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CoolTrainer IcEz
15th June 2003, 09:02 AM
This is a non-pokemon fanfic. I' just writing this for fun, I hope you all like it! I'll be posting the first few chapters quite quickly so look out for them.


A long straight strip of road lay beneath the waxing moon. The path was very narrow, and lit by a few lampposts built far apart. Everything was dead quiet save only for the incessant screeching of the crickets. Suddenly, the silence was broken; a tiny red car zipped past. The driver, a plump and podgy man, blasted his speakers. The controls blinked. The radio stopped. But as abruptly as it happened, the music came back on again. Glancing out his open window, he saw a petite figure - it was a girl, a teenage girl. He stopped the car a few metres away and reversed it to meet her. It was strange. What was a young girl doing in the middle of an isolated road this late at night? Furthermore, she was dressed in a short red dress; her hair was long and flowed down, slightly past her shoulders. She just stood there, with no emotion on her face.

“Hello strawberry! Need a ride?” said the man in the car. He pulled down the large-framed glasses to his nose. But the girl did not reply. She stood there as still as a statue with the same look on her face. She almost seemed sad. Just as he was about to drive off, the girl moved and got into the car. Smiling to himself, he drove off.

“So, where are you off to?” he asked, glancing down to her thighs. Still there was no reply. He could really use this to his advantage. Her hair was fluttering from the wind. He found it irresistible.

“If you’re not going anywhere, why don’t we go somewhere and get to know each other?” The girl kept as silent as before. Her facial expression remained unchanged. She just stared to the front.

At length, the car pulled into a deserted parking lot. He placed his hand on the girl’s shoulder and inched it slowly closer to her. “Relax… Don’t be so tense.”

This was his chance. He peeked around and made sure there was no one in sight. As he made his move so did the girl. Without warning, she bared her teeth like an angry animal and gripped the hand on her shoulder. The red shawl that was draped across her took on a life of its own. It snaked around the man’s arm and bound his neck. Then, the scarf seemed to grow in size. It wrapped his gaping mouth and his flabbergasted face. All this time, the girl seemed to have a hungry and menacing look on her face – the only expression she had shown so far. The scarlet cloth then enveloped the whole car and soon it looked like a crimson cocoon.

P.S: The plot takes a big turn after the 1st chapter so if you're gearing up for a horror story, sorry!

15th June 2003, 09:09 PM
Well, that was certainly...intresting. But definetly it was very well written. I can't wait to see how you will handle the rest of the story.

CoolTrainer IcEz
16th June 2003, 09:05 AM
Thanks... I really want to know what you think of the story. So please reply! :D Here's the next part of the story when it twists, hope you are all not dissapointed.


Everything happened ten years ago, in a small adoption house. It was a quarter past 9. Rachel was still sound asleep. Dreaming.
The image was really blurry; she could not see anything clearly. The hanging mobile above her seemed so familiar - a plush star, crescent moon and a bear. It swivelled around slowly. Two figures stood above Rachel looking at her, full of love. She could not see their features as they were too blurred.
“Mummy… Daddy…” muttered Rachel to herself in her sleep. She reached out and tried to touch them.
“Rachel! Rachel!” yelled a boy standing by the door. Rachel forced open her eyes. She lay on her bed still half asleep.
“Wake up sleepy head! Do you want to stay here forever?” said the same voice.
Rachel gazed around and saw her clock. She was late! Sitting up on her bed with a jolt she replied, “Nicholas? Is that you?”
“Yeah! Now come on! Let’s go!” he said motioning for her to get up.
Shaking her head Rachel got up, slipped on a pair of slippers dashed out of her room without thinking further.
“Oh no! I’m going to be late!” she yelled to herself as she clambered down the flights of stairs. As she burst into the hall she glanced around and noticed everyone was already socialising. She plopped down onto a bench next to another homeless boy.
“Mike!” someone yelled. Rachel looked at the boy as he left, leaving her all alone - the only one left. A couple walked past her and paused. Assessing her, they shook their heads when they saw he unkempt pair of slippers. Then, a friendly woman sat down next to Rachel. She wore a beige coloured blouse and a denim skirt as well as a bright pink woven band on her right hand. She was Linda, the closest person to Rachel. She treated her just like her own mother.
“Rachel, why are you looking so gloomy? You don’t like the party?” Linda asked. Rachel could not do anything but just nod and look at her hopelessly.
“Well, I’m sure there’ll be a family who’ll adopt you. You’re such a nice and pleasant girl,” replied Linda.
“You promise?”
“I promise,”