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RaZoR LeAf
14th June 2003, 02:04 PM
Super Heros.. haha... sure

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LSU's accepted, please fully read the entire sign up topic, including everyone elses post so nothing gets repeated.

Everybody starts doing whatever they want. You hear the news somehow and decide what you want to decide. It's very open.

Villan Name: The Glove
Alias: Just the glove..
Age: Been in a storage compartment for about 4 months, was broken out of sterilised stasis just this morning. So, a day.
Gender: Erm.. we'll say male. But really, genderless.
Personality: Well the Glove has never been sentient before, so it's never handled personalites before. It's very erratic, mixing between many different personalities all the time.
Description: It's a glove. Well ok. Think of Thing from the Addams Family. Make him into a plastic glove, and makes him green and glowing. We have "the Glove"
Special Abilites: Well setience is a big skill, having only been a lifeless glove before. Is very handy with a tool kit. Is quite heavy handed in a fist fight.
Plot: Having just come into existence, The Glove is pained to see how gloves are treated. Discarded after use, used only to handle things that humans don't want to dirty their hands. Liberation of gloves everywhere!! And optinal dominance over all sentient beings of course.

The Glove

"Give it to me! Give it to meee!! Give it!! Give! Give it to me!!"
The stupid machine finally dispersed with it's pleasentries and released a bar of chocolate into the tray. I picked it up and began to unwrap it's sugary goodness.
"Ack! It's impossible to unwrap things with one hand! Curse these stupid wrappers, that's another thing to add to my hate list!"
I lept down off the table and scurried across the floor back to my office. The one I had borrowed from the plant owner after tortuing him into submission with a Screw Driver and an apple core.
"Jeff!? Jeff where are you!?" I called out. I drummed my fingers across the table as I waited. It had taken me 6 hours to master drumming my fingers without toppling over. Being a hand is difficult. Finally, my impossible chief minion managed to gloop his way into my office.
"Don't make a mess on my floor." I spouted. It seems the radioactive doughnut had side effects on Jeff too. He'd become half human half slug. Unfortunate, but he left a shiney trail behind him that made him easy to locate. Can't touch salt though, which is a pity I like salt on my food.
"Jeff! Add another name to my hate list 'Easy Unwrap wrappers'. Put it at about number 7, under 'Enslave planet'!"
Jeff scribbled the note down and began to leave again.
"Unwrap my chocolate!!" I yelled. Jeff turned back, unwrapped my chocolate and watched as i held it infront of me with glee.
"How do you eat?" He asked."How do you talk? In fact how do you even tell where you're going? You don't have any eyes. Or mouth, or anything.."
I jumped up and slapped Jeff across the face.
"Quiet fool. I am The Glove. I don't answer to the likes of you. Get back to work!"

I hopped up onto the window ledge and looked down at the tiny little green tanks that were stopping outside the plant's gates. I love this building, it's taller rather than wider. I love looking down on things.
"Release the Radioactive Doughnut!" I scream. There's a clunking noise, and a giant glowing iced doughnut falls infront of the tanks. I hit the speaker phone button so I can talk outside the building. The audio static crackles away and I begin my nasty speech. I'd written this down 3 hours ago, and spent 5 horus before that trying to learn how to write. Do you know how hard it is to do anything when you're center of gravity relies on standing still? No, i don't think you do do you?!
"People of this town, whom I have yet to learn the name of! I am The Glove, and I will be reffered to only as The Glove for that is who I am. As you can see, i have taken control of this power plant and am operating my dastardly schemes out of it. You will be pleased to know I will not be turneding off your power supplies. Instead I will be enslaving your species and dominating the world as my own."
A shot flew off from a tank, smashing into the doughnut sending flaky pastry and icing everywhere.
"As you can see! Your weapons have no effect on this radioactivly charged super douhgnut. It's pastry exterior can repel any force. I thank you for listening to this broadcast, now get back to work!"
More shot fired off as i switched the speaker phone off. The doughnut didn't flinch. This would be fun.
"Jeff, bring me a cup of tea!"

Hero Name: Fruit Bowl
Alias: Edward Bowl
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Personality: Fruity. Heh. Very lively, almost tropical. Is always dancing or singing to himself. Never seems to be in a bad mood.
Description: Wears an hawain shirt that is very bright and colourful. Also has comabtish shorts on, and sandles on feet. Tanned complextion, quite short measuring in at only 5 foot. Has average length blonde hair, all spiked up. This is all he ever wears now. Though possibly alternates between different, yet equally as vibrant shirts. Who needs to change, when you have fruit?
Special Abilites: Has the ability to transform anything he touches into it's equivulent weight in any kind of fruit. This doesn't work on living things. Said fruit is edible.

Edward Bowl aka "Fruit Bowl" (m)

"Wait wait, i can do this..."
I touched the box and concentrated. The box fell apart, as it turned into hundreds of cherries. The cherries rolled across the floor uder all the customers feet.
"Hmm. Hang on, let me try again.."
I touched another box, and this time, about 15 pineapples rolled across the floor."
"Sir, i could make a fruit salad to end all fruit salads with the fruit you come up with, but what I am after is a Cabbage." The tall man looming over me asked.
"A CABBAGE! I don't DO Cabbages. Only FRUIT!"
The man huffed then walked out, squashing cherries as he left.
"Nooo! My precious cherries!" I dropped to the floor to pick the remaining pineapples when a tune started playing on the radio. It was so relaxing i decided to dance. I didn't really notice the wide eyed shocked customers slowly backing out of the store. I just danced. And sang. I made up the lyrics. Then the song stopped.
"This News flash is brough to you now. The Power Plant has been taken over by an unknown person refering to himself only as 'The Glove'. He is threatening world domination and enslavement if we do not conform to his wishes. So far the police and army have failed to gain entry to the plant, which seems to be protected by somekind of giant doughnut."
Then I remembered the talking glove yesterday at the tour through the plant. That must be the same one.
"If that glove enslaves the world, then there'll be no fruit to eat! I can't let that happen!" I shout out. I realise there is no one in the shop any more. I have a quick glance around to make sure no one is hiding in the store room, then rush home to find some more suitable clothes.

Totodile Lover
14th June 2003, 03:57 PM
Hero/Villan Name: Diavolo (Devil in Italian, or something like that.. I know it means devil.)
Alias: Jennifer(Thats new -.-)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Personality: Tends to be hard, out going, and is almost always serious, but does have a funny side of her dark world, she doesn't really show it, kinda like hard on the outside but sweet in the inside.(how come to my mind that doesn't sound so right...)
Description: errr likesthis!!! (http://content.clearchannel.com/Photos/female_celebrities/jennifer_lopez/j-lo_affleck_GI.jpg) (but with black track pants..) and wears http://www.3dnews.ru/documents/3911/shinobi.jpg when so called "Fight evil glove minions"
special abilities~
Not able to control her pyro ability tends to light things on fire, if her temper gets out of hand everything can be lit on fire, she can even light herself on fire.
Plot: ... shes not evil.
Other: she has a Secret Samurai Sowrd, if only she knew how to realy use it for good. Also drives this http://www.irfanview.com/foto/car.jpg

"I thought you said you could light the candle not me!" I watched as my sister, Julia ran around screaming her head off as I watched. I sighed to myself, I had caught her butt on fire, I really hadn't ment to.. Atleast I hadn't caught my car on fire, then what was more importent annoying older sister, or brand new sports car...
"Car..." I muttered walking out of the room shaking my head sadly, I sighed and grabbed me keys and Sword and threw it in my trunk.
The motor rang out quietly as soon I was in town, I passed by the powerplant, my foot automaticly stopped, a giant doughnut was defeating tank, I just stared..
"This News flash is brough to you now. The Power Plant has been taken over by an unknown person refering to himself only as 'The Glove'. He is threatening world domination and enslavement if we do not conform to his wishes. So far the police and army have failed to gain entry to the plant, which seems to be protected by somekind of giant doughnut."
I glanced at my radio then at the doughnut.. The glove? I sighed, and started my car again, and continued on my way.
I stood at the edge of a forest, and put both me hands together, focusing I shoot my eyes open and watched as every tree wasn't touched, only a circle of fire surrounded me..
"I'll never get this right.."

14th June 2003, 05:06 PM
Hero/Villain Name: The Magician
Alias: David Wily
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Personality: This guy is a total psycho. He loves to wreck havoc and loves to give orders. He can be a bit of a sucker for a pretty face. He has a lethal temper.
Description: He has back length, blue hair and brown eyes. He wears a purple suit with a yellow collar and really long tails. He also wears green pants, white shoes and white gloves, a red and purple striped top hat with a large red brim and it flops over his face. He also has a green flower on his suit.
Special Abilities: He pulls random, and virtually useless objects out of his top hat.
Plot: He wants to plunge the city into total chaos and cause a disaster he intitled 'Total Meltdown'. He'll do this by any means necessary.
Other: Everyone's favourite.

I'll do his intro later.

Krystalline Kabutops
14th June 2003, 05:32 PM
Hero/Villan Name: Rerun
Alias: Jack Runer
Age: 17
Gender: M
Personality: He's very goofy and random, but it's all an act. He can be very serious and intelligent when need be.
Description: he's tall, 6'4, and wears a yellow shirt with black shorts. He wears a mask that looks like a TV screen that shows whatever mask he feels like wearing, and a black and yellow cape.
Special Abilities: He can transmit any tv show into an opponent's mind, either makeing them euphoric with Babewatch or driving them insane with Barney. He also does videos and DVDs!
Plot: bwee.....
Other: *whacks other with three week old underwear* :>

Hero/Villan Name: Brix
Alias: Alex Andrews
Age: 18
Gender: M
Personality: He's very mature and thiks toys are below him. He's the kinda guy who couldn't wait to turn 16 and get a car.
Description: He's about 6'2, with white hair and lots of leather clothes.
Special Abilites: He becomes a random Lego set whenever he eats anything with meat, and inherits that set's power (if any). He actually becomes that set's size, and only gets back to human if he's exposed to sugar, which he hates. He loves meat, so this happens often.
Plot: *eats*
Other: People like to try to disassemble him while he's a Lego set, which make him wary of 5 year olds. -.-

I sighed as I rummaged around in the cuboard. Suddenly, a box of wheat thins fell and toppled me. I heaved it off, and continued looking. In case you're wondering why a box of wheat thins had almost squashed me, it was because I was a Lego set at the moment.
Lerahk, (http://bzpower.com/Imaging/stories/lerahk_glamourpose.jpg) to be precise. I was looking for the box of donuts Mom had gotten yesterday. I had to eat one and get back to normal. I was missing American Chopper. Fianlly, I managed to pull the donuts down. They toppled to the floor, and I jumped down as well. Prying open the lid with my staff, I jumped in, and started to munch. It was very childish, but it had the desired affect. In moments I was back to human. "I'll never give up burgers. NEVER!" I announced as I flopped down on the couch and drank some Dr. Pepper.


I sighed as my baby bro cried "Do it again! Do it again!" Resigned, I concentrated on him, and he started to ooh and aah. I guessed he had gotten barney, judging by the look on his face. I flopped into a chair and pulled out some pizza to eat while he watched. I wished I could do it to myself. Uncensored babewatch, here I come! Still, whenever someone bugged me, they did get a one-way trip to the tellatubbies. At least I dould eat pizza while my bro watched his crap.

15th June 2003, 02:34 AM
Hero/Villan Name: Anima
Alias: Kristen Bevell
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: She's really enthusiastic about anything, and rather hyper as well. She is pretty smart for her age, but she doesn't show it much since she's too busy being optimistic and gazing at every thing. Plus she trips over things, A LOT.
Description: When she isn't some one else, she looks like this:
http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/...e/AnC-Aya2.jpg <- clicky there.
Special Abilites: Whenever she trips over some thing, she goes, "POOF" in an anime-style cloud, and turns into an identical copy of some Anime/Manga character. Of course, this does NOT mean she has their powers by far. She only LOOKS like them... (example: if she looks like Goku, she does not have his powers. She still has her own strength (which is nothing) and has no energy powers what-so-ever.) Plus, if they come with a weapon... she has no clue how to use them, and usually destroys them or loses them in some off-hand way.
Plot: N/A Not a villian
Other: She came with a friend named Ryan.

Hero/Villan Name: Kitty (They call him that to make him mad, he prefurs to be just called Ryan.)
Alias: Ryan McCath
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: He's really serious, and very down to earth. Probably going to be the smartest person in this whole wacky bunch. He's pessimistic in a way, and was only dragged on this stupid tour because Kristen told him he'd get extra credit. He was tinking of the 'wrong extra credit.' ^^ Bad boy.
Description: He looks like a nice normal boy:
http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/.../AnC-Yuuhi2.jpg <- clicky there.
Special Abilites: Whenever anyone gives a command or directly asks him some thing, he HAS to do it. (Example: Come here! Show me that! Tell me what he said... ) If he doesn't, he gets dizzy and eventually turns into a fuzzy black kitten. He also can't lie either.
Other: Dragged into this insanity because of Kristen.

(I'll do their post together.)

Kristen aka "Anima" - F & Ryan aka "Kitty" - M

Kristen bellowed from upstairs as she quickly brushed her hair one more time, making sure it was good in all it's blonde-ness before she shut off the mini tv and ran downstairs. IT was there, that Ryan, her best friend... (not to mention, just a friend, they're families had forced them tointeract with each other.), was helping himself to a coke as he sat quietly at the table. Perhaps enjoying his drink.
Kristen suddenly shouted approximately six inches from his ear. This caused him to flop over, perhaps twitching in he agony of having his ear explode practically... until he finally brushed himself off and got to his feet.
"WHAT?!" He said rather irritably, as Kristen smiled with a sweet, all-too innocent gaze. Ryan found that rather annoying... that gaze... it seemed to be like a puppy face, except far more superior.
"I saw this news bulliten on the news!"
Ryan sweatdropped..
"Usually you DO see those on the news ya know."
"No no no! This thing... it's a glove, and he calls himself "The Glove""
Gee, how original.. Ryan thought, shaking his head slightly with a frown.
"He's threatening to take over the world by controling the power plant!"
Ryan sighed for a moment... he remembered that strange, twitchy-like glove from the plant.
Ryan wanted to kill the plant.


Many reasons.

Firstly, Ryan had not wanted to go to the dang plant in the first place. He did not like the idea of being surrounded by radio active weaponry or machinery of any sorts, and chemicals were hazardous and Ryan knew better. The only problem was, that Kristen had some how used her mysterious sweet-talking powers to make Ryan give in and go along. And thus, many series of accidents occured which had caused Ryan and Kristen to develope semi-abnormal talents.

Okay... really abnormal talents.

"WE GOTTA GO!! WE GOTTA SAVE THE WORLD!" Kristen exclaimed with her arms going wildly about the place, her eyes glistening with a strange, beautiful gaze of being so innocent and wanting to save th eworld. Her intelligence level may have not have been as high as Ryans, but she easily could con anyone to do what she wanted. She had that... sweet ness about her.
"No. Definately not. I'm NOT going back to that plant!"

"OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE?!" Kristen begged, but Ryan took a long swig of his coke and then gently placed it on the stool before him. He shook his head vigorously...
"No no no! That plant is filthy, dirty, already has tained our precious DNA and who knows what else, not to mention it's just too dangerous! We'll get killed... eaten alive by chemicals, or worse- that dang glove thing will feed us his radio-active... crap!"

Kristen was about to win Ryan over by using her famous, "PLLEASE?" and smile routine, when suddenly she made a motion towards Ryan and tripped over her albino calico cat. Kristen had a knack for tripping over things, which was not good.
Not good atll.
"NOO!" Ryan bellowed, but it was far too late.
Kristen fell to the floor as her cat yowled and ran off... and as Kristen fell to teh floor, an abnormal 'POOF' cloud filled th eair,making Kristen's body totally unvisible. When the cartoon-styled cloud finally disappeared... Ryan winced, wondering what aweful anime-creation would be there next.

To Ryan's utter disbelief, and rather amazement... Kristen had managed to turn into another anime character which she probably had an obsession with. Kristen, strangely, had tripped 20 times in the past 30 hours...and over half of them were male anime-characters. Now, she stood... twitching on the floor in pain, not as herself, but rather as the famous Inuyasha. (See attachment below if you do not know who inuyasha looks like. She'll be turning into him a lot. ^^)
"Oh boy, you've done it again." Ryan complained, shaking his head as slowly her ears twitched and she rose to her feet. Blinking slighty with her golden-slitted eyes, she glanced at herself and squealed.
"OOooo! I'm INUYASHA!! This was a GOOD one, far better then t urning into Vegeta last time!!"
The weirdest things about Kristen's transformation powers however, according to Ryan, was that she looked exactly like the character she turned into, including the weapons they had, and she even sounded like them too. However, sadly, she did not have any of their powers... which Ryan foudn odd.
"It's useless!"
"Whah?" Kristen cocked her head to the side, as Ryan shook his head.
"Never mind."
Kristen-Inuyasha shrugged, as she suddenly thought for a moment... and then got to her train of thought.
"So, can we go to the plant to save the wORLD?!"
"No." Ryan answered flatly.

After a while of thinking to herself... suddenly Kristen-Inuyasha smiled evilly.
"No Kristen... don't even think of it-" Ryan was going to threaten her, but it was too late.
"NOOOoo!" Ryan whinned, as his body began to tremble. His body was forcing him to walk to the plant... but his mind woudn't let him.
"I...will... not... go-" Ryan fought it, and thus the side affects took place.
Suddenly Ryan McCath was no longer a regular boy.
"I hate you Kristen, some times I really hate you."
Ryan said, and Kristen-Inuyasha gazed down smiling, as she saw a small, tiny and defenseless black kitten at her feet, glaring upwards with eerie green eyes at her. Reaching down she picked Ryan up, and smiled.
" Well, I guess this means we are going to the plant! Hurray!"

With that, Kristen-Inuyasha and Kitty Ryan were headed to the plant..

Little did they know, that man people would find a totally picture-perfect person who looked EXACTLY like Inuyasha, with ears attached and all... very odd. And the black kitten who was glaring was rather odd too. So thus, of course, this being so odd, they would probably meet another odd person. Or some one who thought that they were odd..

(lol, or maybe I just want interactment?)

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15th June 2003, 11:26 AM
Hero/Villan Name: Lyrik
Alias: Kaiya Laurens
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Easily confused. Very easily confused. She often sports a blank stare, and studders alot with her words, as it takes a while to gather her thoughts. Has her twitter moments, and the "Oh my freakin' gawd I'm the smartest thing on the earth" moments. Well, not that far as a stretch. Always seems to extremely calm and never panics, unless in awful moments where that's the last thing you can do. Of course, she loves to sing, and does it whenever she can - though her voice kinda... well, sucks. ^_^; She tries hard, though, but she's not very succesful - in anything! She's one of those loveable morons. O.o
Description: Stands near 5'8", with piercing grey eyes and long, flowing chestnut hair, with mildly tanned skin. Her teeth are slightly pointed, also, prompting her beliefs as a vampire. Or, atleast, she thinks she's a vampire but she has an obsession which makes her believe she could be one, though she isn't really. She usually wears a black peasent top adorned with silver and crimson, and a pair of dark blue flared jeans. She also wears a thin silver chained necklace, with a tiny ebony music note attached to the end.
Special Abilites: She can conjure... song lyrics?! O_o Any song just so happens to pop into her head, she begins to sing it - though in a horrible, shrill voice. Atleast those, with, uh... "evil ears". To those who are good, it seems to be a normal voice. To those who intentions are evil, they are forced to listen to her horrible, piercing screeching of various songs that often cause dizzyness and deafness to her foes.
Plot: Uh... cookies! (Otherwise - none.)
Other: Uh... more cookies?

Kaiya Laurens ~ Lyrik
Sighing heavily and tapping my pencil against my clipboard which held the piece of paper I was scribbling on, the radio changing from it's babbling of songs to... news? I detest news! Good for nothing news! Eeh. Nibbling idly on the doughnut I held in my hand and not really paying attention, though I did wonder what was going on.

"This News flash is brough to you now. The Power Plant has been taken over by an unknown person refering to himself only as 'The Glove'. He is threatening world domination and enslavement if we do not conform to his wishes. So far the police and army have failed to gain entry to the plant, which seems to be protected by somekind of giant doughnut."

Oh my gawwwwd! Glancing sharply towards my glazed doughnut, I narrowed my eyes and arched a brow. "Doughnut? Did you have a part in this?!"


"Speak to me!"


It was hopeless. Sighing and popping the rest in my mouth, the image from the plant drifted into my mind, remembering that odd, glowing, cackling glove that I thought was a tourist attraction. But why would a dangerous waist plant have tourist attactions? I guess because it was so smelly...

Standing up, flexing my arms and raising them in the air, my voice was proud as I exclaimed, "I will help save the world from the radioactive glove and... uh, doughnut!"

Though, I still couldn't believe doughnuts have betrayed us. It was sad, really. Standing up and yawning lightly, I walked out of my house, not evening bothering to get anything. I had to go in the plant. I had to ask that doughnut why it is so mean, and stuff. Strolling idly on the street and glancing around every few seconds, I noticed... Inuyasha and a black kitty? Blinking and striding up to them, whilst arching a brow, the ebony kitten shot me a glare.

"Stop staring."

With a shrill squeak, I bounced back, freaked out by the talking cat. But, obviously, an animé character wandering by didn't bother me.

"Are you going to the plant too?" I whimpered, oddly looking towards the kitten, who for some reason terrified me. Seriously, talking cats are scary.

15th June 2003, 02:59 PM
Hero Name: Senor Pizza
Alias: Joe Gonzales
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Has a huge ego and thinks he's God's gift to women. At least, he was before his mutation He is hot-tempered and is willing to show-off all the time. He's basically the guy who annoys everyone but is somewhat useful.
Description: He looks humanoid, but his body is made entirely out of melted cheese and tomato sauce, like a pizza. He wears bright red underpants and a red and yellow Senor Pizza elblem on his chest. The only visible facial features are two bright white eyes and a bright white mouth. He also speaks with a Spanish accent.
Special Abilites: His body is made entirely out of melted cheese and tomato sauce, making him look like a human pizza. He only needs to eat pizza to stay healthy and if he stores up pizza stores then he can eat it to regenerate in battle. His abilities include that he is a bit like Spiderman; he can stick to walls and use his pizza to make webs and to swing from building.


Senor Pizza

"Who am I? I am Senor Pizza, superhero extraordinaire, and not too bad with the ladies, if you know what I mean, heh heh heh, si?"
I looked at the man that stood in the doorway of his apartment wearing red and green striped boxer shorts and a beer-stained string-vest.
"Look, buddy, for the last time, I DID NOT ORDER A PIZZA," and with that he slammed the door in my face. I shrugged him off and turned around, instantly transfixed. This wonderful contraption, a beauty of nature, a marvel in science. Finally, someone that would understand me.
"Senor Pizza to the rescue! I jump into action like I would a pair of tight leather pants, si?" I said to the mirror. I dived out the window and saw a washing line crossing the roof-tops. I casually slung my pizza arm at it and it...missed completely. As I saw the floppy pizza arm dangle and fall, I realised this was slightly more serious than on first approach.
"That has never happened before, no?" I said to myself, then,
"MAAAAAAAAADREEEEEEEEE!" I yelled as I hit the pavement from a 15-storey fall and immediately became a real pizza. I sighed and tried to stand up. I almost had it when I saw two young ladies walking this way. I smiled (not visibly, obviously) and waited for them to come closer. They stopped just before they stepped on me.
"Ewww, what is THAT?"
"I, like, have no idea, but I am, like, creeping out, like."
I immediately jumped up into humanoid form and announced,
"Eh-heh-heh, do not fear, mamasitas, Senor Pizza means no harm, for I come with the message of true Spanish love, si?"
"Yeh, right, bozo, it's a bit early for halloween and that costume just spells out Senor Lameo."
"Yeah, like, get real, like, dude!"
They walked past me but I was still smiling.
"Just you wait, you KNOW you want El Pizzaboy!"
I swung off back home, whereupon entering my apartment, I found a note.

Dear Josef,

I'm sorry, but this isn't working out. I mean, I like you and all, but ever since you...changed...well I'll be frank, I'M NOT GOING OUT WITH A WALKING TALKING PIZZA!

Lots of love,

Kat xxx :)

I looked over the note, trying to comprehend the meaning of it, surely not...and then I noticed that all her stuff had gone.
"No...no, this cannot happen to Senor Pizza! Someone has kidnapped El Pizzaboy's mamasita! I'll find the culprit, for I am...SENOR PIZZA!"

I jumped out the window and swung around randomly when I saw some police cars. They must be after the kidnapper! I'll follow them!

I swung onto a rooftop when they stopped at the nuclear plant I was at recently. Hmm, looks like the villain has locked up Kat in the nuclear plant, and the police were not doing anything. This must be my cue. I leapt from the rooftop, yelling,
Everyone looked up and pointed.
"Is it a bird?"
"Is it a plane?"
"It's a flying...pizza...dude?!"
A huge sweatdrop appeared on my forehead and I fell instantly. I jumped up again and made a heroic stance.
"Don't fear, good citizens, for I, Senor Pizza, will rescue Kat and save the day!"
Everyone looked at me blankly. Wow, I have their attention.
"Now officer, what's the situation?" I asked the nearest cop standing next to me.

Krystalline Kabutops
15th June 2003, 05:03 PM

I decided it was time to get out. I'd get fat just sitting around watching TV. Just before I was about to shut it off however, I caught a news flash about the plant. Some crazy glove was trying to take over the world. Sighing, I decided to investigate. I put my burger in my pocket for later. After a few blocks of walking under shady yards, I noticed somthing bizzare. Inuyasha carrying a tiny black kitten, and a brown haired girl were heading towards the plant. "Hey! Wait up!" I called as I ran over. They turned around, and waited for me to arrive. "Are you really Inuyasha?" I asked him. "No, she's Kristen." The kitten growled. I leapt back. Talking cats, anime characters, what next? Confused, I tugged out my burger, and took a bite. Too late I realized what I had done. In seconds I was Panrahk, (http://www.bzpower.com/Imaging/stories/panrahk_glamorshot.jpg) and about a foot tall. Inuyasha, or Kristen (Whoever she/he/it was) The brown haired girl picked me up. "Eww! A bug! Get it away!" "You picked me up, you moron." I growled at her. "Oh yeah..." The cat snickered. "So I don't have it that bad, eh?" I glared at him. "Shut up!" I pointed my staff at a nearby rock and it exploded. "Get the point?"

16th June 2003, 12:16 AM
Kristen/Ryan - aka "Anima" "Kitty" - F/M

Kristen giggled at the lego-creature... of course, it was sort of odd looking. Inuyasha- giggling like a little school girl?
"Oooo! That's sooo funny!" Kristen-Inuyasha exclaimed, as the annoyed black kitten she held in her arms gave an angry glare all about at those around him.
"What's funny?" The brown haired girl asked, and Kristen smiled.
" The funny lego guy told Ryan to shut up. So Ryan HAS to shut up or else he'll turn into a black kitten... which he already is."
"Whose this, 'ryan'"?
"Oh, that's the kitty. His name is Ryan."
"... oh."

"I need sugar." The lego guy stated, as Inuyasha and the girl glanced down at him.
"Why?" The inuyasha-influnced Kristen aske.d
"Because, it's the only way I'll turn into myself again."
" Alrighty! There's a gas station over there!!!"
Five Minutes Later

"AND DON'T YOU EVER COME BACK!" The angry clerk yelled, as Inuyasha-Kristen dove out of the door. Ryan the kitty's eyes were very VERY wide as he scampered out of her arms and ran to the brown-haired girl instantly, hiding behidn her legs.
Blinking, Kristen-Inuyasha got to her feet, holding a sugar-induced candy bar.
"There! Now Lego-dude can turn back!!"
"I don't want sugar."
He stated flatly, as Kristen-Inuyasha walked towards Ryan/Kitty, Brown-haired girl and Legoman.
"OOOookay... "
Blinking, the brown-haired girl shrugged.
" Well, you guys are headed to the plant right?"
Everyone decided to nodd..
"So then, let's go there. When this... uuhhh.. lego guy wants sugar, we can give himthe candy bar but for now we'll just keep it."
Nodding, Kristen-Inuyasha smiled.
"Alright! Sounds like a plan! I'll carry Mr. Kitty.."
(a slight growl was heard at this.)
" ... and you can carry Legodude! By the way... eh, what are your names? Mine is Kristen, and the kitty is Ryan. BUt you can call him Kitty if you'd like."
"I'm Alex." The Lego person stated, as he was picked up by the brown haired girl.
" I'muhh... I'm Kaiya."

Nodding, Kristen scooped the small, fuzzy ryan-kitten in her hands as she pointed rather comically down the street. Many people stopped, staring at a strange Inuyasha person pointing dramatically, with a kitten in his/her arms, glaring, and Kaiya holding a talking lego set in her arms.
" Tooo the plant!"
They began to walk towards the plant... and Kristenfinally decided to let Ryan talk again ever since Alex told him to shut up.
"Alright Ryan, you can talk again."
"Thank god... it's hard to not make any noises as a kitten."

16th June 2003, 11:07 AM
Hero Name: Animal Boy
Alias: Mike Rampart
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Personality: Very friendly and nice, seems to know how to deal with most people; can be sarcastic or humorous at times, but not when it's inappropriate. Has the kind of personality that makes you know that he's the kind who wouldn't harm a fly unless it was being unnecessarily mean.

Description: Fairly tall, just above 6', with a buzz cut of brown hair, deep green eyes, and a tannish complexion; not very muscular, but he's stronger than he looks. He usually wears short or long sleeved T-shirts over baggyish jeans or jean shorts, and wears either slightly bulky sneakers on socks or sandals (only when he's also wearing shorts). He always has a black cap and a black YakPak with him wherever he goes.

Special Abilites: Can turn inanimate objects into any animal of that size; can't change anything animalistic (plants he can do). It's harder to do larger objects into animals, but still possible (i.e. nearly impossible to turn a skyscraper into a blue whale, even if the building was devoid of animal life); cannot turn anything into a convincing human, because the animal would only focus on instincts (in other words, he could make a human, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as sentient, and it wouldn't be clothed). Also, he can rarely control these animals, although he can change them back to their inanimate state at any time.

Other: Computer geek/nerd/know-it-all; you really can't tell it by his looks, though

Hero Name: Rose Breath
Alias: Kathy Derose
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Personality: Seems to be a very ditzy blonde, but she really isn't; life just seems to throw accidents her way and she falls into them. She's a really good friend once you get to know her. Now that she has some kind of power (no matter how strange) she's trying to show that she's not really ditzy; however, she's not having much luck.

Description: Around 5'6", with flowing blond hair to her shoulders, bright blue eyes that sparkle when you look at them, and a very fair complexion; her body frame is small, and she doesn't seem to have a lot of muscle; she's pretty much the definition of "cute". She normally wears tank top and shorts sets of bright colors, especially blue (her favorite color), with either flip-flops to match or white sneakers on white socks. She also has a pair of blue rectangular-framed glasses because she's slightly nearsighted (new thing for my characters...).

Special Abilites: Can do various supernatural things when she holds her breath. She can float (not fly) up to about 20 feet above the ground, she can turn herself invisible, she can turn herself transparent (able to walk through solid objects), or she can lift immense weights easily. However, she can only do one of these at a time when she holds her breath, and she needs about a minute in between breaths to do it again.

Other: Hehe, ditzy blonde *gets smacked by Kathy* X_x' ow...


Mike aka Animal Boy
Well this was good...I go on a nuclear power plant tour and the next day I can make animals out of rocks. Life is good.

"Mike! Stop this thing!" Kathy yelled, running away from the rather small rhino I had made out of a rock.

"If you don't wanna be chased, just hold your breath!" I said, in between trying to stop the charging rhino.

"Oh, of course," she said, giggling slightly. She held her breath and soon her body faded. The rhino went right through her.

"Gah, I can't control it. Change back!" I yelled at the rhino and a large rock suddenly started sliding in place of the rhino charging.

"Buh," Kathy exhaled loudly. "I can't control mine either...I was trying for hovering." She also had a weird power like mine. Whenever she held her breath, she could float, turn invisible, or turn transparent. So far, that's all we had found out. Unfortunately, she couldn't control it very well.

"Come on, let's keep moving," I said, motioning towards the end of the forest. "Let's see what else there is to do."

Kathy aka Rose Breath
"Sounds like a good idea," I said, gasping slightly. I was actually lucky I had gone transparent. I really had no idea how to choose what happened when I held my breath. Of course, I wouldn't have to worry if I hadn't gone to that stupid nuclear power plant yesterday.

We started walking down the street. We were passing a parked car that had the radio blaring when suddenly the program changed. News came on. Blah, who cared about the news, it all sucked. Mike, however, stopped to listen. Gah, guess I'll stay too, not that it'll be interesting...

"This News flash is brought to you live. The Four Arms Nuclear Power Plant has been taken over by some criminal known only as 'The Glove'. He is demanding a high ransom with the threat of world domination and total human enslavement. As of now, the police and army are futile in their attempts to enter the plant, with reports of an extremely large doughnut guarding it."

Mike and I stared at the car radio, then at each other. That was the power plant we were at yesterday! "Let's go check it out," Mike said.

"Right," I replied, and soon we were running down the side of the road. Of course, running usually calls for chance meetings. As we turned a corner, we nearly ran into a couple people.

I gasped loudly and held my breath. Suddenly my feet flew from under me and I started floating a few feet above everyone. If I hadn't done this before, I probably would've let my air out (which is what I did when I first had this happen). Slowly I floated down, letting my breath out a couple feet above the ground. Of course, I landed on a small pebble and promptly fell on my butt. "Ow..." I muttered, blushing furiously as Mike helped me up.

One of the people in front of us started giggling. The thing is, it sounded like a guy giggling. I looked, but couldn't believe. "Wha...Inu-Yasha?" ~~~~~~~~

I'll leave it there, I guess...

16th June 2003, 11:33 AM
Kaiya Laurens - Lyrik

Grasping tightly onto Mr Lego Man, who had revealed himself as Alex, I couldn't resist but to poke the talking lego set as Inuyasha, fluffy kitty, Lego man and myself wandered across the street. Giggling, Alex - in Lego form - glared towards me, growling lightly, though he couldn't do anything because... well, he can't move. It seemed that the others were slightly annoyed of me, aside from Kristen, who seemed to be enjoying her time as one of her favourite animé characters.


Blinking and glancing towards the two people who had just appeared in front of us, Kristen aka Inuyasha started giggling furiously, finding it amusing from the girl who had landed on her bum. The cute fluffy black kitty scoffed, and he seemed to be tired of me calling him that. I guess Ryan. But fluffy black kitty made him sound cute. Like a fluffy black kit-

"Hi?" the girl said, brushing back a few strands of her blonde hair, blues eyes glistening as she scanned the group. The guy with her also looked at us, though he arched an eyebrow, most likely noticing me from the trip, due to the fact I was the only one in their proper body.

"My name is..." pausing suddenly, a grin spread across my face, "What? My name is! Who? My name is..." clamping a hand over my mouth, I whimpered. "No, make it stop! I don't even LIKE that song! Nuuu-"

"You're going to DROP ME!" Alex screamed in his little lego voice.

"Oops, sorry. Anyway - my name is Kaiya," grinning, I motioned down to the lego in my arms. "And this is-"

"You're going to drop me!" huffing angerily, Alex scroffed, annoyed. "My name is Alex."

"Mr. Lego Man!" I squealed, but he merely shot me a glare.

Kristen offered out a hand. "My name is Inuyasha!" she beamed, then paused and shook her head. "I mean - Kristen!"

"I'm Ryan." the ebony kitten in Kristen's arms narrowed his eyes, then attempted to cross his paws, but failed to do so. Hissing lightly, his tail swished back and forth, claws flexing in and out of his paws.

Stopping for a few moments, then suddenly smiling like an idiot, I nodded. "You going to the plant too?" my grey eyes gleamed, attempting to focus on the plant, as I looked towards the direction it was.

"You're looking in the wrong direction." Ryan stated flatly.

16th June 2003, 02:07 PM
Hero Name: Mr. Blend
Alias: Thaddeus Xavier
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: Tall, around 5' 9", has had silver hair ever since he gained his powers, before it was brown, green eyes, athletic
Special Abilities: If he stands still, he will become invisible for he will take on the patters behind him, but unfortunately if he moves it will be easy to notice him. He is forgetful so sometimes is caughtm, and beaten every now and then like when he was caught while spying in the Girl's locker room.
Plot: blah...none
Other: double blah...none


I quickly turned the corner past Mr. Fuji's laundromat. My feet were running hard and the wind whipped in my face but I needed to get away for if I stood around I would end up part of the pavement I ran across. Time to pull a little trick.

Tom, a school bully, and his thug friends rounded the corner after me, only to find and empty parking lot.

"He couldn't have gotten away that fast!" exclaimed one of the boys by his right shoulder.

"Who knows what that little dweeb could do. I'll just nail him when he comes to school tommorow," Tom said, before turning and walking back the way he came.

Once they were out of sight, I reappeared. Like a ghost slowly fading into view is what it was like for me, as my skin and clothes took on their orginal color and the patterns of the brick wall behind me were removed.

"Ha," I snorted, "what a loser." I began to walk away, laughing as I did. "To bad he didn't know today is Friday."

16th June 2003, 02:29 PM
Ryan - aka "Kitty" - M

"...oh... uh, yeah!" Kaiya replied, immediatly turning a light shade of a pinkish red. Ryan sweatdropped, as his golden eyes turned to the other two who had quickly introduced themselves as Mike and Kathy. Such nice... normal names.
"Please tell me you have at least an ounce more sanity than these two here." Ryan spoke to them, as they still didn't seem to know what to think of having a talking cat with Inuyasha, and a lego set. Not to mention Kaiya not knowing her directions...

"Uhh... I guess. But yeah, we were planning on going to the plant."

"Oooo... really? So are we! Yaaaaaaaay! We're going to the plannt! We can all go together!"
Kristen-Inuyasha chimed in, smiling brightly as she suddenly dropped Ryan or Mr. Kitty with her enthusiasm.
"EEEEk!" Kitty cried out, as he landed on his four small, fuzzy-little paws with a huff.
"Geez, nice Kristen... try to kill me why don't you!"
Kristen-Inuyasha gazed down with ahorrified gaze as she shook her head.
"I'm soooo sooo sorry! I will never do it again Mr. Ryan McCath!"

That was the best sentence Ryan could have ever heard.
With the announcement, or rather having some one say his full name, Ryan's small, kitten-like body disappeared and instead replaced with it his regular body. Since Ryan had been on the ground as a kitten, now the normal, human ryan was also on the ground on his hands and knees. Feeling rather embarressed, he quickly got to his feet and stood up, brushing himself off. Smiling weakly... he spoke.
"Uhh... well, it's nice to be back to myself again." Kaiya had a look of amazement of how the black fuzzy kitty could have suddenly turned into a guy, as the other two didn't quite know what ot make of it.
" Ryan's back! Yay! Let's go to the plaaannnt!" Kristen suddenly yelled, not really showing any interest in Ryan's new human transformation but rather still having her mind set on finding the plant. Kristen began to walk forward... as Ryan shook his head.

"Wrong direction... the plant is that way." Ryan pointed to the correct location of the plant.

RaZoR LeAf
16th June 2003, 04:20 PM
Edward Bowl aka "Fruit Bowl" (m)

As I walked along the road, the various things I was touching were turning to fruit. I had slowly got the hang of what fruit i was turning things into. Atleast, the colours anyway. Apples were hard, they come in so many different colours.
"My baby!" a woman screamed as I brushed past a pram and the baby fell out onto a pile of banans.
"Don't you like bananas?" I asked. The woman stared at me then picked up her baby and ran away. I shrugged and continued on to the plant.

Along the way I passed by some brutish looking boys. They burst out laughing and pointed at me as they walked by. What were the laughing at? Was it my bright orange shorts, red and yellow flowery hawain shirt, dark sunglasses and sandels? I doubt it, how could anyone not like these clothes?

I passed through an empty car park, when out of the corner of my eye a boy faded away from the wall and suddenly became visable. I recognised him from the tour group yesterday.
"Hola!" I cried waving to him.
He looked nervously around, then jogged over to me.
"Isn't it a bit chilly to be wearing those?" He asked.
"Not for me. I feel strangely comforted by them. Want some fruit?"
"Uh.. no thanks." he said. He looked around again. "Where are you going dressed like that anyway?"
"The Power Plant. You were there yesterday, didn't you hear on the news?"
"Nu uh. What's happened?"
"That crazy glove has threatend to take over the world. I think I can coax him out with an apple or something."
His eyes widened and he nodded slowly.
"You wanna come?"
"Yeah sure. I have nothing better to do."
"Great. Lets dance!"
I started to dance as I walked ignoring all the people looking and laughing. I was at peace when I danced. Thaddeus, as he had introduced himself as, stayed a few paces behind me.


Tyler and Hobbes
16th June 2003, 04:41 PM
Hero Name: Good looking guy
Alias: Guy Lookiner
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Personality: He try's to stay serious buit can't. He is not superficial, as long as the girl smiles at him or even if she doesn't. Dumb. He has a good heart but he is extremely dumb.
Description:A blue tux. His hair is very lathery and he has blue eyes.
Special Abilites: Can't think about anything except women. He has the luck of fools a fake gun and a theme song. He can blind you with his shiny teeth. He also is eristable to women.

Guy aka Good looking guy
I turned off my tv watch. I walked into a store one day, wanting to ask for directions. The salesperson was a woman, and I got a watch. I wlked along side the road, hoping to get to that tour, I bumped into a couple of people. Literally. I was gouing the wrong way. "Uhh.. hi do you know were the power plant is?" I asked. politely. "Your going to the plant to?" a boy (Ryan) asked. "Yeah, they have a tour. Now do you know how I get-" "Want to come with us? We were just going there. By the way, I'm Kathy." Yeah picking up random guys, that's been done before to me. "Well, I'm Guy." "I'm Kaiya!" someone else replied. "Kristen." another girl said.They all stared at me, I was a little embaressed. "Uh.. okay, I'm here to save the world." "We are to!" a guy said. "I'm Ryan." he said. "I'm mike." "and I'm Alex." "What are your powers?" I asked.

18th June 2003, 02:15 AM
David Ryan (Magician)
I walked down the corridors of the power plant. I looked as Jeff slid past me. I'm surprised that the glove didn't get rid of that thing. I walked into the gloves office and grinned.
"You wanted to see me sir?"

19th June 2003, 02:19 PM

I was on the public bus as it bumped along the highway. Why was I here, well I had a free day and had heard this thing about some glove taking over a power plant. Not having anything better to do I decided to take a trip down to the place.

I heard the announcement again over the radio on the bus-

"The Power Plant has been taken over by an unknown person refering to himself only as 'The Glove'. He is threatening world domination and enslavement if we do not conform to his wishes. So far the police and army have failed to gain entry to the plant, which seems to be protected by somekind of giant doughnut."

I chuckled a bit, I had to see this.

The bus pulled up to the station and stopped, and the whole mob that was sitting down on the bus got up. Guess I wasn't the only person here to see this.

We all filed off and the bus doors closed before pulling away. As it rode off into the distance I couldn't believe me eyes.

There was the power plant, and then there was the SWAT team, local police and some tanks. And the entrance was behind some kind of GIANT DOUGHNUT. I thought that was for jokes but it really was!!

This was going to be interesting...

RaZoR LeAf
21st June 2003, 08:36 AM
The Glove

"Ah, Mr Magic man, from the magical realm of magical beings who do magic. Where have you been?"
The Magician looked at me with some distress. He cleared his throat.
"Ahem. I've been.. about. You know that doughnut outside is quite an eyesore.."
A quick change of subject. Clever. But no clever enough.
"Yes it is. But atleast it defends this building against attackers.
"Sir have you ever realised that eventually the tanks will get bored of shooting, and go through the back entrance?"
I glared at him. Well. I glared at him. He didn't notice because he obviously couldn't see my eyes. I still can't work out where my eyes are either for that matter, even after looking in the mirror for hours.
"Quite.." I mumbled "Not to worry. I've had Jeff building a defencive wall at the back entrance consisting of all the previous workers tied to a large wall. I've heard that holding humans hostage is a useful technique for getting what you want."
"Can I borrow you're nuclear reactor for say... a few hours?" the magician piped up.
"Yes I suppose so. Just don't turn it off."
"Thank you."
The magician turned and left the room smiling to himself. As he passed out the door he began to laugh. Loud and manically, louder and louder, until it had turned into a full blown crazy cackling fit of extreme mad laughter.
"SHUT UP! You Dozey fool, you left your hat in here!!"
I looked down at the hat lying on it's side. A bolwing ball rolled out of it, followed by a frog. Followed by another frog. And another.
"And it's leaking wildlife into my office! Jeff, get the bucket!"

21st June 2003, 04:55 PM
I quickly ran back into the glove's office and grabbed my hat.
"Sorry," I said sheepishly. I then walked out again, grinning to myself.
This is perfect! I'll cause that reactor to blow! Causing the one and only...
"Total Meltdown!" I cried, forgetting not to say that out loud.
"What was that?" the glove called.
"Oh uh nothing!" I called back. I then laughed quietly to myself.
"Stupid glove."

Gray Charizard
1st July 2003, 01:56 PM
Hero Name: Shadow
Alias: Ioshi Yamato
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality:Nice and kind, but very secretive.
Description:Wears a ninja uniform
Special Abilites: Have an ability to become one with the shadows for a brief period of time (about for an hour or less, depends on his conditions), also became very agile after an accident. Have ability to move very stealthy. Uses ninja sword and some times ninja stars because he decided to become a ninja fighing for good using his powers. Also began training in ninjutsu.

Villan Name: Darkness
Alias: Unknown
Age: not known
Gender: uncertain, some says male, but most aggre on female
Personality: Looks like complete oposite of Shadow, except for secrecy.
Description: Wears ninja uniform
Special Abilites: Have the same abilities as Shadow but can use them efficiently during a night time (dayligh is weakening Darknes' abilities of becoming one with the shadows).
Plot: For some reason he or she wants to be Shadow's rival.

How does this sound? Do I have to change anything more? Or is it ok?

RaZoR LeAf
1st July 2003, 03:41 PM
Originally posted by Gray Charizard
Hero Name: Shadow
Alias: Ioshi Yamato
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality:Nice and kind, but very secretive.
Description:Wears a ninja uniform
Special Abilites: Have supper reflexes and agility, also found an elevated six sence after an accident. Have ability to move wery stealthy and use any obsticles to cover him completely. Uses all kind of ninja weapons because he decided to become a ninja fighing for good using his powers.

Villan Name: Darkness
Alias: Unknown
Age: not known
Gender: uncertain, but some says male
Personality: Looks like complete oposite of shadow, except for secrecy
Description: Wears ninja uniform
Special Abilites:

Those abilites sound far to useful, and not near silly enough. Have a look at other people's sign ups on the first page, and the original sign up topic I link in my first post. They should give you some ideas as to what the aim is.

BTW Where is everybody? Can find my colour code and I don't want to have to backtrack to quote/edit blah blah blah...

Edward Bowl aka "Fruit Bowl" (m)

"Why wont you dance with me?" I asked Thadeus.
"Erm.. two left feet."
"Oh. Oh well, not to worry. Do you want something to eat?" I asked, picking up a filthy rock from the floor, turning it into an apple and taking a large bite out of it.
"Uhuhh... No. No thank you. I'm on a diet."
"From fruit? Weird diet."

We continued on, until we were nearing the powerplant. The giant doughnut loomed overhead, and tanks were still parked outside.
"Hey, why is there a girl dressed as Inuyasha over there?"
I looked where he was pointing, where a clumsy girl was wandering around followed by some other people.
"Whos Inuyasha?" I asked.
"Don't worry.." Thaddeus replied "COme on, lets go see what thier doing."
I followed Thaddeus towards them.

Outlaw JT
1st July 2003, 09:54 PM
Hero Name: Adhesiveman
Alias: Reginald Thatcher(Reggie)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: enthusiastic, confident, energetic, somewhat of a clutz, strong sense of civic duty (despite being more or less a geek and a goofball he has always wanted to be a hero)
Description: 6'3" tall, broad charming heroic face with chiseled jaw, sparkling brown eyes, incredibly charming smile with sparkly white teeth, wavy strawberry brown hair with a little superman curl for bangs, and a nice round beer belly even though he doesn't drink. When "fighting crime" now he wears a frumpy brown sweatshirt and grey sweatpants with a big crudely drawn 'AM' logo done on the front of his shirt done like a cross between the superman and xmen logo's along with old worn out and patched up army boots and a black mask like the lone rangers. When he is just being reginald Thatcher, mild mannered video store rental clerk, he wears dark grey jeans and short sleeve button down collared shirts and cheap grey sneakers.
Special Abilites: He has the ability to secrete an extremely powerful form of super-fast drying super glue from his hands, his feet, and his tongue(don't ask). He has poked holes through his super hero boots so the secretion can get through them and he doesn't have to walk around barefoot to fully use his powers. The adhesive he secretes is so strong it could even hold up the weight of an elephant. Unfortunately he has not mastered the use of his powers just yet.

OOC: I'll post as soon as I am approved.

1st July 2003, 10:28 PM
This is too good to be true! I can't believe that mutated moron let me use the reactor. This place is gonna go KABOOM!!
I walked down the halls, looking out the window. It was still strange that they haven't given up firing at that doughnut and gone home. It wouldn't make much difference anyway.
"Here it is," I said, grinning as I looked at the door to the reactor core.