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CoolTrainer IcEz
5th July 2003, 07:52 AM
Order of the Phoenix Spoilers ahead!!!

Aortas Auror Academy

You are lying on your bed, it is about two in the morning. You stare transfixed at the ceiling, your heart thumping against your chest, wondering about the results of your OWLs that you had just taken almost a month ago in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Worried, perhaps? Turning your attention to the open window, it is cloudless night, and the moon is waxing high in the sky. Suddenly, you see a dark figure flapping towards your window, followed by a short screech. You strain your eyes and ears hoping that this was it. Another cry rang through the sky. Your heart raced, it was an owl! Soon, the handsome tawny owl perched itself on your window ledge and gently hopped in, onto your table. Dropping a roll of parchment into your hands and it took off. Excitedly, you scrambled for your wand and tapped the parchment to useal it magically. Then, while you were reading your results, a second owl shrieked. This owl flew faster than the first as if it had something urgent. Not a howler you hoped. Crashing onto your table it dropped a thick package on to the desktop and left swiftly. Throwing down your OWLs results, you tear through the package, curious at what it might hold. Out falls 3 smaller rolls of parchment fell out and you begin pouring over the first one.

Dear (your name here),
As you know, if you have read the Daily Prophet, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has returned. And thus, the Auror Branch of the Ministry of Magic has reinstated the Aortas Auror Academy to train promising youth for the post of Aurors. We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to attend Aortas Auror Academy starting from next term in September. We are informed that you currently study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and you will be pleased to know that the Aortas castle is very similar to that of the Hogwarts castle and thus your transition here will be a smooth one. This offer is not compulsory but if you do, however, wish to join us at Aortas then the other parchment should tell you sufficient about Aortas Auror Academy before you start term in September. We hope to see you in Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy

You pause, breathing deeply. What was this? Train to become an Auror? Was there such a school? Could you train for one even before taking the NEWTs? Times must be real though for them to reinstate such a school... Eager to find out more, you unfurl the second, longer roll of parchment.

The layout of Aortas Auror Academy is almost similar to Hogwarts castle so you should have no problem navigating around the school. Your whole school life in Aortas lasts for 5 years after which you may join the Aurors Department in the Ministry of Magic. To get students prepared for challenges of being an Auror, the school holds ocassional (1-2 times a term) missions where students may put their training and skills to practical use. These missions are real and you must be aware if the dangers of it but Aortas puts the safety of its students first so there is little to worry about. Teachers will be on the standby to assist and students will be briefed in greater detail about this when the term starts. The school, like Hogwarts is also divided into four houses, which you would be sorted into by the Sorting Shell at the start of the term. The four houses are described below:

The Endriago House
The Endriago house is represented by the symbol of a Dragon and its house colors are Black and Gold. The house was named after, Vlieger Endriago, one of the four founders of Aortas Auror Academy. He valued the qualities of courage and bravery and thus chooses students with such character for his house.

The Chifre House
The Chifre house is represented by the symbol of a Unicorn and its house colors are Blue and Silver. The house was named after, Cuerno Chifre, one of the four founders of Aortas Auror Academy. She believe that the brightest and smartest students should attend Aortas and so she chooses these students for her house.

The Torignis House
The Torignis house is represented by the symbol of a Phoenix and its house colors are Red and Orange. The house was named after Phoebe Torignis, one of the four founders of Aortas Auror Academy. She took in the most hardworking and diligent students.

The Guivre House
The Guivre house is represented by the symbol of a Basilisk and its house colors are Green and White. The house was named after Volante Guivre, one of the four founders of Aortas Auror Academy. He believed that only the most cunning and witty students deserved to be in his house. And so, such students are put into the Guivre house.

Like Hogwarts, a point system is used in Aortas and at the end of the term, the house with the most points is awarded the House Cup. Quidditch is also played in Aortas with house teams pitting against each other in matches for the Quidditch Cup. Life in Aortas will be almost like Hogwarts, we hope you enjoy yourself there. However there are also classes which you will have to take. The following are a list of mandatory classes:

Defense Against the Dark Arts

You may choose a from minimum of 1 to up to all classes from the list below:

Care of Magical Creatures
Muggle Studies

Lastly as part of your Auror training you must choose from a minimum of 2 to up to all classes from the list below:

Offence Magic
Unarmed Combat
Armed Combat
Survival Training

After choosing the subjects you will be taking, kindly fill up the third parchment and send it to Aortas Auror Academy. A list of the books which you require, which may be purchased in Diagon Alley, will be sent to your shortly.

You absolutely excited and have decided to enrol in Aortas Auror Academy, you hope some of your friends from Hogwarts would have been chosen to and that they would join you there. With trembling hands you pick up the third parchment, take out your best quill and begin filling in the form.

Name: (What's your full name?)
Gender: (Male/Female)
Species: (What exactly are you? The academy accepts anyone. Werewolves, vampires, half-humans, giants, centaurs. Everyone is welcome at Aortas)
Personality: (What kind of person are you like?)
Appearance: (Describe yourself, or if you had a drawing or picture that would really help.)
Class: (What classes do you take?)
Auror Training: (What Auror training courses have you decided to take up?)
House: (Choose from Endriago, Chifre, Torignis or Guivre. Yeah, you do get a choice. :P)
Wand: (You do have a wand. Don't you? Well, wands are made out of two things: the shaft is made from wood (any type you like) and the core is made from a magical ingredient, usually dragon heartstrings, unicorn hairs, phoenix tail feathers, etc.)
Year: (Well, everyone is in their 1st year. :P)
Animal: (Are you bringing any pets with you? An owl, a cat, dog, toad, rat?)
Quidditch: (Which position would you like to play for in Quidditch?)
History: (Tell us something about your past and how it affects you)
Other: (Anything you would like to include?)

Accepting Teachers Now! Use same Sign-up form.

This is my first Harry Potter RPG so I hope you'd join. It took me quite long but I think it's a really interesting idea.

Students List


Avyian Tseuga
Atsuko Hideaki
Jerrius Quin Druid
Larien Moody
Kevin Usagi
Elizabeth Carrington
Dixyn Adestes Aubryc


Zane Aerywen Lupin
Angelica Rose Fletcher
Nessa Camarie
Jayson Andrias Marionette
Ami Serenity Zeypher
Akina Naomi Tsuki


Seraphic Aeryn Tonks
Alo Kanule Black
Malvar Dragus
Ajax Mostafa
Alec Firness
Shilan Shinomori


Shade Trelawney
Yoko Denryu
Kazumi Nishida

Quidditch Teams


Seeker: Avyian Tseuga
Keeper: Atsuko Hideaki
Chaser 1: Kevin Usagi
Chaser 2: Elizabeth Carrington
Chaser 3: Dixyn Adestes Aubryc
Beater 1: Jerrius Quin Druid
Beater 2: Larien Moody


Seeker: Zane Aerywen Lupin
Chaser 1: Nessa Camarie
Chaser 2: Jayson Andrias Marionette
Chaser 3: Angelica Rose Fletcher
Beater 1:
Beater 2:


Seeker: Ajax Mostafa
Chaser 1: Seraphic Aeryn Tonks
Chaser 2: Alo Kanule Black
Chaser 3: Zephyr Remus Potter
Beater 1: Malvar Dragus
Beater 2: Alec Firness


Seeker: Yoko Denryu
Chaser 1: Kazumi Nishida
Chaser 2:
Chaser 3:
Beater 1: Shade Trelawney
Beater 2:

Teachers List

Teachers List

Head of Houses
Endriago: Professor Felcorn Fissletong
Chifre: Professor Oliver Orris
Torignis: Matthias McGonnagal
Guivre: Serepta Santosa

Subject Teachers
School Subjects:
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Professor Felcorn Fissletong
Transfiguration: Professor Matthias McGonnagal
Potions: Professor Serepta Santosa
Charms: Professor Helvena Harcort
Divination: Professor Ariel Arginius
Care of Magical Creatures: Lionnel Fairtoom
Herbology: Professor Ardus Theckrid III
Muggle Studies: Professor Oliver Orris

Auror Training:
Offence Magic: Professor Equus Kai
Unarmed Combat: Professor Matthias McGonnagal
Armed Combat: Professor Felcorn Fissletong
Survival Training: Professor Serepta Santosa

House Points





5th July 2003, 09:04 AM
Name:Kevin Usagi
Personality:Really friendly,and a class clown.He is quite the loner though.He will be serious at sometimes.He is easy to get along with.
Appearance:About a 5'9".He has black spiked hair,and green eyes.He wears his uniform most of the time,but when he's relaxing,he wears a black tee and black sweats.
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts,Transfiguration,Potions,Charms
Auror Training:Care of Magical Creatures,Herbology,Unarmed Combat,Armed Combat.
Wand:9" oak,Dragon claw core.
Animal:A black furred sheltie puo.
History:His parents were wizards,but he didn't know until he heard his parents talk one night.He wasn't surprised when he went to Auror Academy.
Other:I'm too lazy right now...

I'll post later...

5th July 2003, 09:12 AM
Name: Yoko Denryu
Gender: Female
Species: Metamorphmagus (like Tonks )
Personality: Not affriad to say what's on her mind. She loves having her friends around her and enjoys company. She also isn't affraid of anyone who says He-who-shall-not-be-named's name.
Appearance: Changes (like Tonks). She normally has green eyes, lilac hair just past her sholders, she's about 5'6''. Other than her school uniform, she wears jeans and what ever she feels like at the time.
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training: Offence Magic
Unarmed Combat
Armed Combat
Survival Training
House: Guivre (just to be different)
Wand: 7'' oak, unicorn hair.
Year: 1st
Animal: Snowy owl (like Hedwig, but it isn't Hedwig..) called Snowy.
Quidditch: Seeker
History: Most of her family are Aurors. She has always wanted to be one and now she's got the chance.
Other: *flamethrowers other*
I'll post later...

CoolTrainer IcEz
5th July 2003, 11:34 AM
OCC: We're finally starting! For your first post, copy and paste your sign up form from here http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=19108. At the start of each of your posts, please include your name and house.

For your very first post, post how u receive your booklist after you submit your application form, how you travel to Diagon Alley to get your supplies and finally how you get onto the train to get to Aortas. Hope everyone enjoys this RPG and let's try to make it a success! :D

Name: Zephyr Remus Potter
Gender: Male
Species: Human - Animorphmagus(Half Animagus/Half Metamorphmagus) See other
Personality: Zephyr is a very friendly and generally fun to be around. He loves to be around people but prefers to stick with a small group of friends. He has yet to find them in Aortas but hopes he will be able to do so. He can be quite sarcastic and witty when he wants to be especially to Ryan Rookwood, his arch-nemesis from Hogwarts.
Appearance: Zephyr has short dirty blonde hair and deep turquoise eyes. He is quite tall and stands about 5'11", also rather tan and muscular. He's often in his black school robes but when he's not wearing them he wears muggle-clothes wears a red t-shirt, dark blue jeans and white sneakers.
- Defense Against the Dark Arts
- Transfiguration
- Potions
- Charms
- Care of Magical Creatures
- Herbology
- Divination
Auror Training:
- Offence Magic
- Unarmed Combat
- Armed Combat
- Survival Training
House: Torignis
Wand: 13", Mahogany, Phoenix tailfeather core (From his mother who was a phoenix animagus)
Animal: He has a vermilion hued Phoenix called Avis which he uses much like a delivery owl for his letters, etc.
Quidditch: Chaser for Torignis
History: His mother was a phoenix animagus, who recently passed away, while his father was a metamorphmagus. In their attempts to teach him their own skills he managed to create his own form and become an Animorphmagus. He is unable to transform into a full animal however he is able to become part of different animals as he chooses. For example, he can choose to sprout leathery Thestral wings for flight anytime he chooses. However, unlike most metamorphmagi he cannot change his appearance (ie. hair color, etc.)
Other: Hey! Why is everyone bullying the 'Other'? *Takes out wand* "Protego!" :P Well, his father is a really distant cousin of James Potter which makes Zephyr somehow related to Harry; cousins perhaps? Really really distant ones though... His dad was also really good friends with Remus Lupin and so he named Zephyr's middle name after him.

Zephyr Potter [Torignis]

It has been almost a week since I submitted my application for Aortas but there had been no reply. Then, 3 days before the start of the term a slightly plup (by my standards) screech owl crashed onto my breakfast table.

"What in Merlin's beard is this!" yelled Dad in his usual over-dramatic way.
"It's an owl Dad." I muttered over my toast. Picking up the pityful owl and setting it straight on the table, I untied the parchment it carried and set it off.
"Who's it for?" said Dad inquisitively. I examined the parchment and realised it was for me.
"Me? That's strange... Wonder who-" I replied, but it suddenly hit me. I remember! It was from Aortas! It must be!

I proceeded to tear through the parchment and skimmed through the lines:

"Thank you Mr. Potter for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Attached is a list of books that you will be requiring for the term. Please ensure you purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you need. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy"

My heart raced and I felt a lump in my throat. This was it! I was finally going to Aortas. The tought of leaving many of my good friends did make me feel sad but at least Aortas was going to be cooler. Besides, I could always make new friends there. And the tought of not having to see Rookwood made things so much better.

"I'm gonna pack, Dad. I'll buy my supplies at Diagon Alley myself." I chirped griningly.
"Why're you so happy, Zeph?"
"I'm going to Aortas! I'm finally going to be an Auror!" I was brimming with excitment.
"Oh yeah... Well, here-" he said, grabbing his wand.
"Accio vault key!"
As a glitter of gold zipped down from the stairs and landed softly in Dad's palm, he handed it to me and continued. "Here's your vault key, I've put enough money in your account. Just take what you need, you're old enough to-"
But I had cut him in mid-sentence, "Yah, yah... I know, Dad."

It was always the same old lectures every year. Moments later I was all ready, standing in front of the fire place.
"Dad, you mind?" I said, pointing to my trunk.
As if he understood what I meant, he gave me a look of surprise and replied, "Zeph, you're already 16. You can perform magic out of school, you know."
"Oh. Oh yeah..." Pulling my wand out of my robes, I pointed it to my trunk, gave it a little flick and yelled, "Locomotor trunk!".

With my trunk bouncing gently behind me and Avis (my phoenix), my broom (A firebolt) secured on top of it, I grabbed a fistful of Floo powder and flung it into the fire place. Immediately, a luminous green flame erupted rather too forcefully, which caused me to jump. Too much Floo powder. "Diagon Alley!" I shouted. As soon as I stepped through the firey hole, my head began to spun as my surroundings blurred and whirred around. Hundreds of fire places swarmed around and I finally fell out through one, into Diagon alley. I hate rough landings. I swept the dust off my robes and stood up.

It was off to Gringotts first where I withdrew enough money to last the year and to buy my supplies. Then, I decided to put up at the Leaky Cauldron for the next few days I would be in Diagon alley. I grabbed a drink and started to look around, there was still lots of time to buy the supplies, perhaps, I could spot a friend or too. Sipping on my Butterbeer, I gazed around. Then, a noticed something that made my heart sink.

"All alone as usual, Potty?" said a menacing voice. It was cold and scathing; Rookwood. I looked as his pallid face and glazed eyes, my stomach wretched.
"Looks, like you're no different Rookwood." I barked back as I pretended to look as if there was going to be a house elf behind him.
"I'm glad I won't have to see you anymore." How did he know? Maybe it was his mother who worked at the ministry or that Death eater father of his.
"Now if you don't mind, Rookwood, there are much more pleasant things to look at in this pub." I remarked, ignoring his comment. He threw a sardonic smirk and wheeled off. Phew Definetely not something I needed. Then, a friendly voice greeted me, I looked up to see who it was.

OCC: I left the ending for anyone who feels like interacting with my character. Once again, hope you guys have fun here!

Outlaw JT
5th July 2003, 02:17 PM
OOC: Thanks for finally starting it IcEz. Been looking forward to it all week.

Name: Jerrius Quin Druid (his few friends call him Quin, his parents and anyone trying to anger him call him Jerry, everyone else calls him Druid)
Gender: Male
Species: Animagus
Personality: Quin is the loner type. He doesn't easily make friends and he has a very hard time learning to trust anyone. He has a strong hatred of bullies or anyone who would hurt those that can't defend themselves. He has a strong sense of honor but he won't admit it. He is extremely loyal to the few people he does make friends with. Quin is the type of guy that would save someone from a bully and tell them he did it just to stop their whining. He is mischievous and very rough around the edges but very good at heart. He just doesn't let anyone see that. He only shows respect to those that prove they can defend themselves and use their powers to defend others.
Appearance: He is about 6'1", short but wild sandy brown hair with reddish speckles spread through it, he has a small scar on the right side of his chin, his eyes are bright green but the left eye is a few shades duller then the right, he has an average build. His animal form as an animagus is that of an irish hound(very wolf-like but smaller, about the size of a golden retriever, with a more rounded muzzle) with the same color as his hair(sandy brown with barely noticeable reddish spots) and a blood red scar under the right side of the jaw.
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Divination, Creatures of Magical Creatures
Auror Training: Offence Magic, Unarmed Combat, Armed Combat, Survival Training
House: Endriago
Wand: 16", oak, core is made of crushed basilisk scales. It is pitch black with a chinese serpent dragon carved around the shaft of the wand in silver.
Year: 1st year
Animal: a king snake named Kilnar (if a snake is allowed)
Quidditch: Beater
History: His Grandfather on his fathers side was a great wizard descended from the Druid order or Ireland. Both of Quin's parents however were muggles. Thus he was initially raised as a muggle. He had a normal early childhood although he was picked on a lot. It wasn't until he was 7 that his parents realised he was not a muggle when he struck back against a bully by somehow getting a king snake to bite one of the kids that was beating him up. He was immediately pulled out of public school for fear that he would be ridiculed even more for being different. They took him to his grandfathers who revealed that he was indeed a wizard. Not only that but an animagus. They left him with his grandfather for a couple years to be trained in how to use some of his abilities until he was invited to attend Hogwarts. When he was 9 he was invited to attend Hogwarts. Although he did not understand why and was quite upset by it he was sorted into Slytherin house. It did not take him long to learn to hate his house. He was constantly picked on and made fun of for having both muggle parents. His first year he pretty much learned to live with it. His 2nd year at Hogwarts though he learned to fight back. After being picked on most of his life he grew sick of it. He toughened up, buckled down, and taught himself everything he could about fighting and self defense. After he gave a few of the Slytherin bullies bloody noses in the 2nd year people stopped picking on him and started avoiding him. He never really fit in anyhwere. He grew to be a loner, keeping to himself and protecting anyone that looked like they couldn't protect themselves. He never accepted gratitude though, instead choosing to push everyone away because he knew even for a wizard he was different. Quin decided in his 2nd year at Hogwarts that he wanted to be an Auror so that he could spend his life tracking down those who would use power to due harm against people who can't defend themselves. It is because of this passion of his that he was chosen to attend the Aortas Auror Academy.
Other: He is also a parseltongue although he does his best to keep it a secret. He feels different and isolated enough already without people knowing this.

Jerrius Quin Druid - Endriago

Quin sat quietly in his corner of the Leaky Cauldron, sipping slowly at his ice water. It was a fairly busy day here. There were a lot of strange types around Diagon alley today so he didn't much fancy a drink that could impare his judgement. Quin was never much one for any liquor anyway but he had to admit butterbeer was quite tasty. Not today, though.
He watched everyone else casually. he had to wonder if any of the other young wizards in here were going to Aortas. None of his friends had been invited. Of course, he only had two friends so that wasn't a terrible surprise. Quin would've kept on wandering and enjoying the cold water but a very unpleasant familiar face walked into the place.
A fellow Slytherin by the name of Rookwood walked up to some other young wizard he didn't recognize. He hated Rookwood as he hated almost everyone from his accursed house at Hogwarts. Rookwood wasn't as bad as some but he was still a bully.
Quickly Quin cast a small little spell that would let him listen in on the conversation without getting any closer. He had no desire to have to interact with the Rookwood. He'd be happy if he never had to see another Slytherin again.
He listened intently to the brief and unpleasant conversation. Apparently the unknown also knew Rookwood. Apparently he was more familiar with him than Quin was. He could only feel a bit sorry for the unknown wizard for that.
Something in the conversation stood out to him when he took a moment to think. This boy was also a Hogwarts student and he apparently wasn't going back this term. He wondered if the boy would also be at Aortas. Normally Quin would never bother to talk to anyone on his own but something told him he should at least say hello.
With some reluctance Quin got up and walked over to the unknown young wizard. He stood behind him for a moment, unsure why he was doing this before he spoke up.
"Hey," he finally managed.
The young wizard turned to face him. He had a deep tan on him. Quin could tell he had a good smile on him but it seemed a bit faded from his encounter with Rookwood.
"Hello," the young wizard replied.
"Right dodgy wizard that one is," Quin said cautiously, indicating the direction Rookwood had left in.
The young wizard looked over his shoulder towards Rookwood's exit. He turned back and shook his head to agree. The smile warmed up on his face again.
"Yeah. He is, isn't he. How do you know him?" the young wizard asked happily.
"Next time I wouldn't bother with polite conversation. Just bop im one on the nose. He asn't bothered me in two years since I done that," Quin replied, pretending not to have heard the question.
He be attending Aortas with the young wizard and he didn't need anyone there other than the headmaster knowing he was in Slytherin. He was bad enough at first impressions without that stigma hanging over his head. He'd just ignore any reference to it as long as he could.
"You wouldn't just hit him without reason........" the young wizard started to think aloud. Then the young wizards face went a little red as if he'd just remembered something. "I'm terribly sorry. I haven't introduced myself. I'm Zephyr Remus Potter. Pleased to make your acquaintance. And you are?"
He held his hand out to shake. Quin looked at it and thought for a second. Deciding he should be as polite as he could muster he extended his hand as well and they shook.
"Druid.......I mean, you can just call me Druid. Everyone but me mum does," he said nervously. "As fer that wizard. Rookwood openin his fat trap is reason enough for a good pelt to the nose."
Zephyr's smile dipped a bit when he said that. This was normally the part where Quin started to feel real uncomfortable in a conversation. Today was no different.
"Well then.....I better get goin. I still got a bit a shoppin left to do in Diagon. Nice meetin ya Remus," Quin said nervously.
Without waiting for a response he quickly turned away and filed out of the Leaky Cauldron before Zephyr could say anything else. Once he was outside in Diagon Alley he let out a deep sigh and leaned against the wall. That'd been terrible. He hadn't even managed to ask if the guy was going to Aortas. Quin hated making first impressions. All he could hope was Zephyr didn't recognize his name from Hogwarts. He had made the name Druid pretty well known there by giving nearly every bully in the castle a bloody nose. He even took a swing at Filch once. Got detention for a month for it too. In any case, if Zephyr recognized his name than he'd know he was in Slytherin. So if he was also going to Aortas he was already off on one bad foot. He knew this was going to be a bad day at the Alley.

5th July 2003, 02:49 PM
Do I need to post for the two teachers that I made as well? If not, then I'd gladly make another Chifre Character to be one of the Beaters or the Seeker. If I need to post for both of those Teachers, then I will allow someone else to be the head of Chifre house.

Jayson Andrias Marionette
<Chifre House>

Name: Jayson Andrias Marionette
Gender: Male
Species: I'm a human
Personality: I am a very mysterious person. I rarely talk to anyone. The only people I do talk to are my friends. I have extremely strong magical abilities, and use them to my advantage. I will aid anyone in need, even my enemy, if it is for a good cause.
Appearance: 6'0, 125 lbs. Blonde Hair, blue eyes, somewhat muscular. Sleek.
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts,Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Divination, Creatures of Magical Creatures, Herbology, Muggle Studies
Auror Training: Offence Magic, Unarmed Combat, Armed Combat, Survival Training
House: Chifre
Wand: 14" Red Oak, Unicorn Hairs and Phoenix Feathers
Year: 1st
Animal: White Barn Owl
Quidditch: Chaser
History: I was born into a wizarding family. My dad works at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Disputes (Made it up), and my mom works as a chef. I have a crescent moon scar on my arm, because I was attacked by one of Lord Voldemort's henchmen, and he tried to put a curse on me, but my parents both stopped him, just in time. I decided to become an auror after Voldemort's henchmen killed my cousins.
Other: Friends with E12 (Maybe?) I am also studying to become an Animagus. My animal is a white, Snow Leopard. I have almost mastered it, but I still need more training. My items include an Invisibility Cloak, Gillyweed, and other various types of potions ingredients.


"Jayson! The mail's here. I think you got a letter from the Aortas Academy that you signed up for last week!" my father exclaimed. I opened the door, and ran downstairs. I grabbed the letter from him, as he looked at me behind his half-moon spectacles. My dad had dark brown hair, and blue-grey eyes. He was a bit on the heavy side, and worked for the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Disputes, which was a department that was focused on settling problems in the wizarding world.

I sat down on the couch, and looked at the front of the letter. It read Mr. Jayson Marionette, The room upstairs and to the left, 737 North Deskell Street, London, England. The front of the letters always made me laugh, because they aways wrote down the exact place that you were when the letters arrived. I flipped the letter over, and opened the letter with my wand, which I had temporarily used as a letter-opener. I took out the letter, which was on a roll of brand new parchment, or so it seemed, due to the fact that it was so shiny and clean. I read:

Thank you Mr. J. Marionette for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Attached is a list of books that you will be requiring for the term. Please ensure you purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you need. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy

I looked at the letter that Professor Aquila gave to me. She had very neat, and very pretty cursiva handwritting. In the space provided after Yours sincerely, was her signature, which was also neat, despise the fact that signatures are usually sloppy. I finally was going to be able to avenge the death of my cousins, become and auror, and destroy some of the scum that follow that beast, Voldemort. Why was everyone so afraid of him? He can't be any more powerful that any other witch or wizard. What was it that made him so feared?

"Well dad, are we going to go to Diagon Ally to pick up my supplies?" I asked him. He looked at me, and hesitated.

"Maybe, but I don't know if I will have the time today. Your mother could take you, if you'd like, or you can go by yourself," he said.

"I'll just go by myself, then," I replied. I went upstairs into my room, and got the key to my Gringott's Vault, which was in my dresser, and got the floo powder. I went downstairs, and opened the bag of floo powder. I took out my wand, lit up the fireplace, and threw some floo powder in it. The flame instantaneously went green, and I jumped in, and yelled "Diagon Ally, please!"

The next thing I new, I was in the pub. I exited, and took a look. The streets were swarming with witches and wizards of all ages, looking for what was next on their item list. I headed to Gringott's, and walked to the far end of the bank. "I would like to make a withdrawal of vault 637, please. Here is my key," I told the Goblin. He nodded, and motioned for another Goblin to come over. It took a lamp from behind the very large desk where the other Goblin was sitting, and motioned for me to follow him. He continued, and we went down to the trolley, near the entrance to the vaults. We got in, and began riding. After about 5 minutes of doing so, we finally stopped. The Goblin said, "Vault 637. Key please." I handed him my key. I walked into the vault, and took out about 150 Galleons, just to be on the safe side. I exited Gringotts. First, I headed to Ollivander's to get my wand rechecked, to make sure everything was fine, and I also gave it a "tune up". I then headed to Flourish and Blotts to buy all my books. I passed the Quidditch shop, and saw the Firebolt model still in the window. It looked as if the Firebolt was so popular, that the companies didn't need another model. I kept walking along, getting the necessary items for the start fo term.

Eevee Forever
5th July 2003, 02:59 PM
Name: Ajax Mostafa

Gender: Male

Species: I suppose I'm half Veela, as my mother is one; although I'm not a woman, I've still inherited some trademark attributes of a Veela. Anyway, I’m also studying to be an Animagus, although in what form is unknown.

Personality: I'm fairly talkative and I'm very friendly, and if I know or get to know you well enough, I'm a very loyal friend (not like a dog or anything, but you get the idea). I love to have fun and play tricks, nothing to really annoy anyone (I'm nothing like Peeves or Fred and George Weasley, although I do admire them XD), and I don't usually care about what people think of me. I'm extremely mischievious and very bold, as well. Don't let me fool you though; I am very bright and intelligent. I'm as comfortable flying on a broom as the giant squid at Hogwarts is in the lake, and, due to my Animagus form, I have a keen eye and excellent reflexes. I love to dance, although it's not exactly a "good" quality, persay, I can't help it. I also have a terribly nasty temper.

-Human- I have short, thick, and messy somewhat spiked black hair with many shimmering gold blonde streaks (from my mother's side) that shine brightly in the sunlight, and twinkling deep blue eyes. I have clear, very tanned skin that seems to glow, and I'm very muscular, and I'm a few inches (2 or 3) short of 6'. I usually dress in a hooded (hood down) brightly colored sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows, and pair of black shorts when outside of school. My most embarassing quality is my rather full lips, although they don't look goofy or anything, well, they're still big. I'm still considered extremely good looking by most, though; after all, I do have Veela blood in me (yes, I'm very proud of my heritage; my father's side too). Although not necessarily appearance, my voice should be mentioned; it's fairly low-pitched and very melodical. See below to find out what happens to my appearance when I get angry.
-Veela Form- Due to my Veela genes, I can throw what seems to be handfuls of orange-red flames when I'm angered, and I also sprout gigantic scaly wings, and my face elongates and from my nose to my chin, a beak grows. Why I have so many Veela qualities is still unknown. When I'm angered, I can't control these abilities, but when I'm not, I have full control.

Required Classes:
-Defense Against the Dark Arts

Optional Classes:
-Care of Magical Creatures
-Muggle Studies

Auror Training:
-Offense Magic
-Unarmed Combat
-Armed Combat
-Survival Training

House: Torignis

Wand: 14 inches, made of Ash, containing a strand of Veela hair from my mother.

Year: Well, you said it...1st Year!

Animal: A beautiful Phoenix named Ra. At home, we have a large and very sarcastic and snappy Sphinx named Isis, who guards the house, the family, and our valuables. Oh, and there's also Osiris, my mother's Phoenix.

Quidditch: I favor playing Seeker, but I've been known to play all positions.

History: Well, there's not too much to say...I come from a very long line of Aurors and Unspeakables on my father's side, except for my uncle Hassan, who became the Chairwizard of the International Association of Quidditch. My mother's side of the family has quite a bit of money, although I'm not sure where they get it all from, and we've inherited millions left behind by relatives of hers I've never heard of. I have a strange interest in foreigh languages and cultures, and I speak English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, and Greek, not to mention Mermish, which was taught to me by a friend; if I didn't become an Auror, I was seriously considering a career in the International Magical Cooperation Department at the Ministry. We lived in Egypt until I was 6, when we moved into an estate just outside of Ottery St. Catchpole (near the Diggorys), living very comfortably until, well...my father was killed by a group of Death Eaters, right in front of myself and my mother (we were protected under the Fidelius Charm) after capturing 5 of their fellow Death Eaters and sending them to Azkaban. Ever since then, I really haven't been able to trust too many people, (nor can my mother, and she hardly talks to anyone, save family, anymore), but I've been getting over it and on with my life recently; after all, it's not everyone's fault that my father was killed. And then came Hogwarts, which brought along some of the most enjoyable years of my life. I was sorted into Gryffindor, but most of my friends are from Ravenclaw. I did excellent in all of my classes, I made a lot of friends, and I was a substitute player (all positions) for the House Team. I never tried out for first string; I always put my schoolwork first. However, After receiving top marks on my exams every previous year and on my OWLs this year, I've decided to play full-time. I still plan to put my schoolwork first, though, and excel here at Aortas as well.

-Patronus- My Patronus is a huge silver Griffin, which is has been both the Patronus and the Animagus form of my father, grandfather, and all the men in our family before him. This is because a Griffin is featured on our Family Crest.
-Items brought- all of my father's old Auror equipment; his flowing, silverly Invisibility Cloak, both a Sneakoscope and a Pocket Sneakoscope, a Foe Glass, and a Secrecy Sensor, among other things. I also brought my Firebolt, sacks upon sacks and boxes upon boxes of sweets and prank items from Honeydukes, Zonko's, Gambol and Japes, and some things I managed to find in Dervish and Banges. I also brought my Oud, a type of Middle Eastern lute with a long neck and a deep, rich sound, which I like to play when I'm bored. All my school things, including books, robes, cauldron, and potion ingredients are packed snugly away in my bottomless trunk as well. Oh, and of course, the two things I love most...five huge crates of Fillibusters Fabulous Waterproof No-Heat Fireworks and ten gigantic tankards of butterbeer that I was able to buy off a friend (he reminds one strongly of Mundungus Fletcher) in the summertime; it took the assistance of Ra, Osiris, and an Invisibility Cloak to smuggle each case into the house (one at a time, mind you), and I've been saving them for a special occasion (or a huge party, whichever comes first).

Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

I woke up late one incredibly damp and humid morning, my face covered in sweat. I reluctantly pulled the covers from on top of me and went to the bathroom to wash up and get changed before breakfast, Ra singing a very cheerful song on his perch next to the loft window.

'Today could be the day,' I told myself, as I lifted the washcloth to my face. 'Today I might finally be getting their response,' I was so incredibly excited; I was sure that this would be the day I would hear from Aorta's; after all, start of term was only three days away.

I dashed down the hallway and I started running down the stairs, until I collided with Isis on the second landing.

"What's the matter with you?" she questioned, as I continued to dart down the next set of marble stairs. "Scarab crawled down your pants?"

"Haha, very funny," I told her sarcastically, and she purred and rushed down the stairs after me. I was out of breath by the time I reached the kitchen, which was on the first floor on the other side of the estate.

"Good morning, sweetheart," greeted my mother, who put a large plate of eggs, sausage, and buttered toast in front of me and kissed me on the cheek. Ra was already in the kitchen; he perched on the back of my chair and nudged me affectionately with his beak. The family's phoenix, Osiris, was watching my mother tidy up the kitchen with her wand.

"Morning," I replied, groggily, as I was still very tired. I shuffled quickly through the small pile of papers and magazines on the table, which included things such as The Daily Prophet, my weekly addition of The Adventures of Martin Miggs, the Mad Muggle, and a letter from my grandfather in Egypt telling us that his house was being haunted by mummies. We, of course, knew this was not true; he often told us this exact same story whenever he wanted us to visit him.

'I think he can wait," said my mother cooly, "until you return for Holiday vacation," she added with a smirk on her face. I had only been to Egypt once, when I was 8, and I don't remember much. This year, however, we planned on going again, and I was extremely excited.

"Can't wait!" I exclaimed, as I shuffled through the mail a second time. 'Where was the letter from Aorta's?' I asked myself. I had just about finished breakfast, and as I brought my plate up to the sink, a loud rustle of feathers came from behind us. A large tawny owl had landed in Isis's milk saucer, and she was pawing angrily at it as it flew around the room, screeching.

"All right, all right...calm down, won't you?!" I shouted at the bird. It perched on my shoulder, and held out its leg. I removed the rolled up envelope, and the owl took off once more out the window. I unfolded the envelope quickly, and read the front. It was from Aorta's! There were two sheets in the envelope; I read the first out loud:

"Mr. Ajax Mostafa,

Thank you for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Enclosed is a list of books that will be required for the term. Please be sure to purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you would need at Hogwarts. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours Sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy"

"That's great, honey!" my mother exclaimed, and she hugged me. "When does term start again?"

"Three days, Mom," I told her, trying to break free of her grasp. She let go.

"Three days?! My goodness, they certainly do take their time there, don't they? Well, no use complaining...we'd better get you off to Diagon Alley!"

She then pointed her wand at one of the the cabinet doors under the sink. "Accio Floo Powder!" she said, and the cabinet door burst open and a small brown sack flew into her hand.

"Now, you already have your trunk packed, and your Gringotts account key, no?" she questioned, as she was rushing so much that you'd think term was starting later today.

"Accio trunk, Accio key, Accio Firebolt, Accio cage!" she shouted, as things from around the house came soaring into the kitchen, Ra's cage hitting Isis on its way down. She hissed angrily, and went back upstairs to roam the halls.

"Isis, get back here!" my mother screamed after her. "Ajax is leaving today! Don't you want to say goodbye?" She was now shooting rope from her wand, tying my Firebolt to the trunk, and then she shooed Ra into his golden cage.

"Almost ready, I suppose..." she said, as if she still had to give me something. She reached into her flowing purple robes and pulled out another two more brown sacks, larger than the one which contained Floo Powder.

"This...she said, handing me the larger of the two, "Is some extra spending money from me. And this..." she added as she gave me the smaller sack, "is for Tom, the innkeeper at the Leaky Cauldron."

"The Leaky Cauldron? Why?" I asked; I didn't know where she was going with this.

"Well, I've heard that a few other going to Aorta's will also be staying there, and I daresay you'll want to make a few new friends," she explained, with a grin on her face.

"Thanks, mom," I told her, and unexpectedly, she gave me a huge hug.

"I just want you to know...I...just...be careful, OK?" she asked me between sniffles; she was crying, and I think it was because of where being an Auror got my father.

"I will," I said reassuringly, and I gave her a hug back. She smiled at me.

"Don't forget to write!" she reminded me, and she gave me a nudge. "You should get going if you want to do all of your school shopping done today, you know," she told me as she opened the bag containing the Floo Powder. "Oh, I almost forgot...'Locomotor Trunk!'" she said, and my trunk hung suspended in mid-air right behind me. I reached into the sack, smiled, and took a bit of powder in between my fingers.

I turned around to face the fireplace, threw the Floo Powder in, stepped inside, and very clearly, I shouted, "DIAGON ALLEY!"

I held my mouth, nose, and eyes shut; the ash from the fireplace would irritate them if I didn't. I was swept off my feet in a whirl of green flames, and a second later, I landed again, this time in the Leaky Cauldron. I approached the counter, smaller sack of Galleons in my free hand, and got the barkeeper's attention. "Hi, I'm checking in."


OOC: Left open for anyone who wants some interaction ^.~

Tyler and Hobbes
5th July 2003, 03:31 PM
Name: Shade Trelawney
Gender: Male
Species:Illegal Animagus of a fox
Personality:Funny, nice, he is a sort of trouble maker, sometimes he doesn't no when to draw the line. If he plays tricks on you, that means your his friend. He is very witty and poetic, he likes to write. He likes to play music too. He is loyal.
Appearance:Long, thick black hair, with red highlights. Saphire eyes, blue jeans, and a green shirt.
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Care of magical creatures
Auror Training: offence Magic
Unarmed combat
Wand:12" Maple with acromantula web as core (the web is quite strong)
Year: 1
Animal:A baby Yeti (can I have that?)
History: His mother always pushed him to be a seer. He never wanted to. And no, his mother isn't professer Trelawney, that would be his aunt. He only got visions of the weather, and small things like that. When his mother died his Aunt had to look after him, for he had no father. Peeves got, accused of lot's of stuff he did. He liked running around in the forest as an Animagus. he could have sworn he saw wolves. Then the letter came...
Other: He has a firebolt, oh yeah, Ignis!

Shade Trelawney [Guivre]
"Wake up honey." Aunt Sibyll said, in her usually sweet voice. "Huh...Aunt Sibyll, what time is it?" I asked. I usually woke up pretty late. "You have a letter." she said, giving it to me. "Come down stares and have breakfast, when your ready." she shouted from down stares. I opened the letter, not knowing what it was. It was Aortas! I din't think I'd get in! "Wild!" I shouted. I pulled on some clothes. "What?!?" Aunt Sibyll asked. She was much different with family than with students. I put Crescent, my one year old yeti on my back. He had just woken up. He was grumpy in the mornings so he was a little taken a back as to why I grabbed him and put him on my back. "Accio stuff!" I said, pointing my wand all around the room and then pointing it at my trunk. "Aunt Sibyll will be gobsmacked, Crescent." he just half yawned half growled. "What?" she asked. "Aunt Sibyll, I got accepted to Aortas!" I said. "That's great Shade!" she said. She didn't call me deary like her students. Since she had little money, I didn't get any from her. When both my parents passed away I was the ere to the money. We used to be rich, but I'm saving the money. I went up stairs and found my trunk packed. It was perfect. Crescent always rid on my back. He was really light. I returned downstairs. I thought that spell would never work. But I guess I was wrong. "Have a nice time!" Aunt Sibyll said, hugging me. She gave me some floo powder. I got in the fire. "Diagon Alley!" I said. I was there."Locomotive trunk!" I called and the trunk followed me. I changed into my fox form when no one was looking. If you'd seen it it would have been the strangest thing ever, a yeti riding on a fox's back and a trunk following them. I ran, it was nice to be back. I was running around when I bumped into someone, and changed back into my human from. The trunk crashed into us. "Oh, sorry." I heard a voice say.
Interaction plz, and no, I still haven't got interaction

5th July 2003, 03:49 PM
Name: Ami Serenity Zeypher
Gender: Female
Species: Half-Human, Half-Vampire
Personality: She's quiet, depressive, and hopeless....never really opening up much. She's a bit anti-social, despte being calm and serious.the She's moody and easily intimidated, also. Once you get to know her, she'll open up a bit.
Appearance: Her eyes are a pale blue tainted with a ring of grey around the pupils, her hair is a dark brown, nearly black, with a few random streaks of blue, and her skin is deeply pale, almost colorless. She's around 5'11" and thin, around 100 pounds or so. Despite being half-vampire, she has fangs, but as a half-mortal, she can survive sunlight...and NO, she doesn't have that fictional ability of morphing into a bat. She wears a long-sleeved black shirt, baggy black pants that hide her shoes, and a black cord necklace bearing a blue crescent moon-shaped pendant.
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Care for Magical Creatures
Auror Training: Offence Magic, Unarmed Combat
House: Chifre
Wand: 10 inches, Oak with Dragon Heartstring and a drop of vampiric blood.
Year: 1st
Animal: A young female wolf pup named Selene. Selene is pitch black with deep blue eyes.
Quidditch: Keeper
History: Ami hasn't really had much of an exciting history. Her father, who she inherited her vampiric blood from, was burnt when she was eight because of apparently of 'murdering several mortals', but he didn't. She lived alone as an only child, her mother a magical human, who was away much of the time. Though her years at Hogwarts seemed to be peaceful, she fell into depression soon....because she was pushed aside for being only half-mortal.
Other: *uses Petrificus Totalus on Other and runs*

<~>Ami Zeypher<~>
I awoke that morning tiredly, my face cold with sweat....my face feeling dew-covered. I stared out the window the bright firey orange sun tainted the pale-colored skies. I rushed to the bathroom, getting changed and dried off. Getting down the stairs, Selene approached me, slightly smiling. I bent down to pet her, then went into the kitchen...wondering if mother had left me anything. I went into the kitchen, my mother looking tired, as she used her wand to place my breakfast on the table.

"Well....Morning Ami," She said cheerfully, as I sat down in front of my plate....Selene laying down next to my foot.

"Morning mum...." I muttered, and took a bite of egg.

"What's your problem?"

"Nothing...I just wonder if I'll have anything exciting this summer. Nothing has happened since we visited Aunt Miyu in Kyoto two years ago..."

"Oh....It's alright. I've been busy this year."

"That's what you always say...." I muttered to myself, rolling my eyes and continued eating. After finishing my plate, she used her wand to drag the dishes towards the sink....and I did my thing, go get the mail....the muggle-ish mail. I brought it in, laying each bill, magazine, advertisement, whatever on the table. Sighing, I sat on the bottom of the staircase, Selene soon following me. Scratching her neck, a screech owl made its usual noise, and flew into the kitchen...mail! I rushed into the kitchen, mother grabbing the mail, looking towards me, and motioning me to come forth.

"Ami, something for you...." She softly whispered to me. I nodded, and took the mail, reading the envelope, then opening it. It read:

'Ms. Ami Serenity Zeypher,

Thank you for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Enclosed is a list of books that will be required for the term. Please be sure to purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you would need at Hogwarts. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours Sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy'

"So....Ami, what is it for?"

"It's me going into Aortas Auror Academy...Term starts in three days."

"That's great....but three? We must get your things! I was able to have your things packed yesterday....and here's your Gringott's key..." She replied, handing me my key, which I placed in my pocket. I grabbed my wand, my broom(Nimbus 2001), the key and extra Galleons for the Leaky Cauldron she gave me for this, and the cage containing Selene. I flicked my wand, yelling 'Locomotor Trunk!', and getting everything I need. I approached the fireplace, and mom sprinkled a bt of Floo powder over me.

"You know what to do..." She replied with tears in her eyes, causing me to nod. I couched a bit, but recovered. "I'll miss you."

"DIAGON ALLEY!" I yelled, and I was off with the wind. I held my eyes, mouth, and nose shut as I lifted swiftly off the ground, to avoid ash. In a second or two, I landed outside the Leaky Cauldron, flat on my feet. Shrugging, I walked inside...hoping to get the barkeeper's attention. I clutched the key and bag of extra Galleons and softly spoke out, "'Lo....I'll be checking in...."

5th July 2003, 04:45 PM
Thank goodness Chifre now has a Keeper. I guess Beaters aren't really necessary. All we have to do is dodge the Bludgers a lot. :)
I would also like to note that I will be interactive with everyone in the Chifre house, and that I will be friends with a couple of them. I am awaiting E12's answer, and I can have another one of the Chifre members be my friend.

5th July 2003, 07:03 PM
Name:Akina Naomi Tsuki
Species:Half Human/Half Angel(Just meaning, she has the Wings.No Healing Powers, and Not Dead.)
Personality:She's very shy, its very hard to open her up. But she's really cheerful, and very Smart..When someone asks her about her past, she suddenly gets depressive. She'll help out anyone who she thinks deserves it, And tends to keep Secrets well. Also, if Anyone makes fun of her Wings, she'll get very Angry, and blow her top off. She had moodswings a lot..But is mostly Cheerful and sometimes, even Bubbly.
Appearance:About 6 foot 5, with Brown hair that goes to her Knee, and Icy Blue Eyes. She wears, when not in a robe,a White T-Shirt and Sky Blue Pants, with a Sun Charm necklace, and a Orange Jewel in the Middle of the 'Sun' Pendant.Her Wings, there are 8 wings, 4 Wings on each side that are about 3 feet in legnth. She can hide these in her skin, though(Which she does, alot, Not in certain Classes, though. Her robes have Slits for them. Also, what she cant hide, is 2 Little Wings, about 5 inches, on her head.
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Auror Training:
Offence Magic
Survival Training
Armed Combat
Wand:13 inch Oak with Unicorn Hair and Dragon Heartstring.
Year:1st year
Animal:A Snowy Owl with Blue Eyes.'Yuru' is what she calls it.
History:Akina's past, which she NEVER want's to talk about, is a very painful one. She was born to a Family of 2, Normal Human Wizard/Witch. Her Grandma, is a Half Human, Half Angel though, which is where she get's it from. Her mom somewhat abused her, using the 'Furnunculus'(Causing Boils) spell and the 'Jelly-Legs Jinx', which her dad always heal's. Her dad, though, is very nice and sweet to her, and thinks she's a Blessing. She was raised in the Wizarding world, though Being born in the Muggle world, they moved because of How she looked, and they didn't want anyone to know they were witches.They are a pretty wellset family, by means of money.
Other:Brought a Ton of Money, in a bag her mom placed a seal on
, so Only Akina can open it. Also, She brought a nice amount supply of Lotion, only because when she hides her wings for over 2 hours, her back gets a dry and sore. She is also study to be a Animagus, transforming into a Hummingbird.

<<Akina Naomi Tsuki>>

"AKINA!Get down here this instant!!"My mom yelled at me..The sunrose..It had to be the most Beautiful thing...

I was still in my Pink Moon and Star Pajama's, and grabed my Slippers,and walked down the stairs.I could've flown, but Mom hates that..

"What?"I asked her, my wings on my head, flapping with curiosity..
"You got a owl this mourning.."Dad smiled..Mom frowned..
"Oh!!Let me read!!"I grabbed the Parchment, and petting the Owl. Yuru cooed at it for a couple of minutes..

'Ms. Akina Naomi Tsuki

Thank you for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Enclosed is a list of books that will be required for the term. Please be sure to purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you would need at Hogwarts. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours Sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy'

"Who wanted to send you mail, Akina?"Mom asked, my Head wings flapping with anger..

"Aortas Auror Academy..I have a free day today, so I'll buy supplies..And some lotion.."I told mom, sternly..
"I'll come with you, Akina..We'll buy Yuru a New Bell, and some new Healing Lotion.."Dad said..

"Let me get changed!"I smiled, and flew up the stairs in glee..Mom gave me the evil eye, and Dad yelled at her..

I got my hair brushed, changed into my Clothing..and lotioned my back..I could spread my wings again in Diagon Alley..

"When I come back, I'll set my stuff up..I only got 3 days.."
Dad and me grabbed some Floo Powder, and in seconds..and yelling 'Diagon Alley!'

We got into the Leaky Caludron, and My dad went to the Barkeeper..

"Do you have floo Powder?"

I spreaded my wings, and got out into Diagon Alley...

"First..The Books.."

5th July 2003, 08:44 PM
Name: Angelica Rose Fletcher
Gender: Female
Species: Human, also a registered wolf Animagus.
Personality: Quiet, intelligent. She has a heart of gold, but a tough exterior to pierce. She stands up for her friends. As a wolf, she's fierce and intelligent, but a bit reclusive. Tends to run alone. If she hasn't changed into a wolf for a while, she gets restless.
Human: 5'7", silver-streaked dark red hair down to her shoulders, deep green eyes. When not in uniform, she usually wears a plain green tank top and black pants to just above her knees.
Wolf: Slightly bigger than the average adult wolf, her fur is a uniform black and grey mix, except for a patch reaching from her ears to her shoulder blades, which is dark red streaked with silver. Retains the green eyes of her human form.
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training: Offence Magic, Armed Combat
House: Chifre
Wand: 7 inches, Pine, Unicorn Tail-hair.
Year: 1st
Animal: A small white and grey husky pup named Chi.
Quidditch: Chaser
History: Mundungus Fletcher's niece (no, she does not approve of her uncle's exploits). She loves exploring the forest outside Hogwarts in wolf form. She's seen many things, from centaurs to spiders to a unicorn or two...and she thought she saw a werewolf once or twice, but she wasn't really sure.

Angelica Rose Fletcher

"Mail's here, Angel!"

Grimacing at the nickname that came so easily to people, Angelica swung down the stairs, going full-tilt into the living room. She probably would've gone into the kitchen as well, but a couch was parked right in the way. She ran into it, flipping over it and landing right on the cushions.

"How'd this couch get here?"

"It's to keep you from running me over."

"I've just gotta work on it! You know I have to keep in shape for Quidditch!"

She got up, trotting into the kitchen.

"Did I get anything?"

"Actually, yes. Something from that Aortas Auror Academy you applied to last week."

Smiling, Angelica took the letter and opened it, reading silently.

Ms. Angelica Rose Fletcher

Thank you for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Enclosed is a list of books that will be required for the term. Please be sure to purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you would need at Hogwarts. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours Sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy

When she finished reading, she couldn't help but cheer.

"I've been accepted, Mum!"

"That's great, dear!"

"Can I use the Floo powder? Gotta go out to Diagon alley, need books."

"I've packed your things already, although it was more in anticipation of you going back to Hogwarts."

"I'll take those, too. Where has Chi gotten to?"

"He's in the backyard, chasing gnomes."

Angelica opened the door, looking out. Sure enough, there was a small grey and white dog streaking around, chasing the potato-looking things.

"Chi! Here boy!"

The dog bounded up the porch stairs, jumping at her. She caught him and went back inside, seeing her trunk waiting for her. She chuckled.

"Couldn't wait?"

"Oh, before I forget, here's your vault key."

"Thanks, Mum."

She tucked it into a pocket.

"Tell Uncle Mun that he can't use my room to store his stuff while I'm gone. I had to flush rats out of the closet the last time."

Taking out her wand, she waved it at the trunk.

"Locomotor Trunk."

The now-floating trunk moved over to her. Putting her wand back in her pocket, she took a pinch of Floo powder from the cup near the fireplace, and sprinkled it into the fire. It glowed emerald, and she stepped inside, placing one hand on the trunk so it would transport with her.

"Diagon Alley!"

The fire flared aound her, and that familiar spinning sensation took over. After a moment, she stopped, and the familiar sounds of Diagon Alley greeted her.

"OK, now let's see...books first"

Eevee Forever
5th July 2003, 09:17 PM
OOC: Sorry if I'm moving a little too fast!

Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

After paying the bartender, I had ordered a butterbeer, and I sat there merrily drinking it, happy that school was almost here. I had sent my stuff upstairs with a Banishing Charm and I was now looking at my list of books and items needed, and released Ra from his cage, allowing him to stay perched on my shoulder. I had to admit, I was nervous, and I began to fiddle with my Gringotts account key. About five seconds later, I heard a loud thud from behind me, and I saw that someone else had arrived by Floo Powder. She was around my age, and she had flowing black hair with, oddly enough, blue streaks, and somewhat dull blue eyes. Carrying a puppy in a cage in her arms, she approached the bar, and she too told the barkeeper that she was checking in and paid him several Galleons.

"Hi there," I greeted, "My name's Ajax. You wouldn't happen to be going to Aortas too, would you?"

5th July 2003, 09:27 PM
Kevin Usagi (Endriago)

I walked down the stairs and was greeted by my mother."Hello Kevin!"she said."G'morning"I said.I had only three days left before the term at Aortas started.Mom placed down my breakfast dish.Waffles,eggs and toast with orange juice.I picked up my fork and was about to eat until an owl crashed into my breakfast dish.I picked up a parchment that said:

Mr.Kevin Usagi Thank you for joining Aortas Auror Academy.Enclosed is a list pf the books and supplies you'll be needing for the term.We look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.Sincerly,Professer Avertisuer Aquilla Headmaster,Aortas Auror Academy

I stared at it and cheered.I was going.My mother read it and smiled."I knew it!!!"she said.She waved her wand and said"Locomotor Trunk." .A trunk came down with some stuff in it.She said"I packed it while you were sleeping."she said.She placed my vault key in my pocket.She then said to me"I got you a surprise."She handed me a black sheltie pup.I said"Thanks mom!"
She said"You may use the floo powder and you should stay at the Leaky Cauldron."She then handed me some extra Galleons.She cried and said"I'll miss you."I said"No problem.My sheltie will keep me company."She hugged me and handed me some Floo powder.I took the Floo powder and said clearly"DIAGON ALLEY!"as I tossed some in the fireplace.
I found myself in Diagon Alley.First,check in.I walked into the Leaky Cauldron and said to the barkeeper"Hello,I'm checking in."as I placed down the galleons.
OOC:Who wants to interact with my character?

5th July 2003, 11:45 PM
Name: Elizabeth Carrington

Gender: Female

Species: Werewolf ^^

Personality: She's typically a quiet person, and can be very timid around people she doesn't know, but if she makes friends with someone, she's very outgoing. Being mostly introverted, when people make fun of her, she keeps all the hurt inside. She doesn't seem brave when it comes to daily life, but when something bad happens, she becomes much, much braver. She's also not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She's not very proud of the fact that she's a werewolf, and tries her best to act like she's not.

Human: She's pretty tall at about 5' 11''. She has long, auburn curly hair, and crystal blue eyes. She typically likes to wear long skirts of varying dark colors, and has a dark red jacket that she wears over her shrit. She usually leaves her hair down all the time.
Werewolf: As a werewolf, she has auburn colored fur that has other shades of brown in it. Her eyes are still that crystal blue color, and her tail is very fluffy.

Classes: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Divination, Muggle Studies, and Care of Magical Creatures.

Auror Training: Offence Magic and Survival Training

House: Endriago

Wand: 12'' Maple, with Phoenix Feathers.

Year: 1st!

Animal: Her pet dog Mac is her animal. He's a mut that kinda resembles a terrier (kinda looks like Benji, if you know who I'm talkin' about) mixed with a sheepdog. He's not very big, and only comes to about 2 feet tall. HIs coat is a white/wheat color.

Quidditch: Chaser

History: When she was about nine years old, she got lost in a dense forest on a camping trip with her parents (both muggles). She accidently ran into a wolf that bit her up badly. Her parents wanted to take her to the doctor, but they were intecepted by some wizards that had apparently been chasing the wolf. They immediately took her to St Mungo's, and thus began her first glimpse into the wizarding world. Soon after learning how to handle her transformations, she was sent the letter from Hogwarts. Her parents happily accepted her going there, and they told her to take Mac with her, so that she could have company when she would transform. At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Gryffindor, and tried her best to keep her werewolf thing a secret. Which, since she had few friends, wasn't too hard. The Slytherins didn't tease her about being a werewolf, seeing as they really didn't know, but they did tease her about being a muggle-born. When she transformed at Hogwarts, she tried her best to control herself, and was placed in a secure classroom away from people with Mac to keep her company. She was glad to have been asked to Auror train, because she has always felt that the threat of Voldemort was never really gone. (Well, as long as she has known who Voldemort is).

Other: She really loves animals, and her absolute favorite class is Care of Magical Creatures. ^^

Elizabeth (Endriago)

'It's quite busy out this morning...' I thought to myself as I rode to Diagon Alley.

My parents were having a bit of trouble in getting there. It was as though practically everyone, or rather every muggle, in all of London was out today.

"The traffic's still bad..." said Mum, looking out the windows every few seconds, as if to double-check to see if it were any better.

"Don't worry, we'll make it there before long," said my Dad reassuringly.

Stroking my dog Mac, I sat in silence, my thoughts drifting off to the letter I had recieved only just this morning...

Thank you Ms. Carrington for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Attached is a list of books that you will be requiring for the term. Please ensure you purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you need. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours Sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy

I smiled to myself, 'I'm going to train to be an Auror...!'

After what seemed a century, we finally arrived at Diagon Alley. Nothing much had changed since the last time I had been here.

But even though I had been here before, that didn't mean I wasn't still awed by it all. The funny-shaped buildings, the towering lopsided bank, and the dressed-up wizards all walking around, chatting about broomsticks and such.

I noticed a tap on my shoulder.

"Dear, your father and I are going to go change our money into wizard money for you. Will you be okay alone until we meet you to say goodbye at the Leaky Cauldron?" my Mum asked me.

"Sure, go on then! I want to get buying right away! I'll be getting myself a room in the Leaky Cauldron," I said excitedly.

I walked up to the entrance, Mac on a leash, my trunks behind me on my cart.

"Ready for some adventure boy?" I said to him. He stared up at me, panting from being in the sun.

We walked in the pub, looking for someone to ask about a room. I peered over and saw quite a few other kids asking for rooms too.

"Hello," I said quietly as I approached the others.

"You here for a room too?" the barkeeper asked.

"Uh.. yes," I said, even quieter, now that everyone was watching me.

"Right then... all you lot bring out your money one at a time to pay me, and I'll see to it that you get your rooms."

Each of us nodded, and began to form a very unorganized line to pay him.

Mac was starting to sniff a boy's puppy, who looked back at him curiously.

"Be nice Mac..." I warned him. He looked up at me with his usual innocent face.

"Hello!" said the boy that owned the puppy, "I'm Kevin."

"Uh, hi..." I said nervously, "My name's Elizabeth... my friends call me Lizzy for short..." I looked down at his puppy.

"Cute puppy... a sheltie isn't it? Mine's a terrier of, er, some kind... I'm not sure. But he's very sweet," I said more confidently, feeling that a subject about dogs was something I could handle.

5th July 2003, 11:47 PM
<<Akina Naomi Tsuki>>

"Hun..Want me to go home, and get your Stuff?You can check in here, I'll come back..and we'll go get your supplies.."Dad said,"You wont have to see Kasumi.."

"Yeah..that would be great.."I said, flapping my head wings with joy..I got a few looks from the Leaky Caludron...Half Angel hybrids aren't common much...I've even had Wand creators take Feathers for the wands..

Dad left, by floo Powder..My truck was Packed already..and Yuru was with me..so..

"I'll check in.."I told the bartender.....He stared at my Head wings with Curiosity..
"Do..they hurt?"
"No..Not Really..Wanna see them move?"I asked, but moved them anyway, back and forth..A Feather came down..
"Can I keep it?"

He handed the key to me, offering if I would like a Drink..I polietly refused..I wasn't thirsty much..

"Akina..got the Key?"Dad came back, and was controling my trunk with his wand for me..Yuru Cooed..
"Yeah.."We walked up the stairs, and opened the room..Placing Yuru in her cage, with some food, and my Trunck on the floor, and locked the room..

We walked back downstairs...I saw a lot of Kids, probably to get supplies..None had their dads with them..

"Dad.."I muttered...I strenched my wings inside..and got "Oohh's.." and "Ahh"

Tyler and Hobbes
6th July 2003, 12:41 AM
Can someone post about crashing with me, I kinda want to post soon.

Eevee Forever
6th July 2003, 12:54 AM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

As I was sitting on my barstool, trying to make conversation with the girl I had seen come into The Leaky Cauldron a few minutes after myself, I was interrupted when I was hit with a trunk that was following, strangely enough, a fox and a yeti. I looked away for a moment to clean up my now spilt butterbeer, but I quickly doubled back for a second; the fox was no longer a fox, but another guy around my age, with black hair like mine, only longer and with red highlights. Using common sense, I deducted that he too must be an Animagus.

"Sorry about that...I'm Ajax," I said, as I held out my hand. He shook it, and I bent down to help him get the things back into his trunk.

CoolTrainer IcEz
6th July 2003, 12:57 AM
Zephyr Potter [Torignis]

As abruptly as a boy named Druid had spoke to me, after the encounter with Rookwood, he left. But something felt strange, Druid, Druid, Druid... where had I heard that name before. And when he mentioned about giving Rookwood a good thumping, he seemed even more familiar. I shook my head, Druid seemed like a really nice person. Whatever the case, I didn't want to miss out on making a friend.

Bursting out of the Leaky Cauldron, I scanned the street up and down, there was no sight of Druid anywhere. He couldn't have gone far. My instincts told me I should head for Flourish and Blotts. Passing the Quidditch store, somehow I found myself slowing down and staring into the display case. It was a firebolt, just like my own. As I continued to walk again, I bumped into something hard. Ouch! I head someone yell as I did too. It wasn't something, it was someone!

"Sorry! Sorry!" I found myself apologising.
"Nah... It's ok." the guy replied, I looked up at him, he was about an inch or two taller than I was and just as muscular as me.
"Are you ok?"
"Yeah. It's nothing..."
"Hey, my name's Zephyr Remus Potter, just call me Zephyr or Zeph."
"Oh, Hi! I'm Jayson Andrias Marionette. Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"
"Yeah! You're from Hogwarts too!"
"Oh, yeah!" But then, Jayson's face frowned.
"What's wrong?"
"Too bad I won't be seeing you around."
"Huh? I don't get you."
"I'm attending Aortas this year."
"Hey! That's great! I'm going there too!"
Suddenly, Jayson's face brightened up.
"Cool! Where're you headed?"
"I'm going to get my books at Flourish and Blotts"
"Alright... Well, I've already got mine. Maybe I'll see you around in the Leaky Cauldron."
"Yeah sure. See ya"

As he left, I felt that school at Aortas wasn't going to be that bad after all. In Flourish and Blotts, I pulled out my booklist and began hunting for my books. Reaching for A Beginner's Guide to Offence Magic, I saw another hand reaching for it too. It was Druid!

"Hi Druid! Zeph, remember? We met back in the Leaky Cauldron." I almost shouted, really excited to find him again.
"Oh, hi..." he replied, not all to happy with meeting me. I glanced down at the book he had grabbed. Something hit me.
"You... Um... Book... Um... You wouldn't happen to be attending Aortas too, would you?"
"Yeah! You too?" Druid's face lit up with a really handsome smile that I had not seen before.
"That's great! Hey you really should smile more." I joked.
"You too..." He chuckled.
I picked up another copy of A Beginner's Guide to Offence Magic turned to Druid to help continue the conversation, he seemed to feel uncomfortable; maybe that was why he left earlier. Not wanting the same thing to repeat I added, "So what subjects are you taking?"
"Let's see..." he said, rummaging his robes and finally taking out a roll of parchment.
"Hey! We're taking almost the same subjects!" I said as we compared out booklists.
"Yeah. Except I'm not taking Herbology..."
"Why? Thinking of punching the Herbology teacher?" I added jokingly.
He chuckled again and smiled broadly. As we jogged off to pick up the other books it felt like this year couldn't get any better. New friends, a new school and a Rookwood-less year ahead. I beamed to myself and followed Druid.

6th July 2003, 01:26 AM
<<Akina Naomi Tsuki>><<Chifre>>

Me and my Dad left The Leaky Caludron, and entered the Busy Roads of Diagon Alley..I loved it here the most..I didn't care if I stood out like a Sore Thumb..

Flourish and Blotts was the first place to go..I needed the Books on the list,and some light reading on Angel History..I liked to have referances if someone was to make fun of me..

"This book..and this one.."I said, placing the books in dad's arms..
My head wings fluttered in glee as we came upon the history isle..

"Just 2 books.."Dad muttered..

"Angels in History and Major Events by Angels"I said, and took them to the counter..and payed for them..

"Books are done..now.."Dad said..
"Lotion.."I reminded him.
"We'll get that tomorrow, or you will..You still have a lot left.."


We passed the Quiditich store, and I looked in the window..Broom's are nice...But I don't like Flying on something...I can fly with my own wings..

If anyone wants to talk to her, go ahead.

6th July 2003, 04:21 AM
Name: Alec Firness
Gender: Male
Species: 15/16 parts human, 1/16 part giant

Personality: He is almost too kind for his own good, often charitable. He is always there to be a hand and never busies himself with selfish desires. However, dark wizards get his goat and he will not hesitate to strike one, even in cold blood. He is incredibly scary when angry. He is also quite intelligent too.

Appearance: He is six feet three inches tall and quite muscular, although he usually slouches in order to make himself look less intimidating. He has long well-groomed back hair with large black sideburns and green eyes. He usually wears a black cloak with a black leather sleeveless jacket with silver buckles underneath and black trousers and brown leather boots. Also wears brown leather fingerless gloves. He also has a Scottish accent.

Class: Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training: Offence Magic, Survival Training, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat
House: Torignis
Wand: His wand is made out of wood from a Black Ash, so it is black, and the magical ingredient is the optic nerve of a Basilisk.
Year: 1st Year
Animal: Enchanted Cat (it can become a cougar to protect either itself or its master) called Holly
Quidditch: Beater (played two matches for Hufflepuff)

History: Born into a family where his father was an eigth giant, making him about 7 feet tall, so he was used to being larger than everyone, though has only told his closest friends he is a part-giant. He lived in Scotland, his mother's family's homeland, so he has a Scottish accent. Led an almost normal life, he was in Hogwarts in the Hufflepuff House and, after learning Hagrid was also part giant, he sometimes talked to Hagrid about being part-giant but it is unknown if he told Harry or his posse. He never became as good friends as Harry and the rest did due to the fact he did not want to sneak out to Hagrid's hut nor did he want to attract attention from Harry. He was a Hufflepuff reserve for Beater and played two matches for Hogwarts against Ravenclaw as previous matches against Slytherin had taken their beaters out. He was Hufflepuff's unknown duellist as he took great pride and responsibility in practical training for DAtDA. He left Hogwarts with numerous OWLs and, not wanting to stay at Hogwarts as he had felt too much trouble had been caused due to Harry Potter, he accepted the training at the Auror Academy immediately.

Other: Owns a Nimbus 2001. He is also a licensed Animagus. His animagus form is a black lion with a yellow/gold mane and tail hair.


Alec Firness

I walked out the Quidditch store, broom slung over my shoulder and Holly circling my feet. I counted my galleons before slipping them back into my pouch.
"Ooh, now, now, Holly, Aye've told you before, you cannee go aroond ma legs while Diagon Alley is this crooded!" I said. Holly purred innocently then leapt up onto my free shoulder. I turned around and saw a familiar face. Well, it wasn't exactly the face, the wings were also a big giveaway.
"Akina?" I half-shouted. The man accompanying her and the angel turned their heads and looked at me. I smiled and walked over.
"Hello Alec, nice to meet you..."
"Aye, great day for shopping, no?" I asked. "Say, you aren't by chance goin' to this new Auror Academy lark, are yee?"
She looked up at her dad then turned to face me.
"Yeah, why, are you?"
" 'Course I am! There ain't nuffin' I 'ate more than some dastardly bloke goin' aroond hexing innocent folk jis' fer the sake of it!"
She smiled sympathetically.
"You always were the quiet, vigilant one, weren't you," she said. I gave a large grin. She noticed the broom on my back. "So, thinking of joining the team there?" she asked.
"Yeh, I kinda liked playing fer Hufflepuff when I 'ad the chance, ye'know. I just had to go take me ol' Nimbus to be reinforced. I kinda got big bones," I said, trying to hide the fact I was part-giant. I wasn't ashamed of it, but I don't know how people would react if I did tell them. I heard these ministry types don't like half-breeds. But would Akina understand, being part-angel and all? Well, that ain't easy to hide. I just realised there had been a long pause.
"Well, Aye'm off to Flourish & Blotts. I, er, ain't got my books yet so, see you at the academy..."
"If not sooner," she said, sweetly. I gave a small chuckle then walked off, waving back to her. Aye, what a fine lass. She'll mek an excellent Auror.

Tyler and Hobbes
6th July 2003, 04:39 AM
Shade [Guivre]
"Sorry about that...I'm Ajax," the guy said. "Shade, sorry, sorry, I'll be getting out of your way, let you and your girlfriend have peace." that obviously was the wrong thing to say because right away they both yelled, "What?!?" It shocked Crescent and he fell down. He started crying. I picked him up, "Sorry, I had been ignoring you haven't I? There, there," I said, giving him some butterbear that was dripping from the counter. "Isn't that better?" I asked in a soft voice. He nodded. I put him on the floor and he jumped up to lick the counter. "Um..you've got the wrong idea. We're not a couple, we just met!" Ajax said. This was a bad first impression. "Do you mind watchin Crescent for a while?" I asked. Before they could answer I took my trunk and asked for a room. I gave the guy gold and headed to my room, dropping my stuff.

6th July 2003, 10:17 AM
Elizabeth Endriago

After Kevin and I finished our small conversation, I noticed that my parents were heading back.
"Oh, here are my parents, I need to go with them.. um, maybe I'll see you around here sometime?" I said to Kevin.
"Yeah sure," he replied.
I walked up to my parents. I noticed that Dad was sporting a new black eye.
"Wha.. what happened?" I said, hoping it wasn't a Death Eater that had done it.
Mum responded first, "Well, the goblins aren't very friendly to, er, what is it wizards call us? Muggles? Anyway, your father got into a bit of a row with one... you see your father had accused-"
"Oh honey, I didn't accuse anybody!"
"-accused the nice goblin of not giving us the right amount of wizard money in exchange for ours... then, the goblin got angry, and before I knew it, your father was thrown backward by some kind of spell."
"But then how...?"
"Oh the eye? That was from falling from the spell..." she answered, guessing my question.
"Oh," I said, trying to stifle laughter, it was very much like Dad to get into a fight over money.
My family isn't poor, we're just not rich, so every bit of it counts. Especially to my Dad.
"Well, should you take him home then?" I asked Mum.
"That's what I was about to say... he really needs some nice ice for that swollen eye... but that means you would have to shop alone..." she said, sounding a bit nervous.
"Mum, how many times must I tell you? Nobody knows I'm a, er, you know... so I'm pretty sure I can handle it! Besides, full moon isn't 'till next week," I answered softly, not wanting to be overheard by anyone else.
"Right," Mum replied, "We'll, be off then. Goodbye Lizzy..."
"Bye Liz..."
They both hugged me, gave their supply of money to me, and went off to go try and find the car somewhere in the muggle street. I went up to my room to drop my things off, and then went back down to Diagon Alley.
"Well, let's go shall we?" I said down to Mac, who seemed very keen to go. "Let's go visit Mr. Ollivander, he's always happy to see me."
We got up to the wand shop, and I stood in the back, waiting for a small group of first years to get done with buying their wands. Mr. Ollivander then turned his big moony eyes on me.
"Oh, Ms. Carrington, so nice to see you again. Problem with your wand, or have you just come for a visit?" he asked softly.
"Just a visit," I replied happily. We chatted for a bit about the new threat of You-Know-Who, and of me going to Aortas.
"You'll fit in quite nicely at Aortas," he told me, "They have all sorts there. Almost everyone who goes there is part somethin', can change into somethin', or wishes they could be both."
"That's good."
"You may even see other werewolves there." I paused; I knew there was another boy at Hogwarts that was a werewolf... but I had never really talked to him about it. He was quite vocal about being a werewolf, and I was afraid he'd let my secret out for sure if I told him. Unlike him, I didn't want people to know what I was. I was perfectly happy with them not knowing. Unless they were like Mr. Ollivander, who just happened to be in St. Mungos when I was diagnosed. Since we had beds next to each other, we got to be very good friends. It's amazing how friendly he can be with a nine year old.
"Well, see you later Mr. Ollivander, thank you for chatting!" I said, leaving the shop.
"Now for some books Mac," I said, trying to remember which way the bookshopp was.

Eevee Forever
6th July 2003, 10:20 AM
OOC: I changed my Animagus with the permission of CoolTrainer IcEz. FOr more info, check my profile in the sign-ups or on the first page of this thread.

Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

"Ummm...okay..." I answered, as Shade had practically thrown the Yeti into my arms and darted up the stairs with his stuff. As he dissapeared from sight, Crescent, which I assumed its name was, began to cry.

"Oh, oh dear..." I said, as I began to rock him slowly back and forth in my arms.

"You're not doing it right," said the girl next to me. "Here, let me try."

Well, she was right about one thing; I wasn't doing it right. However, it didn't stop him any more than when I had had him. When he continued to cry, Ra tried his hand at calming him down and began to sing gently and softly, something like a lullaby. When it still didn't work, I wished that I had bought my Care of Magical Creatures books already...but then, I remembered what Shade had done. I ordered another butterbeer, and as soon as the bartender slid it down the bar my way I transfigured the tall, frosty mug into a bottle. I readjusted my arms so that I could hold the Yeti with just one, but it was no easy task, seeing as he was fairly large for a baby. As I gave him the bottle, he instantly calmed down and began to drink. At least that was under control...now, where had Shade gone to?

6th July 2003, 10:29 AM
<<Akina Naomi Tsuki>><<Chifre(I keep on forgeting to put this on)>>

"Well, Aye'm off to Flourish & Blotts. I, er, ain't got my books yet so, see you at the academy..."Alec said after the long pause...

"If not sooner,"I smiled, with him erupting in a small chuckle, and then walking again..I would probably see him on the Train there..

"That kid was nice.."Dad said,"He's going to Aortas Auror Acadamy too?"
"Yeah, that was Alec.."

We continued to walk, Me getting looks from my wings, Like I did everyyear I went shopping..I didn't care, personally, because..Well, I like being Half-Angel..though Mom Despises it..

I didn't notice before, My Head wings probably started to flap during the pause between the conversation between Alec and me..

"Damn it...stop.."I muttered...When they flapped from a emotion..it's not easy to stop them..

"So...Got your books, your robes, you got new ones for Christmas, so they are good...Your wand...is ok..right?"
"You take off the Ravenclaw Patch on your robes?"
"Did and done.."

I thought about Alec for a second, as we just freely walked through Diagon Alley..I hope he would be ok..He was a half-breed like me..And the Ministry hates Half Breed's, I normally got letters from them for using magic when I wasn't..

Alec would make a excellent Auror, no doubt, and I know it would make the Ministry Upset like Hell if me and him got through the Acadamy alive..Much less, any Half-Breed..

"Let's go back to the Leaky Caludron..I'll buy you some butterbeer..."Dad said..My wings flapped with Thirst and happiness...

"One day.."I muttered"These damn things will flap when I want them too!"I made my wings go into my skin again, only for the Leaky Caludron...It would make me look a Little human..

'Just a little bit'I thought as dad ordered the butterbeer..

6th July 2003, 10:31 AM
Sure, Jay, thats fine with me.

Name: Nessa Camarie
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: Nessa tends to be somewhat quiet when in a large group of people or without close friends. She is, however, very smart and quick to pick up on things. She has a wealth of logic and is usually willing to try anything once and give anyone a chance. She’s caring to those in need of help, but when someone wrongs her she won’t forget it.
Appearance: Pretty short, maybe around 5’2” or so, and not exactly the build of a model. She still moves with a bit of grace although she can be a klutz at times. Her dirty-blonde hair reaches the middle of her shoulder blades, and usually has light blonde highlights in the front. Her eyes are slate-blue, but there is a ring of dull sea green around her pupils. When not wearing her school robes, she usually wears jeans and a blue or black t-shirt.
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology
Auror Training: Offence Magic, Armed Combat, Survival Training
House: Chifre
Wand: 13”, willow with Thestral hair core
Year: First
Animal: A black-and-white Kneazle kitten named Kira
Quidditch: Chaser
History: Nessa comes from a long line of aurors, although she has rarely been keen on the idea of following in this tradition. Two of her uncles were killed by Death Eaters when Voldemort’s power was at its greatest, heightening the pressure put on Nessa to become an auror. After hearing of Voldemort’s return to power, she decided to give in and train to become one, and fell in love with it.
Other: She is currently studying to become an Animagus, and has yet to master it completely. Animagus form… hmm… Thestral’s taken… Unicorn, then. Muahaha.

Nessa Camarie <Chifre>
“Nessa! Come on downstairs, dear; breakfast is ready!”
“Mrrf…” With a disgruntled sigh, I practically rolled out of bed. As was usual for summer break, I had overslept by a couple of hours, and already daylight was streaming in through my window’s blinds. I walked groggily down the hall to the bathroom to wash up and get dressed, and then returned to my room for a moment. I glanced at the calendar hung next to my desk, the young Longhorn dragon in the picture still curled up in sleep. I hoped the Aortas letter would arrive today; after a week of waiting I was beginning to get nervous. There were only a few days before term began, and I know how Mom hated to cut things so short. She and Dad were ecstatic when I got the application to Aortas, but Mom had hinted more than once that getting my Hogwarts things from Diagon Alley would be a good idea, just in case. Like I would settle for that. I pulled my navy sneakers on and bolted down the stairs before skidding into the kitchen and nearly running over Sandie, our newly-mother Kneazle.
“Oh, watch the poor thing, Ness. She’s been through enough since we gave away the kittens,” my mother said as she piled waffles onto my plate. She was a slightly frazzled but nonetheless happy little witch, and always had sympathy for any person or creature going through a rough time. I began pouring syrup onto my breakfast as Mom magicked some plates from last night’s dinner into washing themselves.
“Where’s Dad gone off to?”
“Oh, the Ministry sent an owl for him before dawn. Something about a group of Death Eaters being spotted last night. They just needed his help for a little while; he should be back soon.” I sighed inwardly. The news of Voldemort’s return had made any mention of Death Eaters unsettling, but my parents spoke of them in almost casual tones. I knew there would always be that risk, that chance of something happening to them, but over the past few months I had learned to deal with it. I refused to let myself get worked up over it, and Aortas was highest on my list now, anyway. I wolfed down the last few bits of breakfast and added my plate to the self-washing ones.
“Oh, alright… -Open the window; mail’s here!” Sure enough, the kitchen was soon a flurry of feathers. A fierce-looking eagle owl dropped off a copy of the Prophet and our own screech owl, Aluca, fluttered in and tossed a letter on the table. She then hopped to the counter and helped herself to the scraps missed by the plates. That wasn’t the last of them though. A large tawny owl suddenly flew in and dropped a letter right into my arms. It was a large, brown envelope with my name on the front, and a crest printed in sparkling blue ink on the back. It had a dragon, unicorn, phoenix, and basilisk intertwined within it, but I barely took notice before ripping the top off. My heart beat wildly as I read the parchment inside.

"Thank you, Miss Camarie, for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Attached is a list of books that you will be requiring for the term. Please ensure you purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you need. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy"

A surge of energy and happiness rushed through me. I was going to Aortas! Mom had barely begun a “What are you so happy about” before I stuck the parchment in her hands and practically danced around the room. By now my mother had gotten to the rest of the envelope and said, “Well, you’d better get down to Diagon Alley right now; term starts in three days.”
“Three days? That’s cutting it a bit short…”
“Don’t worry about it. Get your things together and you can stay at the Leaky Cauldron for that time. Here’s the money got for your supplies. Remember to save some.” She handed a jingling drawstring bag to me as I turned to go upstairs.
“Alright. I’ll be down in a sec.”
A few minutes later I was standing outside the Leaky Cauldron with my trunk, broom, bag, and carrying Kira, my Kneazle kitten. Mom had said I could take her to school a few days ago, and I was glad to have her with me. I walked up to the counter, trunk floating behind me. The bartender smiled toothlessly. “Another one, eh? I’m assuming you’d like a room?”
“Yes, please. Just for two nights.”
“No problem, missy. You can have room nine upstairs. Here’s the key. You need help with your things?”
“No thanks; I’ve got it.” Before going up the stairs, I took a better look around the bar. There was already a group of young wizards there, and I recognized some of them from Hogwarts. I turned back and went up the stairs to find my room. It was a cozy looking bedroom, but perhaps a bit musty. I let my trunk down beside the wall and tossed my bag on the bed. Kira jumped on the bed and made herself at home, curling up on the pillow. “Try not to get into any trouble while I’m gone, Kira. I’ll be back in a bit.” She seemed to mew in response and flicked her tufted tail.
I walked back downstairs and out of the inn. Perhaps I would talk to the other students later, but or now I wanted to just look around the Alley and perhaps pick up some supplies.

6th July 2003, 11:20 AM
~~Yoko Denryu (Guivre)~~
I sat in the Leaky Coldren and sipped some butterbeer. My letter still hadn't come and at this rate i was going back to Hogwarts.
I watched some other people talking happily among thier friends about Aortas and how cool it would be to go.
A barn owl flew in through the window and landed in my butterbeer.
I untied the letter and opened it with my wand. It was the letter! The one inviting me to Aortas!
I read it over and over to make sure it was right. My Slytherin friends are gonna be so jelous when i tell them!
I was in Diagon Ally for a few more days and my parents think i'm going back to Hogwarts... I grabbed a peice of parchment and scribbled:
Hey Mum and Dad,
I got into Aortas and i'm not going to Hogwarts! WOOPEE!
Love, Yoko.
I ran up to my room and found Snowy.
"Hey, send this to Mum and Dad please!" I said.
I tied the letter to her leg and she flew out the window. I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling.
This is gonna be soo cool! No more Draco Malfoy taking my Quidditch postition! I looked over at my Nimbus 2001. I need an upgrade...
I grabbed my money and headed for the broom shop.

RaZoR LeAf
6th July 2003, 12:05 PM
Name: Malvar Dragus
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Personality: Hard working, he's always trying to overcome the stereotyping that werewolves are stupid. He's constantly trying to better himself, and keeps trying to bridge the gap between were-people and normal folk. He's a proud person, who doesn't take kindly to insults about his nature.
~ Obviously, when he's wearing his uniform, his dress sense is mucy the same as everyone else. I'd imagine the uniforms are like in Hogwarts, but with the class colours? He's about 5'4", with a big build. Has shoulder length dirty-brown hair (dirty-brown, not dirty), very dark brown eyes, almost black infact. When he's not in uniform, he has grey combat trousers, black boots, a green shirt and a brown seude jacket.
~ As a wolf he's much like a regular wolf, but quite bigger. More like the size of a calf. His fur is also dirty-brown, and his eyes have gone completely black. He has the ability to stand on his hind legs and walk upright like a man, so his back feet are very powerful and muscular
- Defense Against the Dark Arts
- Transfiguration
- Potions
- Charms
- Creatures of Magical Creatures (is this typed out wrong?)
- Herbology
Auror Training:
- Offence Magic
- Unarmed Combat
House: Torignis
Wand: 10" Oak Wood, core made of crystalised Mandrake sap
Year: First, of course :D
Animal: Aside from himself.. heheheh. He has a cat, called Noswaith. It's a bit of a wild cat, pitch black fur and brilliant yellow yes.
Quidditch: Beater
History: From Wales originally, born into a Wizarding family, he was bitten by a wolf at a young age. He took his "curse" as a gift, and as he learnt the different veiws the wizarding world had on werewolves, he decided he would change that. Attending Hogwarts, he made people more aware of werewolf rights, and more peopl began to look up to him and admire him. Except for most of Slytherin, who disliked him very much.

As with any werewolf, he turns into his canine self at the full moon, and is usually quite ill looking and ill temepred the few nights surroudning one. To date he's never attacked or endangered anyone as a wolf. He's one of the few pupils at Hogwarts who'd explore the Woods outside, as he hunts there in wolf form.

Ook, i'll have to catch up on everyone elses posts later, right now, let me just get a post in to set myself somewhere.

Malvar Dragus (m) Werewolf ~ Torignis

"There's an owl coming in, everybody watch out." I said, opening the window wide. ABout three minutes later, a white tawny perched itself on the sill and relenquished a scroll. I tore it open and read it

Thank you Mr Dragus for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Attached is a list of books that you will be requiring for the term. Please ensure you purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you need. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours Sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy

"Is everything packed?" My dad asked.
"Yeah, did it all a few days ago just incase. Do we have any floo powder left? I have to go buy all my books and equipment."
My dad left then came back with a pot of powder.
"Good Luck son."
"Thanks dad." I took the powder and slammed it down "Diagon Alley!"

Everything went green for a second, then I found myself in a floo tube in Diagon Alley. I brushed the soot from me, and stepped out. There was a woosh from behind me. I turned to see a small bag of galleons waiting, with a note.
This is from us, make sure you get everything you need son.

I took the money and started to shop around. The first few books on the list were pretty common. Aldaheirz' Guide to Common Creatures and Aldaheirz' Guide to magical and rare creatures came in one handy volume. Rodar's Herbs and Spices, A beginners guide to Potions, Charms and other spells, Transfiguration and it's uses in the Wizarding World. The other books on the list looked a little less common. I'd have to go into some smaller specialist shops for those.

After some searching I found Defence against the Dark Arts being sold on a new stall. I guess the Aortas Academy opening didn't go unoticed in the sales world. Offencive Magic, a guide for all I managed to pick up ina dark and gloomy store owned by a giant, who's head and forearms were all I could see of him. Unarmed Combat, skills without magic I found after a fair bit of searching, but I got it for cheap off another werewolf shop owner. He also gave me the latest copy of Full Moon - All the news for werewolves and more. A magazine I was hoping to get before catching the train. Last but one stop was to get a new wand.

"10" Oak Wood, core made of crystalised Mandrake sap." the store owner said as he handed it over "A fine combination."

I made sure everything was secured to my pack, before heading for the last place on my list, The Leaky Cauldren.

6th July 2003, 12:20 PM
Name: Shilan Shinomori
Gender: Male
Species: His great-grandfather was a vampire, otherwise he's a human of Japanese descent, muggle born.
Personality: Kinda withdrawn, is determined to the point of having tunnel vision to be the best. He rarely drops his guard, even less when he's in his determined state. Still, he can be a decent person... sometimes
Appearance: 5'10, thin build. He looks a lot older then he is, his face is always stern, and he already has a few lines around. His hair is jet black and long, hanging casually down to the front, sometimes obscuring his deep blue eyes.
-Defense Against the Dark Arts
-Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training:
-Offensive Magic
-Unarmed Combat
-Armed Combat
-Survival Training
House: Torignis
Wand: 13', holly, manticore bone marrow
Year: 1st
Animal: A large horned owl named Khayame.
Quidditch: Enjoys quidditch, but doesn't really want to play. Would play if asked to...
History: Grew up with his aunt and uncle in London. When they received the Hogwarts letter, he was officially kicked out of his family. His family didn't really care for magic. Outside of Hogwarts, he lived on the streets until he was taken in by a kind English family during the summer between his 2nd and 3rd years.
Other: His only hobby is taking care of dangerous creatures. He would love to have a manticore, dragon, thestral, fire crab, or just about anything for a pet.

Shilan- Torignis
Shilan sighed, stepping into the Leaky Cauldron from the entrance to Diagon Alley. He slowly removed his red tinted sunglasses, looking around the dark bar. He could see many people talking excitedly to friends and family. More Aortas students probably. No matter, they weren't important. He was somewhat disappointed to leave Hogwarts now. He was about to start all the interesting NEWT classes, and would've had a chance to be on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, now that all the Chasers had left. He softly thumbed the Aortas letter in his coat pocket as he slowly walked over to the bar. He ordered some ice water, slapping a few sickles on the table. Shilan reached into his bag, pulling out a fancy-looking blue eagle quill and a spare peice of parchment and began to write.

Dear Hagrid,
How's your summer going? Sure hope it's better than the last one. Speaking of that, how's Grawp doing?
Anyway, guess what? I got in Aortas! Only bad thing is I won't be able to help you with any of those cool creatures you hid in the forest. I wish the Blast-Ended Skrewts didn't kill themselves off, they where really fun, although I doubt many other people thought so. Aortas doesn't have any creatures there, and they don't allow anything outside of household pets and Owls. Boring. But anyway, it should be fun. I'll keep in touch over the school year. Remember, don't go showing off any of the creatures in the forest during your classes, you might draw attention to yourself.


He put his quill back in his bag and attached the message to Khayame's leg, softly stroking her back. "See ya when you get back," he muttered, sipping his water as he watched Khayame fly off.
Shilan was glad he bought his books and stuff early. Now that all the Aortas students had arrived, the stores would be horribly crowded. Drinking the last of his ice water, he took out his wand, muttering "locomotor trunk", and walking off toward his room.

6th July 2003, 12:37 PM
Wow... I can't post for a day and look how this thing flies! ^^ Oh well,, I'm good at poofing up some where in the middle of things.

Name: Avyian Tseuga
Gender: Female
Species: Were-Unicorn (see Bio for info)
Personality: Avyian is rather the 'nice' girl, who likes to make friends but usually doesn't like to cause trouble. She's very kind to everyone, and will stand up to people if she believes they are out of line and will suddenly become quite bold in a situation like this. She otherwise is very cheerful, although some tims she seems lonely or depressed... but she usually keeps that to herslf and doesn't let others see it unless they truely know her.
Appearance: She stands about 5'8, with an athletic yet very trim and slender build. Her complexion is rather fair with a slight hue of a outside-sun tan, which causes the cheeks in her face to naturally seemingly always be rosey flushed. Her hair is lengthy and long, reaching to about slightly short of halfway down her waist and it seems to always remain perfectly straight, except for the ends being slightly curled under. Towards the front of her face her hair is layered to frame her face, and it is a slight mixture of various golden blondes and light browns to make a rather interesting mixture for hair. Her eyes are a bedazzling sight of light blue, seemingly frosty-glazed and very piercing to anyone who sees them... and rather eerie too.
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Divination, Creatures of Magical Creatures, Herbology
Auror Training: Offence Magic, Unarmed Combat, Armed Combat, Survival Training
House: Endriago
Wand: 12", waterwood, made with the inner core being that of the hair of a unicorn mixed with the essense of faey dust. The wand itself shimmers bright silver.
Year: 1st year
Animal: A small cat, (really small... like kitten sized, only it's a full-grown cat), which is named Youkai and is pitch black with startling green eyes.
Quidditch: Seeker
History: Her father, a full blooded Wizard who worked at the Ministry of Magick (one of the very few who was working secretly for the Order) was the one who raised her all her life, although she did have a mother but she died when giving birth to Avyianne. Her father did not tell her how or why her mother died, so she did not question it thinking that her father had his own good reasons for not telling her. She grew up in the Wizard world, and was actually given her wand at a very early age. Sadly however, when she reached the age of 4, she began to discover she was quite different then most people. For some reason, she could see things that soem people couldn't... (you'll find out what.) and she could talk to most animals with ease. Later, on the night of the cresent moon (occurs monthly), she transformed into a young Unicorn colt. She found out from her father (who was desperately covering it up, so no one would find out.), that she was half unicorn and was sort of a were-unicorn, like a werewolf except a unicorn and she would turn into one monthly. Her father kept this a secret from all except for a selected few of teh order so not to give Avyianne trouble. She soon was enrolled in Hogwarts, and after recieving her O.W.L.S and the letter, her father was shortly killed while working for the Order. The mystery surrounding her father's death is unknown to what cause... but Avyianne is shocked adn although she's agreed to go to teh Auror's school, she's depressed at this occurance.
Other: She has a silver necklace with a moon pendant around he rneck..

Avyianne Tseuga - F (1/2Unicorn/human)- Endriago

Avyianne stood there, her eyes wide with disbelief as she sat in the hard, wooden chair of her home. There were several figures before her, all of them standing except for one who was sitting across from her. They all remained silent... as tears flooded Avyianne's vision and she swallowed hard. Her life had come crashing down, and she didn't know how to take it. Her eyes watered instantly, as streams of small tears strolled down her cheeks and towards the outside of her eyes. She clutched the letter in her hand... it seemed that just a few minutes ago she was so happy. She had been excepted in the the Auror academy, and then they came... and her world had taken a wicked turn and crashed.

"I'm so sorry you have to be put through this Avyianne." One of the figures spoke, as she gazed at the one who spoke. She didn't know how to respond... how did you respond? Instead of having to however, the figure sitting spoke.
" It will take time for you to grasp the fact that your father is dead. We understand... but we want to make sure you don't do anything rash. He fought for the Order very honorably, and he would not want you to do anything out of hand for the sake of his life if it would put you in danger. So we ask you, that you would go to the Auror school, and continue to live your life."

Avyianne couldn't believe it... did they just want her to forget her father and pretend nothing ever happened?
"I can't just pretend nothing happened!" Avyianne suddenly gasped, her voice stressed and tight from crying. Her hair wavered beautifuly in her moistened face, as the sitting figure in front of her shook his head.
"We are not asking you to forget your father, we are simply telling you that he would want you to move on and to do your best at the school. If you do become an Auror, then you can perhaps seek revenge for your father and help the Order."
With that another figure elbowed the sitting on and hissed..
"Seek revenge?! We don't want unrashionable words!"
"The girls' going to want revenge on Lord Voldermort!" Almost all of the figures flinched, except for one- and except for Avyianne. Ever since she was a child her father had been talkng about him... telling her how he would return, and AVyianne had to be careful. Her father had been especially worried of Avyianne, since he had been in the Order and his child, Avyianne, was half unicorn. He had heard that Voldermort had a taste for using Unicorns if he couldf ind them... which had caused her father to become quite paranoid.

Some time had passed as many figures of the Order talked to her, until finally they gathered to leave. One figure however, Remus, stayed behind.
" Avyianne... why don't you go to Diagon Alley and buy the things you'll need for school. That will get your mind off things... it's good to get fresh air."
Avyianne looked at Lupin- he had been a good friend of her father's, and he was one of the very few who knew of her unique bloodline. Avyianne looked into his eyes... and instantly she felt her emotions leaving her again..
" But what do I do?! I'm all alone! How will I pay the bills and get to school when the time comes a-"
She couldn't speak anymore, her words turned into nothing but stifled cries as Avyianne tried to not cry, thsu causing herself to simply breath heavily and furiously wipe away at her tears. Remus gently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, as he shook his head.
" Don't you worry about that. I'll take care of it. When the day comes for you to leave to school, I will come fetch you. So don't worry your little blonde head about anything, alright? You just go to Diagon Alley."
With that, Remus stepped up and took out some Floo Powder. With that, instantly flames rose as he looked at Avyianne.
"Promise me you will be okay?"
Avyianne patted her face with the edge of her shirt and nodded.
"Good. Now just use your magick to get back here."
" I know."
"Take care Avyianne and remember- your father is with you, and he will forever be proud o fyou."
Avyianne then disappeared as slhe entered the floo powder.

Soon Avyianne was in Diagon Alley. She already had money on her... and gazing about with the parchment in her hand for what she would need, she walked. Wizards and Witches were alraedy bussling about, eager with their own duties. Swallowing hard, Avyianne hoped she looked alright... as she absent mindedly tucked a strand of loose, golden-touched blonde hair behind her ear. She walked... and slowly but surely she started to stop at a few stores, buying her things and placing themin her bottomless bag which she held with one hand. It was when she stopped buy the Leaky Cauldron, that she saw the news. Big headlines...
" Mysterious Death: Ministry Worker Vincent Tseuga Dies of Anomaly." Worse of all, it had a picture of the location of where he had died... in the Forbiddon Forest, just off Hogwarts grounds where he was working for the order.

Avyianne stopped walking and shut her eyes for a brief moment... Snape himself had told her that her father had died. Died while on some mission for the Order... and although he had succeeded, it had costed him his life. Voldermort himself had killed her father.

Avyianne quickly walked away from the Leaky Cauldron... and she kept browsing through DIagon Alley. If that was the latest headline, no doubt that was the latest gossip. Hopefully no one would bother her... most people probably wouldn't recognize her anyway unless they were from Hogwarts- so only students would know, and most of them wouldn't have the guts to talk to her anyway.

Sighing.. Avyianne quickly wiped away a hint of a tear from her eye, and kept walking in search for more supplies. Unknowingly however, Avyianne had failed to notice she had already gotten all of the things she would need.

6th July 2003, 01:56 PM
Alec Firness

I wandered off, in search of Flourish & Blotts. Since I only spent my lifetime in Tillycoutry (in Scotland) and Hogwarts, I only visited Diagon Alley twice a year; school supplies and Christmas presents. At least I could pay my way in life; back in Scotland, I worked in Glasgow during the summer. Paperwork mainly for the Ministry branch up there, which isn't as bad as the one down here. I sighed as I wandered into Flourish & Blotts.

Looking around, I remembered where my books would be. I walked over to 'Magical Creatures' and looked at the different selections. Somewhat pertubed, I glanced there was a sudden increase of books in the 'Defence against Magical Creatures' section. I guess now Voldemort is utilising what he can muster, people should be prepared for anything. I spied out an Auror-Academy Approved one, or a Triple A book, and got two AAA books, one about Care of Magical Creatures and one concerning Defence against Magical Creatures. I then walked over to the more academic selection and noticed that there were many AAA sales happening. '3 for 2' here and 'AAA Potions only 5 Galleons'. I shrugged and got a DAtDA, Transfiguration and a Charms book, all AAA so I could get one free. After getting the 5 books, I opened the door a bit clumsily and ran into someone.


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6th July 2003, 02:19 PM
~~Yoko Denryu (Guivre)~~
I walked along Diagon Ally. An owl flew past my head, i watched it fly over the shops, not noticing another person. I walked straight into him. He dropped all his new books.
"I'm so sorry! Let me help you with them!" I said, bending down to help him pick them up.
"It's ok..." He said as i handed him his books back.
"I'm Yoko."
"Hi. I'm Alec."
"Are you going to Quidditch supply shop?" I asked.

6th July 2003, 02:47 PM
Elizabeth (Endriago)

I walked through the store, looking at various books on the shelves.

"So many..." I said, eyeing them intently.

I passed by the books about werewolves without a glance, and went to the magical creatures books.

"I'm not just going to buy my schoolbook, I'll buy a few others too," I said aloud, grabbing the ones that looked interesting.

I walked up to the counter, and placed my large stack of books on the table top. After I paid for them, I left Flourish and Blotts, and went back to walking on the alley.

I passed by other kids, and thought to myself, I wonder how many other Hogwarts students are attending Aortas this year?

Anyone who wants to interact can. ^^

6th July 2003, 02:53 PM
Kevin Usagi (Endriago)

It was my turn in line.I gave the bartender my Galleons.The bartender handed me my key and said"Don't lose it!"I walked up to my room and opened the door.I shut the door as I entered.Perfect.A bed,a desk,a chair,two windows and a carpet floor.I put down my things.I peered into my trunk and pulled out a collar and a leash.I put them on my dog.Although it would only take three more days to go to Aortas,I decided to get my books.I first had to stop at Gringotts.I took my sheltie and walked out of The Leaky Cauldron and walked into Gringotts,where there were some wizards there.I gave my vault key to one of the goblins there and withdrew enough for all my supplies,to last the school year and some extra Galleons,just in case."Okay...First,the books."I said.I wandered and found Flourish & Botts,where I found that two wizards bumped into each other.I walked past them into the store.I found lots of wizards there.I found a book on Herbology,Charms,Potions,DAtDA,CoMC and Transfiguration.I then spied a book on all of the magical creatures that existed.I wanted it last year,but my parents said that I couldn't have it until the next year.It was only 5 Galleons,so I got that too.I paid for all of them and walked out.I walked to the Quidditch supply shop and found wizards looking at the brooms.I stopped and looked there.

Shadow Djinn
6th July 2003, 03:35 PM
Name: Zane Aerywen Lupin
Gender: Male
Species: Anamigus
Personality: He's basically a nice person once you get to know him, and is very calm. He's also really brave and smart..Also really fast on his broom
Appearance: See the attatchment
Anamigus: He's a wolf anamigus...fully white
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Care Of Magical Creatures
Auror Training:
Offence Magic
Unarmed Combat
Armed Combat
Survival Training
House: Chifre
Wand: 9" Oak, Dragon Heartstring
Year: 1
Animal: A small white wolf pup named Frost
Quidditch: Seeker
History: He was somewhat related to Lupin, and he was pretty proud of that. His mom wanted him to be an Auror, and she sent him to Hogwarts. Then he got the letter..
Other:For quidditch here's brooms and tricks ://www.mugglenet.com/quidditch.shtml Zane has a Moon Trimmer, which is very fast

Zane Chifre

"Thank you, Mister Lupin, for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Attached is a list of books that you will be requiring for the term. Please ensure you purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you need. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy"
[COLOR=teal]Zane read out loud once again as he headed towards Flourish and Blotts to get his books.
" Finally an Auror." Zane muttered, his trunk floating behind him, and his vault key in hand. Frost accompanied him loyally by his side as he stepped into Gringotts and faced a rather rude looking Goblin.


After his withdrawal of Knutts, Sickles, and Galleons, Zane headed for Flourish and Blotts, looking at the book list. Frost growled at him, pointing out the fact that he had missed Flourish and Blotts. Zane nodded and headed back, entering the shop. He looked up and browsed through the books, picking out some his choice, such as Caring for a Wolf , The Uses of an Anamigus , and Finding Your Hidden Potential , along with the Aortas books. He paid for them briskly and left, passing the Quidditch store. He smirked at the Firebolt on display and though about his Moon Trimmer.
" I'll beat them. I was Seeker for Ravenclaw...and we won the Cup." He muttered.

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6th July 2003, 03:42 PM
Name: Larien Moody
Gender: Female
Species: Half Human/Half Elf/Animagus
Personality: Well, her personality is sort of split. At times, she can be a total downer, depressed and withdrawn, that sort of thing. She's naturally quiet and a loner so those qualities are natural to her. Most of the time though, she's cheerful and nice but pessimistic, sarcastic and blunt. An odd combination but it's easy to get along with actually ^^
Appearance: Taking most of her traits after her mother, she's slim and tall, about 6'1 and sort of pale. She has a strong build though which is hidden from most people. Unlike the normal elf hair, which is long, golden and shiny, Larien retained her father's hair, which is a dirty blond. She likes it short though, but long enough to cover her pointy ears, which sticks out of her hair sometimes. Like a normal elf though, her eyes are a bright blue, but mixed it with a steely gray, which makes it hard for people to look into for long. Keeping with the old style, she wears a royalblue tunic under her robes, with black leggings and black leather boots
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training: Offence Magic, Unarmed Combat, Armed Combat, Survival Training
House: Endriago
Wand: Mahogany, 11'', core contains a pegasus hair mixed in with grounded griffin claw
Year: 1st
Animal: A rusty red Ocelot named Celeros. He's incredibly intelligent and somehow understands what Larien always says
Quidditch: Beater
History: She was born to a muggle father and her mother who was a full blooded elf and a witch. She lived in the muggle world for a while, but they didn't know about elves and teased Larien endlessly for her pointy ears. She tired to persuade her parents to move to the wizarding world but they were hesitant. The turning point though in their decision was when Larien turned into a Great Eagle (mythical bird) during class one day. They hastily moved into the wizarding world and sent her to Hogwarts so she could control her animagus trait, which she found out came from her father's side. Bit of a nasty surprise when he found that out, nastier when he found there was a wizard cousin in his family but was never told about him. Anyway, being at Hogwarts was also weird since elves were a rarity but she wasn't picked on. She was just left alone which made her a bit depressed but she mastered her skill rather quickly and spent time with her cousin, Alastor Moody, in which she was trained somewhat in becoming an Auror. That's why she wasn't surprised when she received a letter from Aortas Academy.
Other: Nada

Larian Moody - Endriago
"Larien, time to get up."
I blinked with my face in the pillow as I rolled over and sat up. Celeros peered over at me with sleepy eyes but got up as well and padded out of the door and down the stairs. Getting up to stretch, I felt my arms almost reach the ceiling of my room. Not quite though since it was 7 feet high and I was 6'1 and wouldn't be growing anymore in this lifetime. Still though, it was quite interesting enough for people to stare at me all the time, because of my height and elven features. Elves weren't rare, but few ever came out into the public, much less carrying a wand and going to a wizarding school. They liked seclusion much more. Thank god my mum went on the low road, became a wizard and married my father, a muggle. That got my relatives pretty cheesed off at her for that one. I thought it was rather nifty though since we had to show everyone that elves weren't stiff and moody.
"Larien, did you hear me? Get your tail down here now!".
I snapped out of my mid-thought, quickly got dressed and ran downstairs. Greeting my parents, I sat down as mum handed me a plate of eggs and bacon and a letter.
"Must be from Aorta's", I said as I ripped it open.
"God knows your cousin wanted you to apply for it", dad chuckled as he helped himself to some scrambled eggs and bacon.
I nodded as I scanned the letter. It was pure hell that Mad Eye put me through that training for the past couple of years as I went to Hogwarts at the same time. He would be furious if I wasn't accepted.

Thank you Miss Moody for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Attached is a list of books that you will be requiring for the term. Please ensure you purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you need. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy

"Good, I got in", I sighed as I put the letter down and started to shovel food in.
"Brilliant", mum sighed and went into the living room, fishing her wand out from within her robe.
Dad clapped me over my back as I ate, almost making me spit out my food but I held it down and gave him a dirty look. Coming back out from the living room, mum had a trunk floating behind her. Waving her wand, the trunk settled down quietly.
"I knew you would get in so I packed your trunk with everything you need, plus money that should last you the year, even if you waste half of it on sweets. I also had your wand checked out yesterday so it's fine. And I suppose Celeros wants to come with you to school again, am I right?".
She directed the question at Celeros, who perked his ears up and mewed, nodding at the same time. No one knew how he could understand us, but it beat talking to a brick wall.

Finishing my meal, I gathered everything together and moved it over into the fireplace. With Celeros sitting on the trunk, I grabbed a handful of Floo Powder and flung it down.
"Diagon Alley!"
As I shot up, I heard my mum's muscial voice shout over the roar of me shooting upwards.
"Look in your trunk for an early birthday present. Have a good time and send us lots of lettersssss....."
Shooting around, I closed my eyes for most of the trip until I landed in the Leaky Cauldron. Wiping soot off of my clothes, I hauled my trunk over to the bar as Celeros nimbly jumped off and walked right next to me.
"Larien, good to see you", Tom smiled his familiar toothy grin.
"I need a room for the next 2 days before I go off to a new school", I said to him as I sat down.
"Yeah, that's what a bunch of these kids are here for also", Tom replied, sweeping his hand across the bar table.
Looking around, I saw a bunch of kids my age talking to each other or hauling their trunks up the stairs to their rooms, their pets right behind him.
"Room 13 again I suppose?", he asked.
"Sure", I replied and took the key.
Hopping off the stool, I dragged my trunk up the stairs and down the left corridor into room 13. Most people don't like it because of the number, but I'd grown to like it after my last stay here with cousin Mad Eye. Opening the door, I swung it open as I dragged the trunk in and put it on the stand. Remember what my mum had screamed, I flipped open the trunk and stood with awe as I looked in. Right on the top was a brand new Nimbus 2003. The Firebolt was too expensive for us but I needed a new broom after my Cleansweep 7 broke down on me. They said the 2003 edition was almost as fast as the Firebolt so there wasn't much of a comparison. Holding it up lightly, I stroked it with care and put it back, making sure I didn't leave any imprints upon the smooth pine surface. Gleefully looking down at Celeros, he mewed and walked over to the door.
"Yes, I suppose we should go shopping then?", I said with another nod from him.
Opening the door, I collected the key and money bag as Celeros hopped onto my right shoulder and sat there, perched in a comfortable position. Walking down the stairs and out the door, we scanned around the crowded street before going into Flourish and Blotts. Scanning my requirement list that I fished out from inside my tunic, I bought the required books, plus a few on elven and quidditch history. Walking out the door with a heavy bag and a slightly lighter purse, I headed out the door and down the alley. A couple of heads turned my way as my ears were sticking out today and I was feeling particularly tall, but I ignored the glances and blindly looked at another store while walking before bumping into someone. Looking down slightly, I bumped into a girl my age, with curly auburn hair and a small terrier right next to her. It appeared she'd never seen a half elf before, much less a pure elf as she stared at my pointy ears, penciled eyebrows and pale complexion, plus an Ocelot on my shoulder. She caught hold of herself though and shook her head before smiling shyly.
"Sorry I bumped into you", I smiled and held out my hand. "My name is Larien Moody."
She raised an eyebrow at the last name but returned the grip.
"Elizabeth Carrington. Nice to meet you. Are you going to Aorta's this year?".
"Yup. I just got the books from Flourish and Blotts. I'm heading down towards the ice cream store for a cone. Want to join me?", I asked hopefully.

6th July 2003, 04:20 PM
Angelica Rose Fletcher, Chifre

"Come on, Chi. Get into the carrier. I don't want to lose you amid all these people."

After a few minutes, Angelica finally did coax the little husky pup into the carrier. Taking the carrier with one hand, and with the floating trunk slightly off to her left, she joined the line to get a room. Finally reaching the front of the line, she paid with a few Galleons in her pocket, making a mental note to visit Gringotts after settling her stuff down.

"Your room is room 11, missy. Here's your key."

"Thank you."

Up the stairs she went, the trunk still following, until she reached room 11. She noted, with satisfaction, that the trunk didn't crash into anyone or anything. Shutting the door behind her, she set the carrier down on the bed, then drew her wand out of her pocket.

"Finite Incantatum."

The trunk hit the floor with a very loud thud, causing her to cringe, then mutter. She undid the catch on the carrier, unleashing a rather mopey puppy into the room.

"Alright, Chi. I'm going out to get my books. No doggy landmines, no chewing the furniture."

Bark. Did that mean OK? Maybe...

Fingering the key in her pocket, Angelica went out, locking the door behind her. The first place she'd go would be Gringotts, of course, then probably Flourish and Blotts for books. After that, who knows?

6th July 2003, 06:55 PM
Jayson Andrias Marionette

After buying all my major supplies, such as books, and getting my wand retuned, I went into the Cloak shop to get my robes resized, since I had grown about 5 inches over the summer. This didn't take long, so then I went back to the Leaky Cauldron to rest. I ordered myself a Butterbeer, and payed for it. I drank it, watching all the people outside. I saw hundreds of students, all of who could be going to Aortas.

Tyler and Hobbes
6th July 2003, 08:24 PM
Shade Guivre
After dropping my stuff in my room I changed into my fox form again, Aunt Sybill always said I was to careless with my abilities though. I ran outside the room. At exactly the same moment a girl walked out of her room, we collided. This just wasn't my day, probably half the people in here knew my secret already. I changed back into my human form. "Oh, sorry, sorry." I said, helping her up. I stared at her for a couple of minutes but then realized what I was doing. "That's okay..." she said. I then found I was still holding her hand, come on Shade, your bright, think of something! I told myself. I removed my hand. "Um...again sorry." "Was that your fox?" she asked. Would I really reveal my secret to the second girl I saw? Yes. "No..that was me." She smiled, "Your an animagus too?" she asked. "Yeah, what kind are you?" I asked, trying to make polite conversation and trying not to get killed. "I'm a wolf." she said. "Again, sorry, by the way, my name's Shade." "Angelica." she said. "I'm getting my supplies, I'm going to Aortas Auror Academy." "Me too!" she said, smiling. "Would you like to come with me?" I asked, nervously. "Um...sure!" she said. We walked down stairs. I then saw Ajax While Angelica wasn't looking I stached some gold into his hand. When we were leaving I mouthed, Take care of Crescent, and if he falls asleep, put him in my room. I also tossed him the key.

6th July 2003, 08:46 PM
<<Akina Naomi Tsuki>><<Chifre>>

"Akina.."Dad said, as I took the Butterbeer, and started to drink..."I got you the Bell of Yuru Yesterday.."

He hed up a collor like thing, that was red velvet, and connected to it was a Bell..
"She'll love it.."I said, with my mouth full of Butterbeer...It was followed by my dad Laughing..

"Anyway, with your mom..She really loves you and all, she just hates.."
"Yeah..Anyway..She was really happy that you got into AAA..Her mom was a Auror..This was her's when she was a kid.."He handed me a crystal Orb...a Remembrall.
"I won't be needing that.."
"You don't know.."I touched it, and a scarlet colored mist fulled it..

"Umm.."I said, and whispered 'Tell mom I love her, I hope to see her soon.'..The Scarlet color faded..

My head wings flapped with laughter as I finished my butterbeer..

"So..I'll be going...I packed some money and stuff into your Truck.."
"I'll see you..for Christmas..Or if you write me a letter.."

He went to the fireplace, and used floo Powder..

6th July 2003, 08:59 PM
Jayson Marionette ~ Chifre

After finishing my butterbeer, I walked up to the barkeeper, and asked if there were any spare rooms for the night. He nodded, and handed me the key to room number 8. I put it into my pocket, and then went over to the fire place again. I took out the floo powder, and threw it into the fireplace. "402 North Sculling, London, England" I said, and the fire flared up again. I stepped into the fire, and appeared back at my house again.

"Back already, son?" my dad said. I nodded and walked upstairs to pack. I got out my wand, and said "Pack!" and gave my wand a wave. Instantaneously, all of my belongings which I would be taking with me to Aortas was floating in the air, and putting itself neatly into my trunk. "Accio Trunk," I muttered, making the trunk levitate, and also made it follow me. I grabbed the birdcage that belonged to my Barn Owl, Tiki, who dwelled inside it, as I carried it downstairs to the fireplace again.

"A lot of the students are staying at the Leaky Cauldron, because we leave for Aortas tomorrow, so I'm going to go and stay there, as well. Good bye. Tell mom I said goodbye, and I'll see you guys when term ends. If anything happens, I'll send you an owl," I told my dad as I got ready to go back to the Leaky Cauldron. My dad waved, and said "Ok, I'll tell her."

"The Leaky Cauldron," I said to the flame as I stepped in. When I appeared into the pub, I took my things upstairs, and into my room. I sat my trunk down at the foot of my bed, and put Tiki next to my bed, near the window. I sat down on my bed, and looked at the clock. It was almost 4 in the afternoon. I took a look at some of my books, and began to read my Transfiguration book. Transfiguration was a concept of Wizardry that I was fairly interested in. I read into the first chapter, and began trying to turn a piece of paper, which I took from a tablet of paper from within the desk of the bedroom, and kept trying to turn it into various things, such as a match, and safety pin, and other things.

6th July 2003, 09:37 PM
Kevin Usagi (Endriago)
I walked into the quidditch shop.I finally realised I needed a broom.Luckily,I had enough for a Silver Arrow.I bought it and had lots of money left over.I had my wand retuned and my robes resized and decided I was done for the day.I walked my sheltie back to the Leaky Cauldron.I got a butterbeer and drank it.When I was finished,I walked into my room,which was room 5.I walked in and let my sheltie frolic around.I started to read up on my creature guide and read a bit.I was getting hungry,so I decided to go down and have something to eat.As I walked down,I saw hundreds of witches and wizards,probably going to Aortas.I got something to eat and saved a bit for my sheltie.I walked up and entered my room and gave my food to my sheltie.I looked out my window.It was evening,so I thought about walking around the Leaky Cauldron a bit.I decided not to go look around.I decided to go anyway.I sat down and ordered another butterbeer.I walked up and decided to turn in,because I needed rest.

Eevee Forever
6th July 2003, 10:58 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

I was a little surprised by Shade's antics, but I didn't think it was such a big deal; it seemed to me as though he had found someone he liked, and I was glad to help him out. After all, I really liked Crescent anyway. He was starting to drift off into a nap, but I didn't want to leave the poor thing alone in Shade's room; I wonder what he'd think if he woke up in a strange room without his owner, or anyone for that matter. Instead, I held onto him, and rocked him slowly back and forth into a dreamy state. I then diverted my attention from the girl to my right, who didn't seem to want to talk, to the girl on my left, who had long, shimmering brown hair and dazzling blue eyes. Also, she had two small wings portruding from both sides of her head, which were flapping very slowly; I thought this was one of the nicest features about her.

"H...hi...hi there," I managed to get out; I was fumbling my words, and she looked up from her butterbeer. "I'm Ajax. Are you going to Aortas too?"

CoolTrainer IcEz
6th July 2003, 11:16 PM
Zephyr Remus Potter [Torignis]

It was almost 7 by the time Druid and I arrived back at the Leaky Cauldron. The inn was unusually crowded, maybe most of them, like me, decided to stay in Diagon Alley until term started. I was so exhuasted but thankfully managed to buy all my supplies.

"Thanks, Druid. You're a real pal." I said as we sat down at a table.
"It's nothing. I had to get my stuff too." he replied.
"Tell 'ya what. Let me buy you dinner." I suggested.
He looked quite apprehensive at first but finally said a simple, "Thanks."

As the plates of food came, I wolfed them down as fast as I could; I was starving. Druid, on the other hand, was eating quietly and seemed to be lost in deep thought.

"Anything wrong?" I asked.
He shook his head and looked up from his plate of mashed potatoes and replied, "Oh, nothing."

I decided not to press him for an answer, knowing it would only make him more uncomfortable. Glancing around the rest of bar, I spotted several Hogwarts students all who looked vaguely familiar. I had never really socialised with everyone in the school and preferred to stay in a small group of friends.

A barn owl tapped on the window next to us and I opened it to let it in. Pushing a knut into the owl's pouch I took a copy of the Nightly Prophet and began to read the headlines. "Mysterious Death: Ministry Worker Vincent Tsuega Dies of Anomaly" I read outloud.

Druid looked up again and said, "Lemme see that."
I handed him the paper and begin to chomp down on the chicken on my plate.
"So what do you think it is?" I mumbled through my full mouth.
He continued to scan through the article and finally spoke.

OOC: I left the last bit for you to continue. :D

7th July 2003, 12:17 AM
<<Akina Naomi Tsuki>><<Chifre>>

"H...hi...hi there,"I looked up from my butterbeer, Somewhat shocked someone wanted to talk to me..It was a boy..Who seemed to like looking at my Head wings..which were flapping still..

"I'm Ajax. Are you going to Aortas too?"The Kid, Ajax, introduced himself..He had black Spiky Hair, with White blondfish streak's..A Nice Build..and Green eyes...

"Oh-I'm Akina..and Well- Yeah..I'm going.."I introduced my self, and my wings on my head started to flap fastly..And my wings, which were in my Skin, Started to itch..

"Cool...Umm..Not being rude..or anything...How did you get those wings on your Head?"Ajax asked..I didn't mind the question..

"One Minute.."I yawned, and Got my wings back out, and itched the skin around it..He stared at them with amazement..

"I'm a Half-Breed, Half Human..and Half Angel"

Outlaw JT
7th July 2003, 12:27 AM
OOC: I forgot to mention it earlier but for reference Quin(Druid to most) has a heavy irish accent. My apologies if the end of this post gets a little too rowdy but everyone could use something a little more active to react to and I had to develop Quin's bad luck and temper with bullies a bit.

Jerrius Quin Druid

The late afternoon had been a pleasant one for the most part. Remus, rather Zephyr (Quin had to keep reminding himself not everyone preferred their middle name), seemed like a really nice young wizard. It felt good to get out and spend some time with another wizard without all the things that normally hung over his head.
Still, not everything had been so pleasant. It had felt like he had been walking on egg shells all day steering Zephyr away from references to his real self. At least the self everyone knew of him anyway. Several times he had had to suddenly steer them into a shop that had nothing they needed or down an alley to look at a perfectly boring creature of some kind he'd 'heard rumors could float or speak or shrink itself' to avoid people he recognized from Slytherin. No one from that accursed house ever had a good thing to say about him save old Snape. And few students thought well of any student that man had something nice to say about.
As time wore on eventually Zephyr offered to buy him dinner. Immediately Quin thought to reject the idea but he realized he had no more money. He also realized he was quite hungry and had no desire to face his grandfathers dreadful cooking.
"Thanks," Quin finally muttered almost apologetically as he finally answered.
The beginning of the meal had been very nice, although Quin still felt uneasy that something wrotten must come along to spoil such a pleasant day. In his experience something always did. The food was quite good even though he only seemed to pick away at it slowly. It was not until an owl came to deliver the Nightly Prophet to Zephyr that things started to go wrong as they often did.
As his eyes caught the headline over his half-eaten plate of mashed potatoes he almost reached out and snatched the thing before Zephyr could read it. He just barely manage to ask for it before ripping it from his hands. Quin set to reading it quickly, his brow sinking lower as he read with skepticism. He had learned a long time ago from his grandfather that any headline with the words 'mysterious' and 'ministry' both in it meant that something had happened the wizarding officials didn't want wizard society to know about.
"So what do you think it is?" Zephyr mumbled through a mouthful of food as Quin read intently.
"is a load a codswallop!" Quin belted loudly, all previous signs of pleasantness gone from his voice. "Anomaly my arse. I's an insult ta that mans family is what it is. May as well 'ave said 'e got eaten by a band 'a crazed mug........"
Quin did not finish this sentence though. His sudden outburst had drawn a great deal of attention to their table very quickly. Not the least of which came from a sizable group of Slytherin's sitting in a group of tables across the way. Before he could finish his fairly loud ranting statement he was met by the face of the very unpleasant Rookwood.
"I thought that voice sounded familiar," he butted in crudely.
Before Quin shot back what would have been a very witty retort he took note that Rookwood had not come over alone. He had with him at least a half dozen other Slytherins. The one closest to Rookwood Quin recognized as Korlen, a very large fellow whom was already balling his fists with anticipation. To Quin's dismay, Korlen was possibly the only Slytherin that didn't at least have some apprehension about his right hook.
Quin could feel his temper rising and his face growing redder as the group of Slytherins stood over them snickering. They had felt it safe enough to approach in numbers apparently as normally Korlen was the only Slytherin to approach Quin by himself.
"Imagine seeing you back here again Zephyr. Done all your shopping for that new school then?" Zephyr just nodded cautiously as Rookwood kept talking with a sneer. "We were starting to wander why they'd opened up the blasted academy until we saw you chattin with 'ol Druid here. Now we know. The opened it up to ship off all the students that are a disgrace to Hogwarts without insultign their families publicly. I imagine the whole House will cheer when we tell them you won't be back Druid. You were never worthy of being in Slyther........"
That was about as much as he was going to take. He had grown very tired of walking on eggshells all day to avoid just that very subject. On top of him being angered by the headline article in the Prophet that had been the last straw.
Quin stood up so fast that his chair ejected half way across the bar from under him. Before anyone knew what was going on Quin had leapt halfway over the table, spilling all of their food to the floor. By the time he was all the way across the table Rookwood had hit the floor, clasping his hand over what was sure to be a black eye in a few seconds. Quin had also started bringing his knee up to the oversized gut of Korlen.
He wasn't exactly sure in what order the rest of the events occurred. All he knew was at some point all of the Slytherins that had come over to their table had been swinging at him furiously; at some point the rest of the Slytherins had come over to join in the fray to avenge the pounding blow to Rookwoods face; and at some point half the bar had joined into the fight and it had become a regular brawl. Hogwarts students of multiple houses had been involved, as well as many of the students transferring to Aortas this term. He didn't know at what point each of thesethings had occurred but he did know the last thing he did was turn into a wily irish hound that had fiercely set its teeth into Korlen's leg, dragging him down to the floor to keep him from hitting Zephyr, before running out into Diagon Alley as a dog to get away from the chaos he had started. As he ran into the setting sun on Diagon Alley looking for a place to hide till things had settled Quin chided himself sternly. He should've known better than to expect he'd be able to make friends so easily. Much like it always had in the past, something would always go wrong.

Eevee Forever
7th July 2003, 12:30 AM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

"Wow..." I said under my breath in awe, as Akina spread her beautiful white feathered wings. "Half angel, huh? That's awesome..."

"Really? You think so?" she responded, caught off guard by my response.

"Of course I do!" I exclaimed, but in a hushed voice. "You know...I'm also half-breed," I told her. Her eyes opened up and they seemed to shine brighter than any lamp in the whole of the Leaky Cauldron.

"And what are you?" she asked, seeming more interested in the conversation now. At this point, I was readjusting a sleeping Crescent, so that I could move a bit more, and Ra cooed softly, although I have no idea why.

"Well, I'm half Veela," I felt myself begin to blush, still looking at her large, elegant wings. "I don't suppose you'd like to see my wings...dark and scaly, they are..."

7th July 2003, 01:10 AM
Avyianne Tseuga - F - 1/2 Unicorn 1/2 Human

Avyianne had all her things in her 'bottomless' bag that she needed. Indulging herself a little, she even had bought a few things that she would not need but she found them slightly interesting. Her prized claim was the last copy of,
"The History of Unicorns" book, which was said to have only one other book. So basically only two were made, mostly because the Ministry stopped the press since they believed it gave too much information on the weaknesses and whereabout and more information on teh fragile and sacred creatures known as unicorns.

However, even when night had fallen... Avyianne had failed to do much of anything except meander around doing nothing. She had gotten at least a hotel room in some no-name place which most people or students getting their supplies would go to. It was out of the way in Diagon Alley, perhaps a little dangerous being in the dark parts, but at least it gave her some peace. Already tears were still in the corners of her eyes, as darkness began to settle all around Diagon. Avyianne didn't want to go home.... it would bring back the memories, and she would be alone. She was alone now... and she didn't like one bit of it. It made her sad and far more full of depression then ever before. How could this happen? She still oculdn't believe it... but even the newspapers had said...

At least no one had bothered her, or either no one knew or remembered who she was enough to talk to her. At school people talked to her a lot, but it was amazing once school was over how no one seemed to care anymore. Ohw ell... Avyianne was pretty sure they avoided her so not to create an, 'awkwardness'.

Avyianne sighed and collapsed on a heap of thrown out rugs in the dark, small alleys inbetween the main 'road' of Diagon. She brought her hands to her face and sighed deeply... she didn't want to go home, she didn't want to go to her hotel... she just had to sit, and think... and remember that she was alone. Her mother was gone... she didn't know how or why, her mother had just left. Then her grandmother... now her father?
Suddenly a racing of nearly silent, padded paws came forth. Avyianne stood up, her eyes keen to the darkness as she felt every hair on her stand on edge. Slowly she was about to peer around the wall when suddenly a bundle of fluff colided with her, knocking her off her feet.
"Oough!" Avyianne made a silent cry as she hit the ground. The creature who had made contact with her kept padding... but as she rose to her feet again slowly, she heard the padding stop and suddenly turna round and come forward slowly.
Avyianne looked, to see a dog.
It struck her odd to see the dog gazing at her... and almost at once she felt as if this dog was smart and as if it was debating some thing. Smiling half-heartedly at the dog, she sat down on the rugs again. The dog turned as if to leave... but then Avyianne spoke, which made the dog stop in it's tracks.
Normally, perhaps this 'dog' wouldn't have stopped if she had spoke like a regular human..
But Avyianne was not a regular human.
Avyianne spoke the words..
{"So, what brings you out upon this dreadful night?"} Although it did not sound like that, but instead like a mixture of dog-like noises. Avyianne was speaking the language of the dog... although AVyianne identified the dog as an Irish Wolfhound, thus her tone changed to match the breed of dog better. For some reason AVyianne always had the gift to be ablet o speak to animals... part of her unicorn half, her father had said or believed although not much is known truely about Unicorns for no one has studied them up close.
The dog gazed at her... and for some strange reason, it did not reply. Avyianne merely smiled.
{" Don't be worried, I'm not some evil creature... I just have a unique ability from my bloodline. I won't hurt you."}
The dog sniffed the air around her... still untalkative, although it's tail rose only slightly from it's unusually aggressive level.
{" You look like you had a bad run in. Sort of like me... I wonder, a lovely dog like you shouldn't be out all alone in the middle of the night like this. Are you hungry?"}
the dog took a close sniff as Avyianne took out a small parcil of a sandwhich she had bought, but found she had not been hungry and did not eat. It was then Avyianne realised she had not ate since last afternoon from yesturday... but still, she was not hungry.
{"Come here... it's good meat. Pork I believe.."} She stated, but the dog only took a few cautious steps towards her and rejected the sandwhich as if it wasn't hungry. Avyianne set the sandwhich on a lower rug next to her as she shrugged.
{" Your all alone like me... "} Avyianne spoke... until softly she spoke in human to herself (not realising that this was actually Druid or Quin in Animagus form, thus he understood her human words.)
" ... I don't like being alone... "
Avyianne sighed, as she gazed at her feet and then to the dog. Smiling- a forced smile to the lovely creature- she softly spoke,
{"If you'd like, you can leave... but your welcome to stay here with me. I've got a room... I'm sure I can sneak a nice dog like you inside so you'll have a warm place to stay."}

(lol, she has no idea that it's Quin. ^^)

7th July 2003, 01:30 AM
Uhh.. Sheik, I'm sorry but I've posted before you and i am interacting with JT's char... also, if you didn't notice, at the end of his post he said that his character turned into his Animagus form - an Irish Wolfhound, and bounded out. ^^

7th July 2003, 01:40 AM
<<Akina Naomi Tsuki>><<Chifre>>

"Well, I'm half Veela,I don't suppose you'd like to see my wings...dark and scaly, they are..."Ajax saind, still looking at my wings..I placed mine back in my Back..I resolved the itch..

"I would like to see them.."I said..and my Head wings flapped in Curosity..

"You sure?"Ajax said, and suddenly, Black Scaly wings grew out of his back...They amazed me..Since I never saw them before..

"They're...stunning.."I said, and his Green eyes added the effect.
"Your lying.."
"No..I've never seen wings like those..Up close.."I said, and he placed them back..I sipped my Butterbeer, and ordered another one..

Dad's Tawny Owl, Dave, came in, cooing..It spotted me,and threw the family copy of the Nightly Prophet..

CoolTrainer IcEz
7th July 2003, 06:39 AM
OOC: Yeah, Sheik, JT's character's already morphed into a dog and bolted out of the bar.

Zephyr Remus Potter [Torignis]

After Quin took the paper he began to yell and I could understand how he felt. The ministry was try to cover up again. Just like they had done with the murders of the previous year. I almost wanted to shout out my sentiments too but the next thing I know, a really large group of Slytherins marched up to our table headed by none other than Rookwood.

I wasn't really paying attention to Rookwood but rather hoping he would just give me a reason to jinx him. I was standing on the sidelines of the arguement and just waiting to back Quin up.

"You were never really worthy of being a slyth-" said Rookwood when Quin sank his fist into his jaw. Good one! Finally, I could get back at Rookwood for all his torture in Hogwarts. Quin was busy distributing his punches to each of the Slytherins while I stood there awed by Quin's prowess. He was really serious when he suggested to thump Rookwood. I had to help Quin, besides, everyone in the inn was also doing the same. Flinging my arms out at every Slytherin I saw, I managed to do a considerable amount of damage but it was no help. There were too many of them and they didn't seem like they were going to give up. Only when you really need to. rang Dad's voice in my head. For the past 5 years in Hogwarts I had never morphed at all, but what the heck, I really wanted to help. Morphing my hands into the claws of a dragon (A Hungarian horntail, I believe. My favourite dragon species, anyway) I began tear my way through the crowd. Then a large figure came from behind me and would have knocked me out if it wasn't for a dog biting at his ankles, dragging him away. "Quin?" I muttered to myself amidst the chaos of the room. It had to be him, the same glow in his eyes, was unmistakable. The dog bolted out the door and onto the street. By the time I had managed to claw my way to the door, Quin was already out of sight. I morphed my nose into the the nose of a German Shepard and began to sniff for Quin's scent.
It was rather difficult but I finally managed to find him in a dark alley.

"I don't like being alone..." I hear a girl's voice whisper.
"Hi! Umm... You wouldn't happen to have seen a dog around here, would you? I think he's an irish hound." I asked.
"Oh... This must be your dog. Here-" She picked up Quin and was about to hand him to me when she let out an ear-peircing screech.
"What?" I looked at myself. No wonder she got freaked out. I would too if I saw a human with dragon claws and a dog snout.
"Oops, sorry" I continued as I morphed back to normal.
There was still a look of shock was still on her face. "How? Why?"
"I'm just an Animorphmagus." I replied.
"A what?"
"Never mind. It's just a cross between a Animagus and Metamorphmagus."
Then, Quin transformed back into a human, stood up right and said, "Hey, you never told me that." The look of shock returned back to her face.
"That.. dog.. Huh?" she said sounding absolutely perplexed.
"That's my friend, Quin. And I'm Zephyr. You are?" I said, trying to change the subject.
"Avyianne" she supplied.
I turned to Quin and added, "You've really got to stop running away like that."

Outlaw JT
7th July 2003, 12:08 PM
OOC: just a note, no one has actually said Druid's name was Quin. So far as anyone knows(that didn't know him before the rpg) his name is only Druid. Also, thought it about time to start introducing the instructors. Not to interact with students yet but to show they are also getting ready for the rapidly approaching opening term.

Name: Professor Felcorn Fissletong
Gender: Male
Species: Whatever species Filius Flitwick is
Personality: Confident, compassionate, quick-witted, wise
Appearance: 3'10" tall, long bright sky blue hair, long beard, tall pointed ears that slant away from his head, long crooked nose that somehow manages to look smooth and natural. He wears a forest green wizards hat and deep green robes with a tan sash and black rope belt. He wears frameless half-circle reading spectacles in the classroom and in his office but not outside them. His dueling uniform for the armed combat class is identical to that of Gilderoy Lockhart's(from the movie) only the coloring is black over light grey with a gold sash.
Class: He teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts
Auror Training: He also teaches the Armed Combat training class although he calls upon the assistance of his fellow professors often for this class
House: He is the Head of Endriago House
Wand: His wand is 10" made from cherrywood with a gryphon wing feather and tail hair tied together at its core.
Year: This is in fact his first year as a professor although he is some experience with training.
Animal: He has a young gryphon pet named Harkish that lives in a section of the woods adjoining the school set aside as a reserve for students animals too big to live inside the castle. It is still a youngling and very small for a gryphon(about the size of a full grown german shephard) and it is currently trying to learn how to fly.
Quidditch: He obviously doesn't play Quidditch. In his days at Hogwarts he was a fair Keeper for Ravenclaw but he never played after he left. Occasionally he does join Endriago's team in practice to pass on a few strategies but he knows the team coaches and captains are much better suited to the job.
History: Felcorn Fissletong is the very young cousin of Filius Flitwick. By very young I mean by comparison to Flitwick's advanced years. Felcorn took after his elder cousin early in life. He took great interest in all forms of dueling as he found it to be great fun and great exercise. He saw dueling as a way to not only sharpen the mind but sharpen the body. He was dueling champion throughout his days at Hogwarts. After Hogwarts he was appointed as an Auror. He joined their ranks just before the problems with He-who-Cannot-Be-Named began. He spent his early career tracking down those that supported the evil one. Although he was quite successful at it he never recieved much recognition because he never caught any dark wizards of repute. Once the evil one disappeared and things calmed down he joined the section of the Aurors dedicated to training new recruits in the various skills needed of an Auror. That is where he has spent the last few years. When it was decided to reopen the Aortas Academy he was among the first choices to teach at the academy. Although he had never actually been a teacher the Ministry of Magic thought his experience in training young Aurors would translate perfectly to the academy. because of his advanced dueling abilities he was appointed Head of Endriago and teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts as well as the Armed Combat training class since his skill with a sword is as high as his skill with a wand.
Other: At first glance most people think it absurd that he could be the duelist he is supposed to be. How could such a small little man be a dueling champion? He is very quick to prove foolish people wrong.

Professor Felcorn Fissletong
His squat legs carried him up the sizable staircase with a medium of effort. He had forgotten how truly huge a wizarding academy could be in his years since Hogwarts. He looked up to see he had only two more flights to climb.
"Phew," he whispered with a sigh as he wiped his brow.
He quickly wentback to his task and climbed the rest of the way. He exited into the hall at the top of the stairs and began checking into all the doors. It was quite an arduous task searching the entire academy. He was very glad he had only two towers and the main floor to worry about. Some teachers had been assigned a whole wing to search.
It was all for a good cause though. Given the state of the wizarding world every precaution must be taken. It was only common sense that He-who-must-not-be-named would send dark wizards or creatures to this place, an academy being opened specifically to train wizards to fight him. The staff had to make sure the entire place was free of these evils for the students safety before they arrived.
He entered every door as he passed and searched each room and chamber for any signs of curses or beings that did not belong. As he checked the last room on this floor of the tower he made his way back to the stairwell. He looked down and sighed again in resignment. Only the rest of the floors in this tower and the main floor left for him. Plenty of time to finish before the students arrive in two days time.
"Well Felcorn, time to buckle down. This academy must not be a disappointment to the ministry," he said to himself with determination.

Name: Professor Helvena Harcort
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Personality: Witty, playful, bubbly, enthusiastic, energetic, somewhat clumsy, but very intelligent underneath it all
Appearance: she's tall for a female elf. She has sparkling emerald eyes that glow in the dark like a cats, long flowing silver hair, a modest figure, and her ears are pinned very close to her head. She does not wear a witches hat but instead wears a crystal head band with pointy tips to the side that look like cat ears(this headband keeps her hair from covering her ears). She does not dress like a normal witch. She wears lots of bright colors like yellow, orange, lime green, etc. She also wears knee high black high heel boots (although sometimes she will wear brightly colored versions of them as well). Normally these bright colors come in the form of riding pants which are neatly tucked into the boots, along with loose long sleeve tops(usually short v-neck collared shirts).
Class: She teaches Charms.
Auror Training: She volunteers as a willing victim for all the training classes but she does not teach any of them.
House: She is most involved with Chifre but is not part of any house.
Wand: 11" Pine with a centaur hair, it is painted bright orange with a yellow phoenix carved down the side
Animal: none
Quidditch: As a professor she doesn't play but she coaches the Chifre team
History: Helvena was always a very bright and intelligent person, even as a child. However, she was also always a little too enthusiastic, a little too energetic, and a little too clumsy. While she was an expert at being able to learn lots of different spells perfectly she was always a bit clumsy and suffered a lot of accidents by tripping while casting a spell or casting a spell at the wrong time so things other than her target got caught in her line of fire. When Helvena graduated Hogwarts she was invited to teach at a magic academy in North America but she declined. Instead she followed one of her true passions and signed with a professional Quidditch team, the Montrose Magpies. She is one of the leagues best chasers. When the decision was made to reopen the Aortas Academy she was very reluctant at first but they promised her she would be allowed to coach one of the Quidditch teams there and she promptly agreed. She is looking forward to being able to coach for a change. She is also somewhat excited about teaching Charms(it was her favorite class at Hogwarts) although she is a little nervous as she tends to have mishaps thanks to her clumsiness.

Professor Helvena Harcort
She looked at the dark hall before her and let out a low gulp. Why did she have to search the upper dungeons? Wouldn't one of the other, more burly professors be a more sensible choice? She did not like at all having to search such a dark place. The headmaster's orders must be respected though......he was the headmaster afterall.
She took a few steps down the dark hall but suddenly stopped. A brilliant idea had just occurred to her. He hadn't said how they were to search their assigned sections of the castle, just that they must be searched thoroughly.
With this in mind she quickly turned around and ran back to her small office near the Quidditch pitch. She grabbed up her firebolt and let out a beaming smile. With this she could search the whole of the upper dungeons in no time.
Once she entered the main entrance hall she mounted her broom and hovered a few short feet above the ground. With sudden speed she jetted off down the nearest stairwell and sped through the halls in flight, a trail of papers and dust trailing behind in her jetstream. She flew through door after door using an advanced charm to open them before she was close so she wouldn't have to slow down.
At some point she heard someone yelling at her for knocking them over with her air wake but she didn't much care. Nothing else mattered while she was flying. With her firebolt in hand she made quick work of searching tthe entire upper dungeon section of the castle. She hadn't found anything of interest but an angry spirit angry at being dragged through several hallways caught up in the wake of her broom.
She smiled as she returned to the main entrance, making her way to the teachers lounge for a post of tea she let out a bright smile. This was going to be an excellent year.

Name: Lionnel Fairtoom
Gender: Male
Species: centaur
Personality: He's a little bit of an oddball. He talks to himself a lot as well as to things that don't seem to be there. He seems shy at first but once you start talking about creatures he opens up and starts talking with excitement and passion. When the conversation veers away from creatures he seems to lose all interest (except when talking with the other instructors about dangers to the students). Most people think he is a little insane but he is really just fixated with magical creatures. Very quirky and hard to understand if he ever does talk about anything other than creatures with the students.
Appearance: He has a very broad and rounded face. Normal size for a centaur. Brown eyes, grey hair(on his head), reddish brown hair(on his horse body, wears a tan colored tunic and he has silver horseshoes.
Class: He teaches Care of Magical Creatures.
Auror Training: He assists sometimesin Survival Training.
Wand: He does not have a wand but he does carry a tall walking staff with some magical properties.
Animal: He has a large assortment of magical and normal creatures under his care roaming about the woods and in a large greenhouse set aside for some of his animals.
Quidditch: He doesn't much care for Quidditch. Sees it as a waist of time.
History: Not much of a history really. He was a normal upstanding citizen in the centaur community until he was 16. At that age he had a little run in with a large mountaun troll during which he got knocked over the head with a big club. When he came to he was never quite right in the head again. He developed an obsession with creatures that none of his family understood. He went off and founded a zoo for magical creatures in the wizarding world. Unfortunately he had no conept of how to run a business. It stayed active out of sheer luck because it was set up right off a railway station outside of London in the wizarding world. A decade of poor management though left it almost bankrupt and ready to close down. Fortunately this happened to coincide with Aortas being reopened. He was offered a place there to keep all of his magical creatures and pets so long as we volunteered to teach Care for Magical Creatures. He saw this as a perfect offer as it would allow him to share his love for creatures with others.

Lionnel Fairtoom
The herbology teacher had not been very pleased with him at all. Upon his arrival at Aortas a week before he had without permission completely emptied out the two largest greenhouses. He needed them afterall. He had a lot of creatures that needed housing and they were the only suitable spots. The greenhouses had been ideal for them. He looked forward to holding classes there.
Not only had he taken over two of the seven greenhouses but he had also taken it upon himself to clear a large section of the forest adjacent to the castle. He had sealed it off with a magic charm so casual preditors couldn't venture in. He called it a reserve. Mostly it was just a place for him to keep the animals too large to live in the refitted greenhouses.
He casually trotted through that section of forest checking on his many, many creatures. He had been most impressed the ministry had given him permission to relocate his entire zoo to the Academy. A few of them were not supposed to be legally kept but they granted him special permission for need of a Care of Magical Creatures teacher. A lot of wizards had been afraid to accept postings here afterall. Too many people were afraid of Voldemort in his opinion.
"We'll have company soon all my prescious friends. Think of all of the fun we'll have playing with all the lovely students," Lionnel spoke aloud as he patted a small hippogriff, rubbing its beak a little.

7th July 2003, 12:11 PM
Originally posted by Bulbasaur4

Uhh.. Sheik, I'm sorry but I've posted before you and i am interacting with JT's char... also, if you didn't notice, at the end of his post he said that his character turned into his Animagus form - an Irish Wolfhound, and bounded out. ^^

Oops! Sorry... I didn't notice. I'll delete my post shortly. Sorry! ^^'

7th July 2003, 12:20 PM
Not too late to sign up, I hope? I would have signed up earlier, but my internet was down for over two weeks.

Name: Dixyn Adestes Aubryc (goes by Adestes for the most part)
Gender: Female
Species: Nufin' special, just a human.
Personality: Hmm, lesse... well, first off, she's fairly brave, though very shy. She spends most of her time with her nose in a book. She's fiercely loyal to her friends (the few that she makes, in any case; as mentioned before, she's very shy), and this loyalty can drive her to do some crazy things. She will do nearly anything if a friend is hurt or in any sort of trouble. She's also quite klutzy while on the ground, but when she takes to the air, she's like a different person, much more graceful than she usually is.
Appearance: She has long black hair (streaked through with a golden-blond color) that she keeps pulled back into a braid. She's about 5'6", a medium height, and very thin. Her eyes are a sparkling grey-blue. When she's not wearing her robes she wears blue jeans (held up around her thin waist with a black leather belt) and a black t-shirt with red flames.
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training: Survival Training, Offense Magic
House: Endriago (Black and gold, my school colors! Besides, dragons rule!)
Wand: 11 3/4 inches, willow, dragon heartstring
Year: 1st, of course!
Animal: Royel, a male black owl with reddish wingtips
Quidditch: Chaser
History: Not a whole lot to tell, except that she's muggle-born and so she went to a muggle school for a few years before she got the Hogwarts letter. She had a bad experience with the "popular kids" ganging up on her, and so became shy and withdrawn.
Other: Umm... *thinks* nothing.

7th July 2003, 12:40 PM
Alright, I'll be the last Head of House then...

Name: Professor Oliver Orris
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Very friendly man who is completely non-prejudist. He takes a friendly angle to the students hoping that they will return the favour, but will punish people as he sees fit. His knowledge preceeds him and he expertises in Muggle Studies.
Appearance: A rather stocky fellow, about 6 feet tall but a large body. Usually wears a sky blue shirt and purple robes with the Chifre symbol on them. When outside, he wears a purple elf-sort of hat with the Chifre symbol on them. Has light brown hair, blue eyes, large lips and a warm, welcoming face.
Class: Teaches Muggle Studies
Auror Training: None
House: Head of Chifre
Wand: A foot long beech with powdered Hypogriff bone for the inside.
Animal: Has a Hunting Owl called Jess
Quidditch: Doesn't play.
History: Like his father, he had a fascination for Muggles. His father used to work in the Ministry but lost his job to Arthur Weasley when his father had to lay low for a while when it wad discovered he had connections with the Order of the Phoenix. Soon, when he was 17, his parents moved into sanctuary and he worked as a journalist for both the Daily Prophet and the Daily Telegraph (a British Muggle newspaper). When he heard that the Aortas Academy was opening, he was offered the job of Muggle Studies and then the Head of Chifre once his knowledge showed.
Other: Nope thanks. (casts Imperius and makes Other walk take a long walk off a short plank)


Alec Firness

I shook my head as I reached for Care of Magical Creatures book.
"Naw, sorry, I jist been up there ta git ma broom reinforced, y'no, fer the Quidditch."
She nodded then beckoned to see my broom. I got it off my back and held it out, gesturing my thumb at the glowing red circular ruby in the handle.
"That's a Phoeno-Caran Charm. It allows the broom te carry 200 kilos more then often withoot losing oot on speed and agility," I explained as she looked at me, slightly perplexed. "Aye'm, er, a bit heavier than I look."
She smiled and said goodbye. I nodded at her and slung my broom back over my shoulder. Right, off to get some spare robes then I'm done.

I wandered over to the Robe shop and got some nice black ones made of a comfortable fur. I managed to get one with an orange trim. Looked quite good on me.

I wandered out of the shop and counted my galleons. I had more than enough for a few drinks. I stumbled into the nearest tavern and looked around. It was a bit packed. I managed to spy a space at the bar and get a butterbeer order in. As I downed about half of it (giant sized, mind) I looked around and saw a familiar face...


OOC : Anyone want to invite Alec over?

Eevee Forever
7th July 2003, 12:44 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

Surprisingly enough, Akina told me that she she really liked my wings...she even said they were "stunning". This really made me feel a lot better about having all those Veela genes. After I had put my wings away and I laughed nervously, a large tawny owl swooped in and left Akina a copy of The Nightly Prophet.

"Anything new?" I asked, as she began reading the front page. She held her hand up to her mouth, the wings on her head stopped flapping, and she showed me the front page. The title read "Mysterious Death: Ministry Worker Vincent Tsuega Dies of Anomaly". She handed me the rest of the paper, and I began to skim through it. 'Mysterious, huh?,' I thought to myself, 'The Ministry's just trying to cover up what really happened; they know something we don't.' I suddenly thought of my father, and remembered how the Ministry had tried to blame his death on something else, even though my mother and I had been eye-witnesses. I started to get angry, wondering to myself, 'Was this man, Tsuega, an Auror too? Did he still have family? What if he had a child?' I had so many things rushing through my head, and at that point I was convinced that the real reason for his death was being hidden, kept secret, by the Ministry. I could feel my wings trying to burst through my back, my nose elongating, and my hands getting hot, but I fought off my anger, as I didn't want to make a scene in front of a room full of what may be my future pupils.

I looked up from the paper, which was now singed where I had been holding it; Akina looked very upset, and she was now staring into her butterbeer. I sat there, sympathizing with her, but not knowing what to say. I looked down at my watch, and I almost jumped off my stool when I saw the time.

"Oh crap..." I muttered under my breath; the shops would be closing in a little less than an hour. I turned to Akina.

"I...don't suppose you'd like to meet me in about an hour at Florean Fortescue's, would you?" I asked hopefully.

7th July 2003, 12:44 PM
Elizabeth (Endriago)

"You want to join me?" asked the girl named Larien. She seemed hopeful, and I was pretty warm.

"Uh, sure... I could use some ice cream," I said softly.

"Cool, let's go then!" she said happily, beginning to walk to the ice cream shop. When we got inside, I looked around curiously.

"Wow... I've never been in here before..." I said, staring at the many flavors of ice cream.

"They have all sorts of flavors here, even spinach," she said, pointing to a dark green ice cream.

"Yuck... who would buy tha-" I began, but stopped as I noticed an older wizard buying himself a large bowl of it. He glared at me. I did my best to smile, and try and ignore him, and eventually he walked out.

Larien and I stepped up to the counter. "I'll have a triple scoop of that, that, and... um... that," Larien told the witch behind the counter.

"Right... triple scoop of vanilla, candy bar, and apple coming right up," the witch repeated, and as she called out each name, a small scoop magically popped itself out of the bin it was in.

"Wow..." I said again in an awed voice.

The witch then handed Larien the cone.

"And you..." she said in a very bored voice. She must not like her job... I thought.

"Um... I'll just have a triple scoop of chocolate... please," I said, trying to be as nice as possible to the lady.

She called out triple chocolate, and immediately the scoops of chocolate ice crem came and plopped themselves on my cone.

"There you go..." the witch said.

We paid the lady, and went over to a table to sit down. I continued to wonder to myself what creature Larien was part of. I couldn't remember seeing things that looked like that before... then it hit me from something I had read in a book once. Elves!

Poor girl, I thought, she must get teased a lot about looking part elf... that's not something you can hide, like being a werewolf...

Ice Maiden
7th July 2003, 01:01 PM
*Wanders in, hoping nobody notices the late girl*

Name: Kazumi Nishida
Gender: Female
Species: Metamorphmagus
Personality: She's quite smart, very funny and also hard-working. She's a little cheeky, but isn't too extreme! Kazumi loves to change her appearance, so being a Metamorphmagus really suits her.
Appearance: Looky-sai! (http://www.nikogeyer.com/gallery/besm_martialartist.jpg)
- Defence Against the Dark Arts
- Transfiguration
- Potions
- Charms
- Divnation
- Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training:
- Offence Magic
- Unarmed Combat
- Armed Combat
- Survival Training
House: Guivre
Wand: 11' oak, containing Hippogriff claw. It has a ring of sapphire at either end.
Year: 1st
Animal: A tawny owl named Hex
Quidditch: Chaser
History: She was sent to Hogwarts when her parents were killed by Lord Voldemort himself. Kazumi's only relatives are her grandparents, who don't want anything to do with her.
Other: *Starts to headbutt other, then remembers wand* "Crucio!"


I woke up in my usual hotel on Diagon Alley. I'd stayed here for the whole of the summer holidays. It'd been the same thing for the past three years, ever since Voldemort killed my parents.
"Kazumi! You got mail!"
The landlord, Billy, shouted up at me from downstairs.
"K, thanks Billy..."
I rushed down the stairs, two at a time. Flicking through the mail, a thick envolope dropped out from the pile. I opened it cautiously, it could be another disguised Howler...

"Thank you Ms. Nishida for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Attached is a list of books that you will be requiring for the term. Please ensure you purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you need. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy"

I ran around screaming for the next couple of minutes, before composing myself and forcing myself to buy the school supplies.

Right...books...check...robe...check...wand...chec k...sweets required for midnight feast...check...Firebolt...check...
I shut my suitcase, left iton the bed, and went downstairs in search of a butterbeer.


Sorry for any typo's, i've just had some teeth taken out and i'm still a bit shaky. *wibble*

Sheila Rae
7th July 2003, 05:16 PM
So here is profile. Sorry for being a LSU. I'll post a playing message tomorrow, this took me all day.

Name: Sheila Rae Akwapolliz
Gender: female (ya, Sheila Rae is a girl's name....in case you didn't know...)
Species: Mermaid/mergirl or whatever you call them....a tinge bit human
Appearance: Well, I am skinny and fairlt tall, about 5'7" (I stopped growing so much after I lived on land, see history). My hair is long, all the way down my back, a deep hunter or forest green color. I usually where it down, but sometimes in one or two thick braids. Rarely, I wear powder blue seashell clips, but I don't like them since they remind me of my clan. My eyes are crystal blue (for some reason different from the usually merperson yellow eyes). I prefer to wear more flowing and loose clothes, such as dresses and skirts, but on special occasions I wear a rustic orange sweater, instead of the traditional Torignis bright orange, to match better with my hair and eyes. My skin is fairly tanned, with a grayish tint. Apart from my hair, I look like a normal human (see history).

History: Oh ya. This affects me. My parents were cheif merpeople of the clan, living in the Mediterrainan (sp?) Sea. I was an only child, the only heir to the throne. The only problem was, I didn't like to be a mermaiden. Quite the contrary, I wanted to soar in the sky and ride the winds. Why I wanted this I wasn't exactly sure. I think it gave me a certain sense of freedom, rather than staying underwater and being Little-Miss-Perfect for my parents, which I hated. So in a way I hated myself, because I hated being a mermaiden. I would often swim to the top of the sea, and look longningly at the sky for as long as I could before the warriors of the clan had to bring me back to the seafloor, so I would not get hurt or risk being seen. Finally I had had enough. I was tired of swimming around all day. I knew I couldn't fly, not even normal humans could do that. So I compromised with myself. I figured I could teach myself how to walk on land, then maybe my tailfin would eventually go away and I would be home free. Literally. On my sixth birthday, I swam to the surface and tried to start living on land, so I rolled onto the shore but flopped around and did nothing mostly until my body became so dried and parched, I had to go back into the sea. I did this everyday for about a week, and I was getting nowhere. My hopes were shattered, but I decided to try one more time. On the sixth day, I went back to shore, and it was raining, so maybe I could last a little longer...just long enough...however long that was. I was sitting on a mossy rock, and I almost was about to go back home, when I saw a human. I was very suprised, since I thought humans didn't like rain. She was a witch, which I didn't know she was at the time, but I didn't know I was a merwitch....or whatever. She was in her mid-20's, she had smooth chestnut hair she wore in a thick braid that went halfway down her back. She had eyes to match her hair. I later found her name was Analisa Chimino, and that the shore I had been appearing on even day for the past week, also where Analisa lived, was Sicily. She was holding a small basket as she passed me, little six-year-old me, then turned around quickly and ran back, knowing her eyes didn't decieve her. She asked me what the heck a mergirl was doing on land, and I told her my story (after jumping in the water...thank goodness). Analisa was so kind, she took me in and promised that, even if it was the last thing thing she did, she would teach me how to walk. Appearently, she agreed with me about my slave-driving parents, and I certainly was grateful for that. She helped me by guiding me as she walked, having me study leg anatomy, watching her walk v e r y slowly, sitting on top of a horse while to trotted (horses have a very similar walking style and rhythm to people), and anything else possible. At first, I would maybe spend only about fifteen minutes walking with Analisa, and I would spend the rest of the time in a huge water-filled tank, so I didn't die. She soon became so close she was my Aunt Analisa. It wasn't exactly walking I was so concerned to accomplish...I just wanted to be free from the underwater and mermishness. So higher on my priority list was learning how to breathe oxygen and grow out of these stupid gills. But eventually my fin disappeared and was replaced with two, normal, human legs. It took over three years to fully have legs without a trace of a scale. Analisa and I later found that for some odd and unexplicable reason all I had to do was shed my fin and I had legs, but it took a VERY long time. After my fin was gone, she helped me walk not so wobbly, which I found very easy. When I look back at it, I actually don't know how I did it. Same with learning to breathe oxygen. But I'm glad I did. I'm also infinitely glad for Analisa. If it wasn't for her I'd probably still be as miserable as I could have been underwater. So now I looked like any normal human, except for my hair. I still lived with her after my tailfin was gone, I obviously couldn't and in no way wanted to go back to my clan.

Then came Hogwarts. Analisa first found out I was a merwitch when I pulled a few knuts and a galleon from my pocket (I had to count the coins, you see). Then, since I was basically human (heheh), she recommended I go to Hogwarts. I came from a magical merfamily, at least. So, unforetunately, I had to sneak back underwater to get my precious belongings, scarce as they were, before I got ready to go to Hogwarts. Then I heard my parents talking. What they said really took me by surprise. They were discussing what had happened to me, and wanted me to continue the wizard bloodline. What the heck?!?! I thought. So I continued listening. I found out that my great-great-grandfather had been a wizard. Could this be true? That meant that even if I was even the smallest percent human, I could legally be a witch. I had learned from Analisa that only humans or part-humans could perform magic. That also explained how I just had to shed my fin, but I must be my destiny for me to be the only one in my family to do it. I was very excited now to go to Hogwarts. So I gathered up a few of my things from underwater and quickly went back to shore undetected. I couldn't breathe forever anymore, you know. I told Analisa of the news; she was as overjoyed as I was. On September first, I went with Aunt Trinity to King's Cross, and finally of to Hogwarts. I loved learning to be a witch. My clan was obviously against magic, since none of them became witches or wizards. I smiled, with the though of defying them even more. I was sorted into Ravenclaw, even though the Sorting Hat said I could do well in any of the houses, he didn't exactly know why (heheheh). I loved Ravenclaw, but I didn't have any friends. I took my studies very seriously, obviously. When I first found out that witches and wizards could fly on brooms, it was almost like a dream come true. I was naturally good at it, considering I had a heck of a lot of inspiration and ambition for it. I enjoyed playing Quidditch, Keeper in particular, even though I wasn't the best I was still pretty good.

I decided to become and Auror in my fifth year, obviously. I am not sure why I choose it, maybe just as something exciting. I didn't have any Auror blood in me, obviously, so I knew it was going to be tough. Analisa's father was an Auror...that's close enough, isn't it? I knew my life was going to change for the better once I became an Auror, and I hoped to have a friend or two at Aorta's, that didn't care about the beginning of my life.

Personality: I don't have any friends, but I eager to make them. I don't try so much though, anymore, after all the failed attemps. I guess they don't want to be friends with a mermaid who looks like a human or something. It seems ignorance has made me more aware. Since I knew smack next to nothing about the wizarding world, I forced myself to learn everything I could. That is probably why I was in Ravenclaw. So I am kinda aloof and wait for people to approach me, so my hope never shatters again.

Class: DAtDA, Potions, Transfiguration,Charms, Divination, Muggle Studies, Care of Magical Creatures, and Herbology
Auror Training: Offensive Magic, Armed combat, Unarmed combat, Survival Training
House: Torignis
Wand: 10 3/4", made of willow wood.Contains a feather from a Snidget.
Year: uh...1st? LOL
Animal: I have a female phoenix named Kulasiri. She was a gift from Analisa when I went into my third year at Hogwarts. She is about my only friend, but I need a human or part-human friend too. She has also saved my skin on several occasions. She looks like a normal phoenix, with beautiful crimson and gold plumage.
Animagus: My animagus is a kneazle. I have shiny black fur with yellowish spots. My eyes remain crystal blue in both my animagus and my mermaid form. I am unregistered, of course, so my records do not fall into the wrong hands.
Quidditch: Keeper
Other: Even though I am now like a normal human, I still inevitably have some mermaid traits. Although I can't breathe underwater forever, I still can for a couple hours, I can see underwater crystal clearly, and I still have my superb swimming skills. Probably the only thing I liked about being a mergirl was my singing voice, which can only be heard underwater. It's beautiful and melotic like any merperson. I can speak Mermish, English, and Italian. My patronus is an eagle, because it soars freely in the sky. That's all I think for now. I know I keep saying I have no friends, but I do have one friend. In my fifth year, I met someone in my house name Ajax. We became friends, but we barely got to see each other because of all of umbridge's stupid educational decrees prevented us. But we got to know each other fairly well, and haven't seen each other since. (<ok thats a little inaccurate). Yippee, my birthday is November 15.

7th July 2003, 05:58 PM
I've been busy...sorry for the delay... ._.

<~>Ami Zeypher<~>[Chifre]
It was around seven by the time I hustled through getting supplies and dinner, arriving back at The Leaky Cauldron. Selene walked quietly behind me, her head hung unusually low. I looked down, and slightly smiled, giving her a sign that it was okay. Sighing....I got into my room and placed everything down carefully. Selene wondered the room a bit, before re-entering her cage. Nodding towards her, I laid down on the bed for a moment...realizing I was hungry still...for dessert. Why didn't I get it earlier?

"Selene," I softly whispered, "I'm going to get some ice cream....I'll be back in a half-hour or so." Selene nodded, and yapped, before laying down. I walked quietly out of my room, soon exiting The Leaky Cauldron....back into Diagon Alley.
I entered the ice cream store....looking around quietly. Though I was a vampire...I don't need blood to survive, but might have it once in a while. For a minute, I gazed around the flavors, wondering which flavor I should have this fair evening. Realizing I was in the mood for chocolate, I clutched my small bag of Galleons, and approached the counter.

"Welcome, how may I help you...?" the witch behind the counter spoke softly to me, and I stepped forward.

"I'll have one scoop of chocolate, please..." I replied, slightly smiling.

She nodded, "One scoop of chocolate coming right up." As she spoke the flavor, a single scoop magically flew from the bin it was held in....and landed in the cone. She handed to me, and I paid her.

"Thank you..." I whispered, and sat down at a small table...alone...I looked around, seeing an elven girl and one grl possibly a werewolf nearby. I ate my scoop quietly, my fangs slightly enjoying the icy touch.

"Hello...." I spoke to them, getting their attention. They looked at each other and nodded.

"Hi....I'm Elizabeth..." The girl of possibilities of being a werewolf spoke at first, smiling.

"I'm Larien...." replied the elven girl, "Who're you?"

"My name is Ami...." I replied to both, "Nice to...meet you."

"What race are you of?" Elizabeth asked me...with curiousity.

"I'm a half-and-half....Half-Vampire, Half-Human." I replied, trying to hide my fangs.

7th July 2003, 06:51 PM
OOC: umm, when do we head off towards Aorta's? I think it's the next day but I don't know

Larien - Endriago
"Cool, a vampire", I replied as Ami pushed her chair towards our table. "I saw your fangs so it was a dead giveaway."
Amu frowned slightly as I grinned.
"Part of my elven traits. Better eyesight than most other species."
She just nodded and looked over at Elizabeth.
"So, are you a different species as well?".
"No", Elizabeth said defiantly and focused her eyes on her cone.
I looked at her oddly. It didn't seem like she was being entirely truthful to us, I could tell it in her voice. My eyes back on Ami, I ate the ice cream as I looked over her a bit more. True vampire qualities, dead pale with black hair and fangs.
"So, who's side did you inherit your traits?", I waved my cone at her.
"Well, I inherited the qualities from my father's side while the magic came from my mum. How about you?"
"Well, my mum is a full elven witch, that's where I got most of her traits. My dad's a muggle though so the only thing I inherited from him was the brown streaks in my hair."
She nodded again as all of us sat in silence. A couple more minutes passed before I spoke up.
"So...do you guys have a reason for going to Aorta's?"
"I never really thought Voldemort had left so I wanted to become an Auror", Elizabeth said.
"Same here", Ami agreed. "Plus the fact that Hogwarts wasn't that great."
Elizabeth virgorously nodded as I slightly bowed my head also.
"Well, besides the fact that I think he's still alive also, my cousin also prodded me to join. He's been training me for years but I still have a lot to learn. You may have heard of him. Mad Eye Moody?"
"Moody? How's he related to you?", Ami asked incrediously, not believing the fact that he was related to an elf.
"He's from my dad's side. He was never told that he had a wizard cousin so it was a shock to all of us."
They nodded slowly as I spoke well of him.
"He's not bad you know", I said hastily. "His looks are one thing but he is quite nice."
They nodded again as I finished my cone. Then I head Celeros mew into my ear. Looking outside, I saw the sun setting.
"Man, the sun is already going down", I exclaimed. "I have to go now and get some robes. I'll probably see you guys on the way to Aortas probably."
I got up and strode quickly out of the store towards Madam Malkin's shop. Racing inside, Celeros jumped off in disdain as I went up to the counter where Malkin was busy cleaning things up.
"I need new robes for school", I gasped at her.
"It's a good thing you came a half hour before the store closed", she said a little irritably as her head was still down. Lifting it up, she looked at me and gave a little gasp.
"My word. It's not everyday an elf comes into Diagon Alley. Come this way."
Coming out from behind the counter, she pulled me over towards a mirror and took out measuring tapes. Letting them float, I stood perfectly still as they whisked around me, taking measures of my body as Madam Malkin took down the measurements. All done, they floated back down into her pocket and she headed towards the back.
"I'll be out in a few minutes dear."
Walking around a bit, I looked at the different designs of some robes, one blue silk robe catching my eye. As I rubbed it's light texture, she came back with half a dozen plain black robes in a bag.
"Here you go missy", she said as I came over and took the bag. Giving her the money, I waved and walked out as Celeros jumped back onto my shoulder again and settled around my neck. Heading back into the tavern/hotel, I had my meal and gave the scraps to Celeros. Going upstairs into my room, I got undressed and took a shower before lying on my bed to read The History of Elves and Their Contributions to the World. Time passed by quickly before I checked the time and saw it was close to midnight. Yawning, I put the book down and clicked the light shut. As I dozed off to sleep, Celeros settled down next to me and muttered something before going off to sleep. Thinking about becoming an auror, that was the last thing that swept through my mind as I finally fell asleep.

7th July 2003, 09:10 PM
Shilan- Torignis
Shilan sighed, watching Khayame soar off in to the sun through his room window, which was slowly burning out in the late afternoon. He pulled out The Nightly Prophet, scanning the pages. He didn't have to look far. On the first page was an article titled "Mysterious Death: Ministry Worker Vincent Tsuega Dies of Anomaly". He skimmed through the short story, basically detailing how a 'ministry worker' was found dead, completely unmarked, in perfect health, aside from the fact that he wasn't alive. That wasn't mentioned in the story, but from the picture, Shilan could tell. Every form of murder left some trace, but Tsuega looked like he was just sitting against a wall. Shilan blinked in disbelief. More ministry coverups? Even that everybody knows Voldemort has returned? Dispicable, that worthless bloke Fudge thinks everybody will go into a blind panic when they find out a 'ministry worker', an Auror, was killed, unmistakably by an Avada Kedavara curse... he thought, shuffling through the rest of the paper. Nothing. Mostly Quidditch news. Scores and pictures, another documentary on ex-Magpie seeker Eunice Murray (Who Shilan remembered most for his petition "for a faster Snitch because this is just too easy"), more Chudley Cannons jokes, other nonsense. Shilan absentmindedly threw the newspaper into the garbage, plopping down on his bed, pulling out his copy of The Monster Book of Monsters. The book quickly tried to jump and bite, but Shilan was too quick and used to it. He grabbed the book in a blink of an eye, running his forefinger down it's spine. The book cooed softly, and plopped open in his hand. He opened up to the first page, which was blank, except for a 15th century Quidditch poem Shilan wrote in, which he found always made him forget his troubles:

Oh the thrill of the chase as I soar through the air
With the Snitch up ahead and the wind in my hair
As I draw ever closer, the crowd gives a shout
But then comes a Bludger and I am knocked out.

He chuckled slightly, opening up to a page on Chimaeras, and beginning to read.

7th July 2003, 10:38 PM
Elizabeth (Endriago)

"Bye..." I said as Larien bounded out of the ice cream shop. I turned to Ami. "You like chocolate too?" I said, nodding toward her ice cream.

"Yeah, it's one of my favorites," she answered. Starting to get a bit nervous, I stood up slowly.

"Well, I better get back to the Leaky Cauldron... it's getting late... I'll see you later sometime?" I said curtly.

"Yeah, sure," said Ami, still eating her cone as she watched me go.

Why do I get the impression that she didn't believe my 'no' answer... I thought as I entered my room.

Mac plopped himself on my bed. "Mac... that's my bed you goof..." I said kindly, as Mac got off, looking put out.

I layed down softly.

"Maybe things will be different at Aortas... maybe I'll be able to tell people what I am..." I said aloud. Mac snorted in the corner of the room.

"You're right... if I have the courage..."

8th July 2003, 12:21 AM
<<Akina Naomi Tsuki>><<Chifre>>

"Oh crap..."Ajax said, thinking for a second..Then turned to me..

"I...don't suppose you'd like to meet me in about an hour at Florean Fortescue's, would you?"Ajax asked, somewhat nervous..

"Sure.."I smiled..

"Ok..then..I have to do something before then..so.."Ajax said..
"Yeah..I wanna go to Diagon alley, so I will be there in..Half of a Hour.."

Ajax left before me..and I handed the bartender the money for the Butterbeer I drank..and went back to Diagon Alley..

I got my wings out once more, and itched the area of skin around them again..


I went, and got 6 more robes, finding my wings grew....So..My old robes would have to be chucked..Or given to Mom..Who..was preggy....I also got some candy..and Got Wing Shampoo..So I can wash my wings when they were dirty..

A Half a hour passed, and I went to Florean Fortescue's..and waited for Ajax..

Outlaw JT
8th July 2003, 02:56 AM
Jerriurs Quin Druid - Endriago

He ran through Diagon Allet nervously, making several sharp turns. The last time he had started a fight in the Leaky Cauldron Tom, the owner, had almost tried to get him expelled from Hogwarts for destroying half the bar. If old Tom found out he was behind this one too who knows what he'd do. Quin couldn't risk getting caught in case it prevented him from being able to attend Aortas.
He ran very swiftly in his animal form, weeving in and out of the crowd withmuch greater ease. The only thing on his mind now was staying out of trouble long enough to make it to Aortas in a couple days. He was barely even paying attention to where he was going as he was rudely reminded by bowling someone over from around a corner.
He came to a sudden stop a few seconds later to look back to see if the person was alright. For a moment he thought about changing back to his human form so he could apologize but decided against it. Better he not be seen till he got home.
He watched as the person, whom turned out to be a very cute young girl close to his age, got up and brushed themselves off. They gave him a look much like the one he gave her, sort of sad and apologetic. He turned to leave, not knowing what else he could do without returning to his human state but something stopped him. The girl had started speaking to him. It was very clear to him that she was not speaking in a human tongue even though somehow he managed to understand her. He halted and turned back curiously.
{" You look like you had a bad run in. Sort of like me... I wonder, a lovely dog like you shouldn't be out all alone in the middle of the night like this. Are you hungry?"} she said kindly in this strange tongue he somehow understood, reaching into her bag to pull out a sandwich.
Quin edge towards her a bit, sniffing around to see if anyone else was about watching or listening. No one seemed to be with them so he edged even closer still. It wasn't very evident in his hound form but if he were human right now anyone would be able to see the crimson shade of his face as he would be blushing to high heaven.
She persisted in trying to give him the sandwich but after sniffing at it politely he turned up his nose to refuse. He was still a little hungry after not finishing his meal at the Leaky Cauldron but he really didn't feel like eating. Finally the girl set it aside and sighed. There was a sadness about her that felt very familiar to Quin.
{" Your all alone like me... "} she said in the strange tongue, her shoulders sagging a bit.
His ears fell a little at that. He felt all alone most of the time but he knew it wasn't true. Not really. He may be alone everywhere else but at least back in Ireland he had his grandfather that could understand him. Of course, everywhere his grandfather wasn't he felt as alone as was possible.
"I don't like being alone," the girl said and he knew she had not meant for him to understand this immediately.
She was convinced he was a dog still and had confided in him not knowing. Quin's expression dropped dead at that, bowing his head an flattening his ears sadly. This was very wrong of him to be doing. It was like reading someones diary or something. He thought to change back to his human form immediately so he could apologize but something stopped him. A bright voice came from around the corner.
"Hi! Umm... You wouldn't happen to have seen a dog around here, would you? I think he's an irish hound," he heard Zephyr speaking.
Quickly Quin tried to duck behind the girl so he may not be seen. Tom had probably sent Zephyr to find him so he'd come back to face the music. He had cause a right bit of chaos at the old Leaky Cauldron after all. Not often the place was home to a good bar fight.
"Oh... This must be your dog. Here-" she replied.
Much to Quin's horror she not only identified him but picked him up. As his legs dangled from her grip he looked about in a panic. What was he going to do? As he looked up at Zephyr apprehensively he took notice that something was very different about Zephyr from before. Apparently the girl noticed to as she was stretching out to hand Quin to him as she let out a high pitched squeel, almost dropping him.
"Oops.......Sorry," Zephyr said apologetically, his face going red. "I'm just an.....well, an animorphmagus."
His answer came with some difficulty, not knowing how to put it. Seeing she was still confused Zephyr offered a better explanation to dismiss the matter.
"Never mind. It's just a cross between a Animagus and Metamorphmagus," he said plainly, struggling with the right words.
For a moment Quin forgot himself and turned back to his human form. The idea really intrigued him as it was something surely as rare as being a parselmouth.
"Hey, you never told me that," Quin said.
Another squeek of confusion reminded him about the girl and where he was. Up till now she had thought he was just a dog. A clever one perhaps but a just a dog nonetheless.
"That......dog.....huh?" she said in confusion, her face also getting a bit red now.
"That's my friend, Druid. And I'm Zephyr. You are?" Zephyr said matter of factly as if everything that had occurred were perfectly normal every day things.
"Avyianne," the girl replied quietly, her face still red.
She turned away somewhat trying to hide her face as though she were embarassed. Quin frowned a bit at this. He was the one that should be feeling bad about it. She should be downright angry at him for pretending to be a dog and letting her tell him things she didn't mean for him to understand.
"You've really got to stop running away like that," Zephyr said plainly as he turned to Quin.
Quin looked back and forth between both of them, not sure which problem to take care of first. It was not a common situation and it required thought. He decided to deal with Zephyr first though as he should probably talk to Avyianne alone.
"I ad to Remus," he answered as last. "I been in trouble with ol Tom before. Destroyed 'alf his bar in a fight a year ago on account a some bullies called Crabb and Goyle pickin on some first years. Nearly got me expelled. I cannae go riskin him tellin Aortas 'bout it or I might not be able ta go."
At this the girl looked up, a little less red than before. A little brightness had returned although she still seemed very sad.
"You're going to Aortas too?" she said.
"Aye," Quin replied, finally starting to feel a little more calm again. "'at is if ol Tom at the Leaky Cauldron don' get 'is 'ands on me till then. In fact, just met Remus.....sorry, Zephyr, here today while we was both gettin our supplies."
Zephyr nodded with an awkward smile. He was definately the most comfortable of the three of them. Aside from appearing with a dog nose and dragon claws he hadn't been in trouble for anything or had anything to be embarassed about afterall.
"Look, Zeph," Quin whispered into his ear real quick. "I tink I got a bit of apologizin' ta do here. I don' wanna be rude but could ya leave us be for a bit. I'll see ya on the train in a couple days."
Zephyr looked at the girl then back at Quin and let out a sly smile as if he had realized something. Quin could only blush a little at this even though that wasn't exactly what he was onta. Zephyr nodded his head, though which made him feel a spot better.
"Ok Druid. Maybe we could hang out tomorrow though. It could get pretty boring here by yourself and something tells me things are never boring around you," Zephyr said with a smile and a bit of a chuckle.
"I would but I gotta go home till its time fer the train. I don' got the money ta stay in Diagon an I dinnae say a proper goodbye ta me gramps. I'll meet ya outside the platform ta catch the train though," Quin said hopefully. For all the mess he'd been through already Zephyr still seemed willing to stick by him and that was an unusual feeling. "Oh......an you can call me Quin. My friends do."
Zephyrs smile broadened a bit and he nodded his head. "Alright then. See ya outside the platform Quin. Sorry I didn't get to know you yet Avyianne but we got a whole year at Aortas to do that." Zephyr gave a wave and then turned to head back to the Leaky Cauldron.
Once he was gone Quin looked back at Avyianne nervously. He wasn't quite sure where to start. It had been a pretty rotten thing not letting her know sooner he was an animagi instead of a dog.
"Look, I.......I'm really sorry about that. I shouldnae played it out so much. I shoulda told ya straight off when ya started talkin to me," Quin said, his head bowed down.
"You should have," she said weakly with a sniffle.
"I didnae mean ta hurt ya 'is just I was scared a gettin caught by ol Tom and gettin kicked out before I even got to Aortas. 'at place means everythin ta me right now," Quin continued nervously.
"It's alright," Avyianne said quietly. "Thats not whats really bothering me anyway. I know you didn't mean anything by it. I just feel..........."
"No....I'm the one that oughtta feel bad about it. It was wrong ta listen in like that when ya thought I was only a dog," Quin said, his tone desperately trying to apologize.
"Really, it's alright. I just have something else on my mind is all," she said with a little more life.
"Alright," Quin continued nervously, still not feeling he had made it up to her. "It's gettin pretty dark. Lotta strange wizards about. Can ye still let me walk ya back to your room. I gotta go back home after that but at least lemme walk ya back. Ain' safe out by yerself."
She looked around a bit and realized it had indeed started getting pretty dark. She got back up and kind of shrugged as she nodded her head yes. She started walking quietly and he quickly took up pace beside her, not sure what else he could say. At the very least he would see her back to her room safely. Then he could use his last bit of floo powder to get home. By then his grandfather will have heard about the brawl at the Leaky Cauldron and come to the conclusion that it was him. He may escape ol Tom and the ministry but he could never escape his gramps.

CoolTrainer IcEz
8th July 2003, 10:16 AM
Zephyr Remus Potter [Torignis]

After I had left Quin and Avyianne alone, I beamed to myself. Quin had considered me a friend, looks like life at Aortas couldn't get better. I walked slowly along the dark alley and the lights of the street seemed dimly lit, emitting an eerie glow. I'd better get back... Staring behind me occasionally, I felt really uncomfortable. Nah... It's just my imagination... A whish of wind came from behind me and I spun around to see the empty street. I started to walk faster, could it be Rookwood? The swish came again, louder and seemingly closer this time. I could feel the hairs at the back of my neck prickling. An icy cold breath was pouring down the my back, I panicked and broke into a run. The cobblestone floor was uneven and I tripped on a loose piece and tumbled on the rock hard floor with a loud thud. I turned onto my back to look at what it was behind me. There was nothing. The street was still empty and nothing moved. I stood up and began to walk back. But I had bumped into something hard and fell back onto the floor again. Looking up I saw I tall and rather built figure standing in front of me. He had long curly hair which grew down to his chin. It was hard to make out his other facial features, although his skin did give off a slight glow and his eyes glinted in the moonlight.

"Who are-" I tried to speak, but was promptly cut off by this strange man.
"Come... Don't ask anything..." he said as he grabbed my hand, and pulled my off towards a dark alley, so hard that my arm nearly came out of its socket.
As soon as we were deep in the alley, he turned and spoke again, "It's now not important to know who I am but what's more important is that you stop what you just did."
I looked at the cold steel gray eyes and was completely confused, "Stop doing what? And who are you?"
"That's not important..." he said, trying to divert the attention. "But just stop transfiguring your body parts into animals'," he added.
"But how did you know? You saw?"
"Yes. It's not difficult to spot something like that. And I'm sure almost half of the bystanders in the bar who were paying attention saw it."
"Well, what's wrong with it? It's just an ability I have."
"No, you don't understand. You must'nt"
"And who are you to tell me what not to do?"
"I'm... It's none of your business."
"And neither is what I choose to do. I'm leaving"

I had never been angry at anyone before, except Rookwood, but this was a complete stranger. I was completely puzzled. I couldn't care less. I took off without looking back and ran straight back into the Leaky Cauldron. There was much commotion at the bar so I decided to head to my room for an early rest. Just 2 days to go. I changed and sprawled myself onto the bed and fell asleep.

Eevee Forever
8th July 2003, 10:22 AM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

"Great!" I exclaimed, beaming. "I'll see you in about 45 minutes then."

"Sure," she replied with a smile, and she exited the Leaky Cauldron after paying for her drinks. I wish she hadn't've left so hastily; I would have paid for them. Of course, I'd get my chance at Florean Fortescue's...

I threw some Galleons down onto the bar and quickly ran up the stairs to find Shade's room, where I placed Crescent down carefully on his bed, so as not to wake him. I scribbled down a little note, apologizing for having to leave Crescent alone, but assuring Shade that he'll sleep through the night soundly anyway.

I dashed down Diagon Alley, Ra still on my shoulder, but found myself out of breath by the time I got to Gringotts. I darted toward the first free goblin I saw; his nametag read Sharpclaw. I handed him my key, "Vault 883, please," I blurted out. Sharpclaw shot me a dirty look, but then he quickly turned away and we set off in the 'mine cart' to the vaults. I caught my breath on the ride down, and when he opened the vault, I ran in and grabbed about 50 Galleons, some in Sickles, some in Knuts, and I tossed it into my bag and jumped back into the mine cart. As soon as we reached the Gringotts lobby, I hastily thanked Sharpclaw, took my key, and set off into Diagon Alley.

"I'll never make it at this rate," I told myself; I was a horrible runner. However, I quickly came up with an idea. I sprouted my huge scaly wings and rocketed onward toward the Apothecary, to get my Potions supplies refilled, Ra trailing behind me. When I had reached the store, I withdrew them and entered, trying my best to avoid a squat old hag in a shadowy corner of the store, who was trying to sell me dragon claws at 20 Galleons. 'Yea, OK lady, like I want to waste my money on something I'll only use in Potions, and chances are I won't even use them there...' I paid quickly for my Potions supplies, and I also noticed a very nice set of crystal phiales on sale, so I picked them up as well. As I exited the Apothecary, I checked my watch again. Fifteen minutes had already passed.

My next stop; Madam Malkin's. I once again withdrew my wings into my back as I reached the front of the store, and I hastily asked her for a dozen sets of school robes (I always managed to rip quite a few over the school year) and two new sets of handsome silk sapphire dress robes. She didn't take too much time; only about ten minutes. I thanked her at the counter while I was paying her, and before she could finish saying, "You're welcome," I was off again. Down the street I zoomed, bags in hand, to my last destination; Flourish and Blotts.

I knew that this would take the longest, so I tried to do the best I could to get everything done as quickly as possible. I figured that a Summoning Charm would be the easiest way to collect the books, so I stood shouting "Accio...!" before the name of each book, as they flew towards me from all ends of the store, the shopkeeper hiding behind his chair at the counter. I also picked up some non-required, but still very useful books; many dealing with general spells, and I bought a few books on Ancient Runes and Arithmancy too; I had wanted to take those classes at Hogwarts. As I walked up to the counter, a book caught my eye. The front cover read, 'Races of the Wizarding World'. I picked it up and added it to my already huge stack of 10-15 books (I already had a few of them, such as the ones required for Herbology, Divination, and Potions). After paying for the books, I conjured up a bag to plop them into, so that Ra could carry them in his talons; my hands were full. I hastily sprouted my wings yet again and flew off to Florean Fortescue's, and I pulled out a long list that I had made of everything I would need. I had all my essentials; tomorrow I could get the other random knick-knacks and such that I needed, although I had enough sweets and pranks to last me a lifetime sitting quietly in my bottomless trunk in Room 11. I put the list back into my pocket, and saw Akina sitting quietly at a table outside. I flew hurriedly toward the table, landed in the chair opposite of her, and pulled my wings back into my skin as Ra reached us and dropped the bag containing my schoolbooks next to me. I checked my watch; it was 43 minutes after we had left. I looked up at her.

"Hi...sorry I'm late..."

8th July 2003, 12:55 PM
Name: Dixyn Adestes Aubryc (goes by Adestes for the most part)
Gender: Female
Species: Nufin' special, just a human.
Personality: Hmm, lesse... well, first off, she's fairly brave, though very shy. She spends most of her time with her nose in a book. She's fiercely loyal to her friends (the few that she makes, in any case; as mentioned before, she's very shy), and this loyalty can drive her to do some crazy things. She will do nearly anything if a friend is hurt or in any sort of trouble. She's also quite klutzy while on the ground, but when she takes to the air, she's like a different person, much more graceful than she usually is.
Appearance: She has long black hair (streaked through with a golden-blond color) that she keeps pulled back into a braid. She's about 5'6", a medium height, and very thin. Her eyes are a sparkling grey-blue. When she's not wearing her robes she wears blue jeans (held up around her thin waist with a black leather belt) and a black t-shirt with red flames.
Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training: Survival Training, Offense Magic
House: Endriago (Black and gold, my school colors! Besides, dragons rule!)
Wand: 11 3/4 inches, willow, dragon heartstring
Year: 1st, of course!
Animal: Royel, a male black owl with reddish wingtips
Quidditch: Chaser
History: Not a whole lot to tell, except that she's muggle-born and so she went to a muggle school for a few years before she got the Hogwarts letter. She had a bad experience with the "popular kids" ganging up on her, and so became shy and withdrawn.
Other: Umm... *thinks* nothing.

Dixyn Adestes Aubryc - F - Endriago

I wandered downstairs early one morning, right before the start of term. It was fairly late for me to be waking up, nearly noon, but I'd been up late the night before writing letters to a couple friends I hadn't written to in a while. I rubbed my eyes with one hand while grasping the stair railing with the other. Probably for the best, as the rubbing of my eyes impared my vision, and I tripped on a shoe that someone *cough cough* had left lying around. I nearly landed on my face (as I seemed to do a lot), but I grabbed tight onto the railing and saved myself. I cast my little brother, Jordan, a glare as I walked into the kitchen. I considered throwing his shoe at him, but decided against it and sat down at the table.

"There you are, Dixyn!" my mom said as she entered the kitchen. I groaned inwardly. No matter how much I insisted I be called by Adestes, my middle name, she always called me Dixyn anyways. At least everyone else called me what I wanted to be called.

"Hey mom," I said sleepily, still a little out of it. I yawned and stretched.

"You got a letter today," she said, setting down a piece of parchment in front of me. I picked it up and quickly opened it, wondering what in the world it could be.

"Thank you Ms. Aubryc for joining Aortas Auror Academy. Attached is a list of books that you will be requiring for the term. Please ensure you purchase all of them as well as the standard supplies you need. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy"

I gasped. Duh! I'd enrolled for Aortas a couple weeks before. I'd almost entirely forgotten.

"Your booklist for Hogwarts?" my mom asked, nodding at the parchment I was holding.

"Nope," I said. Apparently my mom had forgotten about my Aortas enrollment, too. "My booklist for Aortas."

"Oh, that's right!" she exclaimed. "You signed up for that Auror school. You know, Dixyn," she began with a frown, "I'm not totally sure I want you going to that school. It seems sort of dangerous, what with the missions and all...."

"Mom," I interrupted, rolling my eyes, "it's FINE. We went over this already, remember? Besides, I already enrolled. It's a little late for second thoughts."

"Oh, I know. But I can't help but be worried, my oldest child and only daughter going off to some school, where I can't look after her."

"You didn't seem to worry too much about me going off to Hogwarts," I pointed out.

"I worried, of course I worried. I can't help but worry; I'm a mother. But times were different then. Now there's this... this dark wizard on the loose, and everything is so much more dangerous, I'd really rather have you stay home with me...." she sighed, then forced out a smile. "But I suppose I can't keep you home forever, huh? Now, why don't you eat and get dressed, and then I'll drive you down to Diagon Alley so you can get your books and things."


About forty minutes later my mom was pulling up in front of the entrance to Diagon Alley. She helped my pull my trunk out of the back of the car, and handed me the key to it.

"DON'T lose this, now," she warned me. "I've already had to get you a new one twice."

"I know, I know," I said, quickly unlocking the trunk and looking around before slipping my wand into my right sleeve. I then locked the trunk and and put the key into my pocket. My mom reached out to give me a hug, then pushed some money into my hand.

"Make sure to get everything on the list, and get yourself a room, too. You don't want to have to lug that trunk around everywhere," she said.

"All right. Hey," I said, suddenly remembering something, "I sent Royel off last night with some letters. When he gets back, tell him I'm in Diagon Alley, okay?"

"Okay," my mom replied, giving me one final hug before climbing back into the car. "I'll see you in a few months!" she yelled out the window. Then she started up the car and pulled away, and she was gone.

I grabbed ahold of my trunk and wheeled it down to the brick wall that separated me from Diagon Alley. Looking around, I pulled my wand out of my sleeve and tapped on the brick wall in the sequence required. The wall opened up, and I stepped through.


After heading to Gringotts to exchange my money and getting a room at the Leaky Cauldron so that I didn't have to drag my trunk all over the alley, I pulled my parchment out of my pocket, reading it as I walked down the street. Bad idea. I should have learned, with my klutzy nature, NEVER to walk and read at the same time.


I collided sharply with someone, falling to the ground with a thud. Groaning, I rubbed my side, looking up to see who it was I'd hit....


OOC: Poor, klutzy Dixyn. Who wants to be the person she accidentally ran into? Bad ending, I know, but I'm going to my friend's house, so I had to end somewhere.

8th July 2003, 02:18 PM
Avyianne Tseuga - F - 1/2 Unicorn/Human

I swallowed hard as I nodded and we started to walk. Quin... so that was what he told the other kid to call him. I was not quite sure on how to approached 'Quin', or even what he wanted me to call him. I sighed softly as we walked in an awkward silence...

I sneaked a glance at him, and saw his face was deep in thought, as if he was thinking of some thing. I gazed at the ground as we walked... I had no idea of what to say. What do you say to some one you were talking to, thinking they were a dog? It wasn't that big of aproblem I knew... I hadn't told him anything really personal, bu tstill... he had seen me while I was depressed and lonely. I never let anyone see me when I was like that... at school, I was always the happy, bold girl who never let anyone down. He saw me... when I was vulnerable, adn I couldn't help but think that he probably thought of me as some sap now.
Nice going Avyianne... nice..
I thought, and sighed as my blonde hair reflected in the light as I shook my head to myself.
"So... eh, where'r what 'es this place yer stay'n at?"
Quin said, looking at me for the first time directly at me, I gazed back at him... and it hit me that he had a heavy Irish accent. I smiled faintly...
" It's down this alley, not far now. It's called soem thing like the... "Crooked Tooth" or some thing, although the sign is so worn out you can barely tell."
Quin seemed to think about this for a moment, I knew he was probably wondering why I'd be staying a place down here other then the Leaky Cauldron. We kept walking... until I spoke again,
" So you said you were going home after walking me to my hotel... do you live around here?"
Quin shook his head slightly,
"I'um liv'n with my grandfather.... in Ireland."
"Oh." I replied, scolding myself softly in my mind... that was a rather stupid question. Why did I even ask some thing like that? I guess I was trying to break the ice... although it wasn't working very well. Quin wasn't much of a conversationist, and so I decided perhaps I should talk... at least try to keep the silence fromrepeating itself.
"Again, thank you... for, well, walking me to my room... even though we aren't there yet. You don't have to appologize about the whole dog thing either, so please don't feel bad about it. It's quite alright..." I blushed slightly, gazing at him.
"It's notl ike I told you... well, anything too personal. I probably could have said a lot of other things that my father would have sc-"
I stopped suddenly, and jerked my head down.
My father...
I felt hot tears start to burn at my eyes, as I cringed... how could I have almost just blurted out his name?! He was dead now... he would never scold me again.
Just thinking about it brought back the memories when I had almost accidentally told the Leader of teh Ministry of Magick, Fudge, about me being half a unicorn. It was when he had come to my father's office and I was just a little girl playing with black sheets of paper and turning them over and over to find a new color every time I did so. He had scolded me then..
But now he's gone..
.." Never mind..." I said softly as we kept walking, and it seemed silence insued as Quin was thinking probably. I hoped he hadn't really taken anything into account about what I had said. I had seen Quin at Hogwarts from time to time, he was pretty hard to miss and I had heard he often had gotten into a few fights with people- mostly bullies however, some thing I didn't mind as long as it didn't cause too much of a huge brawl where innocent people were hurt. I doubted however, that Quin had heard of me... besides being Seeker in Hogwarts, I doubted he had heard of me much. The biggest thing I had done at Hogwarts was stand up to Prof. Snape when he had purposefully picked on innocent Hufflepuff students, when they had clearly not done anyting to deserve his ridicule. For that I had been cleaning Potions for the rest of the month- for I had created quite an uproar with snape and I both yelling back at each other.
"... is'uh, this it'?" Quin stated, as we both stopped. The building looked very gloomy and rather old in the darkness, with only a single broken window lit upinside, as teh sign looked as if it could fall at any moment, and the words, "Crooked Tooth" were smeared on.
"... uh, yeah, this is it..." I responded softly, my eyes widening as I suddenly grasped how dangerous this place could actually be.

Sheila Rae
8th July 2003, 06:52 PM
¤Sheila Rae - part-mergirl - Torignis¤
< My name is easy to remember, it's the same as my registered name!
I was very excited. I was just accepted to Aorta's Auror Academy! I wanted to be an auror since my third year, when I got my phoenix, Kulasiri. I was sitting at the table with my Aunt Analisa, Kulasiri perched on my shoulder, as she usually was. Today I decided to do my forest green hair in two thick braids down my back.

"So, are you going to go to London to get ready to go today?" she asked me, my acceptance letter beside us on the table.

"Yes, probably so," I responded. For some reason I was unusally tired. Italy was a long way from England; it would be best if I left today and stayed at the Leaky Caulron.

"Ok then, you get your trunk ready and I'll make a portkey," Analisa said. I went into my room as I heard my aunt saying "Portus!" in the kitchen. I gathered up my few belongings in my trunk. I didn't have any auror items, apart from a sneakoscope. Not even an ivisibility cloak, even though I really wanted one. So I put my sneakoscope, my old school Ravenclaw robes, my wand, a few books I needed for school the Aunt Analisa (who wasn't really my aunt) had in her mini-library, and a small sack of galleons, not more than half a dozen, and containing more sickles and knuts. We didn't have much money, but it was enough to live fairly comfortably.

The next thing I did I considered pretty cool. I thought the phoenixes were one of the most beatutiful creatures, but unforetunately I couldn't bring one in a muggle area, or risk her getting hurt in Diagon Alley. So I was able to transfigure Kulasiri into a lovely necklace; transfiguration was one of best subjects. The necklace had shimmery silver chain, with a pendent that was made of scarlet and gold feathers, looking like a flame or a pair of wings, depending on how you looked at it. It was actually kind of weird wearing Kulasiri around my neck, but it kept her safe since I refused to cage her, and she made quite a exquisite necklace.

I brought my trunk downstairs using the levitating charm and prepared to use the portkey. Analisa had enchanted a lamp this time. "Bye, Aunt Analisa," I said, hugging her. "I'll see you soon!"

"I'll miss you, Sheila Rae!" she cried, as I was blown away with the portkey. First came the hard jerk behind my navel, then a familiar swirling sensation. Before I knew it, I had landed in Diagon Alley outside the Leaky Cauldon. I picked up my trunk and went inside. Tom was there at the desk.

"Sheila Rae, back to Hogwarts again?" he asked. I had always stayed at the Leaky Cauldron a few days before Hogwarts term started.

"No, this time I'm going to Aorta's Auror Academy," I replied.

"Aye, you're not the only one. Here you can have room number 16," he said, handing me a key.

"Thanks Tom," I said, then headed upstairs. I unlocked the door and set my trunk down on the desk, removing my booklist and and the sack of money. Checking my watch, I found it was little past one. I would probably spend the rest of the day shopping and maybe pick up a butterbeer later.

Outside the inn, I first went to buy a couple new dress robes. I got two deep pink ones, but it was really hard to decide. Then, I had a quick check-up on my wand by Mr. Ollivander. I bought a few ingredients at the Apothecary, and lastly was Flourish and Botts.

Inside I bought all my school books, including one of my favourite (for school anyways), The Guide to Advanced Transfiguration. I also picked up an ancient rune dictionary. After I paid and I was about to leave, a special book caught my eye. It was about angels. A tear dwelled in my left eye. I thought angels were the most wonderful creatures in the universe, even more than phoenixes. They were blessed creatures, they had excellent healing powers and I've heard light shines from them. But best of all, the can fly and ride the winds...not just fly, but with beautiful wings, pure white, feathery but silky at the same time. Now, why did I have to be a stupid merperson, why couldn't I be an angel? I wondered that if I was an angel, would I want to be a merperson. My head soon discarded that. Too bad they only live in heaven, I thought. The pages sparkled when I opened the book. I didn't have enough money for it, much to my disappointment.

I left the bookstore, saddened, but Kulasiri still around my neck reassured me a little. I was only a little hungry, so I decided to get some ice cream. It wasn't as good as Gelato, but still pretty good. I walked over to Florean Fortescue's after dropping my new schoolbooks at my room in the Leaky Cauldron. The thought of delicious strawberry ice cream swirled around in my head. But when I got there, I saw someone I never expected to see!
OOC: ::nudges a certain Eevee Fanboy::

8th July 2003, 10:04 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuki[<Chifre>]

"Hi...sorry I'm late..."I jumped from those words, not expecting anyone to talk to me..I got my wings out of my skin..
"Oh..Hey Ajax..It's ok.."I said, and tried to straighten my head wing's, which once more, started to flap from me being scared.

"Umm....So.."I twindled with my fingers...I didn't know what to say, Being speechless bites..especially with a boy infront of you..which makes it 10 times worse..

"Wanna get something to..eat?Like...Ice Cream..or something?"He asked me..but he stopped..seeing someone that made his mouth drop..

Didn't know what to post.

Eevee Forever
8th July 2003, 10:37 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

From behind Akina, another girl, whom I knew very well; Sheila Rae Akwapolliz, a half mermaid I had met in Ravenclaw a few years ago. I panicked for a moment; what an awkward position I was in; I was afraid that Akina would think that there was something going on between myself and Sheila, when we have just been good friends, but I didn't want to shoo away Sheila, since we were good friends, and I hadn't seen her all summer. I got up and said hello, and we shared a brief hug. Having known her before, we began conversing in Mermish; she had taught it to me in my third year, and I tried my best to explain my predicament to her, as well as find out that see too would be attending Aortas. She looked at Akina, and then she turned back to me and grinned from ear to ear; she understood. She then turned to Akina, and in a slightly broken English accent not unlike my own, she said, "Don't worry, there's nothing going on between me an' Ajax."

I slapped my forehead and I felt my entire face go red. Trying to pretend that Sheila Rae had not just said anything, I quickly introduced them.

"Akina, this is Sheila Rae, an old friend from Ravenclaw. Sheila Rae, this is Akina. She'll be going to Aortas too."

"Nice to meet you," they said simultaneously, although they didn't exactly come off as warm and welcoming.

"We were just about to get some ice cream," I explained to Sheila Rae.

"I wish I could join you," she sighed, "But sadly, I have to grab a cone and run; I still have to get my shopping done. Oh, won't those shopkeepers be mad...they're going to be keeping their stores open late just for me..."

"Well, I suppose I'll see you tomorrow, or at the latest, on the train the day after," I said warmly.

"Great! OK then, bye, you two!" Sheila Rae responded as she started down Diagon Alley.

"Bye...!" we shouted down the street, waving. My face was still bright red.

"I'm sorry about that....would you still like to get some ice cream?" I asked meekly...I really hoped she hadn't gotten the wrong idea.

8th July 2003, 11:00 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuki[<Chifre>]
The girl that came over, and Ajax, started to talk in a weird Language..what I think was mermish.After a while, the girl turned around to me, and with a little Broken English accent, said..

"Don't worry, there's nothing going on between me an' Ajax."I blushed, which made my semi-pale face look like I had really bad sunburn.

"Akina, this is Sheila Rae, an old friend from Ravenclaw. Sheila Rae, this is Akina. She'll be going to Aortas too."Ajax followed..

"Nice to meet you.."We both said, at the same time..We both said it simple, plain..Making it not seem warm and welcoming..

I sorta ment it to sound like that...

"We were just about to get some ice cream,"Ajax turned to Sheila, and explained it to her..

"I wish I could join you,But sadly, I still have to get my shopping done. Oh, won't those shopkeepers be mad...they're going to be keeping their stores open late just for me..."She said, and sighed..I laughed a little..

"Well, I suppose I'll see you tomorrow, or at the latest, on the train the day after," Ajax said to her...

"Great! OK then, bye, you two!" Shelia's voice trailed off, as she started down Diagon Alley..

"Bye!"Ajax and I said..well..I sorta muttered it..

"I'm sorry about that....would you still like to get some ice cream?"Ajax turned to me, and said that meekly..

"It's..ok..And Yeah..."I replied, and shot a smile up..Partially from the thought of Ice Cream..

I got a Triple Scoop Cookie Dough, and Ajax got 3 various flavors..I wasn't really pay attention to what flavor's, as I started to lick, slowly, my Ice cream..I think Ajax payed for it...I was looking at the sky,sorta in a daydream..

As we started to walk back to our table, I thought about Sheila..but Sitting down, made me forget her.

"Sheila's just a friend of mine...Thats all..Ok?"Ajax asked..

Eevee Forever
8th July 2003, 11:37 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

We went inside the ice cream shop, and Akina, seeming much happier, skipped up to the counter and ordered Triple Scoop Cookie Dough, and I also ordered a Triple Scoop, but of Strawberry, Peach, and Cherry ice creams. As we ordered, the woman at the counter called out the names of the ice cream flavors, and they magically appeared in the cones. After I had paid, we went back outside to our table. Akina was licking her cone very slowly; I wondered if there was something on her mind. I still felt like I had to say something...

"Sheila's just a friend of mine...Thats all..." I blurted out, and I felt my face grow red and hot again.

"Yeah..." responded Akina; she didn't seem to entirely believe me, but I didn't know what else to tell her. I felt horrible, like I had ignored her or something...So I quickly changed the subject to Aortas; what house she was in, if she played Quidditch, the courses she was taking...I hardly knew anything about her.

RaZoR LeAf
9th July 2003, 06:16 AM
Can someone interact with my character for a while, while I read through everyone's posts to work out what's going on? >_< i kinda lost track. Malvar is outside the Leaky Cauldron, his profile is on page 2. Thankies very much in advance.


CoolTrainer IcEz
9th July 2003, 10:24 AM
OOC: My character is already on his 2nd day so I'll make him bump into you on the second day.

Zephyr Remus Potter [Torignis]

The second day come by quite quickly, before I knew it the sun had risen and Avis was pecking on the window.
"What is it?" I grumbled as I dragged myself out of bed to open the window. "Looks like you're just hungry, aren't you Avis?" I said to Avis. He cooed softly and I placed him onto his perch and began feeding him. "Hmm... Well since you're here... I might as well..." I dragged out my quill and tore a bit off my parchment and started to write:

"Hello Quin,
I'm just writing to see how you're doing. Hope you haven't gotten into much trouble from the fight last night. I bumped into a really strange man after I left you and Avyianne yesterday night, but it's nothing... Don't worry. Well, write to me when you can. See you tomorrow at the platform!


Tying the scrap of parchment onto Avis' leg and sent him off, out the window. Changing, I hopped downstairs to get some breakfast. Shoving, peice of toast after piece, into my mouth I had finally finished my breakfast. Dropping a few knuts and sickles onto the table I yelled to Tom and left the Leaky Cauldron. When the door flung open, I hopped onto the street, busy thinking of what had happened the night before. There seemed to be a lot of students wandering about Diagon alley. Suddenly, I spotted a rather strange-looking guy wandering about the streets, he seemed rather bored like I was, so I decided to approach him.

"Hi! Nice day isn't it?" I asked him casually.
"Yeah..." he replied awkwardly.
I looked around anxiously for something to chat about and I noticed he held a copy of Unarmed Combat, Skills without magic in his right hand. "That's a cool book..." I commented.
"Yeah.. I'm trying to do some reading before I head to Aortas."
"You're going to Aortas too?" I replied excitedly.
"Yup. Are you?"
"Yeah! That's great! So you've got all your stuff already?"
He nodded slightly and looked down. I was feeling really awkward and finally understood how Quin must have felt.
"Alright... I guess I'll be seeing you on the train to Aortas tomorrow then..." I said, trying my best to calm my legs which were running from me.
"Yeah... Bye." he replied.

Walking away as fast as I could, I hurried along the street of Diagon hoping to find something less awkward to do. Now I realised why Quin kept running away and felt really lucky that I wasn't the one who had to go through it but at least we were great friends now.

Ice Maiden
9th July 2003, 10:42 AM
Kazumi Nishida - Guivre

I stepped out of the mostly unknown tavern, and began to walk down to the Leaky Cauldron. Suddenly, something slammed into me. I was bowled over by the force, and ended up sprawled out on the floor.
"Oh my god, i'm so sorry!"
I looked up to see some girl stood there, clutching her side.
"Are you okay?" I asked her. She looked in pain.
"Yeah, i'm fine! I'm just a bit of a klutz..."
I picked myself up of the cobbled path, feeling over my arms for any cuts or bruises.
Taking a closer look at her, I saw her grey-blue eyes. They could have contained her soul, as they were sparkling so much.
Nope, I thought, they're watering because she's just winded herself.
"Um...so...what's your name?"
"I'm Kazumi. Who are you?"
"Dixyn. Want me to get you a butterbeer?"

Just a little note here, can someone please interact with my character? I'm going on my school's summer camp (yayness) and I won't be able to post until Saturday, maybe Sunday. Thanks!

Sheila Rae
9th July 2003, 01:33 PM
¤Sheila Rae - Torginis - part mergirl
It was my friend Ajax! I was suprised to see him, but then a noticed another girl. My timing was awful. We chatted in mermish for a few minutes, and then I looked back at the girl. She had a weird kind of worried look on her face. "Don't worry, there's nothing going on between me and Ajax." Then a heard a kind of skin-hitting-skin sound behind me, but I didn't turn around to see what it was.

"Akina, this is Sheila Rae, an old friend from Ravenclaw. Sheila Rae, this is Akina. She'll be going to Aortas too."

"Nice to meet you," I said to her at the same time as she said it to me, but my voice was different; I had never quite heard it like that before. I blinked hard.

"We were just about to get some ice cream," Ajax told me.

"I wish I could join you," I said, sighing, "But sadly, I have to grab a cone and run; I still have to get my shopping done. Oh, won't those shopkeepers be mad...they're going to be keeping their stores open late just for me..."

"Well, I suppose I'll see you tomorrow, or at the latest, on the train the day after," he said warmly.

"Great! OK then, bye, you two!" I said, quickly getting the strawberry cone and walking back down Diagon Alley.

But the only thing was, I wasn't going shopping. I went back to my room in the Leajy Cauldron. Once there, I un-transfigured Kulasiri. She began to twit sweetly on her perch beside me. I thought about Akina. There was something different about her, something I didn't have tike to analyze then, and I couldn't put a finger on now. Then I thought something I haven't thought in a long time: What if I died tomorrow? I used to think that a lot, when I lived underwater, but I haven't thought it in years. And no answer ever came to me.

Kulasiri began to sing gently. And I fell asleep to her song.

9th July 2003, 04:24 PM
Elizabeth (Endriago)

I heard banging downstairs when I woke the next morning. 'Gotta love the drunkards that come to the Leaky Cauldron,' I thought, figuring that I should get up now rather than just lay in bed.

"Mornin' Mac," I said to him as he stretched, noticing I was up. I looked at my watch. It was about 8:00.

"Well, better go get my robes for school today!" I said happily, getting my clothes on.

I looked at myself in the mirror.

"No wonder people look at me oddly... I always have muggle clothes on."

As Mac and I walked out the Leaky Cauldron, by carefully avoiding a very drunk patron whose wand was now sparking, I looked for Madam Malkin's.

I stepped past a large group of adult wizards that were all dressed the same. Apparently they were some famous music group that I didn't know. A few girl witches had stopped in front of them, and were swooning over a few of the musicians.

"Oh come on... I just want to get my robes..." I muttered as the street became crowded.

I finally pushed my way through them when Mac started pulling me in another direction.

"Uh... Mac, what are you doing?" I said calmly, curious as to what he smelled.

He led me up to a pair of boys talking just outside of a small candy shop. When one of them left the other, Mac went charging up to the boy left.

"Mac!? Wha?" I yelled, but it had no effect. He stopped short in front of the boy, and began wagging his tail.

I looked up embarrassedly at the boy. He kinda looked familiar to me... He had dirty-brown hair, and very dark brown eyes.

"Uh... I'm sorry, my dog must like your smell... kinda odd though... he usually isn't like this..." I said nervously.

"That's okay..." he said, bending down to pet Mac.

That's when I recognized him! He was the boy from Hogwarts that was a werewolf like me! Except, he let everyone know what he was. I tried to remember his name.

"... he must smell the wolf in me," he finished.

"Uh, yes, probably..." I said quickly, avoiding eye contact.

"Um, what is your name... Malzo?" I said timidly.

"Actually, it's Malvar," he corrected.

'Oh great...' I thought, 'look like a total idiot...'

"Oh sorry!" I apologized.

"Don't worry about it, and you are?"

"Um, Elizabeth... I was in Gryffindor at Hogwarts," I answered.

"Was? Aren't you still going?" he said curiously.

"N... no, I'm going to Aortas this year," I said.

"Cool, so am I! I'll probably see you there sometime," he smiled.

"Yeah..." I said, hoping he couldn't somehow sense that I was really a werewolf.

9th July 2003, 04:28 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuki[<Chifre>]

Ajax quickly changed the subject, probably avoiding The Subject of Sheila..to Aortas..

"So..Do you play Quiditch?"Ajax said.I quickly took another lick of my cone, and spoke..
"I played it the first year I could..But I didn't like it much..So, I'm not playing it a Aortas.."
Ajax took another lick of his cone,and said"I like playing Quiditch, but I don't know what spot to play..."

"What house are you in?"
"I was in Ravenclaw.."I replied.."I'll think I'll be in Chifre as well..

Eevee Forever
9th July 2003, 05:09 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

"Really?" I said, after learning that Akina was in Ravenclaw. "I was sorted into Gryffindor, but most of my friends were Ravenclaws," I told her. "I really don't know where I'll be going this year...hopefully Torignis, simply because I think I fit that description the best."

"Well then, I wonder if we'll be in the same house..." she said, not very enthusiastically.

"Oh...yeah..." I sighed; I was hoping to have seen more of her at Aortas. "But hey, that doesn't mean we won't see each other. Maybe we'll have double classes together, and there's always the weekends..."

She giggled. "Yea, ok," she replied. For the first time since we had gotten the ice cream I took my eyes off of her for a second and looked over her shoulder; it was getting dark.

"Say, do you want to finish these on the way back to the Leaky Cauldron?" I suggested, pointing to my ice cream cone. "It's getting dark..."

"Sure," she answered, and she smiled. As we strolled down the street, I tried to walk along side her rather than in front of her; apparently, I was walking too fast. As we approached the Leaky Cauldron, I held the door open for her; she was still eating her ice cream cone (and, of course, I wanted to be nice). She had about finished it when we were going up the stairs, though, and we began passing by the first few rooms. I turned to her.

"What room are you in?" I asked.

9th July 2003, 05:27 PM
Alec Firness

After booking myself a room in the Leaky Cauldron, I wearily made my way up the stairs. I heard a familiar voice as I went upstairs and I turned the corner to see a familiar boy and Akina. They hadn't noticed me.
" 'Allo Akina!" I called across the corridor, lumbering towards the couple. She turned around and so did the boy.
"Oh, hi Alec! How have you gotten on?" she asked.
"I managed to finish me shoppin', so I booked meself a room here fer the night."
She then nodded to the boy.
"This is Ajax," he said quickly. I stretched out my largened hands and he paused then shook it.
"So, where's your shopping then?" Akina asked. I smiled then turned around.
"C'mon 'Olly! Where are yee?" I cooed. They looked surprised as this cougar appeared coming up the stairs with my shopping slung over its back.
"That's your cat? She looked...a bit on the smaller side earlier..." Akina said, trying to find the right word.
"Yeah, that's Holly. She's 'armless, wouldn't 'urt a fly! Oh, she's also enchanted, so she can turn from a housecat to a mountain-cat anytime she wants! Kinda like an Animagus Cat!" I laughed. The two behind me gave a nervous chuckle.
"So, she wanted to make 'erself useful so I let 'er carry me shoppin'. Me luggage be in me room. Never seen a 'ousecat carry shoppin' so she transformed into a cougar to dae it."
I picked up my shopping from her back and she growled, then turned back into a housecat. I looked around.
"Well, it looks like there be me room right over there," I said, beckoning behind them.
"C'mon in fer a drink or tae, I got plenty o' butterbeer. I also got some other treats. I only come tae Diagon Alley once a year so I 'ave tae make the most of it," I invited them.

RaZoR LeAf
9th July 2003, 06:30 PM
Malvar Dragus (m) Torginis ~ Werewolf (and proud :D)

I waved to the boy goodbye. I didn't get his name, but if we're both going to Aortas we'll probably meet up again. I was about to turn away when a dog bounded up to me and started to try to rub against me. I knelt down to scratch him when his owner ran up.

"Oh god I'm so sorry.. he's not normally like this." she said, trying to pull the dog away.
"It's Ok." I said "Healthy dog like, can probably smell the canine inside me. Isn't that right boy.." I said, scratching behind the dogs ear.
"What's your name again.. Malzo?"
I smiled "It's Malvar actaully, but don't worry about it. Do I know you from somewhere?"
"Oh.. uh.." she was hesitating. Why? "I'm Elizabeth. I was in Gryffindor at Hogwarts."

The conversation passed on and I learnt she too was going to be attending Aortas. She finally manged to drag her dog Mac aay and she waved good bye.She looked eager to go. Maybe she's scared because i'm a werewolf. I was open about it at Hogwarts, and it put alot of people off. Aortas was much more open about who it accepted, so she's have to get used to it probably. I shrugged it off. Last thing on my list was the school robes. I headed to the shop that sold all the uniforms.

Past the bustling ailse of Hogwarts colours. Shelves and shelves of "Go Gryffindor!" banners and "Hufflepuff are the Stuff!" t-shirts I came to the sparcely populated, and recently repopned judging from the mess, Aortas section. The Torginis clothes were in the corner. I picked up the right stuff, and grabbed the regular school robes. They were the same at Hogwarts, so I had to push through lots of eager parents to get to them.

Hmm, maybe I should get more than one. Just incase. I don't want to burst out of them again one night if i end up unconcious and unaware of the moon's position

I grabbed four cloaks and finally paid for them. It was time to rest for the day and go home. I found the nearest Floo Network port and headed home

"Thirty Two, Queen's Avenue, Llantrisant!"

"Oh, Malvar, you're home!" was the next voice I heard, my mother helped me out of the network. "Did you get everything?"
"I think so."
"You're covered in dog fur boy, you haven't been in the animal shop again have you, Noswaith wont be pleased."
"No mum, I just had an encounter with an over friendly puppy."

9th July 2003, 10:12 PM
Shilan- Torignis
Shilan groaned, waking up, his book flat on his face. That woke him up quickly, but the monster book seemed to be asleep. Quickly, Shilan taped it up again, and flipped it on his table, instinctively looking at his table for Khayame. She was still gone, probably enjoying some food at Hagrid's (Not a good thing, last time that happened Khayame was sick for 3 days). He sighed, staring at the clock. It was morning, around 8:00. Shilan yawned, picking up his reddish sunglasses and pulling on a loose black shirt. For some reason, he prefered muggle clothing to wizard's robes, but still, he needed to take a trip to Madame Malkin's. He picked up his chingling money bag, and sulked out of his room, still rubbing his eyes.

Along the way to Madame Malkin's, he saw some Weird Sisters convention. Shilan never understood how some people in ripped clothing who knew 4 chords and occasionally screamed random nonsense could be so rich and famous. He walked past, hearing some people screaming about how much they where fans and stuff. Crazy. He brushed past him, toward Malkin's. As he entered the shop, he noticed a girl there with a dog. She looked strange, different, he couldn't quite place it but... a werewolf. He could tell by the eyes. Something wolf-ish remained in her crystal eyes. He walked up to her,
"Hi, Aortas Academy too?" he asked,

9th July 2003, 11:06 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuki[<Chifre>]

"C'mon in fer a drink or tae, I got plenty o' butterbeer. I also got some other treats. I only come tae Diagon Alley once a year so I 'ave tae make the most of it,"Alec offered me and Ajax..

"I just have to get something, Alec, but thanks..In a couple of minutes?"I cheerfully said..but I was hoping Ajax didn't get the wrong impression..
" 'Lright"Alec said, and smiled, going in his room..

"He's only a friend."I whispered.."My room is 26, at the end of the hall.."We walked to my room, and I opened the door, Yuru cooeing..

"She's a Snowy Owl.."I told Ajax, and Yuru cluched onto his shoulder, nipping his hair..
"She Likes you.."I smiled at him, and Yuru came to my shoulder..I grabbed some Bird Feed, and her Cage, and walked to Alec's room..

"After this...A nice sleep..."I said, and knocked on the door..Yuru hiding in Her cage..she scented Alec's "Kitty"

Eevee Forever
9th July 2003, 11:42 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

"...In a few minutes, OK?" Akina had told Alec, a taller and just as muscular guy who was also going to Aortas, when he had invited us for a drink in his room. I was a bit nervous; what was going on between them? Had they had something before I came along?

"He's only a friend," she whispered to me, and I instantly felt relieved. "My room is 26, at the end of the hall..." she said, as we approached it. She opened the door, and a great white ball of feathers rushed past my face. I turned to my shoulder to find that it was an owl, probably Akina's. It began to nip at my hair, which still smelled of fruit from the shampoo I had used this morning.

"She likes you..." giggled Akina, smiling. 'God, I love her smile,' I thought to myself. Her owl, which she told me was named Yuru, flew back to her and perched on her shoulder.

"Oh, that reminds me..." I said, as I turned around, and Ra flew to my shoulder. "This is Ra," I told her, as he began to coo softly.

She smiled again, and after grabbing her owl's cage and some bird seed, we left back down the hall for Alec's room. Ra was awfully friendly with Yuru; he kept cooing, as if serenading her, until we reached Alec's room, as which point Yuru retreated to her cage. Akina knocked on the door. He opened it and grinned.

"'Ey there! Don' be shy, c'mon in!" he beckoned.

Sheila Rae
10th July 2003, 03:24 PM
¤Sheila Rae - Torignis - part mergirl¤

OOC: My character is on her second day, just SYK.
I woke up, and looked at my watch. It was a little past 5:30. That's right, I had gone to bed unusually early the night before. I didn't know what I was going to do today. I was pretty much confined to the limits of Diagon Alley. It wasn't like I could go in a deserted field somewhere and teach Kulasiri to catch mice...or something.

I got dressed and brushed my teeth, hair, washed my face, all that stuff. Then I went downstairs and had a butterbeer with my breakfast. There weren't many people in the pub, most people were still sleeping I presumed, and the drunkees that stayed here all night with sparce. I hoped there weren't mant people in the Alley, either.

I knew what I was going to do today. I was going to spy. Not in Diagon Alley, though. The only good to come out of spying there was something to blackmail someone, but that really didn't matter since Ajax and Akina were the only ones I knew who were going to Aorta's, and I didn't really believe in blackmailing anyways. No, I would go to the nearby Knockturn Alley. That was where I could really get some information. So, I went into a dark alley, and transformed into animagus forum, a kneazle. I had jet black fur, with yellow spots on my ears, forehead, tail, and legs. My eyes were crystal blue, just like in my human form.

I slinked around Diagon Alley, passed closed shops and the few early wakers. I finally reached Gringotts, the alleyway next to it lead to Knockturn Alley. I snaked through a bunch of crates and barrels, and eventually reached a filthy stone "street." It was so dark and dingy it was no doubt Knockturn Alley.

Suddenly, a fully-cloaked wizard was coming down the alley, and I was standing right in the middle of it. I quickly dashed against a wall in the shadows. But instead of pinning myself against the dark wall, I fell through it, and into the interior of some shop. I was under a table, unable to be seen because of my camoflague with the shadow it casted. The room was very...well, freaky. It was very dusty and full of cobwebs, probably the back room to a store that hadn't been used in many years. There were skulls and other bones from various creatures on the tables and desks, now splintering from age. There was a rotten skeleton hanging on the wall, while viles filled with something that looked like blood lined in a glass case. Overall, the room was very creepy, not to mention a perfect hideout.

A few feet away from me, I heard two voices exchanging a conversation. I looked up and saw two deather eaters! They were unmistakable, with their masks and the dark mark on their arms.

"That was a pretty smooth Death Curse you pulled on that bloke, Rookwood," a death eater said.

"Yeah, I tortured him with the Crutias curse until he begged for it to stop..." the one named Rookwood replied.

"Tonight, me, Crabbe, and Goyle going to attack St. Mungo's. Those healers will get quite the scare of their lives," the other death eater said.

"The Dark Lord will love that," Rookwood said, both of them snickering.

Suddenly, a spider crawled across my paw. I leapt back, not so much in fear but in surprise. That caused me to hit my head on the bottom of the table, and I fell back out of the safety of the shadow. So, I was now in clear view of the death eaters. One of them looked down at me and spit, just missing my tail.

"Cursed kneazle," he muttered, and kicked me square on the side with his cleat-like boot. It cut open my skin and sent my flying across the room at a high speed. My head hit perfectly the corner of a leg of a desk. Crap, did that hurt. Did I get a concussion? Was my skull fractured? I had no time to find out. I quickly limped out of the store, through the same pseudo-wall I had come through. I limped across the alley, back through the narrow passage by Gringotts. I got close to the Gringotts entry, while still in the narrow alley, when I couldn't go any farther. I collasped, gave a final mew for help, and went to sleep, hoping that I would wake up again.

OOC: I hope I didn't "do" too much with the death eaters thing.

10th July 2003, 06:11 PM
Kevin Usagi(Endriago)

I woke up quickly.The second day was already here.I walked down,wondering what I'd do today.I wasn't tired,because I went to bed a little too early.I wasn't too hungry,I'd eat later.I walked outside and heard some kids talking.I didn't care.I walked toward Gringotts,and looked over by an alley.I heard a mew,and looked down the alley.I saw a sleeping kneazle,and smiled.I walked down the path and walked around to find the quidditch shop.I walkedaround until I found the Leaky Cauldron.I was now hungry.
I walked in and ordered some breakfast.I ate it,and seeing there was nothing good to do,I walked up to my room.I saw my sheltie chewing on my trunk handle,so I laughed as I shut the door.I said to the pup"You're such a devil!"I started thinking.I needed to give my sheltie a name.I decided to name him Devil after about 5 minutes.Devil yipped as he started to sleep on my pillow.I looked out the window.I saw lots of wizards and witches walking around Diagon Alley.I sat on my bed and looked at my trunk.I walked outside and ordered a butterbeer.I thought about when I was in Gryffindor in hogwarts.It was fun,but I was thinking that Aortas would be much funner.I walked outside.

Outlaw JT
10th July 2003, 07:11 PM
OOC: YAY!!!!! I have my color back!!! The 8th has come and gone.....Anyway, I thought I'd skip ahead a day to move things along. I think over 80 posts should be enough for us to all have introduced our characters so we can actually move along to the train and the school. Wouldn't be much of a school rpg if no one ever left Diagon Alley. Come on and lets all get moving.

Jerrius Quin Druid - soon to be Endriago

Quin's eyes drifted open slowly as he felt something tugging at the sleeve of his pajamas. At first he thought he might be having trouble focusing but after a minute he realized it was still too dark out to see anything. It couldn't be any later than 4:30 in the morning.
<"Alright Kilnar, I'm up,"> he said groggily to the king snake tugging at his sleeve; but he did not say it in a language any person would understand.
You see, Quin was not a normal person. Even for a wizard he was not normal. Quin was a parslemouth afterall and even among wizards that was an extremely rare thing. It was also a secret he guarded most fiercely. No one had ever known a wizard who could speak parsletongue to be good and Quin had enough trouble making friends without that stigma.

With some effort Quin managed to sling his legs off the side of his bed. With even more effort he managed to stand up and trudge over to the open window of his room. He looked out to see the stars were still shining and there was no sign of sunrise. It was very early indeed.
"Gramps," he shouted as he started walking towards the bathroom.
"Ah. Good morning Quin. I was beginning to wander when you would wake," his grandfather answered as he stepped into the hallway in front of Quin, his eyes bright as they could be. 'We only have 45 minutes to reach the portkey so you had better hurry."
"Right. Could ya get Kilnar ta his cage while I wash up Gramps? Ain' go' enough time ta do it meself," Quin responded, still groggy, as he brushed past his grandfather to the bath.
His grandfather curtly nodded with a smile and ducked into Quin's room. Quin stepped into the bath and started running the water. One of the many benefits of living with his gramps in a magical house over his parents place was that he didn't have to wait for the water to heat up. Quickly he dumped his pajamas in the cleaning hamper and stepped into the shower. He didn't have time for a proper bath. The portkey location was a good 20 minutes walk and they'd have no end of trouble getting him to the train if they missed it.
Quin took a quick shampoo and scrubbed off pretty well before turning the water off and grabbing a towel. He dried off quickly and wrapped the towel around his waist. Quin stepped back into the hall where he saw his grandfather standing with a small clear glass cage in one hand and a large trunk floating behind him. He had a smile on his face and he held up the cage so Quin could see his snake Kilnar slithering about the edges.
Quin smiled back and mouthed thanks before brushing past his grandfather again to return to his room. At first he started putting on his old Hogwarts robes but stopped with one sleeve halfway over his head. He'd be spending half the morning in London and most muggles weren't quite accustomed to such a uniform. No, he'd have to wear some of his muggle clothes and change on the train. Quin picked out a faded pair of grey jeans with a tear in the left knee and a ruddy black tshirt that had a barely noticeable blood stain below the collar that not even magic could get out. Quin's whole family was quite poor so what money they did have to spend on him had to spent on wizarding supplies for his education and some decent robes.
Quin checked his room one more time to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. Satisfied he hadn't he joined his grandfather in the hall and they marched out of the house swiftly. They still had just enough time to make the portkey safely.
They started out in complete silence. About halfway there though his grandfather slowed their pace just a bit and cleared his throat as if getting ready to say something unpleasant.
"I recieved an early post this morning from Diagon Alley," his grandfather began.
Quin's heart sunk immediately because he had a clear idea of what was coming. A couple of days ago he had started a bar fight at the Leaky Cauldron. A group of bully's with really big mouths had started blurting out things about himself that he had no desire for his new friend Zephyr to hear. According to the Daily Prophet nearly 17 galleons in damage had been done to the place before it was over. Till now Quin had thought he managed to get away unnoticed but it seemed his name had eventually come out.
"It seems dear old Tom at the Leaky Cauldron is most distressed. Apparently, during the altercation in his tavern a few nights ago a wolfhound badly scarred the leg of one of his patrons. Seeing as how such animals were not normally allowed there he was quite curious as to how such a creature came to be there," his grandfather continued, his voice as calm as was possible.
Quin let out a low sigh, his shoulders slumping. He knew his grandfather too well. To anyone else it might sound as they he was just having a normal conversation but Quin knew when his grandfather was disappointed.
"I'm sorry," Quin said quietly. "I's jus this guy from........"
"I know you do not act without some semblance of reason Jerry," his grandfather interrupted. His grandfather only used Quin's first name when he was really upset so he knew he was in for something. "Nevertheless, words alone are never enough to warrant violence. Words only have power if you give them power. You had no excuse to lose your temper in such a manner. Ultimately no one was permanently harmed but this is the second time it has happened. Since no one is still hurt I will not tell your parents. However, I will have to empty your broom savings to pay Tom for the damages to the Leaky Cauldron."
"But...." Quin objected loudly but his grandfather would not hear it.
"[b]No[/]! You must learn to better control your temper Jerrius. "
"Yes gramps," Quin sighed in resignation.
His mind quickly sped off onto brooms. Currently he owned a Comet 260. It was a fairly good broom for Quidditch but it was overused. It was already missing several twigs from the tail and it needed more of a kick to get airborn than it used to. It flew well enough still but if he wasn't watchful it occasionally drifted left.
He had been saving to buy himself a new proper sport broom for Quidditch for a few years but he only had about 13 galleons so far. That much had taken him 5 years and now it would be gone. At this rate his Comet 260 would break well before he could afford a broom any better than a preowned cleansweep and those made horrible quidditch brooms. With his newfound worry Quin failed to notice that they were still walking. In fact, he didn't notice anything else until half an hour later when his parents hugged him by the roadside some 20 kilometers outside London.

Getting to London and the train by portkey was not a usual thing for Quin. Ever summer prior his parents would holliday at his grandfathers house where he lived for a week before the term started. This year however they had taken holliday in London with an old friend of his mothers. It meant he saw much less of his parents than he would normally (which Quin did not like) but it also meant he would have a more interesting morning before getting to the train.
To compensate for his parents not seeing him the whole week they had decided to take him on a short tour of London before he had to catch his train. His grandfather and him took a portkey to a remote hilltop not far outside London. They walked down to the nearest road where Quin's parents met them with a car on loan from his moms friend. The greeting with his parents had been most cheerful and warm but he barely managed a gruff bye to his grandfather, still being down about his punishment for his altervation at the Leaky Cauldron a few days ago.
Once his grandfather was gone though, Quin and his parents filed into the car and made the short drive back into London. It was a splendid drive and they took several detours through London for Quin to see the sights. Despite numerous trips to Diagon Alley he had never seen more of London than the short trip between the tavern at its entrance and King's Cross station. He got to see the palace, Big Ben, and a number of other sites he had never seen outside of postcards. It wasn't as impressive as many places in the wizarding world but it was quite a treat nonetheless.
After their little driving tour they stopped at a very fancy breakfast bakery. Quin got to order whatever he wanted as a special treat for being accepted at a new academy. His parents, both being muggles, didn't understand much about it but they knew it was a big honor. And since they hadn't seen him since midsummer and they wouldn't see him again till christmas holliday they felt they should splurge a bit more than they normally would.
After a wonderful breakfast of some sweet pastries and fantastic imported tea they went shopping for the last two hours before he had to be at the train. Shopping in London wasn't as fun as shopping in Diagon Alley but what was important is the time spent with his parents. Quin only lived with them for one month out of the year so he treasured the time he did have with them.
His parents bought him a few muggle supplies (pens, a new cd of irish folk music, some fiction books for him to read). When time started growing short though they quickly made their way to the train station. Normally his parents would see him all the way to the platform entrance but he had told them he wanted to go himself this year since he promised to meet a friend outside the platform. He stood there in the parking lot for five minutes with his parents.
"I'm....I'm just so proud of you Jerry," his mother bubbled, her eyes brimming with a few tears.
"Mum," Quin said nervously as he tried to brush his mom off from her minute long hug.
"Pop's told us how big i'is ta get inta this new academy," his father said, shifting his weight nervously.
After Quin's mom finally let go of him, his dad leaned in for a brisk hug and a pat on the back. His mom burst back into another quick hug, planting a sloppy kiss on his forehead. Quin wiped his forehead off and gave a short wave.
"Thanks," he said plainly, staring back at the joyful faces of his parents.
With a bit of effort he lifted his very large trunk up in both arms and started walking towards the station. He had promised to meet Zephyr outside the platform entrance but there was only 15 minutes to catch the train. I hope remus adnae been waitin to long fer me, Quin thought as he walked through the station towards platform 9 and 3/4.

Outlaw JT
10th July 2003, 07:24 PM
Sheila Rae: Just a note. The Rookwood we have been using so far is only a student at Hogwarts. A mean one no doubt, but not far enough along to be able to manage such curses as you have him doing. Unless this is his father or someone else of the same name you may want to edit it. Plus, I'd ask Bulbasaur4 before making references this specific to a plot point she created. She might already have something in mind for it which is different from your post and what it implies. In fact, I do believe she has said Voldemort himself killed her father so having someone else do it would already be a contradiction.
Sorry if I seem rude but I thought I should bring up these points for you before there is any confusion.

Sheila Rae
10th July 2003, 08:07 PM
Yes, there is a Rookwood death eater, it is mention in OotP. I will change that other point though

10th July 2003, 11:08 PM
Elizabeth (Endriago)

After I finally managed to drag Mac off of Malvar, I began to walk off to Madam Malkin's. But not soon after, a boy approached me.

"Hi, Aortas Academy too?" he said, watching me intently.

"Uh... yeah," I responded, a bit confused as to how he knew.

"How'd you..." I began.

"How'd I know, oh, I overheard your conversation with that other boy," he answered smartly.

"Well, I'm Elizabeth," I said timidly. Meeting so many new people was making me over-nervous.

"I'm Shilan," he said to me.

"So, I guess I'll be seeing you at Aortas then?" I said kindly.

He nodded, and then saw the magical creatures book in my pack. "You like magical creatures?" he asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, it's my favorite subject! I was hoping that at Aortas we would get to see more things like Hippogriffs and Fwoopers and not little things like Flobberworms or Nifflers... not that I didn't like Nifflers, but the one I had in class was a particularly picky one..."

I figured I had probably talked too much, most people I knew found such things rather boring.

But Shilan seemed really interested in creatures, especially dangerous ones. He and I had a rather interesting little conversation about Firecrabs.

But when he mentioned werewolves, I got particularly uncomfortable, and made up some dumb excuse to get back to my room at the Leaky Cauldron.

When I laid down that night, I thought of all the new people I had met. Larien, Ami, Malvar, and Shilan... I wondered if I would get to meet anyone else when I'd get to Aortas. Mac snored lightly, and eventually, I drifted off to sleep...

The next day, I woke up bright and early, and decided to head out to King's Cross early. I walked up to platform 9 3/4 with Mac in tow.

"Well, here goes..." I said, taking a deep breath and stepped through the barrier.

"Hmm, so how will I know what train is for Aortas?" I asked myself as I looked around the magical train tracks.

10th July 2003, 11:53 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuki [<Chifre>]
That night was great. Me, Ajax and Alec had loads of butterbeer, which made me suprisingly giggly(Recieving strange looks from Alec and Ajax). Yuru kept on Cooing violently, trying to make Holly stay away from her. The same with Ra..We also had ton of sweet's, which made my head wings flap wildly, rallying up Ra and Yuru.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow, then."I smiled at them. Alec said goodbye, and closed the door. Ajax walked to his room, and waved goodbye. Myself, I went to the end of the hall, with Yuru in her cage..

I got dressed in Blue and yellow Pajamas, and blue slipper's. I allowed my wings out for the night, it would make my back feel a world better than it did at the moment..

"Good night, Yuru.."I said, and as My soft face touched the pillow, I fell asleep..

~*Next Day..

I quickly shot up, at sunrise even. You saw the horizon with swirls of Purple and Pink colors, and a orange ball of light slowly rising. I got changed into my Sliver and Blue shoes, Silver Baggy pants and Sky Blue T-shirt..My wings flapped with energy, and the same for my Headwings...

"Today, Yuru, I'll return earlier. Just stay here?k?"I told her, and placed food on the bottom of her cage. I grabbed my Money, and my Wand..Even my Grigotts Key.

I quickly ran down the stairs,seeing that Ajax's and Alec's room were still locked, probably asleep soon. I came to a bunch of Drunkards in the Leaky Caludron. Tom stood, trying to stay awake..

"You ok, this morning?Checking out?"
"No, I'll be staying one more night..Have your hand's full?"I asked Tom, before leaving for Grigotts/Diagon Alley..
"Yeah..sure do.."

Eevee Forever
11th July 2003, 12:39 AM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

Although there wasn't much talking that night, there most certainly was tons of laughter. When Alec said he had a lot of butterbeer, he really wasn't kidding; he had 5 tankards, and by the time we had left, 3 were almost completely empty. If anyone was affected by the butterbeer, it was most definitely Akina, who giggled so much that she even began to get me worried, and I laugh a LOT. All through the time we were there, though, I couldn't help but notice how much I liked her laugh. At one point, there was a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans fight, during which I was hit with some of the grossest flavors of them all, including ear wax and sprouts. And, much to my liking, Alec had bought my favorites; Fizzing Whizbees. It must have been almost midnight by the time we left Alec's room, but I was having such a good time I was disappointed to see it end. Unforunately, after Akina and myself had left, I was upset to find that I only received a wave and a "Good night," but I suppose I was expecting a little too much anyway; after all, we had only met that day.

When I got to my room, Ra flew happily onto his perch and buried his head under his wing, eager to get to sleep. Before I went to sleep, I stretched my wings for a few minutes, but I didn't dare go to sleep with them out; I tossed and turned so much in my sleep that I would end up with a bed and a mouthful of black scales. Instead, I put them back and changed into a plain white t-shirt and shorts, got under the covers, and drifted off into a deep sleep.


I woke up late the next morning refreshed, but still with the sweet scent of butterbeer in my hair. I hobbled groggily to the bathroom to wash up and I found a few rogue scales stuck to my arms, my neck, and my back...this usually meant that I had had a nightmare, and during it I had apparently been angry, since that was the only reason I ever changed in my sleep. I didn't think much of it, though, as I brushed them off into a small sack; often times wand creators would ask for my scaly feathers to use in their wands. After I had finished washing up and changing I tied up the small bag, stuffed it into my pocket, and nudged Ra, who was sticking his head into the hood of the sweatshirt I had worn the night before; apparently there had been an Every Flavor Bean in there. He flew off his perch and onto my shoulder, and then we jumped down the stairs for breakfast.

I wasn't too hungry; I only ate a few sausages and one egg, as well as a large glass of pumpkin juice; I was incredibly thirsty for some reason. After giving Tom my plate, Ra and I left the Leaky Cauldron, which had a fair amount of people in it, and went into Diagon Alley; it was already packed full with last-minute shoppers, and I realized that I had slept in later than I had thought. 'I wonder if I'll meet up with Akina again...' I asked myself hopefully.

I went into Gambol and Japes, and picked up a few odds and ends; a Remembrall, which I thought would come in handy, and a new Wizard Chess and Gobstones set; both solid gold. I payed the balding, cheerful wizard at the counter, and I headed toward Gringotts; I thought I'd get about 10 more Galleons...you never know when you'll need money. On the way there, I saw a boy stop and stare into an alleyway, smile, and then walk away. Curious, I too looked, and I saw a sleeping Kneazle. 'But what...' I thought to myself, '...is a Kneazle doing in an alley? They're smarter than to sleep on the cold, dirty pavement...' Upon closer examination, I realized that the Kneazle was injured; it had a gash in its side and on its head. I went over to it and picked it up; it had passed out, I realized.

"Ennervate," I said, as I pointed my wand toward the Kneazle. She stirred, but began to mew in pain; the gash was still bothering her. I then heard a strange sound from over my shoulder...Ra was crying; he wanted to heal the poor Kneazle. It about 30 seconds, there was no longer gashes in the Kneazle's head and side, and I put her down as she purred happily. She stepped back, and to my surprise, she transformed into someone I knew very well...

11th July 2003, 01:37 AM
Just to let everyone know: Avyianne's father was killed by Voldermort, but no one will know that for the ministry doesn't even know. Ill reveal more about why and how it happened later in the RPG... w hen things get heated up for Avyianne. ^^

Avyianne Tseuga- F - 1/2 Unicorn/Human

"No...no...NOO!" Avyianne screamed, as the blackened figure bore down upon her, grinning with almost vampiric-like teeth.
"Do it. Now. You should be able to on your own... DO IT!"
"NO!" She screamed again, tears flooding her vision... she was all alone, except for this man and several looming figures behind him.
"No! You won't make me do it! I won't do it so you can gain more power to destroy them!"
"NOW!" Suddenly teh figure snapped his fingers, and instantly two wizards came forth holding a desperately fighting figure... the figure gazed at her with a bewildered gaze, as she let out yell.
"Yesss... now transform, or else your little friend here dies."
Avyianne felt utter defeat... as she bowed her head, and heard her friend cry out-
"Avy, don't do it!" But she did not hear them... for she already began to transform...

The figure stepped closer to her father, as he narrowed his eyes and firmly stood with a wand.
"You may kill me, but I will do what I was sent to do." Her father spoke, bold and daring words... as the figure growled.
"You will die first! Now stop and obey and I shall spare you some what... refuse and you shall die horribly."
"Never!" With that her father whipped his wand upwards, and quickly several snakes gathered at his feet and began to knaw away at his ankles... he grimanced, but his wand began to glow brighter and brighter...
The figure brought his own wand, and was about to fire blast when suddenly a white light burst through teh air and then faded.
"NO! DAMN YOU!" The figure roared, and suddenly an eerie, darker flash lit the area... and her father fell tot eh floor..

Avyianne woke up with a jolt, as she gasped heavily... clutching at her heart, as her hair fell over her bare shoulders. She had torn apart the crude bed that had been offered at the hotel. Her tank top she wore to bed for pajamas had slid off her shoulders, and she quickly pulled it upwards. Getting out of bed, she quickly took a shower... letting the steam clense her body,a s her heart still raced inside her chest.
"What ahorrible dream..." She said softly, tears filling her eyes at the painful thought of losing her father.
"Why... why did you leave me!" She suddenly cried out, banging her fist against the faucet, as she collapsed to teh floor of the shower, and tightly pressed her hands against her face, sobbing into her eyes as teh water poured down her bare body.
"... I miss you so much... I don't know what to do..." Avyianne cried, gazing upwards wher ethe water didn't hit her face, as if asking for soem one to respond.
"Can't you come back?!"
Of course, there was no reply.

Soon Avyianne had dried herself off, and quickly put on some muggle-styled clothing. She had stayed at the hotel for a while now, and today was the day she finally had to head to the train. Sighing, she quickly pulled up her slightly-tight, light blue jeans which were faded in the thighs a tad bit, and along with that she put on a sleeveless-shirt which was a crimson red in color. It seemed to match and flow well with her startling, frost-kissed blue eyes and sunny blonde hair. She sighed as she stared in the broken mirror in her room, and shook her head.
" Why do I see a perfectly normal, happy girl and yet... I don't feel anything?"
She said to herself, but shrugged. Grabbing her books and clothing, she set them out neatly and folded then perfectly in place. Slowly but surely, she put all the stuff she would need for Aortas and silently pushed them inside her small, bottomless-backpack-like bag. After she was done, she heard a small, "mew!" and looked to see a small, fuzzy-ball of fluff come tumbling towards her. Smiling, she reached out and plucked the fluff off teh floor, and gazed into the charming yet mysterious green eyes of her young kitten, Youkai.
" You're here tho, aren't you?"
The kitten mewed again as if to reply, and she sighed as she got off the floor and grabbed her bag. Slinging it around her shoulder, she held it there easily for it felt light, and held Youkai curled up in her other arm.

"Time to go."


The train station was severely busy, Avyianne noticed, as she walked briskfully through the place. Unlike a lot of other hogwart students, she did not appear odd at all. She wore perfectly normal 'muggle' clothing, and all she did that was odd was hold a kitten. A lot of wizarding kids brought tons of bags... and Avyianne wondered silently why didn't everyone use a bottomless spell?
"Oh well.." She said softly, as her mind began to wander.

Who would be on the train? Would then, people notice her?
Avyianne secretly wished no one would talk about the death of her father... to her... or near her, so she could hear them.

But who would she sit by? All of her friends at Hogwarts did not recieve the letter, or they did not wish to go. Sure, Avyianne knew a lot of people from Hogwarts... but she didn't consider any of them really close friends. At least... none of them SHE knew were going to Aortas. Sighing, Avyianne walked alone... until finally she came to the platform. She saw many other wizard student's parents with the students, as the leapt through teh wall as a family.
Avyianne had to wipe away a tear before she too, went through the wall.

Instantly she saw the Aorta Train, and saw that it was leaving in about 10 or 15 minutes. She felt many wandering eyes upon her, as she cringed and quickly entered the train.
So many students were aboard... Avyianne felt nervous, as she kept going through parts of the train where people were sitting. Finally however, she came to a place where it was empty- no one was in this 'room' of the train. Six empty seats... Avyianne quickly went to teh top right one and plopped herself in a heap upon it. Youkai immediatly flickered his eyes open, as he yawned cutely.
Avyianne smiled as seh whispered to him in his own language..
[Yeah, you can catch some sleep with out me waking you up all the times with my dreams.]
Youkai seemed to smile, as if saying he didn't mind.
Avyianne sighed again, and decided as soon as the train began to move or so, she'd change into her Wizarding Robes. not now tho... she didn't want her spot to be taken, and some one would probably sit on Youkai.

11th July 2003, 02:11 AM

Akina Naomi Tsuki[<Chifre>]

"So, are you hungry?"Tom asked me, as I sat on a chair, on the bar..
"Um...Just Bacon, nothing else.."I asked, and added a "Please". In seconds, nice and cripsy Bacon sat infront of me. The sweet aroma going in one nose, out the other.I took each piece slowly, but in time, ate it..
"Thanks!"I smiled at him, and payed him, plus a Galleon tip...I didn't woprry much on money, my Mom and dad were rich...

Though, it was from my Grandma's will.

I wakled out, and got into The Ever flourishing Diagon Alley. It wasn't as busy as it was yesterday, due to early hours. But each store was open.

I first went to Florish and Bott's, grabbing some Ink, Quills, Parchment, and even some more light reading("It can't hurt, right?"). I hten dropped it off back at the Leaky Caludron,and saw, Ajax had left..I would hopefully meet him later on.

After that stop, I ran into Grigotts, and got some more money from my Life Savings, which is what Grandma, a Half Angel Herself)Like Me!), left me. With that, I would be able to pick out some nice stuff..

After that, I decided to fill up on Potion Supplys(OMG!)...Even Though I hated Snape...since he kept picking my feathers constantly to use in potions,Potions was one of my Favorite Classes..

I counted my galleons, and decided to Go to Ollivanders..I wanted my Wand looked at, and he might need a few feathers..

"Oh, Akina!Back for another year of Shopping for Hogwarts?"
"No..I got accepted to Aorta's"I smiled,"Anyway, away from that, can you take a look at my wand?It's making my spell's a little inacurate."
"They don't always.."
"It's never. I almost Turned My friends shoe last year into a piece of paper in Trans-"
"Ok..I'll check it..I did get another one of those in, did have a feeling.."

Sooner or later, I found out There was some chips into my Wand, wood taken out("YURU!"), and multi spots of little dashes..
He gave me the replacement, and burned my old one.I then payed him, and left...I wanted to go back early.

When I came back, It was starting to sunset..So I decided to wash up, finish packing, and then, sleep...A nice sleep..

~*Next Day

"Akina, remember...Behave there!It's not a place to get giggly on ButterBeer!"Mom started to whimper..like normal..
"Make sure you have loads of fun"Dad whispered in my ear, which made my Headwings shot up. I didn't have my Wings out,a nd I placed a invisbility cloak over my head wings.He handed me a Charm...It was on a necklace,a silver one. The charm itself was a Sun, with a Orange Jewel in the center..

I kissed each of them "Bye-Bye", and waved off, As I ran into the barrier, with Yuru cooing like hell.

11th July 2003, 10:31 AM
Kevin Usagi(Endriago)
As I walked outside,I saw some adult wizards passing by.I decided to kill some time until it was time to go back to the Leaky Cauldron.I walked around a bit.
It was around night time so I decided to go see Devil again.I walked to the Leaky Cauldron and walked upstairs.I opened the door.Devil was chewing on the chair leg.I sighed and picked up Devil.Devil looked at me and slept on my stomach.I decided to sleep.The next day,I got up quite early.I got out of bed and got ready for Aortas.I ate breakfast,and grabbed my trunk,put my books away, and put my leash on Devil and walked outside.I finally got to King's Cross and reached up to platform 9 3/4 with Devil.I walked through the barrier and looked ahead of me.It was Elizabeth.I walked away and headed toward the train tracks.There were some wizards getting on some trains.I grumbled and thought"How do I know which train is heading toward Aortas?" I stared at some trains heading for different destinations,but none for Aortas.I waited and found a train for Aortas.I ran toward it and hopped on.I looked for an emty seat,and found 5 empty seats.I got on the bottom left seat and sat down and sighed as I placed my trunk on the seat next to me.I looked outside at the station.Devil slept on my lap.I petted him and looked at the station some more.

11th July 2003, 11:56 AM
Elizabeth (Endriago)

I walked slowly up to a train that looked similar to the Hogwarts train. It was a little different though, and had some nervous-looking kids going on board.

"That must be it," I said to Mac.

I stepped onto the nearest car, looking for anyone I knew.

"Maybe I'll just sit by myself," I mumbled, going to an empty compartment.

I sat myself down, and motioned for Mac to sit down on the ground. He kept sniffing the seat, wanting up.

"No Mac... you can't come up on the seat... no... oh, oh well..." I said, giving in and letting him jump up next to me.

I looked out the window. "At least the ride will be pleasant..." I said, feeling nervous about what was to come.

CoolTrainer IcEz
11th July 2003, 12:12 PM
OOC: The Rookwood that has been plaguing Zephyr his whole life in Hogwarts is actually the son of Rookwood the death eater from Order of the Phoenix. Just to let you guys know.

Zephyr Remus Potter [Torignis]

The afternoon of the second day was really draggy and boring after Quin had left. It was no fun and basically, I was back to running through the motions of buying his school supplies, pretty much like the previous 5 years.

Back in my room of the Leaky Cauldron, I shoved my new robes, books, tons of parchment, bottles of ink, quills of different sorts, odd and ends I had picked up from around the shops in Diagon alley, into my trunk. Where was Avis? Probably Quin just hadn't replied... I thought to myself. By the time I got back it was already in the evening. My question was answered when Avis suddenly plopped through the open window of the room. He had deep gashes on its side and seemed to be softly cooing in pain. I didn't know what to do, Hagrid had never thought us anything about handling Phoenixes in Hogwarts. I really wanted to help Avis, he seemed to be in so much pain but another questioned bothered me: Who or what could have done this? It was easy to hurt a normal delivery owl but a phoenix? I rummaged through my trunk which I had packed quite neatly for some oinment or anything that I had which could help Avis. I didn't care how untidy it was or how I would have to pack it again, the main thing was to get Avis relieved of his pain. Finally, I found a really small bottle of Bruisewort balm and smeared its leftover contents onto the slashes in Avis' side. He seemed relieved but it did not completely heal him, I had no choice but to place some bandages around his wing and hope the Care of Magical Creatures teacher in Aortas could help. I layed him gently on the side of my bed and fell asleep quite quickly not bothering about the mess of my trunk.

The next day, Avis was perched back on his usual golden perch. Hastily, I rolled up my robes and chucked the books strewn over room back into my trunk and charmed it into floating out of my room and down the stairs. I had not much appetite for breakfast which was really weird cause I could usually eat 2 servings during breakfast. But today was the day when I would finally go to Aortas. Paying Tom, I stepped out of the inn and headed off to King's Cross station.

Platform Nine and three-quarters was quite empty when I arrived with my trunk and Avis on his perch floating behind me. Probably because I was almost half an hour early. Thank goodness my boredom was cured when Quin came walking through the solid wall. His head was bowed and he seemed to be mumbling to himself when he looked up and suddenly spotted me. "Hi Remus! Have you been waiting for long time?" he asked.
"Not really... And call me Zeph, Quin" I added with a wink.
He chuckled and beamed at me.

Sheila Rae
11th July 2003, 01:18 PM
OOC: Bulbasaur4, I'm sorry, I should've asked you before I made my post like that. I hope you're not mad at me. If you want me to change anything in my previous playing post, I will. Sorry about that.
I was stading in front of Ajax. I examined my body, and I didn't have a scratch. Then I saw Ra, his phoenix, hovering near his head. "Thank…you!" I said, looking from him to the phoenix.

"Why were you in an alley, and so badly hurt, Sheila?" he asked me. I brought Ajax into a store and explained to him undermy breath what happen on my excursion to Knockturn Alley. I told him not to talk about it, but really I had no idea what to do, I just really wanted to forget that it all happened.

"Well, I should get some replacement quills and parchment before I head to Aorta's tomorrow," I said. Do you need to go shopping too?"

Eevee Forever
11th July 2003, 02:56 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

After a brief thanks from Sheila, she dragged me to a store to tell me about what had happened to her on her little trip to Knockturn Alley. I was about to ask her a bunch of questions that I had accumulated over the course of her tale, but after she told me that she wanted to forget the whole thing, I decided to leave the subject alone. We then went back into the hustle and bustle of Diagon Alley, and Sheila turned to me.

"...Well, I should get some replacement quills and parchment before I head to Aorta's tomorrow," Sheila told me. "Do you need to go shopping too?" she asked.

"Actually, I do need some more parchment and ink, and a few new quills couldn't hurt," I told her, and we set off to our first destination, the Stationary Shop. I picked up a small jar of each color ink available, and 5 large jars of black ink. Sheila also bought 5 large jars of black, as well as a small jar of red. She also picked up a large and fancy-looking peacock feather quill, and I bought some as well. I already had enough Phoenix feathers; Ra would shake off a few if I needed an extra quill or two.

Our next stop was Ollivander's. Sheila's wand had already been checked over, but mine had yet to be inspected. Mr. Ollivander told me that my wand was covered in smudges and fingerprints, and he gave me a bottle of wand polish. Other than that, my wand was fine, and before we left I gave Mr. Ollivander a few Phoenix feathers and the scaly feathers I had shed during the night.

We also made a few completely random purchases; we stopped at Quality Quidditch Supplies to refill our Broomstick Servicing Kits, and we stopped in The Magical Menagerie to look at all the strange creatures, when Sheila caught sight of a box of pastel colored Puffskeins. We couldn't help ourselves; Sheila bought a sky blue one, and I picked up a rusty-colored one. Also, with my mind still on Akina, I absentmindedly bought a lilac colored one as well. We headed back to the Leaky Cauldron, still laughing over the funny purring noise the Puffskeins made and petting them gently.

"By the way, where's Kulasiri?" I asked her; I hadn't seen her Phoenix the whole time I had been there.

"Oh, she's in my room at the Leaky Cauldron," she told me, as we entered the Leaky Cauldron to see the regulars already situated on their bar stools. We were surprised to see that it was almost 8 o'clock, and we sat down for a quick dinner, after which I bought butterbeers for us. However, I was still wondering where Akina had gone; I hadn't seen a trace of her all day long. We agreed that we should head up to bed early; we wanted to be ready for the train the next morning. We headed up to our rooms, Ra trailing behind and Puffskeins in hand. We swapped "Good Nights" as we came to my room; Sheila's was number 16. We had agreed to meet at the Platform the next day.

Ra once again was eager to get to sleep, and I changed quickly and got into bed, putting the Puffskeins into two small golden cages full of tiny, soft pillows for them to sleep with; I wanted to be well-rested for the next day, and I soon fell asleep to their calming, purring sounds.

11th July 2003, 03:45 PM
Larien Moody - Endriago
The next day passed quickly as I forgot to get some dress robes and went into Madam Malkins again. I got 2 in a nice royalblue and finished up the rest of my shopping by refilling some of my potions and getting some more books just to read. Then I went to get a few new quills and some ink in black and blue so the day was kind of boring. I didn't spot anyone I knew, which left me kind of deflated, but I knew I would see some of them again on the train tomorrow. Sleep was hard to come by that night, but I eventually fell off after knowing that my experience at Aorta's would be a good one.

I woke up the next morning to something pushing against me. Thinking it was Celeros, I brushed it off but frowned as it felt like a normal, human hand, or rather elfish as it was long and very slim. Opening my eyes slightly, I saw my mum's face, smiling with dad behind her. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I sat up and looked at them as Celeros settled in my lap to sit and listen.
"Mum, dad", I breathed as I hugged them again. "Why are you here?"
"To take you to the train station of course", she replied.
I smiled and took Celeros out of lap to get showered and dressed. After my shower, I came out to see a pair of jeans and a blue shirt on the side of the bed.
"What's that?", I asked them.
"Muggle clothes", dad replied. "I really don't think it would be a good idea to wear your usual clothes out in public."
I nodded and put the clothes on, which were rather quite comfortable and airy. Dragging the trunk down the stairs, I thanked and paid Tom the money and went out the brick wall where dad said his station wagon was on the side of the street. The trip was short and sweet, as we talked about what the school would be like.
<Probably like Hogwarts>, I thought as we arrived. <The letter said the school would be an easy transition>.
Finding a trolley, we put the trunk on it and watched out for people. With Celeros perched on the trunk like a statue, we got a few weird glances, but only becauses 2 elves were standing in front of a wall. Seeing no one around, we all ran through the wall and into platform 9 3/4. The Aorta's train was easy to see as it had its name plastered across the center.
"Have a good time honey. Cousin Mad Eye stopped by our house last night to drop off a few things for you so we packed them in your trunk before you woke up. You should expect to see him sometime. It may not be soon, but you'll see him again", mum said as she stroke my silky, dirty blind hair."
I nodded and a tear spilled out of my eye as I hugged both of them goodbye. Dragging the trunk into the train, I passed a couple of cars with the seats filled with kids I didn't know. Only did I spot someone in the middle of the train, sitting with her dog. Knocking on the door, she looked up and saw me. Smiling, she opened the door and let me in as Celeros gave Mac a dirty look and settled upon a chair to sleep.
"I didn't see you yesterday, Elizabeth. I thought you would be out", I said as I stowed my trunk away and sat across from her.
"I was out but I didn't see you", she replied.
"Must've been bad luck", I said and waited to see if more people would join us.

11th July 2003, 04:12 PM
<~>Ami Zeypher<~>[Chifre]
I soon arrived back at my room in The Leaky Cauldron, refreshed and restored with chocolate. I crept in, soon seeing a sleeping Selene in her cage. I softly smiled, and changed into my black silk pajamas, creeping under the blanket of the bed and falling asleep.
Next day passed slowly, I bought two robes: one deep blue and one black. I finished buying my books, so nothing else to do. I spent much of it roaming the streets, gazing around the Quidditch store for awhile. After another dinner and trip to Madam Malkins again, I was off to rest for the big day of going to Aortas.
The sunlight gazed over me brightly the next morning, as Selene licked my hand affectionally. I smiled, seeing anither figure in front of me: my mother.

"Mother.....what are you doing here?" I asked, seeing that she also had a pair of black clothing, "What's that for?"

"I'm here to take you to the statin...and here's another pair of your clothes I found...don't mind the muggle clothing. I nodded slowly, changing into them. This would be a good disguise against the muggles at the station. I got everything ready, and draped a black cloth over Selene's cage, so nobody would see me with a wolf pup. Selene yapped a bit, but soon grew quiet. I paid Tom for my time here....and my mother explained to me her car was parked just past the brick wall. We went through...and the trip was fine, yet short. I carefully hid my fangs...waiting for a few minutes to pass before we would go in. We looked around, and quickly ran through the wall to platform 9 3/4. I soon found the Aortas train, and me and my mother approached the train carefully. Mother looked down, crying sadly, but I hugged her.

"I can't believe your going to train to be an Auror....You were young, but you've grown so much..." She whispered, hugging me tightly.

"I understand...I'll miss you so much..." I whispered back, as her hand stroked through my hair, the hair that made me a dark brunette with a bit of blue. I waved goodbye as I dragged my things with me on the train. I passed a few cars quietly, seeing kids I never met...seeing Elizabeth and Larien, I knocked on the door.

"Can I sit here?" I asked, as Larien and Elizabeth nodded slowly.
I listened to them talk to each other as I let Selene out onto my lap...she fell asleep as I stroked her silky black fur. I looked out the train....wondering if Aortas would be a lot like Hogwarts...

11th July 2003, 04:16 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuki[<Chifre>]
I got on the Train to Aortas, with 1 Big Suitcase(Used the bottomless spell..."Useful, right?"), and a Owl Cage..I was now safe to take off the Invisibility cloak,allowing my Headwings to be shown..

I was somewhat early, so I got onto the train, and looked around in each car for empty seats. I found a set of Four seats empty, so I opened the door, and place my stuff on all four seats, saving them for Ajax, His Friend("Sheila" I mutter), and probably Alec...

I sat, and waited for them to come on, refusing anyone to sit in those seats, besides the people I was waiting for.

Sheila Rae
11th July 2003, 04:53 PM
Sheila Rae - Torignis - part mergirl

I woke up. Today I went to Aortas! It was nine o'clock. I thought it'd be best to get to King's Cross as soon as possible, so I could get a good seat on the train. I washed up and went downstairs, having a quick breakfast of pancakes. Then I went back upstairs to get ready.

First, I transfigured Kulasiri, my phoenix, into the flame-wing pendant necklace. Then I packed my newly bought supplies into my trunk. I tucked Azzurro, the name I had given to my sky blue Puffskein into a comfy cage I had conjured then put in my trunk. Then I went downstairs and payed for my stay at the Leaky Cauldron.

As I headed for the station, I thought about Akina for the first tme since we had met. I didn't think that she liked me much. She probably thought that Ajax had a crush on me or something silly like that. At the the station, muggles are bustling about. When the coast was finally clear, I went through the gateway to platform 9 and 3/4.

The Aorta's train was hard to miss. As I went to board, I saw Ajax walking down the platform.

Eevee Forever
11th July 2003, 05:40 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

I woke up late that morning to the warmth of a fire crackling in the fireplace. 'Wait a minute,' I told myself, 'Who started the fire?' I pulled the covers off from over my head, and I shouted when I saw what was in the fireplace.

"Hello, Ajax," said my mother; her head appeared in the fireplace.

"Mom?" I asked her, rubbing my eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to tell you that I'll see you at the Platform," she told me, "I'll be Apparating there in a few minutes. See you soon!" and with that and a small pop, she was gone. I looked at my watch, and jumped out of bed. It was much later than I had thought. I quickly washed up and changed into yet another brightly colored sweatshirt (today, it was yellow) and a pair of black shorts, and I used the Summoning Charm over and over to make sure everything was in my trunk (Gosh, I love Bottomless Charms), except my Gringotts key and about 10 Galleons, which I stuffed into my pocket. I had my mini-library of books stacked neatly on top of the crates of Filibuster's Fireworks, my new school robes and dress robes folded, and along with my collection of brightly colored sweatshirts and pairs of shorts, they lied on top of the tankards of butterbeer, along with my Firebolt and Oud. My Auror items and other miscellaneous school supplies, including everything from my golden cauldron to my ink bottles (which were charmed with an Unbreakable Charm), were on top of my clothes, and my other things, such as my Remembrall, Wizard Chess, and Gobstones sets, were sandwiched between the bags of sweets and prank items. I took out my Invisibility Cloak and Ra's cage, and I managed to get a very groggy Phoenix into his cage. I took the two Puffskein cages and tied them to the bottom of Ra's cage with rope that I was shooting from my wand, and I draped the Invisibilty Cloak over them. I ran into the bathroom and removed all the toiletries, tossed them into the trunk, and closed it. 'Wait,' I thought. 'What about breakfast? I won't have time...'. I came up with an idea; I opened up my trunk, pulled out a clean sock, and transfigured it into a thermos. I grabbed the now invisible cages by the handle on top of Ra's cage, and I slammed the trunk shut. 'Locomotor Trunk!' I shouted, and the trunk shot up behind me. I stuffed my wand into my empty pocket, and I darted down the stairs, trunk trailing behind me, thermos in one hand, cages in the other.

I then asked Tom for one extra large trolley for the cages and the trunk to fit on, and then asked him to fill the thermos with piping hot butterbeer. As he filled the thermos, I fastened the trunk and cages to the trolley, and by the time I had finished, the butterbeer was waiting. I thanked Tom one last time and placed the key to my room, as well as a few Galleons, one the bar, and, trolley and butterbeer in hand, I pinched some Floo Powder from the basin atop the mantle of the fireplace in my fingers, threw it into the fire, dragged my things inside, and shouted, "Platform Nine and Three-Quarters!"

I felt the oh-too-familiar jerk behind my navel, and I swirled around in a sea of green flames. I landed right in front of the platform, and I darted through it, hoping no one saw me appear. In front of me were quite a few magical trains, and, turning to my side, I saw my mother waiting, her platinum-blonde hair fanning out in the non-existent wind. She turned to me.

"Ajax!" she exclaimed, as she gave me an enormous hug. "I just wanted to give you a proper sending-off. I know you'll do great!" she told me, her deep sapphire eyes filling up with tears; but this time, they were tears of joy.

"I know you'll make me proud," she whispered, as she released her hold on me. She wiped her eyes and smiled. "Well, you should get going. I can see that your mermaid friend is already boarding the train," she told me as she pointed down the platform. It was true; Sheila was about to board the Aortas train. With one last hug and kiss, my mother practically shoved me down the platform, and I dashed towards Sheila. She turned around as she heard me come up behind her.

"Hey Ajax!" she said rather cheerfully. "You ready?"

"Yeah...yeah, I suppose so..." I told her, as we boarded the train. We went from train car to train car; where was Akina? I was about to give up my search when, as if my question was answered, I found Akina sitting down in the next car over. I entered the car.

"Hi, Akina," I said, trying not to sound so nervous.

"Hi Ajax. Hi, Sheila," she said, not making eye contact with Sheila. She shifted her eyes onto me again. "Please, sit down, she said, as she removed her things from two of the seat next to her. I sat down next to her, and removed the Invisibility Cloak from the cages. I untied the Puffskeins, removed my rusty-colored one from its golden cage and put it in my lap as I released Ra, and gave Akina the lilac Puffskein; it was humming cheerfully in its cage, which shone in the sunlight that was pouring through the window behind us. I turned to Akina.

"This is for you..." I said nervously; I felt like an idiot, giving her a creature...'But they were cute,' I told myself uneasily.

11th July 2003, 07:14 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuki[<Chifre>]
"Aww"I smiled at the little lilac puffskein, as it got happier and happier as the sunshine covered it..I fed it some beef jerky, that I got from a Vendor in Diagon Alley. It grasped it, and ate quickly..

"So, can't wait?"Ajax asked me and She...ila...I looked at Sheila, and was still wondering if she really wasn't his...well....
"Yeah"Me and Sheila said at the same time..I looked out the window, and took out the Puffskein and Yuru..The Clouds traveled slowly as the train moved. Alec must of gotten on a different car.

A Person with a cart came through, I only got a ButterBeer, water, and some Chocolate Frogs....
"Want something Ajax?Sheila?"

They both Grabbed what they want, and I payed for them..Puffskein and Yuru started to coo....

"Well..Lets change into our robes..."

Shadow Djinn
11th July 2003, 07:30 PM

After a few days at the Leaky Cauldron, I noticed it was almost time for the King's Cross journey. I packed my stuff and told Frost that we should go. He nodded and we left the innish place, and headed towards the station. I stopped in front of The Magical Menagerie and looked inside. There was a sale on Puffskiens, so I walked in and bought a light green one, and put it in a nice cage. Paying the 15 galleons, I left and decided to name the Puffskien Spirit.
" Locomotor Trunk." I said dully. The trunk along with Spirit's cage hovered and followed me as I finally got to King's Cross. The train to Aortas was going to leave soon, and I hastily got on. I walked into a compartment where there were 3 girls and sat down. I opened the trunk and let Frost jump up next to me.
" Hi..." I muttered to one who had a wolf with her.

That's you GL..

Sheila Rae
11th July 2003, 08:06 PM
Sheila Rae - Torignis - part mergirl

Ajax and I boarded the train together. We soon found a compartment where Akina was awaiting us. She said hello to Ajax and then muttered a hello to me. Recurring on what I was thinking about before, I really didn't think Akina liked me. It was in a way, kind of making me mad.

"So, can't wait?" Ajax asked us.

"Yeah," Akina and I answered at the same time. The vending cart came by, I bought a couple of chocolate frogs and a butterbeer.

"Well...let's change into our robes..." Akina suggested.

"Um, alright," I said uneasily. We both got up, and started walking down the car to the place where to girls change. "Akina, I have a feeling..." I began shakily, "That you don't really like me."

"What gave you that idea?" she said, little wings on her head beginning to flap. Head wings! That's what I couldn't remember that one night...I was wondering why Akina had cool little wings on her head, but right now I was concentrating on the conversation.

"Because, you never make eye contact with me, and you are always disappointed to see me, and ignore me pretty much while I'm around," I said. She was about to say something, but I interrupted. "And I think I know why. Ajax isn't my boyfriend. We are just friends, I want you to know. It's nothing more," I told her, on the verge of tears. "And you know, Ajax is the only friend I've ever had, so I really don't appreciate the way you're acting about it," I said, my eyes fully watered. It felt okay to release my until-now bottled emotions, but I really I hoped I hadn't hurt Akina's feelings...I certainly didn't mean to.

11th July 2003, 08:28 PM
<~>Ami Zeypher<~>[Chifre]
"Oh...Hello...." I replied to this one boy with a white wolf pup next to him, "Sure, you can't sit here, if my two friends don't mind..."

"No...We don't. You can sit here..." Elizabeth nodded towards him, Larien soon nodded afterward. I stroked Selene one last time, placing her to my side, patting her head.

"By the way, my name's Ami," I told him, "I guess you're going to train to be an Auror, too."

"Yeah..." he replied, "By the, I'm Zane." I nodded as Selene stared around the area, slightly scratching her neck. I turned to the entrance of the compartment to see the vedning cart...I only got a water and butterbeer, but looked towards the others, as they got theirs. We paid for our items. And slowly refreshed ourselves. After finishing my butterbeer and water, I patted Selene again and looked towards the other.

"Well...Don't you think it's almost time to change into our robes?" I suggested...they each nodded. Me, Larien, and Elizabeth separated from Zane to change....as we entered the area where the girls would change. I slowly changed into mine, still nervous all over about Aortas....hoping I would be alright...

Eevee Forever
11th July 2003, 08:29 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

I could feel the tension rising between Akina and Sheila as they left to change; why couldn't they get along? As Sheila closed the door behind them, I opened my trunk to take out a set of robes. No one else being in the cart, I took off my sweatshirt and threw it into my trunk, and I pulled my robe over my head, and I was happy to find that they fit perfectly.

I plopped down into my seat and began to finish the last of the butterbeer that had been in my thermos from this morning, petting my Puffskein, which I had decided to name Pirro, meaning 'red-haired' in Greek. Ra was cooing softly behind me, and I waited patiently for Akina and Sheila to return; I hope that nothing serious was going on between them.

11th July 2003, 10:35 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuki [<Chifre>]

"And you know, Ajax is the only friend I've ever had, so I really don't appreciate the way you're acting about it,"Sheila said, while we were getting changed..

"Trust me, it's easier to be half-human, and be able to hide it..I never can hide the fact I'm half angel."I threw at her..Tears started to roll down my cheeks,"I don't have that many friends..I have Alec, and I just meet Ajax...No one really befriends me because of these stupid head wings..It show's I'm half human.."

"Well, I'm half Human too.."
"You can hide it...I stick out like a sore thumb."I told her..I then got my wings out again, I placed them in my skin to hide them from Sheila,"I'm sorry if I'm being..A jerk...But.."

"And being Even a Half Angel, makes you like a lab rat under The Ministry..They might hate Half Breeds, but.."I trailed off subject..I got really emotional.."Sorry.."I added.

I wiped my tears off onto my robe, and my headwings started to shed the feathers, that only happen's when I'm really emotional.."Let's just re-introduce ourselfs..I'm Akina, Half Human, Half Angel..You?"

Sheila Rae
12th July 2003, 10:39 AM
Sheila Rae - Torignis

Akina explained to me how it was even tougher being a half-angel than any other breed, and how the Ministry of Magic was always hovering over her. Tears were streaming down my face. "Sorry." she apologized sincerely. Feathers started to fall out of her little wings. "Let's just re-introduce ourselves...I'm Akina, Half Human, Half Angel...You?"

"I'm Sheila Rae, mostly mermaid with a bit of human. It's very nice to meet you," I said, us shaking hands. We began to walk back to our compartment. "You know, even though you stick out more, it's still hard being mermaid. Like my hair, for one. And why do you think Ajax is my only friend?" I asked ritorically, with a tear running down my cheek. "Nobody - well, nearly nobody - wants to be friends with a creature who is supposed to live underwater," I said. She nodded. "You know, what we have to do, we have to stick up for all half-breeds everywhere, and maybe we can change the way the ministry thinks about us."

"Yeah. Yeah, you're right," she said softly. We went back into our compartment where Ajax was waiting for us, remnants of tears on our faces.

12th July 2003, 10:54 AM
Shilan- Torignis
Shilan walked slowly to the Aortas platform, carrying Khayame, who was transfigured to be a book. Shilan didn't like to draw attention to himself, and on a muggle train station, carrying an owl was almost as bad as wearing robes. As he got on the train, he dropped his trunks in the luggage compartment, untransfiguring Khayame and putting him in his cage, grabbing Hagrid's reply. Leaning against the train wall, he read;

Ruddy brilliant Shilan. Congratulations! Always knew you where somethin' special. Too bad I won't get to see you. Anyway, all's fine here. The last few skrewts are getting kinda jumpy, and they've grown a bit. They've got to be at least 12 feet long now. Grawp and I are having a hard time keeping them from killing each other. Anyway, I'm keeping everything secure in the forest, not to worry. I'm gonna start teaching some about Chimaeras, great creatures they are. The last one in the forest got killed by some centaurs. Anyway, keep in touch,


Shilan laughed, imagining Hagrid and Grawp holding back the massive Skrewts. He found a private place to change into his robes, carefully folding Hagrid's letter and putting it in his pocket. He walked into a compartment, which had only one occupant, a guy with thick spikey hair, with traces of gold, and heavily tanned skin, sipping on some butterbeer. He's part Veela, wow Shilan thought.
"Hi, are these seats taken?" he asked, gesturing down to the seats opposite the Veela guy.

12th July 2003, 11:18 AM
Kevin Usagi(Endriago)

Since nobody was coming in,I changed into my robes.I heard the vendinng cart come,so I pulled out my Galleons.I bought some chocolate frogs and butterbeer.I put them away and sat down and looked outside.I took Devil and put him next to me.I drank some butterbeer and ate a chocolate frog.I would save the rest for later.I heard talking.I started to pet Devil and looked out the window.I looked around the compartment.I was glad I was going to Aortas.Devil got up and walked toward the window.I pulled him down.I placed Devil on my lap.I smiled as Devil slept on my lap.

Eevee Forever
12th July 2003, 01:42 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

I looked up from the thermos as I heard the car door slam shut, and I saw a tall, thin guy with long black hair covering a fair part of his face standing in the doorway.

"Hi, are these seats taken?" he asked, and he gestured toward the row of seats opposite of ours.

"No, go ahead. Only these are taken," I told him, and gestured to the two seats on my right and the one on my left.

"All right, thanks. I'm Shilan Shinomori," he told me as he put down his owl's cage and held out his hand.

"Ajax Mostafa," I said, and I shook his hand. He plopped down into the seat opposite of mine and put his owl's cage in the seat next to him. Before we could get into any real conversation, Akina and Sheila came through the car door, looking somewhat upset, but walking side by side. I turned to them.

"Akina, Sheila, this is Shilan. Shilan, this is Akina and Sheila," I said, pointing out who was who.

12th July 2003, 02:10 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuki[<Chifre>]
I agreed with Sheila, we DID have to try to make the Ministry treat us different..But how?

I decided to keep my wings out the rest of the day, and my headwings now looked all nakied..but you saw feathers already growing..
As we walked back, some Tall, thin guy with Long black hair covering a part of his face now sat opposite of Ajax..

"Akina, Sheila, this is Shilan. Shilan, this is Akina and Sheila," Ajax gestured...
"Nice to meet you, Shilan"I said, and reached my hand to shake his. We shaked, the same with Sheila. I then sat down, and Stroked my Puffskein and Yuru, drinking some butterbeer..

Shilan somewhat looked at me with amazement for about a few seconds..

CoolTrainer IcEz
13th July 2003, 12:56 AM
OOC: I'm changing my house to Endriago, if none of you mind..

Zephyr Remus PotterEndriago

Quin and I were standing on Platform 9 3/4 waiting for the Aortas train. The platform was familiar enough, I had been travelling on by the same way to Hogwarts each year. But this year, we were taking a different train, to Aortas.

"Wonder when the train will arrive..." I wondered aloud.
Quin glanced at his watch and said quite matter-of-factly, "In about 15 minutes."
"So what happened when you got back home? Didn't get into much trouble, I hope."
He looked frowned and added nervously, "Well, gramps used my broom money to pay for the damages. I was saving up to buy a Cleansweeps. Looks like I won't be playing Quidditch this year..."
"Come on... Cheer up." I replied, not knowing what to do. Quin looked awfully depressed.
"It's ok-" but before he could continue, his face turned into a look of shock.
"What happened to-" he said, pointing to Avis.
"He's Avis." I replied, lifting him onto my shoulder.
"He looks badly injured."
"Yeah, I know. I sent him on a delivery to you but looks like he didn't manage to make his delivery."
"You use your phoenix for deliveries?" Quin said, looking quite amazed.
"Yeah... He's prety much like my delivery owl. Avis can carry heavy loads better than most owls."
"So that's your name, isn't it?" said Quin, turning to Avis and stroking his neck.
"Yup. I was hoping to get the Care of Magical Creatures, professor to take look at him."
"That's a good idea."

Suddenly, the good ol', red Hogwarts express pulled into the platform. Many of the students whom I had recognised boarded the train and left the once crowded platform empty once again.

"Will you miss Hogwarts?" Quin asked.
"Hmm... Though one. I guess I'll miss my friends, though there weren't many as well as the cool teachers like Hagrid. But I'm really looking forward to life at Aortas."
"Yeah. Me too..."

We continued chatting and I really hoped that I would get into the same house as Quin, it would be fun to be in the same house as him. I was definetly looking forward to it. I didn't notice we had been talking for over 15 minutes but then, a large, bulky looking black train pulled into the station.

"Is that the Aortas train?" I asked Quin.
"I guess. Looks cool." he replied.
The train was smoking, and its metal coat was shiny all over. As soon as the doors threw open, we boarded and started looking around for seats. We found an empty cabin and shoved out trunks aside.
"Let's change into our robes before the train gets too crowded," I suggested.
"Yeah, good idea. I hate crowds."
"Me too"
Quin nodded and we left the cabin to change into our robes.

By the time we returned, a small lonely figure was sitting in a corner of our cabin. Taking a closer look, I noticed it was the girl from the night when we got into a fight.
"Avyianne!" Quin called over to her cheerfully.
She seemed startled and sat up with a jolt. "Oh, hi!"
Quin introduced the both of us to each other and pretty soon the cabin erupted into an animated conversation. We shared stories of what happened during our holidays and our lives at Hogwarts. The pastry cart pulled by the side of our cabin and I hopped out to get some Chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts every flavour beans, cauldron cakes, pumpkin psatries and pumpkin juice and shared it with Quin and Avyianne in the cabin. We had lots of fun chatting away and pretty soon the sky outside was getting really dark. Night had fallen and none of us had noticed it.

Pretty soon, the train pulled to a stop and a tall figure stood by the doors. "First years! First years! Out you come..." he bellowed in a low echoing voice. We filed out of the train and onto tiny boats which bobbed slowly acoss the large lake below us. Guided by on the light from the tall figure's lamp we finally made it across the lake and onto shore. I remembered how we went through almost exactly the same thing 4 years ago in Hogwarts. We made our way up the long stone steps to the giant oak doors of the castle. The tall figure told us to wait while he entered the castle.

When he had returned, he flung the doors wide open and I was temporarily blinded from the suddenly flood of light. We made our way into the Great Hall amidst the many staring eyes of the second to fifth years. The ceiling was just like Hogwarts'; enchanted to look like the sky outside. The structure, however, was different, and the ceiling was higher, the hall was wider and larger. On our right were four tables with high banners of each of the houses behind them. On our left was a single long table with the teachers sitting sternly at it. I looked up and saw a familiar face, his eyes were unmistakable, he was the guy who grabbed me on the night of our fight in Diagon alley. His hair was much neater and face seemed much more cleaner and he almost seemed to have a royal air about him. He placed a single conch shell onto a stool and stepped back. A shorter wizard who sat in the center of the teachers' table stepped forward and tapped the shell with his wand.

Suddenly, the hall was filled with a soothing and relaxing song. There was no words but its meaning was beyond words. The shell's song told about how the school had started, being founded by four great Aurors and how each of them led a different house. It also told about how Aortas accepted people from different walks of lives, werewolves, centaurs, giants, elves and how we had to unite and not sepereate ourselves just beause we were different. Then the song stopped. I glanced around to see almost everyone shaking themselves and sitting up.

"My name is Professor Aquila and as headmaster of Aortas Auror Academy, I sincerely welcome all first years to our family. In a few moments you will be appraoch the Sorting Shell and place it to your ear. Then, you will be sorted into one of the four houses which you will remain in for the rest of you school life here. Again, enjoy yourself at Aortas and remember to learn something too." the man said with a small smile and a little wink.

One by one the students' names were called and they stepped up to the shell and held it over their ears. The shell would then annouce their house in almost a sign-song manner, much unlike the yelling of the sorting hat back in Hogwarts.

"Druid, Jerry" a teacher called out. Quin shook a little and the strode over to the shell. "Endriago!" the shell sang and Quin beamed as he walked over to the house table. He even gave a little thumbs up to me and signalled me over. The people at the Endriago table cheered and clapped loudly when Quin took a seat at their table. I was too nervous to notice anything else. Suddenly, I was called out of my little day-dream by a shrill shouting of my name.
"Potter, Zephyr!" I walked over to the stool slowly and picked it up, almost trembling. Cupping it over my ears I could hear it sing softly and gently.

"Hmmm... A funny one. Yes... Indeed. You have all the attributes that each of the houses want. Curious, indeed. Where shall you go then? I sense something dark in you, something waiting to come out. Great power you posses yet you must not weild it. Maybe Guivre for you? No... You future in Guivre would not be what Aortas wanted. No... Torignis! Yes, Torignis for you then."
I muttered to myself, "No, please, no. I want to be in Endriago, to be with my friend. Please. I want to be there. I want to"
The tone of the shell's voice changed into surprise, "Hmm... Not Torignis for you? You would have done well. But you have chosen and so have I-"
"Endriago!" the shell sang almost like how my heart did. I was not going to be lonely in Torignis but with Quin. I marched over to the Endriago table where there were many whispers but also a welcoming applause. I sat down next to Quin who looked really happy.

"Great, Zeph! We're in the same house!" he said as soon as I sat down.
"Yeah!" I smiled, patting him on his shoulder and sat down. Just when I had sat down, my heart sank again.

The teacher called out, "Rookwood, Ryan!" A smug figure had emerged from the pack and up to the shell. "Not Endriago, not Endrigo." both Quin and I chanted. "Guivre" the shell sang. I felt relieved though sickened by the tought that Rookwood was attending Aortas when I thought I could get away from him. He was like a plague pestering me wherever I went, even to Aortas. I comforted myself when the food had magically appeared at the table. I stuffed everything I could into my mouth trying to forget that Rookwood was on the other side of the hall somewhere.

"Hey Zeph, you'd better slow down before you choke." Quin said looking rather bewildered at my eating speed.
"Haha... Ok" I promised putting down the chicken wing I was about to shove in my mouth. The night wore on with much laughter and mirth. And finally the start-of-term feast was over. The prefect of our house led up through the corridors of the castle to our common room.

A large portriat of a wise old wizard stood before us. "Password?" he snapped in a low ringing voice. "Andorhalus!" the prefect yelled and the portriat swung open. The common room was well furnished and much larger and cosier than the Gryffindor common room back in Hogwarts. Large squishy armchairs were everywhere and there was still enough space to walk about freely. Up the seperate stairs to the Boys' dorms I found a room with Quin's and my name on the door. Our trunks were already by our beds. I was really tired and overwhelmed by everything in Aortas. I needed to rest and plopped into my bed and fell asleep.

13th July 2003, 01:27 AM
Akina Naomi Tsuki [<Chifre>]

After the boat ride to the castle, which Me, Ajax and Sheila rode in one boat, we came to a set of Stone Steps, heaind towards Oaken Doors..

We all climbed up them, the giant figure near the doors..

"First Years!This way..First Years!"The large figure said, and opened the Large,Oak doors, giving away to a blinding light. I placed my arm over my eyes...After the blinding light, we made way to the Great Hall..
Inside of the Great Hall, it was almost like Hogwarts..Just like My First Year there..2nd to 5th Years, staring at you....It's nerve racking. The Great hall's Ceiling was higher, and the hall was bigger, wider...

Once this once wizard placed a Chonk Shell onto a stool, and another Tapping it with their wand, it sang a relaxing melody, that seemed to smooth every nervous bone in my body...It talked about the becoming of Aortas Auror Acadamy...

"You ok?"Ajax asked me..
"Just..nervous...that's all...Really.."I said, fastly replying.

"My name is Professor Aquila and as headmaster of Aortas Auror Academy, I sincerely welcome all first years to our family. In a few moments you will be appraoch the Sorting Shell and place it to your ear. Then, you will be sorted into one of the four houses which you will remain in for the rest of you school life here. Again, enjoy yourself at Aortas and remember to learn something too." A man said, then gave a quick smile, and a little wink.

"Akwapolliz, Sheila Rae"The shell Yelled, and Sheila quickly went, and placed the shell in her ear..
"Torignis!"The shell sang..

I didn't pay attention to the others names, I was paying attention to for Ajax's name and Mine..

"Mostafa,Ajax "The shell Sang, and Ajax quietly walked up to the shell, placing it in his ear, like the rest of the first years..
"Torignis!"It sang..My heart sank..I started to whisper "Torignis" over and over..

"Tsuki, Akina Naomi"The shell said, and among many whispers from the other tables, and my head wings flapping with nervousness, I scurried to the shell..

"Yes, a different breed, half, right? Smart, yes.I only have once choice for you.."It said, but before I could try to whisper or mutter something..

"Chifre!"It sang.My heart sank into my foot.I looked over at Ajax and Sheila, and waved at them..I got loks, over looks..and whispers and Laughs..not even a welcoming applause...I even heard"Is she a monster?What are those things on her head?" "I think those things are cool.."..

The Headmaster quickly gave a glare at the Chifre Members, and this time, got more of a welcome applause..I sat down, at the end of the table, My Hair flaying in the breeze as I walked down the Isle..No one was really sitting back there, anyway..Except for a girl.

"So, Umm...I know..this is really silly to ask, But what are those things on your head?"The girl asked. She has Shoulder Length Blonde hair, and Blue Eyes.."I'm a second year.."

"Oh..."I whispered.."These are my headwings..I'm a half-breed..Half Angel..Half Human."
"How can you be half Angel, when all Angel's are dead?"
"It just means I'm half a mortal, thats all.."I saw the girl go back to the larger section, as the sorting shell finished sorting.

If anyone wants to interact with Akina, go ahead..but she's a tad..well...

Outlaw JT
13th July 2003, 04:07 AM
OOC: Quin actually owns a Comet 260 sport broom but it has fallen into disrepair from excessive use. He was saving up so he could buy a better broom before this one gives out. Just a note.........

Jerrius Quin Druid - <Endriago>

The train ride to Aortas had been pleasant and uneventful. Quin sensed somethign was still bothering Avyianne but he didn't want to press the matter. At least not with anyone else around.
The train ride seemed a bit longer than the one to Hogwarts but the time passed quickly as Avyianne, Zephyr and Quin swapped stories. Mostly Zephyr and Quin really. About halfway through the trip, Zephyr splurged a bit to buy the three of them enough sugar and pumpkin juice to last the rest of the way. They still had some left when they disembarked actually. All of which was swiftly pocketed under their robes.
Much like the first year of Hogwarts the first years were led down to the lake. The man ahead of them was not quite so large as Hagrid but he was nearly as tall.
As the castle came into sight across the lake everything seemed terribly familiar. It didn't seem to have quite as many towers or parapets as Hogwarts but it seemed to Quin that it was close to the same overall size. The entrance hall certainly seemed the same size as that of Hogwarts.
It wasn't until they were led into the great hall that Quin noticed any real difference in size. This one was a good deal larger than the one at Hogwarts. The pillars surrounding the hall also seemed more elaborate.
While he was taking in the scope of the hall, a wizard had placed a large shell upon a small stool. Another had tapped his wand to it and it came alive with sound. This brought Quin back to focus on what lay ahead. Instantly he became dreadfully nervous. He remembered well the consequences he'd endured the last time he went through a ceremony like this.
"Druid, Jerry," a voice called him forth.
He couldn't help but let out a wince at hearing his first name called out for everyone. He hated his first name. He hated it as much as he had hated being in Slytherin. At the time though, he had not known any better. Here he would not remain so complacent.
As he took the shell in his hands he thought as hard as he could. Not Guivre, not Guivre, not Guivre. It was all he could do. If he got sored into a house like Slytherin again he may as well just get on the train back now.
{Not Guivre eh? Certainly possess many gifts recognized by that house. Guivre could do incredible things for your skill as a wizard,} a voice whispered into his ear.
"Not Guivre," this time Quin said it aloud. He crossed his fingers and hoped no one had heard him.
{Well then, you leave me no choice but}"Endriago" the shell sang out for the hall to hear.
Quin's heart lifted upwards as though a great burden had been lifted. As he got up and set the shell back down he realized he had also been holding his breath. Relieved to be sorted away from the type he had spent so many years with Quin waved and threw his thumb up absently at those cheering.
He took his seat at the Endriago table and waved at Zephyr, indicating the empty seat next to him. He sat and crossed his fingers as the ceremony continued. If Zephyr got sorted into Endriago also it would easily be the best start he had ever had to a school year.
Sure enough, Zephyr was announced as Endriago. It took a moment (about as long as Quin felt he had been up there anyway) but Zephyr was allowed to walk over and sit next to Quin. As if things couldn't get any better, Quin let out a huge cheer when he heard Avyianne also be sorted into Endriago. It was the best sorting ceremony Quin could have ever imagined.
The feast that followed was almost exactly like that at Hogwarts. The sound of goblets clinking together and silverware scraping emptied plates was only outdone byt the roar of chatter from the students.
While they were eating Quin took a moment to exam the faculty table at the head of the hall. It was an odd assortment of teachers but he had expected no less. He daresay, though, it was more odd than the staff of Hogwarts.
Quin smiled as he ate and talked. Were it not for the appearance of Rookwood it would have been a perfect night. Quin could settle for this though. It was as close as he would ever get to a perfect evening.

Ice Maiden
13th July 2003, 07:46 AM
Kazumi Nishida - Guivre

The journey to Aortas was long and mostly uneventful, if you count the fact that I was sat next to Dixyn and I got changed into my robes.
"Woo! Looks like we're here then..."
I trailed off as the train came to a halt.
"First years over here please...First years please..."
A tall man was stood in front of a load of boats, which were floating on the shimmering water.
"Just like Hogwarts, look," I whispered to Dixyn.
We clambered aboard the nearest one and skimmed over to the other side of the lake.
"Right now, follow me first years!"
We walked into what could only be described as being exactly like Hogwarts, but much much bigger and more decorative.
A wizard went up and placed a shell onto a stool at the front of the Hall, then tapped it with their wand. A strangely soothing noise was heard, calming every nerve in my shaking body.
What looked like the Headmaster stood up.
"My name is Professor Aquila and as headmaster of Aortas Auror Academy, I sincerely welcome all first years to our family. In a few moments you will be appraoch the Sorting Shell and place it to your ear. Then, you will be sorted into one of the four houses which you will remain in for the rest of you school life here. Again, enjoy yourself at Aortas and remember to learn something too," he said before sitting down.
A list of names was brought out, and was read. As each new pupil heard his or her name, they went up to the stool, picked up the shell, before being sorted into their new house.
Then came my name.
I stood up shakily, and took the long walk up to the shell. Sat down on the stool, I placed the shell to my ear.
Hmm...tricky...but it'd have to be...
I had stood up as soon as my new house had been shouted across the Great Hall. A smattering of applause was coming from the table nearest to my left, I guessed it was my house table and began to walk over to it. Sitting down, I was horrified when I heard Dixyn being called into Endriago. I changed my hair colour from it's usual reddish-brown into a blue-black, and my eyes to icy blue to suit my mood. I picked up my knife and fork, and started to eat in silence.

13th July 2003, 08:30 AM
Shilan- Torignis
The long train ride was uneventful, except for a couple times Akina and Sheila broke into feirce arguments about seemingly nothing. Shilan didn't know whether to cringe away or laugh out loud. He did nothing. As they say, Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. Shilan noticed something strange about Akina, the wings on her head... But he couldn't place what she was, and so forgot about it.
As the train came to a halt, Shilan transfigured Khayame and his cage into a bracelet so he could carry them easier, then left the train, hearing a voice say "First years over here please,". He walked toward it. He found it weird, being used to hearing Hagrid saying that all the time. No matter, he climbed into a boat and it skimmed to the other side of the lake.
Strangely, the castle looked a lot like Hogwarts. It was a bit bigger, and a lot more decorated, but still the same. Instead of bare stone walls, there were usually some strange designs or foreign carpets or something.
"My name is Professor Aquila and as headmaster of Aortas Auror Academy, I sincerely welcome all first years to our family. In a few moments you will be appraoch the Sorting Shell and place it to your ear. Then, you will be sorted into one of the four houses which you will remain in for the rest of you school life here. Again, enjoy yourself at Aortas and remember to learn something too," he said before sitting down, gesturing toward a shell sitting on a chair. He looked around, seeing Akina nervously stuttering to Ajax. The Sheila girl was one of the first ones up, and she went to Torignis, as did Ajax later.
"Shinomori, Shilan!"
Shilan picked up the shell, feeling pretty nervous. His legs felt like jelly, he wondered vaguely how he was still standing. He put the shell up to his ear.
Well this is an easy one the shell said quickly, before yelling out "Torignis!"
Shilan shrugged, walking over to the Torignis table, taking a seat across from Ajax.

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13th July 2003, 09:20 AM
Kevin Usagi(Endriago)

The train ride was pleasant and uneventful,Except when Devil chewed on my trunk handle.The train ride was longer than Hogwarts,But when it stopped,I hopped out and smiled.We were almost at Aortas.I heard a voice saying"First years come over here please."I went over and climbed into a boat.The boat with other wizards floated across the lake.Devil looked at the lake until we got to the castle.The castle was a little bigger than Hogwarts.Once I entered,the Great Hall was bright.I stood with other wizards."My name is Professer Aquila and Headmaster of Aortas Auror Academy.I welcome all first years into our family.Soon, you will approach the sorting shell and place it in your ear.Then you'll be sorted into a house which you will remain in for the rest of your school life here.Enjoy your life at Aortas and remember to learn something too."After some wizards went,I heard someone say"Usagi,Kevin."I walked up to a stool and sat down.I placed the shell to my ear."Hmmm....Let me think....Endriago!" said the shell slowly.After a while,I found a seat at the Endriago table.Some kids said"Hello."I sat down and waited for the next person.

Eevee Forever
13th July 2003, 12:02 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

Only a few minutes after Akina and Sheila had returned, the Aortas train began to slow down and eventually come to a halt. We filed out, leaving our trunks and cages of hooting owls, hissing cats, purring puffskeins, and so on in the train; like Hogwarts, I assumed, your things must be brought up to your dormitory automatically. The sun was setting over the great towers and turrents of the castle, and it was getting dark by the time we had entered the school grounds. A familiar phrase, but not a familiar voice, rang out among the crowd.

"First years! First years over here please!" we heard from somewhere among the sea of black robes, and we managed to make our way through the crowd and get to where the voice was coming from; the side of the lake, where a small fleet of small wooden boats awaited us. Akina, Sheila and I hopped into a boat by ourselves; we must have lost Shilan in the crowd. Sheila and I exchanged a brief grin; we had told each other that if there was a lake at Aortas, we would most certainly be exploring what lied beneath it; after all, we did know Mermish. As we neared the castle, it loomed over us, and the sky was now a clear twilight blue color, stars flickering on and off like candles. The boats came to a stop once we reached a cavern underneath the castle, and we hopped out and travelled up to two giant oak doors. As they opened, there were a few "ooos" and "ahhhs" from all around us; the castle resembled a very decorative Hogwarts. We were greeted outside another set of doors by another wizard, short yet cheerful, and they opened. We entered the new room; this had to be the Great Hall. There were for house tables, exactly like Hogwarts, and at the front end of the room sat the Aortas staff. Before anything had begun, an elderly wizard, whom sat in the middle of the staff table ("He must be the headmaster," Akina whispered) stood up.

"My name is Professor Aquila and as headmaster of Aortas Auror Academy, I sincerely welcome all first years to our family. In a few moments you will be appraoch the Sorting Shell and place it to your ear. Then, you will be sorted into one of the four houses which you will remain in for the rest of you school life here. Again, enjoy yourself at Aortas and remember to learn something too. Thank you." As he sat down, a thundering applause came from all around the room, and we waited for what was to come.

We stood in a huddled crowd in the center of the Hall, and the same short wizard who had greeted us was now bringing out a Chonk Shell on a stool. He tapped it with his wand, and it sang its own song, although I didn't pay much attention; I was too worried about whether or not Akina and I would be in the same house. We were called up one at a time in alphabetical order, and Sheila was the first one to be sorted. She nervously strode up to the stool and placed the shell over her head; in a few seconds, the Shell shouted sing-songingly, "Torignis!"

There was a few seconds for applause, and Sheila sat down at the Torignis table, winking at the two of us. Other names were called...'Firness, Alec' also became a Torignis, aand other were called as well. At last, it was my turn.

"Mostafa, Ajax." My name had been called, and I strode up to the small stool, where the shell was placed over my head. Much like the Sorting Hat, it spoke to me as well.

"Ah, a very difficult choice. You have great bravery, no doubt, and your intelligence is one of your strongest points. However, among all, you are incredibly determined to succeed; you must be...'Torignis!'"

The last word was announced to the entire hall, and I was relieved that it was over. There was some applause from the Torignis table, and I went and found a seat next to Sheila. Just then, it hit me. Akina still had to be sorted. What if she wasn't in my house? I panicked, and waited with baited breath as 'Nishida, Kazumi' became a Guivre, and 'Shinomori, Shilan' became a Torignis as well, and he sat across from me, grinning. Finally, 'Tsuki, Akina Naomi' was called. I held my breath and crossed my fingers, but almost instantaneously the shell cried out, "Chifre!" to the entire hall. My heart sank; how could she have been put somewhere else? For a while, my mouth hung open in disbelief, but I joined in with the applause; after all, I knew if I tried I would be able to see her at meals and on weekends and such. Hopefully they had Double Classes, like in Hogwarts, and we would be together then. After the sorting was completed, the Shell was taken away, and the feast began. I couldn't really eat much; all I could think about was how Akina wasn't in my house. My dinner consisted of about a half a dozen flasks of pumpkin juice and some light conversation, and when the plates were cleared and everyone was heading up to bed, I hung back for a moment to talk to Akina, but found that she too had already gone to her dormitory. I caught up to the other members of the Torignis House, as we headed up to the Common Room. The Common Room was very cozy; the overstuffed armchairs and ottomans were made from the same fabric as the tablecloths and curtains; a diagonally checked pattern of scarlet red and bronzy orange, and it was very soft indeed.

I dragged my feet up to the boys' dormitories, and on the first landing a plaque was attached to the door, reading 'First Years,' and listing the names of the 5 guys, one being myself, two being Alec and Shilan, and two more being people that I've never heard of; I opened the door, and found that I was the only one there. I picked a nice four poster in the middle of the room, and Ra, who was squawking angrily about being locked up for so long, was set loose, and he perched on top of the headboard of the bed. I pulled a Peppermint Humbug, which I had saved from dinner, and fed it to Pirro, so that we wouldn't feel the need to go looking around at night for food. I started to change, and after taking off my robes and putting on a pair of black shorts, I decided to stretch my wings for a minute or two. Soon, a huge pair of leathery black wings burst from my shoulder blades, and I started rubbing my shoulders; they were starting to really hurt for some reason. Just then, I heard the door open from behind me. 'Great,' I told myself sarcastically. 'Like I really want my roommates to know I'm a Veela right off the bat,'


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Sheila Rae
13th July 2003, 12:28 PM
When Akina and I got back, Ajax was there, along with another boy with messy black hair, who just stared at us for a little while. Shortly after, we arrived at Aorta's. The first years were called to a special area, where we boarded boats to be taken across the lake. Akina, Ajax, and I hopped into a boat; that Shilan boy wasn't with us, I was kinda glad, he was sorta freaking me out. I smiled when I found out the fact that there was a lake. Ajax and I knew Mermish, it would be interesting to see what dwelled on the lakefloor.

When we reached the Aortas castle, I thought it was Hogwarts. It looked just like it, only bigger with some more embellishments. The first years waited in the great hall to be sorted,

"My name is Professor Aquila and as headmaster of Aortas Auror Academy, I sincerely welcome all first years to our family. In a few moments you will be appraoch the Sorting Shell and place it to your ear. Then, you will be sorted into one of the four houses which you will remain in for the rest of you school life here. Again, enjoy yourself at Aortas and remember to learn something too. Thank you," he said, and everyone appluaded. Then he took an enchanted seashell and tapped it with his wand. It burst to life, then ricited a poem like the Sorting hat. I then realized I didn't really care what house I was in, only that I was with my friends.

My name was called first to be sorted. Oh, why did I have to be first? I slowly strode down the hall, and sat on the stool near the shell. "Hmm..hmmm," it said, looking me over. I saw it eyeing my braid. "Very pretty hair you have. Never seen a colour quite like it." I mouthed a 'thank you,' but no words came out. Finally, the shell sang "Toriginis!" Of course, I didn't yet know if this was good or bad.

I waited while other people I didn't know were being sorted. Finally, the Professor said, "Mostafa, Ajax." My body went rigid, as I waiting for the darn shell to announce Ajax's house. "Torignis!" it screamed. I breathed a sigh of relief. He came and sat next to me. My mind wandered again. Not until the professor called, "Tsuki, Akina Naomi," did I became attentive again. After whispering some things to her, the shell said, "Chifre!" I smacked my head down on the table as a tear leaked from my eye. Why couldn't she be in Torignis? I was so sad, but I figured I could still see her on weekends. And at least on my friends was in my house.

The last first year was sorted, and I began feasting, but didn't have much of an appetite. I went up to my dorm, then smiled because of a great idea I had.

13th July 2003, 02:59 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuik [<Chifre>]

I finished eating dinner, all alone, really..Since no one would want to eat with a "Freak"..anyway..

My head wings flapped slowly in sadness, I looked at the Torignis Table, Looking for Ajax..He was next to Sheila..Sheila..

After finishing the feast, which should've made me happy, got me depressed..I didn't feel like talking to Ajax before going to my dormintory..I did save some food for Chibi, the Puffskein Ajax gave me..

We walked up to the Common room for Chifre, and it was decortated in a silver and blue cloth, The Laz-e-boy's, and couch's, even the Fireplace had a fire, brimming in energy.I walked up to the girl Dormintorys..A Plaque with the word, First Years, on it...with the names of 4 girls on it..There were 2 boys..

I walked into it, and each bed was made, and at the end. was our trunks..I got Chibi out, and fed her the chicken I saved from dinner..I saved a lot of it, actually..I also took Yuru out, who cooed softly, then looking for Ra..

Some of the Other Girls there stared in awe at Yuru, and started to converse about her as I took off my robe, and Placed Blue and Silver Slippers, Silver Pajama Pants, and a Tank Top of Blue..Pajama's..

"I'll be taking Yuru.."I said to the girls, and Yuru came to my shoulder..and pecked as tears rolled down my face slowly..I went down to the common room, and sat on a Laz-e-boy, With my wings spread out, all 8 of them, 4 on each side, and my Head Wings, and My tears rolling off my face..I really longed for someone to talk to me, but if they did...It would probably be about my wings..

"Stupid...wings.."I muttered to myself..

Shadow Djinn
13th July 2003, 04:01 PM
Geez...you're taking this too fast Shelia Rae. You're not the only ones posting ya know. Other people need ta eat too you know.
Give othe people a chance to post...


The train slid to a stop and I got off, with Frost following me silently. I held Spirit's cage, knowing the luggage would be taken care of.
" Let's go." I muttered.


After a while, I reached the Great Hall, I stood in the line to be sorted, noticing many go to Torginis.
" Gee, great, I'll be in Torginis." I muttered as I moved up to next to be sorted. The one in front of me, Kevin Usagi went to Endriago, and I hoped I would be too. I stepped up and picked up the Sorting Shell, hoping to be in Engriago.
"Endriago...Endriago.." I prayed. I was surprised to hear the shell speak.
" Endriago? No...Guivre? No...CHIFRE!" The Shell cried. I went to the Chifre table, and silently ate the food for the feast...

13th July 2003, 04:07 PM
<~>Ami Zeypher<~>[Chifre]
I realized soon the train ride to Aortas was the most boring since I left Hogwarts....But I felt nervous of my house...I wondered what they were like..since I was a Ravenclaw in Hogwarts, and a Keeper in Quidditch. Sighing, I placed Selene in her cage, and followed the other first year students through the door into their 'Great Hall'. I listened through the shell's songs, and applauses....through many names, but I remained silent...a bad feeling hanging in my stomach. Elizabeth and Larien were in Endriago, but Zane went into Chifre. I listened carefully for my name.

"Zeypher, Ami...." my name was called. I gulped my nervousness and strode towards this stool, in my black robes. I looked towards the shell...as it was placed on my head.

'Ah...I see a great deal of intelligence...' it whispered, 'Chifre!'

I heard a round of applause of my name, my heart pounding as I took a seat at the Chifre table. I looked up to see a banner in blue with a silver Unicorn...that was Chifre's symbol. I looked towards Zane, as he nodded me a congradulations. I nodded back, as I ate with wonder...I hope the classes were like at Hogwarts, too. I looked towards the end, a half-Angel was eating alone, I frowned...she must've known how I felt...being a Half-Vampire pushed me aside at Hogwarts, too. I ate a bit of chicken, not taking in much...
I walked into the common room of Chifre, feeling lonely as Zane walked into the boy's dorm. I gave Selene the bit of chicken I saved, which made her delighted. I looked at the plaque bearing the names of Chifre first-years, four of us were girls...as I stared depressingly at my name low at the bottom. I went into the girl's dorm, and changed into a pair of blue silk pajamas...printed with silver stars.

"I'll be taking Yuki...." The Half-Angel girl said..and took Yuki to the common room. I sat on my bed, placing Selene on my lap, after removing her from the cage. I stroked her....she looked up boredly.

"Oh Selene...would I be an outcast here, too...?" I asked her in a whisper tone...she whimpered a bit. as I placed her next to me...I felt like crying right now....as I sat there, depressed again.

13th July 2003, 04:59 PM
Alec Firness

"Firness...ALEC!" my name was called. The two people either side of me had to make way as I moved myself out of the seat. I laughed nervously.
"Big for me age, yeh see," I whispered. I walked up to the top of the hall and the sorting shell was placed on my head. The shell mumbled for a couple of seconds then said,
"Hmm...you aspire to help others by using your talents...such a hard choice...what will prevail...you must be TORIGNIS!"
The Torignis table erupted as I wandered down, getting hearty slaps on the back. I took my place at the table then said hello to my fellow house members. I watched as Ajax went up and he was a Torignis too. He sat opposite me and I shook his hand. Then, while we were talking, we noticed a silence and we looked up. I recognised her immediately...poor Akina. She was sorted into Chifre, but no one applauded her...Ajax looked furious, and I couldn't blame him.

After the meal, I carried my plus a couple of my new friends' bags up to the dormitory. The head of house was there to greet us and tell us that the statue of a phoenix outside the bookcase, which was actually the entrance to the Torignis wing, would open the door to the password 'Butterbeer'. I noticed the room I was in had the door slightly ajar, so I guessed someone was already in there. I backed into the room, dropped the luggage I was carrying and said goodbye to my new friends. I opened the door and stuck my head in, and there was Ajax, with two...wings? Veela-like wings? He managed to fold them back under his skin but he looked straight at me. I tried to look pleasantly surprised, then looked at the list of names. No one in this room was coming up yet so I quickly chucked my bags in and slammed the door shut. We both stared at each other for what seemed an eternity.
"Well?" he asked. I jumped a bit.
"Well what? I dinnae sae nuffin' tae well aboot," I shrugged. He was obviously a bit anxious to reveal my true reactions, but I had no idea what they were. I needed to understand.
"Well, er, fine, erm, why dae yee 'ave wings, yeh'know, like a Veela?" I asked. He sighed, as if he had answered this a thousand times before.
"Alright, I'm a half-veela?" he said. He waited for me to look horrified and repulsed.
"Aye. And? What's wrong with that?" I asked. He looked at me, amazed.
"What do you mean?" he asked.
"Well, aye'm jist saying that I 'ave nothing against 'alf-breeds at all. Aye'm completely against racism against 'alf-breeds. It ruins the world. Yeh know aye'm good mates with Akina, and she can 'ardly hide a thing like that." I noticed he was about to speak. "And dinnae worry, I winnae go aroond telling everyone. I know yeh probably think yeh'd get a bad reaction. I know whit it feels like."
He looked at me puzzled, then maybe a bit angry.
"How would you know?"
I smiled.
"There is more tae me than meets the eye."


OOC : I'd rather keep the fact Alec is part giant a secret from now on, although I will divulge it later in the story.

13th July 2003, 05:24 PM
Avyianne Tseuga - F - 1/2 Unicorn/Human


I remained slightly silent on the train, as Quin and Zephyr talked a lot, and I mostly listened. They were very fun to listen to... and often I found myself smiling at them, even though it was a half of a smile... a lot of other things were ebbing at the back of my mind. At one point, Zephyr spent a great deal of money on food for us... a lot of pumpkin juice, to which I quickly intervened.
"What? No... i couldn't possibly accept-"
"Look, I already bought it... so you might as well not let it go to waste." Zephyr said, smiling with a 'gotcha!' look, to which I decided he was right so I thus began to drink at eat what he bought for Quin and I. Smiling slightly, one subject of the conversation got to about wands... to which I actually told them that mine was rather strange being silver, and we then began to talk about 'abnormalties' around the world and what strange occurences had happened.

Finally however, we arrived at Aortas. It was much like Hogwarts, to my surprise, for we got out and immediatly I heard some one calling our names for First Years. I quickly obliged, and followed Quin and Zephyr mostly because I didn't really know anyone else. They didn't seem to mind... or they didn't seem to notice, as I followed them until finally after are trip across a lake-like surface and into the school. The school-like castle was huge, much greater in both detail and massiveness compared to Hogwarts. As we first years walked to the hall where I assumed everyone at, I took notice of the walls. Each wall was made out of a grand color, with inner details and carvings ... which at first I thought perhaps told a story, and stopping for a moment I peered hard at the wall. The carvings were... moving?! Seemingly tellin g astory, as one particular carving had a phoenix and a unicorn, in a very great battle against a peticular large dragon. I watched as the Unicorn charged and the phoenix did too... until suddenly...

"Excuse me Miss, but we wouldn't want you to fall behind the others, would we?"
I looked up to see a particular short but yet, looming figure whom I presumed was a teacher. He seemed very interested in why I was staring at the walls, and I swallowed, seeing that the group had already moved into the hall.
"Uhh... sorry, I was just-"
"Looking at the wall, yes I know. Strang ehowver... most do not see interest in the wall unless the pictures are moving, and the carvings only move for certain students with a gift."
I blinked...
"A gift?"
"Yes... but hurry up now and go inside, you wouldn't wan tot miss being sorted."
I replied quickly, running swiftly to the main chamber... as everyone was beginning ot be seated, and the first years were being sorted.
Quin went up, and he was suddenly announced..
I swallowed, as I watched later as Zephyr went up..
Cheers from that table ensued, as I gulped and secretly wondered what house I would be put into... I noticed that the masscots were quite elborate.

But one of them worried me..

The mascot for Chifre was a unicorn... most likely because those students were bright or smart in the ways of the mind and soul... unicorn traits of course, along with innocence. I swallowed... what if I was put in that house? I didn't know anyone... I wanted Endriago.. Quin and Zephyr were there, and I certainly didnt' want to fall behind.

Tsuega, Avyianne!
The voice of the shell suddenly erupted into the hall... and to me, it seemed louder called then anyone else's name. I quivered, as I saw Quin and Zephyr's eyes suddenly gazed at me, Quin's abnormally large as if something suddenly dawned on him. An abnormal hush seemed to settle around the tables... as I slowly stood up, feeling my face suddenly go cold as all I could hear was My heart beating very quickly in my chest. Most likely many of them had heard about the 'mysterious' death.. and heard in the Nightly or Daily Prophet about a Vincent Tsuega... my last name matched up, and in the Wizarding world, last names always meant same family.

I stared at the floor as I approached the shell... and eager to block out the words and mumurs from all around myself, I quickly grabbed the shell and placed it to my ears.
Silence ensued, and I was worried the shell was broke...until suddenly I heard it's whispers...

...... Oh my! A rare blood you have... a very dangerous blood you have. Many will be in search of your blood to be spilled, but do not be worried.. if you are placed in the proper house, you will be protected. now let's see... ah yes, your half blood of the Unicorn gives you a high intelligence, but I sense some wit with it as well... perhaps Chifre or Guivre would suit you? But you are hardworking with your work... so maybe even Torignis?

I gulped, not knowing what house i wanted to be in... but I didn't want to be in Chifre, not with that Unicorn symbol.. it would only be a reminder..
Ah, but wait. You have a great deal of courage and potential inside of you, just like your father had working for the Order.
My eyes widened... how did a shell know all of this? Was it reading her mind?
Yes... he gave his life, and that same blood of his wizard half runs through you... both of courage along with the aptitude of your mother. Yes....

After what seemed like an enternity, suddenly the shell boasted out that I was in Endriago. I quickly placed the shell down, as after a moment of delayed silence, the table of Endriago cheered. I quickly gazed down at the floor... not wanting to hear more mumors or see the eyes, so I quickly went to the table and sat down next to Quin and Zephyr. I stared at the sorting, hopefully avoiding any gazes... but as soon as it was done, we began to eat. No more weird glances ensued, as everyone happily at and began to talk... I felt a bit more releaved, for no one was bringing anything up and Quin and Zephyr seemed to not even have the faintest clue. Perhaps they didn't read the news...

"This food is great... " I said, as suddenly a black, small fluff ball poked it's head out of my robe's neck. Zephyr spat out his food comically, as he gazed at the fluff ball with green eyes. It mewed softly, as I laughed and quickly, and secretly, snuck Youkai a bit of meat as it disappeared again.
"Do you just... keep abnormally fluffy kittens in your robes all the time?" Zephyr asked, as I smiled.
"Well... he's young and doesn't like to be alone. I couldn't leave him with all my luggage!"
Quin smirked slightly, as we kept eating...
Maybe this year wouldn't be so bad after all... although the words the shell had said to me still lingered...
Many will be in search of your blood to be spilled,... I shuttered at that thought, but then suddenly I remembered...
but do not be worried.. if you are placed in the proper house, you will be protected.
I could only hope I was in the right house...

13th July 2003, 05:54 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuki [<Chifre>]

"Stupid wings.."I kept muttering, with my eyes following the flames, which licked the walls with light and warmth.

Yuru started to coo, and kept on flying into the walls, trying to make me laugh, which didn't work..Yuru flew to the dorm room in anger..Yells came, as Yuru started to pick at 2 girls hair..

"It's ok if they don't accept me.."I said, laying back on the laz-e-boy. I planned to sleep in the common room tonite..Yuru flew back, and the girls dorm room was slamed shut..

"I knew this was going to happen..."I muttered.."Just..why..Sheila has Ajax, I have nothing..No one to talk to.."

Sheila Rae
13th July 2003, 06:10 PM
OOC: What do you mean I have to 'take it easy'? I am no father along than any other characters, even with most of them. There are actually some people who are lagging, but that is not my problem. Some people were on the third day while I was only on my first, so that prompted to hurry it up a bit. Now I am even with all the other characters, other than the ones that are specifically lagging. So I do not understand what you mean. Please do not think that I am a bad RPer, because I am quite an expirenced one, in various styles of RPGs and RPing theories. I know I am not the only poster, then it would a *story,* not a *role playing game.* So once again, I don't know what you're talking about.

At the end of this week, I am going on vacation, and won't be back for at least five days. In that time, I obviously won't be able to post. Won't that make you happy?

13th July 2003, 07:42 PM
I kept forgetting to post...damn this Swiss cheese memory of mine! *hangs head in shame*

Sheila, methinks you took that the wrong way, but if you're gonna start a flame war over it, PMs are the way to go :)

Angelica Rose Fletcher, Chifre

The train ride had been pretty much uneventful. Angelica had found an empty compartment, letting Chi out. She spent the ride with the little pup, then managed to persuade him back into the carrier.

"I'll see you in a bit, Chi. We have to leave our stuff here."

Chi yipped mournfully as Angelica joined the crowd of people already in the corridor of the train. She followed the rest of the first years all the way...

And now stood in line with all the others, waiting for her Sorting. She watched everyone before her go up...and it didn't help that it was in alphabetical order, either, which meant that she was near the front of the line.

"Fletcher, Angelica Rose."

Angelica took a deep breath, steeling her nerves, then strode up and placed the shell on her ears.

Silence, at first, then...

Hmm...a Fletcher, huh? Let's hope you don't turn out like your uncle.

Angelica wondered how it knew Uncle Mun...

Oh, he's pretty famous in the wizarding world, even though he's never walked the corridors of this school. Anyways...I can see intelligence...bravery...a willingness to protect...all the qualities of your Animagus form...hmm...

Angelica continued to wait. The shell seemed to be taunting her by deciding...the suspense was killing her...

I know where to put you...


Her nervousness evaporated, leaving a blissful happiness in its place. Amid all the applause, she took an empty seat at the Chifre table, and proceeded to wait for everyone else to be sorted.

She clapped loudly for Shade, even though he was Sorted into Guivre. The feast began just after the last Sorting...and Angelica enjoyed herself immensely, even sneaking a few pieces of meat into her pocket for Chi.

Sheila Rae
13th July 2003, 09:22 PM
OOC: I didn't mean to be rude, this is just the second time somebody has done something like this to me. I guess I took it personally or something, my life is very screwed up. I supposed they were right about TPM. Sorry

13th July 2003, 10:32 PM
OOC: Well, if you posted more DT 8, then you could catch up with Sheila and the rest of us --;

Larien Moody - Endriago
Besides from buying a bottle of butterbear and a couple of Chocolate Frogs which hopped around our car for a while before Mac and Celeros pinned them down, nothing much happened. It was rather boring actually, kind of like the Hogwarts train. The ride was rather quick though and once it rolled to a stop, I sighed in relief. Elizabeth and I had a hard time convincing Mac and Celeros to stay on the train, for Mac because he was a hard dog to control and Celeros for not wanting to stay in the same room with Mac. It took us a while but in the end we both made them stay on the train and we rushed outside before getting on the last boat of the long fleet. After crossing the lake, we came up to the castle. In a long line, we all filed into the Great Hall, which looked like Hogwarts also but much bigger. I was a bit let down since I hoped it would be different in a sense. Even the ceiling was bewitched to look like the sky, just like Hogwarts. It had the nice familiarity to it. As the older students looked on, the headmaster stood up to address us.
"My name is Professor Aquila and as headmaster of Aortas Auror Academy, I sincerely welcome all first years to our family. In a few moments you will be appraoch the Sorting Shell and place it to your ear. Then, you will be sorted into one of the four houses which you will remain in for the rest of you school life here. Again, enjoy yourself at Aortas and remember to learn something too."
We all clapped politely before a shell was put on a stool in front of us. A bit odder than the Sorting Hat but the Sorting Shell had a nice ring to it. As the list went alphabetically, I waited as Elizabeth was sorted into Endriago and was greeted with much applause. It took another ten minutes before my name was called up.
"Larien Moody."
With my keen elf ears, I could hear some students whisper my last name, wondering if I was related to the famous Mad Eye Moody. Pulling back my hair to put behind my ears, I heard the whispers grow louder, the same people saying that I couldn't be related since I was an elf and he was a human. Of course they didn't know that I was a half breed and my dad was a muggle. I just rolled my eyes and sat down as I pressed the shell to my ear.
"Oh yes, this will be hard. Smart, cunning and hardworking, all the qualities of the houses. But yet I see vast amounts of courage, highly typical of elves. You're definitely your mother's child.
I blushed, which turned my whole face into a tomato as it called out my house.
I heard the whole house of Endriago cheer loudly as I strode over to sit next to Elizabeth. The rest of the sortings went quickly as a half angel went into Chifre, as well as Ami. I hoped she made some friends there. She seemed a bit withdrawn from everyone. After the shell was put away, the whole table produced vast amounts of food. I only realized then how hungry I was, since I only had chocolate frogs that afternoon. Digging in, I felt completely satisfied and the thoughts of playing Quidditch made me more excited to coming to this school. After we had our fill, I piled a stack of meat on a napkin for Celeros and follwed the rest of our house towards our common room. It was just like the Hogwarts' common rooms, but a lot more comfy. Celeros greeted me with a rub against my legs but smelled the meat instantly and jumped onto a table, where I placed it for him. Mac was there as well and slammed into Elizabeth in excitement. We both sat down in some plushy chairs and talked a while before we went off to sleep. It was a good night.

Eevee Forever
14th July 2003, 12:04 AM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

"Well, aye'm jist saying that I 'ave nothing against 'alf-breeds at all. Aye'm completely against racism against 'alf-breeds. It ruins the world. Yeh know aye'm good mates with Akina, and she can 'ardly hide a thing like that," Alec had told me; he was the one who had walked in on me while I was stretching my wings. I tried to interrupt, but he continued. "And dinnae worry, I winnae go aroond telling everyone. I know yeh probably think yeh'd get a bad reaction. I know whit it feels like."

I was certainly taken aback by this statement. He didn't seem to have anything wrong with him. "How would you know?" I snapped, surprised by my own attitude. I felt my hands grow hot, but I contained my anger. Much to my surprise, however, Alec smiled.

"There is more tae me than meets the eye," he told me. It then hit me; I was jumping down his throat about my own problems, when he too had experienced the same problems. My hands grew cold, but I felt my face get hot.

"I...I'm so sorry...I didn't know...I mean, you don't..." I managed to get out; I was so embarrased.

"Dinnae worry 'boot it," Alec told me, still smiling. I felt a little better knowing that he wasn't angry with me for getting so angry with him. I didn't know where to go from here, so I turned to a sure-fire way to ease the tension between us.

"Hey, you want some butterbeer?" I asked him, as I strode over to my trunk and opened it up. I pointed my wand at a tankard of butterbeer. 'Wingardium Leviosa,' I said, and the tankard flew out of the trunk and onto the trunk's top, which was acting as a serrogate table. "I've got 10 tankards charmed to refill themselves here," I told him, and with another flick of my wand, five frosty mugs appeared next to the tankard, a few for the others, if they returned. I smiled at him. "Come on, drink up," I said him, already filling my own mug.

CoolTrainer IcEz
14th July 2003, 09:58 AM
Zephyr Remus Potter Endriago

When the morning of the next day had arrived, Quin and I made our way to the Endriago common room and decided to look around before heading to the Great Hall for our breakfast. The common room was rather empty as it was still quite early. We found a small wooden door which was obscured by a translucent golden drape.

"What's this?" I asked Quin as I reached for the door knob.
Quin gave a small shrug and urged me to open it. Twisting the knob, I found that it was locked.
"It's locked," I told Quin, adding a tiny hopeless shrug.
Quin merely chuckled and replied, "Come, let me try."
I stepped away from the door as Quin pulled out his wand and pointed it to the door knob and yelled, "Alohamora!"
Just as he was reaching for the knob he added, "You're a wizard you know. Should learn to use magic more-" but stopped himself when he found the door still locked. He was determined to unlock it and continued using the Unlocking Charm on the door again and again. Finally, Quin gave up and turned to leave when we saw a small-built female prefect standing behind us.

"Trying to get into the Sharing Room?" she asked.
"Yeah," barked Quin, obviously frustrated from not being able to get in.
"Sharing Room?" I repeated after her.
"You can get in?" inquired Quin intently.
"Sure. Let me show you." she replied, stepping up to the door.
"Not many first years know about this. It's reall useful though." she continued. Tapping the knob with her wand she muttered, "Andorhalus!"
Quin grabbed for the knob and twisted it. It was still locked. But the girl merely signalled to us and walked through the solid door.
"What?" I gasped to Quin in amazement.
"Cool!" he yelled in reply and stepped through.

Following suit, I found myself at the foot of a long spiral staircase. We climbed up and up for what seemed like five minutes when we emerged through another door and into a large circular room. The room was very spacious and the ceiling was high. The most inviting feature of the room was that it was a perfect circle and floor to ceiling windows were all in front of us. To our sides were four other colored doors, a blue, orange, green one and the last one that was right in the center was wooden with no particular color but was taller than any of the other doors. The door we had just emerged from was gold and glinted in the morning sun. The windows let in all the sunlight and the circular room was brightly lit. Comfortable armchairs, couches and cushions lay scattered around the room.

The girl turned to us and explained, "This is the Sharing Room, where students from different houses can meet up and basically hang out. Our founders never really believed in totally dividing and segregating the students. Though the Guivre students rarely come up here." she added with a wink. "To enter the room from our common room or vice-versa, you need to say the password and tap the door knob and just walk through. The center door there leads down to the Great Hall. Although I wouldn't recommend you taking it because it's a really long and winding staircase all the way down." she winked again. "Well it's rather early so you can see there's no one here. Just remember how to get in and try to spread it around the first years. I'll be leaving you two then. Goodbye" she said and tapped the door knob again and left.

By the time we left the room and headed back to the Endriago common room, we met Avyianne who had just come down from the girls' dorms.
He winked to her and said, "We've got something cool to show you during lunch."
She gave us a look of excitement but Quin and I managed to persuade her to wait till lunch time to find out. We took a copy of our timetable and glanced through quickly.

"We are going to have Defence Against the Dark Arts, Offence Magic, then lunch and Care of Magical Creatures for today." recited Avyianne as she looked through the timetable.
"Cool! The lessons don't look that bad." I mumbled to the others as we made our way out of the common room and to the Great Hall.

When we arrived in the Great Hall, it was packed and teeming with students from each house. We managed to get seats at the Endriago table and I began pigging out on the waffles and buns as usual. Quin and Avyianne ate much quieter than compared to me. Quin spread out the Daily Prophet he had ordered onto the table and drew our attention to the smaller headlines. It was the same one we had read back in Diagon alley.

"That name sounds very familiar, Tseuga... I heard it recently..." I murmured to myself. Then it hit me. It was Avyianne's last name, but before I could stop myself, I blurted out the question.
"Isn't that your last name, Avyianne?"
Quin nudged me hard in the ribs and I noticed that I had put Avyianne into a hard spot. I repeatedly apologised and brushed off the matter. Before Avyianne could reply, I hauled up my books and grabbed Quin by the arm out of the Great hall with Avyianne jogging behind to keep pace.
"I'm really sorry. Let's go to Defence of the Dark Arts class now.." I apologised.
"Yeah, come." Quin added nervously.
"Stop!" yelled Avyianne, sounding absolutly frustrated. We stop dead in our tracks and spun around to look at her.
"Look-" she continued. "I... I..."
I looked at her eagerly, hoping she would clear our doubts.

OOC: I left the last part for you to continue, B4. It's up to you if you want Avyianne to reveal it to Quin and Zephyr. ;)

14th July 2003, 01:29 PM
Heh, guess I'm one of the laggers! ^^; Ah well, I'll be caught up after this!

Elizabeth (Endriago)

After Larien, Ami, and Zane all stepped out the train, so did I. Mac sniffed the air, trying to get the feel of the place. I looked at the looming academy, feeling more than a bit nervous.

When we all spotted the man calling for first years, it felt as if I were having a deja vu. It felt like being back at Hogwarts; when I first was arriving, feeling even more nervous that I was now. I had been so scared that day that nobody would like me, but after a while Hogwarts became like a second home to me.

I smiled at the large, impressive castle, and tried my best to think of it as another Hogwarts. As we stepped into Aorta's Great Hall, I noticed the sorting being set up. "Wonder where it'll put me...?" I mumbled to myself. I hadn't really thought about it much in the past few days; but now it became my first worry.

The sorting began, and all of us to be sorted looked nervously about ourselves. I thought of what house I would want to be in, and it was then I realized that I didn't know which house was which... Suddenly I heard a voice bellow, "Carrington, Elizabeth!" and I sighed. 'Why does my last name have to be so close to the beginning...' I sat under the hat, awaiting my fate. So, I see you're a very well-rounded individual... the hat spoke to me. 'Just put me in a house with nice people... people that respect other's differences...' I thought hard to the hat. I see... well, considering it does match were I was going to put you anyway... ENDRIAGO!

I smiled, somehow feeling that the choice made would be a good one, and eagerly took my seat at the Endriago table. Soon I was joined by, to my great relief, Larien; and watched anxiously as Ami was sorted. However, she went into Chifre, and even though I wished she had been sorted into Endriago, I still felt happy for her. That boy that had been in the train with us, Zane, had also been sorted into Chifre, so at least Ami wasn't going to be alone.

As we were led up to our Common Room, Larien and I met up with Mac and Celeros. "Ahh!" I yelled as Mac jumped all over me. "Geez Mac, watch it! Ribs can be broken!" I said as he licked my face. Larien greeted Celeros, and then the two of us laid down for some well-deserved rest. I laid in silence for a moment. 'Yes, I believe Aortas will be just as good as Hogwarts... maybe even better.'

14th July 2003, 04:14 PM
Avyianne Tseuga - F - 1/2 Human/Unicorn (Endriago)

After eating, Avyianne walked up alone to her dormitory since Quin and Zephyr had gone before her. She eventually got inside the Endriago house, and then entered the girls half, and quickly claimed a bed. Youkai, her fuzzy kitten, seemed to adore the soft silky sheets as he plopped himself in the middle of her pillow and began to pur rather loudly. No sooner had Avyianne changed and went in her bed... did she hear the sounds of others sleeping, along with Youkai.
But Avyianne did not sleep...
Like usual, the dream of that horrible figure threatening her ensued her... like every single night since she found out she had a chance to be an Auror.
And tha tdream was followed by the vision of how her father died...

Soon the new morning had arrived, and Avyianne quickly rose out of bed before anyone and got dressed and cleaned. Grabbing Youkai, she quickly tucked him inside her robe sleeve as she went into the mirror, pointed her wand at her head and muttered a few wizarding spells which instantly combed and brushed her hair,to make it look dazzlingly soft, silky and curl slightly inwards to her face. She then grabbed her books and papers, and went down to the commons where she ran into Quin and Zephyr. Eating insued... until suddenly Zephyr had recieved a paper of the Daily Prophet, and to the dismay o fAvyianne it still had the talka bout the death... it had beenthe first one in a while, and again, it had happened to some one in the Ministry... in a forest..

Avyianne's heart had stopped beating when she heard Zephyr mumur some thing about her last name, and then he gazed at her and clearly with out a thought stated that it was her last name as well.
Avyianne wanted to shrivel up and die... the thought of her father being the subject of the mysterious death and in that dreadful newspaper made her squirmish. She was about to say some ething when suddenly Zephyr stood up, grabbed Quin by the arm and hastily got out after he had repeatedly appologised and headed out. Startled, Avyianne quickly grabbed her books and leapt out of her seat, causing a container of some liquid to fall upon the floor but she ignored it and kept following them.
They both seemed eager to leave her...

They said they should go to the Defense Against Dark Arts class... and Quin said to come, frustrated Avyianne finally yelled.
With that, both of them jerked to a horrible hault as they gazed at her with a rather twitchy and nervous glance- more so Zephyr than Quin.
"Look... I-...I.."
It was hard for Avyianne to say anything, she herself was in slight denial and she didn't want to believe it herself. Feeling her face become flushed and hot, she slowly gazed her frosty-kissed blue-eyed gaze at them. Sighing, she decided it was better to at least tell some one... and these two, she considered her friends.
"Look, sorry for... well, there is no need for you two to be sorry."
Avyianne had her fists clenched slightly, so she eased them up as she straightened up and looked at them.
" Yes, Vincent Tseuga, the one you've heard in the paper... he is my relative." Quin and Zephyr seemed to nod, as Avyianne continued.
"He is my father."
This caught them slightly more offguard, as Avyianne continued..
"That is the reason Quin caught me, or rather we bumped into each other in that dark alleyway... was because I was alone, and had no where to go so I decided to stay in Diagon. My mother died when I was very young, and we have no living relatives... "
Quin nodded softly, but Zephyr spoke up..
"So, who then is looking after you?"
"Well... I am not allowed to talk about exactly 'who' is looking out for me... since I am guessing it is a group of people, but right now Mr. Lupin said he would visit me some time to talk to me... once I've calmed down or... rather got used the fact my family is no more."
Both seemed squirmish at the last remark, but Avyianne didn't want them to feel awkward so quickly she smiled a rather fake but yet very believable smile as she tightly clutched her book...
"But... forget it. Let's just go to class!"
She hurriedly grabbed Zephyr and Quin by their robe sleeves and practically dragged them off in the correct direction...

Shadow Djinn
14th July 2003, 05:26 PM
*sigh* I really feel like killing my brother right now...Sorry Shelia Rae, I wrote down my account password on a paper and he took it...the usual...My apologies. I guess he didn't like you much or something...and he wanted to join here but I wouldn't let him....really sorry about that. I'm fine with the way you're RPing, but it seems my brother doesn't. >_>;


The next day arrived sooner then I thought, it seemed like a second before that it was the feast.
" Whatever." I muttered and went down the stairs to the Chifre common room, hoping to find Ami. But she wasn't anywhere in the common room, so either she was sleeping or she was at breakfeast. Muttering, I left the common room for breakfeast, with my wand in hand.

I ate my food silently, looking at the schedule.
" I guess I better go for class now" I breathed. Leaving the Great Hall, I headed towards class.

Didn't really know what to post...*doesn't know what class Zane should go to*

14th July 2003, 06:40 PM
Kevin Usagi(Endriago)
After eating,I walked around as we were led to our common room.
I quickly walked to the boys half and gathered my things and claimed a bed quickly.I placed my things away and I decided to turn in.As I climbed in,Devil walked on my covers and started sleeping.I decided I could live with it.

The next day,I woke up early and got dressed and ready.I walked to the common room and sat down.I stayed there a while and read a book.When I heard some more wizars coming,I got up and walked outside of the common room and decided to eat.I ate my food and walked toward the schedule.I walked to the next class,The Defence Against the Dark Arts.I saw some others walking there too.

14th July 2003, 09:30 PM
Akina Naomi Tsuki [<Chifre>]
I watched the flames over and over, the flame tips dancing in the fire place made me all warm and happy again..My headwings started to flap with the warmth..

"Accio Pillow!"The Pillow from the Laz-E-Boy flew over and I settled my self in about a 3 foot legnth away from the flames. I took a Drape from the couch("Accio Drape!"), and wrapped myself around in it. Chibi and Yuru came by my side, and BVoth fell asleep before me...


~*Next Day*~

"Ugh.."I said, getting up. I guess Yuru went to get the Daily Prophet, and Chibi was infront of me, trying to lick my face..signaling she was hungry..

I Scooped Chibi up, and went up to the dormintory's, and got dressed, Placeing my Muggle clothing under my Robes. I decided if I was to hide my wings, I might be able to sit with someone, at the most.I then took the charm on the necklace dad gave me, and placed it on my neck. I got shoes on, got my books and wands all settled up..and headed for Breakfast. I decided to leave Chibi, I still had a load of Chicken, and some Beef Jerky from the train ride.

I walked down, and this time, got some inviting looks from some other students..Hiding my wings did work..Though, I would never be able to hide my Headwings till I was older.

I sat down, being one of the first Chifre's in the Great hall, and got some Bacon, French Toast, and a glass of Milk..I gave Egg's a evil stare, As because..They are 'uck.I sat in the middle of the table, and started to eat, placing my books below me....

"I 'ot Herbology irst' "I said, with a mouthful of food..Yuru came down, cooing with a note from Dad, saying I would get it later that day.

I had Defense against the Dark Arts, my Favorite Class...Then Lunch, followed by Potion's("Yes!")..and then Survival Training for the day.

I finished early, and got my books, and had enough time to grab what I needed for Herbology, and Dark Arts first, and give Chibi some Bacon..which made her eyes..or what I thought of Eyes, a gleam.

I rushed down to the Herbology Greenhouse..(Is that were we go?)..Getting some directions from teachers Along the way..

15th July 2003, 12:27 PM
[COLOR=orangered]Alec Firness

Before I drank, I raised my cup to him.
"Tae a joyous an' 'opeful year!" I toasted. He raised his cup and we clashed them together, then drank up. After sipping our tankards, he was about to say something when a boy walked in. He nodded at me.
"I'll ask you tomorrow," he whispered. "Hi Shilan!" he said to the boy that had just come in. I smiled and nodded back. Shilan had just come in and plopped his bags on his bed, then looked around.
"Alright?" I asked, outstretching my hand to him. "My name's Alec."
He shook my hand courteously then Ajax offered him a butterbeer. I looked at the time.
"Jumpin' jackrabbits! Look at the time!" I said, then drank about half my butterbeer. "We'd best be off to bed."
Ajax nodded. We downed our butterbeers and he packed up the other two left for the other two room-mates (OOC: let's just call our other two roomates Jake Halls and Paul Thomas). Jake and Paul walked in, obviously had been to an other room and after greetings we went to sleep.


OOC : Can't be bothered to do next morning.

15th July 2003, 02:38 PM
Am I right in assuming that people of the same house have classes together?

Elizabeth (Endriago)

I woke up with a start as morning came shinning through my window. At first I had forgot where I was, but then I remembered.

"Morning... already?" I mumbled, getting out of bed very reluctantly. Larien was still sleeping, and I looked down at my bedside magic clock.

"Oh no!" I said frantically, noticing what time it was.

"Larien! Larien, get up! We're almost late for beakfast! They're all gonna be gone by the time we get there!" I said, nudging her awake.

"W... what?" she said groggily, finally waking up.

"Breakfast!" I said, pointing to the clock.

"Oh!" said Larien, quickly getting up.

Together we quickly put our robes on, and went down to eat beakfast at a fast walk.

Luckily, plenty of people were still eating, and Larien and I looked over our schedule for the day.

"Defense Against the Dark Arts... Offence Magic... lunch... and then Care of Magical Creatures..." I recited, looking over my schedule.

"Yay! Care of Magical Creatures! Oh, and Offence Magic sounds nice too..." I said, looking a bit embarrased by my enthusiasm.

I then fell a bit quiet, and went back to my eggs, thinking of all the new things I would soon be learning.

Eevee Forever
15th July 2003, 03:21 PM
OOC: Just a note...HealdPK, we do have two other people in our dorm, namely Alo Kanule Black (Opaque Onigoori, who was/is on vacation) and Malvar Dragus (played by RaZoR LeAf). I just thought we should use their names for when/if they return. Also, to CoolTrainer IcEz, will their be actual classes, or will we have to just describe what had happened in them? I'm gonna hold out on posting the next morning. Also, I changed my eye color to a deep blue. I apologize if I shouldn't have, but I didn't think it would affect much.

Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

Much to my relief, it seemed that all had been forgiven. We toasted to the new school year, and we drank. Something was still bothering me though; what was Alec's other (for lack of a better word) part? He hadn't mentioned it...could he be a werewolf, perhaps? Or maybe a vampire? But he had no fangs...not wanting to assume anything, I thought the best thing to do was to ask him.

"Hey, Alec..." I began, but the dormitory door swung open once again, and Shilan appeared in the doorway. "I'll ask you tomorrow," I told Alec, with a nod. "Hey, Shilan!" I greeted, as he dropped his stuff down in the bed across from mine; Alec had chosen the one to the left of mine (if you're looking at it from on top of my bed, it's the right) and closest to the door. I tossed him a mug, and he filled it and drank with us. After what seemed to be hours, Alec's eyes grew wide as he looked at his watch.

"Jumpin' jackrabbits!" he shouted, and I jumped out of my seat. Look at the time! We'd best be off tae bed."

I too looked at my watch, and found that it was extremely late. As they changed out of their robes (I had already done so before either of them had arrived), our two other roommates came in, looking just as or even more tired than we were. Not seeming much for conversation, they introduced themselves as Alo Black (I'm not related to Sirius!" he assured us) and Malvar Dragus, who right off the bat introduced himself as a werewolf. Although he felt like he could tell everyone what he was, I knew I couldn't, and I admired him for that.

We shook, and they joined us in a few quick drinks and some light conversation before changing and going to bed. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep, and I soon drifted off into a dreamy state, wondering what the year would bring.

RaZoR LeAf
15th July 2003, 03:27 PM
Sorry guys, but I feel i'm going to have to leave this RPG. Everytime I come by the RPG forum, i find it's expanded by a page,and since I don't reply every time I'm online, I find i'm missing out chunks of the RPG. So anyway, thanks for trying to involve my character there Eevee Trainer, and sorry CoolTrainer IcEz for dropping out of what is probably going to be a great RPG, but I don't think I can keep up. Thanks for your time for reading this.

:wave: :(

Eevee Forever
15th July 2003, 03:33 PM
OOC: Although we didn't get to hear much from you, RaZoR LeAf, you will be missed! :wave: If it's OK with you, can we still use your character as an NPC? Sorry to ask such a...strange...question...:(

RaZoR LeAf
15th July 2003, 04:31 PM
Thanks Eevee Forever, sure you can use my character as an NPC.

15th July 2003, 04:50 PM
Oops! Sorry, I didn't realise it, I just thought when you said that there were two people you never heard of, I assumed you meant NPCs! :D Sorry.

CoolTrainer IcEz
15th July 2003, 06:35 PM
Sorry to hear that Razorleaf. I hope you had fun while you were here. I'm sure you'll be missed. :wave:

Basically, the teachers will describe what they are going to teach and often you'll be left on your own to practice the spell, ie. Transfiguration. Then you'll describe what you do and the teacher will end the class. It doesn't have to be done like that for the entire term at Aortas, perhaps just a few lessons. :)

16th July 2003, 07:44 PM
Hi there! I'm really sorry I didn't sign up earlier, but my internet was down for a long time. Can I still join in? I promise to catch up to everyone quickly...so, can I, please?


NAME: Celia Neshook

GENDER: Female

SPECIES: I'm 75% Veela; everyone on my mother's side is one, and my grandmother on my father's side was one.

PERSONALITY: I may be somewhat of a loner and also very reserved when I'm surrounded by new people that I have yet to learn about, but to those who want to get to know me, I'm very open and friendly toward them. I try not to reveal my true nature to others, for fear of what they would think of me. My talents as a witch surpass those of most of my other peers, which is probably why I was accepted to a school like Aortas in the first place.

APPEARANCE: I have beautiful, soft black hair that drops to my shoulders, which are slightly broad. My legs are very long and slender; they're one of my nicest features. I have glassy blue eyes, pale, moon-bright skin with a fair amount of random beauty marks, and a birthmark on the back of my neck. Outside of school, I like to wear a sleeveless white shirt and black capris. Also when I get angry, the same thing that happens to all Veela happens to me, so watch out!

-Defense Against the Dark Arts

-Care of Magical Creatures

-Offense Magic
-Unarmed Combat
-Armed Combat
-Survival Training

HOUSE: Torignis

WAND: 12", Dogwood, Unicorn Tail Hair

YEAR: First

ANIMAL: I have a White Tent Bat named Carmen.


HISTORY: The only person I've ever known in my family is my mother; my father was said to have dissapeared when I was about 4, and I don't remember him at all. My mother is a relief Chaser for the Ballycastle Bats, so I only see her once in awhile. Her friend, Gina, who is also a Veela, stays with me whenever she is gone. Though I barely know the rest of my family, I'm sure they're out there; where, I'm not sure. My mother used to live somewhere in London, where my father lived in a small town on the outskirts of it; they met in his hometown, and I was brought up (well, for the first few years of my life) there, until my father dissapeared. At this point, my mother and I moved back to the heart of London, where we still live.

OTHER:A weird trait about me is that even though I am 75% Veela my hair is black. Veela's hair is usually glowing, golden, blondish. What is up with that?But hey my dad had black hair so I must have gotten it from him. My patronus is a Raven. My birthday is oct.3. As an unregistered animagus I am a flying fox (which is a kind of bat) animagus appearance: I have very dark black wings and a very light brown face, my eyes are still their glassy blue color. The back of my head is slightly shaggy and it is a dark reddish color that goes all the way down my back as well as around my stomach.


Shadow Djinn
16th July 2003, 07:58 PM
Crimson: Er...Torginis already has all 3 seekers.

Anyways...CooltrainerICEZ, could you tell us what classes were heading to? Bit confused.


Eevee Forever
16th July 2003, 08:01 PM
OOC: Actually, Dark Templar 8, CoolTrainer IcEz changed his house to Endriago, remember? So that would re-open the third Chaser's spot. However, I was a little confused on how to do the schedules too; it's been what's keeping me from posting my next day.

CoolTrainer IcEz
17th July 2003, 06:41 AM
Your sign-up is accepted. Basically, there is no timetable for classes. You can just attend any class you like during the year. Please post... I don't wish to see this RPG die off.

Sheila Rae
17th July 2003, 10:17 AM
Sheila Rae - Torignis

I supposed I would have to wait until tomorrow to tell Ajax; he was already his dorm for the night. I was really tired too, I thought I should get ready for bed. "Look at her hair, it's green," I heard some third year boys snicker from a couch they were sitting on. No one ever said anything about my hair before; or at least they didn't voice it will I was around. I noticed a huge oak door in the common room, but I wasn't up to investigating it more. So I went to the girls' dorm and unpacked my trunk.

I hung up my robes, put my sneakoscope on the table, and took Azzurro out of her cage as she crawled around my four-poster. After unpacking everything, I found a little surprise. Aunt Analisa had packed my ocarina, which I had forgotten! I was so happy! I began to play a soft melody, but all the other older girls started looking at me, so I quickly shoved it away in my drawer.

I walked around the dorm, and near the entrace, I saw a plaque I had not noticed before. It had the names of all the girls in the Torignis house engraved in it, along with the year they were in. I saw another girl's name under the 'First year' heading, but I thought I was the only girl. Her name was Celia. -Hey, I though, -Celia, Sheila, our names are kinda close! I was hoping she could be my friend, I really didn't want to be alone, and even though Ajax was my friend, I had no one in the dorm. I also still kinda had the feeling the Akina didn't like me, and my idea wasn't going to help that.

Suddenly, a girl carrying two trunks rushed into the dorm. She had shiny black hair down to her shoulders. Then she set her trunks down on the bed that was the one next to mine. As she rushed towards it, I slowly followed her.

"Hello," I said to her. "I'm glad I'm not alone." But I didn't know why I was getting my hopes up. No one, other than Ajax, wanted to be friends with a mermaid. But maybe it was worth the try.

OOC: I don't know what happened to Sakura12/Seraphic Tonks, but she hasn't even posting in the main topis yet. So for now I'm going to pretend dhe doesn't exist ^_^ If she comes back, I can just edit this post.

Ice Maiden
17th July 2003, 10:38 AM
Kazumi Nishida - Guivre

I woke up in a strange bed in strange surroundings. Scrambling out and looking around, I remembered.
So...I'd managed to crawl to my dormitory after stuffing myself at the gigantic feast last night.
I wandered over to my old oak trunk, opened it, and pulled out my clothes and cloak.
"So...which class do I go to now? I think...i'll pick...um...how about...no...I know! Unarmed Combat! Sounds good...

Sorry about the blah-ness of this post, it's just a quick one coz i've go to go to a party now...

17th July 2003, 12:46 PM
When I awoke in my bed I felt cold. I had again kicked my blankets off of me in the night. I sighed and remade my bed. I had woken up so early that it was slightly dark still. I sat on my bed for a long time. Just thinking that summer was almost over. And I was going back to school, not that I minded. When the sun finally began to rise I got up and started going downstairs untill I heard a sqeuk and I looked back to see carmen's tiny white figure hovering in behind me.
"Okay carmen come on," I said to her. She grabbed onto the back of my shirt and clung there as I went downstars.Gina was sitting at the table sipping some herbal tea. "good morning celia,"she siad."you don't look very happy even though your mother is visiting tomorrow." I had completly forgot that my mom was coming home tomorrow. And the main reason she was coming was to see me go to school. I wondered whether I would be excepted to Aortas, it had been Ginas idea for me to try for it. I would have gone back to hogwarts if not for her.
Suddenly I heard the clutter of wings and a distinct hooting near our window, which was weird because usually our mail was delivered by a bat. But the owl hooted impatiently so I went over and let it in. The owl looked quite ole so I carfully took the parchment. THe owl left after Gina talked to it and gave it a knut.
"Gina!"I said, suddenly excited,"I've been excepted into Aortas!"
"well that's nice Celia"She said,"why don't you send Carmen to tell your mother?"
"Right!"I said. I took Carmen off my back and put her onto a stand we had in the kitchen for her. Then I took a scroll of parchment out of my cabinet and quickly scribbled down that I had been accepted and tied it to Carmen. Because she is a bat, and so small, instead of around her leg it was tied onto their stomach.
"Now get this to my mom,"I said rubbing her head. Then she fluttered out the window. "what supplies do you need?" asked Gina.
"See for yourself,"I said, handing her the supply list that had been on a smaller peice of parchment.
"Then you had better get to diagen alley,"she said. Suddenly, Carmen whisked in. "that bat is a regular little white comet,"said Gina laughin. I gave Cramen one of the crickets from her treat jar as I took my mother's reply from her.

Dear Celia,
I'm very proud of you for being accepted into Aortas. It is a great step for you into your future. I'll see you tommorrow!
Love, Mom

"well I better get to Diagen Alley"I said. "Wait" said Gina. She went to a cuboard and gave me a bag of galleons.
"oh yeah!"I said grabbing the bag and running out the door.
My house wasn't too far away from Diagon alley, at least not to far for me. I ran past the many muggles down many streets untill, out of breath I ran into the pub. I considered stopping for a butterbeer but then I reconsidered and starte walking towards Diagen Alley's entrance. As I got closer to it, I noticed some people in the shadows staring at me. I could not see them from where I stood, but one of them whistled loudly at me and, embaressed I went into diagen alley.
I tried to ignore all the people I saw. I was afraid someone would freak me out and... well I didn't want that to happen here. After all I was a little shaky from in the pub. I was sad because I would have liked to talk to some of the people walking around. I wondered how many other people were from Aortas.
I went to alot of crowded stores each busseling with busy witches and wizards. But after awhile I was surprised I had completed the list so quickly, untill I saew the sky which was beginning to fade into late afternoon. I started off towards home but stopped midstep, I saw it in Flourish and Blotts, books were flying off their shelves too someone.
I walked towards the window and saw he was a boc, casting the accio spell on the books. He was muscular and had clear icy blue eyes, like shallow pools of water, and spiked black and gold hair. I stared in aww for a spilt second but he glanced toward the window and I ducked away.
My heart beat hard the whole way home. Who was that guy in Flourish and Blotts? Would I ever see him again? My thoughts buzzed around in my head all the way home and as I lay in my bed I couldn't stop thinking about him.
I had a weird dream that night, I dreamed that I was sitting on a bench in the middle of a feild. And their was a cool, clear pond in front of me. Then I jumped into it but fell through into a weird endless tunnel and books were flying all around me. And then towards a figure far away. I tried to go towards the figure who suddenly became the boy I saw at Flourish and Blotts. I was running towards him but getting nowhere, I ran faster but he kept going farther and farther away, my heart pounded and I gasped for breath. And I woke up hot and sweating and my heart pounding like drums.

The next day I didn't say anything at breakfast and Gina asked me if I was feeling okay and if I wanted to talk about it but I didn't I spent most of the morning packing. I wasn't really focosed and I accidently put Carmen into my trunk. I snapped back to reality when I heard her sqeauking like it was the end of the world untill I let her out and she clung tightly to my shirt.
My mother came around 2 PM and I spnt some time with her, which was okay but I didn't really do anything. I was laying on my bed staring at the ceiling when my mom came in and sat on the bed. She asked me if somthing was wrong just like Gina did but again I said nothing was wrong, and it was the truth. My mom had broughten her own bat, Lucia who was a huge flying fox bat.
I watched Lucia and Carmen flutter around the room for awhile untill I drifted into a restless sleep.
I couldn't remember my dream that night, as soon as I woke up it seemed to dissapear, which was weird because usually I remembered my dreams, but it didn't matter. My mom, Gina, and I all went to the train station together. My mom kept hugging me and saying how now she'd see me even less then usual but I said I'd write to her when I could. I was about to go on when out of the corner of my eyes I saw a hint of shimmering gold. My heart leaped and I looked over, could the boy I saw at Flourish and Blotts be going to Aortas? But I couldn't tell if it had been him because whoever it was had already boarded, I sighed and lugged my school stuff, and Carmen in her special cage, up to the train. I couldn't find any open booths untill I made my way to the last cabin. There were already 3 people there but they let me sit in there. I sighed and looked out the window as the train began to pull out of the station and my mom and Gina waved, my mom tearfulley, and I waved back untill the platform was out of sight. Right then I noticed that there were 2 boys and a girl also in my cabin. They looked alot older then me, which was strange, but it didn't really matter too me.
We didn't really talk much, I started reading one of the magazines that Gina had given me. The boy sitting next to kept staring at me. He was pale but very tall, and had light brown hair that was really short. And his eyes were really dark and sinister looking.
"hi"he said in a very mean voice
"um.. hello"I said, I knew he was going to do somthing stupid.
His friend nudged and they laughed.
"don't mind them,"the girl said to me in a voice that sounded WAY to exagerated,"that always act like that to girls they like."
Then they all started laughing really loud and it was so annoying. But I tried to ignore them and go back to reading a article about voldemort, but I couldn't even focus over their constant talking to me and laughing. I thought I was going to go over the edge untill the cart lady opened the door and they immediatly fell silent. I bought a some of pumpkin pasties, bertie bott's every flavor beans, and a chocalate frog. I wasn't paying attention to what the other 3 bought.
The whole rest of the train ride went that way each day I put up with the 3 others constant annoyances. I was so relieved when e neared Aortas that I praticaly leaped into my new robe and was at the edge of my seat for the rest of the way.

When we did finally make it out of the train I saw among the ocean of people, a figure shouting for the first years to follow them. so I navigated through the ocean of people untill we got to the edge of a lake which was located near Aortas castle almost excactly where it was in hogwarts. As the boats began to move out I felt as though I must have traveled back in time and was a first year in hogwarts again but the sudden noice of the boats dragging onto sjore awoke me from my trance.
I wondered whether there was a giant squid in their lake as we entered the great hall, which was uncannily familar to howart's great hall but with signifagent differances.
Suddenly the headmaster arose at the table
"My name is Professor Aquila and as headmaster of Aortas Auror Academy, I sincerely welcome all first years to our family. In a few moments you will be appraoch the Sorting Shell and place it to your ear. Then, you will be sorted into one of the four houses which you will remain in for the rest of you school life here. Again, enjoy yourself at Aortas and remember to learn something too," he said before sitting down.
I didn't really listen untill they made it to the M's because I would be called soon. "Mostafa, Ajax"was called.
I gasped, the boy I saw at Flourish and Blotts approached the shell. After a moment, "Torignis!"said the shell.
About one minute later I heard "Neshook, Celia"called.
Holding my breath I approached the stool where the shell was. I placed it to my ear and heard a voice arising from the shell. "hmm, quite smart, and brave so where to put you?"it whispered in my ear. "Torignis"I pleaded in my head,"Torignis!"
"well yes you are quite hard working and don't easily give up so, TORIGNIS!"it said at last.
My heart skipped a beat a looked out too the Torignis table and saw Ajax. I closed my eyes then went to the Torignis table for the first time, I tried to eat alot at the feast because was really hungry after the train ride.

Afterwards I ran all the way to the common room.
I entered the commonroom carrying my two trunks with Carmen Clinging to my shirt. I walked over too my bed and put my stuff on it, then let carmen nestle hersef in my blanket. Then I heard someone behind me, "hello,"she said,"I'm glad I'm not alone"
I was somewhat taken aback by her strange greeting, but she seemed nice,"your hair.."I said. "she looked kind of dissapointed "No! it's really pretty!"I told her,"I've never seen such a cool shade of gren for hair before!" I felt Kind of goofy saying that to her but still. "Oh really,"she said,"I never thought anyone thought that about my hair..." "hey come on,"I said,"How about we share some of my leftover snacks from the train?" "okak,"she said.
Over my leftover pumkin pasties Sheila, her name, happened to be a mermaid. Which I thought was probably one of the coolest things in the world. After awhile of trading facts about ourselves we finally turned in. "Goodnight Sheila,"I said,"see you in the morning" And I fell to sleep full of ideas for the days to come...

Eevee Forever
17th July 2003, 11:56 PM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

I woke up the next morning, feeling a little bit groggy, but rested enough. I forced myself out of bed, and stumbled across the room. Alec and Alo were still sound asleep, while Malvar was snoring, but quietly. Shilan, however, wasn't in his bed; he must have been washing up. I knocked on the bathroom door, and heard Shilan's voice from inside.

"Come in," his voice sounded, and I opened the door. He was pulling his robes over his head, his hair still damp. He smiled and dried his hair with a towel from the rack next to the shower. "Morning," he greeted.

"Morning," I replied, although groggily.

"It's all yours," he told me as he started to leave, patting me on the back as he passed. I quickly undressed and washed up, wanting to spend some time in the Common Room before breakfast. By the time I had dressed and was working on my hair, Alec walked in.

"Morning!" I said, much more cheerfully than before; the shower must have woken me up.

"Mornin'!" he replied; he was already wide awake.

"See you at breakfast?" I asked him.

"Alright then! Save me a seat," he told me, as I left him alone. I closed the bathroom door behind me, and I found myself before a very disgruntled Phoenix.

"What's the matter with you?" I asked him, stroking the top of his head. He cooed softly, and seemed to jerk his head toward Pirro, who was humming angrily.

"Oh...you're hungry, aren't you?" I said, addressing Pirro. I opened my trunk and shuffled through all my things, and pulled out a pack of Pumpkin Pasties. I opened them up, and left one in front of Pirro, locking the other away in my trunk for later. I then headed into the Common Room, hoping to see if I could meet any other first years (girls, of course). I plopped down onto the soft, overstuffed sofa, sighing; the fact that classes would start in a few hours had just dawned on me. I sat, staring into the crackling fireplace, for a few minutes, until I felt someone sit down beside me. I looked up.

I was sure that at this point my mouth was hanging open, if only a little; the person who had sat next to me was a girl, and a gorgeous one at that. Her hair, thick, black, and silky, hung in loose curls down to her shoulders; her legs, long, smooth, and slender, were crossed; and her eyes, twinkling, crystal blue spheres, were only half open. I shook my head, and managed to get out the word, "Hey." 'Smooth,' I told myself, 'Real smooth...'

"H...hi," she replied, nervously, but not as nervous as myself. I looked at her again; he skin was alabastor, and it glowed with a certain brightness; there was something so beautiful, so similar about her...but I just couldn't put my finger on it...

"I...I'm Ajax. Ajax Mostafa," I told her, and she giggled. "I'm a First Year."

"Celia...Celia Neshook," she answered, smiling. What a nice, bright smile she had. "First Year also."

"Really?" I asked her, excited, and she nodded. "Hey, great!" I exclaimed. Lord knows I wanted to get to know her much better. Just then, a familiar voice sounded from the steps to the girls' dormitories.

"Morning Ajax!" greeted Sheila, stretching. "I see you've met Celia," she added with a wink; I could feel my face grow hot and red. "Hey, you guys ready for breakfast?" she asked.

"Sure," I said, turning to Celia.

"Y...yeah, OK," she said, and she smiled again. We left the Common Room, clambering out of the opening behind the Phoenix statue, and we headed toward the Great Hall. There wasn't much conversation, but quite a few smiles, giggles, and winks were shared. Just then, I thought of Akina. 'Oh god,' I thought to myself. 'What on earth will she think of me now?', I asked myself, and was silent for the rest of the way. When we reached the Great Hall, we took our seats; Celia was next to me, Sheila across from her, and next to Sheila and across from me were two seats for Shilan and Alec. Almost as soon as we sat down, the empty, shining golden plates in front of us filled with food, and we stared eating. I looked over towards the Chifre table, hoping to see Akina, but there was no sign of her, and in a few minutes, a teacher, male and somewhat old but very friendly, handed us our schedules.


OOC: Someone else can make up the schedule ^.~

Sheila Rae
18th July 2003, 10:55 AM
I found out that Celia was part veela. She liked I was a mermaid, and I was glad I had a friend! I didn't really see a huge friendship going on between me and Akina. (insert dodgy look here) Sometime today, I would have to tell Ajax my idea and play my ocarina for Celia. Her little bat was so cute! ^_^

After I woke and washed up, I went in the common room and saw Celia and Ajax talking. Perhaps they would be friends, too. I noticed the huge oak door again, but now we had to go to breakfast. I went downstairs to the great hall with the two of them.

I was eating breakfast perfectly normal, and then I closed my eyes and thought for a moment. But it was than a moment. It felt like an electric bolt split thru my brain. I opened my eyes quickly and widened them, dropping my spoon. I quickly scrambled up and said, "I forgot something!" But I didn't forget anything. I didn't know why I just get up. I ran out of the great hall with my hands over my ears, have hair which I had left down today streaming behind me. I dashed up all the stairs to the Torginis common room. I was the only one there, and I stood right in the middle of the room, panting and quickly glancing around. Then I ran out of the room. Just past the Torignis common room entrance, something that felt like an anvil punded the back of my head. I whipped around and noting was there, but I threw my head to my head and shrieked in pain.

I continued running, back down the stairs, and I was in the "lobby," near the entrance of the great hall. I glanced the the hourglasses where the house point went, then burst out the castle doors, standing on the steps. I took a few breathes. It was still so early morning that my breath made little clouds of fog. The cold air stung my lungs and I mouthed the word "cold," but no words came out. Tears were streaming down my face, but the stopped on my cheeks from being semi-frozen. All that took place in a matter of a few seconds, and it was so cold I went back inside. Just as I entered, I tripped on something and fell flat on my face. I was crying so hard, from thepain of those three things and the confusion, but I didn't want to get up. "Something......is.....wrong," I whispered as I turned my head up, to see blurs sround me.
OOC: The three things (electric bolt-like, anvil, and tripping) are me paying for not telling about the attack I heard about in knockturn alley. I think I mixed up too much of my real life in that post :rolleyes:

Anyhow, tomorrow I will be going on vacation and will have no access, that I know of, to a computer. I won't be able to go online again until a week from tomorrow. I have given Eevee Forever permission after talking to him on IM to make "major decisions" for my character will I'm gone, through NPC means, of course. Anybody else can use me as an NPC, for things like me saying "Hi," but only Eevee Forver has authorization to make big decisions. Thanks ^_^

18th July 2003, 11:50 AM
After Sheila left I was almost done with my breakfast.
I felt almost like I was in a trance because what I had been thinking about all this time, was actually happening, and not only that but now that I have met Ajax I'm so shy around him and I can't help but get kind of nervous. And I don't even know why.

"I'm starting to get worried aot Sheila,"I said after awhile.
"she said she just had forgot somthing," said Ajax.
"yeah but she wouldn't take this long just to get somthing would she,"I said,"I mean our common room isn't that far away.
So I coaxed him too come look for her with me.We got up from what was left of our breakfast, and ran out of the great hall, my school bag slapping against my waist as we sprinted breathlessly towards our common room.

We climbed in the hole behind the pheonix statue and searched through our common room.
"I'll check the girl's dorm,"I said as I went up to it. But my search was in vain because there was no trace of her anywhere.

"Did you find her?"shouted Ajax up at me.
"No..."I replied weirily.

We climbed back through the hole in the wall, past the pheonix statue. I sat down on the floor and tried to think where she was.
"hey she has to be somewhere,"Ajax said, helping me back up.
"yeah," I said, looking into his eyes, and suddenly a fire lit inside me that told me that I had to find her.
"Let's go look somewhere else," I said, now enthusiasticly.

So we ran around differant parts of the school looking for her.
Ubtnill we made it too where the main doors were.
Sheila was spralled across the floor shaking.
"Sheila!"I yelled as me and Ajax ran across the marbled floor towards where she lay.
"Are you okay?"Ajax asked her as we made it to her.
She seemed entranced by somthing and only a tiny, inaudible sound pertruded from her lips.
"we have to get her too the hospital wing quickly,"I said.

We brought her to the hospital where a old woman who looked oddly similar to madam pomphrey took her too a bed. A plaque on the wall made me realize her name was Madam Mershwin.
"she is suffering from a major case of shock,"said Madam Mershwin as she rubbed some strange ointment on Sheila's forehead. The solution glowed bright yellow then seemed to sink in untill it dissapeared. We stood at the side of the bed wondering if se would be okay...

18th July 2003, 12:10 PM
Sorry for being away for a bit, not that much, but still..

I should be able to get online within next week, I'm in the Library right now..and stuff...So..I'll be able to post by Wendsday of NextWeek.


18th July 2003, 01:16 PM
I've been busy with other RPGs...sorry for not posting....*sweatdrops*

<~>Ami Zeypher<~>[Chifre
I awoke that morning, I had broken a cold sweat overnight. Sighing, I looked down at Selene, sleeping peacefully in her cage. I slowly changed into my usual clothes and pulled over my black cloak, and made my way down towards the Great Hall for breakfast, with my things for my classes. I kept wondering if they would have any classes from Hogwarts....I finally told myself 'pretty much', and I was there.

I chose my breakfast quietly, glaring evily at the eggs and orange juice. I sat down with what I chose: milk, toast, and a strip or two of bacon....staring at my list of classes carefully, I ate slowly, reading that there was no timetable, really. Gazing down the list of my classes, I decided to go to Defense Against the Dark Arts first. I quickly finished my breakfast, and gathered my things.

"Well....I guess I'm of to my first class in Aortas...." I told myself, and slowly walked towards DATDA...

18th July 2003, 02:43 PM
Shilan walked quietly out of the shower. He didn't want to wake up anybody else. With a lazy wave of his wand, his hair dried, falling into place over his eyes. He buttoned up his robes, and left the common room, checking his schedule. Survival Training, double Offensive Magic in the morning. They're wasting no time getting started apparently he thought to himself, as he walked quickly to breakfast. He plopped down at the edge of the table. The sun beat down through the windows, causing the usual naseua(bah, can't spell) and skin-tingling that Shilan always had in bright sunlight. One of the major disadvantages of being part vampire. He moved to a chair where a pillar blocked most of the light. He wished he'd brought his sunglasses with him, but no matter. He quickly scarfed down some eggs and toast. He hardly noticed two people, one of them Ajax, running past the hall toward the hospital wing. He walked outside toward Survival Training.
"Welcome to Survival Training," said Professor Sarantosa, a tall, rugged looking woman with long straight black hair, pale waxy skin, dark eyes, and a couple scars on her face. Shilan thought she had some vampire blood in her, "Survival Training may be one of the most difficult subjects in this school for you, or one of the simplest. Books are not much use here. As it is also my job to prepare you for the Stealth and Tracking part of Auror training, we will start with a basic spell most often used to cover up footprints, the Obliteration Charm..."

18th July 2003, 07:13 PM
Okay, I'll start off the Dark Arts class! ^^

Oh yes, and "Bye" to RazorLeaf, and whoever else just left, and "Hello!" to crimson_flygon.


Elizabeth (Endriago)

When Larien and I had finished our beakfasts, we headed out to our DATDA class.

"Well, what do you think it'll be like?" I asked Larien, looking a bit anxious. The Dark Arts had always kinda scared me, though I'd never like to admit it. I figured the only way to overcome my fear would be to train as an Auror, that way the Dark Arts wouldn't be such a mystery, and I would have some knowhow to combat them with.

"I don't know," Larien answered, "Like Hogwarts I expect..."

She didn't look convinced of her own words, and neither did I.

But as we walked into the odd room that was our classroom, I spied a somewhat familiar face. Our Professor strongly reminded me of Professor Flitwick. They must have been the same species. Unlike Flitwick though, his hair was a blue color, and his robes were a blackish color with a golden sash. HIs long beard seemed very friendly to me for some odd reason. Then I figured it out. He made me think of Santa Claus! I giggled, picturing my new Professor in red robes with a white sash.

Larien stared at me. "What is it?" she asked curiously.

"Huh? Uh... nothing," I said, forcing my giggles to subside.

"Welcome to Aortas students!" the Professor said as he stood up. Like Professor Flitwick, he too had to use things to stand on, so that he could be above the whole group.

"My name is Professor Felcorn Fissletong. And I hope that the things we learn in this class will help you to better youknowledge and understanding of both the Dark Arts, and ways to help yourself when you all become great and powerful Aurors."

The class quieted as everyone pictured the day they would all be official Aurors.

"Now, this class is a bit more intense than the regular Dark Arts class at Hogwarts that you're all used to. We will be using much more practical magic. And it will work nicely with your other Auror classes. In fact, I believe that the more we intergrate our classes, the more all of you will get better at your Auror skills."

He then began to go on about the lesson plans for the coming days, and the class began to lose interest a bit. Listening intently, I realized that this class was going to require a lot of homework...

"Sounds like a lot of homework doesn't it?" whispered Larien.

"...You took the words right out of my mind..." I said, getting my quill out and ready for taking notes.

Eevee Forever
19th July 2003, 01:50 AM
Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

"I'm starting to worry about Sheila," said Celia after what had seemed to be an eternity of awkward silence. I looked up from my plate of now almost finished french toast and turned to Celia, her blue eyes sparkling, but not in a good way; she looked troubled.

"She said she just forgot something..." I told her, although I didn't full believe that she was all right; she HAD been gone for a long time.

"I know, but regardless of what she needed, it couldn't have taken her this long," she said, eyes now wide. "I mean, our Common Room is pretty close..." she trailed off as she stood up, and she grabbed my arm, pausing for a second as if just realizing what she had done. Reluctantly but concerned, I left the Great Hall with her, and we sprinted back to the Common Room. We clambered through the hole behind the Phoenix which had sprung to life as we simultaneously shouted 'Butterbeer!' at it, but much to our dismay, we found no trace of her.

"I'll check the girls' dormitories," Celia told me hopefully, but as she ran back down the stairs a few seconds later, her face said it all. Sheila wasn't there, nor had she been since she left for breakfast. As we climbed back out of the hole behind the Phoenix, Celia just dropped to the ground and appeared to be incredibly worried yet deep in thought at the same time.

"Come on now, get up," I told her, extending my arm and lifting her off the ground. "Now, we've got to find her, but we can't do it like this, sitting here," I said reassuringly. She looked up into my eyes, and stared for a moment. Her mouth curled up into what seemed to be grin, but not a happy one; more of a determined look.

"Yeah, you're right," she said softly, brushing a rogue strand of silky hair behind her ear with her hand. We started looking again, this time moving a bit slower; we couldn't afford to overlook anything. As we came to the entrance of the school and the exit to the grounds, Celia stopped dead in her tracks, pointing at the ground in front of her, her other hand over her mouth; Sheila was lying eagle-spread on the ground, shaking, as if she was having a convulsion.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, Celia's eyes beginning to tear; Sheila opened her mouth slightly, but only for a short second, as if she couldn't muster the strength to get so much as one word out.

"We really have to get her to the Hospital Wing, and quickly," Celia said warily, wiping the tears from her eyes. I picked Sheila up, who had stopped shaking and seemed to have been either unconscious or sleeping, and we hurried around the school, searching and searching, until we finally found the Hospital Wing. The nurse, who had been sitting at her desk, sprang up and shuffled along the floor to us, and dragged me by the arm to an empty bed, where I placed Sheila. I looked back at the woman; she was very similar to Madam Promfrey, but upon closer examination I noticed her nametag, which read 'Madam Mershwin'. She pointed her wand at a cabinet on the opposite wall in the corner, and it opened, allowing for a corked crystal phial full of a pale yellow liquid to soar into her hand; she yanked the cork off and poured some of the liquid into her cupped hand, and rubbed it along Sheila's forehead. It glowed brightly for a moment, and then it completely vanished.

"She's suffering from a severe case of shock," Madam Mershwin told us, corking the phial and bringing it back to the cabinet. "Nothing too serious, though," she assured us with a weak smile, as we stood by Sheila's bedside. "She should remain here for a few days, but not much more than that," she explained, with a sidewards glance at her clock.

"Goodness me," she gasped, and she turned her attention back onto us. "You really must get going; I daresay you'll want to be on time for your first class," she told us as she practically shooed us out the door. "And don't worry about your friend," she added, "I can assure you that no further harm will come to her while she's in my care." And with that, she closed the door. Celia and I exchanged a few sighs of relief, and a few moments of awkward silence followed, Celia once again staring into my eyes, her hair fanning out behind her in the windless corridor. 'What is it about her,' I asked myself, That I just can't figure out...it's like it's right under my nose, but I just can't believe it or something.' Coming back to reality, I smiled weakly, and pulled my schedule from my pocket.

"Let's see...well, Survival Training's first on the list. Shall we?" I asked her, now smiling, as I held out my arm for her to grab.

"We shall," she answered, now giggling, as we headed back to the main entrance and out the doors, and we already saw a small crowd standing around a tall, beautiful, yet fierce looking witch, whose hair was fanning out behind her, although the air was still. I looked at her, and then looked at Celia, and then at the witch again, then at Celia...there was something about them both...both beautiful...fanning hair...'Wait a minute,' I said to myself, 'Their hair...but what does...' I stopped for a moment, and felt my own hair. Although fairly short, it still swayed around as if a mountain breeze was present, and I finally made the connection...Veela. It all made sense now...why I felt so intimidated by her (I've never really been too nervous around people), why there was something so similar about her...I chose not to say anything, though; if she wasn't ready to tell me, I wouldn't mention it to her...after all, I wasn't exactly ready to tell her I was half Veela either, although now that I knew she too was one, I was much more comfortable about it. As we got closer to the crowd of people, the Veela in the center spoke up, so that we could hear her without coming any closer.

"Why..." she asked, angrily, "Are you late?"

"Well, you see..." Celia began, but the teacher held up her hand.

"No excuses. Please join the others; I was about to start the first lesson," she snapped, but she paused for a moment, staring at the both of us for a moment. "Are you...?" she began, but she quickly stopped herself. "Quickly, now!" she added, and we joined the other students with no further hesitation (I mouthed a 'Hello' to Shilan); we were shocked that we had not had any points taken from us. "As I was saying, before we were interrupted..." she glared at us for a moment, but her expression was more quizzical than angry; I had a feeling she suspected the fact we were, in fact, part Veela, or even fully Veela in Celia's case; she most certainly was beautiful enough. The witch continued.

"I am Professor Serepta Santosa, and I will be your Survival Training teacher, as well as your Potions teacher. Survival Training may be one of the most difficult subjects in this school for you, or one of the simplest. Books are not much use here." she announced this all very clearly and loudly, and everyone around her was silent. "I expect you to perform to the best of your ability at all times. Fooling around and slacking will NOT be tolerated," she shouted, and continued. "Now, let us begin...today, we shall begin with a basic lesson in stealth, and we shall be practicing the Obliteration Charm, which is most often used for removing footprints, but is also very useful in a variety of other situations."

I sighed for a moment, and myself and Celia partnered up, taking turns running across the grounds and zapping away each other's footprints; it was surprsingly easy, and I knew that I would do just fine at Aortas.


OOC: Apparently taken aback by all the events happening so far, and due to the fact that he just can't see Akina, Ajax hasn't been thinking about her much. Let's see how they try to maintain a relationship when they're hardly ever together...

CoolTrainer IcEz
19th July 2003, 07:10 AM
Zephyr Remus Potter Endriago

Quin, Avyianne and I entered the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom and found three adjacent seats somewhere at the end of the classroom. A short little teacher who looked a lot like Professor Flitwick back at Hogwarts cleared his throat and began to speak. He introduced him as Professor Fissletong and started to give us the lesson plan for the next few days. Quickly taking out my parchment and quill, I began copying down the notes he continuously flicked onto the board with his wand.

After what felt like 15 minutes of note-copying, he stopped, cleared his throat and said, "Alright. As I have announced earlier, this class will be very practical-based. So right now, I will be teaching you a simple Shield Charm. At this level, the Shield Charm should be easy enough to cast and it will be very useful as an Auror." He glanced around the class as if searching for someone. "Ah... You there, Mr Druid, I believe. Come up here." Professor Fissletong finally said. I looked over to Quin and he gave me a puzzled look followed by a little shrug. He walked up to the front of the classroom and stood next to Professor Fissletong. Next to each other, Quin looked pretty much like a giant and towered over the professor. "Good, now Mr. Druid, stand over there and cast your best Knockback Jinx on me and I shall demonstrate the Sheild Charm to the class." he said. Quin took a few steps back and stood in a ready position with his wand out in front of him. Flicking his wand hard, Quin yelled, "Fillipendo!" As he did so, a ball of amber light charged towards Professor Fissletong. "Protego!" yelled Professor Fissletong as the spell was inches from him. Immediately, the ball of light bounced off what seemed like an invisible wall and headed back towards Quin, twice as fast. But Quin's wand skill was too fast. He flicked his wand hard again and yelled back, "Protego!" The dazzling display of the ball of light bouncing back and forth ended when Professor Fissletong fell of the pile of books he was standing on and landed on the ground with a thud. As he got up and back onto the pile of books, he said, "That's amazing, Mr Druid. Exceptional wand work. I know of few Aurors who can deflect an already deflected attack. Excellent job, Mr. Druid. 10 points to Endriago!"

Avyianne and I erupted into appaluase as Quin strode back to his seat, beaming widely at us. Professor Fissletong then told us to practice the wand movements of the Shield Charm at our desks. At the last 5 minutes of the lesson, he allowed us to use Knockback jinxes on each other and we tried to deflect the attacks with a Shield Charm.

"Everyone, read Chapter 1 of Advanced Skills in Defence Against the Dark Arts and write a 10 inch long essay on the uses of the Shield Charm and how to cast it. That will be all for today. Thank you, class." said Professor Fissletong as the class ended. I grabbed up book, parchment and quill and shoved them into my bag. Groaning at the homework already set on the first day of school, Quin, Avyianne and I hurried out of the classroom and to the next class; Offence Magic.

19th July 2003, 06:33 PM
Shilan sighed, easily wiping his footprints with a wave of his wand and muttering, "Oblivio". A couple people seemed to be having trouble, only able to wipe a few prints. Professor Sarantosa was walking around with a seemingly permenant scowl on her face. Instead of being helpful, her mouth went thin and she stared daggers into the people having trouble. Some of them went pale, one even started whimpering. When she walked up to Shilan, she searched the ground intently, and stalked away to Ajax and Celia. Shilan noticed she had a bad impression of them because they showed up late; her mouth was twitching and her eyes narrowed. Well, at least she's better than Snape thought Shilan, remembering how Snape would always whisper snide remarks about Shilan during every potions lesson. Nevertheless, Shilan was drastically relieved when the lesson ended.
"Homework! Give me a short paragraph on casting the Obliteration Charm and read up on Disillusionment Charms. Get ready, because you'll be having your first practical survival... test on sunday," Sarantosa said just as the bell rang, adding a look that plainly said "which I doubt some of you will survive..."
Shilan followed Ajax and Celia back up to the castle.
"She's evil, that one," Shilan said,
"Definitely. You see that look she gave me during that class? She looked like she was inches from strangling me," Ajax replied
Celia stared blankly up toward the castle,
"Double Offensive Magic with the Endriago's next," she said absentmindedly
"Well, it should be better than that survival training junk," Shilan replied.

20th July 2003, 10:17 PM
OOC: Sorry for not posting. Writer's block and I was away for the weekend. Btw, who plays Prof. Equus Kai, Offence Magic teacher? I searched but I couldn't find the signup. Or maybe it's an NPC

Larien Moody - Endriago
It was a fun class as Elizabeth and I tried the shield charm. Everything went fine until Elizabeth couldn't put the shield up in time and dodged as the ball of amber light slammed into a bookcase, causing some of the books to catch fire. Luckily enough, Professor Fissletong rushed over to the fire quickly and expelled water out of his wand to extinguish the fire. Glaring up at us, he gave us a look before becoming intimidated by our height and rushed away to climb back onto his stack of books to end the class, which were formerly knocked over. Issued a 10-inch essay on the Shield Charm and to read Chapter 1 in our books for tonight, we gathered up our things and headed for Double Offence Magic with Torignis.
"Darn, homework on our first day", I complained to Elizabeth as we gathered up our stuff and headed towards the next class. As she agreed with a nod, my thoughts started to stray on the Druid kid, or Quin as his friends called him. He looked a bit off to me. Maybe he has something to hide, I thought as he passed. He gave me a fleeting look but it looked like he flinched for a second but I wasn't too positive as he turned his head back around. I glanced over at Elizabeth and felt the same thing. It seemed that with some people, I felt something that others couldn't, a sense that they were keeping a secret only they in this school knew. I knew Elizabeth was hiding something from me. I could sense if from the day we met, especially after I asked if she was something besides a human. I just shook my head and banished the thoughts for now as we went inside the classroom and sat in the middle row. If she had something to hide, she would tell me soon enough.

CoolTrainer IcEz
21st July 2003, 09:27 AM
OOC: Where is everyone? There seems to be very little people posting. Could we keep up the posts? It's only the first day of school... Thanks. Btw, I'm playing the character of Professor Equus Kai.

Zephyr Remus Potter (Endriago)

As the three of us entered the Offence magic classroom, I was completely surprised by the look of the classroom. Judging by the awed look on Quin and Avyianne's faces, I guessed they were just as shocked. The classroom was twice as large as the normal classrooms. The front half of the class housed a long horizontal raised platform spanning from right to left. It reminded me of the platform Professor Lockhart and Professor Snape used for the Duelling Club in our second year. It was made of finely laquered wood and had beautiful designed patterns running along the side and on the top of the platform. The other half of the classroom was fairly empty save for the few scattered chairs all over the place. Quin, Avyianne and I found seats close to each other and gazed at the tall man standing in the center of the platform. More students filed into the classroom and soon it became quite packed. I looked into the teacher's steely grey eyes and suddenly a recent memory flashed by. He was the same person who grabbed at me along Diagon Alley not too long ago. He was also the teacher I had recognised on the first day of school. He did not break his eye contact from me and I could feel something drilling into my mind. I tried to look away but I could not. A searing pain shot up the back of my head and I jerked my head away from his gaze. As I rubbed the back of my head, glaring at him, the teacher cleared his throat and spoke.

"Welcome to Offence Magic class. I am Professor Kai and I shall be teaching you some offensive spells which I hope you may use when you become an auror. I know you have learnt quite a few charms from Defence of the Dark Arts class but I assure you the spells I will teach you are far more useful and difficult to master. Now, put your wands away." There were many reluctant groans as that last sentence had become our least favourite phrase through last year's lessons with Umbridge. Shoving my wand unwillingly deep into my bag I turned, and looked up at Professor Kai again.

"Now everyone, move to the front of the class. As close to the platform as possible." I placed my bag onto the floor and shuffled to the front of the class. Then, Professor Kai waved his wand and a noisy clanking sound was heard behind us. Turning behind, I noticed all our bags had been moved to the back of the class.

"Let's start from the basics. The most important possesion you need while battling is your wand. However, your wand merely channels the natural magical powers each of you posess. In our first lesson, we'll learn how to retrieve your wand using your natural magic powers. I must warn you, this will not be easy as few wizards ever learn this ability. Thrust out your hand and call for your wand. Like this." said Professor Kai as he flung out his palm as if asking for something. "Wand!" he yelled. With a loud puff of smoke, a wand appeared in his once empty hand. "Now you try it. Remember to focus."

Feeling very silly, I thrust out my palm and echoed his words, "Wand!" Suddenly, I felt something poke the back of my hand. A small lump started to grow in the center of my palm and soon, the from the lump and smooth small head of wood could be seen. Using my fingers of the other hand I slowly and painfully pulled out what was my wand. Quin gave me a look of utter shock and Professor Kai frowned at me.

"Alright. Enough. You shall practice that after class. Now, for a simple spell. In this class, you'll be learning how to attack each other using spells and I can't have you unconcious for the rest of the day, now can I? Using the Shield Charm also wouldn't work. Thus, you will need to learn the Parrying Spell. It's rather useless in normal battles but it's neccessary in this class. You, there. Come up onto the platform. A Torignis student whom I had never seen before stepped onto the stage and faced Professor Kai.

"Hit me with your best spell," demanded Professor Kai, adjusting his wand into position. "Expelliarmus!" the student yelled. With a clever flick of his wand, Professor Kai shouted, "Perrio!" and the great silvery tuff of smoke burst out between them. "Good job. That'll be 10 points for Torignis. I'm surprised your Disarming Spell is up to standard. Everyone, get a partner and start practicing the Parrying Spell...

21st July 2003, 01:08 PM
Elizabeth (Endriago)

Professor Kai had told us all to split up in pairs to practice the Perrie Spell.

Larien looked at me, "Here we go again."

I smiled nervously, "Uh yeah... hopefully I don't mess up..."

"Well, at least it was exciting," said Larien, attempting to make me feel better.

I sighed, and then began to practice my spell versus Larien's Disarming Charm. At first I was doing fine... until I remembered that the full moon was coming soon, accidently said, "Peckie!", and and my wand transformed a boy's mouth into a beak!

"Uh.... I'm so sorry!" I said, rushing over.

"I just kinda got nervous...." I said shakily, "I mess up when I get nervous...."

Larien had to fight back giggles, and Professor Kai raced over.

"Wha? Oh, well, I'd better change him back..." said Professor Kai, closely examining the boy's new beak. He asked the boy if he could speak from the beak, but when he did, all that came out was a high-pitched chirp...

'Oh great,' I thought, 'I'll be the only Auror that stumps her foes with accidently turning their mouths into beaks...'

After class was over, Larien and I were walking through the hallways.

"It's okay," she said, seeing my saddened expression, "I'm sure that boy'll forget all about it!"

"Yeah..." I said sulkily, "And I was getting the hang of it too..."

Larien looked at me curiously, "You were... so what made you so nervous anyway?"

"Uh..." I said, beginning to feel nervous, "Well, I just thought... that well, I... I don't know! Isn't that funny? I must have forgot!"

She looked at me with a funny look, probably guessing I was lying...

"H.. Hey! There's lunch!" I said, even more nervously, racing over to the table, and starting to eat my salad.

Dark Raven
23rd July 2003, 09:51 PM
Jade- Eldriago

Waking late as usual I tumbled out of bed to the sound of my mother's voice calling me to breakfast. "Jade, darling come on! Your food will be cold shortly and Geoff will be here any minute........" I ran to the door of my room calling down the stairs In a minute mother, I still have to shower! If Geoff shows up tell him I'll be down momentarily! It was always the same my mother fussing at me to please be on time it isn't good for a young lady to always be late! I showered in record time pulling on my favorite pair of jeans, white t-shirt and flip flops and coming my hair as I hurried to the door calling behind me Come on Boo let's go eat! Boo my 2 year old calico cat raised his head, stretched, and promptly recurled to fall back asleep. Racing over I scooped him from the bed as turned and hurried down stairs. Sure enough Geoff had arrived and was hungrily scarfing down my mother's pancakes mumbling his usual hello around a mouthful of food. Morning Daddy I said as I put Boo on the floor, kissing my father's cheek. All of the sudden a huge gust of wind blew the shutters of our kitchen window wide open and with it came a white owl who rather clumsily skidded its way across the breakfast table before coming to rest in front of me. What's that thing? came Geoff's reply as he laughed at the antics of the bird. I looked at the bird and then my father thinking maybe it was one of his many creatures he frequently had hanging around the house. Daddy is this a friend of your's? I asked scooping the bird from the table and perching it on the back of a vacant chair. Not this time dear! came my father's laughing reply. But look it has something attached to his leg, like a letter or something! reaching over my father untied the parchment and opened it:

Dear Jade Sapphire Reese,

I am proud to announce your acceptance into Aortas Auror Academy. Please find below the list of classes, teachers, and activities being offered. We ask that you arrive on time one week before classes begin to aclimate yourself with the campus, and its surroundings..........

My mind went blank as my father continued to read! I had applied for Aortas Academy many months back never dreaming I'd be accepted, and now here it was my official letter! My heart raced and soared......... And promptly fell as I realized just what that truely meant! I'd be leaving home for a whole year to study at the academy. I'd have to leave Geoff behind who was not only my best friend but almost like a brother........... I'd never been away from home for more than a week at a time, what was I going to do?? What if my classmates didn't like me?? What if I failed all my classes?????

My father's voice brought me out of my knightmare...... Jade my girl you did it! You've been accepted! You are going to Aortas Academy! I looked around the room as everyone smiled or in the case of my mother beamed at me! I felt my insides begin to return to normal and my breath returned to my body as I laughed and hugged Boo who had jumped up in the chair to investigate our visitor. Boo, can you believe it we're going to Aortas Academy!

The next few days were filled with much activity as my parents, Geoff and I traveled to the alley to get the books and supplies I'd need, and of course my very first wand! My parents argued over what I needed and what would be essential to my training while Geoff and I wandered picking books, and other must haves for school.

Finally, the day arrived for me to leave and I was terrified! Boo was safely stored in his carrier and it and my luggage was perched precariously on a dolly meandering its way behind my father who in true parent fashion wanted to make sure I made my train, and that I'd be safe, and all of the other thousands of things a parent worries about when their baby leaves the nest for the first time. Geoff and I walked slowly behind my parents enjoying the last few minutes of companionship we had until summer break. J do you really have to go? What will I do without my best friend......... Geoff cast his eyes downward looking sadly at the ground. I knew this was just as hard on him as it was on me, but on the other hand I couldn't wait to get to Aortas Academy because I knew a whole new world was about to open its doors to me! Hey I said grabbing Geoff's arm stopping him, and turning him toward me, It's only for a few months and then I'll get my first break! I'll be home before you know it! Geoff looked sadly at me attempting a smile as he reached out hugging me tightly. I knew that was the end of our conversation as Geoff was a typical boy and uncomfortable in "mushy" situations. Cheer up! Maybe once I'm settled you can come for a visit! I offered pushing him slightly so that he staggered somewhat. Laughing he looked at me loosely draping his arm across my shoulders as we hurried to catch up to my parents who were now a good distance in front of us.

Now you are sure you have everything? worried my mother for only about the zillionth time since we left the house.

Yes, mother! And anything I left behind you can send to me in a week or so once I'm settled in! I offered attempting to calm my mother's fears.

Now honey I want you to study hard and remember those spells and potions I taught you! counceled my father. I knew this meant more to him than any of us because it meant I'd finally fulfill his dream for me about becoming a wizard just like him. I only smiled and hugged my father good bye knowing there could never be enough words to express what I was feeling at that very moment.

I boarded the train Boo in hand and the rest of my luggage stored for the long train ride. Finding a seat by the window I looked out waving to my parents and Geoff trying to keep a brave front as the train pulled away from the station on it's way to the Academy. What fun and adventures were in store for me? I couldn't wait! Placing Boo on the seat beside me I slouched down closing my eyes imagining what my new life would be like.

Sheila Rae
26th July 2003, 02:03 PM
Sheila Rae - Torignis

I could feel Ajax picking me up and carrying me somewhere. I just drifted off...I didn't know why I had run around like that, and I didn't care to think about it. It appeared that Celia and Ajax had taken me to the hospital wing. He had set me down on a bed. The nurse, who looked quite like Madam Pomfrey, got a can of some liquid and rubbed it on my forehead. This whole time I was really only half-awake, just wanting to go sleep, and I did so after Ajax and Celia left the wing and the nurse left my bedside.

While I was asleep, I had these weird, things, that were like a combination of dreams, nightmares, and visions. They made little sense, but I remember then very vividly. Even though each of the vision things lasted only a few seconds each, I might have actually been asleep for a lot longer or shorter period of time, or about the same amount, perhaps. This series of visions seemed to take all of my sleeping time, regardless of how long it actually was, with me awaking with the end of the last vision.

The first vision...My hair was down, and it was all curly, the way it is when I take my braids out but before I brush my hair. I was stading in a field. My arms were out, and the wind was blowing against me. Unexpectedly, someone or something that I couldn't see grabber my hair, and lifted me up by it. It didn't hurt as if they pulled it, but they pulled me along, my toes braizing the ground. The next vision...I was kneeling on a ledge, and about two feet below was a small pool, with crystalline rocks sticking out like icebergs in various places. It was cold. My left hand was putting my hair behind my ear, and my right hand was in a fist at my heart. I was leaning over the edge, then a tear fell from my face and made a small ripple in the water. Then the tear bounced back up a few inches, and froze into a blue ice crystal, the shape of a six-pointed star, a little bigger than my hand. It glowed with a cyan colour as it floated above the water. I cupped my hands, and star crystal floated to my hands, hovering ever so slightly above them. My hands also glowed a light shade of blue. As I gazed at the ice star, my sadness left me and I smiled brightly. The next vision...I was in this crowd of people; I couldn't see them because of the haziness of the vision, but I knew they were there. Before me, there were white and black blurrs, with little bits of gold. There were flowers all around. It seemed like everywhere there was a flower, especially surrounding the white and black blurrs. The next vision...I heard a high-pitched scream that sliced the air like a knife. There was a fast fury of feathers, white ones, bursting in all directions. After the white ones were gone, there were more feathers, more slowly this time, gently floating down from the sky. There were all kinds of colours, silver and scarlet amd gold, followed by falling and shiny blues and greens. The raining of feathers was show beautiful, after the angry white ones had shot away. The next vision...There was a flame in front of me, and that was all that I could see besides the darkness behind it. One of my eyes were shut tight, almost glued shut, and my right eye was opened unnaturally wide, just staring at the fire. The flame seemed to grow ever so slowly with my pulsating stare. Suddenly, the flame went out, as if someone had sweeped their cloak over it. I was panicking, wondering where the flame had gone. I embraced where the fire was, but all I touched was air. It was not even warm where the fire had been, and it was so dark that even if there were ashes on the ground, I couldn't see them. A cold wind blew over me and I shivered. The next vision...I was sitting at a small desk, reading a piece of parchment, in a very small room. The corners were dim, but the room was bright from the sunshine slanting through the window on my left. The parchment said, "A rae of sunshine lights my life..." I couldn't help but notice...but was it a simple spelling error? The handwriting was unidentifiable; I could tell it wasn't mine, and it didn't belong to anyone else that I knew. My hand was positioned as if to write more of the poem, but there was no quill or inkwell. The next vision...I was with Ajax and Shilan, but the weird things were is that we weren't at Aortas or Hogwarts, and Shilan and striking blue hair that stuck up quite a bit. A creature ran by us, I had never seen it before. It was brown, and looked like a cross between a fox and a rabbit. I suppose the creature was mine, because I ran after it, diving several times but missing. As the animal continued, I had to jump from platforms and ledges, in order not to fall down endless ditches. Ajax and Shilan were not far behind me. On top of a particularly high ledge was Alec. The creature jumped across the gap and landed in his arms. As I jumped but obviously missed the animal, trying to embrace it in midair, I fell down into the endless crevasse. The next vision, which was connected with the previous one...I was in the same place I was with Shilan and Ajax before, but this time they weren't with me. I was holding open what looked like a muggle folder. There was a rainbow inside, but instead of the colours blending nicely, each colour stripe was definitely separate. There were paper cutouts of more creatures I had never seen before, which probably came from the same place as the fox-rabbit mix creature. I was arranging the cutouts on the stripes, next to adjectives like "Classy" and "Gentle." But I couldn't decide where each creature was, and I kept putting then on the wrong stripe, and so in turn I started to have a breakdown. The final vision...There were many people smiling at me, they looked like Healers! There were beds all around, like at St. Mungo's. Suddenly, everything got darker. A familiar figure with a familiar voice burst in, followed by a few people that looked like him. I couldn't remember who he was, though. The laughed as sparks flew from their wands, hitting the healers and patients. Other people were running around, panicking. I looked up a little and saw Celia, Ajax, and Analisa, but it really wasn't them...they seemed paler, if that was possible with Celia, and kinda faded...I gasped then screamed...

I bolted upright in my bed. I couldn't tell what time of day it was, since the hospital wing was only a little dark but the curtains were drawn over all the windows. Then I saw the nurse sorting medicines. "Excuse me....." I said to her. She came over to my bed.

"Yes, dear?"

"How much longer do I have to stay here?" I asked

"Oh, another day or so," she replied. I spotted a badge on her robes. It read "Madam Mershwin."

"But I can't!" I cried. "This is my first day of school! I can't miss anything!"

"You just need to rest, there there, dear," she said so calmly it annoyed me. I was going to miss classes - on my first day! I knew I couldn't get that far behind.

"I want to go to my classes!" I demanded. For the first time I glanced around. "Where's Ajax?"

"Oh, I'm afraid you can't do that," Madam Mershwin said, trying to sound sympathetic. "And don't you worry about your friends, they're very busy." That angered me. I knew they weren't too busy, and I wanted to see them! But for some reason, the nurse didn't want them to see me. I also knew that my persistance wouldn't help; whatever I said, Mershwin wouldn't let me go to my classes. Hopefully Celia would help me catch up, and Ajax too.

"Well, if you won't let me go my classes, can I at least have my phoenix?" I asked.

"All right, then, I'll send someone to fetch it for you," she reluctantly agreed. I mustered a little smile and sat back against the headboard. While I waited for someone to bring me Kulasiri, I dwelled on the visions I had just had during my sleep. Did they really mean something? The thought of telling Shilan I saw him having blue hair made me laugh, but I surpressed my giggles. I didn't want Madam Mershwin to think that I was up to something. So I just waited. For someone, anyone.

27th July 2003, 04:38 PM
Celia Neshook-Torignis

Sorry I've been gone for awhile, but I had trouble getting on and everything... but hey I'm back so here I go!


After some time of watching Sheila, motionless in the bed Celia sighed."She should remain here for a couple days," said Madam Mershwin too us as she looked over towards the clock on the wall.

"Goodness me," she gasped, and she turned her attention back onto us. "You really must get going; I daresay you'll want to be on time for your first class," she told us as she practically shooed us out the door. "And don't worry about your friend," she added, "I can assure you that no further harm will come to her while she's in my care." And with that, she closed the door. I looked at Ajax and sighed, after a moment he pulled his schedule out of his pocket and looked for a moment.
"first class is survival trainig,"he said, putting the schedule back in his pocket. "come on," he said smiling.

We had too run all the way too get there in somewhat "okay" time. When we reached the grounds our Survival teacher looked up too us.

"Why..." she asked, angrily, "Are you late?"

"Well, you see..." I began, but the teacher held up her hand.

"No excuses. Please join the others; I was about to start the first lesson," she snapped, but she paused for a moment, staring at the both of us for a moment. "Are you...?" she began, but she quickly stopped herself. "Quickly, now!" she added

"I am Professor Serepta Santosa, and I will be your Survival Training teacher, as well as your Potions teacher. Survival Training may be one of the most difficult subjects in this school for you, or one of the simplest. Books are not much use here." she announced this all very clearly and loudly, and everyone around her was silent. "I expect you to perform to the best of your ability at all times. Fooling around and slacking will NOT be tolerated," she shouted, and continued. "Now, let us begin...today, we shall begin with a basic lesson in stealth, and we shall be practicing the Obliteration Charm, which is most often used for removing footprints, but is also very useful in a variety of other situations."

Ajax paired up with me and we would run across the grounds leaving footprints while our partner zapped them away. It was pretty boring but kind of easy. Perhaps this class wasn't as hard as our professor had made it seem too be. But she wasn't really a nice teacher either, almost a female version of Snape.

Afterwords Ajax, Shilan, and I were walking back towards the castle. Shilan was takling but I barely listened to him, I was staring at the castle, I could have sworn I just saw a pheonix flying around the castle. "Double Offensive Magic with the Endriago's next,"I said boredly as we came ever nearer to the main gates.

Outlaw JT
5th August 2003, 03:11 AM
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As to everyone's scheduling concerns....I don't think it'll work very well in the long run if everyone just posts their classes in whatever order they so choose so perhaps someone should make up a schedule for all the classes based on everyones house? I can do it this weekend if everyone likes the idea and no one else can do it before then.

Jerrius Quin Druid - <Endriago>

Quin looked at Avyianne nervously. He had realised last night during the sorting that she must be related to that man in the Prophet but it had never occured to him that she must be his daughter. He could only imagine how terrible it must be to lose a parent.
He opened his mouth to say something but before he couldg et anything out Avyianne grabbed Zeph and him by the robes and dragged them off towards class. It seemed she didn't want to really talk about it just yet. At least she could tell them though. Quin could only wonder how he'd act around his friends if he was dealing with something like that.
As DatDA began he tried pushing it away from his mind. At least until Avyianne was ready to talk about it more. Note taking wasn't doing a very good job of it but when his name was called his mind snapped clean almost instantly. With a shrug he walked to the front of the class.
"Good, now Mr. Druid, stand over there and cast your best Knockback Jinx on me and I shall demonstrate the Sheild Charm to the class," the miniature professor said cheerfully.
Quin dropped into an offernsive stance, stretching his wand forward. He watched to make sure the little teacher was ready and he flicked his hand harshly.
"Fillipendo," he shouted.
A ball of amber light shot forward at great speed towards Professor Fissletong. For a moment Quin thought it was going to knock him right off his stack of books but at the last possible second the professor flicked his own wand.
"Protego," and the amber ball shot back towards Quin even faster than it had travelled before.
Quin reacted with instinct rather than thought. If he had been thinking it might have occured to him that the professor was demonstrating the shield charm and not himself. All he had time to think was, Damn that balls moving fast. With a different and less sharp flick he shouted back, "Protego!"
The ball reversed course a second time and once again seemed to speed up. Quin was always good at any kind of spell used in dueling. Shield charms were no exception. The mutual exchange of shield charms continued for well over a minute until Quin finally returned the amber ball below Professor Fissletong to the books under his feet, toppling the little man to the floor.
"That's amazing, Mr Druid. Exceptional wand work. I know of few Aurors who can deflect an already deflected attack. Excellent job, Mr. Druid. 10 points to Endriago!" Fissletong beamed cheerily.
Quin returned to his seat and the professor instructed them all to pair off and practice the wand motions of the shield charm. It wasn't until the last five minutes of class that he told them to start using spells and actually practice the charm itself. He quickly grabbed Avyianne as his partner even though he had been practiving the wand motions with Zephyr.
"You can just practice against me Avyianne," Quin said hopefully.
He wanted to cheer her up a bit. Maybe after his display with Professor Fissletong her getting the better of him with the shield charm would make her feel a bit better. It was worth a shot so after the first volley he let her shield charm knock him clear off his feet. It was a silly gesture that she would probably see right through but it was the only thing he could think of.

Eevee Forever
5th August 2003, 09:44 PM
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Ajax Mostafa- Torignis

As our Suvival Training class came to a conclusion, Professor Santosa made sure to let everyone, especially Celia and myself, know personally what the homework was.

"Homework!" she shouted as we walked past her. "Give me a paragraph describing the method used to cast the Obliteration Charm, and thoroughly read the section of your book on Disillusionment Charms. And don't you dare slack off," she leered at us in a maniacal way, "Because you'll be having your first practical examination," the bell sounded, yet she continued as though she had not heard it at all, "On Sunday," she added, and she waved her hands at as, as if trying to shoo us away. She leered once more, looking positively livid, and I seemed to hear her voice in my head, growling, "which I doubt some of you will survive..." I shivered, pretending to not have heard it. As Celia and myself made our way back to the castle, towers looming overhead, Shilan caught up to us.

"She's evil, that one," Shilan said, staring at the ground and looking aggrivated.

"Definitely. You see that look she gave me when we got there? She looked like she was about to just reach out and strangle me," I told him. I looked over at Celia; she hadn't said anything the whole way back, and she was staring blanky at the castle doors.

"Double Offensive Magic with the Endriagos next," she said vaguely, not showing any form of emotion.

"Well, it should be better than that survival training junk," Shilan said confidently. As we passed the Great Hall, Alec caught up with us.

"Talk abou' evil, eh?" he commented, obviously referring to Professor Santosa.

"Ye...yeah..." I replied, though absentmindedly; I found myself ogling at Celia again. She was all I'd been thinking about since breakfast, and I just couldn't take my eyes off of her.


As we entered the seemingly ordinary classroom, my jaw dropped. By no means was this classroom ordinary; au contraire, it was anything but. The room, twice as long and almost three times as wide as the other classrooms I'd peeked into in between strolls down the corridors, housed an enormous stage-like platform of beautifully polished wood and elegant designs engraved and painted all around the trim of the stage. In the back half of the room, there were rows of small, spindly wooden chairs assembled in rows, into which students were already filing. Celia, Alec, Shilan, myself, and Malvar, who had met us in the classroom, filled one row and stared at the stage, on which a tall, steely-eyed man stood silently; 'He must be our teacher,' I told myself. After a few minutes, the room was packed tightly, even though it was huge in comparison to others, and the gray-eyed man cleared his throat to speak.

"Welcome to Offensive Magic Class!" he exclaimed, but not so much jovially; in fact, it was more loud than showing any kind of emotion; I was quickly reminded of Professor McGonagall back at Hogwarts, who was probably speaking to her students in the exact same tone, permitting she was teaching a class at this moment.

"I am Professor Kai, and I shall be teaching you spells, jinxes, charms and curses which will prove very useful to your career, shall you continue to train as an Auror. I understand that you've covered many little charms and jinxes in you Defense Againt the Dark Arts and Charms classes, however, what I will show you will prove much more useful and far more difficult to master. Now, if you would all be so kind as to put away your wands, so that we may begin our lesson," he went on, and there were quite a few groans from all around the room; I caught a glimpse of Malvar looking around warily, as well as so many others, before slipping their wands away into their bags or pockets. Following suit, I stuffed my wand hastily into my back pocket, and turned back to Professor Kai.

"Now, if everyone would just move to the fron of the room...yes, that'll do," he said, and once everyone had been packed into a tight crowd around the platform, he flicked his wand, and many loud clunking and clanking noises could be heard coming from behind. Spinning around, I realized that he had moved our bags and the spindly chairs up against the wall, probably to allow us more room to practice.

"Let's start with the basics. Th most important item to have in battle is, of course, your wand. However, your wand merely channels the natural magical powers each of you possess. In our first lesson, we'll learn how to retrieve your wand using your natural magic powers. I must warn you, this will not be easy as few wizards ever learn this ability. Thrust out your hand and call for your wand, like so," he added, as he thrust his hand forward, and he shouted, "Wand!" very loudly and clearly, and to our surprise, his wand appeared in his hand with a billowing puff of smoke. "Now, you try it," he told us, surprisingly cheerfully.

I stuck my hand out in front of me, exchanging a few quizzical looks with Shilan, and shouted "Wand!", all the time trying to think about my wand, much like using the Summoning Charm. Much to my surprise, I felt the wand appear in my hand in a puff of smoke, however, it seemed to be blossoming from the palm of my hand rather than just appearing, and I felt a small tinge of pain sear through my hand. 'No matter,' I told myself, rubbing my palm, 'At least I did it.' As Professor Kai looked around the room, he noticed a boy closer to the front of the stage, and scowled at him, although why I was uncertain of.


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6th August 2003, 12:15 PM
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6th August 2003, 05:04 PM
Soon we arrived at the offensive magic classroom. It was quite larger then an average classroom, but it was no surprise to me, after all it is "offensive magic" we'd probably need all this space in our lessons.

In the back half of the room, there were rows of small wooden chairs assembled in rows, into which students were already going into. Ajax, Shilan, and some other boys who Ajax seemed to know met us in the class. We filled into one row and stared at the stage, on which a tall, grey-eyed man stood silently. After a few minutes, the room was was almost totally filled with students, even though it was so much bigger then other classrooms. Then the man began to speak.

"Welcome to Offensive Magic Class!" he exclaimed, "I am Professor Kai, and I shall be teaching you spells, jinxes, charms and curses which will prove very useful to your career, shall you continue to train as an Auror. I understand that you've covered many little charms and jinxes in you Defense Againt the Dark Arts and Charms classes, however, what I will show you will prove much more useful and far more difficult to master. Now, if you would all be so kind as to put away your wands, so that we may begin our lesson," he went on, I thought it was a little weird that we wern't using our wands in the offensive magic class but he was of course our teacher so I slipped my wand into my bag and listened intently to him.

"Now, if everyone would just move to the front of the room...yes, that'll do," he said, and once everyone had been packed around the platform, he flicked his wand, and many loud noises could be heard coming from behind. I looked over my shoulder and saw that the chairs and our bags were being moved back against the wall.

"Let's start with the basics. The most important item to have in battle is, of course, your wand. However, your wand merely channels the natural magical powers each of you possess. In our first lesson, we'll learn how to retrieve your wand using your natural magic powers. I must warn you, this will not be easy as few wizards ever learn this ability. Thrust out your hand and call for your wand, like so," he added, as he thrust his hand forward, and he shouted, "Wand!" very loudly and clearly, and his wand appeared in his hand with a billowing puff of smoke. "Now, you try it," he told us.

I followed his example and put out my hand, I looked at the student standin in front of me's wand which was sticking out of their bag, "that is carless," I thought. But then I said wand clearlyand a wand appeared in my hand, the smoke had taken longer to appear then proffessor Kai's but it was a start. But at a closer look at the wand in my hand I discovered it wasn't mine.

"woops," I said embarressed, I looked and saw that the student who was standing in front of me's wand wasn't sticking out of the bag anymore. "um excuse me," I said tapping him on the shoulder, they turned around and looked at me, "um... I seem to have summoned your wand by accident,...., so here" and I handed it back to them, I didn't like the way he looked at me like he thought I stole it or somthing. I could feel myself blushing as I reached out again, this time thinking about my own wand and sayind, "wand" clearly. ^Again there was a pause and a delayed puff of smoke but it did indeed appear in my hand.

I sighed in relief and then looked around at the progress of everyone around me, I hoped they were doing okay.

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CoolTrainer IcEz
9th August 2003, 09:52 PM
That's a great idea JT. Could you create a schedule according to the houses. Thanks so much! :) Sorry for not posting but I'll post soon. In the meantime, please keep this RPG going! :yes:

13th August 2003, 02:55 PM
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14th August 2003, 09:11 AM
Avianne Tseugga - F - Endriago

My thoughts had gone to my mind loudly... and it was hard to shut them off, to make them go away. The words of my father haunted my mind the night before he went away..

"Where are you going at a time like this?" I had said, yawning slightly as I watched my father. He was dressed in his outing robes, and he clutched his wand tightly. Gazing at me with his defiant, yet gentle, deep ocean-blue eyes, he sighed. His face was determined... yet inside he looked torn, as if he was doing some thing that he would regret. Swallowing he turned to me, his gentle, perfect face and his dark brown hair... to me, he seemed much too young to be my father. He was only in his 30s anyway..
" Avianne, what are you doing up? You'll be off to Hogwarts tomorrow..."
"I couldn't sleep,and I heard noises... obviously you. Where are you going?"
He sighed, adn then I knew what it was instantly.
"... b-but why? Why must you leave for the Order so late? It's practically 1 o'clock... they never call meeting that late.."
" It's not a meeting... it's-"
"An assignment?!" My voice sqeaked, as I suddenly was worried. He nodded, but then my rational side came to..
" Oh, but you've been on many assignments for them before, so this shouldnt' be any different. You'll be back by morning?"
Youkai, my beautiful black kitten, gently rubbed it's head against my ankle... purring slightly. I looked at my father... he was... he was hesitating?
"What?! Is it a long assignment?"
With this, my father nodded.. "Yes Avianne, I'm afraid that this assignment could ... could... take me away from you, for a very long time."
I sighed.. "So you wont be able to see me off to Auror school?"
He shook his head, " You never know... " He smiled, but his smile was half-heartedly... and some thing about it made me unsettled.
"Dad... you promise to return, ri... right?"
He didnt' say a word, as he opened up the door.
"Go to sleep Avianne.."
"Dad?! Promise me!"
" I love you... and have fun at school and ... excel, show your true talents. I love you Avianne.." With that he shut the door..

A tear came to my eye, as I swallowed back a tear. I was trying hard to pay attention in DAtDA class...
Quin had done very well with a shield charm, which had impressed the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher very well...
Then, after some talk, we had to pick partners and Quin suddenly aws very adament about me being his partner. THis surprised me some what... and dumbfoundedly I grabbed my wand. After a few 'gos' at teh shield charm... then as Quin fired some magick, and it deflectd off of my shield charm, Quin knocked back off his feet.
I smiled softly as he looked up, his eyes very hopeful...
I was good at reading people, and even though it made me rather unsettled about him purposefully doing that, it did mean some thing that he was trying to cheer me up.
" Thank you Quin... but I won't become a very good Auror if you let me knock you backwards, now will I?"
Quin blushed... butonly faintly as he nodded.
"Yeah.. I suppose so .. I only want-"
"-wanted to make me feel better? Cheer up? I know... and thank you, it did."
I smiled... I couldn't tell if it was forceful or not, but I smiled and shrugged back the memory of my father before it could grasp me again. After a few more 'gos' at the shield charm, the end of class was nearing as Prof. Fissletong told us to take our seats for a short moment. I smiled at Quin and suddenly, with out warning I gave him a quick hug and lookd at him.
"Thank you, and dont' worry about me... I'll be okay. It just gives me a reason to do my best." With this I gave him a smile as I released the hug and went to my seat. Quin's face was unreadable... and I didn't have time to look at it further as I sat down.
As everyone was sitting down, I saw Prof. Fissletong staring at me... and I gazed at him akwardly...
His gaze looked at me as if he knew some thing... and I shivered slightly. He didn't seem like a bad person... buthim know some thing about me? The idea was ridiculous... unless my father told some one to l-
I blinked at the Prof. as he then looked away and went to speak about homework and the importance of Defense...

14th August 2003, 01:23 PM
Die writers block! *takes giant mallet and smashes the writers block into a million peices* muhahaha! Anyway now that that is taken care of I shall now post ^_~

Suddenly Professor Kai came up to me, "I have recieved word from the hospital wing," he wispered,"that your frien Sheila has requested her pheonix and Madam Mershwin would like you to get it for her."
And with that I went back and got my bag and set off towards the pheonix statue to get Kulasiri, Sheila's pheonix, I wonder if Sheila is okay. But she must be if she was able to ask for her pheonix, I thought about it as I neared the large statue.

Once I was inside I went up into the girl's dorm. I saw Carmen perk up and twitter happily when I got in, "shh quiet Carmen," I said refilling her now empty food bowl. She climbed down and began eating the fresh crickets. I went towards Sheila's bed and saw her pheonix on the table. When I neared her, she perked up and glared at me. I cooed to her the way I did when Carmen was a baby and walked towards her cage. She stared distrustingly as I stood next to her.

"Listen," I said,"Sheila needs you so please come with me," I said not knowing if she even understood me. But she stared deep into my eyes and when I opened the cage she fluttered out and sat down on my shoulder. I stroked her her head gently, "that's a good girl," I said. Carmen looked up and chirped angrily. I had to laugh, "no Carmen she's not replacing you I just have to take her to Sheila is all." I said as I went off and the last thing I saw out of the corner of my eye was her sitting all curled up at the top of her cage. But I didn't have time to settle things with her right now.

I stepped out the doorway and the pheonix statue slid back in place. I started down the hall, I saw curious glances from some of the portraits on the wall. But if I have learned anything in all my years at school, it's just to ignore them. So I strided down the halls untill I reached the hospital wing. I imediatly saw Sheila sitting up in her bed. "Sheila!" I cried, running over to her.
"Celia," She said," I see you brought Kulasiri, I'm pretty surprised she warmed up to you so fast. "

At that Kulasiri fluttered over to Sheila and perched on her shoulder. "Ya," I said,"Carmen was pretty jealous I hope I can make it up to her," I said laughing.

"I hope so to," she said stroking Kulasiri.
"Hey are you feeling better?"I asked.
"Ya I am but Madam Mershwin won't let me go yet!"she said angrily.
"well I guess it's for the best, but at least she let you have Kulasiri right?" I said watching Kulasiri curiosly...