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30th November 2004, 04:17 PM

I sighed, "well, if my so-called 'brother' is involved then you know who's behind this whole mess don't you?" I asked in general.

"My money would be on your father at this point," Rox replied.

"Sounds like his sort of thing, he always did like genetic experimentation. I mean look what he tried to do to my sister, what he did to me, he cloned for **** sakes and now he's doing something to some of these athletes."

"And we have to find out what," I said Rox.

I nodded. "Well you guys should probably get started. I'm gonna start settling in. I need to prepare for tomorrow, only God knows what kind of upgraded-super-athlete I'm gonna have to face tomorrow." I kissed Eevee on the cheek. "I'll meet you back at the room okay?"


I went back to the room and fixed myself a salad and lots of bread, for once carbos would be good for me.

Eevee came back, after a few hours. I had already done my workout and had a shower. To be honest I was all set for a quiet night in. But then again, a quiet night in with my girlfriend wasn't so bad either.

"I left you some salad. Figured you might be hungry after all of that hard work you've been doing."

"We didn't get very far. Your father's set up some new firewalls to stop hackers like Rox getting through and it's taking her a while. We can't even be sure he's behind it."

"Oh he is, trust me on this one."

We cuddled up on the sofa and stuck the tv on to fill the void until we could find something else to talk about.

"You are coming to my fight tomorrow, aren't ya?"

"Wouldn't miss it."

"Good because you remember that whole thing about what we're gonna do if we both get a gold?"

"You mean eloping?"

I nodded. "That's the one." I smirked, "I'm already booking the tickets."

30th November 2004, 06:22 PM
I let out a nervous laugh "my dad would freak."

"and your mom." sam added.

"actually, i got an email from her. she said she thinks you're cute."

sam laughed. "who knew?"

i smiled. "well, im gonna take a shower, check the news channals to see if anything weird's popped up."

with that, i left sam's side and walked to the bathroom.

when i returned to the room half an hour later, i was wearing my black-cat pajamas, complete with paw prints up the side of the legs and pair of clip on cat ears.

sam just looked at my atire and chuckled. "sometimes you have the most bazar clothes." he comented.

i sat next to him and flipped my dark, wet hair over my shoulder. "find anything?" i asked.

"actually," sam said, "it's more of an observation, but remember how a bunch of the athletes had coaches with the initial's A.D.O? well, i was wondering how all these people could have the same coach, so i've been watching for them to mention the names of the particular athletes. i noticed that they all have their own coach, but they all have the same uniform on. i think that A.D.O. is some sort of organization. but i don't know what they're up to."

i took in the information, then wondered aloud "what does A.D.O. stand for? maybe it LOOKS like a coaches anitials, but is actually the abreiviation to this group. maybe... Athletes Distruction Organization. no, that seems too obvious. but if we knew their name, we could discover their motives."

Sam nodded in agreement.

with out anything else to add to the conversation, we both got up and began to train for our events. sam's was first thing tomarrow morning, and i had two matches tomarrow, withen four hours of eachother. and we both wanted to win.

1st December 2004, 02:38 PM

After a while I decided I had trained enough. I'd had my session and I didn't want to tire myself out before my fight tomorrow. I was gonna need my strength. I went instead, to go and watch Eevee's training session. I liked the way she moved when she trained, her body had this great rhythm to it that facinated me.

After watching for about half an hour she finally spotted me in the doorway. "How long have you been there?"
I shrugged. "A while. I was watching."
"You mean spying?"
"Same things ent they?" I asked stepping in.
Instantly she pointed her sword at me. "Did I saw you could come in?"
I smiled and stepped closer, taking her wrist in my hand and slowly shifting the handle from her hand into mine. "You don't have to. I already know what you're going to say."
"What do you want?"
"It's dark, you need your rest. I need mine too but I've found I can't sleep very well on my own anymore."
"Awwww," she teased.
I frowned. "Yeah make fun. Come on catwoman, let's get you to bed."

I picked her up very quickly and flung her over my shoulder. She was so surprised that she actually kicked me a bit. "Y'know, that does actually hurt." I said after a while.
I put her down by the bed and started stripping down to my boxers whilst she climbed into bed.
"Hey Eevee, do you fancy another bet?"
"Depends what it is."
"Well we haven't got any events the day after tomorrow right. So I figured we could pretty much have a free day."
"What are you getting at?"
"Well hows about this....if you win both of your fights tomorrow then I'll be your slave for a whole day...a.k.a for the day after tomorrow."
She looked at me strangely. "What's the catch?"
"No catch, I'm just gonna be bored on that day and I'd probably just sleep the day away but I think you'll give me a hell of a lot of exercise, and believe me I need it."

8th December 2004, 10:32 AM
I frowned.
"sorry tiger, not interested. try another."
I leaned over and turned off the light, then pulled the covers over me and hugged sam's shoulder.
sam thought for a moment, then said "what do you have in mind?"
I kissed him on the cheek and said "play date!" with a school girl squel.
He chuckled, amused at my behavior. He stoked my hair. closed my eyes and began to purr.
"Whatever makes you happy, eevee" he told me, then stopped petting my head.
I opened my eyes and looked at him. "But we will have to do some spy work to. pull out the ol' gadgets and start some snoping."
He nodded ad we both drifted into sleep.


the next morning we woke up early and took turns in the bathroom. when we were both ready, we headed off to the gyms to get ready for the compitions. Sam was first, then i would be a few hours after. if i won my next match, then i would be in the semi finals and would have another match. if i lost my first match today, then it would be ovr for me.

When we reached the door, the gaurd let sam in, but wouldn't let me in.
"Only Athletes competing in this compition." he said.

frowing, i said to sam "i'll get my seat. i'll be watching, good luck!"

sam smiled at me before going through the door. i stuck my tounge out at the gaurd, before walking around the building to get to the main enterance. handing over my tickt for the match, i entered the arena and walked to my seat. Sam would be up soon, and i crossed my fingers for him.

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8th December 2004, 04:47 PM

I sat on the bench and slowly began to pull on my gloves. I was syching myself up for my fight, I hadn't boxed in years, I didn't even know if I was any good. I nibbled on my lip, I'd hate to screw up now - I mean, nationally television. No way I want that embarssment.

"Nervous are we?"

I'd know that voice anywhere, I jumped to my feet and drew into a defensive stance, "I thought I made myself clear the last time, you stay away from me and my friends."

"Yes I heard it all before. Besides, I'm not interfering in anything to do with your life, I was doing this, you came to me. So, I'm not doing anything wrong."

I glared at him, "Why are you here?"

"Partaking in a little experiment that's all. Figured that, seeing as how I could improve you, I decided to dabble in the Olympics, practise makes perfect."

"You sick *******." I growled.

He smirked, "well you keep telling yourself that. Tell Eevee I send my love, nice for a father to get involved in his son's love life."

"You stay away from her."

"Oh don't worry about it. It's your brother you have to worry about, kid can do some pretty amazing things with a fencing blade. Anyways, good luck in your fight."

I watched him go. I knew what he'd try to do, he wanted to get me mad, to blind me with my own fury and what's worse...it worked. I didn't know who my opponent was and I didn't care, he was going down, right down.

Finally my turn came, I stepped into the ring and sat in my corner whilst the temporary coaches Jerry had hired made a fuss. The bell went and I walked up to face my opponent. I just stared him up and down, I was stressed and that meant bad news for him. I didn't even look for Eevee in the stands like I'd wanted. But there was just no stopping it now, he'd succeeded in doing what he had set out to accomplish - he'd turned me into what he wanted to me to be. Just like him.

My opponent and I squared off. He raised his gloves in a defensive stance and began to circle me slowly. I just stood there unmoving, following him from the corner of my eye. He was a fool. First chance he got he swung at me, I ducked it and caught him in the gut then brought up my right hook straight into his chin. As he stumbled back I drew back my left fist and thrust it into his face. He smacked the ground unconcious. Total fight time: 30 seconds.

There was silence. No one seemed to believe what had happened and it seemed to take them forever to finally register me as the winner. I withdrew from the ring swiftly, I needed to clear my head of all these thoughts. I took a long cold shower to clear through everything my father had said to me before I went outside.


I turned to Eevee, "hey..."

"What happened in there?"

"My dad spoke to me, he worked me into a frenzy saying stuff about you. He wanted me to pummel that guy, he wants me to completely lose it and...it's working."

She hugged me tightly. "Don't think that. You'll be okay, you have me and everyone else, we'll help you."

"I know...Did the others watch?"

"Yeah they did but they went to go do some more training."

"That's cool."

"You wanna do something then? Y'know, before my match? Just the two of us?"

"What do you have in mind?"

She gave me that cheeky grin she always wore when she was planning something and then took my hand, "ohh...you'll see..."

8th December 2004, 07:31 PM
I grabbed sam's hand and said "come on! lets have some fun!"

i began to run. the thick, colorful braclets that went up to my elbows on both arms jangled. the rest of my atire consisted of thick beaded necklases that colared my neck, a long black dress with multiple peticoats under it and a belt around the waist, black stockings that went up to my uper leg, and black high-heeled shoes. my red lips and eyeliner stood out against my waist length straight black hair.

we continued to run until we reached the parking lot. everone was still in the building, because there were still a bunch more matches before the boxing event was over for the day.

It was then that i spot a baby-blue 1960's convertable. with a mischivous smrik on my face, i headed toward the the car and hopped into the drivers seat.

sam walked over slowly to me and said "Eevee, what are you doing!"

i smiled at him and said "Something Wild, wanna come?" i began to rock in the seat, back and forth.

"Eevee, this is crazy, you can't just steal a car!" sam told me.

I took a key off of a cain on my neck and put it into the key hole. with one quick turn, the engine was purring. i continued to rock.

"live a little." i said

Sam, not knowing what to do, came into the car.

"Where did you get that key?"

"from Jerry's, it's a skeliton key." i answered, then hiked up my skirt and floored the pettle.

I swirved out of the parking lot and onto a straight road. after driving for a while, i looked over at sam. he was still speachless.

"live a little, Charly." i said, then hopped to the back seat, the car still moving. sam reacted quickly and moved over to the drivers seat. he caught the weel. looking at the pettle, he reached down, then flung my sho back that had been on it. i laughed and put it on.

"haven't you always wanted to know how one of these babies drove?" i asked him.

he began to smile, but stopped himself and hid the fact that he was enjoying the drive.

"how much sugar did you have these morning, eevee?" he replied.

I smiled at him and said "stop here." then jumped out of the moving car.

sam reacted quickly to this astion, too, and pulled into the nearest parking lot. he ran over to where i was, lying in the dich next to the road laughing my head off. my hair and dress were spread out all around me. sam came up to me and helped me up.

as soon as i was up, i began to walk toward a tall hill. soon i was at a run, charging up the hill. i could hear sam behind me, trying to keep up. when i got to the top, i stopped and collapsed onto my knees. when sam caught up to me, he stopped to and stood next to me. right in front of us was a towering greek temple. it was an amaizing sight. i began to walk to it, but sam stopped me.

"eevee." he warned.

a grabbed his hand and said "ok, then, we'll waltz."

"what?-" he began, but i interupted him by dancing. my hand ws on his shoulder, and my other hand was holding his. he put his free hand around my waist and we danced around in that little valley. i could hear sam counting under his breath. i then rested my head on his shoulder and began to hum. a butterfly flew around us, and the lush grass and flowers filled the air around us with a sweet scent. after dancing for awhile, sam whispered in my ear.

"we need to get back for your match, my crazy love."

i parted from him, curtsied, and twirled. my skirt and petticoats flared around me in a graceful black circle.

looking back at him, i went to the hill and rolled down. sam ran after me, but lost his balance and started rolling to. when we reached the bottom. i crawled over to sam who was lying on his back laughing so hard that tears were streaming from hi eyes. i leaned over and kissed him, then stood up and walked to the parking lot he had parked the car in.

we saw that a policeman was at the cadilack, and his car was in front of us.

i gave sam my little smile. he widened his eyes.

"oh no." he said.

i walked over to the car opened the door and got into the front seat. sam ran over and went into the passanger seat. i started the car and we took off. it was then that the policeman noticed us.

"Hey! stop!" he yelled, but he had not seen us.

i drove onto the road and headed back to the arenas.

I leaned over, kissed sam on the lips, then said "i always wanted to drive one of these."

sam just laughed as we drove away.

9th December 2004, 07:33 AM

"See, now I can't help but think that this was brought on by my influence." I said.

She laughed at me. "I'm sure you'll find that sugar is also very influential."

I shook my head. This was nuts, I was in a stolen police car with my crazed girlfriend at the wheel, who by the way was supposed to be preparting for her next Olympic Fencing match.

"How does she handle?" I asked.

"Not bad. Wanna try?"

"I think I'll pass, you'll probably try and jump out the window again."

"Might try it anyway."

I sighed. Never would I let Eevee near too much sugar, see I can handle her acting liek this on the odd day; but everyday!? I think I'd die from trying to keep up with her madness and if she keeps drving like this I think I just might.

With a dramatic handbrake turn into the stadium carpark the car finally stopped. I got out thankfully and Eevee soon followed and we headed for the stadium. They were still setting up but they were letting contestants in for training. I got in easy, after all I was Eevee's coach.

"Okay then. I finally got you here now I need to calm you down," I told her quietly as I held her arms. "Please promise you're not gonna embarass yourself in front of the world."

"Heh...I suppose I could try."

"Yeah well you say that but don't forget if you don't win both your matches then no play date. That's th deal." I sounded like a parent trying to bribe his kid into behaving and that's kinda what it felt like. "Come on, let's get some practise in." I said, handing her a sword.

10th January 2005, 01:01 PM
I lay on my bed, staring at my laptop screen and kicking my feet up and down off the end like i was swimming. Alex sighed. I sighed. It was hot, sticky and the air conditioning wasn't working properly.
"I bet they're having more fun than we are..." I muttered, moving a card on my solitare game.
"Sam and Eevee, of course." I said, turning to her. "Who else would i be talking about?"
She glared at me. I stuck my tongue out at her and turned back to my screen. "So, you found anymore clues?"
"Yes. I just won a game of solitare."
"That's not a clue!"
"... Shut up."
I looked at my watch. Ah, still the morning, nearly afternoon. Today was going so slowly. An idea sprung into my head.
I got up, closed my laptop, shoved it in my bag and headed for the door.
"Where are you going?"
"Out. Sitting around is boring. Wanna come hit the stores? Euros are too pretty not to spend." I grinned, picking up my wallet and stroking it. "Plus, we don't have events until tomorrow. What do ya say?"
"I say where do we start?" She grinned back and grabbed her stuff before we hit the town.

10th January 2005, 08:08 PM
Sam handed me my swoed, persuading me to begin practice. i looked at my atire.

"Should i change?" i asked sam.

"the compotition doesn't start for another few hours and you do look cute, so i think you could stay in that for a little longer."

i gave him a childish smile then said "okay!"

i walked over to the mat and started to practice positions. then i moved on to blocks and blows. i closed my eyes and practised all the positions, blocks, and blows in a row. as i repeated the patern i got faster and faster untill i was controled, swift, and decisive. it was a neat warm up that i used when practicing with my sais.

when i opened my eyes i saw people involuntarily staring at my practice. i just smiled at them and continued my ruteen. when i began to sweat i stopped. sam handed me a water bottle which i drank deep from.

"you've been getting pretty good at this, crazy girl." he told me.

i finished off the water and took a deep breath.

"especially considering i haven't done this all my life like most of the atheletes here." i said.

"You've been using sais for a long time, thats close." he assured me. that was true. i had picked swords because they were the closest sport to the sais.

the hours went by fast and soon it was time for compotition. i changed in a bathroom while sam checked the line up.

when i came back all in gear, sam was staring at the line-up board.

"you're up 3rd with a french boy." he pointed out.

i nodded. the first group left the practice room for the main arena for their match. their fight was shown on a screen in the training room. when that match was over the second pair went up.

"almost your time." sam said as we watched the second match on the screen. this match was much more interesting then the previous days, because these competitors were the remaining best. and soon the best would be widled down even more.

finally they were finished, the winner anounced.

i started to walk out for my turn, placing my mask on and gripping my sword. at a moment like this, a coach traditionally says "good luck" or "break a leg". but sam being less of my coach more of my boyfriend, his words were "Kick his ass, eevee!"

i smiled. he couldn't have said anything better then that.

i walked onto the mat and into position. i could feel the world's eyes boaring into me, but all i could think about mas my awsome man.

my opponent stood in front of me. in a flash, the bell went off and i went into action. before he relised what was happening, i poked him on the side. a bell went off. already i had gained a point. he was obviously used to people waiteing a few seconds before attacking.

the bell went off again, signalling us to start up again. he tried my trick but i had inticapated it and blocked his affence swiftly. with his arm still wide open, i hit him again in the side.

the bell rang. two for me.

the match continued. he gained three point, but in the end i beat him. when the bell went off for my last hit, i couldnt help thinking that sam was right. somehow, i had picked up this sport pretty well.

we shook hand and were off. i took my mask off and went to the side room.

as i met sam he hugged me happily.

"that's my girl," he said in my ear, "kicks ass with a blade."

i put my sword down with my other gear and sat on my mat. my next match waould be after this round was over and all the winners would compete. but for now i could relax.

"wanna call the others?" i asked, since we had time to spare.

11th January 2005, 04:53 PM

"It couldn't hurt. We need to let them know how you've got on anyway."

I pull out my cell and typed Rox's number in - well I tried, but Eevee went into one of her 'weird moods' again and was trying to use me as a climbing frame.

"Err....Eevee? Do you want me to make this call?"
"Then please just let me dial the phone."

Eevee moved off and sat on the bench beside me as I called Rox.

"Rox here!"
"Hey Rox, how's it going?"
"Doing a bit of shopping. How'd Eevee's match go?"
"No problems. She's got her next round coming up in a bit."
"Cool. Wish her luck for me."
"You can do it yourself. She's right her next to me."

So me and Eevee tried to organise having a conversation with Alex and Rox using only two cellphones. It wasn't easy but it was fun and it certainly passed some of the time between Eevee's two matches. There was still some time left however when the conversation was finished. Rox and Alex had shopping to do and I needed to try and get Eevee focused.

I turned away to pack away my cell and when I turned back, Eevee was standing in front of me. I almost jumped off of the bench in surprise. Eevee giggled slightly then leant forward and kissed me.

"Have you been eating a lot of sugar lately? You've been really hyper today and I'm sure you've never kissed me so many times in one day."

Eevee shrugged, "do I need a reason to kiss my boyfriend?"

"Now you know that's not what I mean," I said, standing up and pulling her close to me. I pressed my head against hers, "I'm just trying to understand you. I mean, today you stole two cars and jumped outta one of them." I laughed at the thought and brushed some hair out of her face. "Maybe I should just shut up about this. Why don't you and I do something after your match, you know to celebrate your success?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"To be honest, I'd like to just lock the both of us up in our hotel room until tomorrow. I'm not saying that we'd do...you know, THAT...but just be together, with no interuptions, doing whatever the hell we like. Sound good?"

12th January 2005, 02:07 PM

After me and Rox hung up we went back to the more important thing: Shopping! (God that sounded girly!)

After browsing through most of the shops and buying a few odd things here and there I realised that I was getting hungry. I was about to ask Rox if she wanted to stop and get some food, but before I could say a word her stomach rumbled loudly and answered my unasked question.

Me and Rox both ended up in fits of laughter and attempting to walk to the nearest cafe without making ourselves look like complete idiots. Unfortunately, it never worked.

I calmed myself down and got my breathing back to normal as me and Rox sat down at one of the tables outside. We both got our food quickly and talked about random things as we ate.

"I wonder where Shuriken and Almond are, I haven't seen them since we got here." I said as I stood up.
"They probably locked theirselves in their room and started playing games." Rox smiked, getting up and starting to walk down the street with me.
"Think we should check on them? You know, just to check they're still alive and not being ripped apart by psyco teddy bears?" I asked, not really knowing where the randomness came from.
"Sure, there's nothing else to do." Rox replied.

It's short, so sue me. (Actually, on second thoughts, don't.) I was completely out of ideas. But I posted! So, YAY!
I turned around a corner and headed off to the hotel, talking to Rox all the way.l

1st February 2005, 03:34 PM

"It couldn't hurt. We need to let them know how you've got on anyway."

I pull out my cell and typed Rox's number in - well I tried, but Eevee went into one of her 'weird moods' again and was trying to use me as a climbing frame.

"Err....Eevee? Do you want me to make this call?"
"Then please just let me dial the phone."

Eevee moved off and sat on the bench beside me as I called Rox.

"Rox here!"
"Hey Rox, how's it going?"
"Doing a bit of shopping. How'd Eevee's match go?"
"No problems. She's got her next round coming up in a bit."
"Cool. Wish her luck for me."
"You can do it yourself. She's right her next to me."

So me and Eevee tried to organise having a conversation with Alex and Rox using only two cellphones. It wasn't easy but it was fun and it certainly passed some of the time between Eevee's two matches. There was still some time left however when the conversation was finished. Rox and Alex had shopping to do and I needed to try and get Eevee focused.

I turned away to pack away my cell and when I turned back, Eevee was standing in front of me. I almost jumped off of the bench in surprise. Eevee giggled slightly then leant forward and kissed me.

"Have you been eating a lot of sugar lately? You've been really hyper today and I'm sure you've never kissed me so many times in one day."

Eevee shrugged, "do I need a reason to kiss my boyfriend?"

"Now you know that's not what I mean," I said, standing up and pulling her close to me. I pressed my head against hers, "I'm just trying to understand you. I mean, today you stole two cars and jumped outta one of them." I laughed at the thought and brushed some hair out of her face. "Maybe I should just shut up about this. Why don't you and I do something after your match, you know to celebrate your success?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"To be honest, I'd like to just lock the both of us up in our hotel room until tomorrow. I'm not saying that we'd do...you know, THAT...but just be together, with no interuptions, doing whatever the hell we like. Sound good?"

1st February 2005, 07:06 PM
i loathe midterms with a firey passion...


I leaned close to sam as if i was about to say something, then tagged his shoulder and said "tag, your it!"

before he could respond to me spontanious silliness, i got up and ran into the crowd of people in the room. we played for a little while, me like an excited puppy, and him half heartedly.

we stopped when an asnouncement was called that the compotion would start. sam went to check who my opponent was, and i went to change.

when we came back together, sam and i sat down on our bench.

"I've been talking to some people and i hear that your next opponent is tough. she is merely imposible, but you can get her when she lifts her right arm to strike." he told me.

"aww, look at you. you're like some kind of spy or something." i said jokingly.

i was first up, so i hugged sam, put my helmit on, and walked out into the arena.

the match began, and i found out that my opponent was a real pro at the sport. however, sam's snoping paid off, because i was able to get in her weak spot. she managed to get a few hits on me, but in the end, i got one more point then her.

when i went to the back room, i took off my helmet and walked up to sam.

"tough win" i panted.

"yeah, you had me worried for a moment." he responded

i smiled at him and went to the changing room. when i returned we decided not to stick around for the rest of the matches, so we decided to walk to our hotel room.

it was getting dark out and the moon was bright in the sky. i had calmed down a bit and the walk was nice and peaceful.

when we got into our room, sam's bepper started ringing. It was Jerry, and the message was "important news".

sam picked up his phone and called jerry right away.

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2nd February 2005, 03:40 PM

As I was calling Jerry my beeper went off again. I looked down quickly and caught the words: 'we got an emergency!'. I dialed quickly and waited for Jerry to pick up. "Yo Jer, what's with the beeper mail? One message would do."

"Just listen. There's been an incident."

I felt my gut turn as he said that. I could sense something was wrong, something very bad had happened I just knew it. "Well...what is it?"

"It's your sister. There's been an attack at the hospital..."

Jerry explained to me that a group had attacked the hospital. Serena had supposedly been their target but no one knew the exact details. They managed to get the police there and arrest the people who had broken in but...Serena had been rushed to hospital with serious injuries. No one was sure what the outcome was gonna be.

Moments later I was throwing everything I could into my bag. The WOOHP jet was nearby and I was taking it back to the hospital. I had to see my sister! Eevee didn't say anything, she didn't tell me to calm down or anything. She just sat there and watched me. Then suddenly, she turned to me and said: "I'm coming with you." She grabbed a small bag and we headed for the plane.

Throughout the entire journey I was tense. I was scared for my sister, I didn't want to lose her. I'd brought her back into my life because I thought she would be safe but this has happened. I feel like its my fault but she was happy...I'll get them! The ones who did this! I'll get them and I'll make them pay!

Eevee touched my hand. "She'll be okay. She's strong, you know that she is. She'll pull through."
"I hope you're right Eevee. The two of you are like my family and I don't wanna lose any more family."
Eevee hugged me. "We won't go anywhere. I know Serena, she wants to be there for you just as much as you want to be there for her."
I smiled, "thanks. That means a lot."

We arrived at the hospital and I ran in. I was directed to Serena's room and sprinted there. What I saw...it broke my heart. Someone had given her the beating of a lifetime. Her body was battered and bruised, she almost looked the same as mum after she was...
I shook my head and took Serena's hand in my own. "I should have been there. I could have done something to help. I always shown up too late to do anything..."

Eevee came in. I heard her gasp but I didn't look at her. I felt so upset and ashamed with myself. I put her in that hospital and she got attacked. She would have been better off without me in her life!
I couldn't take it. I went outside and collapsed against the brick wall. I buried my head in my hands and I cried. I wanted so badly to do something nice for my sister but instead she ended up like this...
"It's not fair." I muttered angrilly. "Not fair at all..."

2nd February 2005, 07:26 PM
Sam had rushed out of the room, but i stayed and walked toward Serena. she had an IV in her rist, and an oxygen tube in her nose. both of her legs were in casts, as well as a bandage around her head. her face was very pale and there was no red in her cheeks.

i swallowed back my emotions and nealed next to her. to the left of me i could hear her heart rate in the machine.

i stared into her fair face. she was strong willed, but physicly weak. she was so bright and cheery, an seemed to always have a smile on her face.

suddenly i saw her lips spread into a thin smile. i thought i was imagining it, but i looked into her eyes and saw they open.

"Serena, sweetie!" i gasped.

"E-eevee?" she whispered in a hoarce voice.

"It's me. it's me. i'm here." i told her.

she got a look at me and my outfit, and began to laugh. however, the laugh turned into a cough that made her fragile body shake. i felt so helpless, like i couldn't do anything useful for her.

A nurse, who had heard sudden noise in the room, rushed into the room.

"Serena, you're finally awake!" she exclaimed happily.

the nurse turned to me and said "We have to get some nuritment in her, and posibbly a few words so the police can help her."

i nodded at the nurse, then turned to Serena.

"Hey, chin up, girl." I said to her, and tapped her chin lightly.

she smiled at me as i stood up, then left the room.

when i got outside, i found sam huddled against the wall and his face was in his hands. i walked over and sat in front of him. i leaned over and just held him in my arms. my hair fell over his face as he mirrored the action.

"She woke up and they're helping her." I whispered in his ear, after a long silence.

I held him in silence for a while longer, when the beeper went off again. i moved to sitt next to him, then looked at the beeper.

"It's Rox," I said, "And the message is 'Call me ASAP'."

Sam was still emotionaly recovering, so i called Roxanne on my cell.

"Eevee here, talk to me." I said, and leaned against sam.

"Eevee! there's been a rade in the hotel!" she said franticaly.

I was close enough to sam so he could hear the conversation on the phone. when he heard Rox, he looked up in concern.

"What?!" was all i could say.

"No one was killed or injored. but Eevee, the people involved went only to your and sam's room! some people with masks on came and tore through the place. the room was completely totaled!"

"Totaled our room? What were they trying to find, and what did the masks look like, rox?"

"They didn't take anything so i think what they wanted wasn't there, but they sure wanted it. And I didn't see it too well, but some people have reported that the masks A.D.O."

"A.D.O.!" I gasped.

"By the way, Jerry told us about Serena. I'm so sorry! it's weird that these things happened right after one another."

"thank you. and you're right, it is strange. it sounds like ADO is planing something, or had planned something."

Suddenly the nurse came out and ran over to sam and I.

"Sam, Serena wanted us to tell you that the people, the people who injored her had masks on tha said ADO. i don't know what it means, but she said you would."

"Thank you nurse." sam said, then the nurse went back in.

"Did you hear that, Rox?" i asked.

"Loud and clear. what do you think it means?"

"ADO was plotting something, so we can probably figure out their plan if we put the cluse together." i said.

"ADO beat Serena enough to send her to hospital. then sam went to her bed side as soon as he heard. soon after, the hotel room was attacked by ADO." thought aloud Rox.

"right. if they had planned this, they most likely expected sam to go to his sister after she was hurt." i said.

"However, they would have expected Eevee to stay at the hotel room because it was my sister and not Eevee's, and Eevee has to compete." said sam.

"And thinking eevee had stayed in the hotel room, they searched the place for- for Eevee!" said Rox.

"Me? why me? why would they want to kidnap me?" i said.

"It would have to be you because you were the only valuable thing there." said sam.

"That's so sweet!" rox said, "But it makes sence, too. if Eevee is out of the picture, then they have a bargoning tool on their hands." rox said.

"And they'd have to get sam out of the way in order to kidnap me." I said.

"So why did they beat up Serena, but not kill her?" said rox.

"Because if Serena died, Eevee would have to come to a funeral, but if she was just injored Eevee wouldn't have to come. But they made sure to brake Serena enough so that i had to come." Sam said fustratedly, then punched the ground.

"I'll call Jerry about this. talke to you latter." Rox said.

when we were finally off the phone, i put my cell away.

"So what do we do next?" I asked sam.

3rd February 2005, 03:49 PM

I ran my hand down my face slowly. "I don't know. I don't know what I'm supposed to do anymore. I just can't get anything right. I had Serena moved, that's how they were able to find her. I wasn't even gonna let you come but I wasn't gonna argue with you either. If I'd have said something, they'd have kidnapped you again. I can't keep going through that..."

Eevee hugged me tightly. "You can't blame yourself for everything bad that happens."

"But it's my fault! They went after you because of me! They attacked Serena because of ME! This was the reason I chose the life I did. I can't be around anyone because I just make them miserable! I mess up their lives. How many times has your life been in danger just because you're my girlfriend? Remember when they kidnapped Rox? That's was because of me too."


"I-I have to go see Serena."

I felt so bad that I took off to Serena's to spend some time with her. We talked about what happened, I wanted as much information as the police had and I knew that if she talked to me it would help her some. We ctalked about what was going on in the Olympics and how she'd been watching and supporting us through the competition, I was honoured by how much she looked up to me, especially as it was fault for getting her into this mess.

"I'm gonna get those guys that did this to you sis. They went after Eevee and they attacked you. I know who's behind this and this time I'm going to sort it. For you, for Eevee and for mum. I'm gonna made sure that twisted ******* is taken care of. Personally."

7th February 2005, 04:18 PM

I ran my hand down my face slowly. "I don't know. I don't know what I'm supposed to do anymore. I just can't get anything right. I had Serena moved, that's how they were able to find her. I wasn't even gonna let you come but I wasn't gonna argue with you either. If I'd have said something, they'd have kidnapped you again. I can't keep going through that..."

Eevee hugged me tightly. "You can't blame yourself for everything bad that happens."

"But it's my fault! They went after you because of me! They attacked Serena because of ME! This was the reason I chose the life I did. I can't be around anyone because I just make them miserable! I mess up their lives. How many times has your life been in danger just because you're my girlfriend? Remember when they kidnapped Rox? That's was because of me too."


"I-I have to go see Serena."

I felt so bad that I took off to Serena's to spend some time with her. We talked about what happened, I wanted as much information as the police had and I knew that if she talked to me it would help her some. We talked about what was going on in the Olympics and how she'd been watching and supporting us through the competition, I was honoured by how much she looked up to me, especially as it was fault for getting her into this mess.

"I'm gonna get those guys that did this to you sis. They went after Eevee and they attacked you. I know who's behind this and this time I'm going to sort it. For you, for Eevee and for mum. I'm gonna make sure that twisted ******* is taken care of. Personally."
"You always have to play the tough guy don't you?"
"Yeah, I guess I do."
"Be careful okay little brother?"
"I'm always careful."

Serena sighed, looking down at her legs which were wrapped firmly in their casts. "I was so close to getting back on my feet. The doctors said I was making real progress."
"I know...God I just wish I could do something for you that didn't get you hurt..."
"You can't blame yourself for this."
"That's what everyone else says."
"Because it's true! You didn't do this to me, it isn't your fault."
"Maybe you're right."
"Hey, I'm the older one here. Of course I'm right."

I smiled at her. She was so innocent. Thank heaven she hadn't seen the things I have. I kissed her forehead lightly and left her to rest, she needed it. I went outside and met up with Eevee.
"I know what I have to do."
"I think we should stay here for a little while, look into these ADO guys. We'll head back to Athens in tiem for our next matches but once they're over..."
"What's gonna happen when they're over?"
"I'm gonna fix a few things. One way or another, I'm going to fix them."

9th February 2005, 01:07 PM
After i had called Jerry i didn't quite know what to do with myself. I just stood there, one fist clenched around my phone the other just clenched. I sighed. I stared at my feet, i didn't want to look Alex in the eye. I wanted to fix everything.
"What's wrong with you? There is nothing you could have done." said Alex calmly. I was shaking.
"Yes there was! I could have stayed here and researched. I could have hacked and found out their plan. But no. I went out. Messed around." I almost yelled. Not at her, but at myself. I was just so angry at myself. "I could have stopped this from happening... I could have warned the people at the hospital, told Eevee of their plans to kidnap her if i had just stayed and done what i was supposed to be doing. Serena wouldn't be in the state she is now and we'd be closer to catching them..."
I grabbed my laptop and headed for the door. "Where are you going?" asked Alex. She seemed sad. I knew i was being hard on myself but i had to be. No one else would.
"I need... I need to have some thinking time."
"I'll come with you."
"No... I need to be alone... It's nothing personal."
I went to one of those little cafés i'd visited ealier. I sat at a table by myself, watching the sun go down whilst drinking coffee and doing what i did best. Hacking.
'You look kinda glum... What's wrong?'
I looked up. I smiled a little. It was the guy i'd met on the first day here in Athens. I guessed he only spoke Greek.
'I can't tell you... I'm sorry.'
'What? You'd have to kill me or something?' he laughed.
I smirked, 'Something like that.'
His smile faded a little and he soon stopped laughing. 'Oh? You're being serious aren't you?'
'Maybe i am, maybe i'm not.' I smiled, he was cheering me up, even if it was only a little.
He joined me at the table and i closed my laptop quickly to hide its content. 'So what's your name and where'd you come from?'
'Roxanne from A... Aberdeen. That's in England.' i corrected myself quickly, remembering my fake nationality. 'You are?'
'Kostos. I'm a local. You're here for the Olympics, aren't you?'
Our conversation varied a lot and continued long into the night. I couldn't help it, but i felt as though he was hitting on me. It didn't help that the first thing he'd said to me on the day we arrived was "who's the pretty red head?"
I glanced at my watch. 'Damn! I've got a race tomorrow. I'd better be getting back... I'll see you around?'
'Let me walk you home.'
We didn't say much as we walked. Maybe that was because the city was quiet and the stars were bright, but that may have just been me. He held my hand, which i found to be quite sweet. This was too good to be true. He took me right upto our hotel room.
'See you tomorrow? Same time? Same place?' he asked.
I nodded. He kissed me on the cheek quickly and left.
I opened the door, face red as my hair. I snuck into bed without waking Alex and was soon in the land of nod.
Let her have happiness while it lasts, okay? lol. Lets just say Kostos isn't what he seems to be ^^; *dun dun duuuuun* *evil plot twists*

9th February 2005, 02:53 PM

I watched as Rox walked out the door.

It was odd seeing her so sad. I'd seen her sad before, but not like this. This was different: She was actually blaming herself for what happened.

I thought about going after her, but decided not to. Sometimes people just need to be alone, It's a way of life.

I sighed and sat down on my bed.

The room was an annoying quiet and I felt lonely and bored. It's amazing how alone I am without my best friend.

I was wondering how she could balme herself. It wasn't her fault that the attack had happened. How could she say something like that? There was nothing she could have down to prevent it. Nothing.

...I think.

I shook my head to get rid of my thoughts and layed down on my bed. I stare at the ceiling for a good half an hour. Lost in my thoughts.

I picked up the nearest book and flipped it open on a random page.

And I read. That's it, I didn't do anything important, I jyst sat on my bed and read a book. Hell, I don't even know what it's called.

'...Celia glanced around in the darkness. Her breathing was heaving and rushed. Everyhting around her was covered in a blanket of shadows. She was willing herself to move, but couldn't. Her body was stuck in that one little area. The sound of footsteps caused her heart to speed up. Whoever was walikng towards her was taking their dear sweet time. Their footsteps joining the rhythm of dripping water in the distance. Drip...Footstep...Drop...Footstep...Drip...Footste p...Drop...Footstep...Then it all stopped. Silence. Even the dripping had stopped. All that could be heard was Celia's breathing. Celia did her best to keep herself alert. She knew that danger was near. After a few deep breaths Celia moved her right foot, slowly...ever so slowly, and took a step forward. Her foot landed on the cold ground. Nothing happened. With a sigh of relief Celia stepped forward again, confidence and joy flodding through her. A loyd roar suddenly echoed through the strange room, if you could call it that. Celia turned slowly, dreading the next move. Once Celia had turned a loud, heart-shattering scream escaped her mouth as her eyes landed on-'

I threw the book on the floor and angrily through my head down. What was the point in reading?

I looked at the clock and saw that it was late. Not very late, but late enough. With a deep sight I changed into my pyjamas, whcih, in realitly was a really long T-shirt and a very short pair of shorts, and turned off the lights.

I had been lying in my bed for a whole hour, trying to sleep when Rox walked in. I pretended to be asleep and just lied still as I heard her get changed and climb into the bed not far from mine.

One thought ran through my mind: When did life get so hard?

Then I answered myself: When we became spies.

15th February 2005, 06:30 AM

After everything that had happened, I had found myself deeply involved in a heated discussion with Jerry. I had told him what I was going to do, how I planned to take out my father after the Olympics. I just needed Jerry to tell me where his new headquarters were, then I could end all this unpleasantness.

"Look Sam, I feel bad about what happened to Serena as well but killing him won't solve anything."

"Maybe not for you but at least I'll have my vengeance. Jerry, I've done it your way years, I haven't faced him because you told me not to, not just because of that chip but because you wnated to catch him and put him away. Well Jer' the chip's gone and he's still not behind bars. Not only that, the guy's made a clone of me. That should be reason enough to take the guy out."

Jerry sighed. "I can't. I don't have the authorisation to allow you to kill someone so high up on the criminal wanted list."

"Fine. I'll find him myself and then I'll kill him. That way, your pathetic authroisation will mean nothing."

"You do realise that if you kill him, without my authorisation to do so, you will go to prison. You could go down for high treason and several accounts of murder, you'll be looking at a death penalty."

I glared at him. "Then you'd better find a way to authorise it Jerry. I mean it."

I went back to Serena's room where Eevee was waiting for me. It was time for us to go back. Woohp agents were on guard to keep my sister safe and as much as I hated to do it, Eevee and I said our goodbyes and left Serena. We boarded the jet waiting outside and headed for Greece.

"What did Jerry say?" asked Eevee.

"He said he hasn't got the authorisation to let me kill my father. So he won't tell me where his headquarters is."

"You'll try anyway, won't you?"


"How do you think Jerry will take that?"

I shrugged, "he'll do his job and I'll be arrested."

Eevee stared at me in shock, "what do you mean arrested?"

"I'm a spy. If I don't have Jerry's authroisation to kill someone it's murder. Which means I'll be taken to court and all those other murders I've done that Jerry's covered for me will be thrown into the open and because Jerry's told me I can't kill my father if I do...I'll be charged with high treason."

"They'll send you to prison?" asked eevee, shocked.

"If I'm lucky..." I took her hand and looked her right in the eye. "Eevee, if I do this...I'll most likely be executed."

18th February 2005, 07:13 AM
I rolled over in my bed, pulling the covers up over my head. "Shoosh, phone. Rox is trying to sleep."
It didn't stop ringing. I tried to block out the noise. Alex was muttering something about picking it up. I yawned, rolled over and grabbed my phone and checked the caller ID.
"Jerry? What does he want?" I flipped it open, "Jer? This had better be important. I'm trying to catch up on... You what now? No, hold on, say that again."
By this time, Alex had come over and sat on my bed. I sat up and listened to what Jerry had to say. I tilted the phone so Alex could listen too.
"He's going to kill his father." He said after a while of explaining.
"He'd go down for murder..." Alex said quietly.
"Treason..." I said.
"He's sure to get the death penalty." Finished Jerry. "Look, i need you to stop him. I've tried and he won't listen to me. I haven't told him where his dad is hiding so if he asks..."
"It's okay, i won't tell him." I said.
"Okay, thanks girls. Good luck today."
He hung up. Alex tilted her head as though she was confused. "What do you mean, you won't tell him? You know where his father is?"
I flipped my phone closed. "Yeah... I do. Jerry asked me to find him through my normal method," I patted my laptop which was on the bedside table, "he also asked me never to look at it again incase i decided to inform Sam on something major happening. I've kept my word, you know."
"For how long?"
"Since Sam came last escaped. About the time you came back."
There was silence between us. Maybe i shouldn't have said anything. Hey, i didn't tell her where he was, so i guess that's okay. I'd talk to Sam about what he was gonna do as soon as his flight touched down here.
"Warning! Warning!"
I opened up my laptop. "I should really stop my gadgets and stuff making noises... They get so annoying after a while."
I clicked the warning button that was flashing up on the screen. I read through the message, the chibi i'd programmed sat on top of the window and watched, a warning light flashing on it's head.
"Sh... sugar"
"What?" Asked Alex.
"The phone line was tapped. Someone just heard all of that conversation." I looked back at the screen. "And now i'm being hacked. Great, just great. No no no! Don't download that! The ADO? What do they want with that?"
"Stop talking to yourself."
I hit my phone against the table causing the cover to fall off. I took a small microchip out of it and threw it out the window. "I hope it gets squished into millions of peices." The hacker was instantly stopped. They got to my laptop through my phone? How? They're two seperate things... Ah, so confusing.
I sent Jerry a quick email about what had just happened, including the IP address of the ADO people. Sam and Eevee were due back soon...

18th February 2005, 08:26 AM
Drama, drama, drama...

IC: bad. this was very bad. sam had that determind look in his face. i would have more chance changing the wind then to change sam. what could i do? anything i would say wouldn't matter.

"sam," i said, searching my mind for something, ANYTHING to say.

"Sam, you can't go into a seperate mission without completing the first. we're spies, our mission comes first, and our feelings come second. please think about what you are doing. besides, it looks like our current mission is leading into the direction of Him. so, untill we have the proof through our spy work, don't do anything rashional. please."

it was all i could say to him. he was only a foot in front of me, but he looked so distant.

i felt tears swell in my eyes as i waited for him to respond.

18th February 2005, 02:05 PM

I sighed deeply, "Eevee, this has been my mission since...since I can remember. He had my mother raped and murdered, he experimented on my sister and left her unable to walk, he just had her beaten up so he could kidnap you for the third time! He's kidnapped Rox, had me cloned, put some brainwashing chip in my head...because of him I haven't had a place to call home in over ten years. He took my childhood away...took away the people I loved...he deserves to be taught a lesson!"

Eevee took my hand in her own and squeezed it slightly. "There are other ways..."

"He doesn't deserve to live," I replied coldly.

"No, but if you kill him then it won't be a punishment at all. If you helped catch him then he'd have to live with everything he's done, just like you have..."

"He'll just escape again..."

"Not if you help. If you help we can put him away for good, put him somewhere where he'll never come back to hurt us. Please..." she looked at me wide-eyed, begging me.

I sighed again, not the puppy dog eyes, anything but the puppy dog eyes...I begged silently. "...I'll...think about it."

She hugged me tightly, squeezing me as if she was never going to let go. Being a boyfriend was way harder than being a mercenary ever was...At least she made it pretty obvious what I had to do to keep her happy. I just wish she wasn't asking so much from me, she was asking me to give up what I had spent my entire life planning - just as I was finally getting close! I was...confused.

The jet started to land. The morning was breaking and the town was begnning to come alive. Both of us had a competition to go to later and I was already feeling sorry for whoever my opponent was. I turned to Eevee, "don't breathe a word of this to any of the others okay? I need to be able to think about this..."

19th February 2005, 09:25 AM
i made a motion of zippering my mouth shut.

when the message got across, i said to sam "take all the time you need, just don't do anything rash."

i held his hand.

"Come on, we should be getting back to the games. it's a long airplane ride, so we better et going." sam nodded.

like a responcible adult, i led him to our helicopter. soon we were airborn.

i tried to struck conversation with sam, but he was too distant. i was filled with fear, for i did not know what his next actions would be, and what he was thinking.

19th February 2005, 04:07 PM

I sat thinking deeply. Eevee tried to talk to a me a few times but I just couldn't find enough free space in my head to fit a conversation. Everything was so messed up. I had this plan, for years it was the only thing that had kept me going - despite the pains - but now...now I had another reason to carry on. I had friends - good friends - and on top of that I had done the one thing I had sworn I'd never do - fallen in love. My past was having a serious rumble with my present and I couldn't even begin to guess how screwed up it was leaving the future. I just didn't know what to do...

I looked at Eevee. She seemed so far away right now and all because of me, because of how I was acting. Look at what I'm doing. She's supposed to be happy and cheery and hyper on a sugar rush but now look at her - look at what I'm doing to her...Why do I always hurt the people I love? Why can't I just do something right for once?

"Eevee...I'm sorry I've got you involved in all of this, really, I'm just not sure what's best. I promise I'll figure it out but please don't worry about me in the meantime."

"I can't help it. You seem...so distant. I feel like I'm losing you..."

I held her tight. "You will never lose me, do you hear? After everything we've been through together, all the attempts on my life and yours I am still here and I'm not going to die Eevee. Whether I kill my father or not is my choice but if I do, then I swear to you I have no intentions of going down for it. I'll kill that son-of-a-***** legally or I'll do the one thing I'm good at, I'll run. But I will always, ALWAYS, come back to you, do you hear me? I swear to you Eevee, right now, in this plane I swear that I will never leave you alone in this world."

20th February 2005, 06:19 AM
I set my laptop to do some information checking before my event this morning. Mostly cross referencing the ADO and Sam's father's information that i had collected. Maybe there was some link between them? Only the computer would tell me.
I got ready and Alex came with me to the stadium. I warmed up. Something told me i wasn't going to do as well today.
The race began. I swam my best but that wasn't good enough. I came third. So, there was a chance i'd be in the running for the next round. But only a small one. That was okay, though. I wasn't really an olympic standart athlete. I was a stand in. I was doing my job too.
"You'll find out later on today if you got through. We'll call your hotel room."
I smiled and nodded at the organiser. I showered, got changed and met up with Alex afterwards.
"You didn't do too badly. I mean, there's a chance you'll get through." She said, trying to cheer me up even though i was quite happy anyway.
"Scan complete!"
I glared at my laptop through my bag. "Now i'm really gonna turn off those sounds..."
I got weird looks from a few people around us.
"Come on, check what it says!" said Alex, dragging me over to a table outside a random café.
I read it through. I read it again. Was it really saying what i thought it was? If it was... Then the whole situation would have changed completely. This was actually great! Finally, we knew who we were dealing with!
"Alex! This is great! According to my scan, Sam's dad hasn't been actively planning anything since we last encountered him. He didn't order an attack on Serena, he didn't order the kidnap of Eevee and he's not resposible for the missing athletes. The ADO are." I said, my face lit up with glee.
"But is he involved with the ADO at all in any way?" She asked me.
"No! Not at all! The ADO are trying to get Sam to think that it actually was his father who did these things. He's actually critically ill in hospital. The ADO put him there. Mystery solved, Scooby gang, we can all go home."
"You're really rather good with this puzzel solving, aren't you?" said a deeper voice.
"Who's he?"
A little embarrassed grin appeared on my face. "Alex, this is Kostos. He's from the European version of Whoop. They're here too. Turns out that annoying french swimmer was from there." I explained. I was so excited. I sent my new findings to Jerry quickly. "Just wait until Sam and Eevee get back. Finally, something i've done right for once."
"Sorry to be a party pooper, but i had better inform the boss about this. See you later, Rox." He gave me a little kiss and walked off.
Alex gave me strange looks. "A lot of stuff happened last night, didn't it?"
I was all flushed again. I giggled. "Yeah, you could say that."
Kostos isn't really from Euro Whoop either. You'll see ^^;

21st February 2005, 09:57 AM
btw, we can later decide what ADO stands for. on a whim, i thought os "athlete distruction organization" , but you guys can make it stand for something else.

IC: we had arived back in athens, and were making our way back to our hotel.

"we should call the girls." i said.

"mm.." agreed sam. he was still thinking.

i held on to his hand tightly, not want to let him go. he looked at me and tried to smile. he was about to say something, but thought against it.

a thought came to me.

"rox's match just ended, didn't it? i wonder how well she did." i said.

I would do anything for a bit of good news at this point.

we walked to the hotel, where we dropped off our bags.

as we left our room, we bumped into rox and alex.

"i was hoping to find you guys here!" Rox said.

"how did your match go?" i asked her kindly.

"I got third place." she said.

"thats still pretty good. there is a chance you'll make it through." i said concerned.

"True but- thats not the point. listen," she said excitedly, "i found out some information."

she told us of what she had found out. i began to getted excited to.

but then asked, "so what does this all mean, then?"

TAG whoever!!

22nd February 2005, 01:42 AM

"It means that we've got someone else pulling my brother's strings and I don't like that one bit," I mused frowning.

"How come?" asked Alex.

"My brother is designed to only work for my father and he's not at this minute and you tell me my father is critically ill in hospital. That means my brother's involved with this ADO and I don't know how. He can't be acting on his own..."

All this confusion was starting to mess with my head. All these that were supposed to be a certain way weren't anymore. I was so messed up and confused...

"I need to think..." I mumbled, heading to my room.

It was still a mess from the break-in, Rox and Alex had clearly tried to clean things up a bit for us but it still showed. I fell on the bed and sighed deeply. No what? I had my plan and now it's been completely torn to shreds, I don't know what to do. I laid back, inhlaing deeply. "At least things can't get any worse..." I mumbled.

22nd February 2005, 01:45 PM
"And where do you think you're going, missy?" Asked Alex, a scowl on her face and a motherly look about her. She always made me laugh when she did that.
"Well, i'm off to the café to meet a certain someone." I said. She rolled her eyes. "Hey! I'm gonna be working on stuff, okay? Like finding out what Sam's brother has to do with this."
"You're not gonna be back till late, are ya?"
"I will be! I want to see Sam and Eevee's matches today. I'll have my phone, so call me if you need me." She looked sad. I gave her a hug. "Look, you're my best friend. Nothing's ever going to change that."
I left for the café and waited for Kostos to arrive. Half an hour passed and he still wasn't there. I thought about calling him, but before i did the phone rang.
"Kostos? I've been-"
"I'm sorry. Rox, i didn't want this to happen." He sounded upset. "I... I didn't mean for this to happen. I'm sorry. I do care about you. This is all my fault. I'm sorry."
It disconnected. What was he talking about? I didn't get it. I looked at my laptop, just thinking. Was it growing dark, or was that just me?
I turned around. Two rather tall guys in black with masks covering their faces except their eyes looked back at me. My first instinct was to run, but as i started to get up one of them grabbed me while the other gagged and blindfolded me.
"Take the laptop." One muttered to the other. I struggled, trying to get free. No luck there.
The guy holding me got a little annoyed with my movement and grabbed my hair, pulling my ear close to his face. "Don't move. It'll be less painful for you."
I was thrown into what must have been a van because i heard the doors slam after me.
We went round too many corners to count, each time i slammed against one of the walls. It wasn't fun, that was for sure.
Alex, call my phone. Realise something is wrong... I thought to myself, hoping she would get a message that was sure not to be sent.
The next thing i actually saw was the inside of a white room. My eyes adjusted to the light just in time to see someone close the door behind them. Dé javu hit me. Chlostrophobia soon dawned upon me again. This was definatly the ADO. The camera on the wall said so. I hated it when they watched you.
It finally hit me what Kostos was talking about. He was from the ADO. He was spying on a spy. But he genuinly sounded sorry. Maybe he really didn't want this to happen. Maybe he thought they wouldn't do this. Maybe he'd come to help me?
I closed my eyes to ignore the walls that seemed to grow ever so closer together. I'd be okay, right?

22nd February 2005, 02:27 PM

I sat on my bed after Rox had left and fed Major, (that's my dog, I keep forgetting her name so that's it from now on. :p) I kept getting that suspicious feeling.
I patted Major's head as she ran off and grabbed a book off of the table, I didn't even bother to look at the title as I opened it to the first page and began to read.
I ended up reading the same line ten times before I threw the book down and picked up my phone. I knew it was wrong to be nosy like this, but I had to do it. I was very suspicious and I didn't want Rox getting into any trouble.
As I dialed the number I tried to think of any thime when I'd heard the European version of W.O.O.H.P mentioned, but I couldn't think of any. It seemed odd, if there was a Euro W.O.O.H.P then I would have been sent the E-mail to go there, since I was still living in England at the time.
"Hello?" I jumped at the sound of the other person's voice.
"Hey, Jerry, It's Alex. I'm being a very bad friend at the moment and need to check something." I replied, wasting no time with chit-chat.
"Sure, what's wrong?" 'What's wrong?' How long did he want me to talk for.
"I was wondering if you could tell if there's a European version of W.O.O.H.P or not." I asked.
Jerry was silent for a moment and I could tell he was trying to remember, he was losing bits of memory in his old age. I bit on my nail and tapped my fingers against the phone as I waited, the suspension was kliling me, I had to know.
"I've never heard of a Euro W.O.O.H.P Alex," Jerry answered.
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"Yes certain,"
"Ok, thanks Jerry,"
"No problem. Bye."
"Bye," I muttered and hung up the phone. My suspicous feeling was replaced by one of dread. If there was no Euro W.O.O.H.P then Kostos was lieing, which is definately a bad thing.
I shoved my phone and keys into my jacket and threw my jacket on.
"Wait here girl," I told Major as she tried to follow me out the door.
She obeyed me and I locked the door behind me, I walked out of the hotel and ran full speed as soon as I was walked out of the front door.
I ran to the cafe that me and Rox had been before, I had a feeling that that was the place had gone to.
When I reached it the place was pratically empty, there were a few people spread around drinming and chatting, but no Rox.
I swear under my breath hit my foot against the ground.
I suddenly remember something from earlier.
I had better inform the boss about this.
Kostos had said after he heard Rox talk about what she had found out. But, who was his boss?
I began to get worried, what the hell were they going to do to Rox?
My phone started vibrating in my pocket and I realised how stupid I was. I had ran out here so fast that I hadn't even bothered to call her.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket and cancelled the incoming call.
"Sorry dad," I whispered with a smile as I typed in Rox's phone number and pressed the call button.

22nd February 2005, 02:48 PM
I felt a vibration in my pocket. My eyes shot open. I still had my phone? I took it out slowly and leaned my head on my knees, covering my phone and hand with my hair.
"Alex?" I whispered.
"Rox! Oh thank god! I-"
"No time! I'm at the ADO. Kostos is some big lair and get me out of here... Oh... Help."
I looked up. Some man stood above me.
"The phone." He held out his hand. "Now!"
I handed it to him without hesitation. Alex heard that. She knew where i was. That's all that mattered. What happened to me now would be fine as long as i got out of here in the end...

22nd February 2005, 06:33 PM
sam sat silent on the bed, so i took a walk outside. i came to a café, where i found alex on the phone looking frantic.

"rox? rox, answer me!" she was yelling into the phone.

"Alex? what's wrong?" i said, rushing over to her.

"they've got her. ADO has rox. she just called me, but they must have taken her cell away." alex said with a paniced look.

i let the idea sink into my head. my eyes widened. this was bad.

"Okay, maybe we can trace where her phone call came from." i said, becoming very worried.

"Rox is the one who does that stuff, i don't know how to trace calls. why did i let her go out, i knew something was wrong." she said.

i though a moment.

"we don't know how to trace calls, but our spy compacts do." i said.

i amediatly pulled out my compact and opened it up. i pressed a few buttons, then pulled out a tiny cord. i brought the cord to alex's phone, then plugged it in. withen seconds, the compact had located the call's location. i unplugged the cord and let it pull back into the compact.

"now we're in buisness. call jer to tell him what we're up to. i'll get sam, we need all the back-up we can get. and then we'll follow where the signal came from. okay, break." i said.

23rd February 2005, 02:34 PM

Things had been going round and round in my head, I'd lost all track of time. Part of me felt like I'd left reality behind completely until Eevee burst through the door in front of me.

"The ADO have got Rox!" she said quickly.

At first I was concerned, but I soon realised that this was my chance to find out what was what. To finally get some answers for the questions whizzing around in my head. I nodded to Eevee, "hotwire the car outside and I'll catch you up."

I dug out my sword and equipped it. I had missed the pure feel of its strong blade pressed against my back, it was empowering somehow. I jumped into the car and Eevee drove us to the cafe to pick up Alex. We followed the co-ordinates to a run-down building, supposedly we were supposed to think it was abandoned but we weren't stupid.

Travelling deeper inside we found the ADO's secret headquarters, the one not available to the public. Naturally we were met by resistance but they were quickly dealt with, we had no time to mess with these guys. We had to find Rox.

We left a lone guard alive and I pointed my blade at him, tip pressing against his neck. "Now I believe you have a friend of mine. Care to tell me where she is?"

23rd February 2005, 02:52 PM
I heard movement from outside. Something was happening. This guard guy stood there.
"Care to tell me where she is?" I heard Sam's voice from outside. My heart skipped a beat. They were here? I was gonna be saved?
"Sam! Eevee! Alex!" I yelled, hoping they'd hear me.
"The room is sound proof, little girl. No one can hear your screams." the guy smirked.
I went to trip him with my foot but wasn't fast enough. Instead i got his big boot to my ribs. Snap. I winced. That didn't sound too good. I glared. "Aren't you supposed to ask me questions i don't answer before you do damage?"
Another kick. "I guess not..."

23rd February 2005, 04:13 PM
the man was begining to panic. he realized that he was out numbered, and that it could only go bad for him.

"just don't hurt me!" he said.

"just tell us where she is." sam said, holding out his sword.

the man tryed to bolt for it, but sam caught him and slamed the guard against the wall.

"i'll say it one more time. wher is she?" sam said, with force.

the man pointed to a bare wall.

"It must be a trapdoor," alex said, "the compact says the signal came from behind the wall."

"how do we get in there?" sam said, jerking the guard.

"no need, i'll just use one of our gadgets." i said. i pulled out the nail file. with ease, i sawed a hole in the wall. on the other side, we amediatly found rox in a corner, with a man standing next to her.

OOC: recap of gadgets:
1) "Next gadget is the nail saw. It is disguised as a nail file but has the strength of a saw."
2) "This wrist sweat band is a mini recording device which you can use to gather evidence from other Athletes."
3) "this spray can will temporarily make you invisable when sprayed on you."
4) Compact. wrist band for sam.

23rd February 2005, 04:28 PM

I waited impatiently as Eevee sawed a hole in the wall. The section feel down with a loud bang and we found Rox on the side, getting the crap kicked out of her...literally.
I got angry as I saw the man's foot keep moving back and forth and kicking Rox.
"You git!" I shouted as I grabbed the man by the head and slammed him against the wall. I was really strong when I was angry, and at that moment, I was very angry.
I brought my fist backed and puched the b*****d in the face. Again and again until Sam pulled me off.
"Jesus woman, you sure can punch," He muttered as I stood catching my breath.
I saw Eevee knelt down beside Rox and went and sat beside her as Sam took care of the guard.
" How is she?" I asked, looking down at Rox, who was laying unconscious.

23rd February 2005, 04:35 PM
"not to good. i think she may have a few broken bones. call jer to send back-up. we need to get her to a hospital immediately. and someone hold onto both those gaurds. we don't want them getting away, and we might be able to find something out trhough them." i said, taking charge. everyone acted quickly. sam grabbed both guards and tied them up. alex called the head-quarters with a frantic message. and i did all i could for rox, which wasn't much. i applyed some bandages onto her wounds. hopefully, woohp would show up soon.

23rd February 2005, 04:47 PM

The Woohp agents arrived in great time. They took Rox to an infirmary and the guards that were still alive to jail. Heck, I coulda done that on my own! I walked up to the leader in charge of the operation. I wanted to know where the mainframe was but they told me all the info had been wiped moments after we had arrived, so we accompanied Rox to the hospital.

Under the watch of trained professionals it seemed Rox was gonna make it. She wouldn't be able to compete and she'd have to stay in the hospital a while but she would heal. I was thankful she'd make it but I felt kinda bad I wasn't able tobe there faster.

I looked at the clock. "I've got to get to my match. Alex stay here with Rox, you coming Eevee?"

25th February 2005, 12:31 PM
I heard everything everybody said, i just couldn't bring myself to open my eyes and talk back. I wanted them to know i was okay, but this huge drowsiness from what must have been pain killers had kicked in a while ago.
Sam and Eevee left for their matches. Alex was holding my hand. I would have to thank her for that later because i felt less alone.
I heard sniffling. Alex? She was sniffling over me? That's it. She needs to know i'm fine. I need to wake up. Now would be good. Any second now... This was getting pathetic.
I squeezed her hand gently instead.
"That's my name." I said quietly, waking up. "Don't you dare forget it."
She leaned over and hugged me. "Don't you scare me like that again."
I hugged her back. "I will never do that again..."
There was a little silence between us. I could feel myself drifting off to sleep again but i was affraid i wouldn't wake for a while if i did and i wanted to know what happened.
"So what happened after?"
"We came... Eevee broke down the door. That guy was beating the crap out of you... So I..."
"You did the same to him?"
I laughed. "You go girl!"
"Go steady. You don't wanna cause anymore damage to yourself."
"I bet i could get up right now." I tried to sit myself up. I gave up after that first attempt. "I guess not."

28th February 2005, 03:33 AM

I laughed and ran my hand through my messy hair.
"You're so useless," I muttered,
"Don't insult the wounded," Rox said in mock anger as she hit my arm softly.
I smiled cheekily and leant back in my chair.
"You're tired," I said as Rox yawned.
"And you were sniffling," Rox replied,
I crossed my arms over my chest and lifted my chin in the air,
"I don't sniffle, I cry," I said snottily.
Rox laughed and shook her head,
"I'll never understand you," She muttered through another yawn,
"Don't yawn," I told her, "It makes me yawn."
Rox smiled mischervouly and yawned again, causing me to yawn.
I hit her arm lightly,
"You should get some sleep," I said as In leant further back in my chair and felt my own eyes droop.
"I'll sleep if you sleep,"

OOC: In one of my posts when I was still in my Lulu account I posted my Alex's history, I don't like so I want to change it and I can't so I'm telling you what is now:
Lived in England all her life until she koved to W.O.O.H.P
Her parents divroced when she was five when her father found out her mum was an abuser.
She's lived with her dad ever since.

There, nice and easy. :p

5th March 2005, 01:21 PM

I was in the changing room, getting ready for my next match. Eevee was next to the ring with my hired coach. I couldn't believe this was only my second match, so much had happened that I just didn't know what to do anymore. Everything such a mess, everything falling apart. It seemed like things couldn't get any worse. Well, not straight away.

The door slammed open and brought me face to face with my stuck up brother. He sneered and walked over.
"What are you doing here?" I growled, narrowing my eyebrows. "Dad's not involved so what business have you got with the ADO?"
"It's true, dad's not behind all this. I'm not sure who is but dad asked me to get in on the action, you know, check out the competition."
"What's that got to do with meHe?"
"You're doing well. You succeeding in this competition might be hazardous to the plan. It has to be rectified."
"I thought Eevee was your main concern."
"The girl? She is of little consequence. I've beaten her in battle before, unlike me she can be weakened over time. Who knows, if she makes it to the final I might actually be able to mess with her a bit. I'll enjoy that."

I glared at him. I should kill him right here but I don't have the autority. This is undercover work, if I'm caught, I'm on my own.
"So what you gonna do? Make me late for my match? Threaten me? Kill me?"
He laughed, "of course not." He pulled a pistol from his pocket. "I'd rather see you fail." He fired three rounds in my side. I keeled over, grasping at it and wincing in pain. It was almost unbearable.
"I'll be watching you in the ring," he said, returnign the gun to his pocket. "That is, if you make it that far..."
He left then. Leaving me alone with my pain. But I was so stubborn, I wouldn't bow down to him, no way! I was going to fight.

I patched myself up and limped outside. Eevee knew soemthing was wrong immediately and begged me to tell her what happened. I explained everything and she urged me not to go out and fight. I told her this was something that I had to do, I couldn't give in. I couldn't let my brother or the ADO win. Despite my injury I stepped into the ring and 15 rounds later I managed to emerge victorious. Somehow...

As the ref announced me the win, I gave my brother one quick glance to let him know that I wasn't going down that easily. Then, suddenly, from loss of blood and peraps some exhuastion, I hit the floor unconscious.

5th March 2005, 02:31 PM
I awoke suddenly and sat up. I couldn't stop shivering and i had this horrid feeling that something was wrong. But what was good was that i felt a lot more energetic. I swung my legs over the side of the bed with a puzzeled look on my face. I looked down. My right leg was bandaged up.
"Damn that idiot... If i ever see him again i'll break his leg..." i muttered, trying not to wake up Alex in the process.
I remembered what happened. I had my foot at a funny angle and he stood on it, putting more and more pressure on it. So it was my ankle then. Great. I searched the room for crutches. Maybe there was a good reason there wasn't any in the room... Maybe i wasn't meant to walk? Maybe if was because of my ribs or something... Man they hurt.
I heard the sound of doors crash open. Fuck not walking. I put my other foot down and winced as the floor was very cold on bare feet. I hopped over to the little window thing looking out onto the hallway and peeked through the blinds. I watched Sam get wheeled by on a crash trolly.
What? Sam got wheeled by on a crash trolly? Was i seeing things? No, i wasn't. Eevee ran past a few seconds later. I hopped over to the door and pushed it open.
"Eevee!" I called.
"Rox?" She turned around. "You're awake!"
"What happened?" I put my other foot down and winced. I ignored it.
"He was shot by his brother!" I saw she was close to tears. "He went on to do his event... He passed out due to blood loss..."
I grabbed the door frame. This was not good. "... He won't know what's coming to him... No one. No one does anything to hurt my best friends and gets away with it."
"Rox... Don't get worked up." It was Alex. She grabbed my arm to help support me. "We'll get him back when both of you are well again."
"No! We have to do something very soon!" I thought for a couple of seconds. "Damn... I have no laptop. Good thing i ordered a new one before i came..."
"What? What was wrong with yours?" Asked Alex, a little stunned.
"Too slow. Plus the new one is smaller."
"One tracked mind..."
"What do you mean?"
"Always after new technology."
"... Yeah, i know..."

5th March 2005, 10:27 PM
After alex had forced Rox back to bed, i followed sam to his room. we were in the emergency wing and sam was due for surgery. as they lefted him onto the surgery table, the doctor turned to me.

"i'm sorry miss, you can't be in here during the operation. you'll have to wait in the waiting room. but first, you'll need to sign some papers." the doctor said.

"What needs to be done?" i asked, almost hystarical. tears were streaming down my face.

"He has 3 bullets that need to be removed from his body, and he requires stiches. now please, we need to work on him amidaitly." he said. i was pushed out of the room, and left crying on the other side of the door. first serena, then rox, and now sam. why were we hated so much? the only comfort i could think of was that if sam's brother wanted him dead, he would have killed him. this wasn't ment to kill sam. still, if the doctors weren't able to remove the bullets, then sam might have to carry them for the rest of his life and slowly die of lead poisoning.

slowly i stumbled to the waiting room. i calapsed in a chair next to a table of year old magazines. a nurse handed me a clipboard with a stack of papers and a pen. when my eyes were dry enough to see, i began filling out the papers.

it's kind of ironic how they make you sit in a waiting room filling out stacks of papers that ask for the same information over and over, while your loved one is in another room dying. welcome to the 21st century.

jerry eventually showed up and used a whoop credit card for sam's bills. the time crawled by slower then school, and all we could do was wait and pray.

6th March 2005, 04:14 AM

Beep...Beep...Beep... the continous noise was disturbing my sleep and I awoke to the sight of yet another life support machine. This had been the second one I'd needed this year...I guessed lady luck wasn't with me. I let my senses come back to my slowly, letting my body take in everything. Sight, sound, touch, every sense in my body felt like it had been lay sleeping for so long. The sudden awakening was proving to be overwhelming to them.

I quickly closed my eyes when the door opened. I didn't want nurses hassling me about my stupid choice. They didn't know me, they didn't understand why I'd done what I had. Part of me didn't understand it either.
I heard the cross the room and...sit down? It wasn't one of the nurses. I felt someone's had in my own. Eevee. I felt terrible, I'd hurt her again. Why did I keep doing such stupid things? I was a horrid boyfriend.

"You're gonna be okay," she said. At first I thought she'd seen me awake but I quickly realised she didn't know. "The doctors say they got all the bullets in time so you should pull through just fine." I felt her place her head against my chest. "I'm just glad you're alive."

I felt even worse. I had really upset her, my stupid stubborness had done this. I should have forfeigted, things will only get worse now. God I'm such an idiot! "...Eevee..."
"Sam?" I smiled at her. "You're okay! Oh thank God I was so worried."
"Eevee I'm sorry, I never should have gone to that fight. I should have listened to you. Eevee you've gotta be careful, he'll come for you next, I know. He's scared off you, he knows if he faces you in the final he'll lose and it'll blow everything. Please, be careful."

6th March 2005, 01:22 PM
I lay in the hospital bed, refusing to go back to sleep. Instead i sat there with a pencil and paper, scribbling things. That lead to that, that to that, so if i did that then... what would happen? I threw the pencil to the other end of the bed and put my head in my hands.
"Hey... If you can't figure out stuff then it doesn't matter." Said Alex, trying to comfort and calm me. "Just wait until your well again and-"
"But how long is that gonna take? Takes 6 weeks to mend broken bones. I need to think of something now." I protested through my hands.
"You're right." Came Jerry's voice. I looked up, it was him. "And i know of someone who can help."
"He'll be here very soon. But first, Rox, I have the laptop you ordered. Everything's set up."
I smirked. "Not everything." I took it from him. "There are things on there you could never replace. Luckily for me i back up everything once a day."
I booted up and got to work. Jerry picked up the notes i had been working on earlier and read them through. I got the blue prints up of Sam's clone brother. I snatched the notes back from Jerry and compaired what i had said to the diagram.
"They seemed right to me." Commented Jerry. "But you're more likely to know than i am."
I took the pencil, scrubbed something out and scribbled something else. "That's it! Jerry, you have to get me out of here. I've got a plan." I said, full of excitement. No other job would get me this worked up.
"Ah. He's here."
"Your help."
I smiled. We'd need all the help we could get. My smile soon faded when i saw who it was.
I stared down at the other end of the bed, eyes full of tears that i didn't want to show. "Kostos..."
"Roxanne. Are you okay? I'm so sorry." He took my hand. I snatched it away, turning my face from him, closing my eyes and letting one small tear flow down my face.
I turned to Alex. She read my expression like a book. "Um, they've got some sorting out to do. Lets go." She said, grabbing Jerry and leading him out the room. "Lets go check on Sam and Eevee."
"You're hurt. I tried to get to you... When they found out i'd contacted you they put me in one of those rooms. I bet i would have been next on the list." He was trying to sweet talk me. I knew his game. But i was falling for it.
"I should hate you right now. But i can't. I... missed you."
He held me close to him and i cried into his shirt. The first proper cry in quite a long time. This was it. My plan would work. First to get the athletes back and then Sam's brother would be gone for good...

10th March 2005, 12:19 PM

Me and Jerry left the room and headed to the cafeteria. We could visit Sam and Eevee later, Food was needed now.
"It's a shame your father's still in England," Jerry said to me as we walked into the large white and pale blue room, "I'm sure he'd love this much adventure."
I picked up a random piece of fruit and nodded, "I suppose, but my father's a buisnssman now."
Jerry just nodded slightly and grabbed a coffe as I paid for my apple.
"We could use his skills," Jerry told me as we sat down at a table, ignoring my previous comment.
"I'm sure he could use his skills," I replied, taking a bite out of my apple.
"You're very touchy about this topic aren't you?" Jerry asked me, a smile on his old face.
"'course not," I lied. I wasn't very touchy about the subject, I was just raised to react to the topic that way. I acted the same way my father acted, the past was the past, and W.O.O.H.P was in his past.
"I don't supposed your father does anything to do with spy work anymore," Jerry continued to say. Jesus, he just wouldn't give up would he?
"Listen, Jerry," I said, stopping him from saying what he had opened his mouth to say and putting my half-eaten apple on the table, "My father quit spywork over 19 years ago. It's his past and whatever you're trying to say you might as well come out and say it, because I'm getting really bored."
"I want your father's help," Jerry said. He just came out and say. No hesitation. No stuttering. Just said it.
I didn't expect that.
"No," I told him, "My father'd never help. He has his businesses to run and he hates spywork, he gave up on it."
"He helped train you before you came here," Jerry stated.
"And that was the last time," I replied, standing from my chair and grabbing an apple and a bottle of water from Rox, "I'm not going to waste my breath telling him that you need help, he'll say no. His past is his past and it's going to stay that way."
I walked out of the Cafeteria and back to Rox's room.
I knocked twice before opening the door and walking in. Kostos was stood beside the bed and Rox was laying back down. Her face was red and her eyes were puffy, had she been crying?
"I brought some food," I told her as I passed her the water and apple.
She smiled at me and started eating the apple.
"I think Jerry's trying to get some spy back-up, some of the older spies, but I don't know why," I told her, "Are you alright."
"Yeah. How do you know Jerry's trying to get more spies?" She asked, pausing from her eating of the apple.
"I'll tell you later," I told her and went to leave the room, but turned around and faced Kostos before I reached the door, "Oh, and before I forget."
I raise my fist and punch Kostos hard. Then another time just for good measure.
"You hurt her again and I won't waste anytime in castrating you," I hissed violently as I raised my knee and hit him, well, there.
"I'll see you later Rox," I called over my shoulder as I left the room and went to see Sam and Eevee.

11th March 2005, 11:23 AM
"Alex!" I called after her. She ignored me. Sure, i can understand why she was angry. Yes, i would have punched him if we had switched places. But kneeing him there? That was kinda uncalled for. If i didn't really know him then i'd be laughing.
I didn't really know him though, did i?
"So why did Jerry call you back here?" I asked him.
He went over to the window and stared out at the sky. "I was in whoop when i was your age... 2 years ago. I got hired by the ADO. I thought that was a good thing, but obviously not. I don't know why i joined really... I'd originally planned to come back to Greece and work for the government." He answered. I'd have to ask Jerry about that.
Before i could ask anything else, a doctor came in. He looked at the notes and then back at me. "How feel you?"
Obviously his english was bad. "You can speak Greek if you want. I'm nearly fluent."
Soon the worried look was gone from his face and was replaced with a smile. 'How do you feel?'
'Much better now, thankyou. Kinda tired and my ankle hurts like hell, but other than that i'm fine.'
He looked impressed with my language skills. 'Your ankle would hurt. It's very badly sprained. There's a chance that if you put too much pressure on it that it will fracture.'
'Fracture? Really? So that's why the bandages are so tight... Why is it not in plaster then?'
'Your bone will repare itself enough in the next few days as long as you take it easy. You're recovering quite quickly. There may be a chance you'll be out of here the day after tomorrow.' He looked at his watch. 'I have to go. I'll be back to check on you later.'
That cheered me up a little. I turned back to where Kostos was standing but he had gone. Probably with the doctor. So i was alone then. I sighed.
"Don't be sad." Said a nurse who entered soon after. "I've been told you can go round on crutches." She put them leaning against the bed.
"Yes! Thank you so much!"
She left the room. So did i a few minutes later. I hopped down the corridor with the aid of the crutches until i finally came to Sam's room. I attempted to push the door open with no luck.
"Damn doors... Not sick people friendly. Someone help me!" I called through the very slightly opened door.
"Yes! Quick! Before the door swings back on me and i trip over!"

27th March 2005, 06:04 AM

I had held Eevee in peace for a while before an angry Alex had stormed in. She explained that Jerry had hired some help, who turned out to be the guy that had been the start of Rox getting into such a bad state. He'd beenthoroughly punished by Alex though and she seemed quite content with the punishment she had given him. He wouldn't be switching sides again if he knew what was good for him.

A bit later, one of the nurses came in and told me to rest so I closed my eyes and pretended to get some sleep. I'd been shot before and this was less than what I was used to, just had to learn to stop leaving that side exposed. It was quite peaceful actually, just Eevee and Alex talking quietly. Rox came in a bit later, having escaped from her room down the hall and seemed to have some important information for us all.

I sighed, "can't the injured rest in peace? I'm trying to recover from surgery."

Rox just grinned at me. "This is very important and the doctors already told me that you'll be just fine."

I rolled my eyes and Eevee squeezed my hand, I squeezed hers back and she put her head on the bed beside me. I felt really bad that I'd made her worry so many times, I wish this was all over and I could just start having a normal life. Well, a normal-er life than the one I had.

"So what do you have to say Rox?" asked Eevee.

Rox sat down on a chair and grinned. "Well I've got this plan you see and once we put it into action not only will we get those athletes back but Sam, it'll take your brother out of the picture for good."

I frowned slightly, finding myself intruiged. "Explain."

1st April 2005, 02:20 PM
"Well... It's really quite simple, see." I began. I thought about that statement for a second. "Actually, it's really simple from my point of view... Maybe not for you... But i understand."
"Stop muttering random things and explain, will you?"
"... Yes Sam..."
"You remember the blue prints i found? Well, they tell me that all of your brother's strength is from robotics found around his muscles. Now if i can shut that down then his strength will be gone. His muscles haven't been used on their own before which means when the robotics is shut down, he won't even be able to stand." I explained, a smirk on my face.
"And how do you plan to do that?" Asked Alex.
"Well, first i need to get to his access point which is on his back. It's covered by skin but if you press it in the right place it opens. Kinda like that guy from 'I, Robot'. Once it's open, i simply have to connect him to my laptop through USB and simply shut it down from there. It should be simple."
"Why do i feel as though there should be a 'but' at the end of that sentance?" Asked Sam.
"Because wouldn't you find it hard to keep someone like that still? That's the only catch i've thought of so far... Now all we need is a plan to keep him still and then the master plan is complete!" I said.
The others didn't seem to enthusiastic. I can't say i didn't blame them. They were probably all completely exhausted. I knew i was. We'd have to do it soon though if we wanted him out of the way. We needed to rest first. That, i told myself, was a very good idea.

3rd April 2005, 05:59 PM
"I have a plan" I said. I had been standing in the doorway listening intently, and I was now entering the room. With slow, unteady steps, I reached Sam's bed.

I breathed in, composing myself. It wasn't the safest idea, but it would have to do.

"Alright, it'll go like this. First thing tommorow is the last day of my tournement. And I just checked the scheduel, and fensing is down to the final four. I'll be fencing some girl, he'll be fencing some guy, and most likely then not, I'll be fighting him in the final compotition. If we are competing against one another, then we will have a fair chance of being in the same building as him."

The other three were listening to my every word. My three best friends in the world. I almost smiled looking at us broken team of spies, trying to save the world like some superheros.

"It's true that we will know where he is, but how will we get him exactly? I mean, we'll have to be pretty close to get him plugged into my computer." said Rox.

I sighed, not wanting to to expose the rest of the plan, because I knew that Sam would not like the rest of the plan. Not at all.

"That's the dangerous part of the plan," I said, avoiding eye contact with Sam, "After the match, who ever wins, it'll be easy to slip away with him. and, you know how Sam and his brother look almost identical, well I'll pretend to think that he is Sam and I'll-"

Sam immediatly interupted me.

"And what? Soduce him? Eevee, you can't do this!" he said.

"Be alone with him." I finished.

Sam was not pleased with the plan. His eyes were fiery, with hate for his evil brother who had threatened our relationship so many times before.

"It's too dangerous. You can't be alone with him." Sam argued.

"What else can we do? If anyone can think of another plan, feel free to speak up." I said.

For a long pause, the room was silent, except for the sound of sam's pulse rising on the moniter, and an icy chill in the room.

4th April 2005, 05:16 PM

"I'm wish Eevee on this one," said Alex. "Hell of course I think that she's bloody insane but what chance do we have? There's no other way."

I couldn't believe I was hearing this, it just had to be some messed up dream, it had to be. They would never agree to this. After everything he's done and tried to do how can they just agree to let her go off with him? "You want another way? I'll bloody give ya one, I'll kill that damn b****** first!"

"And go to prison? You're seriously saying that you'd rather go to prison than let Eevee do this?"

"Well if that's the only other way then yeah. You think I'm gonna let that sick scumbag stay in the same room as her? You must be kidding! I wouldn't trust him with my shoes let alone my girlfriend."

Alex sighed and turned to Rox, "let's go, they need to talk this through themselves. We'll be in Rox's room, let us know when you reach an agreement." And they just left us there.

"Why are you so determined to go to prison?"

"I'm not. But you know what he's like. It might only take a few moments before he tries something on with you and you can't try and tell me that you'll have some plan because you know as well as I do that he'll get around it. I'm the only one of us with the strength to hold him off - you know that and there's no way I'll be at that sort of level of recovery to be of any use. You have to understand Eevee, I'm just scared that something will go wrong. How could I ever live with myself if he..."

She hugged me tightly, bringing my head against her, snuggled between her stomach and her chest. "It'll be okay. I promise, I won't let him hurt me. Everything will be ok. Trust me on it."

"Okay...I trust you Eevee, I do." I squeezed her tightly. "I trust you to do what you have to do but please...don't kiss him. The thought is just...I don't know how I could bare it if you did."

5th April 2005, 02:38 PM
I thought about what Sam had said. I understood his concerns, but I was surprised that he had aproved my plan.

"Sam, don't worry about me. Really, I'll be okay. I'm a spy, I can take care of myself." I told Sam.

I heard myself reasuring Sam, but it felt like I was trying to soothe myself. The idea of being alone with Sam's brother frightened me- No, terrified me. I could still remember the horrible encounter I had first had with him. In the lab where i had been imprisoned by Sam's mad father. But what else could I do? I would do anything to keep Sam safe and out of jail, and I had a mission to complete. So what if I haden't graduated WHOOP Spy Training Academy yet? I was still a spy, and spies had to be prepared to do anything for a mission.

"I'm really proud of you, Sam." I cooed in his ear.

"What for?" he asked me, stroking my head with his good hand.

"For wrestling after being shot. You didn't cry or anything. I don't know how you did that. I wouldn't be able to." I said, then kissed him gently on the lips.

Sam smiled back at me.

"Oh Eevee, what would I do without you? Just don't get hurt. Don't get hurt."

He kissed me back.

We exchanged sweet nothings for a long time before Alex and Rox returned. Rox pulled out her laptop out after sitting in the chair beside Sam's bed.

"While I was waiting, I set up the program. It's simple, If you can get close enough. Here, hand me your compact, Eevee."

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the WHOOP compact, then handed it to Rox. She opened it and pulled out the little cord. she plugged the cord into her laptop.

"I'm going to download the program into your compact," she said, pressing away at buttons, "Once you get to him, you'll have to press between his shoulder blades. A compartment will will pop open and you will be able to plug the compact's cord into a socket. Then press the 'enter' button on the compact, and he'll be limp withen seconds. Okay, the programs now in. You got all that, Eevee?"

I nodded. she unplugged the cord, which pulled back into the compact like a tape measurer, then handed it back to me. I placed it in my pocket.

I turned to Sam.

"I have to be getting back to the arena soon." I said.

I stood up and began to head to the door.

"Wait." said Sam, causing me to stop. I spun toward him again.

"Yes?" I asked, using any excuse to delay my departure.


7th April 2005, 03:56 AM

7th April 2005, 10:53 AM
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"Just take it easy okay? You´ve got a busy day ahead of you."

"Okay. I promise."

Eevee left for some late night practise and I chatted with Alex and Rox. It was several hours before Eevee came back but she looked like she´d enjoyed a good workout so I wasn´t particularly worried.

A nurse came and ushered Rox back to her room and Alex followed. She was very insistant on me resting as well and I eventually cuddled up to Eevee and settled down for the night.

Some hours later I woke up feeling uncomfortable. I needed to get out of the room, even if it was only for a few minutes, I couldn´t stay in there any longer. I left Eevee as quietly as I could and crept outside for some fresh air. I took a few steps and then everything went black...

I awoke then next morning in bed with Eevee, I couldn´t remember anything from last night and couldn´t even be sure I had actually left the room. She wasstill sleeping so I got up and switched on the tv. There wasa news bulletin, a murder last night. Someone had broken into the house, slit the guy´s throat. He was...my brother.

"Eevee! Eevee look! Someone´s murdered my brother!"


Just then there wasa knock at the door. I got up to answer it and before I kenew what was happening, cops had stormed into the room and were handcuffing me! There was loads of shouting, most of it in Greek and I didn´t have a clue what was going on. So I just kept quiet and let them escort me out. The mess would get sorted out somehow.


Stuck in prisonwith no idea why. It had been a couple of hours since my 'arrest' and I still had no idea why. A guard came in, said something about a visitor and led me off to this huge room full of tables. I satdownand shortly after Eevee entered.

"Thank God you're here. What the hell's going on?No on´'s telling me anything." Then I realised she wasn't looking me in the eye. "Eevee?"

"The´'re saying you murdered your brother Sam. The Greeks want you in court for murder and Jerry's organising getting you deported to be tried for treason." She sounded like she was about to cry. "Did you do it?"

"No, of course not."

"Can you say that, honestly?"

I sighed. "No. I can´t remember last night."

She was silent. "My parents called. They´re taking the first flight over to make sure´I'm alright. They do´'t think it's a good idea for us to be..."

"What? For us to be what?"


I was stunned. "You don´t agree with them, do you?"

She fiddled nervously with her piercings. "I..."


"We're finished..." And she ran from the room, with just a few tears remaining on the table. I put my head down and smacked the table with my fist. "I've ruined everything..."

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26th April 2005, 07:50 PM
I had been sitting in the fetal position in my hotel room bathroom's tub for 3 hours straight crying. I was a complete reck, but I didn't have the strength to hold my head up high and pretend everything was okay anymore, i just couldn't deal with it. How dare he brahe his promise with me! He knew, he knew that he was not supposed to murder anyone. We had a plan figured out, and murdering someone would just end him up in jail. What was he thinking!

I leaned against the bathroom wall helplessly and bawled like a baby. Hot tears mixed with black eye makeup streamed down my red face. My cheeks were raw from all the tears continously flowing over them. My body trembed with each sob and my limbs shoke uncontrolably. I couldn't move from that spot. All I could was cry my heart out. My Rock had left me, and now I was falling fast into a pit of dispare.

Several ours later I awoke in the cold, dank, and dark tub. It was sometime in the middle of the night. I must have cried myself to sleep. Slowly, I rose myself out of the tub. My limbs were stiff and my body was soar all over. My bare feet touched the cold, tiled floor. I atempted to stand up. Although my legs were wobbaly, I was still able to stand.

I walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. One look at the bed and familure tears found their way down a well traveled path down my cheeks. Everything reminded me of him. Everything.

Glancing up at a clock, I noticed through blurred eyes that my second to last compotition would take place in 6 hours. Every nerve in my body wanted to forget about fencing, but a small part of my brain told me that I was a spy and I needed to complete the mission.

I grabbed my sports clothes and returned to the bathroom to clean myself up. An hour later I emmerged from the small room all cleaned up and in uniform. I had five hours to kill, so I left the hotel and went to the Arena. I was the first one there. In fact, the event before mine was just starting. But the gaurd allowed me to use the practice room. For 5 hours straight I did nothing but training. anything to get my mind off of Him. All of my emotions, anger, saddness, frustration, drained out of each jab I took with the sword. By the time the event was about to begin, I had pulled myself together and was ready to compete.

I ignored the fact that my coach wasn't there and looked at the scheduel. Me and an Italian girl were up first. Good, I wouldn't have time to sit around a think.

I was immediatly called into the arena, and my match began. It went by so fast that I hardly knew what was happening. I had been training so much that instinct took over and in record time they were announcing my name as the vitor. But I was not happy. I felt like all emotions had spilled out of my eyes and had left my body. I walked off the mat and sat down in the practice room to watch the next match on the tv. The next match was supposed to be Sam's brother and a Chineese boy. what would happen? Sam's brother was dead.

But misteriously, two figures hopped onto the arena mat. One with a Chineese flag on his mask, and one with nothing on their mask. I watched stunned as the two fenced, both masters at the sport. However, the blank masked one triumphed, and it was announced that they would challenge me in 5 hour's time. I was stunned. who could this person be? they entered the training room, where I sat, then removed their mask in front of me.

27th April 2005, 03:38 PM
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I didn't sleep a wink all night - how could I? She'd left me...I'd lost the best thing to ever happen to me and it was all my fault. I'd messed up big time and nothing was going to fix. Maybe I was innocent but in the end it would make no difference, Eevee would never trust me again. Her words were much truer than perhaps she had intended them to be...it was completely over...I was sure my heart was too broken to ever mend itself...I just wanted it all to end...

The next day they let us all out to watch coverage of the olympics. I watched Eevee's event in pain but admiration. I'd taught her so well...I hated it, I should be there with her! I should be there!
No...I shouldn't...I keep forgetting...she's not my girlfriend anymore...
I slunk back to my cell immediately after her match to wallow in yet more self pity...

Sarena flew out to see me later the day. I didn't have the strength to meet her in the main hall, so they brought her to my cell instead. She hugged me tightly but it didn't help like I thought it would...
"I've done this terrible thing..."
"Calm down. Tell me what happened."
"...Eevee broke up with me..."
"I promised her I wouldn't kill my brother, I swore I wouldn't jeapordise our relationship by going to jail but...I couldn't honestly tell her I didn't do it..."
"Because...I think I did."

We were silent for a while before Sarena pushed me to tell her what I knew. She was trying so hard to help me.
"I didn't sleep well that night, Eevee was in bed with me but I felt so restless so I got up and went for a walk outside. I needed air. Then...it just all went black. I remember nothing after it. I woke up in bed next to eevee and then the cops showed up. They haven't even asked me for my side of it."
Sarena hugged me. "I'll see what I can do. I'm gonna talk to Eevee."
"Don't bother."
Sarena looked at me pityingly. "I know it hurts, but I'll do what I can to help you."
I nodded slightly and pulled something out my pocket. "Can you give her this then? It's a necklace I bought her before...I don't know what else to do with it."
She took it and nodded. "Take care okay? We'll fix this."

Sarena left and I laid back on my shabby excuse for a bed. "I've never know such pain as this..."

27th April 2005, 05:27 PM
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The mysterious fencer removed his mask. I sat aghast, for the face that stared back at me was Sam's!

"Hey Eevee! I suprised you, huh? Well, We'll be competing against one another." Sam said, sounding just like himself.

I finally found my voice and said "But-but you're in jail!"

He put his helmet down and and neeled next to my chair.

"Oh that, it was all a misunderstanding, really." He said, half chuckling as if it were all a big joke.

"Why don't we go back to our hotel room, you can change, and i'll explain the whole thing." he said so soothingly that all the will in my body just left and I fallowed him. He led me all the way to the hotel room and opened our door with his key. I held my breath as i waited for his explanation. What could i have possibly missed?

I grabbed a change of clothes and went into the bathroom. I traded my fencing outfit of a more comfortabe wordrobe. I had navy blue jeans with various pockets and straps, a white men's undershirt with a green plad thin button up shirt half buttoned, an eybrow ring, a one gagged earing for each ear, and black makeup. When i exited the bathroom, Sam was sitting on the bed, in a change of clothes.

"You and you're unique style, that's why I love you." He said lovingly to me.

I walked over to the bed and sat a foot away from him.

"say that again." I said, testing him.

he smiled, then looked squarly into my eyes and said, "I said I love you." his voice was so soothing, and his eyes bared deep into me with an unmistakeable gaze of love. He had completely convinced me, and yet something seemed...not right.

However, I smiled back at him and said, "tell me your story."

"Alright," He began, "when the police came and arested me, i didn't know what was happening. i had been with you the entire night, and had not even gone outside. Still, they arrested me for the murder of my brother. The police looked further into the case and did some work. Anyway, their end result was that my father had killed him and then framed me for it, so that i would get lifetime in prison and live the rest of my life completely misrible. the cops found this true story out and released me. i just got back in time for my brother next match. I didn't want any of the ADO people to think that soething was going wrong with their plan, so i pretended to be my brother so they wouldn't get suspicious. and on a side note of that, i'll have to pretend that I am dead and not compete in wreseling so ADO thinks that i'm the one who is dead. It's a bit complicated, but once we crack this case it'll all go back to normal. everything allright now, Eevee?"

I had listened to Sam's story with all my attention, and it did seem to make sence. I nodded to him.

Sam leaned real close to me and asked, "So you want to be my girlfriend again?"

The question buzzed in my head. I had been so upset with him because he had betrayed our promise, put himself in danger, and killed his brother. But if he had in fact not done any of these things, then it was just all a misunderstanding and i had no reason to be upset with him. And i missed him so much. life was not worth living without sam. Still, i had any uneasy feeling about it. Sam seemed different now. i couldn't explain how, but a had a feeling about him. But i dismissed the feeling as from the past events and followed my heart.

"Yes, I'll be your girlfriend again." i said.

Sam's face lit up and a gleam sparkled in his eye. he folded his arms around me and held me tight. He was truelly happy and glad to have me back. I hesitated, then wrapped my arms around him. all my feeling returned to me. it felt so good to have my boyfried back. things had been looking glim lately, but suddenly there was a light at the end of the tunnel. And i embraced that light with all my heart.

28th April 2005, 09:46 AM

It took hours to get to the hotel after seeing Sam in jail, we had to make stops for fuel and food and...urgh, nightmare! We finally got to the hotel, fortunately she still had a couple of hours left before her final so we could talk. i asked the receptionist where her room was and headed up there.

I knocked on the door and Eevee opened it with a surprising smile upon her face.
"Hey Sarena."
"Err...hey. How you doing?"
"I'm great."
"Who's at the door!?" a familar voice reached my ears.
"Is that Sam?"
Eevee smiled and nodded. "He came after the match. We've fixed everything up."

She invited me inside and I saw Sam sat on the bed grinning. When we came in he got up and came over to Eevee. He hugged her and started kissing her neck, it was strange...
"Well...I just wanted to see how you were..." I looked at my brother, "I guess you want this back then?" i asked, handing him the box with the necklace in it. He took a quick glance and nodded before tucking it away. He'd probably give it to Eevee later when they had some privacy.

I stayed for almost an hour, things already seemed to be back to normal, I couldn't believe they'd let him out so far. Ah well...who was I to judge the way they felt about each other.
"Well," I said with a sigh. "I best get going, I've got a seat for your match Eevee so I'll be watching." I hugged her and Sam, "good luck you two."
And I left them together. I just wish I could shake this awkward feeling I kept getting...

28th April 2005, 03:22 PM
I lay next to Kostos on my bed back in the hotel room. I had been let out a couple of days ago and he had come over every day before i woke up and wouldn't leave until i was fast asleep. It was kinda creepy, but it was very sweet of him.
My laptop beeped at me. I shot up, grabbed it and checked what it was saying.
"Rox... You're meant to be resting..." said Kostos, patting the bed where i had been laying.
"Using my laptop isn't exactly going to put strain on my ankle, is it?" I gave him a little smirk. "Oooh! I got mail!"
"You always get mail!"
"... Yeah... Kostos, is my brain just acting up or does that say that Sam has been freed?"
He sat up and peered over my sholder. "You're the one with English as their first language..." I gave him a glare. "Okay okay... Yes, that's what it says. You're not daydreaming."
"Lets go see him!" I closed my laptop and put it in my bag. I found my crutches and we departed for Sam and Eevee's room.
I knocked on their door and it was soon answered. I grinned as Sam came into veiw. "Congratulations on freedom!"
He smiled. "Thanks Rox!"
"I knew you were innocent! There was no way you would have gone against the plan."
"I see you've been spending a lot of time with your boyfriend." He notioned at Kostos. He seemed quite happy, actually.
"Yes, she has." He said, putting his arm around my sholder.
Sam had never been happy with Kostos since i was hospitalised... This was strange...
"I'll leave you to 'catch up' with Eevee. I'm sure she missed you! See you later."
Sam nodded and said his goodbyes. I hurried off down the corridor. Well as fast as i could on crutches.
"Hey, what's the matter?" Asked Kostos as he walked fast to keep up with me.
His smile disappeared as he saw the serious look on my face. I stopped and looked him in the eye. "I haven't seen Sam since the night before he was arrested. I wasn't allowed to visit him. He didn't know we were dating..."

11th May 2005, 02:27 PM

I scribbled furiously on the paper in front of me. I was working on some extra work for Jerry - decoding. I had taken to helping the old man out over the last few days, having not much else to do. I was sat in Shuriken and Almond's room, they had disappeared to god knows where and I liked my privacy while working. There was a large stack of papers in front of me, all of it work, and I was only halfway. But I was in no rush, my first event was until a week later, I was going with Rox and Kostos to search the houses of the kidnapped competitors to look for any help, but, other than that, I didn't have anything to do.

I finished the fifth code and moved onto the sixth, from what I could tell, they were having me decode e-mail messages, what about, I don't know, but, I guessed, it was something important.

A knock sounded at the door and I jumped in my seat at the desk. It was odd for anyone to visit me lately and I had gotten used to being alone and undisturbed.

I stood from my seat, rubbing my sore eyes, and opened the door. I had expected to see Jerry or one of the 'bosses' of W.O.O.H.P, but, ibstead, I was met with Rox and Kostos.

I hadn't had a proper talk with Rox in a while, we'd both been a little preoccupied. As for Kostos, well, I didn't know him, but I'm not think and I could see that Rox was happy with him and trusted him. I'm no fool and I knew that everyone made mistakes, so, when I heasrd of their not so suprising relationship, I told them I was happy for them, and I meant it.

"What's up?" I asked through a yawn, - god, it was too early to be tired, - and let the two of them into the room.

"Did you nkow that Sam was let out?" Rox asked me as she and Kostos walked into the room and made themselves comfy on my (well, sort of mine) bed.

My ears perked up and I was suddenly awake.

"That can't be right," I said, sitting back down in my chair.

Why hadn't I heard of it? Jerry had been round here talking to me about new recruits and work, surely he would have told me.

"Well it is," Rox said. "He's at his room right now."

I raised my eyebrows, it was odd for hinm to be out.

"Well, that's good," I stated, picking up the piece of paper with my decifered codes on it and checking them half-heartedly. "I'm sure Eevee's happy."

"I think there's something wrong," Rox said and I finally noticed the worry in her voice. "When me and Kostos went to see Sma, he knew that the two of us were dating. I never had a chance to tell him before he was arrested, there was no way for him to know."

"Are you sure Eevee hadn't told him?" I asked her, leaning forward in my seat.

"Her boyfriend just got back from being locked away for murder, I think she was too busy getting their relationship back to care about anyone else's," Rox told me, looking, once again, deadly serious.

I nodded in agreement and chewed my lip - a habit.

"Right," I told her. "I'm seeing Jerry tonight before the three of us go searching the houses of the kidnapped conmpetitors. I'll talk to him then and see what he says."

Rox nodded and she and Kostos stood from the bed.

"I'll see you tommorrow," She said, heading obver to the door.

I nodded and swivelled by chair back to do my work.

"Bye," I said, already picking up my pen and beginng to work.

I heard the door shut and footsteps leave, then silence outside.

11th May 2005, 04:41 PM

I pulled out the compact phone from my pocket. I was a little suprised that someone would be calling me on the compact, considering it was spy aquipment and reserved for important buisness.

"Hello?" i said, unsure of who might be on the other end.

"Eevee, it's me." came sarena's voice on the other end. i relaxed a bit.

"Sarena, why are you using this phone, and why are you whispering?" i asked.

"Is," she paused, "sam there?" Sarena was still talking in a hushed voice, and i was begining to get nervous.

"He's in the shower right now, just got in. did you want to talk to him? he won't be out for 15 minutes." i sayed, lowering my voice as Sarena was.

"Listen Eevee, i have reason to believe that that is not sam." Sarena said.

"What?" i replied. i turned my back to the bathroom door and brought the phone closer to my face.

"I don't think i have much time, so listen. I checked up at the prisson and acording to the files, Sam is still being kept there. when i called to see if i could visit him, they said that an order had been made that he could not see any visiters." she said.

My face went pale as all the blood drained from my skin. i began to shake, and an unsettling feeling planted itself in my gut.

"And that's not all," sarena continued, "I talked to jerry and Sam's father has been murdered. bruetaly, i may add. i'm talking cut into peices and spread out around the room. Jerry said somthing like 'they were only able to tell it was him through DNA sampling, because the leftovers were far from recognizable'. Eevee, so much stuff is going on and i don't think it's safe for-"

I didn't hear the rest, because at that moment, from behind two cold hands clutched onto my shoulders and i dropped the phone. a head leaned close to my ear and said "What are you doind, eevee?" It was sam's voice. the very sam in question.

An unvoluntary yelp escaped from my lips. I could feel the figure grinning. He pulled my hair behind my ears so i couldn't hide behind the thick black curtains, then he sat infront of me. his eyes dug into my face, and his hands stayed frimly planted on my shoulders. i tryed to control my shaking.

"No-nothing. Your si-sieter called." I stammered.

Totally composed, he tilted his head and gave me a cocky smile.

"Oh, is that all?" he said in a smooth yet unstarteling voice.

I tried to nodd, but it came out looking more like sharp bobs of my head.

"She was calling to talk to you, but i told her that you were in the shower. that's all." i said, pulling myself together.

"Then why did you drop the phone?" he questioned me suspiciously.

"Because, I-I didn't expect you to come out so soon." i responded.

He seemed to believe me, and he loosened his grip and took his hands off my shoulders. i brought my hands to the spots he had held onto, and rubbed my shoulders. Sam leaned over and picked up the compact/phone. he straightend up and brought it to his face.

"Hmmm. she's not there anymore." he said. he brought the compact away from his face and looked at it.

"Well, will you look at that," he said, "You must have broken it when you dropped it. i'll bring it in to be fixed later."

when he closed the compact, it made an unmistkenable "beep" sound, as it always does when you close it. however, insisting that it was broken, sam placed the compact in his shirt pocket.

I sat puzzled for a moment as sam stood up and walked to another part of the room. why would he insist that it was broken, when that "beep" had proven that it wasn't. then a thought hit me: because it was my only source of comunication to the other spies. if that was taken away, i was stranded.

I looked down, and my hair fell into my face. who was this person? could this be sam, or, as sarena had proclaimed, another person.

11th May 2005, 05:07 PM
Sam (?)

I peered out of the window and scratched my chin. Eevee was acting very strange, everyone was acting strange. You'd think they'd be happy that I was out of prison but they're not. Eevee should be happier...she was the one who dumped me and I took her back like that. Now all of a sudden she doens't trust me? I had it better back in prison.

I walked back over to Eevee and crouched down in front of her. "Hey, I'm sorry if I'm acting all strange but I'm still getting used to getting out of prison. I guess it had more of an impact on me than I expected."
She raised her head slightly to look at me and I pulled a slight smile. "Come on, you're my number one girl, what would I do to make you distrust me?"

I helped her to her feet and I hugged her and kissed her neck. She felt stiff in my arms but I didn't mind. She was my Eevee, mine and no one elses.
"I'm not gonna do something stupid and lose you. I'm never gonna let you go." I whispered to her. "I'm not the fool you knew." I drew her hair back slowly behind her ear and planted a kiss on her forehead. Poor fool.

"Look Eevee, if this is gonna work I need you to trust me. I know the others have doubts but I need you to stick by me okay? I've done all I can to prove myself to you. I need you with me in this."

12th May 2005, 03:54 PM
I tapped furiously on the keys of my laptop. I could tell that Kostos was rather annoyed by the noise and if i weren't so used to it i bet i would have been too.
"Argh... I can't find anything!" I complained, smacking the table in fustration. I glared at the screen and sighed. "Why is there nothing on Sam's release? This must prove that the Sam currently with Eevee is not actually Sam..."
Kostos massaged my sholders. "That must be it. Can you access the jail's files to check?"
"Yes, but i promised Jerry i wouldn't... He said i shouldn't interfere. I wonder if Jerry actually knows about Sam's release..."
Kostos watched as i accessed my email. "Wait, don't do that. How will you know it's actually Jerry emailing you back? It could be anyone."
"That's true... I'll phone on my compact..." I rumaged through my bag until i found it and called Jerry at Whoop.
"This is Jerry speaking, who is this?"
"It's Rox. Can i ask you something?"
"Go a head."
"Do you know that Sam has been released from prison?"
"Yes. Some of the Greek Authorities owed me a favour. How is he? Is he used to being back with his friends yet?"
"Yeah, i think so. So, now that he's out, i'm allowed to look at any file i need to do research?"
"Yes. See you soon."
He hung up. I stared at the compact. Something there didn't seem quite right. I hooked my compact up to my laptop and downloaded the recording of the conversation.
The door of the room opened. It was Alex. "Hey guys... Just thought i'd-"
"Alex! Listen to this!"
I played the conversation back to her. She gave me a blank look. "What about it?"
"That's not Jerry, is it?" I asked. She gave me a confused expression.
"It sounds like him..."
"But he's not that formal towards us!"
She thought about it. "Now that you mention it..."
I brought up Whoop profiles. Hacking into the staff ones, i soon found Jerry's.
"It has voice files. I'll get the laptop to compair them both and we'll see if it's the real Jerry." I stated.
"Where do you think up all these ideas?" Asked Kostos, giving me a playful nudge.
"My brain... It's done..." I stared at the red blaring message on the screen. "No identical match... We may have been taking orders from the enemy..."

17th May 2005, 04:56 PM

I had eventually gotten Eevee to relax around me and slowly build things back to the way they had been. We sat together on the bed, my arms around her, her sitting on my waist. Now and then, I'd kiss her but she'd never kiss me back, I'd have to settle for her cheek or her forehead. I guess she was just that uncomfortable being that involved with me right then, she'd come around though eventually. At least i hoped so.

Some time later, there came a knock at the door. "Eevee?" Rox's voice called. "I want to speak to you about something."
I held Eevee and bit tighter and whispered to her, "don't answer it. We deserve some alone time."
"We can't do that, she's our friend."
The thuding on the door increased.
"Come on Eevee, I just think that we should have some alone time. Don't you think I deserve it, after what I've been through?"
Eevee looked away. "Please don't keep bringing that up. I'm sorry, I've told you I'm sorry -"
I kissed her deeply. "There we go. I've been waiting all afternoon to do that. Eevee I don't hold any grudge against you for what you did, i don't blame you and I promise not to say anything more about it." I kissed her neck. "And you know I always keep my promises."

She stiffened slightly and squirmed in my lap. "Can I answer the door now?"
I locked my arms about her, "now why would I go and let you do a silly thing like that?"

17th May 2005, 06:25 PM
His arms were like a leash, restraining me. i felt trapped in this relationship. he looked like sam, he sounded like sam, he had the same manorisims as sam, and when i looked into his eyes they were filled with deep and pationate love concentrared on me. and yet, something seemed wrong. something was...off.

"come on sam, let me talk to Rox. we are on a mission as spies for whoop right now." i said quetly.

he frowned

"we've been doing spy stuff the entire trip. i think it's about time we take a little brake." sam said. he held me tighter, pressing me close against his body. "and besides," he whispered whispily in my ear, "our match is in 2 hours, and i want some time alone with you."

I was stuck, literally and figuratively. he had me in a vice grip that i could not brake. and even if i wanted to, i was afraid of disobaying my boyfriend. a good girlfriend wouldn't do something against here boyfriend's wishes, right?

i was almost about to give in to sam's wishes, when a little voice inside my ead reminded me that i was a spy. it was a faint voice, the same one that had pulled me out of wallowing in self pitty and made me fight the match, but it was persausive. i was a spy, and spies always put buisness above personal needs. i had been trained this way, and i would stick to code.

but how would i get away from sam? an idea popped in my head. it wouldn't make him too happy, but it was the only effective way.

"Coming Rox!!" i yelled.

Sam realised that i could not escape isolation now, and he reluctantly let go of me. i stood up and bolted for the door. but just as i was touching the handle, sam's hands clasped around me.

"Open the door only a crack, and i'm not here." he whispered.

i paused a moment to compute what he had just told me, then i turned the door and opened it. however, it did not open all the way because the bolted chain was still atached to the door. so the door opened a good 3 or 4 inches, then stopped.

rox stared back at me.

"Listen eevee, we need to talk. In private. come out and follow me." she said, rather urgently.

she stared at the cain on the door inquisatively. i was terrible at lying, especially to my frriends, but i knew that i would have to right then. something having to do with sam standing uncomfortably close to me, with his hand grasping my shoulder, but being completely conceiled to rox. as far as she knew, i was alone in the room.

"I'm training right now and the rooms a mess, i don't want to let you in because you might get hurt. and sam is," i hesitated and looked to my right where sam plainly stood. he tightened his hold and i turned back to rox, "-is not here right now. he went out, and he doesn't want me leaving the room. i'm by myself, so you can tell me what you needed to say." i said. sam lossened his grip. i could here myself talk, and i knew i sounded shady. i just hoped rox couldn't tell.

rox resumed talking...

18th May 2005, 02:48 PM
"Are you okay?" I asked randomly. "You seem a little tense..."
"Oh, it's nothing. Just all the training and stuff. Don't worry." She brushed off my comment lightly. "What were you going to say?"
"Well i just called Jerry about Sam's release to ask wether he knew about it. I also asked wether i could access any file that i wanted now as i wouldn't interfere with anything. The strange thing was that he agreed straight away. He normally waits for a while so everything calms down. I checked his voice against the one in his staff file and there wasn't a match-"
"So that means-"
"That we've been taking orders from an imposter." I finished.
"How long for?"
"I have no idea... But something's not right here Eevee. Jerry's gone and there's no record of Sam's release in the Greek files... It could be this imposter restricting access to it, but only a few would know how to do that..."
"This is all very strange... What about the ADO? Where do they fit into this puzzel?" She asked.
"That's where i'm even more confused. I know they're up to something, i just can't pin point what... And believe me, i've tried."
We stood in silence for a couple of seconds until something finally struck me.
"What if Sam's brother was never murdered?"
"We have no proof that he wasn't. They found the body."
"I know, i saw it from the hospital window."
"Nice thing to wake up to in the morning, heh?" She joked.
I smiled and laughed a little. "It was more interesting, that's for sure. I guess i should do some more snooping around..."

18th May 2005, 03:36 PM
at the mention of sam's brother, sam stiffened and became very tense. i could sence this and i knew i had to wrap up the conversation with rox. when she said said "-I guess i should do some more snooping around...", i immediatly jumped in.

"you should do that, snoop around. i'll have to let you go now. sam should be back any moment and i really should clean up the mess in this room. keep me informed. bye rox." i said quickly. and witha friendly smile, i shut the door.

I turned away from the door, but sam blocked my path. standing dirrectly in front of me, he asked, "how do you know about sam's brother?" he gave me a suspicious glance, and locked me with his eyes.

"I-I-" I began, but Sam interupted my stammering before i could come up with a reasunable answer.

"When you were on th phone with Serena, you talked about more then you told me. didn't you?" sam said. i could feel him closing in on me.

"No sam! it's not what you think." i sobbed, feeling uneasy.

"Tell me what she told you!" said sam, his voice rising.

it was too much for me, and i began to cry. i brought my hands to my face and hot tears spilled through the crevises between my fingers.

Sam's mood softened and his eyes were once again filled with love. he folded his arms around me and gently craddled my head against his chest.

"I'm sorry, baby. i didn't mean to make you cry. i just want you to be safe, thats all. your the best thing that's ever happened to me. you're my girl, eevee." he cooed in a sweet tone. his words soothed me and my tears dried up. i brought my hands away from my face and instinctly hugged him back. he seemed pleased and told me more sweet words.

this had to be sam, `right? no one else could love me this much and hold me this way. yes, this was sam. this was sam, and i was home.

18th May 2005, 03:55 PM

Finally, finally I had got her to forgive and forget and regain her trust in me. Standing there, holding her in my arms, telling her things that I had waited for ages to tell her, finally things seemed to be going right between us. After all the mess and chaos that had gone on before we were finally back to where we were supposed to be.

"I love you so much Eevee and I can't bare the thought that my brother has ruined something between us, even in death. I just wish you could tell me what this big secret is."

Eevee wiped her eyes dry and blunked at me to clear her vision. "it's nothing, nothing at all. I...perhaps...doubted you for a moment...but no more. You're my Sam. This is right."

I smiled and stroked her hair. "Baby...you should know by now not to doubt me..." I added a slight laugh. "but you know you should really tell me what Sarena said, I don't want her to get the wrong impression of me either."

Eevee sniffed and nodded slightly. "She told me she called the prison and hat according to them, you're still being held there. She thought you might be a...an imposter."

I shook my head and leaned slightly to meet her eye. "Damn Greeks are useless...listen Eevee, this will probably take a while for me to straighten out but in the meantime I need you to stick with me. No matter what anyone says or tries to say about me not being who I am, you gotta stand by me okay?"

Eevee gulped slightly and gave a gentle nod. "I'll stay with you."

I smiled and hugged her. "We'll be fine, just do as I tell you and everything will work out. Besides...how could anyone ever hope to match the love I have for you."

18th May 2005, 05:28 PM
Sam held me tight, and it felt good. all my suspicions melted away, and were replaced with pationate and unconditional love. With his sly little grin, he scooped me up in two arms, and carried me to the bed. he placed me down geltly, and sat next to me.

Sam pulled my hair out of my face and kissed my tenderly. I particapated wholeheartedly.

through breaks of air i uttered "the match."

sam responded with "we have time," and continued.

after much pationate kisses, with our lips massaging eachothers, sam got more into it. his roaming hands caressed my body, and his kisses landed on my neck.

I felt as strongly for sam and particapated eagerly. my hands rubbed up and down his back, feeling the crevise between his shoulder blades, and the warmth of his shirt.

Sam felt my back as well. i could feel the flanal, plad shirt lifting from my shoulders and slipping off my arms, reveling the thin white men's undershirt that clung tightly to my chest.

I played along as well, lifting his shirt over his head, and exposing a well toned body. i could feel his warm skin against the skin of my arms. my body was feverish with pleasure. the kissing increased with intesity and my hands continued to rub his back. the smell of flesh surrounded me.

the mood was intense, when suddenly my hands fell across an indent on his back. with the faintest "click", a small panal opened in his lower back. i froze, and my skin became prickaly with goosebumps. this wasn't sam, this was his brother!

He noticed me tense and murrered what was the matter. i responded that i was cold, and he rubbed my skin to disapated the bumps. luckily, he didn't seem to notice that his back panal was opened.

I continued to kiss himmto keep the illusion, but the pation was gone. he didn't seem to notice and continued to display his love like there was no tommarow.

what would i do? the man i loved was an imposter! i had betrayed my true love for his worst enemy. but what could i do now? i couldn't do anything drastic without lokking suspicious. so far, he believed that i thought he was sam. i didn't want to break the illusion, but i had to do something fast before something serious happened.

he was pressing tight against me and was pushing me to the bed. before i knew it, i was laying on the bed with sam's brother on top of me. what would i do! i had to do something fast.

with a desperate glance to my left, i spotted his shirt, the one i'd taken off. then an idea struck me. he had put my compact in his shirt pocket. if i could get the cord into his back, then he'd be shut down.

i reached with one hand over to the shirt to rumage for the gaget. my other had was on his head to keep it from turning and seeing what i was doing. he didn't notice my actions and continued his actions.

with haste and desperation, i dug through the shirt untill my fingers hit hard plastic. bingo. i pulled the compact out quickly and opened it. in one swift motion, i lifted my other hand to the compact, pulled out the cord, and plugged it into a small hole inside the pannel in his back.

it was then that he noticed what was going on. he immediatly stopped kissing me. he tryed to speak, but within second, the compact had drained his energy. the spark in his eyes went out, and he became a heavy weight on top of me.

the last expression on his face was one of shock, betrayal, and anger. with much force, i lifted him from ontop of me and rolled him onto his side. i kept the compact plugged in, just to be sure, but dialed an emergancy ring to rox and alex. jerry couldn't be trusted.

once that was done, i crawled of the bed and into a courner of the room. i curled into a tight ball, clutching my knees tightly to my chest, and rested my head on my knees. my hair fell across my face and hid my tears. i felt so unclean.

in a pittiful uter of despare i said "i'm so sorry sam."

19th May 2005, 10:47 AM
I thumped on the door as soon as i got there. I had quite literally sprinted from my room up there although it hadn't done my ancle any good. Alex and Kostos had followed on behind.
"Eevee! Open up!" I called as calmly as i could through the door. I figured that she was in some state of shock right now and wouldn't want me to barge right in.
"It's open..." The muffled voice of Eevee came through the door.
I turned the handle and pushed the door open, stopped after a few inches by the chain that was across it earlier. I pulled out a penknife from my pocket, flipped it open and sliced through a part of the chain that looked a little weak.
Sam's brother lay face down on the bed and i found Eevee, huddled up in a corner. Alex soon brushed past me to comfort Eevee. I set my laptop on the only table in the room, turned it over and flipped off the back cover.
"What the hell are you doing?" Asked Alex.
"Disconnecting myself from the Whoop network..." I pulled a chip out from the inside and slipped it into my pocket. I fixed the back cover back on and booted up.
"Doesn't that mean that any hacking you now do will be completely illegal and you'll have no protection when the real Jerry gets back?" Asked Kostos.
"And if you get caught you'll go to prison?"
"Exactly. But i've never been caught and don't intend to." I paused for a second whilst finding files on my laptop. "This, my friends, is the old hacking network i was once on. Some of these guys owe me favours... They'll help me find what we need to know."
"But surely we need a plan now..." Eevee spoke up quietly. "Sam's still in jail... Who knows what he's going through..."

23rd May 2005, 08:32 AM

I was halfway to the airport when a call from Rox made me turn around and head back to the hotel. What she's dolt me had shocked me so much and left me feeling stupid and foolish. A part of me had believed that the person I had left with Eevee was my brother, even though I had my doubts and this had happened. Thank God Eevee had kept her witts about her. But what of Sam? What of my brother? Apparently he was still in prison but we couldn't be sure of anything else.

I arrived at Eevee's room and saw the look upon everyone's face, it was terrible to see. Eevee looked awful, I hadn't seen her looks so bad - ever. I couldn't imagine what she was going through. I comforted her as we piled into the taxi and headed for the prison. They weren't gonna let us through but Rox had called in a few favours and we were set up well enough that we wouldn't need to. We were gonna break my brother out of prison.

We snuck round the back and managed to create a hole in the back wall of his cell before sneaking inside. He was curled up on the matress, breathing but not doing anything else. Something didn't feel right.
"Little brother...hey wake up..." I shook him but he didn't stir. Sam had never been a light sleeper.
I shot a worried glance back to the others and together we rolled him onto his back. Fresh blood had stained through his shirt and there was an unpleasant smell rising in the air. I dared to peak. The dressing of bullet wounds was completely red. I peeled it away to reveal a disgusting mix of blood and rotted flesh. In the damn conditions, the wound had become infected.

I was almost sick. Eevee started to cry a bit so I sent her back to the taxi. Rox, Alex and myself, carried Sam to the car and drove to the nearest hospital where they treated him immediately. It was so close, had we been any later he may have died.
Rox and Alex were talking in a waiting room so I went to console Eevee.

"He's going to be okay."

"That's good..."

"Eevee what's wrong?"

"I...I betrayed Sam. I believed his brother..."

I took her hand. "You were decieved, it's not your fault. Whatever happened between you two was a lie and nothing more, you can't keep blaming yourself. When the time came you did the right thing and Sam will understand that." She was silent and I hugged her. "I know it all seems so terrible right now but things'll get better, you'll see."

A nurse came in to tell us Sam was awake. I nudged Eevee. "You best go talk to him. You can say the things none of us can."

8th July 2005, 05:16 PM
it appears the last two posts didnt make it, Eevee saved mine so I'm gonna re-post it. Appologies if it makes little/no sense.


Something was wrong here, something had happened, something terrible
and I had to find out what had happened. Nothing Eevee said made any
sense to me and I replayed her words over and over in my mind. What
could have been so terrible to make her so upset? And why was she
sorry? Was it for breaking up with me maybe? No, that wouldn't make
her this upset. I had to find out what was what! I had to go see her!

Despite everything, I forced myself up. That nurse wouldn't be back
and I was a man on a mission and I always finished my missions. I
gripped the stand of the water drip, so drugged up I could barely feel
anything. I felt like I just wanted to sleep but I couldn't right now.
This was far more important. This was something that I had to do

With slow steps I edged my way through the room and out into the
corridor. They wouldn't have taken her far so I headed for the nearest
open room. It was probably luck that led me to her before any of the
doctors showed up. She was in a state when I found her. Curled up in a
flush chair and sobbing uncontrolably. It broke my heart to see her
like this. I hated to her so upset.

I wheeled over slowly and placed my hand on her head. She looked up
slowly. "Y-you should b-be resting," she stammered through sobs.

"Worried 'bout you..." I lowered myself into the chair beside her and
she leaned her head against my shoulder and gradually the sobs died
down. "What...happened?"

So Eevee explained the entire mess to me. Now and then she would break
down again but eventualy she got through her story. "I'm so so sorry.
I just thought...I thought he was you. I believed I was with you but
you were...they tried to warn me, they all did but I didn't listen..."

I touched her face gently and she squeezed my hand. "I forgive you."

"How can you? I doughted you when I should have stood by you, I wasn't
there when you needed me and I betrayed you. How can you forgive me?"

"Because you didn't know. I can't hate you for being decieved and lied
to. I love you Eevee, no matter what I love you and I could never hate

8th July 2005, 06:10 PM
hmm... it seems that my last post is missing. well, this is a post for after it.


Sam had been escorted back to his room, once the nurses had found where he'd gone to, and Iwas once again alone. My mind was closing in on me, as if the walls were coming closer. Compressed in the corner of the chair with my knees folded against my chest, my long hair hid my face like a thick black curtain.

How could I have done it? How could I have not known? It was obvious! Sam was in the prison the whole time, and I cheated on him. How could I do that! Sam was my love, my boyfriend. Sam. Sam, I'm so sorry! oh, Sam...

It must have been the next day when a nurse entered the room, because sunshine flooded through the open doorway as she entered.

"Oh, you poor dear. still tramatized, are you? we beter bring you to the doctor for a checkup." she said. she got me to stand up and led me to another room. my head was down the whole time, with my hair in my face.

They did a few mental tests, phyc stuff, and when the results came in, i overheard them.

"Definately tramatized, and mentaly unstable, from the events that occured. we could transfer her to a hospital to rehabilatate. I don't think she is sound enough to be released." the docter whispered to the nurse. she nodded.

the nurse came over to me and said in a sweet voice, "The docter is recomending you to stay at another hospital for a little. you shouldn't be too long. we'll transfer you immediatly."

i said nothing. i didn't even nod. if i was my usual self, i would fight this, i would demand i was fine and that i should talk to my friends. but i didn't care anymore. i lost the will to fight, and i was slowly retreating into my mind.

the nurse stood up and helped me up. she led me away and before i knew it, was on my way to a hospital in america. and as it turned out, it was the same one as Serenas. though i had a 2 day "adjusting period" before i was allowed to have any visiters. not that i would have anything to say to them. i was slowly deteriating, and only falling faster. in the back of my mind, i could could a line from a Gin Blossoms song playing over and over "-Now i've thrown something far, and it haunts me like a curse. i'm like a stone that's falling hard, and i'm only getting worse..."

9th July 2005, 05:08 PM
OOC: Damn you Eevee....


The past two days had been hell. I had to have a guard in my room to make sure I didn't go after Eevee and all the time she was in America whilst I was stuck here. I needed to get out, I needed to see, to talk to her. If I could just get through to her, maybe I can sort this mess out. But the hospital said I was too ill to travel and no one had been allowed to visit Eeve so no one could tell me how she was. Sarena had given me the odd update but it wasn't enough. I had to know how she was.

Jerry had had Rox and Alex sent back to WOOHP. He didn't want to jeopardise anything else on this mission and had admitted defeat this time. I was convinced that I was going to be left to rot but to my surprise Jerry came to visit me the very same day. Not only that, but it was the first time in two days that my guard had left the room. Finally I could express my wishes.

"Jerry you gotta get me out of here. I can't take it. Eevee needs me, now more than I ever and they're keeping me here like a prison. I'm going to go crazy unless I can go see her."

"Calm down. I've sorted it. You're getting out of here right now and I'm sticking you on a WOOHP jet to America. She's in a bad way Sam and the doctors say she's getting worse. If we can't help her...the Eevee you know might be lost forever."

I couldn't hear anymore. I forced myself out of bed and stumbled. "Did you tell her parents?" I wouldn't accept his help.

"Yes. They'll be there first thing tomorrow morning. That's why we must hurry."

I took a moment to adjust my legs to my weight. Lying flat for days will do that to you. I was ushered out of the hospital and into the jet almost as fast as if I were capable of full use of my body. Still, with things as pressing as they wer at that point, for me it just wasn't fast enough.

Sarena met me at the hospital. She told me that she'd overheard the doctors saying that Eevee's condition was getting so bad that they were beginning to think that they'd have to put her onto some form of medication. I wouldn't have that, I wouldn't have anymore messing with her head. She'd suffered enough as it is. If I could just bring out a little of the old Eevee...just a little.

I was shown to Eevee's room and I went inside, making sure the door was firmly shut behind me. No one was to hear what I said to her. I didn't have a clue what to say to make everything better and dammit if I left this place having poured my entire being then so be it. But no one was to here it but her. She needed me, perhaps more than she had ever needed me and I was going to be there for her and do everything I could for her.

She didn't acknowledge me coming in. She didn't even seem to notice when I sat beside her on the bed. It was as if she didn't even recognise me anymore, like I didn't even exist. It broke my heart. I wrapped my arms about her gently and drew her close, she never moved. I could feel her slipping away from me and worst of all there was nothing I could do about it. That's how it felt.

"Eevee...baby I can't imagine what you're going through." I stroked her face gently and played with her hair. "I don't wanna lose you Eve, not like this, not after everything we've been through. Don't blame yourself for what happened." I hurt so bad all over but I had to do this, I had to try and bring her back. "This isn't who you are. You'd fight this, you fight for everything you believe in. Don't give up, don't let a thing like this beat you." I kissed her gently. "Don't become the thing you helped to change, don't become what I once was. I've never met anyone like you, I'ven ever met anyone who makes me feel the way you do. When I'm with you, you're the only thing I can think about and when I'm not with you...all I can think about is when I'm going to see you again. You make me want to be a better person, to become things I never dreamt I could be, you did that. You were always there for me when it matter and I'm here for you now," I pulled her hand to my chest so she could feel my heart beat, "can you feel that? I'm right here. Your Sam, and I'm not going anywhere baby. So don't give up on me.You've brought so much hope into my life, don't take away the one thing that keeps me going."

11th July 2005, 02:28 PM
A tear slipped down my cheek. It was a silent one, but a tear nonetheless. I watched and listened in on Sam pouring his heart out to Eevee and her not responding. There was a security camera and microphone hidden in each of the hospital rooms and i had hacked into the one in Eevee's room. Sam would kill me if he found out i'd been listening, but i was just as conserned about her as he was. No, it wasn't just her. I was conserned for them both. After all we'd been through, all they'd been through, i couldn't bear to let it end this way.
I heard the door click open. I quickly exited the hack, unplugged my headphones and plugged them back into my CD player. I whiped my face quickly and tried to look busy. Alex entered the room holding a bunch of envolopes in her hands.
"What are you up to?" She looked at me suspiciously.
"Trying to find out more information on Greece..." That was code for looking for the real Jerry. She nodded and dumped half the pile of letters on my laptop's keyboard. "What's this?"
"All the junk we got through the mail whilst we were gone. Bills... That kinda stuff. That's just a random pile, by the way. Sort them out into who each is for."
I sat up from where i was laying, glad to have something to take my mind off my friends although they were always there at the back of my mind. We'd all been sent back to the Whoop living space. "Jerry" seemed to think it would be a good idea at this moment to keep us all together. I wasn't too sure, but he insisted as soon as we got back. Alex had just been to the house to get anything they'd left. It was ashame that we had to leave our houses vacant for so long.
"Hey, this one has a Greek postmark..." Alex took the brown envolope and heald it up. She flipped it over to read the return address. "Kostos. Typical."
I reached for it, she moved. I glared at her. "Give it!"
"Make me!"
I felt about 10 years old. We had this little play fight over the letter. It was quite funny really. I had never had a sibling to play with when i was younger, and Harry's arrival was a little too late, so i really did feel like i'd gone back.
Gone back to when everything was ever so simple.
My phone rang. I dove for it, wondering if it was Sam giving us some news. I looked at the caller ID. It just had a number. It wasn't anyone from my phone book. Strange... No one outside Whoop had this number. I flipped it open.
"Rox? Its me. Jerry." His voice sounded old and tired. There was no doubt that this was the real guy, especailly as the imposter was stood just down the corridor according to the monitors on the laptop.
"I knew it! Where are you? We'll come find you."
"Find the basement maps."
"Whoop doesn't have-"
"Yes it does. Find the maps without anyone knowing. There's a storage room. I'm in there."
The phone hung up. That was strange. I found the maps, explaining to Alex what i heard.
"Rox, there's one problem... There's quite a few storage rooms..." Alex pointed out.
I sighed. "We'd better start looking, then."

18th July 2005, 08:53 PM
The first day I was allowed to have visitors, Serena came to my door.

"10 minutes, and press the emergency botton if need be," the nurse told her. She left us two alone, and an acward silence insued. I sat in my bed, leaing against the head rest, and staring blankly into space. The walls were white, as was the furnature and my clothing. An unatural color againts my blanch skin. and more piculuar was my jet black hair. Of course I wore no make-up. Upon first glance, these changes in my appearence seemed quite clear to Serena. Her face seemed shock, and she let out a gasp. my face stayed unmoving.

"Eevee," she said, "You look like a ghost!"

I knew she was there, but my eyes did not sway a glance toward her in recognition. Her breath became paniced. she sat by my bedside and took hold of my hand.

"Eevee, it's me, Serena. Sam's sister. Eevee, you know me. Please, please talk to me," she said.


My mind rambled. Oh, Sam. You had come here. You had talked to me. You had forgiven me. I had rolled his words over and over in my head, and the sound of his name spoken from Serena's lips made me want to leap out toward those words again.

Serena let go of my hand and stood up. She began to walk toward the door, when a word escaped my mouth.

"Sam.." I uttered the word. whispered, but distinct in the quite room.

Serena Immediatly faced me.

"What was that Eevee?" she said excitedly.

I hung onto that word with all I had left.

"Sam," I said again. my gaze changed. my eyes focased on my hands.

Serena ran by my side and nelt.

"Eevee, keep talking. It's okay now. I'm here girl," she said. her hands clutched mine, where my focus was on. I saw her hands in clear view.

"Sam.." I said again. my eyes moved to her wrists. Slowly, I dragged my sight up her arms. Her shoulder. Her neck. Her cheek, which tears freely ran. And with the difficulty of climbing up a waterfall, my eyesight climbed up her tears and into her eyes. She let out a sound of joy.

"Serena.." I said. She choked on her tears.

"Eevee, we love you," she cried. She thrust her arms around me and I found myself in a very emotional embrace. My reaction kicked in and my arms found themselves around her as well, though Ihad not eaten in days and a lacked the ability to use the mucles in my arms very well. still, i put all my energy into thay hug, and stayed there until the nurse returned.

"Oh my goodness, Eevee!" she exclaimed. more medices came in and were overjoyed at my well improved state. however, the moment did not last long, because i was soon overcome with exhaustion and collapsed in Serena's arms.

19th July 2005, 07:27 AM

I spent ages pacing back and forth down the corridor. I had poured my heart out and it had done nothing, I hadn't been able to bring back even the tiniest part of the Eevee that I once knew. It hurt so much, knowing that I was so helpless, so lost. Why did everything good in my life have to get messed up? First mom, then Serena and now Eevee? Why did it keep happening? What had I done to deserve this life of misery?

I looked up suddenly as Serena approached me. "Anything?" I asked glumly, fearing the worst.


I stopped pacing and stared at her as though she were merely an apparation before my eyes. "What?"

"She spoke to me, looked at me even. Sam, we've gotten through to her."

It took a moment to sink in and then, suddenly, I took my sister in my arms and hugged her. It was the best thing I'd heard in weeks.

"Can I see her? Can I talk to her? Can I - "

"Woah woah. Calm down. She's asleep. Let her rest for a bit, hopefully they'll be able to get some food inside her, she's very weak."

I sighed deeply. "I know..."

Serena comforted me slightly, "hey, it's a good sign. She should get better."

"I hope so. God I hope she recovers soon."

"She will," my sister assured me, "she will."

I gave an unconvincing half smile and Serena began escorting me down the corriodor. "Speaking of food, I know for a fact that you haven't eaten anything in a while. I don't think Eevee will appreciate your stomach when you go and see her."

I couldn't help but smile at that. She was trying to cheer me up, being my big sister I guess she felt oblidged. "Hey sis, thanks."

She just smiled and nodded. "It's what I'm here for."

20th July 2005, 01:30 AM


I was just leveling up, when... *BOOM* Light! Shruiken burst through the door. I hissed and wnet behind the bed like a cockroach.
"What the heck are you doing?" Shruiken asked.
"Leveling up. I'm a level 82 half elf dark paladin!" I replied joyfully.
"yeah, while you've been in here, I've been searching for you. How long has it been?"
"I don't know, I lost count after 2 months."
"And where are the others?" Shuriken scracthed his head. "They said 'Meet us at shinjo."
"Maybe It's like Paris and Paris."
"There's a paris in france, and there's one in Maryland or Illinois."
"Crud... Then should we go there?"
"Nah, our mission is over by now."
"right then." Shruiken pulled a bag over his shoulders. "shall we get going to WHOOP?"
"okay, just let me log out."

When we came back, we went straight to our room. I was listening to halfway through of "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything." I opened the door and we walked in...
"Sorry, I'm real busy now." Lulu said.
"Oh come on. is this any way to welcome us?" Shruiken said.

Sorry, i was doing bad at school so i coudn't use the compy for a while and then when I could I instead played a bunch of games. Now I'm Trying to get in a post.

P.S. : I don't really play WoW, but if I could, I probably wouldn't post.

21st July 2005, 02:24 PM
Welcome back Duo_Washu_III!
Yes, I'm aware that I'm totally abusing my character. I'm sure all you missed was interesting to read.

BTW, you were gone during the whole temp board thing, right? well, we're all just happy that this board is still here, though it looks a little funky now. Just like it used to YEARS ago, when this board got hacked every week and stuff was always getting lost. that was no fun. it a good thing this board is out of that stage...

anyway, continue to post, this should get more interesting.

22nd July 2005, 05:23 PM
I'm gonna trust my instinct and geuss that the 'Lulu' Mitch (That is your name, right?)just referred to in his post is Alex.

Post time!


I sighed and flipped over to the next sheet, somehow I was still doing all the decoding for W.O.O.H.P. It was all random numbers, letters and symbols mixed together in a hazy blur. Alone, not a single line could make sense, I suppose that's why I was decoding it all.

My eyes strained to read the lines and I considered turning the lights on; I soon decided against it, for some reason feeling so much more relaxed whilst consumed in the dark.

The door opened and a beam of light came in from somewhere to my right. My brown hair was falling in my face and stopped the light from hitting my eyes.

"Sorry," I shouted out without bothering to lift my head and face the intruder, "I'm real busy now."

I stayed staring at my sheet of work but my eyes couldn't seem to refocuse on all the lines.

"Oh come on. is this any way to welcome us?"

My head snapped up at the sound of an almost-unfamiliar voice. Stood in the doorway, with the light still shining in behind them, were Shuriken and Almond.

My pen stayed hovering over the large pile of papers and I felt my jaw go slack.

"Holy fu-" I muttered to myself putting my pen down and standing from my chair.

I crossed my arms over my chest and walked up to the two of them, trying to not let the glaring lights hurt my eyes. I was stood a few feet in front of them before I actually smiled.

I pulled Shuriken into an embrace, for he was closest, then let him go and quickly hugged Almond.

"Where the hell have you two been?" I asked sternly, half-grinning without being able to stop myself.


Hope I got the names right. :p It's been too long.

30th July 2005, 07:01 PM
This isn't a post but as you may or may not have noticed it has now been two years since Becky started this rpg and I would just like to say how great it is that you've all helped to make this rpg last all 730 days.

Becky would like to second the notion and give a big *Whoop* to y'all who stuck around so long. (No pun intended)


30th July 2005, 07:24 PM
yeah, WOOHP has to be one of the, if not THE, longest running RPG's on TPM. it's great that this group of RP's are so dedicated. sure we wait weeks between posts, but we haven't abandend it yet.


The day had finally come. The docters had agreed on my inprovement, and they had signed all the papers. Sam would no doubt come pick me up. Senena consulted me.

"Eevee, I'm so glad you are back. You really hold us all together. without you, we'd all fall apart," Serena said to me. We were seated in the waiting room of the hosptial, waiting for my escourt, we each sat in a plush, cold armchair. cold, because the air-conditioning was alwys put on to high in hospitals.

I smiled back at Serena, and leaned into the soft chair. my frame was small against the chair, and my bones thanked the seat for having so much coushining. I had lost so much weight, that i was even smaller then serena. all the fat had been drained from my body during the period where i hadn't eaten, so there was so padding left on my body. still, i had gotten better, and was slowly returning to health. i was paler then ever, makeupless, and my long, jet black hair stood out distinctly. However, my brain had returned to health,a dn that was what mattered most. the rest could be dealt with later.

I heard the doors swing open, and i looked up with anticapation. it was a man in a long coat. not sam. i looked over to serena. she had glanced up as well. we caught eyes, and exchanged stiff smiles, then looked back at the ground. the room was silent, except for the shuffle of passing feet, and the monotone tickling of the clock. a nurse at the front desk cleared her throat, and scribbled on paperwork.

Serena and i continued to wait for my full release.

OOC: That's your cue, sam!

30th July 2005, 08:25 PM

I pulled up outside the hospital but I couldn't bring myself to get out of the car right away. Things between me and Eevee were still uncertain. I still loved her, of course I did, but...did she still love me? I couldn't forget how she was when I went to see her, I know she was in shock and all but...it was like I wasn't even there...what hurt most was I could still remember perfectly that day that changed everything...when she broke up with me. She cut me deep that day and it had burned continuously ever since. After everything that had happened...I'd started to lose hope that things would ever be the same between us. She had recovered at last but that didn't mean she would take me back, but I was still happy she was okay. No matter what happened, my feelings for her wouldn't change. Not in a million years.

I decided in that moment that I wouldn't rest until I made Eevee mine again. No matter what it took to make that happen.

I headed inside. I had to sign a couple of forms before the nurse led me to see Eevee. I was taking Sarena as well, getting her out of the hospital for the day. I think she deserved it after everything that had happened. She was my sister after all. I saw the two of them sat there and my hearts twitched a bit. Eevee didn't look so great and I just wanted to hold her and be there for her and make everything alright. The way she smiled when she saw me...I'd give up eternity to relive that moment.

I took their things out to the car and then came back. Eevee was still weak, she'd lost loads of weight but we could fix that with some time and care. I offered to carry her, she needed her rest, I was so happy when she accepted. I took her in my arms and held her close and carried her to the car. Sarena got in the other side and as i helped Eeve into her seat our faces came so close that I wanted nothing more than to pull her close and kiss her. But those days were over for now...

I helped her into her seat without further action and took the wheel. I drove the two of them back to our place, it seemed odd to me now, 'our' place. There wasn't an 'our' anymore...I helped Eevee inside and sat her down with some food and drink whilst Sarena headed upstairs to freshen up. I didn't know what to do with myself and kept pacing the floor. Eevee watched me silently as I walked back and forth, eating and drinking slowly.

"Sam...sit down..." she said quietly.

I turned to her. She looked so frail in her current state, it just wasn't right. I silently obeyed, sitting in a nearby armchair. It felt wrong, all of it, this space between us, it wasn't supposed to be there. I wanted things to go back to the way they used to be.

"I'll move your stuff into a spare room," I said to the floor as I shuffled my feet. "I have to change the sleeping arrangements too now that..." I couldn't bring myself to say it out loud.


Just then Sarena came downstairs and I stood up. "I'll put your stuff in the room beside Sarena's, you'll be just across the hall from me," I said quietly, gathering up her things and heading upstairs as quickly as I could. I would have never had imagined thigns would be this hard and I just didn't think I could cope...

30th July 2005, 08:54 PM
Tears swelled in my eyes as Sam rushed up the stairs. this house, whci used to be so warm and lively, was now cold and empty. our love had filled this house and made it a home. but now, that had all drained out, and what was left was an empty shell.

In truth, I was almost glad to be in a seperate room. It was as if i fel that i wasn't good enough for Sam. i silently detested myself. looking at sam gave me enough strength and hope to hold on, and yet, it also pained me more then i could ever imagine. the days of "us" were gone, and now all i was was a sickly ex-lover. i felt low.

I nibbled on my food silently, like a rabbit. true, salid was not very sestaining for someone like me, who needed fat no my bones. but it was all i could stomach.

Upstairs, i could here the sounds furnature being moved around. After a long, uncomortable silence, serena mumbled that she was going to to check on sam, and went upstairs. more time went by. i managed to finish my meal, and washed the dishes in the sink.

Serena came back downstairs and told me my room was ready, and that i should go put my things away.

Obediantly, I went upstairs. Serena offered to help me up, but i declined and struggled with the railing instead. When i reached upstairs, Sam's door was closed, Serena's was open, and my door was open. though none of the doors looked inviting. i staggered off to my room and rested for a moment sitting on my bed. I spent the rest of the afternoon putting oway my things. Serena popped in once and a while to check on me.

When i was done unpacking, i colapsed on my bed. exhaustion accomanied my a lot lately, and i relectantly gave in to it.

30th July 2005, 09:14 PM

I just lay back staring at the ceiling, it's all I really felt like doing. I was just trying so hard not to think about this mess, just trying to forget it...it wasn't doing any good. It hurt, no matter what I tried to do it just kept on hurting and it didn't show any signs of getting the least bit better. Nothing felt right anymore. This house, this room, this bed...it just felt so empty. It was as if she wasn't even here, like a part of everything I had ever cared about was gone. That's how it felt.

"Hey," I looked up to see my sister standing in the doorway.

"Hey sis."

She came in, that sympathetic look on her face and sat on the bed beside me. "It's not easy, is it?"


"Would you believe it'll get better?"

I shook my head. "How can it ever get better?"

She squeezed my hand. "Things always get better in the end. Come on, you need to eat."

"I'm not hungry."

"You're a terrible liar. Now move it, I won't take no for an answer."

I reluctantly pulled myself off my bed and headed out into the hallway as Sarena disappeared downstairs. I could see Eevee's door and peered in to see her sleeping peacefully. I couldn't help but smile slightly, I could still remember how she looked sleeping peacefully beside me, how she felt in my arms. I'd give everything to get that back.

I tore myself away and headed downstairs to eat with my sister. She tried to cheer me up but I felt so bummed that nothing worked. The day hadn't gone particularly well.

"Acting like you don't care won't help you know."

"I know sis...but I can't stop loving her and that's what hurts the most." I stood up. "I'm gonna get some sleep." I retreated upstairs but made a detour into Eevee's room, where she was still asleep. I walked over to her and stroked her face gently, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep too far from her. I pulled a chair over from the window and sat in it. I laid my head to rest on the bed beside her own. Maybe this was as close as I could get and maybe it was risky, I'd probably be awake before her next morning, if I decided this was a bad idea I could always act like I was never here...

But for now, and for what it was worth, right beside her was exactly where I wanted to be.

31st July 2005, 08:44 AM
Yay Whoop! Tis really the longest RPG running here... Which is a damn good thing.

I knew that i shouldn't go and see Eevee on the day she got out. She and Sam had a lot of catch up time. Their relationship would never be the same again, that was for sure.
It wasn't just them who had changed. It seemed as though Alex and I were drifting apart too. We were always together, yes, but after Athens everything had changed. The school seemed a lot different. There weren't as many students anymore. I guess they had to give up because they weren't cut out for the life of a spy.
Normal life was easy. You didn't have to worry about telling someone your identity, where you worked or where you went to school. The world's affairs didn't consern you to the point where you had to do something about it. You could spend time with your family. Make new friends. Be loved.
I whiped a tear from my eye. The letter from Kostos was saying he couldn't bear to be so far apart and he was breaking up with me. That was another thing about Athens, the guys were hot but you could never really count on them to stick around.
Surely someone was wondering where i was now? I stared down from the roof of our house to the ground below. All the lights were out. I guess Alex had drifted off to sleep thinking i was coming back in soon. I didn't understand why i was so depressed all of a sudden. Being a spy was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. I had friends that actually cared about me and that i could have a good time with.
That's what we all needed right now. A good time.
I climbed back down the drain pipe and into my room through its open window. There was only one place i could think of going right now and that was back home. I needed to get away from everybody just for a little while so i could think of something to bring us all back together as close as we were before.
I scrambled around looking for some paper. Using the computer all the time has its disadvantages as when you needed to write a note you could never find any paper. I tore out a page from the book we had been told to take notes in about disguises and scribbled a note explaining where i was going. I folded it over, tucking my half of the rent in the middle and threw as much stuff i could fit into my bag.
I shut my window and crept down the stairs. I took my house and car keys from the hook, leaving the note where my keys should have been and left the house. I got in the car, threw my bag onto the back seets and drove off towards the airport where i could catch the next flight back to New York.
OOC: She'll be back, don't worry ^^ I'm posting this cos i'm gonna be going on holiday myself on Saturday for a week. See ya when i get back :D

27th August 2005, 11:11 AM

I awoke with the sun the next morning to find myself exactly where I slept. Eevee had not stirred since her sleep and I decided it best to leave her as she was. Perhaps it would be better if she knew little of my presence last night. Things were awkward enough as they were and I would have hated to complicate matters further.

I retreated downstairs for breakfast and found Serena there preapring a meal for herself.

"You're supposed to be resting," I told her sternly.

"I can tend well enough for myself." She thrust a piece of paper at me.

"What's this?"

She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Read it."

I scanned my eyes across the text on the green paper before me. It was a flyer about some dance at WOOHP, I had the feeling it was supposed to boost our morale after everything that had happened. It was a fair attempt I suppose.

"Now a gentleman, would take his lady to such a dance."

I merely shook my head. "Serena, no. I don't think it's a good idea."

Serena sighed. "At least ask her Sam. Could it hurt?"

I shuffled my feet. "I'm going out sis. See ya later."

Serena shot me a confused glance. "Where are you going?"

"Need to speak with Rox. Got a favour to ask." and I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door before she could protest.

27th August 2005, 12:25 PM
I stared up at the school and sighed. I'd been sat crossed legged there for a while in the middle of the path with my bag next to me. I didn't feel like going back home just yet and i knew i'd have to inform the school that i was back. I just didn't feel like doing anything. I got a few odd looks from some students who were going in and out. I knew some of them were gossiping behind my back like i'd just been kicked out of Whoop and was camping outside until they let me back in.
"Take a picture! It'll last longer!" I yelled at no one in particular, getting up, grabbing my bag and heading inside.
I went over to the reception desk. The hall was quite a lot busier than usual. The receptionist stared at me like i was a stranger. I sighed.
"Just because i've had my hair all chopped off and i'm not wearing a hoodie and an old battered pair of jeans doesn't mean i'm not the same person i was when i left." I stated.
She looked me up and down. She probably noted that yes, my hair was only sholder length now, i was wearing a jacket instead of a hoodie so you could actually see the clever remark printed on my shirt and my jeans were actually brand new. "Ah, Roxanne. You're back then? How was-"
"Don't ask. Is Jerry around?" I asked.
"I'm affraid not. He won't be around until this time tomorrow atleast. You want to see him about that letter, don't you?"
I nodded. "You didn't read it, did you?"
"No, I've never been allowed to so much as think about opening any letters addressed to students from Jerry. They're always too important. He'd probably have to kill me if i did. Oh, Sam was looking for you the other day."
"He was?" I tried to think up all the possible reasons for him to need to talk to me. The receptionist motioned for me to turn around.
"Where have you been?" He asked, frowning slightly.
"Didn't Alex tell you?" No responce. "I went back home to New York for a while to clear my head. Y'know, to see my family and stuff." The stern look remained on his face. "I'm sorry i didn't tell you. I've only been gone 3 days!"
He smiled. "I know. Look, i need to talk to you about something. Can we go somewhere else?" He glanced at the receptionist behind me.
"You mean you were putting on the angryness? You made me worried for a second there. Don't you dare say anything." I pointed at the receptionist. She smiled and gave me a gesture that said 'Who, me?'
Sam lead the way, i felt like a sheep as i followed. He took me to a small cafe on the outsirks of the town. I suppose he really didn't want anyone else to hear this conversation at all.
We ordered some drinks and sat down at a table. He seemed very quiet, it made me wonder what had happened whilst i'd been gone. It made me think i should have stayed.
"So Sam, what's bothering you?" I asked before taking a long slip from the coffee i'd ordered.

28th August 2005, 03:27 PM

I sipped my coke as Rox asked, "So Sam, what's bothering you?"

I fixed her with a stern look and replied cooly, "I need your experties in order to arrange a present for Eevee."

Rox smiled broadly, warming her hands about her tea cup. "I'm so happy you're trying to patch things up." Her voice lowered. "It's just not right, seeing the two of you apart."

I sighed. "Rox," I paused, not sure how to continue. "This particular present...it's my way of saying goodbye to her."

Rox stared at me as if I had gone mad. Her jaw gaped and her eyes widened. "You're...leaving?"

I nodded solemnly. "I can't do this anymore Rox. I've tried making things better but it's too hard. I just can't help feeling that things will never be like they once were. She doesn't look at me the same way as she once did and worst of all...I blame myself for what happned to her. I should have been there instead of him and I should have never left my bed that night...I'm finally making amends for that."

"By leaving her? By abandoning her!"

It was hell trying to calm Rox after her outburst. "Rox you have to believe me, it's better if I leave. I can't hurt her this way..."

"Can't hurt her? Sam you'd break her heart if you left her!"

I turned away from Rox. "No...She doesn't love me anymore and it's time I faced up to the truth - she never will again."

Rox's face was filled with sadness and sympathy. "Oh Sam, is there nothing I can do to change your mind?"

I sighed. "Do this thing for me Rox, and I will think about it."

Defeated, Rox sighed and stared into her tea cup. "What do you want me to do?"

"All my time with Eevee and I never once had our picture taken. If you could just find one picture, one image of us together."

"I'll see what I can do." She took another sip of tea and gathered her things together. "Just promise me you'll think about what I said."

I nodded and prodded at the ice cubes that floated atop my coke. "I'll think about it."

29th August 2005, 12:02 PM
It had been a couple of weeks since I had settled iinto this new life in this house. I had been suspended from classes, and Jerry hoped that I would start again next semester. I doubted it, though. I barely left the house. That silent house where no one laughed or talked, or ran down the stairs. Where my music no longer blasted through the halls and my movies where now collecting dust on the shelves. I had abandoned my old wardrobe, and had taken to wearing pure, floor length, white dresses. My skin almost matched the dresses, for I rarely saw the sun anymore. And yet, my pitch black, hip length hair was a constant reminder of my past life. Then, I had been lively, now, I was a ghost.

The docter came to visit me on a regular bases. Sserena helped me through the day. And Sam... Sam was, a reminder, I guess. A picture of the past. Seeing him filled me with guilt of betrayal, but knowing that he was still there with me was what kept me going. He was my tree branch before the waterfall: he was the only thing I had to cling onto for dear life.

Serena was particularly excited when I started eating meat again, and the sunken in look was filled in in my cheeks. I had started to gain strength and fat began to stick to my bones. Everything was going pretty well, until on night I woke up running from my bed and made it to the bathroom just in time to throw up. I couldn't understand it. I was getting better. Why was I feeling sickly? Could my body still be unstable from the months of abuse? It was possible. I just lay crying on the bathroom floor, feeling as if nothing I did could rebulid the life i had broken. However, I didn't want anyone worrying about me, so I kept it a secret. Maybe if I continued to eat well, I would get better. That was my plan, and I did all I could to get better. I even started to practice my sword fencing again, And did all my exircises. I must get better, I would get better, so I could feel like a had before all of this.

Honostly, I wanted more then anything to be who I was. I wanted to be a spy again, and go to classes. I wanted to hang out with my friends, and not have to see a doctor weekly. I wanted to laugh, and take joy in everything. But most of all, I wanted to look at sam the same way. I wanted to feel how he made me feel, and enjoy his company as if he was the only thing that mattered. I wanted to look into his face and not feel this guilt that stopped we from looking in his eyes. I wanted my old life. But it occured to me; it had taken me a whole lifetime to build that life, and now that it had been torn down, would it take another lifetime to fix it?

30th August 2005, 04:15 PM
"Yes Alex?"
"You just got back."
"Yes i did."
"And you're doing work already?" She frowned. "You work too hard."
"This is very important. I've got to finish this soon." I replied, looking up for a second. She seemed disappointed for some reason. "What's wrong?"
She stared at her feet and looked uneasy. "Well... You didn't come straight here and when you get back you don't tell me anything and get straight to work... Something happened whilst you were away, didn't it?"
I sighed. "I'll tell you... Just let me keep working at the same time, okay?" She nodded. "Everything at home was fine. I ran into an old friend of mine. We hung around and caught up with eachother. I had to lie about everything. He saw me on the Olympics and i had to say that i was accepted at a sports acadamy. I knew he wasn't buying the stuff i was saying, he knew me too well for that." I stopped and stared down at the keyboard.
"You told him the truth?" She questioned.
"No. He said he used to know me. He said that he knew i was lying and i should just tell him. I said i couldn't. We... We got attacked in an alleyway and i used my training to get rid of them. He was stabbed. I took him to hospital and stayed with him. When he came round he asked me where i'd learnt all that. I was very close to telling him. I couldn't, i appologised and ran out. I found out..." I paused again, biting my lip to stop myself from crying. Alex came and sat next to me, putting her arm around my sholders. "I found out that the person that attacked us was actually after me. They had tracked me down from when i disconnected from Whoop's network. It was some old grudge about some information i got from them and passed on... I also found out later that night... That he had died from internal bleeding... And multiple other injuries... And it was my fault... All my fault..." I broke down in tears.
"It wasn't your fault..." She continued to comfort me. I knew she didn't know anything else she could say, but sitting there with me must have been the best thing she could think of doing. I found the pictures i was looking for.
"Alex... I have to go... I'm just going to see Jerry." I knew i shouldn't have lied, but i had to. I couldn't let her suspect anything.
She nodded. I got up, got some peices of paper from our printer, took my jacket from the hook and made my way to Sam and Eevee's.
I reached their front door. I was about to knock but i paused with my hand infront of the door. The letter i had recieved entered my mind. I considered it for a second before knocking on the door.
"Rox! Are you okay?" It was Serena. Obviously my eyes were still red and i was a little sniffy.
"I'm fine, it's just hayfever." I lied again. He was right. It was all a lie. "Is Sam in? I need to-"
"I'm here." Sam appeared behind her. "Lets go."
I nodded. Serena moved out the way and Sam came out of the house. It was then i caught a glimps of Eevee. She looked seriously ghostly but not as thin as she had become in hospital. It was good to see her up and around again. I smiled at her and i recieved a rather faint smile back.
We walked to a small park a couple of blocks away. We sat down on a bench.
"That was quick." He commented, motioning toward the photos. I handed it over to him. He smiled as he saw himself and Eevee smiling back at him. "I miss this..."
"Sam." He looked at me. "I know when you decide something you're more or less set on doing it. But please, take this with you." I handed him a second photo. It was of all four of us after he had gotten out of his wheel chair. He had his arms around Eevee; me and Alex were messing around beside them.
"What's this for?" He asked.
"Just remember," I got up and took a few paces towards home. "Eevee's not the only one you're leaving behind." I left him there and headed home.

30th August 2005, 04:32 PM

I sighed deeply and stared down at the photo. A year ago, had someone shown me this picture and said 'that'll be your life in 12 months', I probably would have hit them. This wasn't the person I used to be. The person I used to be would look at these photos, feel nothing, and leave. Not anymore. Looking down, I saw most of the things that gave me comfort in this life and my heart turned.

It was then that I realised I was doing the wrong thing. Whether Eevee needed me or not, I needed her. I would do what I could to make her better. Serena had told me that she'd seen Eevee training, there was some of my girlfriend in their somewhere, I just had to find it.

Tucking the group photo away, I returned to the house. Serena was upstairs doing something but Eevee was downstairs eating. It was a comforting sight. I joined her and she achknowledged my presence, though as always she couldn't bring herself to look me in the eye.

"I've got something for you." I handed her the photo.

As her eyes scanned across it, I saw her face brighten slightly and her lips curve into a gentle smile.

My resovle faded and I took her hand in my own. "Eevee I've been a fool. I should of held your hand every step of the way and I haven't. It's gonna change. I'm gonna make things better for you, for us. I'm gonna bring the life back into this house and back into what we had. I've never given you up without a fight and I'll be damned if I'm gonna start now." With my free hand i touched her face and brought her eyes level with mine. "I love you Eevee."

I saw her eyes begin to water and took her in my arms.

"There there." I rubbed her back. "Hey, how about I take you for some light training eh? You can test that left side of mine."

30th August 2005, 08:29 PM
I wanted this. I wanted this. Could this actually be happening? Could he realy be looking at me with such passion?He had told me over and over that he had forgiven me, maybe I was the only one living in the past. Maybe I was the only thing stopping me from getting what I wanted.

In my new, fragel and weakend state, I cried at the slightest flutter of emotion. And this emotion flowing through me was causing a rainfall.

"Would you like to do some training?" he asked again. his hand was still holding my head gently, with his thumb acting like a windshield wiper as he brushed off my tears.

"I would like that a lot," I answered. My tone was shy and quiet, but it was still my voice.

Sam reserved the training room for us, and that evening we started at the basicest of fencing. I was like a freshman all over again, having to learn the moves and grace i had once aquired. I still had trouble looking Sam in the eye, but I was able to talk freely with him. Sam even managed to make me laugh during our training. I could tell that he was happy to see me laugh again.

When we got back to our house, I was exhausted and collapsed immediatly into my bed. My stamina was poor and my body quite weak.

In the morning, I rose from my bed and saw my music player staring back at me on the end table. I stared at it for a long time, then finally put on Norah Jones. Both Sam and Serena poked their heads into my room. True, it was very mellow music. in fact, compared to what i used to play, this cd was like water. but it was a start, i guess. If Serena and Sam detested Norah Jones, they didn't hint to it. they were both just happy that i was even listening to music again.

I felt like I was climbing one rung at a time out of the hole i'd fallen so deeply into. I could even see the light where the hole ended and solid ground stood strongly. And yet, despite my improvements, at night or when I was alone, I continued to get sick. I couldn't explain it. wasn't I getting better? had i done that much damage to myself? Still, I bared it and kept my illness secret. I was going to get better. I would get better.

31st August 2005, 03:17 AM

The morning had started just like all the others. I had spent the entire night stuck between sleep and awake which left me feeling uneasy with the rising the sun. Everything had been the same. I'd gotten up, had breakfast, worked out a bit but then I heard something. Music. Sure it was kinda sappy but it was music, it was a start.

I poked my head into Eevee's room to make sure I was still sane and she greeted with me a smile and a wave. I took her breakfast and we sat side to side as she ate.

"It's a nice day, figured the three of us could have ourselves a picnic."

"I'd like that."

"Yeah? I'll sort it then." I took the cleared tray and stood up. "You wanna give me a hand?"

She nodded. "Okay."

When Serena saw us, she commented on Eevee's progress and offered to help. With the three of us working together the job was soon done but it was great fun all the same. We had a blast just hanging out and chatting. Seeing Eevee happier than I had in ages, it really gave me hope that maybe things would work out between us. Gradually I was rebuilding what we once hand but it was a struggle - for both of us.

Lunchtime came and we journeyed to the park beside our house. Despite being empty the park appeared to be brimming with the life around it. The trees were bright and fresh and the grass was soft beneath our feet. I laid out the blanket and we relaxed under the sun with our overloaded picnic basket.

I don't think I'd ever seen Eevee eat as much as she did then. It was a greatly welcomed sight.

My stomach full, I leaned back with a mighty yawn that made both girls laugh. "You will be surprised to know that I have no ideas for what to do next," I told them. I turned to Eevee, "anything you really wanna do?"

31st August 2005, 02:45 PM
I thought for a moment.

"After we bring the picnic stuff back to the house, we can go to the bookstore," I said in my new, shy voice.

The two nodded in agreement, and we quickly brought our lunch reminents back to the house. once the dishes were clean and back on their shelves, we took our little short cut through the woods behind the park to the plaza. I could remember when we used to go on this path often. we'd first found it by accident, and it now made the trip much faster. none of the other students at WOOHP knew about it, either.

We reached the plaza and entered the bookstore. Serena went to a romance novel section, and I went to the graphic novel section. After some browsing, I found the mangas I was looking for; 1-5 of Wallflower, 1-5 of Pet Shop of Horors, and 1-2 of X-Day. Sam looked at my selection oddly. We brought our selections to the cash regester and bought the books.

After we left, Serena suggested that we go back to the house, since it was evening by that time. Sam, Serena, and I gathered on the sofa in front of the fireplace. While we were settling, I suddenly got an urge and excused myself from the scene. Once in the bathroom, I vommited in the tolet. The only thing I could think of was that I'd eaten more then I was able to hold down. After all, my body was still frail.

I freshened up, then joined them in front of the fireplace. Sam knelt in front of it, kindling a fire. I covered up my sudden absence with a smile, then curled up in the corner of the sofa, with a pillow on my lap. I cracke dopen one of my new mangas and began to read. Everything was normal, nothing out of the ordinary. I must hide my illness, and act ordinary. otherwise, tings would never be normal again.

31st August 2005, 06:00 PM

Having stoked the fire I returned to my seat between my sister and Eevee. A good place to be I'd say - save for one tiny detail. Both of them were ignoring me! Serena was absorbed in one of her romance novels and Eevee was beginning to flip her way through one of her new mangas. Saddened, I leaned towards her and peered over her shoulder until I grabbed her attention.


I pouted and nodded. She offered me her shoulder which I gladly accepted and together we leafed through her manga. Serena eventually disappeared upstairs leaving Eevee and myself downstairs. It was late but we continued to read, neither of us daring to interrupt the other since we had established a comfortable pace at which we both were working. At least until we finished.


She laughed. "Haven't you ever read one before?"

I shook my head and she patted my hair slightly.

"Let's call it a night."

I doused the fire as she headed up the stairs. I caught up with her and helped her close everything up for the night. I couldn't bare the thought of facing another sleepless night alone.

"Hey Eevee?"


I shuffled nervously. "Do you mind if I...I mean can I...Can I spend the night with you? I don't sleep so good alone."

He expression darkened slightly. "I don't know..."

"House rules. I'll stay on top the covers, promise."

Her resolve softened and she agreed, though we changed in different rooms. She curled up under the covers and I lay above them.

"Good night Sam." Her eyes fluttered closed but even in the dark I could make out her figure.

I smiled gently and wiggled into my pillow. "Night Eevee."

31st August 2005, 06:49 PM
My eyes closed and I began to drift off to sleep. Everything was finally being set right. My life was slowly rebuilding. I felt all fluttery inside thinking about Sam laying next to me. he really wanted me to get better, and for us to have what we had lost. We were both mending, and everything was running smoothly.

Until I suddenly got one of my urges. as fast as i could, I slipped out from under the covers and dash to the bathroom. I had tried to go as quietly as I could. Hopefully Sam was asleep by then and didn't hear me leave. I hoped more then anything that I could keep this a secret!

Paralyzed with sickness, I threw up into the tollet, until I felt like my whole stomach had emptied iteself.

When done, I brushed my teeth and washed my mouth out.

My stomach still churned dangerously, so I stayed in the bathroom, sitting on the floor with my back leaned against a wall. I waited a long time. My stomache would relax eventually, but I'd wait a little longer for it to settle completly. I didn't want Sam to worry about my absense, if he was still awake, but i didn't want to chance going back if i was still sick.

A sat terrified in the bathroom, waiting until I felt better.

1st September 2005, 02:43 AM

Still awake, I had felt Eevee leave and heard her mishap in the bathroom - and not for the first time. Slowly, I slid onto the floor and crept over to the bathroom. Knowing Eevee, this was one of those things that she wanted to keep a secret, to hide from everybody but it also sounded really serious. It didn't sound like there was an awful lot that she was keeping down.

Opening the door, I found her sat upon the bathroom floor, her legs stretched out upon the tiles and her arms around her stomach. She looked up at me, a tear rolling down her cheek and I could do nothing more than join her. I sat down and opened my arms wide, when she accepted, I drew her close and held her; rocking her ever so gently.

"Poor thing," I whispered to her.

When at last her stomach had settled, we slowly retreated to bed. Despite everything she was still recovering and more than anything, she needed to rest.

"Look Eevee, I know you don't want to worry anyone about this but you should have told someone," I tried to make it sound as sincere as possible.

She nodded meekly.

I reached over and stroked her face with her thumb. "You don't know why you're sick do you?"

She shook her head.

"Alright. First thing tomorrow morning, I'll call the doctor and ask him about it. It could be nothing but it could be serious, we need to know. Whatever happens though...I'm always gonna be right here beside you."

I smiled formed across Eevee's face and she hugged me tightly. I was more than eager to return the favour and once again we settled down together for the night.

1st September 2005, 03:48 PM
Sorry if this seems rushed or sucks majourly. My computer just cut out on me half way through posting. It shall be punished. *gets out baseball bat ready*
It was another one of those nights where i decided it would be a good idea to sit upon the roof of our house and think. It was my way of dealing with things. Well, most things. Other times i may start yelling at someone or if i'm really mad i'd smack them one (ooc: like my compy XD) although that rarely happens. The day had gone rather slowly. The conversations i had with Alex were small and to do with small things like the rent. We never touched upon what i had told her the night before about New York. She knew i couldn't talk about it again. I expect she had questions about things i didn't really say much about. I hadn't really given her much detail, just the things that needed to be known.
I stared at the letter in my hand. It was all about opertunities for me after graduation. Everyone else who had started with me had to do atleast another year. I didn't understand why, out of the many other pupils, that Jerry had chosen me. I wasn't the best out there. I was only my best whilst working in a team with Sam, Eevee and Alex. We were inseperable. Together we got over all obsticles.
Except for Athens. That was a bit of a failure. We had learnt a lot there. Jerry had started his letter with a few things about Athens. How he was happy that we all survived. It was like he expected us to be hurt.
"We learnt what it was like to fail..." I said to the night. "I think we needed to learn that."
Jerry hadn't said that in his letter, but i knew that is what he meant. Everyone needed to know what it was like to fail so they could realise their mistakes and improve next time. I stared out across the street, placing the edge of the letter to my lips.
"You have to fall to lose it all." Linkin Park lyrics came to my mind. "But in the end it doesn't even matter." I slipped the letter in my pocket. "So it doesn't matter? I have to fall before I lose anything. Yes, that makes sense. Only when i can no longer fight for those i've lost along the way will i lose it all."
This made me feel better. I smiled at the world. I'd keep fighting for my friends, for Kostos (no matter how much i hated him), for Jerry, for my family, for Darren. Especially Darren, the first loss.
I climbed back down into my room. With my mind temperarily at ease, i slipped into a dreamless sleep.
"Rox... Wake up... Rox... ROXANNE VIOLET! GET UP!"
I turned over. "No no... So sleepy..."
"You've just missed class. Jerry just called to ask if you could go see him and why you weren't in class. I told him you were sick and- Are you even listening to me?"
Half way through her talking i had dragged myself out of bed and i was wondering around searching for clothes. I turned to her.
"I'm sorry... I was listening. I'm just a bit out of it..." I mumbled. I sneezed.
Her expression turned from one of annoyance to one of consern. "You are sick, that's why you didn't wake up. You should go back to bed."
"No... I need to know what Jerry has to say..." I picked up some clothes and headed towards the bathroom.
"You're running a fever-"
"I can't let a fever stop me."
After a quick shower, i got dressed. I headed downstairs, grabbed a bite to eat. It then occured to me what Jerry wanted to talk about. The part of the letter where he said he'd have to talk to me in person about it. It was near the end, almost like an afterthought. This made me hurry. I slipped on my trainers and was about to head out.
"You've forgotten these." Alex stood with my jacket, keys and phone in her hands. "You may not let a fever stop you, but atleast take things that will make me know you're safe and on your way back."
I hugged her. "Thankyou..."
After a short walk, i arrived at Whoop. The building was quite busy for this time of day. Probably because class was just out. The class i was supposed to be in. I glanced at the receptionist. She gave me a nod and i headed down towards Jerry's office. Finally, i'd hear what he needed to tell me. I wouldn't have to wonder what it was, i would know. I knocked on the door and waited.
"Come in."
I entered. He got me to sit down. He took a few things from a drawer in his desk and turned to me.
"I'm not sure if you want to hear this, but i think it's about time you knew the truth." He said finally.
I nodded. "I want to know. What is it you have to tell me?"
He pushed a couple of folders infront of me. I stared down at them. I waited for an explination.

2nd September 2005, 11:14 AM
Couldn't stop myself...
"Open them." Jerry said simply. I looked up at him, he nodded. I took the first one and flipped it open.
"That's my file." I said, stating the obvious. It had my name on the front, of course it was my file. He nodded and motioned for me to take the next one. "This... is my dad? You mean my drunken idiot of a father was a spy?!"
"Yes he was. Please, before i explain, look at the last file." He said calmly, knowing that my temper was becoming shorter and shorter these days.
I flipped it open. "Who is this?" I questioned, staring at the file infront of me. I looked closely at the photo. "He looks... familular..."
"I thought he would. When I was first appointed here, your father and this man were just starting here. Ryan was his name. Once they met they were inseperable. They were joined by your mother shortly after."
"Mom was a spy too? Wow, it runs in the family..." I commented. I didn't see where this was going.
"They trained together. They did missions together. The two of them loved Grace dearly. Only the problem was she could only return her love to one of them." He continued.
"My dad. Right, i don't see where this is going at all. Are you just-"
"No, wait. Not the father you know. Grace fell for Ryan. She married him when she was twenty. Your 'dad' was the best man."
"Wait a minute. You're saying that this Ryan bloke is my dad? That the guy i know to be my dad isn't at all? Jerry, stop winding me up."
"Roxanne listen to me!" He looked angry. I backed off. "A few months after they were married, your mother became pregnant. Yes, with you. She stopped doing missions for Whoop to insure the safety of the baby growing inside her. Of course, Ryan and your 'dad' still had to do missions. A few months after you were born, they had a mission in Russia. Everything was going smoothly until the Russians found them and set off explosives. Ryan got trapped, your dad tried his hardest to save him... Before Ryan died, he told him to look after Grace and you for him when he was gone. He kept his promise."
I couldn't find anything to say. I stared down at the folders, my vision blurred with tears. "So, Harry is-"
"Your father's child, yes, not Ryan's."
I picked up the folder labeled Ryan. I stared at the photo. Yes, i really did remember him. It wasn't very clear, but i did have a picture of him in my mind. I remembered looking up at his face. I must have remembered this from when i was a baby...
"Can I take this with me?" I asked, motioning at the file.
Jerry nodded. I got up slowly and made my way to the door. I felt numb. I didn't take notice of anyone in the main corridor until i walked into someone.
"I'm sorry... I wasn't-"
"Rox, are you okay?" It was Serena. I shook my head, my eyes welling up. "Come on, lets get you out of here."
I wasn't paying much attention to where we were going, but as long as we were away from the stares i didn't mind.

20th September 2005, 06:22 PM
yes, i know, i'm terrible at posting on time.
well, here it finally is:


My doctor was scheduled to visit tomorrow, so we waited until then. When my doctor arrived, she and I went into my room and closed the door for privacy. I knew that Sam was awaiting nervously in the floor below us.

“How have you been since my visit last week?” she asked in her sickeningly sweet voice. I was sitting on my bed, hugging my pillow shyly.

“Better,” I answered. Her eyebrows raised in interest, so I elaborated.

“I’ve been eating meat and bread and stuff, and I’ve picked up sword fighting again.”

She smiled. “That’s wonderful, Eevee!” she said.

She proceeded the session with taking my measurements, height, weight, and whatnot. She wrote it all down in her notebook, as always.

Afterward, she said, “It looks like you’re getting better, Eevee. That’s wonderful.” she smiled happily at me. It had been weeks, and I was finally showing improvement. However, I did not mirror the feeling, and she could tell something was wrong.

“Is there anything else?” she asked. We were sitting on my bed again.

“Yeah, there is,” I said, hugging my pillow once more, “I’ve been I’ll lately as well.”

She looked puzzled. She knew as well as I did that I was showing signs of getting better. There was no apparent reason for me to be sick.

“Well, I’ll do some more tests and see if I can’t find out the cause,” she said reassuringly.

She presumed to do some tests, though I couldn’t make odds or ends of them. When she was done, she said, “I’ll call you with the results in a day or so.” And with that, we left my room. She talked to Sam, as she always did, as if he were my resident guardian and I a child, before leaving. By the way Sam looked at me when she left, I knew he was nervous about the test results soon-to-come. I couldn’t blame him. Waiting was the worst.

The next day and the day after were, tense. We tried to keep our schedule as normal as possible. I was sick a few times, but overall we stuck to our normal daily life.

At the end of the second day, we finally got a call. I was the first to pick it up, but Sam was next to me, watching my face for any reaction to the doctor’s news.

And when she told me the results, my already pale face went stark white.

“What is it?” Sam asked frantically, “What did she say was wrong?”

The phone slipped out of my hand and clattered on the ground. Finally, I was able to utter the words,

“I’m pregnant.”

Sheer terror filled my body, and finally it was too much. I passed out, unable to comprehend the news.

22nd September 2005, 05:01 PM

I dipped, catching Eevee in one arm and grabbing the phone with free hand. "Doc? You still there?" I called down the phone fantically as I tried to juggle my own weight as well as Eevee's. There was a pause from the other end as I bundled Eevee to the sofa and sat beside her.

"Sam? What happened to Eevee?"

"Well she passed out, right after claiming that she's pregnant."

"Listen Sam, it's perfectly natural for her to experience shock, for both of you to -"

"No kidding Doc," I replied with a sarcastic laugh. "Last I checked you actually had to partake in intercourse to get pregnant."

"Wait...you mean that you and Eevee..?"

"Bingo Doc. So I suggest you go back to your little chemistry set and try again because you're waaaaaaaaay off the mark."

There was a deep sigh from the other end of the reciever. "Sam listen -"

"No you listen! Eevee would NEVER cheat on me you hear!? We've had our bad patches, I admit it, but she wouldn't even think about coping off with someone else! She loves..." I paused, a sudden thought running across my mind. "...me..."

"Sam? Sam what's going on?"

"Doc I gotta go."

"Sam -"

"I gotta GO." I slammed the phone down on the reciever and ran my hand down my face. How could I have been so foolish? The answer was right in front of me. Eevee would never fool around with anyone but me...and that's exactly what happened. Just...it wasn't me...not really. It was him. She was carrying HIS child. I shook my head. This couldn't be happening. This COULDN'T be happening. After everything I'd done, everything I'd sacrificed to make this work God has to go and blow this **** out of his ass!


I looked back at the sofa and walked over. "I'm here. You feeling better?"

She shook her head and I held her close for a moment. "It'll be okay. It'll work out somehow..." How it would work out exactly...I had no idea.

28th September 2005, 01:29 PM
"It'll be okay. It'll work out somehow..."
Serena and I had snuck quietly into the house a few minutes before. She had sat me down in the kitchen with a mug of coffee. We had decided not to disturb Sam and Eevee as they were talking to her doctor. I was just explaining what Jerry had said to me when we heard it.
Serena stood in the doorway, i stood behind her, watching over her sholder. She entered the room and sat down next to Sam. I remained in the doorway, staying out of their way. They sat in silence, each of them with thoughts running through their heads.
There was a simple thought running through mine. I had to say it. A sudden wave of nervousness came over me. My hands retreated into my sleeves, i stared down at the ground as i slowly walked into the room and stood infront of them.
"I'm... sorry." I muttered. My hair fell infront of my eyes.
"What for?" Asked Sam, standing up. I looked up at him. I brushed my hair back behind my ears.
"If i'd have got there quicker... If i'd gone with my gutt instinct... Then this wouldn't have happened... And you would have been out of jail a lot faster..." I said clearly. "The robot thing even fooled me... I'm the one who's supposed to know about these things... I'm sorry."
Sorry tis short... Must do english essay now, bai bai ^^

9th October 2005, 08:24 PM
WARNING: the fallowing saga may inflect thorough depression. you have been warned.


I'd been shaking so violently since the beginning of this whole ordeal, I was surprised that Sam had been able to sit me down with him to talk. We were in the living room by ourselves, sitting on opposite ends of the couch.

“How could this had happened?” Sam said, trying to stay calm.

“I don’t know. I didn’t intend it,” I said, on the verge of hysteria.

Sam rubbed his hands over his face, and through his hair.

“I still don’t see how this could have happened,” he said through his hands.

We sat silently for several minutes. Meantime, the tense atmosphere just grew thicker and thicker.

At last, I said as silent as I could, “It happened because your brother and I-”

But he interrupted me. And having come to the same conclusion, he said through a yell, “I know!” Slightly more calmed, he added, “I’m just surprised at the turn of events. Eevee, how could you? With him?”

I crumpled against the sofa’s back and wept uncontrollably.

“I don’t know, I didn’t intend it!” I repeated through a sob.

He turned to me and said, “Eevee, be honest, what exactly happened between you two?”

My face was red by now, and hot with tears. After trying to calm myself in vain, I attempted to answer his question.

“He was you, Sam. That’s what I thought, that’s what we all thought. He was you, and we were in the hotel room, and he came on to me. I don’t know, but suddenly he was on me and-”

Sam stood up and I stopped taking. He was now red in the face as well, and it wasn’t from crying like me. He had asked for the details, but obviously he didn’t want to hear them.

“Geez, couldn’t you tell that wasn’t me? Couldn’t you tell that damned thing was a fake clone?”

His outburst only erupted more crying from me.

“I didn’t know until I felt his panel on his back, but by then he was already on top of me,” I tried to explain.

Sam responded by kicking a chair and walking to the other end of the room.

“So what are you going to do now? What will you do now, Eevee? You know what, don’t tell me yet. We’ll talk latter, I have to sort this through,” and before I could and in a word, he left the room with me sullenly crying in the corner of the sofa.

I had the same question as him. What was I going to do?

Stirring in my lethal thoughts, I stayed by myself weeping for several hours, until I’d brought myself to a state of exhaustion. With a tear-stained face, I feebly became unconscious.

11th October 2005, 05:03 PM

Having said her piece, Serena promptly shuffled Rox back into the kitchen so that we could have some privacy. That was when the mess had started and I'd - most regretably - allowed my temper to get more than the better of me. I wasn't mad at her - that was inhumane - I was mad at HIM. But, as luck would have it HE was gone.

Serena grabbed my arm as I stormed past the kitchen.

"She didn't deserve that," she scolded.

I thrust my arm away from her grip. "I don't need a lecture right now. I need some time to...to just be okay?" and I left.

* * * *


* * * *


I sighed and turned to Rox. "This doesn't look good does it?"

Rox shook her head and sighed. "Those two have it really bad. I wish we could do something."

"We will," I assured her with a nod. "You, me and Alex are going to do everything we can to help keep those two together. You and Alex need to help Eevee and I'll deal with my brother. He can overreact and this will be hurting him pretty bad...he loves Eevee more than anything but this is going to test his limits. I know he wants to go it alone but...I fear it will ruin them if he does..."

Rox nodded in agreement. "What should we do?"

"We'll give them some time to calm down. Then, you and Alex will talk to Eevee, let her know you're there to help her and that'll you'll stand by her no matter what. When Sam gets back I'll sit him down and talk to him, he needs someone with a level head to talk some sense into him. Then we head to phase two."

Rox cocked her head slightly. "Phase two?"

"We need to get them back together. Once Eevee's come to terms with this ordeal you have to convince her to take Sam back. The lack of an official relationship means that he has boundaries he can't cross. We need to get rid of those if we're to get them to survive this."

Rox nodded, though her face contained a slight look of confusion.

"I know, it's confusing. Basically we just need to get them back together." I looked into the living room where Eevee was fast asleep on the couch. "I'd best get some blankets. Will you move her into a more comfortable position for me?" Rox nodded. "The poor thing..."

A few hours later, Sam stumbled home completely drunk. I was surprised to say the least, that he had decided this was the best way to solve his problem. I think Rox was almost as shocked as I was and helped me to usher him upstairs so he wouldn't accidently wake Eevee.

"You stupid stupid boy," I hissed at him. "I can't believe you would do such a thing!"

"I didun do nuthin."

I slapped him hard, hoping to knock a bit of sense back into him. It didn't seem to work. "You're going to destroy yourself and that poor girl," I spat disgustedly. Any respect I'd had for him was long gone now. "I hope you're happy. This is exactly how dad would have wanted you to turn out and its worked. Congratulations Sam, you've become the one thing you swore to me you never would be. Weak."

I pushed him back onto the bed. Stupid idiot was too drunk to even get back up so Rox and I left him there. He could drink it off, I would deal with his insolence in the morning. I shot a sideways look at Rox who clearly sensed my annoyance.

"Men...think they're the only people with problems."

11th October 2005, 07:13 PM

When I woke up, my face was stiff from died tears. Blankets had appeared ontop of me sometime while I'd been sleeping, and a pillow had found it's way under my head. I was dazed and stiff, and my eyes felt raw from so much water.

However, I had only one thing on my mind.

Still in a state of exhaustion, I stumbled out of my resting spot, and clambered onto the floor. I wealky pulled myself up and clambered on. Slowly I tackled the stairs, falling multiple times, and making a racket. When I'd reached the top of the stairs, Serina had emerged from her room due to my noise.

"Eevee," she said in a horrified voice.

"I have to see him," I choked, "I have to talk to him."

Serina gave a nervous look that missed.

"No-no, Eevee. I think you should rest longer," she said, trying to sound calm. however, her voice didn't quite coverup a fearful tremble. Still, I had overlooked that blatent sign as well.

Still more pathetic, I stumbled to reach Sam's door. inside was the scent of stail booze, and the sounds of a slumbering drunk. but details were not seen by my eyes at the time.

Sam's sister lunged over and thwarted my path.

"Please go back to bed!" she pleaded.

But I trudged on. Serina, being weak, knew she could not physically stop me. So she tryed desperatly one more time.

"You can speak to him in the morning; that is just a few hours away. Please just go to sleep in the meantime."

To her great relief, the words penitraited my fogged brain, and I eased off on my persuit. She ushered me down the hall to my room, then tucked me in to make sure I was in bed and would sleep. She stood guard while I was still awake. And listened to my incoherent ranting, until I at last fell into a slumber.

12th October 2005, 05:26 AM

The next morning I woke up with a head filled with cement bricks. With a groan, I slid off of bed and changed into the first thing I could find. As long as it was clean then it would do. Then, slowly, I stumbled downstairs. By the time I reached the bottom, Serena was there to scold me.

"Must you..." I groaned, wincing as the sound pounded the bricks in my head.

"Looks like you've had your punishment," she said calmly. "Come and have some breakfast."

It felt great to get some warm food inside of me and Serena's cooking was always a welcomed treat. Toast, bacon, sausages and eggs to fill my stomach with a couple of pills and a smoldering cup of black coffee to clear my head.

"Eevee wants to talk to you," she said once I'd finished.

I sighed and banged my head my head on the table. Not the smartest of moods. "I don't think I can see her today..."

"Don't even think about it Sam. You two need to talk this through and that's exactly what you're gonna do," she thrust a tray of food in front of me. "Try acting like her boyfriend, take her some breakfast."

"I'm not -"

"You love her right?"

"Of course."

"And she still loves you, right?"

"As far as I know..."

"Well then that's good enough." She moved the tray closer to me. "Take her some breakfast, God knows the girl needs to keep her strangth up."

Silently, I stood up and headed out the room.

"And be nice!" Serena called to me through the doorway.

I shook my head and clambered up the stairs to her room. I knocked and opened it. She was awake, still tucked up in bed but awake none the less. Not really knowing what to say, I handed the tray to her and slightly opened the curtain to let some light into the room. I pulled up a chair and watched her eat.

"I think we need to talk," I leand on the edge of the bed. "We need to find a way of sorting this mess out."

12th October 2005, 08:34 PM

My night had been a blurry mass of dissalussion, and as Sam entered my room carrying a tray of breakfast, I knew that it had ended and day had begun. Hopefully, it would be less of a blur.

"I think we need to talk," He said, "We need to find a way of sorting this mess out."

I looked down at the mostly full plate in front of me with a sudden loss of appitite. A knot formed in my stomach and I dreaded what I wanted to say say next. I pushed the food aside and, still staring at my comforter, I spoke up. But I didn't dare look into his eyes.

"I-I want to get an abortion," I said. I could feel Sam's eyes drilling into me, but he stayed silent for the moment. Probably out of shock for what I'd just said. Neither of us could speak for a long pause. He was considering my drastic idea, and I dared not speak until he did first.

It was silent for so long that Serina finally came in. seeing my unfinished meal, she demanded I eat more. But I couldn't and just shock my head to dismiss it. she didn't press the matter and picked the plate up. But before she left, she searched our faces for a hint of our conversation, or rather, halt of.

Finally, I spoke, "I need to call my parents." They nodded in understanding, and left me alone once again.

With shaky fingers, I dialed the familure number, and held the reciever to my ear. At rang for eternity, before someone picked up.


"H-Hi Mom, it's me"

"Eevee, darling! Speak up sweety, it's hard to hear you. What's new,"

I swallowed hard. "I have some news to tell you."

"I know, I saw you on the TV. I didn't know you fence! That Spy school must teach you very well. Did the mission go well?"

"Not particularly. But I have more news,"

"Please speack up, Eevee. -Oh, wait a moment. Frank! Eevee's on the phone, She says she has news! Okay, go on dear."

"Mom, I-I don't know how to put this but.... but..I'm pre-pregnant."

"Mom, are you still there?"

"Yes, Eevee."

"Please say something Mom. You know it was hard for me to tell you."

"Well, what do you want me to say? You went out and got yourself pregnant! Was it with that Sam boy, because your father and I never liked him."

"No, it wasn't him, well, sort of."

"Sort of? How can it be 'sort of'?!"

"It's complicated."

"How could it be be 'compicated'? was it him, or not? Or did you get raped?"


"Answer the question."

"It wasn't Sam, but a clone of him. And it wasn't exactly rape."

"I don't know Eevee. I just don't Know. But tell me, what are you planning to do about it?"

"I want to get an abortion."

"Oh no you're not."


"You gout yourself into this, and you're going to have to face the consequences. Besides, your 17 years onld, and until you're 18 you can't decide on your own. And your father and I won't give you consent."

"Mom, please.."

"My word is final."

"Mom I don't want this baby."

"You should have thought about that before, then."


"Goodbye bye Eevee. We'll talk later."

A stared at the phone in my hand, from which a dial tone sang out. Then stared at my stomach, no more then 3 months on, and began to wheep once again.

13th October 2005, 05:16 AM

I wasn't stupid enough to leave Eevee COMPLETELY alone. Here father had been pretty clear about his views on me dating his daughter and no doubt this mess would go down heavier than a ton of bricks. So I stayed, hanging beside the door so I could tap in to one side of the argument. It quickly became apparent that it was enough to get the gist of what was going on on both ends.

Once I heard sobbing from the other side of the door, I knew that it was time for me to step in and offer my services as her boyfriend. Well...ex-boyfriend. Taking a deep breath, I turned the handle and slipped inside. She was too distressed to even notice me.

I sat on the bed beside her and slipped my arm around her shoulders. "Hey..."

She leaned into me, her head shaking against my chest as salty tears soaked through my shirt. I rocked her gently. "T-they..." she stuttered but I stopped her.

"I know." I wiped some hair from her face and some fresh tears from her cheeks. "It'll be okay."

"How? I can't do this! I can't have this baby!"

I tried to calm her. "Shh, you don't have to. All you need is for your parents to place their signatures on a piece of paper right? That's what it comes down to in the end isn't it?"

Eevee nodded weakly in my arms.

"Alright," I made to move.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to talk to your parents, face-to-face. Maybe if I take the blame for it they'll let you have the abortion,"

She sniffed. "They won't...you know they won't."

"If they don't, then we'll just have to be sneaky."

Drying her eyes she looked at me curiously.

"Signatures can be forged. Your file should have the signatures of both your parents in it, if I can copy them...then you can have the abortion."

"You could get arrested for it."

"Wouldn't be the first time," I replied lightly.

She laughed.

I took her hand with my own and squeezed it gently. "I'm so sorry Eevee. I got you into this mess and I'm going to do verything I can to get you out of it. You deserve more than this, hopefully I can find a way to give it to you."

14th October 2005, 03:06 PM
"And where have you been?" Alex scoulded as i came in later that day.
"One thing lead to another." I stated, making my way into the kitchen. "Is the coffee on?"
"Don't try and avoid the subject, missy. What's happened?" She persisted.
I took two mugs, filled them with coffee and added milk and sugar to each. I sat down at the table, motioning for her to join me. I took a sip of mine as she sat down.
"Well, come on then! Something's obviously happened, stop stalling."
"We need this coffee." I said, pushing hers accross the table toward her. "It's a very long story."
By the time i had finished, we had had atleast 3 mugs of coffee each. Alex had sat and listened, added a few questions at time when i wasn't clear and she was obviously trying to remember it all.
"That really was a long story..." She said after she had realised that i had finished.
"Yeah... If only i'd-"
"Stop with the 'if onlys'!" She snapped. "Don't blame yourself for this. It's a mixture between everybody's actions, not just yours. I know it's important, but don't you think you need to deal with your own problems too?"
"They're not really problems... I've just finally been told the truth and i have to accept it. I've realised how lucky i am. Can anyone else say that their dad's best friend looked after his wife and child when he watched him die? It may have been out of guilt, but i shouldn't be so hard on him. He's had a harder time than me..."
Alex thought about this for a while, took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "You're stronger than i thought y'know, Rox."
"I wouldn't be if i didn't have such a great best friend to look out for me." I smiled properly for the first time that day. "Now, all we have to do now is give that strength and support to Sam and Eevee."
Alex nodded. We sat there for a while.
"Hey, i just remembered... Graduation is in two weeks time!" Alex broke the silence.
"So it is! And that dance is the night before..."
"I'm more worried about making a fool of myself at graduation."
"That dance..."
"Do you know who you're going with? Don't you dare ask Kostos over from Greece. I'd probably murder him after that letter he sent you."
"You read that?!"
"... Aaaannyway, what were you saying about the dance?"
"Yes, about the dance." I shot her a quick glare. "Wouldn't it be the perfect place to get Sam and Eevee back together? Serena will probably say it's not soon enough, but they do need time."
"A perfect idea!" She waited for me to answer. "You're planning something, aren't you? You've got that look in your eyes..."
"A plan so descrete that not even i would know it's happening! It's perfect!"
"What is?"
"My plan."
"Which is?"
I grinned. "A blind date service."
"... Rox... You're so devious..."
"I know."

3rd November 2005, 10:16 AM

"... Rox... You're so devious..."

"I know."

I sighed and shook my head, a content smile rested on my lips. Ron just gave me a cheeky grin and poured herself another cup of coffee.

"What are you going to do after the summer?" I asked, drilling my fingertips on the countertop.

Rox looked at me over her chipped mug as she took a sip of the steaming drink and shrugged.

"I haven't really thought about it," She replied, placing her mug down by the sink, "What about you?"

I pushed my empty mug away and pulled the novel I had previously been engulfed in nearer to me. I flipped to the page with the folded corner and answered -

"I'm going back to England"-I sighed-"My dad is opening another hotel in London a few days after term ends and it's been a while since I've seen him. A lot of my old friends are going to be there too."

"Sounds like you'll have fun."

I looked up at Rox through my dark eyelashes and smiled.

"Why don't you come?" I asked, rubbing the dry page of the book between my fingers.

"I haven't got enough for a ticket." She sighed.

I shrugged, "I'll pay."

She took another sip of her drink and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Of course," I nodded. I closed my book again, having read a few lines only, and watched her think.

"Alright," She answered after a few minutes, "I'll go."

"Good," I smiled, "I'll ring Vincent and warn him about the invasion of the Americans."

2nd January 2006, 04:24 PM
eh-heh.. i haven't abandoned this, i swear! i've just been pre-occupied..


Sam led me by the hand to my feet.

"Now?" I said, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"No better time then the present," was his answer. I reluctantly stood, which revealed how much of a ghost my immage had become. There I was, dressed in a white gown that matched my skin, and long hair the color of death. But still, Sam held my hand and led me down the stairs.

However, before we reached the bottom, a familar charactor entered entrance at our door. Jerry looked at me and had to take a moment before saying, "Eevee?". Of course, he hadn't seen me as of recent.

"It's me" I said meakly.

After a doubletake, Jerry continued, "Well, I've spoken to your parents and, since you're a minor, they've requested that you enter a hosptial during your pregnancy. Which, we at the school, must abide to. Still, you're very weak and it would be for the best."

I held tightly onto Sam's hand, but I was powerless. Sam aurgued in my defence, but to no evail. And in a blur, I was being shipped off to the Whoop Hospital. They kept saying it was the best, but all I could do was look into Sam's worried eyes as he sat beside me in the car ride. I couldn't even hear his reasuing words, because my last shred of hope had just been severed.


Once I'd become situated, and it was past visiting hours, I lay limp in my hospital bed, staring at the white walls that surrounded me. So this would be my home for the next few months. Where I'd await my child to be born, whom I didn't want. It was too misserable to think about.


Doctor's report:

The patient Eveilyn Raven, known as Eevee, has reached severe condition. The patient has been put into our care for the past 4 months by request of her parents, due to Eevee being a minor. In these past months, the patient has expressed much angst over the baring the child she carries. In the earlier months, we've been forced to inflict sedation, but so close to the pregnancy date, we fear for the child's health to perscribe anymore.

Our reasoning for medical drugs are in responce to the following reports from our nurse staff; the patient's refusal to eat, and pulling out her feeding tube on many occasions, claw marks inflicted by the patient on her stomach, screaming, loss of hydration through constant crying, and two cases of the patient slitting her wrists.

We've deemed the patient unfit to recieve visitors, and currently have staff around the clock watching her. I would also like to add in this report that a visitor, whom adresses himself as Sam, persistantly has asked us, and in some cases, violently spoken to our staff, to persuid the hospital to perfom an illegal abortion. We have even caught him trying to forge the patient's parent's signature in order for the act to be performed. He has been restricted from visiting the patient due to such actions.

Lastly, it appears that the patient has gone into labor 2 months ahead of scheduel. No visitors will be allowed in the patient's room during the pregnancy, due to her severe situation.

Signed, Doctor Johnson


Doctor's report;

Regarding the case of Eveilyn Raven, aka Eevee, the pregnancy has been successful. The child, a boy, was born 7 months into the pregnancy, and weighs a mear 6.9 lbs. The child has not yet a name, since the mother as not given him one yet. Both mother and child are being hospitalized due to their weak conditions. Through my request, neither is allowed to leave until I've deemed them fit. however, in light of the baby beng born, I've allowed visitors to see them both.

Signed, Dr. Johnson


3rd January 2006, 04:26 AM

The house was a wreck. Of course it was a wreck, I’d spent so much of my time blindly destroying everything lately that the house had simply fallen apart. Things in my household had gotten so bad that even my own sister was struggling to talk to me. Through the whole ordeal she had been beside me, my mental rock, and now I couldn’t even bring myself to say ‘hello’ to her now and again. There was just no point in it – in any of it!

I spent seven months doing everything I could to stop this from happening. I spoke to more people than I’ve ever met in my life, filled in more pieces of paperwork than I had ever seen, even pleaded my case directly to the hospital staff. But what did it do? Nothing. Nothing but get my ass thrown into jail with the rest of the lowlifes.

Serena had to come down to bail me out.

Every morning, the hospital would call Jerry to tell him how she was doing, what had gone wrong the day before. Everyday she seemed to be getting worse. She wasn’t eating, she wasn’t sleeping. She even started hurting herself physically. And I couldn’t do a damn thing about it! The hospital wouldn’t let me see her, our friends couldn’t go and see her. I sent gift after gift to her, anything to keep some sort of communication going, anything to let her know that I was still there for her. But the hospital sent it all away. I tried – repeatedly – to break into her room to see her, but there were always people stationed in her room and security guards waiting outside the door – just in case I did show up.

I tried every single thing I could think of to get her out of there. I pleaded with Jerry, constantly, about making her come home. I spoke to doctors, psychologists, everyone I could think of who could provide me with some evidence that would make them listen to what I was saying. Proof that she was getting worse because we weren’t there for her. I even flew out to speak with her parents – a futile attempt which ended badly and left me with a cracked jaw. I doubted Eevee would have been impressed if I’d have had her farther locked up.

With no other alternatives, I took everything to court. I argued all the information I had gathered and was forced to watch as a team of fat cat lawyers tore apart everything I had worked so hard to collect. The trial never ended really. It disintegrated after we heard the bad news – Eevee was giving birth.

It was the first time in months that the doctors had let her have visitors. Of course, I was no longer on the ‘allowed to visit list’. I asked Serena to do the things that I couldn’t, whilst I sat at home and waited anxiously on Eevee’s condition. There was no way they were going to keep me from her. Not today. No matter what, I was getting in there.

“Are you going to just sit there sulking all day?”

I turned, standing quickly. “Sis, you’re back.” I stole a glance at the clock. “Why so early?” My imagination kicked in. “Oh my God what happened, tell me everything’s fine! Tell me she’s okay!”

“Calm down.” She placed her hands on my shoulders and looked me square in the eye. “She’s not doing too well but she’s stable. That’s a start. The doctors hope that they should be able to get her to recover quickly now that the baby’s been born.”

“Doctors,” the very word disgusted me, “what the hell do they know?”

“More about this sort of thing than you do. Please, just let them do their job. It’s the best for both Eevee and the baby.”

“The baby!?” I spat. “You think I give a damn about the baby? It has nothing to do with me.”

“You can be such a child sometimes. Whether you like it or not, that child is part of your family now, of OUR family. It did nothing wrong. You can’t blame it for anything that happened. Your brother caused this. It’s his fault, no one else’s.”

“I don’t care. I want nothing to do with it.”

“Him,” she correctly me sternly.


“You know what, you sound just like our father. He said the exact same thing when I was born and looked what happened.” I know it hurt her to bring it up. I guess she realised it was the only way to get me thinking straight. I never realised how personal this situation was to her.

“I’m sorry. Please, sis, don’t hate me for being an idiot. I’m just scared. I don’t think I can do this.”

“No one said that raising a child was easy but you should be happy to do it. Not everybody can have children…”

I stared at her blankly. “You mean…?” I never knew it was like that. I embraced her tightly, as if I was never going to let her go. She shook in my arms and I felt her tears on my shoulder. “Don’t cry. Come on…you’re an auntie now, like it or not, which means you’ve gotta be there for this baby as much as you think I have to. You got that?”

She nodded slowly.

“There…” I rubbed her back softly. “Come on now,” I broke away and wiped the tears from her face. “I don’t want to see any of this crying nonsense. Okay?”

She nodded again and wiped her eyes. “You should go see Eevee. They don’t station staff until the evening. You can sneak in whilst they’re still doing rounds.”

I nodded silently. “You gonna be okay?”

“You know me,” she sniffed, “I’ll manage.”

Hugging my sister one last time, I left the house and headed for the hospital. No matter what happened, I was going to get in there today and no one was going to stop me.

I snuck in through the window, landing less than gracefully on my stomach. I was seriously out of my practise.


I pulled myself up to her bed. “Yeah, I’m here.”

She embraced me as tightly as her weakened state would allow and I did everything I could to support her. We had been apart for so long that it had almost driven me crazy, but I had fought every day just to see her again.

“I’m here now. Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be okay.”

“I couldn’t take it,” she wept. “I just couldn’t take it.”

“I know. The doctors told me all about it. But it’s all over now, you’re gonna get better and we’re going to figure this thing out.”

A muffled cry caught my attentions. It was very weak, but in the quiet room I could hear it.

“It cries a lot. The doctors say it’s not very well.”

I went to look at him. He was tiny, trapped in a transparent box wrapped in blankets. Poor kid.

“He has your nose,” I mused quietly.

“That’s what your sister said.”

I went back to her and held her hand. “I want to take you away from here so badly. I’ve done everything I can to get you out.”

“I know. The doctors like to complain about you. A lot.”

I smiled and kissed her forehead gently. “Promise me you’ll get better. Promise me that you’ll start eating again and that you’ll stop torturing yourself like this.”

“I don’t know if I can anymore…”

“Try. Please you have to try. I tried for you. I tried so hard to get you out. I went through hell every time the doctors told me that they thought you might not live through the coming weeks. I almost got arrested just trying to see you, so dammit Eevee, please, just…stop. I don’t wanna lose you over this.”

3rd January 2006, 11:37 AM
I slowly lifted my head and stared at his feirce face. So strong and bright, like a lion. Why couldn't I be like that? If I had something to live for, I could be driven like him. I could get out of this slump, and I could strive, if not towords my old self, toward a more stable me.

"I don't know how," I said.

"Don't know how to what?" Sam asked, not uderstanding.

"I don't know how to be strong anymore. Help me," came my meak plea.

Sam was silent for a moment. He realized that I was putting my life on his shoulders. After consulting his mind, he responded.

"First, we need to find a way to get you out of here," he said, "That's the core of our problems."

With that instruction, I thought for a moment.

"What's today's date?" I asked. Sam thought about it then told me.

"I'll be 18 in three weeks, and then I'll be a legal adult. If we wait just that longer, I can get out of here whether my parents, or the doctors, want me to or not," I said.

Sam thought about it, and his face shed light to a long-lost feeling: hope.

"That would work," He said. He then looked at the baby and added, "And three weeks should be enough for the little tike to get better."

I looked over at the container holding the baby. My baby.

"What are we going to do about him?" I asked. I was unsure about anything having to do with myself.

Sam thought about that also, then responded, "What else is there to do but keep him. he's part of our family now, and despite all that's happened because of him, he's still innocent. Besides, in a way, he's my child, since my brother's DNA was ecstracted derectly from me." As he said that last statement, it sounded as if he had just realized that tidbit of information for the first time.

Sam also told me everything Serena had said, and i finally had to agree that we needed to keep this baby.

"I should go now," Sam said, after looking at the clock.

"Wait," I said, "What about the Baby. He still needs a name."

Halfway out the window, Sam turned to face me and said, "Well, you have three weeks to kill. Why don't you think about a name in the meantime. It should keep you sane." Sam came back into the room, kissed my forehead, then fled out the window, just before the first nurse entered.

The nurse was wheeling in a feeding tube. I stared at it for a moment, thought about what Sam had said, then said, "could I have some real food for breakfast today?"

The nurse revealed a smile, then responded with "I'll get right on that."


OOC: and finally, that rather depressing saga concludes. wow, if we don't get an award for most depressing slump in a fic...

anyway, TAG sam!

3rd January 2006, 05:25 PM
nice to know that things are finally starting to look up for our tortured couple.


Sprinting across the hospital's grounds, I came to rest at a nearby tree. I hadn't felt this happy in such a long time I'd almost begun to forget what it felt like. Eevee would get better, and in three weeks, I would take her and our baby home and everything would get better. Just in time for the end of the school year. Wow...guess I was out to be a father. I was doing that whole family man thing. It was...well, weird.

"Hey sis! Sis guess what happened!"

So I explained everything to her. I was feeling pretty excited by that time and it came out in a jumbled mess that I had to explain later. I didn't care. I was too happy to care about such petty things. For the first time in a long time, things were starting to look up.

*three weeks later*

I had no words to explain how happy I felt that day. Everybody came to welcome Eevee and the new baby home - even Rox and Alex who had just returned from a mission in Barbados. I had tried to decide what I should do for her. It was her birthday too and as her - well...previous boyfriend. But still...I felt I had to do something.

I overdid it. I generally did. Got a bunch of things that I thought would help, baby things for example. I got Eevee some stuff too, but I left it all at home. It would foolish to overwhelm her right after she got out of the hospital. The last thing I'd want to do was send her back in. So I kept it simple. Bouquets were still an appropriate gift...weren't they?

"There she is!"

Our excited gathering greeted her and the young boy with open arms. I stayed back, letting them do what they had to do. She would get to me in time. I could wait.

Their hugs exchanged and their coos over with, it was finally my turn. It was he first time in almost eight months that I had been properly reunited with her. I just hugged her like our last and kissed her cheek. I was still unsure of our boundaries.


"Hey..." I looked at the bundle in her arms. "So here he is then."

"That's him. Get used to it, he'll be waking you up at all hours from now on." A smile. An honest to God smile. I had not seen such a sight cross her lips in so long. It warmed me just to witness it. "I got you some flowers." It didn't really click until then that she might struggle to hold them. "Maybe we should swap."

So the delicate process of pass-the-baby began, until I was holding my three-week-old son in my arms. I tickled his palm with the end of my finger, feeling his grip as his fist tightened around it. His little mouth widened in a gummy yawn. I could get used to this...

We all crammed into a car and Alex drove us home. Sat in the back with Eevee, cradling our son in my arms, I realised something I hadn't before. "Did you manage to pick a name for the little guy?"

4th January 2006, 07:17 PM
I gave Sam one of my famous sly smiles, then handed him a peice of paper. he jugled the baby until it was resting carefully on his lap, then held the paper in his free hadn.

"What's this?" he said.

"Birth certificate," I answered, and allowed him to read the name.

"Akakios," he said.

"It's a greek name, and it means 'innocent, not evil'. We can call him 'Kio' for short," I said, then took back the paper.

Sam let out a snort of a chuckle, then looked down at the baby. "Kio," he cooed. looking at them made everything feel right. We amused ourselves on the ride home by just being in eachother's company, just the three of us.

When we reached home,Ii was most pleasantly supprised to find that Sam had arranged for the baby. the guest room had been converted into a nuesery.

"It's perfect," I said, and we placed Kio into his crib. We just stared at him for awhile.

"You should get some rest, it's been a long day," Sam finally said. I hadn't realized it untill he had mentioned it, but i was exhausted. Sam even tucked me into bed, and promised to watch the baby while I slept


When I woke in the morning, I found myself not knowing what to change into. after some thought, I grabbed light blue sweat pants, and a plain, tan t-shirt. anything more colorful then that seemed blinding. onece in the bathroom, I took a shower, then stared at my reflection. After hesitation, I grabbed a pair of hair-clippers and cut my hair off, real short. my hair, formally long enoguh for me to sit on, was chopped down to a few inches thick. satisfied, I left the carpet of jet-black hair on the floor, and left the room.

Without knowing what to do next, I went to Kio's room and watched him as he slept.

out of the silence, the scream of my phone rang. "hello?" I said into the reciever.

"Eevee? Eevee, this is your mom. listen, i just got a call from the hospital and they said that you left. sweety, it'd be best if you go back and-"

I cut her off with, "I'm 18 now. you can't tell me what to do anymore. goodbye," and hung up.

I dropped the phone on the ground, then turned to face my baby. The sun had already started to rise, and a new day began. Truethfully, I was terrified of what the future had in store. But i felt that i'd at last climbed out of my pit.

5th January 2006, 12:28 PM

That night was the first time I regretted converting the spare room into a nursery. I hadn't thought that having to sleep on the sofa would be such an uncomfortable experience but when I woke up next morning, neck as stiff as a plank of wood, I quickly realised how wrong I'd been. It was early hours when I awoke. I hadn't slept for very long, keeping an eye on little Kio all night. He slept sound through. I doubted it would last though.

"I didn't think you'd be up yet."

I turned to see Eevee coming downstairs. It was nice to see her in some coloured clothing for a change. Slowly, very slowly, she was reverting back to her old self. "You know me, I don't do that whole sleeping thing."

She smiled and sat beside me on the sofa, placing her head on my shoulder. "It's good to be home," she said, sighing slightly.

"Well we're all glad to have you back." I had a sudden idea. "Hey come with me, I wanna do something." I took her hand and pulled her upstairs on to the roof. Good thing sunrises were slow or we probably would have missed it.

"It's been a while since we've done anything like this."

"Yeah..." It was true, back then we were still a couple. Now...what were we now? Housemates with a baby? I frowned. It just wasn't good enough for me. It wasn't supposed to be like this, there wasn't supposed to be this...this gap between us. I hated it. I hated everything about it! "Eevee?"


I gulped. Was this a good idea? What if I was making a complete mistake? I could ruin what little was still left between us. But... "I..." I just couldn't help it. It just...happened. One second I was sat there innocently and the next, I was kissing her. I'd been wanting to do it for so long. Just to feel the warmth of her soft lips against my own. I'd craved it, hungered for it. Now at last it was happening again. "I really missed you," I whispered, finally drawing the strength to part from her. I squeezed her hand gently. "I mean it."

5th January 2006, 03:48 PM
"You have mail." Pause. "You have mail." Pause. "You have mail, damnit!"
I opened my eyes slowly, my vision blurred by the light from the chibi dancing around my laptop screen telling me rather loudly that i had recieved email.
"Shut up, damnit..." I mumbled, tapping the mouse rather violently with my fist. "I should really stop it from doing that... I thought it was on snooze, anyway..."
I pulled back the covers and stretched. I squinted at the laptop's display, trying to read the clock in the corner. I frowned. I fumbled around the bedside table, searching for my second pair of eyes. Due to the fact that i used my laptop far too much, i had gained poor vision and a small pair of round glasses had become vital for every day reading activities.
"What the... 6am?"
The chibi peeked from behind the start menu. "Psst, you have mail..."
"Oh yeah!" I suddenly perked up. Something told me i'd have good mail today. The world just seemed a brighter and happier place thismorning dispite jetlag.
Hey Roxanne,
I'm so glad that i've finally met you! I hope you had a safe flight home.
I hope to visit you some time in the future.
I grinned at the screen. I had known Anna since the days i had been illegally hacking. She lives in Barbados and she helped us out with getting around and knowing the local area. She had been so much help that i promised her she could come stay with us sometime.
I showered and got dressed. Even though the email was short and not very exciting, i seemed to burst with energy and enthusiasm. I peeked in Alex's room and seeing that she hadn't been disturbed by the yelling chibi on my laptop, i decided i'd make us both something different for breakfast today.
"Muffins are good, muffins are scrummy, muffins are very very good for the tummy~" I sang to myself as I put the muffin mix into the oven.
"How can you sing at this time in the morning?" A very tired Alex said, appearing in the doorway.
"Because i'm making muffins!" I said cheerfully.
"For breakfast?" She asked. I nodded. "What kind?"
"Double choc-chip."
"Thought so!"

12th February 2006, 09:50 AM
Olympics have come around again---you know what that means... this rpg is four years old. that seriously has to be making some rpg history!


I looked into his longing eyes and tryed to search for what he wanted. at last, a thin smile spread across my lips.

"why don't we get married?" i said.

Sam's eyes widened.

"Now?" he said.

"Of course," i said nonchalauntly, "Serena can watch Kio for a couple of hours. come on."

i made my way to the window and started to enter the house.

"Eevee, this is crazy," sam said as he followed me.

i turned to face him and said, "crazy's my middle name".

Sam followed me into the house and sam had a few words with serena while i picked out a light blue dress.

"Serena wants to come with us" sam said to me.

"that's fine then, she can come. and maybe alex and rox would like to come too. would you call them while i change?"
"s-sure," sam stammered.

I kissed him quickly before disapearing into the bathroom to change into my dress. i knew exactly what sam was thinking. this was such a spare-of-the-moment heppening for a life changing decision. we were just making up our own rules as we went along. but maybe that's how things had to be done, because nothing can happen if you don't do something first.

"i'm collecting a baby-bag for Kio," Serena said through the door.

"That's fine," i answered, then added, "hey, with my hair this short, i don't need to do anything with it for the wedding, huh?"

"Well,at least wear some jewelry, i'll pick out some for you," Serena replied.

finally changed, i emerged from the bathroom and walked over to sam, who was just getting off the phone with alex.

"they'll be over in a minute," he said. his face still read of bewilderment, but when i glanced upon me, it relaxed a little.

"you really do look beautiful," he said. i knew what he ment, when i had been in the bathroom and had glanced at the mirror, i saw that the powder-blue dress i wore brought out the lost color in my cheeks. before we could embrace, Serena aproached from behind and fastened a necklace around my neck. when she was finished adorning my with other jewelry, rox and alex entered the house.

"i have a veil from my grandmother's wedding," alex said, "it was in the attic. here," she placed the white veil upon my head.

"what about rings?" sam asked.

"we can pick some up on the way to the chapel. come on, lets go."

"oh, and i brought my camara," said rox as we scurried out of the house.

"wonderful," isaid, "Serena, ther's a baby carage in the closet." sam helped get Kio situated as we piled into the car. and just like that, we were on our way to a chapel.

12th February 2006, 12:25 PM
It's all going on...


I didn't know what to think. Everything was happening so fast, I don't think it was really sinking in. Right now, I was stuck in the back of a car on the way to a wedding - my wedding. Rox and Alex were in the front, I had my sister and my son to my left and my - well I guess fiance is the right word - to my right. Twenty minutes ago I was just trying to get her to be my girlfriend and now...we were getting married. It was insane. She had barely turned 18 a day ago and now she was planning on settling down. This wasn't like some of the other crazy things we'd been through together - this was permanent. Could she really be serious? I mean - don't get me wrong - I wanted to be with her but...was this really the right thing to do?

The car pulled up outside a jewellers and Eevee dragged me out of the car towards the window. "These are nice!" she said excitedly and took off towards the door.

I grabbed her arm and held her for a second. "Just wait a moment will ya?"

She turned to me. "What's wrong?"

"Is this what you really want?" I asked. "Do you really want to be married to me?"

A soft smiled crossed her lips and she touched my cheeks, planting a delicate kiss upon my lips. "I wouldn't want to be with anyone else."

"Are you sure?"


"Alright," I nodded. "Let's get married."

We kissed pasionately. A couple of strangers gave us odd stares as they passed by, but we didn't care. We young, in love, and about to married. What else mattered in the world? "Listen...buy the rings. I'm gonna grab a tux quickly."

"You don't need -"

"I'm not marrying you in a pair of jeans. Here," I handed her some money. "I'll meet you in five minutes." I kissed her quickly and ran two stores down. I didn't want some custom job or some fancy outfit, I just wanted a simple white shirt, black suit tuxedo. Thank God they had one in my size.

Within minutes we were off to the chapel. It was hard to believe that this was happening but before I could blink there I was, stood at the alter as my bride walked the aisle towards me. She'd never looked as beautiful as she did in that moment. Everything was perfect. Everything I could ever want was happening for me and that's all that mattered. I had my family, my friends, my freedom. After this moment, I felt like I would never want again.

We said our vows and exhanged our rings. It was like a dream. I half expected to wake up and realise that everything was fantasy but it was real. I was really here, really in love, and really getting married.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Our first kiss as husband and wife. It was passionate, much more so than our first had ever been. Every other embrace failed to compare to it. It was the perfect moment. Our lips met and everything came together. This was it. Eevee and I would be together forever. No force on Earth would ever pull us apart again. Rox took a ton of pictures, dunno how many films she got through but it must have been at least two.

It wasn't really until the reception that the reality of the situation really began to hit home. We went out to the nearest restaurant and grabbed a booth to celebrate. We were huddled around this little table, eating, drinking, talking. Eevee was playing with Kio.

"I can't believe you two re actually married," Rox said.

"Yeah," agreed Alex. "It's so...unexpected."

"A fitting end to the school year though," added Serena.

"Oh yeah!" shouted Alex. "These are like the last few days of the school."

"It's been almost a year since we first met one another. You and I will be in England soon Alex."

"Yeah...What about you two? What will you do over the summer?"

I grinned at my wife. "Two months of vacation, I think we should use it as a honeymoon period. Take little Kio on some adventures of his own."

"But you'll be back for the next term won't you?"

Eevee smiled. "We'll be back."

"Could you honestly imagine the school term without us?"

Alex laughed. "What about you Serena?"

"I'm thinking I might enroll next year. I'll be a year below you guys but I'll be there. As long as everything goes to plan."

"That'll be interesting."

Rox grinned slyly. "So Sam, think any of those 'wedding night' rumours are true?"

"Dunno honestly," I replied with a shrug. "But I'm sure we'll find out."

Eevee elbowed my ribs playfully.

I took my drink and held it up. "Time for a toast then. To a happy summer and our second year as spies."

We toasted our future prospects and drank deeply. Who would have believed at the start of the year that this is where would be? Our lives had changed so much, we had learnt so many lessons, lost and gained so much but the most exciting part of it all was the thought that it was only the start of our advetures.

Ok guys, time we started wrapping up this rpg so we can move on to our planned sequel. Just wrap up the end of the term for your characters and MascaraTears will leave us with a closing post. Who'd have guessed that four years on this thing would still be running? Just goes to show how far an rpg can go with dedicated rpers. So just in case this turns out to be my last post of this rpg *sniffs* thanks for everything guys and I'll see you - and hopefully so newcommers - in the sequel.

16th February 2006, 05:56 AM
Sam and Eevee had left their reception a little while ago, i guessed to find out about the whole "wedding night" thing. Serena had left too with Kio as he was in need of sleep. This left Alex and I alone with a left over bottle of wine between us.
I stared at the nearly empty glass of wine in my hand. "You know, it would be wonderful if it would magically refill..."
Alex picked up the bottle, leaned over and topped up my glass. "Magical refill complete."
"Hooray for magical Alex!" My words were slurred as i raised my glass before taking a small swig. "Y'know, Alex, this year has been a good one."
"Yeah, i don't know what i would have done if i didn't come here. I'd probably be in England..." She took a sip from her glass before placing it on the table. "Where would you be?"
"In New York, being walked all over by the people in school, babysitting Harry, hacking something or another and have no clue about my parents." I glared at my glass. "I would not know the truth." I took another swig, finishing my glass. I put it, rather clumsily, on the table.
"We wouldn't know eachother." Alex added.
"Yes... Yes, this is true." I tilted my head and examined the nearly empty wine bottle. "You have been a great friend. A truely great friend. The best. Although... I do feel rather lonely in the relationship department..." I grabbed the wine bottle and downed the rest, which was more than i had thought.
"I have been too." She pointed out. "But that doesn't matter."
I guessed it was the large amount of alcohol i had consumed that made me get down on one knee infront of Alex. I grabbed her hand, swaying a little. "Alex, will you marry me?"
Her face turned to one of shock. It soon faded as she creased up with laughter. "Oh, Rox, you're so funny when you're drunk!"
I frowned, letting go of her hand. "I'm not drunk!" I said rather loudly, rising to my feet, losing my balance and staggering into a waiter.
"Miss, i think you should be leaving now." He said slowly, propping me up against a wall.
"Ooooh, you're pretty!" I said, with a strange smile on my face. "Leave with me?"
"Okay, Rox, it's time we were going." Alex had got up and grabbed our coats. "Sorry about her..." She said to the waiter. She lead me out of the restaurant and back towards home.
I woke up the next morning with a splitting headache. There was a glass of water and some sort of pain killer on my bedside table. What had happened? All i could remember was Sam and Eevee leaving and me and Alex finishing up a wine bottle...
I took the pain killer and sat in bed, waiting for it to kick in. Alex peaked around the door. "So you're awake then?"
I squinted at the light. "I guess so..." She smiled and turned to leave. "Wait! What happened last night?"
She looked confused. "You mean you don't remember?"
"All i remember is Sam and Eevee leaving and we were left to finish up the wine..."
"And you don't remember anything after that?" A small smile appeared.
"Nothing at all, other than waking up this morning..." I tried desperatly to think of what had happened. I watched as Alex's smile turned into a smurk. "What? Something happened? What did i do?" She was in stitches of laughter. "Alex! What did I do?"
"Oh, nothing, nothing... Nothing that you can remember, anyway." She paused for a second. "Just wait until i tell Sam and Eevee..."
"Oh no you don't!" I jumped out of bed and chased her down the stairs. "I'll intercept any email you send! Bug any phone call you make! Collect post from the sorting office! I'll-" She stopped suddenly. I had to too, i didn't feel like crashing to the floor.
"Our plane tickets are here! We're leaving today!" She grinned.
"Yay! But that doesn't mean you can get away with this, Alex! I will find out!"
"You'd better go pack, we need to leave in an hour. I'm already done."
I sprinted up the stairs. England. I really couldn't wait. I shoved all the clothes i owned into my suitcase, showered, got dressed and packed everything else i needed. My headache felt like it was drifting away. I lugged my suitcase down the stairs, grabbed my coat and waited by the door, car keys in hand.
"I don't think you should be driving some how." Alex smurked. "You're probably still over the limit..."
I scowled. "You're never gonna forget it, are you?"
"No, never." We went out towards the car.
I grinned. "It's okay. I still remember the time when you-"
"When i did what?"
"I don't know, but i'm sure there will be something!"
Alex opened the boot and put her suitcase in. I looked out over the trees to where the top of the Whoop building could be seen. I smiled.
"Rox? You ready?"
"Nearly, just taking in the scenery."
She sighed, put my suitcase in and shut the boot. She got in the car and started the engine.
I wondered what adventures would be in store for us next year. We'd be second years. Something told me it would probably out do the previous year. We'd have to work harder, there would be tougher challenges to face and new people to meet.
"We'll be back, Whoop." I whispered. "Just you wait."

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18th February 2006, 12:43 PM
I guess i get the last post, huh? well, it's been a good run. see you all in the sequal!


For once, there was nothing to worry about. Everything was taken care of. Serena had Kio taken care of, my parents could no longer ruin my life, there were no bad-guys trailing us, and everything between Sam and I had finally been straightened out. For the first time since this all had started, i could just lean back and not worry about what was going to happen next.

Sam and i were in a car with the windows covered in various newly-wed messages and cans on string tied to the bumper trailing behind. it had been a long time since it had just been us in a car; no Whoop driver, and no riding kidnapped in the back of a black van. just us.

I had a John Mayor CD playing, and Sam was doing his best to drive safely on the empty road ahead of us while recieving kisses from me. Every time he swerved, i just laughed and kissed him again.

Every once and awhile we'd make a comment about the past year.

"Remember when we first met?" i said.

"Yeah, you were the cute goth-girl among all the other first-years on that WHOOP boat. It was love at first sight," he said.

I giggled. "All those awkward nights we met up in the kitchen, and us feeling to scared to talk to eachother."

"Yeah, we've really grown since then," sam said.

"Not quite so naive anymore," I agreed.

"Do you remember the little prank with the rose petals?"

"And boarding together."

"And costume class."

"And trips to the book store."

"And the first tiem you got the nerve to kiss me on the lips," he said. I responded to that coment by kissing him on the lips.

"Then there was that whole mess with the chip in my head and my father who put it there. and of course, my brother," Sam said, stiffening slightly.

"Hey, we worked through it, didn't we?" I said.

"I really thought i'd lost you near the end," Sam said, "moreso then would the chip my father had put in my head had almost caused me to kill you."

"And do you think that I didn't feel the same way when I had to stop you by pushing you off that cliff, and you were in the hosptilal unconcious for months, and they wanted to pull the plug on you and let you die?" I said.

Sam was silent for awhile, until he finally said, "I guess it's been a really tough year, for all of us."

I scooted over until i was sharing his seat, and clung to him, with my head on his shoulder. "What matters is how it ended, and we couldn't have asked for a better ending then this."

Sam looked at the road in front of him, that at his wife by his side. with a smile, he said "Your right, Eevee. All i could have ever asked for, before I had met you, has come true. I've resolved all my family problems, what with my brother and father being dead, and my sister finally recovering. I have friends like Alex and Rox. And I have a family of my own, you and Kio. Maybe this year hasn't been such a total disaster after all."

"I'd say it's more then that, it's been a total success," I said. Sam and I broke out laughing, because our first semester at WHOOP spy training school had been one that could never be repeated, nor explained to anyone who hadn't lived through it.

"Poor Jerry, having to put up with us," I said.

Sam responded with, "And who can imagine what he'll have to put up with next year."

I just held my husband tighter and said, "Let's just enjoy tonight."

With a nod of agreement, Sam pressed down the pedal and sped off into the future ahead of us.

18th February 2006, 03:01 PM
Not so fast, I've still got something to input :p


I'd never known a feeling more weird than I feeling that filled my every sense as I sat in the departure lounge. There was a strange wistful essence that wouldn't fade as I stared down at the book open on my lap. Each word was a blur to my preoccupied mind.

I couldn't help but recap on the past year. Looking back, I felt as though I had started this school year a child and had slowly but surely grown up. It was rather a good feeling, knowing that there was definately something more mature about me than there ever had been before. We'd all grown up.

I closed the book that I was making no use out of and peered out the corner of my eye, watching Rox as she wrestled with a bottle of water that had just been dispensed from the vending machine. Yes, we had all grown up.

Suddenly out flight was called out through the speakers and Rox's head poked up comically as I picked both our travel bags up. I met her halfway to the queue and passed her the bag she had brought with her. I searched through my own and pulled out the tickets and passport. They weighed heavy in my hands.

"It's going to be weird, huh?" She asked, as though we hadn't already had this conversation.

I looked at her and nodded. "But the good kind of weird."

The queue moved forward slightly and Rox stepped closer to the lady who would take the ticket, declaring something about causing havoc in England. I wouldn't have out it passed her.

I turned back quickly to look at the door leading out of the departure lounge and smiled. This was goodbye...

...for now.

[size=10pt][font=times new roman]
So, I guess that's the end of W.O.O.H.P. We've been at this for 4 years now and I guess we've really pulled through.

Writing this with you lot has been great and, let's admit it, we all can't wait to kick ass in the sequel!

I'll see you all then. :D

18th February 2006, 03:57 PM
OOC: should we lock this topic, since the RPG is finally over (wow, who ever heard of an rpging actually ending, rather then the normal fade-out rpgs tend to do).

19th February 2006, 05:52 AM
I've asked Tsukasa and he said he'd do it ^^ I'll remind him later. I also said something about archiving it and he said he'd have to take it up with B4 first.