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Crystal Mew
30th July 2003, 12:06 AM
lol, we discussed this in ummmm, hehe. Not that I'm against games or anything, there just needs to be a poll or two ...or ten :yes:
so heres some random polls o_o;
~*1. Who in your opinion makes the best polls?

~*2. IYO, what is the best games?

~*3. Do you have/play DDR?
~ fav song?

~*4.what did you have for dinner?

ô_0; er, yeah...

1. Starmew15 made the best polls IMO :) so creative and everything, lol

2. I haven't played too many games, but I have played Lingo, and the alphabet game...those are cool :)

3. Yes, I have DDR =D! I have DDRMax, my fav song is Look to the Sky, but I can play Sandstorm the best, lol. Mind you all, still on 'light' XD

4. I had pizza, and a salad o_o; yum... >>;

30th July 2003, 12:11 AM
Hi Sam :)

1. As of TPM history, LIIIF or Starmew15. As of current TPM, you of course :)

2. Hm.... Jay, or Gabi. They both have rather interesting games... but Shazza and Vidgamer's starting BB was good.

3. Nope :( I wish, I played it once and it was fun ^^ lol, I don't know any songs off the top of my head.

4. Tortelini. Mmm :)


30th July 2003, 12:14 AM
1. Everyone, since I don't prefer to rank people on above another in this situation, CONSIDERING the rate of polls has been drastically decreased. I feel it's unnecessary, and anyone who makes polls makes great ones. (Except Bjarni)

2. I like all the games except the Riddle one and nearly all of the quizes. I play in them all and I enjoy them very much.

EDIT: Thanks Zak ^^; Though she said what is the best game, that's appreciated nonetheless. :)

3. I like Candy <3 and Butterfly mostly.

4. We haven't had dinner yet. Last night I didn't eat anything since I fell asleep at 7:30pm

30th July 2003, 01:22 AM
1. Sorta hard to tell since they're squished in between all of the games.

2. I like lingo and hangman because they require you to think (hangman not so much) and you can post the answer a few seconds before somebody else and piss them off :)

3. Nope.

4. Last night I had schnitzel.

Angel Blossom
30th July 2003, 02:48 AM
1) In the past, it was LIIIF and BoltStryke. They never ran out of ideas, and always made a good Poll. As of now, Sam, you make the best polls. ^^ *remembers back when she made Polls* Oh, no one remembers that, though..

2) Pokemon Hangman, and if the Capture Centers and the Adoption Centers count as a game, those are great, too. Pokemon Hangman is fun when there's a lot of people playing. You never know who's going to get it right first. The Capture Centers are fun to go to, since you can catch all sorts of Pokemon, and then use them for battles and such. Same with the Adoption Center. You can find a lot of cute Pokemon there, and keep them. Lots of fun stuff. ^^

3) Nope. Sorry, I've never played DDR.

4) We had BBQ meat, mashed potatoes, and salad. Mmm. ^.^

Interpol HQ
30th July 2003, 02:59 AM
1. I cant really decide on this one, there are a whole bunch of good ones out there.

2. I like the capture centers and the adoption centers. Fourtanatly/Unfortunatly is pretty cool too.

3. I play ddr, my favorite song is Abyss from DDR Max.

4. Ribs and other various food stuffs, i have a serious case of the munchies right now.

edit: Frogot to answer the last question :p

Jay Umbreon
30th July 2003, 04:46 AM
huzzah, zak can't read!

1)With Rye used to make the best 'semi-polls' in misc, but in pcg, Ashley used to make the best polls, despite her never getting to mod.
2) Definition game, Gossip Game, 3 word story.
3) No.
4) Nothing, its morning.

30th July 2003, 09:28 AM
1. I think you Sam, because I've replied to a few of your polls and they were all good. I've replied to other peoples to, but usually they've only done one or something .-.

2. I like the Definition Game, Questions Only, Alphabet Speak, 3 word story and Fortunately Unfortunately. I post in Lingo and Hangman sometimes :} I don't know what my favourite game is, really, but if I had to choose I'd choose Alphabet Speak :>

3. What is DDR? I've heard of it beofre but I don't really know what it is ;_;

4. It's only 2:30pm here or there about, so I haven't had anything for dinner :P But last night I had a couple of burgers and chocolate cake because it was my sisters 18th birthday and she had a barbecue =)

AntiAsh Superstar
30th July 2003, 10:54 AM
*enters 8* :wave:

1. Anyone who cares to actually make one gets a thumbs up in my book these days! :o Hehe, there's a few good poll makers out there, now if they'd only make a few more from time to time... :P

2. Dragon Tamers, there really is no contest given the amout of time and energy I pour into messing about with my eccentric lil' pokémon. :) Not many of the other games really thrill me too much, tho I have been known to post in the Personality Game in the past.

3. No, I neither have nor play DDR, given my amazing lack of coordination methinks I'd prolly be best not bothering!

4. A large tuna mayonnaise baguette, I stuffed meself on the train with a ridiculously early lunch coz I had a job interview when I'd normally be eating and afterwards I felt a strange desire to go to the pub and celebrate. :)

30th July 2003, 11:25 AM
~*1. Who in your opinion makes the best polls?
Yes, StarMew15 :)
~*2. IYO, what is the best games?
Pokemon Fortune Telling Book :b
~*3. Do you have/play DDR?
~ fav song?
Butterfly/no i have not played it.
~*4.what did you have for dinner?
Wontons, String Beans

Rambunctious Jamirus
30th July 2003, 11:35 AM
~*1. Who in your opinion makes the best polls?

Don't know. Don't reply to most Polls. But I like the ones that require those Internet tests.

~*2. IYO, what is the best games?

HANGMAN! Er, nevermind. Maybe I like it so much because I'm addicted. The ACs would be next and the Riddle Game, I'm not too good at that but I did win twice!

~*3. Do you have/play DDR?
~ fav song?

EEE! Dance, Dance, Revolution! I love those games even though I'm not too good unless I do one song over and over. If I thinking right, I believe in one of the newer ones, there's a song called Silent Hill That I love to do. I even know some of the lyrics.

~*4.what did you have for dinner?

Fast food bacon cheeseburger. Yum.

30th July 2003, 11:52 AM
i'll enter 8 also. :P

1. LIIIF and with rye made the best.

2. i like none of them.

3. nope, i find it to be a stupid game.

4. haven't had dinner yet.

30th July 2003, 01:10 PM
~*1. How can someone make the best polls? I mean, sure one poll would be good from one person but they cant make the best polls

~*2. I don't like games, just RPG.

~*3. What the heck is that?
~ I Don't like music.

~*4. Food.

30th July 2003, 02:57 PM
yeah, we reaaaaaaaally need more polls these days.

1. Who in your opinion makes the best polls?
starmew and you made the best ones IMO :P I barely remember LIIIF's ones but they were good...

2. IYO, what is the best games?
I don't play games much, but when there's a new fortune telling book one I do that :) I used to do the personality game a lot a while back but it got kinda boring...

3. Do you have/play DDR? yup!
fav song? oooo, song as in music I like sandstorm. for the dance... hm. www.blonde girl is fun XD ok ok ok I'm a loser. as a combination of good music and dance I like look to the sky, either version :)

4.what did you have for dinner?
it's lunchtime... yesterday I had jack-in-the-box. love that place. 99 cent chicken sandwich w00t!


edit: haha it turned into a link....

30th July 2003, 07:01 PM
1. Who in your opinion makes the best polls? I have no idea...

2. IYO, what is the best games? I dun like the games...

3. Do you have/play DDR? YES! I LOVE IT! *clings to DRR*
fav song? Butterfly (Upswing) from DDR 3rd Mix

4.what did you have for dinner? Chinese Food

Aipom Of Doom
30th July 2003, 09:20 PM
1. Dunno :o. All of the people who make interesting polls that aren't spammish <_<

2. Dragon Tamers > all of the other games combined, as far as I'm concerned. Though some of the other AC/CC stuff is very good too =)

3. No :O. The closest thing I'd have to DDR would be Double Data Rate RAM... which I would have in my computer if it wasn't so crappy and old ;_;.

4. Umm, I cooked one of those frozen french bread pizzas =P. It had pepperonis on it =9