View Full Version : New Pokemon TCG Set? And maybe some new E-Cards.

18th June 2003, 06:33 AM
At the official Japanese Pokemon Card site, they revealed some news about Adv.Set 3. The title of the set depict something about the sky and something about bullies:confused:? Could anyone tell me the name of that set of new cards?

Also, on the official Pokemon site in Japan, there seem to be another new Card-E peoduct called E-Plus. Can somebody tell me what is this all about? Also, there seem to be a picture of... maybe a new kind of berry? Or is it a new item? Anyway, if you want to see the picture, please go to the url below:


Thank You:)

18th June 2003, 10:16 PM
Title: Pokemon Battle Card e+

1st bar: Fushigi na kinomi "nazo no mi" to wa?
Trans: What is the the mysterious berry called "Riddle Berry"?

Too lazy to even try and decipher the kanjis (sorry, my knowledge of kanji is seriously limited, but isnt it great to have someone who knows japanese?), but it seems to be one of the e-cards sold to open up a hidden event or smthng. Kinda like the Eon(?) ticket to get Latios and Latias, u have to get the card somehow, slide it in and do some stuff like meeting ppl to unlock it.

Dunno the address to the japanese TCG site so cant help u on that one.