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16th June 2003, 08:18 AM
In every person’s life, something happens that they will never forget…

The world is going into chaos. Long-dormant creatures, demons, have been awakened to once again ravage the earth. The great powers of the world have set their armies against these monsters, but to no avail. It seems as though humanity is doomed to extinction.

However, hope still shines in the hearts of several young teens scattered across the country. The spirits of great, so-called “mythical” creatures have arisen, giving power to those they deem worthy. Each teen gains powers like those of the beast whose spirit now resides within him or her. Soon, they even start to look different. Will they be able to defeat the demons and save humanity?

Here’s the mythical animals (Spirit Forms) needed to start:

Dragon: Sam (Samchu)
Dragons are giant reptiles with wings. They can fly unless their wings are damaged, breathe fire, and speak and understand any spoken language.

Unicorn: Zane (Opaque Onigoori)
Unicorns are horses with horns protruding from their foreheads. The are masters of healing magic, and can generate light at will.

Pegasus: Awn (PichuLuver)
Pegases (plural form of Pegasus) are winged horses. Pegases can fly, of course, and can control the wind.

Fairy: Sen (GothicLatias)
Fairies are basically tiny little people with transparent or butterfly-like wings. They can fly very fast and control plants.

Merperson: Jayson (Sheik)
Merpeople are half-person half-fish, with small fins on their scaled arms and legs as opposed to fish tails. They can’t go more than a few hours without water. They can control water.

You can make one up or use one not mentioned above as well. PM me what it’s called, how it looks, and what it can do BEFORE YOU POST YOUR SIGN-UP! Here’re the made-up ones so far:

Dragonwolf: Gavin (Nabooru23)
Dragonwolves are wolves with dragon tails and wings. They are incredibly intelligent, and they can breathe ice, as well as speak any language. They can move faster than the human eye can follow.

Phoenix: Maichi (VirtualPlay)
Phoenixes are birds, usually reddish orange. They can fly, of course, control fire to an extent, have enormous strength, and can heal others. They can also revive themselves even an inch from death, given enough time and protection.

Angel: Alex (HealdPK)
Angels look like normal people, but can transform and appear shining white (yellow if angry). During this transformation they also sprout wings. They can fly, obviously, and have some healing abilities. They prefer to use blunt weapons.

Basilisk: Dokuja (SmearlGal)
The Basilisk, or sometimes called the Cockatrice, resembles a cross between a snake and a chicken. It is able to make whatever it looks at burst into flames if so desired.

Illuminai Demonica, or Light Demon: Roukeshi (Bulbassur4)
A demon without the taint of rage or evil on their heart. They have basically the same powers as demons (sensing other demons, amazing speed, the ability to summon dark energy, and, for stronger demons, the ability to possess others).

Lupine: Shyne (She_wolf_warrior)
Wolves gifted with powers of flames and lightning, lupines have a tuft of wild fur on the back of their neck. If taken off, a curse shall linger on the soul of the one. Bird-like wings allow the being to hover and fly for short distances.

Lava Spirit: Jack (The_Hunter)
Looks like a Plasma Trooper from Metroid Prime, except the eyes are red. Left arm can eject a sycthe,and the right is a claw,and can eject fire from it. It gets its power from fire, molten lava, or anything simillar.

Gryffin: Sakura (Sakura12)
Gryffins are lion-eagle hybrids, they have a bird's head and wings, and have the paws and body of a lion. Masters of both sky and land, they control the elements of Earth and Wind. Their speed both on land and in the air is unrivaled.

Umvosol: Veran (MaHa_sHaDoWs)
Umvosols are small creatures that either appear as an ocelot-like creature or fox, they are a pure white color with black faces and black paws and black tail with white tip. The powers of Umvosols vary and so does their personality.


~Age: 13-18
~Spirit Form: Choose one from the above, or, like I said, make your own. Only one of each!
~Looks 1: How you look as a human.
~Looks 2: How you look in Spirit Form.
~Powers: Make them somewhat related to your Spirit Form.
~Weapon: ONE ONLY, and only if your Spirit Form has hands, or just as a human.
~History: Only optional.
~Other: Got Other?


~Name: Gavin
~Age: 15
~Gender: M
~Spirit Form: Dragonwolf
~Looks 1: Looks like Ivan (http://www.planetnintendo.com/goldensun/media/camelot/art11.jpg) from Golden Sun, only without the staff, and he wears a white T-shirt, black jeans, white Nikes, and a silver spiked choker.
~Looks 2: Wolf parts are white with pale blue eyes, dragon parts are silver with white webbing to the wings.
~Personality: Brave, and very loyal to his friends. He remains calm in dangerous situations.
~Powers: Can blast ice from his palms (mouth in dragonwolf form), can speak any language, and can run a bit faster.
~Weapon: A silver dagger with a wolf’s head carved into the hilt. (only in human form)
~History: Naw...
~Other: *pokes other with spear, runs away*

16th June 2003, 09:46 AM
Phoenixes are birds, usually reddish orange. They can fly, of course, control fire to an extent, have enormous strength, and can heal others. They can also revive themselves even an inch from death, given enough time and protection.


Also, are we limited to one character if we make up a spirit?

16th June 2003, 11:15 AM
*screams* Ivan! He's cute! *pinches his cheeks*


~Name: Sakura Tsukikage
~Age: 15
~Gender: Female
~Spirit Form: Can I take the one VirtualPlay has suggested? Phoenix?
~Looks 1: Like Jenna (http://goldensun.ninja-likegaming.net/Images/jenna_jp.jpg) from Golden Sun, without the staff, with a pink tank top and black pants. Wears a silver chain with a crystal pendant.
~Looks 2: With huge reddish wings growing from her back and taloned feet. Eyes also grow to be like an eagles.
~Personality: Boisterous and suicidal. Has no respect for authority, but will stand by a friend in need.
~Powers: Ability to fly, inreased speed healing powers and can shoot fireballs from her wings/palms.
~Weapon: A katana with Japanese characters on the blade and a ruby encrusted hilt.
~History: Parents died when she was young, and she can't remember much about her parents. The only thing that linksher to her past is the pendant around her neck, which she has had since before her parents died...
~Other: I love Ivan! ;)

16th June 2003, 11:36 AM
erm, I think the way it works is one person to a spirit...and I want the Phoenix ;-;

that and the spirit has to be approved before posting a sign-up...

16th June 2003, 01:03 PM
Name: Sam
Age: 18
Gender: male
Spirit Form: Dragon
Looks 1: He's very tall muscular. He has blonde haird and deep blue eyes. Wears all black but isn't gothic, wears jeans, t-shirt and trainers.
Looks 2: Muscles double in size, has a long tail and two huge wings. His eyes also turn a blood red colour.
Personality: He's isn't very sociable, he doesn't mean to be but he's really just scared that he'll lose anyone he gets close to. Apart from that, he's quite intelligent and is quick to formulate a plan but it isn't always a good one.
Powers: Can fly and breathe fire.
Weapon: HUGE samurai sword
History: He had great life, there weren't any problems. He even got engaged when he was 17 and didn't have any doubts, but then something happened. During the engagement party there was massacure and everyone was shot to death, but he got lucky. He lost everyone important on that day which explains his personality. Now he's too afraid to get close to anyone.
Other: nope

Krystalline Kabutops
16th June 2003, 01:18 PM
~Name: Zane
~Age: 18
~Gender: M
~Spirit Form: Unicorn
~Looks 1: Think adult Link, only he wears grey shorts, has white hair, and his tunic is black.
~Looks 2: A large, silvery unicorn, with a golden horn. Bronze hooves.
~Personality: He has a very short attention span, but is still very somber. He is prone to extreme mood swings.
~Powers: He can heal, and shoots miniature horns from his forehead. He can control light, and direct it at his will.
~Weapon: ......
~History: ......
~Other: *glomps* :D

16th June 2003, 02:50 PM
~Name: Sen Kaze
~Age: 16
~Gender: F
~Spirit Form: Fairy
~Looks 1: Deep blue eyes with a slight sorrowful appearance in them, pitch black hair that falls past her shoulders, and extremely pale skin. Wears a long-sleeved black shirt, baggy navy-blue khakis, combat boots, and a black string necklace with a small blue pendant.
~Looks 2: Goes down to about 1 or 2 inches, and grows Beautifly-like wings, only all insides are deep blue.
~Personality: Seems dark(dark depressive) and silent much of the time...but can be calm and gentle once you know her. Seems to act hopeless much of the time, thinking that her life will end soon because she had no meaning.
~Powers: Can fly fastly, and can control plants.
~Weapon: A sterling dagger with a small sapphire and 'Spirit' engraved in elven characters on the hilt.
~History: Sen doesn't remember much of her father, since he died when she was almost three. She remained an outcast much of her life, and turned hopeless because of it. She was seven when her mother was murdered, and went into the care of her mother's sister. Sen kept the pendant of hers close to her ever since, because it was the gift her mother gave her for her seventh birthday.
~Other: *stabs with Sen's dagger and runs*

Pichu Luver
16th June 2003, 04:53 PM
Pleeeeeeeze reserve the Pegasus for me? I really need to get my project done but I'll post later. *Summer's almost here yay!*


16th June 2003, 06:28 PM
VP: Ok :yes: (PMed)

Sakura: VP's right, only one to a Spirit, and he gets phoenix.

Sam: In :yes:, but read paragraph below.

GL: In :yes: Also read paragraph below, though.

PL: Ok *reserves*

I've noticed that all you guys/gals who've signed up seem to think that Looks 2 is for how you look half turned into your Spirit creature, but it's not. It's how you look totally transformed into it. Just wanted to make that clear.

16th June 2003, 06:52 PM
The Basilisk, or sometimes called the Cockatrice, was called the king of serpents. They resemble a cross between a snake and a chicken. The Fire Basilisk is able to make whatever it looks at burst into flames if so desired. Snakes worship this mighty serpent, afraid of being roasted alive.

Edit: ((To Naboo's next post)) Yeah, I kinda figured that fire/stone stuff was a bit much. I was going to make my char only able to turn things into flames at will, not stone stuff, or not anytime she looked at something. Lol, I just posted what this site said about them. If there's still something else I need to change, edit this post in front of mine, or something. ^-^'

16th June 2003, 07:13 PM
Smear: Fine, except for the different kinds part :yes:

Krystalline Kabutops
16th June 2003, 07:14 PM
What about my char? I edited him.

16th June 2003, 07:31 PM
Opaque: *face-vaults* D'oh! XD Sorry I skipped you! You're in :yes:

Pichu Luver
16th June 2003, 09:52 PM
Name: Awn Tari
Age: 15
Gender: F
Spirit Form: Pegasus
Looks 1: About 5’8 feet tall. Shoulder length brown curly hair, which seems to have a red tinge to it when in the sunlight. She keeps her hair up in a ponytail with two curls draping down her face. Also deep sky blue coloured bandana covering her hair. Light brown eyes that gets darker nearer the pupil. Wears small oval glasses (she’s near sighted). Khaki coloured t-shirt, with light cyan sweater vest overtop of it. Also wears royal blue pants and black and white running shoes.
Looks 2: White coat with a light sky blue tinge to it. A royal blue mane and tail and the tips of her wings are also royal blue. Her hooves are grey and her eyes are the same light brown to dark brown colour. In her Pegasus form you can see a lonely look in her eyes.
Personality: NEVER says a word about anything or to anybody. Everyone thinks she’s a mute. She’s not very shy; she’s just not very talkative. She’s very lonely but tries to hide it. About the only noise she makes is laughter. She’s a very laughable person and loves to have a good time. A strange combo and she knows it. When she does talk its one or two words. Maybe you’ll get a full sentence if you’re lucky. She’s caring though and will help tend to your wounds-about the only time you might be able to start a conversation.
Powers: Can stir up great winds that will knock many a demon over or into something sharp. She also can fly. See and hear a great distance.
Weapon: Bow and Arrow, with wing designs on the bow. Only used in human form.
History: Her parents argued all the time and she devoted herself to learning how to heal people with plants that could be found in the wild. When she was 13 she finally had had enough and ran away from home. She wandered for a while until she got a part-time job at a stable. She’s lived in the upstairs apartment of the barn for the last 2 years.
Other: *shoots other with arrow* *runs*


17th June 2003, 11:17 AM
~Name: Alex Forner
~Age: 13
~Gender: Male
~Spirit Form: Angel
~Looks 1: Is about 5' 4" and has short blonde hair. Has sparkling blue eyes and is of a fit-build. He usually wears white trainers, white long shorts, black t-shirt and a white sleeveless hoody.
~Looks 2: Grows to about 6' 4" and his hair becomes about shoulder length. Has two large white wings that can be folded into his back almost as if they were not there, although they are still visible outside. His outside clothes disappear and are replaced by brown leather boots with silver buckles, white trousers, silver armor covering the groin, torso and shoulders and wears silver gauntlets. Also has a silver helmet that covers the top of his head, forehead, eyes and the top of his nose.
~Personality: Is kind of schizoid thanks to the spirit: As Alex he is usually shy and often scared to get involved, but will do anything for his friends. As the angel, he is far more outgoing and willing to join the battle. He will always put his friends before himself and believes in self-sacrifice. Gets REALLY mad when he sees his friends in pain.
~Powers: He can heal people to a certain extent, but definately not as much as the unicorn. He is a great warrior and has awesome strength and reflexes. He glows white most of the time but glows yellow when he is in a rage. He can also blind weaker beings with beams of light from his hands.
~Weapon: A silver staff, about six feet long, which can be compacted into a one foot pole for easy transportation.
~History: TBW
~Other: Nope.

17th June 2003, 02:23 PM
^^ This sounds kewel. *blinky blink*

~Name: Roukeshi (Roo-keh-shee) Taskui
~Age: 16
~Gender: Male
~Spirit Form:Demon
~Looks 1: Imagine the build of Inuyasha as far as body wise. His hair is short and a deep brown in color, cut short and slightly spiked upwards with gel. His eyes are a deep, crystal-clear blue which seem almost frosty glazed over them. He has an athletic build and is very agile, even before he inherits his demonic traits. He usually wears dark black jean-leather-like pants, with a tight muscle-t shirt which is white in color and has no sleeves. Over that he wears a long, flowing jacket which is a deep, rich blue in color to the point that it looks black as well.
~Looks 2: Look at teh attachment below. I have a fasination with Inuyasha. ^^ He will look just like that. His demonic spiritual being has no real form, just a shadow... so thus when it joins with him, it will turn him into that gradually, and in his final form he will inherit the ability to transform into a full silver wolf. His silver wolf form is huge, about the size of a horse with thick, silky fur like the wolf god, Moro except longer and more sleek looking. His muzzle is quite large, with golden, snake-like eyes and five tails instead of just one. His claws are also like a cat's, and retractable as well.
~Personality: Very knowledgable upon things and very high spirited. He's not bubbly, but he isn't negative and tries to look on what could go right than wrong. He's sort of shy around the oppisite gender a bit, and if some one is feeling down he'll try to cheer them up but feels sort of awkward. He's very friendly and approachable however, not to mention he's very cute in his half dmeon form. ^^
~Powers: He can sense when other demons are near. He's really fast and agile (like Inuyasha), and can summon dark energy to do various things... depending on how much the demon spirit in him has taken over. With rage it grows and any negative feelings. ~Weapon: A large sword with a silver blade and a long handle. (shown in teh attachment below)
~History: He was born into a disfunctional family. His mother was only 16 when giving birth to him, and the high school boy who was his father was a drunk and died in a car accident on his way to leave his mother for good. (sort of odd... isn't it?) His mother moved in with her parents, who were also very strange and rather abusive but she had no choice. One night there was a party next door, and his mother's parents went over in a rage to tell them to shut it down (instead of just calling the policE) and they got shot and killed. The party then proceeded to head over to the neighbors on both sides, where they destroyed both houses with fires in a riot. Roukeshi was 5 at this time, and then his mother and him were forced on the streets. they had no money or anything... and they were dirt poor. Then one night, a man came and harrassed Roukeshi's mother. Roukeshi was only 6, and he stabbed the man with a broken bottle as he tried to beat his mother... so the man then kicked Roukeshi down until the pont where he was almost dead. Roukeshi was left there to die, until he finally woke up inside a child's hospital. It was there he was told his mother died, and the man fled and escaped. Roukeshi was then sent to the orphanage... but as soon as he aged to be 10, he ran away and set off life on his own in he woods. He's lived there the rest of his life, helping out at a nearbye camp and acting as a work hand for the campgroudsn by painting their boats and stuff... it's there how he earns his money and develops his very atheletic build since he runs every where and carries heavy objects n'such. He seems very happy at the camp ground... and many people know him, especially the girls/guys who vacation there often, since Roukeshi has always been there, so he develops many friends. Most do not know that he lies on his own, and just believe his parents live nearbye however.
~Other: I know that they are against demons, but Roukeshi's spirit is a demon, but a different demon came to him. This demon was a Illuminai Demonica, or a "Light Demon". These demons long ago, in ancient times, dwelled with the demons known today, but back then tey were 'dark demons'. The two lived in co-existance, having the exact same powers except the light demons were not tainted by the rage or evils that the dark demons had, that eventually over took their blood and caused them to turn evil. When this eventualy happened however, the light demons were overpowered and eventually bitten by all dark demons, causing them to be tainted themselves and eventually they too turned dark. The light demon which is the spirit for Roukeshi is the last not to be tainted, and had been hiding for many years. Roukeshi however must be careful to not have his blood mix with a dark demon, for if that happens then his own light demon half will turn dark and Roukeshi could turn evil.

I hope that's okay... I thought it would be unique and okay.

[attachment deleted by admin]

17th June 2003, 09:46 PM
Smear: Ok now :yes:

PL: In :yes:

Heald: In :yes:

Bulba: *considers* Ok :) :yes: I saw Inuyasha last night... Too bad it's on so late; I had to sneak out of bed to see it XD

19th June 2003, 08:04 PM
Sorry for double posting... We still need sign-ups for Centaur amd Merpserson, and possibly some originals, and we also need VP's and Smear's cards.

19th June 2003, 08:09 PM
Lol, here you gooo...

Name: Dokuja Niwatori
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Spirit Form: Basilisk
Looks 1: Like this (http://www.artwanted.com/images/large/3658_29706.jpg), except without that hat or that weird backpack you can't see. Lol. She's about 5'6" with navy blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, tan skin, black shirt with sky blue stripes, denim pants, and black tennies.
Looks 2: Like this (http://www.adumbral.com/images/occult/basilisk.jpg).
Personality: Quiet, but very friendly when spoken to. She'd rather be with friends than be alone, but since she's shy she doesn't have too many friends.
Powers: Can cause things to burst into flames at will. The bigger the object, the more concentration she needs.
Weapon: None.
History: Nooone. I'm too lazy.
Other: ...She likes snakes?


19th June 2003, 08:19 PM
Smear: In :yes;

Guess now we're just waiting on VP...

19th June 2003, 11:00 PM
sorry it took so long...I've been recently addicted to Chrono Cross... ^^'

~Name: Maichi Konnetsu
~Age: 16
~Gender: Female
~Spirit Form: Phoenix
~Looks 1: Average height, around 5'6", with pale-ish skin; her hair goes halfway down her back and is a light brown color with two blond streaks on opposite sides of her head; her eyes are bright blue and seem to sparkle in any amount of light; she usually wears bright colors of either a just-above-knee-length skirt or shorter shorts, with matching T-shirt and white sneakers; usually has her hair up in one of two patterns: a single pony tail of her brown hair, with her blonde streaks free, or two pigtails, with one blond streak in each (she keeps the hair up with scrunchies that match her clothes)
~Looks 2: about 4' tall, with a 6' wingspan, same blue eyes; red feathers, with a line of orange-gold feathers running down each wing; gold plumage, and brown talons
~Personality: Most of the time she is very bubbly and happy, almost impossible to upset; she's the kind of person that you know would just love to be your friend, if you asked her; however, on those rare occasions that she does indeed get angry (not just upset, completely angry), she can turn her entire attitude inside out, firing up with rage towards anyone whom she doesn't deem a friend.
~Powers: Can create and control fire to an extent, and cannot be harmed by fire; can heal wounds with her hands (human) or tears (phoenix); can revive herself even an inch from death, but in different ways: if she's human and hurt horribly, she needs to sleep for a full 12 hours undisturbed to revive herself, if she's a phoenix, she'll burn up and become a baby Phoenix and need 12 hours to grow full again before she can change back
~Weapon: Her talons.
~History: bleh...
~Other: All your other are belong to us.

Hope that's okay :D

20th June 2003, 07:26 PM
VP: In :yes:

We're waiting on a few people who recently PMed me about Spirit Forms. DarkBlastoise might be co-owning this, and he gets to be the villain if he so desires.

Also, those people whose PMs I have just replied to, please post the full details for your Spirit Forms (I accidentally deleted them -_-')

21st June 2003, 05:24 AM
Name: Jack
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Spirit Form: Lava Spirit
Looks 1: Has deep blue eyes,and wears black clothes all over.
Looks 2: Now has extremly red eyes,is about 7`9" tall,his sycthe he can eject from his arm is about 5ft long.His other arm is now a claw.So he can choke his victim.MWAHAHAHAA!!
Personality- Completly ruthless. Doesn't have any allies,and if you can make a truce with him-you'll come back with your head on the ground.And he can be nice,if you're lucky enough.
Power: Can do anything with fire as he wishes.His sycthe can turn so hot,that it can melt anything.His claw is extremly strong,and when he wants to get someone who's running away,he just takes his claw,points it at him,and the energy inisde the claw pulls him backwards.He takes the victim ALWAYS by the neck.He is invunerble to anything that deals with fire and lava.His weakspot,the eyes-are small,so it's almost impossible to hit them.
Weapon: His sycthe that ejects from his hand.He also uses the energy inside his claw.
History: May I skip this?
Other: My way,or the lava river.

21st June 2003, 05:24 AM
Whoops,sorry bout double post.

21st June 2003, 08:32 AM
Sry, I forgot about checking my PMs;o

Name~Shyne(pronounced Shine)
Spirit Form~Lupine
Looks1~Has blue eyes and long black hair. Wears a hairband with symbols going around, a sliver t-shirt that matches her hairband. She also wears jeans
Looks2~Has 1 gold eye and one blue, wings, a mane of wild fur around her neck, long claws. Looking alot like Fenir/Fenris in Norse Mythology.
Personality~Loyal to friends, intelligent, kind of tough even when not provoked
Powers~Able to send a blast of flames(from mouth), able to create a ray of electricity by a flick of a tail, fly and hover for short distances.
Weapon~(can only be used in human form)A crossbow with arrows created from a silver shard
History~I'm no good at this history thing:no:

Lupine Information~They are wolves that have been gifted with powers of flames and lightning. Being on all fours, they can't carry weapons. Lupines have a ruff of wild fur on the back of their neck. If taken off, a curse shall linger on the soul of the one. Bird-like wings allow the being to hover and fly for short distances

21st June 2003, 04:55 PM
T_H: ... -_- I said NO on the Pm, so what makes you think I'd say otherwise now? :no:

SWW: In :yes:

21st June 2003, 07:44 PM
Ummm...I just EDITED my post so It looks like it's a good character.

22nd June 2003, 01:04 PM
T_H: Hmm, the claw and "energy he can kill his foes with" is still a little much :/ Other than that, just post a descroption of lava spirits and you're in :yes:

Hmm, whaddaya think? Should I just ditch the centaurs and merpeople and start this? :confused:

22nd June 2003, 01:42 PM
Lava Spirit:
Left arm can eject an extremely long sycthe,and the right is a claw,and can eject fire from it.It gets it's power from fire,molten lava,or anything that is hot and red.Looks like a Plasma Trooper from Metroid Prime.Except the eyes are red.They are also extremly intelligent and fast,and their legs are strong enough to let them jump up 10ft.

22nd June 2003, 01:47 PM
T_H: ... ....... ... Maybe something a bit mor... Beast-like :(

22nd June 2003, 04:31 PM
Here's a rough picture of what my character looks like in spirit form-
Just like that-except the head is not like that,but just my character's head with red eyes and black hair.And the arm is a claw.

24th June 2003, 04:36 AM
Wait for meeeeeeeee...

Gryffins are lion-eagle hybrids. They have a bird's head and wings, and have the paws and body of a lion. Masters of both sky and land, they control the elements of Earth and Wind. Their speed both on land and in the air is unrivaled, and they also have limited healing powers.

~Name: Sakura Tsukikage
~Age: 15
~Gender: Female
~Spirit Form: Gryffin
~Looks 1: Long reddish pink hair and clear blue eyes. Wears a pink tank top and black pants. Wears a silver chain with a crystal pendant.
~Looks 2: Has golden eyes with light brownish feathers on the front half of the body changing smoothly to a light golden lion's hind. Like other gryffins, has talons for front 'legs' and clawed paws for hind 'legs'.
~Personality: Boisterous and suicidal. Has no respect for authority, but will stand by a friend in need.
~Powers: Ability to fly, inreased speed, limited healing powers and can create earthquakes, tornadoes and anything assaciated with earth and wind.
~Weapon: Her beak? And talons and claws.
~History: Parents died when she was young, and she can't remember much about her parents. The only thing that links her to her past is the pendant around her neck, which she has had since before her parents died...
~Other: I love Ivan of GS!

24th June 2003, 07:05 PM
T_H: ... You're relentless, aren't you? -_-' OK, in :yes:

Sakura: In :yes: Hee, I got Order of the Phoenix Saturday, and I'm already on page 527 o.O

24th June 2003, 11:14 PM
Thanks mate! I finished on Monday... And that guy that died... I really shouldn't put in any spoilers, but you'd probably cry when he/she dies. I did!

25th June 2003, 09:32 PM
Now I'm on page 750-something O.o Yeah, if you're talking about who I think, I was quite taken aback... Didn't cry, though. Meh... I'll probably be finished with it by tomorrow. (Wow, I really need to get a life, huh? XD)

25th June 2003, 10:19 PM

Name: Jayson Marionette
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Spirit Form: I will be the Merperson. I am a MERMAN, not a MERMAID.
Looks 1: Shoulder-Length, Straight, Blonde Hair, Sapphire Eyes, Tall, somewhat muscular, he wears baggy jeans, and a t-shirt, or no shirt, depending on the weather. He also wears a necklace made of seashells, which he has had since birth. Rumor has it that his mother, a mermaid, gave it to him.
Looks 2: My upper form is like the male body, Blonde Hair, Sapphire Eyes. The lower torso is covered in green scales. I have feet that are somewhat like duckfeet, except my toes are closer together, like human feet. I have claws instead of toes. The fins on my forearms are sharp, and can cut things, including various types of skin, and leather.
Personality: Extremely introvert. He is willing to make friends. If he has a crush on someone, that person will never know about it, due to his shyness. He is very quiet, unless angered. Once he is angry, he becomes an entirely different person. He stands up for what he believes in, and will support anyone in need.
Powers: Jayson controls all things aquatic. He can harness the power of Hurricanes, Tsunamis, you name it. He can also breathe underwater in his human form. Jayson can also melt into water, and become part of a body of water and use that as another method of controlling it (kind of like Vaporeon, or Morpha from Zelda: Ocarina of Time), he can also comminucate with sea-life, like Aquaman. He can also electricute people in his spirit form, like electric eels. The last thing he can do is see things in the dark, like some marine life forms do, due to the fact that there is no light near the bottom of the ocean.
Weapon: A golden Trident. It has a spike on the end, and forms into a trident at the top. You all know what a trident looks like, don't you?
History: From birth, he has had the necklace that he wears around his neck. He will never take it off, under any circumstances. His mother was a marine bioligist. Whereabouts of his father are unknown. Rumor has it that his father and mother got divorced. At the age of 14, his mother was lost at sea, and never returned. Since there was no one to take care of him, and he didn't want to go to his father, he was put in an orphanage. Three months later, he was adopted by a couple that couldn't have children, due to organ problems. The new parents are nice to him, and he is nice back, but he will never let them in on his past. They ask him about certain things, but he never answers. Every night, he leaves the house, and sits on a rock not far from his new home, and stares into the ocean. He has a passion for swimming, and is actually pretty good at it. He has a few friends.
Other: His necklace is his most prized possession. Rumor has it that it was given to him by his mother, who was said to have had some mermaid blood in her.

25th June 2003, 10:33 PM
Sheik: In :yes:

Well, I guess we just need a centaur, then. Oh, and I won't start this just yet... My friend wants to sign up, and I think I'll give him a chance.

27th June 2003, 04:10 PM
*pokes nabooru* am i your special friend?:P
anyways i thought i had sent you enough pms so ill just post it here. (sorry if this is bad idea)

~Umvosol~ (um-voe-soals) or Dark and Light Fox or Dark Fox Light

Umvosols are small creatures that either appear as an ocelot like creature or fox, both with magical powers. They take these powers from the barrier and powerful force of the dividing line between the war of dark and light. These creatures are a pure white color with black faces and black paws and black tail with white tip. They have medium length snouts and if desired can use their front legs as arms to hold things and may stand on two legs. Because of this they run slightly slower on all fours. (front paws have thumbs) The powers of Umvosols vary and so does their personality. Most are wise and intelligent. A way to distinguish Umvosols from normal foxes and cats is their moonlike marking on their foreheads and their sunlike marking on the tip of their tails both in black. Their fur is incredibly tough though soft to the touch and things like water and dirt seem to slip off. When fighting they would rather use their incredible agility and intelligence than brute strength and stamina.

sorry about another canine, ill try to be a feline most of da time.

~Name~ Veran
~Age~ 15
~Gender~ M
~Spirit Form~ Umvosol
~Looks 1~ Black silky hair cut short, and pale grayish skin from hours of computer time. Sometimes seen wearing black sunglasses to cover eyes. Has overly large feet and broad tough hands. Arms are slightly turned inwards to make them look lopsided. Has hazel eyes with slightly bushy but no large eyebrows. Long straight eyelashes and bitten nails (bad habit)
Wears a chain with a silver moon and gold sun attached and has a scar shaped like a crescent moon on the back of his right hand. Is of almost medium build, slightly scrawny. Sometimes wears black fingerless gloves. Usually wears all black t-shirt and khaki shorts with big pockets that go past the knees and black running shoes. Also a silver and gold ring that with one almost flowing mistily into the other.
~Looks 2~ Tail is curled up with a black tip with white sun instead of the opposite, back has a black streak running down the middle and has very manicured curved claws. Hind legs give are more powered, taking away the lack of speed when on all fours. Feet are still slightly larger than normal and one paw is white, (front,right) and has the same black crescent moon scar. When running swiftly tail points straight out and arcs at the end. On his head is a piece of black fur that sticks out and looks like hair. His nose is almost pointed though still medium sized. As a cat his snout is slightly smaller and he has a white nose instead of black. All other features are the same. Seems to hold tail like a dog.
Personality: Rash and sometimes quick to anger. Seems to like to do things himself but inside he longs for a couple of good friends, nothing more nothing less. Rarely speaks unless has something important to say or to ask an important question. Sometimes speaks in riddles that even he does not understand. As though they were a message from someone else. When in sadness is even quicker to anger and may end up hurting those he loves and turning them away. Is very misunderstood.
~Powers~ Shoots beams of light from one hand and dark from another (Mouth randomly in spirit form) Is more agile and more intelligent. Becomes more of a riddle.
~Weapon~ A long silver bladed katana with a white and black hilt set with half a diamond and half a black diamond. This blade does not draw blood and instead omits a darkness or light on hit and leaves no markings on victim.
~History~ His history is largely unknown and all he knows is he grew up with a foster mother and no father, times were usually happy but nothing special or lucky ever seemed to happen to them. Wears his chain all the time it has runes on the back that he does not know how to read and no others he has asked can either. He onced tried to take the chain off but it was oddly almost bonded to his neck.
~Other~ Cast Cruel Ruin which blast other who sinks into the center of the earth where it explodes into millions and millions of pieces then those pieces are fried by the superheated magma.
~Other Other~ Whistles an unknown song that is really the secret mourning of his loneliness. Is afraid of wolves oddly enough, and is one of the greatest spellers. Hates tacos and other mexican food.

please excuse me if i translate wrong.
bad with languages:yes:
Is it too short?
I actually think it means Dark Fox Sun but o well. I like it anyways:P

28th June 2003, 10:35 PM
MaHa: In:yes: *shakes fist at Doom Dragon*

So... I guess I'll start this once we get a centaur *begs for someone to sign up*

30th June 2003, 12:25 PM
Can't we just start without a Centaur? It will probably take a while for someone to sign up for the Centaur. Do we need one when we have so many other characters that have been created?

3rd July 2003, 09:47 PM
Ok. I'll hafta start it either tomorrow or Saturday, then, because I don't have enough time right now to start it.