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20th June 2003, 02:38 AM
I saw the scans at pokeschool of the new set, and damn,


Especially the EX pkmn. Damn, haymakers juz got a BIG boost, and guess what, sneasel's back in business with its beatup. Yeah sure, u need an extra colorless for it, and it finally got a retreat cost, but its a small price to pay for an extra boost of 20 HP, eh? I mean juz stuff in a recycle energy and its back to being the bad ol' sneasel, new and improved.

Half of the uncommon aint bad either, quite a few good cards. Overall, this is one set you juz gotta get.

And so ive decided, i aint gonna quit pkmn juz yet cuz FINALLY there's a set worthy of using.

20th June 2003, 10:29 AM
Cool. This is a cool set. much better then that stuff we have been getting lately.. I think having Nintendo in charge will be a good thing. I mean look, they pretty much just brought back great cards that were banned.
While the 2 prizes would hurt, and I couldn't leave it up there to die as I stall, the EX cards are really nice. The other cards aren't bad either, some are just good.
That isn't even the whole list either, I want to see the trainers:)

Dibs on sharpedo:D

~Jedi Approved :yes:

Alec Trevelyan
20th June 2003, 02:02 PM
good, great... maybe this bring some people back to pokemon uh? (probably i'm not one of those :P )
Wow, no words for some cards... really amazing to some of us with always dealed w/ old school babes. By the way, i like magmar EX, very good imo, so as hitmonchan and other haygoodies as u said... really unveliaveble... if the format accept all sets, broken decks will be built around some cards like these. By the way, u can use 2 of each sneasel or sth like this.. God, no words! Ppl could make sponge decks again too, as the ex mew2 is good and the ex chansey is amazing. EX pokemons in general are good, really shocked, lol

cya :wave: 8) :wave:

The Muffin Man
20th June 2003, 04:21 PM
I was shocked at how some of the cards look good even to someone who's as far from the game as myself. Sceptile looks interesting. Solar Beam is a bit expensive(5 for 70 and no effect!?!?!? I barely accept 5 for 100 unless the effect is devastating...) but it seems worth it to possibly do 30 to a pokemon in one shot while it sleeps(Lizard Poison) and then doing 70 more. It seems quite worth it, since that can KO many pokemon in a single shot. Sky Uppercut is VERY nice for Ghosts and Fliers getting knocked out pretty hard...all in all EX is looking pretty cool. Love alot of the art, too!

22nd June 2003, 09:06 AM
Yea the set is ownzor -I've already posted a deck on your site Roar ;)

Sky-ridge was also an awesome set, with Oracle, Mystery plates, TMs, AWESOME commons and new powerhouses (Machamp ^-^)

My top 5 from the list:

1: Non-Holo Sceptile (A greatly improved Venusaur ^_^)
2: Camerupt (Charizard 1 stage earlier AND a cheap attack :D)
3: Pelipper (A Scyther that can heal itself?)
4: Sharpedo (permanent counter-attack claws with no flip)
5: Professor Birch (Awesome in a deck that rids your hand quickly -like AQ Furret (Which i'm trying out with Sneasel ex ^-^)

22nd June 2003, 02:34 PM
Some of those EXs are crazy (I'd love to play a Chansey-bomb again). On the hole, this set is definatly on a Genesis level. Hopefully, this'll shake up the enviroment quite a bit.

Also, I don't know if any of you have seen, but Nintendo is actually advertising cards on the tv. This's a major improvement from Wizard's hardly-noticble methods of promotion.

23rd June 2003, 07:12 AM
I've never seen the ads :(

But i've seen Wizard's ads and they looked too =/

i mean wtf a ball of crap just drops down on someone =/ (Mud slap)

Wonder what the ADV ads are like ^_^

23rd June 2003, 02:07 PM
what cards are we talking about here?
I have absolutly no contact with nothing from the "pokemon world" other that this forum :X

28th June 2003, 09:48 AM
Originally posted by Theorem
what cards are we talking about here?
I have absolutly no contact with nothing from the "pokemon world" other that this forum :X

Its the new set EX: Ruby and Sapphire, released by Nintendo. WotC has stopped producing cards; its the end of pkmn for them after August.

And yeah SC, hell do i remember that add. I especially remember diglett using mud slap on a pidgey. Damn, dont these ppl read the cards? Like the part called resistance? And like why do the players change pkmn every turn? Yeah, its only an advertisement, but then, u cant help but notice these oddities.

Btw, i hope u guyz realise this, but the EX pkmn, i dont really recommend putting too many of those in ur deck unless ur prepared to protect it with ur life. Cuz these powerhouses r also backstabbers (2 prizes? WTF!?!?) if pkmn like T-tar and magcargo come ur way. I mean yeah, they got great attacks and boosted HP, but i believe only lapras has a HP over 100. The rest can be brought down in 2 turns flat in today's environment.