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Trainer fic with a plot. He doesnt just collect badges.
Different region. Dynamos. East of Kanto.

Chapter/Title/Release Date

Chapter 1: Breaking and Entering (6/23/03)
Chapter 2: Arrival (6/23/03)
Chapter 3: Onward(6/24/03)
Chapter 4: Stuck in the Mud
Chapter 5: Stampede
Chapter 6: Washed up
Chapter 7:

This is sorta like a title page for a report. First Chapter is "page 2" or first replay. simple.

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First two chapters are to get the atmosphere down.

Journey of the Land
Chapter 1-Breaking and Entering

“Jesus Cory, can’t you be quiet?” the hushed voice shouted behind me. Mac was always touchy when I made lots of noise. So what if we weren’t aloud to be here? No one was around this place. We were a mile from the first house. Mac was just paranoid.

“Quit your…” I started to say but stopped short as I clipped the doorway with my shoulder. My flashlight clattered against the ground, the light beamed against the charred wall showing blackened bricks and bits of chipping paint. I reached down to pick it back up, brushing the soot off the front of my shirt at the same time.

“Come on, lets get moving.” Mac called from behind me. I turned to notice he hadn’t seen me walk into the door case. He sat crouched, examining the burnt tables that lay on the other side of the room.

“Alright,” I replied, walking through the doorway, holding the flashlight out in front of me. I entered a long hallway. It too was charred like the rest of the rooms. I could hear Mac’s footsteps as he jogged toward me.

“Through that door is the laboratory,” Mac stated, pointing his flashlight at a blackened door that hung slanted on one hinge. He began to take a step forward.

“Wait!” I whispered, holding my hand out to keep him from going anywhere else. “Just listen.”

A long creaked echoed through the halls.

“Sounds like a distressed pokemon is under us in the base…” I started but the floor gave another load creak, a snap, and I felt a cold rush of air as the ground gave way.


I opened my eyes, feeling a warm liquid brushing on the side of my face. I picked up my neck, twisting it around to see a Linoone, who backed up timidly when I picked up my head but didn’t run. Its face was made perfectly clear with the moonlight shooting from the window. Hopefully it didn’t have rabies. Can u get rabies from it licking you?

“Looks to me like the floor was in distress,” Mac’s voice came beside me, interrupting my thoughts. The Lioone looked up at the new source of sound and got frightened. I could see it run to a door on the other side of the room, squeaking out through a small hole at the base.

“Shut up!” I snapped before trying slowly to get up. I twisted around onto my belly and began to reach out with my right arm for support but quickly pulled it against my body as sharp pains raced through my muscles. I swung my left are to the ground and pushed my self up in a one armed push up motion. I used my knee for support and finally was sitting upward on one of my knees. Macs footsteps could be heard along the broken boards littering the floor.

“Hey come check this out!” Mac shouted from behind me. I carefully made my way up to my feet, still clutching my arm to my body. I hobbled over toward Mac who was down on his knees examining something. I made my way over toward him slowly climbing over a pile of bored. As I made my way over there, I saw what Mac was so interested in. Two eggs, one purple with white freckles and one all brown, sat in the corner of the room.

“Awesome!” I whispered. I used my left arm to slowly grab the egg and proceed to roll it up my leg and into my belly where I got full control of it using my left arm and supported it with my right hand.

“We can’t take these!” Mac protested

“These have to be abandoned. Remember we learned in class…” I started

“You don’t pay attention in class!” Mac interrupted

“Not always true!” I snapped back but smile on my face. I continued, “that a wild egg will always have at least one parent around.

“Ok.” Mac said but didn’t sound convinced.

“Ok. Example. Remember the time we stumbled through Cherokee Woods upon those bright pink eggs?” I asked. “That one Granbull chased us till we were out of the woods.”

He chuckled, “Yah, how could I forget that?”

“Good, now scoop up that brown egg and let’s go.”

Mac leaned down and snatched the egg. We began to walk to the other side off the room toward the door. Every step seemed to echo off the blackened walls. I reached for the knob on the door but with a little pull it fell out. Mac began to step back wards a few steps. He made a swift kick at the door. His foot opened up a hole the size of the basketball.

“Smooth. Even though the burnt door wasn’t latched, you just had the feeling to kick through it.” I said followed by some laughs.

“I thought we were going,” he quietly said, opening the door, which limply fell apart as he pull it toward him. He stormed out, ripped through the ‘Caution. Do Not Cross’ tape and slipped through the slit in the chain link fence.

“How come you’re able to walk just fine?” I grimaced, catching up to Mac who had already started entering Mr. Crowley’s Breeding Grounds. It was most notable of private lands around Cooperstown. Orange signs reading “No Trespassing!” were nailed crudely to the tall Pine trees that were planted specially for him.

“I landed on top of you,” He chuckled pushing through more branches with his shoulders. I did my best to block them as they flung back. I began to slow down to protect my self as well as the eggs. I could hear Mac’s footsteps but couldn’t see him through the thick bushes of tree branches. I could feel my arm was beginning to numb. It made it easier to make my way through trees, which seemed to be less thick after another hundred yards of walking.

“Ok. I found the hole” Mac’s voice rang a little too loud. After a few more pushes through I made it to chain fence. Mac had already been through. I carefully situated the egg in my bad arm and proceeded to fit my body through the slit in the fence that was quite smaller than the last one. As I slipped my legs through, a bright light blinded in my eyes

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Coopertown’s two catburglers!” a cold voice greeted me. Officer Charlie stood over me with a flashlight in one hand and Mac’s wrist in the other. I slowly got up not talking my hands off Charlie. He always held a certain grudge against my older brother, Matt, and took it out on me since Matt had left for his journey to compete in the Tropical Cloud Convention.

“We didn’t do anything wrong,” I said calmly.

I thought I could see a small, almost unnoticeable smirk on his face as he asked, “Trespassing is not wrong? Then his face seemed to straighten out as he added, “If it isn’t then stealing is.”

His eyes sat fixed on my egg now. “I didn’t steal this egg. It was abandoned!” I spoke, raising my voice a bit to get my point across.

“Don’t lie. You just came from Mr. Crowley’s private woods, which he uses for one purpose only and that’s to breed his prize winning grass pokemon,” he slyly said. He then grabbed my right wrist. I jerked it back, cringing in pain a bit but making sure I didn’t drop the egg in my other hand.

“Don’t touch me Charles. I’m not that way,” I snapped.

“Well then follow me.” He grinned. Mac had done the same and pulled his arm away. We both followed unwillingly. I clutched the egg. My thoughts suddenly switched as we began walking away for the town. We weren’t heading back into town to walk down the familiar streets, to the familiar house that was mine, to the familiar doorbell that would awake my mother; to the familiar disappointed face my mom would make seeing me. No, we were heading in the complete opposite direction. We began walking up what was called “Ghost Hill” which ironically became its name after we rolled a bunch of tires down the hill and they rolled into town. Nobody knew where the tires came from except for the gang and me.

“Where are we going?” Mac finally asked, interrupting my thoughts.

“There,” Charlie grinned. He pointed to an old house barely visible in the moonlight. Six trees blocked the log cabin that belonged to Mr. Crowley. Even though I hardly see the house, it was perfect in my head. The one-roomed house with vines creeping up the left side of the house was painted inside my eyelids. The dingy windows were also giving the house its own personality.

“Alright,” I said with a little hint of triumph in my voice. We walked the tiny dirt path that led to the stone step in front of the screen door. Charlie gave three sharp knocks on the door. I watched as the light began to peak through dirt on the window. A thump and a dulled shriek echoed in my ears. The door swung open revealing a cranky Mr. Crowley. He sported a green shirt, matching sweat pants and his white curly mustache.

“What can I do for you?” He asked, rubbing his eyes. “Oh! Cory what is going on here?”

“Nothing Grandpa,” I said a bit cheerily. “Mr. Charles here though Mac and I were trespassing.

“Sorry sir. I didn’t know you were related,” he said smugly. “So are those guys yours?” he asked trying to focus the attention on something else.

“Yep,” he grinned. He took a step for the doorway to give a better view at an Ivysaur and Bayleef curled up by a cot.

I yawned. “So Charles, if we are done here, could you escort me to my house?” I saw the face he made so I added, “You don’t know what kind of people are out at this hour.”

After a quick good bye to Grandpa, we left down toward Cooperstown. We walked through town past the Post Office, filled with all of its delivery birds. Small coos could be heard muffled through the building walls. We soon came to Mac’s house. He ducked off with out a word, leaving me with Charlie. I gave a few quick glances at him but he seemed to be concentrated on whatever he saw straight ahead.

“What a loser!” I thought, laughter ringing in my ears.

Questions? Comments? Overall flame of the first chapter? Let me here it. I want to hear any thought on your mind. Even if it is “I like the color blue.” Don’t be afraid.

Oh and anyone that can tell me where I got the name Mr. Crowley from can be a person in the fic if they want. Or make a reasonable request for the fic. (Crowley is not the last name of Cory. He is his grandpa of his mothers side.)

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Journey of the Land
Chapter 2-Arrivial

“Who is it?” I asked, responding to the knock on the door.

“Parcel Delivery Service,” A voice chimed from the doorstep. “We have a delivery for a Mr. Cory.”

I leapt up from the couch and made my way to the door. I twisted the door handle and slid it open. A man, early 40’s, stood holding a small package, about the size of a large calculator. I hid my laughter glancing at the orange jumpsuit, with matching hat. PDS was just barely eligible for the brim of the hat.

“Did you escape for jail?” I blurted out.

“Please sign here,” he said, sounding professional as he held out a clipboard. I could see the corner of his mouth twitch though.

“Alright,” I mumbled. I scribbled my name down on the piece a paper and handed it back to him. He jerked it from my hands. I gave him a quick look before taking the package from his hands. I walked back into my house, using my foot to close the door behind me.

I walked down the hallway, paying no attention the all the pictures hung on the walls. Each year, my mother dragged me to the Photo Hut, to get a picture for the wall. The latest one showed the sling around my arm. I only wore it while my mom was around.

I walked into the dining room and placed the package were I began to open the light brown packaging. I then took out a small brown box and pushed the paper to the hardwood floor. I opened up the box to see a note taped to some gadget. I tore the note off and read:

Happy B-Day Cory. Your Bro, Matt

After glancing the note over I threw it next paper. I took the gadget out which looked like a remote for a TV without any buttons. It was black with neon green letters across.

“The Poke Ultra Dex?” I asked to no one. I slipped off the cover and stared at a blank screen. There were five buttons all together. Two arrows and three oval shaped ones. One was labeled ‘ON’.

“Hello!” a metallic voice squeaked as I turned it on. The screen became bright blue with a face in the center of it. “Please speak your name clearly into the speaker at the bottom.

I ran my eyes down till I saw what I thought was a speaker. I cleared my voice and talked into the speaker. “Cory.”

“Thank you for registering your name Cory,” it continued. While it said Cory it seemed as I had said it again as the robotic voice stopped as it said ‘Cory’

“Yeah, no problem,” I said to it, raising my eyebrow. I wasn’t sure if I liked this present.

“You can call me Pud,” it continued. “I can tell you anything or everything about the world of pokemon including Gender, Fatigue, Happiness, Attacks, and last know where about of an existing species of pokemon.

“Bye Pud,” I said, sliding the cover back on and placing it back in the box. I appreciated what my brother sent to me but his company, Daricorp Inc., invented stuff that was completely useless. I had a closet full of things such as a berry dampener, an electric pokemon toothbrush, and a package of special pokemon breath spray. I don’t even have a pokemon and Matt was already worrying about its breath.

I left the box in dining room and then walked to the living room. The TV volume was up so high that a deaf person could hear it. I slouched down on the couch and grabbed the remote. With a few swift push of the buttons I ended up at a news channel.

“…and the ancient pokemon book has yet to be translated…” a lady holding a microphone stated. “…And now back to you Kent.”

“Thank you Melissa,” an older man spoke. “Eight year old Nathan Kasper is still missing along with his Teddiursa that goes by the name of Pooh. Any information would be…”

I flicked through a few more channels to the Indigo Plateau Network. A Skarmory zoomed around the water arena, trying to find the perfect chance to hit a Kingdra that was under water. I watched as Kingdra poked his head up and fired an Ice Beam. Shards of ice blasted Skarmory’s left wing and he descended downward, splashing into the water. The camera zoomed at a girl with red hair jumping up and down. I flicked off the TV and looked at the clock.

“Damn, it’s 1:30. I have school in thirty minutes!” I yelled. I leapt over the back of the couch and ran up the wooden staircase. I ran into my room to grab a pair of blue jeans. After a quick shower, I came back into my room to slip on an under shirt and my black hooded sweatshirt with a small faded Metallica Star on chest. I began to walk out the door when I heard a loud snap.

I turned around to see the egg, on my desk under a small heating lamp, with a small-clawed foot poking for the bottom of the egg. I went over and took a seat at the desk. Small parts of the egg began to crumble away. Two pointed ears popped from the top of the egg. Then two arms began to show. I starred as a new Abra sat before me.

“Hey little buddy, time to go home,” I whispered. I slide open the top desk draw to hear a slight rattling. I grabbed one of the few pokeballs. I slowed reached over, pokeball in hand. As I reached a few inches of its forehead, Abra disappeared. I looked around in confusion. I heard a slight screeching noise to my left. I jerked my head over to see Abra on the end of my homemade shelf. The right end of the shelf slowly began to rise, scratching the dark blue wallpaper. Various items began to slide toward the psychic pokemon. Abra disappeared again causing the shelf to slam back down. Everything fell to the floor from the impact. I spun around to see Abra sitting motionlessly on my bed. I gripped the ball in my hand till my knuckled turned white and tossed it. It sucked Abra in with a flash of red. It bounced off the bed, hit the wall and fell in the crack between the wall and bed. I ran over to the bed and reached down to grab the ball. I pulled it up with an old dusty sock. I tossed the sock back into the crack and admired the ball. I placed my thumb on the button and held it till the ball shrank to bouncy ball size. I slipped in into my jeans pocket and took a look around my room. Pieces of eggshells littered my desk. A lamp and other junk lay on the floor that once cluttered on my shelf. A clock above the wall seemed tilted from all the commotion.

“Whoa!” I yelled, taking another glance at the clock. It read 2:15 p.m. I ran from out of my room and down the stairs. I swung the front door open and ran out. I quickly turned back to shut it. I jogged down the block. I suddenly turned right running through the Parkinson’s yard. I glanced back as I heard a screen door shut. A Poochyena began to growl as it started to chase me. I began to speed up as I felt quick sharp pains as it began to snip at my ankles. I leapt over a short chain linked fence leaving the biter behind. I ran another five minutes before I reached the school.

I stopped at the door to catch my breath before I finally pulled open the door to the 3-story building made of brick. I walked slowly down the hallway and its grubby white walls, which resembled the floor and ceiling. I stopped at the door of my classroom. I slowly opened the door and entered.

I gave a quick, “Hi,” as I entered the room. Everyone’s attention seemed to focus on me. I directed my focus to the posters that seemed to be a giant collage on the four walls. I took a seat at my table and looked up front

“As I was saying…” the teacher began, giving a quick glance in my direction. “…We will be have our final tests today.”

“What’s with Mr. Morgan’s suit?” I asked, nudging Mac who sat next to me. He shrugged and I took a good glance at his brown suit and matching tie with red horizontal stripes. His brown mustache seemed to blend right in as did the remaining hair he had on his balding head.

All the class began to exit the room. I slid my car out causing a loud scratching on the aqua tiles. I stayed toward the back chatting with a few people. We walked out back toward the courtyard. We gathered around in a group as we watched Mr. Morgan hold out a bag.

“We don’t need to go over this stuff such as this is the battle field,” he spoke loudly, motioning to the freshly cut grass field behind him. “First up are Kylie and Mac.”
Mac and an Asian girl with long black hair walked up and each reached their hand down in the bag. Both came out clutching a pokeball and proceeded to walk to either end of the field.

“Begin!” Mr. Morgan shouted, holding a green flag in one hand and a red one in the other.

“Go!” they both yelled. Kylie’s ball opened up and took form of a Lickitung while across the field a Wingull took flight. Both trainers yelled out attacks at the same time and everyone watched in facination. Wingull kept in flight, firing off a few placed Water Guns, batting away a swaying tongue of Lickitung. Kylie seemed distraught to the advantage that Wingull had in the air and her face showed her concentration thinking of a new plan.

“Screech!” she bellowed. Lickitung began let out a high-pitched scream. Everyone grasped his or her ears from the terrible noise. Wingull seemed to be greatly effected it began to fly toward the ground.

“Pull out of it!” Mac yelled. Wingull tucked his wings in to pull out of its fall just a few feet from the ground.

“Supersonic!” Kylie responded. Lickitung opened its mouth wide, his tongue floppy out in the process. Wingull seemed, as it couldn’t see as it began to fly downward again. Lickitung launched its tongue out and wrapped the seagull before it hit the ground.

“Return!” Mac commanded, holding a pokeball out in front of him. Wingull became transparent red and disappeared leaving Lickitung’s tongue to fall to the ground in a pile of coils.

“Next is Cory and Megan,” Mr. Morgan announced. We both walked over there grabbing each a pokeball. I watched Megan walk to the other side of the arena, her shoulder length red hair flowing in the wind.


I watched as Megan tossed down a Magby. I tossed my ball and it took form. I watched as a Ditto appeared.

“Magby, use a Fire Punch!” Megan shrieked from the other side of the arena.

“Transform!” I snapped. Ditto began to expand as Magby began to race forward. Ditto then began to shrink again back to Magby size. Megan’s Magby had reached by this time, punching Ditto in the jaw. Ditto stumbled a few feet back toward me where I noticed Ditto seemed to be more of a metallic red.

“Magby use a…” Megan began

“Ditto, use a Confuse Ray!” I interrupted. Ditto’s eyes began to sparkle as a bright white beam shot from its forehead. The beam seemed to absorb into the magma baby. Magby began to stutter around as if it we in the park.

“Fire Blast!” Megan screamed. Magby looked at her then at Ditto who was preparing an Ember. It tilted its head back and a star shaped blast of fire shot toward Ditto. Ditto, caught off guard, fell back as the intense attack hit it. It fell to the ground and suddenly morphed back into Ditto.

“Megan is the winner!” Mr. Morgan yelled, waving his flags.

“Pure luck,” I muttered under my breath as I recalled Ditto.

Any suggestions on my battles or anything? Other Comments? Other blah

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Journey of the Land
Chapter 3-Onward

I pulled out my desk door, empting the contents into the front pouch of my backpack. I zipped up the pouch as I walked to the closet. I swung it open to far and the recently fixed shelf fell to the ground again. I let out a groan but quickly began to focus on what I was looked for. I began to toss out the junk that piled in the closet. I finally reached the bottom and grabbed what I was looking for. I shoved the hammock into the bottom of the biggest pouch. I then grabbed the pile of clothes of the bag and shoved them in too. I zipped the bag shut and laid down. I closed my eyes shortly to feel the discomfort of my jeans and the light that was left on. I wiggled out of the pants and slid them to the floor with my feet. I reached around my bed stand grabbing on to my cordless phone. I hurled it across the room toward the light switch. It hit the wall and fell to the floor. I grabbed my plastic mutated lamp and hurled it across the room. The light disappeared without trace and I closed my eyes, falling asleep the rumble to the thunder out side my house.


I awoke to the sound of rain drizzling outside. As I regained my sight, I noticed the room lacked the usual sunshine it usually had. I stared at the ceiling tiles briefly before rolling out of the bed. I stumbled out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom. I ran through the shower quickly and slipped on the clothes I had set in there the night before. I brushed my team and quickly brushed down my dark brown hair, which wasn’t hard since it wasn’t too long.

“You up yet?” a familiar voice rang from downstairs.

“I have been for the past twenty minutes!” I yelled back. I finished up in the bathroom before walking back down the hall to grab my backpack and grabbed my black beanie with ‘PMI’ written in red lettering that was slung on one of the four round posts at each corner of my bed. I slid it down over my eyes so I could barely see. Pulling the backpack down the stairs I made my way into the living room and eventually the dinning room and kitchen.

“Grab something for breakfast before you leave,” my mom’s voice rang from behind the fridge door.

I began rummaging through the wooded cupboards looking for something to eat. I pushed past the cans of raveoli and chicken noodle soup to find nothing so I walked over to the fridge. My mom, noticing that I was looking for something, grabbed the milk and walked over to the dining room table. I raided the shelves to grab the best solution, cookie dough.

“Please Cory,” my mom protested as I sat across from hear. “Eat something sensible.”

I tilted my head back, my eyes blocked by fabric. “Huh?”

“I swear…” she groaned. She reached across the table and snatched my beanie off my head. “Can’t you eat something sensible?”

“Cookie dough is sensible,” I grinned. “It’s sensible to my senses.”

I took my beanie back and placed it the way it was before I began to eat. My mother kept glancing up with a face like I was omitting a foul odor. We continued to eat in silence, her eating her toast and me eating my cookie dough. I nearly polished off the whole stick before she broke the quiet.

“Oh, Mac called” she spoke. “He said it hatched into a Tyrogue and that explains why Abra knows all those punchy things.”

“Attacks…” I replied. The day after Abra’s hatching, with the unfortunate help of Pud, we discovered that Abra knew the elemental punches along with teleport.

“Yeah, those things…” She trailed off. She didn’t believe that pokemon should battle. She had joined some federation that’s trying to restrict pokemon catching.

“I think it’s about time for me to go,” I said and began to slide out of the chair.

“You’re leaving in those clothes?” she asked. I looked down. I was wearing my usual red hooded sweatshirt reading ‘Blueline’ in dark blue letters across the chest. It seemed a little faded from being worn a lot but it was still good. I didn’t bother to look at my jeans because the ones I wore were the only ones with out holes.

“You going to work in that to work?” I retaliated. She glanced down. She was wearing a maroon turtleneck that went well with her curly brown hair. She looked back at me and I grinned. I then added, “I’m going now.”

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed my backpack off the counter. I walked to the door and twisted the long brass handle. With a last wave of my hand, I walked out the door. I walked down the stone walkway and onto the sidewalk. I took one last at my house in front of the mass of gray clouds. It was quite big actually. It was dark blue with large windows on both stories and white shutters. My brain twisted into memory mode and everything flooded into my head. There was the time with Kenny Millstone egged my house. His house flashed into my mind; the first story sprayed with shaving cream. The second story peppered with toilet paper. We then dumped a giant heap of manure on his front year. We then filled his mailbox with horseradish. I walked away, no thoughts on how I wouldn’t see the house in awhile, but thoughts on how revenge is sweet.

I headed west, along the soaked suburb streets toward Niles Forest. The tall pines trees swayed in the slight spring breeze. As I entered the small dirt path of the forest, I took one quick glance back at Cooperstown and walked into the trees. I seemed really quiet. Only twigs snapping under my weight and the long stress cracks of the trees flew through the silence. I twiddled with Abra’s pokeball as I pulled it from my pocket.

I walked through the forest, keen on finding a new member of the team. I passed bunches of Weedles but they didn’t interest me. It then took time to get the aggressive Beedrill, which wouldn’t be too bad but wasn’t what I was looking for. I passed the dark brown Hoothoots resting in branches and the one Noctowl, which I felt would be too tough. None of these struck my interest. I continued to walk past them, hearing chirps of close Pidgeys.

I headed into the dense part of the forest. I had been exploring these woods since I was 7. No one knew about the underground cavern, few knew about the waterfall, and many knew about the mudslide hill, which hard to find to most. My adventurous side had me running through the woods billions of times for many reasons like bugging kids that go to the school in the next town over, Dustyville. Many school wars have come of this, and I felt proud for being part of the cause.

I made my way to Mudslide Peak, a name I had given it. I put up a sign claiming it and the right to own it, which I did. Mudslide Peak is known for its never hardening mud. The reason? I don’t know. When sliding down it took a full minute before you reached the end. Many started to come so Mac and me changed the path away from the area in hope of preserving it. I walked to the edge and took a peek down to make sure no branches restricted the way. It was quite steep, making walking down it impossible. I dug through the leaves till I found my special made mat. A car mat and other leaves made the most slippery surface possible for the mill. I made my way to the hill again and sat down on it. I slid my self to the end, lining my self up with the tracks of previous runs. The path seemed like you we’re about to go down an Olympic bobsled track. I made my way to the edge and gave the final push. I may of look childish, legs wrapped up, my arms swung around them but after last night’s rain, the track was nice and smooth. I made my way down, saving about 15 minutes on my trip. People didn’t understand that it did.

“Come on out Abra!” I shouted, throwing down his pokeball. It popped open and omitted a red light that took form. Abra sat there, motionless, flattening a fern. I swung my backpack down and sat down against a stump. It was perfectly hollow and my neck matched perfectly with the top of the stump. I leaned back and began to rest. I didn’t sleep as well as I hoped last night. Everything began to turn black till my head felt like someone was pushing on it.

“Hey!” I yelled and moved away from the stump, grabbing my bag as well. A Bulbasaur fell and rolled down the tree stump to the ground. It began to let out a load growl. I quickly grabbed a pokeball from my bag and tossed it toward it. A single vine flew out and bashed it away, sending it back toward me. I caught it with ease.

“Abra, Fire Punch!” I commanded. From behind me Abra perked up and teleported with his fist glowing a shiny red. Bulbasaur unprepared, shook of the attack as if nothing even hit it. Its bulb began to glow a bright green. Millions of blue sparkles began to shoot out and float in the air. I took a deep breath and felt drowsiness come flooding back. I got on a knee and used my hand for support before falling into a deep sleep, Abra by my side.

“Hey!” I yelled, sitting up from a sudden blast of cold water.

“You shouldn’t just be sleeping on the ground in the woods,” a calm voice rang. “Its unsafe and unsanitary.

I looked behind me to see one of my old friends holding a water bottle.

“Nice to see you Jen!” I sternly said with a hint of sarcasm. “You’ve haven’t changed. Is black in?”

She gave a slight grin and brushed back her long black hair. Her hair blended perfectly in with her tank top. I was puzzled at her pants that didn’t seem to reach her ankles but was past her knees. I could see her freshly painted toenails in her sandals, which also happened to be black.

“Ah, you’re sense of humor has once again it a fit of laughs,” she slyly. I grinned. Jen had been a classmate till she moved earlier in the year.

“So what’s new?” I asked, finally getting up from the ground.

“I got my tongue pierced,” she said, holding out her tongue so I could see the metal stud in her mouth. “You?”

“I have an Abra,” I said proudly. I then began to wonder where it was. “Abra!”

Abra immediately teleported to my feet, holding a thicket of berries. I smiled down at him. I watched as she plucked out her pokeball. She tossed it down. Out emerged the bivalve pokemon, Shellder. It took a glance at me and quickly stuck its tongue out at me. That pokemon never seemed to take me seriously. I always thought Jen taught it to do that.

“It was nice of you to get Shellder’s tongue pierced too,” I chuckled, not taking my eye of the metal rod coming out of Shellder’s mouth.

She gave a slight grin. I never really did see her smile completely for over a few seconds. Well that’s how some people are I guess.

25th June 2003, 06:03 PM
Great Chapters. It is better than your first fic you did. I like the originality of Cory finding a Abra egg. I seen a few errors in spelling like,“He said it hated into a Tyrogue and that explain why Abra knows all those punchy things.” . You put he said it hated into a Tyrouge. Does it mean it breed with a Tyrouge. Then with explain I think there should be a s at the end of it. Other then a few litttle things good job and keep it up!