but I knew it was. I had to be confident in myself. If I wasn't, the three of us would probably end up fish food. "Maybe we should swithc with others so that we aren't doing this all by ourselves..."

8th June 2003, 05:49 PM
K o n a
((Talking in Poke speak))
I dog paddled freely through the water, passing Tsukasa and Zyra. I turned back, and floated beside them "Need a little help there with Kalad" I gave a little chortol, feeling I was the luckiest one here. After I chortoled, my rings started to glow. I frowned "I thought I could control these stupid circles once I was an umbreon"

8th June 2003, 05:49 PM
Quickie post...

~*~Morbid V~*~
This was not going well. I hadn't really planned on something like this, and I was just in my underwear. The water was freezing, as Laura had pointed out.
"Oh, good Lord," I said, reaching down into the water and picking up Kalad. His metallic body was frigid against my warm skin, but I held him close. He was shivering. Luckily, he wasn't too heavy for me to carry, unlike the others.
It was a long way to the other shore. I was freezing... I hoped that we could find a fire stone soon so that we would have a Flareon for fire. Otherwise, it would be a long, cold trip...

9th June 2003, 01:02 AM

I paddled at a steady rate, managing to keep up with the two Espeon. I had a good view of the cave for a minute, thanks to Kona's glowing rings.

"Turn out that light!" I heard a voice shout from somewhere in the cave.

"Says who?" I shouted back.

A Ghastly appeared in front of me and splashed water in my face. "Hey! No splashing in the pool!" I yelled. I got a mouthful of water and squirted it at it.

The Ghastly dissappeared for a second and reappeared with a Haunter. "Whatcha gonna do, possess me?" I said with a laugh.

The Haunter picked me up by the tail and tossed me into the water in front of Kona. I swam up to the surface and stuck my tongue out at them. "Now that was rude," I growled.

9th June 2003, 05:48 AM

Before going into the Lake, that looked like Mist was licking it, I remembered something. I reached deep into the BackPack, and saw a Pair of SwimShorts, Blue with yellow Triangles..

I placed that on, and my other clothing, in my Backpack. I took my bandana off, and placed it in too...I was watersealed, so even if I went underwater, it would be nice a dry...

I looked, and they've all started without me..
"Great.."I said, rolling my eyes..

I jumped into the freezing water, and shivered before I swam..

I went underwater, and swam about for 2 minutes, then comeing up for air..I caught up with the group...and something came up to me..

"Shuppet!!"It yelled, making me shiver..I wasn't afraid..I actually liked Shuppet..But....It scared me as I came up. I even jumped..

"Damn it."

'I'm going to end up getting frostbite.....'

9th June 2003, 10:08 AM

The Shuppet by Koji came floating towards me. "Shuuu!" it said, sticking its face in mine. "Eee... eevee eev" (Um... I don't really like ghosts) I said, dunking my head under the water in fear. I opened my eyes underwater and a Feebas swam up to my face. "Feee?" it said, staring at me.

"EEee!" I yelled, making a lot of bubbles and coming up to the surface. My flailing legs propelled me into Kalad. (Watch it!) he yelled, pushing me away with his foot. "Eevee..." (Sorry...) I said, as I swam over to Koji and away from the others. "Eev eevee?" (Why are people so touchy?) I mumbled to Koji.

9th June 2003, 07:44 PM
K o n a

I looked up at the ghosts above, and was knocked over by Aurora, and dove under. I emered from the water, and had my paws up in what looked like a fist "Breee o(Watch it will you)" I continued to paddle.

I noticed that that many ghosts didn't bother me "Umbreon(Maybe being an umbreon isn't so bad)" I paddled in style, not even noticing I was in the presence of ghosts

10th June 2003, 03:32 PM

"Eev eevee?"Egan swam over..I could understand it, strangely..

"Dunno."I whispered, and dove under..

I took stil for a moment. Tentacool, Feebas,Magikarp...nice Water Pokemon. If I had to be a Eevee, what form would I take?

I then remembered the Dream as I swam up about 5 meter's from where I dove under. I remembered a line from Across the Tears...

"Yasashii yatsu nan da to Minna ga omotteru
Sore ga sukoshi kuyashiinda"
"Tatakaeru koto dake ga Tsuyosa ja nai hazu sa
Wakatteru noni ienaku tte"
"Boku no tame ni Kimi ga kizutsuku
Sore ga tsurai kara ima Tsuyoku nar&ocirc;
Honno sukoshi demo"I sang s I came to the surface. It was a verse of Across the Tears
(Everyone thinks I'm just a nice guy
And that's a little disappointing)
(I can't just be good at fighting
I know that but I don't say it.)
(You get hurt for me
That's hard, so now I'm becoming stronger
Just a little but)

Egan swam over again, and tired to make himself invisible..

"Mienai tsubasa mo &Ocirc;kiku naru ka na
Kutsu ga kitsuku naru mitai ni
Totsuzen wakaru no ka na?
Namida no muk&ocirc; de Kimi ga warau kara
Kitto boku mo Koete yukeru sa
Tsumasaki kara ima, as-h-i-t-a e to"
(Maybe my invisible wings grow larger too
Will I suddenly begin to understand?
Like my shoes getting tight.
Because you are smiling beyond the tears
I'll definitely cross over too
Because now I'm walking carefully towards tomorrow.)
I turned my back, and saw that the Mist that licked the lake had made the land disapper. I also saw Egan, with a curious face..


Fai D. Flowright
10th June 2003, 06:43 PM
I was beginning to see the outline of the mountain as we neared the beach at the base of it. I was looking around, watching all of the ghosts and spiritual beings popping up all over. I tried to swim faster but the metal load I was partly carrying was keeping me from doing so.As we got closer to the volcano island, I asked, "Esp espeon espeo, peon!" (Could we stop for a minute, please!). I looked over at a somewhat worn-out Zyra, that was still pushing forward. "Esp espeon?" (Wanna take a break up here?) I said, questioning the struggling Espeon. She responded, "Espeon, Espeon!!" (Yes, Please!!)
"Argent, enteon." (Ohh, OK.) Kalad sighed disappointedly...

10th June 2003, 07:43 PM

I paddled along, watching the various ghost Pokemon drift overhead. I watched the others, though frankly I could care less what they were doing. On a whim, I dove underwater, trying to see what kinds of Water Pokemon were there. Nothing special; Feebas, Magikarp, Tentacool, and the occasional Goldeen. I went back up, panting sligtly from lack of air. I sighed, getting relatively bored. I flipped over on my back and just floated, once again watching the ghosts overhead.

OoC: Sorry for the crappy post. I'm kinda bored.

10th June 2003, 09:18 PM

"EEee! Ee eevee!" (Yes! A beach!) I yelled, swimming ahead of Koji and the others to get to the beach first.

"Esp.. espeon..." (Full... of energy that one is...) said Tsukasa, struggling to get on shore.

Aurora, Zyra and Laura all layed on the sand, catching their breath.

Koji walked up to the edge of he beach, looking toward the rest of the land.

Kona, Kalad and Tsukasa all talked amognst themselves as they enjoyed the cool, wet sand.

I curiously looked at the volcano. "Ee eevee vee?" (That thing isn't active is it?) I said, trying not to think of what could happen if it were.

"Esp espe" (It is) said Zyra with a matter-of-fact attitude.

"Ee" (Oh) I said, gulping as I turned away from facing the big inferno.

Hmm, I thought to myself, I wonder if there are any cool fire pokemon here... or maybe fire stones...

Fai D. Flowright
10th June 2003, 09:29 PM
I turned around quickly and replied to Zyra, "Espeon, espeon. Esp espeo eon." (No, it's not active. That's Mt. Chimney.) She turned back at me and rolled her eyes.
"Espeon." (Whatever.) She said sarcastically as she laid back down to rest. As I looked up at the mountain top, I wonder, "I wonder if the legends really are true?" I was quickly snapped back to reality when Laura mentioned Kalad.
"Who's carrying him this time?" She asked to everyone as she sat up.
"Es..pe..on!" (Don't..ask..me!) I quickly said back.
"Espeon espe!" (Count me out!) Zyra responded also.
I figured, let someone else who got to enjoy themselves last time carry that load of metal this time. I wonder who's going to volunteer this time...

11th June 2003, 01:07 AM

"I can't wait to evolve into a Vaporeon," I panted as I lay on the beach. "Swimming will be so much easier, plus I'll be able to kick those ghosts' butts."

I looked up at the volcano. I heard Tsukasa say that it wasn't active. It was probably just dormant. Then I heard someone talk about who gets to carry Kalad. "Not I, said the Eevee," I muttered.

I remembered a legend about this volcano. "I heard that a huge Pokemon lives in the volcano. Wonder if we'll see it?" I wondered out loud.

I checked out some tasty fruit near me. As I was sniffing at it, I heard a low growl from behind some trees. "Uh, I think I'll pass," I said. The growling continued.

11th June 2003, 02:59 PM
K o n a (talking in poke-talk)

I clambered up to the sandy beach, and caught my breath as I lounged on the shore "Umbreons are not built for this, they just aren't" I panted heavily.

My rings still shone their yellow light. I growled "Ok, that's it, I had just about enough with that glow". I sat up, scooped up muddy sand, and smeared it on my rings so the glow won't be noticable. I walked over to the dryer parts of the sand so I could dry, and rest

12th June 2003, 01:14 AM

After what seemed like an eternity of staring at the bush and listening to the growling, I decided that I rather fight on a partially full stomach than walk anymore on an empty one. I plucked some berries from the bush. The growling stopped and the Pokemon that was doing the growling ran out of the bushes and glared me in the face. Great, I'm exhausted and I have to run into an angry Zangoose!

"Uh, I guess this is your bush, huh?" I slowly asked it out of fear.

"Yeah, so step away from it," the Zangoose said through clenched teeth.

"Sorry, but I'm tired and hungry, so could you not pierce holes in me please?"

"Oh, alright," she said in a disappointed tone. "Are you and your friends new here?"

"Um, yeah," I answered. "I'm Aurora. What's your name?"

"It's Zoe," she said. "Your friends can have some, too."

"You mean berries? Thanks! By the way, have you seen any suspicious buildings?"

"Yeah, there were a lot of humans around there, like they were guarding something. I heard that some dragon-type Pokemon have been going in one end and not out the other, if you know what I mean."

"It could be the lab we're looking for," I wondered out loud.

"You're looking for that place? Are you crazy? I guess I could show you the place, if you really want to go there."

12th June 2003, 10:10 AM

I slinked away from the group to go see what Aurora was up to. Besdies, I didn't want to get stuck with carrying Kalad. I may be a healthy, fairly strong Eevee, but I'm not that strong.

"Aurora, what'cha doing? Are you talking to someone?" I asked, slowly walking up behind her.

"Yes, her name's Zoe, she's a Zangoose, and she's going to show us a place where humans are around here," she said to me.

"A... a Zangoose?!" I said, my eas lowering in fear.

Zoe chuckled evily, "Yeah, a Zangoose, and don't you forget it Tiny."

"Tiny?! I'm not tiny! My name's Egan!" I said, getting angry.

"Whatever," said Aurora, "Let's tell the others!" She began running off toward the others. Zoe looked down at me.

"Here, have some berries to take to your friends, Tiny," she said.

"Fine," I said angrily, grabbing them quickly as she started after Aurora.

12th June 2003, 10:02 PM

A Zangoose was Talking to Aurora and then Both Aurora and Egan..

I kept a close Eye on them as I dried up on the warm sand..

Egan than came over, with some berries,and a stern and annoyed face..

"Eev.."Egan pushed some berries near me, and I placed them in my BackPack..

"I'll save them for later."

The Berries seemed to be more of the kind of the Pokemon Eat then the Kind Human's can eat..

I then took the Vial I had saved from my Backpack, and swirled it, then placing it back..

"Not Yet"

I thought about how it would be like to be a Eevee, but in a way, I didn't want to. That meant I would have to depend on a Human for help. I don't wanna depend on anything. Human nor Pokemon.

Krystalline Kabutops
14th June 2003, 05:36 PM

As I rummaged in Koji's pack, I found the berries. Starving, I pulled some out and took them away. After I found a nice little alcove, I sat down and started to feast. I noticed something glimmering. Walking over, I realized what it was. A collection of various elemental stones! "Esp esp espeon!(Look everybody!)" I yelled to the others as they walked over.

14th June 2003, 05:57 PM
If you want to know what Koji look's like, Basiclly the Colored in Guy on my Sig..

Yep, That's Koji..

*squel's like a fangirl*


I didn't mind Zyra taking the berries, She would get more of a Kick out of them then I did..

I then saw her eyes move over to a area where it glittered like hell..

"Esp...Esp..Espeon!"She shouted. I quickly ran to the spot, and saw the Water,Fire and Thunder stones..in a pile..

I picked one up..The Only ThunderStone in the bunch..I placed them in a Different Pocket..

I laid back down as the others scrummaged towards the stones..

If anyone feel's playful enough, they can sorta force feed Koji the "Eevee" Solution..Or I will make him drink it next time I post, But I perfer "Force Feed!"

Krystalline Kabutops
14th June 2003, 06:33 PM
I'm bored, so I'll do it.

I was feeling playful, which was odd. I hoped I got back to human before I got too "playful". I quietly walked over to Koji and pulled a vial from his pocket. It would always be helpful to have another Eevee around! I leaped on him, and uncorked the vial. "Zyra, what are you doing?!" He yelled at me. Happily, I dropped the vial in his mouth. He tensed up, then started to shrink. Pretty soon he was just a lump in his pants. He crawled out, and without hesitation jumped me, and started scratching.

14th June 2003, 07:56 PM

I felt ym self shrink as I was forced fed the Eevee Liquid by Zyra..

Sooner or later, My Clothing surronded my..I was so small..So dependant..


I jumped onto Zyra, and started to scratch her like crazy, my nails all sharp..

"ESP!"Zyra pounced back, but almost playfully..

"Eeve....ee..v"I walked away, and scrummaged with my little paws, my mirror.
(Your not worth my time)

I looked like a normal Eevee, but the hair on the top of head was spiky..

I then scrambled, and folded my Swimming pants into my backpack...and outdropped the Thunderstone I got from the pile...


(Wha?)Zyra exclaimed as I went over to the Thunderstone, and Glew..

"Jolt..."I smirked to Zyra...She started to run as I chased her...

Krystalline Kabutops
14th June 2003, 09:10 PM

"Esp....(Eep....)" I sprinted as fast as I could, with Koji zapping me at intervals. Turning around, I growled. "Espeon...(Hehehehe...)" I focused, and Koji was flung into the water. Having bought myself some time, I ran into the woods. Suddenly, that Umbreon appeared. Talk about persistence.... His eyes turned into hearts, and he started to chase me. "Esp!(Help!)" I called as loudly as I could, but I was too far away. Fianlly, he managed to pin me. I screamed, and he tried to hold me still. I managed to turn over, and he kept trying to flip me around. "Espeon!(Koji!)" I yelled. This is what I get for being playful.

14th June 2003, 09:18 PM

I got out of the water as quick as I could, and sniffed around..Zyra..

I ran towards the scent I got in the air. I soon saw Zyra being chased by that Umbreon..

"Jolt!!Eon!!"I said, Falling to the floor, and Laughing as Zyra ran as fast as she could, so did the Umbreon..

"Espp..eo..."Zyra pleaded while she ran..


(Come ON!!)

(Fine, You owe me though..)

I walked to Zyra,and Went infront of her..

"Jolt!Jol!"I lied..
(Get away from my Girl!)

(I don't scent you on her!)

"Olt!Jolt!Eon olt,Jolt!"
(If you touch her, A Zap from a thunder is in order!)

Krystalline Kabutops
14th June 2003, 10:39 PM

"Espe..? Espeon...(Wha..? Oh yeah..)" I nuzzled up to him, getting pricked on the fur. No wonder Jolteons learned Pin Missle! "Um umbreon umbre eon. Eon Umbre.(C'mon, let's share. There's enough for two.)" Koji growled. "Jolt o eon!(No way, she's mine!)" I shivered. Koji sounded like he meant it. Then again, he might just be a good actor. "Umbreon umbre eon.(It's only fair)" Koji said nothing. He just started shining, and suddenly a bolt of lightning struck the Umbreon. Howling, he fled and called back about how he'd be back. Espe... eon espeon.(Wow... you saved me.)" Koji looked at me. "Jolt jolteon lteon eon jolteon jo olt.(You owe me, and you're going to pay it back when I feel like it.)" I shivered. I hoped that didn't mean what I thought it meant...

14th June 2003, 10:49 PM

"Jolt jolteon lteon eon jolteon jo olt."I told her..
(You owe me, and you're going to pay it back when I feel like it.)

I then walked off to the Beach again, to much father away then the rest of the..

Rat Pack..

"Jolt....e..."I whispered..I laid down, and thought to myself..

'First thing off, I hate being a Pokemon, Though..Attacking things are sorta cool'

'Now, What would Zyra owe me?First off, A Repay of Berries. Then,..'

'I dunno...'

I looked off on the horizon..and Howled..I was trapped. Confined...

I have to find a away to go off on my own..

15th June 2003, 08:15 AM
K o n a

I galloped far from Zyra and Koji. I rested on teh shoreline, thinking to myself "Umbre umbre, eon(Well, maybe I can just go away on my own, I'm smart, i'm fast, I can hunt...i think)" I dove into the water, not caring if the dirt would be washed off from my rings.

I spied a goldeen. I was about to aproach, but I froze when I saw the horn. I surfaced, and shook the water from my ears

15th June 2003, 11:15 AM

Following them into the woods to watch, I laughed at the whole thing between Zyra and Koji.
"Eev eevee eev!" (You guys are hilarious!) I giggled, rolling on the ground.
After the Umbreon went away, I walked over to them. "Eevee ee eev?" (Can any of us Eevee use these stones?) I asked Zyra, pointing to the small pile of them over by the others.
"Jolt jolteon..." (I guess so...) said Koji. He began to walk away, probably thinking of how Zyra could pay him back.
"Eev!" (Cool!) I said, running up to the stones. I spied the Fire Stone.
"Ee eev eevee!" (This one's mine!) I said, snatching it up.
Almost immediately, my body began to glow, and I felt myself getting larger. I opened my eyes, and realized that my body had a heat coming from it.
"Flare! Flare flareon!" (Hey! I'm a Flareon!) I said, as Aurora and Laura both looked at the remaining stones.

Krystalline Kabutops
15th June 2003, 05:10 PM

Annoyed, I went to burrow into Koji's pack. All I could do was wait for him to decide my fate. He probably wanted a berry refund, but what else? It was very confusing, trying to decipher the male mind. Then I remembered: I used to be male! I had almost gotten used to being a girl, and that scared me. I burrowed deeper, and made myself into a tiny ball to sleep. Suddenly, The top came crashing down on me. The Eevees, naturally. Maybe even Aurora. "Espeon.(Go away.)" Aurora poked her head in, and seemed ready to say something.

16th June 2003, 08:21 PM

I sat off by myself, the only one not really doing anything. I stared somewhat wistfully at the clouds, a few verses from one of my favorite songs, "Beautiful Day," by U2, playing through my head. It sort of calmed me, sort of saddened me, but at least it took my mind of things for awhile.

"...There's no room
No space to rent in this town
You're out of luck
And the reason thatcha had to care
The traffic is stuck
And you're not moving anywhere
You thought you'd found a friend
To take you out of this place
Someone you can lend a hand
In return for grace.

It's a beautiful day
Sky falls, you feel like
It's a beautiful day
To let it get away

You're on the road
But you've got no destination
You're in the mood
To amaze your imagination
You're loving this town
Even if that doesn't read true
You've been all over
And it's been all over you...

I was startled from my thoughts by a soft sort of crashing sound. I looked over to see Aurora and co. pouncing on Koji's backpack. It seemed as though Zyra had taken refuge inside it. I laughed at the sight. Shaking my head, I sighed, staring back up at the clouds...

4th August 2003, 10:53 PM
Ooc: I guess everyone gave up on this, but I'm gonna post anyway!


"Whoa, a Water Stone!" I exclaimed as I touched it with my paw. I instantly felt myself grow and change into a Vaporeon. I walked to the water and admired myself in the water.

"Now where's Zyra?" I wondered out loud. I spotted a lump in Koji's pack and guessed that was her. I poked my head in there to say something to her but shooed out. So she wants to be cranky, huh?

"Time for a wake up call! Prepare to be flushed!" I stood back and fired a Water Gun in the backpack.

7th August 2003, 10:41 PM

I watched, eye twitching, as Aurora flooded Zyra's hideaway.

"Koji's not gonna be very happy," I muttered, springing lightly to land atop a nearby tree stump. I stared down at the grass, lost in thought. An ant struggled to haul a leaf several times its size to an anthill, it's home.


I sighed, staring mournfully up at the sky. First I have to leave home, then... All this happens...

My mind was devoid of all thoughts, save one question...

Why me?

8th August 2003, 01:07 PM
Eh, why not? I'm in a good mood today! ^^


"Flare flare flareon!" (Wow, this is so cool!) I said aloud, as we all pummeled Zyra in Koji's backpack. Then Aurora evolved into a Vaporeon, and prepared for the mother of all water guns. "Heh heh," I chuckled, as Zyra finally ran out, drenched to the bone.

She looked pretty darn angry, and wet too.

"Esp espeon esp!!" (Will you stop it!!) she yelled, obviously not thrilled about getting wet.

"Flare flareon flare..." (Aww, your poor pink hair...) I said mockingly, and chuckled as she glared at the three of us.

"Esp...! Eon esp...!" (You...! And you..!) she growled, looking at Aurora and I.

I stopped laughing suddenly. It was really all fun and games for us; we didn't really mean to make her angry... But she really looked serious... maybe we had gone too far...

"Look, Zyra, I'm sorry, I didn't mean too..." I began, but something stopped me.

I felt a hot, burning kind of sensation in my throat... Luckily, I realized what was happening a second before it happened. Aaron watched from a ways away. Kona was still in the water.

"Flareon eon flare!" (Move out of the way!) I yelled, and then let it loose.

A large flame of fire came out of my mouth, and headed straight for Zyra...

"Vap vaporeon!" (Move you bonehead!) Aurora and Laura both yelled to Zyra.

Zyra ran away just in time, and I stopped a moment after.

"Esp espeon?!" (What was that about?!) Zyra asked, as she walked back over.

"Flare eon flareon... Flareon... Flare..." (I don't know, but I didn't like it... It just sorta happened... Sorry...) I said, feeling shook up from having fire spew out my mouth. That's an experience I'll never forget...

Krystalline Kabutops
8th August 2003, 01:29 PM
Eh.... how can I resist....


I glared at her. "Well, maybe you could put that to use and make us a fire to dry my FSCKING PINK fur." I sat down and waited for her to do something. "Well?" "I don't know how to control it, it's kinda random." "Great. How am I supposed to get warm then?" They looked at each other. "Well, there is ONE way...." They squealed as they prepared to spring. "What are you- AGH!" I squeaked as they landed on my back, effectivly pinning me. "Isn't this better, Zyra? Now you're all warm!" Said Egan as he playfully batted my nose. I tried to growl, but all I could manage was a pityful squeak. "Don't call me that! I'm Zoran!" He took a close look at me. But that's a guy's name, and you're a girl." "SHUT UP!" I squeaked as a few more people joined the pile.

8th August 2003, 02:10 PM
(Stop that right NOW!) I shouted at the group. (make us!) shouted several of them. I flicked my tail in their direction angrily, and noticed several metal hairs fly off, hitting in front of them. they saw it and looked at me. (Stop it now, or I won't miss!) I shouted. (okay! Okay!) they shouted, jumping off of Zyra. (are you all right?) I asked her. (Yes, no thanks to THEM!) she said. (I don't want to see any more of this, this isn't how one treats a friend!) I shouted to the others. I then stomped off...

Krystalline Kabutops
8th August 2003, 03:23 PM
I hastily found a nice tree and scampered up it, settling on a nice, thick branch. It gave me the perfect view of our campsite. There were also some nice fruits up here.... I decided to try them. Big and purple, they tasted wonderful. Only after I had gone through three did I notice Aurora was coming over. Climbing higher, I found a nest of some kind and took a seat. "Zyra? Zyyyyyyyyra....." She called from the branch I had been on seconds earlier. I spat a pit at her. "Go Away."

8th August 2003, 11:43 PM

"Ow! Okay, I deserved that," I moaned as Zyra shot a pit at me. The impact almost knocked me off the branch. I managed to keep my footing. "I hope you know that these paws aren't exactly made for climbing." I reached out and grabbed a nearby fruit and just sat there enjoying it for a minute before speaking again.

"I wish you wouldn't be so sour about this," I finally said to Zyra. "I wouldn't even be bullying you like this if you weren't always panicking about your turning into a girl and alienating yourself from the others. Lighten up! You know, smell the roses or fruit or whatever. Darn, these things are good." I spit out the pit on the ground and continued talking.

"I would be doing the same thing to Koji if it wasn't for the fact that he was a Water type and he's...you know. I know it's a big change but try to cope. I should take some of this fruit with me and go now. But before I go, I hope you know you're sitting in a Fearow's nest." I shot a Water Gun at a nearby small branch and watched it fall to the ground. Looking down at the ground, I began my slow journey down the tree.

Krystalline Kabutops
9th August 2003, 08:32 AM

I looked up and noticed a Fearow descending towards the tree. "YIPE!" I squeaked as I jumped out of the tree, bringing with me a barrage of fruit. Checking to make sure it was dry, I scampered into Koji's backpack, dragging a few of the fruits with me to make a wall to avoid any more sudden water guns, and fell asleep among the smell of the fruits, content for the moment.

11th August 2003, 09:58 PM

"<This is starting to get boring,>" I thought with a yawn. I decided to just leave them to their little games. If they wanted to stay like this forever, fine, but I certainly didn't. "Dra eon drakeon drake... (They can just stay here for all I care...)" I grumbled, hopping off the stump. I turned and walked a ways off, then looked back. The hadn't noticed. I blinked, then shook my head, walking further away. Then I noticed a shadow, a big one, circling above me. I looked up and saw the Fearow that had scared Zyra, an odd look in its eye. "Draaa... (Uh-oh...)" I backed away, fangs bared, prepared to fight.

12th August 2003, 12:32 AM

"Why is everyone being such lone wolves?" I wondered out loud as I watched Aaron preparing to fight the Fearow. So he wants to be a tough guy, huh? I'll show him tough!

I ran up to him and shot a Water Gun at the Fearow. It hit it right between the eyes. "Like I would let you wonder away from the group without doing anything about it," I said to Aaron. I looked up at the soaking wet Fearow as it sank nearer to the ground. "What's the matter, birdy? Wet feathers weighing you down?" I felt a cold tingling down in my throat as I was taunting the Fearow. "What's happening?"

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, a blue beam shot out and hit the Fearow. The beam froze it. "What do you know? Looks like we're having frozen Fearow for dinner!" I joked. Didn't look like Aaron was too happy, though.

12th August 2003, 08:17 AM

I glared at Aurora as the frozen Fearow clattered to the ground. "I didn't need your help," I growled.

"Well, obviously you did," she retorted, sticking her tongue out.

Growling furiously, I turned away and, without looking back, I stalked off in the opposite direction. "I can fight my own battles," I shouted back at her. "<I really don't need this right now...>" I thought, shaking my head to drive away the massive headache that came down upon me like that Fearow had.

It took me awhile to realise how far I had walked. When I finally looked back, the others were nowhere in sight, and I could barely see the top of the tree. I sighed, sitting down where I stood, and began to think...