View Full Version : I challenge Jolteon100 (referee: Discotheque (please?))

Knight of Time
14th June 2003, 05:37 PM


3 on 3
You choose first
I attack first
DQ: 4 days
Arena: Indigo Stadium

That should do it for now.

15th June 2003, 07:27 AM
I accept.

I choose my male Skarmory Flyer

Knight of Time
15th June 2003, 07:50 AM
A Skarmory, eh?

Okay, I think I have just the Pokemon that might help here.

Dracor, I want you to take this one.

Dracor: Okay.

To anyone who is familiar with him, Dracor is my male Dragonite (who got a new sig a few weeks ago).

Okay Dracor.

Start this round off by making a Substitute for yourself, and put 15-20% of your health into it.

Next up, I want you to send a fast Thunderbolt towards Flyer.

Finally, scorch him with a Flamethrower.


If Flyer tries to move away from either of your attacks, send a Twister or a Dragon Rage in his direction. Your choice.

15th June 2003, 08:27 AM
Flyer first I want you to use Sandstorm,then use Protect before the Thunderbolt hits.Then Skarmory Agility out of the way,its better to be hit with a Dragon Rage or a Twister than a Flamethrower

Subs: If Sandstorm cannot be used in the arena then Drill Peck instead

Sandstorm/Drill Peck ~ Protect ~ Agility

Don't Run With Scizors
15th June 2003, 09:02 AM
Moments after janitorial services finish restoring the Indigo Stadium to top shape after yet another battle in this widely used arena, another two trainers arrive... one greets the crowd with his signature "Hi!" and sends out a massive beast of draconian grace, while the other releases a much-smaller steel-feathered hawk. But despite his size and elemental disadvantage, Flyer intends to outwit this dragon, gaining as much ground for his teammates as he can...

Round One:
DarkPrince the Dark Knight's Dracor the Dragonite vs. Jolteon100's Flyer the Skarmory

Dracor calls to his side from an extradimensional storage closet known as the Malletspace Account another beast like himself... in appearance, anyway. It wipes any notion of its existence or its master's whereabouts from Flyer's mind, but the mindless storm that scores the surface of the lookalike and the real Dracor cannot be fooled so easily. It will tear away at any being ill-equipped to deal with it - it knows no friend or foe.

Dracor manages to catch sight of a glint of metal even within the blinding, ravaging storm, but the pulses of lightning bounce harmlessly off of Flyer's magical force field. He does NOT want to be hit by such a crippling blow.

As Flyer veers out of Dracor's immediate range, the dragon decides to summon a storm within a storm... the raging tornado of draconic energies is fast, but not fast enough to keep hold of Flyer. He's thrown around in it for a few seconds, but Skarmories are built to take that and more! Flyer manages to escape without major injury.

End of Round One Status:
Dracor the Dragonite: 73%, 9% Substitute active
Flyer the Skarmory: 93%, psionically boosted speed, slightly fatigued
Arena effects: Sandstorm active for two more actions

15th June 2003, 09:27 AM
Finsh off the sub with Drill Peck,then blind it with Sand Attack,follow with a Double Team after the Sandstorm is gone.

Subs: If Dragonite tries to use a elemaental(sp) attack in the second action,(ex.Flamethrower)Then Agility out of the way

Drill Peck ~ Sand Attack/Agility ~ Double Team

Knight of Time
15th June 2003, 04:52 PM
Okay Dracor, if it is trouble Flyer wants, it's trouble he will get.

First up, as he is coming towards your body double, give him a taste of paralysis by using a Zap Cannon at the second last to last second. If he is in the same spot where it is when it appears, it might help us.

Next up, use a fast Water Gun to repel the sand coming your way. Try and get Flyer soaking wet if you can.

Finally, give him a taste of severe electricity. Thunder. He might not have a 4X weakness to electricity, but he still won't like it if he is wet upon being succesfully shocked.

Don't Run With Scizors
15th June 2003, 05:41 PM
Round Two:
Dracor the Dragonite (73%, 9% Substitute active) vs. Flyer the Skarmory (93%, psionically boosted speed, slightly fatigued)
Arena effects: Sandstorm active for two more actions

Flyer zips toward Dracor's decoy with a spinning beak, driving it home into its belly. But it survives... well, at least into the storm grinds it into dust. Unfortunately for Flyer, the brief moment of delay caused by the decoy gives the real Dracor a chance to fire off a spheroid of electricity... and poor Flyer isn't fast enough to dodge!

Paralysis won't stop Flyer, though! He zooms away with more supernatural speed as Dracor tries to hose him with water, who futilely tries to weather the storm with it... Big help it does. Dragonites are big, big, beasts, and one little Water Gun is not going to stop a sandstorm from scraping it in all directions.

But Dracor doesn't have to wait long for his plight to end, as the sandstorm dies down moments later. But with no blowing sand to get in the way, illusory copies can exist without being destroyed the nanosecond they're created... which is what Flyer calls up. Dracor tries to lock on (or rather, guess) the whereabouts of the real Flyer, but only ends up snuffing two fakes with a huge cone of electrical death.

End of Round Two Status:
Dracor the Dragonite: 67%, somewhat fatigued
Flyer the Skarmory: 80%, paralyzed, psionically boosted speed, three images remaining, slightly fatigued

Knight of Time
16th June 2003, 02:58 PM
Okay Dracor, even though we still are down, we are not out yet now that Flyer is paralyzed.

First off, immediately put up a Safeguard. Now this might give Flyer a free action to attack you, so I want you to immediately use a Thunderbolt if he is directly attacking you, or a Swift if he is attacking you indirectly. After all, if Flyer moves away from his clones to attack you (I doubt he will, though), he is still open to attack.

Finally, if there are any clones left, I want you to give them a taste of frost, by blasting them away with an Icy Wind. Otherwise, get Flyer with a Thunderbolt if he has no clones after his second action.


If Flyer's muscles lock up on any action of his, we got to take advantage of it. Use a Thunderbolt or a Flamethrower. Again, your choice, Dracor.

16th June 2003, 03:07 PM
Flyer blind Drago with Sand Attack twice,then Agility out of the way of his next attack and you will lose fatigue.

Sub moves: When all of your clones are gone,use Sandstorm in the second or thrid action

Sand Attack ~ Sand Attack/Sandstorm ~ Agility/Sandstorm

Don't Run With Scizors
17th June 2003, 05:29 PM
Round Three:
Dracor the Dragonite (67%, somewhat fatigued) vs. Flyer the Skarmory (80%, paralyzed, psionically boosted speed, three images remaining, slightly fatigued)

Dracor doesn't want Flyer exploiting any status conditions in this battle of attrition... so he surrounds himself in a glowing aura of protective energies. It, unfortunately, doesn't stop Flyer from throwing sand in poor Dracor's eyes.

Flyer kicks up some more sand, and Dracor, trying to screw up his eyes to see, sprays electricity out of pure reflex at one of the Flyers descending upon him. Another clone bites the dust...

All of a sudden, though, Flyer lets up on his relentless attack... he falls into a fit of twitching, and he and his images clatter to the ground, at the mercy of Dracor. The mighty dragon huffs and puffs, and the clones fall to the freezing winds, unable to protect their master any more...

End of Round Three Status:
Dracor the Dragonite: 63%, mildly fatigued, Safeguard active for two more actions, blinded by sand
Flyer the Skarmory: 73%, paralyzed, psionically boosted speed wearing off, slightly fatigued

17th June 2003, 05:51 PM
Flyer start up a Sandstorm, then Agility around Draco and trie to score with a speed enchanced Drill Peck

Sandstorm ~ Agility ~ Drill Peck

Knight of Time
17th June 2003, 06:20 PM
Okay Dracor.

First off, I want you to immediately call upon rain. Rain Dance. I don't know if this will change the sandstorm into a "mudstorm", but I need you to quickly chill out next. Unless Sandstorm is in effect, try to let your tears wash out the sand so that your vision will improve.

However, if Sandstorm is still in effect, I want you to chill out anyway.

Finally, we'll need to find a way to get Flyer when he is trying to Drill Peck you. Blast his beak with a Flamethrower.

Don't Run With Scizors
22nd June 2003, 09:48 AM
Round Four:
Dracor the Dragonite (63%, mildly fatigued, Safeguard active for two more actions, blinded by sand) vs. Flyer the Skarmory (73%, paralyzed, psionically boosted speed wearing off, slightly fatigued)

The weather wars continue as Flyer whips up another batch of twisting tornadoes of grinding sand, while Dracor adds some rain to the mix...

It's hard to relax when you're relentlessly being pelted by grains of sand, but Dracor is up to the task. As he crouches down on massive dragon legs, his first reaction is to rub all that irritating dirt out of his eyes. It gets quite a bit of gunk out, though more sand starts blowing in immediately.

Flyer clatters to the floor again as he's overcome by another fit of twitching, leaving him at the mercy of Dracor... his flames are immediately torn away by the storm, but by pure chance, they end up leaving a little burn on the poor luck-deprived Flyer.

End of Round Four Status:
Dracor the Dragonite: 54%, mildly fatigued
Flyer the Skarmory: 58%, burned, paralyzed, psionically boosted speed, mildly fatigued
Arena effects: Rain and Sandstorm active for two more actions

22nd June 2003, 10:10 AM
sorry but I already have 3 battles on the first page so I have to forfeit this one,DarkPrince can pick a pokemon to evolve/catch.

Knight of Time
22nd June 2003, 10:10 AM
Okay, nice Job Dracor.

Dracor: Thanks. I'm surprised that I was able to burn Flyer in the rain...

I didn't think Flyer would be burnt in the rain either, Dracor, but as you know, Steel is a good conductor of heat.

Dracor: Right.

Okay, back to the battle.

Start things off by using two Thunderbolts on Flyer, but be sure to try and aim them exactly where you burned him.

Finally, try aiming a Flamethrower in that same spot (the one I mentioned above) again.


Just incase your opponent dares to use Agility or Double Team to avoid your attacks Dracor, then I want you to use an Icy Wind on Flyer.

22nd June 2003, 12:12 PM
Well no one has said anything so I guess I will post attacks,

Double Team,then Toxic,then start up a Sandstorm

Double Team ~ Toxic ~ Sandstrom

Don't Run With Scizors
23rd June 2003, 04:26 PM
Well, since Jolteon100 has forfeited this one, I guess I ought to declare DarkPrince the winner.

Congratulations, you two, though I must admit Flyer was giving Dracor quite a bit of trouble there until he got paralyzed.

Knight of Time
23rd June 2003, 04:33 PM
Originally posted by Jolteon100
sorry but I already have 3 battles on the first page so I have to forfeit this one,DarkPrince can pick a pokemon to evolve/catch.

Oh, okay.

Well Dracor, you won your second battle...

Dracor: I know. I didn't think you would win by forfeit while I was battling for you. Strange. You think I might be good enough to KO a Pokemon I face in a future battle?

I dunno Dracor. You have been beaten many times, but I believe you, so yes.

Dracor: Thanks, DarkPrince.

Okay, since only one of my Pokemon needs to evolve, I am not going to evolve him (an Onix) just yet, so I am going to catch a Skarmory of my own.

His name will be Slash.