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18th June 2003, 09:20 AM
One of my battled finally ended and not in a good way so I'll try again..

6 on 6
You choose first
I attack first
Arena: It's in a small field with wild flowers growing off to the side. All around are boulders and pillars surrounding the arena. Laying in the middle of the arena is a small pool of water. Also around the arena are large trees with branches looming over the arena.
Ref: Needed (someone good)
DQ: 3 days
I prefer is the opponent uses mostly non-evolved Pokémon, 2nd stage Pokémon are acceptable just no fully evolved ones!!!

*waits for a challenger*

18th June 2003, 09:45 AM
I could battle you. I have enough unevolved Pokemon to keep this fair.

18th June 2003, 09:47 AM
Originally posted by Prodigy
I could battle you. I have enough unevolved Pokemon to keep this fair.

Yaye! Challenger! XD Sure you can battle. Go ahead and send your team out.

Now, we just need a ref *cricket chirps* ..why does that always happen? o.O

18th June 2003, 09:57 AM
Boltstrike the Pikachu is ready to go. This'll be his first league appearance.

18th June 2003, 10:09 AM
[color=darkviolet][i][size=1]Hmm..a Pikachu, eh? This calls for my evil snake of doom, Basilisk! *tosses out a black Pokéball with what appears to be a purple serpant painted on it* *her Ekans pops out and slithers onto the grass*

Basilisk has battled before so she does have an idea what she's doing in a battle arena. Ready?

Basilisk: Sure *hisses*

Pikachu is a fast little mouse and will be able to easily outrun you so be mindfull. Start the arena off by simply Glaring at Boltstrike to try and paralyze it from moving. While it cannot move, slither over carefully. Before it has a chance to run off, grab it by the tail then Wrap yourself nice and tightly around the rodent so it doesn't get away. Keep that grip on him/her. Don't let it get away. While holding it nice and tight, slam her against the ground with your Body Slam.

*pets Basilisk like the villians do in the movies* Yes, my pretty, crush him, my pretty! ^.^

Basilisk: >.> If you don't stop petting me, I'll thwap you with my "pretty" tail! *sigh*

BTW: Basilisk is a female Ekans for the ref

18th June 2003, 10:38 AM
Come, now. If we've learned anything from the anime, it's that Pikachus always beat evil snakes of doom.

Boltstrike, split off a decoy to distract Basilisk and divert her gaze while you circle around her. She'll be glaring at your body double and you should be flanking her, but take care nonetheless to avoid eye contact. The Substitute doesn't have to be particularly big.. its main purpose is to block the glare and keep Ekans busy, so make it just large enough that it doesn't just fall apart immediately. It won't take Basilisk long to crush your decoy, so you can't waste time. Dart in, seize Basilisk by the tail, throw her into the water, and blast the pond with a Thunder.

Substitute, Seismic Toss, Thunder

18th June 2003, 11:16 AM
Prodigy, I asked one of my friends, Icy to ref this. He had to go to school and will be back later today so he asked me to tell you this. Do you mind?

18th June 2003, 07:49 PM
Round One
DarkPrincess vs. Prodigy

Basilisk (Female Ekans) vs. Boltstrike (Male Pikachu)

Basilisk: Glare, Wrap, Body Slam
Boltstrike: Substitute, Seismic Toss, Thunder

~Pre-Battle Statistics~
Basilisk: 100%, fresh, ready
Boltstrike: 100%, fresh, ready


The lengthy purple venomous snake coiled its body up and peered at the miniscule brightly colored rodent in front of it, directly across the serene blue lake that was peculiarly placed in the middle of a soon-to-be hectic battlefield. The sun’s light reflected off of the placid water, and the colorful wild flowers and leaves atop the sturdy oaks swayed calmly in the light breeze. The soft wind ran through the rodent’s yellow fur and the scaly skin of the deadly reptile. Soon, the small face off was over, and the referee ran into battle, ready to start another exciting, rejuvenating match.

Quickly, Boltstrike made a body double by concentrating and “grabbing” materials from its malletspace account. The new and “improved” Pikachu is an exact replica of its creator, to the size of the ears and length of the fur. It moved slightly as the wind brushed up against its sides and the grass beneath tickled its toes. The new figure was now in place, fooling the perfectly unaware lavender reptilian Pokémon. The body double wasn’t created perfectly, however, as the amount of energy put into it wasn’t quite as much as Boltstrike would’ve liked, making it slightly feebler.

Basilisk glared at the Pikachu. The snake uncoiled its body, making it look a little more intimidating and threatening. The Pokémon’s sharp fangs shone as the sunlight reflected off of them. She fixed her eyes upon the small yellow, unmoving rodent and tried to pull fear through the heart of it. She continued to stare at the rat, making perfect eye contact, trying to immobilize it with fear and terror. After a couple seconds, she realized, for some unknown reason, the mouse was not going to let itself become paralyzed.

Basilisk slithered away, quickly trying to reach the puny rat. She swiftly snaked through the grass and around the pool, trying to avoid getting wet for the time being. Once she reached her opponent, she wrapped her long, slender body around it. At first she thought it was a little odd that there was little to no resistance from the small brightly colored rodent. As she started tightening her body around the Pikachu, she noticed that it was starting to give a little, and then Pikachu’s body-double disintegrated.

Boltstrike cringed as the slight energy calculation error cost him. Boltstrike then sped towards Basilisk, trying to grab its tail. Pikachu then realized that it would be hard to grab the scaly substance with such small hands and arms, but still tried to launch Basilisk towards the pool of water. However, it was hard enough for Pikachu to grip the tail of Basilisk, let alone throw it further than an inch. Basilisk's squirming didn't help either, as it almost slithered away before Pikachu tactfully threw the slimy serpent head-first into the pool of water, missing by about three feet.

Basilisk recovered quickly from the less-than-deadly blow, and got ready to charge Pikachu once more. At the same time, however, Pikachu was getting ready to release hurtful, pain-inflicted electricity in the direction of the snake-type Pokemon. Pikachu started charging up his powerful Thunder attack, hoping that adding more power to the attack would help, even if he had to sacrifice a little accuracy and precision for it. Ekans started to get up slightly, turning over to one side, getting ready to ram into Pikachu with its body.

Ekans slithered quickly, racing towards Boltstrike, hoping to catch it off guard. She bolted through the grass, trying everything she could to get there before the electricity in Pikachu's body was fully charged up. Boltstrike's cheeks were turning a brilliant magenta color, becoming even more luminescent than before. Sparks of electricty flew out of Pikachu's bright red cheeks, the main power conducter. The lightning bolt was shot off from Boltstrike's cheek, and was sent towards the oncoming Basilisk. Ekans was just at Pikachu when the Thunder was fired, and had time to slap Pikachu hard with her tail before being hit from close range. The blast caught both Boltstrike and Basilisk offguard, sending both back in a frenzy, as the explosion caused left a small hole in the once-serene grass field. Small chunks of dirt flew overhead, as the round ended with a big bang.

~Post Battle Statistics~
Basilisk: 70%, hurt, a little shocked, trivial fatigue
Boltstrike: 76%, in pain, hurt by own attack, trivial fatigue

Normally this much damage wouldn't have been issued, but I figure it's a 6 on 6 AND that Thunder hurt both Pikachu and Basilisk. If you have any arguments, feel free to shoot them at me.

19th June 2003, 01:52 PM
Adaptive defensive, Boltstrike. Do what's necessary to keep yourself out of harm's way. She's not fast enough to catch you if you're determined not to get caught, so keep your distance and don't let her get to you. Guard yourself against ranged poison attacks with a Reflective shield and spend actions if necessary to avoid Basilisk's paralyzing glare.

If Basilisk appears inactive, prepare a Thunder.. she may have hidden herself behind a decoy of her own, which means she may be moving in for a sneak attack. Let her have it, but be ready to let loose another electric surge if Basilisk sets upon you from out of nowhere.

Stay the heck away from Basilisk

Reflect ranged poison attacks
Close or avert eyes to avoid Glare
Thunder if Basilisk looks inactive

19th June 2003, 02:07 PM
Don't worry about it Basilisk. You can still go plenty of damage but not moving at all. It's ready to strike if you get too close. Keep your distance but try to make sure it doesn't take advantage of anything. Start off with by making it a nice Sunny Day. Sunny Day will make Thunder most likely miss. If it doesn't miss then changes are it's not going to be very effective thanks to the sunlight. It'll come in handy since your next two attacks involve you not moving.

Stay at your current location that is hopefully not very close to the Pikachu. From your location, slam into the ground with your Earthquake. Not only will it do great damage, but it isn't an attack you don't actually have to be close to the enemy.

Do the exact same thing you did before. Earthquake from your current spot. Stay there until I say it's safe. You got all that?

Basilisk: *nod, nod* *grins* *flicks her rattle tail about* Yesh...

19th June 2003, 02:26 PM
I don't see why Sunny Day would have any affect at all on Thunder. As seen in the anime, it's just a powered up Thunderbolt. It arcs from the user toward the target, it isn't blasted out of a stormcloud or something.. and just because the sunlight is brighter than normal doesn't mean Boltstrike can't hit an Ekans that isn't moving.

Earthquake could very well be trouble, though Boltstrike was told to do what's necessary to keep him out of harm's way, even if a specific move to counter Earthquake wasn't mentioned. At the very least, he could run very fast in the opposite direction.

In the end, of course, it's up to Icy.

19th June 2003, 07:18 PM
A quick reffing...

Round Two
DarkPrincess vs. Prodigy
Basilisk the Ekans vs. Boltstrike the Pikachu

Basilisk: Sunny Day~Earthquake~Earthquake
Boltstrike: Thunder~Stay Away~Stay Away

~Pre Battle Statistics~
Basilisk: 70%, hurt, a little shocked, trivial fatigue
Boltstrike: 76%, in pain, hurt by own attack, trivial fatigue


Basilisk started off the round by summoning the sun, and clearing the skies. The sky was already fairly clear, with only a couple clouds floating above, more clouded by calm Pidgey and aggresive Spearow than anything else. Basilisk started slightly moving his body from side to side, as she rose her head slightly. The abstract dancing started to bring heat, and the sun shone more brightly on the specific field. The temperature rose and finally, Basilisk stopped her dance. Boltstrike barely even chuckled as the hot sun beat down upon his fur-covered back. He quickly summoned his specialty, as electricity surged through his body and was gathered in his bright scarlet cheeks. Small electrical sparks flew from Pikachu's cheeks, as his eyes involutnarily closed. Using as much energy as possible, Boltstrike let his most lethal attack fly towards Basilisk, completely unscathed by the sunlight or the heat. The bolt of electricity hit Basilisk at full strength. The electricity ran through her body, shocking her in every way. Slightly paralyzing the tip of her tail, where the original bolt landed.

Pikachu then tried to speed himself up by using Agility to burst away from the next attack. Basilisk, however, wouldn't let him get far enough before pounding the ground with her powerful tail. Using seismic energy, Basilisk was able to carry the powerful attack through the ground, as it reached Boltstrike's area. Boltstrike was caught off balance and the small field of flowers didn't allow him enough space to get away efficiently. Basilisk performed this action once more, and the seismic attack hit Pikachu off balance again...

~Post-Battle Statistics~
Basilisk: 49%, paralyzed at tip of tail, slight fatigue
Boltstrike: 53%, off-balance, out of room to run, slight fatigue

19th June 2003, 08:25 PM
Basilisk, just make it simple since I'm not in a good mood. Begin the next round by Digging underground. Stay under there since the bloody rat will probably try and dodge those attacks too. Stay underground. It can't do anything to do while you're doing there. You're safe from its attacks.

While you're down there, shake the arena up with your Earthquake. If it tries to reflect it back at you, it won't really help since you're underground.

Finish off by finally slithering out from underground. Be kinda quick with that if you can. The minute you are out from underground, use a Giga Drain

20th June 2003, 12:30 AM
Who says Ekans will be safe underground? My bloody rat is more resourceful than you must think he is.

Boltstrike, if Basilisk wants to burrow underground to escape your furious thunder, let her. She forgets that you have more at your disposal than Thunderbolts. Once she goes below ground, raise the pond with Surf and flush her out by flooding her tunnel. From there.. if Basilisk gets off her Earthquake, weather it as best you can and Mimic it so you can turn your newfound ability to warp the earth against her. If she shows up and you don't have Earthquake, shoot Thunderbolts at her. Take a breather if it seems appropriate.

Flood the tunnel with Surf,
A) Mimic (Earthquake), Earthquake
B) shoot Thunderbolts or take breathers

Oh, Icy, your reffing for last round labels it as "Round Three", when it's actually Round Two. So you know. ^_^

24th June 2003, 04:46 PM
Similarly, I will be taking a small leave from ASB, but under totally different circumstances. :\ My computer's broken and stuff... so I don't think I'm going to be able to be online consistently for about a month, hopefully less time. This means, I CANT ref for you. I'll try to post orders in my battles, but if I ever past DQ, just DQ me.

Right.. we'll be needing a new ref, then.

25th June 2003, 09:41 AM
Hmm, Karin to the rescue. I think. *ref*

26th June 2003, 12:19 PM
Excuse me if I do not use flowery language and fluff in my reffings. I simply don't have the time and imagination.

Basilisk: 49%, paralyzed at tip of tail, slight fatigue
Boltstrike: 53%, off-balance, out of room to run, slight fatigue

Round 3

Boltstrike watches as Basilisk scrabbles away at the dirt, quite unconcerned. In fact, he is waiting for the silly Ekans to go underground. In the meantime, the Pikachu directs his attention at the water in the pond, which he proceeds to move telekinetically... Yes... A wave washes over the grass and into Basilisk's hole, sending a sputtering Ekans rushing out as fast as she can.

Now, of course, Basilisk is not very happy about this. You wouldn't be, either, if you were flushed out of a place that you were supposed to be safe in. Keeping this in mind, the tortured look on Boltstrike's face when the ground is thrown apart with earth-shattering tremors is quite understandable. An angry pokémon is not to be messed with. Boltstrike, however, does not just crawl into a corner and die. Far from it. He has a plan. He always does. He's Boltstrike the Pikachu, after all. And so he pays close attention to every single detail of his pain, from how the ground shakes to how his opponent appears to be causing this.

You can imagine the surprise on Basilisk's face when she sees her supposedly battered and demoralized opponent get up from the ground, grinning widely. And the even greater surprise when suddenly she experiences seismic tremors that should never have been meant for her. Seriously. They are extraordinarily painful. The truth of the matter dawns upon her: her cunning opponent has borrowed her abilities and turned them to his own advantage. When Boltstrike stops, Basilisk slithers half-heartedly towards her opponent, looking directly in his eyes. She looks beaten, worn down. Good actress. Suddenly, she pounces, sinking her teeth into Boltstrike's arm and sucking the vitality out of it. It doesn't take him long to shake her off, though.

Basilisk: 27%, shaken, breathing hard
Boltstrike: 29%, temporarily knows Earthquake, breathing hard

26th June 2003, 01:43 PM
Boltstrike, dart up a tree with Agility and fire off Thunders from there. Basilisk is bound to follow you there, but at least you'll be safe from Earthquake, and she'll have to brave the Thunder strafing to get to you. Make sure she doesn't catch you with any nasty melee attacks.. Counter them and blast her out of the tree.

Agility (up a tree), Thunder, Thunder
Counter melee attacks once safely in the tree

26th June 2003, 02:08 PM
Don't worry Basilisk. Even thought he's up there, he isn't really safe. Not when you're around. Aim one of your Sludge Bomb directly at the Pikachu as it's attempting to escape your wrath.

If he manages to fall off the tree, following the next attacks. Before it can retreat up in the tree, Earthquake away at the ground before it can go back up. Repeat the same thing before with another Earthquake

If he doesn't fall out of the tree, just keep aiming a Sludge Bomb up at him. If he's still in that bloody try, bash him with another Sludge Bomb

Sludge Bomb {to try make him fall out of the tree} ~Earthquake {If he managed to fall out of tree} /Sludge Bomb {if he manges to stay in the tree}

26th June 2003, 02:41 PM
Basilisk: 27%, shaken, breathing hard
Boltstrike: 29%, temporarily knows Earthquake, breathing hard

Round 4

Boltstrike darts up a nearby tree, latching on to the coarse trunk... He plans to survive this round, but apparently, fate does not see this in store for him. For starters, Baslisk defiles his hands with the foulest, nastiest-smelling toxic goo imaginable. This does not help his grip on the tree very much. Needless to say, he falls. Mostly because his hands are burning.

As soon as Boltstrike drops to the ground, he is greeted by the now familiar earth tremors that he dislikes so much. He retaliates with a blast of electrical energy, but the shaking doesn't help his aim... A couple of sparks brush by Basilisk, but that's pretty much it.

This time, Boltstrike makes a more determined effort, and it pays off... Basilisk groans when the energy surges through her body, but that does not stop the shaking... And so the valiant Boltstrike must fall, succumbing to the surrounding darkness.

Basilisk: 8%, moderately fatigued
Boltstrike: KOed

Boltstrike has fallen! Prodigy must send out his next combatant!

26th June 2003, 02:46 PM
Not quite, Boltstrike. Ah, well.. come on back.

Well, DarkPrincess, your Ekans may have triumphed here, but her luck's run out, and so has yours. She now faces Biohazard the Koffing, and if anyone can gain back ground, it'll be him.

26th June 2003, 03:59 PM
Excellent work Basilisk. You've done well, my friend. *grins slightly*

Basilisk: o.O why do you always have to act all mysterious? *blinks at me*

Because it's cool! *pouts* Anyway, I have a feeling this Koffing will be more powerful than we may think. Lets keep this round simple since you probably won't be able to last the next round. Perhaps we can make it so Biohazard will have slight difficulty in the future.

Basilisk: Are you gonna say what I think you're gonna say? *grins evily*

I think so. Just your evil signature move, Sanity Meter. It might take the whole round including your remaining health, but perhaps Biohazard will have taken it's horrible toll.

Basilisk: *nods*


Ekans (F)
Nickname: Basilisk
Sig Move: Sanity Meter
Description: Basilisk speaks in her low, mysterious voice. She speaks of darkness and things you'd see in nightmares. These ideas eventually freak out the enemy. Basilisk then uses her powers to create illusians of the things she spoke of earlier. When the enemy sees them, it'll drive them to the brick of sanity. That's only the beginning. After that first time, seeing the illusians, the enemy will start to hallucinate. They'll think they see Basilisk on the other side of the arena or perhaps right besides them. Even worse. They'll see the creatures they saw from the illusians. After the whole attack is done, the enemy may still hallucinate. Sanity isn't a thing that can come back in a second. Expecially after what happened to them. This attack takes up three turns in one round. (i.e. the first attack is Basilisk telling the enemy about darkness and horrible things. the second attack is Basilisk creating the illusians and the third attack is when the whole thing has driven the enemy insane). Basilisk can only use this move once per battle.
Type: Dark | Damage: n/a | Accuracy: 70% | Effect: Drives opponent insane

26th June 2003, 04:23 PM
No, I think it's a little too late for that. Biohazard's Psybeam will drop your Ekans before she can get her mouth open.


26th June 2003, 05:12 PM
Basilisk: 8%, moderately fatigued
Biohazard: 100%, fresh

Round 5

Erm... Basilisk has little time to notice her new opponent when the floating purple ball spewing toxic gases knocks her out with something that she does not get a chance to see.

Basilisk: KOed
Biohazard: 100%, fresh

Basilisk has fallen! DarkPrincess must send out her next combatant!

26th June 2003, 08:26 PM
Are you okay Basilisk?

Basilisk: x.o I feel great, I think I'll go dance around like a bloody moron *thwaps me* No! I'm not okay!

*sets Basilisk on the sideline* Well, I think the best Pokémon for this job is my trusty yet evil Evylan. (female Charmeleon) She has not failed me yet.

27th June 2003, 10:39 AM
Biohazard, float over to the water and levitate above it, then bait Charmeleon with a Swagger. Charmeleons don't like water, and if it comes down to it, you'll come out ahead in a ranged duel. Take aim and shoot a Thunderbolt at him to finish.

float over the water, Swagger, Thunderbolt

27th June 2003, 10:44 AM
Don't worry about him floating off Evylan. Carefully aim and blast him with a good Flamethrower. As long as you don't get near the water, you'll be perfectly fine. Next, Swagger will probably be deadly for you. Perhaps a VERY fast Swords Dance will kinda block the Swagger. Finish this round with a powerful Fire Blast directly at the Koffing.

27th June 2003, 12:55 PM
Evylan: 100%, fresh
Biohazard: 100%, fresh

Round 6

Biohazard, sharing the sentiments of his trainer, wants to plow down anything in his way. Boltstrike's premature fall was unfortunate and will definitely be avenged if he has anything to say about it. And believe me, he does. The Koffing floats over the water, ignoring the jet of flame that makes boils erupt on his skin... He will get his revenge, and more. He really will.

And while Evylan performs an ancient ritual that brings power rushing through her veins, Biohazard makes it his mission to aggravate her. And it works. His rude, insulting gestures are more than enough to put her into a very bad mood.

Thoughts of "Hmm, those boils look very painful," jump to "Kill... KILL... KILL!" So she goes to teach that insolent Koffing a lesson. Evylan sails through the air with seemingly supernatural strength... And grabs hold to the offender, trying to bash his brains out. When she's done, however, she realizes that she's in the air, holding on to her opponent who is hovering over a particularly nasty-looking pool of water. Oh, and that close-contact with Koffings who fry your brain cells with lots of electricity is not what you would call desirable.

Evylan: 88%, berserked, greatly enhanced chi, flushed
Biohazard: 78%, flushed

27th June 2003, 01:22 PM
Excellent work so far Rogue. Begin this next round by using yet another Swords Dance. Your attack power will be unstoppable eventually. Next, give your Rock Slide a try. Try and make the rocks able to hit the Koffing from his location. Finish this round off with your dangerous Dragonbreath

Rogue: >.> you changed my name again..

*shrug* ^_^;;

BTW: Rogue is Evylan.. just changed her name XD

27th June 2003, 01:51 PM
I guess you overlooked the fact that your Charmeleon is still clinging to Biohazard, who is currently levitating above the pond. And I'm pretty sure Charmeleons don't like water..

Biohazard! Struggle to shake Rogue/Evylan off of you and into the pool below, then fire a Thunder down at her before she has time to react (probably in the form of getting out of the water.) If she's still in the water when you're done recharging, follow up with a Thunderbolt.. if she makes it to dry land, though, immediately douse her with Toxic.

Struggle, Thunder, Thunderbolt/Toxic

30th June 2003, 09:00 AM
Evylan: 88%, berserked, greatly enhanced chi, flushed
Biohazard: 78%, flushed

Round 7

Although Evylan very much trusts her trainer, she does not see how it is possible to carry out her orders considering the situation she is in. Namely, stuck clinging on for dear life to a Koffing over a pond filled with water. Plus she's really, really angry at the said Koffing, anyway. She continues to bash him in whatever way possible, but this is only conducive to his efforts to wriggle out of her grasp, and, too late, she gasps as she... falls. The splash of her body against the water sounds like the toll of death bells to her.

The poor Charmeleon is jolted back to reality by the stinging brutality of the water... This is no time to blindly smack her opponent! Her life is at stake! She struggles ineptly towards the shore, relying only on her strong muscles and her will to survive. The vicious electrical surges that Biohazard sends through her as she swims don't really help, either. Somehow, though, she manages to make it to dry land... She flops onto the grass, gasping for air and just glad to be alive.

Evylan: 48%(Damage Caps), thoroughly drenched, slightly enhanced chi, moderately fatigued
Biohazard: 70%, breathing hard

You guys may not get another reffing from me for a few days.

30th June 2003, 10:06 AM
We need to press our advantage. Evylan is still struggling to catch her breath after escaping the water, so pump thick, heavy Smog into the air around her. She could clear it, of course, but not without exerting herself.. and since she's gasping for air already, strenuous attacks while breathing in Smog are only going to make matters worse for her.

If she gets rid of the Smog, douse her with Toxic and send her reeling with a Thunderbolt.. she's still soaking wet, after all, which is hardly conducive to shaking off a Thunderbolt.

If she doesn't, shoot a Flamethrower into the cloud and fall back behind a sturdy Reflective shield.

A) Toxic, Thunderbolt
B) Flamethrower, Reflect

30th June 2003, 01:29 PM
:o seeing as you two prefer C04621 (I hope I got those numbers right), I'll let her continue reffing if you like. But I'm back for now, so I guess (since she said she may not be able to ref the next round for a little while) I can ref it.

So yeah. :o I guess I'll umm... stuff? Well my computer really wasn't broken, and I'm just a retard with a screwed up mouse.

2nd July 2003, 09:54 AM
I'm sorry I'm late. My home computer is still broken and I'm afraid I cannot be on the computer while I'm home. I'm at my mother's office again. Until my home computer is fixed I won't be online. Please don't DQ me. My computer should be okay in about a week but I'm not sure. I would appreciate it if you just put the battle on pause until I can make it back. Okeday?

Anyway, don't worry Evylan. You'll be okay. Begin by breathing out a massive flame into the gas with your Flamethrower. This should cause a small explosion and before it has a change to engulf you, use a Protect that should help you against the explosion. Finish off by using a Toxic on the Koffing.

2nd July 2003, 10:08 AM
Wow.. in 12 minutes before DQ. Not that I was going to DQ you even if you had been late.. I'm enjoying this battle.

This match will probably have to be on hold for quite a while, though. Our referee is, of course, moving to a new house, and by the time she gets her Internet connection set up again and you get your computer working, I'll be on vacation.

2nd July 2003, 02:27 PM
I volunteered earlier to pick this up again (seeing as my computer is no longer broken), but it seems as though you'd much rather have C04621.

Whatever. Bye.

8th July 2003, 11:46 PM
Er, I'm back? No response, so... I guess I'll still ref.

Evylan: 48%(Damage Caps), thoroughly drenched, slightly enhanced chi, moderately fatigued
Biohazard: 70%, breathing hard

Round 8

Much to Evylan's dismay, a thick cloud of foul-smelling gas pours out of the blasted Biohazard's mouth... But rather than allow herself to choke in the stuff, the Charmeleon decides to use up more of her valuable breath on igniting it!

The black stuff erupts into a flash of red flame as she is blown backward before she can erect a flimsy shield... Luckily for her, some of the water absorbs a little heat. Biohazard hides behind the safety of an energy barrier, but it is evident from the newly-acquired boils on his face that he has not escaped unharmed.

And then, to top it all off, Evylan faces complete and utter embarassment. Biohazard's venomous glob seeps into her bloodstream easily enough... But when she tries to retaliate with one of her own, she suddenly remembers that pokémon like Biohazard have poison running through every vein in their bodies. A little extra wouldn't hurt them.

Evylan: 30%, badly poisoned, wet, fatigued-heavily fatigued
Biohazard: 55%, moderately fatigued

9th July 2003, 10:52 AM
EDIT: Actually, I decided to forfeit this battle.. it seems like my battles go on and on forever. I'm not the patient type. I really want to have a few short battles so I could catch more Pokémon and such.. sorry.. plus I have a feeling I don't have a chance here so.. yeah..

When Prodigy gets back he might be happy to see he won a battle.. bye...