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19th June 2003, 02:16 PM
Never thought I'd find myself back here, but nonetheless....
Bear has returned. For how long, he isn't sure, but he plans to release some of his best work. After a long drought after the fifth Normals RPG, I decided to do some reworking, and restart the story to give new people a chance to join in. Old members are welcome back as well. I'll fill you in on the basic idea.

The Normals are an elite fighting force. All human, but each possessing a single unique trait, inborn and sometimes dormant. For example, the main character Xavier (that's me) has the ability to become invisible for short periods of time. However, he only discovered this ability recently. The ability can be pretty much anything, within reason. It can be defensive, offensive, practical, healing, or what have you. However, each trait is unique to the person, and they have only one special power.

The Normals were formed in a time of chaos and war. In the midst of the 21st century, an incredibly strong political movement known as Neo Communism emerged in eastern Europe, and quickly engulfed the world. World War III was soon underway, with the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and Spain on one side, against more than half the countries in Europe and Asia, including Germany, Russia, China, and France. Unlike the first two World Wars, good did not triumoh over evil. The UN forces finally were defeated, and the NC governments captured the world. Several dictators were put into power, and freedom was a forlorn hope. However, underground resistance factions quickly sprang up, among which was.....

The Normals.

Dr. Hannibal Moebius, having heard rumors of peculiar incidents involving people around the world, set out to gather the ones who had "gifts." His first target was a famous Martial Artist named Xavier Lionheart, nicknamed "Bear" (corny, I know, but accurate).

Now, for the forms. You can choose between being a Normal, a regular human (good or evil), or a ranking member of the NC government. Here they are:


Name -
Nickname -
Age -
Gender -
Home Country -
Appearance -
Clothing - Please include regular garb and battle gear.
Personality -
Inborn power (each person's must be UNIQUE) -
Weapon of choice (only one, try not to make it too fancy) -
Rank in Normals (You can be a member on Squad 1, 2, or 3. Each squad has one leader. The leader of the Normals itself will be Bear) -
Bio - Tell us a little about yourself.
Other - Each RPG has to have this category, right?

~~Regular Human (no powers)~~

Name -
Age -
Gender -
Side (Allied or Communist) -
Nationality -
Appearance -
Personality -
Are you a fighter? Yes or no -
If yes, pick a weapon and fighting style -
Occupation (if not fighter) -
Relations - Related to a Normal or someone in the government?
Bio -
Other -

~~NC Government Official~~

Name -
Age -
Gender -
Rank in government -
Country you're from/hold power in -
Bio -
Other -

Phew, I'm getting too old for this...Here's my form:

Name - Xavier Lionheart
Nickname - Bear
Age - 28
Gender - Male
Home Country - Scotland
Appearance - Perhaps explains his nickname. Tall and solid, he stands around 6'7", weighing close to 250lbs. Short hair, silver in color, green eyes. Has an elaborate Scottish flag with "FREEDOM" embedded in it tattooed across his chest.
Clothing - His streetwear is usually pretty plain: white tank, black vest, baggy jeans, plain boots, gold crucifix on a necklace.
Personality - You'd expect a guy of his stature to be cold and brutal, but Xavier is quite cheerful and calm. Doesn't get excited about alot of things, making him seem almost melancholy at times. Very straightforward and wise, never irrational.
Inborn power - Can become invisible for short periods of time.
Weapon of choice - Twin Sai (three-pronged metal hand weapons, not sharp but powerful)
Rank in Normals - Normals Leader and co-founder
Bio - This will be explained in my first post.
Other - Should I? Nah, I shouldn't...it's too corny....well.....maybe......ah what the heck, WORSHIPS CHEESECAKE!

Hope that's sufficient. If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask. Let the signups begin!

19th June 2003, 03:08 PM
Kewelies again, nice ta see yah back Bear. I'll join... using my oldy char, and then adding a new one to help suffice my obsession with Inuyasha at this current place in time.

Name - Kathryn Byquest (Dang it, i ALWAYS fer get her last name... oh well, I'll use that fer now.)
Nickname - Kat
Age - 21
Gender - Female
Home Country - USA
Appearance - [see attachment below. She's on top, and it shows what she looks like regularly... (blue eyes, light blonde hair... etc..) her clothing changes. And then to the right it shows her power form.]
Clothing - Regular: She wears a long, elegant and silky blue shirt with a silver necklace around her neck with a moon pendant upon it. She wears regular short blue shorts which are a soft material, not jean-like but they appear like stretchy jeans. She then wears soft, light-tanned sandals. In battle, she wears a skin-tight stretchy black, sleeveless tank top and sleek, black shorts as well. For foot gear, she wears black shoes, rimmed in silver with a rugged, almost boot-like gear except they don't rise so high. She keeps her necklace on, and upon each hand she wears cut-off gloves which are black.
Personality - Very kind and caring, she's level-headed but she tends to be more cheerful then most people but not in a bubbly way. She's pleasant to be around, and is very 'motherly'- if she sees some one is hurt or needs to be helped, she's the first one there. She's very protective of her friends an dif they are being ridiculed or some thing... she'll kick in.
Inborn power (each person's must be UNIQUE) - She has the ability to transform into a wolf-like creatures. (shown in attachment.) The wolf is about the size of a horse, slightly smaller and far more sleek. ^^
Weapon of choice (only one, try not to make it too fancy) - She doesn't really have any other weapons... she doesn't like them. She's very good with hand-to-hand combat however.
Rank in Normals (You can be a member on Squad 1, 2, or 3. Each squad has one leader. The leader of the Normals itself will be Bear) - She's the leader of Squad 1.
Bio - She was born into a normal family... until one night, when herself and her brother found their new powers and accidentally were discovered. The police tore apart their family... more will be explained. She knows of 'Bear' however. ^^
Other - n/a

Name - Rywen Orlan
Nickname - Wolf
Age - 21
Gender - Male
Home Country - British
Appearance - [see attachment below, he's on the bottom to the left. Except his eyes are a deep, rich green.]
Clothing - Regularly he wears a long black shirt, with silver cuffs (like on the attachment.) His pants are a dark blue as well, and jean-material. He wears black boots to accompany this, and around his neck is a silver cross but he usually wears it underneath his shirt. For battle garb, he wears the same jean-pants, except they are black. His shirt is white, and sort of a muscle-t but over that he wears a dark, greenish-blue-ish black-ish jacket which flows down to his hipsand flows ver nicely mind you.
Personality - Very cunning and sort of witty. He's serious when he wants to be, sarcastic when he wants to be... a free spirit sort of. He is very loyal however, and very reliable and trustworthy. When any one of his friends need him to do some thing or his superiors tell him to do some thing- he does it. He's some one you can always trust and tell secrets to.
Inborn power (each person's must be UNIQUE) - He can change his appearance to a half wolf/demon-human, which strangely looks nothing like himself at all. The demonic-wolven half seems to give him more of an additude some what, and the demon part of him gives him his abilities where as the wolf gives more of the appearance.[ see attachment, to the right of Rywen's pictures... he looks JUST like inuyasha.] Even his clothing changes. With this change howver, he becomes far more agile and his fighting abilities grow.
Weapon of choice (only one, try not to make it too fancy) - A sword, which is sleek and narrow- silver upon the blade and japanese-styled.
Rank in Normals (You can be a member on Squad 1, 2, or 3. Each squad has one leader. The leader of the Normals itself will be Bear) - He's a secondary in Squad 1. ^^
Bio - He's rather mysterious... (I'll explain it in the RPG.) But he went to Japan for a trip (actually, it was his own curiosity) and there he found Maichi Konnetsu outside of a shop. They got to talking, and soon he discovered she had powers like his. They became good friends, although she's a bit quiet arod him which suits him just find since he's pretty quiet as well around most people. He showed her the normals however... and she soon gained ranks to match his own.
Other - Is it alright Bear, if Rywen is a friend of Xavier?

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19th June 2003, 04:09 PM
(Am a normal)
Name - Charles F. McCloud
Nickname - Skye
Age - 15
Gender - M
Home Country - US
Appearance - 5'2", medium build, crystal-blue eyes, pale skin, white, spiked-back hair
Clothing - Normal: Jean shorts beyond knees w/blue Old Navy tee; Battle: blue jeans, same shirt under grey jacket
Personality - very nosy and, to some, annoying; trying to be comedian, but tells terrible jokes; likes to hack computer systems and eat frozen twinkies
Inborn power - Floatation/ Flying. Cannot fly fast (Up to 20 mph) or high(max alt. of 750ft), but can within any circumstances beyond that.
Weapon of choice - Pen utilizing Roger Smith(Big O (http://www.mokuzen.net/roger/toys.html){scroll to the bottom)-like lockpicking technologies and tazer stunners
Rank in Normals - Member, Squad 1
Bio - Skye discovered his powers just a few years aqo, and, as such, hasn't full control over them. His white hair is a weird occurrence. His parents being worldwide travelers, Skye sometimes rode along. In a nonstop to Japan from NY, Skye stuck his head out the entire way, changing his eyes and hair into their present color and shape. Other times, though, he was left at home, so he took up hacking computers as a hobby.
Other - As aforementioned, likes frozen Twinkies.

Am looking forward to this!

19th June 2003, 04:57 PM
Name - Marcus Danski
Nickname - Vulcan
Age - 19
Gender - Male
Home Country - England
Appearance - See attachment
Clothing - See attachment
Personality - He is usually shy and holds himself back in public, but deep down he is a hero waiting to save the day. However, in battle, he tends to be ruthless and cocky. He isn't afraid to push his limits to the max.
Inborn power - He has the power to harness electricity at his whim. Although he cannot handle large amounts of it, he can store a reserve, but if near an appliance he can drain electricity straight from it. He can also protect himself by charging the ions in the air around him for a short time, as well as being able to throw bolts at people.
Weapon of choice - Pair of Katanas
Rank in Normals - 1, but not a very high rank.
Bio - Growing up in war-ridden London, his hatred against the NC grew as he watched his friends and family suffer at the hands of bombings and gas attacks. When he and his younger sister, his last remaining family member, were staring face to face with a bomb, Marcus' power awoke and he managed to protect his sister and himself by magnetising the air around them, repelling the bomb's blast. He took his sister to a foster home so he could fight the NC. He originally used his powers to knock out radar and aircraft but he was enrolled into the Normals when Xavier noticed his gift.
Other - AYORB2U

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19th June 2003, 04:59 PM
And here is the casual skin.

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19th June 2003, 06:46 PM
Curse you, Bear! Your timing was the worst, I'm swamped with playing other characters in other RPGs and I can't say no when a Normals RPG pops up (no I'm not a veteran. During your space adventures I played a Rhino-type character).

Just kidding I'm not mad, and you need some Squad Two and Three members

Name - David Farlane
Nickname - Impact
Age - 25
Gender - Male
Home Country - Scotland (He won't have an accent though)
Appearance - They say he's as tall as a tree (okay, he's 6'8.), and really athletic. The sun has given David a light tan and his hair is very possessed. Though short, it can't be controlled by modern styling equipment. It's a dark blonde in color and his eyes are sharp and red. He has a fading scar on his back that runs from one shoulder to another.
R. Clothing - Most people recognize David by his trademark brown trenchcoat (which goes really far down) and cowboy hat. Underneath that, he wears a black T-shirt with the words "#1 Marksmen" on the chest. He also wears a pair of blue jeans with army boots. Is always carryin a belt with a golden D on the buckle.
B. Clothing - Surprisingly, he wears the same suit in battle as well as in formal occasions. The coat contains enough pockets to conceal numerous gadgets and weaponry (if he's in that mood)
Personality - He's a quick thinker, fast-talker, and everything about him is pretty much high speed. He's highly impatient, but he doesn't mind that much. Very energetic and very intelligent, David is not much into frontal attacks, preferring to take down his opponent's with his crossbow. David is very team-focussed, but has high authority issues. He has surprising organizational skills. The only things he has patience for are a) tinkering and b) learning. He likes to drink, and I don't mean he's an alcoholic. He likes the taste and feel of something smooth going down his throat.
Inborn power (each person's must be UNIQUE) - Impact can move at high speed velocities (60 mph). His favorite trick is to run circles around his opponent and shoot with his crossbow
Weapon of choice - Crossbow
Rank in Normals - Leads Squad 3 (unless a veteran wants to take the spot)
Bio - Not much to say, his parents owned a vineyard where they brewed their own wines, as well as a ranch. David gained his interest in machinery from a person who repaired the equipment. It seemed that the guy knew everything. Things were pretty normal for him, he did well in school and all that stuff. When he was able to move at surprising speed at 22, he joined the Normals because he thought it would prove to be an interesting experience. As he often says "I'm just your average Joe"
Other - He knows a lot of things about everything, he also has an addiction to Mountain Dew.

19th June 2003, 07:48 PM
Name - Riley Skywinger
Nickname - Kitsune
Age - 22
Gender - Female
Home Country - England
Appearance - She's sorta tall, around 6'4", and thin, weight close to 115. She has a fair build, slight back muscle. Her eyes, are a deep forest green with a faint ring of brown around the pupils. Her hair, is a dark brown close to black, with blue highlights, and is of a shoulder length. Her skin is a deeply pale tone.
R. Clothing - Many recognize Riley within her set of black. She has a black jacket resembling Seto Kaiba's with a long-sleeved black shirt underneath and a pair of black khakis. Oh, and a pair of combat boots.
B. Clothing - She removes the jacket and her sleeves go to her elbows now. She still has her khakis and combat boots.
Personality - Riley may seem calm, but it's really tough to get into her shell. She's mainly dark depressive, silent, anti-social, and hopeless. She thinks the world's against her much of the time, and tries to get over the pain, but usually fails. She's quite moody, too, so beware what you say to her.
Inborn Power - She can create illusionary copies of herself to avoid getting hit.
Weapon of Choice - Katana
Rank in Normals - Leads Squad Two
Bio - She lived with her mother in London much of her early childhood, never knowing her father since of his death when she was two. She matured easily, and mastered the katana from her grandfather. Her mother was murdered when she was twelve, and has lived with her mom's parents since then.
Other - N/A

Ultimate Charizard
19th June 2003, 08:11 PM
Im in

Name - Gavin Wynder
Nickname - Wynder
Age - 20
Gender - M
Home Country - England
Appearance - 6ft 3, Blue eyes brown hair. Stocky yet athletic build.
Clothing - Normally likes to wear Blue Jeans and a black T-shirt. Battle Gear is an all Blue jumpsuit with Black Trim. Black Fingerless Gloves
Personality - Likes to joke around but gets serious when needed. Loyal to his friends. Hates Betrayal.
Inborn power - Extreme Speed. Can move at the speed of Sound and can create Sonic Booms either on setting off or once he builds his speed up. (If this is too close to Gladiators ill just take Teleporting. The speeds are very different but Ill put us in seperate Units too.)
Weapon of choice - Longbow
Rank in Normals - Member of Squad 1
Bio - Was an average unpopular kid at school. Tried to fit in playing sports. His best was Rugby where his build made him a good 'pack' player however he preffered to drop out of position, favouring the 'Wing' which typically required faster players. After a number of years trying to play in this position and being outpaced by the quicker players he suddenly found himself able to outsprint anyone on the field. He was identified as a possible talent for proffessional rugby but another agency had also scouted him. The Military. And upon further examination they witnessed his abilities Grow.
Other - Are you feeling stupid....cos i know i am!!!

If you want me to change powers Bear ill rewrite that and my Bio. I tried to make the powers as different as possible but if your not happy ill go for teleporting.

19th June 2003, 08:31 PM
Your threats were so convincing.

Name - Nall Fiarno (fake last name- he hasn't told anyone his real one)
Nickname - Nall
Age - 17
Gender - Male
Home Country - Britain
Appearance - Six feet tall exactly; shaggy shoulder-length black hair, white bangs, bright teal eyes. He has a small scar over his right eye, somewhat difficult to see unless you look closely. Average build, about 150 pounds.
Normal clothing - A white tanktop with a black jacket over it, blue jeans, and red fingerless gloves on each hand. Slight burn marks are in the palm of each glove.
Battle clothing - His tanktop, jeans, and a specially-made flame-retardant pair of gloves. Basically the same as normal, except without the jacket and a different pair of gloves.
Personality - Very much a loner. His years by himself (see bio) taught him to be self-dependant, and he hates having to rely on other people. He can work in a team if he has to- he just doesn't like to do so. It's hard for him to trust people, but once he does, it's nearly impossible to break the trust. Angers relatively easily, but never goes overboard with it- he doesn't believe in revenge and thinks it's a petty thing to do.
Inborn power - Can manipulate fire, but cannot create it. It has to be from a source, even a small one such as a lighter or a match. He isn't immune to fire's effects, though, which is why he wears gloves after a long time of trial and error.
Weapon of choice - A pair of daggers, which he can use surprisingly well.
Rank in Normals - Member of squad one.
Bio - He was raised in Britian, but moved to the United States at about age twelve because of his father's job. He left home for what he calls "indisclosed reasons" at age thirteen (most likely involving his powers, though he denies it), and just began walking. He was eventually picked up when the Normals heard of his powers. He doesn't like to go in-depth as to his family or his home, and it's generally best not to ask.
Other - Has somewhat of a British accent, but a little phased out from five years in America.

19th June 2003, 09:35 PM
Well, 60 mph was just his starting speed. I mean, like exercising, the more he works on it the faster he'll get eventually. (Besides, 60 mph's is pretty weak when you consider that the Marvel character Quicksilver can move at 100 miles per hour). I wanted to give him a faster speed but he's only had his powers for three years and he wouldn't be familiar with it. Just trying to be slightly realistic.

Note: Is it okay to add that he has superhuman reaction time? I mean Superspeed will do little good if he can't react fast enough to turn or brake.

Pichu Luver
19th June 2003, 10:01 PM
Name - Ami Tari
Nickname - Twi
Age - 16
Gender - F
Home Country - Canada
Appearance - 5'8" average build and about 125 pounds. Golden brown hair that goes a little past her sholders. Caramel coloured eyes.
Clothing - R: Royal blue t-shirt and black pants. A Purple jeweled heart shaped necklase. On an angle. Light purple vest overtop. Black, blue and white running shoes. Oval shaped glasses. Teal finger gloves.
B: Loses the sweater and necklass. Wears black finger gloves instead of teal. The rest remains the same.
Personality - Very sarcastic and friendly enough. She will talk to you, but you got to start the conversasion, unless she feels like interupting yours. Kind, but will not stand for stupi- er dumbness.
Inborn power - Move almost any object with her mind(if they're heavy forget it) and fling them at people. Can move animals and/or people.
Weapon of choice - Bow and Arrow. Very fast at launching of the Arrows. The Bow has a horse design on it.
Rank in Normals - Member of Squad Two
Bio - Not much to tell, she's lived for her parents her whole life until they found out about her little ability(at 12); then they kicked her out. She's wandered about the country since then. Not made to many firends but she'd caring enough to people still. During WW3 she just tried not to get involved in anything.
Other - *shoots other with arrow and runs*


19th June 2003, 10:05 PM
Hey Nall, do you think it would be okay if Kat is good friends with your char? ^^ I want to have some relations with sum ppl here. ^^ MAkes things more interesting. *fluffs Nall's hair*

19th June 2003, 11:37 PM
Hey Nall, do you think it would be okay if Kat is good friends with your char? ^^ I want to have some relations with sum ppl here. ^^ MAkes things more interesting. *fluffs Nall's hair*

Sure :D

Prof. Jb Wolf
20th June 2003, 12:02 AM
Name - Bolt Crank
Nickname - Eat-Man
Age - 20-25
Gender - Male
Home Country - America
Appearance - He looks like this (http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Pagoda/4731/Eatman2.jpg)
Clothing - See link for both as he doesn't usually change out of them unless he has to wash'im.
Personality - Very aloof and rarely shows his emotions. He is very aware of others emotional state though, and tends to consider them, though he is always honest and straightforward with his statements. He always honors his agreements and follows orders unless they go against his code of ethics.
Inborn power - Bolt has the ability to eat iron, steel, just about anything you can think of. After he's swallowed the object (usually a weapon), he can transform the flesh of his arm into that desired item.
Weapon of choice - Though he has eaten a wide-variety of weaponry, Bolt's favorite weapon is a black, specially hand-crafted automatic pistol created by his father's friend, Ten Lao.
Rank in Normals - Second in Command of Squad Two
Bio - Bolt grew up in a fairly normal life. He was raised with by his older sister, Yuriko, and his father's friend, Ten Lao. The two taught him great lessons about life, lessons which he holds dearer to his heart than anything else. His power manifested themselves when he was ten after he accidentally swallowed one of Lao's bullet clips, thinking they were Pez Dispensers (He was dense at that age ok?). Not too long after, about five years, his home was visited by an NC general. He wanted the expertise of Ten Lao, who was a weapon smith of great reknown. Lao was adamantly against this and the general ordered for him, Bolt and Yuriko to be executed. Yuriko and Bolt were able to escape, while Lao stayed behind and sacrificed his life for them. The two escaped to Japan, but were seperated during a routine NC 'purge'. Vowing to find his sister, Bolt struck out on his own and has been until he met the Normals.
Other - Each RPG has to have this category, right?

20th June 2003, 05:45 PM
Everyone is approved so far. Welcome back to all the oldbies from the RPG, and welcome to all the new members as well! You've all done very well adapting to the forms, which makes me very happy. I hope your posts will be just as dedicated ;).

Let's see some more signups! Don't be shy now!

20th June 2003, 06:35 PM
We really need some bad guys!

Name - Sephiroth Gorenzo
Age - 28
Gender - Male
Side (Allied or Communist) - Communist
Nationality - Britain
Appearance - He has long, silver hair and cold, blue eyes. He wears a black coat with a red trimming, black and red fins on the wrist and metal shoulder pads. He has two brown belts criss-crossing his chest and three black belts around his abdomen. He also has black gloves, black pants and black boots.
Personality - Very, very evil! He only cares about himself and no one else. He's very cocky and loves to torment his enemies. He's got a sick mind.
Are you a fighter? Yes or no - Yes
If yes, pick a weapon and fighting style - A Katana with a very long, silver blade. He's skilled at Karate.
Occupation (if not fighter) -
Relations - None
Bio - When he was still an infant, he was seperated from his family and adopted by a rich family in Britain. He had money and power, but no friends. He became cold and ruthless. Because of his wealth, he got the best education money could buy and could afford the best trainers. Soon he became one of the best sword fighters in the world and a skilled fist fighter. He was hired as a fighter by Neo Communism and became the commander of their army.
Other - He plans to over throw the Neo Communsim leader and rule the world.

What do you think?

20th June 2003, 07:52 PM
M_C - you're fine except for the twin brother part. Bear has no relations =).

Arctic A
21st June 2003, 03:33 AM

Name - Hazuki Sukotsutsu
Nickname - Arctic
Age - 23
Gender - Male
Home Country - England
Appearance - Stands at about 5'4", with light blue hair that falls down to his shoulders. Incredibly light blue eyes that it can hurt to look at, so he wears Agent-Smith style sunglassess. Quite a strong build from years of streetlife.
Clothing - (Normal) Dark grey khakis, a purple short sleeve T-Shirt, black boots and a navy blue armless jacket. I mentioned the Sunglasses already.. there's a gun holster on his belt as well. He also wears an amulet around his neck, with a strange symbol resembling a dragon. (Battle) Pretty much the same, except he'll probably ditch the jacket and be wearing an armor vest underneath his shirt.
Personality - Since he's been alone for alot of his life, he's not exactally the most friendly person around. He talks to himself often..so he's hard to talk to and get to know. He's quick to anger and has a hell of a temper when set off. Once you get past this though, he can actually be a nice person who will be faithful and loyal.
Inborn power - As explained in the bio below...He can freeze things into ice with his mind, and catapult them at people. The disadvantage is that while he's doing this, his body is considerably weakend.
Weapon of choice - Mark XIX Desert Eagle w/silencer
Rank in Normals - Member of Squad One.
Bio - With a Japanese father and British mother, Hazuki's family was often the target of abuse during the war because of the Father's nationality. They decided to go far off into the north of the country to a quiet area where they wouldn't be harmed. Or so they thought...One rainy night, a gang of thugs arrived at the small house and broke in. Hazuki was awakend by the sound of screaming, and ran downstairs to see his mother dead. Outside he heard yelling - his father was in a duel with 3 thugs. Hazuki was rooted to the spot, in both fear and fascination.
Then one of the thugs gained the upper hand, and knocked him down. The others drew pistols and shot Hazuki's father. Hazuki's fear turned into a boiling anger...and then something strange happened. The raindrops around him froze into sharp shards of ice, which Hazuki quickly felt that he could control. With a cry of anger, his eyes blazed a luminos blue, and the shards zoomed towards thugs who had murdered his parents with great force. None of them survived. At this time, Hazuki was only 15. One thing he noticed was that his hair and eyes had turned a light blue color - and it never changed. He spent the rest of his life scrounging and theiving, using his power to his advantage. Then one day, he was contacted by a certain Dr. Moebius....
Other - Uhh...likes Donuts.

Hope that's ok.

21st June 2003, 03:41 AM
Name - duo washu
Nickname - zero
Age - 14
Gender - male
Home Country - US
Appearance -
Clothing -norm: red shirt long sleeves jeans red hat Battle:same with armor.
Personality - clumsy,tries to be a nice person(temper gets in way)
Inborn power - kinda like vash and kinda like guy in X-men ep with old school. mecha arm that turns into a gatling, steel arm, and missle launcher.
Weapon of choice- arm/ reverse blade sword :D
Rank in Normals- say 1, if lowest :)
Bio - odd past. was a normal kid til his training years at the kamiya kasshin temple. odd ninja friend (whole other story) fought for a master degree. used sword, flung out out playing field. accidentily used arm on shruiken. kicked out and found this place after miles of searching. before this life is a mystery.
Other - longish white hair. likes his hat. i like swords.
side-good people err... uh....

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23rd June 2003, 01:27 PM
posting to have it stay... up... arrgh! (picking up big sign that says the normals)

23rd June 2003, 01:51 PM
Due to certain schedule problems, I can't be in this RPG until next Tuesday...

23rd June 2003, 06:05 PM
Alright, everyone up to now has satisfactory forms. I will start the RPG within the next day or so. If anyone still wants to sign up, do so now! WE NEED BAD GUYS!

24th June 2003, 12:39 AM
Wait for me!

Name: Maichi Konnetsu
Nickname: Ener-chi
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Home Country: Japan (fluent in English, but sometimes gets her R's and L's confused)
Appearance: Despite being of Japanese origin (see bio), she's about 5'10" tall with a medium-strong build and slightly tanned skin; she has bright blue eyes that are slightly slanted and shoulder-length dirty blonde hair, which she usually keeps up in either a single ponytail or two pigtails held back by small hair ties; she also wears thin, sky-blue rectangle-framed glasses for her slight nearsightedness
~~Normal: She's very perky a lot of the time, so she likes light colored clothes; she varies with either light-colored/jean capri pants or light-weight, light-colored, knee-length skirts with a matching top; her favorite set is a plain sky-blue (noticing a pattern?) knee-skirt with a blue "Angel" 'baby tee' and thick-laced soft white sneakers without socks.
~~Battle: In battle she seems to lose any sense of perkiness she ever had, switching to black biking shorts that go halfway down her thighs and a skin-tight black t-shirt of the same material; her shoes are now a soft black leather, tied with thin laces, and fitting snugly around her feet; also has a black elastic strap to keep her glasses on (she hates contacts)
Personality: Doesn't easily trust people she doesn't know, but is desperate to make more friends (so she's having a bit of trouble). Is trying to find people she can trust after her parents rejected her (see Bio). Is slightly shy around guys her age, but especially Rywen (if it's okay, Bulba). She's very loyal to the friends she has, and can get ferocious in battle. Other than that, she's just a sweet and happy girl.
Inborn power: Ki control; can fire balls of pure energy, can energize the blades of her swallow with pure energy; has amazingly high control over her ki, but it takes a lot out of her to use it for prolonged periods of time
Weapon of choice: Swallow (see attatched); it's basically two large blades attatched at opposite ends of a long stick/handle
Rank in Normals: She's the other secondary in Squad 1 (if there are 2+ secondaries)
Bio: Maichi's mom moved to Japan from America and met Maichi's dad there. That's why she's Japanese, but looks American. She grew up a mostly normal life, learning English and Japanese together because her mom spoke English better and dad spoke Japanese better. Lived a normal life until she was about 16, when she found out, quite by accident, that she had her powers (let's just say she had a hard time explaning the huge hole in the wall that now served as a window). Her parents rejected her as a freak, and she was forced to roam from place to place (she dropped out of school) until she was picked up by Rywen after about a year and shown to the Normals. Has lived the last few years of her life with the Normals.
Other: France won??

Bulba: If you don't mind, there's a bit of my char's bio that intertwines with Rywen's.

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24th June 2003, 12:49 AM
Sure! Yay! Rywen gets some relations! *goes to edit form*
Nice attachment btw- it looks so realistic!

26th June 2003, 04:29 PM
Name: Alexei Petrovich Ivanov
Nickname: doesn't really have one.
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Home Country: Russian
Appearance: 5'11, clear grey eyes, that are commanding. Short, well kept black hair, a light stubbled beard. Medium-slight build.
~~Normal: Dresses quite formally when under normal conditions. Grey millitary uniform, with black boots and gloves. Millitary dress jacket decorated with many medals
~~Battle: Loses the dress jacket, but keeps the sensible grey uniform, unless hes involved in any kind of covert ops, in which case he'll dress in black battle fatigues.
Personality: Inspiring and friendly. He addresses everyone as an equal, and in battle is a great guy to have around, because he provides a boost to moral. He leads by example, and will take risks to avoid putting others in danger.
Inborn power: Vast millitary knowledge. Although it was honed whilst serving the Neo-Communists, it is an inherant thing. He can sum up a battle situation in moments, and formulate plans off the top of his head. He knows every trick in the book, in fact he wrote the book. Terrain, numbers, element of surprise, you name it. He's also an inspiring figure.
Weapon of choice: burretta(sp?) handgun. Don't ask me the calibre, I cant remember.
Rank in Normals: Member of Squad 2
Bio: Born into a family in Vladivostok. Joined the army when he was young, and rose through its ranks incredibly quickly, abnormally so. He quickly attracted many admirers in the Neo-Communists, and many enemies too. One of whom framed him for the murder of a commanding officer, and he was courtmarshelled, and sentanced to death by firing squad. Before he was due to be executed, he was sprung from prison by someone who owed him a favor, and he fled Russia, into eastern europe. Eventually he made his way across the english channel, to the very north (Edinburgh) where he was discovered early in the normals infancy, after helping defend the city from an attack by Neo-Communists.
Other: wee. I like stuff

Outlaw JT
28th June 2003, 08:18 PM
How fun would this be if there weren't any villains with powers? Really........

Name - Nikhael Petrovich (ch pronounced like a k)
Nickname - Sabaka Volk (pronounced Sabayka Volk, roughly translated it means Alpha Wolf or Lead wolf)
Age - 26
Gender - male
Rank in government - Colonel in the russian military and commander of a special forces unit called the Wolves of Leningrad
Country you're from/hold power in - Russia
Appearance - 6'3", strong athletic build, snow white hair(picture Dante's hair from Devil May Cry), ice blue eyes, he has a russian special forces tatoo on his right bicep, he has a small scar above his left eye that is barely visible under his eyebrow and a small vertical knick on the left side of his chin, he is clean-shaven most of the time but he lets a little stubble grow while on longer assignments
Clothing - He always wears his dogtags but they are usually under his shirt. In battle he wears grey camo russian military fatigures unless they are on a covert op. Outside of battle he is only ever seen in his formal military uniform or wearing a black t-shirt with his camo grey fatigue pants(this is the only outfit he wears his dogtags above his shirt with)
Personality - He is a russian loyalist and it shows. Few officers are as dedicated to their homeland as him. Nikhael does not care for the NC gov't but he is bound by his loyalty to his country. He is a sharp military officer and carries himself as such. He follows the spirit of the law more than he does the letter of the law. He is sometimes shrewd and sometimes callous but he cares about his men and barring a much greater good will do everything in his power to keep his men alive. He has the sense of humor of a seasoned military veteran.
Inborn power (each person's must be UNIQUE) - He can generate a nearly impenetrable energy shield around himself and anything within a 7 foot radius of himself. He can't maintain it for more than a few minutes and it takes about twice as long as it was up for him to recharge to use his ability again.
Weapon of choice (only one, try not to make it too fancy) - a massive broad sword called Rasputin. It can morph from a broad sword to a scythe when wielded properly. Nikhael is the only person who has proven himself capable of using it to its full potential.
Bio - His history is very similar to that of Alexi Ivanov. He was born in Leningrad and joined the military as soon as he was old enough. He was raised to love his country very much. He disagrees with many things the NC government does but his love for Mother Russia far outways his concerns over their methods. He dislikes some of their policies but so long as his country is a part of it he will be too. His progression through the ranks was not quite as fast as Ivanov's. He progressed rapidly to the rank of Captain but was stuck there for almost two years. It wasn't until more rebel fighting broke out that he progressed again. As the special forces unit he was assigned to was often a first resort and they often found themselves behind enemy lines, many people in the unit died. He was promoted to the rank of Colonel via attrition as the commanding officers that came before him died in the field. Although his advancement to command was sudden and he had little training for that type of field command he excelled at the job. Since he took over as commander of the unit the Wolves of Leningrad have not suffered a single casualty and they have remained one of the most effective advance units of the NC government. He has an unspoken respect for the Normals. He admires their persistance although there is one among their ranks that he despises. He looks forward to the day his unit is sent against them so that he may meet the traitor known as Alexi Ivanov.
Other - He does also carry standard issue weapons for russian military but he only uses them during covert or stealth ops where quiet kills are necessary, preferring the more personal touch of his mighty Rasputin

Hope this is ok Bear. It is an altered version of my original character from one of the later Normals. I figured you need more villains and a villain with powers might be useful. Sorry for the rushed history but I didn't have much time to write this. I will try to rewrite it before my first post once I am approved.