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Silver Ledian
24th December 2002, 10:06 PM
Wow...it's been quite long since I've posted a topic in here. In case you don't know, it's Silver Ledian here. I've changed my name because 2002 hasn't been the best online year for me at TPM...so I want to start fresh for 2003. Hi all :wave:

Anyway, just a few Chrismassy polls for my own interest:

1) What does your usual Christmas dinner consist of?
2) Describe your perfect Christmas dinner?
3) Does your family go downstairs together or just when they feel like it on Christmas?
4) What do you noramlly do for the day? (briefly but enough to prevent SPAM please :D)?

1) Normally, on Christmas Day, we have a choice as to whether we want traditional turkey or ham or both. I normally take a bit of each but I don't take stuffing as I don't like it. Roast potatoes, carrots and broccoli make up the vegetables I have. My mum makes soup if anyone wants a starter (like in a restaurant) and afterwards we have a desert of either pie, gataeu or ice-cream...I take Ice-cream.

2) My ideal Christmas dinner. Well, it's pretty much listed above. I can't really ask for a better dinner....I love the vegetable soup starter...I like all the vegetables and ice-cream has always been my favourite desert anyhow.

3) Yes, we do. Although I'm 16 and all, I like to stick with our families tradition to go down together. IMHO there's a better atmosphere and we get to enjoy watching each other opening presents whilst fiddling with the smaller, more complicated presents. It's good craic.

4) Well normally...we get up and go downstairs together to open our presents. We have breakfast if we want and after that we all get dressed (I always love putting on my Christmas clothes). We go to mass and then come back to have dinner and after that, we go visit my grandparents and my aunt and uncle and cousins...it's always a fun and memorable day :D


PS: The above poll is optional, just for my own record...I'd prefer if you replied though :)

24th December 2002, 10:18 PM
1) What does your usual Christmas dinner consist of?
Meat (Turkey/ Chicken), Stuffing, Potattoes, Beans, Cranberry Sauce :)
2) Describe your perfect Christmas dinner? It would be nice If we went to the Jorean/ Japanese Resturant :) I like Kim Chee :)
3) Does your family go downstairs together or just when they feel like it on Christmas? I am always the first one awake, I of course have to wait to open teh presents :<
4) What do you noramlly do for the day? (briefly but enough to prevent SPAM please )? Go online, eat, sleep, watch TV, basicly it is like any other day but with presents.

24th December 2002, 11:51 PM
1) What does your usual Christmas dinner consist of?
I have to eat something special?
2) Describe your perfect Christmas dinner?
It must be edible.
3) Does your family go downstairs together or just when they feel like it on Christmas?
We have a one story house because my mother fell down the stairs when she was young and wouldn't let my father purchase a two story one.
4) What do you normally do for the day? (briefly but enough to prevent SPAM please)?
I open presents and eat breakfast with my grandmother.

Crystal Mew
25th December 2002, 12:19 AM
1. It normally consists of turkey,mashed potatoes,corn,rolls,cranberry sauce,and pumpkin pie.... :D
My grandma makes the best pumkin pie

2. =/ I guess it would be like my answer above,except that I have all of my family there..

3. Yes,we cant open preseants untill everybody is downstairs watching.... when I was little,I could hardly stand it..I had to wait untill like 8am untill I could open my preseants cause my parents wouldnt get out ogf bed..lol

4. Well,the last couple of years,I dont get up as early as I normally did...heh,so first my brother and sister came in and woke me up like at 6am =/ and my mom wont come downstairs untill 7am..so when she comes doen,we open presents :D
then after we open presents,we clean up all the wrapping paper,and the for awile,just mess around with all our new stuff...untill like 2pm then we usually go to my granpaprents house,opne our gifts from them,the eat christmas dinner,then go home,and thats about it..I love Christmas...so many memories..lol

AntiAsh Superstar
25th December 2002, 01:01 PM
1. Synthetic vegetarian alternative to turkey, if you ask me it's miles better than regulat turkey anyways... ummm... veggie gravy, lots of various potatoes, carrots and stufff (everyone else has sprouts, but I really can't hack the things so I never bother) all washed down with a nice glass of wine, or in the case of me and me mum, wine mixed with absinthe. :o We've not drank that much today, merely coz we had plenty of Jack Daniels left over from yesterday. but still, give us time...

2. Perfect Xmas dinner? Gimme a pizza or something, they count amoungst me favourite foods... and don't forget the absinthe. Always absinthe at Xmas, it's tradition here. @_@;;;

3. We go downstairs when we feel like it, tho the presernt opening is always done when we're all awake. To be honest it hasn't been too bad this year, I managed to occupy meself playing Sapphire when I'd normally be climbing the walls waiting for me brother to wake up. :o

4. Wake up three hours before everyone else, arse about on the comp, locate the weirdest clothes I can find (which ain't a problem for me this year...) and put them on, then arse about on the comp some more until everyone else is awake. Go downstairs, open presents, mess about with presents, eat dinner, drink one hell of a lot, play some kinda board game, then go about the day as we'd normally do, only slightly drunker. XD Hence why I'm online now, I've nothing better to do. :o

25th December 2002, 02:08 PM
Other: they're both retarded

1) different stuff every year, although always this awesome russian salad is always on it :p

2) cream of mushroom Soup, that russian salad, roast chicken, mashed potatoes, some brown rice, and something for dessert, I really don't care, I'd be too stuffed of everything else ^_^

3) Just whenever you wake up u go downstairs, grab your presents, and wake up somebody who gave you the awesomest gift :p

4) Open presents, prepare dinner, do whatever, eat dinner, go to sleep, nothing really exciting.

25th December 2002, 06:51 PM
1. Emm well it depends usually we eat special pork , cakes , hayacas ( a tipic christmas food from here) , wines all types of them , salads , meats , differnt types of breads , swiss and french chesses , and well maybe turkey and caviar , oh yes we have desserts too , ice creams chese cake , chocolate cake.

2. I just like mines they have all you can imagine i will add some salmon but sometimes we have salmon , so and i dont really love it so i think the dinner we have a good enough for me.

3. My family always goes downstairs and eat all at the same time ,. But when its christmas time or special events we go to bigger , pretty , wood table . And thats on open room . ahh ohh . No sadly here people only gift presents for the kids , but of course every family members get a present even though all of them arent in the christmas tree

4. Put some of my best clothes and have a great time with my family and friends , check the christmas tree , put music enjoy and we waked like to 3 am . Yeah open presents but sometimes i dont have to go downstairs and open them sometimes they are in my bed , or around my bed . So when i wake up i have the m there.

BTW baileys irish cream is good . I ate you know those german Ritter Sport chocolates , with the baileys flavor and the are good

25th December 2002, 09:59 PM
1. Um.. we eat turkey, roasted vegetibles... stuff like that. o.o I don't really pay attention since I don't eat a lot, usually. ^^;

2. Um.. I dunno.. I'm fine with what we normally have. ^^

3. Well, we usually go downstairs in the order we've awaken.. nobody opens presents until everybody else is up, though. This year it was only me, my parents, and my aunt.. and i slept in until around 9:30 so they were all up waay before me. This was kinda good though, because I didn't have to wait. ^_^

4. Well, once everybody's up, we have a quick breakfast, and then we gather in the family room and hand out and open presents. ^^ Then i'll run and try and beat the dad to my computer so I can send e-mails to all my friends wishing them merry Christmas and thanking them for gifts and stuff.. ^^ And then once my dad kicks me off, I'll usually run off and go play with a new video game I got or something.. then we'll visit my mom's friend's place, come back, have Christmas dinner and later on watch a new movie together. ^-^' Or, like this year, i'll just watch one myself.. -_- For some wiiiieerd reason, nobody in my family wanted to watch the anime DVDs I got for Christmas. XD

Austrian ViceMaster Alex
26th December 2002, 03:35 AM
1.) This year we had something completely different. My brother made tons of schnitzel and dumblings of minced meat. It tasted very good. Normally we only have bread with several different kinds of cheese and sausages.

2.) Stuffed, roasted turkey with potatoes. My grandmother used to make that when she was still younger and it tasted great every year.

3.) We don't celebrate Christmas like that. Well we're all grown ups so when all candles on the tree are lit we just open our presents and that's about it. We celebrate Christmas traditionally on the 24th and that's also when we get our gifts.

4.) I help my mother putting the candles and balls onto the tree and for the rest of the day I do what I always do, playing video and computer games. ;)

26th December 2002, 04:28 AM
1) We usually have steaks and french fries. ^_^ I really like it, and I enjoy it a lot more than a 'traditional' Christmas dinner.

2) It's fine, I really like the steak my dad grilles, and I've grown used to having it that day, so it's great.

3) We haven't opened gifts, this makes the 3rd year. It started 2 years ago when I was getting a flute for Christmas which I would play in school band, so they had to let my brother keep out something, and yeah...heh. My parents don't pick out the stuff because they'd get the wrong thing. O.o

4) Whatever I do any other day. Write, watch tv, play a video game, practice guitar (other years were flute and clarinet though), play with my pets, etc..

26th December 2002, 05:59 AM
1) Turkey, stuffing... really gross things that I refuse to touch let alone put in my mouth ~_~ I didn't each much this Christmas... Just some stuffing and 3 small pieces of Turkey O_o..

2) Well.. Christmas Dinner isn't really the highlight of Christmas to me, and I honestly don't care about it. This is actually one of the years that we bothered to make a fuss... last year we had a normal dinner. We allways eat together on Christmas though - unlike the other dinners we eat (my dad in the dinning room, my mom in the living room, me in my room, or the living room. ^^;

3) No, because our downstairs is really cruddy, unrenovated, and jam packed full of a lot of the stuff we don't want upstairs XD... anyway I think what you mean by this is if we all gather to open presents together? Yeah, we do.. it's really cool actually. 7:00am we're all in the living room - opening presents and stuff.. lol

4) Wake up, spend 2 hours or so opening presents, go back to sleep and sleep till 1 or so, play with the stuff we got, eat dinner, go to our rooms and end the day! ^^;

Jay Umbreon
26th December 2002, 11:19 AM
your new name is sexay :) just like I said on AIM.

you'll have all the little girls and boys swarming round you like a pig in turtle poop.

1) What does your usual Christmas dinner consist of?
turkey!!!1 roast potatoes, veg, gravy, yorkshire puddings *drools* etc etc, good old British roast dinner

2) Describe your perfect Christmas dinner?
listed above :)

3) Does your family go downstairs together or just when they feel like it on Christmas?
Together..me and my sis wake up first, then wait for my mum and dad to get up, then we go down :)

4) What do you noramlly do for the day? (briefly but enough to prevent SPAM please )?
we open our presents, use them or whatever lol, have christmas dinner, pull crackers etc. then play with whatever we have some more then go out to family at the night.