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RaZoR LeAf
11th June 2003, 04:55 PM
Super Heros.. Haha.. sure!

A normal day passes, but as a tour passes through a Nuclear Station, danger isn't far away. Jeff Daniels, a new recruit, working in the handling of nuclear wastes, is soon due for his coffee break. Not realising the extent of the dangerous combination of events that will take place due to his early break, he heads to the canteen to get in the cue before everyone else. As the tour group passes through, a small girl spots a discarded glove on the floor, dropped by an eager Jeff. The girl picks up the glove and takes it to the attendant showing the tour around. The timer begins, for the next 3 minutes will be disasterous.

The attendant takes the glove and places it in a waste paper bin, not seeing the specially designated sign clearly stating "Not for Nuclear Waste" haging above it. The glove, heavily saturated in nuclear waste sits in the bin, amongst the waste that has been in there for a little over a week now. Jeff Daniels sits and drinks his coffee as the tour group continues around the Waste center. The glove, now leaking radioactive fumes into the bin begins to mutate. Why it never mutated before is a strange question, but perhaps it has something to do with the four month old doughnut that it sits upon.

Not very many people know this, but when pastries are left for too long without being properly disposed of, they become charged with ions and begin to collect and store any surrounding gases. It just so happens that this previously chocolate covered donut is storing the radiactive fumes from the glove. As Jeff Daniels returns to his desk and drops a fresh half of another unfinished doughnut into the bin, it's too much, and there is an explosion. Peices of donut fly everywhere, splattering the tour group and Jeff himself. The pathetic little explosion wasn't even enough to set off the sprinkler systems, but it does seem to have had an adverse effect on the tour group, Jeff and the glove.

As the group clean themselves off, they are suddenly distracted by the glove, now with a life of it's own, scurrying out of the turned over bin, climbing onto a desk, announcing "I'm alive. My god, this is weird. What to say.... ah! The world is mine!!!" and scurrying away again.

The group leaves the station, and they return home. Jeff Daniels searches his room for the enstranged glove and eventually finds the glove torturing an employee with a screwdriver. Jeff and the Glove strike a deal and the two plot to conquer the world.. somehow.

During the night, the members of the tour group discover they have gained odd abilites. Some would say super powers, some would say laughable powers. But none-the-less it is down to these would be heros to save the world from the evil doer known only as.... "The Glove".

Sign ups

Hero/Villan Name: Your hero name of course
Alias: Your real name
Age: Obviously
Gender: This too
Personality: And this
Description: This isn't new, though you can make yourself a super hero costume if you want. Make it as extravegant as you want.
Special Abilites: What your laughable but some how useful in a weird sort of way powers are. Some may have to be approved. Weapons can be included, but only if they are directly linked to your ability.
Plot: If your a villian, what do your plans for the world entail.
Other: Everyone's favourite.

Any number of characters each. Jeff is open for a person to use. Other bad guys can be made up, but not many. lets say, just 2 other baddies. One is reserved for Mystic Clwon, so that only makes it 1 baddie.


Hero Name: Fruit Bowl
Alias: Edward Bowl
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Personality: Fruity. Heh. Very lively, almost tropical. Is always dancing or singing to himself. Never seems to be ain a bad mood.
Description: Wears an hawain shirt that is very bright and colourful. Also has comabtish shorts on, and sandles on feet. Tanned complextion, quite short measuring in at only 5 foot. Has average length blonde hair, all spiked up. This is all he ever wears now. Though possibly alternates between different, yet equally as vibrant shirts. Who needs to change, when you have fruit?
Special Abilites: Has the ability to transform anything he touches into it's equivulent weight in any kind of fruit. This doesn't work on living things. Said fruit is edible.

Villan Name: The Glove
Alias: Just the glove..
Age: Been in a storage compartment for about 4 months, was broken out of sterilised stasis just this morning. So, a day.
Gender: Erm.. we'll say male. But really, genderless.
Personality: Well the Glove has never been sentient before, so it's never handled personalites before. It's very erratic, mixing between many different personalities all the time.
Description: It's a glove. Well ok. Think of Thing from the Addams Family. Make him into a plastic glove, and makes him green and glowing. We have "the Glove"
Special Abilites: Well setience is a big skill, having only been a lifeless glove before. Is very handy with a tool kit. Is quite heavy handed in a fist fight.
Plot: Having just come into existence, The Glove is pained to see how gloves are treated. Discarded after use, used only to handle things that humans don't want to dirty their hands. Liberation of gloves everywhere!! And optinal dominance over all sentient beings of course.


Also i just thought I'd add this. This is set in a ficticious city. Kinda like Springfield (Simpsons) i'd imagine, but bigger with lots more things. Feel free to suggest names for it. I'll pick the best one when the RPG starts.

Krystalline Kabutops
11th June 2003, 05:14 PM
I've been waiting for this ever since you posted the idea.

Hero/Villan Name: Rerun
Alias: Jack Runer
Age: 17
Gender: M
Personality: He's very goofy and random, but it's all an act. He can be very serious and intelligent when need be.
Description: he's tall, 6'4, and wears a yellow shirt with black shorts. He wears a mask that looks like a TV screen that shows whatever mask he feels like wearing, and a black and yellow cape.
Special Abilities: He can transmit any tv show into an opponent's mind, either makeing them euphoric with Babewatch or driving them insane with Barney. He also does videos and DVDs!
Plot: bwee.....
Other: *whacks other with three week old underwear* :>

Tyler and Hobbes
11th June 2003, 05:48 PM
Hero Name: Good looking guy
Alias: Guy Lookiner
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Personality: He try's to stay serious buit can't. He is not superficial, as long as the girl smiles at him or even if she doesn't. Dumb. He has a good heart but he is extremely dumb.
Description:A blue tux. His hair is very lathery and he has blue eyes.
Special Abilites: Can't think about anything except women. He has the luck of fools a fake gun and a theme song. He can blind you with his shiny teeth. He also is eristable to women.

11th June 2003, 07:23 PM
This is funny! XD I like it!

Hero/Villan Name: Anima
Alias: Kristen Bevell
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: She's really enthusiastic about anything, and rather hyper as well. She is pretty smart for her age, but she doesn't show it much since she's too busy being optimistic and gazing at every thing. Plus she trips over things, A LOT.
Description: When she isn't some one else, she looks like this:
http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/mysticmeg/24/Ayashi/Images/Anime/AnC-Aya2.jpg <- clicky there.
Special Abilites: Whenever she trips over some thing, she goes, "POOF" in an anime-style cloud, and turns into an identical copy of some Anime/Manga character. Of course, this does NOT mean she has their powers by far. She only LOOKS like them... (example: if she looks like Goku, she does not have his powers. She still has her own strength (which is nothing) and has no energy powers what-so-ever.) Plus, if they come with a weapon... she has no clue how to use them, and usually destroys them or loses them in some off-hand way.
Plot: N/A Not a villian
Other: She came with a friend named Ryan.

Hero/Villan Name: Kitty (They call him that to make him mad, he prefurs to be just called Ryan.)
Alias: Ryan McCath
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: He's really serious, and very down to earth. Probably going to be the smartest person in this whole wacky bunch. He's pessimistic in a way, and was only dragged on this stupid tour because Kristen told him he'd get extra credit. He was tinking of the 'wrong extra credit.' ^^ Bad boy.
Description: He looks like a nice normal boy:
http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/mysticmeg/24/Ayashi/Images/Anime/AnC-Yuuhi2.jpg <- clicky there.
Special Abilites: Whenever anyone gives a command or directly asks him some thing, he HAS to do it. (Example: Come here! Show me that! Tell me what he said... ) If he doesn't, he gets dizzy and eventually turns into a fuzzy black kitten. He also can't lie either.
Other: Dragged into this insanity because of Kristen.

Hope that's good! ^^

Totodile Lover
11th June 2003, 08:08 PM
Hero/Villan Name: Diavolo (Devil in Italian, or something like that.. I know it means devil.)
Alias: Jennifer(Thats new -.-)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Personality: Tends to be hard, out going, and is almost always serious, but does have a funny side of her dark world, she doesn't really show it, kinda like hard on the outside but sweet in the inside.(how come to my mind that doesn't sound so right...)
Description: errr likesthis!!! (http://content.clearchannel.com/Photos/female_celebrities/jennifer_lopez/j-lo_affleck_GI.jpg) (but with black track pants..) and wears http://www.3dnews.ru/documents/3911/shinobi.jpg when so called "Fight evil glove minions"
special abilities~
Not able to control her pyro ability tends to light things on fire, if her temper gets out of hand everything can be lit on fire, she can even light herself on fire.
Plot: ... shes not evil.
Other: He has a Secret Samurai Sowrd, if only she knew how to realy use it for good. Also drives this http://www.irfanview.com/foto/car.jpg

Krystalline Kabutops
11th June 2003, 08:57 PM
Ooh! I missed the multiple sign-up thing. Here's my second!

Hero/Villan Name: Brix
Alias: Alex Andrews
Age: 18
Gender: M
Personality: He's very mature and thiks toys are below him. He's the kinda guy who couldn't wait to turn 16 and get a car.
Description: He's about 6'2, with white hair and lots of leather clothes.
Special Abilites: He becomes a random Lego set whenever he eats anything with meat, and inherits that set's power (if any). He actually becomes that set's size, and only gets back to human if he's exposed to sugar, which he hates. He loves meat, so this happens often.
Plot: *eats*
Other: People like to try to disassemble him while he's a Lego set, which make him wary of 5 year olds. -.-

11th June 2003, 09:36 PM
Hero/Villan Name: Lyrik
Alias: Kaiya Laurens
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Easily confused. Very easily confused. She often sports a blank stare, and studders alot with her words, as it takes a while to gather her thoughts. Has her twitter moments, and the "Oh my freakin' gawd I'm the smartest thing on the earth" moments. Well, not that far as a stretch. Always seems to extremely calm and never panics, unless in awful moments where that's the last thing you can do. Of course, she loves to sing, and does it whenever she can - though her voice kinda... well, sucks. ^_^; She tries hard, though, but she's not very succesful - in anything! She's one of those loveable morons. O.o
Description: Stands near 5'8", with piercing grey eyes and long, flowing chestnut hair, with mildly tanned skin. Her teeth are slightly pointed, also, prompting her beliefs as a vampire. Or, atleast, she thinks she's a vampire but she has an obsession which makes her believe she could be one, though she isn't really. She usually wears a black peasent top adorned with silver and crimson, and a pair of dark blue flared jeans. She also wears a thin silver chained necklace, with a tiny ebony music note attached to the end.
Special Abilites: She can conjure... song lyrics?! O_o Any song just so happens to pop into her head, she begins to sing it - though in a horrible, shrill voice. Atleast those, with, uh... "evil ears". To those who are good, it seems to be a normal voice. To those who intentions are evil, they are forced to listen to her horrible, piercing screeching of various songs that often cause dizzyness and deafness to her foes.
Plot: Uh... cookies! (Otherwise - none.)
Other: Uh... more cookies?

12th June 2003, 03:37 AM
I'd like to reserve a villian spot please.

12th June 2003, 02:40 PM
Hero Name: Mr. Blend
Alias: Thaddeus Xavier
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: Tall, around 5' 9", has had silver hair ever since he gained his powers, before it was brown, green eyes, athletic
Special Abilities: If he stands still, he will become invisible for he will take on the patters behind him, but unfortunately if he moves it will be easy to notice him. He is forgetful so sometimes is caughtm, and beaten every now and then like when he was caught while spying in the Girl's locker room.
Plot: blah...none
Other: double blah...none

RaZoR LeAf
12th June 2003, 03:10 PM
Opaque Onigoori - Nice.

Fire Guardian - Lol, I love it!

Bulbasaur4 - They are great too. Love the kitten one.

Totodile LOver - Nice car..

Opaquae Onigoori - Again.. o.0.. Lego man! Fantastic!

Discothéque - Heh, that's kinda like one of the powers conjured up in the story this is based off.

Mystic_Clown - Reserved for you.

OpOp32 - Great!

12th June 2003, 05:04 PM
Hehe, now this sounds fun...

Hero Name: Animal Boy
Alias: Mike Rampart
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Personality: Very friendly and nice, seems to know how to deal with most people; can be sarcastic or humorous at times, but not when it's inappropriate. Has the kind of personality that makes you know that he's the kind who wouldn't harm a fly unless it was being unnecessarily mean.

Description: Fairly tall, just above 6', with a buzz cut of brown hair, deep green eyes, and a tannish complexion; not very muscular, but he's stronger than he looks. He usually wears short or long sleeved T-shirts over baggyish jeans or jean shorts, and wears either slightly bulky sneakers on socks or sandals (only when he's also wearing shorts). He always has a black cap and a black YakPak with him wherever he goes.

Special Abilites: Can turn inanimate objects into any animal of that size; can't change anything animalistic (plants he can do). It's harder to do larger objects into animals, but still possible (i.e. nearly impossible to turn a skyscraper into a blue whale, even if the building was devoid of animal life); cannot turn anything into a convincing human, because the animal would only focus on instincts (in other words, he could make a human, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as sentient, and it wouldn't be clothed). Also, he can rarely control these animals, although he can change them back to their inanimate state at any time.

Other: Computer geek/nerd/know-it-all; you really can't tell it by his looks, though

Hero Name: Rose Breath
Alias: Kathy Derose
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Personality: Seems to be a very ditzy blonde, but she really isn't; life just seems to throw accidents her way and she falls into them. She's a really good friend once you get to know her. Now that she has some kind of power (no matter how strange) she's trying to show that she's not really ditzy; however, she's not having much luck.

Description: Around 5'6", with flowing blond hair to her shoulders, bright blue eyes that sparkle when you look at them, and a very fair complexion; her body frame is small, and she doesn't seem to have a lot of muscle; she's pretty much the definition of "cute". She normally wears tank top and shorts sets of bright colors, especially blue (her favorite color), with either flip-flops to match or white sneakers on white socks. She also has a pair of blue rectangular-framed glasses because she's slightly nearsighted (new thing for my characters...).

Special Abilites: Can do various supernatural things when she holds her breath. She can float (not fly) up to about 20 feet above the ground, she can turn herself invisible, she can turn herself transparent (able to walk through solid objects), or she can lift immense weights easily. However, she can only do one of these at a time when she holds her breath, and she needs about a minute in between breaths to do it again.

Other: Hehe, ditzy blonde *gets smacked by Kathy* X_x' ow...

12th June 2003, 05:21 PM
Hero/Villain Name: The Magician
Alias: David Wily
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Personality: This guy is a total psycho. He loves to wreck havoc and loves to give orders. He can be a bit of a sucker for a pretty face. He has a lethal temper.
Description: He has back length, blue hair and brown eyes. He wears a purple suit with a yellow collar and really long tails. He also wears green pants, white shoes and white gloves, a red and purple striped top hat with a large red brim and it flops over his face. He also has a green flower on his suit.
Special Abilities: He pulls random, and virtually useless objects out of his top hat.
Plot: He wants to plunge the city into total chaos and cause a disaster he intitled 'Total Meltdown'. He'll do this by any means necessary.
Other: Everyone's favourite.

RaZoR LeAf
13th June 2003, 02:14 AM
VP and Mystic Clown - Both very nice.

Loads of sign ups, i'll start this when I get home from Uni tonight.

13th June 2003, 03:55 PM
~Villan Name: Necromancer
~Alias: Real name is unknown, but goes by Nick in public.
~Age: Unknown (again XD), but looks 21 or so.
~Gender: M
~Personality: Very mysterious, he doesn't let people know what he's thinking. He stays away from public events. He is semi-insane, and is very manipulative. He kills for pleasure, and will kill someone who's down without so much as blinking.
~Description: His identity is shrouded by a black cloak. In his normal form, he has black hair and dark brown eyes, and is very pale.
~Special Abilites: He can change parts of himself (eyes, ears, hands, etc.) into that of an animal or weapon (besides a gun; the waepons part just refers to his hands). He can usually control these changes, though occasionally they will just happen on their own (i.e. his arm will spontaneously change into a bear's or soemthing). He tends to not notice for quite awhile when this happens, and when he does notice he tends to get very p!ssed off.
~Plot: World domination... You know, that old chestnut.
~Other: *stabs other with katana, calmly walks away*

13th June 2003, 05:34 PM
Bloody brilliant! I start a spoof superhero RPG and no one joins, now RL starts one and EVERYONE joins. Living proof everyone hates me :mad: Oh, and fireguardian, your character is so blatantly a rip-off of Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World when he has that fantasy about being a spy. I know all and see all! I'm gonna join this, anyway.

Hero Name: Senor Pizza
Alias: Joe Gonzales
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Has a huge ego and thinks he's God's gift to women. At least, he was before his mutation :) He is hot-tempered and is willing to show-off all the time. He's basically the guy who annoys everyone but is somewhat useful.
Description: He looks humanoid, but his body is made entirely out of melted cheese and tomato sauce, like a pizza. He wears bright red underpants and a red and yellow Senor Pizza elblem on his chest. The only visible facial features are two bright white eyes and a bright white mouth. He also speaks with a Spanish accent.
Special Abilites: His body is made entirely out of melted cheese and tomato sauce, making him look like a human pizza. He only needs to eat pizza to stay healthy and if he stores up pizza stores then he can eat it to regenerate in battle. His abilities include that he is a bit like Spiderman; he can stick to walls and use his pizza to make webs and to swing from building.

RaZoR LeAf
14th June 2003, 02:02 PM
Sorry 'bout that HPK.

HPK + Nab - Accepted.

I've psoted a starting topic, so be sure to check it out.