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29th July 2003, 05:48 PM
This poll is about the slapstick part of cartoon humor, where some antics make you laugh hard some parts, instead of a full balanced chuckle. So, I want you to tell me your favorite quirks in cartoons. Here are mine:

SpongeBob: Im sure this will get many votes, as there are many things to talk about. For instance, Patrick's idiot antics are sure to give many laughs. Also, the facial expressions usually give many laughs to the viewers. But, my favorite quirk is the amount of still images in the cartoons. For instance, in the ep where Barnacleboy goes bad, the still image with Squidward giving him a bib and high chair is priceless!

Courage the Cowardly Dog: This one is really just one big quirk: Courage's odd screams of terror. My favorite screams are in the episode about living silhouetts. When Courage sees paper Muriel, two little German guys from a clock come up with huge hammers and bang Courage like a bell. Then, when Courage sees Muriel's lifeless body in the bed, he sits there blankly, his eyes turn into TV static, then turn off like TVs, and he falls over like a rock!

Jackie Chan Adventures: My favorite of all, I just like it all. Uncle is the priceless one, but more on him later. Another good quirk is how Hak Foo keeps shouting his attacks, and my favorite shout is "Bunny flees from vicious jackals!" Lol! Also another good quote is "Hey Family Size [Tohru], stop the girl, sit on her [Tohru recently sat on and broke Shendu's talisman finder], do something!" Jade's continuous finding of loopholes is just rich. But, my favorite: UNCLE! The many quotes of Uncle:
"One more thing: SLAP!"
"Do you want Uncle to *insert something*?! [nice tone] Yes??? THEN UNCLE MUST GET HIS REST!!!!"
"We must do some reesearch!"
"Move! You are blocking my light! *jumpkicks Dark Hand Enforcer*"

Your turn!

White Gryphon
29th July 2003, 06:13 PM
I can't really think of any, except for just about everything Cosmo does or says in The Fairly Oddparents.

"I want a hot dog!"