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20th July 2003, 12:34 PM
Wee, I'm starting... Now, a blurb for all you LSUs....

Plot: Finally, a peaceful year at Seiruun... Or so everyone thought... The old German teacher might be dead, but his sons are out for revenge. One villian might've been hard enough to beat, but 2 is going to be darn near impossible... It's going to take more than your magic to defeat these evil wizards... Wee, thanks fireguardian! *hugs*[/center]

Sign up form!
Age: ( 11-18 )
Year: (1-5)
Dorm Number:
Room Mate:

Available Classes:
Basic Black/White Magic
Advanced Black/White Magic
Potions (No, Snape isn't the teacher...)
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Any classes you would find at a normal school
Quick notes!!

1) Boys and girls ARE allowed to share dorms!
2) You are allowed 1 room mate!
3) You are allowed to have a pet.
And now....
Name: Choriko Yamika
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Year: 3
Appearance: Her hair is now black with frost blue streaks instead of lavender, sapphire blue eyes, usually wears a pair of jeans and a tomboyish looking buttondown shirt over a white tank top with Angel on the front in light blue lettering instead of the uniform. She has a scar on the back of her right hand.
Personality: A majorly loudmouthed tomboy of a child. She often acts before she speaks. When it comes to fights, she'll jump in and will fight to the death.
Dorm Number: 183
Room Mate: No one yet
Specialty: Black Magic
Classes: Advanced Black Magic, Shapeshifting, Potions, Algebra, Biology, Japanese, and German
Relationships: Shade's girlfriend (where ever he is...) and Asahiko's sister
Other: Has a little white cat named Yuki.
Name: Asahiko Yamika
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Year: 1
Appearance: Blonde hair, same color eyes as Choriko, wears the uniform all of the time.
Personality: Goody-two-shoes is a major understatement for this girl. She's quite popular for a first year and never bugs her sister because she is usually too busy with her friends.
Dorm Number: 195
Room Mate: No one
Specialty: White Magic
Classes: Basic Black Magic, Basic White Magic, Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts
Relationships: Choriko's little sister
Other: Has a black cat named Hoshi.
Choriko Yamika
"Ick, another year trapped at this school..." I muttered, holding the same thing I held every year on this day - an overstuffed bag of stuff and Yuki's carrier. "Reow!" Yuki complained. "Hush..." I grumbled, continuing to drag my bag behind me. "I don't see what you have against this school..." Asahiko said, following close behind me. "Trust me, if things go like they have the past 2 years, you'll find out real quick..." I muttered. "Why? What's happened?" Asahiko asked, which had to have been the millionth question this week. "The evil German teacher goes after the students and has nearly killed me and my friends twice, me inparticular..." I replied, parting my hair to reveal the scar on the back of my head. Asa cringed. "Yeah, he was a pretty mean fellow, but we killed him last year." I added in hopes to comfort her. She didn't say anything. Typical first year... Oh well. I found a spot under my favorite tree and sat down, Asa right next to me.
Asahiko Yamika
"Ick, another year trapped at this school..." my sister muttered. I adjusted my grip on my bag and on Hoshi's carrier. "I don't see what you have against this school..." I said, following close behind. "Trust me, if things go like they did the past 2 years, you'll find out really quick..." Cho muttered. I didn't like the sound of that... Why? What's happened?" I asked, hoping I hadn't asked. "The evil German teacher goes after the students and has nearly killed me and my friends twice, me inparticular..." Cho replied, parting her hair to reveal the scar on the back of her head. I cringed. "Yeah, he was a pretty mean fellow, but we killed him last year." she said, probably hoping to comfort me. I kept quiet. I was too nervous to say anything else. Cho was walking toward one of about a million trees that were in front of the school, so I followed without a word.

Tyler and Hobbes
20th July 2003, 11:22 PM
Sons of Darkness, yes!
Name: Shade Beluse
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Year: 3
Appearance: Long, thick, messy, black hair with red highlights, he covers it with a helmet. He has green eyes, with a orange shirt, covered by an open up shirt with blue streaks on it a blue jeans.
Personality: Same ol' Shade, a little more mature..oh heck, he's the same, the prankster of the school, a joker. A really nice guy, sometimes he's a little annoying, but still. He's dumb, he fails all his classes. When he wants to express himself, he wrights songs. Oh yeah, funny!
Dorm Number: 186
Room Mate:
Specialty: Charms
Classesefense against the dark arts, Japanese, Charms, Basic Black Magic
Relationships: Choriko's boyfriend
Other: Has an adult Raven named Arch

Name: Aurora Beluse
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Year: 1
Appearance:Waist long black hair with green highlights, blue eyes, and wears the uniform
Personality: Always bugs Shade. To Shade, she's more annoying than Crystal (lol) She's a goodie-two shoes who never gets detention, and gets all good grades.
Dorm Number: 175
Room Mate:Kazeko (please)
Specialty:Black Magic
Classes: Potions, Basic White Magic, Shapeshifting, German, Science and Japanese
Relationships: Shade's little cousin and Tombo's rival (once the rpg starts I'll say why)
Other:Has a baby Raven named Angel (Shade gave it to her)

"Are you sure this is alowed?" Aurora asked for the billionth time. Oh yeah, just incase you didn't know, for the past two years, me and my friends have had to endure this school, and Aurora's my cousin. Your caught up? Great. I smiled as we drove in on Motor bikes. "You know, it really isn't fair you get one," I told Aurora. "I had to wait till I was sixteen!" Aurora muttered something and her bike dissapeared. She then walked off. I saw Cho and rode to her, having to dodge three first years. "Ya miss me?" I asked. Cho smiled. I loved it when she did that. Her hair was different from last year. "Well you sent me about a million letters." she said. I grinned, "You only got a million of them?" I then saw what I think Cho said was her sister. "Is this Asahiko?"

I walked along the lawn. I knew Shade cared about me. There was alot of good in that. I'm hoping. I looked around. 'Don't want to be late for class.' I thought. I began running. It took me longer then I expected. Shade said we didn't have class right away, but I wanted to be really early. I soon ran into something, who seemed to be running the opposite way of me. "Hey, watch where your going!" We both said at the same time. I stared into his eyes, but then looked away. "You really shood watch it." I commented, brushing myself off.

21st July 2003, 12:06 AM

Name: Zero Urameshi
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Year: 3
Apperance: Messy black hair, a sleeveless black vest, a blue shirt that says 619 in the middle, jeans that have many rips, green armbands and white sneakers.
Personality: Same old Zero but is a much better student after he met his new girlfriend Kazeko while saving Tombo. Has calmed down a bit since Mr. CPP kicked the bucket for good. Now a ameteur wrestler and rapper.
Dorm Number: 183
Roommate: Choriko
Specialty: Black Magic
Classes: Advanced Black/White Magic, Potions, German, Shapeshifting, Japanese, Charms and DATDA
Relationships: His girlfriend is Kazeko, his half-brother is DZ, his best friend is Shade and his brother is Tombo (his nickname is Seig)
Other: Has a owl named Jin and his father will be revealed later.

Name: Tombo "Seig" Urameshi
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Year: 1
Apperance: Has messy black har resembling Zero's, a sleeveless white shirt, baggy black pants, and green sneakers
Personality: A goody-goody, nearly a younger clone of Zero but he gets better grades and is pretty popular with the ladies.
Dorm Number: 195
Roommate: Asahiko Yamika
Specialty: Potions
Classes: Potions, Basic White Magic, Shapeshifting, German, Science and Japanese
Relationships: Zero's brother, DZ's half brother and Aurora's rival.
Other: Has a owl named Paul

I saw Seig (Tombo) run into a familar girl. "Aurora? Is that you?" I asked her as she brushed herself off. "Hi Zero!" she said with a grin as she gave Seig a dirty look. He created a energy pole, stuck it in the ground and prepared to do a 619 on Aurora until I wrestled him to the ground. "You two kiss and make up now while I go see Shade and the others." I smirked as I teleported near the lawn. I then saw Shade and Cho making out. "Excuse me lovebirds." I interrupted as I leaned over them. They broke apart and tried to punch me but I easily dodged. I was still too powerful from my training last year when I went to save Seig. "Nice to see ya again King of Traps." Shade grinned. I just gave him a thumbs up and said goodbye and saw Kazeko leaning against a tree. She saw me and ran over as she kissed me. "How ya doin' Kaz?" I grinned cheesily. She just smiled as she continued to kiss me.

Tombo (Seig)
I saw Zero and Kazeko making out along with Shade and Cho. I just shrugged as I said, "I'm sorry Aurora." She just shrugged as she said, "Just stay outta my way worm-boy." Aurora then walked off. I just grinned as I used a Pants-Falling Charm which made her pants fall down. I then zipped off before Aurora could try to kill me.

21st July 2003, 10:04 AM
Name: Ami Zypher
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Year: 3
Appearance: Hauntingly deep blue eyes, mid-neck length dark brown, nearly black, hair with pale purple streaks in it, and her skin is deeply pale...almost colorless. When not in school uniform, she'll wear a long-sleeved black shirt, and baggy black pants that basicall hide her blue Nikes.
Personality: She's depressive, hopeless, and silent...usually remaining withdrawn. Thinking everybody hates her, she remains anti-social and serious. She's also tomboyish, depsite her mysterious and calm appearance.
Dorm Number: 112
Roommate: Nobody yet...
Specialty: Black Magic
Classes: Advanced Black Magic, Basic White Magic, Potions, Charms, Japanese, and German.
Relationships: None yet...
Other: Her pet is a small black kitten named Sen.

~*^*~Ami Zypher~*^*~
"Another year at Seriuun, dang." I muttered as I dragged my stuff through the trees surrounding the school. Sen only mewed softly in her cage, as I sighed under my breath. I didn't wanna go back since the evil German teacher crisis last year, his spirit might still haunt the school. I continued without a word, and saw Choriko with her sister...her hair is different, black within frost blue streaks. Sighing hopelessly, I continued through more trees until I was in front of the school. I got all shaky with nervousness of a new year, but continued on.

"Don't worry...I'll be fine, It'll be nothing like last year...." I told myself, as I sat down near the school in boredom. I placed Sen's cage next to me....and looked up at the sky. Who knows what the stars had to tell?

Tyler and Hobbes
21st July 2003, 11:08 AM
I pulled up my pants while I chased Tombo throughout the lawn. I didn't know why Zero called him that dumb name. "Hey, place nice you two. You don't want to give me a bad name." I heard Shade say. I gave him a dirty look. He smirked. I had chased Tombo to the wall. "What do you want from me?" he asked. I put my wand to his throat, "I want you to leave me alone. I don't even know why you play all these tricks on me!" I said, throwing my hands up. "Well why do you always pick on me!?!" I just looked at him. I looked at the wall, unlike my oh so "wonderful cousin", I planned for everything. I raised my wand. I then saw Zero, Shade, Choriko, Kazeko, and who I presumed to be Choriko's sister, stragling to stay with the group. "Aww...they're so cute." Shade and Zero said as they pulled us apart. We both raised our hands in the air and huffed off.

23rd July 2003, 02:02 PM
I gave a little sigh. The last few years might've been hell, which adds up to the same thing for this year, but at least all of my friends (and some not-so-friendly people, namely Asa) were here. Yuki finally dozed off in her carrier and I heard the bell finally ring. Asa literally jumped. "What the heck was that?" she asked. "Umm... on Earth, they call that a 'bell'... It tells the students when to go inside, get to their classes, leave after classes, and go back to their dorm..." I said, teasing. She growled at me as I started up the steps. "But wait..." Asa began. I spun around. "How do I know where my dorm is?" she asked. "Use a teleportation spell, it never fails." I replied. "But I never learned a teleportation spell..." she said quietly. I muttered something, grabbed ahold of her hand, and we both teleported to my dorm. When we got there, Asa remarked "But this is dorm 183, I'm in dorm..." she checked an extremely crumpled piece of paper "195!" she finished finally. "I know that, but I also know the way from here to there, this is my 3rd year, yannow." I said matter-of-factly, letting Yuki out of her carrier and leading Asa down to her dorm.
I don't really feel good, I'll work on Asa's roleplay later...

Tyler and Hobbes
24th July 2003, 08:25 PM
*Tisk tisk*

I teleported to my dorm. This was gonna be one of those years. I wondered who my roomate was. I conjured up a sandwhich and started to munch. I then thought of something, the fdance was this year. I smiled, should a crash it, or shouldn't I? If I did, I'd be in detention forever, if I didn't I would get to be with Cho, and keep an eye on Aurora. I wondered things while I teleported to the dorm Cho said she'd be in.

25th July 2003, 07:35 AM
Name: Crystal Lilly.
Age: 17
Years at school: 3! *peace sign*
Appearance: Browny Blonde hair, greeny/blue eyes. Around the dorm, she wears jeans and what ever top she wants. She's a little taller than last year. Her hair is shorter and up in a ponytail. Got a pic... Attach later...
Personallity: You know what she's like. Good grades, always getting in trouble. Not so care free this year (dam german teacher! It's all his falt!)
Dorm Number: 215
Room Mate: Anyone?
Specialty: White Magic.
Classes: Avanced White, Basic black, Shape shifting, Japanese, Maths, Music, Charms, Divinations and Chemistry.
Relationships: girl friend of Ryu and Recardo's older sister.
Pets: Hooty (owl) and Tabbie (tabby kitten).

Name: Recardo Lilly
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Years at the school: 2
Appearance: tall for his age but shorter than Crystal, the same greeny blue eyes, brown hair. Other than his school uniform he wears baggie jeans and t-shirts.
Personality: Very annoying to his sister. He can be kind but mean. He is always bugging Crystal and her friends. He teases her about Ryu but he secretly is happy for them. He likes pranking people with Shade. Shade is like the big bro he never had. (awww)
Dorm Number: 216
Room Mate: It would be nice if he had a roomie this year...
Specialty: White Magic.
Classes: German (hehehe), Advance White, Basic black, Basic shapeshifting, Science, Maths, French and History.
Relationships: Crystal's little brother.
Pets: Casper (owl).

I heard a bell ring. It was the school bell! We were at the train station. Noo! Late. We'd be late again because of Recardo...
"Recardo! You evil bastard! It's your falt we're late! You shouldn't of stopped to look at them girls on the way!" I yelled.
"Calm down, sis. We'll get there. You'll just have to transport us there because you can use magic outside school and i can't." He replied, grinning.
"I forgot about that... Bye!" I dissappeared into thin air and appeared at the front gates of the school.
"Ahh yes... Another bloody year here... Oh well... Wonder how much trouble i can get in this time!"

Crystal dissappeared infront of me.
"*****..." I muttered under my breath. She was mean, she'd never use her magic for me...
I ran to the school, it wasn't much different than last year. I remembered that i could use my magic now and teleported to my dorm, 216.
"There are 2 beds this year? I wonder who i'm sharing with..."
I began to unpack.

25th July 2003, 04:55 PM
Name: Ryu Gilgamesh
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Year: 3
Appearance: He looks like Oliver from Beyblade.
Personality: Nice and outgoing. He can be a cluts at times but is a nice guy at heart. He's a bit of a coward and a bit of a joker.
Dorm Number: 123
Room Mate: none yet
Specialty: Shapeshifting
Classes: Advanced Shapeshifting, Basic Black Magic, White Magic, Chemistry, Japanese and Biolagy
Relationships: He's Crystal's boyfriend (if shesigns up).
Other: He has a pet fruit bat named Fruitsy.

Name: Espa Roba
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Year: 3
Appearance: He looks like Espa Roba from Yu-Gi-Oh
Personality: He can be a bit of a show off and be a pretty snobbish, but he truelly is a nice guy once you get to know him.
Dorm Number: 186
Room Mate: Shade (please)
Specialty: Black Magic
Classes: Advanced Black Magic, Basic White magic, Shapeshifting, Mathematics, Astronamy and Chinese.
Relationships: None yet.
Other: He's psychic.

Name: Pandora
Gender: Male
Age: around 22
Year: Doesn't go to Sirrun
Appearance: He looks like Arkana from Yu-Gi-Oh.
Personality: A really nice guy to his friends and family. He has been known to hold a grudge for about 3 minutes.
Dorm Number: Doesn't go to Sirrun
Room Mate: What did I just say?
Specialty: Black Magic
Classes: For the last time, hedoesn't go to Sirrun.
Relationships: He's Ryu's cousin

I arrived at the front gates.
Another school year. Let's just hope no more crazed german teachers try to kill us.
I looked over and saw Crystal.
"Hey Crystal!" I called. She looked over and smiled.
"Ryu!" she ran up to me and kissed me.
"Good to see you again," I said.
"It's good to see you too," she replied before kissing me again. This would have been a perfect moment, if it weren't for that strange boy watch us from the gate.

Espa Roba
I leant against the gate watching the two love birds.
I'm getting outta here before I barf.
I walked right past them and headed towards my dorm.
Why did I have to come here? I could have gone to a better school. Bot noooo. Mother said I should socialize a bit.

26th July 2003, 09:39 AM
I broke the kiss. There was some sick guy watching us. I watched him walk to his dorm.
"That guy's got some nerve watching us..." I said, glaring at him.
I was about to kiss Ryu again when Recardo appeared inbetween us.
"Ew... I should of known not to do that!" He said, scrunching up his eyes.
"Get out of here!" I said, pushing him out the way.
"Aww! Big sis wants a kissy-wissy with her boyfriend! Lovie-dovie!" He teased.
"Oh would you shut up!" I clasped my hands over my mouth. I- I'd said that before... German teacher...
I grabbed my stuff and ran into my dorm. There was only one bed this year. I was on my own. I dropped my stuff. Tabbie got annoyed and started hissing at me and Hooty screeched. I jumped on my bed and cried into my pillow.
Was this year gonna be the same as the last? I didn't know. I didn't really want to know.
"I hope it's not the same as the years before... Please... Don't let him come back! Please!" I sobbed into my pillow.

Crystal ran off. I must of really upset her. I didn't mean it. No. She wouldn't really get annoyed with that... It must of been that dam German teacher. She's never forgotten that... She dreams about it so often... The last time must of been so bad; she couldn't sleep so i went into her room and hugged her just to get her back to sleep...
"It wasn't you, Recardo..." Said Ryu "It was-"
"Yeah, i know. I wish she could forget about it... I'd do anything to make it all go away..." I replied.
"You really do care about your sister, don't you?"
"Don't tell anyone, but i do..."
"We'll take care of her." He said smiling at me.
I'm surprised at how he reacted. He must know Crystal and I better than i thought.

26th July 2003, 03:50 PM
Sorry i'm double posting here, but i have to write more!

I must of fallen asleep because i woke up to the sound of Tabbie scratching at the door to get out.
"Alright, Tabs... I'll let you out..." I mumbled sleepily. I got off my bed and opened the door. Tabbie ran for it.
The weird guy that was staring at me and Ryu was outside my dorm.
"Hey! Why were you staring at me and Ryu?" I asked, grumpily.
"I wasn't. You were in my direct line of vision." He replied in a posh voice.
"What year are you in?"
"3. What about-"
"I'm in 3! I've never seen you around though. Are you new?" I asked.
"Yeah. Are you ok? You look like you've been crying."
"Um... I am now... I'm Crystal by the way..."
"I'm Espa. What? The same Crystal that got rid of the German teacher last year? I defeated one of the most famous wizards in the world-"
I slapped him very hard on his left cheek (my right). He staggered backwards and rubbed his cheek.
"What was that for?" He said, shocked.
"YOU! Saying that like it was just some friendly duel or a tornament! He was EVIL, Espa! Not like me calling my brother evil. He was pure evil! You don't know what it's like to be faced with danger like that and it being partly your own falt that your friends nearly die and people you've yet to get to know dying!" I yelled, tears streaming down my face.
"I'm sorry... I-" he blurted out.
"So you should be!" I sat down on the floor leaning against the wall, head on my knees and my arms around my legs. I glared at him. I hated his guts right then.
He sat down next to me, "No, honestly. I AM sorry. I didn't relise..."
Ahh! There goes my inspiration for today. Crystal is turning very sesitive about the last two years... I wouldn't like to be her right now... But i am her!

26th July 2003, 06:32 PM
Espa Roba
"No, honestly, I AM sorry! I didn't realize..."
"Just leave me alone!" cried Crystal. She took a swing at me but I dodged.
"Fine be that way!" I growled as I left. It had only been one day and I already had someone hating me.
I defenetly hate this school!
I walked down the hall towards my dorm.

27th July 2003, 09:30 AM
I walked back up to my dorm, there was this posh guy walking down the corridor. He looked angry and hurt. I was gonna ask what was wrong but he shoved me out the way.
"Fine! I won't try and make friends with you!" I muttered to myself.
I tripped over something.
"Hey! Watch where you're going!" said a sniffly little voice.
I looked down, it was Crystal. She'd been crying. Her normally bright blue eyes were blury through tears.
She looked up, "Oh, it's just you" She said, smiling slightly.
"Was it that weird posh guy?" I said, sitting down beside her.
"Espa? Yeah..." She stared at the floor, "Never should of talked to him..." She dried her eyes.
"What did he say?" I asked, tears started to run down her cheek, "Ah... I know... People should just leave you alone about that."
I put my arm around her, she leaned against me.

"You're the best little bro I could ask for. You know that, don't you?" I told Recardo. He wasn't that little anymore. He was nearly my height now...
"Yeah, i know."
I waited. He didn't say anything.
"Now you're ment to tell me that i'm the best big sis." I prompted.
"I do? I didn't know that!" He said, grinning.
I couldn't help but smile too. He cheered me up. I dried my eyes again and went down to the canteen.
Oh joy... School food... Yuck... I thought.
"SHADE!" I shouted across the canteen.
"Hey Crystal! How was your summer?"
"Fine thanks!" I said. I checked the chair for Shade like pranks and sat down.

Tyler and Hobbes
27th July 2003, 05:14 PM
I looked around it was Crystal. "Hey Crystal! How was your summer?" I asked. Fine thanks!" she said. She looked at the chair and then sat down next to me. The cantine wasn't packed today, for once. But tommorow, was the actuall first day of business. "Hey have you seen Cho?" I asked, handing a first year a pack of Lemon lies. "She wasn't in the dorm she said she'd be in." "Nope, haven't seen her all day." "What about Ricardo?" I asked. "He should be coming soon." she said. Soon, a hawk swooped down on me, almost calliding with the table. It dropped a letter and then started swimming in my soup. "Well, my lunch is done." I said smiling, Crystal laughed. I opened the letter, it read:

Dear Mr.Beluse,

We have been given recomandations for you to be the entertainment at the school dance, we, or the students, should I say, would be happy if you sung. Please reply as soon as you can.

Your friend,

Proffesor Vistor.

"What does it say?" Crystal asked. "It says, I get to lead the music at the dance!!" I said jumping up and down.

28th July 2003, 11:55 AM
"Woah! Calm down, you hopping mad bunny!" I said, people were staring in our direction "Or i might just turn you into one." I added.
"What sort of stuff am I gonna sing? What accomplement? I haven't much time to think!" He said to himself.
"Need a pianist?" I asked.
"You play piano?" He asked, slightly shocked.
"What do you think i've been doing in my music lessons?"
"Ah... Good point..."
"You know I'll play if you want me to."
Then it was my turn to recieve mail. It had my Mum's handwriting on it.
"Not even the end of the first day and she's sending me mail..." I muttered.
I opened it.
Dear Crystal,
I've organised for you to take your driving test this weekend. Your instructer said you've had enough lessons to take your test. You're 18 this May, i think you should get it soon.
Hope you're having a good time at school so far, honey.
Love, Mum.
Shade had read it over my sholder, "Driving test?"
"Yes, Shade. I'm 17. 17= learn to drive. I've been learning over the summer..." I sighed.
"Wow! You'll be able to drive me places!"
"No, Recardo, you will drive yourself places when you're 17." I said, turning round to find him using one of his new inventions, "eavsdropping chewing gum", to listen in to the conversation.

28th July 2003, 06:01 PM
I kissed Kazeko one more time and teleported to my dorm. I conjured up a pizza and teleported two slices to Seig, who was already in his dorm. I then decided to take a little nap.

I munched on the pizza Zero sent me but I thought to that crazy kid who chased me with her freakin' wand. I just shrugged and continued to munch.

Sorry they were short but I'm tired.

28th July 2003, 07:39 PM
I've been busy....Sorry for the delay...@.@

~*^*~Ami Zypher~*^*~
I walked with my things towards my old doprm, #112. Sighing, I was wondering if I had a roommate or not this year. Sen mewed quietly as I sighed deeply, entering my dorm, and soon sitting on my bed. I let Sen out of her cage, and she curled at the edge of my foot.

"Oh Sen," I told her, "What's to happen this year?"

"Mr-row!" She meowed without meaning, I knew she didn't understand. I wondered about all this, and continued to sit on my bed for awhile...soon getting up to go to the the cafeteria with the crap they call 'food'. Shrugging, I walked down the hallway, wondering what lied ahead of me...

Tyler and Hobbes
29th July 2003, 12:41 AM
I laughed at Ricardo giving him a thumbs up and making funny faces behind Crystal's back. "Yeah mom, can't you drive us places?" I asked laughing. "I'm not Ricardo's, or your mother, thank goodness." she said. I laughed. "Oh, Ricardo, I forogt to tell you, you're now my full-fledged apprentice!" I said, beaming at him. "I thought I already was?" he said, obviously confused. "Well sort of, now you're able to use my inventions on your own, with my permision, and run the cantine." I said. "Cool, thanks Shade." he said, hugging me. I turned around only one person was left. I jumped back in surprise. This girl was scary, you've had to have been there. "Can I get some REAL food?" she asked, looking annoyed. "Uh, yeah, one burger coming up." I said. Ricardo then made a hamburger appear in his hands. "Hey I didn't ask for-" I shoved some of the burger in her mouthe. She chewed for a second, pleased. "Do you want to change it?" I asked. "No." she said walking away. She had left $1.50 on the counter.

29th July 2003, 06:58 AM
I was hungry now... And how did Recardo know that spell? He's smarter than i thought... He must get it from me...
"I'm so hungry... But what to eat..." I said.
"Burger?" Asked Recardo, he held out a burger.
"No, i'll get my own food, thanks." I said, grinning. He was about to take a bite when i made it explode in his face.
Shade and I laughed at him. He just grinned back.
"See ya later guys, Tabbie is just as hungry as i am..." I laughed, she was sat on Recardo's sholder, eating the remains of burger on his face.
"Your stupid kitten follows you everywhere!" he complained.
"I know. Come on Tabs, food time!" I said, taking Tabbie from his sholder.
We went out of the canteen and saw Ami on the way back to my dorm.
"Hey Ami! How was your summer?" I asked.
"It was fine..." She mumbled and continued walking.
What was her problem? She was in my charms and japanese lessons last year... She talked to me then...

I whiped the rest of the burger off my face.
"That's twice today! I'm gonna have to get her back for that!"
"You can try, but she's too clever for that."
It was some weird guy i've never seen before. How did he know Crystal?
"Um... I should know! She's my sister!"
"I thought so... Well, good luck with your revenge..." He dissappeared.

I thought it would be good if the German teacher's sons were going round the school finding out about them... If that's alright, then the weird guy was one of them, other wise he was some normal person.

Tyler and Hobbes
2nd August 2003, 11:11 PM
I shrugged at the guy. He looked creepy, he talked creepy, he acted creepy, he must be creepy. "Moveo!" I said as I landed in the courtyard. "You!" we both said at the same time. I knew that guy, he was the evil guy that attacked me last time. "Tempus Pugno!" "Moveo!" I said, I landed behind him. "Electrica!" Moveo!" he said. "Tempus Pugnat!" In a flash of lights, I was down.
I looked, "Ahhh!" I said as I saw myself on the ground. The evil unknown guy muttered something then collapsed.Something came out of him. "You misquito!, why won't you die?" he sneered. I laughed, "Well, to die, you have to be weak!!!!!!!" I said as I shot a mixture of fire, water, electricity, and ice at him. It went through him. He laughed, and then, had a look of pure fear. He went back to his body and dissapeared in smoke. "Now, to get back to my body." I said. I tried to get back, but I couldn't get in.
Shade's dead, don't worry, I'll post his ghost form later.

3rd August 2003, 01:40 PM
Shmee, I've been busy... @.@
After I showed Asa her dorm, I wandered back to my own and began to unpack. Suddenly, a weird vibe hit me. It startled me, but I ignored it. After I finished unpacking, I pulled out my laptop and emailed a few of my friends, telling them what had happened since I left. I got the vibe again and a shiver ran down my spine. I walked out to the courtyard to clear my mind. The first thing I noticed was Shade laying on the ground. I walked over to him and nudged him lightly. "Shade?" I said quietly. He didn't move. I nudged him again. "Shade, wake up...." I said a little louder, my voice starting to get shaky. I gently placed my ear to his chest to listen for a heartbeat, but found none. "No... Shade...." I said quietly, tears beginning to fill my eyes. "No, I can't lose anyone else.... You're the only person I had left... You can't be dead...." I whimpered. Asa walked by me and noticed the tears in my eyes. "Cho, what's wrong?" she asked. I didn't say anything, I just got up and ran back to my dorm, tears running down my face.

3rd August 2003, 03:40 PM
I still hadn't got back to my dorm when someone else pushed past me. It was Cho, she was upset.
"Cho? Cho? What's wrong?" I said, chasing after her.
She couldn't explain, she was crying and she couldn't get the words to come out.
"Calm down!" I said.
"Shade... C-courtyard" She snivled. "D-d-d"
She couldn't say the last word, i don't think she wanted to. I gave her Tabbie to look after while i went down to see for myself.
I found his body laying in the middle of the path. I checked his pulse... Nothing...
"No! Shade! This can't be happening!" I said.
A ghost came up through his body. Shade is a ghost! Woah!
"What's the matter? It looks like you've just seen a ghost!" he said.
I couldn't help laughing. If he was a ghost then...
"Shade, can you get back in your body?" I asked.
"No, other wise i'd be in my body." He said.
There was a girl standing there, she looked abit like Cho.
"Hey, are you Cho's sister?" I asked.
"Do you know Recardo Lilly?"
"No, sorry..."
"You'll probably find him in the canteen selling stuff. Can you go get him for me? Tell him it's Crystal that wants him."
"Okay..." she walked off in the direction of the main school entrance.
"Why do you want him for?" Asked Shade's ghost.
"He's good at hiding things."
He looked at me with a puzzeled look on his face. I laughed. He didn't know what i was up to.

A girl came up to me as i was selling some stuff.
"Crystal wants you. She's in the courtyard."
I looked at her blankly. "Err... Okay. Sorry everybody! Shop's closed for a while." I packed up all the stuff and made my way outside.
I found Crystal, Shade and Shade's ghost there. Wait! Shade's ghost??? What's that all about?
"Um... Hi?" I said.
"Hey Recardo, can you hide Shade's body for me?"
Shade's ghost and I stared at her. "What??" we said together.
"You hide Shade's body, i find spell to put him back in it, we're all happy." She explained.
"Won't that take a while?" I asked.
"Maybe. We could make it so the school thinks he's on holiday."
"How would we do that?"
"Oy! Prankster Jr? I thought you were good at that stuff!" Said Shade's ghost.
"That's forgery. Can't do that." I explained.
"I'll do that part then! While we do that, Shade, you'll have to not be seen by people other than Cho, me, Recardo, Ryu and Cho's sister. I'll explain to everybody else about what's happening." She said.

I'm going to Florida on Wednesday. If someone would like to do Crystal and Recardo's role play for me then it would be very much apprecated! Other wise, just include them in it. Please tell me if you want to take over for 2 weeks... Thanks.

Tyler and Hobbes
5th August 2003, 07:45 PM
Ghost Shade
I smiled at Crystal and Ricardo as they walked away, I hesitated, should I thank the person who stood for every thing I was against? "Er...Crystal, thanks." I said. That was the hardest thing I have ever done! "No problem." She said. I dissapeared, it was pretty fun doing that while in ghost form. I wanted to know what Cho was doing. She was holding Crystal's cat. She was crying. I smiled, even when she was crying she was beautiful. "Ya miss me?" I asked, leaning against the wall. "S-shade?" she said, wiping her tears away. "What happened?!?" she asked, she was about as confused as I was. "Nothing that matters, don't worry, I'll be back in my body soon." I reasured her. "I'm so glad your alive! When I saw you dead.." tears streamed down her eyes. "Don't cry, I think I have something more important then death here, you." I said, smiling. She hugged me, or, tried. "Remember when we first met?" I asked, grinning. "Yeah, I knew you would be the one." she said. "Yeah, that was the best day of my life. Remember when I saw you in a bra at 2:00?" "WHAT!?!" she screamed. I smiled sheepishly, then teleported to go see if I could scare Ryu.

8th August 2003, 08:25 PM
Other than Kazeko, I'm making a new character, Larry (the son of the headmaster of Seirunn)

Name: Larry Dumblefork
Age: 16
Years at School: 3
Apperance: Slicked back brown hair, coal black eyes, wears a purple shirt that says, "HELLO LADIES"and a pair of red jeans.
Personality: The world's biggest snob, can get anything he wants at the school, due to his daddy being the headmaster. The ultimate ladie's man, but he disgusts Kazeko.
Dorm Number: 112
Roommate: Ami
Specialty: Charms
Classes: Charms, Advanced Black Magic, Potion, French and German.
Relationships: Has a humungous crush on Kazeko, and will do whatever it takes to make her his.
Other: Is Zero's feircest rival (other than Shade when it comes to tricks and traps)

Same old Zero, but was a bit more carefree than last year. Either way, I loved the guy and that's all that counts. I headed up to the dorm to see Aurora, my roommate and Shade's cousin looking at a huge book called, "ADVANCED TRICKS FOR FIRST YEARS". I just shrugged as I left the dorm to see a familar face.

"Hello Kaze-cakes, it's your future man." I smiled charmily as I held out a beatiful rose. "Back off Larry, I love Zero." she retorted angrily as she mumbled a fire spell which incenerated the rose and set my hand on fire. Kazeko smiled as she teleported else where while I ran around stupidly with a burnt-to-a-crisp hand that was still on fire. I get you Kazeko, and it'll be for you're own good.

Larry's a jerk huh? Well, he'll get his wish the coward's way later and will make waste of Zero with his rival's favorite technique.

8th August 2003, 08:46 PM
I finished unpacking my stuff and was about to go find Crystal.
I hope Crystal’s calmed down about this morning.
Iturned around and I saw Shade standing there.
"How'd you get in here?" I growled. He smiled.
"Get outta here," I said, as I tried to push Shade out. But my hand went through. He grinned. I then realized what was going on. Shade was dead. I screamed and then fainted...

a few minutes later...
I awoke to see Crystal, Recardo and Shade standing over me. I slowly sat up and looked at Shade. I then noticed that no one else was freaked. I looked at Crystal.
"What the hell is goin on!?" I cried.

I snarled in anger as I walked down towards the cafeteria. I couldn’t stop thinking about that Crystal girl. I hated her so much.
I can’t even decide what to do to her! I want to make her suffer!
“Do you know Crystal Lilly?” came a voice. I turned around to see a cloaked figure standing behind me.
“Of course I do,” I snarled.
“You hate her don’t you?” he replied. I was surprised. How did he know? I tried not to show it though.
“You want to get revenge don’t you?” he continued. I smiled.
“It would make me one happy sorcerer,” I replied. The man gave off a slight chuckle.
“Then meet me in the courtyard at midnight tonight.”
“Alright.” The man then turned around and disappeared. I grinned evilly.
Soon Crystal, vengeance will be mine!!!

Tyler and Hobbes
8th August 2003, 09:16 PM
I looked up from reading, I thought I had seen Zero's girlfriend. I guess I was wrong. Shade had given me this book for my birthday last year. I think he thought it was a joke. I mean, for me to read a joke book. But I wanted to surprise him, make him pay for all those tricks. I smiled as I succesfully created a peice of gum that made it's own bubbles. I felt a little hungry, so I walked down to the cafeteria.

15 minutes later

I was shocked, this guy was trying to get Crystal!! Last year when I went to visit Shade, she was the best. I couldn't let him do this. I put my hand on his shoulder, "Your coming with me!"I said as we both dissapeared. We landed in the courtyard, "What do you want with Crystal!!!" I shouted. He just chuckled, "What's it to ya?" I held out my wand, "Tell me." "Why should I?" "Because I am prepared to kill you." I was wondering who the other guy was. "Get over it!" he shouted. "Pugno!" he shouted. "Occulto!" I sai. I then dissapeared, dodging the energy. I then did the sleeping spell. He then blacked out. I took him to the greatest revenge makers, Shade and Zero.

9th August 2003, 11:55 AM
I shot awake, feeling a sharp pain in my head. It must be Shade. The idiot probaly ran headfirst into that big tree again. I headed out to the hall to see a floatly gas bubble shaped like Shade next to Crystal and Recardo who were standing around a freaked out Ryu. "Hey Ricardo, nice gas bubble shaped like Shade." I said but Recardo just said, "Shade's dead, but he'll be back." You probaly would have thought I would have cried my eyes out since Shade's like a another brother to me. "I knew that would happen, but Crystal always seems to think of some spell so I have no reason to be depressed. Gas-Bubble Shade said, "Well thanks for caring Z." He then smiled sheepishly when I showed him a picture of Crystal in a bra I found in his room. "ZERO YOU BRAT!" Crystal shreiked as she began to chase me while shooting random spells. I easily dodged but shot a Chicken-Lips Spell which hit her head-on, turning her lips into a chicken beak. I then mimiced a chicken while walking as I headed to the cafeteria.

I watched while Zero used a trick spell on Crystal, one of my personal favorites anyway. I was pretty sad about Shade but like Zero said, Shade will be back. I then walked out only to bump into Aurora, who was dragging some hooded guy around. "Hey who the heck is that scumbag?" I asked. "Some guy who tried to attack Crystal earlier but I knocked him out. I grinned as I said, "You did that? That's like Shade doing algebra blindfolded." Aurora angrily said, "Eat my Wart Spell!" I simply used a Butt-Inflating spell before she could even finish the spell. Her butt grew twenty times it's size while I dashed off to find Zero. Now she's really gonna kill me since that spell's permanent unless you use a really hard Butt-Restoration spell which will make you butt the size it was before the earlier spell was used. I use it on her one of these days, but for now, I gotta run for my freakin' life!

Tyler and Hobbes
9th August 2003, 12:53 PM
I smiled, "Now, now children, don't argue." I said, laughing. I wondered why that picture was in my dorm. I didn't take it. I then looked at was happening, Crystal was chicken beaked, chasing Zero, Ricardo was standing there laughing, and Ryu was still looking at the picture. "Lunch Ricardo? I'm buying." "You always do, but won't they notice if they see a ghost eating in the cafeteria?" I thought, "Fine, we won't eat."

9th August 2003, 04:13 PM
After crying for only-god-knows-how-long, I stepped out of my dorm, complete with tear streaks down my cheeks and red puffy eyes and walked back to the courtyard. Once I got there, I noticed a bunch of people fighting and casting trick spells, including...... Ghost Shade? I took off at full speed and attempted to hug, which ended in me flat on my face. Ghost Shade laughed. "Real smart, Cho." he said. "Shut up..." I muttered, still on the ground. I got up and brushed the dirt from my clothes and spit out a few mouthfuls of dirt. "Mmmm.... Topsoil..." I said sarcastically, taking a drink of water. I noticed the effects of the trick spells, including Crystal with a chicken beak. "Um...." I said, thinking of a spell. I finally remembered a restoration spell and cast it on everyone, returning them to normal. I went to walk back to my dorm when Crystal said "Wait Cho, your mom was a master of white magic, right?" "Yeah, what of it? Doesn't do me much good, she died after my first year..." I replied. "But she must've tought you a life spell, right?" "Oh yeah!" I said, finally catching her drift. I dashed over to where Crystal had said his body was hidden, Ghost Shade following close behind. I quietly mumbled the life spell and walked off, my work for the day done. I flew back to my dorm, layed down on my bed, and fell asleep, knowing there wasn't much to be awake for...

Tyler and Hobbes
9th August 2003, 10:29 PM
I was finally back to normal! I went to go see Cho, to thank her. She was asleep, I smiled as I touched her cheek with the back of my hand. She woke up, knocking me down. "Hey!!!" She looked down, "Oh, sorry Shade, wait, what were you doing in my dorm?" she asked. "Nothing, just wanted to thank you. I'm paying for you, and the rest of us, to eat at that French restaurant, a couple blocks from here." I said, grinning. She then kissed me.

Tyler and Hobbes
16th August 2003, 07:09 PM
You guys *shakes head* Look alive, look alive, it's times like these....Everyone seems busy !@^#$Y!^$%$T$!@T$$Y!@Y$!@$T!%$TY$!TY! O_o, sorry about that

I simply returned my posterior back to normal (sp?) As I ran after Tombo. "YOU LITTLE BRAT!!! GET BACK HERE!!!!" I yelled. I then saw the guy was waking up. " I stopped running. Tombo looked back, something he usually never did. He came back, probably hopin I had forgotten about what happened two seconds before!!! We both quickly teleported to Crystal, hoping she could do something. All of them were hugging Shade and shouting about something. They looked happy, they looked, like they beloged like that. After what seemed about eternity, they finally noticed me and Tombo. "Hey Aura, what's up?" Shade asked, using the pet name he knew I hated. "This guy, was plotting with some other, creepy guy. He said somethimg about getting rid of Crystal."

22nd August 2003, 10:41 AM
Hello people! I'm back. One thing... You evil people! Stop toturing Crystal! Right... Pay back time...

"Getting rid of me? Who would want to get rid..." I stopped. So many people crossed my mind. What if the evil German teacher was back. No. He is dead. He is! Maybe it was that Japanese teacher from my first year... Nah... What about Espa? Wait... "Espa! I made him so mad today..."
"Wait! There was this hooded guy that asked me about you... He asked me if i wanted revenge about the burger exploding in my face..." Said Recardo.
Shade laughed, "You've gotta admit that it's funny."
"No, i don't"
OMG! Shade and Recardo? Arguing? This day keeps getting weirder... They carried on with the Do and Don't thing.
"Shut up both of you!" I didn't care anymore. Some one was out to get me, i have to stop them before they get me... "We've gotta find out who it is. I can beat them... I just know it"
"What if you can't this time? I'm not letting you do this on your own, Crystal, we're all better as a team." Said Ryu. He was right. He always looked out for me, and i loved him for doing it.

22nd August 2003, 07:41 PM
Espa Roba
I slowly began to wake up. I found myself tied to a chair.
"WHAT'S GOING ON!?!?!" I cried. No one was around.
Time for me to escape.
I began concentrating on the knife on the table. I lifted it up with my mind and bought it to my hand. I cut myself loose.
"Time to meet up with that guy," I said to myself as I ran out of the room, "It's nearly midnight."

23rd August 2003, 10:06 AM
We had tied up Espa without him knowing before we went back to our rooms. I had disabled his magic until the next morning. But even though we'd done that i still couldn't sleep.
Hooty was out hunting and Tabby was curled up at my feet. It was like any other night apart from being at school with someone out to get me...
I lay there, staring at the ceiling. I looked over at the clock. Five to Twelve... I sighed and turned over to find two eyes staring at me.
I screamed, he gagged me, tied me up and dragged me outside to the courtyard to find another hooded figure and Espa standing there.
Here we go again... I struggled, the ropes were tight. The guy who was holding me dropped me on the ground. This can't be good...

I woke up quickly to the sound of someone screaming next door. I sat up quickly. Crystal!
I grabbed my jacket and ran quickly past my roommate to the door. The same hooded guy was dragging her down the corridor. Neither of them noticed me. I made my self invisible and followed.
I peered through the open door into the court yard to see another hooded guy and Espa.
I can't take out three guys at once... I gotta get help... I ran to Shade's room and kicked open the door.
He sat up quickly, "Who's there?" He said, looking right through me like i wasn't there... Wait...
"It's me" I said, reappearing, "they've got Crystal! Come on!"
He ran to wake Cho and Zero, i went to wake Ryu, Aurora and Tombo.
This wasn't going to be easy. I found Aurora and Tombo first but telling Ryu that, after all we did, his girlfriend had been kidnapped and Espa was there with the two hooded guys. I hesitated but i went in and woke him up.
"What do you want, Recardo?" He said, sleepily.
"They've got C-"
I nodded, he ran out of the room, pushing me aside and headed down to the courtyard.
"Be carefull! There's three of them down there, including Espa!" I yelled after him. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid...

24th August 2003, 12:43 AM
Espa Roba
An evil smile spread across my face as I stood over the helpless Crystal.
“Now how should I punish you?” I said in a taunting manner, “Should I just blast you now? Or should I saviour this for a long time?” I then brought my foot down on Crystal’s stomach. She cried out in pain through the gag.
“I’m going to enjoy this!” I laughed.
“CRYSTAL!!!!” I heard a voice cry out. Some one was coming.
“Damn!!” I growled. I then looked down at Crystal.
“I’ll deal with you later, but first, let’s make sure you don’t remember this. Amnesios!!!” Crystal then fell asleep.
Sweet dreams Crystal. Because they’ll be the only good things you’ll have from now on!!!
I then turned to the two hooded guys.
“Meet me at that tower over there!” I said, pointing to a tower not far outside the school grounds. The two nodded and we ran off.

I ran out to the courtyard to find Crystal laying there unconscious on the ground.
“CRYSTAL!!” I cried as I untied her and removed the gag.
“Come on Crystal,” I said, “Wake up!” Tears were running down my face.
“Ryu!!” called Recardo as he ran up to me, “Is Crystal alright?”
“I don’t know,” I replied.
“Well, let’s just get her to her room. She needs some rest.”
“Good idea.” I picked up Crystal and headed for her room.
What kind of monsters would do this?

24th August 2003, 03:06 PM
That almost fits with what i wrote today... But not quite... Never mind... I'll use it later.

I was glad that Crystal was getting some sleep for once but i was still worried too. I couldn't help it, she was my sister after all.
Ryu had decided to sleep on the floor in Crystal's room, just in case. I'd seen him cry for the first time ever today, he really did care about her... I doubt that he was getting any sleep because i wasn't getting any either...
Our parents need to know about this... I really don't like writing to them about stuff like this; they get very worried and would probably take us both out of the school if something really bad happened. But it has to be done. I will send it in the morning because Casper is out hunting. I could borrow Hooty, but he's probably hunting too...
I wrote the letter. I was sleepy and lessons begin tomorrow so i decided to get some sleep...

I woke up the next morning after actually getting some sleep.
After getting dressed, i wondered down to the canteen to grab some food and set up the shop. Only a few people were down there though... Shade, Zero and Cho weren't there. Ryu and Crystal weren't up yet either...

I woke up the next morning to find Ryu asleep on the floor and my stomach hurting like someone had stepped on it.
I was soooo confused. Why was Ryu asleep on the floor? Why did my stomach hurt? Why didn't i know why? Ahh! I'm so confused!
"Ryu? Ryu?" I said softly, trying to wake him up.
He opened his eyes. "You're awake! What happened? Are you alright?" He sat on my bed and hugged me.
"What happened? What do you mean?" I said.
"You were kidnapped last night! Don't you remember?" He said, looking very conserned.
"No... I don't remember anything from last night! All i know is that my stomach hurts..." I paused for a second " And my head. I must of hit it hard or something..."
I started to cry, i couldn't help it. Ryu wrapped his arms around me and held me close. "It's ok... I won't let it happen again..."
He went back to his room to get dressed while i did the same.
I looked at my timetable, Joy... Double black magic... Wait... That's a good thing! Ryu, Shade, Zero and Cho are all in my class! Hmm... I wonder who else will be our class...
I grabbed my stuff and wondered down to the canteen where i said i'd meet Ryu. It was pretty empty apart from my brother setting up the shop and some random early people.
I was about to sit down when i suddenly tripped, scattering my stuff on the floor. I was about to grab one of my books when someone stepped on my hand. I looked at the person's shoe, i knew who it belonged to...
I suddenly got some weird images in my head. I was tied up on the floor outside and someone was laughing at me. Who ever it was stepped on my stomach and i tried to scream but-
It ended. I looked up, it was Espa.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Did i hurt you?" He said taking his foot off my hand.
I didn't say anything, i just grabbed my stuff and ran over to Recardo.
Ryu entered the canteen as Espa left. He came over and i explained what i saw.
"Some one must of used a forgetting charm on you..." Said Recardo. I hoped he wasn't right and what i saw really didn't happen...

24th August 2003, 07:18 PM
I was worried about Crystal but I know she's as tough as they come, not physically though. I just strugged as I put on my Rey Mysterio "Lisence To Fly" t-shirt and a pair of khaki jeans and headed to the canteen to see Larry hitting on Kazeko, who was preparing to blast him. I dashed over and said, "Hey Lar, you do know Kazeko's my girlfriend and not your's right?" I gave him a cheesy grin as I hid my fist behind my back, preparing a Shotgun. "I know sleezeball, but Kazeko will be soon." Larry then grabbed Kazeko's hand and kissed it. I roared, "BACK OFF BASTARD!!!!!!!!!" I then released all the energy I stored in my fist and shot it at Larry's face, sending him flying straight through the canteen and through a couple of walls. I blew the smoke rising from my fist away as Kazeko and I headed to the canteen.

Seig (TOMBO)
I saw Larry blast through those walls as Aurora and I headed to the canteen. Zero and Shade said they would give us 40 bucks each if we didn't argue for a week. Well it's been 5 minutes since they made that bet. So Aurora and I have been walking together since then. We tried our best not to insult one another but it was hard. I already thought up atleast 1,272 different insults and names to say but I wanted my 40 bucks! I just shrugged as we entered the canteen.

25th August 2003, 07:42 AM
I watched Aurora and Tombo walk through the canteen doors. They weren't arguing for once, which was weird. Then some weird newbie to the school went flying through the open doors and straight through the wall. hehehe... I hope he desurved that... Zero and Kazeko entered the canteen, Kazeko was looking slightly shocked and Zero looked please with himself. I could tell that Zero had sent that guy through the wall...
Payback time, "Hey Zero! That chicken thing wasn't funny, y'know. But this chicken thing is" I quickly cast a spell on him. It looked like it did nothing at all... That's what he thought...
He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out, just chicken noises.
Recardo and I burst out laughing. He only found it funny because i'd done the same trick on him before. Everyone else started laughing too.
Shade came in the canteen to find us all laughing.
"Okay... What's so funny?" He looked confused.
I couldn't talk, i just couldn't stop laughing, so i pointed at Zero casting a spell to make him try and speak. He made more chicken noises which made Shade start laughing and the rest of us laugh even harder. Even Kazeko was laughing!

25th August 2003, 08:09 AM
I just shrugged as I used a restoration spell, which enabled me to talk again. "Pretty damn good Crystal, but I thought up a kick-*** trick spell." I then casted my newest yet untested spell, the big head,big butt, chicken lip, Dumbo ears, 1 day farting, and food-exploding-in face spell. Crystal just thought I was bluffing until her head grew twenty times it's normal size, and so did her ***. Then her lips turned back into a chicken beak and her ears grew big and floppy like Dumbo's and she started to constantly fart and finally all the food in the cafeteria zoomed at Crystal's face and exploded! Shade, Recardo, Kazeko, Tombo, Aurora and I all laughed at her. Crystal looked like she was gonna kill me (Like she already hasn't given me that look in the past) so I began to run until Larry, the guy I blasted through the wall. He was battered and bruised but still went for Kazeko and said the thing that finnaly set me off, "After what Zero did to me Kaze-cakes, I don't want to make you my girlfriend," You probaly would have though we all gave a sigh of relief until Larry finished, "I'M GONNA MAKE YOU MY WHORE!" I roared even louder than before, "YOU RAT BASTARD! I KILL YOUR F*CKING *** RIGHT NOW!!!" I then let loose a barrage of punches and kicks, each one filled with rage and fury. I then kicked Larry up into the air and yelled, "CHOU SPIRIT GUN!!!" I then shot a huge energy that used up so much energy, I blacked out right after I shot the blast...

25th August 2003, 09:55 AM
I used my own restoration spell and sighed. I honestly hadn't seen that coming. I was really surprized to hear Zero yelling at someone.
I ran out of the canteen to find Zero knocked out on the floor with that kid next to him. Larry was his name.
"Oy Zero! Wake up before i even think of doing another trick spell on you!" I said, trying to wake him up. Sooo many trick spells came flying into my brain. No. It wouldn't be as funny as it would if he were awake.
He woke up, "What the hell are you doing here, Crystal?"
"Trying to find out what, or who, the hell you were yelling at!"
"No trick spells?" he glared at me.
"Nope, none." I said.
I went back into the canteen to get breakfast. It was busier and the people who had run away had came back. Recardo was taking a break from selling stuff and was eating a bowl of Rice Crispies.
"Hello Snap, Crackle and Pop."
He was silent. He was just about to eat a spoonfull of them when i made them really go Snap, Crackle and Pop.
"Crystal! I'll get you for that!" he said, chasing me out the canteen and down the corridor.
"Wanna bet?" I cast a spell of oil onto the floor after me. He slipped and fell. I laughed and turned around to find my Black magic teacher stood behind me.
"Crystal! Detention!"
She walked off. I sighed, it was definatly not my first detention and not the last either. Recardo was grinning at me. He saw what i'd but on her back as she left.
"That's a really old joke. Nice one! I think i'll do what it says..." He got up and followed her.
She didn't notice, but i had stuck a sign on her back saying "kick me". It was old, i know, but i still found it funny.

29th August 2003, 04:42 PM
Espa Roba
I walked up the stairway, heading to the top room of the tower.
This is perfect. This tower is the perfect hideout and the best place to meet up with those two guys.
I opened the door to see those two hooded guys waiting for me.
“It’s about time you got here,” one of them said.
“Let’s skip the chit-chat and get to business,” I replied, “What do you want me to do?”
“First off. How strong is your magic?” I got a bit frustrated.
“It’s extremely strong! Plus I have some special powers other sorcerers wouldn’t have. Surprised?”
“We’re not. It all makes sense now.”
“Now what do you want me to do?”
“We want to get revenge on some people. We need you’re help.”
“Why should I help?”
“Because one of the people we’re planning to get rid of is Crystal Lilly.” I smiled.
“In that case, I’ll help you.” One of the guys handed me a list.
“These are the people we want you to get. We just want you to weaken them, make them helpless. Then we’ll take over.” The two then headed for the door.
“We’ll meet again.” The two then left. I looked at the list and smiled.
I already have a plan to get rid of them. I’ll destroy them from the inside out!!

I looked up at the school gates. It had been a while since I walked through these.
“It’s time I payed my little cousin a little visit,” I said softly to myself as I headed towards the door.

30th August 2003, 12:41 PM
I was heading down to Black magic, as you do, when i saw him. Pandora was looking around, kinda lost. I laughed and went up to him.
"Now... What would Pandora be doing here? Umm... I wonder..." I said.
"Hi Crystal. Have you seen Ryu?"
"Not since i left the canteen.... Want me to help you find him?"
"Yeah... Ok."
He followed me down to the canteen. Ryu wasn't there. We went down to our Black magic classroom and he was there. Shade glared as we went past. No one else did. Kalad was gone... So was Sakura... I miss them...
"Hey Crystal. Hey Pandora. Why are you here?" Asked Ryu.
That was a very good question...

I didn't manage to kick the teacher. She asked me why i was following her so i sorta ran... heheh... She scares me.
I went to my first class, German. I shuddered, atleast i didn't start this school when Crystal did... I sighed and pushed the door open.
"You're late, Mr Lilly. Why?"
"I slipped? My owl ate it? I left it at home?" I replied cheekily. Some people laughed. Others didn't dare laugh. Our teacher was mean, really mean.
"Just sit down!" I sat at the back of the class, as usual, and started sending messages to Jake who was sat in the front row. We'd been deliberatly seperated last year. It sucked.

No ideas at all today...

30th August 2003, 05:44 PM
"What are you doing here?" I asked Pandora.
"Can't I pay my little cousin a visit anymore?" he replied playfully as he messed up my hair. I smiled. I then looked over at the clock. There was still a few more minutes before class.
"Hey Pandora," I said, "Can I speak to you alone for a few minutes?"

A few minutes later...
"Some guys attacked Crystal?" Pandora asked.
"That's right," I replied, "they then put a forgetting charm on her." Pandora thought for a few seconds.
"I guess I'd better stay here to help you guys," he said.
"Now you'd better go back to class."

31st August 2003, 10:08 AM
I smiled as Ryu came and sat down next to me. I didn't know why he'd talk to Pandora alone...
This lesson was a normal one. We were told what we were doing, the teacher split us into pairs and we got on with it. As usual, i was paired with Shade, which wasn't a bad thing. We always have a laugh.
We were doing memery charms. I really didn't feel like doing them, but i was forced to. Amnesios was the one we were doing.
"Ladies first" Said Shade.
"Amnesios" I said. Shade stumbled and looked at me confused.
"What did you just do to me?" he asked. I burst out laughing. "What's so funny? Crystal?"
"I did that spell on the board and it worked... Your turn."
He read the board "Oh... Ok... Amnesios!"
I forgot what i was doing. "Shade? What the hell did you do to me?" He laughed.
The whole lesson must of gone like that... I can't remember...
"Okay class! Sit back down. I'll reverse the spell so you actually remember what you did this lesson." Said the teacher... I couldn't remember her name...
She lifted the spells. I remembered more than the lesson. I remember what happened last night! Now that explains everything! I have to tell everybody... I need to get out of here...
I must of gone pale because Ryu and the person sat next to me were asking if i were ok...
I grabbed my stuff and ran out the classroom. I carried on running. Someone was following me. No two people... Maybe three...
I slammed my dorm door. Ryu, Shade, Zero and Cho came in. I was sat on my bed, staring at the floor with small tear running from my cheek.
"You know what happened. Tell us."
I told them.

31st August 2003, 09:13 PM
I saw Crystal run into her rooom with Zero, Shade, Cho and Ryu close behind. I decided to follow, since I'm in every class Larry (and Zero) are in I was sorrta freaked that Lary said what he said and Zero blacked out so easily. It normally take tons more than just his Chou Spirit Gun to take Zero out. I sat down next to him in Crystal's room as she explained what happened last night. "Espa? He was a good friend of mine until I flushed his wand down the toilet." Zero said. "Yeah same for me until I placed a cherry bomb in his pudding." Shade confessed. Then the two busted out laughing. "Guys this is serious. We gotta find Espa and those two guys before something really bad happens." I said. Zero nodded as he slapped Shade, who was still laughing in the back of the head. All of a sudden the door bursted open and four figures emerged. I recognized Espa but I saw Larry with them. "LARRY!" Zero yelled getting ready to charge. "Just try me now idiot." Larry said with a smirk. Zero ran foward to spear him but all of a sudden fell to the ground, making a small pool of blood under him. Larry smirked as he showed us a bloody dagger and heaved Zero onto his shoulder. What the hell was going on? Larry was normally really shrimpy but now he can carry Zero on his shoulder? Shade, Ryu, Recardo and Seig (who just came in all assualted the gang of four but we shot back by ice spells except for Ryu and Shade, who were shot away by the Spirit Gun! The two were out cold as Larry and Espa cornered Crystal and I in a corner and Cho tried to attack but was gagged by one of the hooded guys who was armed with a chain. Cho fell unconcious as Espa aimed his wand at Crystal's throat and Larry closed in to kiss me until someone shot through the window! It was DZ, Zero's politer, more sensitive side which seperated from him last year. He grabbed his blade and swung his at the hooded men but they teleported away and so did Larry and Espa. Zero was still on Larry's shoulder when he left! Crystal and I looked at the unconcious bodies of Shade, Ryu and Cho while Aurora (who came in directly after the foursome left) helped Tombo and Recardo up. "ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled as I fell to my knees, sobbing. I then placed my hand in the pool of Zero's blood as looked deeply into it. He can't be gone.....

I smirked as we arrived at the tower. I threw Zero's carcass into a corner and handcuffed him to a wall while I walked around him, thinking of ways to get rid of him and making Kazeko mine. I then slapped him a bit and grabbed his face and yelled, "KAZEKO'S MINE YOU PEICE OF RURAL TRASH! MINE!" I then shot a water spell at him, rudely waking him up. He tried to break free, which he could easily do but these magical handcuffs were nearly indestructible. "I'll let you go on one condition rat-boy. You and me will fight to the deaths for Kazeko infront of all your stupid little friends in four months. Until then, you'll be here." I grinned evilly. I love my new power. With these, I would win Kazeko's heart, destroy Zero's friends and his brother and rule the world!

1st September 2003, 05:29 AM
"RYU!!!" I screamed, i sat down next to him, he was out cold. "This should be me! It's all my falt... I should just let them get me... Then this will all end and no one else will have to be hurt or killed."
"Crystal? What the hell are you talking about? Come on! You must have a plan!" Yelled Recardo.
I thought about it. "I'm gonna get Zero back from Larry. Then... I'm gonna..." I had nothing else... No big plan.
"You do have a plan, Crystal. You're the best sorceress i know. We can do this." Said Aurora.
I noticed a peice of paper on the floor by the door way. I ran over and picked it up. There was a list of names. The writing dissappeared before i could read any of them.
"Dammit! This was a list of names... Espa had it. When i get my hands on him, i'll..." I didn't know what i'd do to him. I know i'd kick his *** what ever i did.
I started to run down the corridor. "Where are you going?" Recardo yelled after me.
"To get Espa before he gets me" I said, running into somebody.
"No, you're not."
"What happened here?" He said, going into my room.
"Espa, Larry and two hooded guys attacked us." Said Kazeko.
"Ryu! Is he ok?" Pandora was very worried, i could tell. The smile he usually had dissappeared.
"I'm fine..." He said, waking up slowly. "Shade? Cho? Wake up."
I helped him up. He sat on my bed, i sat next to him and kissed him.
"What was that for?" He asked, confused.
"For being there for me and having a cousin that stopped me from doing something stupid."

Tyler and Hobbes
1st September 2003, 02:23 PM
Shade is back, back again! Shade is back, tell a friend!

"What, I don't get one either?" I asked, as I got on the bed too. That earned me a hitting from both Ryu and Crystal. Pandora then walked over, I shifted my hands uncomfortably. "Okay..truce." I said, holding my hand out. He did something I never thought he would do..shook it. "You know I'll probably stab you in the back." "Yes, but I believe in second chances." "Welp. I'm gonna go get Zero back from Larry." I said, as if it was nothing. "WHAT?!?" All five of them shouted. "Crystal and Kaz, keep Cho safe." I said as I used the dissapearing spell. I landed in a place I never knew existed, It looked like it was connected to the school, but it might not be. I saw a figure holding another. "Hi Larry." I said smiling grimly. He threw zero down. "What are YOU doing here?!? They said you were dead!!" "Exactly." I said, smiling, now it was a real smile. I knew Larry, he was what my father said I should be, perfect grades, nice hair, HE wanted to be in my father's business. Little did dad know that Larry was a freaky loser. "No matter, if you leave now you won't die." "I've died more then once Larry." "Pugno!" he shouted. I stepped to the side and it missed me. "Is that all you got? Electrica Ignis!!" It shot out yellow fire which nailed Larry right in the heart, pushing him back eight steps. It knocked him out. Zero had been slowly brought back to consciousness. Suddenly the floor under me began to quake and then I fell through. I landed in a vat of this pink sticky stuff.......Sticky stuff!!! I remember now! In my first year I made pheremone perfumes. I must have stashed the rest here. That would mean...I would be irresistable to every and any girl! "Moveo!" I said, going back to the room.

5th September 2003, 04:15 PM
I peered through the door into Crystal’s room.
It seems our attack failed!
I snarled. Then there was a bright light and Shade appeared, holding Zero over his shoulder. I was filled with rage.
I can’t believe our attack failed!! And worst of all, that fool Zero might know where our hideout is!![I/]
I was using all my strength not to explode in an angry rage. I then looked over and saw Crystal kissing that Ryu guy.
[I]It seems she cares deeply for him.
An evil smile spread across my face.
Maybe I could use that to my advantage.
I turned and headed back to the tower.

6th September 2003, 06:23 AM
"Shade? That's not the pheremone perfume potion you made last year, is it?" I nearly yelled. He was covered in pink stuff.
"Err... Yeah..."
"OMG! Moveo!" I teleported into the canteen, I really don't want the potion to work... Please don't work... mm... Shade... It's working! Dammit! I thought, teleporting again, but this time to the libary to find the antidote.
I found it quickly and made the antidote. It was a vile brown color but i didn't care. I drank it quickly.
"Hmm... Books." I said, scanning the shelf for something to read. "History of Sirrun School of Sorcery... Maybe this might have some info on what's going on around here..." i teleported back to my room to find Kazeko, Cho and Aurora all fighting over Shade. I couldn't help laughing.
"Huh? Why ain't this working on you?" asked Shade.
I smiled at him, "Antidote" I said, waving the flask with the remaining potion in it. "Want some? Catch!" i chucked it in the air, Shade pushed the others out the way and caught it before it hit the floor.

I laughed at Shade as he tried to make Kazeko and Aurora drink the potion. He didn't want to give it to Cho.
I looked over at Crystal, she had her nose in a book. This was normal but i would of thought she would be trying to think up a plan.
"There's ment to be a map in here..." She said, "It should be here and it should have all the secret passages on it too. But it's not showing up. It's just a blank page and it has some writing i can't read at the bottom..."
I took the book from her, she tried to snatch it back, i wouldn't let her.
I looked at the bottom. "It's German..." I said, taking a closer look to translate it. "The map shall be shown to those who really need it..."
The ink appeared on the page, showing the room we were in. I carried on reading the translation out loud for the others to hear. "Say the room you want to see and watch it appear before your very eyes... Sounds like a someone trying to sell something..."
"Don't be stupid. Lets try it out. Dorm 123." Said Crystal, she smiled at Ryu. Nothing happened. "Stupid thing..." she said, getting fustrated.
"Hundertdreiundzwanzig" I said, the room appeared. Crystal glared at me, i grinned at her. "So... Me taking German was usefull after all!"

6th September 2003, 10:01 AM
Sorry I'm late guys. I'll just pretend I've been here the entire time.

Shade finnaly washed that pink stuff off as Zero stumbled around as he walked. He looked like he was fall unconcious or dead any second now. RIght now, Zero was training me on rapping. I sorta have a crush on Crystal's brother, Recardo but I haven't told him or her that yet. We walked through the room and I was about to scream when I saw what I saw.

This is the first and last time I can post so since we agreed on it, Reborned will take over Nayia for me. Damn this gu

7th September 2003, 09:11 AM
I cleared up the small puddle of Zero's blood off the floor. Recardo was sat with his nose in MY book.
Naiya, Recardo's roomie, screamed. I stood beside her, Espa was about to attack her using some giant snake like thing.
"Deletrius" I said, what ever that thing was dissappeared. I grabbed Espa before he could run away and slammed him against the wall. "Why the hell do you keep attacking us?" He said nothing. "Why??" I yelled.
"Why would i tell you?" He said, calmly. He used a spell which sent me against the oposite wall.
He began to run, "Petrificus Totalus!" His arms and legs snapped together and stuck like glue. He fell. He was face down on the floor, i turned him over. "Now Espa, why?"
"Nullo modo" He said, which was no way in latin.
"Shade! Zero! Ryu! Cho! Kazeko! How about we get a little revenge of our own?" I said, an evil kinda smile spread across my face. I normally didn't hate anybody, but i had to hate Espa. He hates me, I hate him.

I watched Shade, Ryu and Cho run out the room while Kazeko helped Zero hobble along. I'd managed to get the book to respond to English. Crystal wasn't the only smart person here.
Naiya was stood in the door way watching what was going on. I saw a hand reach out and grab her. I threw the book down and went to help.
"Naiya! Duck!" I yelled, she ducked down, one of the hooded guys had her. "Rictusempra!" the guy couldn't stop laughing, it was tickling him. He let go, Naiya ran over.
"You saved me." She said, with a kinda awe in her voice.

7th September 2003, 01:55 PM
Okay I got three guys now. God I'm good :)

I used a healing spell as I finnaly got up and Kaz let me move around a bit. I then prepared the spell I used on Crystal earlier which I have finnaly named Messed-Up. All of a sudden, I fell a cold blade on my neck. "What now Larry?" I asked coldy. He just grinned as he said, "You have to accept my challenge, or I'll be forced to kill all of your loved ones, including that idiot Shade." I then got so angry I shot the spell at Larry but he deflected it right at Espa, who was still petrified. "Thanks Pork-pie but I have something for you in my pocket." I put my hand in my pocket and then shot a quick Shotgun in his face. Larry smiled as he said, "Stonius Petforium!" I knew that was the Stone Body spell, a incredibly dangerous spell at that. I thought of a counter spell but it was too late. He shot the spell right at my heart and I instantly turned to stone...

Seig (TOMBO)
"ZERO!!!" we all yelled. Kazeko, Shade and I all dashed at Larry but he didn't try to defend himself, he tossed Zero's lifeless stone body into the air and let it fall. It then collided with the hard ground and shattered. I looked in fear as the peices were vaporized by Larry. "YOU MONSTER! SPIRIT GUN!" I yelled as I shot a small blue laser straight at Larry but he deflected it right at Kazeko, who wasn't prepared to deflect it. She fell to the ground knocked out as Larry picked her and Espa up and teleported off. That son of a ***** is gonna pay!

I looked in horror as my mentor in the arts of rapping was shattered. His girlfriend was gone too. Man, I want to get Larry so
badly but Tombo and Shade want to do this more. I didn't say anything, knowing everybody was too depressed to even respond.

Well, Zero's dead. I'll post him in his ghost form later. Peace!

Tyler and Hobbes
7th September 2003, 04:51 PM
I stared at Zero's shattered body. I then looked at his murderer. "I promise...by the end of this day...you will know my true power!!!" I shouted at Larry. Aurora had finaly snapped out of the spell I put on her, she was just silent, I could tell she was hurting as much as the rest of us. "I'm going." I told our group. "I'm going with you..." Ricardo said. "I can't let you do that, this is personal." I said I saluted them and teleported. I was in the same place as earlier, except for the fact that there was a big hole in the floor. "I knew you would be coming you rat." Espa said. "Aww...still mad about that whole pudding thing?" I asked, smiling as I pulled up a chair. Larry, evil psychopath's son, and this other guy were sitting in chairs beside Espa. "You twit, do you even know what this is about?" "I'm pretty sure it has something to do with revenge, but I'm still working on it." Larry stood up, "Shade, join us, for I am your father!" "Actually you could be, because dad hated me too." Suddenly Larry raised his wand, but the smaller dark figure motioned for him not to. "Well, Shade, as Zero calls you, you always annoyed my father, and I can see why. But we have a little problem, your friends and you keep getting in our way, so.." "On second thought, I think I'll go." I said grinning as I created a skateboard. "Get him!!!" All four morons shouted. I road down the path. I did a 360 over the vat, and crashed through the glass that led to the kitchen. I rode over doing an impposible, when I crashed and landed in front of the building.

8th September 2003, 01:44 PM
I rubbed my back from where i'd slammed against the wall.
"He got away... We'll get him later" a voice inside my head said.
"Shade got away?" I asked, everyone stared at me like i was some kind of loony.
"We'll get him. We want you to"
"Shut up. Stop talking to me!"
"But i like talking to you. I'll tell you our plans"
"Get out of my head! Leave me alone!" I yelled.
"Crystal! Who are you talking to?" Asked Recardo.
"He's in my head. Espa is talking to me. He's psycic..." I said. "Stop reading my mind! Go away! I won't let you do this!"
"But it's so easy to get in. But so hard to get out..."
"Right... That's it!" I sent a random spell to where ever Espa was. What ever i did, it certanly cept him from trying to read my mind again.

No inspiration. I'll get back to French homework now...

12th September 2003, 08:19 AM
I would post but I got school soon so I'll just bump this.


13th September 2003, 05:08 PM
I snarled as I rubbed my head. That spell really hurt.
If I can’t get Crystal myself, then I’ll have Ryu do it!
An evil smiled spread across my face. I teleported to the top of the roof of the tower.
“It’s time to get this show started,” I said to myself, “Ryu here I come!!” I began to glow gold and I focused my power on Ryu.

“You alright Crystal?” I asked.
“I’m fine,” she replied. Suddenly, I felt an intense pain in my head. I clutched my head, groaning.
“You okay?” Recardo asked. Before I could answer, the pain got a lot worse. It felt like my head was on fire. I began screaming. It was so painful. Then heard a familiar voice.
Hello Ryu! Miss me?
It was Espa.
I’ve got a little job for you. DESTROY CRYSTAL!!
“N…never,” I groaned.
If you won’t, I’ll force you!
The pain got a lot worse. I cried out in pain even louder.
“Ryu! What’s wrong?” Crystal cried as she walked over to me.
“G…get away!” I cried, signalling her to back off, “Get away!” Pandora gasped.
“What’s that on his forehead?” cried Recardo. A gold, glowing marking appeared on my forehead.
You’ll work for me now!!
I gave one last scream before teleporting out of there. I appeared in the courtyard. I fell to my knees. I couldn’t keep him out of my mind.
The pain stopped and my arms fell to there sides. I stood up.
Now Ryu. Time for your mission. DESTROY CRYSTAL!!
“Destroy…Crystal…” I replied.

In case you don’t get it. Espa’s controlling Ryu’s mind, so now Ryu’s one of the bad guys.

Tyler and Hobbes
13th September 2003, 05:40 PM
“Destroy…Crystal…” I heard the voice mutter. I swung around (the courtyard IS in the front of the school...I think...x.x) I saw Ryu, on the ground. He had just gotten up, by the looks of it, something was wrong. "Hey, interesting meating you here." I said grinning. "Get out of my way you incompetent ignoramus." he said, his voice filled with menace. "Ventus!!" I shouted. A large gust of wind shot out from behind me, nailing him in the back. Suddenly someone else teleported here, "Larry!" I shouted. Ryu didn't even mind, he just stood there, smiling. "Fancy a dule?" They both asked me before trying to shoot me with some black energy.

15th September 2003, 03:18 PM
"He's got him... Ryu... Please be ok... What would i do without you?" I whispered to no body in particular through my tears.
I needed to calm down. I would go sit outside under a tree and just... Think.
I ran out the front doors, into the court yard to find Shade stood on one side and Ryu with Larry about to attack him. I couldn't believe it. Ryu would never... No, he wouldn't.
Ryu and Larry shot black energy in Shade's direction. Time to show Larry that i'm no push over. I sent one of my favourite shield spells infront of Shade, keeping the energy from hitting him. Nobody had acctally noticed me until then. Shade turned around, i grinned and waved cheekily at him. I walked over and stood next to him.
"Great timing..."
"I aim to please."
"Destroy... Crystal" Said Ryu, walking towards me. (no zombies here... XD)
"What? Ryu, what's wrong?" I said.
I stared at him strate in his eyes. It wasn't the Ryu i knew talking to me. He had changed.
Larry hit me with some kind of spell. I fell, Ryu laughed. I sent Larry flying, he hit a tree, knocking him out.
I got up and grabbed Ryu by his sholders. "What's happened? Why are you laughing when i fall? Why do you care when Larry falls? Why are you attacking your friends?" I yelled at him, tears flowing again.
I saw the Ryu i knew for about a split second before he threw me against the floor. I had to stop him... But how can you hurt someone you love?

*sniff sniff* How sad... ;_; Please excuse any spelling mistakes and other stuff that may be wrong... I've got a head cold and it's not good... I'll write Recardo later...8)

15th September 2003, 08:38 PM
Ghost Zero
Well, this is what it's like to be dead. Shade knows, he died at the beginning of the frikkin' year. I then saw Ryu about to attack Crystal. Then I got a idea. I zipped toward the tower Larry took me to see Espa on top of it. I then went into his body, possesing him. 'Hey Espa, it's your worst nightmare.' I then flew back to the area Ryu was at to see he was still about to attack Crystal. "Hey Ryu! It's your worst nightmare, sucka!" I yelled out. Everyone looked at me. Shade was about to attack when I shot a Spirit Gun at the roof, making it land ontop of Larry. Shade smiled, knowing Espa didn't know how to use my Spirit Gun. I then got a huge rock and smacked him in the back of the head. Ryu fell as I then aimed my finger at myself and yelled, "REBORNED SOUL GUN!!!!!!!!" The huge silvery blast engulfed me.

Seig (Tombo)
I watched the blast and when it vanished, I saw Zero's body, face covered with blood and his clothes ripped. I then saw Espa gone completely. Kazeko, who just woke up ran over to the battered and bruised Zero. "Zero, wake up! Please wake up..." She whispered as he shook him a bit. Zero began to waken, moving a bit to get control of his body. Kazeko cried out with joy as she lightly kissed Zero, who gave us a thumbs up as he placed his arms around Kazeko.

I was really glad Zero was back. I was so glad, I gave Ricardo a big hug. When I looked at him, we both blushed as I let go. He then chuckled and so did I as everyone celebrated about Zero's revival, I lightly kissed him on the cheek.

16th September 2003, 03:07 PM
Umm... What roof? Nobody else was there either... *sigh* Oh well... Lets just presume that rocks fell and not the roof...
Nayia kissed me on the cheek. I felt myself go bright red. This was a first, a big first. I've had plenty of crushes on people, but not the other way around... She was my roommie... Why didn't she tell me? I suppose it's the same reason that i've never told anyone about my crushes... I was starting to like her too.

I looked around. Ryu was under a pile of rocks looking kinda... Unconcious...
I started moving the rocks away. I glanced over at Recardo for a second to see Nayia kissing him on the cheek. I laughed a little.
I got all the rocks off Ryu and turned him over to face upwards. I brushed his hair from infront of his eyes and watched the gold mark dissappear. He was back, the Ryu that i know.
"Hey, Ryu, wake up." I softly in his ear.
He opened his eyes slowly, "I didn't want... to... I didn't... I was made..." He mumbled.
"I know..." I said, hugging him tightly. "It's not your falt... We'll beat them... You just wait and see..."

17th September 2003, 08:27 AM
We had just left the area to get Zero to the hospital wing. Kazeko held his hand the entire way as we arrived. Ms. Lumplebuff (Damn you Harry Potter!) got him into a bed and said to give him a few days and he'll be kicking *** in no time. I smiled as I headed to the canteen to get some much needed food.

Sorry it's short but I got school soon and I'll post Nayia and Zero later (even though Zero will be thinking the entire time during his) Later.

Tyler and Hobbes
17th September 2003, 10:47 PM
"Recardo's got a girlfriend!" I chimed. We were in the hospitol wing. "Hey!" they both shouted in unison. "Do not fret little ones..for Shade is here to guide you!" "Oh god, no!" I heard Crystal say under her breath. "So, guys, the dance is in five months, you think we're ready?" "For what?" Cho asked. Zero was sitting in the bed, or rather, lying in it. "Yeah, it's not like they're going to attack." "Don't be so sure." I said darkly. "You don't think..." "Never mind, I just had a really bad feeling..." We all just stared at eachother for a couple of minutes...until Aurora was smart enough to change the subject. She just went over and hugged Seige! SHE HUGGED HIM! I ALWAYS THOUGHT SHE LIKED ZERO! BUT SHE HUGGED TOMBO! I didn't know what to think, it was like time had stopped.
Shade is mad...he wants Aurora with a guy he can trust...namely Zero...Aurora did have a crush on Zero at first...sorta like Ginny and Harry...

18th September 2003, 01:54 PM
Yay for Harry Potter!
"I'm not little" Recardo muttered, "Don't you dare Crystal!" He yelled, watching my grin appear.
"Stop spoiling my fun!" I said.
Oh no... What's the time? 5:10pm... Crap.
"Yes, Miss..." I said, turning around to see my least favourite teacher, Black magic's very own detention lover...
"You're late for your detention." She stated.
Shade laughed, "You got detention before me? What is the world coming to?"
"I was..." I couldn't think of an excuse, so i told her the truth "Saving the school from two evil hooded guys, Espa and Larry."
"Hooded guys?" She asked, conserned.
"Like there's any other hooded guys in this school..." I said, rolling my eyes.
She knew something, i could tell. "I'll do my detention tomorrow."
"No, it's fine."
"I insist. It was wrong to do that to my poor little brother."
"I'm not little!" He yelled, I grinned.
She walked out of the room.
"You think she knows something, don't you?" Asked Ryu as soon as she was out of ear shot.
"You guessed it... I just wanna know what she knows..."

I wonder why it sensored that word... Edited it out...

19th September 2003, 08:59 PM
I laided there in the hospital bed, thinking. Why is Larry after me? I know it's because of Kazeko but does he want her that badly? I know I'll have to take him out eventually but I only have four months to train before I fight him. I know those hooded guys will interfere but I'll be ready. Oh well, I'll have to heal before I can train again and then I think of a game plan, or atleast Crystal will help me think of one.

I looked at Aurora and just shrugged. I know she was just changing the subject to stop the talk about the hooded dudes and to make Shade mad. I then hugged her back, infuriating Shade! "Get off my cousin you rat!" he yelled as he delivered a huge right hook, sending me sprawling. I rubbed my cheek as I tackled Shade and started to beat on him. "You stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid son of a *****!" I yelled back. I aimed my Spirit Gun at him but Aurora pulled me off and Cho held Shade back. "Now children, don't kill each other." Zero mumbled from his bed. We just shrugged as I flicked Shade off as I ran off.

I've never seen Tombo or Shade like that. "Are they always like that?" I asked Cho. "Every now and then, but I've never seen them like that." she explained. I just shrugged as I sat down next to Recardo and whispered, "Recardo, do you like me?"

Wuh-oh! PL, you'll need to post next to follow this up.

20th September 2003, 11:03 AM
Follow up coming right up! ^^
I tried my hardest not to blush madly. My hardest wasn't good enough...
"Yeah, i like you." I replied, she smiled.
What next? Do i ask her out? Yes, that was obvious. But where to take her... What to say... When to go... What to do... Kiss her? Wait. I need to ask this now.
"Do you... like me?" I asked, blushing again.
That was the answer i wanted to hear! Now to ask her the final question...
"Do you wanna go out with me on Friday?"
Dun dun duuuuuuun!

"You know what happened 3 years ago today?" I asked Ryu, just thinking about stuff after that fight with Shade and Tombo.
"Ummm... Am i ment to know?" He asked.
"What happened 3 year ago today that is very important that i have to know?"
"You asked me out."
"I did?"
"You did."
We sat there in silence. Then i heard Recardo say:
"Do you wanna go out with me on Friday?"
I looked over at him. He was asking Nayia out! Wow! Recardo got himself a girlfriend? I never thought he would! But... What would Nayia say though?
Again with the dun dun duuuuuun!

23rd September 2003, 02:28 PM
Bumpy bumpy bumpy! Oh and posty posty posty... I won't post Recardo cos he's waiting for his response.

I didn't want the rest of us to ruin Recardo's big romantic moment, so i decided to get everybody out so they could be alone.
"Hey Shade, Kazeko, Cho, Ryu, Aurora! Why don't we... Umm... Go research some stuff on... Stuff. You know! Stuff!" I said, kinda not knowing what i was trying to say.
"Like what?" Asked Shade.
"Stuff!" I said, hinting towards Recardo and Nayia.
"Ooooh! Stuff... Sure." Said Ryu, obviously understanding what i was talking about.
Everyone else seemed to catch on, apart from Shade.
"What stuff? Crystal! You're confusing me!" He said.
"Just come on!" I said, dragging him out the room. "See you later, Zero."
"What stuff?" Said Shade as soon as we were outside.
"Hello! Recardo and Nayia were having a little romantic moment down there! I thought he wouldn't want us desturbing it..."
"That didn't stop you last year!" He said, suddenly getting angry.
"Hey! I was just setting the scene. I didn't excactly watch you, did I? Unlike you on my first date!" I yelled.
"You sawed me, Kalad and Sakura apart and put us together funny!"
"Yeah, but they're not here anymore, are they?"
"Oh! I wonder why?"
"You saying it was my falt???" I yelled, but louder this time.
"Yeah, what if i am?"
We were practily at eachother's throats. I couldn't believe what we'd said to eachother... I stopped being angry with him.
"What's the point of us arguing? We've got bigger fish to fry." I said, calming down.
I think he was shocked at how quickly i calmed down, "Yeah..."
"It's been a long day. Lets just all go back to our dorms and get some rest..." Suggested Aurora.
"Great idea! See you tomorrow, guys. If i survive the night..." I said as we went our seperate ways back to our dorms.

Tyler and Hobbes
23rd September 2003, 05:27 PM
I sat in my dorm, waiting, wondering, why DID Sakura and Kalad leave? I then thought of a prank to top all pranks! I teleported into Crystal's dorm. She just stared for a couple of minutes and then screamed. I grabbed ahold of her, even though she struggled. I put a sleeping spell on her, so she wouldn't scream. I then teleported her to Ryu's dorm. It was a good thing he was in the restroom, or I might not have been able to pull this off. I put Crystal in Ryu's bed, and covered her with the sheet. "Nighty, night, Crystal Lilly." I whispered before teleporting to my dorm. I started thinking, Recardo and that Nayia girl made a cute couple, maybe I should do something nice for them.

23rd September 2003, 07:22 PM
I'm not posting Zero today, since he's still recovering :D

Tombo (SEIG)
I was still really steamed at Shade. He knew damn well Aurora and I were just playing. But that hug, I felt warm and really safe, like as long as I was with Aurora, nothing could go wrong. Or it could have been that bean burrito I had for lunch. Whatever it was, I started to like Aurora a bit more.

I was blushing madly after this. The cutest guy I know has just asked me out? What do I saw? Yes, No, Maybe? Aw, screw it! I leaned towar Recardo and pressed my lips on his. Recardo was extremely shocked at this but he just pulled me in. I then released as I said, "I'll go with you Recardo."

24th September 2003, 02:03 PM
"Crystal! Crystal! Wake up!" I heard as I opened my eyes.
"Ryu, what are you doing in my room?" I asked, sleepily.
"I'm not in your room! You're in mine!" Said Ryu.
I took a look around, i was in his room alright. I thought about how i got here. "Shade..."
"What about him?"
"He put me here... Now to think of a prank to get him tomorrow morning..." I said.
"Hey! No more thinking! You've done too much of that today!" he said. He sat down on his bed.
"It's too cozy in here... I don't wanna leave..." I said, about to get up and go back to my own dorm.
"You don't have to go you know."
He got into bed next to me. I hugged him, "It's too quiet in my room now... No roommie to talk to all night... No Hooty screaming at roommie's cat..."
We sat there for a while. He has no one in his dorm... I have no one in my dorm... Bingo!
"You could move into my dorm! Or the other way round! It would be perfect!" I said happily.
"Yeah! But who's dorm?"
We spent a while talking about it before we fell asleep.

I smiled at her. I was glad that no one was around right then.
"How about we go back to our dorm? Looks like everyone else has and Zero's fast asleep and..." i started muttering.
"Sure" She said.
I took her hand and we left the hospital wing and back to our dorm"

Tyler and Hobbes
26th September 2003, 10:23 PM
The Next Day...........

"Moveo!" I shouted, as I was transported to Zero and Cho's dorm. "Hey Cho!" I said smiling. I messed up my already wet hair just for the heck of it. "Hi Shade." she said smiling. "Wanna go get some breakfast?" "Sure."

10 minutes later.....

"Hiya Nayia, Recardo." I said grinning. "Go Recardo, go Recardo...." I chanted. I messed up his hair with my hand, not as messy as mine, but...still. "You little Shade, you!" I said grinning. "Let's just get to the cantine." Recardo whispered. Maybe I was giving the little guy too hard of a time. But...he would tell me, wouldn't he? "So, enjoy it?" I asked. "Enjoy what?" he said inddiferently. "You know...the kiss with Nayia!" "How did you know about that?" "I left my recording glasses there...."

27th September 2003, 12:50 PM
I woke up to find Ryu in the rest room. I quickly teleported to my dorm, got dressed and teleported back again.
"You were quick!" Said Ryu as he came out the rest room.
"Yeah. I didn't have anything to eat yesterday so i'm really hungry." I said, opening the door. "Coming?"
He took my hand and we walked toward the canteen, meeting Shade, Cho, Recardo and Nayia on the way.
"Hey little bro! What are you so stressy about?" I asked.
"I'm not little!" He yelled.
He was right. He must of grown over night or something cos he was just a bit taller than me.
"This is so embarissing... Why do you keep growing? You're too tall" I complianed. "Oh yeah! What you so stressy about?"
"Shade left his recording glasses in the hospital wing and-" he began.
"You did! Let me see!" I said.
Shade laughed, "Never thought you'd ask!"
Recardo glared at me as i watched. "I just need to say something..." I stopped myself. I didn't want to be on Recardo's bad side today, seens as i'd already done 3 pranks on him and he had done none on me... Which reminds me...
"Shade... It wasn't funny you know. Putting me in Ryu's bed."
"It was! Well... To me it was... Why?"
"You'll see!" I said, grinning.

28th September 2003, 01:51 AM
Zero's gonna recover, but at only half-strength.

I woke up, not feeling as strong as normal but at half of that. That works for me as I sprung out of the bed. I staggered out of the door as I saw the guys talking. "Zero! You should still be recovering!" Kazeko said in a worried tone. "I'm fine, just need to do some stretching." I said as I conjured up two folding chair and folded them out. I then put one leg on a chair and my other leg on the other one and began to split with ease. I flipped over the back of the chairs and grinned. "Oh yeah Crystal, before you kill Shade, I got a better plan." I said as I muttered something. And in the blink of a eye, Shade's head turned into a lollipop covered in drool. We all laughed loudly at LolliPop-Head-Shade. I then changed my buddy back, who was right now very pissed. "Oh yeah Recardo, what was making out with Nayia like?" I teased as I grabbed his cheeks and pulled. "Wittle Wucardo got his first kissy wissy!" I teased again. I sounded like my mother, scary. I released his cheeks as I dashed off from Recardo and Shade, laughing all the way.

Seig (Tombo)
I was glad Zero was alright but he probaly wouldn't be for long, especially with Shade and Recardo after him. I just smiled as I turned to Aurora, who looked nice today. Then I did something I never thought I would do, "Aurora, will you go out with me this Friday?"

I just chuckled as Shade, Recardo and Zero ran around the school. It was good to see my mentor in the arts of rapping was back on his feet. I smiled as I told Crystal, "You're lucky to have a brother as great as Recardo."

fg, you'll have to deliver an XL follow up with extra cheese.

28th September 2003, 09:14 AM
"I am? I've never been told that before!" I said, trying not to laugh cos it would be mean. "I can't believe he was so sensative about that... He must really like you"
"Yeah" I said, totally ignoring the fact that Recardo was still running round trying to get Zero. "I need some coffee..." I said, dragging Ryu away before Zero decided to tease him about something.

It was actually quite funny chasing Zero round the school, but i was still pissed off at him. So was Shade by the looks of things.
I made an invisible peice of string and tied it between two walls while Shade was still chasing him. Zero tripped and Shade tripped on him. I laughed, two people hit with one prank.
"Not clever, Recardo!" Said Shade, forgetting that he was mad at Zero.
"Very clever. Not pranking someone in three days is bad for your health, you know." I said, grinning.
He got up, messed up my hair even more and said, "Oh too true, Recardo, too true."
Zero was about to untie the invisible string (don't ask me how...) when i stopped him, "I wanna know how many other people i can get!"

28th September 2003, 01:04 PM
Sorry I haven't posted in a while.

I was so glad Zero was back on his feet, but I had a strange feeling something bad was gonna happen soon. I just shrugged as I helped Zero and Shade up and dragged Zero to the canteen before he thought up another insult for Recardo and Shade. "Zero, you have to be careful. You're not at 100% yet so take it easy. He just shrugged as we continued off to the canteen for breakfast.

I just shrugged about Espa's death to the hands of Zero. That just proves Zero's a bit better than I thought. He still had to accept my challenge or I'd kill everyone he knew, including Kazeko. I then got a idea. I teleported back to school and landed in the canteen, blocking the doorway. "Hey Kaze-Cakes. Hello, Zero." I smirked. Zero prepared to fight me but I just pushed him down and he held his arm. Kazekohelped him up as I then muttered, "Burnion Larion!" All of a sudden, Zero's body erupted in flames. He yelled and screamed in pain as Kazeko tried to put the fire out. I just smirked as I teleported away.

Dang, Larry's trying to take Zero out for good, again.

Tyler and Hobbes
29th September 2003, 12:34 AM
RD: Would you like fries with that?

PL: Recardo and Shade sound like those cursed Fred and George! (Iignores that the sentance makes no sense

"Aurora, will you go out with me this Friday?" asked Tombo. I was shocked! On one hand this would be what I always dreamed of. On the other, I was supposed to hate Tombo. But then again, he was pretty cute. But Shade and Zero AND Recardo would all make fun of me. But did that mean I couldn’t handle them? I said the first thing that came to my mind, which was a first.”Yes, definatly.” I then kissed him lightly on the cheek and went skipping to the cantine. “Oh my god, Aqua!" I said as I exstinguished Zero's flames. "Thanks..." he said, limping up. Kazeako then tried to help him heal by doing random healing spells. I then saw Recardo and Shade at the cantine, "How's business going, boys?" I asked, cheerfuly.

29th September 2003, 01:11 PM
fg: *falls off chair laughing* You're right! Fred and George rock!

I'm having a bit of trouble typing... I hurt my hand in gym and it kinda still hurts...

"Right! That's it! I've had enough of that stupid Larry trying to kill us all!" I yelled as i watched him teleport away and the others appeared. "I'm gonna get him good and none of you can stop me! I'm gonna show him that i'm no push over and neither is anybody else 'round here!"
"Crystal! Calm down!" Said Ryu, grabbing my arm to try and stop me.
"No! He's gone too far this time!" I said, shaking him off.
Some of the first years stared at me as if I were crazy. Sure, i might be... Nah.
I used a teleportation spell to follow Larry's. He jumped as i appeared right in front of him.
"Hi Larry" I said, glaring at him. I used a spell which made him unable to move. "You wanna know what it's like to burn?"
Before i was able to use the spell, the two hooded guys, who i still seemed to remember from somewhere, appeared on both sides of me.
They both shot spells at me sending me towards the wall but before i hit it i teleported back to the canteen, landing on the table where Shade and Recardo were selling stuff.
"Are you okay?" Asked Recardo, helping me up.
"I think so..." I said, rubbing my head. "Next time, lets all attack together. It's rather painful having two people attack and hit at once..."

Oh yeah... Espa's dead? O_o

29th September 2003, 08:15 PM
FG: Damn straight I want fries!

"Oh great, I'm injured again." I muttered as Ms. Lumblepuff wrapped my arms with bandages. "Zero, you're getting into too many fights." Lumblepuff preached. "I know dammit, it's Larry. He's out to get me." I replied. "Larry? No way, he's the best student in school." she retorted. I gave her a confused look as I left to see Tombo, who looked like he just won the lottery. "What's up T?" I asked with a grin. "I'm going out with Aurora on Friday." he grinned, acting like he has a better girl than me. "You little Z! You got Dad's genes. Everyone on his side of the family is a player while you're just a player hater." I grinned back, meaning Tombo's hating on my good looks. He just grinned as he headed to the canteen. I teleported to my room and got a small chest that I planned on giving Kazeko earlier but I was unconcious in the hospital wing. I then ran down the stairs to find Kazeko writing in a notebook. I slid down the rail and said, "Hey Kazeko." She smiled as she said, "Hi Zero. Shouldn't you be resting. You were just set on fire." I just grinned as I opened the chest infront of her to reveal a pearl shell necklace. Her eyes lit up like Chrismas lights as she took the necklace and put it on. "Oh thank you Zero. This is the best gift ever." she whispered happily as she started to kiss me. I put my arms around her and teleported to the courtyard as we continued making out.

I'll post Tombo and Nayia later.

1st October 2003, 01:02 PM
"That better not be Zero again" Said Ms Lumplepuff as i walked into the hospital wing. "Crystal? Now there's a surprize!" She said, not sarcasticly as i thought she'd say it.
"Got attacked again... I started it, but who cares? Three on one ain't fair..." I said, sitting down on one of the beds still rubbing my head.
"The last time i saw you in here was... Well... After the incodent last year..." She mumbled.
"Yeah..." I said, remembering how my Mum had made me see a counsiler last year. I was fine really!
"So, what's wrong?"
"I got attacked. They hit me with a spell on my back but that's not the problem..." I said, thinking about the hooded guys. "Um... My head hurts alot."
She checked me over, "There's nothing wrong, it's just a headache. Are you sure that's it?"
I knew i had to ask her. I couldn't keep wondering about it. "Um... Did... Did the German teacher have any family he talked about? Like a wife? Kids?" I asked.
She looked at me like i wouldn't be the sort of person to ask that kind of question. "He had a wife. She ran off... He had two sons, both still alive. They live somewhere in Sirrun. Why?"
"Never mind... I'm gonna go get some breakfast... See you around." I said, getting up and leaving.
I wonder... I wonder if that's where i know them from...

3rd October 2003, 04:55 PM
Espa’s Ghost
“That really hurt,” I groaned as I sat up. That fall from the tower roof was something I didn’t want to go through again.
“That Zero!” I snarled, “When I get my hands on him I’ll make him wish he was never born!!!” I turned to head for my dorm when I felt something under my foot. I looked down and what I saw scared the hell out of me.
“I…i…it can’t be,” I stuttered. I was staring down at my own body.
“This must mean…AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I’M DEAD!!!! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!!” I spun around and punched the wall, only to go right through it. I landed face first on the ground. Then an idea popped into my head. I smiled.
“If I’m dead, then I can…” I began laughing like a madman.

3rd October 2003, 06:40 PM
Kazeko and I finnaly stopped making out as I headed to the canteen to see Crystal on Shade and Recardo's selling table. "What's up Crystal?" I asked as I headed over. "I tried to get Larry and two hooded guys nearly put me through a wall." she answered. I just grinned as conjured up a steak sub and tore half of it off and handed it to Crystal. "Take it, it always makes me feel better and it's healthy!" I said with a cheesy grin. She just smiled as she bit into it, and looked alot better. I gave her a thumb's up as I began to walk away until I heard Crystal laugh evily. I saw a gas shaped like Espa, who I killed a while back enter Crystal's body. "SHade! Recardo! It's Espa's Ghost!" I yelled. They just laughed as they continued to sell. I ran over to stop him but I was automatically sent flying through the stone wall of the canteen by my own signature move, the Soul Gun! I then blacked out with my body covered in rubble.

[COLOR=red]Tombo (Seig)
"Crystal! What's wrong with you!?" I yelled as I entered the canteen with Nayia behind me. She just said, "DIE YOU LITTLE BRAT!" I then was lifted off the ground without magic aid. "What the hell!" I yelled as I was sent crashing down through a table, KOing me.

"Tombo!" Recardo, Aurora, Shade and I yelled as we ran over to his battered body. Crystal easily tossed Shade and Aurora through the ceiling of the canteen and crashing down through the food stand. "Ah crud! It took forever to make that just right!" Recardo complained as I grabbed his arms. "Recardo! This is serious! Tombo's been put through a table, Zero's been put through a stone wall and Shade and Aurora are KOed!"


Tyler and Hobbes
4th October 2003, 08:11 PM
Who dares defy my power!

As I lay there, thinking, I couldn't help but pity Espa. No matter what the others said, I knew there was some good in him. He just needed to show compasion...I then saw the bodies of my friends, "Okay, this guy is toast..." I muttered. I then concentrated, something that's kind of hard when some nut-job is destroying the cafeteria, and all of the other students aren't even in hear.
Let me in Crystal, I won't hurt you...that's the last thing I'd ever want to do. Please, I need to get Espa out of your body! Please!
After about ten seconds I was able to go into Crystal's mind. I had to admit, Espa was almost tottaly in control. "Hey Loser!" I called out across the void of infanite realities, boy Crystal's mind was big. Espa was laughing menacingly, while I saw Crystal knocked out. "What?!? How did you get in hear?" "Tisk, tisk, writing counter defence curses instead ofl istening in basic black magic, even though it's pobably way above your level." Espa then opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it. "We fight, somewhere else." Espa said, transporting me and everyone else to a huge field.
They all looked really scared, well those that were conscious anyway. I found myself knealing down, once I got back to my body. Suddenly a figure emerged from Crystal's body, she looked to be on the verge of tears, but then collapsed. But Espa wasn't a ghost...he was....alive! "How did you-" "By draining most of Crystal's life magic, you twit....Now, hear are the rules, there are no rules! If I win I get yours and Crystal's bodies, well, lives anyway..." he chuckled. "And if I win?" "You? Well, I will let you keep Crystal." "Fin-" "Tempastus Pugno!" It felt like every bone in my body was about to break, I cried out in pain. "Incognito Ventus!" This time I felt happy, strangely happy, then right as I felt that, a surge of pain hit my abdomen. "Electrica!" "Shade!" I heard some call out, I looked, but they were all in shckles. I felt a surge of electricity hit me like a ton of bricks. By now my nose was bleading, I had a gash upon my back, and I felt rage bubble inside of me. "HERE I COME YOU CREEP!!!!!!!" Espa looked slightly amused as I ran torwards him, but then a look of horror came upon him. I upercutted his jaw, so his wand flew out of his hand. "This, this is for the pain you've caused!" I said, releasing all the spells I knew. He screamed in terror, shock, and pain. "This is for the people you've put down!" "This is for Crystal." "And this, well, this is a little parting gift, PAX!" I shouted, he was knocked out cold, but I saw him mouth the words, "You'll regret not killing me." Before vanishing into a dark void.

5th October 2003, 07:40 AM
I woke up slowly to see people scattered around the feild. The feild???
"What happened? Shade? What's going on?" I said, trying to get up but falling down again.
"Espa used mind control on you" Said Recardo, helping me up.
"But... He's dead... And... and... I got rid of him last time... And Shade? What were you doing in there?" I said, confusing myself even more.
"It's ok" Said Shade coming over. I freed myself from my brother and hugged him. "You've got a big mind in there!"
"I have? Cool." I said, thinking about how bigger mind i had which made my head hurt more. "Why are we in a feild?"
"Dunno..." Said Recardo. "You're going straight back to bed when we get back!"
"Hey! Don't be a party pooper! I've got music today... and other stuff too!" I thought about it, bed is good... "Never mind... I'll go to bed, sir!" I said, saluting him.
"Not funny, Crystal..." he said, glaring.
"Honestly! You're starting to sound like... our... Mum..." I said, spotting my Mum in the middle of this weird feild. "Mum!" I yelled.
She ran towards us, i ran towards her, falling over on the way. She helped me up. "Crystal! What's wrong? You're so lifeless!" She said, hugging me hard.
"They're out to get me..."

5th October 2003, 12:39 PM
As soon as we got out of Crystal's mind, I fell over in alot of pain. I was then helped to the hospital wing, my third time there this week. Mrs. Lumplebuff just shook her head as she escorted me to a bed where I could rest, along with Shade, Aurora, and Tombo. Later that night I found Shade's arm around my neck. I know that I'm a very cuddley guy but I don't want Shade to cuddle with me! I removed his arm and turned his arm into a giant chicken wing just for the heck of it as I went back to bed.

I sat on a bench with Recardo and asked, "What is up with those hooded guys?" He just shrugged as he put his arm around me. I just felt really safe and then I did what I've been waiting to ask ever since the beginning of the year, "Recardo, will you be my boyfriend?"

PL, you best put a follow-up soon.

I would have posted Tombo but he has splinters in his back.

5th October 2003, 01:03 PM
"I thought i was already your boyfriend." I smiled and then kissed her.
Why didn't we get hurt? Why did everybody else? Why was my Mum here? It was just weird. Maybe i should tell someone how i feel. Maybe i should tell Naiya...
"You've got alot on your mind..." She said, looking a little more conserned.
"Yeah... Mostly worry... Loads of questions..." I replied.

Mum came back to school with us. She didn't tell me why she came though... I was just happy that she was there.
She tucked me up in bed.
"So... That guy you hugged... Is that Ryu?" She asked.
"No! That's Shade! Recardo's 'master'. He's my friend. Ryu was there too. He's gone to his dorm." I replied.
"Who were the other people?"
"There's Zero... Always doing pranks on me. Aurora, she's cool. Tombo, he's... Funny? Naiya, Recardo's girlfriend..."
"Girlfriend? Woah! Nobody told me!"
"Mum... He wouldn't tell you..."
"That's nice to know!"
There was a knock at the door, "Oooh! Visiters!"
Ryu came in followed by Tabbie who had been 'playing' in his dorm.
"Hey Crystal, just returning your kitten." He looked at my Mum, then back at me, "I see you're busy... I'll go..."
"No no! Stay! Mum, this is Ryu. Ryu, this is my Mum." I said.
"Oh! So this is Ryu! Nice to meet you at last!" said Mum, rather enthuseasticly.
"Hi, Mrs Lilly." He said, shyly.

Their Mum's name is April if you wanted to know...

Tyler and Hobbes
6th October 2003, 12:38 AM
“Ow!” I yelled as Crystal’s mother closed the door on my face. “Hey Crystal just thought I’d check on-“ I said, as I tried to balance soup and a book. I don’t know what’s with me these days with good deads. “Oh, hi, I’m Ryu.” I said noticing Crystal’s mum. “Shade...” I heard Crystal whisper. “Yeah, well, as you know I see alot of this dorm.” “Shade...” I heard a slightly deeper voice say from behind. “Not now Ry-Ry-RYU! Bwuaah!” I screamed as I jumped back, dropping the book and the soup. “Nice to meet you Mrs. L-lilly...” I said, looking at Ryu for approval. “Nice to meet you too, Shade.” She said, smiling. I then thought about my battle with Espa...I knew he’d be back. I knew, he wouldn’t rest until he saw the end of me, Crystal, and Zero. Then a beam of light surrounded me and I was transported to a giant mansion. I knew this place...I knew once as a home...then a dread...then, just a faint memory. I had been estranged from my pure breed (all sorcerers) parents, for I don’t know how long. At first my father just liked tinkering, but then, once he had a good invention, he became obsessed with making money, soon, he joined his father’s business and urged me as well, soon I ran away. The only letter I had ever gotten from my parents was the letter from last year. Emerging from the shadows was our buttler, Jeeves. Weird name. Anyway, he had bags under his eyes, and looked horrible. “Sorry for disturbing you so late at night, young master, but Mr.Beluse...has fallen dead.” I smiled, “And this means...what to me?” “Your father has left you in charge of the estate and everything in it. And he has made me sole guardian over you. His only requirements are that you have someone to share this place with, and that you may let Mistriss Aurora stay here as well” “What about you?” “He has requested I act as landlord on your behalf.” “Cool.” I said trying not to raise me hands up and something. “You may take your leave now Jeeves.” I said, smiling. “I’ll be back to,tommorow, moveo!” I said transporting to Crystal’s dorm. “YAHOOOH!!!” I shouted, giving Ryu, then Mrs. Lilly, then finally Crystal hugs. “Huh?” “I have a giant mansion all to myself!”

6th October 2003, 02:10 PM
*falls off chair laughing* hehehe... Nice.
"Giant mansion? Cool! Shade... You know you've like... known me for ages..." I began.
"Yes, you can come stay..."
"Coolies!" I said, perking up a bit. "Eck... Detention... Oops... Forgot about that..."
"Detention?" Asked Mum.
"Detention? Did i say detention? I ment... Umm..."
"Dementation?" Suggested Shade.
"Yes!... No!" I said, glaring at him. "I have to go see Miss Give-detention-for-pranking-brother, that's all"
"Pranking your brother?"
"Umm... Did i say that? I ment..."
"Just go..."
"Toodles!" I said before running out my room, along the corridor and into the classroom.
"Ah Crystal... Detention?" She our teacher as i entered the room.
"Yes..." I sighed, the sudden burst of energy i once posessed had gone and i was feeling sleepy again.
"You didn't have to come; i told you that."
"Yeah, well... I've got something to ask you..."
She looked slightly puzzeled, "Go on..."
"Well... German teacher... Hooded people... Umm... The German teacher's sons... Are they the hooded people?" I asked, slightly affraid of the answer.
"You catch on quickly, Crystal."
"So i'm right... They are his sons?"
"You're correct. Go back to your dorm. I can't even remember why i put you in detention..."
I didn't argue. I simply muttered thanks before leaving and going back to my dorm.
I jumped into my bed when i got in. They could just tell that something was wrong; probably because of the look on my face.
"What's wrong?" Asked Ryu as he watched me grab the book that Recardo managed to get working.
"Just the fact that the hooded guys are in fact the German teacher's only sons and they're out to get me. No biggie."

6th October 2003, 02:38 PM
"Hey Shade! You can't forget about your buddy!" I grinned. "Of course you're coming Urameshi. If I didn't let you come, you'd take
my helmet." Shade grinned. I gave him a thumbs up as I went to check on Tombo, who was still getting the splinters picked out of his back.

"That's the last one Tombo." Ms. Lumplebuff smiled. "Thanks."I said as I left the hospital wing with Aurora, who still had food in her hair. "You have a ravioli in your hair." I said, removing it and throwing it at a fifth year. Aurora and I laughed at him until he ran at us. All of a sudden, Zero ran in and speared him. The fifth year held his stomach, gasping rapidly for breath. "I got Zero powers, BEEEEEEEOTCCCH!" he told the KOed kid.
Oh yeah BEEEEEEEOTCCCH is pronounced be-ot-ch.

Tyler and Hobbes
8th October 2003, 07:49 PM
"Oooh," I said wincing, "You know he's gonna feal that in the morning..." I then thought of something, the king of pranks! "Run along now kids, run along." I said, shoving, Aurora and Tombo off to some unknown place. "Prank?" Zero asked grinning. "Yeah...Amat Crystal!" I said. Zero looked very strange. "Hey, I'm gonna go find Crystal, later!" I laughed, "See ya Zere!" "Moveo!" I said, landing on Ryu's bed. "Amat Zero!" I said. Crystal had the same goofy dazed look that Zero held moments before. It looked like she was about to throw up at first, but now she seemed very refreshed. Suddenly Zero came through the door, and Crystal and him started making out. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?!" Ryu shouted. "Ah love...what a beutiful thing." I grinned. Ryu pushed me off the bed and said, "Reverse the spell before I kill you." "Geeze, haven't they come up for air yet?" I asked, ignoring Ryu and looking at Crystal and Zero.
Amat, means, he loves, or she loves ^^

8th October 2003, 09:38 PM
I quickly used a reverse spell since I saw the doorknob twist. Kazeko then walked in and saw Crystal still kissing me. She had a look of sorrow and anger as she threw the necklace I gave her to the ground, breaking it in half. Kazeko then stormed out of the room. I couldn't even speak as I saw Kazeko leave. Crystal stopped as she looked at me. She could tell I was sadder than I ever have and will be. "SHADE!!!!! YOU MOTHER ****ING SON OF A *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled as I speared him straight through the window. We were both cut up as we hit the ground and I began to blast and pound on him. I threw him into the air and yelled, "SPIRIT GUN!" The blast hit Shade dead on and he fell to the ground, unconcious. I then flicked him off as I teleported away from school grounds.

I saw Kazeko storm out of Shade's dorm, tears in her eyes. I would have asked what was wrong but I could tell by the look on her face. It said I hate Zero. I knew Shade had something to do with this as I entered his dorm with Nayia, Recardo and Aurora behind me. "What happened?" I asked Ryu. "Shade just ruined Zero's life." he said simply as he pointed to Shade's body laying out on the grass. Poor Zero, losing a girl as great as Kazeko, just because Shade wanted to get a kick out of one of his pranks.

I felt really bad for Zero, but worse for Shade, who we were taking to the hospital wing right now. I knew Zero would be gone for a while, which meant Kazeko was in great danger when Larry's challenge came. But I was still worried about Shade, who would be in the hospital wing for a long while.

I guess Zero's broken up with Kazeko and Shade's hospitalized.

Tyler and Hobbes
8th October 2003, 10:02 PM
Souls, need more Souls!

After being uncon- I mean asleep, for god knowns how long, I just thought to myself, was this worth it? Cho came once, but intead of hugging me she hit me, and said I had gone too far. Aurora, Nayia, and Recardo came, and basicly said the exact same thing. I didn't know what was going to happen. I had to make things right. I had to. If only I knew a healing spell. So...are these the friends you risked your life for? I heard a voice. All around went dark. "Stop it!" "But it's so comfey in hear, do I have to?" I heard Espa say as he came out of the thick darkness. Following him, instead of Larry or the hooded guys, I saw...myself. "What the hell? a ghost?" I asked. Espa laughed. "Now I guess you can't save your friends, and even if you could you have to deal with mine first. And if you beat him, I doubt they'll believe you. What was it again? They boy who cried...wolf?" he asked. And with that he formed into a wolf. He then dissapeared into the ground. "The other guy...me...I guess...came and threw me of the hospitol bed. "I will kill you, then heal you...then kill you...until finally, you'll be begging me to let you die!" "Not if I can help it! PAX!" (Pax-peace, Espa and Evil Shade have very unpeaceful minds ^^) Me, or, well....YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! I felt healed, refreshed, now that my dark side was gone anyway. "Moveo!" I landed in Aurora and Kazeako's dorm. "Get out! Just leave me alone!" she cried (literally). Aurora was standing outside. "NO! I have to fix this! Zero wasn't kissing Crystal because he wanted to! I made him, as a prank. But now I know, that it wasn't cool. I mean, why would Zero want Crystal when he could have someone as pretty, and-and-( I stuttered as I strained for things to say) nice, as you? I know, you probably hate my guts now, but, just please, I don't care if you kill me, or hate me for the rest of my life, but I just want you to forgive Zero. Well, I can understand if you don't want to talk to me, so, tell Zero that pudding boy is back, he'll know what that means. MOVEO!" I shouted as I landed outside Seiruun, I've taken this road before, might as well chart unknown territory.

9th October 2003, 02:53 PM
"Ryu! I... I didn't! It was Shade! The stupid bastard!" I said, trying to stay calm. Everything was going wrong! Why? Why did Shade do that?
"You looked like you enjoyed that..." Ryu said, he couldn't even look at me. Tears slowly trickled down my face, silent tears.
"I didn't! Ryu! Believe me! I love you! And only you! The rest don't matter!" I said, trying to convince him. "Look! I can't even move that bed with magic right now!" I tried, it didn't even move a millimeter.
He looked me straight in the eye. I saw understanding in his eyes, "I... I believe you." He hugged me.
"I'm sorry..."
"It's ok..." He said, holding me close.
"Excuse me while I go kill Shade, ok?" I said, suddenly feeling stronger again, no longer lacking magic but overflowing. I let go of Ryu and teleported to where ever Shade just happened to be.
I looked around, hey! This is the way back to the station.. I thought, seeing Shade coming towards me.
He saw me, turned around and headed back in the other direction. "Oh no you don't!" I yelled, pulling him back magicly.
As soon as he got close enough I slapped him hard across his cheek. "What was that for?" He shouted, rubbing his cheek gingerly.
"Okay! You want reasons? Fine! Number 1: You nearly broke up my relationship with Ryu. 2: You made me kiss Zero. 3: Kazeko now hates Zero. 4: There is no number 4!" I yelled at him. I would of been crying then but the whole slapping thing made me feel alot better. "The point i'm trying to make is- Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going?" He walked past and headed towards the station again.
"Away from here!" I shouted.
I grabbed him, i was so very tempted to slap him again but i resisted. "You're not going anywhere, Shade Beluse! You're staying here! People may hate you now, but so what? Would you rather be on your own getting hunted down by Espa or being part of a group of people who wanna stop the Hooded guys?"
"I'd rather get hunted down by Espa, thanks"
"Do you know who the hooded guys are? They're the German teacher's sons!" I blurted out.
He looked shocked for a moment then mumbled "I knew that really..."
"No you didn't. Look... You saved my life already, now i'm saving yours. Come back with me." I said calmly.
"You're not still mad at me?" He asked.
"Slapping you made me feel better and in the past few minutes i've been yelling, i've thought of atleast 50 ways to get you back for that." I said, almost smiling.
"That makes me feel a whole lot better..." he said sarcasticly "You're mind is too big... Doing two things at once..."
"It makes me smart" I said as we started walking towards school again.

*is unable to type anymore*

Tyler and Hobbes
9th October 2003, 07:47 PM
"Sorry about that whole Zero thing, I promise never to use love magic for evil ever again." I said, straightly. "I just hope the rest of the guys forgive me...." I muttered. Crystal gave me a noogie, whcih made my hair messier if even possible. I looked like I did when I stopped making out with Cho. "I know they will, we couldn't be mad at you if we tried. I knew she was saying it just to make me feal better, but I managed to fake a smile. "I told Kazeako-Kazeako! We left all of them unprotected from Espa!" "WHAT?" Crystal shouted. "I thought you got rid of him!" "No time to explain, come on! Moveo!" I said holding her hand, so we would land in the same place. "What the hell?" Ryu shouted. "No time, come on! Moveo!" "Cho, we need to gather up everyone!"
We stood on the lawn, Kazeako seemed to have forgiven Zero. And they all seemed to have forgiven me, "What's wrong Shade?" asked Zero. He was still fealing a little anger torwards me though. "Espa...back..." I panted. But before we could ask any questions, an owl screached loudly. The wind howled all around us. Gleaming eyes looked at us from all directions. Figures appeared in front of us, all surounded in black energy. Each of us had a foe. (Standing in front of us) But my guy was strange, he had a leather jacket and looked vaguely familiar...THE GUY THAT CALLED ME AND KALAD WEIRD!
The flashing eyes are Zombies! Oh yeah, I'll post my evil char later. Sorry about moving the Kazeako Zero plot thing so fast, but I had to make room for this!

Evil dude:Die Urameshi!
Kazeako: *crying*
Zero: *shotguns shade*
Shade: x.x

10th October 2003, 08:33 AM
I'll have to make this quick.

Even though I wanted to spear Shade again, Kazeko forgave me so I'm fine, especially since I fixed the necklace for her and she took it back. The leathercoat guy then looked me straight in the eyes and said nothing.

12th October 2003, 03:20 PM
I looked at the zombie like thing. It's description matched only one person- Espa. Damn him. I really didn't see what he had against me. I mean... Sure it was his first day and I did make him feel unwanted... But it was his own falt!
Behind the zombie peeps was my Mum and someone else. Who was it? Dad! My Dad is here too? Weird!
I started to run over to them when Espa put his arm out and stopped me. "You have to beat me first" He said, his eyes glowing red.
"No problem!" I said, thinking about the one thing Dad always takes with him everywhere. "Here George! Come on George! Crystal's here to see you!"
Everyone apart from my brother looked at me as if i was crazy. I could tell what they were thinking: Who the hell is George? They were about to find out.
He crashed through the window. He's about 4ft tall and 5ft long. Very scaley, sharp teeth and some nice wings. Yes, George is a dragon.
Espa stared at George as he started licking my hand. "Pathetic" He said, about to laugh until George started coughing smoke.

Tyler and Hobbes
14th October 2003, 04:11 AM
Sometimes I think I have too many plot twist for Shade...oh well, more depth! ^^ Oh yeah, digging that George thing PLuver!

I tried so hard to ignore Crystal's dragon thing, but it was just so damn cool! Anyway, I looked at my new opponent, on acount of, mine left me for Zero. He looked vaguely familiar ( the guys aren't zombies O.o) Wait...no, it couldn't be. "Lord Lucifer will be pleased at your death." said Aeson. "No, he doesn't no where I am!" I almost screamed. "I'm afraid he does...traitor!" he shouted. I knew he was talking about my half demon half angel ness...thing... Anyway, my dad was an angel, and my mother was a demon. I didn't fit in anywhere. So everyone resented me. I turned into my true form, causing some of the girls to stare. I looked exactly the same except taller, more masculine, and I had grey wings. "This does not concern you!" I shouted at him. His eyes flashed malevolently in the moon light. I saw it was now blood red. "Actually, it does, for it is said they have been planning a war, or a counter strike. And you will tell me everything." He turned into his true form too. His Bat wings rising above his head. His horns glistening in the light of the moon. "Shut up!" He looked slightly amused. "Excuse me?" "I said, shut up. You know that I have not been to the Promised Kingdom since the day I was exiled!" He grimanced, "You know too much boy! RAINBOW WAVE!!!" "CRYSTAL FIRE!" And that's all I remembered......
I sat in the hospitol wing groaning. "I tell you, lately you kids have been getting into so much trouble." nirse Lumpplebuff said, as she scuttled out of the room. "What happened?" I asked weakly. "Took a tumble." Recardo said grinning. "They left, George chased them off, Ryu and Zero had to fight off the zombies." Crystal said smiling. Fakely...but smiling. "Listen...Shade..." I heard Nayia say. "Want to know about the wings?" I asked, cough/laughing. "Yeah, we had to tell her that I put a trick-spell on you." Zero said, grinning for about the first time today. I told them everything, about my birth, about how I was exiled from heaven and had to be a human, about how I used to hate them. I just left out one thing, I would have to go back to heaven after completing my five good deeds (one a year).
I'll let someone talk to Shade, about his deed thinggy. I just don't want it to be Zero or Choriko.

14th October 2003, 03:08 PM
*blink blink* George... That was totally co-insidence! I didn't... lol...
Crystal fire? Interesting. Nice use of my name, though.
George seemed to enjoy scaring off those people. What they didn't know was that he can't acctually breath fire yet... I did the fire thing to make him look impressive.
Everyone left slowly, I just sat there thinking and beacuse George didn't want to go away from Shade. He seemed to have some connection. Otherwise it was the whole wing thing.
"George is cool." Said Shade, he made me jump and loose my trail of thoughts.
"Yeah. He's rather tame..." I said, petting him behind his 'ears'. "I was there when he hatched. He doesn't normally like anyone else... He's been acting strange..."
I went back to thinking about the whole Shade being not human and not demond thing. There were so many questions buzzing around in my head but i didn't dare ask them.
"I know what your thinking. Ask away." He said, startiling me again.
He didn't tell us everything, i could tell. "I just... Um... I dunno... It's just confusing me a bit... Something like that happened before... I read it somewhere..."
"It might of been me you read about." He said, watching George take a bite out of a table leg.
"Yeah... Maybe... But I read something about..." I paused, wondering if i should ask, "Good deeds. The thing that Recardo is so very bad at."
"So am I." He said.
"Yeah... I know... Umm... I wasn't ment to say that..." I laughed "It said that that if you do... 4? 5? 5 good deeds then you go back to heaven."
He looked down. I know too much for my own good. I decided to leave it there. There wasn't anything else to say.
"See you later, Shade." I said, about to go. "Come on George."
He didn't follow, he just sat at Shade's feet and fell asleep. "You stay there then! If you do then you won't get to bite Recardo's ankles like you always love to do."
He stayed. If I were an eight year old dragon then i would certainly bite Recardo's ankles!

Tyler and Hobbes
17th October 2003, 08:48 PM
O.o typo, it doesn't take one year, it takes five...O.o;

As Crystal left George sat at my feet. Well, the bed's feet. I just sat there, crying silently, stupid human emotions. Crystal came in a few moments later, apparently she wanted to check on George and me. I smiled to myself, soon it would be like it had been before, like Zero now. I'm talking about how girls used to, and would, flock to me for no apparent reason. I wondered why they did this, stupid complex gender. (Shade is sexy now, stupid sexiness!) I tossed and turned all night, hoping to get to sleep, but to no avail. I brushed my hand through my hair, fealing my ears. A nice fealing, my fox ears. I teleported out of the hospitol wing (one day someone going to have to draw the school! XD) I landed in Cho's dorm. I tipptioed, quietly to her. I just stood there, watching over her. How would I tell her? Now was much too soon, I told myself, maybe in two years. I leaned over and kissed her on her cold cheek. Her cheek was warmer now, and she smiled. I then teleported to the hospitol wing, repeating the words I so often said while I was still an angel, "You know one day someones going to check you on your pointless rules!" I shouted to seamingly no one. I collapsed over my bed, tommorow would be a long day...

18th October 2003, 08:31 AM
Shall I? Or shall I not? Maybe not this post...
I was in a grave yard. Yes, it was definatly a grave yard. I was tied to something and kinda hanging over one of the grave stones. I couldn't make out the writing; it was too dark.
One of the hooded guys came up to me, "We're finally getting our father back. He'll come and kill your friends, Crystal. But fast. We're killing you slowly." He said, running his finger along the side of my cheek.
"You won't. I won't let you!" I said, struggling to get free.
"Shame... You will die before you can try to tell your friends!"
He took a small dagger from his pocket (bit dangerous...) and was about to slit my wrist when...
"Crystal!" Someone shouted.
I couldn't see who it was, the hooded guy grinned and through the dagger at the person. It was someone i knew because i saw him but not clearly... He, who ever it was, died.
"No!" I yelled.
I woke up covered in cold sweat, "It was all a dream? What a stupid cliché!" I said quietly so i wouldn't desturb the rest of the school. "Who was it? Who came to help? I need to know now before it really does happen!"

I know who it was. I'm not saying. It's a surprise! It might be easy to guess but i'm not saying if you're right or not. :P

19th October 2003, 02:41 PM
I'm gonna switch alot between Crystal and Recardo. I won't bother with thier names. Blue writing is Recardo, purple is Crystal as always.
I was up quite early because I had to set up the shop for Shade. Well... I didn't have to but I did.
Crystal wondered into the canteen at about 5 to 7. She looked tired, confused and thoughtful. She was clutching the book that would only work if you spoke German.
"Morning Crystal!" I said, cheerfully.
"Morning..." She muttered, clearly not concentrating on me but on whatever she was thinking about. She sat down at one of the tables, opened the book and began to read.
"You alright?" I asked.
"Hm?" She looked up.
"Are you alright?" I repeated, getting a little annoyed.
"Yeah, fine." She muttered, looking down to continue reading the book.
I went over to her table and closed the book.
"Hey! What ya do that for?" She said, getting a little angry.
"There's something wrong. Tell me." I said, giving her a hot cup of coa-coa.
She took a sip. "Nothing... I just... Need to think about stuff..."
I stared out the window. It was so dark and gloomy. It made me wonder was just being like that to make me feel worse? I was being too thoughtful... I couldn't help it...
Both the hooded guys appeared on either side of me. They grabbed me and teleported us away to some strange location.
No. Don't let it be like my dream... Not now... Please not now!
She disappeared. They took her! Why? There's no time to find the others! I must go help her now! I followed them with a tracking spell.
They tied me up over a grave stone. In my dream i couldn't read it but i could now. It clearly said the name of their dad, the German teacher.
One of the hooded guys came up to me, "We're finally getting our father back. He'll come and kill your friends, Crystal. But fast. We're killing you slowly." He said, running his finger along the side of my cheek.
"You won't. I won't let you!" I said, struggling to get free.
"Shame... You will die before you can try to tell your friends!"
He took a small dagger from his pocket (bit dangerous...) and was about to slit my wrist when...
"Crystal!" Someone shouted.
No... It can't be... Please no... Not him... Not today... Not the very Friday he's ment to be going out with...
"Crystal!" I shouted, running towards her.
One of them threw (hehehe... got the right spelling this time!) a dagger at me.
I yelled with pain. I fell to my knees and quickly read the gravestone. German teacher... Crap... I then lay on the floor over the ground where he was burried.
"Forgive me, Crystal!" I said before... before...
He died. My own brother. To save me. Atleast i knew who it was now but i really didn't want to find out in this way.
No one word could describe my feelings right then. Only many words. Pain, loss, sadness and worst of all... Anger.
I let that anger out. I sent both of the German teacher's sons flying and destroyed quite alot of the stuff around.
After getting free of the ropes, i knelt down by my brother's side. I pushed his fringe from infront of his eyes to see him properly. He was pale and not breathing. His blood was all over the grave of the one who tried to kill me and caused his sons to kill Recardo instead of me. Why? It shouldn't be him lying there... It should be me.
I heard footsteps and turned around. I stood up slowly to have Ryu hugging me, Shade, Zero, Cho, Aurora, Seig crowding around. Naiya was there too, right by his side, crying her eyes out.
I felt too numb to cry... I was missing him already...

Tyler and Hobbes
21st October 2003, 06:05 PM
I didn't cry, I didn't frown, I just stood emotionless for god knows how long. Well that's what it would have looked like. I was actually slowly creeping into Crystal's mind. "Go away!" she cried. I stood in the infinite space once again. "If he was here Recardo would tell you to stop whining and get on with your life." "Well he's not and he wouldn't say that either!" Tears dripped down her chin, her arm, almost everywhere! "So you lost someone, big whoop! You've probably had the best childhood out of all of us." "That's not true! Espa-" "Hated all of us too." "My-eh-YOU DON't KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MY LIFE!" she shouted. I put my arm around her in a brotherly way, "We lost Recardo too you know..." I whispered. I lifted her chin, "Please Crystal, don't cry, take it from me, Recardo will be back..." "This made her smile a little, but still... "Even if I have to go back to heaven and take his place, he'll be back." This made her laugh in a happy sort of way. We sat motionless for quite sometime, not knowing what to say.

22nd October 2003, 12:34 PM
"Don't go back..." I said quietly.
"What?" Shade asked.
"Don't go back to heaven and switch places with him..." I couldn't say his name. I wanted to. I just couldn't make myself. "This was ment to happen. I dreamed that it happened. I just have to acept that it happened and that he's gone." I watched my parents join Recardo's side and Ms Lumplebuff and her team taking him somewhere inside the castle, covered up by a sheet.
We were silent again. Everyone else had gone back inside and we were still sat there just thinking. Ahh... Too much thinking... Makes me sad... What did he mean by...
"Please forgive me, Crystal..." I said randomly.
"Why do you want to fogive yourself?" He asked, looking puzzled.
"The last thing he said was 'Please forgive me, Crystal'... I'm confused... Why would he want me to forgive him? He's done nothing wrong..." I said, pulling random peices of grass from the ground and occasionally throwing them at Shade. I couldn't be bothered to sit up anymore, it was taking up too much energy, so i lay down on the cold, wet grass.
Something jumped on me, it was George. He had a photo in his mouth which he dropped on my stomach. It was me and Recardo at the end of summer, sitting on one of the beaches of Cornwall. We went to England last summer to see some of our parent's old friends. There I was sat with my best friend, Roxanna, and Recardo, building huge sand castles.
"Looks like fun." Said Shade, i'd almost forgotten that he was there. "Where was that taken?"
"England last summer..." I said, making my photo album of our vacation appear. "That's Roxanna." I pointed at her. "I miss her..."
We sat there for a while and stared at the pictures, taking time to notice everything.

29th October 2003, 06:25 AM
*pokes* Hello? O_o
"Crystal... Umm... George? Why do you have a dragon?" asked Shade, watching him trying to fly around.
I laughed, "My Dad looks after dragons and stuff. George is the smallest one he's got."
"The smallest? Woah..."
"Crystal!" My mum yelled across the court yard, "You're going home!"
She marched along the path. Dad was carrying Hooty, Tabby and Casper's (Recardo's owl) cages and my suitcase along behind, struggling slightly.
"Why?" I asked, getting up.
"Because of what's happened, that's why!" She shouted, grabbing my wrist and trying to pull me away. George grabbed the bottom of my jeans and tried to pull me the other way.
"I'm not going anywhere!" I yelled, getting free of her grip.
"So you wouldn't rather go to collage or university like your teachers think you should?"
"No. I'm staying here. You wanted me to come here so i'm staying!" I yelled, George sat by my feet growling at them.
"She's right, April... She needs to stay..." Dad said, putting down my stuff and keeping hold of Casper. "Lets go home..."
"Fine! But i'm not ever coming here again for any reason! You're on your own, Crystal Lilly, and you're not ever coming home! Never!" She yelled before storming off towards the gates.
Dad waited for a bit before following, said "She'll be alright later..." and scurried off down the path after her.
She didn't care about me anymore... They didn't care about George; they left him behind.
I sat down, tears started running down my face again. "I told you that you knew nothing about my past, Shade..." I mumbled.

1st November 2003, 09:28 AM
The Dragon is back in the h-h-house!

I saw Crystal's Mom storm off with Mr. Lilly right behind her. "Crystal, you have to get over this." I said. She just sat motionless as she mumbled something to Shade. "Crystal, you're one of the most witty and creative people I know and besides, you brought me back from the dead, so you must have some plan." I said. I was thinking about bringing back Recardo myself or switching places with him but Crystal or Kazeko would somehow get me to stop going. Women are a gift, yet a curse that will bite you in the A$$ later in life.

I'll post Seig and Nayia later.

2nd November 2003, 07:40 AM
"Plans? Sure, i have plans alright. None of them, however, involve me bringing back my brother. If he wants or needs to come back then he will. No one switches places with him and no one brings him back." I told them. If they did then... Well... Lets just say i wouldn't be a very happy bunny.
I got up again, picked up my stuff and headed toward the castle.
"Where are ya going?" Asked Zero.
"Home. Come on George." I said.
"But your mom said that you could never go back!" Said Shade, both of them running after me.
"Who said i'm going back there? This is my home." I stared up at the school, sighed and carried on walking toward my dorm.

Tyler and Hobbes
3rd November 2003, 11:16 PM
As Crystal walked torwards the school, I saw something in her that I hadn't seen before. Like a light, shining through thick darkness...."Wait!" I shouted, running after her. Zero, who I had just noticed recently followed. "I gotta suprise for you guys!" I said smiling. "No thanks." Zero grinned. "Just come on!" I led them through the doorway, up the stairs, all the way to dorm 666, my first, which seemed to be bordered up. We broke through the door and I led them through the secret passage I had constructed in my second year. I opened the curtain in the hidden chamber, showed all of the courtyard, and the sun should have been rising any minute. Both awed in wonder, "Awesome Shade!" they both said in unison. I lifted my hand, and instructed them to look outside. I had created three small clouds, sitting on top of millions of bigger clouds. "Wanna ride?" I asked...

The air brushed against my face, we were all riding on the three clouds, with George, rushing behind us. "Yahoo!" I said, diving and weaving in time. Zero and Crystal rushed to catch up with me. Suddenly I noticed Crystal's foot slipping. I dived under, and by the time she fell I was there to catch her. "Don't worry, I won't let you fall.." I said extending my wings. I then just stared...Crystal was happy now...I was glad I did something right for once. Suddenly a voice broke my concentration, "Will you two guys hurry up?" Zero asked, grinning. I smiled and took into full flight, leaving the cloud.
PL~Kind of weird post, but Shade's acting like this, due to his admmiration for Crystal's happiness. ^^;

4th November 2003, 02:56 PM
Awww... ^^
I have to make this quick. I have a geography essay to finish. -_-''
I smiled, this was great! I'd always wanted to know what it was like to be on clouds. I held on to Shade, i didn't want to fall and that cloud seemed to have something against me...
An idea struck me, hey... I'm magic... I can fly too...
"Let go." I said, doing just that.
"No. You'll fall!" Said Shade, holding tighter.
"You underestimate me, Shade. I can fly if i want to." I said. He nodded and let go.
I flew. Yep. Me. Vertically too. Doing a surf boarding style thing. Yep. Thanks to George, my faithful flyer, I was flying smoothly through the air.
"Cheat!" Said Zero, laughing.
"A good girl is a bad girl who doesn't get caught." I said grinning.
"You've done this before, haven't you?" Asked Shade, gliding along side us.
"Yeah, since George was big enough. Ahhh! Bird!" I ducked quickly to dodge it. "Come on George! Lets go faster!"
Goerge turned his head and grinned at me. He looked for too long. He crashed into a near by building. I jumped off, hoping to land on the roof. No such luck. He sent me flying toward some random cloud that seemed to be trying to catch me.
Shade was moving it from underneath. I landed in the middle, not sinking through but sitting on top.
"Are you alright?" They both asked.
"I'm fine. I'm just worried about George." I said, laughing at him flying weirdly, like someone trying to walk home after getting badly drunk.

15th November 2003, 11:36 AM
I suggestion... Why don't we go ahead a few months to the Monday before the dance? That way the big event that Shade's been planning can acctually go ahead. Just a thought ^^;

Tyler and Hobbes
15th November 2003, 11:36 PM
Nice idea PL

"Merry Christmas!" I shouted as I walked to our room (Me, Zero, and Crystal's, we couldn't use more then one because of my...renovations) "Hey!" they greeted me. Yup, it was christmas morning. The air kissed my cheek, it truly was a time to be merry. And unusually, whenever Recardo entered my mind I was okay. I was wearing a Santa Clause hat as I hugged both of them. "First off, Zero." I said as I handed him the box containing his gift. I saw his face light up, "Wow, thanks dude!" he said, releasing the little Yeti from it's cage. "And for you Crystal." I held out a box and pulled out a diamond necklace. "Oh thanks, Shade!" she said, embracing me with a hug. The diamond was filled with Kappa's Liquid, so it was red and shined eternal. I laughed, "No big deal, come on, let's go get Cho and Ryu and we'll all go down for breakfast. I saw Zero still playing with his baby yeti, "Come on!" I said grinning. I smiled and put it on his back as we all teleported to Seiruun.

17th November 2003, 12:03 PM
I put on the necklace. It was very pretty! It kept changing color.
We walked along the corridor, we went past my old room.
"Hold on guys... I've gotta go get something..." I said, walking straight through the door.
"How the hell does she do that?" Asked Shade.
"Quite easily, actually." I said grinning, walking back through the door with presents in my arms. I gave Zero his first. It was a small coat and hat and scarf set for his baby yeti. "I was kinda in on the secret..."
He put it on the yeti. He looked so cute! The yeti, i mean.
"Now yours..." I said, turning to Shade, "Took a while to get and it's not quite ready yet." I went back through the door. This time i opened the door from the inside, it was too fragile to go through with it. "Merry Christmas!" I said, handing him a box. "I would of wrapped it but... It might of hatched while it was in there..."
He opened the box carefully, as i had instructed on the top. He pulled out an egg about the size of a football. "What's in here?" He asked, studying it carefully.
"A baby George!" I said, grinning from ear to ear. I knew he'd like it, i could tell by the grin also appearing on his face.
"A dragon? For me? Don't you have to have a licence to have one?"
"You know that little questionnair i gave you a couple of weeks ago that i told you was homework?"
"That was your aplication form! You passed!"
He went to give me a hug, i pointed down at his egg and he stopped, put it back in the box and hugged me.
"Look after it, okay? It's due to hatch soon. Oh! And George is coming down later this week." I said, attempting to pick up the rest of my gifts. Failing miserably, i levitated it instead.
Happy Christmas, bro... I thought, hoping that he could hear me. If he couldn't then i'd be in trouble on friday...

*dun dun duuuuuunnnn*

Tyler and Hobbes
23rd November 2003, 12:51 AM
Cho hugged me after recieving the Opal music box...thing. Anyway, it played our song, so I made extra special. It continued as a normal christmas. But at precisely 9:53, I stole away to my secret tower. I just stared at the night sky. I wondered, was this my destiny? I couldn't bear it, twas both a curse and a blessing. I knew it was up to me to warn my friends of the on-coming dangers, but such a task seemed meaningless. "How long have you been standing there?" I asked Crystal, without turning away from the sky. "Long enough to reach into your mind. What's going on, Shade?" I half smiled and looked at her, "Nothing. Crystal?" "Yeah?" "Thanks for being my friend, I seriously, don't give you enough credit." She just looked at me blankly then put on a warm smile, "Merry Christmas, Shade."

23rd November 2003, 11:37 AM
"There's something wrong here..." I said, gazing at the stars.
"Recardo not being here?" Shade asked.
I fought back my tears, "No... And yes... Well... Where i used to live, before i moved to America i mean, it always did the same thing every Christmas day..."
I paused for consentration. If i said anything then it wouldn't work. A flake of white landed. Then another. And another.
"It snowed."
Shade and I looked up again. The stars had disappeared and clouds covered them. Snow clouds. He grinned.
"Quick! By the time we get inside and grab a coat they'll be enough snow to-"
Smack. He threw a snowball right in my face. "Who said anything about getting coats?" He grinned.
My long black coat, scarf and golves appeared on me. "Wouldn't want to get cold."
I threw a snowballl at him. It hit him on the forehead.
"I'm gonna get you for that!" He said, making another snowball.
I teleported down to the ground and made myself an igloo out of the snow.
"You gotta catch me first."

24th November 2003, 05:52 PM
I'm back, again.

"Hey thanks guys." I said as I pulled out some presents for them. I passed one to Shade, one to Crystal, one to Cho and one to Kazeko. I gave Shade a I with Stupid Shirt aiming to the left and right, I gave Crystal a shirt that said I Went to Hell and Back just to bring back a friend, I gave Cho a shirt that I'm a Social, Winged Chick and I gave Kazeko a diamond ring that I conjured up a few weeks ago. "Thanks Zero." they all said. Then Larry came over with a huge grin on his face. "Tonights the night Zero. Get ready to fight for Kazeko, and your life." he said. "Well I'm giving out fresh *** whoopins for CBBs and CLBs." I grinned back. Larry just walked away as Cho asked, "Whats a CBB and what's a CLB?" I replied, "A CBB is a Creepy Big Bastard and a CLB is a Creepy Little Bastard."

28th November 2003, 02:49 PM
I looked out the window of my dorm, down onto the group.
I guess things are going alright for Crystal huh?
"They sure are," came a voice. I spun around to find Espa, leaning against the wall.
"What are you doing here!?" I demanded.
"What? No hello? No good day? I thought we were friends Ryu." I snarled.
"You didn't answer my question. What are you doing here?"
"Getting straight to business are we? Well, I've got a propersition for you."

10 minutes later...
"YOU WANT ME TO LURE THE GUYS INTO A TRAP!?" I screeched. Espa smiled.
"Of course," he replied.
"And what makes you think I'd do that? Incase you forgot, Crystal's my girlfriend."
"And incase YOU forgot I took control of your mind a few months ago. Because of that, I still have some control over you." I backed away. I remember that day.
"Now if you don't help me, I'll make you do more then just lure your friends into a trap. I'll make sure that you deliver the final blow against Crystal." I fell to my knees. What choice did I have?
"Where do you want me to take them?"

29th November 2003, 09:38 AM
I fell backwards as one of Shade's huge snowballs hit me again.
"Hey! CHEATER! I'll get you for that!" I yelled.
"That's what you said last time!" He yelled back laughing.
I made a sling shot appear, a big sling shot. He didn't notice, he was too busy making a huge snowball. I put it in the ground, got as many of the snowballs i'd made as i could on it and fired.
"IN COMING!" I laughed, i never thought a snowball fight could be so fun!
They pelted Shade causing him to fall head first into his giant snowball which fell apart. I ran over, just to make sure he was okay.
"Now who's the cheater?" He said, grabbing the nearest snowball and throwing it at me.
I looked back up at the school. It looked pretty all covered in snow. I noticed one of the lights still on in one of the dorms. The rest of the school was outside making snowmen and stuff. I figure came to the window.
"Hey look! It's Ryu! What's he doing up there?" I asked, surpirzed at him for not being outside.
"Maybe he doesn't like snow... Unlike you!" Said Zero, throwing a snowball at me which hit Shade instead.
I waved at Ryu. I think he smiled, i couldn't tell... But he did wave back. I motioned for him to come down. He disappeared from the window and appeared beside us.
"I knew you couldn't stay up there forever!"
"Maybe i should of..." He muttered, glancing around at everybody.
"No no! It's snowing! It's a great reason to be- be-" I sneezed, "-outside..."

29th November 2003, 03:24 PM
I chuckled softly as Ryu went to meet the others.
"This is two easy," I said softly to myself, "I will do away with those annoying little b******s and I wouldn't have to lift a finger. I lookde down at Ryu
Remember the plan you fool. If you don't do what I say, I'm taking back control of you body got it?
Ryu just looked back at Crystal. I could barely contain my excitement. This was the day I was finally going to win.

Tyler and Hobbes
30th November 2003, 11:50 AM
The snow fell all around. Five of my snow balls crashed into Crystal and Ryu, making me their target. "Ow!" I shouted as my foot hit something. I looked into the pure white snow. A book! I dug my hands in it and opened the book eagerly. I tried to read the in scription on the cover, "This....is...the....diorama? No....diary...of Axel...I can't read the last part! Damn it!!" I shouted in fresturation. By the time I looked up, everyone had crowded around me, except for Ryu, who stood a couple meters away. His face kept grinning and then looking angry. But hey, he's Ryu.
Anyway, I opened the book. But much to my surprise, it wasn't hard to read german, but easy to read nothing. The page was blank. every one stood with a wide open mouth, and I could tell what they were thinking, "Could this be the German teachers diary?" "What was up with that writing?" Tombo (yes, I still had that grudge agaunst him. But it had cooled down..a little) asked. "That's what's scaring me, mate: it's demon."
short, meh...Shade's wings are only visible to demons, those he wills, and if he's unconscious, will sometimes show up.

1st December 2003, 03:04 PM
I snatched the book from Shade. I studied it over and over. I couldn't believe it... His diary... HIS diary... And Shade found it. Here. In the snow. On Christmas day... Or what was turning into December 26th...
"Demon..." I muttered, "How would he know how to write in demon...?"
Shade took it back, "Don't ask me..."
Now. Now was the time. I have to. We need him... I need him... It was his turn to come back... He'd been away for too long...
I thought back to the day we burried him. It was quite sunny, unlike the mood of everyone. Mum cried, Dad cried, I cried, everyone cried... There were loads of tears. The flowers were pretty. Everything was perfect; apart from him not being there...
I must of drifted off for a while because everyone was trying to work out what it was all about. The book, i mean.
"I... I... I know who could help us..." I said, one tear sliding down my cheek.
"Who?" Shade said. I didn't allow myself to look into his eyes. I couldn't do it. I didn't want to tell him. I had to. "Crystal? Who?"
"R- Recardo..." I blurted out, looking him straight in the eyes.
I ran. It was so sudden that no one noticed at first. They followed. They knew what i was going to do. I couldn't decide weather they were going to stop me or not. They couldn't though... They knew what I'd do to them if they did...
I stopped. I had arrived. Recardo's grave. They arrived soon after. They were silent.
"Any of you gonna stop me?" I questioned. No reply. "Fine. Lets do this."

Ahhhh! Sorry... Cliffhanger :D I'll finish tomorrow! Mwahahaha!

2nd December 2003, 02:37 PM
I began. The others watched. I just had to balance stuff and it would work. So what if i won't be able to use magic for a few days... Nothing is gonna happen... Right?
He appeared. His body. I pulled my coat off and wrapped it round him. It was working. I'd never done something like this before... Well... Sure i bought Zero back but that was different. He was a ghost, all i had to do was get him back inside his body. This... This was totally different... I had to give him life, a purpose, a reason to be alive and with us once more.
He looked so pale, so fragile, so... dead... I sucked the life out of a mouse. That's all i needed; one little life. I gave it to him.
I watched him carefully. Work... Work... It has to work... We need you... I need you... The world needs you...
"I need you." Said a familular voice. It wasn't Recardo. It was someone else.
I turned round. "Good evening Crystal. What are you doing?"
"Well yeah! Who else do you think this is? Santa?"
I looked around. The others had gone. No. I wasn't outside anymore... I was inside my mind. Espa was inside my mind.
"How did you-"
"Get in here? Simple. You have used up alot of magic. You're weak, tired and miserable. I'm glad you're miserable." He said, pacing my mind.
I thought back to the day i'd first met him. I hadn't been that nice. I mean... I was sad and angry; anything could have set me off. He was just there... I snapped. I could of snapped at anyone... It's just... He set me off...
He heard my thoughts. After all he was in my mind... "So... It was just a random thing... You didn't mean it... I've been angry because I made you upset..."
I opened my eyes. I was on the cold and wet snow. There was a hand in my own, warm and gentle. I sat up.
"Recardo! It worked! I did it!" I yelled happily as he hugged me. He wasn't cold. He was warm. He was himself again.
"Why?" He whispered, "Why did you do this for me? I was such a jerk!"
"That's the thing, Recardo... I forgive you." I said, no tears falling. I was beyond happy-ness.
He smiled. "I hoped you would."

I bought him back. Why? Well... I thought that i wouldn't have enough time for both Crystal and Recardo but i do.

3rd December 2003, 03:48 AM
I couldn't believe it. Recardo was alive!
"This is great!" I said, jumping for joy as I ran over to Crystal, "He's alive!"
Crystal hugged me.
"This is so great!" Crystal laughed.
"Uh guys," came a voice. We looked to see Recardo sitting up.
"Aren't you guys foretting about me?"
"Oh yeah," We both helped him to his feet.
"It's great to be back," Recardo said.
"It's great to have you back," I replied.
Forgetting someone?
It was Espa.
Don't forget our agreement. you lure the group into the school basement so we can destroy them.
But Recardo was just resurected. Please! Don't make me do this!
You have a choice Ryu. Either you do this willingly, or I force you to! Either way I win
I sighed. He was right.
"Uh Crystal, Recardo," I said. The looked at me.
"What is it?" Crystal asked.
"I've gotsomething to show you. Get the others too. I want them all to see this."
i had a bad feeling in my stomach. I knew this was wrong but, what choice did I have?

Tyler and Hobbes
6th December 2003, 09:58 AM
"Hello, we're right here!" I grinned. Ryu just ignored me, boy, that was a first. "What? No shut up Shade? No punching." Silence. "You okay?" I enquired. "Yeah, fine." "Wait, go on without me. I have some stuff I gotta do." Ryu made no signs of protest. Now that was nothing new. I hurried into the school. I don't know why I did that, but I just fealt like something was wrong. Once at my dorm I fell on the floor. "Nothing's wrong here." I heard a seductive (quite sexy) voice say from behind. I swung around, a raven haired girl (a bit older then my current body:18, maybe she was nineteen) with tight leather pants and a tight leather top on. I could feel evil energy surging from her body. She motioned for me to come...
I lay, naked, on this scarlet bed. The girl taking off her clothes. I fealt groggy, then something in the back of my mind click
Lilith...Lilith was an evil demon, Domocile Succubus, I believe her class was. Before I knew it, she had straddled me on the bed, and kissed me deeply. I grinned, "Sorry, you're not my type. SOL!!!!!" Suddenly she was enveloped in a blinding light with only a thorny rose left of what she was. I quickly got dressed again, it took guts, will, and all out love to do that. Yes love, in my mind (boy it's dusty), all I could thing about was Cho. I had partialy lost my body's (earthly) virginity, (you know, the straddling) but all in all I did the right thing. After getting dressed I crept down to the base,emt, making sure not to be seen. I would scare the pants off of the everyone!
18 is angel form. Favorite post :rolleyes:

7th December 2003, 09:14 AM
Hello? Earth to fg! Recardo is ALIVE! lol... Sorry... I'm just a bit hyper ><
Shade knew i was back but it seemed as if he was totally ignoring me. He didn't even say hello! He went off somewhere instead.
We went down to the basement. It was cold, dark and damp. I shivered. I hadn't got used to the whole temperature thing and acctually being able to walk so i stumbled a few times.
Another thing i'd forgotten about was emotions. It's weird; i felt affraid... Something was gonna happen...
Ahh... I'm starting to sound like Crystal! I didn't watch where i was going, i tripped, pulling Crystal, who was keeping me upright, down with me.
"Sorry!" I said, pulling myself up again. I stood there, by myself. No one helping me. "Woo! Go me!"

"Yeah! Go you!" I said, getting back up again. "Ryu... Where are you taking us?"
Something brushed past. I shuddered. Something was coming...
Someone tickled me. I screamed and ran past Ryu, who was leading the way.
"Okay! I wasn't that scary... I haven't even done anything yet!" Said Shade, catching up.
"I'm sorry..." Ryu muttered. "I didn't want to-"
He collapsed. I ran over. "Ryu! Ryu! What's wrong with you?"
I was thrown against the wall.
"Good evening, Crystal. Or should i say good morning?"
The others charged toward Espa who threw them against the walls too. Except they fell. I stayed pinned against the wall. I couldn't fight back. That's the problem with bringing people back from the dead... You can't do anything else for a while...
... For about a week...
He put me down. I looked around. Recardo was now pinned to one of the walls. He was being tortured. He began doing the same to the others at the same time. I stood there, motionless. I wanted to do something... But i couldn't. Nothing. Not even a teleportation spell!
I felt so angry, but me doing something to Espa would probably cause him to kill the others. And if i did something like i did on the day Recardo died then... Well... The whole school could fall.
"Stop! Stop it! What have they ever done to you? It's me you're after! Leave them and get the one you really want!" I yelled.
Espa stopped. He grinned. "You'd do that for them?"
"I'd do anything for them."
"Okay then." The others fell.
"Crystal... Don't..." Mumbled Shade.
"Bring it on, Espa. Just bring it on!"

Tyler and Hobbes
12th December 2003, 11:40 PM
I know, I'm not having Shade notice Recardo for a while? Gonna see how far I can push the two chars before they're down eachothers throats about something;)

Espa smiled sinisterly, why did Crystal do that? In the real world, there is no truth, no justice, no peace. I'll of that stuff was made up for fairy tales! I know, because it was yours truly that inspired most of them! Erm..back to the show. Espa had levitated Crystal to the other side of the room. It was damp, dusty, reminded me of some of my old master's homes (being a half-demon, I can still be summoned, just not controlled). "Now I will destroy you and your friends, Crystal!!!" Espa screamed, breaking my concentration. "Hey Espa! Forgetting something?" he sneered, dissapearing into fire and appearing infront of me. "WHAT?" he looked seriously pissed that he couldn't annialate Crystal the first chance he got. I wondered why she hadn't attacked him from behind, but I then saw her hands bound by dark energy. I lifted my hand from the wall, "I'm half angel half demon! I controll almost all of the domains except for Void, Ice, and Nature!" I winked at Crystal, though Espa probably thought I had something in my eye. "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO KILL YOU!!!"

13th December 2003, 01:17 PM
"Stupid binds... Stupid, stupid binds! No energy... No magic... Recardo alive... Woo!" I mumbled, while frantically trying to set myself free. I sat down, put my hands to the floor and stepped on the bind, pulling my hands up as far as i could. They didn't snap, but i got a better idea. I sucked the magic from it. If i didn't have much of my own, why don't i just borrow this?
I stood up, feeling alot better. Was i really feeling better? No. No... I wasn't... But i was feeling something else though... Dark energy mustn't be good for the system because i was feeling...
... evil?
"Shade! How do you reverse taking dark energy spells?" I yelled, asking him instead of anyone else because they were all unconcious.
I broke his consentration, "I have no idea! You're ment to know! Why? What have you done?"
"Um... I took all the dark energy from the binds and now i feel weird!" I said, getting more and more frightened about what was happening.
Shade said something. I couldn't hear. I couldn't hear Espa's laughter. I couldn't hear Recardo screaming at me. At least, i think he was screaming. All i could hear was one voice. It sounded like Shade. Yeah, it was. But the words i heard weren't the ones he was saying. He was thinking something. It sounded as though he was... Summoning something? Demons...
I wasn't doing a very good job of borrowing the dark energy because it had left me and was now back around my wrists.
"Bugger..." I muttered.
Recardo 'ran' over.

I poked Crystal. "Here you go. You can have your magic back now." I said simply.
She looked puzzeled. She obviously didn't hear me screaming that i had it and was looking after it. "Oh... Thanks." She smiled. She broke the binds.
"Um... Crystal..."
"Is it just me, or are there demons appearing around us?"

14th December 2003, 10:23 PM
Uh, could you guys tell me what's going on because uh...you just lost me.

Tyler and Hobbes
15th December 2003, 09:38 AM
I'll tell you what happened before PL's last post, because she lost me too ^^;. It all went according to plan, Ryu led them to the basement. Espa put invisible binds around all of them that were really sturdy. Crystal decided Espa could kill her, or fight her, as long as he left everyone else alone. Espa agreed, then went back on his promise. Shade, being half angel half demon, broke out of the vines and now he's really angry. Then it's PL's post. Ba dum!

2nd January 2004, 03:36 PM
Okay guys, I’m just going to ignore PL’s post okay?

“HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO KILL YOU!?” I snarled. I pulled out my wand and aimed at Shade.
“Prepare to get burnt! HINOTAMA!!” A large fireball appeared, but was blacked by a transparent shield.
“What!?” Shade grinned.
“I’m much stronger then you Espa,” Shade said, “You can’t win.”
“We’ll see. HINOTAMA!!” Another shield appeared in front of Shade and the spell bounced off it, right into Crystal.
“Crystal!” Shade cried. I grinned. But when the smoke cleared, she was unharmed.
“How did she!?” I cried.
“Don’t tell me you forgot about me?” I looked to the door and see some masked guy. Crystal’s eyes lite up.
“Pandora!” she cried happily.
“That’s Pandora!?” Pandora grinned.
“That’s right. And now you’re in trouble. But first, BIREAKOS!!” The binds that held Crystal vanished and she fell to the floor. I glanced around nervously. Not only did I have to face a guy who’s half angel, half demon, but now I had to face Pandora and Crystal too. Shade aimed his wand at me.
“Give it up,” he said, “No tricks will save you this time.” I smiled. But there was one that could save me.
“I’m not done yet!” I laughed, “If you want me, you’re going to have to catch me!” I waved my wand and a vortex appeared behind me.
“So try to catch me through time!” The vortex began to pull everyone in. They couldn’t pull away from it. I laughed as I jumped into it.
“See you in the past!!”

Okay, here’s what’s going to happen. The good guys are going to wake up in old temple ruins that were there before Suruin. I’ve got a storyline for this part so I don’t want anyone leaving the ruins or meeting anyone till my next post.

Tyler and Hobbes
10th January 2004, 01:31 AM
After Espa became a demented moron, it all went blank. Or was Espa always a demented moron? Nevermind, it doesn't matter. Anyway, to most people, it would have all been blank. Thanks to my third eye (no it's not in my forehead), I saw Espa laughing menacingly. After that it was just blah! He lacked an art to making our lives a living hell, like I used to do to humans!
Back to the story.
When my external eyes woke up, I was ready to kick Espa's evil ***. I'm almost sure I heard that laugh somewhere before, but no time for that now. He wasn't even in the freakin' temple!!!
There were strange heiroglyphs on the wall. From what I could tell it was talking about some sort of sword, or it could be a leaping lord. I'm not really sure.
I snickere, time to do the old favoerite, pranking Crystal! I walked up to where she lay, looking at her top. What should I do this time? Wet T-shirt? Removing of the bra? Removing of the shirt? Shirt and Bra? Hand on butt? I crouched on the stone floor. This is going to be sooo sweet!

10th January 2004, 11:43 AM
I lay half asleep on a cold floor. It felt as if it were a warm summer's day. A shadow must of came over me because it got colder suddenly. I decided to find out what it was. I went wondering into Shade's mind, finding out that it was him crouched beside me with both his hands on the floor. He was up to something.
He reached out with one hand to grab mine. I quickly grabbed the other and pulled it toward me causing him to fall flat on his face.
I sat up. "Never prank me when i'm asleep. You know i'll always get you back." I said, grinning.
"Oh yeah?" He tackled me and started tickling. I couldn't help laughing until i realised where we were.
"Shade! Where's he gone? He got away? Damn it!" I said, pushing him away and getting up. "Heiroglyphs? Recardi-breezer? Come here a sec!"
Recardo appeared in mid air landing on top of Shade. "I'm still not used to the whole thinking where you're going before teleporting thing yet..."
"Now i knew you two were friends... But i didn't think it was more than that." I laughed.
They both glared at me. I grinned and ran. I looked behind me to find them getting up and running after me. I looked to where i was going and ran straight into a wall. They were running so fast that they ran into it too.
We sat there laughing. It reminded me of the end of last year... We just pranked eachother and did nothing else. It was great fun. I sighed. It would be great if it were like that again... No cares... Freedom...
"So, what did you want me for?" Asked Recardo.
"The Heiroglyphs. Think you can translate?" I asked.
"So far i got something about a sword... Or was it a leaping lord?" Commented Shade.
"So... You're talking to me now then, Shade?" Said Recardo, glaring at him.
"Fine then." He got up and walked away.

"Hey! Wait! Of course i am! I was only joking!" Shade called after me.
"I've had alot of that over the past few months. Everyone poked fun. 'Ha ha! You're that kid! Crystal's brother! Why'd ya do it? Wanted to be the hero this time? Ha! Great hero you were!' I'm really looking forward to going back there again when i'm older!" I said sarcasticly. I leaned against a wall and slid down it so i ended up with my head on my knees.
"You were the hero. You saved my life. You took your own life to save mine. If that's not heroic then i don't know what is." Said Crystal who came over and hugged me.
"She's right you know." Added Shade.
"I'm always right."
"You admitted it!"
"Are you gay?"
"With Recardo?"
"Yep..... HEY! NO!" Shade whacked Crystal while i sat there laughing. I sure did miss this. I mean watching them argue. They spent more time together than with their own boyfriend slash girlfriend. I wonder...
"Hey guys... Did you two get together while i was gone?" I asked.
They stopped whacking eachother and stared at me, half way through whacking. They looked at eachother, looking eachother up and down. They literally jumped in opposite directions and yelled "NO!"
"Are you sure about that?"
"YES!" They yelled together.
"I'm still going out with Ryu!"
"I'm still going out with Cho!"
"And i'm still going out with Nayia... Nayia!" I ran off.

"Hehehe... He's still obsessed with her..." I said.
"Damn right."
"I'm always right."
"I'm not gonna fall for that this time!"

12th January 2004, 05:34 PM
I looked around the room. It seemed we were in some kind of ruins.
“Is everyone okay?” I asked.
“Me, Recardo and Shade are fine,” Crystal replied, “But Ryu is still unconscious. Where are we?” I looked at the floor. Ryu was just regaining conciousness.
“I don’t know.” Then we heard what sounded like footsteps coming towards us.
“Who’s there?” came a voice. An old man appeared. He had a long, grey beard and wore what looked like a robe. I looked at him and then back at the hieroglyphs. It all made sense now!
“The question is who are you?” Shade replied, “And where are we?”
“It’s not where we are,” I said, “It’s when we are.”
“What do you mean?” Ryu asked. I turned to the old man.
“Are you a druid?” The man nodded.
“Why yes of course.”
“And what year is this?”
“I knew it.”
“What’s going on?” Shade asked. I turned to them.
“We’re in the year 1485.” Crystal gasped.
“Then that means,”
“Yes, we’re in the past.” The druid looked over at Crystal and Shade.
“You two look exactly like them,” he said.
“Like who?” Shade asked. We heard another set of footsteps coming.
“Who’s there McFore?” came a voice. Shade gasped when he saw whom the voice belonged to. The guy looked exactly like Shade, except his clothes were a lot more medieval. The other guy was just as surprised.
“Who are you?” said the guy.
“I’m Shade,” Shade replied, “And you are?”
“I am Sir Jonathon Skywing.”

13th January 2004, 10:48 AM
"McFore? That's your name, right?" I began.
"You said both of us looked like someone."
"Imposter!" Someone screamed, running up behind McFore and that Sir Jonathon guy. "It's witchcraft, i tell you, witchcraft!" She stopped right next to Sir Jon (sorry... i'm lazy :P) and pointed at me. She looked exactly like me. Apart from her clothes. "Witch! Witch! Burn her!"
Witch? I'm no witch! That's insulting! Sorsoress, yes, but witch... Never. I got up and stood right infront of her. "I'm no witch, missy. Although, i do have a few tricks up my sleeve."
"Crystal, no." Ryu said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me back.
"What you do to her could affect you in the future, if it is you..." Said Pandora.
I sighed. Ryu hugged me from behind, "Calm down. I'm sure we'll figure out a way back..."
"Umm... Shade... Why do you and Crystal have look-a-likes?" Asked Recardo who had Nayia, Aurora, Tombo, Zero and Cho with him.
"We're in 1485..." He replied.
"Oh... Right... That explains alot..." Said Recardo, reading the hieroglyphs again. "It says we're in... Suriun..."
"Then this must be the school..." I said "And Espa has taken us back here for some reason."
"Last thing he could think of, probably..." Added Recardo.
"Who is this Espa you speak of?" Asked McFore.
"The bad guy." Said Pandora.
"Then we should find him at once and be rid of him once and for all!" Suggested Sir Jonathon Skywing.
"Where should we begin to look?" Asked my look-a-like.
"We won't yet... Although, looking is a good idea... Just not through the town..." I said grinning "I like you're ideas. What's your name?"
"That must be where we got our last name from." Said Recardo.
"We?" Asked McFore. "Are you related?"
"Yep, brother and sister." I replied.
"Lilliana once had a brother... He died when he was young..." Sir Jonathon said.
"Why do you speak of him like that? As if he had no purpose?" Lilliana yelled, glaring at him.
"That reminds me of someone..." Muttered Shade.
I glared and elbowed him. He laughed.
"He killed your mother." Argued Sir Jonathon as if we hadn't said anything.
"That wasn't his fault! He was a child! He died soon after! How dare you!" She turned around and ran off.
"You go girl!" I called after her.
"Lilliana!" Sir Jonathon called before running to catch up.
"That reminds me of someone, too." I said, looking over at Shade.
"Come. We must show you to the house." Said McFore.
"We can't go round a medieval town in these clothes... People might get a little suspicious..." Said Pandora.
"That can be arranged." I said, magically changing my clothes to ones rather simular to Lilliana's. "Voila!"
The others did the same and we followed McFore.

13th January 2004, 04:45 PM
This is seriously wierd
"So," Pandora asked Mcfore, "do think we could get home?"
"Why yes," he replied, "but first, we must see Prince Gilgera."
"Prince Gilgera?" Crystal asked.
"Yes." We were nearly out of the ruins when suddenly...
"So, they are here," came a voice, "I guess there was truth to your words."
"Who's there?" demanded Lillian. We looked up and someone stepped onto the ledge above.
"ESPA!?" we all cried. At least, it looks like Espa. He was wearing white armor.
"Robkruez!" snarled Jonothon.
"Robkruez?" Shades said, confused, "who's that?" The boy's face twisted into a snarled.
"I told you Jonothon! Only a member of the White Crusaders may cal me by that name! I told you to adress me as "Espora"!"
"What are you doing here Espora?" Mcfore growled, "How did you know we're here?"
"Because I told him you were here," came another voice. Espa stepped out of the shadows.
"Espa!" I growled.
"So that is Espa?" Lillian asked. Robkruez smirked.
"I should have known you three would be carrying out a little mission for Gilgera. But did you forget that the Suruin ruins are under Lord Laridao's control. We have the ruins surrounded. If you surrender now, you're lives will be spared.
"Hey Mcfore," Pandora whispered, "Which way to the castle?" Mcfore pointed north. Pandora smiled.
"Well hang on then! Transportius!!" With a flash of light, we landed near the edge of town.
"What happened?" Jonothon asked.
"I used an advanced teleportation spell to get us out of here." Pandora replied.
"I had no idea you were a druid?" Mcfore said, surprised.
"We all are," I said, "but we prefer the term 'sorcerer'."
"If you guys are done talking," Lillian said, "we must go see Prince Gilgera!"

Take a guess who the prince looks like. (I'd like to point out that everyone's got a look-a-like. You'll just meet them later then others).

14th January 2004, 02:14 PM
Hmm... There are a few posibilities... Ryu, Pandora, Recardo, Tombo or Zero... I hate guessing games :P
We walked up toward the castle. Everybody was quite happily talking to one another except me. I had so many questions i had to ask. I guess i was just too affraid to ask them.
"Crystal... Are you okay?" Asked Ryu as he took my hand.
"Yes... I just have to ask questions..." I muttered.
"Go ahead." Said McFore, who was obviously listening.
"Okay... What did Robkruez mean by 'I should have known you three would be carrying out a little mission for Gilgera'? Is Gelgera like the rightfull ruler over Suruin?" I asked.
"You could say that."
"And Lord Laridao... Is he like the evil guy who forced Gilgera to give up ruling? Or something like that?"
"Well... Lord Laridao was like an... advisor to the King. He 'advised' that he should rule the land after the King died. It must of been some kind of spell. Prince Gilgera has very little power over the kingdom. Just the castle and the surrounding land." McFore replied.

Lack of inspiration tonight...

15th January 2004, 04:43 PM
"So this Lord Lariado guy tried to get Gilgera to hand over the kingdom?" I asked, "It's a pretty unorthadox way to take over a kingdom wouldn't you say?"
"I agree, but Prince Gilgera has snapped out of it and is now fighting him to regain the land." We stopped at what was probably the biggest castle I've ever seen.
"The prince lives here!?" Shade said, surprised, "man, you're prince sure knows how to live!" Mcfore raised his staff and pounded the ground with it, a guard poked his head out of the window.
"Who goes there?" the guard called.
"It is I, Mcfore, sir Jonothon Skywing and Lilliana. We've brought some allies to see the prince!" The guad pulled his head back through the window and the drawbridge slowly dropped.
"Come on," Jonothon said, leading us inside. We walked through to the throne room and Mcfore, Jonothon and Lilliana imidiately knelt down.
"We've returned you're majesty," Mcfore said. The prince, who had his back to us turned. The prince and I gasped when we saw eachother. He looked exactly like me!! Well, except he looked more royal then I did.
"What is the meaning of this Mcfore?" Gilgera demanded.

17th January 2004, 09:38 AM
"I can explain." I said, raising my hand slightly. "So... Umm... We're from the future and we were brought back to this... day by some evil guy called Espa and... That's about it..."
"They're druid, your majesty." Said Lilliana.
"They are?" He said, questioning Lilliana. He turned to me, "You there! You seem to be a leader of this group. Show me something."
"That's not such a good idea, your majesty... My magic is limited at the moment because-" I began.
"Do something! Anything!"
I sighed. A simple shapeshift should satisfy (alliteration or what!?)... I turned myself into a kitten, much like Tabby. Everything is so weird as a cat... Better not be any mice around here... I walked over to the throne on which Prince Gilgera was sat, jumped onto the arm of the chair and from there onto the back. I transformed myself back to my normal self, still sat on the back of his throne.
"What ever you do right now, don't get up!" I said. If he did then the throne would tip backwards.
"Guards." Gilgera said, totally ignoring me. "Lock them up."
The palace guards rushed toward the others and grabbed them. Gilgera got up and to my surprize the throne didn't fall. I stood up on the back as the other guards came toward me. I turned one of them into a frog, just for fun.
"Look, dearies, i'm sure you'd love to take your good Prince's orders but would you really want to be a frog?" I said. They shook their heads. "I didn't think so."
Okay... So if Gilgera is anything like Ryu and if Lilliana is anything like me then my plan will work... I'm so gonna get into trouble for this...
I grabbed one of the guard's swords and teleported behind Lilliana. I held her from behind and put the blade to her throat. "Don't worry... I won't really do anything. Just act scared for me..." I whispered to her.
"Let her go!" Yelled Gilgera in shock and fear.
"Listen to me. You let me and my friends go and we'll help you get the kingdom back. Otherwise, she gets it. Savy?" I said.
He thought about it for a while. More like two seconds. "Let them go."
The guards retreated and i let Lilliana free. She hurried up to Gilgera and hugged him.
Shade came up to me, "How did you-"
"How did i know they were together? Simple. They're our look-a-likes. I wasn't too sure but i thought that they'd have almost the same feelings for eachother. And plus, she was eyeing him up alot. And cats have instincts."
He laughed.
"Oh yeah, and that also proves that watching Pirates of the Caribbean often gives you good stratagies no matter how much you think that i just watch it for Johnny Depp."

Tyler and Hobbes
17th January 2004, 11:08 AM
Can someone tell me what's going on? I'm very confussled ~.~. Just tell me everyone's name and stuff and what's happening.

17th January 2004, 12:09 PM
Look-a-likes so far:
Shade~ Sir Jonathon Skywing
Crystal~ Lilliana
Ryu~ Prince Gilgera
Espa~ Robkruez or Espora.

McFore is some old guy and Lord Laridao is ruling the kingdom instead of Prince Gilgera.
So, they leave the ruins and just as they're about to go into the town Espa and Espora come and say "ha! you're surrounded!" and Pandora teleports us to the castle. As they walk up to the castle Crystal and Ryu find out about what happened (about Lord Laridao ruling instead of Prince Gilgera) and then they get to the castle. Shade is all amazed at how cool the palace is and the Prince turns around and finds out how much he looks like Ryu. Lilliana tells the Prince that they're all druids (as she likes to call them) and the Prince asks Crystal to show him some magic. She turns into a kitten and jumps up onto the back of his throne and turns back again.
The Prince sets the guards on everybody. Crystal turns one of the guards that's coming for her into a frog and the other guards stand around doing nothing. Crystal gets the idea that if the Prince is anything like Ryu and if Lilliana is anything like herself that they'd like eachother as much as they do. She threatens to kill Lilliana (kinda in a hostage way, but she told Lilliana that she wouldn't kill her) and asks the Prince to let everybody go and then they'd help him get the kingdom back. The Prince agrees and Lilliana runs up to the Prince.
And then there's the slightly funny bit at the end of my post to do with Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Okay... That didn't take too long x_x'

17th January 2004, 03:41 PM
can i still join?

Name: Tavian Jones
Gender: male
Age: 16
Year: 1
Appearance: Tall, about 6', medium muscular build, very tan, brown short hair, blue eyes, a plain white shirt, and faded baggy blue jeans
Personality: A people person, likes to meet new people, and espacially likes girls
Dorm Number: 122
Room Mate: none
Specialty: Shape Shifting
Classes: Black magic, Shape shifting, biology, defense agains the dark arts, and English
Relationships: None
Other: None

18th January 2004, 02:48 PM
Gah >< We have no GM >< Right... Umm...

This ain't a very good place to join in. If you've got the idea of what's happened so far (lots of pages to read, lol) and you can post then i'm sure it would be okay. But that's just me being my usual nice self so if the others don't mind then yes.

18th January 2004, 03:16 PM
Ok ill try

Tavian Jones

As I carry my huge dufflebag of clothes and stuff i dont need, i think to myself, This is just great, im in a new land, a new school, and a new life, lets see if i can start this one out right. I lugged my dufflebag up the stairs to my dorm room. By now my arms are about to fall off and im out of breath. At last i reach my dorm room and threw my stuff on the bed. I unzipped my duffle and the clothes spilled out all over the room. I sat on the comfy little chair and studied over my schedual. Tomorrow was my big day, i cant wait. I unpacked all my stuff and layed upon my bed goin of some of my books i was issued so i could brush up on what i had missed at the beggining of the year. The physical exhaustion form lugging my bag up all those stairs was too much. I layed my head on the pillow and immediatly fell asleep, hoping tomorrow would run flawlessly.

Tyler and Hobbes
18th January 2004, 05:43 PM
Uh...dude? This really isn't a good time to join in. I'm not the GM but maybe you could join the next one. Right now we're in the Middle Ages and it wouldn't be good for some random student to pop in. Sorry if it sounds like I'm being a prat, but still.

4th February 2004, 02:05 PM
Right... *sigh* Guess it's up to me...
"So, Crystal... What's the plan?" Asked Shade, poking me.
"The plan?" I looked over at Lilliana, Gilgera and Sir Jon. I heard Sir Jon asking the same question to Lilliana as Shade asked me. She looked over. I grinned and she smiled. "The plan!"
"So... Let me get this straight..." Began Gilgera, "You expect us to dress like you and pretend we're you so..."
"So we can pretend to be you." I continued. "Then, acting as you, we say that we, being you, now have magical powers. We, still being you, kick their arse and then go back to the present becoming us again before we go."
"But before we do that we need to find the other look-a-likes." Added Recardo.
"Right." I said. "Do any of you know where we can find them and their names?"
"I might." Said McFore. "Might take a while..."
"That's fine as long as the plan works. Okay?" I finished.
Everybody nodded.
"Good. Now, lets get to work!"