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25th July 2003, 10:20 PM
Basically...this would be my first Digimon Zero Two RPG...with a few lines from Season 4...

Courage, Friendship, Love, Justice, Reliability, Sincerity, Hope, Light, Kindness, Miracles....those were the ten crests and Digi-Eggs that were of the holy elements...which were each guarded by three celestials: Seraphimon, Orphanimon, and Cherubimon. These three guarded the Digital World for many milleniums, darkness remaining hidden for as long as that. Soon, a Rookie digimon was created to serve as a fourth guardian, Lucemon....possibly the strongest Rookie Digimon ever, granted many powers. Thus, a darkness grew within his heart...and Lucemon was soon corrupted by the darkness, creating three darkened versions of the celestials: YoukaiOrphanimon, BlackSeraphimon, and ViralCherubimon. Together, the three had created digi-eggs of the exact power...but of dark energy, now under the names of something opposite, or of darkness: Revenge, Deceit, Hate, Guilt, Sloth, Jealousy, Sin, Darkness, Cruelty, and Fate. After creating digivices for the digi-eggs, Lucemon had prepared them for ten children....dark of heart....and had prepared digimon for them along with it. The original three guardians realized time was running out in front of them...and they did the same, preparing for ten children of a pure heart...and they scattered the eggs, each across Server.
----Meanwhile....on Earth---------
It's a tiring early July day in Japan for the chosen teens...each going with their normal lives, nervous of what comes ahead of them...the sun is bright...and basically, nothing seems exciting. In your heart...you feel as if something is pulling towards your heart...not knowing what. As you log onto the internet, you feel as if something is watching you....and a pop-up image clicks up, saying 'Would you choose to save your world...?' or 'Would you be willing to destroy the world you live in, the world that hates you?'(depends on alliance...). No matter what you click...the screen goes blank....and flashes a bright light....and you black out.

You re-awaken somewhere unfamiliar to you...nine kids surrounding you, each gathered around the same things you are: an odd device, a small TV-like thing, and a creature nothing like anything you've seen. The creature explain why you're here...to do whatever the message said. Time is running short....the darkness is coming....

Okay...let's get down with the elements and digi-eggs:
Courage/Fire-Taken by Gladiator
Friendship/Ice-Taken by PoLIzumi-Chan
Love/Wind-Taken by Light_Togetic
Justice/Holy-Taken by The Muffin Man
Reliability/Water-Taken by Light_Togetic
Sincerity/Forest-Taken by Dogman
Hope/Solar-Taken by legendary_fisherman1
Light/Light-Taken by Hunter Kersomy
Kindness/Earth-Taken by Reborned-Dragon
Miracles/Steel-Taken by Dogman

Revenge/Fire-Taken by Gladiator
Deceit/Ice-Taken by me
Jealousy/Forest-Taken by legendary_fisherman1
Sin/Lunar-Taken by Me
Darkness/Darkness-Taken by The Muffin Man
Cruelty/Earth-Reserved for The Muffin Man
Fate/Steel-Taken by Dogman

Sign-up form:
Digimon-(Your partner at the rookie level)
D-3 Appearance-(Basically, it's for the buttons and rim color. Good D-3s are of white bodies, Evils are black bodied)
Theme Songs-(Up to five)

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Class- (Vaccine, Data, or Virus?)
Attacks-(up to 3)

Regular Digimon:
Class-(Vaccine, Data, or Virus?)
Attacks-(Up to three. Megas up to four.)

My form:
Name- Laura Rider
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Appearance- Her eyes are a deep forest green with a faint ring of brown surrounding the pupils, her hair is mid-neck length and deep dark brown, nearly black, with blue highlights, and her skin is pale...nearly colorless. She's about 5'7" and thin. Laura is known to wear a long-sleeved black shirt, black khakis, combat boots, and a spiked silver choker. She also has a pair of silver-rimmed, elipse lensed, see-through grey tipped glasses usually seen with clip-ons and two spiked wristbands. Her ears are pierced three times each, and her nails are painted black.
Personality- Laura is mainly depressive, hopeless, and serious...despite her calm side. She's cold and seems heartless, but it's because she fears that people would laugh at her because she's her even if she tries to make friends. She's withdrawn most of the time....remaining mysterious and quiet. She also seems a bit paranoid, and claims that whatever she does, it's because of the 'voices' in her head.
Digi-Egg/Element- Deceit/Ice
Alliance- Evil
Digimon- Snowmon
D-3 Appearance- Black body, deep blue rims, icy blue buttons
Theme Songs-
"Easier to Run" by Linkin Park
"Imaginary" by Evanescence
"Prayer" by Disturbed
"Outside" by Staind
"Born With Nothing, Die With Everything" by Papa Roach
Relationships- Best friend of Seth Ragnarok.
Other- *freezes other*

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Name- Kooridramon
Species- Wolf Dragon
Class- Virus
Appearance- Think Haku's beast form in Spirited Away...make her eyes and teal fur deep blue, remove the horns, make her body a bit more furry, and make the talons wolf legs/paws. She also has the Koori symbol in icy blue on what would be her chest.
Personality- Cold and ruthless....dark and anti-social. The only people she can trust are Laura and any of her allies. Basically a re-make of of Laura, but she doesn't seem as hopeless.
Digi-Egg- Deceit/Ice
Arctic Blast~ An aura of blue surrounds Kooridramon, and she fires a beam of ice from her mouth.
Koori Kaze~ She flies swiftly towards her opponent, causing her putside to have a cold touch on whoever she strikes.
Crystal Throw~ Kooridramon flies into the air, forming a crystal ice shard between her forepaws, She throws it up, and swipes it at the opponent with her tail.

Regular Digimon:
Name- Snowmon
Species- Snow Fox
Class- Data
Appearance- Oddly resembles an Eevee. She's basically blue with silver tufts and tail tips and has sky blue eyes. She also has a small sapphire on her forehead.
Personality- She's like Laura, only not as hopeless. She seems a bit leaning onto Laura's side, but will stand her ground if she has to. Seems to prefer toying with her enemies a lot, but can be serious.
Snowball~ She forms a snowball at the tip of her tail, and whips it at the enemy.
Chilly Wind~ The sapphire on Snowmon's forehead glows brightly, as a chilling wind of snowflakes flies at the opponent.
Frosty Touch~ She leaps onto the enemy as an icy glow surrouns her, possibly freezing.

Name- Crystalmon
Specues- Snow Cat
Class- Data
Appearance- A lot like Gatomon, only that her fur is silver and whatever is purple is blue. Her gloves are blue with silver stripes, and the tail ring is spiked. The sapphire from Snowmon appears on her chest.
Personality- She seems to act a lot like Snowmon, but she seems to be more serious. She'll stand up for Laura if possible, and seems a bit sarcastic.
Icy Paw~ Basically a re-make of Lightning Claw, only the sapphire glows brightly and is more of an icy punch.
Kriistall Nacht(Crystal Night)~ Her claws turn crystal clear, and she slashes the enemy.
Tail of the Arctic~ The spikes on her body glow brightly, as they seem to become icy and fly towards the enemy. Then the spikes fly back to the ring, and become normal.

Name- Arwenmon
Species- Ice Spirit
Class- Data
Appearance- Something sorta like this (http://images.quizilla.com/K/KacheekPrincess/1060021184_arkGoddess.gif), with black dragon-like wings. Her hair has blue streaks, and the Koori symbol is in deep blue on the back of her dress. Her eyes are a mysterious dark blue, and she has a blue staff with a crystal ice shard on top.
Personality- She's now a lot like Laura now, her heart is now icy cold....exactly like her element. She seems to hide some shame, but won't confess it.
Wind of Ice~ She raises the hand which doesn't hold her staff, as a gust containing ice shards flies at the opponent.
Icy Blow~ She pulls out her hand not containing the staff, which fires a beam of ice at the opponent.
Arctic Ring~ She forms a circle with her staff, which forms a ring of ice. She flies into the air and knocks it towards her opponent.

Name- Ooyukimon
Species- Fallen Angel
Class- Data
Appearance- Looks a lot like this (http://images.quizilla.com/L/Lorac/1035591933_CWINDOWSDesktoptempt.jpg), minus the little claw gloves. Her eyes are a deep dark blue like her past form, and her hair has the same blue streaks from Arwenmon. Wears a blue dress, and dark brown boots. Besides the fact she carries a black staff with a blue snowflake on its top, she also wears a choker, with icy patterns.
Koori Dash~ She flies swiftly towards the opponent, slashing them with her staff.
Spirit of Ice~ She raises her staff into the air...she flies up about a foot above the ground and the sapphire on her forehead glows. Then, a deep blue dragon-like spirit similar to Kooridramon flies at the enemy.
Frozen Glare~ She glares at the enemy, freezing them for a short while.
Arctic Death~ She raises her hands and moves them in a circular motion. After about a half-minute, a chilling gust of snowflakes and ice shards flies swiftly at the enemy.

~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
I woke up in slight pain that morning, feeling as if somebody was trying to rip out my soul. Shrugging, I got up, put on my glasses, grabbed a pair of clothes, and slowly walked towards the bathroom. Minutes later, I came out in my usual: black shirt, khakis, combat boots, and my choker. I went back into my room and put on my spiked wristbands, just in case mom made me get the mail this morning. Sighing, I went downstairs after seeing my mother was asleep, and went to eat breakfast. I glanced over towards the mail on the table as I ate my cranberry juice and cereal, still feeling tired. I felt as if something was watching me from the window, and turned around, seeing nothing. Sighing, I finished my breakfast and went up to my room, somehow, I felt as if something was pulling me towards the computer.

I sat down at my computer, laying my head down on the desk as I connected onto the internet. After getting up towards the main MSN page, another damn pop-up came up. It was nothing like any other, this one read: 'Would you like to destroy the world you live in? The world that hates you?'.

Sighing, I thought for a minute. The world hated me, didn't it? Clicking on yes, my computer screen went black, and I was enveloped in a blue light. I felt as if it was pulling me into the computer.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" I screamed as I began to feel numb. My eyes slowly closed, and the world around me went towards complete darkness. Was I dead?
'Laura Rider...Wake up.' a small voice spoke towards me, I thought it was my voices, but it was from the outside world. I was lying on the ground, no longer in my room. I opened my eyes slowly with wonder, and turned over to see something I never thought I would see in my life: A blue Eevee with silver tufts, a black device with deep blue rims and icy blue buttons, and a small TV-like object with a flipping top much like a Gameboy Adavnce SP.

"Where the hell am I?" I asked in complete confusion, trying to back away, "What the hell are you?"

"Laura...you're in the Digital World, the continent of Server." she replied, "And I'm Snowmon, your Digimon partner."

My eyes widened as I picked up the two devices, "What are these? Why am I here?"

"Those are your D-3 and D-Terminal. The D-3 is a device to help with the different forms of a digimon, and the D-Terminal contains a map of Server." She replied, gazing at me, "You're here because of something. Lucemon, and his partners BlackSeraphimon, YoukaiOrphanimon, and ViralCherubimon, have chosen you as a dark digidestined. You and the others are to defeat the children of light. The reason why? Apparently, Seraphimon, Orphanimon, and Cherubimon have been using him all this time."

I slowly nodded, and stood up. I wondered if Seth was dragged here too. Was he of enough darkness?

"Hey Snowmon," I asked, as she walked up to my side, "I have one question. Is one of the dark digidestined a guy by the name Seth Ragnarok."

"I believe so," Snowmon replied, her sky blue eyes looking towards me, "Apparently, his partner is a drgaon digimon named Benjimon." I slowly nodded, as I began to look around for Seth and these other 'dark digidestined'. I was confused in a way, then again, I guess I'm glad to be out of my world.

Will post Seth later. -.-

The Muffin Man
25th July 2003, 11:50 PM
Name- Mike/Jaymz
Gender- male
Appearance- About 5'9, average build. He has black hair and dark eyes but usually wears slightly brighter clothes than his brother...
Personality- He is upbeat, happy-go-lucky, and at times shy. He's always a nice guy.
D-3 Appearance-White
Theme Songs-(Up to five)

Digi-Egg Digimon: later x.x
Class- (Vaccine, Data, or Virus?)
Attacks-(up to 3)

Regular Digimon:
Name- Raptomon
Species- Dinosaur man
Class- Virus
Appearance- See Waru Raptomon on Mike2's form. I believe it says what's been added etc.
Personality- Same as Mike
Attacks-(Up to three. Megas up to four.) later.

Post later :p

26th July 2003, 07:31 AM
Name:Tetsuo Dragdi
Appearance:Has black spiked hair,and black eyes,with small specks of red.he has tan skin,and wears a green sleeveless tee.He also has black shorts with two pockets on each side.Tetsuo is about 5'0".
Personality:Tetsuo almost never talks.He speaks only to his friends.When his allies want him to do something,he does it without much trouble.He is quite gullible.
D-3 appearance:Silver rims,grey buttons.

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Species:Armored Beast
Class: Data
Appearance:Looks like a red fox on its hind legs,with silver armor on its tail and knees.He wears two swords on his back,shaped like an X.He wears a red robe on his stomach down to his knees.He wears bulky silver armor on his forehead,containing the crest of Miracles.
Personality:Like Tetsuo's,except he's not gullible.
Red Fox Slash-Slashes the enemies with his swords.
Claw Attack-Claws the enemies with his claws.
Rolling Cut-Scrunches into a ball,and rolls toward the enemy,with his two swords pointing up.

Regular Digimon:
Species:Red Fox
Class: Data
Appearance:A red fox with black stripes on his back.He stands on his hind legs.His tail and eyes are black.
Personality:Like Tetsuo's.
Bite:Bites the enemy.
Foot Claws:Claws the enemy with one of his feet.

Champion Digimon:
Species:Winged Fox
Class: Data
Appearance:Stands on all fours now.Looks like Furymon,except a little bigger now.He has two dragon like wings covered in steel.He front paws and face have steel armor now.
Personality:He likes to tease his enemies,but will get serious when needed.He takes commands from any of his allies.
Wing Slash:Slashes the enemy with his wings.
Mule Kick:Kicks the enemy with his hind legs.
Swipe:Swipes the enemy with his front paws.

Ulitimate Digimon:
Species:Warrior Fox
Class: Data
Appearance:Like Forumon,except his whole body except his tail and hind legs is covered in armor.He has two swords next to his head.
Personality:Like Forumon,but a bit more mature.
Sword Slash:Slashes the enemy with his swords.
Wing Shield:Protects himslef with his wings.
Steel Rubble:Forms a piece of steel,and launches it at the enemy.

Mega Digimon:
Species:Fox Knight
Class: Data
Appearance:Looks like Furymon,except a bit bigger,about 7'0".
He stands on his hind legs,and has steel armor all over his body.He wears a robe on his body.He has a big gun on his right hand,and holds a sword in his left hand.
Personality:He is very serious,and only obeys Tetsuo.He will try his hardest to defeat an enemy.
Big Bang:Fire a giant fireball at his enemy.
Slash:Cuts the enemy.
Rapid Fire:Fires Rapidly at the enemy.
No Mercy Punch:This is his most powerful attack.He Drops all of his weapons,and pauses for half a minute,and punches the enemy until he or she,or himself,falls.

Post later:yes:

26th July 2003, 09:42 AM
Goodies, I've been waiting for this to start!

Name- Tara
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Appearance- She wears a dark pink shirt with a red stripe across the front, and blue jeans. Her hair is dyed that fake-looking red color, and her eyes are a bright blue. She has a small orange backpack with her.
Personality- She's typically a nice person, and only gets angry when she's really stressed out. She's a very independent girl, and doesn't like to depend on others (especially boys...). She's a big feminist, and always says that it's best for every girl if they never have a boyfriend... but deep down inside, she wishes she had one.
Digi-Egg/Element- Love/Wind
Alliance- Good.
Digimon- Beakmon
D-3 Appearance- Buttons are a deep red, while the rim is a brighter, fire engine red.
Theme Songs- Sweatdrops... I'm not good at this... oh, I know!
True to Your Heart by 98 Degrees, it was also from the Disney movie Mulan.
Relationships- Ironically, her two good friends are Kazuma and Ronnie, both guys. ^^
Other- Um... *tells other to leave me alone!*

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Name- Hourimon
Species- Loving Bird
Class- Vaccine
Appearance- Harubimon is about as big as Halsemon. Her beak is metallic, and is considerably smaller than Beakmon's, but still has the same shape. Her wings have long, silvery metal primary feathers on them. Her rusty red color has turned to a blazing red, and her tail feathers have elongated, and become a sparkly rose red color. She has the crest of love on her forehead.
Personality- Pretty much the same as Beakmon's (see rookie).
Digi-Egg- Love
Tail Blast- Her tail slices at her opponent.
Whirling Flight- She beats her wings around, and a swirling column of wind is blasted outward.
Love's Light- She lets out a cry, and a beam of red light will heal one of her friends.

Regular Digimon:

Name- Beakmon
Species- Big Beak
Class- Vaccine
Appearance- Beakmon kinda looks like Toucanmon, and has a long bill that's a bunch of different colors. She has rusty red colored feathers, and silvery eyes. Her tail is very short, and consists of three feathers. She's got those claw/finger things that Biyomon and Hawkmon have, which are colored black.
Personality- She's a happy, bubbly Digimon, and is always concerned about others. She understands Tara better than anyone.
Beak Bash- She uses her beak to whack the opponent.
Twister Rage- She only uses this when she's determined to defeat her opponent. Her eyes glow a deep red color, and she shoots a twirling red beam at the enemy.

Name- Crimsomon
Species- Red Bird
Class- Vaccine
Appearance- Kinda shaped like Birdramon, but has a deep red color to its feathers. It's tail is long like Hourimon's, and it's beak is a metallic golden yellow. Her wingtips are highlighted with a light blue color.
Personality- She's much smarter and less timid than Beakmon, but otherwise, pretty much the same.
Hearty Breeze- She flaps her wings hard to knock opponents off their feet.
Firey Tornado- She shoots a red beam of wind like a tornado out of her beak.
Stormy Weather- Makes rain and thunder clouds appear that make the weather conditions unstable.

Name- MetalCrimsomon
Species- Armored Red Bird
Class- Vaccine
Appearance- Has the appearance of Crimsomon, but her body is covered in metal. The metal has a red sparkly tinge to it.
Personality- The same as Crimsomon.
Spiral Torrent- Summons a large group of clouds a wind to confuse the opponent as to where she is.
Passionate Blast- She creates a blast of wind to knock her opponent off their feet.
Steam Power- Heats the air around her to make it unbareable for anyone other than fire element digimon.

Name- RedPhoenixmon
Species- Life Giving
Class- Vaccine
Appearance- Looks a lot like Phoenixmon, except is a red and orange color with a rainbow iridecent look to its feathers.
Personality- Pretty much like Crimsomon, but seems to care more about others than herself.
Beak Blast- Sends a beam of bright energy at opponent from her beak.
Phoenix Wings- Slices at opponent with her wings really fast, so that you can barely see her wings move.
Tears of Life- Cries tears when a friend is near defeat. The glowing tears revive and strengthen them.
Firey Windstorm- Makes a huge glowing red windstorm, and aims at her opponent.


"Tara! Better hurry if you want breakfast hun!"

"O....kay!" I yawned, still feeling sleepy.

I got up slowly. My dream had been another bad one, but I tried not to let it get to me. All my dreams had been the same lately... all nightmares in which my father had come back home... I shivered. "I hope he never comes back... I'll never forgive him..." I said under my breath. I quickly put on my clothes, now feeling more awake, and waved to my angelfish as I left my room.

"Hun, I put your backpack over there for you..." my mom trailed off, seeing my face. "Had another dream, huh?" she said to me, looking depressed. "N... no Mom, just a bit tired..." I lied, trying to look my happiest. "Well..." she began, obviously not buying it, "Just try to relax and enjoy yourself, okay?" "Okay..." I said, wishing my mom would stop worrying about me, "But first I gotta check my email." My mom gave me a funny look, knowing full well that I never bothered checking my email in the morning... I shrugged, not really knowing why I wanted to either. I just had this urge to use the internet...

I walked up to my computer, sitting in the living room, as my mom went into the bathroom, probably to cry... "Oh Mom... I wish there were some way I could help," I whispered, clicking onto the bookmarked site. A pop-up interrupted me.

"Oh, I hate these things! They're so annoying... oh well, at least it isn't flashing annoying flourescent colors..." I said, sounding irritated.

Would you choose to save your world...?

I read it again. Something was different about this ad... what was it for? Why didn't I just close it out? I sat there for a few seconds, my orange pack still being squished by the back of the seat. Then, I clicked 'Yes'.

Soon after, a deep red light engulfed me, and I was scared and confused. "What? Help!" I yelled, before I blacked out.

"Hi! You are awake, aren't you?"

"Wha...?" I managed to mumble.

"Yes, you are awake! Hi! I'm Beakmon!"

"Who...?" I said, opening my eyes.

A small, bird-like creature stood before me. Some other kids were also around me. I tried to remember what had happened. "That pop-up..." I whsipered, still ignoring the bird next to me...

"I'm Beakmon! I'm your digimon! Oh! I'm so excited to meet you!" she said, looking up at me.

I looked more closely at her. "Aaahh! You're a monster!" I said, not really feeling scared, but more excited.

"I'm a digital-monster to be more precise, but that doesn't matter now. What matters it that you understand why you're here," she said, looking at me gravely.

"So... why am I here?" I asked, calming a bit.

"You have been chosen to save the world from Lucemon, and his dark forces..." she said.

"Who...?" I said, still a bit confused.

"You'll learn over time," she said plainly.

"Where am I?" I asked next.

"In Server... you have a map of it right there..." she said, pointing to one of the two devices I was holding.

"Aaahh!" I said, as Beakmon explained what my two devices were for. I paused, thinking to myself for a second.

"Okay... note to self... never click on any pop-up ads ever again..." I said, looking down at Beakmon.

I'll post Kerri/Reliability later today!

26th July 2003, 10:44 AM
^('-')>Tetsuo Dragdi/Miracles<('-')^
"TETSUO!!!"My mother called.I woke up with a start.I shrugged and put my clothes on.I yawned and closed my eye and went back to sleep in my bed.I was tired.My mom came in and pushed me off the bed."Ouch..."I said.My mother said"Tetsuo,you have to eat breakfast!!!"I walked down,followed by mom.As I entered the kitchen,I sensed Something was watching me.I turned around,but nobody there.I shrugged and poured some grape juice and cereal.

After I ate,I had the urge to use the internet.I told mom I was going to check my email.My mom said she had to go get a book,so I went into the family room and used the computer there.I looked around the room.I knew sombody,or something was watching me.I had the urge to use the internet.I clicked on Internet Explorer icon,and then another pop-up came.It was...different.At least it wasn't a dumb"You're the 10,000 person to visit this website!"

"Would you choose to save your world?"

I thought for awhile.I heard my mother coming.I always wanted to be a hero...I clicked Yes.The screen went completely black.Then I was enveloped in a silver light.I yelled"What's happening???Help me..."I heard my mom run down the stairs.The world around me went black,and my body felt numb.I shut my eyes."I Think...I'm dead..." I thought.I blacked out.

"Wake up...Please Tetsuo...Awaken..."I heard a small voice say.
I opened my eyes.I was certainly not in the family room.I looked on my body.Something was on me.I saw a fox-like creature."What...Are you?"I said."I'm...Furymon!A Digimon!"It said.Furymon said.I asked"So Furymon...Why am I here?"Furymon said"You're here because you've been chosen as one of the ten children to stay here and defeat Lucemon and his minions of darkness."
I asked Furymon"Okay...Who chose me,and who are the forces?"
Furymon replied"You'll see."Furymon said"You're in Server.You have a map of the digital world here."Furymon picked up one of my devices and put it in my hand."That's a D-Terminal."He said.I picked up the other device."That's a D-3."He said."It helps with evolutions!"I looked at Furymon."I guess I should become your friend..."Furymon said.I nodded.Furymon jumped for joy.Some other kids were with these 'Digimon'.I got up and put the devices in my pockets.I looked around."Looks like I'll be here for a long time..."I mumbled.

26th July 2003, 11:46 AM
Name- Seth Ragnarok
Age- 16(just turned recently)
Gender- Male
Appearance- His eyes are a haunting dark brown, his hair is pitch black with red streaks and spiked, and his skin is fairly pale, but not as pale as Laura's. He's about 5'9" and around 105 pounds. Wears an elbow-length sleeved grey shirt under a black vest, baggy jeans that hide his black Nikes, a silver chain necklace, and two spiked wristbands.
Personality- Is dark, calm, and serious...mainly because he barely knows the rest. He tends to hide from most of his problems, but sometimes tries to overcome them. He hides a certain shame he doesn't admit, but he pretty much knows about Laura more than anybody else.
Digi-Egg/Element- Sin/Lunar
Alliance- Evil
Digimon- Benjimon
D-3 Appearance- Black body, silver rims, dark violet buttons.
Theme Songs-
"System" by Linkin Park
"The Fight Song" by Marilyn Manson
"Gone Away" by Cold
"Price to Play" by Staind
"Darkness" by Disturbed
Relationships- His best friend is Laura Rider...but he has 'feelings' for her.
Other- *kicks other into a black hole*

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Name- Hakudramon
Species- Moon Dragon
Class- Virus
Appearance- Looks like Raidramon, but the blade on his forehead is completely silver, has black dragon wings, any yellow markings are silver, and his eyes are a dark grey. Also a blue crescent moon replaces the crest of Friendship on his chest.
Personality- Seems to act like Seth a lot, but he seems a little more sarcastic. He seems to trust only Seth, Laura, and Laura's Digimon.
Digi-Egg- Sin
Lunar Sin~ He flies swiftly at the enemy, somewhat like Wolfmon/Lobomon's Velocity Star, but he attacks with his forehead blade.
Eclipse of Getsuei~ The marking on his chest glows brightly, and fires a beam of dark blue energy from his mouth.
Claw Blade~ He ponces towards his enemy, slashing them with his foreclaws.

Regular Digimon:
Name- Benjimon
Species- Young Dragon
Class- Virus
Appearance- Basically a black version of Veemon, but the makrings are silver and a crescent moon replaces the V on his forehead. Also has a pair of silver dragon wings.
Personality- Like Seth, but he claims he has voices in his head. He can be cold at times, but he's really okay. He seems a little scared of the light, but he'll be courageous if possible.
Swift Shower~ He forms two ninja stars of glowing energy, and throws them at the opponent.
Moonlit Shadow~ The moon on his forehead glows brightly, and sends a beam of dark energy at the opponent.

Name- ExBenjimon
Species- Warrior Dragon
Class- Virus
Appearance- A black version of ExVeemon, but the silver markings on his chest are a crescent moon. His wings seem a bit larger, the V on his forehead is silver, and he carries two katanas: one with the Koori symbol, the other with the Getsuei symbol.
Personality- Much more courageous than Benjimon, but still claims things about the voices. He's sarcastic, usually joking around with in combat...but still takes it seriously.
Blades of the Moon~ He flies swiftly at the enemy and slashes them in an 'X' motion with both blades.
Dragon's Possesion~ He raises his blades towards the sky, and small little stars and moons fly at the enemy.
Ex-Beam~ The marking on his chest glows and sends a beam of energy flying towards the enemy.

Name- Getsudramon
Species- Demon Dragon
Class- Virus
Appearance- Is a pitch black Chinese Dragon with blood red eyes, a red crescent moon on his forehead, and has rubies along his body.
Personality- Is colder than ever, unlike his other two forms. Acts completely heartless, unless towards Seth.
Getsuei Blast~ Fires a beam of dark red energy from his mouth, as his forehead marking glows brightly.
Demon's Curse~ He flies swiftly towards the enemy and slashes them in the form of a crescent moon.
Mortal Possesion~ His eyes glow darkly, as his rubies fire blood red stars at the enemy.

Name- KazeGetsudramon
Species- Dark Dragon
Class- Virus
Appearance- Picture the Red Eyes Black Dragon, make him a bit more metallic black, his eyes blood red, and a moon crescent on his forehead.
Personality- Exactly like Getsudramon.
Dragons of the Eclipse~ He raises his wings into the air, and fires two spirit dragons, one blood red; one deep blue, at the enemy.
Set's Curse~ Fires a blast of blood red energy from his mouth.
Swift Blood Moon~ His forehead marking glows brightly, and fires a symbol of light at his opponent.
Lunar Destroyer~ If you've seen BlackWarGreymon's Terra Destroyer...it's like that, onyl the ball of energy is silver.

<~^~>Seth Ragnarok - Sin<~^~>
I awoke with a cold sweat that morning, my dreams haunted by some demon dragon again. So what if it was demon? At least it was fine with me. I watched my parents awaken with wonder, praising god as their usual...nothing like me. I never wanted to be like them anyway....because "The Fight Song" by Marilyn Manson goes: 'I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exist, and I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a sh*t'. Sighing, realizng I wasn't hungry, I put on my usual clothing, and sat against the computer. I listened to my CD Discman, and grabbed one of the CDs in my pocket, KoRn's Untouchables. Listening carefully and quietly, I logged on the internet, but as soon as it came up...so did a pop-up. Damn! It wasn't like anything before I've seen, it's words...something Laura and I would've thought of. 'Do you wish to detroy the world you live in? The world that hates you?' I automatically clicked yes,and I was enveloped in a silver light...I felt dragged into the computer.

"Dammit..." I muttered, and fainted into the darkness....falling into an endless void.
'Seth....Seth....' A voice spoke, as a clawed finger was poking my face. I moaned, but my eyes were still closed.

'Seth Ragnarok! Get up already!' It screamed. I opened my eyes, and looked around for the source of the voice. I soon saw a black dragon....thing....with a horn on its nose, silvery wings, and a marking of a crescent moon on its forehead. I looked towards the area next to it, seeing a small black device with silver rims and dark violet buttons, and a TV-like object.

"What the hell are you?!?" I screamed, as I grabbed my CD Discman, turned off, and place it in one of my vest pockets.

"I'm Benjimon at your service...." he replied, "I'm a digimon, short for Digital Monster!" I shrugged...Benjimon? I stared at the devices and asked, "What's these for? Where am I and why am I here?"

"That's your D-3 and D-Terminal," he replied, "The D-3 can help with going to our different forms, called digivolution, and the D-Terminal contains a map of where we are: Server."

I nodded, "But why am I here?"

"It's because," Benjimon sighed, "Lucemon has chosen you as a dark digidestined. You have enough of a dark heart to be on this side, and now, you must help him with our quest against the three celestials, Orphanimon, Seraphimon, and Cherubimon. Apparently, Lucemon claims the three were using him and created darker versions of his forces: BlackSeraphimon, YoukaiOrphanimon, and ViralCherubimon. So you accept or what?"

I slowly nodded, "I understand. But by any chance, is a girl by the name Laura Rider one of the dark digidestineds?"

"Ah yes," Benjimon replied, "She's the ice dark digidestined. Her digimon is Snowmon, the Snow Fox." I nodded as we went to find Snowmon and Laura...hoping we would find out why we were here....

Hunter Kersomy
26th July 2003, 01:02 PM
Name: Kody Rieck
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kody has a brownish- blue eyes, some times the are mostly brown, another they can be blue. He has blond hair. He has fairly tanned skin from being on the swim team. Kody is small for his age. He is about 4' 7"(55 inches). He weighs about 80 pounds. He always wears a tropical button-up shirt and baggy, khaki shorts.
Personality: Kody is often optimestic. When he loses he doesn't care, but that he had great time is what is importance to him. He is very pleasent and compassionite. He gets angery, though, at the dark digidestines and pop-ups.
Digi-Egg/element: Light
Alliance: Good
Digimon: Patamon
D-3 appearence: All white
Theme songs:
-"Complicated"by Avril Lavigne
-"Anything But Ordinary" by Avril Lavigne
Relationships: Nothing as of yet.
Other: *Who ordered the other?*

Digiegg Digimon:
-Name: Zionmon
-Species: Dragon Angel
-Class: Vaccine
-Appearence: HolyAngemon Robes with armor similar to Imperialdramon Paladon Mode. Most of the armor, when put together looks like a dragon.Is about five feet tall. Has a jewel in a mouth of an white dragon on his chest armor. Has two great angel wings.
--Crossbow of the Heavens: Takes a crossbow from his back and fires light energy at the enemy.
--The Protector of Zion: An energy dragon arises from Zionmon's armor and forms a dragon and zooms toward the enemy.
--The Crusader's Revenge: Slices enemy with his saber.

Regular Digimon:
-Rookie: Patamon
-Class: Vaccine
-Appearence: like all Patamon
-Personality: He is a lot like Kody. But some times he acts too cute annoying Kody.
-Attacks: Normal Patamon attacks

-Champion: Angemon
-Class: Vaccine
-Appearence: Like Takeru's Angemon
-Personality: Same as above
-Attacks: Hand of Fate

Ultimate: HolyAngemon Robes(HolyAngemon R)
-Class: Vaccine
-Appearence: Looks like MagnaAngemon w/out armor. Like Lord HolyAngemon from v-tamer.
-Attacks: Excalibur Saber, Holy Hand of Fate, Gate of Destiny

-Mega: Dominimon
-Class: Vaccine
-Appearence: Like Seraphymon with punked up armor.
-Attacks: Dominion Blast, Strike of the Angels, God's Holy Spirit, Ultimate Excalibur

~*~*~* Kody Rieck(Light) *~*~*~

I sat straight up in my bed. I awoke from my dreams or nightmares can't remember in a cold sweat. All my beding was one the floor. It must have been a nightmare. I wish I could remember it, though.
I got dressed in my normal baggy, khaki shorts and my tropical, blue button-up shirt. I brushed my teeth and combed/styled my blond hair so it looked wet and clung to my head in clumps. I went down the stairs to our kitchen, my mom was reading the newspaper and dad was cooking breakfast as usual.
"Morning, son," dad said to me. "What do you want for breakfast, today?"
"What ever you are cooking," I replied.
I had a breakfast of toast and strawberry jam and buttermilk pancakes. They were delicous as usual. Mom and Dad left at eight to work, leaving me alone until my swim meet.
Suddenly I had an urge to go on the internet. I went into the living room and turned on the computer. I logged on to my screen name clicked my mail box. As my mail box opened a pop-up popped up.
"I hate pop-ups!" I exclaimed.
I wanted to close it, but for some reason I did not close it. For a change it wasn't advirtising any website or items or saying I won anything. It read:

"Would you choose to save your world?"
Hmmm, I guess. I clicked yes. Then things went weird. The computer screen went black like it was turned off. Mom is going to be mad. Pop-ups are evil. Everything went black, I must have blacked out.

I felt a little finger like thing poke my stomach. Some one poke me again. "Kody," it said in a high, cute voice. The thing poked me again. I opened my eyes. A weird creature that looked like a flying pig with no snout stood on my stomach. It poked me again.
"Can you stop poking me?" I asked.
"You are wake!" it exclaimed. It flew up and cheered.
"Excuse me but who are you?" I asked.
" I'm Patamon! A digimon!" the flying pig creature laughed.
"Okay Patamon, is it? What's a digimon?" I asked confused.
Patamon laughed again. " It is short for Digital Monsters."
I looked around me there were to devices sitting next to me. "What are these?" I asked Patamon.
"That's a digivice, a D-3, and thats a D-Termonal," Patamon pointed to each object as he said it.
The D-3 thingy was all white and the D-Terminal thingy was gray with a black rim.
"What do they do?" I asked.
Patamon giggled. "You ask many questions."
"Sorry," I apologized.
"Well to answer your question, the D-3 helps me digivolve and your D-Terminal has a map of the continent we are on, Server."
I nodded. Patamon still has plenty of questions to answer.

26th July 2003, 02:12 PM
Meh, didn't like the name Kendra, so I changed it to Kerri! ^^

Name- Kerri
Age- 14 (is about to turn 15)
Gender- Female
Appearance- She has short silvery hair that's styled like Kari's but a little shorter. Her eyes are a light blue, and seem very large to other people. She wears baggy khaki colored cargo pants, and a light gray t-shirt. She's rather short for her age, about 4' 8''.
Personality- She's mainly quiet, and can seem rather cold at times. She's also rather serious, and doesn't believe that any of this Digimon stuff is a game at all. Despite her outward personality, she's a very loyal friend. At school, she kept to herself, but was always the one to help kids out when they were being bullied by others.
Digi-Egg/Element- Reliability/Water
Alliance- Good. ^^ I'm such a goodie-goodie, aren't I?
Digimon- Nharmon
D-3 Appearance- Silver rims, and light blue buttons.
Theme Songs- Hmm... can I skip this part? I can never seem to think of these things... -_-;;
Relationships- She has a bit of a crush on Garon, but tries her best to hide it.

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Name- MetalWhamon
Species- Armor Whale
Class- Data
Appearance- Is much smaller than Whamon, and has silvery blue armor covering his head and fins. He has the crest of Reliability on his forehead, and also still has the silver horn that Nharmon had (but it's bigger). The rest of his body is a dark gray. He has two retractable missle cannons in his tail fin.
Personality- He is a very serious digimon that always wants to get the job done.
Digi-Egg- Reliability
Ocean Roar- Makes a huge bellowing sound that creates a huge wave to come crashing down.
Call for Help- Summons other sea creatures around the area to attack his enemy.
Salty Drizzle- Causes a drizzle of glowing blue rain that harms his opponent when it strikes them.

Regular Digimon:
Name- Nharmon
Species- Narwhal
Class- Data
Appearance- Has a body shaped kinda like Gomamon without a tail, but has light blue skin with a white tummy/underside. His nails are silver, and he has a long, silvery horn cming out his nose. The horn has those characters on it like Gabumon's horn. His eyes are a light purple.
Personality- A pretty courageous little digimon, and he's always trying to get Kerri to have fun. He also likes to cheer others up.
Light Slice- His horn and front nails glow, and he slashes his opponent with them.
Aqua Lazer- Shoots a beam of blue light out of his horn.

Name- Orcamon
Species- Killer Whale
Class- Data
Appearance- Larger than MetalWhamon, Orcamon looks like a large Killer Whale with silver instead of the black markings. He has a line of silvery blue hair that runs down his spine, and has a small silver horn that comes out of his forehead. He has very large front flippers.
Personality- A bit more serious than Nharmon. Otherwise, just the same.
Flipper Slap- Whacks opponent with front flipper.
Billowing Waterfall- Spouts out a torrent of water from his waterspout.
Last Chance- Uses this attack when someone else is in trouble. He lets out a high-pitched cry, and then his horn begins to glow blue. He then jabs at his opponent with it.

Name- MetaOrcamon
Species- Metal Killer Whale
Class- Data
Appearance- Like Orcamon, but has silvery blue armor on his flippers, head, and armored spikes instead of his hair.
Personality- Like Orcamon.
White Whale- His body glows in a white light, and he slams his body into the enemy.
Wave Surfing- Summons a huge wave to ride on, and slams it into opponent.
Water Rage- When one or more of his friends is hurt, he becomes enraged, and uses a merged version of his attacks together.

Name- Posideomon
Species- Water God
Class- Data
Appearance- Kinda like Justimon, but with light blue armor, and he holds a long silver pitchforky like thing (ack! I don't remember what that things called!! It's like what King Triton holds on The Little Mermaid...)... I'll just call it a staff...
Personality- Same as Orcamon.
Tri-Point Staff- The tips of his 'staff' glow, and he slices at his enemies.
Pure Water- Calls for the Rain God's help, and it begins to sprinkle. The rain heals Posideomon's friends.
Coral Strike- Waves his 'staff' and summons large groups of coral that slice up his enemies.
Source of the Sea- Thrusts his 'staff' up to the sky, and calls for the powers of the sea. Soon after, it begins to rain and hail heavily, and drench the opponents with water.


It was about 3:00 in the morning when Kerri woke up.

I looked at my bedside clock. Then turned over grumpily. 'I can't sleep...' I thought, peering out the window. 'Maybe I'll go take a walk...'

Slowly getting up and dressed, I snuck out without my parents noticing. The streets were pretty empty, and I walked down them without paying attention to much at all. For some reason I felt as if I were being followed, and decided to head back home when the sun began to rise.

"Kerri! Where have you been? We've been worried sick about you!" yelled my mom as she walked in.

"Mom, I know how to take care of myself; I'm almost fifteen you know," I said, looking seriously at her.

"Fifteen is not old enough for you to go wandering the streets at three in the morning young lady!" my dad said, looking more than annoyed.

"Sorry..." I mumbled, silently walking up to my room. I sat down at my computer. 'Maybe some surfing will calm me down,' I thought, even though it usually just just frustrated me, because I could never find anything I liked. I waited for my computer to start up, then began to wander aimlessly around the Internet. Soon after two or three popups came barreling onto my screen, a fourth popped up. This one seemed... important...

'Would you choose to save your world?

I shook my head.

"Stupid popups... menace to society..." I mumbled, moving my cursor to click out the window, when our doorbell rang. "Huh?" I said, then accidently pushed my mouse button over part of the ad. "Damnit!" I cursed, and waited for the annoying site it was probably advertising to come up on my screen. But instead, a flash of blue-gray light appeared on my screen, and before I knew it, I was laying on grass, with a headache, and someone saying my name...

"Kerri? Kerri, get up!" a voice called. I assumed that I was still in my room on the floor, so I called out to my parents.

"Mom? Dad? Wha... what's going on? Why is there grass in my room?" I said, confused beyond words.

"I'm not your parents," said the voice, "I'm Nharmon!"

"Nhar what?" I said, feeling even more confused.

"Nharmon..." corrected Nharmon, smiling happily.

"Where am I? What happned with the popup? What's going on?! And what are these?!" I said angrily at Nharmon, holding up the two devices that I had just discovered near me.

I wanted answers, and I wanted them now.

Nharmon still continued to smile. "You're funny!" he said simply.

"Wh... what?" I said, looking stunned.

"Calm down," he said, continuing to smile, "I'll answer all your questions right now... First one! You're on Server. Second one! The thing you call a 'Popup' was your portal to this world. Third one! You're here to help save the world! Just like the message said. Last question! That is a D-3, it's used to help me grow, or Digivolve, and that, is a D-Terminal. It contains a map of this world. Is that what you wanted? Got any more questions? I'd be happy to answer them!"

I stared blankly at him. 'What a bizarre little creature...' I had many more questions, but before I could ask them, I noticed several other people were like me... Confused, upset, some looked as if they had been awake for a little while, while others were still asleep. I was still very confused, and Nharmon's explanations only amplified it...

"This really sucks..." I said, standing up and looking around.

Nharmon jumped up, "You should look on the bright side!"

"There's a bright side?" I said, looking skeptical.

"Yep! You got to meet me!" he said, looking pleased.

26th July 2003, 03:37 PM
Name:Garon Ramius
Appearance:Garon has silver hair that goes to his shoulders,and has black eyes.He wears a red tee and green shorts.He stands about 6'2",and has a small build.He also wears sneakers that are blue with a white stripe on the left side of each sneaker.
Personality:Garon is very calm in most situations,and does not panic.He is very courageous,and tries to be nice to other people.When he gets angry however,it's hard to calm him down.
D-3 appearance:Forest green rims,light green buttons.
Theme Songs: -_-''
Relations:Small crush on Kerri,but tries to hide it.
:Where did other go?

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Type-Tree Lizard
Appearance:Looks like a large red gecko on all fours that comes up to Garon's waist.He has leaves on his back .It has a blue stomach,and has large dragon wings covered in leaves.He has steel armor on his face,legs and tail.On his forehead is the sincerity symbol.
Personality:Has no feelings at all.If somebody does something to hurt him,he shows no expression.
Leaves Breath:Opens his mouth and fires a flurry of leaves at the enemy.
Nature's Cry:Calls to nature,and if suceeds,a plant will attack the enemy.
Tree Tail:Whacks the enemy with his tail.

Regular Digimon:
Type:Tree Gecko
Appearance:Looks like a gecko that is green,and walks on his hind legse has yellow eyes,and his tail is covered in leaves.He has dark green spikes going down his back.
Personality:Like Treeswingermon,but has a playful attitude.
Spike launch:Launches his spikes at the enemy.
Nature Power:Uses the power of nature to heal himself,or an ally.

Species:Tree Stump Lizard
Appearance:Looks like a large iguana that has a tree stump on his back.He has blue eyes,and steel armor all over his body,except his stomach.His stomach is white,and he stands on all fours.
Personality:Like Treeswingermon.
Trunk Tackle:Tackles the enemy with his trunk.
Implant: Defends himself by going underground,with only his trunk showing.
Trunk of the Nature:His Trunk blasts off his back,crushes the enemy,and goes back on his back.

Species:Chameleon Dragon
Appearance:A Chameleon with dragon wings,and he is black with gold stripes on his back.He stands on all fours.He has green,dragon-like eyes and claws.
Personality:Like Treeswingermon...
Camoflauge:Blends in with his surroundings.
Tree Breath:Heals himself or his allies.
Flower wave:Fires a wave of flowers,SHARP flowers.

Type:Komodo Dragon Knight
Appearance:He is a komodo dragon standing on his hind legs,wearing steel armor on every part on his body,except his eyes and mouth with flowers on it,and he wears a black cape with a golden tree on it.He holds a sword with moss on it,and holds a giant tree stump for a sheild.He stands to about 7'0".
Personality:Go above.
Nature Sword:Puts his sword in the ground for about half a minute,and the power of nature attacks the enemy.
Healing Cry:He does a cry,and heals his allies.
Tree Tackle:Tackles the enemy with the might of the tree.
Rocket sword:Jumps high into the air,and attacks the enemy,sword first.

I'll post later:yes:

27th July 2003, 12:32 AM
Name-Axehelm McCloud
Age- 15
Appearance- Ace is rather athletic, and he stands at 6'8. He has sharp green eyes with a strange mix of gold-and-black hair (no he did not dye it). His hair is incredibly unmanageable, and he has rather decent skin complexion, but he tends to mope when walking. His favorite set of clothes include a jacket (much like Davis' jacket) a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of sneakers that are green and white. He also has a pair of brown and green "gauntlets" as well as a pair of goggles (I'm STILL not implying anything, he wears them for optical reasons)

Personality- While he's as intelligent as his older brother, Axehelm is more creative than anything else. He is good at drawing, but prefers working with metal or clay. Ace is HIGHLY stressed, and often loses his temper and is prone to fits of rage. Though not exactly out-going, Axehelm still tries to be friendly and contribute to conversation. He doesn't say or do anything until he has all the facts straight. He doesn't want to live in his brothers' shadows, preferring to do things his own way, but he's rather open-minded. He often feels naked without his goggles. Perhaps greater than all of this, is his incredible will to fight anything that challenges him, his teammates, and his belief in what is the right thing to do.

Digimon- A Veemon (called Argo) with...identity problems.
D-3 Appearance-Blood red handle and buttons
Theme Songs-

It Doesn't Matter (Sonic version 2)
Believe in Myself (Tails v.1)
Sonic vs. Shadow (Battle Two. Played in the background of battles)
Open Your Heart (SA1 played in background of battles dealing with the first appearance of any form)

Relationships- Mentioned two older brothers and an older sister
Other- Eh, he's been in a bad mood after he broke up with his girlfriend, and he dreams of being a graphics designer for video games (he even has an idea for one)

Rookie Digimon:
Name-Veemon (Argo)
Species- Lucky Dragon
Class- Vaccine
Appearance-Like Veemon
Personality-In every form, Argo has a similar personality. He resents the fact that he has almost nothing to distinguish him from other Veemon. Until recently he didn't even have a name. Though intelligent, Argo is a Veemon of action. He's stubborn, unagreeable, and won't let others have their way if it conflicts with him. However, Argo is surprisingly sensitive, comforting anyone who is in a crisis. He really wants to be friends with everyone he meets, but finds that he usually can't agree with anyone. Though stubborn, he doesn't lose his temper the way Axehelm does.

Attacks-(Argo doesn't have the standard V-Attack set. He made his own due to his identity crisis)
Argo Twister: Basically, he spins like a top and whacks his opponent with his fists.
Dragonic Stomp: Argo jumps into the air and tries to land on his opponent (also generates a minor shockwave)
Slamming Force: Basic Dash into the opponent.
Other: He carries a hat and trenchcoat wherever he goes

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Name- Flamedramon
Species- Dragon Digimon
Class- Vaccine?
Appearance- Like Flamedramon (I mentioned he had problems, well he wears a brown trenchcoat with a regular hat. He does not say where he got it)
Personality-I mentioned this

Attacks-(Not the standard)
Dragon Ken Combo: Setting his claws on fire, he unleashes a volley of punches on his opponent. He then finishes by flip-kicking his opponent into the air. (Similar to Lucemon's Paradise Lost Punch minus the last part of it. God I hated that name)
Salamander Force: He sets his entire body aflame, before directing the flame into his opponent in the form of the salamander
Chamber Flame: Named after a firearm that Axehelm's fancy drew (so you won't quite see this move in the beginning). Chamber Flame rapidly discharges high-power flames from his claws

Champion Digimon:
Name- Blastdramon
Species- Bomb Dragon Digimon
Class- Vaccine
Appearance- A 7'2, muscular built version of Argo. He wears a black metallic armor covering his chest, lower arms, shoulders, lower legs, feet, and pelvis. There's one giant horn sticking out of his nose. His waist area has a belt that holds various explosives
Personality-Still like Argo, but a bit more trigger-happy

Attacks-(Up to three. Megas up to four.)
Stun Grenade: Argo fires three grenades at his opponent. If they blow up, there's a chance the opponent will be stunned for awhile.
Devastator: Argo fires a giant grenade at his opponent, unleashing a tremendous arena-damaging force.
Giant Kaboom: Argo sets off every fire-arm on his belt and tries to put his opponent in a death-grip. He takes massive damage in this attack, but his opponent takes more (usually)

Ultimate Digimon:
Name- Blazingmon
Species- Inferno Dragon Digimon
Class- Vaccine
Appearance- A tall (8'0) athletic version of Flamedramon. His armor is similar to that of Flamedramon's, but is covered in several shining golden blades. He has a belt that holds a sword sheath (and sword of course), and his claws can transform into a special gun (as well as open up so that he can use his regular hands)
Personality-Still like Argo, but a bit more hotheaded and daring.

Dragon Ken Finale Following up on Dragon Ken Combo he ends it with a flaming sword slash at his opponet.
Grand Storm of Vulcan: Argo unleashes a giant fiery cloud from his sword. The flaming squall then rains that fire on anyone who is unfortunate to be under it.
Blazing Salamander: Pumped up version of Salamander Force

Champion Digimon:
Name- Gladiamon
Species- Fighting Digimon
Class- Vaccine
Appearance- If you ever seen Digimon 04 (the dub), then he looks almost like a male Crusadermon with red and yellow armor. The ribbons that come out of his back are also on fire, and he is without the shield on his right arm. He wields a giant red and yellow sword with a dragon insignia and has a crossbow attached to his back that he can switch to and has a strange insignia on his chest armor.
Personality- A more chivalrous (though he's not sexist) version of Argo.
Inferno Masquerade: In the blink of an eye, Argo spins around his opponent at top speed, whipping them with his flaming ribbons.
Dragon's Ken Grande Finale: The final continuation of Argo's specialty, ending with a thrust of his flaming sword.
Salamander Bolts: Fires several flaming bolts from his crossbow.
Argo's Soulfire: The insignia glows a deep crimson before gathering energy for his ultimate attack. Placing all of that energy into the form of a giant Chinese Dragon before he unleashes his wrath upon his opponent. (If it sounds too poweful, it isn't. It just has cool visual effects)
Ark and Jason just stood there, staring at the door that led to Axehelm's room. They could hear the sobs of the anguished youth from the other side. It had only been a day ago since the youngest McCloud was dumped.

"I've never heard him cry like that before," Jason whispered over to his twin before thinking it over, "Scratch that, I've never heard him cry, period."

"I guess she was really special to him," Ark added, "Should we say something?"

"Nah, it's best if we let him brood on it," Jason suggested, "Remember when he was five and his hamster died? Nothing we did made him feel better, he only got over it after locking himself in his room."

"Yeah you're right," he agreed, "I hope Axehelm can recover from this. I just hope this doesn't sour Gayle's marriage."

''Hmm, do you think Xander would hold this over his head," Jason's expression suddenly grew tense.

"Doubt it, as much as he hates Ace, Xander holds too much respect for him to kick him when he's down," Ark fixed his green eyes on the red eyes of his twin. Quietly they went downstairs, leaving the crushed teen by himself.
Tommorow morning was a somewhat cheerier day for the three brothers. Both were pleased to see that the blonde decided to join them for breakfast. Ace looked around at the two tired faces of his college-going siblings.

"Hmm, busy day ahead?" he asked the two, both nodding slowly, "I told you it would be stressful to have summer jobs at the campus." His statement was answered by several grunts from his cranky brothers. Axehelm smiled a bit before sitting down for a plate of Jason's famous omelletes.

"Hey, did Mom or Dad call and say when the house would be habitable again?" he suddenly asked, which was quickly responded by Ark who shook his head. Axehelm turned back to his breakfast. When he was done with that, Axehelm went upstairs to take a shower. Downstairs both brothers could hear a loud banging noise in the general area of the bathroom. Ark exchanged a worried look with Jason, who responded with the universal "he just needs time" gesture.
Axehelm was soon finished with his shower, and dressed in his favorite garb. By listening, he could tell that both brothers had gone to there individual jobs. He soon found himself in front of the computer searching through the internet. Not usually as focussed as usual, he just flipped around his favored subjects.

'Why does my personality have to bite me in the butt' he thought miserably to himself. He continued to work his way though various websites before coming across something...interesting.

"Do I wish to save my world? Meh, why not?" he said to himself, clicking the Yes option. A flash of light was soon all he could remember before he lost conciousness.

27th July 2003, 09:18 AM
^('.')>Garon Ramius<('.')^
I woke up that morning,with a pain in my back.I shrugged and put on the nearest clothes I had.I lifted my cat,Wolf,and hugged him.I put him down and walked down the stairs.I saw my mom and dad there.My dad was reading the paper,and my mother was cooking breakfast.My dad looked up from his paper and smiled and said"Morning son."I said"Good Morning."Back to him.I peered at the computer until my mom said"No computer now,you must go to your music lessons first.I grunted and waited.My dad got me some eggs and milk and gave them to me.

I started eating them until my dad and mom had to go to work.They told me what time the lessons were,and reminded me not to use the computer.When they went outside,I dove for the computer in the living room.I realised somebody, or something was watching me.I turned and kicked the air behind me.Nobody there.I had this strange urge to use the computer,so I turned it on.I decided to use the internet.As it was loading,a pop-up came up.

Would you choose to save your world?

I clicked Yes on accident as I was about to hit close.A green light enclosed me."Help me..."I said.This was too weird.
The world went black around me,and I closed my eyes.Before I blacked out,I said"Am I dead?".

I felt something like a tail whack me.I opened my eyes and saw a lizard that had a tail covered in leaves."Goodness.You're awake."
The lizard said.I mumbled to myself"He looks like the gecko from the Geico commercials."The lizard thing had many questions to answer.I said"Who are you?"The lizard laughed and said"I'm....Foliagemon!Nice to meet you.I'm a digimon or digital monster to be exact.""Foliagemon,where are we?And what am I doing here?"I said."Now,now Garon,don't ask too many questions at once.We are at Server."He handed me a device."That's a D-Terminal.It has a map where we are."He handed me another device."That's a D-3.It helps us with our evolutons."He said.How did he know my name?Foliagemon spun his arms in circles and said"You've been chosen as one of the digidestined to help defeat Lucemon and his partners and his cronies.""Okay..."I said."Who are his partners?"I said after that.Foliagemon said"You'll learn later."I looked at him.Foliagemon said"We're going to be partners,so stick with me and we'll be just fine."I nodded.I had more questions,so he must have more answers.

28th July 2003, 02:00 AM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
It was sunny among the green hilly plains, as I and Snowmon walked across them each. The sunlight basked and caused many things to look a lot brighter, and I put on my clip-ons. I sighed, hoping I'd find Seth and the other eight. I gazed down at Snowmon, and decided on a name if I could possibly call her it.

"Hey Snowmon," I told her, "Does anybody actually call you anything besides Snowmon?"

"No, not really..." She sighed, her eyes sparkling in the sunlight, "I guess you could call me something, if you want."

"How about..." I replied, "Kori."

"Sounds practically fine with me," She grinned, "Sounds close to Koori anyway."

I slowly nodded as we continued. We continued on for five minutes, and a silence remained among us. Kori kept keeping up with me, that 'Digimon' seemed a lot like me. Sighing, I looked ahead to see a figure of a human male. with a black...thing...on the horizon. I peered a bit, thinking it was Seth....as he approached me.

<~*~>Seth Ragnarok - Sin<~*~>
I came closer towards Laura and the small blue Eevee-like fox, running as fast as I felt....Benjimon soaring at my side.

"Laura!" I yelled out, as I panted a bit. Laura apparently realized it was me, and came closer to me.

"Seth...?" She questioned, her eyebrow quirking a bit, "Izzat you?"

"Yeah...it's me," I sighed, Benjimon stepping forth.

"So that's Benjimon I've heard about, eh?" She questioned, pointing at Benji.

"And that's Snowmon, right?" I asked, knealing down and staring at the fox-like Digimon.

"Yeah," She replied, "But I call her Kori."

"I guess we'll call Benjimon Benji or Benj then..." I added, sweatdropping anime-style. She sighed, and picked up Kori.

"I guess we'll find the other eight then..." She said, and walked on, Kori in her arms. I quickly nodded, and me and Benj followed. I looked down at Benj, somehow starting to hum a bit of "The Young and the Hopeless" by Good Charlotte. Shrugging, Benjimon asked me something.

"Hey Seth," he asked, "What were you humming?"

"The Young and the Hopeless," I replied, "By Good Charlotte. They're a band in the real world."

"I see..." he replied, sighing as I watched Laura with Kori....I was the only person she could trust right now, besides her Aunt Hana in Kyoto. But over the years, I had grown into more than friendship with her...I was now in 'love'. I had a crush on her, but I can't seem to admit it. Sighing, I continued, remaining silent...

28th July 2003, 02:39 PM

I looked around the area, and noticed that there were nine other kids besides myself. Some were still asleep, and a few of them were awake. I gasped as I recognized two of them.

"Kazuma! Ronnie! Wake up you two idiots!" I said, running over to them.

There was a girl next to them that had silver hair, and I looked up at her.

"Have they woken up yet?" I asked her.

"No, otherwise they would be awake now..." said the girl shortly.

"Well, I was just asking..." I said, feeling a bit hurt.

I decided to sit with them until they woke up.

"Are you their friend?" asked Beakmon.

"Yes..." I said, nodding.

"So, tell me Beakmon, who is it exactly we have to defeat again?" I asked, figuring it was good question.

The girl near me turned her head to listen too.

"Well it's like this; you must defeat several people..." Beakmon said, waiting for my reaction.

"Several?" I repeated, "How many exactly is 'several'?"

Beakmon hesitated.

"Well, first you must defeat the dark digidestined..."

"The who?" I asked, feeling more confused.

"The dark digidestined! You know, children with dark hearts that were chosen by Lucemon and the corrupt versions of the celestial digimon!" she finished.

I just sat there blankly. "Um... who?" I said, now feeling sorry I ever asked the queston...


As I listened to the bird-like digimon called Beakmon talk to that girl, I began to drift off into thought. Why do we have to save some world that we've never even heard of? What made us so special? And more importantly, why did it, or they, or whatever choose me? I was never the perfect person...

Nharmon was staring at me.

"What?" I said in an irritated voice.

Nharmon just laughed.

"What?!" I said louder.

"You're so... funny!" he said, still laughing.

"You are the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life..." I said loudly, but I couldn't help but smile at his laughter. That's when I noticed that someone I knew was also here...

"Garon?" I said, as I walked over to him and his gecko-like digimon.

28th July 2003, 05:11 PM
I don't have time to post my freakin' info.

I kicked up after Tara woke me up and so did Kazuma. I looked to see a mix of a lion and fox like creature next to me. "AHHHH!" I yelled as I fell over. "Don't be scared Ronnie-boy. I'm your partner Jinmon and you're the Digidestined of Kindness." Jinmon said. "Okay but why are we here?" I asked. "You have to defeat kids just like you, only evil and not too bright." Jinmon explained. "So we have to save the freakin' world?" I asked. He nodded as I said, "Okay buddy. Let's do it."

legendary fisherman1
28th July 2003, 08:30 PM
Name- Kazuma Chinpo
Age- 15
Gender- Male
Appearance- His hight is 5'4". He has blackish brownish hair(looks black) and brown eyes. His shirt is a white T-Shirt with blue stripes. He has tan shorts that go down to his knees but are not baggy.
Personality- Very formal and polite. Around other people he is shy and doesn't talk much. He's very nice and doesn't wish to make people mad unless they are against him. He takes orders quite well.
Digi-Egg/Element- Hope
Alliance- Good
Digimon- Masakimon
D-3 Appearance- White with yellow buttons.
Theme Songs-
Rorouni Kenshin Ending theme
Yu-Gi-Oh Begining theme
Yu-Yu-Hakusho Begining theme
Yu-Yu-Hakusho Critical Moment theme
Relationships- Secretly likes Tara, but will not show it.
Other- *Beats up other*

Rookie Digimon:
Name- Masakimon
Species- Swordsman
Class- Data
Appearance- Like this (http://www.findyugiohcards.com/Img/XUJK/1018126246073.JPEG) but has a red face and an orange suit.
Personality- Very loyal, tender hearted, and has a strong will. He hates conspiracy/corruption. He has what he calls 'The Minds Eye'. It is a clarity that uses the power of observation to see someones intentions.

Kagu Tsuchi: A tornado of flames apears around the sword.
Tobi Izuna: Uses in combonation with Kagu Tsuchi. The sword creates a wave of a vacuum, a traveling gap in the air. You can see it by the sword's tip shimmer like heat haze in summer.

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Name- Bladramon
Species- Master Swordsman
Class- Data
Appearance- Like this (http://static.zoovy.com/img/qualitycollectibles/-/yu_gi_oh_buster_blader) but his sword is twice as long, and has the power of the sun.
Personality- Always has a joke for the moment. He acts all macho to impress everybody(in humor). But when there is a great danger, he gets very serious and is extreamly dangerous. He has 'The Minds Eye'.
Digi-Egg- Hope

Gatotsu Zeroshiki: Performed at point blank range with no leg power, but thrust with his upper body.
Kuzu Ryu Sen: An attack that hits the 9 vital parts of a body with his sword.

Champion Digimon:
Name- Grephermon
Species- Strong Worrior
Class- Data
Appearance- Like this (http://us.st4.yimg.com/store1.yimg.com/I/pokeorder_1750_66505565) but without a sword.
Personality- He is a serious fighter, but besides that he is just like Masakimon.

Rei Ken: He makes a sword of orange energy out of thin air.
Ososugi de Ugoki: Moves around circling the opponent as if there were more of him.

Ultimate Digimon:
Name- Solar-Senshimon
Species- Dragon Worrior
Class- Data
Appearance- Like this (http://www.yu-gyo.com/Promos/FoilLots/JY-03WarriorofTheSun.jpg) but has two swords that connect together into a double sword.
Personality- Is really calm and hides his emotions. His fighting spirit is so strong he's almost mad at times. He likes to practice his with his sword(s). He has 'The Minds Eye'.
Jigen Tou: The attack uses his sword as a double sword. It has the power to cut through dimensions. The size is massive and it's power is enormous. The power also has a unique aura to it.
Rei Ken Nobiru: Same as Rei Ken but can go to any length.
Mafuu Kan: This attack can store evil power from an opponent in his swords and either use it, or eliminate it.

Mega Digimon:
Name- MagnaParshathmon
Species- Light Swordsman
Class- Data
Appearance- He looks like this (http://www.dacw.com/ItemImages/LOD-062.PNG) but isn't a cenotaur and has a samurai like sword(two swords on the hilt) with a white sheath.
Personality- Is very wise and quiet. He will only use his special attacks if the opponent is worthy. He has 'The Minds Eye'.

Rei Ko Hadou Ken: Has the power of spirit, healing, and powering up others, and himself. This cannot be used on the same person twice in 1 hour.
Rei Ko Dan: This attack is the most powerful attack he has got. Once he uses this attack he has barely so little energy that even after a Rei Ko Hadou Ken on himself, he is still exausted. He gathers all the energy in his body to his fist for a minute or more. Then he releases the energy in an attack that looks Hand Of Fate.
Rei Kou Kyou Han Shyo: This is a defencive technique used only when absolutly neccesary. He absorbs the energy in an attack that is headed for him and redirects the energy to the sender. He can only use this 3 time in one day.
Tameshi no Ken: He puts his energy in the hilt of his sword. His power is doubled and his abilities are tripled. He can make his sword extra stong, especialy in the sun.

__________________________________________________ __________

"Well this is very strange, that it is." I said as 'Jinimon' told us something about saving the world.

"You know Kazuma everything is strange if you think about it" a voice said coming from a tree.The 5 of us looked up and saw a samurai like digimon.

"Oh, sorry I am Masakimon. My partner is kazuma." he said as some people looked at me. The others were confused. Masakimon sighed.

"And I also think we should all get aquainted because some of us dont know each other." he said as everyone else.

"I guess you all know my name but my name is Kazuma, that it is." I said politely.

"My name is Ronnie, but call me RJ." said my best friend. "And this is my digimon Jinimon." he said looking at partner. Jinimon just giggled insanely.

"My name is Garon, and my partner is Foliagemon." he introduced. Foliagemon bowed "Nice to meet you." he said formally.

"I'm Tara and my digimon is Beakmon." my good friend Tara said while Beakmon waved.

"Kerri is my name, and Nharmon is my partner digimon." introduced a silver haired girl while her digimon just giggled like Jinimon.

The Muffin Man
28th July 2003, 08:57 PM
I typed in my password, and hit enter...goddamn thing was lagging...I smacked the site and felt a pulling sensation on my hand. In a flash, I was in a strange abyss...I looked around, and saw nothing...but blackness. The shadows...they were...alive? I tried to run but there was nothing for my feet to grip...I felt a hand grip me...what was this...this feeling. It was an increase in strength. I looked at my hands, and saw blackness engulfing me...I was thrown into the gaping jaws of an ebony demon, and felt a pain surge through me. When I came too, I saw hundreds of smaller, rabbit-like creatures around me. My hands were not alone. They were claws...
"Stun Blaster!"One cried, but I caught it and hurled it back. In the flash of stunning energy, I lept up and slashed through a group of the creatures. Another group advanced. This time, I kicked the orb back and sliced a path through the creatures, leaving only a few left. They ran as fast as they could, but a strange power welled up in my long claws...I fired a bolt of energy, destroying the last group...this power...this power was incredible...
"I...have become the ultimate digimon..."I snarled. I pulled out my Digivice...Digimon, Digivice..how did I know these words? I didn't care, and soon took to the trees. This world was going to feel my wrath..

28th July 2003, 11:50 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
I continued walking with Kori in my arms, Seth and Benji trailing behind us. I wondered what the other dark digidestined were like...maybe somewhat like us in a way. After awhile of complete silence, screaming was heard as a bunch of blue rabbit-like Digimon ran by, risking they're lives....

"Don't go there!" One screamed.

"That monster is a freak!" another yelled.

"You would risk your lives!" a third one yelled, as they each panted and continued running. I quirked my eyebrow a bit, wondering if it had to deal with the dark digidestined.

"What the hell were those?" I asked silently, my eyes widening.

"Gazimon..." Kori replied sternly, the sapphire on her forehead glowing brightly, "And I sense a dark energy nearby by. Follow me." Kori leapt from my arms and began to run towards the source...Seth and Benji catching up. After minutes of running, we were surrounded by seven other humans, each with digimon, and sleeping....except for one...who was a digidestined of himself most likely, as he was awake....that must have been the origin of this dark energy. Sighing as I tried to regain my energy, I sat down on the ground....Kori leaping onto my lap.

29th July 2003, 07:50 AM
^('-')>Tetsuo Dragdi<('-')^
I noticed other kids were awake.As I walked toward them,I said"So Furymon,how many enemies do we have to defeat again?"Furymon looked at me and said"You don't want to know."I groaned and said"How many?"Furymon hesitated and said"A lot."I said"How many?"Furymon looked at his paws and said"So many I can't count them on my two paws."I fell over,anime-style.I got up and said"Okay...."Furymon smiled and sat in my arms and said"You guys can be funny at some times!"He laughed a bit.I couldn't help but smile.I asked Furymon"How long will we be here?"Furymon said"How should I know?"Furymon was pretty funny sometimes,so he was a good friend.When we found the other kids who were awakend,we sat down with them.As I introduced myself."Hello,my name is Tetsuo and this is my partner Furymon."

^('.')>Garon Ramius<('.')^
Me and Foliagemon were talking to each other.I asked Foliagemon"Is there anything else I can call you instead of Foliagemon?"Foliagemon said"I don't know...."I joked"How about Geico?"Foliagemon thought and said"Yes,that is a good name!I'll name myself Geico!"I made a face like this::o.I stared at Geico for a long time until I saw Kerri.I walked up to the crowd of kids with their digimon and sat down.A lot of kids were talking with each other.I introduced myself,with Geico being Foliagemon.Geico kicked me.It didn't hurt much.I sighed and petted Geico As we listned to the other kids speak.

Hunter Kersomy
29th July 2003, 08:33 AM
~*~*~* Kody Rieck *~*~*~

I noticed that when I got to this place, what Patamon calls the digiworld, I landed on a bush. I don't weigh much that, which is probalily why I didn't fall into the bush, yet.
"Why am I here, again?" I asked Patamon.
" To defeat Lucemon and his hench men," Patamon replied.
" How many will it be?" I questioned.
Patamon looked down ate his fingers/toes and began to count them. He then tried to count using his back fingers/toes, he kept on making flips in the air. "I don't know," Patamon replied after he gave up tring to count his fingers/toes. "But is a lot."
I nodded and patamon landed on my stomach. I guess the bush had it and I fell into it and fell to the ground. Patamon can fly and he didn't, he's lucky. A branch scratched my cheeks and I could feel soom blood. I crawled out of the bush and many people weere staring at me.
"Hello," I said to the group of people. "I'm Kody Rieck."
"Patamon flew to my side, and said, "I am Paatamon."
The group introduced themselves to me and I sat down with them. Great way to meet your teammates, I thought to myself.

29th July 2003, 09:27 AM

Tetsuo and Kody both introduced themselves, and I said hi to each of them as they did. As it got semi-quiet, and we were each wondering what we should do next, I looked down at Beakmon.

"So, tell me more about these 'Dark Digidestined'," I asked with curiosity.

"The dark digidestined?" Beakmon repeated.

"Yes, that's what I asked," I said.

"Well, I know that they're evil... and that they're here to destroy us..." she answered, looking a bit apprehensive.

"Why does that not surprise me... But, there's nothing to worry about right? I mean, good always triumphs against evil... right?" I said, trying to convince myself more than Beakmon.

Kerri shook her head, "Nobody's really evil, they're just lonely, or missunderstood or something."

I thought for a moment, and I slowly nodded, "Yeah, I guess you do have a point..."

But then a picture of my dad popped in my mind, and I shook my head quickly, "No... there are some people... some people are evil..."

Kerri looked at me funny, but then went back to thinking to herself or whatever she was doing before. Beakmon looked at me sadly.

29th July 2003, 10:12 AM
AHHH!!!So sorry for being late..I mean..I had to set up the computer in all...but hey...Atleast I'm going to post..^^

I'll be filling my form as I need to...K?

Name-Hana Sawagata
Hana's Tall, about 6 foot 3, with Brown-shiny straight hair to her Knee's. Her Face is somewhat Pale, and her eyes, being a Hazelnut. She wears a Deep Blue T-Shirt, and Silver Parachute Pants with Deepblue Pockets. Her Shoes are silver-ish.Her Laptop are one of those IBM Color ones, the color of the clear "plastic" material is Deep Blue. She carries its case around..
She can be really nice, cheerful at times, and sometimes..Totally Depressed and Cold.She has trouble making friends, due to something in the past..When she's depressed, she'll sulk at her Laptop, playing computer games...
D-3 Appearance-The Rim color is Silver, whice the buttons are a Deep blue.
Theme Songs-
1.Byakuya~True Light~(Lyrics (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/dnangel/byakuya.htm))
2.Forever Friends(Lyrics (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/digimon/foreverfriends.htm))
3.Kimi ga Yume Mita Mira, Boku ga Yume Mita Mirai(The Future You Dreamed of, the Future I Dreamed of)(Lyrics (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/digimon/kgymmbgymm.htm))
4.Moving On(Lyrics (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/digimon/movingon.htm))
Relationships-Not Yet...Anyway
Other-Is it ok that she carries a Laptop(Its not the computer she uses to get into the digital world..It won't like a portal out of there.)?

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Species-Icy Wolf-Spirit
Appearance-His 4 paws are entirely blue, with some specks of White fur. His Tail is Almost like Crystal, Transparent, yet a Solid.His Body is Still Blue, with a creepy White Aurora. His Head, is covered in a Silver Metal, only showing his Icy Blue Eye's, his lower mouth, and his 2 pointy ears. On the Forehead of the Head Armour, is the Friendship symbol.
Personality-He's somewhat Playful at times,when he wants to tease his opponents. But he can also be serious.
Attacks-(up to 3)

Rookie Level Digimon

Species-Snowflake Puppy
Appearance-Small, on all fours, is about 2 feet tall, with ice blue fur, with some swirls of white, more so near the Paws. His Eye are entirely black.He'll remind of a Jack Russel Terrier..in the sense...but more fur...Or more of a baby husky..meh.On his forehead, he had a skyblue jewel.His Tail is small.
Personality-Very Playful.He's not that serious about battling..
1.Crystal Ice Blaster-From the jewel on his forehead, huge snowflakes come out, and disperse to Ice Crystal's, that go to the opponent.
2.Puppy Play:A Dodge attack..

I'll do Champion Later..

Hana Sawagata
I sat up from the dining room table, getting the crustys from my eye again, which annoyed the hell out of me. I moved my long hair away from my face..
"I'm going to my room"I said, and placed my Cereal Bowl and cup in the sink..

I got the usual going up the stairs to my room, My brother asking me "Why this?" and "Why That?", which got my to kick him again, like normal, him squeling and My mom yelling at me...

I ignored them both, and closed my door, sitting on my big blue bed.....
"What a boring day..Normal..typical summer day.."
"It bites"

My computer, which was still on, gave a *ding!* sound, meaning a stupid pop up came up..I grabbed my Laptop imdeatly, It wasn't on, and was packed in it's case, with tones of batteries.

"[B]Would you choose to save your world?[b]"The pop up asked...What the hell was this thing talking about..I quickly pressed yes though, if something was drawing me to do so..
Clicking that Button enveloped me in a Blue light..

"Wakey Wakey!Egg's and Bacey!"I heard a hyper, female voice said, I quickly woke up to the voice, and a Dogs...Puppy's Face right infront of mine..

I quickly shot up, my hair jumping along.."What the hell are you?"
"I'm CrystalIcemon, a Digimon!Your digimon!"She shot back, which that hyper voice once more.
"Why am I here, then?I can't do anything to help you...if thats what you want..."
"Your chosen to help us defeat Lucemon!"She quickly said...
"You got a Deep Blue Buttoned, Silver Rimmed D-3, and A D-termial, which is your map to this contient..."She trailed off, calming down after the shocked, and well...disbelief on my face.

30th July 2003, 01:57 PM
Yay! I'm no longer the only two girls!


As Kazuma and Ronnie got acquainted with their new digimon 'partners', I walked over to a girl, the last of us to wake up, and said greeted her.

"Hi there, I'm Tara! It's good to have another girl around in this mess," I said cheerfully, "So what's your name?"

"Hana Sawagata," she said, her digimon running about her feet. She glanced over at Kerri, "What about her?"

It took me a second to realize what she meant, "Oh, yeah, I guess there's already another girl here... well, she doesn't seem to want to be too friendly to me..."

Kerri took a step toward me, "I can still hear you ya know. It's kinda stupid to think that someone standing only a few feet away can't hear you."

"Uh, whoops!" I said nervously. This was going to be a long day...


'Like I couldn't hear her', I thought, standing with Nharmon. He looked up at me after I had just cooly commented to Tara.

"Why do you do that?" he asked innocently.

"Do what?" I said cooly, not looking at him.

"Wear that barette in your hair!" he said, still looking innocent.

"Huh? I... I don't know, because I feel like it?" I said, surprised his question hadn't been about my attitude. In fact, I had been so surprised, that I forgot to put any attitude in my answer, which came off as sounding more like a question than an answer.

"What? Why so surprised?" he asked.

"What? Oh, well, I thought that... oh nothing..." I said, smiling at him.

"I thought not," he said, smiling back.

"So, what are we going to do?" asked Tara, looking around the land, "Now that we all know each other, I think we should try to find somewhere to go, or stay for the night. Beakmon tells me there are some cities nearby, so if we get going now, maybe we can get there before the sun, or whatever you guys call it in this world, goes down."

I looked over at Tara. Pretty braveof her to talk to the whole group of us like she's the automatic leader. But it made sense to me.

"Whatever gets us to somewhere to sleep is fine with me," I said, then went back to thinking about how much I wished I were someone else right now in the real world.

30th July 2003, 07:46 PM
Man...we need more evil people with their sign-ups now....o.O

<~*~>Seth Ragnarok - Sin<~*~>
I realized nothing was going straight as me, Laura, and the human/digimon hybrid were the only dark digidestineds awake. I sighed, and felt like talking with Benji a bit.

"So Benj," I started, "Tell me a bit more of the holy celestials and how this whole battle started in the first place..."

"Well..." Benji replied, "Orphanimon is the only female celestial, a ten-winged angel...Seraphimon is this ten-winged angel in holy armor, and Cherubimon is this big pink bunny-like....thing. Lucemon was created to serve as the fourth celestial, and went along with it easily. Some rumors are that he was acidentally created with a bit from the dark knight Apocalymon, and soon realized he was the reincarnation of him."

I nodded slowly as Laura and Kori scooted up towards my side to join in. Laura nodded too, and Kori leapt towards Benjimon.

"Lucemon soon thought he was being used," Kori helped, "And his darkness grew completely in his heart...and he created the dark opposites, YoukaiOrphanimon a ten-winged succubus(she-demon), BlackSeraphimon a ten-black winged figure in dark armor, and ViralCherubimon...a darker, slightly larger, and more jagged Cherubimon. The chose you two and the others to be the dark digidestined...and that's why you're all here."

"So....If you guys are elemental," Laura asked, "Tell me why."

"Well..." Benjimon started, "You see...in the first place...there were ten holy elements and crests in the form of digieggs: Courage was Fire, Friendship was Ice, Love was Wind, Justic was Holy, Reliability was Water, Sincerity was the Forest deity, Hope was Solar, Light was Light, Kindness was Earth, and Miracles was Earth."

"Then Lucemon created ten new dark digieggs of the elements," Kori added, "And they became something near the opposite: Revenge, Deceit, Hate, Ignorance, Sloth, Jealousy, Sin, Darkness, Cruelty, and Fate. Seven remained the same elements....except Ignorance, Darkness, and Sin. They became Unholy, Darkness, and Lunar."

Laura and I nodded...her earrings slightly jingled to the movement. I placed a hand on her shoulder for a minute, then removed it again. I wondered if we would find these digieggs soon?

31st July 2003, 12:26 PM
Hey guys, Sorry for not posting for some time. I won't be able to contribute anything at all for awhile. My mouse is frozen currently and my keyboard acts up on occasion. This will make things hard for me. Until I can get a decent keyboard and mouse (or when they decided to behave) Revenge is free for anyone who wants the D-Egg and Axehelm (since I already posted one for him) will have to be considered NPC at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

31st July 2003, 01:33 PM
Hana Sawagata/CrystalIcemon
"Whatever gets us to somewhere to sleep is fine with me," Kerri replied to Tara's comment..
"Or where I can play some computer games.."I added along..I heard a soft roar noise..
"Nappy....Nappy time.."CrystalIcemon said..

'Could I trust them..They seem sorta nice...Right now..All I wanna do is be in a comfy bed, playing on my computer...'

CrystalIcemon was out like a light, I softly 'booed' in her ear, waking her up in a startle.."Battle?Battle for Me?"

"No battle.."
"Oh..Then why am I up..?"
"If I can't sleep, you can't"I replyed to the moaning Puppy..

My soft hands touched my hair, twisting and wrapping it around my finger..'What to do..What to do..I didn't sign up to be a hero...'

3rd August 2003, 04:56 PM
^('-')>Tetsuo Dragdi<('-')^
As everyone was talking,I started thinking to myself.Why am I here?Am I...special?I thought.Furymon sat down and clawed the ground.I scooted over to Garon and stayed there.

I looked at Furymon and asked him"So how did all of this start?"Everyone seemed to be doing something else.Furymon cleared his throat and began"There were three celestials and-"I said"Hold it.Who are the celestials?"Furymon continued"The only female celestial is Orphanimon,who is a ten winged angel in armor.Seraphimon is a ten winged angel in holy armor,and Cherubimon is a pink,rabbit-like digimon.Lucemon was created to serve as the fourth celestial,and he went with it well.Some rumors went around that Lucemon was created with a bit of the dark warrior,Apocalymon.Soon,we learned he was the reincarnation of him."

I nodded,and said"Is that all?"Furymon looked at me surprised and said"Gosh,no!"

"Lucemon thought he was being used,and darkness grew completely in his heart.And so,he created the opposites of the celestials:YoukaiOrphanimon,a ten winged she-demon,BlackSeraphimon,A ten-winged black figure in dark armor,and ViralCherubimon,a more larger,more jagged,evil version of Cherubimon.They made the opposite versions of the digi-eggs.Then..."

I stopped him and said"Digi-Eggs?"Furymon said"Be quiet!"

"The digi-eggs are:Courage,Freindship,Love,Justice,Reliability,Si ncerity,Hope,Light,Kindness and Miracles.Lucemon created digi-eggs,of the darkness or opposite.They are:Revenge,Deciet,Hate,Ignorance,Sloth,Jealousy, Sin,Darkness,Cruelty and Fate."

I slowly nodded and said"Go on."

Furymon finished by saying"The true celestials found out time was running out,so they chose you and the others to help defeat Lucemon."

I nodded and started thinking"Will we find the Digi-Eggs soon?"It seemed like not many kids were paying attention.It didn't matter to me.I petted Furymon as he started sleeping.It was getting late,so I looked around for any sign of a city or village.

5th August 2003, 07:34 PM
*bumps* I'm not letting this die. -.- Gomen nasai for meh abscence, I had to move.

~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
I slightly blushed after Seth removed his hand from my shoulder...it seemed he was the only person I knew here. I turned around, seeing that human/digimon hybrid running off into the forested darkness. I stood up and began to run after him, Kori following.

"Hey! Come back!" I yelled, soon stopping to pant....Kori doing the same. I sighed as Seth and Benji ran up towards me, Seth coming towardxs my side.

"Hey...Don't pressure yourself," Seth whispered to me, "We'll see him soon enough." I slightly nodded and picked up my small Digimon partner...tired and catching her breath. Kori seemed weak now, but I know there is something inside her that is strong...It reminded me of a few songs, but I wasn't sure if I should repeat them all in my head.

5th August 2003, 09:54 PM
Alright, I'll try to post part of Xander's sign-up despite my keyboard/mouse difficulties. Someone owes me, I had to TYPE my profile instead of copy/paste. I'll post for both people later.

Name: Xander Hyro
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mirrors Axehelms height and build and his complexion is neither tan nor pale. His eyes are a piercing dark blue which conflicts with his violent red hair. When silent, he appears to be studying the people around him and he has a bruise on his right arm and bandages on his left hand. He seems to always carry the same clothes: Dark red shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers with sunglasses.
Personality: Xander is bright and cheerful. He is outgoing, trustworthy to those who earn it, and respects those who return it. However, he does not enjoy being double crossed or overly humiliated. He usually holds grudges until he has his revenge. He tends to be open-minded and let's others do what they want unless it conflicts with him. Talented Singer.

Digi-Egg/Element: Revenge/Fire
Alliance: Evil
Digimon: Rookmon
D-3 Appearance: Dark Red (rim) Fire yellow (buttons)
Theme Songs:

Time and Tide (Battlefield Band)
Bonnie Jeannie Deans (ditto)
Sonic vs. Shadow
Live and Learn (SA2)

Relationships: Rival to Axehelm
Other: At odds with Axehelm, he enjoys opposing him but doesn't want to be a pawn against him.

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Name: Hadesmon
Species: Demonic Digimon
Class: Virus
Appearance: Stands at 5'7. His entire body is hidden within a long black cloak surrounding his body and a horned helmet hides his head. The only noticeable feature is his burning red eyes and his blood ruby gauntlets.
Personality: Hadesmon seems to be cold and heartless, listening only to Xander. Not much else.
Digi-Egg: Revenge/Fire

River Styx: Starts as a yellow orb in his palm, then turns into a flaming tsunami
Hellfire Fist: Similar to Argo's Dragon Ken Combo without the Combo
Netherworld Meteors: Sends a giant fireball into the air, coming down as a meteor shower.

Name: Rookmon
Species: Fighting Digimon
Class: Virus
Appearance: He stands at 3'4 and is surprisingly athletic. His lower face is hidden beneath several ribbons. He wears a dark blue tunic with black shoulder pads. His hands are covered by dark-red gauntlets, and he has black pants with boots. His eyes are dark red with wild black hair.
Personality: Rookmon, being the only positive Digimon thus far, is often at odds with the other members. For the life of him, he cant understand what makes his teammates so...down. He fights without restraint and often feels amongst the others. He listens, but hardly speaks

Rook Punch: His fist glows a bright red as he unleashes a powerful punch on his foe
Rook Kick: Rook Punch in Kicking form.
Rook Shockwave: Rook Punch, but ends with his fist slamming the ground, generating a shockwave.

6th August 2003, 05:00 PM

As we began to walk to find the city that Beakmon was talking about, I contemplated my being here. It was really weird; like I was in a movie or something...

"This is real isn't it?" I asked Nharmon.

"Well of course it is silly!" he said, waddling along happily.

"Can you not call me 'silly' please?" I said coldly. Then the feeling sunk in. This was real... I gulped. I knew I wanted some excitement in my life, but this was a little too much.

Nharmon looked up at me. "What's wrong?"

"I don't want to be here... that's what," I answered, staring into space.

"Well, don't worry, I'll protect you!" said Nharmon, looking brave.

"You?" I said, looking unconvinced.

"Well, whenever I finally digivolve, I'll be a lot more scary looking!" he said, obviously offended.

I smiled, "Okay, okay, you've convinced me," I said, feeling a bit more comfortable.

Maybe this won't be so bad after all... Nharmon doesn't seem so nervous, so maybe I shouldn't be either...

One question, um, just so I know, is there any particular order you want the Digi-eggs to come in Gothic Latias?

6th August 2003, 06:16 PM
Eh...I'm thinking about it. I got some down right now...

Hate(If DT8/shadow Djinn shows up)
Fate(ditto to Hate)


I hope this will work out...If anybody has any complaints, just PM me. *sweatdrops anime-style* ^^; BTW, I'm also thinking what song should be the theme if this was an anime...

7th August 2003, 11:15 AM
Hana Sawagata
We started the walk to the city that one of the..Digi----whatever talked about. Keri was talking to her digi---whatever...

"Wake up, CrystalIcemon"I said, nudging her..I was carrying her in my arms, but she was getting heavy..

"A couple more minutes.."She asked..
"No.."I told her warningly, and her eyes opened, and she jumped out of my arms, onto the soft earth..

"So..anything you want to talk about..Tell me more about you.."CrystalIcemon said, her tail wagging back and forth..

"Well, first off, I just wanna wake up from this stupid dream.."I told her..
"IT is not a dream, silly poopy head!This is real!"

"I noticed, your not as Hyper.."
"I'm half asleep..."

7th August 2003, 05:42 PM
I'm FIRST!!?? HOLY **** I gotta get postin'.

<My life gets worse> Axehelm thought to himself as he began to wake up from his little episode. Though his eyes were closed, he figured he was on top of a tree as he could feel the branches supporting his body as well as the leaves. He opened his eyes, perhaps the worst decision he ever made. He opened them to gaze into a pair of dark red eyes looking right back at him. Almost instantly, he screamed in surprise. Just as fast, the limb supporting him decided to break from under him, causing him to fall to the ground below and crash right on top of somebody. Groaning in both pain and parial self-disgust, he managed to roll over and off the person he had brought to the ground. Getting up to his feet, he helped the person, a girl he now realized, up on her feet.

"Sorry about that," he apologized as soon as the girl was on her feat, "the branch supporting me snapped in two." To his explanation, the girl gave him a skeptical look

"What would a person be doing in a tree anyway?" she asked him, hazelnut eyes studying him carefully (Yes it's Hana).

"I don't know, I just woke up there. Then I opened my eyes, I was staring down two dark red ones. I screamed and I suppose my bodyweight finally snapped the limb. The hell am I doing here anyway?" he finally asked.
Argo debuts later, alright.

The Muffin Man
7th August 2003, 08:20 PM
Just so ya know, you won't find Mike till you find the Justice digiegg...

I looked down upon Magus...that bastard was slaughtering innocents...
"How could my own flesh and blood do this...?" I asked myself, as more and more Koromon seemed to fall at his claws. I lept down.
"Stop it, Mike..."
He raised an eyebrow and turned.
"Ah...'little' brother..."
I growled. We were the same age, he was born 4 seconds earlier...he just loved to use that on me....
"Shut up..."
He smirked and extended his claws.
"I could EASILY kill you right now..."
I growled and lept at him, slashing his chest. He grunted and kicked me in the stomache. I lept up and took a stance. We circled each other, and he attempted to kick me. I luckily avoided his foot for the most part, and kicked him in the back. He struck me with his tail on the way down and I was brought to my knees. He lept up, and fired numerous Claw Slashes all around me, a few cutting into my flesh. I held the wounds and retaliated in like. He caught the beams and hurled them back. I took a fall down a slope, rocks crumbling and falling all around me. I saw a faint drop of blood trickle from my lips, as I landed deep in a temple...

8th August 2003, 11:33 AM
Hana Sawagata

"Ughh.."I let out after a tall, black...and gold? haired kid fell ontop of me, coming out of a big tree..CrystalIcemon started to growl at the kid, and my Laptop case..I had dropped at the sit of the kid, so It was safe..

"Sorry about that,the branch supporting me snapped in two."The Boy said, helping me onto my own two feet, which made CrystalIcemon very...angry...That someone besides her was helping her "master".

"What would a person be doing in a tree anyway?"I asked the kid, studying his Gold and black hair, Green Eyes, and clothing. CrystalIcemon continued to growl, but her Soft,Ice blue eye's studying him aswell, to make sure he was ok..that he wasn't bad..

'Damn, CrystalIcemon is very protective..'

"I don't know, I just woke up there. Then I opened my eyes, I was staring down two dark red ones. I screamed and I suppose my bodyweight finally snapped the limb. The hell am I doing here anyway?" The Boy said, very rushingly. I ws breaking each sentence to hear what he said..

"Something...with this world being in trouble and crap.."I replied...

8th August 2003, 12:02 PM
Good, I have some time to think of my Digi-eggs! ^^;


As soon as I heard a crash coming from behind me, I whipped around. A boy had just fallen from a tree and landed on Hana. As he explained what had happened, I looked up at the tree he had been in.

"That's pretty high up," I said to him, after Hana had told him why we were here," I'm amazed you didn't majorly hurt yourself..."

They both agreed, and then I introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Tara, and this is my Digimon, Beakmon," I said kindly, nodding to Beakmon as I said his name.

The rest of us introduced ourselves, and the boy introduced himself as Ace.

Kerri stepped forward after our introductions, looking mildly puzzled, "How come you don't have a Digimon?" she said, "All of us were woken up by our Digimon... how come you were up in a tree and not with us?"

"Kerri!" I said, "That was really rude! How is he supposed to know about all this stuff? Obviously he has no idea what's going on..."

I sighed, that girl was really starting to annoy me. Some people have no conscience...

legendary fisherman1
8th August 2003, 03:13 PM
__________________________________________________ __________

"Well I think his Digimon will show up soon, but I think it would be faster if we tell him whats going on here, that I do." I told everybody.

"Okay then. Now where to begin..." Tara started. "I think he should know what a digimon is first. A Digimon literally is a digital monster according to Beackmon, my Digimon partner. We all have Digimon partners. They told us that we were the 'Chosen Children' or something like that" she told him.

'Tara has a lovely voice....' I mentally blushed. 'I shouldn't be thinking 'those' kinds of thoughts about one of my friends, that I shouldn't'. Masakimon looked at me suspiciosly. It was like he was looking into my soul.

"We were chosen by the three celestials Seraphimon, Orphanimon, and Cherubimon. There like the 'gods' of digimon I guess. Beakmon told me that we were chosen to defeat the dark children. Lucemon was the one who chose them." Tara added.

Everyone else just looked around only half listening. Masakimon looked at me with a smirk on his face 'Does he know something?' I thought while looking at him. He gave me an I-know-what-you-think-about kind of look.

"Anyways, we all have our D-3's and D-Terminals because our Digimon gave them to us. You will get yours when your Digimon shows up. The D-Terminals allow us to send E-Mai-" Tara was aying but Masakimon interupted her.

"Tara I need to talk to Kazuma for a second so could you excuse us for a second?" asked my prying digimon. I knew he was up to something.

Tara looked at him suspicously "Okay but be back soon." she told him. In an instant Masakimon began to walk one way motioning me to follow him. I started walking his way when Tara stared talking to Ace again.

After a while Masakimon stopped and looked at me "Kazuma what do you think of Tara?" he asked me grinning. I was taken aback but decided to just look at him like I dont know anything "What do you mean?" I asked him 100% sure no lie could be detected.

"I mean when she started talking, it looked like your heart was starting to beat twice as fast." he said with a sly grin. I just looked at him dumbfounded. "How are you able to read my emotions?" I asked him amazed.

He laughed lightly "I have very acute sight. I noticed your breathing paterns changed dynamicly when she started to talk. Then you just stared at her until I caught your eye." he exclaimed.

I looked at him not knowing what to say. "I know what you think about her" he said. Then there was an akward silence. "I think we should get back. The others might be worried" I told him breaking the silence. 'I hope no one heard this conversation' I thought hopingly.

Also I want to reserve Jealousy. I'll do the intro later.

8th August 2003, 06:41 PM
I'm one of the first Good people to get a Digiegg, Do you have anything special planned or am I gonna have to ad-lib the whole thing.

Axehelm stood there, silently, as Tara explained to him everything that a Digimon was. Taking all this in, he turned his head one way and another to get a view of the group. His eyes turned to one boy, almost coma-like it seemed, as he also listened to what Tara was talking about. He sadly smiled as the boy was dragged away by his 'Digimon.' Remembering his own good times with his own girlfriend.

<Well, I hope his relationship moves smoother than mine did,> he thought before returning to her lecture. The memory of those dark red eyes returned to him. Could it have been the Digimon he supposedly had? He shrugged at the thought, the answer would come eventually. Then he realized something else. He waited for her to be done. Almost instantly he turned to look at the Digimon of Hana, CrystalIcemon.

"I'm guessing your protective of Hana, considering your hostile reaction towards me. Let me get it clear that I was just trying to be polite, and you don't have to be jealous, untrusting, or whatever your issue with me is going to be," he said to the little Digimon, slightly annoyed.

9th August 2003, 09:58 PM

I began to tell Ace just about everything that Beakmon had explained to me over the short amount of time we had been together. I was just about to tell him about the D-Terminal's ability to email, when Masakimon interrupted my long-winded speech.

"Tara I need to talk to Kazuma for a second so could you excuse us for a second?" he said, glancing at Kazuma.

"Okay, but be back soon," I said, eyeing them both suspiciously.

'What's up with them?' I thought to myself. I tried to get back into what I was talking about, but my mind kept drifting back to Kazuma and Masakimon... But I soon remembered what I was talking about, and I began talking more confidently again.

When I was finished, Ace looked over to Kana's digimon, CrystalIcemon.

"I'm guessing your protective of Hana, considering your hostile reaction towards me. Let me get it clear that I was just trying to be polite, and you don't have to be jealous, untrusting, or whatever your issue with me is going to be," he said.

I looked back over to Kazuma as he and Masakimon walked back over. "Took you long enough; we were thinking of sending out a search party," I said teasingly, giving Kazuma a smile. I always enjoyed teasing Kazuma a little.

10th August 2003, 11:32 AM
Hana Sawagata

"I'm guessing your protective of Hana, considering your hostile reaction towards me. Let me get it clear that I was just trying to be polite, and you don't have to be jealous, untrusting, or whatever your issue with me is going to be,"Ace said toward CrystalIcemon, who stoped growling at the last sentence, then her tail started to sway back and forth..

"Sorry.."She said in a cute voice..She then started to walk slowly towards a tree, then leaped into the air, landing on Ace's shoulder..

"Sniff...Snifff.."CrystalIcemon sniffed Ace's face, which sorta made him ticked off..
"He's ok.."She said, coming off his shoulder..Her tail started to wag more and more, and she rubbed her head against Ace's leg in affection..

I then reached into my pocket, and pulled out my D-S...Deepblue Rim, Silver buttons..Like my clothing..I then reached down for CrystalIcemon...

"Me like kid"She whispered in my ear, somewhat seeming to resist the urge to be hyper..

She then layed her head softly on my chest, trying to fall asleep..

10th August 2003, 12:52 PM
Gladiator: Nah...just use your own plots...^^

LF: Sure...I'll reserve ya Jealousy.

If Shadow Djinn(Dark Templar 8) doesn't get his cards here soon...Hate and Fate are up for grabs.

<~^~>Seth Ragnarok - Sin<~^~>
Laura picked up Kori and held her as we continued walking, Benji was confused about why the others haven't awaken.

"Should we go on without them?" Benji asked, his eyes widening with deep curiousity.

"I dunno..." I replied quickly, "We are a team and all..."

Laura looked over for a minute, her eyes still looking cold...like her element, then turned back in front of us...Kori looking as if she would fall asleep on us. Laura sighed as she began to stroke the fur of her digimon...I knew they would get along fine, they seemed, 'alike', in a way...I wondered if it was the same for me and Benji.

10th August 2003, 05:01 PM
As I listened to Tara, my heart beat much faster. What's up with me? I know that Tara and I are really good friends but this? Jinmon heard my heart and dragged me away from the group. "You like her don't you?" Jinmon teased. I blushed a bit and retorted, "Tara and I are really good friends but we're not what you think we are." Jinmon continued to grin cheesily at me until we heard a rumbling near a mountainside. All of a sudden, a huge red thingie shot right at us. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jinmon and I yelled as I pushed him out of the way of the huge crushing pincers of the beast, which sent us off a cliff. I luckily grabbed a branch and Jinon grabbed my foot. "What the hell was that?" I asked. "That's a Kuwagamon, a Champion-Level Digimon. Those things can crush mountains in half just by passing them!" my partner explained. "How come I have the feeling we're gonna get our heads torn off?" I asked. Jinmon just shrugged as he scampered up my back and leapt up to the edge of the cliff. "You're gonna leave me here to die?" I yelled. "I'm getting the others! Hold tight and don't fall!" Jinmon yelled. Oh that makes me feel so much better.

18th August 2003, 12:44 PM
Heh, haven't posted in a while...


'This is so boring...' I thought as Tara explained everything under the digital sun to Ace. Nharmon then sqeaked.

"Huh?" I said, looking down at him.

"I swear I just saw a Kuwagamon!" he said, looking fearful.

"Um... excuse me but a... what?" I said, still unconvinced.

"A Kuwagamon! You know, a big scary looking red monstery thing!!" he said, sounding a bit annoyed.

"Sorry, but I've really no idea what you're talking about..." I said, not really sorry, more annoyed.

Just then, Jinmon came racing up to us all.

He was breathing heavily, and seemed scared.

"Where's...?" began Tara, but she was cut off by the growl of a huge, red, monstery thing. It was flying right for us, and RJ was running below it yelling 'help!' or something like that.

"Oh..." I said, feeling very scared, "So that's a Kuwagamon!"

"Yep," said Nharmon.

18th August 2003, 04:11 PM
'Nuff said...I can't take it anymore. -.-; Hate and Fate are up for grabs again.

~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
This sucked. I couldn't handle it anymore, neither could the 'council of voices' inhabiting my head. I felt as if there was no life left for me. I was continuing my life alone...only Seth, Kori, and Benji there for me. I wasn't meant for this friendship, the dark digidestined weren't a team anymore. Kori's fur was soft, yet silky, like a cat's....despite her fox-like features. I felt a prescence in me...telling me Seth and I were destined to be more than friends....as if we were 'meant to be'. I didn't believe it. Love was for the weak-minded, which I'm not.

I felt as if the Love Hurt Being within me was taking over....it was not what I wanted to be. Nobody loves me.....neither does Seth. We were only meant to be friends....nothing else.

18th August 2003, 04:28 PM
I have no real clue how to begin my mini-story for my Digiegg. I'll wait for Deceit to make the first move, sorry ^_^;

Xander (Due to me being late in posting for him, I'll be skipping past his entrance to the Digiworld and the introduction to his Digimon)
It was just the two of us it seemed, this strange little humanoid and myself. I turned my head to view the strange surroundings. The world was new to me, but I couldn't help but grow excited. My thoughts turned back to that pop-up ad. It had asked me to destroy the world I knew; I wanted to know what made them think that the world I grew up in hated me. Granted, I have a sour disposition and I am tough to love, but only to those who betray me. I still had plenty of friends at home. From that, you can guess that I chose 'no.' Their response? They said "You will learn." I can't help but feel threatened by all of this. I silently turned to face Rookmon, or Valley, as I preferred.

"So, Valley," the little Digimon turned his head to face me, "Do you know where my comrades are?" Valley, as he had been, said nothing. He only shook his head.

"Well, we might as well make the most of this walk," I said to myself. Humming a few lines, I began to sing a few lines from one of my favorite songs. Something I usually do to calm me down. It took Val awhile to pick up on the lyrics, but he soon joined him. It was relieving to have found common ground with my companion. As I got him to open up more, he began to ask me questions about the world I knew.

"Your world sounds very different from mine," Valley finally told me, "but it sounds interesting," he paused for a moment, "There are people up ahead." I turned my head to see where he was pointing at. Sure enough, there were two people who seemed my age and what I'm guessing to be their Digimon. I bolted quickly in their direction, hoping they might notice me.

19th August 2003, 05:14 PM
Bad news people.....I started school today. ;_; I won't have much time anymore....but I hope this goes on.

<~^~>Seth Ragnarok - Sin<~^~>
I heard two pairs of footsteps behind us...causing both me and Laura to turn around, Benji soon doing the same. It was a boy, around our age, with violently red hair....and piercing dark blue eyes. Laura's eyes widened slowly as her attention focused on the digimon, this was about 3'4"....and some sort of humanoid, wrapped in a black cloak and a horned helmet shielding its face.

"Hi....I'm Xander," he said, directing towards us, "Who're you guys?"

"I'm Laura and this is my partner,Snowmon," Laura replied, holding up the sleeping Kori, "Otheriwse, she's named Kori."

"And I'm Seth. My partner's named Benjimon," I replied, pointing towards the young dragon. Benji approached the humanoid, wondering what species it was.

"Ummm....Who's this?" Benji asked, reffering to the 3'4" humanoid.

"That's Valley..." Xander replied, it seems he was also confused why we were here. I just hope me and Laura survive, and if I could admit my true feelings for her.

It was short...just to make room for a post with Lucemon and the celestials involved...

I gazed into the crystal orb in front of me....watching the dark digidestined carefully, to see if all awoke.

"Sir," A voice spoke....as ViralCherubimon approached me from behind, "It seems only three have awoken."

I growled lowly, angered by the words of the dark rabbit, "Listen, dammit! If you want to keep your Mega form....you better get them all awake, or we'll return you to a mere egg,"

I sensed he trembled with fear, saying, "R-r-r-riiig-ght-t.....s-s-s-sirrr...."

I shrugged as he left the room....and stared back into the orb. Soon turning away, to summon my own powers.

"YoukaiOrphanimon, get in here...now." I said, as a dark, slender, femenine figure with ten dark wings emerged. The fangs over her blood red lips glistened brightly in the dim light, and her eyes continued to glow a dark amethyst.

"Yes sir?" she asked seriously, remaining silent afterward.

"I want you to spy on ViralCherubimon just incase he screws up, I don't want to fall to the celestials again...."

"Yes sir." She replied, walking away....her steps fading away.


Time was running short for them, the three celestialsit were trying to stop Lucemon themselves.

"An obstacle," Cherubimon muttered deeply, "Kuwagamon attacking the children of light."

"It doesn't matter," Seraphimon quickly spoke, "It will strengthen them on their quest against darkness,"

"So...." Orphanimon replied, floating around the bright room with panic, "If the children of light get to battle something, we must send something out against darkness." The other two nodded quickly...as they continued to look into the bright orbs....one of light, one of darkness. A fairy-like creature dressed in pink flowers and leaves flew up, her leafy wings fluttering swiftly. This was one of their spies in the real world, Lillymon.

"So Lillymon," Seraphimon said as the fairy flew into the room, " How did the spying on Earth go."

"Excellent, sir," she replied, glowing brightly and de-digivolving into a green figure with a pink flower atop her head....Palamon, "Apparently, it seems their only female currently, the dark digidestined of ice(Laura), seems depressed(will explain later).....and the dark digidestined of the moon(Seth) seems to have faith in nothing."

"Well done," Orphanimon replied, "You are dismissed." The forest creature nodded her head and exited the area. The three celestials continued their meeting...as Cherubimon got an idea....

"Release the Garduamon in the shrine of Deceit...."

Yep...the Garudamon is a part of my plot....^^;;

19th August 2003, 05:41 PM
Um Gothic Latias, not to be rude, but you just described Hadesmon. Rookmon looks like a miniscule, more armored version of Sheik (I suppose that's right)

19th August 2003, 05:49 PM
Get me Fate...I'll put in the signup soon.

19th August 2003, 08:04 PM
Sorry for not posting..Heh..-.-'

Hana Sawagata
"Oh...So that's a Kuwagamon!"Kerri said to Nharmon, somewhat looking scared..

"Yep," said Nharmon.

I looked at the thing, and I wanted to wimper..But I didn't..I mean..I didn't wanna look like a big chicken, right?

"Wake up, CrystalIcemon.."I said, starting to poke at the body that I had laid on the floor.She twitched around, then her nose moved, making me think she was sniffing around..

"Man.."She said, Kuwagamon coming closer, and her waking up.."Someone has bad breath.."

She then stared straight at the Kuwagamon, then looked back at me..
"So...what should I do?Why did you wake me up?"
"Because..well.."I looked around,"Shouldn't you...protect me..and help protect the others?I mean..that thing..is.."

"A Big bug needing Bug-Away Spray.."She finished off for me...and she somewhat also looked scared, I guess...She wasn't as bad as I was. I was clutching to my pants, almost-about-to-pee-in-my-pants scared.

20th August 2003, 07:47 AM
^('.')>Garon Ramius<('.')^
I asked Geico"What's that?"Geico sadi"A Kuwagamon."I said"Oh yeah,look at it!"Kuwagamon yelled"You humans!You're going to die!Geico got up and said"Oh yeah?I'm going to fight!"I said"You can fight!""Yeah!Spike launch!"Geico grunted.The spikes on his back launched of his back and onto the Kuwagamon.Kuwagamon easily dodged the attack.I shook my head and said"It's no use."Tetsuo asked"Why aren't you panicking?"I replied"What's the point when we're all gonna die?"Tetsuo nodded.I looked ahead,hoping something would happen to save us.Kuwagamon said"Die you stupid humans!"Then,Kuwagamon looked as if it was going to launch an attack.I cringed at what would happen next.Just then,Geico kicked him and said"Go away!"I stared at him and said"Great job,now he'll stay here and destroy us all."

21st August 2003, 12:16 PM

Garon's digimon Geico was trying his best, but it just wasn't working. We needed some teamwork, and we needed it fast.

Kuwagamon then readied to fire it's attack, and right at Geico too.

Nharmon had left Kerri's side, and was now over by the Kuwagamon. "Hey pick on someone your own size! Aqua Lazer!" he yelled, shooting a blue beam at the Kuwagamon. It hit the thing, and it just seemed to annoy him. It let out a roar, and was going after both Geico and Nharmon now!

"Beakmon! Let's help out Geico and Nharmon!" I commanded, pointing to the overly large Kuwagamon.

"Right!" said Beakmon, flapping up to Kuwagamon's eye level.

She looked at the huge, red face, well if you could call it a face, and called out, "Beak Bash!" as she rammed her beak into the Kuwagamon. The beast tried to dodge it, but Beakmon was too fast for it. However, the attack seemed to do little to no damage.

"Oh no..." whispered Tara, knowing her new friend was in trouble.

"Foolish creatures!" yelled the Kuwagamon, "No little Rookie digimon can hurt me with their puny attacks!"

"Maybe not alone," yelled out Beakmon, "But maybe with some help..."

I nodded, knowing what Beakmon was trying to say.

"Look, everyone's digimon has got to fight, or we're gonna end up being this thing's next snack! Tell your digimon to use their attacks together, and then maybe we can beat it!" I said, facing all of them.

legendary fisherman1
22nd August 2003, 04:29 PM
Name- Sensui Shinobu
Age- 18
Gender- Male
Appearance- This (http://www.geocities.com/reiki_tantei/sensui.jpg)
Personality- He is really creepy and is one annoying sadistic. He tends to get on everyones nerves, even his own team mates. Sensui speaks with an upity tone in his voice, as if he is better than the other members of the dark children.
Digi-Egg/Element- Jealousy/Forest
Alliance- Evil
Digimon- Shuimon
D-3 Appearance- Dark green with black on the rims
Theme Songs- None
Relationships- He is Kazuma's half brother.

Name- Shuimon
Species- Small Fox
Class- Data
Appearance- A white fox with orange lines on his sides.
Personality- Same as Sensui.
Dark Vines: He makes vines come out of his sides that can be used for offence and defence.

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Name- Dorenjamon
Species- Big fox
Class- Vaccine
Appearance- Like Kyubimon but dark green fur, and no fire on his tail.
Personality- Same as Sensui.
Digi-Egg- Jealousy/Forest

Name- Karumon
Species- Forest Encantater
Class- Vaccine
Appearance- A male Taomon with green hair.
Personality- Same as Sensui.
Rose Whip: He turns a seed he hides in his hair into a whip with thorns that can destroy rock.
Acid Blast: He make a ball of dark forest energy appear from his hands. It smells very bad and can melt what it touches.

Name- Animon
Species- Forest Elder
Class- Virus
Appearance- This (http://www.shinryuu.hpg.ig.com.br/yuyu/Anime/toguro-ani.jpg) except with green clothes and green bat wings.
Personality- Same as Sensui.
Tentacles of Doom: He makes green tentacles the size of a finger appear all over his body and stretch out up to 30 yards.
Evil Illusion: He increaces the size of his hand and grabs the opponents and shows them illusions to try and either prevoke the enemy, or give them an emotional breakdown.
Rose Whip Wheel: He turns a seed he hides in his hair into a whip with thorns that can destroy steel.

Name- Youkomon
Species- Spirit Fox
Class- Vaccine
Appearance- This (http://www.geocities.com/reiki_tantei/Ketsu_Shokubutsu.jpg) with dragon like white wings.
Personality- He is always calm and expretionless in battle. He is a cruel, cold-blooded and heartless. He fear's next to nothing and shows beauty in his movements. The only thing that keeps him back is that he follows orders from Sensui always.
Death Seed: After managing to get a seed in the opponent through trickery, all Youkomon has to do once the seed is implanted and the enemy doesn't know about it, is say "now" and the plant will bloom in the opponent causing the opponent to be drained af almost all energy.
Death Tree: A tree with many mouths on its huge branches appears around his arm. The tree's saliva is made up of acid, and it loves to eat the melting flesh of its prey within minutes. A perfect plant to use to threaten somebody into telling you something.
Dark Memory Tree: It works like the Death Seed by planting a seed in the opponent. After a few minutes the seed will bloom into this human-like tree with arms and everything. The tree will wrap around the enemy, and then continue to make the enemy visualize their worst fear for as long as 1 day.
Darkness Forest: A forrest appears that engulfs everything in darness within a 5 mile radius.

I'll complete it later

__________________________________________________ __

"Hehehehehehehehehe, it looks like brother is taking orders from litle girls still." said to Shuimon. He had a smile like I do when my superiority shows.

"Foot Claws!" "Aqua Lazer!" "Beak Bash!" "Kagu Tsuchi!" "Boom Bubble!" "Spike Launch!" "Argo Twister!" "Crystal Ice Blaster!" "Overdriven Rock Throws!"

I heard all the attacks hit that pathetic excuse of a Digimon hurting it, but it dodged half of the attacks.

"Shuimon, please help them with your attack." I ordered my digimon.

"Hmn? Why do that? We could just let them lose." he told me. I knew beter though. 'If I help them and they win, I can fight them later and show my greatness'.

"Trust me. Plus we get to cause pain." I said with a smile. He nodded also smiling.

"Dark Vines!" Shuimon shouted at Kuwagumon. 'Those chosen children brats are surprised' I thought.

"Huh?" some of them said. "Hey now is are chance to attack!" the girl that Kazuma was taking orders from. 'I guess she is the leader'.

"Foot Claws!" "Aqua Lazer!" "Beak Bash!" "Kagu Tsuchi!" "Boom Bubble!" "Spike Launch!" "Argo Twister!" "Crystal Ice Blaster!" "Overdriven Rock Throws!" the digimon shouted as the Kuwagumon was deleted.

"Hey thanks! Are you by any chance the digimon for a Chosen Child?"

"I see you've met my digimon!" I said while I came into my view. I saw the smile on Kazuma's face get wiped off as his eyes grew.

"He he.....hello brother." I said sinitrilly.

__________________________________________________ __________

'How did this happen?! I thought that I had seen the last of him years ago!' "What are you doing here Sensui?" I asked him calmly.

There was an akward silence until Tara spoke up "Kazuma, whats going on here?! Why did he call you 'brother'?" she shouted. I could understand her anger and confusion though.

"I thought I had seen the last of you 5 years ago Sensui." I told him directly.

"Its not my fault you refused to take the Shinobu name. That was your decision." he told me. The others were still confused.

"Now I must go to the other Dark Children now. Why dont you tell your chosen friends about us later." he said cooly.

And with that he left into the Shadows.

22nd August 2003, 07:05 PM
Name:Ryoku Dragdi
Appearance:Has tan skin,red eyes,short black hair.He is a 6'5.He wears a dark blue tee,and red shorts and wears sandals.
Personality:He is always in a dark mood.He is always very serious,and will never try to lose against his brother.The only time he is ever happy is when he starts winning in combat.
D-3 appearance:Grey buttons,silver rims.
Themesongs:I hate this...
Relations:Tetsuo's brother,but only Ryoku knows about his relations.
Other:I am your doom,defeat,and despair!

Digi-Egg Digimon:
Name: DarkArmorFurymon
Species:Evil Armored Digimon
Appearance:ArmorFurymon,except is a black fox,And with red eyes and the crest of Fate on his forehead.
Personality:Like Ryoku's,and likes to confuse his enemy's instead of attacking them.
Attacks:Seal of doom:Takes his swords and creates the crest of fate,and slams it on the enemy,causing them to follow his orders for 10 minutes.
Red Glare:Confuses the enemy to fight itself,or others.
Doom Cutter:Slashes the enemies with his blades.

Species:Evil Fox
Class: Data
Appearance:He is a grey fox,with two black lines going down his back with black eyes.His claws can be extended and shortened.He has a long,bushy tail.He has very sharp teeth.
Personality:Like Ryoku's.
Claw Poke: Puts his claws near the enemy,and extends them.
Sharp Bite:BItes the enemy with his teeth.

Name: DarkForumon
Species:Evil Winged Fox
Appearance:Mostly like Forumon,except a lot more bulky armor,Steel spikes down his back,and four dragon wings covered in steel armor.He also has red eyes.
Personality:Like Ryoku's,but he likes to make fun of his enemies instead of attacking them.When Serious,however,he is a formidable opponent.
Steel spikes:His spikes lift off his back and form a spike ball,and launches at the enemy.
Dark Swipe:His paw is covered in darkness,and he swipes the enemy.
Red Eye Beam:His red eyes glow,and he fires a small red beam.

Name: DarkKiremon
Species:Evil Armored Winged Fox
Appearance:Like Kiremon,but has a more evil look to him.He is covered in steel armor,except his stomach,which is black.He has more bulky armor,and all you can see of his face is his blood red eyes with black pupils.He stands on his hind legs,and on his chest is two swords shaped in an X.He still has his four dragon wings too.
Personality:Much more eviler than his other three forms.He mostly uses brute force,but his is not very intelligent.
Attacks:X Blade:He makes an X motion with his arms,and he slams into the enemy.
Darkness Fog:He casts a fog into the area which only Evil digimon can see through.
Steel toss:A peice of steel forms,and he tosses it at the enemy.

Species:Evil Fox Knight
Appearance:He stands at about 7'0",and he has four Dragon wings.He has Black,bulky armor,and Sharp claws.He wears a Black cloak.He has two swords,and stands on his hind legs.
He has a gun on his back.
Personality:He is in his darkest form.He is very evil,and he will do anything to kill his two enemies,Tetsuo and Furymon.He can only take orders from Ryoku.
Blast off:For about half a minute he charges up,and then his gun fires 10 fireballs,and they home in on the enemy,and blow up.
Sword Fight:He takes his swords,and attacks with them.
Dark Grip:He grips onto the enemy,and he starts attacking the enemy while holding onto him or her.
Dark Fears:His strongest attack can only be used on Furymon in any form.He takes his swords,and creates a circle around either two,then a steel barrier appears that almost nothing can break through,then,he starts sapping his energy while telling him that everyone is his enemy,then he breaks the barrier,and with the last of his strength,they attack his comrades.

Ryoku Dragdi
I woke up with a start.I checked the clock.7:00.I got up silently as I put on my clothes.I walked down to see that my mother and step-dad were sleeping.I looked around.I finally got me some cereal and juice.I ate silently.I said"What's the point?"I looked out the window.I thought I felt someone watching me.I took my spoon and tossed it out the window.A closed window.I lookd at the broken window.I mumbled"At least Tetsuo Isn't here."After I ate breakfast,I walked outside for a walk to releive myself.When I got back,I realised it was 9:00.My mother said"Where were you?"I said"Why do you want to know?You don't want me here anyway..."Mom said"Ryoku...I want you here,I'm just worried about you..."I said"Aw shucks,don't act like that...You're just being nice,but deep down,you want to get rid of me!"Mom shook her head and said"I don't understand you...If only Tetsuo were still alive..."I walked into my room and said"Oh geez!Tetsuo is so alive!"I logged onto my computer."I just had the urge.I heard mom scream about the window.I checked the screen.There was a pop-up.

Do you choose to destroy your world?The world that hates you?
I nodded.I clicked yes just as mom came in.She stared gasping."Oh dammit!"I groaned as a black light surrounded me.I then fell into darkness.And fell,and fell and fell...

I felt a voice saying"Wake up!!!"Then a kick.I got up and rubbed my head.I was not in my room.I was in another world...I think.I looked down at the thing that told me to wake up."What are you?"I said as I backed away."I'm BlackFurymon,Welcome to the digital world."I nodded as BlackFurymon told me why I was here."Please,call me Black"said BlackFurymon.I nodded and grinned.I asked"Is there a boy named Tetsuo in the children of light?"Black replied"Yes,his partner is Furymon,my brother."I saw Black growling.I said"Maybe if we team up,we can destroy Furymon and Tetsuo and the other children!"Black nodded.

22nd August 2003, 07:18 PM
Species:Ice Wolf
Appearance:Standing on all fours, she is about 4 feet now, her fur Sky blue near the back, coming to deep blue in the front, also having some parts that are completely white. Her paws are also comepletly white, and give of a cold mist around them. She has a Deep blue jewel on her forehead, and has these skyblue wings that are about, maybe each in about 4 feet in width, making her wing span about 8 feet. Her eyes are completly black, giving a creepy feel to them.
Personality-She's still really playful, but know's when to get serious.
Cold Aurora:The Aurora given around her feet start to spread to the oponent, leaving a trail of frost. It than sprays the opponent with Little blasts of blue light, and leaves the opponent covered in frost, making it hard to move.
Playful Run:A Dodging attack.

I made her champion..

Hana Sawagata

The strange kid and his digimon left into the shadows, leaving me stunned, and CrystalIcemon, Fustrated..probably because they needed help..And that she wanted to protect her owner without anyones help..besides the digimon that the others have..

CrystalIcemon walked back, walking with somewhat of a Limp..probably to show that her pride has been hurt, needing assitance from a nother digimon..besides the others..

"I got a bad vibe of that Kid and his digimon"She said.."Something..I can't touch on.."

' "Now I must go to the other Dark Children now." ' I recalled what the kid said...and then remembered from what CrystalIcemon said..something about having to defeat these evil chosen children...Maybe he's one of them?

22nd August 2003, 07:29 PM
Okies....Both are accepted. ^^;

I don't feel like posting now...I feel all cruddy inside...-.-;

23rd August 2003, 01:35 PM
^('-')>Tetsuo Dragdi<('-')^
That kid who helped us beat the Digimon,He was very suspicious."The Dark Children?"I mumbled.I nodded,remembering
Furymons tale.All of a sudden,Furymon gave a jerk,and started fighting something,but it seemed invisible.Then,when Furymon stopped,I asked him"What were you doing?"Furymon panted and replied"I think my brother found a partner..."I asked"Who?"Furymon didn't answer.I shook my head and started walking to the nearest town,while Furymon told me the way.I heard a soft growl,but I ignored it.Then,I heard a loud"HALT!!!"As a digimon came out.I stared at it."Gargomon."Said Furymon.Gargomon said"Oh,I thought you were that Kuwagamon again."I said"We beat it."I looked behind me.Noone was there.Gargomon said"Come with me."I followed him into the town.I felt a cool breeze as all of the digimon were bustling about.I looked behind me to make sure if my comrades were there or not.Nope.Just Digimon.

23rd August 2003, 07:28 PM

"Kazuma, whats going on here?! Why did he call you 'brother'?" I shouted, feeing really confused. This boy just shows up out of nowhere, and then says that he's Kazuma's brother?!

Beakmon looked up at me, and then looked over to Kazuma to see his response.

"I thought I had seen the last of you 5 years ago Sensui," Kazuma said, remaining his usual calm self.

'He's probably just as confused as I am, even if he doesn't show it...' I thought to myself.

"Its not my fault you refused to take the Shinobu name. That was your decision," Sensui said, seeming just as calm as his 'brother'.

I shook my head, things just kept getting weirder... And what did Sensui mean by 'Shinobu name'? I watched for Kazuma to say something, but he didn't, and then Sensui spoke up again.

"Now I must go to the other Dark Children now. Why dont you tell your chosen friends about us later," he said coldly, leaving as quickly as he came.

"I got a bad vibe of that Kid and his digimon," CrystalIcemon said to Hana, "Something..I can't touch on.."
I walked up to Kazuma, "Who was that weird kid? Was he really your brother?"

"He is who he said he is," Kazuma answered; it was obvious he didn't want to discuss it this minute.

I decided to let it go for now... enough odd things had happened today, and as curious as I was about this 'Sensui', I felt it was better for the group if we all got some rest.

"Let's get to that city over there!" I said, pointing to a small settlement only an hour or so walk away.

"Yes, I agree!" said Beakmon, setting off in its direction.

23rd August 2003, 10:45 PM
Argo has not appeared yet. I thought I mentioned that.

I just stood there as Tara gave more commands. I felt...weighed down. We were all in danger, and there was nothing I could do against a giant scissor toothed-beetle. It was low, damn it all! Where was my Digital companion? Obviously we were of some importance to these Digimon if we were called here. If I had a Digimon, it would let me feel better about this. My mind turned back to the pair of red eyes from when I woke up. As I trudged along I eventually came side-to-side with Hana. I got a look at CrystalIcemon, who seemed rather grumpy to me. I suppose both of them could pick up on my discomfort as well. We said nothing for awhile, before I decided to break the silence.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

25th August 2003, 11:37 AM
Hana Sawagata
"Penny for your thoughts?"Ace asked me while we were walking to the city Tara saw right ahead..

"I'm starting to wonder about that kid.."I said...CrystalIcemon suddenly opened her eyes, and yawned...

"I don't like that kid..We could've defeated Kuwagamon sooner or later"CrystalIcemon said.
"But atleast you didn't get hurt, CrystalIcemon"I said,"I'm I'm thankful for that...atleast."

CrystalIcemon smiled, and then layed her head on my chest once more, using my upper chest as a pillow..

"What about you,"I asked him,"What have you been thinking about?"

27th August 2003, 07:52 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
I sighed slightly to myself. I wasn't meant to be a member of a team. I was meant to live through the hell-like life I've been living anyway. I couldn't make friends, except Seth....and Kori, the one Gaia united me with. All I wish for is that this Lucemon is damned all the way to his origin lands, for choosing me for a team. It was that I couldn't take it...I gave up everything I wanted until I could only handle deceit...that was my curse of being Avoidant, one of my many other disorders.

It was nothing. I wasn't meant to be here, I was not what Lucemon thought I was...I couldn't handle it. They all are intolerant of my ways, and if they don't like it...fine. They can just betray me anyway....like that hybrid kid. I turned my back and began to feel tension stirring inside, not settling. I felt watched, ignored, and hated. I couldn't trust Seth any longer...I can feel it as if he developed a 'lust' for me....that couldn't happen. It couldn't. We were only meant to be friends, which I feel him betraying me each day. I can now only trust Kori....nothing to it. I couldn't let this go on. I needed to leave, quickly, before I die here.

Alright....I'll post Seth later. I feel all ill and stuff, and I need to save space for links to lyric's of Laura's theme songs...just on case you feel like knowing how it sounds...^^;

'Easier to Run' by Linkin Park (http://www.absolutelyric.com/a/view/Linkin_Park/Easier_To_Run/)

'Imaginary' by Evanescnece (http://www.lyricsdepot.com/evanescence/imaginary.html)

'Outside' by Staind (http://www.lyricsdepot.com/staind/outside.html)

'Prayer' by Disturbed (http://www.lyricsdepot.com/disturbed/prayer.html)

'Born With Nothing, Die with Everything' by Papa Roach (http://www.lyricsdepot.com/papa-roach/born-with-nothing-die-with-everything.html)

27th August 2003, 08:32 PM
Valley "Rookmon"
It seemed to me that we were invisible to the four of them, but I couldn't help it. All the while Seth had spoken to Xander, I noticed that something was wrong. A Digimon can pick up on one's mood, and something was severely wrong with the girl.

I wasn't like Lucemon or any of the darker Digimon, for despite my dark nature, I had a caring personality. I had to see what I could do, but I doubted that she would tell me. I turned to her Digimon, to find she was asleep.

Crap! I thought to myself. I had no choice, I decided to tell her directly.

"Laura," I said softly so that neither Seth and Xander could hear me, "What's swallowing you?" She turned toward me, which set me off some. It was that look of lost hope, I have seen that before.

"I mean what's wrong? I can tell something is eating you up. You can trust me, I won't tell anyone," I promised to her.

I paused before answering her, "I'm...jealous, I suppose."

"What?" Both of them said, surprised. I guess they didn't see that coming.

"I just feel useless at the moment," I responded, "I was unable to do anything about that Kuwagamon." Hana didn't seem to understand just yet.

"Neither could any of us," she responded. Granted she had a point, but that wasn't the problem.

"I know, but all of you have Digimon. I don't even know where mine is," I said, "I mean if our Digimon are in anyway capable of doing what the giant insect can do, then why do they need us? We're important in some way, but I don't have a Digimon. Why am I important."

I kept silent, but I hadn't revealed all of my problems. I looked again at Hana and her Digimon. Maybe none of them could see it, but they were beginning to form a bond. Eventually, those Digimon will be the friends the others wished they always had. Memories of my former girlfriend managed to surface. Slowly, I was beginning to bum out.

27th August 2003, 10:56 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
I was focused too much on Valley for the moment...he caught my attention. He said that apparently something was 'swallowing me up'. I felt too deep in my disorders for th moment, and I never wanted to confess them. Kori woke up slightly as I swifted my attention to the humanoid digimon.

"I mean what's wrong? I can tell something is eating you up. You can trust me, I won't tell anyone," he promised me..it was hard for me to trust a complete stranger. I felt confused, trapped in my sea of darkness.

"Alright..." I shrugged, trying to lighten up a small bit, "It's that I feel as of I've been betrayed many times, and I can't trust anybody anymore. My disorders have finally overcame me...and I feel the demon of darkness approaching me. Too many disorders there are..."

"What kind of disorders?" Valley asked with wonder, Kori nodding in agreement.

"It's too many to describe: Depression, Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal, Anti-social, Borderline, and Avoidant. It's taking over....my time is almost over here."

"Don't worry Laura," Kori spoke softly to me, her calmity sounding too soothing for me, "I understand how you feel. I've gone through hard times in my life, too."

In my mind...I continued to regret anything I said. I felt lonely, possibly the only female of the dark digidestined. Within my thoughts, passed the lyrics of a song stuck in my head despite I've only had the CD for a few weeks, "Headstrong" by Trapt.

Back off Iíll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong we're Headstrong
Back off Iíll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
This is not where you belong

It matched my feelings too much right now...as this one guy with a green fox turned to face me.

EDIT: Finished...^^;;

legendary fisherman1
28th August 2003, 12:58 AM
__________________________________________________ __________

"I see that the one called Laura is going through some problems." said my faithful Shuimon. I snorted.

"Is that all your Minds Eye can do? Anyone with half a brain can see that" I told him. "Cant you see more than that?"

My digimon got a frown on his face "I dont have the training that Masakimon went through. He can do more than me. I know that by experiance..." he trailed off.

'Hm, why did he say 'I know that by experiance'? Oh well I'll ask him later...' "So Sensui are you going to aproach her? There are 2 other boys with her, what about them?" asked Shuimon waiting for a respnce.

"You know you ask questions that are about to be answered too much. Its almost annoying." I told him as I started to walk twards them.

"I understand how you feel. I've gone through hard times in my life, too". But they were interupted by my appearing.

One of the boys looked at me in a business like way and said "Who might you be?" I just smiled evily "Well if you must know, then I'm one of you." I told him smugly. He looked annoyed.

"Whad do you mean?" the other boy asked suspiciously. I just smiled some more.

"I'm one of the Dark Children. And unless I missed my guess (like that could happen) you are the Dark Children." I told them.

The girl just looked at the ground not caring. That makes me want to hurt people. While their down, anyway. But she's on my side so I'll spare her of any harm.

"You" I said pointing to the girl. She then looked up to me "You are a fool" I told her. The boys turned their heads.

"What makes you allowed to say that!" shouted one of them. He was obviosly protective of her. "And by the way her name is Laura."

"My digimon heard the conversation between her and those two" I said pointing my finger to a bandaged digimon, and a fox like digimon. Then I turned to 'Laura'.

"And the only reason your problems are getting the better of you is because you have lost any kind of will to go on. Only weakling let something so minor effect them greatly." I stated with my trademark 'superior look'.

28th August 2003, 11:56 AM
I'll just move the good guys along. ^^


I looked on as Kazuma's, or whatever his name was, brother left, and sighed. I really didn't care too much about any astranged brothers or anything. Afterward, we began walking again, and I suddenly realized how much I really hate walking.

"How far is this 'city'?" I asked sceptically. I watched the back of Tara's head awaiting her usual prompt answer.

But nothing came.

"Hello! I just asked a question?!" I yelled, feeling really peeved about her not answering me.

She turned her head, "What? Oh, Kerri... um, it's just over that hill there."

I sighed again. 'Great, a hill...'

Nharmon began to hum to himself. A song I had heard before...

"What are you humming?" I asked him.

He looked up at me and began singing outloud, "It's a small world after all! It's a small world after all! It's a small world after all! It's a small, small, world!"

"You have got to be the weirdest..." I said, shaking my head.

Nharmon just went back to humming happily to himself.

As soon as we got past the hill, we all took in the sight of a medium-sized city.

Beakmon cleared her throat. "This, my friends, is Floral City. It's home to a lot of plant-looking digimon like Floramon and Palmon. There are lots of stores and such that are great fun to check out! I think there's even an inn we might be able to stay at for the night."

Tara smiled at her knowledgable digimon. "That's great! Hey, how about we split up and go around town? And if you get into any trouble, you can just..." She stopped when she saw Ace.

Tara cleared her throat, "Maybe you can just pair up with someone else, Ace. It's not like we have to be alone. And don't worry, I'm sure you have a digimon somehwere. I don't think you'd be here if you didn't. And I don't think that this place is likely to make mistakes about choosing who came here. I do believe we've all been chosen to come here because of qualities we have. Besides, I might want to have a walk with Kazuma."

"What?" said Kazuma, looking a bit surprised.

"Yeah," said Tara, "That way we can have a little, er, talk."

They went on talking for a bit, but I wasn't really listening. The Dark Children probably weren't talking about complaints from others or thinking of taking walks. They were probably planning some attack or something... I wondered if any of them felt as I did. Like I didn't belong where I was. If all of us were chosen for a reason, then why me? What power or quality did I posess? I went back to thinking about the Dark Children.

Sooner or later we were going to have to face these other kids... and I didn't think we were anywhere near prepared for it.

28th August 2003, 12:53 PM
Hana Sawagata
'Phew..Now I can play some games on my laptop..'I said as we approched the city over the hill.

Beakmon cleared her throat, then said"This, my friends, is Floral City. It's home to a lot of plant-looking digimon like Floramon and Palmon. There are lots of stores and such that are great fun to check out! I think there's even an inn we might be able to stay at for the night."

"That's great! Hey, how about we split up and go around town? And if you get into any trouble, you can just..." Tara said, then stopping, seeing Ace..

Tara cleared her throat, "Maybe you can just pair up with someone else, Ace. It's not like we have to be alone. And don't worry, I'm sure you have a digimon somehwere. I don't think you'd be here if you didn't. And I don't think that this place is likely to make mistakes about choosing who came here. I do believe we've all been chosen to come here because of qualities we have. Besides, I might want to have a walk with Kazuma."

CrystalIcemon jumped off my chest as the last word's escaped Tara's mouth...She then rubbed against Ace's leg, which somewhat..I dunno. Ace was bumbed out for some mystical, out of this world thing that I had no clue on..

"If you want,"I whispered,"You can pair up with Me and CrystalIcemon.If It's ok with you. And CrystalIcemon is getting used to you now..So if you want to.."I trailed off, twindling my fingers..

28th August 2003, 09:48 PM
Axehelm (I'll post for either Xander or Valley when Seth or Laura do something)
"If you want," Hana whispered to me,"You can pair up with Me and CrystalIcemon.If It's ok with you. And CrystalIcemon is getting used to you now..So if you want to.." she trailed off, twindling her fingers. Inside, I grinned. Not many people were willing to hang out with me once they began to know me. I was prone to fits of rage, and not many people cared for that. Something about that made people think of me as arogant, which I once thought Xander promoted, but I doubt it.

"Sure," I said smiling slightly, "I don't really have many friends, and this is as good an opportunity to make some. So what do you suppose we should do?"

"Well, I guess we can talk to the citizens and see what they know about this area," she suggested. It sounded like a plan to me, so I nodded in agreement. Then, something happened.

"What the...?!" I jerked my head to my left to see a black shadow jump behind a mailbox, I think.

"What's wrong?" she noticed my reaction. I turned back and shrugged.

"I don't know, I thought I saw something. Oh, well, we should get going," I remarked.

30th August 2003, 10:42 PM
<~^~>Seth Ragnarok - Sin<~^~>
I stared at this guy resembling Sensui from YuYu Hakusho approaching us...with his partner, a white fox-like digimon. He just glared coldly and brutally at us....ready for the first attack.

"Who might you be?" I asked, my eyebrow quirking with slight motion.

"Well if you must know, then I'm one of you." He replied with a sly smirk....still having an evil gaze.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Xander asked....his eyebrow soon quikred like mine.

"I'm one of the Dark Children. And unless I missed my guess...you are few of the Dark Children." He replied coldly. Laura could only stare at the ground, not caring at all...like she would when cruelty was being directed right at her.

"You..." he spoke cruely right at her, "You are a fool..." She looked up as me and Xander glared back....how could he do this to the one I care for?

"What makes you allowed to say that!?!" I yelled...stepping in front of Laura to show my protection of her, "And by the way...her name is Laura."

"My digimon heard the conversation between her and those two"the he replied coldly again..pointing directly at Kori and Valley. Then he turned to face Laura..once again.

"And the only reason your problems are getting the better of you is because you have lost any kind of will to go on. Only weakling let something so minor effect them greatly." He continued on...trailing off while thinking he was all superior and stuff. And I was embarassed of myself, showing a bit too much of my lust for Laura...I had seeds of anger planted within me now...wanting to reach out and grow into plants of revenge.

I couldn't believe how cruel that guy is to my fellow comrades....he couldn't do this. I trust Laura, Seth, Xander, Kori, and Valley....but this guy and his partner, not for a long time. I growled lowly, snarling to show off my fangs, as I walked over towards that to white fox-like digimon belonging to the cruel guy. I had a feeling he was like his partner....as I continued to angrily glare at him....

"Benj...What the hell do you think you're doing?!?" Seth called out towards me, walking behind me and pulling my tail. I galred towards him a slightly bit...and whipped him away.

"I'm trying to teach him a lesson..." I replied with sarcasm...He sweatdropped.

30th August 2003, 11:15 PM
I walked away from the new comers, keeping my stride in step with Seth. Valley was sticking behind to make sure Laura was okay.

"I have a baaaaad feeling about this," I said to Seth and Benji. Both of them were angry, but decided to give me their time.

"Bout what?" they both asked simultaneously. I looked back at the rest of the group.

"Bout this whole Dark Digidestined thing," I responded, "Whoever called us here expects us to work together to defeat this other team. However, let's be honest, it seems that some of us will not be team players." I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pencil and paper. I began to scribble down three names. Seth, curiosity aroused, looked over my shoulder to see what I was writing. He could pick out two of them, but the third surprised him then understanding dawned on him.

"I take it that he's Jerk-Wad," he asked. I simply nodded my head. "So Why are you writing our names?"

"I want to know who's in our group, and who I can trust," he looked at me in outrage, "Not what I meant. I'm loyal to my team, you'll find out soon enough, but the rest of us, obviously, might not be. I want to be able to figure out who's most likely to betray the team for his own personal ambitions, and then I can work from there. I doubt Laura will betray anyone, and you seem loyal to her so I can trust you, but Jerk-Wad seems self-centered and arrogant. He'll either be the death of us all, or he'll betray us all."

"What makes you think any of us will do that," he asked skeptically, then we both looked at Jerk-Wad, "Never mind."

"Thaaaaat's right," I said, humorously.

legendary fisherman1
31st August 2003, 01:27 AM
__________________________________________________ __________

Suimon wispered somthing in my ear. Sadly it was what they were saying down there.

"If you must know, I have no reason to beyray the Dark Children, nor do I have any intention of doing so." I told them with a smirk on my face.

"Why should we believe you. For all we know you could be plotting our downfall the moment you saw us!" shouted the boy with the paper.

I stared at him with a frown. How was I going to get it through their thick heads! It was most annoying. 'Hey I have an idea that will hit them where it hurts!'

"Whats your name?" I calmly while staring at him with my smile growing.

He looked surprised, but he quickly hid his expresion "My name is Xander." he told me like he was trying to intimidate me.

I just increased my smile "Well Xander, weather you completely believe me is ultimitely your choice, but I'll put it to you this way:
Either you all trust me, or I move on to the side of the Chosen Children!" I told them almost insanely.

They did not react well to my words. They all gasped, even the one called 'Laura' looked up in horror.

"You wouldn't!" yelled the boy that was protective of Laura. "Your on the Dark Children's side! You cant just switch!" he yelled in frustration and annoyence it seemed.

"Why cant I? You said it yourself that 'Jerk-Wad' couldn't be trusted. Why should I waste my time with people who dont even trust me?" I told them calmly, grimmly and dangerously at the same time.

They all looked like Cristmas had been canceled. "As I said before, I have no intention of betraying the Dark Children. In fact I'd rather be here than with my brother and his team of idiots." I told them as-a-matter-of-factily.

31st August 2003, 08:28 AM
I watched the arguement and crawled away slowly.I hoped no one noticed us yet.I whispered to Black"I want to grab a neck and never let go...until he or she stops breathing..."Black whispered back"Save it for Tetsuo.I Know he is your brother."I nodded.Then I whispered"When we meet him,I'll kill him!"I kicked up a rock.Just then,I noticed a short path.Me and Black followed it,and we noticed a few buildings.We started walking toward the buildings.Then I said"No wait,the arguement has just begun!Let's go back!"Black nodded and snickered a bit.We ran back to wher The Dark Children were.Then I heard one say"Or I'll move on to the side of The Chosen Children !"They all gasped.I didn't,I just stayed calm.Then I sat down again.

31st August 2003, 08:57 AM
Um, Legendary Fisherman, let's be realistic. How can he have heard our characters when they were walking away from the group, it wasn't exactly a public conversation.

legendary fisherman1
31st August 2003, 09:57 AM
Shuimon heard it not Sensui. I'l edit my post.

31st August 2003, 02:52 PM
I came over my initial shock much faster than the others. All the arguing was pissing me off.

"Alright, everybody, just shut up," I said peeved, "You (pointing to Sensui), stop prying in other people's conversations. That's exactly why Xander does not trust you. You have no right to listen in, you have no right to threaten us, and you have no right to put people down."

"What right do you have to order me about," he asked me with contempt.

"None, but I meant it as a warning. Xander's Dark quality is Revenge; I don't think you'll want to find out why," was my instant response. The more he talked the more I wanted to beat him up, but I'm smarter than that.

Xander seemed to have had enough of this, "Alright, let's just forget this. We were sent here to do something, we might as well get to it." He muttered something else under his breath; I don't think he much enjoyed being here. I don't blame him, being someone's pawn and having to put up with this guy would be too much for his pride to handle. We both felt drafted in this, and I couldn't understand why I was among these children.

1st September 2003, 10:42 PM
It's mah birthday....^^;;

<~^~>Seth Ragnarok - Sin<~^~>
We all came to initial shock...but Valley seemed the most pissy out of any of us. Laura and Kori seemed to be the most shocked though....even Kori. I couldn't stand this arrogant bastard any longer, but Valley was more swift in the action.

"Alright, everybody....just shut up..." He yelled with peeve, pointing his finger directly at him, "You stop prying on other people's conversations. That's exactly why Xander does not trust you. You have no right to listen in, you have no right to threaten us, and you have no right to put people down..."

"What right do you have to order me about...?" He asked contemptly.

"None, but I meant it as a warning. Xander's Dark quality is Revenge; I don't think you'll want to find out why." Valley responded immediately....he looked more angry than ever, coveting revenge...exactly like I did.

"Alright, let's just forget this. We were sent here to do something, we might as well get to it." Xander said with complete frustration....he couldn't take it anymore. Shrugging, I looked at Benji...did he feel the same way?

~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
I felt too depressed right now to speak....that arrogant jerk-wad, he was exactly like the idiots that gave me pain back in America when I was in second grade. My pain felt worse, as I felt like turning my back away....crying with desperate pain....helpless, forgotten, tormented. Was it me or was this becoming a Love-Hate-Tragedy? I put Kori down so she could walk over to Valley or Benji, but I didn't want to be here. Sure, Kori, Benji, Valley, and Xander seemed nice...but if I commited suicide in the past, I wouldn't have to suffer the pain of Jerk-wad. Needless to say, I felt as if the grim light of the moon was fading...soon the morning after.

"There is no tomorrow for me, is there?" I whispered in complete loss of faith. The chains of torment have their complete grip on me....pulling me back, into my bloody hell. Were the council of voices ready to judge me? Is Gaia finally deciding my fate? Will Kori and the rest betray me...? It lies within the morning after....

Now for Seth's theme song lyrics...^^;;

'System' by Linkin Park (http://www.lyricsdepot.com/linkin-park/system.html)

'The Fight Song' by Marilyn Manson (http://www.lyricsdepot.com/marilyn-manson/the-fight-song.html)

'Gone Away' by Cold (http://www.lyricsdepot.com/cold/gone-away.html)

'Price to Play' by Staind (http://www.lyricsdepot.com/staind/price-to-play.html)

'Darkness' by Disturbed (http://www.lyricsdepot.com/disturbed/darkness.html)

3rd September 2003, 02:55 PM
Happy late B-Day!! ^-^


After Beakmon was done explaining about the city we were going into, I decided to break up the group, "That's great! Hey, how about we split up and go around town? And if you get into any trouble, you can just..." I stopped, looking at Ace. He didn't have a digimon...

I cleared my throat, "Maybe you can just pair up with someone else, Ace. It's not like we have to be alone. And don't worry, I'm sure you have a digimon somehwere. I don't think you'd be here if you didn't. And I don't think that this place is likely to make mistakes about choosing who came here. I do believe we've all been chosen to come here because of qualities we have. Besides, I might want to have a walk with Kazuma."

I looked sideways toward Kazuma.

"What?" said Kazuma, looking a bit surprised.

"Yeah," I said, "That way we can have a little, er, talk."

I had wanted to get Kazuma alone so that I could talk about his brother. Or at least try to. This was something I didn't know about him, and I also wanted to see how he felt about all this. It must feel weird to have your brother on the other side...


"Ugh... come on Nharmon!" I said, attempting to keep my cool. We had been walking around for only a few minutes, and already he had gotten so distrtacted, that I had to keep dragging him away from stores.

"But it's so shinny!!" he said, eyes still glued to the miniscule golden statue.

"It's too expensive, and it's dumb..." I said, pulling on his horn.

"Hey! Watch it! That horn takes a while to grow back once it's been snapped off," he said, glaring at me.

We walked some more, and I glanced at the shops, feeling a bit aloof, when something caught my eye. One of the shops was selling... digimon horns?

"Um... Nharmon? Aren't those digimon horns?" I asked, pointing to the window.

Nharmon whinced, "Uh, yes!"

"How do they...?" I began, but then I decided not to talk about digimon horns in front of Nharmon.

"Thanks for not talking about it..." said Nharmon, keeping his eyes on the walkway.

"What? How did you...?" I asked, feeling a bit freaked out.

"Digimon are much more intuitive than you human's are... we can sense things, and are much better at knowing the moods or feelings you're experiencing. Besides, the bond that partners share is more than just friendship..." he finished, speaking calmly.

I just stared at him. For all the goofiness he's always expressed, he sure can be serious and smart. And I was a bit surprised in myself. Normally I would have just gone on talking about the horns, not caring about other's feelings... but now...

"Nharmon?" I said, addressing him, "I'm glad you're my digimon."

4th September 2003, 06:10 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
I sighed....watching the chosen children walk off towards 'Floral City'....Lucky...while we suffer without any chances of making peace, they get comfort. I felt myself evaporating away....trapped in the cold winds of my life....lying inside myself...watching the Aerials pass through my sky. It was like "Aerials" by System of a Down...one of my all-time favorite songs...described my life a lot..

Aerials In the sky
When you lose small mind you free your life

Life is a waterfall
We drink from the river then we turn around and put up our walls
Swimming throught the void we hear the word
We lose ourselves but we find it all

Cuz we are the ones that wanna play
Always want to go but you never want to stay
And we are the ones that wanna choose
Always want to play but you never want to lose

I wasn't anything anymore....nevermore. Kori just watched them pass by, a bit envy in her icy blue eyes. She turned around and looked at me innocently, the jealousy fading. Nothing seemed to bother her...when something bothered me.

"Laura..." she asked calmly, "What's the matter...? Is it the disorders?"

"No..." I replied, "Just I feel everybody might betray me soon. They're probably deceiving me....are you?"

"Of course not.." She spoke back, "You know I'll never betray you. I'm your friend....your partner, there's nothing that could seperate us..."

"You're just faking it..." I sighed back depressingly... turning away, staring at the ground with a pain inside of me. I felt Kori's prescence approach me...as she affectinately nudged my leg to give me her attention.

"Of course I wouldn't...We're too much alike..." She sighed with faith....I soon realized she was right. I picked her up and scratched behind her ears.

"Kori....I knew you wouldn't..." I sighed, apologizing, "I'm sorry."

"Eh...It's okay." She replied, grinning slightly.

<~^~>Seth Ragnarok - Sin<~^~>
I felt a little akward...I needed to help Laura before I lost her for good...before she forgot what we had in common. I was basically her only friend, but I felt as if we were destined to be 'more' than friends. Shrugging, I felt the breeze ruffle through my red streaks...having no affect on how I felt. Oh Laura...would she be alright...? I didn't want her to end up along with the lyrics of KoRn's "Alone I Break"...

Am I going to leave this place?
What is it I'm hanging from?
is there nothing more to come? (am I Gunna leave this place?)
Is it always black in space?
Am I going to take it's place?
Am I going to leave this race? (Am I going to leave this race?)
I guess god's up in this place?
what is it that I've become?
is there something more to come? (more to come)

I felt so...and I didn't want to lose her too soon. I guess it was nobody to decide her fate...besides her spirit guardian....if there was one for her, that is. I walked over to her...but said nothing...I was too scared of admitting my feelings this soon...maybe before we leave this place. I loved her...but I was too shy for this time. It wasn't my moment, neither was it hers.

Alright....Us dark digidestineds need to move forth....^^;;

5th September 2003, 04:15 PM
Just for you to know, I'm going to be unable to participate for awhile. I got back from surgery, and I can't sit down. It's hard to type so I won't be able to do much. Just consider my two characters as NPCs until I get bACK.

5th September 2003, 04:50 PM
Ryoku Dragdi

I watched as our little 'Chosen Ones' entered Floral city.I didn't notice Tetsuo with them.Then I saw, in the crowd of lots of Digimon,a digimon leading Tetsuo somewhere.I growled and said"Black...He's here..."Black grinned and said"It's time...to get rid of one more Chosen One!"He raced toward Tetsuo,as I did too.The digimon got lost in the crowd,Then I raced up to him and said"Wait...brother..."He said"I don't know what you're talking about..."He started to turn around,but I gripped him just in time.I said"I am Ryoku...your brother...AND I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"Then,Furymon leaped up and said"Bite!"And bit Black.Then Black said"Sharp Bite!"And bit Furymon back.Then they got into a fight.Then I said"While our digimon are fighting,I kill you!"Then He picked up the staggering Furymon,and ran off.I started to chase him,but he raced through some alleyways and I lost him.I mumbled"Dammit."Black looked fine,and he said"That fool could get a tooth or claw on me."I grinned and said"He will be here for a while,to heal Furymon,we still have a chance!"

5th September 2003, 05:22 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
I glared at Seth slightly as he stood nearby...what was his purpose? I knew something was with him....I could feel it. Kori did the same, then focusing on Benji, then on Ryoku and BlackFurymon....what was with them? We weren't ready for battle yet..at least until we rest up.

"Hey Kori...know any nearby towns besides Floral City..?"

"Well....I think a city near some nearby ruins isn't too far...just within the tropical forest we were in earlier..."

"Well...is there any chance we'll get there tonight?"

"Yeah....it's at least two hours from here."

"Two hours?!?" Benji gasped.....sweatdropping.... "No wonder I never decide to keep track of time." I sighed and put on my clip-ons, and looked back at the others...I hoped they were ready for what lied ahead....I know I was. Kori nodded slightly, encouraging me to announce what I found out.

"Hey guys!" I said, "Kori claims there's a nearby city we can stay in tonight in the forest! Let's try to find it!"

Ryoku and Xander thought about it for a moment, and slightly nodded. The 'arrogant a**hole' just remained silent and smirked with a sullen expression, following us from the back. Nevermind him...I was tired, and wasn't in the mood for games. Quickly walking forth, Seth and the others behind me...we walked into the forest, in search of this mystical city. I gazed around, through the thickness of green ad other lush colors surrounding the dirt path we were on. It was beautiful and serene....nothing like my life. Another dream wasn't coming true...I just hope Gaia realizes my prayers...I hope. I hummed "Prayer" by Disturbed to myself...repeating the lyrics in my head...

Another dream that will never come true
Just to compliment your sorrow
Another life that I've taken from you
A gift to add on to your pain and suffering
Another truth you can never believe
Has crippled you completely
All the cries you're beginning to hear
Trapped in your mind, and the sound is deafening

I was lonely in my mind...and wished for a way to find comfort. The only comfort I found was trapped in my own little mind. I was too sorrowful at the moment to speak...I wanted to be taken seriously, though I may seem a little mellow towards them. I felt apathy coming to me...I didn't give a crap about what was going to happen next.

6th September 2003, 03:56 PM
Okay, I can sit down again. Here we go. Since we seem to be able to see the 'other' Chosen Children.

"Hey guys!" Laura said, "Kori claims there's a nearby city we can stay in tonight in the forest! Let's try to find it!"

That was the first thing I ever heard her say, and I agreed. It was the smartest thing anyone had said amongst us. I don't know what the hell was wrong with this new guy 'Ryoku.' It seemed that I would be cursed to be a member of this problematic team. I found myself jammed between Ryoku and the @$$, something I did not enjoy. It was a pain, being the one with an upbeat, decent personality. Don't get me wrong, Seth and Laura were decent, but Laura was so...depressing, and I don't think Seth improved the matter much. I don't count the Digimon, their personalities mirrored ours, so they were more like a separate version of us. I picked up my pace to be among the latter company. They weren't in a good mood, I picked up on that, but I tried to make idle chitchat see what I can do.

"Nice weather, eh?" I goaded them.

9th September 2003, 05:19 PM
<~^~>Seth Ragnarok - Sin<~^~>
"Nice weather, eh?" Xander said, trying to goad us into starting a conversation. I gazed through the small bits of sky seen through the thick trees...not a cloud in sight within the blue.

"Yeah, I guess you can put it that way..." I replied, trying to make out the position of the sun to figure out what time it was....but I couldn't find it. Nothing really mattered, until it started turning pinkish, purplish, and all the other sunset colors. Benji was gazing slightly beyond the trees also, his eyes gleaming slightly.

"I prefer the night, though..." he stated, "It's when I feel most alive, well, I'm more alive during a full moon...."

Laura sweatdropped anime-style and stared at him, blankly...her eyes wide. She didn't get it...maybe she was more concerned about what would happen next....like who would get the first Digi-egg?

"I'm more alive during the winter..." She replied, Kori nodding in agreement with her partner. Laura just sighed and turned back to the front, humming what sounded like "My Immortal" by Evanescence to herself...alone. She must've taken how the preps in our school called her ugly too seriously...I could see that her dark beauty was a hidden beauty which she couldn't seem to find. I just couldn't seem to wonder why I seemed to be attracted to her since we met when I was eight(Laura at seven, almost eight) in third grade, but I thought I loved her...but it grew into lust as I grew older. I needed her...I had to be with her, it was my only destiny...or was it? I shook my head...only about an hour and fifteen minutes left.

10th September 2003, 07:21 PM
"Interesting," I said, "I guess I'm very different from you guys." I guess it was a poor choice of words, as I was forced to look down five pairs of eyes; Valley is sensitive to others.

"Yes...well," I stammered out, "I didn't mean THAT! I just mean that, while Benji likes the nightime, and Laura and Kori like the night, there isn't a specific time that I'm most active. Anytime I get to sing, or anytime I can just compete with someone, is when I'm active. I want a challenge, I need a challenge, I live on challenge."

"You like to sing? How's your voice?" I turned down to Valley, the one who sprung that question.

"My teacher says I've got real talent. I can sing in any number of ranges and voices, and, with some effort, I can actually sound quite feminine. I like to be versatile," I responded with some pride, granted I put up with abuse about the feminine part, but I think it's a real talent.

"Would you like to sing right now?"

"Naw, I don't want to attract attention. Besides, I don't think I know any songs that you would be interested in."

14th September 2003, 05:01 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
"Naw, I don't want to attract attention. Besides, I don't think I know any songs that you would be interested in." Xander said, I guess he felt embarassed. I felt like singing, but I suck at it. Sighing, I understood how he felt....it wasn't easy being the center of attention...even though I wasn't narscistic.

"Aww....c'mon Xander," Kori said, trying to encourage him, "We really need somebody to entertain us here..."

"Like me?" Benji spoke up.

"No...Not you, be quiet." Seth finished off, looking down at his digimon partner as if he was going crazy in a cushiony room like those seen in mental hospitals....bouncing against the walls.

"Well....I could," I said quietly, as if I was being shameful(if such a word exists....-.-), "But I'm not that good...."

"Please, Laura..." Kori asked, looking up at me, "Sing for us?"

"I don't feel like it..." I murmured as if I were to start crying, "I can't sing real well....and I don't know what to sing...."

"Do you have any ideas?"

"No...Most are too depressing..."

"Alright..." Kori shrugged boredly and leapt onto my head...keeping a lookout for whatever lied ahead. If only we had an idea of what to do, since it seemed to be interminable. I wished we were there already....into the tempest.

15th September 2003, 03:07 PM
I looked at the bored crowd and then I started digging a hole for no reason.Then,Ryoku filled in the hole.I dug again and walked inside.Then Ryoku filled it in as I was inside.Then I quickly dug my way out.I said"Ha,ha,HA.Very,very,very,VERY funny."I walked ahead,further and further.Then I asked"Are we there yet?"Ryoku shook his head.I kept repeating it about every 5 seconds,until Ryoku shout"SHUT UP!"I nodded.I kept walking tiredly,only stopping at a lake to rest.Then,I noticed something further.I raced toward it...this could be it...BAM!I ran into a rock.Then Ryoku picked me up and let me sit in his arms for a bit.

legendary fisherman1
19th September 2003, 01:07 AM
__________________________________________________ __________

'Well its a good thing Masakimon isn't here otherwise he laugh at my situation.' I thought as Tara and I were walking away from the others.

'I wonder what she wants....' I thought until it hit me 'Oh no, why does that have to be the topic!?' I was thinking unusualy angry.

Then we stopped "Kazuma I need to ask you something about your brother." she told me forwardly. 'Crap' I cringed.

"What is with him? How could someone related to you act like that?" she asked me.

I sighed "Its complicated, and a long story. You don't want to hear it, that you dont..." I said almost sadly.

But I knew she wasn't going to take that answer "Kazuma, I'm serious! I need to know this! You've always been closed with me and Ronnie. You barely talk when someone isn't talking to you. Please tell me." she told me with pleading eyes.

'If only she knew what I was going through...' I thought as I looked at her eyes.

"Okay, but first I think you should know something. Sensui is my half brother, not my brother." I told her.

19th September 2003, 11:51 PM
The wind was calm, yet sullen....as I could feel the prescence of a pure Illumina(Light) Digimon nearby, enveloped in the mystic aura of the ruins...it could mean only one thing....the celestials knew our location! Dammit, this was serious! I gasped, as it kept through my thoughts.....I should warn the others.....

"Laura," I asked calmly, my sapphire glinting with pure luster, "Do you think there's something lurking nearby...?"

"Yeah...." She replied, "Why?"

"It's that I sense the prescence of a henchman of the celestials in the ruins.....it's serious. We better hurry...." I answered quietly. Laura nodded to herself and slightly picked up pace, as I looked behind to make sure the rest were following.....It was time....My time to rise....

20th September 2003, 03:34 PM

Kazuma and I walked away from the parting group, and I turned to him, looking as serious as possible. I didn't want to make Kazuma feel too pressured, but since his 'brother' was on the other side, I needed to know.

"Kazuma I need to ask you something about your brother," I said, getting right to the point, "What is with him? How could someone related to you act like that?"

He sighed, and looked like it was something he'd certainly not want to talk about with anyone, "Its complicated, and a long story. You don't want to hear it, that you dont..." He looked at me with a face that clearly knew what I was going to say...

"Kazuma, I'm serious! I need to know this! You've always been closed with me and Ronnie. You barely talk when someone isn't talking to you. Please tell me," I said, hoping he could just forget about worrying about things. I knew that if he told someone his problems, it would make him feel so much better.

But he didn't seem to want to budge. "I really don't want to talk about him right now..." he said, looking at me hopefully.

"But--" I began, but someone cut me off.

"Just leave it Tara!" said Beakmon. She had obviously followed us, along with Masakimon. Beakmon walked up and stood next to me. "He doesn't want to tell you right now, so just let him be," she said to me, "These kinds of things take time. And you don't want to ruin a good friendship by cornering someone."

I sighed, then looked at Kazuma. Then I smiled. "Okay... I'll just have to find out some other time." Beakmon cleared her throat. "Um, I mean, when you're ready!" I said, correcting myself.

Mabye Beakmon was right. I guess I shouldn't push it... I must seem like some like a mean person to Kazuma...

20th September 2003, 07:20 PM
So sorry for not posting in a while, I've been getting used to High School..and stuff....

But..did I miss anything at all?Also, I'll be trying to post, but I've caught more intrest into other sugject, though RPG'ing is still one of them...


21st September 2003, 12:29 AM
Nope....you haven't missed much at all Polizumi...^^;; All that's been going on is that the chosen children are heading to Floral City...the dark digidestined are heading towards the village mentioned a few posts back, but will eno****er ruins and Laura's Digi-Egg in the process...

~*^*~Laura Rider - Deceit~*^*~
I dashed ahead, making sure the others were nearby....Yeah, they were...but seemed a little curious why. I felt the prescence of my heart building something up inside...giving me what I needed to move ahead...but where did the obession go? Where was my paranoia? It had lifted, but for a split second and that was all: it came back, as I felt as if we were being followed by the light.....and the heavy thoughts returned: refreshed; no dust....no lies(yet....)...nothing. I felt confused, scared, and anxious all at once, not sure of what lied ahead. God damn.....it was starting to feel like .HACK//Sign all of the sudden.

I shrugged as the atmosphere felt colder, was it a sign...? I could barely see through the misty blue aura, but it suddenly faded...we were in the ruins Kori metioned earlier, or at least I thought we were. The sounds of a shrieking falcon could be easily heard, it was suddenly starting to grdually increase volume....as a swift swoop of crimson and gold flew past. It suddenly stopped, as it stood there...glaring at us. My D-Terminal beeped for a minute, until I reached for it and read the data it mentioned....a Digimon Identifier!

"Garudamon.....Ultimate Level...." I read off my D-Terminal, and flipping it off, "Oh crap..."

"Kori...do you know any way we can beat this thing...?"

"I'm not sure..." She replied sighingly, leaping off my head, "But I know it takes a lot of strength to beat this bird..." All of our digimon: Kori, Benji, Valley, BlackFurymon, and Shuimon attacked the beast, trying as much as they could.

"Dark Vines!" "Claw Poke!" "Swift Shower!" "Chilly Wind!" "Rook Shockwave!" All attacks seemed to do okay...but it just bounced off it...and the beast smirked vilely.

"Your rookies' attacks will do nothing aganst me, ignorant fools!" It cackled with complete cockiness, and launched an electrical punch towards our digimon. They could barely withstand it...but somehow managed to keep up their strength.

"This can't be..." I cried, falling to my knees in disgrace, "All this time I've been deceived by my own thoughts...There can't be a stronger side of Kori, there can't be....." My D-3 beeped all of the sudden, as it flashed brightly....somehow detecting something. I followed the noise to the other side of the room, seeing a small little egg-like figure on this boulder...stuck in. The egg somehow resembled Haku's beast form on Spirited Away, only on what would've been the chest....there was the Koori symbol in deep blue.

"Pick it up Laura!" Kori yellled with what energy she had, "It's the only chance of saving us!" I nodded swiftly, and stared at the egg....was this the Digi-Egg of Deceit? I just picked it up...it felt weightless to me....and felt confused as my D-3 glowed brighter.

"Say the words in your thoughts!" Benji yelled, "It activates the Digi-Egg on Kori!" I gripped it nervously, trembling as I held it outward, my D-3 in the other hand.

"Armor Digivolution of Deceit!"