View Full Version : <Poll> I Graduated :O! Polls too! :D

19th June 2003, 11:06 AM
Yes, little old me graduated from Middle School. Now I'm finally in High School! :D~~

Anyway.. Polls!!!

1. What year are you graduating in? (i.e. Class of ____)

2. Do you get stuff when you graduate?

3. Did you like have a special program thing?


1. What year are you graduating in? (i.e. Class of ____)

Class of 2007 forever!!

2. Do you get stuff when you graduate?

I think I did; I'm just too lazy to go downstairs and see what I got. My mom was trying to give me stuff this morning but I wouldn't let her since I was very very sleepy and I was trying to get rest before I had to go to school.

3. Did you like have a special program thing?

Yes. It was pretty cool in fact. First, the students walked into the auditorium. Then, we would say the pledge of alegence and stuff. Then this very hot girl (who is one of my best friends :O) sang this song that only sounds good when she sings it. Then we got our diplomas. Finally, we got to go out into the Commons (place in the middle of the school) and have refreshments and stuff. I just left; I didn't feel like waiting :D.

19th June 2003, 12:39 PM
1. What year are you graduating in? (i.e. Class of ____)
Class of 2003 Forever you moron.
2. Do you get stuff when you graduate?
Yeah, Money, car, and a lot of nice stuff ;)
3. Did you like have a special program thing?
ya, it was long :( And we didn't even get our real Diploma at commencement.

19th June 2003, 12:56 PM
1. 2006. whoo.

2. No.

3. I've never had one. The only one that you should get is your highschool one, other than that having graduations is so gay :<

19th June 2003, 01:10 PM
1. class of 2004.

2. i guess so.

3. i wouldn't know yet.

Mew Trainer Rose
19th June 2003, 05:51 PM
1. What year are you graduating in? (i.e. Class of ____)
Class of 2003! I just graduated a couple days ago! ^_^

2. Do you get stuff when you graduate?
I got a couple cards with money so far, and driving lessons. soon as college rolls around, i'll get a laptop, cell phone, all sorts of good stuff. :) Oh, and i got a little teddy bear dressed up as a grad.

3. Did you like have a special program thing?
Yup, there was a commencement ceremony. Before it, while we were all waiting to march outside, everyone complained about how stupid it was that we had to wait, that the whole ceremony was just to show off, and that the caps and gown were just the school’s last way of trying to humiliate us. Then we all marched out, and while we went people admired the cords people were wearing (colored ropes a grad wore around his/her neck to show that they did well in a particular subject Ex: yellow meant you were a CAPT Scholar) and wished they had one 'cuz it made you look smart. Then there was the actual ceremony, where all the students fooled around a little, the teachers acted dignified, and there were a few speeches. Finally, everyone marched across the stage one by one and got a fancy display thing to hold your diploma in (you got the actual thing right after the ceremony in the cafeteria.) Then there was the nice toss-your-hat-in-the-air thing. And I actually got mine back, it landed in the row of seats right behind me. Lucky. :) then my parents took my family out to dinner.

Crystal Mew
19th June 2003, 06:50 PM
1. I'm Class of 2005 :D

2. I havent graduated from high school yet :o but the last time I graduated, I got money and a watch

3. erm....I graduated fropm elementry school :o so..it was pretty stupid..and I think we had one o_O; all I remember is the party after it ._.;


19th June 2003, 07:12 PM
1: class of '05 baby!

2: I don't rmember what I got for graduating elementery...but I remember getting this graduation kitty plushie thingy when I graduated jr. high. And my mom's gonna take me on a trip of my choice when I graduate high school

3: They had a HUGE celebration for elementery graduation, baloons, cake, punch, music, the works. I don't remember much of that though..it was like five years ago..but I remember the cake. They had some really good cake ^_^

19th June 2003, 09:36 PM
Cool, my brother in 8th grade graduated today as well. :)

1. What year are you graduating in? (i.e. Class of ____)
I'll be graduating from high school in 2005.

2. Do you get stuff when you graduate?
Yup. For my graduation in 2001, I got a glacier Game Boy Advance, Tony Hawk 2, and clothes. Of course, I was happy with these gifts. :x

3. Did you like have a special program thing?
Yeah. There's always the walk down the aisle, the boring speeches by the principal and other important people, then the name calling/giving out dipolmas. You take pictures with your friends, promise you'll call them and keep in touch (you never do of course), and then go out to dinner (I perfer a seafood place). I was late to my 8th grade graduation and wasn't able to walk down the aisle. (Car trouble.) :p

19th June 2003, 09:51 PM
1. I am in the class of '07.

2. No... I'm going to get a laptop, but that's about it. I think my sister is going to give me her old car because she is going to buy a brand new one when she graduates and gets a good job for about a year. (She's going to be a doctor)

3. All we had so far was a recognition, since all we did was graduate middle school. It was neat. There was a slideshow that our technology teacher put together, that had a lot of complex stuff. It showed all the students and there most memorable moment at my middle school.

Some of them were funny. There's a kid in my class named Joseph. His most memorable moment was, and I quote

"I was in the Principal's office, because I was serving detention. Mrs. Deluga dropped her pen, and when she bent over to pick it up, she fell out of her chair." (lol)

Mine was: "I was running in Basketball Practice, and I knocked myself out by running into the gym wall. I was unconcious for about 10 minutes, and both of my wrists were severely bruised and jammed, and I had a headache." (I'm such a klutz:rolleyes: )

19th June 2003, 09:57 PM
1. class of '05.

2. i haven't graduated yet. when i graduated 8th grade, however, i got a nintendo 64. XP i want a car and a laptop for high school graduation...

3. y'mean like a ceremony...? well for the past two years, it's been POURING at graduation, and it was gross. ^_^

19th June 2003, 10:01 PM
I haven't actually ever graduated. O_o I've switched schools between each point(elementary -> middle, middle -> high) and I didn't graduate high school, but with my 1470 SATs and such... yeah. @_@

19th June 2003, 10:03 PM
1. What year are you graduating in? (i.e. Class of ____)

Class of 2006 :D

I'm assuming you mean Eighth Grade Graduation...

2. Do you get stuff when you graduate?

Well, we got this diploma thing, candy, directions to the Family Fun Center, bubble blowing stuff, coupons for snacks, a cross thing..and we got to go the the Family Fun Center...which was reserved til 1 AM, which was cool.

3. Did you like have a special program thing?

We had an Eighth Grade Lunch in the morning, where the 7th graders had to serve us. Then, we had a mass, and they gave us our diplomas :o. Then, everyone went to the Family Fun Center, rode in the go-carts, soaked in the bumper boats, played lazer tag, and played free arcade games :O. Had Pizza too :D.

20th June 2003, 12:04 AM
1. 2006 =D
2. for me there wasn't a 'graduation' from middle-> high, but from elementary-> middle there was. I didn't get anything T_T...
3. for the 5th grade one, yeah there was, the cake was awesome :> I had to dress up though.. I didn't like that. nothing else really happened... mostly just a bunch of 11 year olds running around giggling and screaming.


20th June 2003, 12:28 AM
1) Class of 2005... I think o_o;

2) I graduated from Middle School/Junior High/whatever you wish to call it last year (why does California still consider 9th grade part of that?) I remember getting a flat screen TV and a few other things, I can't remember the 'other things' at the moment.

3) We had some weird ceremony thing, they gave out awards, I got one signed by the President (oh lovely, a piece of paper with Bush's signature on it. What more could I ever ask for? :P)

20th June 2003, 03:28 AM
1. class of '03

2. no

3. no

Azure Pathos-Sketchit
20th June 2003, 08:17 AM
1) Class of '03, and I have been a graduate since June 8. :)

2) I got lei'd. :P An orchid lei and a money lei. I have been able to gather $105 in checks and $63 in cash. And for some reason, my P.E. teacher gave me a box of cereal. XD

3) Yep, your regular old commencement ceremony. Acknowledgement of the Top Ten Students, the Principal's Award, the Valedictorian, Salutatory Address, all that fun stuff. There was a slideshow presentation thrown into it, it was pictures of the Class of '03 since freshman year! O.o