View Full Version : Fic ships!

Tyler and Hobbes
9th June 2003, 08:43 PM
This might be spammy, so Lords and Ladys (mods) feel free to close it. Anywhooo you know how there are different kinds of ships in animes. Well, I think of a fic as an anime. There are people that should be together, people that wshouldn't:rolleyes: people that would look cute together and people that it would be funny if they were together. Well I was just reading a fic the other day and I thought, Gosh darnit,They need to be together. So if you have any opinions for an auhter post it here. Maybe the auther will see it. If your an auther post an answer. I don't have any right now (gotta go) So have fun!

This is Pyro: Signing off;)