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20th June 2003, 06:26 PM
Ever played Truth or Dare or any kind of dare/ forfeit game? If so, what's the strangest or worst thing you've ever had to do?

I ask this as recently at a friends house party we played a drinking game where one shot glass was rigged with a cap/ banger, and whoever's glass bangged when then slammed it down had to do a forfeit.

My first forfeit in this game was to attempt to break dance while making stereotypical Micheal Jackson noises. I went outside to do this, however the grass was soaking wet and I think I've caught a cold from it, as well as sustaining multiple neck and back injuries.

My second dare was to attempt to do a forward somersault, and amazingly I got right over and I didn't fall on my head and break my neck! I did fall flat on my back though which seriously hurt ~_~

At least I didn't have to run around the streets screaming at 2am with a tea cosy on my head like certain other people :D

Share your stories :)

20th June 2003, 06:50 PM
I enjoy a game of truth or dare now and then, its fun. And the drinking game was just alcohol-dare-alcohol-dare which was fun too :p

Anyway, here are a few dares I have been subjugated to:

- As previously stated, I had to run around the streets with a tea cosy on my head making Micheal Jackson noises, why? Ask Chris but in my defence I did it, although I ran into a tree and have a puncture in my arm where a brach stabbed me :(
- I had to act like I was gay for a week and pretend Ozzy (OzAndrew) was my boyfriend 0_o
- I was forced to continue this dare for another week.
- A few years ago me, my girlfriend at the time and her brother were playing ToD cos we were all going to go out one night but ended up blowing all our money on Wagon Wheels, dont ask, and if you dont know, Wagon Wheels are 2 bits of biscuit stuck together with marshmallow and covered in chocolate. Anyway back to the point, i got a dear to put my girl friends clothes on (not the ones she was wearing) and go to a house down the street and tell them about the good news of the Bible :\ nuff said, I had the door slammed in my face.Dont tell anyone.......else :(
- The only other dare that comes to mind is the only one I havent done which was to kiss a guy for 1 minute to whcih i said no thank you and was made to miss 5 turns :(

But in the continued ummmm games of ToD I am sure I will have alot more humiliating Dares to do :\

Krystalline Kabutops
20th June 2003, 07:02 PM
O_o woah.. you guy's have been exposed to far worse then me... I play 2 kinds of ToD: Online and IRL. IRL rules are you get three chickens. When you use them all up (you can refuse a Truth/Dare at the cost of 1 chicken) and you try to use another, there person ToDing you gets to give you one Dare, no restrictions. Thankfully I've gotten out of the owrst ones this way. *wipes sweat off brow* Online, I was dared to sing ro-ro-ro your boat while spinning around on my head in a bathtub eating ants O_o;.

Damn... I just remembered I have to use pink font, the result of another dare...

20th June 2003, 07:07 PM
Well, I was one dared at a party to ask a girl out, and if she said yes go out with her for a week, and if she said no, sob uncontrollably and amek up some story like ..my dog died and you just cherried the cake.

Anyways, so I did, and she said yes, much to my discontent;o Anyways, the week passed and I said "it just..didnt work out" and then she is like..why :'( and started getting emotional and then I had to tell her it was a dare.. I felt bad :(

Well, another time it was the bright of day, and I was dared (well it was more like a double dare to go down to the park all alone (they could see it out there window) and lick her cheek uncontrollable for a little bit, people stared they were like :confused: ..heh.. they thought we were just really good.. licking friends? ? o.O True story, it was made up by some really weird kid. He said "its funnier then just making you lick her in here" .. right.

Other various stupid dares, but can I say a forfeit one of my... uhh.. people I know had to do? Lick a dusty basement floor with a big slurp, yup, it was discusting. She spit out ALOT of dust..

Sir Chris
20th June 2003, 07:46 PM
Ahem, I will tellyou the worsde two, both happening in the same tod game online..

1) had to cybe with a guy, that was NOT fun, cause I didnt even want a dare -_-

2) again, another passed dare, I had to go on here and say was gay in a topic, and not hint at all


~ Chris

20th June 2003, 08:37 PM
Originally posted by SirChris
1) had to cybe with a guy, that was NOT fun, cause I didnt even want a dare -_-

2) again, another passed dare, I had to go on here and say was gay in a topic, and not hint at all

You know, not actually doing the dare is an option. From the sounds of it you quite enjoyed both

Well I care not to discuss the worst dare i've done (it was online, btw). Whoever saw it, saw it, and now have a bad impression of me

Silver Ledian
21st June 2003, 12:33 PM
I've only ever played 'Truth or Dare' online and it was only once - yesterday I think actually. Link10 (Matt) asked me which 6 regular attenders of 'Ummmm' I would kill if I had to do it...although I could only come up with 1 (though I begged if he could equal 6, hehe). I got away with it, something which you can't really offline....which leads me to my next point.

I've never really played it IRL because the people I used to mess around with had the consequence of not doing a Truth or Dare was that you got punched in the arm or beaten up if it was a regular occasion - not a hard beating, lol, but just one of those teenage boy ones where everyone piles on top of one another. I decided not to get involved - chicken, yeah, so what _ - so I just ended up watching.

How I miss my IRL social life :(

Crystal Mew
21st June 2003, 08:22 PM
Lesse, irl, my worst dare was to yell out 'I love you blank-blank!!!!!' now you think that is lame...but not when your 12 and your crush lives up the street :no: and I think he was outside..... X_X; another dare was to kiss a boy...and thats good and all, but not at school :) kissing a boy at school = trouble=detention ._.;;; oh well I was only in what....6th, 7th grade? ^_^;;;

o/l...erm, I dont have many weird truths/dares..heh o_0;

except those weird ones, say I love you to blah-blah...big deal! lol!
nope..no weird online dares/truths =)

Krystalline Kabutops
30th June 2003, 11:30 AM
I had to put on a 10 yr old's bra... 0_o; but I weaseled out of it. Figuritivly, of course. God, her bro is screwed o_0; It probably would've fit too O_O and some things I won't tell any of you :0)

30th June 2003, 11:45 AM
we always used truth or dare in real life to get girls clothes off X), when i was younger and stuff, lol... and later, tis' fun... but i think my biggest dare was to streak across and ol folks home (i live near a retirement city if your not 59 you cant live there... interestingly enough it is the best kept city in arizona, etc. anyways, it was like 6pm and i streaked right past a police station without knowing it, i was scared, but i never got in trouble... and one time at dairy king i set a huge pile of little self-serv cups on fire on a table in the front... oh well... i dont squirm out of dares ever...