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Real One Barunson
2nd July 2003, 02:49 AM
We (most of us) all talk about Pokémon battles, but what about human battles? Are you good at fighting? When was your last time fighting? If you fought someone tell me what happened.
And by fighting I mean the physical kind, not the emotional, verbal, military, or typing at someone kind of fighting.

I am good at fighting. I took Tae Kwan Do lessons for a two years but that was all I needed. I live in a pretty bad place, so self defence is a must have, but I am moving to a way better neighborhood about 20 kilometres away from here in a week, thats a really good thing :D.

The last time I fought someone was 7 hours ago, but I remember it like it was 10 minutes ago, here is the long story:
I was riding my bike around the block, but then this one certain-colored kid (no offense to anyone who is a certain color, it just happens) saw me from the door of his house, he ran over to me and said "Nigga we got sum unfinished buiznis to take care of!" I think he meant when I walked in and saw him pickign his nostrils in the school washroom. He just chased me and I pedaled my bike as fast and I was saying "OH SH!T!!!", he snagged me by the shirt which caused my bike to fall to the side, I have a huge scar on my right leg to prove it. I got up, it was very painful, I was about to cry, cos I am sensitive, call me a pu$$y, but I cried a little bit when I saw the ending of Gundam 0080 ;-;. Anyways, I got up and just pushed him very violently against the sidewalk, I walked up and bent back is fingers, he got up and tried to do the cheap normal kick at me, he missed then I punched him in the chest I think about 8 times and roundhouse-kicked him in the groin, which I learned from my friends from Tae Kwan Do it was the perfect finisher. Then he painfully ran off very mad, but I'm sure he doesn't know where I live, but if he does, good thing I'm moving :p.

I think its fun beating up people if they hurt you first or if you have a reason and if you aren't the one to get beat up or get killed :D.

2nd July 2003, 03:00 AM
Originally posted by Barunson
I took Tae Kwan Do lessons for a two years

I'm a Taekwondo First Degree Black belt :O :o

Anyway, I don't fight anymore. I only fought in my elementary years... which is like 10 years ago? --;; You may ask..."Who won?" Well, it wasn't fair cause 10 years ago, I was pretty short and skinny (and I didn't take Taekwondo at that time), not to mention their were a couple of them ;[

Presently, if they say words, I'll just ignore, but if they make contact, which didn't happened in 10 years now... I'll fight guess~

Real One Barunson
2nd July 2003, 03:13 AM
Originally posted by Cyndaquil

I'm a Taekwondo First Degree Black belt :O :o

Omg you are? The reason I quit Tae Kwan Do is cos I didn't get that damn Chon Ji shizz. I can only remember important things for a day or so :(. I'll try to be a blackbelt when I get older first I'll have to get that program that makes me memory better. I want to be a blackbelt so I can beat up those HUGE pimps and get a medal :).

Btw you don't seem very serious about the Blackbelt thing :mad: liar liar pimps on fire :mad:

2nd July 2003, 03:20 AM
Originally posted by Barunson
Btw you don't seem very serious about the Blackbelt thing :mad: liar liar pimps on fire :mad:

Look... I got it when I was 13, I'm 19 now... I don't remember any of the patterns and stuff...

To be honest, I had to take 5 years to get it... which means, I started as a white belt when I was 8 years old.

Why would you think I lie? :mad: Yes, it seems that I'm not serious about because its been so Fuc|<in long now. Want me to proof? Well, I can try to scan it for you if you want.

Oh yeah... forgot to mention, I worked 2 years after I got my 1st degree black belt and tried to get to second degree. I found out that my skills didn't improve very much so I quit.

If you think I'm a liar, correct me if I'm wrong, to get a black belt, you have to jump over a guy and break a wooden board right? --;;

And you need to break boards with that "elbow strike" and "back elbow"(sp) thingy as well.

Real One Barunson
2nd July 2003, 03:56 AM
*Backs down and holds a large unbreakable shield*
*Speaks thu small holes in shield*
Oh crap just a misunderstanding sry. Don't get so pi$$ed at me.

Who needs a blackbelt anyway I'll just buy a taser, or even better, Double gold-plated Magnums! Then I can shoot the big bad pimps and get a medal :D! Or not...

Crystal Mew
2nd July 2003, 05:19 PM
My dad has his blackbelt :o
He taught me some things of self defense...hehe ^_^; but I'm not into karate or anything, and I don't get into pyhsical fights, so I've never needed to use what I've learned so far.... Well, with people BESIDES my brother/sister
I fight with them sometimes... ._.; *ashamed* but other than that, I'm a good girl 0=)