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Silver Ledian
12th June 2003, 01:10 PM
Hi, I was sitting eating a big bag of crisps 2 nights ago while watching t.v. and as I was flicking through the channels this programme about healthy food and diets came on. In all honesty it made me feel like beach whale even though I'm not even fat...nevertheless it made me look at myself and think.

So here's a few polls I'd be interested in hearing answers to:

1) What is your general diet (what do you normally eat)?
2) Do you exercise much?
3) Would you consider yourself healthy/unhealthy? Why?
4) Do you really care? Are you happy with yourself?


1) I normally eat a good cereal for breakfast and for lunch I often have sandwiches. I drink water a lot too, which is good but I have constant cravings for crisps and biscuits etc. which are very unhealthy foods. I'd prefer to eat less of this junk but because I'm bored so often it's what I end up doing.

2) No. Since the school year is coming to an end I won't be doing P.E. and that's really the only exercise I got.

3) For my age, I'd consider myself rather unhealthy because I spend too much time in the house rather than going out/walking etc. I also believe my diet is poorly structured. That's disappoints me.

4) Yes, I do. I'm not looking for a 6-pack or anything but I would prefer if I had a reasonably flat front and a bit of muscle...I lack exercise and when I compare myself to others I feel a bit bad.

I'm not actually 'fat' but I still feel bad about myself at times. But I'm not bulimic or anything either, it's probably the whole teenager thing. What about you? :)

12th June 2003, 01:13 PM
Balanced Diet? Hell no, I eat mainly junk food sadly, some veg is ok but only a bit, I eat fruit now and then too but i do drink alot of fresh fruit juice and water.

12th June 2003, 08:35 PM
1) I pretty much live on chicken, lettuce, cheese, bread, and fruits lol, maybe some pasta or rice or some other vegetables sometimes.

2) Yep, a lot...

3) More or less, I really dunno.

4) I don't really care that much, and I am happy with myself I guess

Crystal Mew
12th June 2003, 09:49 PM
Hey Eamon :wave:

1. Durning summer, I have hardly been eating breakfast o_O; maybe its the whole 'sleeping in' thing..oir maybe we dont have any good breakfast food...actually, its both. Then for lunch I normally have a sandwich, or leftovers, then for dinner, normally a salad, plus whatever my mom fixes :)

2. eh....not really :x not since summer started....gah, I need to go ride my bike....I should do that after this post...

3. well, I'm skinny, but I'm not in shape, so, no, I'm not really that 'healthy' I need to excercise WAY more than I do.... :/

4. Well, I feel bad that I dont get enough excercise, cause it makes me feel crummy :| *as in...sick crummy* so when I excerxise, I always feel better. I should start riding my bike again...

Thanks Eamon :) this poll has convicted me to go outside and ride my bike till it burns :yes:

13th June 2003, 03:00 AM
1. It's a bit hard typing every single food that I eat... I do eat at every meal though.

2. A little bit, walking around school and I have one PE class.

3. I guess, I eat a reasonable balance. I could eat a hippo and not gain a kilo :P

4. Fine by me. If I was unhappy, I'd do something.

13th June 2003, 05:58 AM
I used to have the worst diet... hit 200 lbs... bleah, I'm down to 190 and losing thanks to better eating habits and watching what i eat ;x

13th June 2003, 06:07 AM
1. well,what do i eat? usually i eat some chips,bread,chickenwings,burgers etc. and what do we usually have on meal,some pasta,rice,wieners... i think i eat pretty much,but still i ain't fat.

2. the only exercise i get is walkin' my dog couple of times a day about one hour at a time.

3. i think i'm really unhealthy for my age.
- i'm a really slow runner.
- i'm almost always tired.
- i have a really bad heart. sometimes i have a really sharp pain in my heart (got any idea how that hurts!),and i think sometimes it beats way too hard and fast.

4. well,actually i'm not happy with my self at all,maybe i should do somethin' 'bout it.

13th June 2003, 06:19 AM
1) What is your general diet (what do you normally eat)?

cereal... cheesecrisps... sandwiches... yum

2) Do you exercise much?

at least 2 hours a day, ;)

3) Would you consider yourself healthy/unhealthy? Why?

yes, very...

4) Do you really care? Are you happy with yourself?

not really... yes i am, im sexy *kisses bicep*

15th June 2003, 04:12 AM
Originally posted by Fishchicken

- i have a really bad heart. sometimes i have a really sharp pain in my heart (got any idea how that hurts!),and i think sometimes it beats way too hard and fast.

how about taking some medicine if you wish to keep those chips and wieners? please,just go to doctor and see what he/she say.

15th June 2003, 09:17 AM
Don't feel bad about yourself. If you want to be more fit, just do some simple things. Like, a good stomach and arm exercise is to get in the push up position, and hold it. Do it while watching tv, and you're set. It's cool to watch a whole movie or a few programs, then realize you've held it for 2 hours.

The main thing that makes you healthy isn't just physical, it's mental. If you're happy about your life, you'll feel good about everything, and you won't worry. It's good to be opened minded, but ya know if you wanna change something, apply yourself. From what I can tell you're not handicapped, so you could just do a few exercises for 30 minutes, and you'd be set. The very important thing is, enjoy your exercise. Have fun doing it.

1) What is your general diet (what do you normally eat)?
I take in all the food groups basically. You name it, I eat it. Cept squash. Ew.
2) Do you exercise much?
Yeah, I do. I'm a bigger fanatic of it now, and I do it for 3 hours at most.
3) Would you consider yourself healthy/unhealthy? Why?
I consider myself healthy because I don't take drugs, and i'm generally happy about my life and me. I don't have a reason to feel unhealthy at all. ^^
4) Do you really care? Are you happy with yourself?
Nah, I don't worry about it. But it's fun to exercise for a week and see yourself get stronger and faster. I love myself, because I have it way too good, and i'm doing what I like. I mean it lol. I get spoiled so bad.

Goo day.:wave:

15th June 2003, 12:27 PM
1) Nope...not at all...i eat abowt everything...from fruit and junkfood all by the truckload, but somehow i stay skinny...its scary.

2) Yea i guess...i do sports at my school and thats exercise enough for one day (for it like six days a week)...then on the weekends i mite bike or run.

3) I believe im healthy...i dont have any problems or anything when exercising and i can go for a while so i guess so.

4) Completely fine wit myself...im not built like some of my friends but im not out of shape like others so im totally kool wit myself.


15th June 2003, 01:22 PM
1) What is your general diet (what do you normally eat)?

I normally eat Ramen. Seriously, Ramen is, like, my staple food. That and hot pockets. If I'm hungry, I just grab one out of the freezer, shove it in the microwave and eat. I also eat whatever candy I can get my hands on. And pizza. I eat pizza almost every time I go to the mall.

2) Do you exercise much?

Does walking around the mall for hours with a heavy backpack for hours on end count as exercise? If so, then yes, I exercise plenty.

3) Would you consider yourself healthy/unhealthy? Why?

I'm pretty healthy, I guess. I'm skinny, in any case.

4) Do you really care? Are you happy with yourself?

Yeah, I'm happy with myself. If I'm not the healthiest person on earth, so what? I don't care. It's not like it makes me a bad person or anything.

16th June 2003, 11:25 AM
1) What is your general diet (what do you normally eat)?

Ok, I usually eat cereal, cereal, and... more cereal. Well actually, I just eat whatever is available whenever I am hungry. I have a well balanced diet, as far as nutrition goes. I get good amounts of nutriets, vitamins, minerals, etc. that I need.

2) Do you exercise much?

I exercise quite a bit. I'm on the swim team, which keeps my endurance and stamina from lapsing. I am in martial arts, which means I am very flexible.

3) Would you consider yourself healthy/unhealthy? Why?

I would consider myself happy. I've never taken tests to find out my cholestrol level, etc., but, I've never had any medical problems that could be triggered by unhealthy eating habits. I think I am in very good shape, being 5'10" and weighing 120 lbs.

4) Do you really care? Are you happy with yourself?

I care about myself, and my healthiness, and well as my physical and mental condition. Am I happy with myself? I'm my biggest fan!

16th June 2003, 09:38 PM
1) Oh, whatever's lying around. XD Um, I have the boxed mac & cheese, frozen pizzas, mozzarella cheese sticks, toast, chicken, biscuits, snack foods. Most of the time, just whatever I can stick in an oven, fryer, or toaster. Heh. I eat salads sometimes, not enough, but it takes a while to pick out all the greenest pieces of lettuce in the package, and I hate the white crunchy stuff. Bah, I'm pathetic.

2) Lately, I haven't. All I do is write, watch tv, or play video games. I'd really like to start exercising more though... =/ It was easier when I was a kid, because we had a pool and lots of neat exercising equipment. I used to love exercising and lifting weights. I remember bragging in 3rd grade, because I could lift my own weight with one machine. X.X;

3) Unhealthy. Most of what I drink is Dr. Pepper. And I don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. It's one of those things where I KNOW I should change, but..never get around to it or don't have time.

4) I dunno really. I'd like to lose a little weight at some point, maybe 20 lbs. I always feel like I'm fat, because I weigh around 140 lbs. I still think some of it is muscle weight, though.

Thanks for starting this poll, I was actually thinking of nutrition earlier today and kind of abandoned it. Maybe I'll be inspired to eat more salads now. :D