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Black Skull Dragon
18th June 2003, 12:56 PM
I'm new at this, so bear with me.

My name is Chase. I hail from New Bark Town. I live with my mother. I never knew my father, because he left New Bark when I was only five years old. Whenever I ask about my dad, she just says that he left town to train Pokemon, then changed the subject.
The girl is Samantha, or Sammy for short. She is my best friend since childhood. Her mother, Eva, is a good friend of my mother's. My mom met Eva at a grocery store in Cherrygrove City. Eva was looking for the nutricious Miltank Milk, and there was none left. My mom gave her half of what she had, and they became friends instantly. About a week later, Mom discovered that Eva only lived a few blocks away! Eva came for a visit one day, and she had brought Sammy along. Like our mothers, we became friends instantly.
That was thirteen years ago. I am now seventeen years old, and she is eighteen. We don't "play" anymore, but we still love to go to Professor Elm's lab to learn a bit about Pokemon. We go to the lab almost daily. Recently, Elm told me about the Johto League, where the best trainers come from all over the world and compete in Pokemon battles to determine who is the greatest Pokemon master in the world! I remembered my dad, and wanted to become a trainer like him. I have just made up my mind. I am going to finally start my Pokemon Journey!

Chapter 1 coming soon

18th June 2003, 02:55 PM
Sounds good so far. One thing when you write this story though. 1: Don't make this like the game or show because its kinda boring 2: Be original, like add things into it, like towns, events, and stuff like that 3: when you write make sure you have lengthy and descriptive chapters because it makes it more enjoyable for readers I hope this helps some or a lot for you and I will be intrested in what you do with this. Keep it up!

Black Skull Dragon
18th June 2003, 10:30 PM
Thanks for the advice, I'll keep all that in mind! Ok, here I go!

Chapter 1- Beginnings

It is 6:00 in the morning. Chase is still fast asleep. He is dreaming about what he thinks his father is. He sees a shadowy figure, and thinks it must be him! However, he's surrounded by even more shadowy figures, and one of them is yelling, "Chase, Chase, CHASE!!!!!!"
Chase snaps awake. He listens for the voice again. "Chase, get your *** out of bed, today's the day!" It was Sammy. "Chase, don't make me come up there!" Chase pokes his head out the window and yells down to Sammy, "I'm awake! Quit yelling so much, you'll wake up all of New Bark!"
"Sorry, Chase, but I don't want you to be late! The ceremony starts at 7:30, you need to get ready!"
Chase looks at the clock. 7:00. He runs to his closet and grabs his usual clothes-a black muscle shirt, gray shorts, and blue running shoes. He runs downstairs and out the door. He is stopped by the familiar voice of his mother. "Chase, aren't you forgetting something?"
"Oh yeah, my Pokegear! Thanks Mom!" He straps the Pokegear around his wrist and starts to run out the door. "Chase, your backpack!"
"Oops! Thanks for reminding me!" Chase runs upstairs and grabs it. He runs back downstairs and tries again to run out the door. "Chase!"
"What, Mom!? I'm gonna be late!"
"You won't get very far with an empty backpack!"
"Uhhhhh........yeah. Whoops!"
"Just run along and I'll pack your things. Hurry, go, don't be late!"
Chase finally runs out the door and meets Sammy on the street. "What's been going on?"
"I kept forgetting things, like my Pokegear and my backpack, then forgot to pack my stuff!"
"Sheesh, you are so absentminded these days! Oh well forget it! Are you still having that dream?"
"Yeah, it's wierd, but I think the bigger shadow character is my dad."
"There you go again! Forget about it, we'll never be able to figure it out!"
"Yeah, you're right. We better get going!"
Chase and Sammy start running down the road to Elm's. They finally arrive at Elm's lab, and he's standing outside like he was expecting them! "There you are! I've been waiting for you! Come inside, hurry!" Chase and Sammy look at each other, baffled at Elm's sudden burst of excitement. They walk inside, and find Elm at his computer, typing away.
"Uh, Professor........why did you tell us to hurry inside?"
Elm is silent. Then, "Here. Come and see this." Chase and Sammy walk over to his computer, and see a video message. Chase recognizes him. "That's Mr. Fushi! He's that guy that likes to collect rare things. What does he want with you?"
"It's quite simple. He has found another rare item, and he's not really sure of what it is, so he wants me to examine it for him. However, my assistants and I are far too busy to go over to Tigerlily City. I was waiting for you to ask you a favor."
Sammy chimed in, "Let me guess, you want us to go to Tigerlily City, get this item from Mr. Fushi, then bring it to you. Am I right?"
"If you leave now, you can catch him just before breakfast. Thanks guys! Oh, and Chase, I think you will find a pleasant surprise when you get there. Thanks again!" And with that, he tossed the two outside and slammed the door.
"I can't believe this! I thought I was starting my journey today! Instead, I'm playing "errand-man" for Elm. This sucks!" yelled Chase.
"Well, Elm said that you would find a surprise in Tigerlily City, so let's just go."
Chase and Sammy start toward Tigerlily City. Along the way, they meet an old man. "Excuse me, sir, but can you direct us to Tigerlily City?" Asked Sammy.
"I'll do better than that if you'll help me out. If you can tell me the way to Dark Cave, I'll help you find whatever you're looking for. Deal?"
"Deal! Dark Cave can be found in the middle of the Blackthorn Mountains, but there's also an entrance east of Violet City."
"Really? I didn't know of the entrance in Blackthorn Mountains. Thanks a lot, that'll save me a lot of time. How did you know that, young man?"
Chase told the man, "I have a map in my room at home, and I studied it whenever I got bored."
"Is that so? Apparently you didn't study it enough, because you're asking me to tell you the way to Tigerlily City."
"Uh........it only has major towns and cities on it.........." Chase looks pretty embarassed now.
"That's ok, because I see you have a Pokegear, and that kind of hardware can support this kind of software. Take this Map Card."
Chase looks down at the Card in utter amazement. His mom had never told him that his Pokegear could support a map! "Thanks a lot, sir! How can I ever........" Chase looked up, but the old man was gone. After looking around for him a bit, he finally gives up and puts the Card in his Pokegear. A map comes up and shows him every town and city in all of Johto. A keypad comes up on the screen, and there is text under it. PLEASE TYPE IN THE CITY OR TOWN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR Chase looks at Sammy in astonishment, and enters the words, Tigerlily City. The Map starts blinking and flickering, then highlights the shortest route to Tigerlily City. They take off!
A short hour later, they arrive in the small community of Tigerlily City. Chase looks around and sees several houses in the area, and there is an old man sitting on one of the front porches, asleep. "That's Mr. Fushi. Let's go." They walk over to the house, and they awaken the sleeping man. The man recognizes Chase right away.
"Hello Chase. Elm sent me a picture of you and wrote that you would be visiting me. Come on in, and I'll make you some breakfast."
"Wow, thanks, I'm starving!" Chase and Sammy said simultaniously. After gobbling down the hearty breakfast, Chase asked Fushi about the rare item that was inquired in his e-mail, and then asked about the "surprise."
Fushi was silent for a moment, then he went into his room and came back out holding something. "I think this is a Pokemon Egg, but as I said in my message, I'm not exactly sure. I want you to take this to Elm. And now, the surprise........"
Chase was on the edge of his seat now, and when Fushi opened the closet door, a man walks out, which triggers bursts of excitment from Chase and Sammy.
It was indeed the legendary Professor himself! He explained how his car broke down while he was on his way to make a speech today in New Bark. It was just his luck that Fushi wanted Elm anyway, so they arranged a way for one lucky trainer to meet Oak, and Chase was the lucky winner, as he was the first one there. Oak then surprised Chase further by giving him a special Pokedex. This Pokedex is special because it has a Pokemon Locator feature on it. Chase thanks Oak, and Oak makes his exit, explaining that his car is ready, and he has to return to Pallet Town to conduct research.
Chase and Sammy run back to New Bark faster than ever. They just can't wait to tell the other future trainers that they met Oak in person! When they walk into town, they find a huge crowd waiting for them! Baffled, they ask Elm what is going on.
"I already told the whole town about your meeting. They can't wait to hear what you got from him!"
Chase walks up to the crowd and shows them the Pokedex. At first, the crowd isn't so excited, but then Chase explained the cool feature, and the crowd bursts into applause! Chase and Sammy walk into the lab, and Elm tells Chase to pick his first Pokemon. There are only two. Elm tells them that as a complementary prize for not getting to meet Oak, the next trainer to get there got the first pick. There are a couple markings on the Pokeballs, one is red, and the other is green.
"The red marking symbolizes fire, which means Cyndaquil is in that ball. The other symbolizes grass, which means Chikorita is in that one."
"Ok, I choose............." Long silence. Then finally, "Cyndaquil!" Loud applause is heard outside!
"See that hidden camera? That crowd just saw you pick your first Pokemon! Sammy, I have a bit of good news for you. The third trainer backed out at the last minute, so I'm gonna give you the option to start your journey!"
"Wow. That's big! I was gonna go with Chase anyway, so I say yes! I choose Chikorita!" Another loud applause.
Chase and Sammy then go home to say goodbye to their moms. At about noon, Chase and Sammy finally leave New Bark Town, each with a starter Pokemon in their possesion. What a great day this has been!

Chapter 2 coming soon.

Black Skull Dragon
19th June 2003, 10:40 PM
What, no critique? I need feedback so I will know what to do to make this Fanfic better! <Sigh> Oh well, here I go.

Chapter 2-On the road

We left our potential champions walking away from New Bark Town, on the road to Cherrygrove City to pick up some supplies for their travels. Among them, they have $30, and they need more than that to get anything worthwhile! They come across a young boy on the road. The boy saw them first, and jumped at the opportunity to take down fresh meat!
"My name's Johnny, and I challenge you to a battle!"
"My name's Chase, and I accept your challenge! This is my first battle, but I'll still take you down!"
"Let's get started then, shall we?" Johnny said with a giant grin on his face. "Go, Spearow!" He threw his Pokeball, it opened, and a red cluster of light shot out, and the red light took the shape of a Spearow, and the Pokemon was materialized. "SPEEEEAARRR!" yelled the tiny bird.
"Hmm, let's see what the Pokedex says on this one." Chase pulled out his Pokedex, opened it, and pointed the infared data port toward Spearow.
"Yeah, that's right, Rookie, this is a Spearow, and it's gonna smoke whatever Pokemon you use!"
"You think so? Go, Cyndaquil!" Out of the Pokeball appeared another red cluster of light, and it took the shape of a small, four-legged Pokemon. "Cynda......" Cyndaquil looked quite scared.
"Cyndaquil, attack Spearow using...........uhhhhh...........Sammy, what kind of attacks does Cyndaquil know?"
Sammy and Johnny both fall backwards in classic style. Cyndaquil is kinda annoyed with Chase for not knowing it better.
"I'll just check the Pokedex." He opened it, pointed it toward Cyndaquil, selected the Attacks option, and listened closely.
"Ok, that's cool. Cyndaquil, use Tackle!"
Cyndaquil looked at Chase and whimpered. Chase looks pretty worried now.
"Chase, what's wrong with Cyndaquil?"
"I don't know! Cyndaquil, what's wrong?"
Suddenly, out of nowhere, Elm appeared. He doesnt seem aware of the battle. Instead, he seems fixated on a small Caterpie.
"Uh, Elm?" Chase tried to get the Professor's attention.
"Oh hi Chase! Fancy meeting you here! What's up?"
"Well, Cyndaquil is looking pretty scared, and won't obey me in battle."
"OH, I can't believe I forgot to tell you! This particular Cyndaquil is a bit more shy than others."
"That's awful!" Sammy said. "Chase, you have to get a new one."
"What are Pokemon to you, just simple "things" you can replace? WRONG! I'm going to work with this Cyndaquil to help it overcome its shyness!"
"Ummm........are you having a good conversation over there? I'd still like to battle!" Johnny yelled. "Sometime today, Rookie!"
"Well, I'll let you get back to your battle, I gotta catch this Caterpie, as it has a special trait I want to study. Good luck!" And with that, he left the area.
Chase and Johnny are now facing each other, both with a Pokemon in front of them. Johnny has a bold, proud Spearow, and Chase has a weak, shy Cyndaquil. Johnny decides to take the initiative! "Spearow, Peck attack!"
"Cyndaquil, don't take it! Dodge it!" Cyndaquil jumped out of the way of the attack, but got a small nick on its side. "Cyndaquil, use Leer!" Cyndaquil just whimpered. "Cyndaquil, you have to do something! Try an Ember attack!" Cyndaquil whimpered. "Cyndaquil, I know you can win this battle, you just have to try!" Whimper. "Come on, I believe in you! You WILL WIN!" Cyndaquil seems to feel a little better now, so it stands on its hind legs and unleashes the flame on its back. It seems to burn a darker red, which, Chase thought, meant that it had more potential than it gives itself credit for. "Alright, use Ember!" This time, Cyndaquil aimed and fired hundreds of little balls of fire!
"Spearow, try to dodge!" Try as it might, Spearow only avoided about half of the fireballs fired at it! Spearow seems to be hurt quite a bit! "It would seem that your Cyndaquil is stronger than we both thought. I won't give up! Spearow, try another Peck attack!" Spearow charged at Cyndaquil at full throttle, which made Cyndaquil cower. Suddenly, Spearow paniked! It couldnt stop in time, and flew straight into Cyndaquil's flame! Very loud high-pitched shreaks could be heard from Spearow. It flew out, very badly burned, and it colapsed. Cyndaquil wins!
"Spearow, return!" A ray of red light shot out of the ball, hit Spearow, and sucked the tiny bird back into the ball. Chase was jumping around doing a victory dance and trying to hug Cyndaquil without getting burned. Johnny walked up to Chase, shook hands with him, and handed him an envelope.
"What's with the envelope?"
"You won, so according to League rules, I have to give you half of my money. In that envelope is $30."
"Wow, really!? Sammy! We win money when we win battles!"
"Yeah, that is so awesome! Thanks a lot Johnny!"
"Yeah, don't mention it. I better get Spearow to a Pokemon Center right away. I'm sorry I called you a Rookie. See ya later!" And with that, Johnny walked off into the distance. Chase and Sammy continue on to Cherrygrove City, feeling very proud!

Chapter 3 tomorrow. Feedback, please!

19th June 2003, 11:12 PM
Well, your doing ok. Dont use all diolouge the whole time and skip spaces every once in a while. Describe things. Don't just say he threw a pokeball and it opened letting out cyndaquil. say...He took out the red and white round object from his belt and tossed it in the air. It then opened up releasing a light that let out the fire pokemon cyndaquil. Be creative. Like,what does it look like outside. Use detail, People that reply with ideas are going to prob say the same thing. I hope this helps some if not sorry. Keep it up!

Black Skull Dragon
21st June 2003, 10:20 PM
Sorry I havent been updating this, I've been busy at work. Expect Chapter 3 by Tuesday at the latest!