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31st December 2003, 04:53 PM
"And you can have your little 'girly' chats all night long, but if you think I'm gonna let you sleep without me lying there next to you you've got another thing coming," I said.
Eevee sighed and looked over at Roxanne, "see what I have to put up with?"
Roxanne smiled and nodded.
"You're not gonna let me go until I agree are you?"
"Fine. You take two phones from the equipment room and I will call you when you can come."
"Do you promise me you'll call?"
"Yes, now let me go so I can organise this sleepover before it's too late."
I let go of her, "can I help?"
"Why don't you and Roxanne get the food and drinks, you can pick up the phones whilst your at it," replied Eevee.
"Alright then. Let's go Roxy." i said, literally pulling her out of the door.
"Take it easy, there's no rush."
"I know, I know. I'm being so selfish. Is your mom still here?"
"Yeah, so?"
"Well why aren't you with her?"
She sighed, "she doesn't understand me."
"That's a bit harsh ain't it?"
"It's true. I tried...I tried telling her about the incident with the cliff but she kept twisting everything I was saying, she even thought you raped me at one point."
I laughed.
"It's not funny!"
"You shouldn't make a big deal out of nothing. She just cares about you. After you left home the way you did it's not surprising that she's expecting you to get into some sort of trouble."
"She still thinks of me as a child."
"I don't understand what you're saying. You should be thankful that you have someone who loves you as much as she does, she might not express it in the best ways but she really does care about you."
Roxanne looked down at the ground.
"Roxy, I have to be honest with you. I had a mother once and though I don't remember much about her i do know this one thing, the love she gave me...I miss it more than words can express and I know for a fact that if something ever happened to your mom you'd feel the same way. Life is precious. Don't hate her for feeling the way she feels about you."

1st January 2004, 12:01 PM
"I don't hate her... She's just a little too over protective... I can understand her treating me like this today. I mean, she just found out where i've been. I did tell her though. And that Dad took his anger out on me... But still, she's like this every day. I know she loves me... And- Mom?"
Her eyes were red and her make up running. She had all her bags, everything. Except for...
"Mom? Where's Harry?" I said, running over and hugging her.
"He's gone. He took him. I was asleep. A-and then i woke up. He was there. Then he wasn't. And i saw him. He ran. I... I couldn't do anything..." She sobbed.
"How long ago was it?" Asked Sam. He was listening in. Good. I can't do this by myself...
"Not long. Just now." She said between sobs.
"Sam... Look after her..." I let go and ran.
I ran outside along the path. I saw him at the gates. I stopped a couple of meters from them in shock. It wasn't Dad... Some strange guy wearing black had Harry. I looked at the car they were about to get into. No number plate...
"The FBI? ****..." I said, a little too loudly because the others heard.
I turned and ran. I'm sure they followed but when i looked back they were gone. I had one chance to save him and i blew it.
I went back to Mom and Sam. "I couldn't... There were too many... It wasn't Dad. It was the FBI..."
"What would the FBI want with your little brother?" Asked Sam over my Mom's non stop sobbing.
"I don't think they want him..."
Sam looked puzzled.
"I'm a hacker, Sam! Think about it! I'm wanted for hacking their system for a criminal!" Mom gave me a 'Roxanne-you're-in-big-trouble' look. "I didn't KNOW he was a criminal!"
"Surely that's not enough to get them coming out and taking your brother..." Said Sam thoughtfully. "You done anything else like that?"
"No... But i know a lot of people who have done worse. Hold on..." I ran up to my room. My laptop was gone. So was the one the school gave everyone. "They just want the name of the hackers... Nothing wrong with that... I gotta warn them... That's gonna be hard..."
"Momma? You found me yet?"
I turned around. Harry was stood there peeking out from inside either Chi or Mimi's suitcase. "Harry! Don't you EVER do that again!" I said running over and picking him up. "Now it's time to show Mom and tell her to stop worrying..."

1st January 2004, 04:49 PM
Roxanne came back holding Harry's hand. Her mom ran over sobbing and hugged the little devil.
"What an exciting experience," I mused quietly.
This were explained and settled quite quickly and Roxanne's mom told Roxy that she had decided to head home now and there goodbyes exchanged, some teary and some loud and annoying.
Roxanne walked back over to me once her mom had left.
"I might disagree with you on the matter of parents," I said, "but on the matter of little brothers...I probably would agree with you about them."

2nd January 2004, 08:56 AM
I laughed, "I bet. He's so annoying at times but so cute at others. Now... What were we doing before that?"
"Umm... Food and stuff?"
"But don't we need people to come first? I'm sure Chi and Mimi will be up for it. That's a point... I haven't seen them for ages... Wonder if they're lost again..."
Mimi came over. "You seen Chi anywhere? She's not in our room... Oh yeah, why is my stuff all over the floor?"
If i was in an anime right now this would be a great moment for a sweatdrop. "Umm... Well..."
"It was her brother." Sam said for me.
"Oh... How old is he?"
"Nearly two. Hey, do you wanna come to Eevee's sleepover tonight? It'll be fun." I said, quickly changing the subject.
"Sure. Who else is coming?"
"Me and you so far. And Chi, if we can find her..."
"And me" Added Sam.
"But we won't be able to have girly conversations if you're there!" Said Mimi.
I laughed, "I'm glad i'm not the only one who said that."
Sam glared at me, i smiled back.
"Anyway... We've got stuff to get. If you see Chi then ask her if she wants to come." I said before Sam dragged me off again.

2nd January 2004, 09:03 AM
"girly conversations," I groaned. "They'll be the death of me."
"Lighten up Sam and help me invite some more girls."
I sighed and went over to reception and had the lady there issue out an invitation to all the girls in the school via email.
"There, sorted." I said smugly.
Roxanne sighed and shook her head. "Let's just get the food sotrted."
"You'll have to sort that out. I don't know what girls eat at sleepovers. I'm gonna pick up the phones."
I ran to equipment room and grabbed two phones, setting each one on the other's speedial.
When i got back to Roxanne she'd already packed all the food and drink into boxes.
"Help me carry these upstairs."
We carried the stuff back up to the room where Eevee was waiting for us.
"I got some decorations," she said. "Give us a hand puttign them up."
I looked at the two girls. "Hey, I'm just the brawn for this, you two are the brains."
"That's weasy enought then," said Roxanne. "We'll tell you where to put stuff and you do it. Eevee and i can get started on our own girly chat then."
I sighed. Oh brother...

2nd January 2004, 09:21 AM

Someone include me i'm so bored and no one is thinking of me!:(

2nd January 2004, 10:05 AM
Why don't you have Alex recieve the email and get her to come to the sleepover?
"Okay, Sam. Put that there. No... Wait... Not there... Over there."
"But you said that it looked great over there!" Said Sam, holding a bunch of streamers and trying to pin them to the ceiling.
"Yes, but i think they look better over there." I said. "You want this to be just right for Eevee, right?"
"Then you'll put them up over there." Said Eevee, pointing somewhere else.
"But Rox said they looked good there!" whined Sam, pointing to where i'd pointed.
"I have to agree with Eevee, Sam. They look better there." I agreed.
Sam sighed and went to put them up.
"Popcorn?" I asked, offering to Eevee.
"Yes please!" Said Sam, dropping the streamers and reaching for the bowl.
"It's not for you, Sam. It's for the people coming later." Said Eevee, pulling the bowl away and taking a handfull.
"So why are you eating it?"
"Because... We're testing it. Right, Eevee?" I suggested.
"Right. If you put the food out then you might get some." Said Eevee.
Sam sighed, put up the streamers and started getting out the food.
"You know what we're missing?" I said thoughtfully.
"Some great movies... You still got Pirates of the Caribbean?"
"Yep, but we'll need more than that... What movies have you got?"
"None. They were all downloaded ones stored on my laptop..."
"So why don't you get your laptop?"
"Stolen. By the FBI of all people. You know, they should really give it back. Helps me do stuff..."
"So this is a girly conversation... Not that girly really..." Said Sam who was opening a packet of marshmellows.
"That's because this is the getting ready girly conversation." Said Eevee, taking a marshmellow from the bag.
"They get worse." I added.
Sam gave us a look of 'Oh... Help meee...!'
"Now go on! They'll be here soon!" Said Eevee.
Sam rolled his eyes and went back to getting the food out.
"You know what, Rox? I could get used to this..."

2nd January 2004, 10:11 AM
This so humiliating! I thought to myself angrily, opening bags of nauchos and pouring the sauce into glass bowls and putting up a long table to put all of it on.
"There I'm finished," I said with a sigh of relief.
"Yeah I guess so," said Eevee.
"Not quite," said Roxanne.
We both looked at her.
"There's just one more thing for him to do."
Now what?

2nd January 2004, 10:23 AM
"Nothing!" I joked. I laughed, he was so mad...
He grabbed a pillow from his bed and whacked me with it.
"Hey! I was only joking!" I said, grabbing the pillow i was sat on and whacking him with it.
"You know what this means, right?"
"Are you sure?"
"Tell me what it means then."
"PILLOW FIGHT!" I yelled, whacking him again and getting whacked by Eevee who had just grabbed hers.

2nd January 2004, 10:38 AM
We fought for about half an hour and when we finished we realised we'd made a pregtty big mess of the place.
I looked up at the two girls who smiled evily and pointed. Slowly, I headed back to work and managed to clean the place up so it looked as good as it first did.
"I'm gonna get my stuff," said Roxanne, "then Eevee and I are gonna have a long girly chat and Sam can clean the windows."
"Cocky *****," I muttered under my breath, walking over to the bed and sitting beside Eevee.
Sighing I laid back and Eevee leaned on top of me.
"You don't have to do this you know." she said.
"I know, but you want this to be successful right? I'm just trying to help you out."
Eevee smiled and kissed me on the lips. "You'd better get started on those windows."
I kissed her. "They can wait."
Just then, Roxanne came back carrying her stuff. "Hands off boyo, you've got windows to clean."
Eevee and i sat up. I headed to the cupboard to get the cleaning stuff whilst Roxanne dumped her stuff and started talking to a now-blushing Eevee.

5th January 2004, 03:30 PM
guys, you can control my pet cat taz if you want to, as long as he doesn't die/get hurt. he is smarter than almond, the other guy you can control. same rules for him, but he's a human.

in other words, my mind:blank.

sorry if this is spam

6th January 2004, 08:57 PM
I guess I should say sorry cuz I haven't been around. Holidays and school backness have got me behind. Before I post, Sheila Rae's internet is down. I know because we go to the same school and everything. That doesn't mean that she will be gone for months or anyhting just that she kind of has a reason that she's absent. So who knows when she'll be back it could be soon or a bit into the future. Just thought I would inform everyone about that.


I had been lounging around the lobby, half excpecting my step parents to come. Not that I wanted them to come or anything I guess I just didn't really no what else to do but wait around here. But I finally just gave up on sitting around and started walking. I actually wasn't completley sure were I was going, just out for a stroll or something. I wondered where Chi was, she had just up and left. Maybe she was at the room or something but when I checked there she was nowhere to be seen. I was still walking around aimlessly when I wandered into the others.

"You seen Chi anywhere? She's not in our room,"I said impulsively but as I looked around I noticed my things scattered around the room,"Oh yeah, why is my stuff all over the floor?"

Roxanne smiled nervously,"Umm... Well..."

"It was her brother."Sam said quickly.

I blinked and looked curiously at the suitcase,"Oh... How old is he?"

"Nearly two. Hey, do you wanna come to Eevee's sleepover tonight? It'll be fun." Roxanne said quickly. It kindof left me clueless because I was still inspecting my things all over the floor.

"Sure. Who else is coming?" I said without really thinking about it. I guessed it would be fun, even though I was still a littly shy.

"Me and you so far. And Chi, if we can find her..."

"And me" Sam mused

"But we won't be able to have girly conversations if you're there!" I said smiling.

"I'm glad i'm not the only one who said that." Roxanne said laughing. Although I didn't really know what she was talking with,
"Anyway... We've got stuff to get. If you see Chi then ask her if she wants to come." Roxanne said. I still looked around a bit curiosley before turning and heading off. Of course I still had no idea were I was going, I wasn't really a map person. But I was just heading to no place in particular. I kindof wished I had my map because I just knew I would get lost. But I didn't really think about that, just the shapes in the floor...

8th January 2004, 06:17 PM
plays, drama club, ffa, envirnmental club, and exams... i gotta start laying off the extra activities...

IC: i felt bad for sam, but he looked so cute when he pouted.
i helped clean up a little, but had to host the guests, so couldn't finish. after i made sure everyone was comfortable and had food and drink, i blasted "Sugar Cult" on my stereo, and set up balnkets for everyone to sleep on.
when the song "Bouncing Off the Walls Again" came on, i couldn't help but go crazy and dance. some people joined me. i sang along with the song, while popping pop corn in the microwave.
"I'm bouncing off the walls again, whoa! and i'm looking like a fool again, whoa! thru away my reputation, one more song for the RADIO STATION!"
some people looked shy, so i walked over to them and tryed to converse.

9th January 2004, 03:12 PM
After finishing up the cleaning I had no choice but to leave. I went to the training room and put the phone down ready for when Eevee called.
I pulled out a little tv and started fiddling with the tunning. Those phones weren't the only things I picked up. Whilst putting up those streamers I also managed to hook up a little camera so I could keep an eye on Eevee's party.
i watched, her singing, dancing, being Eevee really. I liad down on my stomach and watched attentively. She's so good looking...I gotta sort things with my dad. Soon, before anything else happens. I owe her that much.
I sighed and rolled onto my back. Why does everything have to be so complicated?

10th January 2004, 10:56 AM
I couldn't help but dance around with Eevee. I mean, it was a party and there were some people not dancing at all. It was probably just me and Eevee dancing.
"Rox! Roxanne! Isn't that your laptop down there?" Yelled some random person over all the music.
I looked to where she was pointing. It was right by the door. I picked it up and looked outside the room. No one there... Damn... I could have caught them...
I went over to Eevee excitedly. "Lookie! I have my laptop back! We can watch some of the films on there! Oh... AND we can watch some of the guys in the training room that are there this late."
"You watch them?"
"Umm... No... Really... I just come across them while looking at the security cameras... You know... I just flick past... 190... It's 191... Then 192..."
"You mean it's number is 191?"
"Umm... Did i say that out loud? Heheh..."

10th January 2004, 01:21 PM
as roxanne ran dowmstairs to collect her laptop, the cd ended.
hmm, what should i put in next? i looked through my cd holder case and came across "American Hi-Fi". sounds good. i skipped to the best song on the album and sang along with the chorus.
"hey-ho, lets go. i'm gonna start a riot, you don't want to fight it. 1! 2! F**** YOU! don't tell me what to do! i don't wanna be like you! can't you see it's killing me. i'm my own worst enemy. knock me down i'll keep on moving, 'cause that's the art of losing!"

Roxanne came into the room, happily showing off her reclaimed computer.
i took a break from singing along with the song and asked her if any files were missing.
Roxanne wasn't sure so she opened the laptop up and started checking files.
"well?" i asked.

11th January 2004, 07:26 AM
I opened a program giving me some info. Apparently, it had all it's files opened earlier by someone. It also reported that someone had tried many times to login with the wrong password until they got the right one and that someone had downloaded a file from it... My aim buddy list...
"Well?" Asked Eevee who was peering over my sholder.
"They've tried logging in with different passwords until they got the right one... So i'll have to change it again... And they've downloaded my aim buddy list..." I answered. "They had a good look through to find it... Looks like they watched a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean too."
"That's a great film"
"Definatly..." I said, quickly changing my password.

12th January 2004, 05:51 AM
lol, they watched pirates of the carabian!

ic: "well, it's time we start doing some girly stuff." i said, while turning off the loud music.
"i've got Don Jaun Demarco" on DVD. any complaints?
they all stared at me like i was crazy.
"WHAT?! none of you know don juan? originally it's a book, a great myth, about 'Don Juan, the greatest lover in the world', except in te movie Johnny Depp plays him. very hot."
they said it sounded good, so igot everyone comforable with blanckets and pillows. i then popped the dvd in the dvd player, and brought the clicker to my nesting blankets. everyone had food and soda. good.
roxanne finally put down her laptop and stared at the screen like the rest of us.
while pressing the play bottun, i had a funny sensation that someone was watching me.
i glanced at the door. there was no shadow under the doorway, so no one was there. no one at the window either.
hmmm, maybe it was just my imagination.

12th January 2004, 01:02 PM
I'm starting to think Eevee suspects...but she'll never find the camera.
I repositioned it so I could watch the film. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about and I'd need to see what I was up against.
I mean, lets face it, if I'm gonna go up against the world's greatest lover I'm gonna have to have some idea of what to do.

18th January 2004, 03:11 PM
In a desperate attempt to keep this going...

The film finished and I just gawped at the screen. No way I could compete with that. Someday I'm gonna get Eevee into bed and she's gonna expect that and there's no way in hell I can give her that ! Boy am I in trouble...
I turned back to the screen. The girls were all huddled round in a circle.
"Let's pay truth or dare!" shouted Roanne.
"Yeah!" cried Chi.
"Okay," said Eevee, "I'll go first."
I adjusted the screen slightly and moved closer, curious.

22nd January 2004, 05:57 PM
i don't know how i can ask myself a truth or dare question, but since no one else wants to write, i'll try.

IC: "somebody ask me a question." i say, waiting.
Roxanne pipes up. "truth or dare, eevee. you're allowed one chicken through out the entire game."
i don't even hesitate. "Dare."
Roxanne thinks then looks at me evilly. "I dare you to throw a stinkbomb into whatever room jerry is in right now. you have exacty one half our to complete your mission, starting-" looks at watch "now."
i first dig through my stuff untill i produce a large stink bomb. everone looks at me strangly "what" i say "i got it from Hot Topic when we were allowed an all expence shopping spree." i looked at the stink bomb. it had jack from the nightmare before christmass on it. that made me smile.
next i asked permission to borrow Roxanne's laptop and with out waiting for an answer, looked through all the servalence camras untill i found jerry. he was in his house, but there were no camras in his house, for privicy purposes, so i would have to figure out what room when i got there.
i handed roxanne back her laptop and, armed with the stink bomb and my hover board, headed out the door. before i was completely out i said "watch me through the camras."
i ran out of the dorm building, hopped on my hover board, and flew across the whoop campous to jerry's house. it took me 18 min. to get there, but i made sure to nodd at every camra i knew about as i passed them, though i'm sure there are much more then what i know.
when i finally got to jerry's house, i left my board outside, but the house was locked. since i always carry my sais with me, i took them out and in 2 min. had the door unlocked. once in the house, i stelthly looked around. it took me 8 min. to rind that he wasn't in the living room, dinning room, kichen, bed room, or even the closets. that ment only one thing. i squinted when heard jerry, he was singing, in the shower. i only had 2 min. and was determined to do this, so i opened the door, pulled the tab, threw the stink bomb in, closed the door, and ran for the door. inside the bathroom i heard jerry scream and sound of stink gas escaping the bomb. "score!" i thought, as i looked the front door behind me, got on my hover board, and rode home.
when i got the sam and my dorm, everyone was bursting out laughing. i fell on the floor i was laughing so hard. when i finnaly recovered i said "okay, umm... lulu! it's your turn. truth or dare?"

Sheila Rae
23rd January 2004, 10:49 AM
Yes, sorry about being gone. Thanks very much for telling everyone CF!

Jerry was waiting for me at the dock.

"Your first mission is to retrieve the oyster containing the pearl. It's at the bottom of the sea here, and it glows so you can find it. You only get this frosty lipstick as a gadget," he explained.

"What does it do?" I asked. "you can find that out on your own," he answerd. I put on some scuba gear and dove into the water. After swimming and dodging some spike mines in the water, I saw the oyster about 30 feet away. As I got closer, a current swpet me away. There had to be some way to stop it! I swam back and got out the lipstick. Pointing at the current, it fired and icy blast and froze the current.

"Bingo!" I shouted in my mind. I picked up the oyster and quickly swam back to the surface. Jerry took the oyster. "Thanks, Chi. You get an A." Then he went back to his house. In a matter of minutes, I got back to the dorm. BEfore I went to bed, I decided to play on my laptop a little. It turns out I got an email from Eevee and Roxanne inviting me to a sleepover. It has already started! I quickly changed and got my pillow and sleeping bag and headed to the party.

"Sorry I'm late," I said as I walked in.

"It's ok," Rox said, "You're just in time. Do you to play truth or dare?" she asked.

"Yeah..." I said and sat down next to my friend Mimi.

23rd January 2004, 03:39 PM
This is really Lulu's post.

"Okay...truth," I say daringly.
Chi's the first to pipe up. "On the topic of Jerry...what do you really think about him?"
I thought about it for a second. What if he was watching? Well...they deserve to know the truth. I mean everyone probably thinks the same way.
"Well...I think he's an a$$h0le." I said calmly.
Everyone burst out laughing and so did I.
After we all finally calmed down Roxanne asked me ,"who are you gonna choose to go next?"
I motioned everyone closer and whispered," Is it true that Sam was really desperate to come?"
"Yes," chorused Eevee and Roxy.
"Well why don't you invite him over and get Eevee to make him do a really mean dare."
"Like what?" Eevee asked.
I leaned closer to her and whispered into her ear. She started laughing. "That is pretty mean." she paused for a second. "But it's funny too. Let's get him over here."

I watched the girls playing truth or dare. They huddled for a while and then my phone rang.
"Hey Eevee," I said down the phone.
"Hey, you doing okay without me?"
"I'm alright."
"Well, the girls and I have decided it's okay for you to come for a while but we're still not sure whether or not you can stay."
"I don't care."
"Well I'll see you in a minute then."
"Less if i hurry," I replied, grabbing the phone and speeding off as fast as I could.I counted fourty seconds before I got to the party.
I opened the door. "Hello ladies," I said loudly, sitting down beside Eevee.
"Okay then. Truth or dare Sam?" asked Alex.
I sighed. "dare I guess..."
Everyone looked at Eevee. Something told me i really shouldn't have come here...

Sheila Rae
27th January 2004, 10:43 AM

Eevee's dare was hilarious, although I would hate to see Jerry's reaction tomorrow. I gave the next truth or dare to Alex. "What do you really think about Jerry?" I asked.

"I think he's a total @$$hole," she said. We all laughed hysterically. Then, she chose Sam for the next one. She whispered something to Eevee and the laughed with delight. I knew this was going to be good.

28th January 2004, 09:51 AM
haven't posted yet because i couldn't think of one
IC: i smiled at sam evilly. "sorry, sam, but i have a request." he looks at me suspiciously.
i laugh as i say this "your dare is, as long as you are with us at this sleepover, you must dress up and act like Don Juan DeMarco. You can find a costume in the discuses room." i must admit, the idea of sam being don juan intreeged me, i just hoped he didn't flirt with the other girls.
Sam left the room and we watched him through the sicurity cams on Roxanne's laptop as he walked across campous to the costume room, and got dressed.
when he came back, he indeed looked like the spitting image of DeMarco himself.
we all fell over laughing, holding our stomaches because we were laughing so hard.

OOC: here's a site with a bunch of pictures for those deprived people whom haven't seen the movie.

28th January 2004, 03:39 PM
God am I glad I was watching that film 'cause I would be so totally scr3w3d right now!
Shaking my head at the group of girls rolling around the room with laughter I walked calmly over to Eevee.
Okay, impersonating this guy is gonna be tricky. Maybe if I just flirt with Eevee a lot that'll do.
So, when she finally stopped splitting her sides I did my best to put across what I'd seen in the film although it was really difficult.
"Hey, you guys carry on playing without me. I ain't very good with this sort of thing," I said and waited for them to carry on. Whilst Chi was thinking up a truth/dare for Roxy (I didn't catch which she chose) and I leaned in closer to Eevee and whispered, "seeing as I'm supposed to be doing a little impersonation of Don Juan here, when do I get to do the 'other' stuff?"

28th January 2004, 03:52 PM
finally my brain is working!


i woke up, pet taz, and watched monty python and the quest for the holy grail.
"there's not supposed to be a horse.it's halves of a coconut."
"the knights who say ni don't like the word 'it'"
i finished the movie, and decided to get some food. i walked past where shruiken said the girls were in and it was creaked open a slight and being curious, me and taz peeked in. HOLY CRAP! who is that dressed like...well i don't know who he's dressed like.anyways, they heard me and i came in without caution. they asked my name and i ansewered(sp?)
"well, almond, join us! we're playing truth or dare."
"okay" i said, sitting down. "who's he?"
"his name is sam."
"SAM! EEP!" i jumped by the wall."shruiken told me that you were a killing machine...*whimper*"
"what? oh no... let me explain..." sam said.
i sat down with taz in my lap to hear the story

please get my idiot, er... charecter up to date.

my guy's new so he doesn't know any thing. shruiken was to send mitchell an e-mail about that, but that's when his room exploded and he blew to another RPG...i mean...Raccoon city...yeah...anyways, sorry if this ruins any of your guy's ideas.

also, no links for monty python and the quest for the holy grail

2nd February 2004, 12:01 PM
Sam was hilarious doing his impression everyone laughed then he flirted with Eevee and just topped it off.All of a sudden there was a knock on the door "I'll get it" I shouted and ran to open the door.The door flew open "detective ammer and detective joan is there an Alex Richards here?"The strange men asked Roxanne ran up to the door "whats up ?" she asked
" I dunno"
We stepped outside the room and shut the door
"we are looking for a michelle richards your mother has reported her missing"They said
"I'm sorry I only have my child and I haven't been near my mum for years"I replied
"sorry to bother you"They said and walked off.I turned to roxanne and told her that hope wasn't actually my child and she was my sister and that I took her from my mum so my mum wouldn't abuse like she did me and that I'm going to put her up for adoption with a note off how she can contact me.

6th February 2004, 01:23 PM
Monty Python ROCKS!! go see their other movie's and skits, they have much more then just Holy Grail.

IC: we were all having a good time. i had Jimmy Eat World playing on the cd player. sam was explaining everything to almong, while i sat next to sam with my arms around his waist. man he looked sexy.
we all had seemed to have forgoten who's turn it was, so i said. "ok, whoever can tell what animé show this quote is from gets to pick the next victom."
everyone seemed to agree, so i said the quote "'Watermellon. or like a panda with a mean face. or like sandles with pressure points on them. or the smell of a chalk board eraser. or a sunday mourning where you wake up and it's raining outside. Takoon(sp?), i like you more then hard bread.'"

8th February 2004, 05:59 AM
Me and rox went into my room where michelle was sleeping "what now?"Rox asked "I'm going to the orphanage,If they ask where I am just say i've gone for a walk,I should only be an hour"I replied.Rox looked woried but I picked up Michelle and her stuff and left the school.

8th February 2004, 12:28 PM
how many people are at the sleepover, n e way? everyone keeps leaving and coming and i can't keep track.

IC: no one seemed to know the quote. "come on! it's from fooly cooly (aka) furi curi (aka) FLCL." i say. they stare at me. "so it's got a lot of names, it's still an awsome animé" silence. more staring. "ok, then lets watch it. i taped it off the tv. it's only 6 episodes long, each a half an hour."
i go to were i store my videos, take FLCL, and put it into the vhs player. The Pillows music starts in, which i sing along with even though it's in japanees, and Hasaji Namimi's voice comes in, as she rambles on abot base ball.
i smile as i see the confused look on everone's faces. i also mouth out the words, since i know all of them by heart.

8th February 2004, 03:31 PM
Let's see, Sam, Eevee, Chi and Almond are in the room, Roxanne's coming back in and Alex is going to the orphanage. So...5 I guess.

"Y'know, you're gonna freak 'em out if you keep mouthing along to this," I said.
Eevee turned to me and smiled. "What you gonna do about it?"
I smirked, "this," and I started kissing her. Of course, without realising, I started to get just a little too carried away.
"You don't have to act THAT much like Don Juan," said Chi.
Eevee and I both looked and saw Chi and Almond staring at us, soon followed by Rox as she re-entered the room.
"My bad," I said, blushing a deep red. "Let's...errr....get back to the show shall we?"

9th February 2004, 02:15 PM
"I'm glad i'm not the only one who blushes as deep red as my hair! That's twice i've walked in on you two today!" I said, breaking the un easy silence. "Hey! It's Furi Curi! You never told me you had this!"
"You didn't ask..."
Eevee began miming the words. The others looked completly lost. I laughed quietly.
I couldn't consentrate on the TV. I was wondering why Alex would give up her sister so easily... My Mum hasn't given up on Harry even though my Dad is still after her... Mum hasn't given up on me even though i left without much warning... I haven't given up on them... She's gonna regret this...
I grabbed my phone from under my pillow and rang her mobile. It was turned off...
"Keep her, Alex, keep her..." I whispered.

9th February 2004, 03:42 PM
well, technically taz is there too, but he's a pet, so nevermind.


I stood in silence watching the tv. taz was even confused. I shrugged, took out my gameboy and played metroid II. I also put on the game genie. and a cd player playing "fhqwhads." taz went off into the hall, and came back with food.I then got bored after half an hour, and decided to watch FLCL. what is coming out of his head? (refering to the mech from FLCL)I stole some of taz's food he got and put in "the ballad of the sneak" on my cd player.

okay, i have links!

fhqwhads #1 (http://www.homestarrunner.com/fhqwhgads.html) the thing I was listening to.

fhqwhads #2 (http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail9.html) the email from the name.

ballad of the sneak (http://www.homestarrunner.com/sneakvideo.html) the other thing I listened to.

11th February 2004, 05:18 PM
i noticed almond was getting bored. i poked his shoulder. he looked up. seeing i was talking he took off his headphones.
"the music in FLCL is really good if you wanna listen. The Pillows do the music for it, and i have the first FLCL soundtrack. here, listen." i take a cd out of me huge cd binder holder thing, and give it to him. almond puts the cd in his disk-man, and the first song on the album, the last dinosaure, starts playing.

as the show play, roxanne leaves the room to talk on her phone, though i'm not sure to who. almond listens to the cd. chi watches the show completely confused. sam rests his head on my shoulder. and TAS starts to devour an entire bowl of chips. i laugh and continue to mouth all the words.
i start wondering where alex is, and where is that baby she said was hers? maybe she brought it out to change it's diaper or something. yeah, thats it.
i stopped worrying.

link for the first FLCL soundtrack:

12th February 2004, 04:03 PM
I'd been thinking hard for the past few minutes. I had something playing on my mind but i wasn't sure what. Just then, I remembered what was so important.
"I'll be right back," I said to Eevee.
"Where you going?"
"I've got something I need to take care of. I won't be long."
I got up and headed into the corridor, heading in the opposite dirrection to where I was Roxanne was, before getting into the lift and going down to Jerry's room. Fortunately, he was in.
"Jerry can I talk to you?"
"I know what you're gonna ask me but I'm not sure it's such a wise idea."
"Please Jer', it's the least I can do for her. Now that dad's in prison I think we can pull off letting her out for a bit. She's been in there so long, the least I can do is let her come here for a while. Let her be around normal people and have a normal birthday like she should have done. I owe her that Jerry."
He nodded solemly. "Alright. I'll set up some secrity. But you have to set up the party."
"Thankyou Jerry, this mean an awful lot to me." I turned and headed into an empty corridor before pulling out my cellphone and hitting speedial 4.
"Miami specialist hospital? Yes, I'd like to request a 24-hr release for patient no. 221182, Serena Omaras."

Dun dun dun...............yeah I know, me being weird again

21st February 2004, 05:33 PM
seeing as no one else wants to post...

I headed back to the room. It seemed Alex had come back and was assuring Rox that she'd done the right thing. It was late now, I must have been on the phone for ages.
I watched everyone get into their sleeping bags, Almond even went and got one from his room and I helped Eevee get out hers seeing as we hadn't done so early.
"So where'd you go off to?" asked Eevee as we unrolled the sleeping bag.
"Had to talk to Jerry. I was arranging some things."
"What sort of things?"
"I'll tell ya later."
Eevee climbed into her sleeping bag and I curled up beside her.
"You gonna be okay on the floor?"
"I'm used to it."
I lay there in the dark, holding Eevee, thinking about what I had to do tomorrow. I didn't know how to set up a party!
"What's wrong?" I heard Eevee ask over the quiet sounds of the others sleeping.
I was surprised how she could tell in this darkness. "Well, tomorrow is my sister's birthday and - "
"You never said you had a sister."
"You never asked. Anyway, she's really ill and she's in this special hospital and I figured I'd let her come over for a party seeing as how she dosn't get out much."
"Why's she so ill?"
"She was my parents' only REAL child, so Dad started 'working' on her. He pushed her too far too soon and...it kinda...broke her. She just got so weak, she couldn't do anything by herself. Mom took care of her while Dad 'made' me but when she died...he just dumped her in this home. I went there once...it was really horrible. This place, was so understaffed...my sister told me that sometimes no one would come for up to two days because there just wasn't enough. She was worse instead of better. At that time, she didn't even have the strength to get to the bathroom...it was so terrible...After I managed to get away from Dad, I went to see her. I hated how I couldn't move her to another hospital, one where they'd take better care of her, so I hired someone to take care of her all day. I was never able to go back. I was scared that Dad my try something if I did. But now, he's in prison so it's safe for me to go see her. But I haven't seen her in so long that I think it would be really nice to bring her here so she can have a party with...well...people who'll be nice to her. So what do you say Eevee? Will you help me set up a party for my sister?"

27th February 2004, 02:24 PM
i took a few seconds to take in what sam had said. i started playing with sam's hair, and thinking of how awful it must be for his sister.
i looked straight into sam's eye's and said "of course. i'll do anything to help." i could hear his mouth open and form into a smile. "thanks eevee" he said.
we began whispering party plans. we had to whisper because everyone was asleep, except for us. i liked arranging paries, after all i had arranged this sleepover.
since it was night time, the room was beggining to get cold, so i invited sam into the sleeping bag with me. sam crawled in and ended up being on top of me. it was crowded, but cozy.
i randomly started humming the inuyasha ending theme song, and drifted into a blissful sleep.

27th February 2004, 03:32 PM
Okay, this could be a problem. I thought. I can't very well go to sleep right now. I mean...I ain't exactly...heavy...but I'm no lightweight...I can't very well go to sleep on top of her. Maybe I should get out...I could always just get out and go sleep in the bed but I'm so used to sleeping with Eevee now I dunno if I'll be able to. I wasn't able to last time...So what am I going to do? Maybe I could swap us round? Might be kinda hard seeing as there's almost no room and we're now so...close...this is so awkward! I can feel...everything...Oh well, what have I gotta lose?
Trying to move carefully I tried to turn the two of us around so that she was on top of me. Of course i kinda ended up getting into this whole tangled mess but I finalled managed to get into the position i wanted.
I sighed, "You know, you're more trouble than I expected." I wiped some hair of her face and moved her up slightly so that her head was on my shoulder. You'd better be the first to wake up in the morning. I thought, cuz I ain't gonna go through this again.
And with that, I drifted off to sleep.

28th February 2004, 11:58 AM
umm. i've got nothing. someone else's turn.

1st March 2004, 03:24 PM
"Pillow fight!"
What? What's going on? I opened my eyes to the pillow carnage around me. "Great. Just great..." I muttered to myself, tossing over a pillow from behind me.
"Join in the fun," laughed Eevee.
"Yeah. Have some fun you sour puss," agreed Roxy.
I held my head in pain. "Not now..." I mumbled, finding myself not to be in one of the best of moods. I scrambled out of the sleeping bag and into the bathroom. This is almost how I felt when I got that hangover...
I took a few headache pills and had a shower before stepping into the remains of the 'war zone'. "Does that mark the end of the 'girly sleepover' or is there more?" I asked.

2nd March 2004, 05:32 AM
as sam said that we all looked up from the belgum waffles we were diging into. i had a waffle maker going and syrup. sam looked at me.
"what? they were hungy. i had to feed my guests. i wont have them leaving here saying i was a bad host." then i went back to making waffles.

2nd March 2004, 10:20 AM
"Somehow I don't think they're gonna care," i mumbled grabbing a waffle and heading out the room.
"Hey, where you going!?" Roxy called after me.
"Got some setting up to do in the main hall, Eevee'll fill you all in."
I got a bunch of decorations and stuff from a store cupboard and starting setting up some decorations. People gave me some weird looks as they walked past, not knowing of the party that was going to take place not long from now.
Roxy, Eevee, Alex and Almond came downstairs and just kinda looked at me.
"I take it you know then. Well Eevee's gonna be in charge of this operation so...tell us what we gotta do."

3rd March 2004, 05:33 AM
everyone's eyes were on me. apparently i was to order them to do stuff for this second party.
umm, i nead someone to bring in some tables- almond and alex." they left to get some tables. Roxy, you're incharge of getting food. chips 'n stuff, like what we had for my party. sam, you continue with decorating. i'll help you in a second, but first i'm gonna bring down some music."
everyone started on their jobs, and i ran to my apartnmet and got all my cds and my stereo. when i got back o the hall, the tables were already there. so i asked them to get some table clothes and a few chairs. i set up the stereo and put in blink 182's newest cd. "i'm feeling this" blasted as we worked. i began helping sam. i got out some ballons and started blowing thoughs up. when my three other helpers were done with their chores, they helped me with ballons. everything was going steady.
in taking a brake from too much ballon blowing, i asked sam "hey sam, when's your sis coming?"

9th March 2004, 12:52 PM
I went with Almond tot he storage room to get some tables for eevees party we got to the door and it was locked "Igot it"i said pulling a hair clip from my hair,I put it in the lock and fiddle about then the door swings "voila"I say in a gloating voice Almond looks at me and asks "where did you learn that?"
"dunno,just know it" We walked in and picked up a table then carried it to the main room accidently walking in on eevee and sam making out "I thought this was a birthday party not a make out party"I say kind of annoyed there not doing any work when it's their party,we put the table down and walk off to get another one.(I never noticed Almond before,I wonder why not"

9th March 2004, 03:33 PM
"Whenever I'm ready," I replied, sitting beside Eevee.
"That gonna be anytime soon?"
"I hope so. I'm just...kinda scared to go. I dunno what I'll find."
Eevee took my hand and squeezed it, "you'll be okay."
"Will you come with me?" I felt a little embarassed asking this question.
"Of course."
We started kissing (again!) but had to stop when we heard a table being put down nearby.
"Maybe it's time to go," suggested Eevee.
I nodded.
We headed out and climbed into one of the school's 'undercover mini-vans'. We went to the hospital and I asked Eevee to wait outside my sis' room.
Taking a deep breath I headed in. I wasn't sure what i was gonna see, I could hardly even remember what my sister looked like, but I remember she was really ill.
"Guess who," I said cheerfully, not knowing what else to expect.
"April fools again right?"
I looked over and saw a wheelchair over by a window, it was falling apart, I knew my sister had to be in it. "No actually. I'm here to visit."
"That's new, no one comes to visit anymore."
I walked forward some. "You don't know who I am, do you?"
"Should I?"
"No, and that's my fault. I did try to come before but...there were things I had to deal with. Just like getting over mum."
I walked right up to her, right to the side so that we could see each other. It might have been the wrong thing to think of my sister but...she was hot. Surprising concidering what had to go through.
She looked at me questioningly, "...Sam?"
I smirked. "So you do remember me?"
We hugged each other so tightly then. I sat down when we parted and we talked. My sister was 5 years older than me, she understood things I didn't and it was great to talk to her.
"oh, I've done something that'll surprise you."
"I've got me a girlfriend."
"Yeah. You wanna meet her?"
"of course."
I wheeled the chair round and headed to the door to fetch Eevee and bought her inside.
"Serena this is Eevee. Eevee, this is Serena, my sister."

10th March 2004, 10:12 AM
Sam and Eevee left leaving me,rox and almond.Roxy was in the kitchen making party snacks aso me and Almond were sitting down doing nothing all of a sudden meg (my pet beagle) ran up to my feet "are you hungry?" I asked Meg she barked and I rummaged through my bag until I found a pouch of dog food I rpped it open and gave It to Meg.

10th March 2004, 02:11 PM
i walked into the room hand said "hi" sam's sister looked so frail and delicate, but she was pretty. she reminded me of a flower.
i hoped my gothic atire wouldn't scare her. she seemed happy to see another person, so i guess my eyebrow rings and black clothes weren't too much.
i walked all the way up to her rusty wheelchair and hugged her. what can i say, i'm a hugging type of person. i sat cross legged on the floor next to Serena and looked over at sam.

10th March 2004, 02:22 PM
I smirked and my sister motioned for me to come closer. I leant in and she whispered in my ear, "she's really cute, don't screw up." I laughed quietly and Eevee looked at me questioningly.
"We'd better get going then." I announced.
"My sister's expression dropped."
"Relax, you're coming too silly," I assured her.
I wheeled her outside to the mini-van. Getting her inside was a nightmare. At least getting her out when we got to the school was easier.
"Surprise!" Everyone shouted.
I was so happy to see the look on my sister's face.
"Eevee, I'm gonna dj some tunes I know my sis likes, can you keep her company. It'll probably a good idea for you two to get aquainted better."
I kissed her cheek. "I owe you for this," I whispered before running over to the sound system.

10th March 2004, 02:38 PM
i got serena some refreshment stuff then introduced her to all the other people. jerry came to the party and at first glance at serena's weelchair he went out of the room and came back with a really nice one. serena happily moved into the wheelchair jerry had brought. i started talking with serena.
"i'm scared of what sam might pick for music, but if i choose we'd be listening to punk and rock." i joked. sam's sis had the most friendly smile.
i just started telling her about myself and things me and sam had done, and she told me about her life. before i knew it i was growing attached to serena, like she was my own sister. i dreaded having her return to that hospital and swore to myself that i'd try to get her to stay, among friends and family here at whoop.

10th March 2004, 02:44 PM
"How are things going?" Jerry asked me as I switched tunes.
"Good. But..."
"You're dreading sending your sister back aren't you?"
I nodded. "What's the point of all this if I just send her back to that hellhole?"
"You know she can't stay here."
"I know...I can't give her the help she needs..." I kicked the wall behind me. "If I could just get her somewhere where they'd take care of her maybe...maybe she'd be able to walk again someday..."
Jerry sighed. "I sorted it out. After this, they're gonna fly her out to a specialist institute where she'll get all the attention she needs."
I kinda stared at him, not knowing what to say.
"Had to get her something didn't I?" added Jerry.
I hugged him than ran over yelling at the top of my voice, "I've got the greatest news!"

10th March 2004, 02:55 PM
everybody in the room turned and looked at sam. he ran into the middle of the room and said, ecitedly, "jerry has the greatest news! as a birthday present for serena, he's going to send her to a top noche specialist!" the people in the room clapped. jerry blushed.
sam ran over to his sister and said to her in a comforting voice "you hear that, sis? you'll be taken care of. and i promise i'll visit you more."
serena grinned from ear to ear, and laughed with joy. she looked so happy at the news.
i added "and i promise to visit a lot, too."
she looked up at us and over at jerry "thank you" she says "thank you so much!" tears of joy streaked down her face. for probly the first time in her life, she was completly and utterly happy.

10th March 2004, 03:39 PM
I hugged my sister tightly and we continued on with the party. It was probably one of the best moments of her life and it made me more happy than words to be apart of it.
After a while I decided that there was one single thing that I HAD to do for my sister. I helped her out of her chair and held her upright.
"What are you doing?" she asked.
"As your brother I feel it is my duty to have a least one dance with you on your birthday."
"Sam, I'm in wheelchair. I can't dance."
"If I can survive falling off a cliff, you can dance, now hold tight."
I put her arms around my neck and lifted her feet onto mine. I put my arms around her waist and held tightly to keep her up, then i started moving my feet to the beat.
It was all going really well until she passed out. Guess she was a lot frailer than I first thought...
I carried her over to the wheelchair and put her down carefully. She came too after a while and appologised.
"Don't appologise, it's okay." I said quietly. "i need to go get some air."
I stood outside and wiped my face worriedly. i had no idea she was so bad...I'm so scared for her...

10th March 2004, 03:59 PM
sam looked really horified.
"would you excuse me for a moment?" i said to serena. she nodded her head and i walked quickly to the door, and outside where sam was.
the air was much cooler outside, and the sun had begun to fall. i hadn't realised how late it was. the time had gone by so fast.
the heavy door shut queitly behind me. i saw sam a few fards off the sidewalk pulling his hand through his hair uneasily, and sarring at nothing in perticular.
i walked up slowly to my boyfriend. the cool air brushed against my face and tugged at my hair. i silently reached sam, and put my arms around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder. i started rocking slowly back and forth and hummed the Slayers themsong to myself. when the song was over i whispered into his ear, "it's ok. you didn't know. she's a fragil flower."
sam looked into my eyes. his eyes were moist and full of emotion.
"but we'll take care of her. give a flower some time, sun, water, and love, and she'll bloom into the most beautiful flower."
i kissed his neck softly then rested my head back and sam's shoulder. my grip tightened around him, and my gentle swaying continued. the sun began to set.

10th March 2004, 04:08 PM
"Eevee..." I wanted to say something, but now wasn't the right time. This moment...it was too perfect to ruin with stupid things and there were so many of them.
I put my hand on Eevees'. I was so lucky to have someone who understood me so well, who knew how to make me feel better by saying just the right thing. Why couldn't life always be like this? Maybe if it was...Serena would have someone who's a special to her as Eevee is to me...
"Eevee, will you promise me something?"
"If something ever happens to me...promise me you'll take care of Serena. I know she'll think of you as a sister from now and I know that I wasn't there one time...it would make her really happy if you were."

10th March 2004, 04:30 PM
"only if you promis me the same thing." i replied.
"deal" says sam.
"deal" i say.

the sky was just starting to turn colors, and there wasn't a cloud in sight. it was going to be a perfect sunset.
"let's get your sis out here, i think she'd like to see a perfect set."
sam agreed and we broke apart to fetch serena and anyone else who apreciated sunsets. when we all came outside sam offered serena his jacket to protect her from the chilly wind that was forming into night. she accepted it gratefully and sam and i helped her put it on.
me and sam embraced again next to serena and we all stared at the glorious sky. serena did enjoy its magnificants, as did i.



11th March 2004, 12:00 PM
Everyone watched the sun set and It was so romantic I was watching it from my rooms balcony,I looked down and saw Almond all of a sudden I felt really happy,Meg ran up to my feet than ran out of my room.A minute later I saw meg run outside and run next to Taz.

11th March 2004, 01:56 PM
After the sun had set I asked Eevee to put an end to the party whilst I took my sister up to our room. We decided that she might like to stay there, seeing as it's all done up and all.
I took my sister upstairs and lifted her into the bed where Eevee and I had spent so many nights together. It was the sudden realisation that caught me. The sudden realisation that Serena...looked just like our mum.
"What's wrong? she asked me.
"You just...you look so much like mum."
She sighed, "I had a feeling that was what it is. Sam I understand how you feel - "
"No you don't. No disrespect sis but...you weren't there, you didn't see what happened..."
"We're shouldn't talk this now. It's late and you're tired. You should get some rest." I kissed her forehead and put a walkie-talkie down on the bedside table.
"Me and Eevee will be across the hall. Call if you need anything." I started walking away.
I stopped.
"Will you talk to me tomorrow? I don't want to leave with there being a void between us."
I turned and smirked at her. "Relax sis. Now worries yeah?" I gave her a thumbs up and she smiled from the bed.
I turned off the light and walked downstairs, passing the others who were dragging themselves up to bed. I slumped down in a chair and laid my head down on the table.
This day had been a lot...harder on me...than I'd expected.

13th March 2004, 11:40 AM
i walked into the room where the party had been held, and put in Blink 182's new cd. i danced to the first song "Feeling this" while cleaning up the room.
everyone else had gone, leaving me alone.
but that was ok, i like time to myself, and hadn't been for awhile now.

after the blink cd was over, and the room all cleaned, i decided to go to the training room and practice with my sais.
a few minutes of hard training told me how rusty i had gotten. i hadn't trained in a while and it showed.
i decided to stay and practice for a few hours. everyone seemed buisy, and the silence of just me in the room was pleasant.
while training i started to think about sam and serena. she was so week, yet she seemed to have a strong conciounce. good for her. sam on the other hand was physicly strong, but needed constant reasurance. strange, but they made the perfect pair. i was thrown into the mix for guidence and moral suport, i guess.
i trained untill the sun began to rise. fully exuasted, i returned to the dorm building.
Serena was asleep in sam and my room, so i wandered around the hall untill i found te spare room sam was in. he was sleeping in a chair next to a window. i curled up in his lapand amidiatly fell asleep.

13th March 2004, 05:33 PM
This is some pressure on my low half. What's going on?
I woke up to find Eevee asleep on my lap. It was bright in the room, about midday I would have guessed. The party had been more exhausting that I thought it would be.
"Hey, wake up," I whispered, nudging Eevee.
Eevee yawnwed and looked at me. "Morning."
"Afternoon you mean."
"Not like you to sleep so late."
"I'm only human."
Eevee got up and the two of us sleepily made our way outside. I looked in on my sister who was still sleeping. I took the walkie-talkie with me for when she woke up and went to get some breakfast with Eevee.

14th March 2004, 08:46 AM
a dream... one part is a dream.



there were monkeys and clowns...and pinatas... mokney mugged me...the ocean is splashing on my cheek...

no, it was really taz licking my face. i was stuck on my magnet wall, upside down. taz was on my bed, and a beagle was looking out the window.
"morning, taz..."
i got up and checked the clock. 5:46.
"see it's only 5:46."
taz rubbed his cheek on a part of the clock.
i immeditaly got up and ran put side hit the wall and saw that everyone else was tired and lazy, samchu's sister still sleeping. i also noticed that my clothes were a week over used. so i changed into a yellow shirt (with pockets), brown cargo pants(with pockets, duh.), my shoes, (with tiny interdimmensional pockets in which you can fit anything, and they have roller blades.) and my cool FFTA style gunner's hat (scarcely without a pocket). i was happy, but then i thought about shruiken. *lightbulb!* i had an idea! i went to his room to search for clues. the room was half torn apart thanks to the bomb. ichecked the room and saw his laptop, a little burnt but still in good condition. i swiped it. then i saw his unharmed consoles and games(yoink!)
and his cheatbook(yoink!) and the wheelchair.
"hm, looks like an ordanairy eletric wheelchair... i got in it and pressed the on button and just went into my room to put in my room... but first for a test run. i pressed the green button and it tarted to hover. i flew into the cafeteria, where sam and evee where.
"hear some thing?" as evee ate a peice of a pancake i crashed into a wall.
"no." muttered sam as he chewed on bacon. mmm... bacon... OW! i crashed into the other wall, and the wheelchair slammed on the ground, me 10 feet away, right into sam's chair. i got up and took some bacon.
" all this for breakfast."
" what do you mean?" evee said.
" er, nothing."


yay. i posted...

14th March 2004, 11:09 AM
I woke up and went down stairs for breakfast when I bumped into Almond who was holding a piece of bacon "sorry" I said wiping my outfit .

16th March 2004, 03:40 PM
"Did you break my wheelchair?" I asked Almond.
"Not beyond repair."
I sighed and looked at Eevee. "Do you need more sleep?"
"No. More bacon."
We ate loads that morning. It took us ages to wake up. Serena was still sleeping, I wondered how long she could sleep for. Maybe she just hadn't had a good night's sleep in a while.
I went up to check that she was okay and just stood there in the doorway looking at her.
"You okay?" asked Eevee.
"I'm fine. I'm just starting to act like your dad, being a bit overprotective an' all."
Eevee giggled quietly. "Come on, we don't wanna wake her up."
Eevee and I walked outside and we sat on the grass together just talking. It was nice, I liked the peace of it all. I wished this peace could last forever.

18th March 2004, 06:55 AM
OOC: weirdness.

i was thinking, maybe we could recruit someone to be serena, she seems to be becoming a regular charactor.

18th March 2004, 09:25 AM
Great idea ,I think it will be really cool.If you know anyone please say.Thanks

18th March 2004, 03:57 PM
The whole reason I wash aving Serena go to this high-tech hospital was to not let her have a permanent place. But, if anyone thinks they'd do a good job then they can go right ahead.

23rd March 2004, 05:22 AM
i don't know anybody, but i was thinking you could put an ad in the title like "(1 female LSU needed)" or something.

23rd March 2004, 06:30 AM
No no! Samchu asked me to be her. Don't worry, i'll post tonight when i get home from school.

24th March 2004, 02:52 PM
I woke up slowly, my vision blurred for a few seconds. I managed to sit myself up and look around. My wheel chair was next to the bed but i knew i couldn't get across.
I wish i was strong enough... I don't want to have to rely on Sam... Maybe i will be one day... I thought to myself before picking up the walky talky from beside the bed.

24th March 2004, 03:05 PM
I grabbed the walkie-talkie. "Yeah sis?"
"I wanna go eat."
"Ok I'll be right there." I stood up. "Meet us in the dining room okay?" I asked Eevee.
Eevee nodded and rushed to my sister. I lifted her into her chair and wheeled her downstairs. "Okay sis, buffet on me. Whatever you want you got it. Just say the word and it's yours." I said, acting cheery to keep her mood up. As long as she satyed her my sis was gonna be as happy as she could be. I wasn't gonna let anything ruin it!

24th March 2004, 05:57 PM
i have an odd question... when do we ACTUALLY go on a mission?

just wondering...

25th March 2004, 12:05 PM
I was eating my breakfast when all of a sudden my phone started to ring i awnsered it and listened to jerry.when he finished I put the phone down and got out my laptop.I printed off a few copies of my work and went to the notice board to pin on up ,I read through the letter 'spies.EMERGENCY the queen of Nimdoki has been kidnapped we need your help.Meet in the dining room tonight at 6:00pm dressed In trousers,trains and tops,also bring an empty bag for gadgets.'I pinned it up and put the rest in the notice box beside it.

25th March 2004, 04:16 PM


i ate more bacon (*ahem* stole it from sam's and evee's plate) when i heard the PA go on

"will all WHOOP students to the dining room at 6pm bring trousers, trains, and tops, plus an empty bag for gadgets. that is all."

i turned to the clock. 5:56. i took more bacon and left to go to the dining... wait, i was at the dining room, but i had no bag. i got a bag and headed back to get the briefing.

that is where we are, right?

26th March 2004, 03:41 AM
"Will all WHOOP students to the dining room at 6pm bring trousers, trains, and tops, plus an empty bag for gadgets. That is all."
I stirred in my dozy sleep. I didn't wanna get up... Not today...
I had been ill for the past two days so i hadn't met Serena. I suppose that was a good reason for getting up... I mean, i was probably the only one who hadn't met her yet...
I woke up slowly and got dressed. I grabbed my laptop bag, shoved it in and headed for the dining room.
I found Sam, Eevee, Almond and what had to be Serena sitting round a table.
"Hey guys," I said happily, grabbing the nearest chair and joining them.
"Who's this?" Asked Serena, looking slightly puzzeled.
"Err... Sorry... I'm Roxanne. I helped set up the party yesterday but then i was ill..." I explained. "ooooh... Bacon..."

26th March 2004, 05:30 AM
why does everyone have an obsession with bacon? JK

IC: "morning roxanne" i said as she entered the room.
now what to do about a bag? i always kept ducktape in my "nightmare before christmass" pocket book, so i pulled that out and started making a duck-tape bag.
it seemed everyone had gathered into the room.
"psst. hey sam, do you know what this is about?" i asked couriosly. sam shruuged and said he had no clue.
we all ate breakfast as we waited for jerry to come.
to tell you the truth, i wasn't looking forward to seeing jerry. after throwing a stink-bomb in his house, i was mortafied he might find out it was me and hold a grudge.
everyone seemed tired, proubly from the two parties me and sam had just held. or maybe this bunch wasn't a mourning group.

27th March 2004, 11:47 AM
"Well whatever he's having us do there's no way I can go," I said, more generally than to anyone in particular.
"How come?" asked Eevee.
"No way I'm leaving Serena here all by herself. You guys can have fun without me, just don't get yourselves into to much trouble okay guys? I don't wanna have to come bail your butts outta trouble."

29th March 2004, 05:39 AM
we wait untill jerry comes to the room. while we wait we devid to put on our cat-suits.
sam is out checking on serena when jerry finaly comes.
jerry begins to tell us our mition and give us our gagets.

OOC: jerry? your turn.

29th March 2004, 01:52 PM
I gotta do this for Lulu

"The Queen of Nimdoki has been kidnapped. It is your mission to go to her palace and search for clues, send them to me and I will anaylse them and report back to you. Once we locate the Queen's whereabouts it'll be up to you to infiltrate the area and retrieve her. Now for your gadgets:
laser lipstick,
x-ray goggles,
infa-red glasses.
We will depart in ten mintues. Good luck spies."

Serena and I listened to the mission and when Jerry finished Serena pipped up, "I wanna go."
Everyone looked at her.
"I really wanna go."
Jerry called me over. "I'm worried about her, do you think it's a good idea for her to go?"
"Jerry, I need to go on this mission and I won't leave Serena. Maybe she could get some practise in?"
"Just keep a good eye on her."
"Thanks Jerry." I headed back ."Alright sis, you can go but you better behave yourself okay?"

30th March 2004, 10:32 AM
"Thanks bro!" I said, happily. He needed to go and i needed to go with him. I knew i'd probably be very little help and slow everybody down but that little help might just be the thing they needed.

Everyone was making their way out the dining hall when Jerry stopped me.
"You know what you'll be doing?"
"Hacking something, most likely." I said, it was kinda obvious.
"I want you to go with them and while they're looking for clues you must try and find their where abouts. We'll be looking too, but one of your teachers tells me that you'd probably be quicker than any of them. Sending clues back to us is your job also. It's vital that you don't get caught."
I nodded and he left. I had a big resposibilty this time... I mean, going to find Eevee and helping Sam to do so was easy. But this was a Queen we were going for. We'd better do a good job...

31st March 2004, 05:40 AM
the adrenalin of finally being on a mission was getting to me. i was so excited!
i noticed serena didn't have a catsuit, so i went to the supply closet and got her a (insert color here) catsuit. i'm sure she'd love it.
i helped her put it on in a bathroom, and she actuaully looked really good in it.
we all headed to the spy submarin, went in, and headed off to our journy.

OOC: ill write more after school

1st April 2004, 02:00 PM
"Let me guess. You're the one I've got to thank for Serena's appearance." I said smiling.
Eevee smiled back and nodded.
I moved and sat beside her, putting my hand on hers. It seemed like ages since we'd talked. Maybe i spent too much time with Eevee.
No that was stupid. Besides, i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. Come to think of it, I'd probably be a mindless killing zombie right now.
I kissed Eevee on the neck softly.
"What was that for?" asked Eevee.
"Just a thankyou. For everything you've done for me. I really appreciate it Eevee. I really really do."

4th April 2004, 06:38 AM
We all got into the sub and sat down,there was silence and after about half an hour people were asleep,I got out my notebook and wrote down all of the info' about this mission then I put the notebook away and got my cd player out.I slowlyn fell asleep listening to R.kelly. :sleep2:

4th April 2004, 10:00 AM
alright, scratch the idea of posting after school... (opps)
what happened to the board! it looks awful! changeitbackchangeitbackchangeitbackchangeitback!
ok, i feel much better now ^_^

IC: i looked at a map and figured we'd be iat our destination in about an hour and a half.
I woke up anyone who had fallen asleep. "so, what's the game plan?" i said, wondering what everyone's jobs would be once we got there.
roxanne said she'd be doing the hacking.
"okay, i'll join you and watch your back. what's everyone else doing?"

4th April 2004, 10:01 AM
Most people fell asleep on the way... I couldn't... I was still working on hacking the system. It was harder than i expected; they were fully prepared for a hacker to start attacking. It seemed as if they knew exactly what i did to get through...
... One person had made me hack a computer before...
... Sam's dad...
I took a quick break. Okay... Lets not jump to conclusions... You're probably wrong... I'll talk to Sam about it later...
I yawned. Now wasn't the time to be tired. I gave the hacking one last try. Still nothing. I closed my laptop, decided to sleep for a while and get back to hacking once i woke up...
"So what's everyone doing?" Asked Eevee as i woke up again.
"Hacking..." I replied, scratching my head and yawning. I opened my laptop again and began what seemed like an impossible task...

4th April 2004, 05:39 PM
"my job's to babysit you all. Now can i get back to sleep?" I asked rather rudely.
"grumpy ain't he?" muttered Roxanne.
"Well he has had a rough time sleeping these past two nights." replied Eevee giggling.
"I am here you know."
"Alright Sam, you can get some sleep."
I smiled sarcastically then drifted back to sleep, but I regretted it...

"Come on Momma! You run to slow!" I called to her, jumping up and down in the clearing.
"Yes. Yes I do," she replied, smiling a me.
I giggled as she caught up. "Momma can I ask you something?"
"What is it?"
"Are you an angel?"
She laughed quietly, "no, angels are prettier than me."
"But no one is prettier than you Momma."
"Trust me. One day you'll think otherwise."
She smiled at me again and looked around. "So why did you want to come here?"
"I want to get flowers that are pretty like you Momma," I replied, with a big grin. "can I run and get some?"
"Okay. But don't go too far."
"Yes Momma."
I ran through a couple of the trees to another clearing with a patch of grass where a group of beautiful flowers were growing. I laid a piece of string out on the ground and started picking flowers and laying their stems on the string. I just knew my Mom was gonna like this.
Suddenly a scream pierced through the woods. "Momma?" I stopped what I was doing and ran as fast as I could. I got back to the clearing and saw my Mom lying on the floor a group of men standing around her.
I ran forward. "Momma!" One the guys knocked me back as I tried to run to her.
"Sam...run...get away..."
I was crying as I tried to get up. "No Momma i won't leave you..."
"Shut up!" I flew back again as a large foot connected with my stomach. I lay on the floor stunned. I could do nothing but watch as one by one they brutally attacked my helpless mother. Both physically...and sexually.
They had left by the time i had the strength to move. I was so scared. Not for myself, but for my mother. She just lied there, unmoving and bleeding. Why wouldn't she get up? Why was she just lying in there?
She opened her eyes and looked at me. There was so much pain there...it hurt me inside.
"get up Momma...we gotta go home..."
"Sam...I can't..."
"You have to! Sis needs you! I need you..."
I couldn't stop myself from crying. The pain was just too great. "Please Momma..."
"Don't cry...they need me...to be a real angel now..."
"I don't care! they can't take you away! I won't let them! I...I'll kill them!"
"Sam...listen...to me...take care...of your sister...promise me that."
"I promise Momma."
She smiled at me weakly and I thought she'd have a chance. But her eyes fluttered closed and her chest stopped moving.
I shook her lifeless body. "Momma? MOMMA!"
*end flashback*
I woke up in a cold sweat and breathing heavily.
"Are you okay?" asked Roxanne.
"Yeah. Just a bad dream."
I couldn't believe I was passing my mother's dying words off as a bad dream. How shameful.
I stood up. "I'm gonna need some alone time. I'll meet you guys a few minutes before we arrive."

9th April 2004, 08:03 AM
seeing sam distressed by a nightmare, i sat on the floor next to his chair and leaned on his legs. i wondered what he was dreaming about, then started thinking about the mission.
"Hmmm?" she said from behind her laptop screen.
"could you get a blueprint of the building? i'd like to see what it looks like."
"right." she said with a nod and started typing away.
When she found it she printed the floor plans out for me and i stayed at sam's side, studying the peices of paper. i didn't want there to be too many suprises when we got there.

9th April 2004, 11:41 AM
Everyone was busy so I thought I'd do something so I rummaged through my bag and a box out that jerrry gave me,i opened it up and inside were walkie talkie watches with buttons of the people you wanted to talk to and compouders (only for girls) with the same option and a scanner,email and archives of every person,I put the box in my bag and shouted "guys hand theese around we'll need them"I grabbed a watch and put the rest on the table then I shouted "girls we'll need theese and all" I took a compouder and put the rest on the table.

10th April 2004, 11:03 AM
:what: this is a confusing new thingy... i've been gone, and now i'm back!but i guess nobody cared (or knew), so oh well! :lol:

i was dreaming about anything my mind could think of, which was my friend cody and how he liked chicken.

i then woke up, a watch in my hand.
"thanks..." he was on the sub... wait a minute, HE WAS ON THE SUB???
"taz? what the crap are you doing here?"
"CLASS B? i'm in class F!" i said, annoyed. i got out my SP and showed him the second button.
"see? a communicator already! you just push this..." i pushed it and it turned into a computer.it's where i can play games, AND check stuff. i looked around, about everyone was asleep except lulu, giving people compowders and watches. taz put his watch as a necklace, roxanne was hacking something to the bone... she was typing up a storm!evee and sam were looking at the blue prints, so i looked at it from above.
"this is the oddest building i've ever seen..."
"almond, you're reading the map upside down." sam said.
"...i knew that...kinda..."

10th April 2004, 11:09 AM
I laughed at almond then realised his cat was there "that's unfair,my dog is better than your cat and I couldn't bring her!" I complained,almond looked at me and stuck his tounge out.

13th April 2004, 05:31 AM
we were all suprised whe the submarin came to a halt.
"apparently we're here" i said, getting up. we all started getting up and lazily made our way to the exit.
as soon as we were out me and roxanne started heading to the computer lab. as we went i'd say "left" or "right" because i'd pretty much memorised the blue prints and knew the way.
we left the other to go on their side of the mission, whatever they'd been asigned to do.

13th April 2004, 07:22 AM
I got out the sub' and headed to the palace,It was old and hadn't got stuff like tv's or computers,Alot of people were looking around so I went straight to the castle.
http://www.castlesoftheworld.com/GreatCastles/images/Brissac2.jpg (It looks like this but is surrounded by sand)
I stopped near the door and got my cat suit out,I looked at my catsuit and thought grose so I chuked It away and put thishttp://www.darksideclothing.com/assets/images/Jemma_flaredcotton_witch.jpg
on then closed my bag.I walked up to the door and knocked on it,the door opened and a man standing therelooked at me "what do you want?" he asked I pulled my licsence out of my pocket and showed it to him "I'm Alex part of W.O.O.H.P I'm here to investigate the disappearence of your queen"I replied,the man just looked at me then opened the door,I walked in and a woman came in to the room "Hello,I am sayani,The queens sister,feel free to look around me and miko will be in here"she said,I nodded and walked off.I felt quite suspicious that woman and that man seem almost happy to have lost thier queen. :wtf:

14th April 2004, 05:32 AM
roxanne and i stayed hiden just incase something fishy was going on. alex would be the diversion.
there weren't too many gaurds around, but we avoided human contect anyway. it was better if our exsistance was unknown for the time being.
i sent a quick coded (typed) mesage thru the compact for alex to write back if something hapened.

14th April 2004, 06:18 AM
An IM box flashed up on my screen as we lurcked in the shadows.
Jerry: How's it going?
Jerry had AIM? And how did he get mine?
r0x0rzb0x0rz: My hacking is failing, badly. It's like they know my move!
Jerry: I expect they do...
r0x0rzb0x0rz: What should i try now?
I watched the message on the IM box go from "Jerry is typing" to "Jerry has entered text" several times before he gave his reply.
Jerry: Try not being you. They know your hacking name and they know how you do what you do. Get a new user name and start doing things simply and getting it wrong. Then, if and when they start to ignore you, go in and do what you normally do. It'll stump them good.
I considered it for a bit...
r0x0rzb0x0rz: Thanks, Jerry. I'll give it a try...
Jerry: Good luck.
He signed off and so did i, giving myself a new user name as "SproutGirl" and began the task again.

15th April 2004, 05:25 AM
roxanne and i had made it to the computar room without any human contact. raxanne sat in the courner wth her lap top while i guarded the door.
noticing an air vent, i unscrewed it just in case we needed a quick get-a-way.
i wondered how the others were doing.

15th April 2004, 09:49 AM
I wa susing the inferred goggles to look for clues all of a sudden i felt a hand on my shoulder I thought it was the man so I swung round and punched the person in the face,I looked down and saw sam lying there "oh god I'm so sorry I thought it was someone else"I said feeling really guilty,Sam looked at me then closed his eyes.About a minute later serena wheeled into the room I looked at her and we both started laughing.Once we snapped out of it I put the goggles in the bag and looked around I noticed a wardrobe I oponed it up and at the back was a huge steel door I tried to open it but it was locked iturned to serena "hey,can you use the laser luipstick and open this?" I asked,she nodded and wheeled towards the door,I rummaged through my bag and got out three invisibility bracelets,I passed one to serena "put it on "I said,I put one on sam making sure i had hold of his arm then I put one on myself,I looked for serena but could only see her wheel chair,I dragged sam across the floor and put him on what I thought was her lap,then I put an invisibuility bracelet on her wheel chair "follow me"I said we went through the wardrobe and down a long hall,we walked for quite awhile then we heard tapping and talking coming from the wall,I got my laser lipstick out and made a door through the wall,the metal fell down and we saw eevee and roxanne there,i took off my bracelet and serena took hers,sams and her wheel cairs off "we're here,damn I thought we found something"I said.

22nd April 2004, 03:28 PM
No idea wot to post but...

"Ow..." I muttered, sitting up slowly. Everyone was here, I guess we'd manage to find where Eevee and Roxy were hiding after Alex knocked me out. It was a lucky punch.
We started talking about what we had discovered. "Let's monitor our two suspects for a while." I suggested.
I took out the spare laptop we'd brought and hooked it up to Roxy's. "We'll use each computer to monitor one of their movements. If they have kidnapped the queen, they're bound to go there sometime. They'll show us the way, whether they want to or not."

29th April 2004, 10:21 AM
We watched them for a while but all they did was read books,slowly we all drifted asleep.Around 2 hours later I woke up and looked at the screen the man and the woman were getting up so I pushed rox off her chair,slapped sam,shook serena and shook Eevee until they woke up,we all huddled round the screen and watched the people they walked over to the closet and opened the door then they started to kiss,they slowly closed the door and then we heard giggling I slammed the top of the laptop down and looked at Rox "sick"I said,she nodded at me,
"What now?" Eevee asked,
"look up the queens profile"I said opening the top of laptop carefully, I exited the I spy program and entered the archives,I looked up the queen and a page came up.
"Let's see,no enemys,pretty boring,very overprotective,Oh found it"I said reading through her profile,
"what is it?"Sam asked,
"she was married to someguy,he jumped out of a helicopter and committed suicide His last words were 'I'll get revenge'"I replied
"how does that help?"Roxanne asked
"he might not be dead they never found his body so there's a chance he kidnapped the queen he always went to a cabin near the main river,he would have affairs there,that's why the queen divorced him and that's where he'll be"I said
"Lets go"Sam said getting up
"Great screamed rox,
I got up and we all walked /wheeled out of the room.

3rd May 2004, 02:17 PM

"So how we gonna get to the main river? We ain't got no transport and we might not have enough time to get WOOHP to fly some in."
"Horses," said Eevee suddenly.
We looked at her like she was crazy but she merely pointed. We all looked and saw a small herd of horses.
"Someone better go get some," I said.
Everyone just looked at me.
"Alright, I'll get 'em."
I went over and bought 3 horses. i only had so much after all.
"We're gonna have to pair up. Come on sis let's go."
I lifted my sis outta the chair and onto the horse. Then, I folded up her wheelchair and climbed on in front of her, telling her to hold on tight.
"Come on then everyone. Saddle up."

3rd May 2004, 03:02 PM
horses. simple enough.

IC: me and rox paired up on another hourse, a pretty chessnut colored one, and we followed behind sam and his sis.

Rox yelled out directions she got from her laptop while i rode the horse. i wasn't quite sure where we were going, but apperantly they did.

the rest of the crew followd behind on the third horse,

3rd May 2004, 03:05 PM
Hey Eevee, check ur emails!


We got to the cabin in good time and we all climbed off our horses.
"Guess this is my job then," I said. "I'll get this guy and you guys go find the Queen," I said calmly, cracking my knuckles.
"is that such a good idea? We don't know for sure what's in there. Can't go rushing in head over heals now can we?" said Roxanne.
"Fine..." I turned to eevee. "Come on then, make it two in a row. Tell us what we should do."

3rd May 2004, 04:48 PM
we decided to split the group in half. hauf of us would take on the gaurds while the rest would continue the search.

"if we get too seperated or find out something, then we can call eachother on our gagets." i said.

everyone agreed and we snapped to it. sam and i looked up at a gaurd evilly, me holding up my sais and sam holding up a sword.

"Don't worry." i yelled out to the rest. "this shouldn't take long."

4th May 2004, 12:55 PM

"Too easy," I muttered.
As Eevee distracted him, I snuck behind him and smacked the hilt of my swotd into the back of his head. No to kill him when we could just knock him out.
I dragged his body into the shadows where it hopefully wouldn't get spotted.
"Let's see where this way leads," I said to Eevee. "Chances are it'll take us to an observation room. If we can take control of that...well I guess Roxy'll be handling the rest."
Eevee nodded.
"Up for a brisk work out?" i asked as I heard footsteps coming from down the corridor. Lots of footsteps.
I tightend my grip on my sword. "Things are gonna get messy..."

4th May 2004, 03:16 PM
The group went off to the hideaway and I headed back to the ship because I had nothing to do,I got on the ship and saw Almond lying there asleep,I was angry so I went to the bathroom and filled up a bucket of ice cold water,I walked back in and stood by Almond,I waited a second then tipped it over Almond,He sat up and looked around "what the.....?" He shouted staring at me
"We're on a mission,not a sleeping holiday we've done loads of work and you slept!you deserve it!"I said smirking.

4th May 2004, 04:24 PM
i woke to a cold shower. literally. after being woke up, i changed my suit and went to the castle.
"um, what was our objective again?" i asked.
"idiot." she said," we're here to find the queen that was captured."
"find,captured, queen." i repeated. this was my easiest way to remember things."where's sam?"
"probably with evee."
"so where's evee?"
"with sam." no matter. i got out my game boy and typed to find thermal dectections. unluckily, the catsuit stopped any thermal contact, but the good thing about was that it didn't cover thier face, so i searched on the screen for floating heads. i found them, and they were knocking out gaurds... or at least i hope it's just knocking out.i pulled out my colt 45, put a silencer on it, and snuck around. i also put on safe bullets, just enough to knock them out. i found a few gaurds. the most of them were already knocked out. i heard footsteps coming.i looked around. roxanne was over there, and alex was right here with a weapon. i don't exactly know what it is, because it's not a gun. other than that, i could identify anything else. i saw shadows, and we pulled form the corner with ready, and it was sam, evee, and serena. they had their weapons out too, and sam's katana was at my throat.
"hi." i said, backing away from the blade.

4th May 2004, 04:30 PM

"Nice of you to join us," I said sarcastically, withdrawing my blade.
"Nice of you to spare my life," replied Almond.
"Did you guys find anything?" asked Roxanne.
"No." replied Eevee. "We went looking for some sort of observation room but we couldn't find one."
It was then I spotted something that seemed to stand out. i walked over and touched it. A door slid open revealing a hidden elevator.
"Well when all else fails, go up." I said.
We all clambered into the elevator. As it got near its destnation I told everyone to back to the sides of the elevator as i pulled out my sword. Who knew what would be waiting for us when those doors opened.
Luckily, all was clear.
"Almond, use your thermal detections to scan the area, maybe we can pinpoint the Queen's location. No offence but i fancy wrapping this mission up."

5th May 2004, 12:56 AM
i used my tracker to find the queen. there were 8 gaurds, a big person, and a person in a chair. when we got to the top floor, i shot 2 guys in the head,sam cut four guys heads off, and eeve stabbed the remaining two with her sais. we went up to the door, counted down, and bursted in. there was the queen, and an odd looking fella. he looked at us, then pointed his gun to her, and i pointed my gun to his hand. we pulled the triggers. luckily, mine came first and it hit his hand. the shot wen to sam and he blocked it with his sword. he then drove the sword into his hand, and it missed. he started dashing around the room all of a sudden. he threw my to the side, and sam flew to protect serena,evee,roxanne, and alex. i heard a crazy sound coming form the glass roof. some thing broke through the windows and tried to hit the man with his switchblades. he was thrown to the ground next to me.
"shruiken!" i said happily.

sam finish the fight, or someone.

5th May 2004, 12:57 AM
Almond and some wierd guy were fighting the evil man I looked around the room and saw the queen tied up so I tapped roxanne on the shoulder "come with me"I said I snuck a little to the side and gane rox this wierd beeper like thing,I put mine on my belt clip and immediatly shranjk so rox put hers on she shrank we ran over to the queens feet and started to climb up,Once webreached her belt clip we looked at Almond and saw the guy was really weak so me and rox put the clip on to her belt and she shrunk,we untied her and ran back next to eevee me and rox took our clips off and went back to normal size and I put the queen in my pocket.

5th May 2004, 10:33 AM
Mini-Queen. How fun. Good idea, but it wasn't so good if there were a load of guards around and stuff. We could either slice 'n dice everyone in the room or we could blow them up. Personally, i would love to slice 'n dice but explosions were a lot quicker.
"Rox? Where are you going?" Asked Alex as i snuck off toward the door.
"To cause a distraction." I whispered as i exited the room.
I crouched down in the shadows and took a gun from my boot. I kinda guessed that a load more people would be coming this way. I needed to protect myself somehow, didn't i?
I got to the other side of the building quickly and began to set up an explosive that i just happened to pick up from the store room in the restricted section one evening.
Once i had finished, i made my way back to the others, meeting a little resistance on the way. Luckily they were heading for the others which meant i could shoot them from behind.
I crouched next to Alex when i returned.
"So when's this distrac-"
"5... 4... 3... 2... 1..."
Most of the guards ran for it, thinking there were more of us attacking from the other side. Heh, the dumbasses.
Sam looked slightly annoyed and confused. "Who did that?"
"It was a distraction. I figured we could take them out quicker if we had the element of surprize."

5th May 2004, 01:54 PM

I shook my head and watched Shuriken and Almond deal with that guy. "Kinda seems like they don't need me now," i said quietly.
"Well at least ya know Eevee still wants you around," joked Roxanne.
"Very comforting."
A loud sound came from above us and suddenly loads of WOOHP agents rushed into the room. Jerry came too, he seemed pretty happy.
"Where's the Queen?"
Alex took the Queen out of her pocket and she suddenlyy grew to full size. Shuriken and Almond came over as the guy was handcuffed and taken away.
"Nice to see ya again," i said to Shuriken.
"Good to be back. Now that this mission's over do you fancy that rematch?"
"We already had it. I thrashed you remember?"
"That doesn't count."
"Alright we'll have a fight later. No weapons, just hand to hand. Think you can handle it?"
"Yeah. Think you can handle your girlfriend watching you get beat. We'll see Shuriken, we'll see..."

5th May 2004, 02:59 PM
We all walked back to the sub and on the way I stopped Rox and asked her "Who's that guy?",She looked at me confused
"don't you know him?"She asked
"I left for a while,remember"I replied
"Oh yeah"she said,she looked at the guy then grabbed my arm and dragged me in his direction "He's a mate so I'll introduce you"Rox said as we stopped and she let go of my arm,she ran infront of the guy and turned around to face him "nice to see you again"she said
"you too"he replied
she smilied,"I want you to meet a mate"she said looking at me,The guy turned round and I walked up to shake his hand "shruiken this is Alex,Alex this is shruiken"she said,
"Nice to meet you"He said shaking my hand
"you too"I replied smiling,I let go of his hand
"I haven't seen you before,you new?"He asked
I laughed a little "No I came when the school started and I left for a while to do....stuff,which must have been when you came,I came back a while ago though"I replied
"why did you leave?"
"I'll tell you later"I said,trying to avoid explaining
I went to the sub with rox and we sat down "He's nice and cute"I said.

5th May 2004, 04:23 PM

IC: "that was a quick mission." i said to sam as we got into the sub to go back home.

"mmm" sam replied, i could tell he was thinking about his upcoming match with Shuriken.

the whole gang got into the sub, and we left on our journy back to camp. i had seen jerry and the gang get onto helicopters, so i guess that was it for this mission. to bad, it really was just getting good. we hadn't really had any missions lattly and i really enjoyed being on one.

"we have class tomarrow." i thought aloud. that might be interesting, classes were always fun.

i sat indian style at sam's feet then took at my cd-man i'd left on the sub and started listening to SR71. i fiddled with my eyebrow rings, then picked up my sais and worked on cleaning off the bloodstains theyhad aquired from stabbing gaurds in the fight.

Alex and Rox talked to eacother and the sub sped through the clear water of an ocean. it was going to be a long trip, but that was okay, i was comfortable and the ocean was a beautiful sight through the glass windows on the sub.

6th May 2004, 10:43 AM
I talked to rox for ages then I slowly drifted asleep,when I woke up rox was stood infront of me,I looked up at her and yawned "are we back "I asked,she nodded I grabbed my bag and we went outside,It was pitch black "how long did I sleep for?"I asked rox
"Only about 2 minutes after we stopped I woke you up so not long"
"did I snore?"
"did I drool,sleeptalk or make myself look really ugly?"
"ok no need to shout"
"sorry but it's kind of annoying,why do you care so much about how you looked?"
"I dunno I just do"
"you trying to impress someone?"
"NO!" I pushed rox and walked into the school,rox ran up to me and we went onto our floor as we walked sam and eevees room we heard them talking,I went into my room and rox followed "I'm going to change and go to eat something meet you in 10 minutes outside my room" I said,rox nodded and walked off,I changed in to this and did my hair in the same way but my hair is dark brown. clicky (http://www.hilaryduff.com/html_2003/pictures/pictures_big/WHEMDAY-026.htm) When I went out side rox was waiting for me,we went down stairs I stopped at the notice board and looked at the notices they were all boring then one caught my eye it read:
I looked at rox "wanna share?"I asked

6th May 2004, 12:08 PM
"I'll have a think about it..." I said, "I'm warning you, you've never seen what it's like on a normal day in my dorm."
"That's true... What's it like?"
"Well... Lets see... My curtains are normally closed cos i get loads of sun, my laptop is always on and i have two room mates who don't like my stuff all over the place. It was mine before it was theirs!" I explained.
Shruiken walked past and muttered hi as he did. I grinned, watching Alex turn to jelly. She blushed, a lot. I knew it. Not dressed to impress, my ass.
I laughed as he walked off, "I knew it! Alex and Shrui- OW! Why'd you hit me? You know it's true!" I teased.
"Shut up..."
"You know i'm right."
"Shut up..."
"You just wait. I'm sure he'd like you if ya got to know him."
"Are you like knower of guys ways, computer geek?"
"I guess i am. All my real friends were guys before i came here. The rest of them said i was their 'friend'" I did the little quotey thing with my fingers, "just because they wanted my homework. Heh, i was an idiot."

6th May 2004, 12:43 PM
"you're not an idiot"I said trying to reassure her,she smiled and we started walking a bit "you fancy Shuriken don't you"rox said,I looked at her angrily "no I don't"I replied
"you blushed"
"you like him"
"no I don't"
"sure,anyway about the apartment I wouldn't mind sharing with you if you don't mind about the mess"
"I don't mind,I'm the same"
We walked into the cafe and I saw shuriken sitting at a table,me and rox got in the que and picked out something to eat rox had a drink and a doughnut and I had a diet coke and an apple,rox looked at me as I was paying "diet?" she asked
"just wondering"
the woman took a while so rox went and sat down by shuriken,when the woman was finished I grabbed the tray and sat down by rox "Hi"I said to shuriken "Hi" he said back,I passed rox her drink and doughnut,I took a bite out of my apple and rummaged through my bag,I got out my cellphone and checked my messages,it was empty so I put my phone away.All of a sudden I smiled because I thought of what rox said earlier the fact I blushed and I was happy because I knew I wasn't blushing.

6th May 2004, 03:08 PM

Me and Eevee were resting on the bed. We'd read the notice and were discussing it. Eevee agreed to let Serena stay with us and we'd share a room just like we were now.
"What about your fight with Shuriken?" asked Eevee.
"I'll still have it. Looking at houses on the internet isn't very tiring." I pulled out a laptop I'd gotten a few days ago and started web searching.
"So, what sort of appartment should we get?" asked Eevee.
"We don't have to get an appartment. We could get a house. Then we can have wicked cool parties and then we won't have to worry about room and we can have a garden we can sit out in and then, if we like it enough. We might even live there for a while after school. It's your choice though. If you see anything you like just tell me. Maybe I can make some good use of that money my cold-hearted father gave me."

8th May 2004, 05:02 AM
when we had finished eating I picked up the tray the rubbish on and tipped the rubbish into the bin,we all got up and started to walk the was an annoying silence because neither me,rox or shuriken had any Idea what to say finally rox asked "what should we do?"and then we all stopped walking and stood still in silence wondering what to do,"how about swimming?"I asked rox and shuriken looked at each other and nodded then rox looked at me and said "ok" we all went up stairs.I rummaged through my wardrobe to try and find my tankini,I found it and grabbed it then shoved it in my bag.When I got out rox was waiting for me we headed down to the swimming pool and got changed,I put on a light blue tankini the top was a bit like a vest top and there were bikini bottoms.Me and rox met up at alocker and dumped our stuff in then we went to the actual pool area It was huge I quickly ran and dived into the deep end and then rox joined me we swam for a while and got tired so we got into a jacuzzi"we should look for an apartment soon"I said
"maybe,we need to know the top floors are going"
"I'll ask jerry"
"what sort of apartment should it be?"
"A big one"
"can we afford one though?" I was silent for a moment then I nodded and said "yes"
"It's just I thought with your mum and everything"
All of a sudden shuriken walked in and sat in the entrance to the jacuzzi,I gave a sigh of relief and said "took you long enough,I thought girls were supposed to be slower",He smiled then got into the jacuzzi.There was another awquard silence and all I could think about was what rox had said did she think I was poor or what?I never told her all of my life I guess I should have."I'm gonna go"I said and I walked off,I got into the shower and started singing 'baby now that I've found you I won't let you go' (It's a kinda fast love song and Is in the film shallow hal.)I got out of the shower dried and got changed,then I went to my room.I un packed my wet clothes and hung them on the washing line above my balcony,then I opened up my laptop and started to search for apartments.

8th May 2004, 10:27 AM
"I don't get her sometimes..." I said to no one in particular, "But hey, i don't get myself most of the time..."
Shuriken shrugged, I sighed. I mean, i'd known him since my first day here but i still didn't know him as well as i should...
"See you later..." Said Shuriken as he left.
Fine... Leave me here to shrivle up like a prune... I thought, getting out.
I made my way back to my dorm and showered. I pulled on some jeans and a purple tank top.
"Okay... Apartment finding time..." I said, booting up my laptop. I pulled my semi-dry hair back into a pony tail and began to search.

8th May 2004, 10:34 AM
"what did you mean earlier,when you said with my mum and all"Iasked
"It's just you told me about your mum so I didn't know how much money you had"
"oh sorry"
"so can we afford it?"
"yep" I got up and opened a draw by my bed,I pulled out a pile of cheques
"look at theese"I said,Rox flicked through them "What are they?" She asked
"how did you get them?"
"my dad"
"you never told me about your dad"
"oh,not much to tell,he divorced my mum,now he sends me cheques once a month and an email or text once a week to keep me updated about what happens from where I'm from"
"Found one"I shouted rox came over and looked at the screen,There was an apartment with 2 bedrooms,a study,a kitchen,a lounge and two bathrooms.I looked at rox "what do you think?"I asked
"looks great"
"ok,we'll view it tommmorrow"
we sat talking and listening to music until 7:00pm then we went downstairs for dinner "hey do you wanna sleepover in my room tonight,I get bored alone?"
I asked
"great" We finished our dinner then went to the library,when we got there I saw shuriken looking across the shelves and walked up to the set of shelves by him,I searched the whole shelf then just randomly picked up a book,I picked up 'Forever' by judy blume,I went to the desk and took it out then met up with rox,I saw shuriken go out side and I remembered the fight I went outside and dragged rox with me, sam and eevee were already outside,me and rox walked over to eevee as sam and shuriken shook hands,Ilooked at rox then eevee then back at sam and shuriken "let the fight begin" I said.

8th May 2004, 05:18 PM
i'm gonna go with almond for now.


"what are we doing here?" i asked as shruiken looked through a pile of books.
"aha!" shruiken said as he pulled out dusty books. Weapon Wielding: a Guide on Arms And Armours. and other fighting books.
"are you satisfied?" i said.
"do you have all the FLCL manga series?"
"as well as yu-yu hakusho."
"then yes."
"wait..." i rushed to the nearest computer.
"the internet? you have your own.."
"saves my money on internet bills."
"oh." he said, and walked up the stairs. he seemed to be following someone. anyways, i searched on the compy for a house.

i have a good plan for the fight. but sam? please stop saying "fancy"! it's too...well,fancy.

8th May 2004, 05:24 PM
I decided not to watch the fight so I quickly ran inside and went in the library I looked around and saw almond sitting at a computer on a table full of them,I sat down at the computer next to him,he looked at me and I smiled "how are ya?" I asked
"fine,you?"He replied
"been better"
"what's up"
"nothing really,just a little down"
"I know that feeling"
I smiled and turned back to my computer screen,I loaded up the internet and satred searching for articles on animal abuse.

9th May 2004, 02:29 PM
I sat outside watching Sam and Shuriken. I don't know what made me stay there and watch. Maybe cos i had nothing better to do? Or that I liked watching them fight? Who knows...?
I wasn't paying much attention. I felt myself drifting off to sleep for some reason... Damn... I was missing the fiiiiiight... *snore*

10th May 2004, 12:48 AM
someone has to post what happened in the fighjt but I'm posting afterwards.

I printed off a few articles then put them in my bag,I turned to Almond
"bye"I said
"see ya around"
"yep,in weaponry,can't wait,I love swords"
"okay....see ya then"
"ok see you"
I walked off outside the fight was finished and rox was lying on the floor asleep,I bent down beside and shook her but she didn't wake up,I rummaged through my bag and got out a bottle of buxton, took the lid off and poured it over her,she quickly sat up screaming "I don't wanna swim!" I looked at her then got up,We walked up to my room and got changed I put on a really long white t-shirt that went down to my knees and picked up my book,I began to read it then rox turned to me and said "I don't know you"
"I don't really know you"
"wat do you mean you don't know me?"
"I don't know your past"
"what do you want to know?"
"ok...well...I was born in oxford in england and the first five years of my life was great then when i was 5 my mum had an affair while my dad was on a buissness trip,I caught her and threatened to tell my dad so she hit me to kep me quiet then 1 day I told my dad and he divorced her,for 3 years my mum abused me and would go out and sleep with men every night.1 day when I was 8 my dad saw my bruises so I went to live with him.When I was 9 my dad remarried but sadly she was murdered a year later.When I was 11 I met my best mate Ashley,we were best mates since.Around 3 months later one of my other mates Emily, was raped.Later when I was 12 a guy wanted me to date him,I didn't like him so he beat me up and pushed me down a hill putting into a coma for 3 months.When I woke up my dad was engaged again and on my 13th birthday she left him for another guy.Around 5 months later me and Ashley met Patrick,he was my mate and him and Ashley dated,I think they still do.2 months after my mate who got raped sadly moved,I was sad for just a little while.On my 14th birthday, While I was heading to London I was mugged and stabbed.6 months later I met Joe, we were quiet close mates,that's it!When I was 15 I ran away then got caught 3 months later,on the way back to oxford a was in a car crash,Then I moved back home with my dad.Then when I was 16 I moved to W.O.O.H.P around 4 months later I kidnapped my sister then came back here,pretended she was mine until the cops came then I put her up for adoption.Well...That's...all"
Rox didn't say anything for a while,she finally took a deep breath and said "that's alot of stuff"
"I know,all the time I had no boyfriend or anything and whenever a something bad didn't happen I was away from home on courses,I can't remember a happpy birthday"
"How did you cope?"
I just shrugged then I climbed into my bed and started to read my book,when I was on page 7 I looked up from my book and saw Rox amazed and kind of sad I wanted to say something but I thought I had said enough so I settled down and continued reading the book.

12th May 2004, 11:31 AM
I couldn't say anything. And i thought my past was completely screwed. Well, it was. But not that bad...
I went back to my IMs. Everyone seemed really happy, all except me. I didn't get it, when ever i was happy, everyone else was sad... I'm just weird, i decided. That's it. My name. Roxanne completely-weird-hacker-girl Violet. Having no real middle name means you can make up your own...
I signed off and lay on my bed which i'd set up on the floor.
"My life sucks most of the time..." I announced to Alex, not expecting a reply.

12th May 2004, 11:47 AM
"I know that feeling" I said,
I looked at rox and smiled,
"listen don't treat me differently or anything,I got so fed up with that" I said fighting back tears while remembering all those days
"ok" she said
"no problem"
"anything happenning tommorrow?"
"just viewing the house,what about you?"
"it's my 17th"
"I didn't know"
"I know"
"don't you care?"
"hello,the last time I had a happy birthday was......never,so no"
"oh yeah"
"you can make a big deal if you want I don't care"
I finished the chapter then turned off my lamp.

12th May 2004, 12:57 PM
Of course i wouldn't treat her differently... It's not the thing people should do, even though most people do. I sighed, i had to do something for Alex's brithday. If she had told me earlier then i might have been able to sort something out...
... She doesn't want a big party, and i'm crap at sorting them out anyway... That's Eevee's thing. Mine was the getting stuff and enjoying the party... I couldn't wake her now...
I'd get her a pressie... Yeah, that's what i'd do.
I snuck out of bed and out the door quietly. I went back in again after i realised that i was still wearing my night shirt. I grabbed my jeans, slipped them on and ran for the town center, not thinking to borrow a hover board to speed my journey up...

12th May 2004, 01:10 PM
I woke up the next day at 6:00am,I got out of bed and changed into jeans and a top,I went for a walk and sat on the harbour,I kicked my shoes off and let them fall into the water all of a sudden I didn't feel alone anymore.

12th May 2004, 02:47 PM
I'm gonna back track to Sam and Shuriken's fight


i met Shuriken in the training room for our match. Eevee came to watch and I had a feeling Almond was around somewhere.
"So where you been for so long?" I asked.
"Training for this. What else did you expect?"
"I expect it won't help you. I'm the best fighter in the world Shuriken and I'm not ready to hand that title over just yet."
Shuriken charged at me and we were both dragged into a fast-paced battle of fists and feet with neiter of us doing more than the other. Shuriken had imporved greatly but i still knew his weak spot.
Shuriken had a tendency to leave one side open during punches and that was where I struck him. As he fell back I swung my leg, taking out his, but he countered with a backflip.
We went back into a flurry of fists that left us both tired at the end. i took a brief moment to look at a clock on the wall. We'd been at it for over an hour.
I knew endurance was Shuriken's strong point and i wouldn't let him use that tactic on me, I'd beat him first!
i ran along the edge of the room and as i had predicted, he countered. before he could hit me, I jumped against the wall and spun my foot round into the back of his head. As he tried to keep his balance i landed and pulled his feet out from under him and pinning him face-down on the floor.
"Guess I win."
I helped Shuriken to his feet. "You're very good. Much better than last time. You would have won if you'd been able to keep that up a little longer." i held out my hand. "i look forward to our next meeting."
He smirked and took it. "Me too."
I walked over to Eevee. "You like real tired."
"Well you were fighting for nearly an hour and a half."
I laughed quietly. "Sorry. I'll finish it off faster next time, just for you. Would you prefer that?"

15th May 2004, 04:27 PM
i smiled happely. it was nice when you didn't have to worry about anything and you could just sit back and goof off.

"hey sam. i was thinking about the house. since there are so few whoop trainees, do you think we could all share a house. like at collage."

sam looked he was pondering my question.

"i'll think about it." he said.

sam looked tired from his fight so i suggested we just sit back for a while. we found a large tree and we sat under it's shade and stared up at the blossoms in the tree.

"spring is so pretty." i said, thinking about my mother's butterfly garden back at home. i remembered how i used to sit in the garden for hours at a time just naming the butterflies that flew by.

a monarch butterfly came swooping down to us as if on comand. it landed on sam's knee and a joyfully watched it spread it's wings. wehn it finally flew away sam began to talk.

OOC: (TAG, sam's it! ^_^)

15th May 2004, 05:16 PM

"I think that house for us all would be a good idea. I don't value the privacy lack much but I suppose I can live with it..."
Eevee hugged me tightly. It was nice to see her so happy.
"We'll sort it out tomorrow," i said, "but for now, how about some sleep?"
"Alright," Eevee started to get up.
"Where you going?"
"To bed."
"No. Stay here. It's warm out. Nothing to stop a nice nap under the stars."
Eevee sat back down and we curled up against the tree and slwoly drifted off to sleep.

21st May 2004, 03:38 PM
God damn it you people need to post alot more and Duo Washu III if you come on you should stay on for more than two minutes and please delete some of your private messages because I've been trying to contact you.Anyway back to the important thing and sorry if I sounded rude I didn't mean it in a REALLY BAD way. :no:

I woke up at 7:ooam and got dressed,Rox had already left so I headed down to the cafeteria and got a chocolate centred croissant,I sat down at a table and started to read 'Forever' by Judy blume,I got up to the part where Katherine left for camp when a brick crashed through the window,I put my book away and ran over to the window,I looked around but no-one was there so I headed outside,I walked dowm to the harbour and sat,I took my shoes off,put them to my side and put my feet in the lake,I felt some fish against my feet then I felt someones hand on my shoulder ao I got up and turned around.

I don't know who's there so you can choose who it is. :nut:

25th May 2004, 04:15 PM
Well seeing as Eevee asked for me to think a little something up...


Eevee was still asleep when i woke up. I moved away carefully, not wanting to wake her, and walked over to the nearest hill and stood watching the morning spring into life.
Here it is again... I have to go this time, I can't avoid it forever. I have to go back, just for today. I have to make my peace. I took a deep breath. I should take Serena, she deserves to go see her mother's grave...but i don't know if i can face it again. I haven't been there since we had her buried.
I walked over to Eevee as she began to wake up.
She looked at me, blinking a few times and smiling. "Hey. You okay?"
"I'm alright. This day always makes me kind of depressed."
"This the day your mum died?"
I nodded silently and Eevee took my hand. "You gonna be okay?"
"Yeah." I paused for a bit. "I'm gonna take Serena up to her grave. She never got to go because of her condition."
"Do you want me to go?"
"Would you? It's just...it sort of feels like this is the closest thing to you actually meeting her and...that would mean a lot to me."

3rd June 2004, 07:18 PM
i nodded my head. "of course i will go with you, sam. your mom must have been a good lady and i would like to meet her." i said, realizing how important it was to sam that i visit his mother's grave.

we got up and went to the dorms where we packed a few things. once we were done with that, we went to jerry's office. sam knocked on the door, but jerry didn't answer.

"he's probably still asleep." i said, then hastily wrote a note and put it in his mail box. "ok, lets go."

we found a hover car in the equipment shed and sped off to sam's sister's hospital to pick her up.

4th June 2004, 10:23 PM
i was watching mitchell bungie off the school. he once his head on the ground, and his hat came off, showing a large bump. i thought of my friends at whoop and thought. i decided to ask where alex was staying. she was sitting at the harbor and i put my hand on her shoulder.
"woah!" she said, startled.
"sorry.." i said. " um... so, where are you living?"
"maple 62"
"really? that's great!" i said.
"AHA!" he said getting closer, bungieing(?) still,"you-"
"like her-"
"don't ya?"
"ha! i knew it! i-" i slammed him in the face. he went back first into a wall and the bungie cord snapped.
"ow..." he slumped onto his arms.
"that proves two things... you DO like her... and...i can't feel my legs..."
WHAM!he hit the floorboards knocked out cold.
"uh...heh..." cat's out of the bag... i thought...

1.ha... i got hurt.wait...
2. it's mitchell "almond washu" toolen. just in case people for some reason hate him and want to kill him or something, he has a backup name.

6th June 2004, 07:35 AM
Ok I kinda got confused halfway through that post so I'm just gonna skip forward a bit and pokemonluver you lied !!!!!!

I got up and headed straight to the library,I had finished 'Forever' by 'Judy Blume' and I had to return it.I returned the book and started looking for another one,I had two choices a traditional and classic book (Pride and prejudice) or A book about murder and wierd stuff (final venture),I chose the book on murder,I quite liked those sort of books,I checked it out then went to the gardens,I sat down on the bench and began to read my book,When I got to chapter 9 I got a bit bored so I headed to the training room, It was empty, That was good,I liked to train on my own,I hadn't trained in over two years so I was a little rusty but I got out some boxing gloves and began to practice,When I finished it was 9:00am and I was really thirsty,I went to the cafe and got a diet coke and an apple, Like I always do, and I got out my laptop,usually i looked up articles on problems with the world but I didn't really feel like it so I started to type a book,I was good at writing books,I usually wrote childrens books and I used to give them to the nearest hospital for the sick children,but this Time I stated to write I murder mystery,I wrote six capters when rox came down and met me in the cafe.
"Hi" she said
"hey,where were you earlier?"
"Just walking"
I nodded,saved my work and put my laptop away
"we have to view that house today" I said
"let's go now"
"were is it anyway?"
I looked at the info sheet i got yesterday
"maple 62"
"ok let's get a cab there"
Me and rox left the cafeteria and got a cab to the house.
Ok pl it's your turn,and actually post this time !!!!

8th June 2004, 02:37 PM
The ride to the hospital was a quiet one. I had so many things running through my head, I had thought about this day for years but now it was finally happening...I didn't know what I was going to do.
I had been so long since it all happened...should I say something? What should I do? Should I even be going after failing to go for so long? Was it too late?
Eevee put her hand on my leg reasurringly, maybe she didn't realise it but she was giving me the confidence to go just by coming with me. i was beginning to wonder how I'd survived so long without her.
I pulled up outside Serena's hospital. I just wanted to get there, I'd figure it all out then.

11th June 2004, 05:26 AM
We gave eachother reasuring smiles as we silently got off our vihacle. we held hands as we slowly inched toward the big, intimidating building. i could hear sam take a deep breath and i squeazed his hand reasuringly.

step by step we walked up the pathway to the hospital. greenery surrounded us, and all of the trees and plants were blooming itno magnifacent colors. this was a well cared-for hospital, which made me feel beter.

We passed a small fountain as we went through the big glass doors into the building.

"may i help you?" said a pleasent looking woman at the front desk. sam spoke first.

"yes, i'm here to pick up my sister for the day, i called ahead of time."

the woman looked through her papers. "are you sam here for your sister serena?" she said, reading the names off her notes for today.

"yes ma'am" said sam.

"Serena's at lunch right now. the lunch room is just down the hall and thrid door on your left. please sign out with me when you leave the building." she said, smiling.

we walked down the bright blues hallway. there were various paintings to make the place look cheerier. also scatered on the walls were varios knited and croshade projects that some of the paciants here must have made. i read the name plates of who made what until i got toone that said 'serena'. i pointed it out to sam. he looked with me. serena had drawn a very good picture of sam, me, and her in one of the gardens at whoop. i never realised how good an artist she was. sam seemed to think the same thing.

we continued down the hallwa until we came to the third door which opened into a large dining hall. a nurse stood at the door enterance.

"can i help you folks?" the nurse asked.

"we're here for serena."

"of course, she's right next to the window at table 11."

slolwy we walked up to her. "serena?" i said. she turned her head to us.

"Sam! Eevee!" she said hapily.

11th June 2004, 09:49 AM
here's the funny part of this chapter.

"what he said is true." she turned to me.
"but, um... LOOK BEHIND YOU, A THREE-HEADED MONKEY!" whil she turned around, i grabbed almond by the leg and dragged him to the house.he started to get up.
"what happened?"
"um, your bungee cord broke and you fell and went out cold."
"oh. where's this?"
"it the house. you bought it, remember?"
"oh yeah." he got up but stumbled back down.

15th June 2004, 02:18 PM

"Hey sis," I said, forcing a smile.
"Why are you guys here? i wasn't expecting you so soon."
"I'm going to see Mum. Didn't know if you wanted to come," it scared me how i'd said that, I just wanted to get it out. It was like i was scared and...I guess I kinda was. I hadn't been there since...and I was scared to go back.
"I'd like that. Thankyou."
We wheeled Serena to the hovercar and I helped her in as Eevee folded up the wheelchair. We all got in and i drove us to the location.
When we stopped, I didn't move. Just being here, it was hard for me and i hated it. I hated that I couldn't face this. It was so important for me and I just couldn't.
"Hey...it'll be okay," eevee's voice was so comforting, maybe i could do this after all.
We helped Serena into the wheelchair and I pushed her through the woods with Eevee. We'd had mum buried where it had happened because she'd loved this place so much. We had so many happy memories of this place but I couldn't seem to find any. No matter how hard I tried they all seemed to end in disaster.
We just stayed there, in front of my mother's grave. Serena said a few things that you could tell she had been holding in for years and Eevee even managed to say a thing or two, but i couldn't. There were no words. The pain was just too much.
We all stayed there, silent; listening to the sounds of the world around us. Carefree and suttle, unaware of what this was to us.
I felt Eevee grab my hand after several minutes. "Are you ready?"
I shook my head. "You can take Serena to the car. I have to do something."
She nodded understandedly and left with Serena.
"I couldn't say this in front of them, I don't want them to know what I'm going to do because I know they'll try to stop me; but they don't understand. They don't know what's it's like to remember how you died. I just can't shake the feeling that I could have done something to stop it but I know there's a way to make amends for that mistake; i won't let him live much longer. He's taken so much away from me, you, Serena, my childhood and he also tried to hurt Eevee. he must be made to suffer for what he's done. I'm sick of waiting, I'll fix it."
i took a deep breath.
"You must hate me for making this choice but can't you see there is no other option? I can't risk losing all these great people to his stupid cause. Especially not Eevee... She's just so...amazing, she makes me feel things i never though I could, she gives me confidence when i really need it, she's the one who gave me the courage to show up to day. She gives me a reason to live my life. I knew you'd just have to meet her. She so like you, I think, she's that sort of person who always knows what to say and when to say it or when to say nothing at all. i don't know if i could ask for much more. I love her Mum, I love her so much that it scares me that I'll just break down if something happens to her, or even to Serena. She's grown so much and she's matured so much better than I have, the doctors even said they might be able to get her to walk again. Can you imagine that?" I paused to laugh. "you might get those grand-children you were so eager to see after all."
I sighed, knowing that this would have to wrap it up. "I guess what I really wanted to say was...I'm sorry for what I couldn't do and I'm sorry if you don't approve how I've chosen to handle that but this is what i am now, and I'm not changing my mind."
I took a small gem from my pocked and placed it in a dent in the gravestone. "You handle things topside okay?" i said and headed back to the car.
When i arrive Eevee asked, "are you feeling better?"
i smiled, "actually i am and you know what, I fancy a bit of house shopping. You up for it?"

15th June 2004, 03:26 PM
As sam walked toward me, i saw something different in his eye. just a little glint that gave me the feeling he had suddenly matured so much. i don't know how to explain it, so i won't try. but some how, he wasn't a child anymore.

we got into the car and drove/flew back to whoop, talking and laughing all the way. it was a wonderful feeling, to be surrounded by people you loved, just enjoying the moment.
on the way to whoop, i called Serena's hospital and told them she might be a day or two late. they understood and allowed us the pleasure of serena's compony for a few more days.

"how do you like your new hospital?" i asked serena, in the midst of our conversation.
her face lit up, she began to tell us about the hospital, and how much she enjoyed it.
we continued to talk and smile all the way home to whoop.

OOC- g2g, post later-

16th June 2004, 11:36 AM

i suddenly had a great idea. "Hey sis, instead of going back to the hospital why do you....come and stay with me and Eevee?"
"But isn't there just the one bed in your room?"
"Well, me and Eevee are going to get a house so....why don't you live with us? I mean, I could always help you out with the whole walking thing but maybe it'll be cool for the three of us to hang out."
"Yes please!" Serena cheered.
I smiled and veered off the road to WOOHP and towards the housing estate nearby. "Alright then, I'll drive, you guys shout out if you see one you like."

17th June 2004, 10:51 AM
Me and rox got out the taxi and I payed him,As he drove off I noticed Shuriken and Almonds house.I followed Rox up to the door and she rang the doorbell,A tall,old lady wearing a pink floral dress answered the door,"Yes" She said,
"Hello Mrs Windon,We're here to view the house" I said,
"oh yes,please come in"
I looked at Rox and we went inside,The old lady sat in one of her comfy chairs and said "feel free to look around I'm just going to take a nap"
I nodded at rox and We looked around.An hour later we were done,Onn the bottom floor of the house was;
A study,
A tv room,
A dining room,
A kichen,
A wide hallway and
3 Cupboards.
On the top floor was;
2 bedrooms,
2 Bathrooms,only accesiable from the bedroom it is by,
A study,
And a cupboard.
Me and rox both liked the house so I left an cheque with Mrs Windon as we left.
When we got back to W.O.O.H.P it was luch time so Rox and I went to the cafe,Rox had 2 doughnuts and a drink and I had a roissant and A diet coke.once I had finished I got up and started to walk out of the cafe,Rox stopped me,
"where you going?"She asked,
"Swimming,you wanna come?"
"Ok,Just wait a sec"
Rox ran off,Then ran back a few minutes later carrying the remains of her last doughnut.
We walked off and Rox finished her Doughnut.When we got to the swimming pool entrance shuriken and Almond were sat talking so Rox ran over to them,
"we're going swimming you wanna come?" She asked.

17th June 2004, 11:09 AM

*ding dong*
"you get it." said shruiken.
"no, you get it." i replied.
"no, i get it."
"no i get it, and that final."
*ding dong ding dong ding dong*
"ha! looney tooned ya!"
"crap." i got up and answered the door.
"hey guys." alex said, "wanna go swimming?" shruiken got up from the couch and interupted.
"uh, sure."
"yeah, just let me get my gameboy." i grabbed shruiken by the neck and we changed to swimming trunks. i still got my gameboy, even if shruiken said not to bring it. i also brought the rocks that we use to play a game where someone throws the rocks in the pool and people have to dive for them. i put them in a bag and we left for whoop's pool
ok! *throws rock at PL* pokelover's it! *thunk* *PL falls to ground* uh, wasn't me.

17th June 2004, 11:25 AM
I thought we were back at W.O.O.H.P,me and rox don't actually own the house we just viewed it so since that's where I posted we were I 'm just gonna post that we're there again!

Me and rox got changed into our swimsuits,I put on my least revealing, (my favorite) Light blue swimsuit.We went out and met the boys,Almond was playing gameboy while sitting on the side of the pool with his feet in the water and Shuriken was swimming,Rox got in using the steps And I just dived in off the side,When I floated back to the surface I saw I got Almond wet,"sorry" I shouted,He looked at me and gave me a semi sarcastic smile I ignored and swam up to rox who was just standing in the water
"Do you think we can still use this stuff when we don't live here anymore?"She asked,a certain look of worry shadowed her face,
"of course we will,we still have to go to school here"
she looked at me then smiled "I guess you're right" she said,
"of course I am,Race you to the far side of the pool"
"you're on"
We swam down to the far side,I beat rox by like a second but said it was a draw,We sat on the edge and talked for a bit,then we decided we needed to get almond into the pool,Rox told me to swim over to shuriken so I could see what she was doing,I swam over and met him,He was talking to Almond since he had put his gameboy down,"hey "I said as I stood next to him
"hey"Shuriken replied not even realising rox had gone,
I looked over at Almond and saw rox creep up behind him,She knelt down behind him then pushed him into the pool,She dived in seconds later and they both came to the surface,Rox immediately started laughing and so did me and shuriken,Almond gave rox an evil look and started to walk over to her,
"uh oh" She said Backing away
"you bet uh oh" Almond replied,an evil glare in his eyes,Almond ran off and started to chase rox as she ran around the pool to avoid him.I turned to Shuriken and laughed
"so........"I said
"Any hobbies?"I asked,I felt kinda dumb asking it but there was nothing to really talk about.

17th June 2004, 01:27 PM
____________...........*mind is completely blank.....must be the heat...so why am i wearing black...*...____________

IC: we drove around for awhile looking for a good house. too many of the houses looked 'modern', which seemed to me like they were cold, unfriendly, and not personal to the owner. so we searched around for a cozy house, checked out a few, nothing to impresive, untill i saw the perfect house. it was a two stroy house with all the standard appliances. but the thing that i loved was it's archatecher. it was cozy, comrertable, and affordable. best of all, you could easily get onto the roof from two of the upstair windows, something i love in a house.

"sam, lets look inside it. tell me what you think." i said.

as we were walking iside tha house, i noticed the house next to it had a 'for sale' signe being borded up to say 'sold'. i had a feeling the neighbors were from whoop. another pluss, this house was next to alex and rox.

17th June 2004, 03:30 PM

All three of us went inside and took a look around. "It's big in here isn't it?" I mused.
As we walked, i began to plan out what each room would be converted to. There's was plenty of space for us and extra incase we wanted an extra storage room or a guest bedroom or something.
Suddenly Serena spoke up, "You guys, I want to change my decision."
I looked at her strangely, "what do you mean?"
"Well I know it would be really cool to live with you guys but it's not my place. This is kinda liek your first house together and I'd feel like I was in the way."
"You wouldn't be in the way," said Eevee, "we'd like to have you here."
"I know that but there's another reason to, there's sort of this guy back at the hospital."
"Ah, that explains it." I said.
"Yeah well...I figured i should give it a try y'know? There's always hope."
I nodded understandedly. "It's your decision. There'll always be a room here for you if you need it."
"So we're going to buy?" asked Eevee.
I nodded. "Yep. Welcome to our new home. It's just you and me baby."

17th June 2004, 05:45 PM
okay, funny time!


i jumped in and sawm around a bit when the girls came in and got in the pool. alex jumped in and splashed almond.
"sorry." she said.
"eh." almond replied.
"is he always like this?" roxanne asked.
" only when he plays video games." i said.
"Do you think we can still use this stuff when we don't live here anymore?"She asked.
"we'll have to go to school here still."
"you're right."
"race ya!" they raced and it was a draw. while they were racing, i got the rocks and threw them around.
" sorry mitch."
"eh." alex swam up to me and i stepped back a bit. roxanne got next to almond and kicked him in the pool.
"ha!" she yelled.
"eh." she graabed his gameboy, turned it off, and tossed it by a chair. he kinda went silent from there.

i looked up at the sky.
"hey cool! the sun!" i stared at it for a while.
i smelt bacon.
"AHH! MY EYES! IT BURNS!" i dove into the water, only to come back up.
"hey! a rock!" wait a minute... i'm not paying attention again. i glared at rox.
"uh oh."
"he only does this when he plays megaman. i got to learn how to swipe GBA. it's stuck like glue when i swipe it." shruiken said.
"you bet uh oh!" i chased rox around the pool throwing rocks at her. of course, my accuracy sucks, so i hit the wall, shruiken, a chair, a window (nobody saw it, right?), and most just sank into the pool again.


there's a reason for the rock throwing, see? ^-^

18th June 2004, 01:19 AM
I got confused again,What's happeneing,Oh well.

Me and Shuriken watched Almond chase Rox for a while,He randomnly threw rocks around the place,although aiming for Rox he hit loads of objects around the room and he even hit Shuriken,I laughed when he did so Shuriken pushed me back into the pool, "that's not fair"I complained
"yes it is,I get hit by a rock,you get pushed into the pool"
"That's not fair,The pool is cold and wet and the rock is small and dry"
"well I think it's fair"
"Well I don't"
I swam up to him and grabbed onto his feet,I gave them a quick,sahrp pull and Shuriken cam eflying into the water,he floated to the surface
"now it's fair" I said with a huge smile coming over my face.All of a sudden there was a giant splash,Me and Shuriken looked around and couldnd't see Almond ot Rox anywhere then they slowly floated to the surface "I got ya"Almond shouted as soon as he was out the water
"Not fair,you hit my head with a big rock"
"Still fair,you pushed me in the pool"
I swam up to Rox and put my hand on her shoulder
"no point argueing" I said
"what d'ya mean"
"There's no point argueing"
There was a sudden rumbling kind of sound,we looked around and Almond went red,
"I think I'm hungry" He said I a kind of embarressed voice,
"me too" Rox shouted
"Yeah and me" I laughed
"Don't forget me"Shuriken shouted swimming up to Almond,
"ok,guys me and Alex are gonna dry off and change We'll see you in the cafe in abot 15 minutes,see ya"
Me and rox walked off dried,And got changed,Rox put on her usual Jeans and A T-shirt and I put on Jeans with a thick strapped vest top.We left the swimming pool and Went to the cafe.

18th June 2004, 11:09 AM
rox and rox? wierd.

i chased roxanne around the pool once more, then sat on the pool's floor for a surprise attack. as i saw roxanne's feet swim pat, i grabbed it and she went down. we came back up, gasping for air.
"ha!" i said, her growling. wait, that wasn't her... i went red.
"i'm hungry."
"me too." alex said.
"count me in." shruiken said.
"why not." roxanne replied. they got out and told us to be at the cafe in 15 minutes. they left, and we changed.
"so...what'd ya wanta do for 15 minutes?"
"well, i'm tired, so let's go home."
i slept on the couch, dreaming.

someone was there, it looked lke roxanne. but it turned out to be a cloaked person with a hood, chanting something. i started to fall and slammed to the floor. got up but some type ofweight held me down. i woke up and noticed i was off the couch, and taz was on my stomach, meowing.
"you're right taz."
" note to self : even if you're hungry, never, NEVER try shruiken's cooking."

oh yeah, we'll be coming to the cafe, but you can post that if you want.

18th June 2004, 11:18 AM
Me and Rox were only waiting for 10 minutes then Almond and Shuriken came, we all got up and qued up for lunch,Me and Rox were talking about songs we liked and Shuriken and Almond were talking about something but I din't know hat,I grabbed a jacket potato with cheese and Rox got a burger,We all sat down and Ate.No-one said anything then when we had all finished Rox looked up and asked "so...what now"
"movie?" I asked,
"I'm game"Shuriken said,
"sounds cool" Rox replied
"what type of movie?"Almond asked
"I vote...horror or thriller,something scary" I said
"Ok then,let's go" Almond replied getting up,We all left the cafe and went to the cinema downtown,We all bought our own tickets and went inside,I sat with rox to my left and Shuriken to my right,with almond to his right,The movie started,It began quite normal then there were loads of creepy bits,I felt myself looking away a bit then remembered I HAVE to CUDDLE up to something while watching a horror movie,A really sick part came on where a man killed this girl by stabbing her with an axe,I immediately looked awy grabbing Shurikens arm with both hands.

21st June 2004, 05:53 PM
first, almond with the cafe...

i looked at the clock.
"oh crap! shruiken!"
"it's been 20 minutes!" shruiken immediatley grabbed me by the collar and ran out the door. he burst through the cafe doors, gasping for air. i was just trying to get on my feet. we got up and sat down at the table alex and rox were at.
"sorry we're late." shruiken said.
"late? you're ten minutes early!" alex replied.
"what the..." he glanced at me. "almond!"
"ha! got you yet again." i said, smirking. we ate hamburgers. after we ate alex said,"how about a movie?"
"why not?"
"what is it?" i asked in anticipation.
"horror." alex replied.
"awesome! we should 'wicked scary 2' where it has that evil red eyed zombie thing, but they kill it and this guy, he finds the hood of it and the monster takes control of him! it's awesome, and the guy has an axe!" i said, jumping around.
"sure." rox said.
shruiken gets control at the movies.


we got our tickets, almond got popcorn,soda,candy, and i got a drink. we got our seats when the movie started. the movie was alright. the gory graphics were outstanding, but the plot sucked. the police/special forces (like WHOOP) go search the possessed guy's house and the killer comes out and kills the whiny, scared guy first by cutting him in half. the next guy gets killed by getting pushed out a window, a girl gets run over by a truck. on of course, they never really showed it. they screamed and the guy that fell out of the window was shown. the last girl was killed, and you could see it full view. she was decapitated. as her head fell to the ground, i felt something cling to my arm. at first i was scared, but i stopped worrying and looked at my arm. it was alex. terror struck over me again, acutaly, nervousness. what should i do? the screen said in oozing blood "the end". the lights went up and i said, "uh, could i have my arm back?"
"oops" she said, blushing. i could feel i was blushing too.

wicked scary is a movie from teen titans, in case no one knows.

22nd June 2004, 10:22 AM
A sudden realization dawned upon me,I was so scared I hadn't noticed I had grabbed onto Shurikens arm until he said,I quickly let go and began blushing ( Stupid ! STUPID! Oh my god How dumb am I? ) We walked outside and my phone began Beeping I picked it up and looked on the screen
"It's a W.O.O.H.P notice" I said in a sort of shock
"What about?"I looked at Rox
"I don't know" I clicked on open and read through the message,
"It's the W.O.O.H.P lessons starting tommorrow" I announced
"What are they?" Shuriken asked
I looked down at the text and read the schedule out,
"Monday - Disquises,Tuesday - Weaponry, Wednesday - Gadgets,Thursday - Gym and Friday - Woodwork"
"woodwork?"Almond asked,A suprised look on his face
"yeah,Woodwork"I replied
"Why do we need woodwork?" Rox asked
"no clue" I replied.
"So...What we gonna do now?" Shuriken asked,We all looked at him none of us knowing what to do next.I looked at rox as if asking her what she thought,She shook her head indicating she didn't know.At that moment my phone started beeping again.
"not again " I complained
"Is it W.O.O.H.P?" Rox asked
"No,It's Patrick"I replied
"Who's Patrick?"Shuroken asked
"an old mate " I replied
"Is he ok?" Almond asked,I looked up at him,
"he's fine,Ashley isn't" I replied
"oh my god what's up?" Rox asked
"I dunno,It says she's in hospital and I need to get there quick" I replied
"I can take you in my car" Shuriken offered
"thanks,That'd help" I replied.
We all got in Shurikens car and hurried to the local hospital,as soon as we got there I got out the car and ran to the reception
"where is Ashleys room?"I asked
"You mean miss Wilkins,She's in room 5B"
"Thankyou I ran up to the room,Stood outside was Patrick looking scared and really sad.He looked up and saw me so he stood up.I walked over and hugged him,I gave him a kiss on the cheek then let go
"any news?"I asked
"no,The nurse is in there now"
"why were you in the city?"
"You know how Ashley always wanted to travel America"
"I was getting some milk then I came home,I found her lying on the floor unconsious"
"do you know what it was?"
"not a clue"
The nurse walked out,By this time Rox,Shuriken and Almond had caught up with me.We all looked up at her,She looked at the ground then looked up at us.
"I'm very sorry....She died"
I turned and hugged Patrick Tears streaming down my cheeks,Patrick hugged me back and I could hear him crying.
"I'm so sorry,I'll leave you alone" The nurse said walking off.
I stood there hugging Patrick crying for around 5 minutes then let go,I wiped my eyes and looked up at him "I'm really sorry,I've got to go"I said,He nodded and me,Rox Shuriken and Almond walked off,No-one said anything on the ride back to the house and I just looked out the window watching the trees pass by.

ooc:Sorry if you got confused but I thought of the plot and I was kinda bored so I decided to post it tonight!Sozzy.

22nd June 2004, 11:24 AM
While Sam was dropping Serena off at her hospital, I got to work moving our stuff into the new house. we had so much room in the new house that after moving everything from the dorm in, it looked kinds of empty. whne sam got back we went into town to buy some furnature.

we got a guest bed room set- for when serena visited us-, a bigger king-size bed -the old one was kind of small, and we had the room for a bigger bed- , a small living room set, and kichen stuff.

as we were leading the furnature van back to our house, i got a message on my phone.

"hey sam, we got our week's class schedual." i told sam, then read off the list.

"it's a good thing we got our shopping done today then." Sam joked.

when we reached the house, the furnature people moved the stuff in, and soon we had fully furnashed new house.

22nd June 2004, 04:25 PM

"Some place we got huh?" I asked.
"It certainly is."
We just kinda stood there. "What should we do?"
We'd never had so much space to ourselves. I'd seen enough films to suggest a couple of things to do here, especially with that king-sized bed in our room upstairs, but they were things we hadn't got to yet and things her dad would kill me for.
"Shame we're not married," I muttered.
"Why'd you say that?"
I started going red, she shouldn't of heard that.
"You don't wanna know."
"Oh come on."
"Eevee trust me, you don't wanna know."
"But I do..." she pulled out the puppy dog eyes, oh God how I hate the puppy dog eyes.
"Well it kinda involves baby making and i doubt you'd be interested. It was just a passing thought anyway, my mind acts strangely, you know that."
She laughed.
"You know, I think I'm gonna put a pool in the garden and then later I can get a gym put in in the basement."
"Got it all planned out have you?"
"Well sorta. Gonna be here a while so I can't see why not." I replied, wrapping my arms around her.
"Weren't you gonna start on that pool?"
"Weren't you planning on making use of all this extra room?" I answered back, smirking slightly as I did so.

22nd June 2004, 04:57 PM

on the ride home, no one said anything. when we got to the girl's house i said,"sorry about what happened."
"it's ok." alex said. i whispered something to shruiken.
"what? no."
"do it!"
"oh all right" as the girls got out, shruiken shyly went up to alex and hugged her. then he immediately jumped in the car and parked it by our house. i could see him blushing. he got out and went inside. i got out and tried to get in, but it was locked.
"aw crap."

22nd June 2004, 10:59 PM
this kind of reminds me of something Johnny Depp said on Inside The Actor Studio; "in love plus france equals baby."

IC: While in our comfortable embrace i wispered in Sam's ear "feels like home."
Sam's coment didn't really sink in, but before i could think of anything els i heard a noise outside.
Sam and I peered out the window, and saw our neighbors had returned home. Alex and Rox got out of a car, followed by shruiken and almond.
they parted from each other and Shruiken walked up to Alex and hugged her.

"Awww" i said. sam just laughed. i didn't want to know what he was thinking.

I seperated from Sam, then grabbed his hand.

"come on" i said, "follow me".

with nothing else to do, Sam followed my lead willingly, allowing me to drag him upstairs and to a window that faced the front.
I pushed the window with some force to open it, then stepped out through the window. leg first, then head, then body, and last my other leg.
when i was out and on the room, i motioned for sam to follow.
he looked at me funny, but by now he was pretty used to my random actions and just shook his head and followed.

once we were both on the roof i leaned slightly on sam.

"how long do you ehink it will take before they notice that we're up here?"

i asked sam mistcheviously. i then rapped my arms around his shoulders and restd my on the top of his shoulder.

"we'll be able to see the sunset from here." i said happily. sam knew how much i loved sunsets from last time serena was here.
i loved them. first sunsets displayed a rainbow of colors, then after their wonderful spectical. then once the colors dispersed the glorious night woke from it's slumber. there wasnt a better portion of the day.

23rd June 2004, 01:18 AM
Me and Rox got out of the car,Followed by Almond and Shuriken.Me and Rox (rox mainly but I was Kinda listening) were talking about what to move out of the house,while Almond whispered something to Shuriken They had a mini arguement then Shuriken came up and hugged me,As he started to walk away I grabbed his wrist and made him turn around,I kissed him on the cheek and whispered "Thankyou" Into his ear,With that me and Rox went inside.The old woman had moved out so now me and rox needed to move her stuff out.We got everything left over and made a huge pile on the front lawn,We had ordered all of our new furniture and it was due to arrive any minute now,When we had got rid of all the old furniture the new furniture arrived,And I mean all of It,The men moved everything into the house then took away our old furniture.Now we needed our stuff,All of our stuff was back at W.O.O.H.P in our roooms so me and Rox got our voice activated motor bikes out,We both went to W.O.O.H.P and got our bags and went to the house again.I went straight to my room to start to unpack and Rox started unpacking stuff she had bought for the kitchen,dining room and T.v room.

ooc:Me and Rox officially own the house now.Just so you know.

23rd June 2004, 03:27 PM
I wish we could stay here forever but i knew it was impossible, too many things were going on, there wasn't enough time to admire the true beauty of things.
My mind was focused intently that evenning as I sat in silence with the woman I loved. I had to do something, something I didn't want to do but it had to be done. It was too much of a risk to keep him alive...
When should I leave? I don't want to go but i have to go and I have to go soon, I can't wait. What if he's planning something right now? i can't risk putting Eevee's life in danger again but...what if it all goes wrong? What if i don't come back after leaving and saying nothing to her? I can't tell her what I'm going to do but I can't just leave.
I sighed, there was nothing for it. i would stay, but only for one more night. i could sneak out before Eevee woke up, I don't want her involved in my fight. So it was settled, early hours of tomorrow morning, I set out to finish off my father.

23rd June 2004, 04:41 PM
After watching the sun set and admiring the nights gaze, we finally decided to head in. we were both tired after an exausting day of taking serena out, going to sam's mom's grave, picking a new house, and moving in a ton of furnature.

Sam went in first and i followed him in. sam went to the bathroom to change into night clothes and to get ready for bed. i stared out at the night sky for a minute longer, then shut the window and removed my earings and eyebrow rings. when sam was done with the with the bathroom, i went in there to remove my black eyeliner and black eyeshadow. then i changed into my Emily (a gothic slothes brand) pajamas, which consisted of a red tanktop with Emily and her four cats, and black PJ bottoms with red paw prints up the sides.

When i finished getting ready for bed, i came out of the bathroom and turned off the lights. Sam was already in bed, staring blankly at the ceilling. i climbed into bed beside him and kissed him gently on his forehead.

"'night". i said, then snuggled up cozely beside him.

He seemed to be deep in thought about something.

"Everything OK?" i asked, thinking about our trip to his mother's grave.

Sam turned to me and said quietly "have i ever told you how much i love you, Eevee?". i stared at his face. the darkness hid his face so i couldn't read his expresion. what was this about? usually someone says something like this if they're about to die or something.

i leaned closer, trying to comfort him. maybe he was thinking about his mother and death.

"You'd never have to. i already know how much you love me." i replied softly back.

Or maybe he was planning something.

I hugged Sam and feel asleep in his arms. If he was planning something i didn't want to let him go.

24th June 2004, 10:03 AM

I can't do this. I can't do this. This isn't who I am anymore, I can't just up and leave. I wanna stay here. Maybe it's too late anyway, maybe it's so far gone that killing him won't make the least bit of difference. Truthfull, I can't be sure he won't kill me, he doesn't need me anymore now that he has his precious clone to do all his fighting for him and I hate to admit it but...he's stronger than I am.
I climbed out of bed carefully. I didn't want to wake her and it seemed she really didn't want to let me go. Did she suspect something?
I snuck back onto the roof. It was kinda chilly but I had too much to think about to be bothered. I was beginning to doubt my own decision, there was too much holding me back, I couldn't just go.
I have to be careful now, there are people in my life and i have to concider them before I make any rash decisions. I know it's risky but I'll have to wait for my revenge, the opportunity will come, I just have to be patient. He'd expect me to make a rash decision.
After a while I crawled back in to bed, I don't think Eevee even realised I'd gone, it was better that she didn't notcied I'd gone, even if it was only for an hour or so.
I brushed some hair from her face, she looked so beautiful when she slept, I'm glad I've decided to stay here and appreciate it. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her right up close to me. I had made up my mind, I would stay here, I would wait here for my moment of revenge.
I just looked at Eevee and smiled, I was so glad I'd decided not to jeopardise what we had.

24th June 2004, 10:53 PM
When i awoke at dawns bright shine, i was very glad to see sam was still safely in my arms. i had been afraid that he was leaving.

I snuck out of bed and went to the bathroom to begin my morning ritual.

after ten minutes i emerged with my hair straightened, Nightmare Before Christmass T-shirt, black punk jeans, earings in, black eyliner and eyeshadow in, and teeth minty fresh.

I went over to the bed and kissed Sam good morning. He blinked a few times, ajusting his eyes to the sun light, then kissed me back.

I was putting on dozens of choice braclets as sam got up and got ready fpr the day. when sam was ready, we walked together down the street to the cafeterea on the woohp campus. on the way we talked about random things, however it always felt good to share a conversatiob with him.

when we arived at our destination, we got some food, and i sat on the table, cross-legged, to eat. Sam just laughed and joined me on the table.

soon the rest of our spy/classmates would be joining us. we had class today. it seemed like forever since the last time we had had class.

24th June 2004, 11:25 PM

i looked through the window to see sruiken in his room. he got on his bed kicked his shoes off, and slept.i knocked on the window.
"shruiken?" i tapped on it more. " hey, buddy? open up?"
he seemed too happy. i sat on the damp grass thinking, which is a scary thing. shruiken's never been this happy since... okay, he's NEVER been this happy. at all. NO! i've lost my friend to LOVE! NOOOOOOOOO! i have to do some-
"ahh! who's there?" i said, taking my gun out. i looked around and saw nothing.
i looked down. it was my stomach.
"i'm hungry..." i whined.

25th June 2004, 09:47 AM
Once I had finished unpacking all of my stuff it was 7:30,Food time!I went down stairs,Rox was putting all of our books,cds and dvds on a huge book shelf on one of the walls.
"I'm gonna get some dinner"I said
"Mcdonalds,wanna come?"
"Yeah I'm starving"
We both left the house and I locked up.When we got to the road I noticed Almond sitting on the grass moaning.I walked up to him.
"Are you locked out?"I asked
"Where's Shuriken?"
"Why isn't he letting you in?"
"Let me help"
I pulled a hair clip out of my bag ( always keep one there),I fiddled the clip around in the lock until there was a click,I turned the handle and pushed the door open.
"there you go"I said
"Finnally food"
"You're hungry!Do you wanna come with us and get a Mcdonalds?"
"Sure I'm just gonna change first"
"OK oh and While you're up there Ask Shuriken if he wants to come"
And with that Almond walked off.

25th June 2004, 10:23 AM

"I can't believe we have class," i said to Eevee.
"I know. It just feels like it's been so long."
I looked at my watch, there was still a few hours left before the lesson actually started.
I nudged Eevee, "you wanna do something to pass the time?"
"Shouldn't we wait for the others to get here?"
"They won't miss us. Come on, don't you wanna go do something fun?" I asked.
"Go on. You don't wanna sit around here all day do you?" I asked.

25th June 2004, 10:36 AM
"ok" i said, caving in. "how about we go training?"

"we're just about to go to class." said sam, flattly.

"alright, what do you propose?" i asked, having no ideas of anywere we could go in less then three hours.

25th June 2004, 10:50 AM

"Well, you know what i think?" i said, grinning a bit.
"No, that's why i asked you," replied Eevee.
"i think we should find a place on campus where we could - you know - go away to if we ever felt we had to just get away from people. A place that wasn't our house. Y'know like one of those palces people go to do something they shouldn't?"
"Are you suggesting we do 'something'?"
"No it was an example. I just think we should find ourselves a little hideaway on the school grounds. That sound okay?"

25th June 2004, 12:32 PM
i was confused. "hidaway? why do we need a hidaway? and whats wrong with the house? besides, there are plenty of places we go to around woohp that no one else goes to, except us. like the skating park. and, saddly, the training room."

Sam continued on insisting on a hidaway.

"well, i guess we could go exploring. then." i said. there were plenty of places no body had gone to. i was couriuos about the woods, i loved to explore woods. maybe we'd find a waterfall.

25th June 2004, 02:41 PM

So we took off for the woods. "if you must know, we need a hideaway for one very good reason."
"And what's that?"
"Well for dates and stuff. I mean there's always the house and the restaurant but we can't always go there, so if we find a little 'hideaway' place then we can go there instead." I replied.
She squeezed my hand tightly. "That's sweet."
"Hey, I'm just here to make you happy."
We kept walking until we came to a cross-roads. "Okay then, ladies choice. Left...or right?"

26th June 2004, 12:50 AM
i kicked my shoes off and went to bed. i heard someone tap on the window, but i ignored it. i got up and got a glass of water, when i saw lights through the window. i saw alex, roxanne, and almond.
"hm. what are they up to?" i said, putting my shoes on.

i got outside and almond yelled at me for locking the door. i apoligized and asked what he was up to.
"we're were just gonna go get food at mcdonald's." he said.
"can i come?" i said, feeling somewhat shy.
"sure." alex said happily." we could use more company."
so very tired... :sleep:

26th June 2004, 12:15 PM
We all walked down to McDonalds in along line,I watched my feet scuff against the ground as I walked,It was grey and cold,Great weather for a great day,I don't know why but all of a sudden I remembered it was my Birthday,I told Rox not to say anything and she hadn't,That was good,I didn't want anyone to pity me even though they probally already did.When we rweached McDonalds I ordered a cheeseburger and chips,I ate a few of my chips but just picked at my burger,Although I was starving I didn't feel like eating,Not now at least.When everyone else had finished their food we left,I left my food on the table,As we walked out Rox slowed down to walk by me "are you okay?" She asked
"I guess,I'm just a little sad"
"I don't blame you"
We caught up with Almond and Shuriken and started walking along side each other.When we reached the house I said goodbye and went straight into the house,I made a cup of hot chocolate,sat on the couch and flicked the telly on,Shrek was showing so I turned the volume up and got comfortable,About 5 minutes later Rox came in she sat down beside me and watched the movie.She laughed at all the funny bits but I didn't I still wasn't in the mood to laugh.When the film was over I went straight to my room,I shut my curtains,Got changed and got into bed,It was about 5 minutes later whern I drifted asleep.

28th June 2004, 01:36 PM
Sam an I had been wondering in the forest for aboput an hour, when we suddenly came to the end of it. i ha been enjoying myself in the forest, and sam didn't say anything negative, so i guess he was enjoying himself, too.

i was eager to explore what lay beyond the forest, what could posible be here that you could only get to by wondering through the forest. well, i'm sure the way we went wasn't the most diredt way. after all, i had been running around enjoying the scenery. i bet you could get here in about ten or twenty minutes.

sam and i emerged from the forest to find a small plaza. i amediatly spotted two things that interested me very much.
1) a book/manga/anime store, and
2) a music/video store
well, i was in heaven.

"come on sam, lets go check it out!" i said excitedly.

i couldn't decide which to go into first. sam decided that by heading to the movie/music store, where he headed to the movies and i headed to the music.
"Modest Mouse's new cd, Good News For People Who Like Bad News i sa disapointment, but the old stuff is great, like the Offspring. Hey, i wonder if they have- YES! they have Sugar Cults newest album, it just came out last month. oooo, and they have Avril Lavigne's sophmore album. yay!" i said happily to myself as i boinced from rack to rack, renewing my already large collection of cds.
I also picked up the newest Johnny Depp flic, checked on sam, then headed to the manga store. when sam finaly joined me, with a bag of movies and/or music he had bought, he found me in the shojo section saying to myself "NOO! they don't have the 5th Alice Nineteenth. oh, but yes! they have the second DN Angel! oh, and they have Shutter Box! i've been wanting to read that!"

I also went to the teen novals sction and picked up Meg Cabot's new series 1-800-WHERE-ARE-YOU. i'd read about it and it looked good.

after i bought everything i wanted i asked sam, "got everything you wanted?" wondering what he had picked up.

28th June 2004, 01:45 PM

"I guess so," i replied.
"What did you get?" she asked, trying to peak inside.
I pulled the bag away, "what I buy is by far none of your business."
"Aww come on. Lemme see."
She jumped on my back and i kinda play-wrestled with her for a bit before making her get down.
"Should we skive?"
She kinda just looked at me, cocking her head slightly as if to say 'huh?'.
"Do you think we should skive our next class? It's only disguises and let's face it, the class sucks. I mean, I've got a ton of movies, you've got a bunch of cds. Maybe we should just crash back at our place and hang out. What do you say?"

28th June 2004, 01:59 PM
I got a mischeivous look on my face.

"lets go for it. that class hasn't taught us anything. first of all, we never need discuses, and second, last time we had the class the teacher wasn't there have the time so i eneded up teaching half the class because i'm a drama geek and know too much about costumes and stage makeup." i said, thrilled with sam's plan. And also thrilled that i'd been on sam's back. that was fun.

we headed therough the forest, and found a good direct path back to the campus. actually, it let us off pretty close to our house.

"the class would start about... well, now." i informed sam.

sam gave me one of his world class smiles, and said "why don't you get popcrn and i'll chose a movie."

I smilled back, hoping my smile could beat his, then gleefully fled to the kitchen.

when i returned with a big bowl of popcorn, i sat right next to sam on our new cozy couch, just as the dvd was loading.

"what are we watching?" i asked.

"you'll see." he said back.
just as he was about to put his arm around me, i said, "wait." then got up and took the phones off the hook, as well as turning off my cell phone. theyed probably call and interupt our movie.

then i sat back down next to sam, and waitedto see what we were watching.

28th June 2004, 02:07 PM
*experiences blanking out of mind* must...pick...good...film


It was so funny to see the look on her face when the film started. Dunno what she was expecting but I can bet anything that it wasn't Shrek, meh, there were a whole bunch of romance and romantic/comedies and god-knows-what type of films for her to pick to watch next.
At least she was happy. That was all that mattered. Not this school, not my life not anything that had happened in the past, as long as eevee was happy.
I put my arm around and held her close. I loved this, just the two of us, here, like this.
"I'm really glad you're here." i whispered to her.
"Me too."
"By the way, you've got the choice of what we do next. It's either a film or I give you a piggy-back."
It was so good to hear her laugh.

28th June 2004, 02:33 PM
OOC: is it shrek two? i haven't seen even though it's been out for a few weeks in the theater. is it out in England yet? John Cleese plays the voice of princess fiona's dad, and he's god. john cleese, not fiona's dad.
speaking of movies, have you seen Don Jaun DeMarco, yet? i'm gonna keep bugging you untill you go out and rent it.
no, seriously.

IC: "could i get both the piggy-back and the movie pick?" i asked.

"why not." said sam, in a voice that i wasn't sure if he ment it or if he was just kidding around.

we watched shrek all the way through without any interuptions. woot! my plan of taking the phones off the hook worked!
then it was my turn to pick a movie. i pulled out my new copy of Blue Collar Comedy Tour (if you don't get comedy centrial then you probaby don't know what i'm talking about, but in any case its a bunch of standups and it's really funny.) and popped it into the dvd player.

our popcorn was done so i brought to the kitchen and put it in the sink quickly, before returning to sit back next sam just in time to hear the opening line,
"..So I was sitting on a bean bag chair naked eating chetos..." said by Ron White. tell me, is there a better opening line for a movie/ stand up comedy?
i didn't think so.
Sam and i laughed a lot through out the movie.
"you like stand up skits?" i asked sam, "'cause i have a ton more other comedians then just this." i was talking during one of Larry the cable guy's skits, which was okay because he mumbled a little.

28th June 2004, 02:41 PM
Go on, make it shrek 2. It's definately a good film. But whatever you do, don't leave at the end credits cuz there's an extra ending.


"I thought you wanted a piggyback?" I asked.
"There's still time," Eevee replied.
After a little while through the film we had to pause because Eevee needed the bathroom. Whilst she was gone I took the opportunity to lay down on the sofa and make myself really comfortable.
Eevee came back and just kinda frowned at me in that playful way she can. "I said I was going to lay down when i came back."
"Hey, I'm not stopping you."
"You shouldn't watch comedies, they have a bad influuence on you."
"Fine then, don't cuddle up to me."
"Well I don't know...you might try something..."
"The floor's still open if you don't trust me."
She hit me playfully. "Alright alright, but I'm warning you, youtry anything on me and..."
I put my hands up in the air, clearly crossing my fingers. "I won't try anything."

28th June 2004, 06:50 PM
what i should do is sit on you.

you didin't answer about Don Jaun.
you can't get away from me. i know where you live!
(well, maybe not, but i know its in the general area of england. close enough, right?)

IC: he wes messing with me.

then i stared at him slyly. "what abou that piggy back ride you own me?" i said. hey, it was werth a try.

"like you said, we could do that later." sam said. great. now he would probably pick me up and give me a piggy back ride during class, or something.

that is, if we decided we felt like going to class.

i finally caved in. "alright, you win." i said, trying to sound annoyed, but i wasn't really. though he was trying to be difficult, it was hard to get angered when a really hot guy like him was lying there, not to mention his t-shirt and jeans looked realy good on him, and inviteing me to lay next to him. i'm sure many of Meg Cabot's lead female charactors in her books would have lept for the chance. yes, i'd been reading too many of her novals lately, but she was such a good writer.

besides, he was my boyfriend.

"okay, but under one condition." i said as jeff foxworthy's skit ended.

sam stared up at me. "shoot." he said, a little too eager for me to cuddle with him.

"we have to watch my favorite movie of all time." i said. "and all the way through." he was going to kill me.

"sure." said sam, not knowing what my favorite movie was.

i smiled evily, then fetched the dvd case. i opened it and chose the disk labled One, out of the four disks. sam stared at me and said jokingly,
"what is it, a book ong cd?"

i pressed play and lay in front of sam on the couch but not so my head was in the way of him seeing the tv.

once i was cozy i said, "it's The Tenth Kingdom. and i hope you got enough sleep last night, because it's ten hours long."

29th June 2004, 11:25 AM
I woke up the next morning at 7:00am,like I usually did,I didn't feel like getting up but I did anyway,I washed got dressed and went down stairs,Rox had already gone leaving the house empty,I made myself some toast and sat down eating eat.When I finished I went upstairs,Brushed my teeth and did my hair.Once I was done it was 8:00am,Class was due to start at 8:30am so I needed to hurry,Rox had gone so I had to walk alone,That was just what I needed.I grabbed my bag and went outside,I locked up and walked to W.O.O.H.P.I got there just in time for the lesson,I sat down and rested my head in my hands.Everyone except for Sam and Eevee came in,followed by Jerry.He started talking about some stuff but I didn't really pay attention to anything.

Soz it's so short,I'm busy.

29th June 2004, 03:17 PM
OMG! The tenth kingdom!? Run around screaming! My favourite non-anime show of all time. Well not really a show but it runs as a series over here on sky one sometimes.
And no I have not seen Don Juan. If I find it i will watch it but I haven't found it yet.


I laughed, "you do realise that the tenth kingdom is one of my favourite things to watch?"
Eevee turned to me surprised, "really?"
"Yeah. I mean wolf is just the greatest character of all time."
"I guess he is kinda cool."
"But not as cool as me right?" I asked, in my I am so joking tone.
She hit me playfully but didn't say anything.
I frowned and put my arm around her and began tiggling her. "Hey, i want an answer."
I heard her laugh. "I told you we have to watch this, so I'm not going to talk to you until we have watched all 10 hours of this dvd."
i started whimpering. She only laughed cause she knew I was just imitating wolf.
"Awww come on." I kept tiggling her but she wouldn't budge. So I started nibbling at her neck, she could play tough but i knew I could win her over. Did she really expect me to lay here for 10 hours and do nothing? With her just lying right here beside me? I don't think so...

1st July 2004, 10:12 AM
Hey sam, it looks like yourecently got your 1000 post. congrats!
You like 10th kingdow, too?! *hugs sam* you go girl! most people have never heard of it. *happy happy.*

IC: I slipped of the couch and sat cross legged on the floor, resting my back against the couch.
I could hear sam protest with a whimper.

the movie started playing, with the opening scene of new york turning into a fairy tale world. where pigons turned into fairies, the empire state building turned into a large mountain, and shiny buildings turned into waterfalls. when the song started and i started singing along. "I'm wishing on a star..." The computer animation was absolutly amaising.

So i've seen the movie too many times.

And then the movie realy started. I continued to mouth along.
"My name is virginia lewis, and I live on the edge of the forest. well sort of..."

again, i'd seen the movie too many times.

I just hoped sam wouldn't get any ideas when they got to Kissington, the most romantic place in the 9 kingdoms, and visited Snow Whites glass coffin.

I continued to mouth along the words as the movie continued.

1st July 2004, 01:32 PM
Jerry said we should look around the disquises cupboard because we would need some for our next mission and everyone had started looking,Jerry had left the room so it was just us.Rox,Shuriken and Almond were looking through the clothes and I was just sitting on the table,I knew I should have been looking the disquises with them but I didn't feel like it,I suddenly got hungry so I left class and got some food in the cafeteria,I took one bite out of my croissiant then just turned the rest into crumbs.

Soz it's so short again,I didn't know what to put.

2nd July 2004, 02:38 AM

This is not fair! She's not supposed to leave! That's the point! Damn that's annoying! I sighed, now I'd have to try something different when it got to kissington.
I moved round and sat down beside her. No way was I missing class to watch the back of her head! Who did she think I am!?
I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me.
"You're not getting away that easily," I said.

8th July 2004, 10:59 AM

I woke up late for school. I packed up and noticed the car was gone.
"shruiken never goes to school early." I thought about for a moment.alex's and roxanne's car was still there. "ha. he must of done what I think he did..."

when I got there the teacher yelled at me, and led me to the disguises.
almond, as usual, was late. he went over to the disguises.
"hey almond." i said.
"meh." he said sleepily.
"you wake up late and STILL are tired?"
"meh." taz got out of his bag and dove into the costumes. he came out with nothing but a mustache on his face.
"it's a good look for you." almond said.
"no, really!" i replied.

(being literal) wouldn't this count as double posting? :lol:

8th July 2004, 11:13 AM
I wouldn't think it would because you ahve different characters dunt ya

Around half an hour later I went back to the classroom and met Rox,She,Almond and Shuriken came out,
"Take it you were late today" I said to Almond
"How d'ya guess?"
"Your hair's still messy"
Almond and Shuriken walk off and me and Rox head towards the library,I dhuffle my feet against the floor and neither of us say anything.When we finally reach the library I return my old book and get a book called 'The curse of night' out,It's some wierd book about this girl whos life is all changed because of what happenned one night.

Look I'm sorry I haven't got much time so I ahd to keep this short.By the way the book is made up :p

8th July 2004, 02:29 PM
I giggled, but it was really a hopeless cause for sam here. i was a 7 year old at heart and kind of unfamilure in the game of love. Sam had been my first kiss- my first boyfriend, for that matter. I was mature, but i don't think i'll ever grow up.

"Alright, if you beat my quiz about the movie, then i'll lay on the couch with you. K?" I asked Sam, eager to use my 10th Kingdom knowlage.

Sam didn't say anything back, so I began,

"Question one, who plays Wolf, and you've gotta know it by heart. no cheating by looking at the case."

8th July 2004, 02:40 PM

I smirked, "that's easy, his name is Scott Cohen."
I laughed and she frowned, I guess she never expected me to know the answer. Hell I didn't even know I knew that answer but when getting up and close to Eevee is the prize then it's no contest.
"Next question?" I challenged.

8th July 2004, 02:50 PM
"ok, second question, how many times does wolf scratch his head?"

8th July 2004, 02:53 PM

"Well I ain't gonna count how many times he does it throughout the whole film but when he does scratch he does it twice."

9th July 2004, 02:14 PM
"37 times in the whole movie. and sometimes he scratches three times, or when he is fustrated, 4 or 5." i said to sam, realizing id seen this movie way too many times.

"question three, name four times the word seven is important. there are a ton more times, but i'll give you a break." i said to sam, while thinking up more questions.

9th July 2004, 03:43 PM

I thought really hard. I thought I knew the answers to this question but i was a bit unsure of some of them. Just how many of these damn questions do I have to put up with? The film will have finished at this rate.
"Well Virginia's dad gets seven wishes from the magic bean and also seven years bad luck when he breaks the portal mirror. Prince Wendel is prince of the seventh kingdom...I think...and, if I remember correctly...didn't Virginnia's mum try to drown her when she was seven, or was it that was the age when her mother left? Maybe it was both, I'm not sure..."

11th July 2004, 01:01 PM
"Close. prince wendle is the prince of the fourth kingdom, which is the largest kingdom. the other three are true. other seven event are in the snowhite story, after snowhite's mother died and the stepmother came, the stepmother tried to kill her when she was seven because she was fairer then the which. snowwhite fled over the the seven hills to get to the seven darwfs cottage were there were seven little beds, seven of eveerything. and everything was just snowhite's size becuase she was seven. pluss you also could have used the 37 times wolf scratches because that has a seven in it."

sam looked at me dizzley. i re-insured him by saying "theres only two quetions left. Question 4; what famous Queen song does Virginia change the words to in the shepardess contest because she had to sing a sheep song but she didn't know one?"

11th July 2004, 01:54 PM
ok, clearly i don't watch this as much as you do...


I laughed, at least I knew this question. What could I say? This was one of the best parts of the film. I mean, we will sheer you? Could there be a better line to use at that moment?
"It's we will will rock you," I replied. "Renamed as We will sheer you."

11th July 2004, 04:07 PM
I laughed as sam started singing a part of the song. he actually had a pretty good voice.

"And question number five?" sam asked, anxious to finish my little quiz and claim his prize.

i scanned my brain for a last question. two hard questions popped in my head and i didn't know which one to use, so i used them both.

"for question five you have a choice to answer either of two hard questions. get one of them right to beat my quiz." i said. sam straightened up a little against the couch we were leaning against.

"Question five; In the shortened 6 1/2 version of the 10th kingdom, what are two scenes that are cut out? or; what are the three things you mustn't do while int the deadly swamp?"

12th July 2004, 03:27 AM

I smirked, "whilst in the deadly swamp you must not drink the water, eat the mushrooms or fall asleep," I was surprised I remembered. Wasn't the sort of thing I normally would. "Now, about my prize..."

29th July 2004, 06:27 PM
we went to our next class (i don't remember it...) which i slept through all of it. the teacher woke me up after class, the teacher picked me up by the ear, waking me up and set me back down. i slumped out of my chair and went over to alex shruiken and roxanne. they laughed at me for sleeping.
"what next?" i mumbled still sleepy.
"we have lunch next." alex said.i stood there in slence for a second. they look confused.

"LUNCH!" i jumped out of my seat and cheered. "wait. what's for lunch?"
"pizza." shruiken replied. i almost jumped through the roof.
"yay! food food food!" i grabbed all of them and headed off to lunch.


i prove you wrong again lulu! hahaha! ^-^

2nd August 2004, 08:47 AM
"a few scens that were cut out in the abriged version were the phcyotrist scene with wolf, the scene where the magic mushrooms in the deadly swamp are trying to convince tony to eat them, and some time when the three are walking a a stranger walks up to them whom virginia gives here meat wrap to then the stranger teahes them a lesson by braking a few single twigs, then trying to brake a bundle of twigs. this symbolises that alone you are weak but together you are strong and unbrakable." i say quicky in one breath.

"yeah, whatever, i won, right?" sam said.

i stood up and sat on the couch leaning on the arm. sam quickly joined me and sat in the middle of the couch, very close to me. i lifted my legs onto his lap, then leaned onto him and hugged his chest.

"fine. you win. but i took it easy on you. i could have come up with some really hard questions like..." i thought for a moment "what is the prison's name? and.." another moment of thought "what is the exact quote when the three trolls play the song dance fever by the beegees to there father Relish the troll king?"

"but i still won." sam says, hugging me tightly.

"we should go to class when lunch is over." i say, very unromanticly. a was never one for romance.

2nd August 2004, 02:08 PM

I locked my arms around her. "And I don't think we should go to class. I did your quiz and now I'm going to keep you on this sofa for as long as I possibly can."
She struggled against me and I laughed.
"I'm too strong." I stated simply.
She hit me lamely.
"Not a romantic ey?" I asked.
I sighed and loosened my grip, "Alright, alright." She stayed there for a bit longer then left. I got a drink from the fridge and then took my top off, dumping it on the arm of the sofa.
"What you doing?" asked Eevee.
"Gonna start work on that swimming pool. I'm sure you can find some way to occupy yourself."
I wasn't trying to be mean, I just didn't know what to do. I thought that you got into a relationship and then you did this romantic stuff and that was it, but...I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.
I grabbed a spade and started turning up the ground. Just give me some sign, tell me what I'm doing wrong! I stopped for a moment, it was really hot today. There's gotta be something I can do that Eevee would enjoy, god why does it have to be so hard!?

3rd August 2004, 09:02 AM
seeing sam discouraged, i wanted to do something for him, but what was wrong? i went upstairs and watched him through a window.

he began to mumble to himself "what am i doing wrong..... what can i do for her.."

i smiled to myself. he was being cute. now to help him along. i listened to his mumbling some more.

"give me a sign..."

well, i could do that. i walked over to my berrow in the bedroom and took out a flyer. it was for the last good charlette concert of their young and the hopeless tour in england. this would make and exalent sign of what we could do together.

i walked to the window, opened it quietly, threw the flyer out, then closed the window again. the peice of paper floated down to the ground in our back yard where sam was. it seemed to be floating down from the sky.

i then ran down the stairs and continued to watch the rest of 10th kingdom. i fastforwerd it a little so it looked like i'd been there the whole time.

3rd August 2004, 01:56 PM

I just stared at this piece of paper as it fell in front of me. Had it...? I looked up at the sky expecting to see something but of course finding nothing. "Err...thankyou!" I called, to what I was calling I didn't know.
I checked out the flyer, Good Charlotte hmm? Good music, I think I have that album... I shrugged, why not? Nothing else is getting me anywhere.
I put the flyer in my pocket and went inside. Eevee looked at me from the sofa, "forget something?"
"Need to order some stuff for the pool. I'll make it in the study."
I went into the study and took our Eevee's address and phone book. I rang up the hotline, snagged us a couple of front row seats and I figured, hey why not backstage passes too? I got the money and Eevee deserves it.
That was the easy part, now for the hard one... I flicked through Eevee's phonebook until I found the number for her parents. I needed a private jet really and who did I know in the travel business? Eevee's dad. I just hoped he was in a good mood.
I put the phone back. I had ordered some pool stuff afterall, I had truthfully needed some for when the pool was dug out. I didn't say anything to Eevee about the concert, she could wait until the tickets came. I'd managed to swing us a private flight over there, had to humiliate myself over the phone to her dad but in the end it would be worth it.
"She better appreciate this..." I muttered as I walked back outside to finish the pool.

8th August 2004, 03:05 PM
Hey Y'all. It's Becky so son't worry I aint no late,late,late sign up. It's just me reborn. My old account wouldn't work no more so I got this one.
Duo you confused me I thought Alex was in the library. Oh well. Posty time.

Almond rushed all of us to lunch and he piled his tray high with slices of pizza. I only grabbed one slice and Rox got 2. We all sat down at a table and ate. The slice of pizza was the first whole thing I ate and it gave me a much needed energy boost. When we all had finished eating I checked the noticeboard. On it were a few boring notices but there was one that caught my eye.
It read:
Many months ago school uniforms were issued. This sunday there will be a bonfire so that all students can burn their uniforms. It will be on the beach at 9:00pm. This unday.
I smiled as I read the notice. I couldn't remember if I still had the uniform. All of a sudden I felt a little sad. I remembered that the day we were given uniforms was the day I left. I suddenly realised how glad I was to be a t W.O.O.H.P. A little while later Rox came and stood beside me.She read throught the notice and looked at me.
"You wanna go?" She asked
"I will if I still have the uniform"
"I do"
"dunno,Just do"
I laughed and me and Rox went to the next lesson.Weaponry. When we got in the class Shuriken and Almond were sitting at one of the tables. I went and sat in between Rox and Shuriken. I was about to tell Shuriken about the bonfire when a middle aged woman with short black hair,dark green eyes and a big nose.Wearing a black buissness suit walked in. She walked to the front of the class.
"I am Miss Halongit.I will be teaching you weaponry" She announced.
I couldn't stop myself laughing quietly as she said that. I knew looks can be deceiving but not THAT much.
"Today we will be target shooting with guns"
As she said that my ears perked up. ' Did she say GUNS ? ' I thought to myself. She walked up to a switch on the wall and flicked it on. Seconds after she did the wall on the left turned round to reveal loads of hand guns and a door next to it opened up.
"Pick a gun and follow me" She said then walked into the room through the open door.I got up and grabbed a Smith and Wesson model six forty,three fifty-seven magnum then followed the woman into the room. When I walked in I noticed it looked like a long balcony and to the leeft were those weird cardboard thingies that you do taget practice with. I stood there for a minute as the others came in. Rox stood beside and we started to talk waiting for the practice to start.

11th August 2004, 04:58 AM
I'm BAAAACK >< And here to stay, hopefully ^^;
This teacher was the kinda person to be teaching this. I knew that Alex didn't think so when she laughed at her. She'd obviously not watched that many spy movies.
"Okay, class. You get one target each to shoot at. Whatever you do, don't go to the targets and don't distract anyone else. Guns kill. We don't want anybody shot."
She got us shooting the targets. I think i did pretty well considering i'd only used guns on missions and had only hoped that i'd hit the target.
"What now?" I asked once the lesson was over.
The others shrugged. I didn't feel like doing anything... Although i needed a job, to help keep up the rent of our house... I didn't feel like looking for a job... I just wanted to do something fun...
But what?
"Rox, you're up to something... What are you planning?" Asked Alex, she knew me too well...
"I'm bored... I wanna do something fun tonight... Really fun... Something new..."

11th August 2004, 07:53 AM
YAY. Becki's back. I'm flummoxed! I thought she was gone for good. :nut:

I was starting to get curious. When Rox was planning something she was planning Something big...or dumb. I tried to get her to tell me but she wouldn't so I gave up and we headed back to the house. lessons were over and Rox was still plotting so there wasn't anything to do. When we got back to the house Rox sat down thinking while I took the trash out.

Sorry it's so short but I was out of Ideas. I'll leave it to Becki to post what she has been plotting.

11th August 2004, 02:22 PM
whoopdie freakin doo. just kiddin.

i got a ak-47 due to jerry promoting me in the last semester. i felt good until i saw a person with a gatling gun. feeling sad, i put a picture of that person on the target. shruiken, for some wierd reason, put a picture of sam on his target. probably because of winning both fights. i everybody looked at me wierdly, probably becausei was shooting insanely. when we got finished with that half of the class, we went to melee weapons.
<starting what almond hears from the teahcer>
"a melee weapon can be as simple as your fists and can be as complex as a flamberge. such like a projectory weapon you can throw it, but it's best to keep it in your hands. adam!
"yes miss?"
"read pages 170-172."
"melee weapons can be the following: body,katanas,blades,nunchucks, axes, rapiers, broadswords,longswords,knightswords,staves,rods, souls, spears, blah, blah, blah...."
<ending what almond hears fro the teacher.exe>

again, he fell asleep before he got to use the melee weapons.

11th August 2004, 03:16 PM

After a few hours I headed inside. "Hey Eevee, you planning on going to class?"
I frowned at her. "Okay...let's just stay here then. You fancy going out to dinner tonight."
"You're acting strange."
I went a bit defensive, "I am not!" I smirked and plugged a cable into the back of the tv, instantly a screen flashed up showing the class that was starting without us.
"I'm gonna get a drink, you want one?"
I went into the kitchen to get Eevee and myself a drink when I heard her laughing.
"Hey what's so funny?" I asked, walking in.
Eevee looked at me, "Shuriken turned your face into his target."
I frowned again and sat beside her. "I shood kick his ass for that," I said calmly.
She cuddled me, "I wouldn't. You might get all bloody for our date."
"Alright...I suppose I could let this go for you." I said in a playful/sarcastic tone.
She smiled at me.
"You wanna do some training? I can't have my girlfriend getting slack now can I?"

13th August 2004, 06:40 AM
I sat on the couch and stared into space. There had to be something we could do... All of us... Even Sam and Eevee if they were up to it...
I am a spy and i can't think of anything to do? That just sucks... Really, it does... Spy training schools were really a drag after lessons...
Hold on... There are other spy training schools, right?
I grinned. Finally, a good idea. I got up, jumped over the back of the couch and ran upstairs.
"You'll break the couch if you do that!" I heard Alex yell.
"Sorry!" I called back, grabbing my laptop and running back down the stairs.
"You've thought of something, haven't you?"
"Too right! The internet's not working... Alex, have you left it plugged into your laptop again? What have i told you about that? My wireless connection doesn't work if you've got it plugged in!"
"Yeah, but i haven't got a wireless connection!"
"I can soon fix that."
Alex unplugged it and i got to work. She sat down next to me, watching my screen as it flashed from one page to another. She munched her crisps. I stole her crisps.
"What are you looking for?" She asked, noting the google search i had done.
"Spy training schools..."
"Why? You're already at one. You're not leaving, are you?"
"No! Don't be silly..." the results came up. "I shouldn't of expected spy training schools to be on the net... It just came up with the WHOOP TV program... You know, the one on Fox Kids?"
"Yeah, but why do you watch it?"
"I don't, my brother does..."
She laughed. Hey, maybe we were on that show sometimes...
"Rox... You're hacking the school again... You got in so much trouble last time..."
"Because i set fire bells off and told the security systems that there was an intruder? Jerry found it quite funny actually... No one knows i'm in here... I'm invisible..."
I searched for other spy schools... There was one other in this country; on the west coast of America. I guess we were for people further east...
"Rox... You're not in WHOOP anymore... What are you hacking now?"
"Our rivals... The east coast's version of WHOOP... Look! They've got files on all of us... Cheeky... Hey, i'm on their wanted list... Catch me if you can..."
"So why-"
"Am i doing this? Simple. We're gonna have a tournament between us and them. Six people with simular abilities of us. Just to see who's better. Okay, we might not be able to do this tonight and they may not want to come... But i'm game if the rest of you are."
Alex thought about it... As soon as she tells me that she's up for it i'll contact everyone else... It's about time i tested wether i could hack into people's TVs... It always looked so cool when the bad guy did that on films...

17th August 2004, 01:49 PM
I looked at Rox for a while wondering if she was serious. Then I realised she WAS.
"I guess it'd be okay" I said.
I saw a smile spread across Roxannes' face but I still needed convincing. Rox had a tendancy to leave out important details and that was worrying me. I got off the couch and chucked my rubbish away. Then I flipped over the back of the coach and landed next to Rox who was now looking through student profiles.
"And you told me off" She said in a mocking voice
"Well I find it unfair that you tell me off then you do the same"
"It's fun"
She shakes her head and goes back to reading. I read along with her. Then it hits me (Not literally) What kind of tornanment.
"Umm...Rox?" I started
"What KIND of tornament?"

17th August 2004, 02:29 PM
"To see which school is better. Nothing that will get us killed, of course, but something for fun..." I answered, taking a small break from reading.
"Are you sure about this? I mean, i knew you were planning something big but..."
"You never expected something this big? Heh, neither did I... My imagination gets bigger and bigger..."
She sighed. She doubted me. She didn't think i could pull this off... I can... And i will... She'll see...
"I've gotta grab some cables and stuff to hook this up to the TV... I'll be-"
The doorbell rang. Alex and i looked at eachother, confused at who it could be. I shruged and raced her to the door.
I laughed when I saw who it was. Almond and Shruiken were at the door.
"We're bored."
"Wanna go somewhere?"
I ran off and put my laptop away.
"Do i wanna go somewhere? Anywhere to escape boredem!"

18th August 2004, 05:41 PM
are they going to compete with other spy schools in the olympics? (yes, my imagination has gotten the better of me one again.)

Now that id had my fun, it was time to go practice with my sais. and hadn't for a while and besides, id been sitting inside all day.

"Hey Sam!" I called

"yeah?" sam replied from another room.

"Im going to the exersize rooms to practise stuff, wanna come?"

Sam apperently had nothing better yo do because a minute later he apeared next to me ready to go with a duffle bag in his hand. I began to go up the stairs to retreave my sais when Sam stopped me by saying "Iv already got them, they're in my bag. And why do you keep them under our pillow? that just seems wrong."

he smiled in his own little smug way as we exited the house an locked the front door. no sooner had we been outside when i jumped onto Sam's back.

"you owe me a piggy-back." i said in my mistchevious way. Sam just held onto me and started running. i laughed in glee as we sped by houses. at a second's glance i noticed Almond and Shruiken at Alex and Rox's front pourch.

Sam must have been pretty strong becuase we soon arived at the school's gym.


20th August 2004, 05:33 PM

I put Eevee down and then the two of us headed inside. It was deserted, just as it had been for most of the year. I went over and picked up one of the training blades off the wall, protected edges and all.
"Come on then Eevee. Let's make this a good practise."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"It means you are one of the worst fighters I have ever seen," I didn't mean it of course, just wanted to make her focus that's all.
Despite knowing that sais are a strongly defensive she attacked first, i blocked her and we started parrying. It was fun, actually, more than I had expected. Until I discovered that I'd gotten rusty, not her. She caught me blind side, a small cut down the right side of my waist. I cringed slightly and I saw her panic slightly.
"Oh my God, Sam are you alright?"
I nodded. "It's nothing." I got up slowly, it wasn't deep, it looked worse than it was. "That was good. You caught me out, not many people can say they've done that. But then, I trained you well didn't I?"
It was weird, she was all worried and stuff, being fussed over was kinda fun. I should get hurt more often. Heh...heh... So I let her take me to the infirmary and got myself patched up.
I smiled at Eevee and said, "see? I'm all fixed. You gonna stop worrying now?"

WOOHP TAG right back...

20th August 2004, 11:15 PM
chicken tag? nevermind.


after hearing about the tournement, i slipped off to wood class, and not very many people had fun with it. i was able to make a ball, and shruiken made a blunt (so far) dagger. later we'll get to paint em! i'm not sure wha mine will be, but shruiken will make a mythril dagger, i'm sure. after school i spent half my time fighting with shruiken to practice and playing realistic fighting games (as in with realistic moves and styles like jujistsu) and read books, which is definitely scary for my standards. i only had till tonight! that's 4 hours or so! as i got back from the library, i noticed it was only 5:00, so i had wasted half of my time... but i learned things like hard punch techniques, grappling, counter, and some tactics to counter weapons, in case they cheat!


22nd August 2004, 08:00 PM
Dude! you have They Might Be Giants in your sig! that rocks! they played where i live 2 or 3 years back, but i couldn't see them 'cause i wasnt old enough to get in. my brother did, though. lucky. Istanbull! ummm... yeah...


After fretting over sam and bandaging him up, i was a bit afraid to keep fighting him. i didn't want to hurt him. sam kept telling me he was alright. so i tried to stop worrying.

"are you sure you're ok?" i said as we made our way back to the practice room.

"i'm ok, eevee. a little rusty, thats all." sam replied.

i bit my lip. "so should we keep practicing?" i said, feeling even more guilt for wanting to continue a practic fight.

"Damn straight. i'm not gonna stay rusty for long." sam reasured me in a manly way.

"ok. swords?"

"swords it is."

we entered the practice room and pulled out to same sized swords. we had learned correct stances, footwork, and sword attacks in whoop classes, so we knew what we were doing. for the most part, anyway.

soon we were both in position, then by a lung by sam we began. the swords clashed as i fell onto defence. a few minutes went by and sam was forced onto defence. i know i wasn't supposed to hold back, but i avoided sam's weak spot anyway. i felt guelty every time i looked at the bandage we wore.

the minutes passed, and soon we had reached half an hour. the fight had tenscened. sam's forehead began to bead with sweat, and i could fell my own flesh sweating as well.

the hour mark rolled by, and suddenly i found myself cournerd. in a quick atempt to not lose, i jabbed at sam's handle and managded to wedge it out of his hand and send his sword flying acroos the room to the other side.

we stared at eachother. sam was swordless, however, i was cournerd. "so who won?" i asked, unsure of how the rules would interpret this situation. sam also seemed unsure.

out of no where, the sound of claping filled the room. sam and i turned our heads to ther door. Jerry was standing there, applauding our hour sword fight.

"exallent job spies. good work. the was a fine display of swordsman ship, i must say."

sam was the first to recover.

"jerry, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"oh yes, i was off looking for you spies, and the other ones. i saw you were practicing and i didnt want to interupt." said jerry, the he gave a dry laugh and said. "i must have been standing here for half an hour or more."

i blushed. i didn't know we were that good. maybe we weren't that rusty after all.

"right, anyway, meat me in my office, i'll get the other spies." and with that, jerry left the room. sam and i quickly put away our swords, sam picked up the duffle bag, and we were off to jerry's office.

when we arrived there, the others were already waiting. jerry began.

"hello spies. i've got a mission for you. right. i'm sure you all are aware of the summer olympics currently being held in athens, greece. we've had reports of athletes suddenly disapearing. i'm sending you to find out whats causing this, to get back the athletes, ect. oh, and Rox, im sorry but your little compotition will have to wait untill after the mission"

"how are we going to get that close to the athletes? spectaters can't get nearly close enough." asked alex, clearly thinking.

"i'm glad you asked. you'll be entered as late ariving athletes. i'll let you pick your sports. and please don't pick all the same sport, i want you spread out. now, for your gadgets."

a table flipped up in front of jerry there were four gadgets, and five of each. he picked up the first item. "this spray can will temporarily make you invisable when sprayed on you." he put it down, then picked up the next item.

OOC: sorry for delaying your plans, pokemonlover. but it's the olympics. the chance only comes every two years. i couldn't help myself.

also, eveyone can come up with one gadget, or one person can come up with the rest. wahtever works.

23rd August 2004, 07:12 AM
Every 4 years, you mean ^^
Hey, doesn't matter. I'm hooked to the Olympics too XD

"Um, Jerry... Wouldn't it also be better if we were competing for different countries too?" I interupted, watching him pick up the next gadget.
"Yes, that way it wouldn't look too suspicious... Why, which country did you have in mind?" Asked Jerry.
"England. I just love Brits." I said, putting on the best English accent i could.
"Anyway, back to gadgets. This wrist sweat band is a mini recording device which you can use to gather evidence from other Athletes."

It's short, i know...

23rd August 2004, 12:40 PM
no, i ment 2. theres an olympics every two years. but i know what you mean,the summer olympics only come up every 4 years.


"Ooo! and i'll be from Canada, eh?" i said happily. it's true, i am obssesed with canada.

jerry smiled weakly. "sure, you can be from canada." he said.

"YESS!" i said, being a little too happy about it.

Jerry continued. he picked up the third item and says ".....

23rd August 2004, 12:44 PM
"I call America" I said, snatching up the oppurtunity before anyone else would.
"Fine, fine, fine. Can I finish now?" Jerry said half annoyed. I nodded and he continued. "Next gadget is the nail saw. It is disguised as a nail file but has the strength of a saw." I stopped paying attention and started to think about what to do. "What do you want to do?" I asked Eevee.

Sorry It's so short.

23rd August 2004, 02:13 PM

"Well I'll have to go in as an American athlete, accents ain't my thing," I said calmly.
"What are you gonna do?" Eevee asked me after answering Alex's question.
"Boxing. No competition for me right?"
I saw the expression on Eevee's face, "are you sure?"
I shot her a glance. "I'm fine. I almost died remember? This is nothing."
I took my gadgets and shoved them into the duffle bag.
"I haven't finished explaining-"
"I'll figure it out." I replied, "now if you'll excuse me, I've got an olympic event to prepare for." I started to leave. "Oh and Jer', if I get a medal. I'm keeping it."
I went to the training room. What had happened early, that got to me. She'd got me, how? I NEVER leave my side undefended. I've got to deal with that... I started work on the punchbag. Eevee was getting really good, no, she was excellent. I've been worrying about her way too much, she can take care of herself. I've got to focus more on me, find a decent inbetween or something's gonna happen. These olympics are gonna test us all, in one way or another.

24th August 2004, 01:46 PM
"Fencing" i whispered back to alex. "and you do realise that being from america will limit your oppertunity to get in with the other athletes." i added.

"what do you mean?" alex questioned back.

"well, think about it. america isn't the most loved country." i said. alex sort of nodded in agreement.

suddenly sam stood up, said a bit, then left. i wanted to stay and hear about the last gadget.

jerry held the fourth item up. "and this item is your wrist watch comunicatores. usually i use a makeup container, however, not all of you are girls. i'll enter you all into the olympics, just give me your name, age, country, and event."

i stood up. "Eevee, age 16, representing canada, event; fencing." i said, as jerry wrote the information down.

"next?" said jerry, anxiouse to get us sent to greece as soon as posible.

25th August 2004, 02:39 PM
"Roxanne, age 17, representing England, event: 200m swimming" I stated.
"I didn't know you were 17..." Said Alex, a little shocked.
"I forgot it was my birthday, too... Don't worry about it... I'm only 1 year older than i was before." I said.
I waited for the others to finish signing up. Jerry was writing like mad. I was gonna compete in the Olympics... Wow... Not many people can say they have... And posing as a Brit... Heh, this was gonna be fun!

25th August 2004, 04:30 PM
"What about you?" Jerry asked me.
I thought about it for a while wondering what event to choose.
"Put me down for archery" I replied
He scribbled it down then looked at Shuriken.
"What are you going to do?" He asked him.

3rd September 2004, 04:38 PM

I trained alone for about an hour, I was surprised Eevee never came looking for me and it was slightly disappointing, for some reason I had EXPECTED her to come. I'd never expected anything from someone before, it was a strange feeling.
Jerry called me to his office some time later. I was surprised to see Eevee there but I just pulled up the chair closest to me and sat down beside her.
"I have decided to send you two on ahead to Athens, assess the situation before your events and report back. I;ll be sending the others after you shortly." He handed me an envelope. "I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the arangements."
The two of us headed outside his office and I opened the envelope, tickets, fake passports, currency and hotel informations, room pre-booked of course.
"Well, a king-size suite. Cosy."
"I hope so."
I put everything away safely and we packed our things up back at the house. Jerry had already arranged our transport to the airport but we took a minute to say goodbye to the others.
I opened the taxi door for Eevee, "All set?"

14th September 2004, 02:29 PM
Hey guys, I'm not posting but I want you all to know that I'm starting to write the Novel based on this RPG and that once I've written a chapter I'll post it on my DeavArt account and I'll post the link so that you can read it. Please comment. :p

15th September 2004, 09:43 AM
Here's the link for the prolouge of the book:

24th September 2004, 06:25 PM

"what are you going to do?" jerry asked.
"hm? oh, um... how about pole vault?" shruiken replied.
"it's open. age and country?"
"okay, what about you almond?"
"hmm... well, i'll take balance beam gymnastics." i said.
"what? ha! i can't believe it.. balance beam?" shruken laughed.
"i may be bad with foot work, but i'm a good balancer. i'll go undercover as genis sage from germany, 17!"
"okay then, good disguise.next..."
"what type is genis sage?" alex whispered.
"it sounds wierd, but foreign." roxanne said.
"well you're not gonna believe it, but..." i said.
"how'd you make it up?" roxanne asked.
"it's from a video game!" i sighed.
"nerd." shruiken whispered.

26th September 2004, 01:05 PM
yay, im back. and yes i do relise the olympics ended. we can still pretend, right?

IC: Sam and i entered the taxi and sped off to an airport to fly to greece. sitting in the crowded taxi next to sam, i could tell he had been practicing for his event. it was cute to see how dedicated he could be to things.

the taxi rolled away on a bumpy road as a soft rain began to gently tap an the car's windows and roof.

i could feel the adrenaline pulsing through my body while every second that passed, i was getting closer to competing in the olympics.

it was strnge to think that i was representing canada as one of it's best athletes. my sword play skills weren't too bad, so i might even have a chance of ranking. that would be interesting.

The soft pattering of rain lessend to a mist as we drove up to the air port entrance. Jerry had already accomedated us with a flight. it was a small jet sitting on the runway.

Sam and i emerged from the car, still moist on the outside. the gravel under our feet was slightly slipper. sam handed me my luggage, then took his own. we walked to the jet and walked up it's stairs.

walking iside the jet, i noticed it was all blue. blue seats, blue walls, blue carpet, blue tables. blue everywhere. i walked all the way in and put down my bags. sam also put down his.

then sam said to me "

ooc: g2g, you can talk sam. TAG!!

26th September 2004, 02:51 PM

"Looks like we've got this whole jet to ourseleves." I said, kicking back in one of the seats.
"It would seem so wouldn't it?"
I reclined the chair so that I could lie back, never been on a plane before, it was kinda strange...I closed my eyes for a minute and when I opened them again Eevee's head was hung over mine. I jumped up in surprise. She just laughed at me.
So I chased her over the jet as they prepared for take off and caught her just as the 'fasten your seatbelt' light flashed on. Take off was a rush.
The flight would be a few hours, so the second we were allowed to leave our seats we started playfighting all over again. Eevee was fun but she could not beat me in a fight.
I knew that, but she didn't, not when I let her pin me. "Guess you win..." I sighed.

28th September 2004, 03:37 PM
sam and i played for awhile, then a thought popped in my head.
"hey sam, if we are representing different countries, then does that mean we'll be seperated?"

sam thought about it and replied "you're right. i'll switch to canada with you." he then took out a cell phone a called jerry.

"hi jerry, it's sam." he said, "could you change me to canada. me and eevee need to...practice together. thanks jer.". when sam shut off his cell phone, he walked over to me and picked me up.

"sam, we're on a plane!" i laughed at him, squirming to get free. and sure enough, the plane hit a bit of turbulance and sent us flying. we landed kind of tangled up together in the back seats. when we staigtened our selves out, sam started tickling me.

28th September 2004, 03:42 PM

"Hey, stop tickling me."
"No. It's fun," I said simply.
We hit turbulance again, it was to start bouncing around a plane although me landing on top of Eevee was so not planned.
"You gonna get off me."
"I would but my leg is stuck under this chair."
She sighed, "lift yourself up then."
I smirked, "maybe I don't want to."
"Maybe I'll have to make you then."
I just grinned and pressed my nose against hers. "Okay here's the scenario: you are stuck under me and you think you can fight your way out?"
"I can try."
I smirked, "alright then, try."

29th September 2004, 05:33 PM
i sighed. this was so like sam. i scooched my hands free, then began to tikkle sam on his sides. sam started squirming, and i was able to pull myself up.

"ok sam, we really should start practicing some more." i said. and before he could complain, i went to the stero and put in a Soul Asylum cd, then got out my fencing sword. although the plane being in motion made it hard for my to keep balanced, i continued to practice feet positions and sword positions. i hummed the songs on the cd to myself as i practiced.

while i did this, i noticed that sam was just sitting on a chair. an idea popped in my head and i asked him, "why don't you search the web for any articles about these athletes disappearing in Athens."

sam nodded and took out a laptop. he searched for a while, and a few songs later he seemed to have found something.

"well this is interesting." he said, "it says here tha-"

"ooh, what a moment." i interupted. "-And there's a place for us, stuck inside this fleeting moment, tucked away where no one owns it, wrapped up in a haste, and by mistake got thrown away-" i sang along with the music.

"sorry, that's my favorite line. ok, go ahead." i said.

sam shook his head at my actions, ten continued with what he had been saying.

"it says here that all the athletes who disappeared have reappeared, claming that they all had been practicing in suclusion." sam said.

i could hear the sound of his mouse scrolling down the screen.

"and... huh, thats odd." said sam.

"what?" i asked, stopping my practice for a moment.

"well, it says here that all the athletes that reappeared have been acting strange. all of them are extremely stronger, and their close friends and coaches say that their personalities have completely changed."

"to what?" i questioned.

"kinda distant, focased, and emotionless." sam replied.

"weird." i said back, then continued with my practice.

sam read on a little longer, then closed the laptop and said with a sigh, "i guess we'll see whats going on when we get there."

30th September 2004, 12:13 PM
Yep, It's me again.

"So what do we do now?" I asked
"Dunno, what were we doing before?" Rox asked
"Being bored" I replied
"Oh" She said quietly
I got a bottle of coke out of my bag and took a sip.

What to do, What to do

"We could watch a movie" Rox suggested
"We've seen all the good ones" I replied
"Oh yeah"
"We could...I dunno"
"Neither do I"
"You know, It's wierd, We were bored before and wanted something to do and now we're about to go on a mission and somehow ended up bored again"
"We could just blame Jerry"
"I'm already blaming him"
We both laughed then ran out of things to talk about. I noticed Shuriken and Almond talking quietly in the corner, so I got up and sat beside them
"What ya talking about" I asked
Shuriken jumped a little then said "Nothing really, just complaining we're bored"
"That makes 4 of us" I said "Wonder if Eevee and Sam are having fun"
"I bet they are" Rox said as she sat beside me.
"Who wouldn't be? It's so boring here" I commented
Rox just nodded. We sat there in silence, with nothing to say. Secretly praying that Jerry would hurry up and send us on the mission.

30th September 2004, 04:19 PM

The plane would still take a few hours to reach its destination so I decided to help Eevee, by taking out her legs.
"Your not bad, but you leave too much open," I said calmly.
"I remember beating you," she replied.
I pulled her up. "That was luck."
"You mean skill."
"No I mean luck."
I picked up a spare fencing sword and turned to her. "Alright then, prove it. Rematch. Bet I can take you."
She smirked, "you're on."

7th October 2004, 04:42 PM
Sam got in starting position as did i. we both raised our swords.

sam began "ready. set g-"

"no! we need music!" i yelled. what can i say, i can't be without music.
i walked over to the lap top and opened it. then i got onto the internet and onto mtv.com. i quickly clicked on a few bottons and got to the sum 41 album Chuck. soon the music was at full blast in the small airplane. i started dancing along with the rock.

"this album hasn't come out yet, but mtv.com is playing it." i said hapily, through my headbanging dancing.

"calm down, girl, we've got to practice." said sam, cringing at how loud i had the music.

"kay." i said, completely in a trance.

we got in position again and raised our swords.

""ONE, TWO, GO!" yelled sam over my music.

i lunged amidiatly and tapped sam's weakside. he was obviousely cut off gaurd and hadn't expected me to attack so quickly. we started a bit of footwork, then began attacking and defencing. it got into a pretty heated battle. both sam and i were moving very fast and accurate. sudenly on a lunge from my part, the plane hit some more turbulance and caused me to fall into sam. i landed on top of him with my sword at his throat.

"umm, i win?" i asked, kind of in shock of being on top of sam. with a sword, MY sword, to his throat.

"this would be such a great situation if you weren't holding a sword at my neck." sam sid back.

at that moment the pilot cam into the room. "we'll be landing soon so-" he bagan, but stopped when he saw us. "er... i'll um.... yeah.." he said, then returned quickly to the other room.

i was almost afraid of what he thought.

sam got a hand loose and took the sword out of my hand and put it on the ground next to him. the music still blared loudly as i sat on sam.

"ok, up. at least lets get on the couch eevee." sam said wickedly.

i began reaching for the sword again.

"okay, okay!" laughed sam.

i got up and sam got up as the shaken pilot returned into the room. he seemed releaved to find us standing now.

"like i was saying, we'll be there very soon, so get ready for landing. and please turn that music down."

i gave him an evil glare.

"okay, keep it loud." he said quickly and returned to the other room.

sam gave me a look.
"what? i can't help it! it's sum 41! im very protctive of sum." i said to him, and began to dance some more.
sam just laughed, picked up the swords and put them away. he then pulled me to a seat and sat next to me.

ooc: flailing swords on an airplane in movement. oh so safe.

8th October 2004, 05:28 PM
You're telling me!


"Y'know, they won't let you have this music at the olympics," I said.

"I know. I'll just have to think of something, I know, maybe I could just sing it in my head!" she cried excitedly.

"Okay, calm down. You're not even competing yet, it was just a...keep in mind. Don't go all psycho on me."

She snuggled into my side, "I can't help who I am," she said smiling.

I smiled back and fiddled with her hair. Who knew what went through that weird little mind of hers. I tucked her hair behind her ear and ran my thumb over the scar on her neck.

"Do you still think about that?" she asked, watching me intently.

I bit the inside of my lip and nodded slowly, "I can't help it. Every time I try to sleep my mind wanders back to it and I think, 'what if?'. You know I wouldn't be able to live with myself if anything happened to you."

She kissed my cheek. "Nothing's going to happen to happen to me, I can take care of myself and if anything goes wrong, then I know you'll be there to help me so...I'm not worried."

I kissed her, "you've changed."

"I know, but I'm not the only one."

I gave her a gentle push, "Don't get smart." I pulled something out of my pocket. "I already got tickets to all the fencing matches, so I won't have to miss any of your fights."

"Sam, I might not make it to the final."

"Don't be stupid, you're a great fencer, you beat me didn't you? I think you can do really well and I'm gonna be there all the way through."

"Well we still have a little while to go until it starts."

"Hey Eevee, hows about a bet?" I asked.

"Alright. Let's hear it."

"Okay. If you get the gold medal in fencing then I'll do anything you want."

"Sounds good to me."

"And; if I win the gold medal in boxing...then you have to sleep with me."

She stared at me blankly.

"Actually you're dad will kill me. Okay, if I win the gold medal then you have to do one thing I ask you to do, within reason of course. Sound fair?"

10th October 2004, 08:29 PM
"i'll think about it" i said, then a second later, "okay. and how-a-bout a third bet?"

"like what?" asked sam, still playing with my hair.

"i dunno, but something for both of us if we both win."

"hmm.." thought sam. "if we both win, how about we alope?"

i looked at sam's face, then straight at his eyes. i couldn't tell if he was joking of being serious. his eyes didn't give any clues. i decided to play along.

"and if both of us don't win, then i'll alope with Deryck Whibley, sum's lead singer."

i could see him searching my eyes for traces of joking. i kept a straight face. however, my game didn't get him to give in if he was being serious or not.

it was just then when the plane hit the ground with a bumpyy landing. soon the door of the jet opened and the stairs were brought to the door. i stood up, as did sam, and we walked out of the small plane. our lougage was brought out, and i began to twirl happily.

"Calm down eevee." he said, chuckling at my silliness.

"what, your embaressed to know me?" isaid, hooking my arm into his and skipping in a circle.

"never." he said lovingly.

"play with meeee!!!!"

as we were twirling like idots, a second jet landed, skipping down the runnway and stopping near us. our fellow whoop spys exited the small plane. i ran over to greet them.

"Hiiii!!!!" i said, very much hyper.

sam walked slowly behind me.

11th October 2004, 01:55 PM

I wonder if she's taken my idea seriously. I thought as I walked. It'd be great for me if it was. I was smirking as I caught up with the group.

"Eevee, what did you do to your boyfriend?" asked Alex with a joking tone.

Eevee looked at me then turned back grinning, "oh you know, this and that." she giggled in that cute way that she did.

"You guys gonna come along or what?" I asked. "The sooner we check in the sooner we can check this place out." And I'll be doing a lot of checking out. I thought, shooting a glance at Eevee.

We all grabbed our bags and headed for the coach that would take us to the airport. I hoped the journey wouldn't take to long, this was the first thing close enough to a vacation that I'd ever had and I wanted to get out and experience it for as long as possible.

12th October 2004, 10:19 AM

"Did Jerry say where the coach would be?" I asked Rox, who was walking beside me.

"He doesn't need to" She replied. I didn't know what she meant but then I looked up and saw a big black coach with a large silver W on the side.

I smiled and walked up to the coach.

The inside was so amazing. The walls were white and the floor was black. Everything else was either black, white or both. It looked so cool and modern. I smiled at Rox as we sat down on the sofa (It's kinda like a tourbus I guess. It's a bit like the plane except a coach) Rox sat by me and we immediately started talking about random things.

We sat there talking as I absent-mindedly stroked Pebbles. (just in case you can't remember, I have a little black and brown dog who is called pebbles. I kinda left her ou of my posts lately :s: ) We watched the views go pst the windows and I wondered how long the journey would be.

Sorry, I kinda don't know what else to post.

12th October 2004, 02:11 PM
"You know, if we travel for much longer, i think i'll die of boredem..." I said, getting restless. I wanted to see Athens! I knew i had to calm down, but i couldn't help it. It was like a huge rush of adreniline had come over me. I wasn't hyper like Eevee, i was just plain excited.
The coach stopped earlier than i expected. Now i really was hyper. I looked at the coach door, then Eevee. I grinned. She knew what i was thinking.
As soon as the coach came to a halt, Eevee and i raced for the door. I just pushed through the door before her and jumped off the coach, giggling as i did. Sam and Alex gave us weird looks as we danced around laughing.
Some greek guy came over and started speaking greek at us. The others faces were blank but i listened carefully.
I thanked him politely, in greek of course. The others stared. I felt my cheeks glow red.
"Where did that come from?" Asked Alex.
"I know many languages... Comes in handy when hac- doing things i shouldn't be doing" I said, still red. "He said the hotel is that way." I pointed to it.
"Okay, lets go!"

16th October 2004, 01:52 PM
Alex"You never told me that you spoke greek" I said as all 6 of us made our way to the hotel
"You never asked" Rox replied
"Canis Scundulla" I muttered under my breath
"What does that mean?" Rox asked,
" You don't wanna know" I replied, not knowing that she had heard me.
Rox gave me a mini glare as I walked a little faster and caught up with Shuriken and Almond. Rox caught up with us and started to annoy me about asking what it meant
"I told you, you really don't wanna know" I said
She finally gave up and we kept walking towards the hotel.
When we got to the hotel I looked up at it in awe. The whole of the hotel was white with glimpses of gold. And it was BIG.
"That's what I call a hotel" I said to Rox "Shame it's so posh"
"Post places are fun to be stupid in" Rox said with a cheeky grin
"No arguements there" I agreed and we both walked up to the counter

22nd October 2004, 06:06 PM

Eevee and I queued up behind Alex and Rox to collect our room key, I was still thinking about what she said and it made winning the gold medal all the more exciting.
We picked up our key and headed up the stairs to our room. Well, I say room, it was more like a flat. Two floors, bathroom, huge front room, kitchen, heck Jerry really knew how to taske good care of his spies."Hey Eevee, king sized bed. Remember what happens if I get a gold medal and you don't?" I taunted.
"Calm yourself cassanova, you haven't won anything yet."
I smirked and wrapped my arms around her, "who says I'll have to win anything? I've got you right where I want you, I could probably get you to do whatever I want right now."
"Prove it," she dared me.
"Alright then..."
I went out to the balcony and dangled her.
"Hey that's not funny!" she screamed.
I pulled her back in, "relax, I wouldn't drop you. What, you don't trust me or something?"
"No I don't."
I sighed and shook my head, "looks like you'll be having the sofa then."
"No way!"
"Fight me for it?"
"How many times to do you want to lose today Sam?"
"Lucky hits don't count as wins and besides, there is one thing I'm better at then swordfighting."
"What's that?"
I grabbed a pillow off of the bed, "pillowfights!" I cried, and ran at her, hoping to beat her before she could even get her hands on a pillow.

22nd October 2004, 08:23 PM
sam began to charge after me with a plumply feather stuffed pillow. i instictly pulled out two sais from their sheaths that were strapped to my back. what? i'm a spy! you can never be too careful!

amidiatly i hooked a sai into the pillow and pulled up to disarm sam. however, all this acomplished was tearing the pillow and spilling a mound of feathers around the room.

i jumped back and held my sais out in defence. sam didn't make any movements. he had fallen onto the floor and was laughing his head off. well, not literaly. "laughing his head off" is a phrase that means he was laughing really hard.

i sheathed my sais began to laugh myself.

"come on pillow boy, lets go to registration. my compation is latter on today and yours is first thing tomarrow."

sam stood up and we began to walk down to registration

24th October 2004, 04:08 PM

Eevee and I got ourselves registered. I didn't see any of the others but their events were at different times to ours so they'd probably get theirs sorted later. Afterwards, we headed to a small Greek cafe to fill our bellies, we agreed that we would get some training in before Eevee's match - nothing too strainuous of course, just like a warm up, a couple of drills to get the adrenaline pumping.

"So," I asked as we ate, "were you serious about what you said? You know, about if we both win gold medals."

She smirked at me and I saw a mischievious glint in her eye, "maybe..."

"Alright then, I'll play your little game but I warn you now, I have a very good habit of getting what I want."

"And what do you want?"

Now it was my turn to smirk, "wouldn't you like to know?"

We ate in silence for a bit then I turned to Eevee. "Well it's your training session, your pick where we go to do it."

25th October 2004, 05:06 PM
It would be good to practice once more before the compatition without Jerry or air currents or pillow fights to distract me.

"sounds good." i said. i only had four hours before the compatition, so i didn't want to go too far away to practice.

"Why not the practice arena? i'd like to get a good look at my opponents before i compete."

"cool. but i'm coming with you." sam replied.

we began to walk toward the fencing building.

"And while we're there, maybe we could learn something about the disapearing people that we came here for." i added thoughtfully.

sam nodded in agreement. on the way, we walked past colorful banners, buildings, and plants. There were so many different people, and such breath-taking monuments.

the trip was over to quickly, and we neared the fencing arena. A guard stood at the entrence of a side door. i guessed that he was there to let in olympic competitures. sam and i walked over to the door, and the man nodded at us.

"badges?" he said gruffly.

"badges? badges? we don't need no stinken' badges!" i said instinctly.

sam looked at me strangely. the guard looked at me strangely.

"don't watch much Mel Brooks, eh?" i said, adding the 'eh' for a canadian touch.

the guard recovered and repeted, "Badges?"

sam and i held up the badges we had been given at the registration booth. the man looked at them, then nodded, and opened the door for us. we walked inside and the man closed the door behind us.

the room we had entered was large and contained several floor mats and fencing equipment. all over the room there were enthusiastice people in motion. some people were practicing fights. others were slipping into their gear. some were talking to their couches. and others reveiwing taped on previous fencing compatitions.

sam and i slide into the practice room and walked to an unoccupied mat. we put down the duffle bags we had been holding, and sat down on the mats next our bags. we both unzippered the bags and began to take out variuos gear.

"what do you think about it? do any of the people look suspicious?" i asked sam, refering to the case we spies were on.

sam pulled out a fencing mask and said "

it's all your's, sam!

25th October 2004, 05:21 PM

"Only you darling," I said quietly.
She playfully punched my arm in response.
"Hey now," I said, stern but playful, "I'm the boxer here, not you."

We quickly got into some warm ups and as Eevee strecthed out ready for a practise match I swept a keen eye over the combatants. Unfortunately, there was someone I recognised, the only person apart from one who I wished wasn't here. Without a word, I headed over there and gave him a small shove in the back.

"What the hell do you think you're doing here?" I asked him angrily.

He turned to me, smirking as he did so. "Well well well, look who it is, my dear brother. What brings you all the way over here?"

"Well concidering what's been going down I'd sat I'm here to take you down bro."

He laughed. "That's cute. So, your little girlfriend's entering the same event as me? It should be fun."

"You stay away from her. Your fight is with me."

"Well if we end up matched against one another, that's no fault of mine."

I glared at him. "I will kill you."

"Me? Dear brother I'm registered as an olympic athlete, you so much as touch me, well, you know the sort of strings our father can pull."

I decided it was time to leave. "We'll see... I'll deal with you before the end brother, I promise you that." I headed back over to Eevee, "I think I've just found out the ass**** behind this olympic conspriacy and as a result you'll have to get some serious training put in."


"Because my father's sticking his oar in somewhere where it shouldn't have been and as a result you'll probably end up with a fencing match against my brother. You'll have to be careful, he's like me remember, and there are ways to serious injure an opponent, even in fencing."

6th November 2004, 01:42 PM
alright, alright, i'm posting.. (#1 procrastinator)


"I can take care of myself." I said

Sam smiled warmly at me. "I'll make sure you can." he said, implying that we begin a practice.

we both raised our swords, and began to fence. it wasn't like a fight, but more civilised. olympic fencing was very proper. no the less, we played fercly on our mat. Sam and i were both quick on our feet, thanks to our whoop training. we both were on attack and defence, neither getting an upper hand. our sword play became a dizzy blur of skill. both sam and i were giving it our all, and it wasn't until we heard a loud shreak of a whistle that we stopped. it was the announcer, saying that the compotion was to begin.

It was then when i looked up that i noticed a crowd had gathered in front of us. trainers and athletes stared at us, amaized at our skill. I also noticed the one whom sam had said was his brother was staring at me with intrest. his gaze made me shiver, and i turned away.

i put my sword down, and shook sam's hand.

"Good match" I said. then added "I would have won if we hadn't been interupted."

"Oh, i beg to differ." Sam said with a grin. he picked up our aquipment, and we walked over to where the anouncer had told the fencers to go to.

He was telling who was paired up with who for the first match.

"Looks like you're matched up with some romanian girl." sam said, after listening. "third up."

i nodded and sam and i walked out into the large arena. the stands were packed. a woman with an "Olimpics in Athens" directed me to where i was to sit while waiting for my turn.

Sam had to go to the stands, but he kissed me for good luck before he left.

as i sat on a fold out chair, i got my equipment ready, and began to strech.


finally it was it was my turn to go up. I lept onto the mat, put my mack on, and carried my sword. i quickly got into postion on one end of the mat inside the lines. the romainian girl also got up and got ready.

the buzzer went off. we raised our swords. the second buzzer went off and we began to fight. i immidiatly attacked. the girl quickly deffended herself. she then tried to thrust her sword on the side i had left open by attacking, but a lept back and deffended. we both did a bit of fancy foot work up and down the mat, attacking and defending with quick flips of our swords. I began to press on her, and caused her to go onto defence as she was fourced to back up. soudenly the buzzer went off.

"Out of bounds." hte announcer said. i was awarded a point. first to 5 won.

we walked back to the center of the mat. first buzzer; swords up. second buzzer. attack! she attacked first this time. i stopped her sword with mine,and tapped her on her side with the tip of my sword. another buzzer.

"Point." said the speaker.

2-0. 3 more to go.

she gained a point, then i gained another. and then a lst one. the buzzer sounded. the fight was over. the score board showed the results.

"The canadian!" said the speaker. i smiled as i took off my mask and shook the girl's hand.

i looked up into the stands and found sam, cheering loudly. i waved to him, then jumped off the mat and went to the back room.

when i had finished packing my gear, i began to walk toward the door. but i was suddenly stopped by a man.

"Well, hello there." said sam's brother. "Nice match."

"thank you." i said halfheartedly.

i could see him looking at what i was wearing: A tight black tanktop with Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmass on it, a loose black fishnet shawl over it, baggy dark green pants covered with various chains and black ropes, black flipp-flopps, black eyeliner, black lipstick, black nailpolish, skull earings hanging from my ear lobes, and two spicked rings in my eyebrow. the usual atiter for me, but unusual to most.

"Little Sammy's sure got himself an interesting one." he said.

i walked brisckly by him and through the door. but before it closed, i heard him say "and a fiesty one at that."

Sam awaited me on the other side.

"Great job! only 4 more fights to go!" he said excidedly.

he seemed to notice i was a bit shaken, and he added "something the matter?"

i gave him a smile and said "'nothing."

he gave me a suspicious look, then said, "we're meeting the others at a resterant to eat. lets go."

OOC: there. and if it seemes that my fencing rules are made up, it's because they are. so don't take it too seriously. ^_^

6th November 2004, 02:22 PM
"ALEX! If we don't go now we'll miss Eevee's match!" I yelled from my room to hers. It was just like being at home but we were in a big posh hotel instead of our little house. Well, it was big enough for us, anyway.
"Now? I'm not ready!"
"Hurry up then!"
I flicked on the TV, just incase we really would miss it. They gave us the running order of the matches. Eevee's match was the third one. Luckily, we weren't too far from the stadium.
She finally came out from her room. I grabbed her wrist and made her run with me all the way there. My first swimming trial was tonight so i needed to warm up anyway.
Alex glared at me as we sat down. "We could have just watched it on TV..."
"And miss the live action? No way!"
The first two matches went on. Winners were decided. Then Eevee's match came. I watched so closely, wishing i had such great swords play. But i wouldn't be me if i had that. So i scrapped that idea and did my job of cheering.
She won. SHE WON! Alex and i jumped up and screamed. I don't think she knew we were there because she waved at Sam, who i hadn't noticed was in the stand opposite until now.
I dragged Alex out of the stadium to meet with Eevee at the resterant as we had promised.

6th November 2004, 02:37 PM

"ROX! do you have to drag me everywhere?" I asked annoyed.
"Sorry" She said as she let go of my wrist.
We were sat at the restaurant where we were about to meet Eevee. It was a nice small kinda cafe type restaurant. It had a sort of homey feeling to it. A couple of minutes later Eevee walked in. I was suprised to see that Sam wasn't with her. That was good. Gave us girls some FBT. Female Bonding Time. I hadn't realised how long it had been sibce the three of us had a proper conversation until a few weeks ago.
"Where's the stalker?" I asked Eevee as she sat down.
She gave me a 'Thats-not-funny-but-it-really-is' kind alooks and said "Training, I think?"
In a matter of seconds the three of us were talking about everything. Well, most things. We talked about movies, CDs, T.V., W.O.O.H.P, Greece. And pretty much everything else. Except for Boys, make-up and magazines. We didn't really like those topics. Although Eevee was having no trouble on the boy front. After about two hours, Rox said that she was going to swim for a bit. Warm up and all. Me and Eevee were going to meet her just before her event. I think Shuriken and Almond were aswell. My event wasn't until the next day so I had now worries about training yet. Me and Eevee kept talking until we left and met up with Rox. Rox was still swimming laps when we got there. Me and Eevee sat on some chairs around the pool until she was finished.

Sorry, I'm out of ideas.

6th November 2004, 04:46 PM
OOC: Just so you folks know, the person my charactersk eeps referring to as his 'brother' is his clone that I introduced quite a few pages back. He kidnapped Eevee and Rox discovered the blueprints for his creation.


I had been training instead of going to the restaurant with Eevee, the appearance of my 'brother' had put me on high alert and I was more concerned now that I knew he wasn't entered in the same competition as me. My father was up to something but I didn't know just what.

I went to seek out my brother and found him at a crowded bar, relaxing after his first fencing match. "You look smug." I said coldly.
He looked at me and smiled. "Well look who it is. What did you think of my match?"
"I wasn't watching."
"No, no of course not. Too busy worrying about your little girlfriend."
"Whatever. Liaten, you stay away from her, stay away whilst you can still stay away."
"Save your threats sammy-boy, I'm just the brawns of this operation and you know if you kill me, dad will just make another one and he will be faster and stronger and he will get the job done in my place."
"I wouldn't give him the chance. Now I suggest you take my advice because I'll only give it once, take whatever plan it is you're concucting and make sure you keep it well away from Eevee and the rest of my friends."
"If you're so concerned about your girlfriend's safety then I suggest you make sure she doesn't make it through to the final round of this competition, after all, we wouldn't want her getting hurt now would we?" He tapped my cheek and said, "see you at the next round." and he was gone.

I sighed and drank a stiff drink before joining up with Eevee and the others at the pool. I pulled a chair up beside Eevee's and sat down, thinking deeply about the problem.

"You okay?" Eevee asked.
I nodded in response. My brother wants a fight does he? Well I'll give him exactly what he wants and he won't forget it neither.

6th November 2004, 05:48 PM
An anounce spoke suddenly throught the loud speakers thru-out the arena.

"all swimmers out of the pool. 100 meters freestyle will be starting soon."

"That's Rox's event!" Alex said excidedly.

the olimpians emptied out of the pool, and walked onto the side with there coches. Rox spotted us and waved. we waved back at her. she than began to do some streches as she got ready.

all the judges came out, the press gathered, and people began to fill the stadiom to watch the swim.

"soon" came and it was time for the race to start. all the swimmers walked over to their diving positions. our friend walked to lane 2.

"Read, Set, Go!"

and they were off!

7th November 2004, 07:23 AM
1, 2, 3, 4, breathe. Repeat. Over and over again. At the chances i got for a breath, i looked quickly to see where everyone else was. The person in lane 1 was a little way behind me and the person in 3 was just infront.
The first 50 meters was not my fastest but that was the plan. Save it for the final 50. I got to the end wall. Tumble turn. That gave me a good push. I must have been doing quite well as most of the racers had turned behind me and the only one i could see infront was in 3.
This was it. The last 25. I pushed myself harder than before. I had caught up with lane 3 and the wall was growing ever closer.
Slap. I was done. I looked over at lane 3. She smirked at me. She must have been just a split second or two before me.
I looked up at the board for the final results.
"1... Roxanne Violet, team GB!"
I stared at it in shock. Second was Melanié Lambert of France. I guessed that was whoever had been in lane 3. I waved at Alex, Eevee and Sam before i was finally let out of the pool where i was greeted by a hug from my "coach" who i had only met this afternoon. He was some WHOOP person that Jerry knew from outside the school.
I mouthed "I'll be back in a minute, i need to change" at Alex and went back to the changing rooms. Once i was done, i ran into Melanié.
"Nice race!" I said, putting on my best English accent and holding out my hand, expecting her to shake it.
"I should ave von." She said. Her french accent got in the way of speaking perfect english. "You are jus some fool who tinks vey can vin."
She stormed off. I thought that was kinda rude, ya know? I was trying to be polite and she just shrugged it off. "Atleast you got through!" I called after her before making my way to where i planned to meet Alex, Eevee and Sam.
There's something weird about her... Anybody would be happy just to have came second... I know i would be... Time to do some snoopy detective work...

8th November 2004, 03:16 PM

We all sat together and waited for Rox to show up. Eevee was sat on my lap and we were...not really doing anything. Just kinda being together without having to say anything, it created a nice feeling of together-ness I thought.

Rox seemed to be taking a while, Eevee started fiddling with my palm. Suddenly, she took the other one and I saw her looking between the two.
"What's up?" I asked.
"There's something odd with one of your palms."
"Which one?"
She tugged on one of my hands, "this one."

I examined it closely, there were lines on it that made no sense to be there, they were scars, old old scars.
"They're scars, that's why."
"Where'd you get them?"
"Climbing accident."
She frowned, "Sam I know you, that could mean anything."
I sighed, "When I was running from my dad, I had to get in and out of a high security prison in order to evade him. Getting in was easy but getting out...I had to escape over the wall, it wasn't so bad but...I slipped, my hand got caught in the barbed wire and...I had to cut the section off. I ran 4 miles before I was safe enough away to take the barbed wire out of my hand. I don't think I've known something to be as painful as that was, or any scar to last as long as these ones have." I smirked. "Well, that was all a very long time ago now."

20th November 2004, 04:42 PM
Rox walked out of the changing rooms, a look of confusion on her face.
"What's up?" I asked her as she walked up to me.
"The fench girl, the one I beat, she took it really hard" she replied
"She did? Must take losing really bad"
"Yeah, I guess she did"
Me and Rox met up with Eevee and Sam and the four of us walked back to the hotel. I started thinking about the mission in alot more detail. Some of the athletes had gone missing, something that doesn't happen everyday. At least not to people that are usually swarmed by crowds or bodyguards.
"Hey Rox, who were the athletes that went missing?" I asked as we crossed a road.
"I don't know, the list is saved on my laptop back at the hotel, why?" She asked
"Was the French swimmer one of the people?"
"Maybe, I can't remember. Why does it matter?"
"I was just thinking, what if the people who replaced the athletes that were kidnapped, were all working for some kind of organisation? What if they were all working together to do something?"
Ron gave me an odd look. I couldn't tell if she thought I was right, or crazy.
"Does htat sound stupid?" I asked.

21st November 2004, 01:43 PM
"No" I replied, "It's exactly what i was thinking."
She gave me a smug look. "Great minds think alike, eh?"
"I know there's one great mind here. But the other... Well... That's debatable." I joked, grinning. She gave me a little shove but laughed it off. It was great to know that we could insult eachother like that and take it as a joke as it was meant to be.
We arrived back at the hotel and i was straight onto my laptop. I searched through my bag for the wireless internet adaptor, but couldn't find it. I scowled, i knew i had packed it. I took out my spare internet cable and searched the room for an access point.
"Aaaaalex! I need internet access!"
"Get your adaptor out then."
"I've lost it."
I heard a long sigh followed by shuffling of things. I opened the door between our rooms (some hotels have that. This one does too.) and handed her the end of the cable. She plugged it into her adaptor.
"You're so paying for this internet use. It's expensive over here."
"If i had mine then it would cost the same as back home. I know i put it in there. Hey... What's that in your dog's mouth?... HEY! Give that back!" I grabbed the adaptor and yanked it from it's mouth. It was covered in drool. "This had better work still, Alex..."
"Aww.. Don't get mad... She was only playing." She tried to reason with me.
"Do you want me to be caught hacking? No. Yours doesn't scramble IP addresses... I don't want you getting into trouble if i were to make some stupid mistake..." I was deadly serious. She sighed. I plugged it in. "I have internet access, people!" I said happily, hacking into the Olympic's database for information on the swimmers.

29th November 2004, 06:36 PM
Sam and i were walking around, doing some sight seeing after the swim race, when my phone began to ring.
"hold on, sam." i said politely, then opened my cell.

"speak to me." i said.

"this is rox. come over to my room, i think i've got something on this case."

"On my way." i answered, then hung up.

"sam, we've got work to do." i said, and we began to walk to the hotel.

when we got to rox's room, alex answered the door. rox was off talking the minute we stepped thru the door.

"I think i've got a lead on the case. this french swimmer acted with a grudge and it gave me the idea that maybe there is some kind of organization involved." she began, typing franticly on her laptop. sam and i walked further into the room, as alex closed the door and joined us.
"i got onto the Olympic's database for information on the swimmers and other athletes, and came to a private section, which i assumed was for judgeds and posiblly coaches. with some difficulty, i was able to hack past the security. inside, the link seems to be the athlete main control database. that was pretty normal, but then i discovered something." she paused.
"go on." sam said.
"well look at the screen. under coaches, there are a number of them that say only have the initials A.D.O." she pointed to a number of athletes and there coaches on the screen.
"you're right." i said. "But what could that mean?"
"I believe that all the "athletes", registered from diferent nations, actually are members of the sam organization. and furthermore, i think they are the ones who have been kidnapping athletes and releising them back. have you noticed that non of the kidnapped and returned athletes have won their compotitions?" She said.

"You're right," said alex "do you think they are "disabling" the athletes that threaten them, so this group can win the compotions?"

"Exactly what i've been thinking." Rox replied. "and look, that french swimmer is under the A.D.O."

Suddenly sam gasped. we all turned to him.

"What is it?" i asked, worried.

he pointed to a particular name on the screen, and in a low voice said, "And so is my brother."