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25th June 2003, 10:18 AM
*~ We're ORIGINAL!!!!! >: ) ~*

Well, everyone probably is ready to slap me. Honestly, they are. Really, everyone has sent me hate mail up the alley and have already formed a mafia to take me down. Honest. Okay... maybe... not... that drastically, but I know I've gotten many requests for the news to be back. Before when I started it, I had lots of time... but then with finals coming up, I had no time what-so-ever to create the news again. But now it's summer.
So now I can!! Aren't you GLAD?! I sure am. Oh, and this time I'm thinking that our new moderator, Mr. Fruitcake-err, I mean Rudy, can also help out with this one when or if he has time. Only if he wants to. Of course... I won't let him out of my duck tape with out saying yes. ^^;; Erm, did I say that outloud??


~ As I'm sure you all noticed, The Muffin Man was demodded due to various reasons. If you wish to find out why, then perhaps go to the topic in Misc where he had appologized- whether you accept it or not.

~ Ginger was demodded before Mike, but for completely different reasons then The Muffin Man. We all should wish her well and hope she stays with us in the forum anyway. ^^

~ To repeat after the first one, SSJ Rudy has been modded. If you don't know that, then get your head out of the card board box!! Heh.... Congrats to him, and let's hope that he brings us lots of candy with his modding duties. Candy esh good. Skittles please for me, Rudy. ^^

~ Summer is highly approaching, so keep in mind that the Summer Awards comes with that. I'm not sure when we'll start them, I'll talk to Rudy about it, but I'm thinking some time in early-mid July would suffice. So with this in mind- kick your RPGs in gear!

~ All is quite in the RPG front... (I did SO not copy that from ANYWHERE!!! Not even a book!!!)

~ I bought my copy of the Harry Potter book from the airport the day it was released and no one had to wait in lines becuase NO ONE thinks that they'd sell those things there. I am I smart? Yes I am. ^^; Did you buy yours?!

~ Thinking of updating the RULES section, since there are some things in there I wanted to change or re-modify... as soon as I have a mod meeting, you might see it change so if you do please check it out or re-read it when your bored at 3 in the morning.

Idea of the Week

Want to start an RPG of some sort, but want a little help or maybe an idea? Well here is some help- the idea of the week!

This week's idea is: Harry Potter. Yes, I know we've had those RPGs before, but lately I don't see many around and with the 5th book coming out I almost expect people to start some. So that is my idea of the week- isn't it cool? I think so, and if you disagree I'll steal all your Chocolate Frogs so there. ;p

Random Thoughts from: Bulbasaur4

Well... I'm not exactly sure what I am thinking, but whatever it is I'm sure it's good. lol. Actually, with summer coming up I'm expecting a lot of good things coming from many RPers and many RPGs. There are highly promising RPGs that are coming out, which I in turn, expect to do well such as Bear's Normal RPG which has yet to start but has many people who have signed up. Just keep in mind that if you sign up with an RPG, you're supposed to be very dedicated to that RPG and don't go letting it die. Everyone does it- this we know, but try to do your best. Make it your RPGing goal.

In other thoughts, I never knew that Fan Fic had a News topic too. Yeppers, but I heard from Oz that he stole the idea from us! And I was like..
OMG! Fan Fic steal an idea from RPG?!?!?!?!?! What is the world coming too?!
Heh... any of you vets know why I would think that. lol
So then I went to check it out, and there was proof!!! Oz Andy posted this in the News:

DamianSilverblad: Yeah, and said past mod may also consider stealing the idea for BMG...especially given how many of my old ideas you guys are still using ;-)
The OzAndy: But I stole the concept from RPG!
The OzAndy: Who knows where they stole it from
DamianSilverblad: "Who WANTS to know?"

How rude!!! I think we should graffiti their forum more often... ^^;; Umm, I mean- well, yah. So you know what? I wanted to be the best stealer of all, so I stole some of their ideas and format for the news. It made it easier for me to write the news, and thus it made me happy. With that in mind... I say, HA! HAHAHAHA! Erm... dang, I wanna post a ficcy there too... oh well. I'm getting side tracked. But I can do that... at least... for a short while, right??


Chains of Dragons
Created By: Mew Master

I never really noticed this RPG...until browsing through the forum, and I saw it had a lot of posts so I checked it out. From the beginning, at teh sign up topic I was like..

It's about how long ago, there were many ancient beasts- but the noblest of them were Dragons. Dragons lived in harmony with humans, and everything co-existed fine. Until, there was a demon named Necrosan who wanted to be a dragon too. So he became one eventually- but it caused death to the land and evil and corruption. So the dragons teamed up with humans to take down Necrosan, but the humans died until finally the light dragon had an idea- seal themselves away in amulets. So they did... but the amulets would weaken with time, because nothing lasts forever...

And of course, nothing did last forever and the amulets, kept by humans, would break.


Myra Link
Created By AsilynneOutlaw
From the RPG: Dawn of the Blood Moon

(soon we'll have an RPG one, I didn't have time to go searching for one I liked... so after 15 minutes of searching, I gaveup for now.)

Inuyasha: If your gonna die then die, and if you're not then don't!!

~Well, thanks for reading all of this. In time, the RPG News will grow with new ideas and new stuff. I honestly INCOURAGE you all to PM or email me about anything you'd like to see in the RPG News, opinions, suggested RPG of the Weeks, RPG quotes- anything and everything! If you have opinions you'd like to express or suggestions or maybe news, tell me and I'll see if we can put it in here!
And remember:
Don't bite your tongue while drinking orange juice!


Master Rudy
26th June 2003, 05:07 AM
First and foremost I am not a fruitcake! ;_;

Anyway I'd be more than willing to help you out with this from time to time Kalah. I've got a few ideas for this so check out your PM box for some suggestions. They include an intresting little feature as well as a recommendation for the next quote of the week ^_~

Master Rudy
1st July 2003, 03:21 AM
The RPG News
You wanted it. We gave it to ya! ^_~

Week of June 29th

Muhahahaha!!!! Yes I know the first part of this isn't in pink. However I don't think anyone who's actually keeping track of my posts will need to worry. The majority of this should still be in that god awful color. Just keep in mind that there is some major payback headed your way Nall! ^_~

Anyway I know this might seem a bit soon. However while this is dated 6/29 it has been almost a week since the last issue of the RPG news. At the moment me and Kalah are gonna be switching off with this and doing things our own way. Keep that in mind since things might be a bit different from week to week if I try some new things. For now however I'll be using the format of the last issue.

Your friendly neighborhood RPG mod
I know it's old news but I think there might be one or two people out there that don't know for one reason or another. In case you haven't been around TPM for the past few weeks both Ginger and Mike have left the RPG forum. Since it's old news I won't go into detail. However I will say that if you've got a problem with something that I'm here. The prefered way to do it would be with a PM but if that is not possible for some reason try this method:

AIM-Master Rudy 1985

While I can be contacted on AIM you might be better off with just a PM since I don't use it as much as I once did. Don't worry about having problems getting in touch. My PM box is always pretty clean and has never exceeded 10 messages. You shouldn't have too much trouble contacting me on TPM. No matter how you contact me once I get your message I'll see what I can do to help ^_~

The Summer RPG Awards
Well it's almost that time again. It seems like only yesterday that we had the Spring Awards or even the 2002 Awards. While you can expect the usual things such as Best Hero I'd like to know what you guys think. Got a nifty idea for an award that hasn't been tried yet? Is there an old favorite that seemed to disappear off the map ages ago? If so then drop me a line in my PM box if you've got an idea for an award. No date has been set yet but once me and Kalah talk about it a bit more I think you can expect to see the awards sometime in the middle of this month.

Want to start an RPG? Need an idea? Look no further folks! It's time for the......
Idea of the Week!
Several months ago the then newcomer Asilynne had started Dawn of the Blood Moon. As you look over how successful it was you might find it hard to believe that it was actually her first RPG. Recently another member (Ultimate Charizard)had started an RPG of his own called Sins of the Blood. Both are great RPG and I felt that this week's idea should be:
While I've seen vamp RPG's before I feel that these are two recent examples that stand out. Plus the cool thing is that vampires allow for a wide range of settings. Dawn was originally based on Vampire Hunter D while Sins was an original story. Another neat thing is the fact that these RPG's can be set in the past, present or future. Finally don't think that just because your character can bite people that it makes him or her evil. Several of the characters in both of these RPG's have turned out to be some of the coolest heroes I've seen in quite some time. If you'd like to start an RPG but were looking for an idea then keep our fanged, blood drinking friends in mind ^_~

Rudy's Random Thoughts
Truthfully there isn't much for me to add in this time. Anyone who knows me might say that I'm very overdue for posting in several RPG's I'm in. As good as things may seem when you talk to me online I'll be honest and say that it hasn't been the best week for me. It's not exactly something I want to talk about. However enough about that. It's not just me who might be overdue for a post. Recently one of Frank's RPG's got deleted for seemingly no reason. After talking to both me and Kalah we figured it must have sunk to the bottom of the topic list and got deleted the last time all the old topics were removed. I guess the point I'm trying to get to here is that if you feel you need to make a post in an RPG that perhaps you should get that taken care of now. Even if it seems like your the only one making an attempt to keep it alive you should try to do something. You never know. Your one post can sometimes be enough to get everyone moving again.

The RPG of the Week
This week's RPG is:
Dragon Ball VG
Created by-Nall
Finally after one of the longest waits the RPG that helped me get my start in this forum has returned! However this is not your granddaddy's VG. Rather than a rehash of the original story Nall has gone back and changed enough of it to keep the RPG intresting. Here's the intro for the new one:

Centuries after the Z fighters defended Earth against threat after threat, it seemed that peace had finally arrived. There were no large wars breaking out, and there was no one with delusions of granduer and power. It seemed, on the outside, that the dream of world peace had finally been achieved.
However, the peace was merely an illusion. Behind closed doors, a group of scientists were working on a top-secret project designed for one purpose and one purpose only- destruction. The project was being designed for an intergalactic group of warriors, who called themselves the Council of Five, or the C5 for short. Their leader, who worked in the background, had special plans for this unit, as well as several others like it. Many of the experiments, however, did not survive for long. But two of them survived long enough to be of use- the fourth and the fifth.
This new breed fit well with the C5 leader's policy of behind-the-scenes operation- he never does his own dirty work, but rather has four other henchmen do it for him. Each one had some kind of reputation following him- one used to be Earth's strongest warrior but joined the C5 for unclear reasons, two had a partnership in bounty hunting, and one was known as the most efficient, most deadly killing machine in existence, nicknamed "The man with no face".
However, before the C5's dream of destruction could be achieved, one of the units escaped during an exhibition. Shortly after, she freed the second, and the two effortlessly leveled the city and began doing their job on various other places. Once the C5 heard of this, they began their trip to Earth to detain the two, and afterwards eliminate the planet, which would be nigh useless to them after they got what they came for.
Earth's only defense was to make a call for any warrior who thought they may have a chance to destroy the ravaging genetic mishaps before they could do too much damage to surrounding areas. Of course, none of them know about the true threat coming to pick up it's supplies...

Sadly Nall has limited the sign up to invite only this time. Even so it's still worth checking out. From the looks of things this new VG is going to exceed the original. Even if I wasn't invited to join you can bet I'd at least be checking this one out! ^_~

Character of the Week
Created by Outlaw JT
RPG-Dawn of the Blood Moon
You never know what this guy is thinking. Despite a small presence in the original he did play a part in the first meeting of two of the RPG's main characters. Had he not gotten involved there is no telling what could have happened and how different the story would have been. JT's most recent post has revealed a much bigger plan than any of the heroes know. He promises that until at least the third part that no one will know what Koger's true intentions are. Whatever it may be you can bet it's be exciting.

Quote/Scene of the Week
Sticking in things related to the idea of the week here's a recent post from Dawn ^_~

Hearing a slight groan, I soon found that my thoughts were premature. Laying Rudys head down gently I stood up, and walked to where Yuar was studying the body of Lantis with narrowed eyes. “The bastard doesnt know when to die does he?” he mused. A sick feeling of hatred again rose up within me. I knew that there would never be any peace for our family as long as he was alive. Rudy drove himself to the brink of death to kill Lantis and here he was, still clinging to his hate filled life, a worthless life that only existed to cause others pain. The sight of him made me sick. But as he started talking my disgust for him only grew.
“Please Myra....my Princess...please have mercy on me. Let me live, for surely you are a better person than I had been.” I just stared at him, my eyes narrowed slits, and he continued. “Its best to forgive past wrongs, as Im sure Rudy would agree with me. He wouldnt want to see a helpless person killed, now would he? Not his style Im afraid. And right now I am injured and helpless, and even I never killed someone when they were down.” Lantis smiled a pathetic smile that was supposed to make me feel sorry for him, and he reached his hand up and bowed his head. “I ask for your mercy and forgiveness Princess..”
Hate filled my soul as I gazed at Lantis. This was the creature that killed my parents. This was the monstor that lied to me, that ripped me from the ones I loved, that...that killed Gyvien! And he thought I would have mercy on him?!
“No.” Lantis looked up, a hint of fear shining in his blue eyes. “N...No?” he stuttered, not believing his scam wasnt working. I walked up to him, planting my foot hard in his stomach. “Mercy time is over.” Still trying to weedle his way out of death, he frantically appealed to my ‘good side’. “If you kill me, ME, injured and beaten on the ground, youll be no better than what you hate! I have already been defeated! I surrendered! Kill me now and what does that make you?! A monstor, JUST LIKE ME!” He grinned defiantly, a hateful knowing look in his eyes. My eyes widened as I heard that but they narrowed just as quickly. “F*ck being a good person. F*ck it all Lantis! Its about time for a heartless monstor like you to get exactly what you deserve...” Quicker than I could see I plunged my hand into his chest and ripped out his heart. Clutching the heart, I let my hand morph into the claw slowly, ripping the fleshy tissue to pieces in front of Lantis’s horrified eyes before tossing it at him. My narrow, hate-filled eyes reguarded him one last time before walking away. “Now you really ARE heartless...”
Slowly I made my way back over to where Rudy lay, resting on the ground. Morphing my hand back I looked at it, at the blood of humans, vampires, and the creature that had been known as Lantis. Kneeling beside Rudy, I rested his head on my lap, and cried.
I knew nothing, not even my tears of regret, could ever wash these hands completely clean again.
-Asilynne as Myra Link in Dawn of the Blood Moon

I think that's going to do it folks. Kalah should be back with you for the next issue. I hope everyone has a great week. As for those of you in the US have a great 4th of July!

7th July 2003, 02:51 PM
It’s all Rudymentary, my dear Watson.

Edition 3: Week of July 6, 2003

Wow, wasn’t THAT scary? Rudy actually wrote a RPG News edition! What is the world coming too? Next he’ll be posting or editing the RPG rules after consulting me of course, * ahem *. ^^ Well, you might be wondering why the heck I am not posting in my light blue color like always, and posting in orange which strangely resembles Rudy’s font color.
Am I copying him? Certainly not!
Am I trying to impersonate him? That would be fun… but no.
Then what? This edition is being Rudy-tized! Mwhahaahaa!
* cue evil laughter *
Well, I had a brilliant idea to make a ‘theme’ if you will, for the RPG News. So, I decided to make it a ‘Rudy’ them. Isn’t that FUNNY!? I’ve put nice Rudy quotes in it too. Rudy will kill me, so if I don’t’ post after this for a week or so… call the police. Tell them my name. They’ll know me. Oh, you’ll like this edition. Yes you will.
At least, I do.
And that’s all that matters.
Ha. Ha. Hahahaha! Ermm.. yeah, no more Diet Vanilla coke for me.
Well, I hope YOU enjoy it as much as I did. ^^
~ Bulbasaur4

The News

Master Rudy1985: That because Rudy is hot ^_~
cbkander: !8ball Is Rudy hot?
TPMBot: cbkander: I doubt it.
Master Rudy1985: Damn
(cbkander = Bulbasaur4)

~ Firstly, as you may have noticed: The RPG Summer Awards have begun! Bear has started the topic, of course because he has been doing it for many years now and we decided that breaking tradition is bad in some cases. This was one of them. So Bear is hosting it, so you can expect to see lots of cheesecake no matter where you turn. I told him what I wanted in my ballot too. He better put that in there too dang it! Yeah, anyway- make sure you nominate and also make sure you nominate fairly. That’s always a gripe of certain people. * cough * but yeah… we can keep them behind the scenes. But yeah, have fun with this and don’t be afraid to add your own ideas by PMing Bear! ^^

~ On another note, I’ve been browsing through the forum and looking a the number of posts per topic. I’ve noticed that the numbers are quite low recently, and after investigating further I have found that it’s because there are a ton of ‘starting’ topics and sign ups, but after an RPG reaches just a few posts it dies. I’m thinking there are several reasons for this, but to address one of them. I think one problem is some people are starting too many RPGs and not enough time on focusing on just one. You don’t want ot start a bunch, and forget about one because you like the other one better. I would love to have everyone’s impute on this for the next issue as well that I do, and I was thinking of adding a ‘Topic’ rule in the RPG forums. Perhaps we should only allow a certain number of RPGs to be started by one person? I was thinking of perhaps 3-4 topics should be the max, just so we at least have a guideline. I’m going to do more look into it.

~ I’ve noticed Rudy gave his contacts. So, I’m giving mine. If you have any RPGing problems or questions, or if you simply want some advice for how to improve your post, feel free to contact me via email or on a messenger service. I would be glad to look an example of your posts, and give it a thorough ‘look through’ and tell you what your doing well at, and what you need improvement on. I’m calling it a, “post analysis.’ ^^ Contact me on my email which you can click on that beautiful button attached to this post below, or find me on AIM at: cbkander
Or you can simply PM me, asking me to but be sure if you want me to check out a post of yours, to include a URL so I don’t have to go searching myself.

~ I successfully graffetti-tized a Fan Fic topic. Mwhaha.

~ Rudy no longer has to type in pink. Thank goodness! I was going to puke if I saw it one more time….

~ Rudy never DID give me Skittles for becoming a new Moderator, or any of us candy. How cheap is THAT?!

Idea of the Week
Master Rudy1985:* Gives everyone a chance to hump in *

Well, I think that we need more Anime in our lives. Seriously, they teach you things that you need to know in basic, every day life! Take Inuyasha for example, he teaches you how to correctly pronounce that four-letter word! Plus, not to mention that most anime have cute lil’bishies too. ^^ Who wouldn’t want that? So my idea for you, is to create an RPG based off:
We haven’t had one in a while that has turned out really well, and I think we need some people to get their creative juices flowing and start cook’n up an idea off an Anime. Wouldn’t that be fun? I’d surely join. Yes I would. ^^ So get started!!!!!!! Lol. ^^ Kuro Espeon had one based off Rurouni Kenshin, which I think turned out very well. Just think of what Anime you really love, and then think of a cool way to let others either play characters from that Anime or perhaps interact with those characters in some way. If you don’t want to deal with the characters, then maybe the setting or main concept is from an anime you already know of? Whatever you can think of, think Anime!

Bulbasaur4’s Randomness Thoughts
Rudy says: I'm in love with my mom! IT'S SO WRONG!
Rudy says: $20 says we make this an ongoing joke now
(Poor Rudy, always being misunderstood for some thing he didn’t mean to sound like ‘that’.)

Well, summer is fastly growing and flurishing all around me. The fireworks are over… well, except where I live. We have stupid people. Anywho, there are a lot of good RPGs coming up, and to that I am happy. A lot of RPGs are just starting right now which I bet will become fastly ‘awesome’ and grow to become bigger and better then some historical RPGs we’ve had. Hopefully that the RPGers involved in them will stick it out and go the extra mile to make the RPG successful.

On another note, Diet Vanilla Coke and Oreo cookies are a bad combination when not trying to get hyper.
Or maybe it’s just me.

Oh, and since this is a “Rudy Theme” Edition, I should probably talk a little bit about Rudy. Rudy’s nick names I have for him are Fruitcake and Ruddy Soomers. Yep. Where do I begin…
Well, of course these quotes I’m putting in this topic are from convos on MSN, with a group of people from RPGs. You can thank Nall for some of these quotes of course, and myself as well for saving some of them too. All of these quotes are examples of poor Rudy, accidentally making a spelling error or saying some at the wrong time to make it sound like some thing else. For example, that ‘i love my mother’ quote was actually Rudy talking about his Vampire character… but it would have sounded better if he didn’t blurt it out in the middle of a DIFFERENT convo. Yeah, that’s Rudy for you. He means well… I mean, all his characters are mere images or each other.
Oh, speaking of that… Rudy asked me to post some thing he created for the RPG News a long time ago. He’s making me post it in MY edition! * hmph * Sure, waste MY space! Eh, j/k! I don’t mind. This fits my, ‘rudy theme’ perfectly anyway. Heh… so here we go! Words from RUDY!!!

Rudy’s Words
(I’ve made this section pink, to dedicate how Rudy does not have to post in pink anymore because Nall got Rudy in Truth Or Dare online. Heh… Everyone Cheer for Nall! GO NALL!)
cbkander: !name the person Rudy will flash next
TPMBot: cbkander: tpmbot
Master Rudy1985: *strips down to nighting and runs in front of the bot*
(cbkander = Bulbasaur4)

Didn’t I see this character before?
Written by Master Rudy

Rudy's edit-As I've already mentioned in my own post this story is quite old and was originally written for the RPG News sometime in March. Hence the reason why I mention the 2002 Awards and Mike as the RPG mod. Except for some corrected typos and a small change near the end this is very close to my original article.

And the 2002 RPG Award for Best Reoccurring Character goes to:
Rudy Summers!

For those of you that may not know me I'm Rudy. It's hard to miss me if you hang around TPM or chat on AIM and MSN. 99% of the time I'm seen floating around with either some form of Super Saiya-jin next to my name or my trademark nick Master. However in September of 2001 another name was linked to me. What started out as just a character for an RPG soon turned into the guy that I used in just about every RPG. At the end of 2002 my character was nominated for several RPG awards. One of the more notable ones was for the one mentioned at the start of this article. Now I know what you might be thinking. Some of you are about ready to bypass this article and move on to something Kalah has to say which is more than likely much more intresting. However this isn't some success story I'm about to tell. Stick around for a bit guys and keep reading here. This isn't going to be as boring as I may be making it sound right now ^_~

On the surface it may seem like I've created a very successful character here. Summers has been seen as a Saiyan twice in DB RPG's. In recent RPG's you can see him as a vampire in Dawn of the Blood Moon. I've played each version of this character to the best of my abilty and as time went on I'd say each one was a little better than the last. However this guy suffers from a major problem. If you look back at each RPG I've done with this character you'll notice that except for minor changes here and there that it's just the same old thing over and over. No matter what version of my character we are talking about here you can expect the following from him:

-He strongly resembles Trunks from DBZ. The main difference is blue hair and eyes.
-He's had a a tragic past that has or will eventually lead to the death of his parents.
-His greatest asset is his friendly personality which can sometimes convince enemies to become allies. Problem is that it's also his greatest weakness.

So how did just one character eventually turn into someone that some people (myself included)might be getting sick of seeing? It's pretty simple really. Flashback to fall 2001. That summer I was getting my start as an RPGer but the main problem was that nothing I was in ever seemed to work out. Within a week of starting each RPG I came into contact with could be pronounced as DOA. As a final last ditch effort I looked into Dragon Ball VG. At the time most of the original cast was pretty unknown around this forum. It consisted of myself, Kuro Espeon, a then unmodded PMM (The Muffin Man/Mike), Ultimate Charizard (AKA Gav)and Outlaw JT. Last and most important of all was it's creator Nall. To my great surpirse it took off. Never before had I seen a plot as good as VG's was. Plus it had some great character interaction as well. In other words it was very successful. This continued until the RPG's sudden halt during the original's second sequel in April 2002. Nall was forced to leave due to some computer problems and we qucikly discovered that no leader equaled no RPG. If it wasn't for the fact that his two characters played such a huge role we might have been able to go on. However as we all know losing main characters can be a crushing blow to an RPG.

All during the summer of 2002 I was constantly talking with several of the cast members. What if we managed to make a new Dragon Ball RPG that was like VG but different at the same time. Eventually one thing lead to another and after talking about it and sharing ideas for a few months JT started Dragon Ball FS. While it was very different from VG it did have some things in common. It was a fresh start with a new story but all the returning cast members brought their old characters out of retirement. A change here, a change there and they were good to go. While I also make changes as well they were pretty minor. I couldn't see anything wrong with Rudy Summers. Why mess with a good character? As a result this turned into my first case of reusing a character. Soon afterwards it happened again in Dawn of the Blood Moon. While the third Rudy was very different compared to the first two there was just so much that was also the same. If you take away the fangs and pale skin and give the guy a tail we're back to the same old character that had been around since 2001. It really wouldn't surpirse me if people knew what to expect by now from me. "Oh look. Rudy's gonna try to go for the peaceful solution. Is he actually going to succeed this time or just get his @ss kicked once again?" I must say that if I'm starting to get tired of it that it really must be getting old.

It wasn't until recently that I've come to the conclusion that unless you try to mix it up a bit that your going to get stuck playing the same person over and over again. It may eventually lead to that Best Reoccurring Character award but you really need to ask yourself something. Do people really want to see nothing but the same old thing from you in each RPG? Look at people such as Kalah. She's always willing to try new things with her characters. On the other hand here I am using a guy from a bit over a year and a half ago. Recently in Dawn I've come up with an idea to mix things up a bit. Hopefully it'll provide a much needed change to my character. If some of you guys think you might also be having the same problem here are three things to keep in mind:

Don't create the long lost twin. Get a makeover!
As I've already said before all versions of Rudy Summers look like Trunks from DBZ. Keeping the Dragon Ball example how about we pretend for a moment that Bulma was not created in the mind of Akira Toriyama and was an original character? Anyway you've just joined an RPG with a much darker storyline and characters. For the sake of this example I'll use another RPG I'm known for and say Dawn of the Blood Moon. While keeping your looks for one type of RPG may be one story it's totally different for another. Certain looks just might not fly too well in certain RPG's. This would be the point where you go back to the drawing board and come up with something new. However if your really attached to a certain look and only want to alter it a bit you don't have to go all out. Just a few color changes along with other minor things might be enough. Looking at Bulma with her short blue hair, yellow boots and that red dress from the Buu Saga I must say she wouldn't look too convincing as a vampire. Now what if she had longer hair that was perhaps white in color (kinda like Myra who is Dawn's main character). While red could work for the dress in this RPG it'd just be going back to my whole thing about having the same thing over and over. Instead a very dark colored dress would fit much better. As for the boots what kind of vampire wears yellow? Change them to perhaps some dark knee high boots with spiked heels. While it might be a bit different it might also seem lacking. Feel free to add something if you feel that you must. A dark cape might be that final touch that changes this character just enough to seem new. The best part is that most of the original look is intact. Now that wasn't so hard was it?

"Growing up as a child I saw both my parents get blown into a bloody mess."
"Wow! So did I!"
A character's history has always been the best way to show how they got to where they are or in some cases why they want to get rid of the villian. Problem is you can only run the "My parents died" angle so much before it wears out it's welcome. And while we're talking about dead parents I'll also go ahead and say that dead brothers, sisters, kids and pets also count as doing the same thing again IMO. Leave your family alive for a change and find a new reason to wage a one man war on the bad guy. I'd offer more advice here but this is something best left up to the person creating a character.

Save it b****......Superman ain't saving s***!
-Eminem, "Superman"
So your always the good guy eh? Your character is the person who cares about people and saves his or her friends from danger at the last possible moment? You could never harm an innocent person......

Could you?

While I've got zero experience with villians I will say that a perfect hero is something that gets old. My recent change to Rudy in Dawn is going to be a big flaw for him. He may be one of the heroes but certain events will cause him to attack his friends at times. Keep in mind that he's a vampire. He's bound to have some problems that might potentially hurt others. If you refuse to change roles and go for a villian then try to think of how your character can be flawed. Look at their history or in some cases species/race and see if maybe you could come up with perhaps some kind of fear or violent behavior that would possibly put the group in danger. A change of heart for a character is another good way to break away from what you normally do. Start out as a villian in an RPG and then have an event make them join the heroes. Try to be inventive. Always playing just a hero or just a villian is another very predictible thing one can do.

Hopefully the advice I shared will help out some people who might be having toruble being original. I also need to follow my advice but I'm going to keep in mind that the more things change the more they stay the same. Will I stop using the name Rudy Summers? In some cases I might but I think it's a safe bet that you can expect to see that name mentioned a great many times as long as I'm around. However I think that following Dawn and any sequels it spawns that my Trunks look will be retired and saved for just the Dragon Ball RPG's. As for everything else keep your eyes open in the future. Before this year is out I might pull a real shocker and turn the kind and caring Rudy Summers into a contender for Best Villian in 2003.

Afterwards I'll complain about playing the villian too often!
lol j/k ^_~

BUT WAIT! I'm not done yet! Seeing that I'm charging Kalah by the word I've got a few last things to say. Don't think I'm done with this subject yet. I'm planning to do a follow up to this story based on reader comments. If you've got something to say about any of this then give me your two cents. Contact me by PM and share your thoughts on the subject of overused characters. I'll go ahead and post any comments I get in the next issue of the RPG news.

Anyway that pretty much sums it all up. I think Kalah's already in the process of firing up her flamethrower due to me having to edit this post. Don't forget to check out some of your own comments in next week's news! ^_~
[/end Rudy][start Bulbasaur4]

Wow?! Wasn’t THAT interesting! It was! ^^ Rudy is a very good speaker!
… even though he wrote that. ^^;;

RPG of the Week
Rudy says:
I think I know an inventive way to kill Kalah
(Kalah = me. ;_; )

The RPG of the week is:
Aortas Auror Academy by CoolTrainer IcEz

The whole basis of this RPG is off Harry Potter. You see, this is what happens to some students in Hogwarts AFTER the fifth book. They are given a message that they have been excepted into the Aortas Auror Academy, where you are trained for about 5 years to become an Auror. (At least… if I remember correctly, it is 5 years.) The RPG has had a very good start, and the characters which have been placed in there are very unique and interesting. There are many students as well as teacher characters, which provides a good mixture. The RPG itself starts before anyone has even entered the school, which is nice too since you get to post them getting their things at Diagon Alley. Even if you haven’t signed up in this RPG, it is fun to just read it too. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you should definatly check this RPG out for it shows a promising beginning.

RPG Character of the Week
Rudy says: ****** is in my pants and I’m in her skirt
Kalah: And you like the skirt, don't you Rudy?
Rudy says:I didn't say I didn't like it!

(The, “******” part is where a name was placed, but for my good heart I decided not to put their name in this. It’s Rudy’s theme after all. Also, between my line and his line there were some things said… but it’s funnier when you take them out. ^^)

The RPG Character of the Week is:
Rudy Summers
Of course! This is Rudy themed!
Well, I’m not going to go one to tell you all the things about Rudy Summers. His basic profile is that he has slightly pale complexion, blue, DBZ Trunk’s styled hair, blue eyes, a good nature and heroic heart. Well, most of the Rudy clones are like that anyway. You can currently see Rudy Clones in: Dawn of the Blood Moon, Dragon Ball FS, Dragon Ball VG, and Ultimate_Charizard’s Sins RPG.
That’s a lot, isn’t it? Yeah… I probably missed a few too. Nice. Go Rudy!

RPG Quote of the Week
Rudy says:
*picks up a hammer*
Time to play Bang the Sluts!

"As you can see! Your weapons have no effect on this radioactivly charged super douhgnut. It's pastry exterior can repel any force. I thank you for listening to this broadcast, now get back to work!"
- The Glove from RaZoR LeAf's Super Heroes RPG

* Submitted by Opaque Onigoori

Non-RPG Related Quote of the Week
From Inuyasha! Heh.. you never would have guessed.

Miroku: Does a woman lose trust in someone just because their butt is groped?

A Good Rudy Quote
Rudy says:
I want to be a dirty old man

Well, wasn’t this a nice Edition of the RPG News? I hope you enjoyed the fun I had making this. I sure did. Heh… I really did. Yeppers… next edition will be turned over again to Rudy. We should all applaud him for his orange font text instead of having that pink font. I hope you have fun doing whatever vacation or sit-at-home plans you are going to do.
And remember:

Don’t look at Rudy and eat fruitcake at the same time!!!!!

~ B4

Master Rudy
7th July 2003, 07:51 PM
It's times like these where I wish I kept everyone else's bad quotes, typos and slip ups. YOU PEOPLE ARE SO EVIL TO ME!!!!! >_<


Anyway after going back and reading Kalah's post on the news I was reminded of something. Originally my little article was written about four or five months ago. Since then I've cleaned up some of the old files on my computer and as a result I lost the second half of that. Hence the reson why it seems to end suddenly. Anyway I recently recovered what was misplaced so maybe later if Kalah doesn't have a problem with me changing her post I'll go back and add in what's missing ^_~

7th July 2003, 11:17 PM
Hey! Who gave YOU power to just go and edit my posts with out my permission!? Oh wait... L_P gave you that..
eh-heh.. eh-heh..
ALright, if you want you may.
BUT- if i found you changed my post in ANY OTHER WAY such as editing quotes or some thing... there WILL be heck to pay, and I will make sure that it is delivered in a full strike!
*grabs military suit*
That's right! Hah!
Umm... yah. So go ahead, and remember that next week is urs too so if you want to continue off of that article you could do it in your next post.

11th July 2003, 10:22 PM

I'm sure some of you have noticed, but there recently was a massive spamming taken place, but that person or soem one else has gone and deleted all of their posts. So, we are working to solve this problem to ensure in the future that it will not happen again. ^^

Oh, and if you wish to see what this person did... just go here:

Here! (http://www.angelfire.com/magic/youkai/evidence.htm)

^-~ *wink wink* Bulbie4 never lets crime go unpunished and makes sure she always has her handy-dandy angelfire 'save' account! ^^

Oh... and Ultimate_Charizard was modded today... feh..lol... ^^

Master Rudy
13th July 2003, 08:11 PM
The RPG News
They can keep the Oscars! We've got the....um.....Bears? ^_^;

Week of July 13th, 2003

British Invasion!
Do not adjust your computer monitors! The British have once again invaded but this time it may not be such a bad thing. Ultimate Charizard (AKA Gav)has recently left his spot in the RS forum so that he could join us as an RPG mod. Welcome to the team buddy! ^_~

I like Spam.....
The lunch meat that is. It's already been talked about several times but it's worth another mention. Recently the entire RPG forum was spammed as part of a Truth or Dare joke. Normally these types of posts can be amusing but that wasn't the case this time since we're the ones that have to clean up the mess afterwards. New rules involving ToD and the RPG forum have been discussed and I've added them to the rules topic. This doesn't mean you should take these more questionable posts to the other forums. Please be considerate and keep it within reason if you guys do happen to post ToD topics in the other forums. I don't think the mods elsewhere on TPM would enjoy reading a cyber sex log (such as the one posted in ASB)or cleaning out their entire forum (such as here in RPG's).

The Summer RPG Awards
By this point it's just more old news but it's another thing worth mentioning. The Summer RPG Awards are currently underway. Be sure to support your favorite characters and RPG's by nominating them for the awards. Most of all make sure you have fun and try not to take this too seriously ^_~

He said he'd be back.....
The Idea of the Week
To tell the truth I originally had a little trouble thinking of something I could suggest for the idea of the week. However something has finally come to mind. This week's idea is none other than everyone's favorite robotic assassin:
The Terminator!
As far as I can tell this is an original idea. After all when was the last time anyone here has seen a Terminator RPG on the board? Be inventive with this one if you decide to use this idea. Do you want to set it between the films? The day following Judgement Day? During the war against the machines? With the right plot I believe a Terminator RPG would be very successful.

Oh yeah.....don't forget to see T3 if you haven't already. I hear the new one blows T2 out of the water ^_~

Rudy's Random Thoughts
I may not have been the one who did clean up but I'm still a little unhappy about that whole ToD situation. Hopefully that problem will be taken care of shortly. In the meantime I'm looking ahead a tiny bit. I've already got something in mind for the Idea of the Week the next time I'm covering the news (provided that Kalah or Gav don't beat me to it first). Come to think of it perhaps we should let the readers suggest one every now and then? If we go ahead and do that then you guys know how to reach me.

Speaking of readers I'm kinda disappointed that no one had anything to say about my article that was in Kalah's last edition of the news. I was hoping to see what others thought about using the same character all the time. I'll still take suggestions for the time being if you would still like to make one. However this time I'm only going to take them up until Thursday night. If I get something I'll make an update either on Thursday or Friday ^_~

RPG of the Week

This week's RPG is:
Seiken Densetsu: Rise of the God-Beasts
Created by-Kalad1
Over One Thousand years ago, a great battle was waged, six heroes were fighting to stop the dark desires of three evil people who each desired the power of the Sword of Mana and the God-Beasts. the God-Beasts had been destroyed, and one of the three had gained the Sword of Mana by tricking the Heroes. They persevered, and despite the death of the Tree of Mana, and the Godess of Mana, they defeated the one who rose to the level of a god... At the end of the battle they learned that a new goddess was being born, and a new tree as well, but it would take a thousand years for mana to return to the world. a thousand and fifty years have passed since then, and with the arrival of mana, the Mana Stones have reappeared, which could only mean one thing, the God-Beasts had been revived. Now, people are desiring the power of the tree once more. it is up to the descendants of the heroes to stop them, if they can....

For some of you people Seiken Densetsu would be better known as Secret of Mana for the Super NES. SD has always been one of my favorite games and up until about a year ago I always made it a point to play through the whole thing at least once during the summer. I've always believed a SD RPG would be great and it looks like we've finally got one here at TPM. While this RPG hasn't appeared to have gotten by the sign up process yet it looks like it's got a good plot so far. Try not to overlook this one guys.

Character of the Week

RPG-Dragon Ball VG
Created by-B4/Kalah
At first glance you wouldn't think a five year old girl could be dangerous would you? In truth Go is an experimental clone created from Goku's DNA for the C5 in the hopes that Go and her 'sister' Shi will help them with their evil plans. She may seem cheerful but the last thing you'd want to do is piss this little Super Saiya-jin off. It should be intresting to see what Kalah does with this character.

Quote/Scene of the Week

I think following this scene you guys will be able to figure out who the Vegeta of the group is.

"Such strange bonds of loyalty...You sure are quick to protect the one who, under slightly different circumstances, would be trying to kill you."
Rudy was about to reply but I held out my hand in front of him, stopping him from moving foreward.
"Get back, Summers! This doesn't concern you! This is my fight, and I'm not going to let you interfere!"
"In...Interfere?! Makura! I'm trying to help you!" He insisted.
"Well don't help me, Summers! I've survived this long without help and I can do it now!" I cried.
"Get out of here and take the others with you! This isn't your problem and my safety is NOT your concern!"
-Kuro Espeon as Makura in Dragon Ball VG

That's gonna wrap it up for this week's edition. As far as next week goes it'll either be Gav doing the news or it will be someone else. For now just enjoy the week and all of the RPG's you are in. In the meantime this self proclaimed DBZ CCG expert is about to sign out for the night and more than likely get his a** kicked ^_^;

24th July 2003, 02:52 PM
*~ The RPG News ~*
We get our Vitamins

Well, another edition of the RPG News… this one however, will be rather short since I’m late to begin with, but of course I have a good explanation. ^^ Last weekend I was at Country Jam USA, so I didn’t have any time for those three days to prepare for the RPG News… and now, tomorrow on Friday morning, I’ll be leaving on vacation again. ;_; I don’t think I’ll have internet access… so I won’t see any of you guys until August 5th. *cries * I’ll miss you guys! Take good care of my characters while I’m gone…
But putting that aside, didja notice that Gavy-puu was modded so he’s helping moderate the RPG forum! ^^ He’s on so much that I’m sure he’ll do a great job helping us here.

Oh no.

Take a deep breath… it can’t be… that… bad… right? >.<; With out female influence upon this forum, things could go wrong… but if that happens, I give all of you permission to riot against those two if all chaos goes loose.
But that won’t happen… will it? Heh… My flamethrower is in the back closet if any of you fellow Rpers need to use it.


~ New Rule is added that for Truth or Dare online games, we will not allow Dares which involve spamming of the RPG forum or anything inappropriate. Please keep the dares to font colors and siggies if they have to do with us. ^^

~ Nominations are still going on with the Awards, I beg you all to PM Bear when he’ll get those votes up. ^^ Of course, we NEED lots of nominations or like I said- If we do not get enough nominations, the Awards will be CANCELLED and we will have NONE. So if you haven’t nominated, DO IT.

~ I’m leaving tomorrow, Friday morning, so this is the last you’ll see of me until August 5th. If you wish to play my characters in a certain RPG for me, just PM me, asking. Otherwise I’d appreciate it if people in the RPG would just include my characters and keep their personalities appropriate. Thanks in advanced!

~ Summer is ending on August 11th for me, for that is when our Sports start kicking in. Before you know it, School will have started again for all you students. Sad world, isn’t it?

~ Vitamins are healthy for you, eat your veggies and fruities.

~ Rudy actually got a quote from me that I said, which does not sound very good. Lol, but I do not care. It’s funny.

~ I actually cleaned the icky, buggy basement today. Go me!

ORLY! *drool *
Well, Rudy’s idea was based off of a movie, so mine is too. Except MINE isn’t based of silly machine people marching around, destroying people. No… mine is about people who know about ghost ships, about curses and treasure, about love and romance, about swords and walking the plank!
My idea is:
Pirates of the Carabbean
Have you seen that movie? YOU GOTTA! If you’re a girl, the reason is simple: Orlando Bloom is in it. *swoons * If you’re a guy… well, the story line and action is good! ^^ So make an RPG based off that movie! Heck, the idea can just be Pirates… and there are a LOT of things you can do with pirates. Make an RPG about a curse that the characters encounter, maybe they are the pirates or pirate hunters off to kill those nasty pirates! Anything! ^^ It’s always fun… hardy har har!


Well… I don’t mean to be a downer or anything, but right now I’m rather disappointed with the RPG forum. I mean, people go into the RPG forum for fun… and to interact and stuff like that, but yet they don’t interact to make the RPG even BETTER. Such as… nominations would be great, but last time I talked to Bear he said he only received about 4 entries… and that makes me rather sad. So, again, like I said before, I told him that if we do not receive enough, I’m cancelling the RPG Awards entirely. That is that. So if you’ve already nominated, then dang it! Tell others to do it too!
Another thing… we would REALLY love your imput for the RPG news! Send us YOUR article that you want put in here- it could be anything, thoughts, ideas, or advice towards better Rping. The more you guys interact with US, the more we understand what you guys wanna see and then the whole RPG forum just gets closer like one BIIIIG happy family!
Oh, and I have a little favor to ask of you…
I’m going to take a poll, so when I get back, I’m going to post the results so this gives you two weeks but do it right away! Please PM me (or if my PM box gets full, email me at footballbud40@yahoo.com )
Tell me why YOU Role Play at The Pokemasters RPG Forum. Is it because it’s fun? You like to interact with the people here? Just plain bored? Tell me YOUR main reason. I will turn it into a poll, so we see the #1 reason why people Role Play here.

M-E-W Defiance
By. Arctic A

There is a castle, Mew Castle, where many Mews live and flurish. The keeper of the castle has died… and now two mysterious figures- Xiaro and Xiaso, have come to take it over. The problem is, there can only be one keeper of the castle and thus the two of them must fight it out to see who gets the honor. This will occur in a few weeks… but while everyone is waiting, more trouble brews. A new human figure appears, trying to kill Arctic the mew and cause all chaos. Seiko has been reawakened by Repturroc (a mew-like creature who is the keeper of time), but then again, Jewel has been taken over by some thing and has knocked out Seiko. And now, Crystal (the mew) and Arctic (Mew) must battle the human figure to get their child, Byakko back. If they don’t… more then just the castle will be lost.

This RPG has been going on for a long time, and basically has always been overlooked. It is an awesome RPG, and needs or deserves some recognition. Even though it already has started, the plot line is intricate and it is fun to read… check it out. ^^


By. CoolTrainer IcEz

From the RPG, Aortas Academy, Zephyr is a leader. He reaches out to many people and some how manages to befriend them with out even saying that much really. Zephyr currently hangs around Quin and Avyianne, which make a rather odd but very coincidental trio. He’s already shown bravery, loyalty and is over-all a good guy. It will be very interesting to see what will happen at an Auror academy with him and his friends… especially if they’ll get into trouble as much as the trio from the Harry Potter books. ^^


"Y-y-you...You get off...m-my...l-land! I'll c-call...the sh-sh-sheriff!" he stammered, backing away.
"Sheriff? What's that?" I looked back over my shoulder. "Youkai, what in hell's a 'sheriff'?"
"I think it's a rank of some kind. Some form of Earth official." Youkai replied, a small grin curled on his lips.
"Oh really?" I said, uninterested. "How amusing. Well no, my fine sir," I said, turning my attention back to the blubberibng mass, "I'm in a relatively good mood, so i'm going to give you a choice. How do you want to die? By the sword or would you rather be charred to a fat, flakey crisp by a ki blast?"
The man did not reply but simpley stood there, his mouth agape and shaking even harder than before.
"Bzzzzt! Times up, tubby!"

~ From Kage’s point of view in Dragonball VG, by Kuro_Espeon

Inuyasha Based! ^^

Inuyasha: (about Sango) She might not come back again since there's a groping pervert in our group
Miroku: Don't mistake me

Well… that’s all for now I suppose. ^^ It was rather short, and I wanted to do some extra stuff but with packing for vacation and helping with camps, I really don’t have that much time. ^^; Oh, and I’LL MISS YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!
*huggles everyone very very very very very tightly* *big chibi eyes * If you’d like, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT if you went to my, “Twisted Sight” (see my signature below) and went there, and left a comment!! (just click on the small part down below that says, ‘no comments’ and it will let you.) I would love it if you left a comment just even saying hi or anything! =^^= *giggles like an anime school girl*

Well, bai bai! And REMEMBER:
When all heck breaks loose, go for the flamethrower in the closet.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Master Rudy
16th August 2003, 12:26 AM
It's been awhile since we've had an edition of the RPG News due to the fact that Kalah was gone and I've been tied up due to various reasons over the past few weeks. While I'm not doing one at the moment hopefully we'll get one up soon. Keep your eyes open for it guys. If it's not up soon then I promise one by August 25th ^_~

Master Rudy
27th August 2003, 11:43 PM
The RPG News
Better late than never ^_^;

Well no matter which way you look at it only one person is to blame for a lack of issues of the RPG News as of late (more on that later). Because of various recent events I haven't really been around much lately. In any case it's time to get to work on catching everything up. As for this week's edition please forgive me if I leave one or two sections out. Right now my main focus is getting an issue up rather than sitting on my @$$ and waiting for something to happen.

Sad news for RPG fans
I'm pretty sure it's very old news but I feel it must be mentioned. Sadly we will not be having the Summer RPG Awards this year. If I'm not mistaken Kalah's offical reason was that we weren't getting enough nominations. I've always felt that without any of us we wouldn't have an RPG forum much less an awards topic. Hopefully when the Fall or 2003 Awards arrive everyone will be ready to nominate so that they will be a success.

One idea to rule them all......
The Idea of the Week

Hobbits and wizards and elves! OH MY!!! I highly doubt this week's idea is going to need an intro:
Lord of the Rings!
I figured it would be the perfect idea for this week seeing that The Two Towers was only just released yesterday in the States. The setting of Middle Earth provides a wide variety of races and can be during several different time periods. How about the first battle against Sauron long before The Hobbit started? Another possible idea for an RPG could be the events following Return of the King. Finally you could always give your own twist to Fellowship of the Ring (such as a crossover)and work your way through the whole trilogy from there.

Now if only me and Gav could get Kalah to stop talking about Legolas......

Rudy's Random Thoughts and Recent Events
A good part of my thoughts this week can be summed up in just two words:
A new job at Domino's is partly to blame for the recent lack of activity from me lately. I've been a bit tired and have found myself going to sleep around 2 or 3 AM. While that may still seem late to some of you it's much earlier than my usual 5 AM. Any free time on the net lately has been mainly to catch up on the day's events with friends. As for free time offline I usually find myself spending that time with my group of pals who play the DBZ CCG.

At least at the end of the week I'll finally have my first check. That always makes it all worth it! ^_~

Of course work wasn't the only thing going on lately. For a short time I had limited access to the net. Once I had finally gotten that back I noticed a big event slowly creeping up on me. While it was no secret to those of you who always spoke to me I'm pretty sure some of you had no clue about it. I was always the type to go ahead and laugh at people who had online relationships.

Of course some of us never really take things seriously until it happens to us now do we?

Slowly over the course of several months I came to realize that I actually liked Asilynne. Some of that time was spent in denial however. I always found most online relationships to be pointless and silly. How could I possibly be attrached to to someone online? Once I had found out that Asi felt the same way about me I couldn't deny it any longer. To make a long story short we had finally set up a time and place to meet face to face. While the first meeting seemed a bit strange eventually it seemed like we were old friends who had known each other for years. One of the best weeks ever ended with our first date. The two of us would share the details but then we'd have to kill you guys! ^,-,^

lol j/k
Or am I?

Anyway I'm going to wrap this edition up. I know it seems short but as I said it's best to get a small edition out than none at all. Now that I've got some free time I plan to try and catch myself up on several things tonight. However it won't be before I say one thing:

E muja oui Asi yht E secc oui knaydmo ^_~

17th September 2003, 07:45 PM
*~ RPG NEWS ~*
*~ We're tired, we're beaten, but we never give up! ~*

Well, well, well, well... it is the RPG News, popping up once again from the rubbish of the destroyed days which no one ever posted. It is I, Bulba-chan 4, coming to save the day and to let you see daylight again! MWHAHAHAAA- okay, maybe I'm being very dramatic. But still... I try to liven things up just a little, itsy-bitsy bit. You all might be saying, "Well, so you FINALLY decided to post, eh? Aren't you a little BEHIND?!" Well, in all honest truth...

.. yes.

I could tell you why, I could explain it... but just read my random thoughts and then you'll know. lol.


*~ School has started for many of you, and thus I'm expecting RPGs to slow down some-what. REMEMBER: You still have an obligation to post as much as possible. I've noticed many people have been lagging and I've heard many excuses... but they get old very fast. If you can't handle being in RPG(s), or you can't post in them consistantly enough to have your character be well-rounded and included, then perhaps you should think of a better solution.

*~ RPG AWARDS: Well, we cancelled them due to many complicated and rather annoying reasons. I'm going to restart them again, but probably not until next week. If you detest the awards, then tell me. If you like the awards, TELL me! Rudy, Gav and I NEED TO KNOW where you guys stand! Really, typing up this NEWS thing, and getting very little replies or comments is depressing to at least me. I like to know what my audience or you RPers, think. Please... we like comments, we love comments, we like suggestions, we love suggestions... just dammit, pleeeease tell us? You can contact me on AIM: cbkander or on MSN under the email flamepaw@yahoo.com * note, t hat isn't my real email but it is the email you can find me under on MSN.

*~ It's Homecoming Week for my school, and as a dying Junior, I'm desperate for keeping up. I'm taking several college classes in my high school, and I am swamped for homework and with work in general. Plus, I have Cross Country Practice and Football Practice, so I'm usually dead tired. Sooo.. I might be a little inactive this week, but I appologize if I seem like I am. I'm trying to keep posting... which I think I'm doing an alrighty job in. Weekends I usually don't post or am not online 'till 1 in the morning (Central USA) time. So if you need to chat, that's the time. lol.

*~ I haven't talked to Rudy very much online. I feel deprived of stupid quotes. lol. Gav actually has seen the light of day (aka, me. XD)

*~ I got a new Xanga page which is neato. It's like LJ except different and you can customize it without paying any money.

*~ I'm addicted to peanutbutter sandwiches.

*~ Gaaatoraaaade! Waaater sucks! It really really sucks! Quote from "The Water Boy"



The night is coming without sound. The sun is perishing to the ground.
The living are dying or getting older. The days are short and getting colder.
Evil is creeping into the night. The dead are rising with great might.
Smells of fire and burning dispair. Sounds of the dying are not rare.
What is happening to our town? What is making the lost never found?
It's time to unleash the evil and mean. It's time for the preparation of halloween.

That's right. Halloween, baby. If you haven't guessed, my idea of the week is HALLOWEEN. Sure it's not even October, and you probably don't have your pumpkins ready nor your candy bought. But if you are going to make a SUCCESSFUL rpg, you should start the occasion early. Heh... make a scary rpg. Maybe about a haunted town, or perhaps halloween is approaching and people are suddenly dying or disappearing? I made the poem to give you ideas, feel free to use it or any of the lines from it if you wish. Although it isn't a work of art. heh...

Bulbie-chan's Twisted Thoughts

Well, here is the scoop. I was on vacation for a while in August, until I finally came back. Well, my friend, we'll call him 'Ryan' was leaving for college. I wanted to spend a lot of time with him until he left, so we hung around like we were attached to the hip. He's truely one of my greatest friends, and I miss him greatly right about now. Anywho, now that school's kicked in and I'm taking all the classes I can possibly muster into my schedule with out a break, I'm swamped. I'm trying as hard as I can to keep up and dated with the RPG forum, but if I miss a few days please bare with me. If you want to know what I'm in, here is a list: Cross Country, Football, NHS, Peers, Yearbook, S.A.D.D, School, Choir, and last but certainly not least- WORK at Pizza Place! >.<;
So I try to have a social life IRL, along with the boards...
So sympathy is better than saying, "Stupid Bulbie! Never posties!"
Pwwwwease bare with me.

However, I am going to Re-start the RPG Awards for Summer. This is agonizing, but it means we'll be re-nominating. NO CATAGORY NOMINATIONS, because Rudy and I believe we will just use the format used at past Awards. It'll be quicker, easier, and things will be going better then. Trust me however, with me doing the Awards, there will be deadlines and I will follow them through. ^^ I've got ants in my pants and I will do the boogey dance!
*sees money thrown*


The Disgraced
~ by Razor_Leaf

You have to admit it, Razor Leaf has done an excellent job with preparing the RPG. Sure, it hasn't started... and is planned to on Thursday or Friday, it still will sure to be a good RPG. The plot line is well thought out, and very crisp. It is a Rocket RPG, which is some thing which we've all done before but the idea doesn't last long. Definately sign up while you still can... not to mention, the characters which have signed up in the RPG kick a**. *clings to Liz and Nuance*


Soon after, however, I was distracted by a familliar figure dressed in black. I sensed great disgust from him.

"Still on your no-children diet, Damien?" I asked...
~ Nicolas, created by Nabooru23

~ Me, commenting on the wonderful display Rudy and Asi set for Gav and I. @_@;

~ This is Bulbie, signing off for now. And remember- my sig. does not have a naked chick in it. Don't mistake me, but those are her SHOULDERS. ... >.<; perrrrvies!

~ Bulbie-chan

29th October 2003, 06:53 PM
*~ SLACKERS MUST DIE!!! Or atleast eat mud for a week ~*

Well, this has not been updated for a very very very long time. The reason? I was waiting the whole time for Rudy to update and he hasn't! But finally I decided I should just go ahead and update it for him. Yeah... life has been hectic, and the RPG Forum is at an all time SLOW. I'm so bored... I don't know even what to type. There are a lot of good RPGs starting out there, but I'm not sure about if they'll last. Things are preeeetty slow to the 'olden days' when this place was running swiftly and well. ^^; Maybe that means this forum has brain washed me.
Ah, who cares. Like my friend says, " I don't suffer from RPG madness, I enjoy it!" Except she replaces, "RPG madness" with insanity. lol. That's her for you.


~ As I'm sure you've seen, the VOTING for the RPG FALL/SUMMER Awards is up and running. So far I've only got three-four ballots, and the deadline is coming up. So make ABSOLUTE SURE that you vote, or else it will suck. That is the dirty-basics for you. Yeppers. So Vote before Halloween's end.

~ School's started, and the RPG Forums are slower than ever. For those of you who are bored online, remember to think if you have any RPGs you need to post in. Because even if you think t here is not much you can post, I'm sure you can think of some thing to do to help an RPG.

~ Rudy is pretty busy lately, he's got some fun things he's doing which is fine by me. Just means some RPGs will be even slower than ever without him, and it means Gav and I are probably the ones holding down the fort. ^^ No matter, just means we don't get any fruitcake for a while.

~ MY JOB HAS CHANGED! YEAH! As of this Monday, I officially do not work for the Pizza place anymore. No more Pizza delivers and snobby old guys who don't tip. Now I work at a restuarant, as a waitress and caterer! I make more money and it's really fun! The old people THERE do tip really well! ^^ Plus with all the sports I'm in, this place is way more flexible with my hours. Hurrah!

~ My Cross Country Season has ended, but the RAIDERS FOOTBALL TEAM (my school's team) are still going strong! They play this Halloween against a strong team, and if they win that then they go to the Section Championship game. It would be SO awesome if we won that and kept going!

~ Hey! Any of you in Florida? lol, On November 12th, I'm taking an NHS trip down to Orlando Florida. I'll be hanging out at a hotel, and I'll be going to Disney World! WOOO HOOO! lol. I get to miss school too. *wink* Big plus!

~ Gee... it's really sad when all of the last three news things had to do with yourself. lol. Ummm.... Gav's been bored a lot, but his Zoid RPG is actually coming along alright. Rudy is busy talking with his happy Girlfriend, and I'm sure everyone else is out there and busy too.

Idea of the Week

This week?
Final Fantasy! They have their new, first-ever online adventure game. I wanted to buy one for my computer, bu tI'm not sure I s hould anymore since my computer is really slow and has a dial-up connection. I th ink I'll wait till the PS2 game comes out, and then buy the new connection line and adaptor and game then. That means I'll have to work hard to save up some cash to buy that stuff. Geez... or maybe I'll just ask for it for my birthday. ^^ Tee-hee! Anywho, make an RPG based off FFXI. Create a world with the five races, and then immerse them in a made-up world and give it a problem! If it's fantasy with Chocobos, it's definately Final Fantasy.

Random Thoughts from: Bulbasaur4

Well... like I said, school's been getting tough for me. I have been sick for so many days now (weeks actually) and I think I might have a slight case of the mono or some thing. I've missed some school, more than I need. If you miss one day of school where I am, you miss a whole lot. I have so many college classes intermixed with my regular high school classes.... it's crazy. Tomorrow I'm Trick-Or-Treat'n for the Food Shelf too. ^^ That should be funny. It's not Halloween, but gimme your canned goods!! MWHAHA!
Yeah... I wish I had some thing better to type about. I wish it would snow, itnever snows but it rains.
Oh,and if you wonder why my signature says what it does...
The RPer Tournament is coming, so be prepared. If you remember from a while back, I held the same thing. This time I'm going to hold it, but it will have a bracket and it will be tough. It will be held differently as well, because last time it involved your pokemon and yourself. This time, it will be different. No pokemon unless you choose, and not yourself. It shall prove amusing because not only will your 'posts' be graded by qualitiy, but for some other things too.
*squeals* It will be fun, so look forward to it as soon as the Awards come. But MAKE SURE YOU VOTE IN THE AWARDS! Yes. Mwah.


Inuyasha- Rise of the Demons
Created By: Thargor

Thargor is an awesome RPer, and a very good RPG creator. He's always been a friend of mine, and this RPG is awesome! It's a blast to play Inuyasha-like characters, and not to mention I'm a huge fan of Inuyasha to begin w ith (if you haven't ever noticed.) This RPG is about how the world is like Inuyasha's world, but the regular characters are different. Plus, t here are far more dangerous youkai and far more interesting plot twists with the jewel shards.
Not to mention there is a priest that tries to purify everything... lol, and I mean EVERYTHING.


Created By Ultimate_Charizard
From the RPG: Sins of Blood


The girl hadn't attacked him, so perhaps the Lord had not left her entirely... But the other had broken a sacred commandment! Though shalt not steal! With no more time wasted, the heavily robed priest began to stumble after the two, waving his cross in the air.
"Brigand! Thief! Stupid English!"
"Foul-mouthed little beggar! Fragrant Frenchie! The power of Christ compels you to halt!"


[i]I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy it.[i]

~Thanks for taking time to read this horrible edition w hich I strangled myself to post. Have a good day, and get LOTS OF HALLOWEEN candy! ^^ Candy is soooooo good.