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Wild Female Machoke
16th July 2003, 06:54 PM
Just out of curiousity, did you ever get any responses from readers who said that they were emotionally effected from reading your fic?

Other than my current fic, it is not the first time I got something like that. A few years ago, I had written a Street Fighter fanfic where I made the main character Ryu die in the first chapter. As a result, I got complaints from a few Ryu fans saying that the scene totally upset them.

EDIT:Also, are there any fanfics that effected you emotionally?

*sweatdrop* I often get emotionally attached to a certain Pokémon, especially when I am writing.

16th July 2003, 07:01 PM
No, but I had emotional moments, When Shiny Marril did something I forgot what, and I started getting very mad at him and making smart comments.
Mist's fic Lapras valley high, there were some suspencefull parts.
Through blind eyes, that one was gorgesously written and even thought it would be cool to be blind.

But none for my fic.

16th July 2003, 10:30 PM
Well, I can say this: the majority of the fanfics that I have read that actually have a favorable chance of being completed at some point have affected me emotionally. Most of these are fics by the well-known writers, namely CCC, Mist, OzAndrew, and recently, dratinihaunter13's Damon's Menace. However, I have also been affected by fairly new writers, such as ZeldaFan20 (well, he was new when he started The Bittersweet Reunion), and classycat's A Doolittle of Pokemon (though not so much in that one, because it has not reached its major point of suspense yet: it includes a lot of comedy now). There are a few other fics that have wrenched my heart though I can't think of them at the moment... oh yeah, togepretty's A Part Well Played (though some of that is due to my slight bias for shipping fics...)

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that a LOT of fics have pulled by heartstrings. Generally these fics are the ones that are well written all around and include powerful descriptions and meaningful actions.

17th July 2003, 08:59 PM
A chapter of ShinyMarill's From Rookie to Champion: The Indigo Road really touched me. Enough to give me a dream where I was the main character getting shot.

Rambunctious Jamirus
17th July 2003, 09:12 PM
Yes. My Through Blind Eyes fanfic made Powarun not sleep for one night as he has put down above me. *waves*

Also, when I think of new chapters for my fics, I sometimes become too emotional at times *will not say because of people looking for spoilers*

When I read a heart warming story though, I sometimes cry. Don't ask why, it's just hard for me not to.

17th July 2003, 10:52 PM
Yes, Machoke, I was effected ^_^; I didn't really cry though, but I felt... "bothered" all night. Like thinking "How could she kill all the elites I like?!?!?! How the frell did Mewtwo and Deoxys beat Karen's team anyway?" Then I got over it. I am quite sensitive. I was also bothered quite bad by this one where an anti-trainer Medicham kills some Machoke and an Azurill because since they were trained by humans they will never be able to survive in the wild. Never giving the poor things a chance. Mean old Medicham >:*(

People were effected by Guilty by Design, which I am happy about. Everyone can connect to innocent little Champ, unaware of his dark future. They feel his fear, his worry. All the more fear I have of messing up chapter 4, if it ever gets written o.O;

Oh yes, and one person was upset at my killing Nidoking in my Jynx fics, and killing Will in my Bruno fic :D

Chris 2.1
18th July 2003, 06:05 PM
Powarun - you called be a ba$tard because Dave tortured Mudkip and Ekans infront of Tony, and I was offended because over here in the Uk, bastards a lot more offensive.

From Rookie To Champion had an emotional 'end'; a boy named Damien, who once came across as 'the jerk trainer', and who also dated female lead Krystal, tried to win his girl back by killing the two of them and spending their afterlife together. Krystal was saved, though, leaving Damien to plummet from the white cliffs and to stain the sea with his blood. I got emotional feedback from that.

As well as FRTC's sequel, The Indigo Road , I got a lot of emotional scenes. Here are a few:

In Chapter 18, Chris, Male lead's Granbull was shot by a woman in The Holmes Organisation.

In Chapter 37, Tag Matches, Krystal prepared to leave Fuchsia to head to Dragon's Rock with Lance, bidding farewell to childhood friend Chris. Chris then expressed his love for Krystal, pouring his heart out as the rain lashed against him on the pier. She replied by saying "Please try to understand...I...I don't feel that way about you, and I never will". I got a lot of feedback from that, especially when Chris watched Lance and Krystal fly off on Jake, Lance's Dragonite

The next Chapter, 'Decisions by Gun-point' saw fugitive contract-breacher Al Summerford holding Sandra, a woman to whom he is familliar AND against, at gun point. She knew he dare'd not to shoot, so she made a grab, only to have Al shoot through fear and shoot her in her breast. Sandra fell back and cracked her head on the cement floor

I'd say all those examples were examples of emotionality, especially the second last. Any reader may tell you how they felt reading it.

19th July 2003, 05:47 AM
Lol Shiny, you have many touching chapters. Especially the Epilouge

19th July 2003, 11:28 PM
My short Megaman fic, He's Dead, (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8898) garnered a review from someone on the censornazi.net posting, saying that she almost cryed(sic).

PS: Please note that I refuse to call fanfiction.net by fanfiction.net, and I only refer to it by what it should really be called.

Chris 2.1
20th July 2003, 05:55 AM
Lisa The Legend had a very emotional scene when Anna was killed by Entei....I completely forgot about it, but it was so.... shocking to see a legendary Pokemon evil! I was shocked, and i always hold that element in mind when reading Gavin's chapters, because that's one scene that earned his respect from me.

20th July 2003, 08:58 PM
never have i been more emotional about a pokemon story than i was with The Indigo Road. I found a stray tear or two runnin down my cheek when Granbull died and was being cremated. that felt really weird.and the epilouge was very touching in a way.

The Muffin Man
27th July 2003, 03:17 AM
I havn't felt that way in a while from REAL life...heh...but one of my friends said they almost cried when Mewtwo went on a killing spree in "Not Falling", my Mewtwo songfic.

Also, if anyone has a backup copy of this fic could you PM that and "Pain for Pleasure" to me? I'm gonna be picking it up I suppose...

27th July 2003, 10:15 AM
What a cool topic!
I wrote a death scene in Marty's Pokemon blahblahblah.. that brought out tears from some readers. that was fun, as twisted as that sounds ^_^;;. na, it really is good to know one can write something that can reach the reader so well. I've gotten emotionally attached and had my heart jerked by not many fics. it takes a lot for me to get misty eyed by a fic, i dunno why. fic's that hit me the hardest were Timarelay's Love and Sacrifice and a couple fics by Misty Rocks when she was around. Plenty of death scenes from plenty of writers around this board surely can do the trick though. i didn't know so many people here got emotional when they read! we're gonna need a fanfic tissue box or something.