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24th July 2003, 12:35 AM
This is a tournament deck, and yes I've won a tournament with it. You didn't think beatdown was the only deck type that wins tourneys, did ya? Anyway, the winner of an upcoming tourney gets the store's first retail box of Pharonic Guardian, the one that may contain an almighty Ring of Destruction. Most people round here play beatdown. A couple play Dragon and Warrior. So rate away!

Monsters (16) :
1x Barrel Dragon
2x Hayabusa Knight
2x The Hunter with Seven Weapons
3x Dream Clown
1x Princess of Tsurugi
2x Dancing Fairy
1x Gilasaurus
1x Penguin Soldier
1x Karate Man
1x Sangan
1x Witch of the Black Forest

Magic (17) :
1x Pot of Greed
1x Raigeki
1x Dark Hole
1x Change of Heart
2x Mystic Space Typhoon
1x Harpie's Feather Duster
1x Monster Reborn
1x Chain Energy
3x Black Pendant
2x Burning Land
1x Graceful Charity
2x Offerings to the Doomed

Trap (8) :
3x Gravity Bind
1x Fake Trap
2x Ominous Fortunetelling
1x Just Desserts
1x Magic Drain

After a little playtesting, I noticed I had a major Jinzo problem. So I added a bit more monster removal. There's a few other surprises here too. Take a good look.

24th July 2003, 01:22 AM
You may also want to add an Exiled Force, its a great way to oust Jinzo and is searchable with both Sangan & Witch. Also you could add Injection Fairy Lily and/or Cannon Soldier.

I know B.Pendant is for equip & Direct damage but it doesnt give enough boost to Hayabusa, maybe go with the standard equips like UWS, Mage Power, & Axe.

Other then that you might want to find some way to protect your M/T's a little better. Maybe add an IO.

Alec Trevelyan
24th July 2003, 11:06 AM
zombie is right, but, i would add 1 or 2 magician of faith too, no? as your deck has many magics, it would be a good tip ;)


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Red Angel
24th July 2003, 12:57 PM
If Jinzo is causing problems, then do what I did: add 2 Soul Release. Then, wait until they enter their Battle Phase with Jinzo, then kill it with Ofeerings to the Dommed. Now they cvan't revive it witout interrupting their battle phase. Next turn Soul Release it, and voila! No more Jinzo. The look on people's faces when you pull this off is priceless. The other issue with your deck is that you only have 1 Princess of Tsurugi. I'd add a second one, possibly cutting Gilasuras for it.

Kool Dudy
24th July 2003, 03:19 PM
I agree with Zombie.

You should really add some Axe of Despair to your 3 star monsters. It would give it a really good boost. Also, if you want to change it to sort of a wheenie deck, then

+ Jinzo #7
+ Mystic Lamp
+ Direct damage monsters ( <4 star)