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Elec Man EXE
25th June 2003, 10:30 AM
Yup, its another open challenge, since 2 of my battles have been dropped.

Pokemon: 2 vs 2 (1 out at a time)
DQ: 96 hours and 5 seconds, but I would really prefer to actually finish this battle
Order: I send, you attack
Restrictions: No Substitute or Rest, and 1 time use of any other recovery moves
Ref: Prefer Rookie ref or higher, but if it takes too long, I may open the spot to anyone, and please be active
Arena: Kendarie Fortress
An area from the game Lost Kingdoms II. You fight on the different levels of the fortress, and you fight in the nightime. There are searchlights around the area, and if you are seen by one (the ref will decide if you are seen or not), a mech with 20% life will emerge and attack by punching you until defeated. The mech attacks only the pokemon spotted by the spotlight, and is immune to all status effects and stat reductions. Electric attacks will kill the robot in one shot, and corrosive attacks such as Acid and Sludge Bomb cause additional damage to the metal creature. There is also a catapult in the distance, and once each round, it fires off an energy bullet which explodes when it touches anything. This has a chance of hitting either pokemon, and doing 10% damage, or not hitting either pokemon. If the pokemon is not hit directly, but by the explosion instead, it takes 5% damage. Whee, fun.

My first pokemon will be Weed, my female Bellsprout.

http://www.pokemasters.net/images/games/ruby_sapphire/rs250.png: *yawn* Your actually going to use me in a battle? Finally *stretches her vines*.

Gengar's Shadow
25th June 2003, 11:38 AM
MEEE...No, not battle, ref:D

Elec Man EXE
25th June 2003, 11:41 AM
Go for it.

Elec Man EXE
26th June 2003, 09:30 AM
I hate to double post, but I kinda need an opponent please.

26th June 2003, 10:56 AM
I accept, you'll prolly own my poor little guys though :(.

Elec Man EXE
26th June 2003, 11:00 AM
Ok, you can battle if you want. Send your pokemon and attack.

26th June 2003, 03:33 PM
No in the first post you said your sending first and I'm attacking first, don't think I'm that rusty.

26th June 2003, 03:58 PM
I guess you missed the line "My first pokemon will be Weed, my female Bellsprout" and the little Bellsprout picture underneath it.

26th June 2003, 07:50 PM
Whoops ~_~ so sorry.

*pulls out pokeball*

Gogogo Abra.

Start off with a double team and scatter yourself. Then pull up Light Screen. Then start far away and use Psywave.

Double Team ~ Light Screen ~ Psywave

Elec Man EXE
27th June 2003, 10:13 AM
Hmm, an Abra, eh. Popular pokemon. Alright Sprout, ready for your first battle?

http://www.pokemasters.net/images/games/ruby_sapphire/rs250.png: Yah, lets do this!

Alright, first, I want you to use a widespread Stun Spore to slow that little Abra down. After that, wait for it to use Light Screen, and use Encore to cause him to repeat the screen, nulling his attack in the process. Then, while he puts up his second Light Screen, fire off some Razor Leaves, and shoot one at each Abra you see until the real one is revealed, then concentrate your attack on that one.

http://www.pokemasters.net/images/games/ruby_sapphire/rs250.png: Yuppers, got it.

Stun Spore ~ Encore ~ Razor Leaf

Gengar's Shadow
28th June 2003, 09:46 AM
I feel like using a new color, so yah. Here it is:


Post-Battle Status-

Weed (F, Bellsprout) [100% Health, 100% Energy, Fresh]

Abra (?, Abra) [100% Health, 100% Energy, Fresh]


Abra @DoubleTeam + LightScreen + PsyWave

Weed @StunSpore + Encore + RazorLeaf


Elec Man EXE comes in to the stage, ready for any opponent that comes. He has all the cards atm, but he could lose them REALLY quick. Anyway, it takes to long to type 'Elec Man EXE', so from now on, Ima gonna call him EXE, k? Tell if you want it changed. Anyway, as EXE waits, somebody comes up to him and challenges. EXE, having been waiting for this, accepts. EXE says 'I am going to show you my pokemon. Then you send yours and attack'. So EXE, throwing out his pokeball, has a grin. Popping out of a pokeball is a Bellsprout. 'Weed is her name,' says EXE. The challenger, Cyndaquil7, we will call him C7, thinks for a little while. 'I think I will send my Abra'. 'His name is Abra'. Why wont C7 tell the gender? Who knows, he probably just forgot. He whispers some commands to Abra and Abra nods her/his head. Then, EXE, doing the same, whispers stuff into Weads heads. Weed nods her head, and sets off. The two pokemon shake hands...well, vines for Weed, and the match starts. What will happen? Who will Win? Who knows, but I hope this is a good one!


The round starts with Abra, the unknown Abra, quickly making clones of himself...or herself. Abra gets a stroke of luck, as his re-producing method worked great. He or she now has 5 clones! Ill tell you one thing. I can NOT see which is which. Well, that IS the strategy, but yah. Or no. Or whatever, just the bottom line is that Abra now has 5 clones...and we dont know which is which. Weird, huh? I hope Weed has a plan, because these clones arent staying here short. Unless Weed takes 'em out, of course. But how will she do that. Weed is smiling, and so is Abra. Abra is smiling because of the obvious, what just happened. But Weed...? Maybe she does have a plan. We will see.

Now, Weed, most likely doing her plan...or not. She has stopped smiling, looking like her time hasnt come. When will the clones go away? Who knows. Lets see what happens. There are six Abras at the moment. So Weed does a widespread move; maybe it wont take the clones out, but it does hit the real one. Some little powder comes out of Weed, and it flows to the six Abras. It goes through every clone, and finally hits the right one. We dont know which one that is, but we know because it went through every Abra on the field. Arena. Since that last move was called Stun Spore, paralyzing the opponent, in this case Abra, that means that Abra is paralyzed now. Common sense is good, no?

Abra, doing like before, not the move, but the quickness, goes first. He sets up a screen; a screen of light. This screen filters out light and can stop beam-like things. Such as Ice Beam...I think. But basically it filters out light. It stops beams sometimes. So it is worth it for me. So with the screen set up, what can Weed do? Alot, I guess.

Weed, smiling, has some tactics she would like to use. There is a move called Encore. It is a good move at times, a bad move at times. Although I dont know when it is a bad move unless someone uses it really stupidly. So this move, it makes the opponent, in this case Abra, do the move they just did again. So that would mean that the next thing Abra does would be Light Screen, not Psywave. This means Psywave never happened. It never will happen this round, either. So I would say Encore is a good move. For lack of discription, I will leave it at Weed uses encore, and next action Abra will use Light Screen.

Abra, now thinking that another Light Screen is what the trainer ordered, makes another one. I could go into the details about how it filters out light and how it reflects, or stops beams, but I already said that. We will not waste time by doing that and just move on.

Weed, now ready for her plan, smirks. Knowing that the plan will work, she fires of some leaves. These are no ordinary leaves. These leaves have razor-sharp edges, and will cut. You cant stop them without some REALLY hard effort. But Abra, having no more commands, Can just hope. The razor leaf go through every clone, making them go away instantly. Then, it hits the real thing. Hold on, did I say every clone? No, I meant that there are still 2 clones left. But the real Abra was found. Of course, if Abra is careful, he/she might be un-found.

Post-Battle Status-

Weed (F, Bellsprout) [100% Health, 89% Energy, Happy]

Abra (?, Abra) [93% Health, 91% Energy, Paralyzed, 2 clones, currently found but can be un-found]

there you go!

Elec Man EXE
29th June 2003, 09:09 AM
Ah, nicely done Weed. Lets try and do some more damage to the little psychic type. First of all, I want you to try a little something out having to do with the arena. Using your Vine Whip, grab the real Abra up, and pull it into a searchlight. If all goes well, it will have a nice robot going after it. Then, if you still know exacly which is the real Abra, or you think you do, use a Sludge Bomb to inflict some heavy damage, and some lovely poison too maybe. If you aren't sure which one is real, use a nice Poisonpowder on all remaining Abra in the arena. For your final move, blind Abra with a bright Flash. But, if at any time Abra attempts an Ice or Fire Punch, I want you to weaken it down with Reflect.

Vine Whip - Move Abra under a searchlight ~ Sludge Bomb/Poisonpowder ~ Flash
Subs: Counter an Ice/Fire Punch with Reflect.

http://www.pokemasters.net/images/games/ruby_sapphire/rs250.png: Okie dokie Elec.

29th June 2003, 09:16 AM
Hahha this is going to be great Abra :).

Abra, once the vines come use Teleport and go a tiny bit high above Weed. Then, it shouldn't have enough time to pull it's vines back so give it a nice Dynamic Punch on the way down. By now it should be knocked cold, so use Psychic and lift it into the searchlight and let the sparks fly :).

Teleport ~ Dynamic Punch ~ Psychic into searchlight

Gengar's Shadow
29th June 2003, 11:06 AM
I have a question for elec man: if u r in the searchlight, then will it hit even if it is the lst action that made u go under the searchlight?

Elec Man EXE
29th June 2003, 11:07 AM
No, the first turn you are put under the spotlight is when the robot appears, it does not attack until the next turn.

Gengar's Shadow
30th June 2003, 12:19 PM
Reffing time! Ive also decided not to put that much text, k?

PS: tell me if this color doesnt work.


Post-Battle Statistics-

Abra (?, Abra)= 93% Health, Paralyzed, 2 clones, currently found but can be un-found *9%

Weed (F, Bellsprout)= 100% Health, Happy *11%


Weed ~ VineWip + SludgeBomb/PoisonPowder + Flash ~

Abra ~ Teleport + DynamicPunch + Psychic ~


The round starts with Weed tossing some vines at Abra. These vines are powerful, but only in the right hands...or wherever they come oout from. As the vines are about to hit Abra, he/she dissapears. The vines go right where he/she was, and i had the potential to pick Abra up. Abra, we dont really know where he/she is, but he/she probably is happy. Abra probably knows that he/she just excaped from the searchlight, and is about to put Weed under it.

Abra reappears right above Weed, and whacks her one. Weed gets thrown to the ground hard. She tries to get up, and slowly, she does. She sways around a bit, and throws a bomb of sludge at Abra. It smacks Abra, and Abra is currently on the ground. When Abra finally gets up, he/she looks mad. Abra really wants to get back at Weed, and, knowing that her/his trainer said the right thing, puts it to work.

Abra, using it's psychic powers, throws Weed into a searchlight. Weed, knowing the arena, gets scared. Really scared. What will happen when the robot comes out? Who knows. All she knows that she will have to stand up against it. But for now, she thinks, I will go with the orders. A blinding flash comes from Weed, hurting Abra's eyes greatly. Abra drops to the ground, holding his eyes. Abra is still on the ground at the end of the round, but still happy with the outcome. But now, with Abra on the ground, and Weed scared, Weed has lost track of which Abra is which...

Post-Battle Statistics-

Weed (F, Bellsprout)= 85% Health, scared, in searchlight *19%

Abra (?, Abra)= 86% Health, On ground, covering eyes, eyes hurting, 2 clones, not found *20%

There! Oh, and C7, WHAT IS ABRA'S GENDER?

1st July 2003, 07:34 AM

k Abra we got this guy on the ropes now. Hold him still with a Psychic attack to give the robot an easy job. Then give it a quick and good Thunder Wave. Make sure your staying far away and finish the round with a Shadow Ball if its concentrating on the robot, or use a Teleport to get away from attacks if it concentrates on you.

Psychic ~ Thunder Wave ~ Shadow Ball/Teleport

Elec Man EXE
1st July 2003, 07:59 AM
The color is fine with me. Oh, and what are the *19% and *20% behind our names?

Anyway Weed, lets try and get out of this tight spot. First off, I want you to fire off a corrosive Acid at the enemy robot. Then, use a Protect to guard you against both the robot and Thunder Wave coming your way. If we get lucky, the electric attack, even though it does no damage, will short out the robot's circuits. If this is the case, then I want you to wait until Abra's Shadow Ball is fired (act like you are attacking the robot even if it's already down), then use a nice Razor Leaf on Abra and his clones. If it doesn't short the robot, blast the robot with Sludge Bomb. Oh, and at some time or another, between attacks, get out from under that searchlight.

Acid ~ Protect ~ Razor Leaf (after Shadow Ball)/Sludge Bomb

http://www.pokemasters.net/images/games/ruby_sapphire/rs250.png: Alright, lets do it!

Gengar's Shadow
1st July 2003, 11:56 AM
Elec Man...that is fatigue. BTW, I am going to use Ozzy's fatigue way with a little touch ups. Basically, F- is when u are REALLY good, F a little worse, F+, D-, D, D+, and so on till A+. A+ doesnt always mean you are dead. Just REALLY close. No E.



Weed (F, Bellsprout)= 85% Health, Scared, in searchlight FatigueD-

Abra (M, Abra)= 86% Health, On ground, covering eyes, eyes hurting, 2 clones, not found FatigueD


Weed --> Acid ~ Protect ~ RazorLeaf/SludgeBomb <--

Abra --> Psychic ~ ThunderWave ~ Teleport/ShadowBall <--


Weed, looking around, quickly gets out of the searchlight so another robot doesnt come. Not only did she do this becuase her trainer said so, but for her own good. Suddenly, a big hulking robot appears, scanners set on Weed. Weed quickly fires of an acid glob at it, at the robot looks a bit fried. The robot retaliates by htting Weed on the mouth, which throws her back. She is suddenly held to the spot with the psionic energy of Abra. Abra looks pleased, although taking a lot of energy. The robot hits again, liking the easy strike.

When Weed is freed from the psionic power, she starts making shield with stars. The stars that came quickly dissapear, after circling a little bit. There is an un-seeable shield in front of Weed. The robot tries to hit the Bellsprout, but in vain. Instead, it hits the shield. How nice. Now, a wave of thunder comes to the shield aswell. Because of the shield, the wave passes Weed and hits the robot. We hear a sizzling sound, and the robot drops to the floor. The robot's circuits have been fried, leaving the robot to die...well, whatever robots do.

Suddenly, a ball of shadow comes from behind Weed. It smacks her, knocking her down. When she comes to her senses, she sees Abra laughing at her. Mad, she tries to get up, but is tired. She finally gets up, and Abra starts laughing more, and starts to smile. Well, smile more than he was already. Weed, anger boilin up, shoots razor-sharp leafs at all the Abras. The clones all dissapear, and one Abra gets hurt. Abra falls to the ground, still laughing a bit. He stops laughing and stops smiling. He is now ready once again.


Weed (F, Beallsprout)= 56% Health, Hurt, mad FatigueD-

Abra (M, Abra)= 79% Health, Laughing, ready again FatigueD-