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21st July 2003, 11:49 PM
I am so devistated about this mark, I thoughtI would express my rage and sadness in a Poll.

1. A document sent home to parents outling ones acedemic success.
2. The largest fear of most Students.

1. What did you get on your last report? What was your reaction to this?
2. Have you ever gotten a really, really really bad report?
3. How do your parents react to your reports?

My Answers
1. What did you get on your last report?
*** REPORT ***
Economics = Excellence, Excellence, Excellence.
Information Technology (Computers) = Excellence, Excellence, Excellence.
Mathematics = Good, Excellence, Good, Excellence.
PE and Health = Excellence, Excellence, Excellence.
Science = Excellence, Excellence, Excellence, Excellence.
Geography = Excellence. Excellence, Excellence.
English = GOOD, Excellence, Excellence, Excellence.

Excellence = Best, Good = Above Average, Satisfactory = Average, Below Expected = Fail.

I cant believe I got GOOD in English! I am supposed to be good at Enlgish! I am absolutely devistated. I know I got 2 Good's in Math, but I stink at Math anyway.

2. Have you ever gotten a really, really really bad report?

Yes. See above.

3. How do your parents react to your reports?

They dont care about anything good, they just give me a 10 minute lecture on how I can improve on any bad ones.

Last Exile
21st July 2003, 11:52 PM
Don't obsess too much, man. Most people would kill for those grades.

But I know how you feel. My Year 12 marks were 19/20 for Maths 1 & Maths 2, 18/20 for Chemistry and Physics and 16.5/20 for English. I was easily the best student in the ENglish class but I didn't get the school prize for English! That made me mad, especially since all the ENglish students hoarded copies of my essays for the final exam.

21st July 2003, 11:58 PM
1. What did you get on your last report? What was your reaction to this?

Algebra I - A
English - B
Civics - A
Science - A
Latin I - A
Art - A

woo~ good grades :) I would of gotten an A in english but I failed a test >>

My reaction: Oh, wow, what a surprise >>

2. Have you ever gotten a really, really really bad report?

Nope =o, I've either gotten a B or an A on my report card.

3. How do your parents react to your reports?

Wow, good job, Matt. Yeah, that's all they say >>. They're used to it :p

Avian Freeze
22nd July 2003, 12:11 AM
1. This semester I got:

CT (Communication/Theatre, sorta like Drama) - A
Social Studies - A (thanks to my paper ^^)
Science - A+ (favorite subject :))
English - A
Spanish - A+ (second favorite subject, great teacher, hilarious and teaches well :yes: )
Math - A
Music - A (too easy of a subject)
Swimming - B+ (evil test, >_<, I got a 68 on it. Who gets a WRITTEN test in Swimming?!)

Last semester:

Health Ed - A- (latenesses :()
Social Studies - A
Science - A
English - A
Spanish - A+
Math - A
Art - A
Gym - A-

2. I've never gotten lower than a B on a report card. Got a B last year in Social Studies

3. They say, "Good job, keep it up." They're too used to it. Most of my friend's parents would be so happy if they got good grades. I don't even know if my parents would care if I got a bad grade :\.

22nd July 2003, 12:14 AM
i really think its lame when people commit suicide over an a-... -_-

meh... :\ i usually got c's and up, occasional d's and f's though... otto was a bad student... id ditch alot, whatnot, still managed to graduate a year early though

my moms cool...

22nd July 2003, 12:18 AM
1. What did you get on your last report? What was your reaction to this?
2. Have you ever gotten a really, really really bad report?
3. How do your parents react to your reports?

Geometry- A+
Honors English- A
Health- A+
Spanish 2- A+
Physical Science- A
World Studies- A+
Film Making- A+

I've gotten all A's since 7th grade and I don't even try, u want to talk citizenship, then we got some problemos

2. Not bad grades, but my citizenship is horrid because I am a loud class clownish person. I swear, every hall monitor knows me, all of my teachers will remember me >: )

3. They don't really care about my citizenship as long as I get the grades.

22nd July 2003, 12:21 AM
1)I'm not going to fish out my report card and look for exact grades, but I usually get A's and B's, on average 4 A's and 2 B's. For the past 2 years though, my report cards have always been blemished by 1 C and it's always been in Science. It's either the teacher or me and I suppose it's most likely the both of us so I really can't complain

2) 5th grade, I had a C and D on my report card. My mom and I were really pissed and we concluded that it was mostly my teacher's fault because she used to be a kindergarten teacher and treated all of us like babies. She used to make us repeat 'photosynthesis' after her and other easy words --; Other than that, I've gotten good reports

3) They just say 'good job'. My sister takes much harder classes than I do and I know I can't compete with her so I just do my best in the classes

22nd July 2003, 02:45 AM
1. What did you get on your last report? What was your reaction to this?

Overall marks:

Another IT: A
Yet another IT: B
Maths: A
English: A
Science: A
Commerce: A

Basically my best report so far. Yay.

2. Have you ever gotten a really, really really bad report?

No. I normally do all the work...

3. How do your parents react to your reports?

Sometimes I get money if they're good :)

Jay Umbreon
22nd July 2003, 02:56 AM
1. What did you get on your last report? What was your reaction to this?
It's kind of different over here in the Uk - we don't really have reports - more of a progress sheet with like our tutors giving us expected grades and current grades etc. I think they were all A's and B's.

2. Have you ever gotten a really, really really bad report?
No. I won't allow myself to work as little as to receive a bad report. =/. so, nah, I can't see it ever happening ever.

3. How do your parents react to your reports?
They praise me ^ ^ which is really good. I have their support on all academic issues :) so yeah, it really helps me and spurs me on.

22nd July 2003, 03:31 AM
1. I got some pretty average scores. I sort of expected it after messing up twice.

Accounting: A+, A, B+, B+.
English: A+,A+,A+.
Maths Methods: A+,A+,A+,A+.
Advanaced General Maths: A+,A,B.
Physics: A,A,B,D.
Chemistry: A,B+,B+,B.

I didn't do too well but I still managed to get awards for 5 of my subjects.:D

2. Yeah a few times.

3. It depends on whether or not I do well.

22nd July 2003, 03:34 AM
OMG ILikePokemon;P I would have LOVED to have gone to your school. =( Damnit!! Nice report though :) IT rawks =(

You're THAT interested? Well.. okay.

English (Overall A)
A [Writing]
A [Reading]
A [Speaking + Listening]
I didn't expect much less... English is one of my greats. Still haven't got enough intellect to surpass an A standard to an A+... Oh well =(

Hospitality (Overall A)
B [Production]
B [Evaluation]
N/a [Design]
[i]A+ saved me, but I don't really care about Hospitality (considering I'm completing a course on it this year specifically). Unimportant, but anyway, I definitely would have traded it for an A in Maths. =\

Graphic Communication (Overall F) Yay :D Drawing sucks though, and explanation at bottom. :)
C [Developmental Projects]
F [Folio]
F [Research Projects]
Haha. My first fail out of *counts* 87 courses. Impressive. No? Considering art just plain sucks, I had to leave school halfway through the semester and never had the chance to hand in my folio of crap art work. Daaaazn't matter.

Careers (Overall A)
A [Research Project]
B [Participation]
N/a [Work Experience] Would have been A - A+ most definitely.
Well I never stuck around to do the Work Experience strand, but I still worked at my Primary School and completed a pretty decent report (according to my professors) that was definitely at a 95% standard. Never had the chance to hand it in, though.

Foreign (Japanese) (Overall A)
A [Listening]
A [Reading]
B [Writing]
B [Speaking]
Out of 7 Japanese courses, this is my 4th A. Kewl, but it isn't important to me sadly. Though the teacher says I did pretty well... compared to the rest of the class anyway who couldn't even say three words in a proper sentence after three years of being taught the language. =\

Mathematics (Overall B)
B [Number Strand]
B [Algebra Strand]
C [Reasoning and Strategies]
N/a [Measuring Strand]
N/a [Chance/Data Strand]
Only my second B out of 7 courses also. I was absent for two strands and it would have boosted the mark greatly if I stuck around, but really I didn't expect anything better. The course was the hardest i've ever had to see through in Maths. I almost died at the tests, and nearly everyone else did too x.x and I floundered in my most powerful strand in Maths: Algebra. :[ Buuuut the Maths course at my university (TAFE) is **** easy and all the people are dumb there - I'm clearly the smartest 10-fold =D *Can't wait for that report*

Physical Education (Overall C)
C [Skill Development]
C [Group Work]
D [Participation] Haha my 1337 participation skills :D
O..kay.. moving on (p.e. sucks)

Science (Overall D)
D [Genetics]
D [Evolution]
N/a [Forces]
Ooh wow. Science is my weakest of all subjects and I honestly can't be bothered to even listen to half the stuff at times... well, not that. I actually can listen but I'm just bewildered after explanations and stuff. I laugh at one point in the report where she says "It has made it difficult for Jayden to keep ahead in class for missing a Zoo excursion." .... umm, okay? Yet another teacher who never knew I LEFT the school. >=\ Though that statement was one of the funniest I've read in all my reports. This teacher was also someone who starts with the letter B, ending in ITCH. I hated her so much.

Sose (Overall B)
B [Workbook, Participation, Organisation]
E [Comparison and Analysis]
[i]I did two 20-hour reports for TWO people... totalling 80 hours of work, yet one of my worst and most degraded grades of all the time I spent at school? I was very surprised, though that E should have very well been N/A. I never stuck around to do any comparisive activities. Very sad.

Clearly my worst report ever, but that's because I left at Week 13 out of 20 weeks altogether, which affected all my marks (at least the teacher's who knew I hadn't left anyway). I've always gotten money for my reports, good or bad, usually around $200 every time. Now i'm at this university and the course work is MUCH easier. My maths, english and careers teacher rang my parents saying how much of an angel I was. >:D That was fun.

22nd July 2003, 04:54 AM
1. Here's my last report card off the top of my head:
Science = A-
Geography = A+
Math = C+
English = B
Spanish 2 = B- (really surprising!!)
Band = A+
Ceramics = A+

2. This is probably my worst :( But I was having a lot of trouble last year (not with the actual work, but out of school) so really I didn't care about school enough to try so *shrug*

3. They're usually okay if I don't have a C, because that in their eyes, is equivalent to failing.. :confused:

22nd July 2003, 08:13 AM
1. As far as I know, my last grades were

Literature: A+
Math: A+
Grammar: A+
Science: A+
Social Studies: A+
P.E.: A+
Computer: A+
Drama: A+
Art: A
Band: A+

2. My worst grade would be a A- in Grammar cause I got a B on one book report

3. My dad doesnt care, but my mom once went nuts cause I got a 95 on a test... :rolleyes:

Deck Knight
22nd July 2003, 08:40 AM
Never gotten lower than a B-, Except once, when I moved, new school, and the teacher didn't EXPLAIN to me what he required, so I missed projects that were about 25% of my Grade, which explained the D. Fortunetely, I got it up to a B- by the time that grade was over, so I'm alright.

Also, I always got A's and A+'s in P.E. Scrawny little me, Imagine that? O_o.

22nd July 2003, 09:56 AM
1. I tend to get good grades with little effort. I spend about an hour each day to homework, and I never study for tests. The report I'm putting up is the 2nd semester report card.

LA1 - A
Computer Business Aplications - A
Health - A+
Physical Science - A-
Band - A
Government/Civics - A+
Geometry - A-

2. The worst grade I've gotten is a B, which really isn't that bad at all, and A's have always made up the majority of my grades.

3. Yes, even when I get straight A's, my dad still lectures me about needing good grades to get into college. I think he expects to be obsessive about school.

And if a good is the equivalent of a B, then I don't know why you think that's such a bad thing.

22nd July 2003, 01:29 PM
Lets see... I failed math with like a 54% and everything else was 60 - 79%

My parents yelled at me and told me I need to work on my math. I can't do Algebra though. It doesn't click in my small little brain.

22nd July 2003, 01:29 PM

1. What did you get on your last report? What was your reaction to this?
gah it's been too long >_o;; I think 4 As 2 Bs and 2 Cs u_u last time I ever 'try' honors classes >( "oh you're smart enough you just need to work harder!" "stfu I'm lazy, k?!" on all my finals I got 5 As 2 Bs and a D T_T I've NEVER gotten below a C *cries*

2. Have you ever gotten a really, really really bad report?
*points up* goddamn algebra, evil class :< it was the last day of school, too. I wanted OUT! >>; kinda killed my concentration.

3. How do your parents react to your reports?
they just point out every B and under I get, "I would've expected better from you" blah. never take notice of my hard earned As >_> but when I found out I had a D, even though I didn't care that much, well... a little tears and an "I hate myself" attitude really gets you out of the yelling of parents :D I r actress *pose*


Ice Maiden
22nd July 2003, 03:58 PM
*Steps into the TPM courtroom*
And now, the evidence for the grounding of Ice_Maiden. May I proceed, your honour?

'Handwriting is neat and legible and work is neatly presented'.
WTF?! Last time somebody commented me on that, I was told I had a graffiti artist's handwriting. I said thankyou.

'Hannah can manipulate numbers well'
...I...hate...maths...Last time I had to add something up, my friend had to wave his hand in front of my face four times before I came back to earth with the wrong answer!

'Hannah shows a high level of scientific knowledge and is able to recall relevant information when necessary'
"Hannah, what was for dinner yesterday?"
"......." *Blank stare*

'Hannah has well developed drawing skils'
But I wanted an A.......

Dance and Drama
'Hannah's work is very organised'
Whatever. I hate you anyway, dancing freak!

German Smells
I couldn't care less.



''Hannah is a competent and confident musician who has exelent musical ability'

Physical Education


Religious Education



I find Ice_Maiden.......guilty! She shall be taken to her house where she shall be kept for 4 weeks without contact from the outside world.......

2) I haven't really had one.......not in my opinion anyway...

3)I get yelled at if I get a B or below.

Crystal Mew
22nd July 2003, 03:59 PM
1. Uh....I got like ALL B's...well, a few A's ;_;' at least no C's or below :) and then we got that other part..the how good we were in school...I think I got all G's (g for good :) and one N (needs improvement) XD I was so sick of school, I just got lazy and stopped doing pretty much all homework... =>

2. I got a F in math once :> in algebra in 7th grade :D then I got kicked out of that class =) so I was sick for a week....that isn't fair :| oh well

3. they care, but if I did my best, its ok =D and if its in math, she understands, lol, so in math I have an excuse to get a horrible grade...although I haven't since 7th grade.

30th July 2003, 03:01 AM
pidgeot, those are excellent report marks, I don't see how one little good can get you crazy.

umm lets see, end of the first half school year examinations -_-

AS Chemistry - 93%
AS Biology - 93%
AS Mathematics - 95%
AS japanese - 88%
AS English Literature - 62% O_o

stupid english literature -_-