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AntiAsh Superstar
31st July 2003, 11:48 AM
Okay, here's a small music-based poll. Like I can ever really think of any other topic to make polls based around, either they're music-related or inspired by a song I've just heard, hehe!

You've been asked to suggest a lineup for a three-band concert. Which three bands would you choose, and why?

I'm not really concerned if you throw any thought into things like 'what bands would be willing to tour together' or 'who gets the headlining spot', choose the three bands you'd most like to see live if you want, tho I'd be very impressed if you did actually put some thought into such matters. :) And as to my answers..

First band: 4ft Fingers. I like this punky band, they seem to support pretty much anyone who's anything in this genre of music (so far I've known them to have supposrted The Damned and the Dead Kennedys, and I'm sure that's not the end to their CV) and I wanna get another thumbs up from them for being the only person in the crowd who could sing along to one of their songs! :)

Main support: No Fun At All, a funky lil' Swedish (I think) punk band, who I have to say owe a great deal musically to the band I'm choosing as headliners for our fictional tour.

Headlining: Bad Religion. I pick these for the simple reason that they're my second favourite band, I'd so dearly love to see them live. I know I like The Wildhearts better, but I've already seen them twice and I haven't sen these as of yet, despite the fact that I could prolly sing along to the entire set list. :o

31st July 2003, 02:14 PM
Opening band: Matchbox 20. I love Matchbox, and some of their newer stuff is great, as is their older stuff.

Second Band Dave Matthews Band. Again, a band I really like, and I've heard from my uncle how great they are in concert.

Headlining Band ECONOLINE CRUSH!!!! I doubt anyone here has heard of them, with the exception of SupremeChampion (because I talk about them 24/7), but they are EXCELLENT. I've been trying to catch them in concert for a long time, but they haven't toured around me (NJ) in a while. If anyone hears anything about them, I'd be eternally grateful :)

31st July 2003, 02:40 PM
cool poll :)
hmmmm I dunno, I guess I'd say SR-71 (if you've heard of em you're my new best friend :/), blink 182, and 3 doors down. they're some of the only bands that I like ALL their songs :) I'm gonna see 3DD in like a month anyway, so yay ^_^


edit: ok, I lie. I didn't like much of the stuff on toypaj from blink :/

Angel Blossom
31st July 2003, 02:51 PM
Hey, cool poll. It's pretty original. ^^

Opening Band: MXPX, definately. This is one of my favorite bands. They have great music, and always get the crowd going. ^^ I've been to one of their concerts before, and I think they were the best band there. It would be awesome if they could be the opening band. That way, they could get everyone excited and pumped up. *nods*

Second Band: Taproot. They're all very talented, and have some really great songs. I love the singer's voice too. It's original. :D I haven't seen them in concert yet, but I'm sure they're pretty good live.

Third Band: System of a Down. Okay, I admit. This would be one ****ed up concert, since nothing really goes together well. XD I love System of a Down, they're my all time favorite band. They're really awesome live, atleast my brother said so. Their music would get the crowd going. Of course, they'd have to play their old music..