View Full Version : Forgive me for the following statement.

Zenith Magus
18th June 2003, 01:46 PM
I am writing a Pokemon fic titled " The Meaning and the Way". Currently, I have written two chapters for this and am in the process of planning out the third. However, I am trying to garner the opinions of my readers. There is a problem I have involving this. There are eight total posts on my fic. 87.5% of them are mine. I know it sounds like too much to be begging for reviews, but even the fic update topic has not given me any reviews. I've had 92 views on my fic , so I'm not begging for readers. Just reviews. Forgive me for this, please do!

18th June 2003, 04:27 PM
sorry, but i have to close this. yeah, reviews are running scarce around the boards but please don't post to advertise your fic and beg for reviews. cuz then if it's ok for you to do it, it's ok for the next person to do it, and so on until we get tons of those topics. there's other topics to post in like mewf0ur's new shameless advertising one lol. but please don't create a whole new topic to beg for reviews, it's spam under rule 6 in fanfic. and i'm sure we all forgive you =)