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31st July 2003, 08:06 PM
The Fury and the Nocturne

Starting time, yay. First, a brief overview of the so called plot…

This is a Hogwarts RPG. It will take place prominently at the school, and will be during the year after the Order of the Phoenix--Harry’s sixth year, if you will. So yes, there will be spoilers if you've yet to read the book. This is sort of a sequel to Aegri Somnia, though you certainly need not have been in that RPG to be in this one. In fact, this fact will mainly concern some of the adults of the RPG, and a few family lines.

The world is in terrible danger, it seems. Voldemort has begun his rise to power. Azkaban has become useless, since the dementors have recently left their posts. Trust is becoming very difficult to find and to get. Attacks have been made on various groups and individuals, some of these producing fatalities.

However, there is hope for the Muggles and those who are Muggle-born. The Order of the Phoenix, now in alliance with the greater part of the Ministry of Magic, has been repressing the Death Eaters. Their efforts have led to victories for their side, though it seems that the conflict is nowhere near an end.

At Hogwarts, life is to go on as always. The students have received their letters, and most are going to return to the school. The parents, for their part, seem to understand that the school is the safest place for these children. Here they will continue their education and will be kept away from the looming danger.

If you’d like to sign up or to add another character, the forms and guidelines are in the sign-up topic. Late sign ups are very greatly appreciated and welcomed. The current cast in play…

~Ken Johnson - 4th Year - Male
~Ginny Weasley - 5th year - Female - Prefect
~Harry Potter - 6th Year - Male
~Reginald Jensen - 1st Year - Male

~Rvevian Marson - 6th Year - Female
~Jaiden Moore - 6th Year - Female
~Cayria Tseugga - 7th Year - Female
~Morbrid Chaos - 6th Year - Male
~Ami Zypher - 6th Year - Female
~Chauvelin Armande - 7th Year - Male
~Draconius "Draco" Malfoy - 6th Year - Male - Prefect

~Clair Stone - 4th Year - Female
~Hiro White - 4th Year - Keeper
~Madison Alexander - 6th Year - Female
~Zane Keskagi - 5th Year - Male
~Luna Keskagi - 3rd Year - Female
~Rywen Yiaro - 6th Year - Male - Prefect

~Mike Rampart - 6th Year - Male
~Ruby Cynita - 5th Year - Female
~Drade Sykes - 6th Year - Male - Prefect

~Severus Snape - Potions (Members of the Order, spy as Death Eater)
~Jayne Mackenzie-Alexander - Muggle Studies
~Karie Velya - Defense Against the Dark Arts
~Ryu Hayabusa - Charms
~Lorelei Malfoy - Care of Magical Creatures

~Lucius Malfoy - Death Eater
~Phoenix Renton - Rogue
~Angeline "Angel" (Carlton) Moore - Auror
~Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody - Member of the Order
~Sai Tronatica - Wanderer

Obviously, there will be many NPCs, including quite a few from the books. Now, the Quidditch teams…

Seeker: Harry Potter (Captain)
Keeper: Ronald Weasley (NPC)
Chasers: Ginny Weasley --- ---
Beaters: --- ---
(Reginald Jensen = ???)

Seeker: Draconius Malfoy
Keeper: Jaiden Moore
Chasers: Rvevian Marson
Ami Zypher
Chauvelin Armande
Beaters: Morbid Chaos ---

Seeker: Zane Keskagi
Keeper: Hiro White
Chasers: Clair Stone
Madison Alexander
Luna Keskagi
Beaters: Rywen Yiaro (Captain) ---

Seeker: Drade Sykes
Keeper: ---
Chasers: Mike Rampart (Captain) --- ---
Beaters: Ruby Cynita ---

There are still several spots on the Quidditch teams and for prefects, as well as a Head Boy and girl, if anyone happens to be interested. This can be added to the profile when you post your opening and, if anyone chooses to take a position, these positions will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Yes, I know… Like it all has been. Anyway.

The RPG will start with students boarding the train. Teachers will be arriving at the school at this point. Other characters can pretty much dictate what they choose to do.

Shall we begin?

Name: Phoenix Renton
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6’3”. Body is wiry to an extreme after being kept in Azkaban for so very long, though still appears aerodynamic. Hair is mostly black, and is semi-long and shaggy. Overall, his appearance is strikingly like a falcon, watchful and potentially dangerous. Rugged, angular, and menacing in a strange way. Has a deep scar slashed over his left temple. He looks younger than he is, even after having been in Azkaban. His eyes are a deep navy blue and are watchful, almost piercing. Looks strong despite the build, and he truly is.
Personality: Mysterious when he wants to be, with a twisted sense of humor. His actions are rather random; he appears to act on impulse, though in actuality he thinks things out. Unpredictable because of these attributes, he holds loyalties only to himself.
Relationships: He was a friend of Voldemort…
Occupation/Group Affiliation: Was a Death Eater. Now he’s… Just Renton.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: To himself and whatever cause he chooses. He was a Death Eater in the beginning, but even that wasn’t much for the causes of the group itself.
Anything to share about your past?: When James Potter, Black, Lupin, Severus, Lucius, etcetera were in school--and for three years prior to that--he taught Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. At the same time--obviously unbeknownst to the other teachers and to Dumbledore--he was working with Voldemort, hoping to pursue a new world order. At the end of the sixth year of the aforementioned group of students, he killed a Muggle-born student and wrote numerous messages on a wall--one large one in particular that proclaimed that a new world was to arise very soon. He also put a spell--Aegri Somnia, his own favorite spell--on a different student, who was never to recover from the effects and was driven to permanent madness. After leaving the school, he helped Voldemort with the organization, though he refused to be an underling. Several years after he left the school, Renton led a group of the Death Eaters to officially begin the war by torturing a group of Muggles. Renton, along with several others, was captured, but not before the Muggles--twenty-five in all--had been skinned and murdered. Renton was then placed in Azkaban, where he lay in near-silence for many years. Only recently was he able to escape; previously, he had been offered no chance. For some time he drifted in and out of his own mind, but for the most part, he was entirely himself while in the prison. Now he’s out again…
Other: He’s an unregistered Animigus; a black falcon. Also, he’s managed to find an old creature that he used to travel with--a Nillian. She’s basically a tigress with fur that shifts color and a talent to make herself invisible.

Phoenix Renton

The chill in the air, the velvet blue of the midnight sky, the softly feral sound of water rushing through a nearby stream, the reaching shadows thrown by the trees surrounding the clearing, the blades of grass carrying the wind in waves--all of these together formed the essence of life. This was what I had missed for so long. This was what I had been kept away from. To see it again was marvelous.

I sat quietly in the grass, Mira my sole companion, my first companion in quite a long time. She had been my companion before, and now she had returned. I stroked the fur on the top of her head lovingly; this, the Nillian I had initially found for a classroom demonstration. The creature that I had become attached to. The one who had become my only family, and was now the only one in this world whom I truly knew.

Perhaps that would change. After all, I had only recently managed to escape from that prison. The guardians--the Dementors--had deserted, leaving those within the cells free to escape. I hadn’t realized it first, but once the knowledge had hit me, I had left in a hurry. I’d flown back to the mainland of the United Kingdom, and here I was in Ireland. Soon I would be in England, but not yet. No, for the time being, I was quite content to stay where I was.

I had always enjoyed the silent beauty that could be found in secluded forests. Now, after living within stone walls for so long, this was heaven on earth. I had been in there for such a long time… But now was not the time to become angered by such thoughts. That could come later. In any case, anger might not have been the correct word. I had never been one to be controlled by anger, and I wouldn’t start allowing it to take hold of me. I was past any anger.

I had been sent to live within the stone walls--to die, there, really--at the beginning of a revolution. Now here I was, returning to the world in the midst of a new one, led by the same man. Good old Thomas… Did he know that I was alive? Perhaps not… He may have had someone kill me on the way out of the jail had he known. Yes, my old friend and nemesis. Working with and against him at the same time. Never belonging to him which was, of course, what had angered him. I had never been a follower, merely a friend and ally.

Soon, I would say hello to him. What would I do aside from that? Maybe nothing. Maybe something. Maybe I’d visit the school as well. Maybe find those who I had known. There was so much that I could do…

Mira nuzzled my side and I rubbed the soft fur under her chin. This wasn’t the time to think about the future. This was the time to live in the beauty of this forest, to enjoy its features fully.

The renewed greetings, the coming once more into the world, the murder… All of that? That could come later. Perhaps not for a while, but in all likelihood… Soon. Yes, soon new light would shed and new darkness would arrive. Soon, even this new revolution would be more twisted. Anything could change, anyone could die… Anything could happen.



Name: Severus Snape
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Teacher of: Potions
Appearance: 6’1”. Wiry body frame; not very athletic or strong-looking, though he is more so than he looks. Longish black, greasy-looking hair that constantly falls over his face. Skin is pallid and he likes it well enough that way. Overall, he’s fairly intense and often frightening. Travels through shadows easily and can, in this manner, remain hidden fairly well in the night.
Personality: Often considered to be repellant, he tends to keep his own mind and emotions--especially his emotions--to himself. He very rarely displays any emotions other than anger. The anger itself shows up quite often, and is sometimes a cover for some other emotion. He has found the world to be an ugly, unwelcoming place, and adjusted his outward manner to suit the world. Over the years, he has developed a reputation at the school for being harsh and vindictive, which is often true with the students. Any inner turmoil he feels is hidden very well.
Former House at Hogwarts: Slytherin
Head of House?: Yes; Slytherin
Relationships: Not any longer. There, once, but that was a long time ago…
Where Your Loyalties Lie: Toward the Order.
Any Side Occupations?: A member of the Order, as well as a spy for the Order within the Death Eaters
Other: *shrug* Laters, mayhap.

Severus Snape - Potions Master - Head of Slytherin

The room was cold and unfeeling as always; dungeons were made to be as such. Soon, perhaps, it would be filled with life, but for now it was devoid and save my minimal contribution. Cold and unfeeling; yes, it did seem the perfect room for me.

Yes, this was my classroom. The students would come, the students would complain, the students would make pathetic attempts at brewing potions, and the students would curse me behind my back. At least, when they thought that I couldn’t hear their words. Severus Snape, the head of Slytherin and the endlessly loathsome potions master.

It was all a masquerade, of course. My entire life one long charade, and more so now than ever before.

Shaking my head in exasperation with myself, I forced myself to prepare the classroom for the beginning of the school year. Some classroom it was. A dungeon. A dungeon, and I loved it… As much as I could love anything and admit it, of course. I held memories of this dungeon, of secrets found within. Not all of them were good, though some were, certainly, and this room…

There I went again, off on another tangent. I forced my mind to quiet itself. Since coming back to the school, I’d found an almost enjoyable sort of freedom within the walls. Of course, on the opposite side of this, I was now living three lives, perhaps four. Not that it mattered. I was only here to be another piece in the game, to be moved about however it was wished.

I sneered, resenting the thought and understanding the obvious truth to it. A teacher, a member, a spy. Surely I was indeed the loathsome being that the students saw, and they didn’t know the half of it. Not nearly, the bloody prats.

How long could it last? How long could this continue before someone understood? Before death came to meet me?

Did I fear death? As far as I could understand, I did not. Earlier in my life, I had invited it many times. I’d nearly brought it upon myself, and had almost succeeded three times. Three times, and I hadn’t managed to slip the last step into darkness. Always, I had somehow been brought back. Always, I had cursed my fate, and yet continued to live on.

The obvious answer, then, was no. Perhaps on some level I did, but, for all real intents and purposes, I should have been dead long ago. Was I only alive to continue this living hell? To continue to be not only Severus Snape, professor, but to be Severus Snape of two other sorts?

Questions, always questions. They were my own, to keep for my own. It was natural for me to keep these to myself; I had been doing so nearly my whole life. In fact, there had only been two people whom I had truly revealed any sort of problems to… Nearly three. In the end, however, there had been two, and both around the same time; the school years. Such a lovely time, yet so incredibly twisted as well.

Two people… Was that awful? I didn’t know. Maybe not, because I doubted that the first had ever spoken his true thoughts to anybody; perhaps not even to himself. Lucius Malfoy… And look where he was in life. He was where his father, the man he’d hated most, had been. Did he even recognize this now? Did he recognize anything now?

The other had been yet another student, one who I still remembered well though I hadn’t seen her in many years. Yes, remembered very well. Where was she now? What was she doing? Perhaps there was a way to find out, but… Perhaps it was better to leave it as it was.

This was life, and I was alone in mine. I had been for a long time. A creature of solitude; that was me, certainly. In a way, I hated it. In a way, I loved it.

Always a contradiction of myself. I could live with that, though. I had been, correct?

No, this was foolish. It was pointless to think about what had been, because it never could be. Certainly. I didn’t have to believe it, but it’d be better for the time if I could abide by that particular rule. After all, I had to work to do here, and more work would undoubtedly follow.

Such is life. Intertwined, veiled, and constantly twisting within itself. Yes, such is life.


Name: Chauvelin Aermand
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6’1”, with a lanky build. Hair is black, longish, and semi-shaggy in a neat sort of way; he sometimes wears it pulled back. Eyes are icy blue with deep blue flecks. Skin tone is about average and tends to stay that way. Walks confidently, though perhaps without much grace.
Personality: Doesn’t much care to go along with the crowd though, if they’re doing what he honestly wants to do, he will. Tends to be obsessive about certain issues, chasing them to the bitter end if necessary. On these obsessive issues, he often can speak for hours. Charismatic, especially in relation to his beliefs. Holds his own sense of justice and stays to it firmly. He’s fiercely intelligent, though he doesn’t speak much of the knowledge, and enjoys the arts--particularly theater. Romantic when he wants to be, and often quite captivating.
House: Slytherin
Quidditch Position: Chaser
Wand: Beech, 12 ½”, dragon heartstring
Pet: A dog--a Siberian husky with wolf blood. Looks more like a wolf than a husky, though isn’t dangerous at all. At least, not very dangerous to most people. His name is Wraith.
-Literature and Art
-Defense Against the Dark Arts
-Advanced Potions
-Advanced Transfigurations
Favorite Class: Dramatics or Potions
Relationships: *shrug*
Parents: Both wizard, though he didn’t live an entirely “wizard-world” life… He spends quite a lot of his time with his Muggle relatives (mum was Muggle born).
Where Your Loyalties Lie: He hasn’t said on this subject, yet…
Other: He plays electric and acoustic guitar… mostly electric, whoo. Also into singing, nyah.

Chauvelin Aermand ~ 7th year Slytherin

This was to be my final year at Hogwarts. In a way, I welcomed it. I yearned for the outside world, for a chance to be on my own. On another side, however, being at the school did allow for a certain amount of freedom. Enough to live with, perhaps to enjoy. Here was where I had attended school for six years already. Here was where memories lived.

Smiling slightly, I dragged my luggage toward the train. My family hadn’t come; why should they have? After all, they were busy, and it’d been easy enough to bid them adieu at home. Why have them come to the station? Around me, families were parting tearfully--some of them were, certainly. Others were more optimistic. Some laughed, some hugged… It was the same every year.

Wraith followed me, his sharp eyes following the movements of this chaotic crowd. Yes, Platform 9 3/4--what a name, right--was busy now. Later on, it’d be near to overflowing with witches and wizards, as well as their witchlings and wizardlings. Right, so that wasn’t an accepted term. It was still damned amusing.

I boarded the train to find that there were few students on it. Why the hell had I arrived so early? Ah well, there was no changing it now. I found an empty compartment in the last train, a task that took very little time, and slung my luggage into the compartment. Then it was time to wait for other students and then for departure. Waiting for the new year.


Name: Rvevian Marson
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Appearance: About 5’10”. Build is pretty much average. Her hair is naturally black--it’s slightly wavy and reaches to about mid-shoulder--her skin naturally pallid and seemingly incapable of becoming tan. Eyes are icy blue with deep purple flecks. She moves almost liquidly; smoothly and assured of where she is going. Wears a silver bracelet; it’s quite old, actual silver, and of Celtic design.
Personality: Something of a loner, though it isn’t necessarily by her own choice. She’s quite emotional and often finds herself at a loss to explain herself. At times, she acts impulsively, though she usually thinks before acting. She thinks quite a lot, really; spends much of her time observing the world, its people and places. Tends to lean
House: Slytherin
Quidditch Position: Chaser… She talked her way onto the team when it became evident that Crabbe and Goyle weren’t doing a damned bit of good.
Wand: Birch, 11 ¼”, dragon heartstring
Pet: A raven named Pluto
-Literature and Art
-Defense Against the Dark Arts
-Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts
-Advanced Potions
Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts, though Potions is fairly close…
Relationships: *looks around* *shrugs* Laters.
Parents: One Muggle, one wizard; she lives a life somewhere between that of a Muggle and a wizard, being exposed to both cultures.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: She doesn’t really have any loyalties… She doesn’t much care for Voldemort, though she doesn’t know if the Order is entirely honest, either.
Other: …maybe later.

Rvevian Marson ~ 6th Year Slytherin

Back to school I go.

It was the same as it always was. Same old train, same old crowd. All right, so it was generally the same old crowd… The seventh years of last year were gone, and there were new first years. Even so, it all blended into one. The station was always the same.

Ah, the school though--that would be different this year. Events would change what the student body was. Nothing would be the same, not after what had happened at the end of the previous year, with my Gryffindor classmates. They seemed to find themselves in adventure quite often. Mmm. Lovely for them.

How would this be? The teachers would no doubt attempt to keep everything as typical as possible while informing us of occurrences in the world at the same time. Students would talk, students would breed their own ideas. More rumors, how lovely. Always about the same people, too. Honestly, it got rather tiresome after awhile.

Thoughts similar to these ran through my head as I entered the last train and grabbed the compartment nearest to the door. Better to be situated, to be ready for whatever or whomever decided to show up. I sat quietly, awaiting the arrival of my classmates.


I’ll write Lucius’s and Moody’s later… Both are (probably) on their own at the moment, so there shouldn’t be a huge problem with this.


Fun word… ;)

Elemental Seribii
1st August 2003, 12:42 AM
Name: Draconius Malfoy
Age: 17
Year: 6th
Gender: M
Appearance: He's somewhere around 5'7'', with gelled back platinum blonde hair. He's built thin, slim and agile, with quick reflexes and pale skin. Most of his facial features are pointed, and his eyes are set quite deep, with longish eyelashes. You could say he’s a bit of a pretty boy. His eye color can range anywhere from steel gray to icy blue.
Personality: He can seem bratty, selfish and very proud. That's true. He holds grudges for a very long time, and often demands revenge if he's injured in any way by someone else, purposely or not. He uses people to get what he wants, and has a whole load of connections throughout the school. He usually gets Crabbe or Goyle to do his dirty work, unless it's in the insult department, in which he excels. He’s an over-achiever, too, mostly by a need to impress people. While he’s not as twisted as his father (yet), I’d say he’d be one to be easily corrupted.
Though, you could say he has no real friends, but it's not that he has emotional breakdowns about it, not that he really cares…
House: Slytherin, he’s a Prefect.
Quidditch Position: Seeker
Wand: Willow, 8 ½ inches, with the essence of phoenix tears.
Pet: A black hawk, with the same color eyes, but silver on the tips of his wings and his tail feathers. He’s called Thantos.
Literature & Art
Advanced Potions
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Advanced DADA
Favorite Class: Literature & Art, strangely…
Relationships: Potter and his chums are a favorite. Crabbe and Goyle don’t hang around him as often, but are still usually around somewhere. Pansy tends to stay away now. His parents are obviously Lucius and Narcissa, and his aunt, Lorelei.
Parents: A Wizard and a Witch, seeing as he comes from a pureblood family.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: Meh. Choices, choices. Currently neutral, but you know, with the Death Eater father and all...
Other: Everyone calls him Draco. It’s just like that. I also have a very bad feeling about an angsty Draco…

Draco Malfoy - Prefect, 6th Year Slytherin
Another year at Hoggywarts. Oh, the joy. Guess what's gonna happen? Ooh...maybe Potter and his chums are gonna save the school, maybe the world? Nah, that's too original.

Father just left, something about work. Mmmhmm. Yah.
Moving on.

Potter ambles by, and doesn't notice me until I snort, holding back a laugh. When he looks up, obviously glaring, I study the shiny Prefect badge on my robe.
He mutters something, rolls his eyes, and stalks off.
Potter's chums, Weasel and Granger, must not be here yet.
Ha-ha, Potter's a loner. Yes, I do find these kinds of things amusing.

My bag (magically bottomless, of course), is next to me, with Thantos' cage on top of it. He looked at me, blinked, ruffled his wings, and continued to wait patiently.

I ran a hand through my hair, and watched with one raised eyebrow as Potter walked past again, in search of his sidekicks. Ah, the hilarity. Notice the smirk.

Almost as funny as that time when Crabbe and Goyle hit on Pansy like there was no tomorrow. Very wrong, very funny.

I'm a Preeeeefect, have you heard? I wield great power. Like putting Potter in detention.

Screw Voldemort, Hogwarts will fear my name.

Other Character-
Name: Sai Tronatica
Age: 39
Gender: F
Appearance: Her appearance seems to have changed to something cold. Her hair is still silver, but has been cut short, and it reaches her shoulders, but is slightly shorter in the front than in the back. Her eyelashes are silver, and her eyes are the same color with flecks of icy blue. Her lips also seem to have been tinted slightly blue. Her skin is still pale, she's around 5'6'' and her nails are painted metallic light blue. She wears a crystal pendant on a chain that is shaped like a snowflake, and has a sapphire in the middle, along with a whole set of jewellery to match. Earrings, bracelet, a ring and an anklet. Strangely, she doesn’t look any older than maybe in her twenties…
Personality: She can seem cold and quiet, but she’s just learned to hold her tongue, even if she wants to scream the obvious out. She still has a twisted sense of humour, and a sarcastic comment for everything. Her new appearance adds a new level of freakiness that is Sai. She sometimes spaces out, almost like a trance where she doesn’t see or feel anything. She’s quite smart and quick-witted, sometimes too much for her own good. She’s also rather sadistic, and can become slightly (yeah, right) fascinated with blood. She always seems to know when people need help, but it’s not that she’s willing to give it.
Relationships: She used to go to Hogwarts with Serverus, Lucius, that lot. While she wasn’t best friends with them, they’re still familiar faces. Otherwise, none really.
Occupation/Group Affiliation: She goes off for research mostly for herself, though she does submit a lot of her information to anyone she knows that could use it. She was planning on writing a book when she got back from the Arctic, about most of the things she’s seen or found out. She’s started on it again, and hopes to one day finish it. I guess you could say she’s self-employed.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: More neutral than anything. She sympathises slightly, very slightly, with Voldemort, mostly because of some research on Tom Riddle. She trusts Dumbledore, though.
Anything to share about your past?: She’s an ex-Slytherin. When she left Hogwarts, she decided just to float around, working in Flourish and Blotts for a while. She was doing something on Doppelgangers, which lead to research in the Arctic, Alaska, those kind of places, something to do with the Aurora Borealis. She lost contact with the Wizarding World for quite some time, before just showing up in London one day, and she got in contact with Dumbledore.
Other: She doesn’t seem to really mind being cold. I mean, freezing cold. Also, if her eyes reflect the light just right, they seem to change color and glow. Donatello, the amazing ferret, is also still kicking, and can usually be seen perched on her shoulder.

Sai Tronatica
Thought you could get rid of me, didn't ya?

I never realised London was so stuffy.

I walked into Flourish and Blotts, and disappeared behind the shelves, running my finger along the spines of the books, until I found the one I was looking for, and snatched it off of the shelf.

It was one on Magical Auras. Grinning, I also snatched a book on Apparations. I bought them both, and Donatello giggled, if ferrets can giggle. He scrambled up my arm, and looked around, before calming down.

I wandered down the street, before finding The Sliced Moon, the inn I was staying at for the time being.

Opening the door, I tossed the two books on the writing desk, where a whole load of papers, books, and an old fashioned typewriter, along with a quill and black ink.

I sat down on the bed, which of course had moon patterned blankets. Donatello curled up on the bed, as I scratched his head lightly.

"It's good to be back, eh, Donatello?"

He giggled in response, and I grinned.

Name: Ruby Cynita
Age: 16
Year: 5th
Gender: F
Appearance: She’s rather plain, but still good-looking. She has chocolate brown hair with blonde highlights, that curls at the middle of her back. Her eyes are hazel, but usually seem more green than anything. She has freckles that dot across the bridge of her nose, and she usually wears thin-rimmed glasses that just circle her eyes. She’s around 5’3’’, and her skin is a light olive-ish color. Rather randomly, she has a nose piercing, just a small crystal flower.
Personality: She’s quiet, and usually shy around people she doesn’t know. She’s strong though, and makes a vicious Beater. She’s rather sentimental, can be a hopeless romantic and blushes easily. She stays out of anything that wasn’t meant to involve her, and makes sure not too much attention is paid to her, that she’s just another face in the crowd. She usually leaves her homework to maybe the last two days, and while she isn’t a genius, she usually does well enough, and doesn’t usually take anything too seriously.
House: Hufflepuff
Quidditch Position: Beater
Wand: Holly, 8 inches, with a dragon’s flame.
Pet: She has a great horned owl, with yellow eyes, called Reign.
Advanced Charms
Care of Magical Creatures
Literature & Art
Favorite Class: Charms
Relationships: Not really, but she’s one of those people who most people feel comfortable enough to talk to once in a while.
Parents: Both magical, but most of her family on her Dad’s side are Muggles.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: Though she doesn’t know about the Order, she’s definitely against Voldemort.
Other: Eh, she has a slight obsession of sketching profiles of people around school. She has sketches of students, teachers, ghosts, anyone. She’s got good at it, too.

Ruby Cynita - 5th Year Hufflepuff
"Bye Mum! Dad!" I waved, before wandering down the train. I wasn't that early, I guess people just must be waiting for their friends. Shrugging to myself, I climbed onto a car.

One other boy was there, he looked up, before half-smiling. The husky...maybe a wolf?...looked up as well, his ears perked. I guess he saw no threat, and he resumed his original position.


Well, that was deep.

...Chauvelin, I think. Yeah. 7th Year...I'll bet Slytherin.

Taking a seat in the row across from him, I placed Reign, still in his cage, on the seat next to me. If I got really bored, I guess I could do some sketching. I'm pretty sure I haven't sketched him. Or I could just find someone out of the window.

Here's to another year as basically a nobody.
Who's bad at interacting? I am! ^-^; Hope that's okay.

1st August 2003, 01:48 PM
Name: Morbrid Chaos
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Gender: Male
Appearance: has long black stringy hair (sorta like Sirius' before he got out of prison), blood red eyes, doesnt like to wear his robes, so when he doesnt have to, he wears a black leather trenchcoat, a black T-Shirt, a black leather belt with two chains attached from the belt itself to a belt loop, and black tennis shoes.
Personality: Very cold and somewhat disturbed, no one has ever gotten close to him, not even his fellow Housemates
House: Slytherin
Quidditch Position: Beater
Wand: 12' inch, Oak, Dragon Heart-string
Pet: a Raven named Shadow
- Charms
- Transfiguration
- Potions
- Defense Against the Dark Arts
- Literature and Arts
- Care of the Magical Creatures
Favorite Class: D.A. the D.A.
Relationships: Isnt friends with anyone, some attempt to get close to him, but his personality and something odd about him drive them away...
Parents: Wizard mother (dead)[by who, do you guess?](stays at an orphanage during the summer holidays)
Where Your Loyalties Lie: He will help defeat Voldermort with an insatiable bloodthirst (ppl cringe) hehe I like that...anyways, besides that has no loyalties to anyone
Other: Can he PLEASE have some Dementor blood in him? (id explain why no one gets close to him)


<~- Morbrid -~>

I sighed as I opened another door to another car...

It was like this EVERY year, no one would get close to me...

Whenever I passed by someone, they normally shyed away and got up and sat somewhere else. When I opened the door, to seemingly the last car on the train, I found it un-occupied.

Seizing the opputurnity, I quickly set my affairs down, and took a seat...

Oddly enough, I thought no one would come to this car, but to my suprise, the door opened, and none other than the "famous" Harry Potter strolled into the car...

"Hello, hello, Ron, Hermione!!..." he called in the dimily lit car, obviously calling his friends, "are you there?"

"Obviously not mate..." I said aloud, "this here's the last car on the train, and your friends aint on it..."

"err..." Harry responded, "thanks for your...help..."

"no worries..." I retorted, as Harry left the car

"arrogant, little fool..." I thought to myself, as the train chugged along to Hogwarts.......

1st August 2003, 03:15 PM
Name: Mike Rampart
Age: 16
Year: 6
Gender: M
Appearance: Tall and kind of skinny, with dark brown hair and deep green eyes (no, Harry has black hair and green eyes in the book)
Personality: Friendly, nice; doesn't like getting in trouble, and is a hard worker in his classes
House: Hufflepuff (why does everyone avoid it? Hufflepuff is really just for the students who don't fit into the other three)
Quidditch Position: Chaser - Captain
Wand: 13 inches, oak, with a core of dragon heartstring
Pet: A siamese cat, with tan fur on most of her body, with brown on her muzzle, hind feet, and the tip of her tail.
~Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts
~Advanced Transfiguration
~Care of Magical Creatures
Favorite Class: Arithmancy
Relationships: (Anyone your character loathes? Loves? Etc.)
Parents: Muggle mom and Wizard dad; Dad was tortured to insanity by Death Eaters, so he lives like a Muggle at home.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: Against Voldemort (since he doesn't know about the Order)
Other: Is a metamorphmagus (thanks, Ginger); he still doesn't have full control over his changes, so occasionally (about once a week, if that) his nose or hair will transform suddenly during class, but nothing more than that.

Name: Ginny Weasley
Age: 15 (I guess)
Year: 5
Gender: F
Appearance: Not very tall, with flaming red hair that reaches to her shoulderblades, and mellow blue eyes.
Personality: She's taken after her brothers in her five years at school with them, not as shy or innocent as she was in her first two years.
House: Gryffindor (Prefect)
Quidditch Position: Chaser
Wand: (I never saw it mentioned ._.' ) 10 1/4 inches, willow, with a core of unicorn hair
Pet: Pig! (as in, Pigwidgeon); Ron gave Pig to her after he realized it wouldn't really listen to him (small fluffy gray owl, for those who don't know)
~Defense Against the Dark Arts
~Care of Magical Creatures
Favorite Class: DAtDA
Relationships: Six older brothers (duh); curently going out with Dean Thomas (gasp of surprise from Ron); the usual crowd...
Parents: Witch and Wizard
Where Your Loyalties Lie: For the Order
Other: Anything in this form anyone sees wrong, tell me so I can fix it...

Name: Harry Potter
Age: 16
Year: 6
Gender: M
Appearance: Tall, but not enormously tall; slightly lanky because of his "diet" at the Dursleys; untidy black hair that never wants to be straight, with bangs; bright green eyes, and a scar on the right side of his forehead in the peculiar shape of a lightning bolt
Personality: Brave for the most part, and often rushes into danger without thinking. He's loyal and a good friend, though, and nice to most people.
House: Gryffindor
Quidditch Position: Seeker (Captain)
Wand: 11 inches, Holly, core of a Phoenix (Fawkes) tail
Pet: Snowy owl by the name of Hedwig
~Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts
~Advanced Transfiguration
~Advanced Potions *shudder*
~Advanced Charms
~Care of Magical Creatures
Favorite Class: DAtDA (though CoMC is a close second)
Relationships: Best friends are Hermione and Ron, other friends, despises the Slytherins, especially Malfoy.
Parents: Pure blood Wizard father, Muggle-born Witch Mother, both murdered by Voldemort when Harry was one.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: For the Order.
Other: bleh...

Posting-ness tomorrow...I have to leave and won't be coming back today X_x'

2nd August 2003, 12:37 PM
Name: Drade Sykes
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, wearsa medallion with the Sykes family crest on it. Has a nice tan.
Personality: Friendly, and quite loyal. Has many friends within Hogwarts.
House: Hufflepuff
Quidditch position: Seeker
Wand: 11 inches, werewolf skin core (odd yes)
Pet: A formally stray Siberian Husky, quie small for her size. Named Zulta in honor of his Grandmother, Zultaria.
Classes: (Everything advanced that can be advanced, except Herbology)
Defense against the Dark arts
Care of magical creatures
Favorite class: Transfiguration
Relationships: Generally hates all Slytherins (Wants other friends, please inquire!)
Parents: Both magical, with mostly magical backgrounds.
Where Your loyalties lie: Order, parents are aurors and work for the order.
Other: He's a prefect, trying to begin training to become an animagus.


"Bye Mum! Bye Dad! Thanks for the new broom!" I yelled, carrying my trunk and Zulta's cage up the steps and looking fr people I knew. I went all the way to the back, my usual place. I struggled, opening the door.

"Um, excuse me, have you seen anyone else around here? Like Hannah Abbo-"

"If anyone was in here, I would know," he snapped. I smirked, Morbid Chaos of course. What a weirdo. Zulta growled at him as we left. I found some other Hufflepuffs farther up and threw myself into a seat.

"Ok Zulta, you can come out," I said opening the cage and letting her jump on my lap. Draco Malfoy walked ino the cabin. I smiled evilly. Oh how I hated him.

"Hey Draco, how's your Dad doing?" I asked. I loved making him angry. Zulta stared straight into his eyes, growling softly. I felt my wand and kept my hand on it. Ready...Waiting.

3rd August 2003, 01:44 AM
<~- Morbrid -~>

As that idiotic fool Drade Skyes left the car, I closed my eyes...

Then my curse over took me...

All I can now see is joy and happyness...

Oh how I want to consume it all, drink from the blood of joy, devour the meat of enjoyment, REAP THE SOULS OF HAPPYNESS...

Then I shuddered and said aloud, "NO...IT WONT TAKE OVER ME..."

I buried my face in my hands, until I heard a commotion in the next room...

I got up, and ran to the door, there I saw wand to wand, Skyes and Malfoy about to tear each other's throats...

"Interesting" I said slyly, "we COULD use a little action on this train..." So I sat down and watched the action...

3rd August 2003, 02:09 AM
Name: Madison Alexander
Age: 17
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Appearance: Madison is slender, 5'5", Dark chestnut slightly wavy mid-back length hair, blue-grey eyes.
Personality: Very calm nature, much like her mother. Very logical and levelheaded--looks at entire situation before acting. Is slightly bitter at times (see below) which makes her unapproachable at first, but once you get to know her you have a friend for life
House: Ravenclaw
Quidditch Position: Chaser
Wand: Her wand type is a Oak, 9 inches w/dragonheart string
Pet: a kitten named Soluna
Class(es): Advanced Charms and Transfigurations, Charms, Transfigurations, Potions and DADA, Literature and Art
Relationships: No boyfriends yet. Has alot of friends in all houses--dislikes anyone who are the offspring of Death Eaters (as her father was murdered by one for being a Muggle)
Parents: Jayne (Mackenzie)--Witch/Michael Alexander--Muggle (father killed by Death Eaters), one brother and one sister (too young to go to school as yet) Cousin: Jaiden Moore
Where Your Loyalties Lie: More for the Order~despite her calm nature, and like her mother, she wants to see justice done for her father
Other: Able to hear other's thoughts...sometimes it's a blessing and other times it's a curse

~Madison Alexander~6th Year~Ravenclaw~
I managed to secure a compartment for myself away from the noise of the other students. Even though I am looking foward to another year at Hogwarts, and hanging out with my housemates, and playing Quidditch, I need this time to myself to reflect on things that have happened, and mentally prepare myself for the future events to come this year.

I looked outside the window and sighed, thinking of Mother, Chris, and Jenna. I lean my head back and close my eyes as I think about my family. I'm pretty sure at this time they have arrived at Hogwarts and have settled in by now. I'm looking foward to seeing them again even though they all left less than a week ago.

My mind starts to drift off and I'm halfway dozing off when I hear my cousin digging through her book bag and muttering to herself continuously.
I say sleepily "Jaiden...will you stop that. I'm trying to think here."
Jaiden looked up from her belongings and said sarcastically said "Oh excuse me." Then she smirked and added "I didn't know snoring was the same as thinking."

I muttered "You're such a pain sometimes Jaiden."
She smiled and closed her bag. "You still love me anyway Maddie."
I cringed...Jai always called me that whenever she was trying to weasel out of trouble. And to this day, I still hate that nickname.

I open my eyes and watched my cousin. Her thoughts were as clear as crystal sometimes. She was still nervous about coming to Hogwarts. "Jaiden relax....it's as nerve-wracking to be going back to school for me as it is for you..."

Name: Jaiden Moore
Age: 17
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Appearance: Jaiden is slender build, pretty, around 5'6", black hair, just past her shoulders...and mostly straight, but slightly waved at the end, and dark eyes. Wears a crystal around her neck--belonged to her mother.
Personality: Friendly towards some of the students in her own house and some from other houses. Finds those students that think they are "better" than others to be complete morons, so she keeps away from those who she thinks are "trouble."
Is somewhat mischevious at times, and will play practical jokes on unsuspecting students at random, even those in her own house
House: Slytherin
Quidditch Position: Keeper
Wand: Her wand type is Birch, 9 1/2 inches, Unicorn hair
Pet: N/A
Class(es): Advanced DADA and Potions, Charms, Transfigurations, DADA, Potions, Arithmancy, Literature and Art
Relationships: No boyfriends yet. This is her first year at Hogwarts~~transfer student
Parents: Mother: Angel C. Moore--Witch, father unknown
Aunt/Uncle: Jayne (Mackenzie)/Michael Alexander (deceased), Three cousins, one being Madison.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: Neutral on this subject....she has been secluded in France (Beaubaxtons) until this summer and hasn't had alot of information about Death Eaters or Voldemort. It was felt (by her aunt and her mother) that she would be safer with her aunt, so she's transferred to Hogwarts
Other: Has her mother's ability to feel what others feel--joy, pain, anger, etc

~Jaiden Moore~6th Year~Slytherin~

I watched my cousin's expression go from annoyance to that of concern. To be honest, I was nervous.
Everything had happened so fast~~receiving the letters from my mother and aunt...saying goodbye to my friends and teachers at Beaubaxtons....coming back home. The whole situation seemed unreal somehow, and yet I knew it was very real--from the students to the express train now slowly winding its way toward my new home for the next year.

I assured Madison "I'm alright. There are alot of things I have to get used to." I fingered the left side of my robe where the symbol of my new house--Slytherin--was. "Like this" as I showed her my robe. "At Beaubaxtons, they didn't have houses as they do here...." I stopped myself because Madison knew the entire story ad nauseum and didn't need to hear it again.

I fingered the robe and the symbol again. I was confused Why did the Hat put me into Slytherin without a second thought, and not in one of the other groups?? I was one of the top students....I'm loyal and dedicated and have been known to be brave in a crisis. I know I would be better suited in one of the other houses.
"Jai really...you shouldn't have listened to Chris and his explaination of Slytherin..."

Darn it...she's listening to my thoughts again...
I watched my cousin sitting across from me. She had her eyes closed again, and a small smile on her face. "Not all wizards that come from Slytherin become evil. Remember--my aunt and your mother was from Slytherin too."
I sighed...Madison was right. My mom has been working her tail end off every single day of her life, making potions--and not once had she been forced to work for anyone but herself.

"But some of your new housemates---I don't trust them as far as I can throw them either."
I was about to ask Madison why when the lady with the push cart asked if I wanted something to eat from the snack cart. I ordered a little bit of everything for the both of us and settled in to my seat for the rest of the ride.....

Name: Jayne Mackenzie-Alexander
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Teacher of: Muggle Studies
Appearance: Jayne is slender, 5'8", Chestnut shoulder-length and slightly wavy hair that she wears it up most of the time, blue-grey eyes. Wears a Celtic Knot pendant--a gift from her mother. Her wand type is a Birch, 9 3/4 inches, Phoenix Feather
Personality: Loyal and trustworthy--will go to any lengths to help someone in need. Is very fair and dedicated with her students. Has had major life changes--two in her sixth year at school, and one just over two years ago--that have made her seem cold and bitter at times
Former House at Hogwarts: Ravenclaw
Head of House?: No
Relationships: Formerly married to a Hufflepuff student (and Muggle)--Michael Alexander--three years after leaving school, and has three children Christopher 10, Jenna 8, and Madison 17. Has a twin sister Angel and has a niece, Jaiden, also 16. Husband was killed by Death Eaters over two years ago, leaving her alone and no way to support her family. Dumbeldore offered her a job as the Muggle Studies teacher, and is allowing her two children to stay at the school during the year
Is very good friends with several of her former classmates, including Lorelei Malfoy (but not her brother Lucius) and Severus Snape
Where Your Loyalties Lie: Character more for the Order~despite her outer calm nature, she wants to see justice done--Voldemort and the Death Eaters dead or in Azkaban--so she might have peace
Any Side Occupations?: Tutoring students whenever the need arises
Other (Past History): Jayne discovered her true parentage when she attended her 6th year at Hogwarts. She found out that the family that raised her was not, her real parents, but her uncle and aunt. Jayne soon discovered that her father was also Angel's father Richard Carlton Moore, and their mother was a teacher at the school--Raven Moore. Both Jayne's and Angel's parents were killed in their sixth year
Also has two snowy owls that she brought with her~~a male Zeus, and a female Hera

~Jayne Mackenzie-Alexander~Muggle Studies~

Another year starting...and another summer gone.
Where did the time go?
I stepped off the ladder, brushed a few stray locks from my hair and took a few steps back to observe my handiwork. The classroom had a healthy coat of off-white paint on the walls, and sported posters of various Muggle places and sports. In the corner stood the piano that I had managed to get real cheap at an auction in London. It wasn't much to look at, but it played well.

I admit the place looks pretty good now...definately an improvement from the dingy dark color it was. For the last couple of years, I had been moved from one empty classroom to another, and hadn't been able to really settle down into one room for long. Finally after last year, I was given my own classroom to use.
Now looking at the room, it had a warmer feel to it.
It's almost like home.

I turned my attention to my children, both of them engrossed in a Muggle card game that I had bought them about a year ago. Unlike most parents--I feel the children should have the best of both worlds. In addition to the usual wizarding games, books and toys, I keep a selection of Muggle games as well.
It looked like Chris was about to beat his sister again with his favorite dragon card, so I cleared my throat. "I believe it's time we should head back to our quarters."
It was Chris that spoke up first "Aw mom..."
Jenna added "We were having fun..."

I sighed. I knew that they would try that so I said quickly "No whining...you know the rules. It's the first night back for the students, and I still need to get ready." I reached over to the both of them "And the both of you need to have dinner before then. Now off the both of you." I tickled Jenna, who burst out in a fit of giggles, and the two of them scrambled to pick up all their belongings.
After getting the children settled down, and under the watchful eye of one of the house-elves, I prepared myself mentally and physically for the upcoming events of the evening.

Note: I'll work on Angel's later...she's still out there doing her own thing ;)

Ginger Cat
3rd August 2003, 02:49 PM
*waves to everyone*
Glad to see some posties...
Also glad to see that you've taken Harry, Virtual. 'Tis good to have ye play as him.
Also, please remember that prefects will be in the "special" car at the beginning of the train ride...

Other Character-
Name: Lucius Malfoy
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6’2”. Build is slight and cat-like; his movements are cat-like as well. Straight, long blond hair that he occasionally wears tied with a black velvet ribbon (I love that ribbon… O_o). Eyes are a hard steel-gray. Skin is slightly tanned. Can be a bit frightening in appearance when pissed, but usually just wears his typical blank or contemptuous expression; one that others tend to abhor. Demeanor is imposing, and he appears to be completely sure of himself at all times.
Personality: Extremely loathsome in the eyes of most; comes off as being arrogant and a strictly antagonistic character. He laughs at things that aren’t really funny, and is often quite cruel. Acts the part of the bold, “ready to go do whatever he feels no matter the consequences” type. Is often entirely sadistic. Shows precious little hatred, or any other emotion, really. Overall, he is truly a twisted soul. There is, however, something inside him that he buried long ago, something burning that could set off something entirely unknown in Lucius…
Relationships: Married to Narcissa, the father of Draco… He has a twin sister by the name of Lorelei. Lucius was a friend of Severus, but that really isn’t much anymore…
Occupation/Group Affiliation: He’s a Death Eater, whoo.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: Death Eaters
Anything to share about your past?: He attended Hogwarts with Severus… He was a friend of Severus, as well as of several other Slytherin students. He was a Death Eater when the group originally was formed… Also, he recently escaped from prison.
Other: He is a known Death Eater, but still manages to live his life pretty much as he always has, now that he’s out of Azkaban… He simply cannot bribe certain people anymore. There are still others, though. Oh, and something entirely random and amusing to me. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to music from The Patriot… the part where Tavington and Martin are fighting… “Kill me before the war is over, will you? It appears that you are not the better man.” Um… yes.

Lucius Malfoy

I stood alone, staring into the fire. Narcissa had gone off to bed, and that son of ours had departed for school earlier. It was certainly easier to run a house without worrying about having a child in the house. Perhaps it’d be easier if Narcissa was out. Ah, but no, that would never do.

There would be a calling soon, of course. There had been one recently, but there was more to tell. We would gather again, we would laugh. How humorous it seemed now, that entire escape of the summer. The Dark Lord had indeed been correct in saying that the dementors would see things our way. We had managed to leave with very little trouble at all. Any haunting memories of the place were gone. I’d shoved them away with every other emotional memory, with every other so-called emotion. Who needed that sort, right?

The mere fact that I’d been in Azkaban meant nothing now. Even the fact that I was a known Death Eater meant little. After all, there were still a good lot of people who were always open to money. Yes, for a price, most could still be bought. Money there was, and money I would use as long as was necessary. Perhaps even if it wasn’t.

It was good to be back to this, back to being a Death Eater. Torture was beautiful in its own right. All of this was what I had given my life for, what I had given up my…

Shut up.

I came damned near to slapping myself or slamming my head into the wall. Luckily, I managed to contain the rage, but damn it all. That was the problem. I couldn’t afford to slip like that. The Death Eater was sadistic serenity. I could be nothing else. Calm and ready to fight. That was the truth of it, of course. Always ready to fight, and always self-contained.


Chauvelin Aermand ~ 7th year Slytherin

I watched the girl for a moment. Her name was Ruby… Cynita. That was it, Ruby Cynita. A Hufflepuff. She had an owl with her and, luckily, it didn’t seem to take the slightest interest in Wraith. Some birds did, and the results were never very… pretty. Agitating Wraith was a bad idea.

She didn’t seem interested in talking. She probably wasn’t. Unfortunately, she’d come in and sat down and, honestly, when people walked in, I had to talk. Damned near had to, in any case. If I started talking, I’d talk for a while, usually.

Especially if certain topics came up. Right, so perhaps I did go on too much. Ranting and raving, that was what I’d been told that it was.

I’d try to keep the, eh, ranting and raving down. “Enjoy your summer?”


And I still need to write a post for Alastor...
He feels left out.

Elemental Seribii
3rd August 2003, 06:35 PM

Draco Malfoy - Prefect, 6th Year Slytherin
Now, I was acting all innocent, I just wandered into a car to see if someone I could chat to was there.

Wrong door.

Sykes, a regular in Le Insults de Draco Malfoy, immediately went for Father insults. Uh, it's rather old, dear.

Though, I could feel a small rage build up in the pit of my stomach, as I was about to leave the car, and just head up to the Prefects', and wait. Innocent, on my part.

However, I don't take insults lightly. I walked up to face him, and Sykes' little dog-thing growled. Awh. How sweet. It's like a mutant husky.

"Mm? My Father?" Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chaos enter the car, smirk, and then sit down.

Oh, he came to see the show. Yaaay. Hadn't I heard he was part Dementor or something? Or maybe not, but most people stayed clear of him.

Sykes, the paranoid Hufflepuff, had already drawn his wand. I made sure mine was in my pocket. Just incase he was psycho. Hufflepuffs do that sort of thing. You know, bipolar. Happy and fluffy one moment, and then snap, they're rabid racoons.

Jesus, first Potter, and now him. I have two goodie-goodies to deal with. This is so uncalled for.

"Uh, yeah, your father. You know, the one that's in Azkaban?" Sarcasm was practically written in flashing lights above his head.

"Tch, tch. Was. Pay attention, Sykes. However, I didn't expect a Hufflepuff to be informed...And I never will." I sneered, and his eyes flashed. The dog-thing barked.

"See you in the Prefect's car." I gave a sickly-sweet smile, waved, and walked out of the car, leaving him.

Perhaps I should go look for Zabini.

That was so not my fault.
*hits Draco* That was uncalled for. ^-^;

Ruby Cynita - Hufflepuff, 5th Year
I was getting slightly bored. Maybe I should talk to him. But what if I mess up, and blurt out something random? I don't know...

Luckily, I was saved.

"Enjoy your summer?" My ears pricked at the unfamiliar voice. I turned my head, to see him looking at me expectantly. My brain was about to give the automatic response I gave to relatives or my parent's friends, when I stopped it.

I smiled, and started to talk. "Oh, I guess it was okay. My grandma came over, though, and she was all 'Oh, my little Ruby! How much you have grown!'" I imitated the Italian accent that she had. "And all that. I didn't really do anything that exciting, though..." Yeah, better stop there. I could feel my face heat up slightly, as Chauvelin grinned, probably slightly amused. I would of started to talk non-stop. "How was yours?"

Eh, my fingers are twitching slightly. Going most the whole summer without seriously sketching anything...a bit sad, I'm suffering withdrawal. Oh well.

3rd August 2003, 08:06 PM

"Heh," Seems like Malfoy learned to control his temper. Hmm, better head to the prefects compartment. I went up to a girl from Hufflepuff who looked familiar. Ruby or something.

"Umm, excuse me. Could you look after my dog for a little bit. Shes quite sweet and won't cause trouble," I said. She looked a bit apprehensive but agreed.

"Thanks," I smiled. She half smiled back as I walked through a few compartments. I realized I still had my wand out and stored in my back pocket, remembering what Moody would say

"Don't put your wand there! Better wizards than you have lost buttocks that way," I smiled. Moody, what a funny old fogie. I stepped into the prefects compartment and saw Malfoy, but figured in front of people, nah. I wondered how Zulta was doing...

3rd August 2003, 10:07 PM
*bursts into tears* I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH! *hugs everyone*

I found TPM was getting way way way too infested with idiot newbies, so I left for a while and kept forgetting to come back...and I come back, and I find you guys are still here! What's been going on? I heard Ginger resigned and TMM was kicked, but otherwise I'm like a newbie again!

I went over to Avidgamers for a bit... but honestly, its so dull compared to TPM, just so so so mickey-mouse. Posts on average there are about the length of two sentances, so my good roleplaying skills are quite rusty. OMG, all the Harry Potter RPing I've been doing was just so terrible, no one read any books, and there was too many members, it got so horrible...

*read Pheonix 7 times already*

And people mentioned Lorelei in their forms! *hugs Ginger and Serebii* I'm gonna have to bring her back!

*sobs for joy* You don't mind a LSU, do you?

Name: Lorelei Malfoy
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Teacher: Care of Magical Creatures
Appearance: Lorelei is still quite the same as she was as a schoolgirl. Shoulder-length blonde hair is braided into two loose braids, but its streaked with navy blue and pink. Her eyes are, as usual, cloudy blue-grey, and her skin is more tanned and her complexion is pretty. She still sports the same slender but curvy build, and she wears long, form-fitting midnight blue robes open, with a black tee and khaki jeans underneath. She dresses rather casually and teenager-like for her age, explaining her still-there fondness for pranks, jokes and fun. When out of teaching-time, she usually wears her robes. However, when teaching classes, she likes to wear muggle clothing, as its much easier to move around in and work with magical animals when you don't have long robes hanging to your ankles. Anyone who has seen her in class will have seen the magical star tatoo on her forearm, one that moves just like a picture, one of a rosy star with blue flames. She also wears a pure silver necklace with a pretty charm on it, shaped like a unicorn.
Personality: Lorelei remains as she was, though slightly more mature, but still young at heart. She vows to be anything but the serious, strict figure her brother is. She tends to slack off, and though she has a great heart for animals, she acts coldly to some other people. She grows very jealous very easily, and she loves a good verbal fight. But she can be nice, to select people. She tends to act different to each house, being a bit biased. Ravenclaw and Gryffindor are her favourites, Hufflepuff is 'okay' and Slytherin is just the ones she would like to kick. She can be very moody and bitchy, but generally is a nice, kind person, except she is foul to everyone who gets in her bad books. She used to be very opposed to her own family, but she accepts now that its her place, and that its her life, and she'll stick up for her family now. But, she tends to oppose being a Malfoy every time Lucius is involved in the slurs against her family, as she welcomes any insult to her brother. What a loving family, no?
Former House: Ravenclaw
Relationships: Her twin brother, Lucius, is quite an ***, in her opinion, and she enjoys nothing better than to tease him and backstab him. And her favourite little nephew, Draco? She doesn't mind him, and she takes back saying any child of her brother's would be the spawn of the devil. And most of her past relations are either dead or hardly around; James, Lily and Sirius are dead, Peter is dead, and she gets quite annoyed on the subject.
Loyalties: Lorelei is slightly torn at this. She is slightly more patriotic to her family, but she is still loyal to her friend's side, the Order. Thus, she is neutral, having no idea which way to lean, as she doesn't want to offend either. When James and Lily died, she steered away from the Order, even though she was already leery. Then, when Sirius died, she was completely shoved neutral, as she felt thet the Order was just being picked off one by one.
Side Occupations: Nope.
Other: She's new, brand new, to the job, and she hasn't stepped a single foot into Hogwarts since graduation. She has a slight tendancy to lose where she is in the castle, and completely forgets her way. But, if you get caught in trouble with her, she's probably the best person to be caught by. She's sort of strict in a what-you-did-was-wrong way, but normally, if you dump a bucket of toad spleens on a classmates head, you find yourself serving a half-hour of detention at max, and a lot of laughs. She loves pranks, but she isn't an easy target, and she isn't afraid to pull one right back on students if they so much as think to do so.

Ginger Cat
4th August 2003, 12:48 AM
Yay!!!! You did come back!!!!
I was looking for you before, but couldn't find you. ;) Now I know why...
Whoooooooooooo! We have Lorelei back in the game!
Welcome. ;)
lol, the spawn of the devil... Poor Lucius. :( Heh. Ah, more funstuffs. And we have another teacher. Nyah.

Mad-Eye finally gets to post... yee...

Other Character-
Name: Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody
Age: Around 70... I’ll check on it laters…
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5’10”. Frightening to look at, especially at a first meeting, and especially if one doesn’t know him… Or maybe if one knew him as an enemy. Long, messy-looking gray hair--grizzled, eh? Skin is pallid, almost dusty-looking. Scarred badly--they’re all over his body and often very deep. Has one wooden leg and one magical eye. Magical eye is bright blue in color, while natural eye is a more faded blue.
Personality: Merciless when dealing with criminals and speaking of them. Not exactly vengeful, but at least somewhat sadistic when it comes to the enemy. Distinctly paranoid; he checks and doubles checks everything, then triple checks just to make sure. Has a tendency to be crude, and is blatantly disgusting at times.
Relationships: …
Occupation/Group Affiliation: The Order
Where Your Loyalties Lie: The Order, o’ course…
Anything to share about your past?: Not really anything that isn’t said in the books… He was an Auror, and was in the original group against Voldemort. Got locked in a trunk, came out, joined the Order… You all know.
Other: He’s got a bowler hat! And a shibby jacket! … O_o

Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody

We were at the headquarters--several members of the Order were. We had heard news. Bad news. Horrid news. Perhaps the worst yet, and also news that we had anticipated.

“We warned them!” I barked suddenly, cutting through the silence.

“Yes… we’ve warned them of quite a lot,” Lupin looked up from his place down the table, his eyes weary. Of course he was tired. Everyone was tired. Not that we’d let our guard down; we couldn’t Even if for a moment, a drop in defense could prove easily to be our ruin.

The dementors had left their posts at Azkaban for good, and those in the prison had escaped. Why the hell hadn’t they taken proper precautions? All of this could’ve been avoided? It was going to result in further bloodshed--further unnecessary bloodshed. And it would no doubt be the blood of the innocent that stained the ground.

Of course there was no way to find all of them. It seemed that most had slipped back into the woodwork, while others had managed to drive back into society. No doubt, money was involved. How could they not see? How could they be so very blind? Good God, I could see better than they, and I had only one eye. All right, bad remark.

“The fact still remains that we need to find some way to contain them, to contain,” Weasley paused for a moment, than continued, “Voldemort’s followers.”

“Of course we do. That’s the entire problem.” I fixed one eye on him while the other scanned the area. Always better to keep watch, especially during times such as these. One never knew what could happen, what could turn up. “That and, of course, we’ll all need to be more careful. It seems that he has more working for him than we knew.”

“We have more than he expects.”

“True, Molly,” I nodded, “but that isn’t our problem.”

“It’s our advantage to know, though,” another voice added. This one was Tonks, her hair yet again changed. Did she ever keep it the same for more than twenty--four hours? Perhaps not, and that was certainly an attribute. She could easily alter herself, a defense against those who could be watching her. Even so, she would need to take the necessary precautions.

Take a different route every day. Don’t go to the same place for more than four consecutive days unless entirely necessary, and then take a very different route. Use different doors. Be sure of all exits. Be sure of all possible contacts. Know your enemies. The list went on in that manner for quite some length.

“Yes, and it is also to our advantage to take necessary,” I ignored the collective groan--barely heard it, actually--as I continued, “precautions. Need I remind you of them? I daresay you haven’t heard them enough, as you can never actually hear them too many times. Better to be safe than sorry. Take a different route every day…”

“Mad-Eye,” Lupin said shortly, cutting me off. “We know.”

For a moment I fixed him with both eyes, staring at him intently. Then both eyes swung away from his face, each heading in a different direction. “Very well. Don’t blame me when the find you.”

“I won’t.”

“Right then…” I shrugged inwardly. Hopefully, they would remember. I certainly did. It was beneficial; I was alive to prove that. “Back to the task at hand…”


Chauvelin Aermand ~ 7th Year Slytherin

I grinned at the response from Ruby; the imitation accent in particular was excellent. It was good to talk with someone from the school. A Hufflepuff… Mmm. Really, the differences between houses weren’t as strong as most made them out to be. The differences that most saw were simply picked up for show.

I was about to respond in kind when the door opened and another Hufflepuff, Drade, I believe, stepped in. He asked Rudy to watch his dog, then stepped out--not before throwing me an icy look. Oh, right. Here was a prime example of House prejudice. A Slytherin hater. How very lovely that was. A part of me would have liked to rip his eyes out. In general, however, I only wanted to give him a slap on the face and tell him to wake up.

Wraith growled suddenly, the hair down his spine raising as he looked after Drade’s--curiously, he seemed to have no problem with the other dog. “****,” I muttered, looking over at Ruby apologetically, then back at Wraith. “Just another dog, Wraith…” I rubbed his forehead, hoping it would soothe him. It did, luckily. I could only hope that Drade didn’t walk in again. Looked like Wraith recognized Drade as a prat. At least, I thought so, and it looked as if this dog did, too.

“My summer went well enough… I think I may finally be able to play a guitar instead of faking it,” I grinned, running my fingers through the fur under Wraith’s chin. “You know how summers are… Same old same old. Go home, see the family, get settled in at home, and just when you’re used to it, back to school… Same as always.”


4th August 2003, 11:58 AM
So, do you love Snape even more and hate James and Sirius after reading Snape's Worst Memory? Lol :p

Lorelei was in the book! Lorelei was in the book! *grin* In Snape's Worst Memory:
...and a girl sitting behind him was eyeing him hopefully... about Sirius! *bounces* Hehehehehe. 0o;;

Spaaawn of Lucius/devil. He IS, but he's got Black family blood in him *shudder* He's tainted! Eee, he's NOT a Malfoy! He's a Black-Hearted Malfoy! *babbles on*

Being a teacher is F-U-N! 0o;;;

And now, my first REAL rp post since... months and months ago!

Lorelei Malfoy
The Hogwarts train was quite familiar, but certainly very older. Since my last ride on the Express, the seat cushions had been a faded grey. Now, they had been replaced with a ugly green of some sort. Hideous, really. I mused calmly to myself as I walked down the hall of the train, feeling quite alone.

If this were over twenty years ago, I would be walking with Sirius, James, Remus, Peter and Lily. I thought, steering around other students, taller than most of them. A few students stopped to look, but then again, it wasn't every day that a teacher walked in with streaked hair in two colours wearing jeans and a t-shirt. And there would be a waterballoon bursting on someone's head, and some type of spider on the loose.

I came to a dead halt infront of the door to what used to be our favourite compartment. As trunks weren't normally handy on the train, James and Sirius had broken out a board on the wallpanel and stashed a bunch of Jipper's Jokes supplies in it for every ride. So when I went in, it was mercifully empty.

After dumping my purse on the seat, one trainer-clad foot stepped onto the seat, followed by another. I could reach the board, if only I could remember where it was. I shifted my position, having the trunk rack digging in my arm, and found a semi-loose cracked board. Pressing my fingers into the narrow groove, I tugged, and the whole board came out easily.

All there was left of James and Sirius's big stock pile was a few firecrackers and a bag of white pellets labelled 'Stink Pellets' in James's untidy writing.

"Well, you two would not be happy seeing how the supply has diminished..." I muttered to myself, jumping down to the floor after resealing the little plank-door. "No indeed, and Lily would have been happy for that..."

Plopping down on my seat in a rather unladylike way, I sat and thought about my previous life at Hogwarts. We tortured Lucius and Severus quite a bit. But that was an understatement. We tortured those guys. I vaguely remember something about a 'romance' book called 'Becky's First Kiss', and then nailing Lucius right smack in the head with it when I got angry with him.

And then there was his girlfriend, Angel Carleton, or something. Damn, I didn't remember anything we did to her. It was either her or Arian-something that got overly blasted with a Cheering Charm. Dying Snape and Lucius rainbow colours... that was another vague memory. There was too many for words. And blowing up all the Slytherins and covering them with red-and-gold flowers, and accidently catching a Gryffindor in the process. Some guy... Arc, or Nail... whatever his name was, was pissed off with the Marauders for ages. Most of our house was.

There was too many memories. Somewhere back then, the Slytherin table got blown up, about forty Slytherin quills were transformed into rabbits in one Defense Against the Dark Arts class, where Renton got so cheesed off he docked many many points.

And we mocked Lucius so many times for getting stuck playing opposite of Narcissa in a play. Who would of known, I'm related by marriage to Sirius, very distantly. All because of his cousin and my brother ended up really getting hitched.

Narcissa is a whining b*tch, I wonder why he never married Carlton.

Either way, he was stuck with a wife, and a son. I didn't mind Draco all that much. He IS a stuck-up little brat and I don't like that, considering he focuses it all on my best friends' son. Whining brat. But I like my nephew more than I like the goddamn jerk known as my twin.

I haven't seen Harry since he was a baby, less than a year old. So getting to see him would be a nice treat, and I want to see if he looks exactly like James, just like I've heard. Last time I talked to Sirius.... before the accident... he mentioned how Harry isn't as much like James as he thought... but then again, Sirius and James were unbeatable pranksters, and I don't think anyone could live that up.

It just feels so strange to be back...

I shuddered involuntarily, and gave a sigh. It'd both be great and heartbreaking to see the castle again. Ravenclaw tower, my classroom, everything. I hardly could think of where everything is. Its been over twenty years....

4th August 2003, 06:39 PM
~*-> Morbrid <-*~

It took a while for anyone to notice me, but that was normal...

Finally, one of the girls seated in the opposite turned my way and whispered something into the ear of the other girl. *sigh* that was normal to, many people liked to gossip and make fun of me, sadly for some of them, their taunting resulted in them being flung across doorways, and for a certain Jonathan Grey of Ravenclaw, having their legs turned to stone...

I buried myself within my vlothes once again and then turned my eyes to Shadow, who was ruffling her feathers and picking at her food dish.

My raven had lost alot of weight during the summer, and jumped back when that infernal dog barked at it...

"why cant everyone just leave me the hell alone..." I muttered, but then, to my suprise, one of the girls, who I believe is from Slytherin, said "So...how was your summer?..."


4th August 2003, 09:40 PM
Ack! Gomen nasai for my lateness...I had to move and there was lack of internet time...*sweatdrops* ._.;

Name: Ami Zypher
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Appearance: About 5'11", slender build with a small bit of muscle on her back and arms. Her hair is a deep raven black with a few random blue streaks, her eyes are a hauntingly deep blue with a ring of cold grey around the pupils, and her skin is pale...nearly colorless. When she's not in her robes, she wears a long-sleeved black shirt and baggy black pants that hide her shoes. No matter what, except during Quidditch practice/games, she wear a small black chain necklace with black stars that bear small rubies. Her ears are also pierced three times each.
Personality: She's a bit hopeless in her depression and silence, but can be cold and heartless. She tries to think of a way to get herself out of a problem, but fails sometimes. She seems to hide a secret...one she wishes to take with her to the grave.
House: Slytherin
Quidditch Position: Chaser
Wand: 11 inch Oak, phoenix feather
Pet: A young black cat named Hoshi.
-Defense Against the Dark Arts
-Literature and Art
-Care for Magical Creatures
Favorite Class: Potions
Relationships: None yet...
Parents: Her mother a witch....father is a wizard, thus deceased(by who? I think you know...).
Where Your Loyalties Lie: She seems a bit neutral most of the time, despite missing her father. She seems to be confused if the order is truthful or not.
Other: She's actually a good student, but sometimes doesn't believe it....

<*>Ami Zypher - Slytherin/Chaser<*>
I waved goodbbye slowly towards my mother, and walked off alone towards an empty seating area...Hoshi's cage rattled at my side as I walked with my things. Sighing, I entered an empty area in the next car and sat down...wondering why they were against me. If my father was still alive, he would've come up with something to get me out of this...yet, my mother had no time. I let Hoshi out into my lap and stroked her silky black fur, the pale sunlight reflecting off the rubies on my necklace.

I gazed at my broomstick tied to my case of clothing and robes....I wondered of the perfect timing, and watched as people enjoyed their treats of the usual cart. I turned away, Hoshi mewing softly...pawing at my hand. It was another year for us at Hogwarts, and who knows what would happen. My silence was calm, and everything outside passed by along with the train...I hope Hogwarts was nothing like last year...I only hope so...

Shadow Djinn
5th August 2003, 10:54 PM
Name:Zane Keskagi
Appearance: Attatchement
Personality: Calm and silent..he's been t Hogwarts long enough for people to know not to insult him, and he can be fierce when wanted.
House: Ravenclaw
Quidditch Position: Seeker
Wand:9" Oak, Dragon Heartstring
Pet: A small malamute named Frost
Classes:Flying, Charms, Transfiguration, Defense against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, HErbology, Arthrimincy
Favorite Class: Charms
Relationships: Luna's brother
Parents: Both wizards
Where Your Loyalties Lie: Neutral

Name:Luna Keskagi
Appearance: Long blue hair, and cold blue eyes. Out of robes she has a blue tanktop on, and black shorts.
Personality: Really friendly to friends, and can be fierce to enemies. She can hold a long grudge, and will be intimidating when needed.
House: Ravenclaw
Quidditch Position: CHaser
Wand:10" Oak, Phoniex Feather
Pet: Parakeet named SKy
Classes:Flying, Charms, Transfiguration, Defense against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, HErbology, Arthrimincy
Favorite Class: Transfiguration
Relationships: Zane's sister
Where your Loyaties Lie: Neutral

Post later...^^;

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Outlaw JT
6th August 2003, 12:04 AM
Ginger: thanks for approving my special requests. I thought you might find the idea interesting.

Name: Reginald Jensen (Everyone calls him Shrimp because of his size though)
Age: 11
Year: 1st year
Gender: male
Appearance: Reggie is only about 4' tall, only a few inches taller than little Professor Flitwick, he has stringy and slightly shiny black hair that parts itself every which way(much like Harry Potter's it refuses to obey a comb), he has deep and subtle brown eyes, and he is about the thinnest, most wiry looking young lad you had ever seen at 11 years old. Just about everyone refers to him as Shrimp because of his appearance but rather than be disheartened or insulted by it he encourages the nickname so as not to give it power over him. he fully believes that a word can only have power if you give it power. he wears an old faded silver rune under his shirt or robes at all times that he never lets anyone see and he dresses in tattered black jeans and a faded black(practically gray now) tee when not in school robes.
Personality: He is always very quiet and most think him shy but more observant people can't help but think there is something off about him. he is a very observant person himself and he takes in many things that slip past the sense of those around him. he stutters a bit when he is nervous. he can also be a bit quirky sometimes.
House: Gryffindor (although the sorting hat wanted to place him elsewhere)
Quidditch Position: he hopes to try out for Chaser or Beater even though he is only first year (thanks for approval Ginger-sai. I'll decide when the time comes to make an audition post or I'll take whichever of the two positions is left at that time)
Wand: 13" Cherrywood with a sliver of unicorn horn for the core
Pet: a small king snake he calls Precious(its a female king snake)
Classes: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, Herbology
Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Potions
Relationships: He has an unusual curiosity about Harry Potter, but then what young wizard doesn't?
Parents: unknown. He is an orphan and he was left just enough money by an unnamed benefactor to pay for everything he needs for Hogwarts including a preowned Nimbus 2001 so he could play Quidditch if they'd have him.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: He makes a point of expressing how horrified he is of the Dark Lords actions whenever someone asks him.

Reginald Jensen (Reggie to some, Shrimp to everyone but the teachers)

His back was propped up against a pillar at the rear of platform 9 and 3/4. His eyes tried hard to follow the progress of all the other students as they boarded the train but he couldn't see over the crowd. He caught an occasional glimpse through the crowd as people shifted but not enough to recognize faces. Not that he should be able to recognize faces.......
He would have to make his own way across the platform to board the train very soon. The thought of being overlooked and trampled under the crowd held him back a bit. He would wait till the platform cleared just a bit more. He had forgotten how miniscule he was in a crowd but the first time he got knocked over he quickly remembered how easily everyone failed to see him. He would just wait here till there was a clear path.
"All Aboard! Last boarding call for Hogwarts Express!" someone shouted from the fron car at the other end of the platform.
Well, that meant he had to move now. He turned to his side and grasped the handle of his huge trunk with both hands and tugged with all his might. He barely managed to move it two inches.
"Darnit," he whispered to himself as a few beads of sweat gathered on his forehead as he gave another mighty tug.
It budged only another few inches. In frustration he grabbed for his wand in his robes but stopped inches before his hand came to rest on it. 11 year old wizards weren't allowed to do magic away from school. Darnit! he cursed to himself as he tightened his grip on his trunk and pulled again.
This time it didn't even move though as someone, not looking down as they walked, knocked him over sideways causing him to let go. The person cursed aloud, not understanding how they managed to trip until they looked down and saw hiw tiny form sprawled across the platform next to his massive trunk(which was practically bigger than he was).
"I'm sorry! I didn't see ya there little guy. Let me get that for you," the man said as he easily picked up his trunk with one hand while helping reggie to his feet.
The man cleared a path and Reggie followed all the way to the doors at the rear of the train. The man stowed the trunk underneath the train and indicated the door for Reggie to step up and enter. He smiled and nodded at the man before stretching his legs as far as he could to reach the bottom step up to the train. He waved his thanks before disappearing into the last car.
He walked to the front of that last car, checking each compartment, before walking back to the absolute last compartment. It had a dark looking fellow who seemed almost giant to Reggie and a pair of girls who were whispering and giggling to each other. One of the girls leaned forward to ask how the dark boys summer was but before he answered Reggie walked inbetween them and took a seat next to the dark boy. This silenced everyone in the car for a moment as they all turned to take in the diminutive form of Reginald Jensen. He was quite used to it. As, it seems, was the boy he sat next to who clearly towered over him in the next seat.
The dark boy eventually answered the giggling girls question once the train started moving but nothing much else was said for quite some time. Reggie sat next to the large dark boy in silence. He could tell this dark boy was not normal and he knew exactly why. He could feel it and it should have made him feel uneasy. Instead though, Reggie felt a bit relieved.
Nearly an hour into the train ride the pair of giggling girls got up and walked forward away from that rear compartment. Reggie took this as a chance for him to talk as he was much more comfortable with this strange dark boy than he could ever be with those giggling girls.
"You're different from them," Reggie said plainly as if it was as clear and evident as the sunshine out their window.
"You got a big mouth for such a littlle guy......" and the dark boy paused as if looking for a name.
"Shrimp. Everyone just calls me Shrimp on account of me being so....small. What's your name?" Reggie said evenly, almost seming to enjoy the conversation.
"Morbrid. And I am not so........." the dark boy began.
"Yes you are. You're different then all of them. You've got dementor blood in you. I can feel it," Reggie smiled at the frustrated look on the dark boy, Morbrid's face. "It's ok. I don't care. Doesn't bother me really. Want some Berty Bott's Beans?"
Reggie reached in his robes and pulled out a half empty box of Berty Bott's Every Flavour Beans. As he stretched it out towards Morbrid a hissing sound emitted from his wrist, followed by a small black and red snake head popping out of the sleeve of his robe. Reggie held his other hand up to his face and let out what sounded like a low exhaling yawn. Quickly the snake head disappeared back into his sleeve as if it had never been there. Reggie smiled up at Morbrid, the beans still outstretched in offering. Reggie liked this boy already.

6th August 2003, 01:32 AM
gj JT

~*-> Morbrid <-*~

I took some beans out of the boy's hand and fed one to Raven

What questioned me was why had this kid taken to me?

Everyone else usually shyed away from me, but he just sat down and even offered me some candy...

ANOTHER thing, he guessed correctly about the Dementor blood, how did he know? only experianced wizards can guess things like that

Maybe this boy, "Shrimp" as he likes to be called, will teach me something

maybe he will be my...f-friend...

"so..." I said, as I turned my head to him, ""Shrimp"?"

"yeah..." he replied semi-meekly, "im used to it now..."

"what's your real name?" I asked, inquisitevely,

"my real name is Reggie" and to my suprise, he stretched out his hand,

Is this friendship? I asked myself, is this for real? or is this some trick? I pondered

I slowly extended my arm to shake his hand, but he let out a small gasp

$hit..I thought to myself, he saw the Mark...

When I had recieved the Blood...I also recieved this disfigured mard on my forearm that looks like bony fingers reaching out to strangle un-suspecting victims...

but before Reggie could say anything, I retracted my arm, and the train began to slow down...

6th August 2003, 10:23 AM
Name: Rouge Channing
Age: 15
Year: 5th year
Gender: Female
Appearance: About 5'7" and very thin, with long blond hair that goes to the middle of her back. She normally keeps it pulled back into a ponytail. Her deep blue eyes are flecked with green, and normally betray everything she's thinking. She's very lightly tanned, but it's hard to tell.
Personality: She's very outgoing. She likes to meet new people and make friends. She's loyal, too - she'll never stab a friend in the back, and she guards secrets with her life. She'll give her life for any of her friends if need be, though she hopes she won't be put in that position.
House: Gryffindor
Quidditch Position: Chaser
Wand: Willow wand, 10 1/2 inches, unicorn hair core
Pet: A white, female owl with black wing and tail tips and blue eyes named Calantha. She was an early 12th birthday gift from Rouge's parents.
Classes: Potions, DADA, Charms, Transfigurations, Literature and Art, Arithmancy
Favorite Class: Literature and Art
Relationships: None
Parents: Her mother (Aphrodite) is a witch, her father (Redmond) a wizard. Her father was muggle-born.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: She's against Voldemort, but she knows nothing about the Order.
Other: None

Rouge Channing - F - 5th year Gryffindor

I leaned back in my seat, closing my eyes as I listened to Calantha hoot softly. I was a little tired, and bored too. People had walked through my compartment, but no one had stayed yet. Stretching, I decided to take out my arithmancy book and review some of the stuff we had gone over. I had struggled a little in the subject the year before, and I wanted to make sure it didn't happen again.

Pulling the book from my trunk, I heard Calantha click her beak disapprovingly. I rolled my eyes and grinned up at her. She just looked away. She wasn't big on me reading - she would have rather I payed attention to her. Focusing back on the book, I began to read.

OOC: Ugh, short, but I couldn't think of anything.

Elemental Seribii
6th August 2003, 12:46 PM
*is hugged* Welcome back, Lorelei! ^-^

Ruby Cynita - 5th Year Hufflepuff
So. Drade had just left me with his mini-husky.

I could either let Reign out of his cage, and tell him to stay put on my shoulder or something, put the cage on the top rack, and let the dog sit on the chair.

That would have to do.

I unlatched the cage, and Reign rattled it excitedly. He hadn't been out all day. He scuttled up my arm, and stopped on my shoulder.
"You'll be okay there, right?" I whispered to him. He hooted. I took it as a yes.

I stood up, and shoved the cage in the overhead rack. The dog, who had been pacing the isle, immediately jumped up onto the cushion.

"What's your name..." I muttered, and found a collar, saying only 'Zulta'. "Zulta?" The dog yapped.

Chauvelin's dog growled, and Zulta growled back.

I rubbed her back, and she calmed down, and rested her head on the chair.

I looked over at Chaveulin, who grinned sympathetically. He was scratching under his dog's chin, trying to do the same thing.

When the car quietened down, I realised my fingers were tingling.

I finally gave in, and rummaged around in my bag, finding one of the notebooks that I had stashed there, after my Mum warning me not to get to wrapped up in drawing again. 'Please, please, please, Ruby? Try and make some real friends!'

Shrugging off the comment, I opened to an empty page, and took out a Muggle pencil. They're much easier to drawn with than quills.

Flipping through the pages, I saw Hannah Abbot, The Bloody Baron, Hagrid, and a whole bunch of un-nameable students.

I looked over to see Chauvelin looking at me with a bemused smile. I blushed a shade of pink.
"You don't mind, do you?"
"No, no, not at all."

Eh. His face is sorta longish, slightly set eyes. Basic hair...well, I think I've seen him around with it pulled back, but it's not right now.

We both still talked (as I sketched), about the summer, slight rants about things, what he thought he wanted to do when he left the school. Stuff you talk about when you think you're running out of things to say.
Ni. Hope that's okiday. Shall post for Draco and Sai later.

Outlaw JT
6th August 2003, 03:42 PM
Reginald Jensen (Reggie to some, Shrimp to everyone but the teachers)

Reggie yanked his arm back before Morbrid could see Precious. That was the second time his king snake felt the need to pop its head out to hiss at the dark bo Morbrid. Apparently Precious was weary of Morbrid for the very same reason Reggie felt a bit at ease with him; his dementors blood.
It was odd for him to feel at ease in the least bit. Yet he did. Reggie really couldn't even understand it himself. He could guess why but he wasn't brave enough to have such thoughts.
"I bet you are a Slytherin," Reggie said quietly, quite sure he was right.
"Yeah. Any idea where you think you'll be sorted? You are a first year, right?" Morbrid asked to make sure.
Surely someone as small as Reggie had to be a first year. I mean, he didn't really look big enough to even be that so he surely couldn't be any older. Reggie nodded at him with the quirky smile that had been growing the whole train ride.
"Yep. First year. I know exactly where I'll be too. I am going to be Gryffindor," Reggie responded with assurance.
"Why so confident Shrimp? I'd've pegged you for Slytherin with your hair," Morbrid answered back casually.
"Just a feeling," Reggie responded with that persistent quirky smile, no sign of doubt in him whatsoever.
There was something else behind his voice, behind his eyes too. Something that refused to be seen or noticed by Morbrid but was there nonetheless. He did know where the sorting hat was going to place him somehow and there could be no doubt about it.
Suddenly, as the train began to slow, the pair of giggling girls returned to their compartment. Immediately Reggie's quirky smile faded and his face dropped towards the floor, avoiding the sight of the girls. It occurred to Morbrid that Reggie was not normally so open with people as he had been with him. So again, why him?
The train pulled to a stop and the girls gathered their things and left. Morbrid and Reggie got up at the same time and both took a step towards the door to the compartment. They both then stopped and let out an awkward smile.
"Hope I'll see you around. Us little guys need intimidating friends like you Morbrid," Reggie said as the quirky smile flashed once more.
"Yeah. See you around Shrimp. Good luck with your sorting," Morbrid answered, a little unsure of what else to say.
Reggie didn't wait for him to come up with more of an answer or more questions. He quickly exited the rear of the train to the sound of a thundering voice.
"First years, come with me. This way first years," a mountain of a man said from near the front of the train.
Normally he wouldn't be able to see a single soul that far away with a crowd like this getting off the train. There was nothing normal about this man though. Reggie let out an audible gulp as the thundering mountain of a man made his way towards the rear with other first years in tow. He ducked to the side as the mountain man passed and fell in line with the other first years, all of whom were at least a foot taller than him. It was an interesting start to say the least.

6th August 2003, 08:29 PM
~*-> Morbrid <-*~

As I watched Shrimp walk away with the rest of the 1st years, I sighed and thought of when I could go back to being young, but then again, those werent the best of times...

As Morbrid advanced towards the Great Hall, he remembered all the events that had happened at the school, aswell as the fact that Voldemort is back nonetheless, and also...how he had been picked on, teased, pranked (usual for the Weasley Twins, but also everyone else) and above else, distanced from my peers...

Shrimp, must feel the same way...I thought to myself, and then came up with a resolve, "im not going to let what happened to me, happen to him..."

But before I could mutter anymore, I ran into someone,

After pulling some strands of hair away fro mmy face, I could see that it was none other than the "Great Potter" who had graciously slammed into my side,

"oh Harry..." said one of his mates, a girl by the name of Hermione, "you should be more careful..."

"Dont be blammin yourself..." said another one, Ron, I believe is his name, "That blocke ran into you..." as he scooped up one of Potter's books...

"Well...well...seems we have a little conflict here..." said another voice, before I could retort to Ron's insult, the sarchastic voice of Draco Malfoy, and then Malfoy stepped out of the darkness to face us

"Malfoy, stay out of this..." muttered Potter aloud,

"Well, I really dont like either of you..." he retorted, eyeing me cautiously, "but Father DID say to make new friends, so Potter, unless you shut your mouth, Ill have to..."

but before he could continue, a final voice entered the fray, this time, it had no realistic body...

The voice of Albus Dumbledore rang through every students head, calling everyone to the Great Hall...

I scoffed, turned around and entered, leaving the others to bicker...

Ginger Cat
6th August 2003, 10:03 PM
Eh, Blastoise and JT, could we possibly slow up a bit? Let everyone have a bit of time getting off the train before the ceremony begins, all right?


I don't have time to post. Just wanted everyone to know that your characetrs should be getting toward/to the end of the train ride. Not quite to the ceremony though,a s I said...

Hope that's okay with everyone.

Avian Freeze
6th August 2003, 10:28 PM
*rushes in* x_x. Sorry, I didn't know we could post here before being approved at the sign-up topic.

Name: Zev Bryzaire
Age: 15
Year: 5th year
Gender: Male
Appearance: Around 5' 8'' with a medium build, short black hair that is spiked up in the front, deep brown eyes, and light tanned skin. He wears a spherical pendant on his necklace which is a creamy sky blue color. It was given to him by his mother at birth and he has worn it ever since.
Personality: Very cheerful and almost always happy, but he can get frustrated or irritated at times. He is very easy to talk to, and takes a lot of things lightheartedly. He is also very laid back, and he also rarely takes things seriously. He gets bored really easily due to his nature, and he prefers to live in the present, rarely thinking of the future and anything about it.
House: Ravenclaw, though it was a tough decision between that and Gryffindor
Quidditch Position: May I be a Chaser or are there too many?
Wand: Maple bark, 9 inches, traces of Phoenix feathers
Pet: A little dark golden hawk with brown tipped wings, and icy blue eyes. His name is Gavin, which unsurprisingly, means "Little Hawk". Gavin was given to him by his father before he set off for Hogwarts
Classes: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfigurations, Potions, Charms, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures (what happened to Astronomy? If there is Astronomy, I'll take it instead of Herbology)
Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Relationships: No other relationships currently.
Parents: His mother is a Muggle and his father is a Wizard.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: Against Voldemort, he has no idea about the Order
Other: No :O

Zev, 5th year, Ravenclaw


I had been sitting in an empty train compartment for a while, Gavin on my wrist and suitcase in hand. Last year had been amazing. I couldn't believe all that happened, and I was so glad that that Umbridge woman had been tossed out of the school. Man she was a b-, I couldn't bring myself to say the word. I may have been reckless, but I wasn't mean. She was definitely horrible though. The whole school went into chaos as soon as she became Headmistress. Well, at least now Dumbledore was back and everything was back to normal. Well at least I hoped so. Voldemort had been gaining power but everyone knew now. Everyone thought that Harry Potter kid was crazy when he was blabbering about it, but his story had ben proven to be true. The Ministry of Magic sure made fools out of themselves.

Anyway, we were going back to another year at Hogwarts, and I doubted this year would be more interesting than the last, but who knows? I was so bored, and I had to find something to do and so I began to pace between the train cars. I came across a girl with blonde hair. I bent down, purposefully trying to make myself be seen and stared at her book. "So whatcha readin?" I asked, smiling. The book didn't look so interesting, but I was hoping to make a friend.


Okay, I know it was short, but I couldn't think of much xP. Future posts will be longer.

7th August 2003, 02:26 AM
sorry Ginger-san, chan whatever the hell it is...

Ive just been in so many RPGs where they froze at one point and died, so thats why I speeded it up a little...

sorry bout that, I wont advance anything until everyone's off the train k?

7th August 2003, 03:28 AM
Well,, I'm back from Vacation! POSTIES! ^^

I don't think anyone has interacted with my charries...

Name: Rywen Yiaro
Age: 17
Year: 6th
Gender: Male
Appearance: (see attachment below)
Personality: He is a very honest person, and a big clear-thoughte dperson. If you ever want an unbiased opinion, he is the type of guy to keep neutral... although he is a very loyal friend and extremely wise for his age. Very mature, and yet fun and lovable to be around as well. He is a sociable person and not one to be afraid to say hello or help others out.
House: Ravenclaw (Prefect)
Quidditch Position: Chaser (Captain)
Wand: About 11', and strangely has a reddish tint to it. Made out of Mahogany Witch Wood, along with the essence of Wolfbane and the feather of the phoenix.
Pet: He has a pet cat, which is all pure black with green eyes whom he fondly calls, Tsinge.
Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts
Care of Magical Creatures

Favorite Class: Absolutely loves Defense Against the Dark Arts
Relationships: Well, anyone is good to go for relationsships to Rywen. If anyone wants relationships to Rywen, please ask and I will happily oblige! ^^ Severus Snape acts like he doesn't like Rywen however, since Rywen seems to have taken 'adult' duties when he isn't even a 7th year. (Hope that's okay Ging)
Parents: Both are Wizards, although they were killed many years ago and Rywen was an orphan in a foster home, but he doesn't dwell upon it much.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: He is all for the Order
Other: Rywen seems to have shown extreme skills, so he is training for an Auror since he recieved almost all Excellent in all his OWLs, except for Divination which Rywen did not really care for. With this, he was given the job of assisting in Defense Against the Dark Arts classes while privately studying on his own. Becuase of this, many students look to Rywen in a tight situation becuase he remains calm and focused.

Rywen Yiaro - 6th Year/M - Ravenclaw(Prefect)

Getting everything for 6th year was rather easy for me, although I couldn't help but eye every single person in Diagon Alley with suspicion. I had always believed Dumbledore, when he said Voldemort was back. I had sensed it... I knew it had to be true.
I never really understood Harry Potter much, nor did I try to. I didn't treat him like a celebrity, or any different then anyone else when I met him in the hallways. I some how knew however, that last year he had ran into Voldemort... it was the rumors that I had heard all around, and I usually kept to my instincts, which told me a lot of those rumors- parts of them- were true.

Finally when everything was in order, all I had left to do was pick up my beautiful feline, Tsinge, and get onto the train.

I was standing before the Hogwarts train, and it seemed like this year... everything would change. Some how I had a sneaking suspision many eerie occurances would happen, mysteries revealed, and new ones born. It always happened, and it made me rather excited yet the rational side of me was very curious yet level. No sense getting over aprehensive about a year which Voldemort could very well suddenly disappear for a while....
I doubted it.

"Well are you gonna move or not?" Tsinge gave me a look as if to say that, and blushing at my own strangeness for standing there, I quickly went aboard the train. I knew a lot of people- I wasn't Harry Potter popular, but I knew everyone and I would like to think no one was my 'enemy' or 'rival' of some sorts. Heck, I could even tolerate Draco Malfoy, which took some talent, some people said. Finally I came to an empty cart, and sat down. Tsinge immediatly purred and leapt off my lap, taking her own seat as well. I rolled my eyes, always she thought she were so high and mighty. She was still lovable anyway...
As the train singled it was about to leave, a few people poked their heads in to say hi... which I would warmly respond. Hopefully I'd get a few good conversations with them, being gone from Hogwarts had rather gotten me anxious about everything...


Name: Karie Velya
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Teacher of: Defense Against the Dark ARts
Appearance: (see attachment)
Personality: Very serious when it comes to talking about the matters of Voldermort... and she takes her classes extremely serious. She is sort of like Prof. McGonagall, except not always so strict. She's more for 'open magic' in which she lets students try their skills in some dueling senarios. She gets along with most of the teachers, despite how she's 'different' becuase she has black, raven-like wings open her back.
Former House at Hogwarts: She did not go to Hogwarts, she went to an American Wizarding School.
Head of House?: She's the new head of house of Ravenclaw. (gee... funny since she has RAven-like wings.)
Relationships: She gets along well with most teachers, and she actually likes to talk with Severus Snape, which is... rather odd to most people. Often looks to Prof. McGonagall for guidance.
Where Your Loyalties Lie: No one knows... but most likely for the Order since she gets seroius when it comes to talks about Lord Voldermort.
Any Side Occupations?: She works for the SIOA, which stands for "Secret Investigations of Anomalies"....
Other: This is her first year teaching, although she's been to Hogwarts early to introduce herself. ^^ She's also a "Animalus" which is NOT Animagus, because she can't transform into an animal but she has visible animal traits. ^^ In this case, being her wings.

Karie Velya - F - Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher (animalus)

So, this was the magick of hogwarts?

The lights were hovering above all the beautiful tables, and a starry night sky shown above. Ever since I had arrived at Hogwarts, I couldn't help but feel... enchanted, or rather mistified by it's secrets. Surely I had heard about Hogwarts, for it was a rather well-known school even in America, partially because of Dumbledore and Harry Potter. I felt honored to be able to teach... but yet, not to become arrogant, but I some how sensed I would get the job. Dumbledore had told me I was the most qualified...
Of course, the history of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers was rather unsettling. They were either traitors, arrogant fools, werewolves or arrogant b****es. Of course, there were only four really that way... and I had thought of four catagories. Hopefully however, I would be the first to make it through the year.
And why not?
I had secrets, many that any Voldemort supporter, if found them out, would kill me. I had worked in the underground several times for the Order and for other agencies against the Dark Power, and each time I had been in some danger. I could defend myself... why fear what is unknown? Live it... and take it as it comes.

But Voldemort was not my concern at this very moment.

I had prepared my classes for the students, hoping not to bore them with the basics of DAtDA. I did not want them to fall asleep or get hand cramps from writing, but rather with these Dark Times approaching... they needed to be filled with experience and action. None of this squat studying out of books.
I had destroyed the books... or rather, threw them away- the extra copies we had and that were given to the teachers. They were unnessicary, and as soon as the students would arrive and first classes would begin, they would destroy theirs as well if they wished.
Students... they should be fine.
Teachers... they didn't seem horrible either.
I had met most of them, which all seemed very enjoyable if not interesting. McGonagall was very kind to me, guiding me through the school and telling me the history of Hogwarts. Dumbledore even gave me passwords to some of the hidden doors... which were fun to explore when I had gotten bored with cleaning the DAtDA room. Snape, he was very interesting in a curious way, to say the least. I had heard he always wanted the defense against the dark arts position, but so far to me, he didn't seem to hold a grudge that I had recieved it. Perhaps he was just used to the fact he was a Potions teacher, or what not. I didn't really care if he did... so far I found him rather interesting to talk to, which some of the teachers told me was odd.

I was alread odd though, if it wasn't as plain as the two pairs of mighty black raven-like wings upon my back.
I was watching as the students filled the great hall... and I was sitting next to Snape and McGonagall, two experienced teachers, that I knew. Watching the students, I had a strange feeling... it was not excitement or aprehension, but some thing... strange. As if I sensed some thing... some thing that was not quite right with the scene of students in the hall. I did not know what... and soon it went away, either that or I choose to disreguard it for now. None of the other teachers seemed to looks disgruntled.

I caught a few students looking at me... or my wings rather, and whispering. I felt rather strange, for all of the teachers wore robes except for Hagrid, who soon would be in the Great Hall as well. I choose to wear my own black robe, fitted with a purple-blue undergarement, and my leather boots. Plus the sword at my side, which I had more fun with then my wand some times.

Hopefully the ceremony would start soon...


Name: Cayria Tseugga
Age: 18
Year: 7th
Gender: Female
Appearance: (See Attachment)
Personality: She's pretty average with her personality... although she's serious about her studies, and very more serious about the current matters at hand. She doesn't like pranksters, and will go out of her way to make them shut up if they annoy her. She's sort of angsty in a way... but she's not one to draw attention to herself... in most cases.
House: Slytherin
Quidditch Position: N/A
Wand: Short, like 9' and silver in color. It is made out of Wolf Water Wood and has the essense of Veela fur and pixie dust.
Pet: A Gyrfalcon, strangely pure black with beady golden eyes.
Classes: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Favorite Class: Potions
Relationships: If anyone wants any, I'd be happy to add some. Otherwise she only feels compelled to Severus, which is VERY odd as most people would see the age diference, but she rather has a crush on these teacher which is again, odd. ^^lol
Parents: Both Wizards
Where Your Loyalties Lie: She seems Neutral/ doesn't talk about it much.
Other: Doesn't like Harry or his friends very much... but she doesn't really care about Malfoy.

Cayria Tsuegga - F - 7th Year Slytherin

"D*mn hair!" Cayria swore, as she sat in one of the rather comfortable seats upon the Hogwarts train. She had her black Gyrfalcon perched upon her knee, as she once again, tucked a strand of loose, silky-ribbon-like hair behind her ear. Sighing softly, she gazed out the window... wondering when the train would move.

She was very eager to return to Hogwarts, after a summer of traveling with her parents.
They said they were traveling because of 'vacation needed to be fun', but for some reason Cayria thought it was some thing else.
What, she had no idea.

"Well Xaiac, hopefully we'll move soon." She said, gazing at her beautiful bird companion, and gently stroked him on his head. He was a gift to her, given by her father's boss (whom she did not know), to give to her. He was very strong... and easily could whoop any owl to beating them to delivering a message. Of course, occasionally Xaiac was known for eating an owl... but usually no one could prove it was her bird.

"Hogwarts... here we come." She said softly, breathing heavily to try to blow a nother loose strand of black hair out of her eyes.

(Interaction with any character is appreciated! ^^)

7th August 2003, 09:23 AM
Rouge Channing - F - 5th year Gryffindor

"So, whatcha reading?"

I looked up to see a smiling, black-haired boy about the same age as me. I'd seen him a couple times around school, but I'd never talked to him before now.

"Just my Arithmancy book," I told him. "I definitely could have done better in the subject last year, so I figured I'd look over the material before we got to school. But I'm starting to get a little train-sick. Reading on the train always does that to me." I closed the book, setting it off to one side. "Anyway, I'm Rouge Channing," I said, putting out a hand. He shook it.

"Zev Bryzaire," he said.

"Would you like to sit down?" I asked, motioning to the many empty seats. He sat down next to me.

"So what house are you in?" he asked.

"I'm in Gryffindor," I said. "You're in..." I chewed my lip, trying to remember which House table I had seen him at, "Ravenclaw, right?"

7th August 2003, 01:03 PM
Where the hell ish the train now? End of the ride?

Honestly, Hogwarts hadn't changed a bit since my last visit... with the exception of missing a tree or two from the grounds, maybe a new window here or there, but it was the same Hogwarts I remembered. Shame Remus wasn't teaching there anymore. I would have had someone to relive memories with.

Like the time me, Lily and the Marauders went into ever bathroom in the castle and covered every roll of toilet paper with itching power, my, that was funny...

The train was winding a curve around the edge of a mountain, and Hogwarts was slowly coming closer. Hogsmeade station was still just as far. It seemed ridiculous to me now that we had to take a ten-hour train ride from King's Cross, in London, just to get to Scotland. Why didn't they just friggin' magic the train to move through portals, so we didn't arrive at nine o'clock at night?

Train rides were always more fun as a student. Now its just sitting around, and the only thing of interest is to see the same young, brunette lady who pushed the treat trolly is now a cryptic old crone. Must get boring, having a job to push a cart down a train six times a year. Pay must be good, to do something so boring.

I hope they still make those honey-garlic chicken wings for the Opening Ceremony. Those were the best. Though, I'll be happy if they get rid of the shepherd's pie. That was disgusting.

Ho hum... waiting for arrival. I fidgeted in my seat slightly, leaning with my head against the window.

Another vague thing to wonder... what crap did my dearest brother Lucius do to Hogwarts as his short reign as School Governor? I doubt much, him being the idiot he is, but still, there remains the fact that he thinks Dumbledore is a useless old bastard. I think both are stupid. Lucius's got the brain of a jellyfish, and Dumbledore's just plain annoying. Oh, lookie, Sirius is dead, let's do NOTHING about it. No tears, no sad face, no time turners. I hate him.


Teaching should be fun. Working for the Ministry's department of Magical Creatures was interesting for only so long. I'd rather teach it than go out and rid houses of ashwinders and ghouls. Though, it'll be very funny, teaching, as people'll make instintanious connections between 'Professor Malfoy' and 'Draco Malfoy'. That should be very funny.

The musing stopped there as I felt the train slow down. We were getting nearer to the station, and looking up the hill to Hogwarts, I could see the large stone castle with its slanted grey roof. Lights shined in the darkness from most of the windows, and I anxiously glanced around for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw towers, having quite forgotten the location. I glanced at the lake, which was nothing but black masses in the darkness of night. Here and there you could see a light shimmer off it from the train's headlamp. It seemed so different in the dark.

"Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts..." I hummed, amused at the site of the castle. "Teach us something please..."


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7th August 2003, 01:10 PM

I walked back from the prefect compartment, feeling the train begin to slow down a little bit. I saw Zulta panting happily at Ruby's feet.

"Thanks for watching her Ruby, hope she wasn't any trouble," I said as Zulta jaunted toward me.

"She wasn't any trouble at all actually," She said, here face buried in drawing the Slytherin. I can't remember his name. Chauvelin or something. I thought I'd try it.

"Your Chauvelin right?" I asked. He nodded.

"I...I reckon I should stop hating people just for being in a different house," I said, sighing. I hoped he caught that sort of apology for the angered look I gave him.

"Erm...I like your dog. He's cool looking," Zulta growled at me jealously. I smiled and patted her behind the ears. Good old Zult.

7th August 2003, 01:43 PM
Lorelei!! *squeals joyfully* Welcome back! Missed you!! :D

Other Character
Name: Angeline "Angel" (Carlton) Moore
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Former House at Hogwarts: Slytherin
Appearance: Angel is slender build, around 5'8", black hair, just to her shoulders...and slightly waved at the end, and dark eyes. Prefers to wear black or grey slacks with a colored shirt. Wears a Celtic Knot pendant around her neck--a gift of her mother. Her wand type is Willow, 10 inches, Unicorn hair
Personality: Charming and easily likable when she wants to be, and can be very blunt at times, almost to the point of sarcasm. At times she can be a b*tch and has been told numerous times to her face
Relationships: Has a twin sister Jayne, and brother-in-law Michael (now deceased). Has two nieces, Madison and Jenna, and a nephew Christopher.
Also has a 16-year-old daughter Jaiden from a relationship, but she never married
Occupation/Group Affiliation: Auror, and has slowly been infiltrating her way into Voldemort's circle
Where Your Loyalties Lie: Towards the Order but she isn't a actual part of the organization.
Anything to share about your past?: Angel discovered her true parentage when she attended her 6th year at Hogwarts. With the help of a fellow Slytherin (and boyfriend) Severus Snape, Angel discovered that her father Richard Carlton Moore was also Jayne's father, and their mother was a teacher at the school--Raven Moore. Both Jayne's and Angel's parents were killed in their sixth year. Angel took her mother's family name to honor her after her death
After graduation, Angel disappeared, and it was believed she had reached her breaking point. In fact, Angel first became a Potions Mistress, then after furthering her training in DADA, she became an Auror
Other: Has the ability to strongly feel what others feel--joy, pain, anger, etc at a stronger level than before.
Also has a pet falcon named Tarik (Egyptian for "warrior")

~Angeline "Angel" (Carlton) Moore~Auror~

I was sitting at an outdoor cafe in Vienna Austria of all places, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon while I sipped on a Diet Pepsi--a Muggle soft drink that I became fond of--and pretending to read the latest edition of the Daily Prophet.

In reality, I was tailing a well-known, highly respected wizard. But from my sources, that's not all he was. Not only was he high-ranking and extremely popular, he is a loyal follower of Voldemort's inner circle--he was the leader of the most recent raids on Muggle and wizarding families alike. He was instrumental in torturing and murdering several Muggles--including my own brother-in-law Michael.

If I had it my way, this person would never see the light of day again, but because of the oath I took as an Auror, I have to settle on observing every movement and capturing him instead.
Maybe then, my family will find some peace.

So here I was minding my buisness when I felt a plop of water on my newspaper. At first I stayed there...ignored the drop of rain, but soon more followed and I was scurrying for my own shelter. By the time I got my bearings straight, the skies had grown considerbly darker over Vienna as the heavens opened up, and soaked the entire city.

I tried to scan the immediate area, the rain was coming down in buckets, making it difficult to see anything. Where ever Voldemort's supporter was, he disappeared now.

I sighed and shivered as I pulled my jacket around me. There was a saying about European weather~~its ever-changing and its unpredictable as hell.

So there I stayed huddled under the canopy of a well-worn building, waiting for this blasted rain to quit, when I thought I heard a cry in the distance. Stepping just outside the canopy I heard the cry become more noticable...and more familiar.
As the rain let up to a few drops, I stepped out completely from the canopy. Perched on the wall was Tarik, my falcon. In his beak he had a letter.

"Well if it isn't my little warrior...." I said softly as I reached over and removed the letter. I turned the letter over to the front and read the address...

Angeline C. Moore
Under The Canopy
Vienna, Austria~~EUROPE

I swore softly. I didn't need to turn the letter over to see the Hogwarts emblem to know who sent the letter.
There was only one person that I know of that can find you whenever and wherever you might be.
No matter how hard you might try to hide.
I said quietly "Dumbeldore..."

10th August 2003, 12:44 PM
*prods* C'mon peoples =( *whines* Pooooooost.

Ginger Cat
10th August 2003, 01:24 PM
Ek, i'm sorry... I'll psot soon. *slap forehead* I get lost and forget what the hell I'm doing. Bad, bad Ginger...
Hrm. Will try to write posties today...

Ginger Cat
10th August 2003, 09:43 PM
Chauvelin Aermand ~ 7th Year Slytherin

Ruby and I talked for quite a while; it was mostly idle chatter, yes, but it was speech, and therefore it was comforting. She really was easy to talk to, and didn’t seem to mind that I talked quite a lot. Oftentimes, people seemed to abhor any long speeches--I was inclined to give these speeches.

After a while the kid, Drade, returned. He made a pseudo-apology for his reaction earlier. I suppose, for the time, I accepted it, but to honestly think that he believed it…? I couldn’t be sure. Much as I was around people, I had learned not to trust them in general. There were few things in life that were certain; truth is always difficult to discover.

Wraith watched the kid warily, his ears laid back. He had heard the compliment but, obviously, hadn’t taken much from it. As I am at most times, Wraith is often slow to forgive, especially when he feels that something isn’t quite as it… truly is. I rubbed him between the ears, looking up at Drade.

“Thank you…” I motioned to his dog, the one whom Wraith had shown precious little of a grudge against. “Zulta is quite a dog.”

He nodded, then looked around as if unsure of quite what to say now. He was spared the unpleasantly, however, when the train began to slow; we were at our destination. I nodded to him, and he started out., giving a farewell smile. “I’ve got to get my things…”

“Perhaps I’ll see you later,” I said as he left. Ruby also called her goodbyes as she began to pack her notebook away. Ah, the notebook… I’d caught a glimpse of a few of her sketches; they were really very good. I’d never had much of a flair for drawing, and enjoyed looking at what others did.

“We’re here,” she said absently.

I nodded and stood, grabbing my luggage. “It really was nice talking to you… Perhaps we can again sometime?”


Rvevian Marson ~ 6th year Slytherin

And there was the school.

Rvevian sighed slightly, then whistled absently for Pluto to follow. She picked up what luggage she had brought and began the customary task of hauling it off of the train. At least she’d be at the castle soon; there would be a semi-permanent place to stay there. And she could listen to music, which was always good. Granted, she’d spent the entirety of the train ride listening to music, but… It was always good to hear some more. Music was essential to life--especially her own.

After all, if you weren’t going to be accepted or spoken to by most of your peers, what was there? Not that it mattered, of course. What the hell really did matter, anyway? Sometimes it seemed like nothing…

Perhaps it was indeed better to be at the school than at home. Perhaps she was safer from herself.

As she started off of the train, she nearly ran into someone. “****,” she spat, not bothering to hide the curse under her breath. “Sorry about that.”

Looking up, she saw a fellow Slytherin, Cayria. That was right, the girl who was in the seventh year. She smiled slightly, as much as she could, really. Smiling never did much good. “Lovely to see you again, Cayria.”


Severus Snape ~ Potions Master ~ Head of Slytherin

The students would be arriving soon. I’d gotten the classroom ready; now it was time to head to the feast. How lovely. The time where I would be allowed to sit in front of the entire student body and allow them to ignore me or to consider how they loathe me and wish I was gone.

Ah, but I’ve gotten over that. The thought is a dreary but overplayed one in my mind. It has come to mean very little. At least, I make it seem like very little. I’ve become quiet good at not caring, at causing myself to refrain from caring. Without emotion, control of self was easier.

Unfortunately, emotions could still get the better of me. Typically anger, nearly always anger, but there was also something boiling beneath the surface…

I only needed to be away from the Dark Lord for some time. To be in his presence required much work; perhaps after a time away from him and the others, I would feel much improved. I could hope, but the hope was ill-founded and invariably futile. As they said, no rest for the wicked.

Shoving the door to the classroom shut behind me, I started up to the Great Hall. Yes, the students would be arriving soon. First the teachers would gather in the hall, the new teachers would be brought up to meet the rest of us. Lovely. Then the students would return and the ceremony would begin, as always.

Even in the most extreme conditions, Hogwarts remained the same. It was the only constant in a turmoil us world… Was that ridiculous, or was it a miracle?


*runs off*

10th August 2003, 09:58 PM
just waiting for the chauvelin rp...


I could tell Chauvelin didnt quite take to my apology thing, but i figured Id make it up to him somehow. Anyways...I grabbed Zulta, who growled sadly and threw her into her cage. The train came to a complete stop at the Hogsmeade Station. I grabbed my luggage and Zult's cage and went to a door, escaping into te cool evening air. The giant castle that was called Hogwarts lomd over the lake. The crescent moon gleamed over the glassy water.

"Firs Years! Over here!" I heard Hagrid yell. Zulta barked happily. She's loved Hagrid ever since he helped her broken leg in my second year.

"Lo there Drade, Zulta!" he yelled. I waved back and looked for an open carriage. I stepped inside and saw a few second and third years inside. I sighed and settled into a seat as the carriage started moving.

10th August 2003, 10:13 PM
*denies the little fact that Lily hated the Marauders til seventh year*

I was one of the first off the train, leaving my luggage where is was and stepping down off the freight. Hogwart's many lights were illuminated, and I picked out the Great Hall with ease... they had replaced a few of the windows, obviously, something you could only have seen if you had looked for it.

The nasty little Threstrals were standing serenely at the carriages, and I scowled at them as one or two turned a fleshless, bony head at me. I climbed in the first one, faintly remembering a certain someone dropping newts into Lily's hair.

I leaned against the seat, kicking my feet up and musing. I supposed Snape would still be teaching. Someone I knew. Someone who was a former friend of Lucius. Someone I could bug and pester all I wanted, the slimy little Snivellus.

And when I enter the castle, I will wave and say, "Hey, Snivellusss." just to see him go livid.

I may be over thirty, but its doesn't mean I can't make his life a living hell. I can't agree with Lily on that one. Serves him right for being born.

Ginger Cat
10th August 2003, 10:43 PM
Sorry I didn't say in one of my last posts but, Avian, there's only one spot left on the Quidditch team... If you want to be a beater, you've got the last spot. Sorry 'bout that.

Ah, Gods... Poor Sev. O_o

Severus Snape ~ Potions Master ~ Head of Slytherin

I was heading toward the Great Hall, walking past the doors that marked the entrance of Hogwarts. The students were on thier way; on time as always. Was anything at Hogwarts ever truly off pace from the norm? It didn't seem so. At least, I couldn't remember when it had been.

As I was about to enter the hall, I heard the entrance doors open, then slam shut. Who could it...? Oh, that was right. The Headmaster had said that one of the new teachers would be arriving by train. The new Care of Magical Creatures teacher, correct? All right, then, perhaps...

I didn't want to see who the teacher was. I didn't much care. After all, teachers came and went. At this point, it seemed of little conseqeunce to him. Life went on, after all.

Ah, but the Headmaster had firmly stated that all new teacehrs should be welcomed warmly. In fact, his emphasis on this statement has been one for some amount of suspicion, as if there had been an actual direction to it. Was there? I could only hope not.

All right, fine then. I didn't want to hear from the Headmaster about "inappropriate attitude". He'd spoken to me of it before, making me feel a child again. Fine. I'd see who this was, bid him or her hello, and then be on my merry way.

Turning, I swept my eyes to the figure starting toward me. This was a woman, probably about my age. Unusual dress for a teacher, perhaps even for anyone her age. Blond hair, streak with color, bluish eyes...

I stopped dead. For the moment, other thoughts, other worries were forgotten, because I had seen her before. She ahd been younger, I had been younger, but she was much the same. There was no mistaking who this was.

Had to be a mistake. Had to be, had to be... But no, it couldn't be, because one could never mistake this one. The Headmaster had... But how could he have...?

He had hired Lorelei Malfoy. Gods help us all.


*shifty eyes*

10th August 2003, 11:05 PM
God help Sev, lol. :D

I shut the door rather loudly, having forgotton how heavy it was and how it tended to swing back shut wether you wanted it to or not. Cursing slightly as it creaked open and then banged shut, I began towards the hall, slightly lagged in face. It was smaller than I remembered, somehow. But as I neared the corner to the doors, someone very familliar rounded them, and I quite think both of us halted dead on our tracks, and he was most probably thinking he had mistaken me for someone else, hoping I was someone else, actually.

The expression on Severus Snape's face was certainly priceless enough to make me laugh aloud. I laughed, before replying.

"Hello Snivellus." I grinned, looking him over. "Haven't changed much since school, have you? Black, greasy and very easy to prank. I'm surprised I haven't seen you, the way you and my dear brother used to be friends."

He looked very angry at this comment, and I took one step back, pushing my hands inconspiciously into my pockets incase he decided to do something rash.

Before he could reply, I added quickly, with a smirk and liberal taunt in it, "I now know why Dumbledore told me that he was going to speak to you about politeness to new teachers, because whenever you see a new one you just stand there like a fish out of water."

Ginger Cat
10th August 2003, 11:31 PM
Aw, it's all coming back to haunt him...
*hugs Snape*
*thinks of a Hyde-Snape*

Severus Snape ~ Potions Master ~ Head of Slytherin

Was it truly possible? She was worse than I'd remembered!

"Calm yourself, Severus," I told myself. After all, I'd heard worse than her, correct? I'd had her friend Black to deal with for a while, after all.

There were many things that I could have said; most of these, I truly wanted to say. I wouldn't, thoguh. I wouldn't elt her get to me. Certainly not yet; it was only the first day. Only the first day... Why would the Headmaster do this? It was bad enough that he had... And now he...

It's true what they say: You can never escape your past. It comes back to haunt you over and over again, until--Until you're finally driven off the edge, perhaps.

What made it the worst was that she was enjoying this. What a happy reunion it was. And she hated her brother? She was certainly no better than he was. Gods, so many years and she was still the same... Did things never really change, then?

He gazed at her steadily, pushing back his anger entirely. Well, then, there would be no more of that for the night. Now that he knew she was here, he would be ready for any of her assaults. As much as he didn't want to need to be ready, he would be.

"I do hope you find the teaching position enjoyable, Miss Malfoy. I believe that the ceremony will be starting soon... I trust you are heading for it?" Without waiting for an answer, I turned and started into the Hall.


Elemental Seribii
11th August 2003, 12:30 AM
Ruby Cynita - 5th Year Slytherin
"We're here." I remarked, after watching Drade exit the car, Zulta following at his heels. Funny little dog.

Chauvelin nodded, and we both stood up, as Reign, who had been jumping around on the tops of the seats, reluctantly was ushered back into his cage. I made sure I had everything, and we both climbed out of the car.

"It really was nice talking to you...Perhaps we can again sometime?" Strange, his voice was quite familiar now.

I turned, and smiled. I could still feel myself blush slightly, though.
"Definately. See you around, then?" I leaned down to scratch Wraith's head, before heading off to jump on an stagecoach with no horse.

"Yeah, see you."

Hannah Abbot and a few of her friends came in the coach after me, and we all said hellos, before they went on with their own conversation in lowered voices. Something about Justin Finch-Fletchy and Ernie Macmillian.

I looked back out of the window to see a few other students climbing into coaches, some waiting for friends, others just standing there.

I leaned back into the seat, and rolled my eyes as they giggled.

Draco Malfoy - Prefect, 6th Year Slytherin
The train ride over had been peaceful enough.

Sykes had been ignoring me, while I sat next to Pansy. We hadn't talked as much as we used to, she had stopped clinging on.

Thantos had been unusually quiet, he usually liked to screech at anyone he didn't like the look of. Which was mostly everyone.

I got off the train, Pansy following, fixing her eyeliner, then her lipgloss.

Crabbe and Goyle ambled in from somewhere, and we all proceded to an empty carriage, Zabini wandered near, muttering something about no one else wanting him. Uh, right.

Pansy was now on mascara, her small mirror was obviously winking back at her, because she giggled. Sure, girls can be weird, but Pansy can be a psycho if you even touch her hair.

I looked behind me, after Zabini had been trying to freak out a few first years. Crabbe and Goyle (have you ever realised Crabbe comes before Goyle, always, always? I think Crabbe's the one with the slightly higher IQ) were fighting. Er, rather, their version of fighting, which was basically shoving each other around. Goyle, however, had Crabbe dangerously close to the train tracks.

With one glance over towards my direction, and meeting a steely glare, they both stopped, and both mumbled;
"He started it."

I raised an eyebrow, and opened a coach door, but not before raising both eyebrows at the Threstral. He snorted, and pawed at the ground.

Yeah, I, er, hexed a House Elf over the summer. Died of a heart attack. Father wasn't very happy, but, you know. Those things are like chihuahua time bombs. They're paranoid, very nervous, and are easy to scare. Used to have fun doing that when I was little. Anyway. Yeah, yeah. 'Seeing Death' isn't all it's cracked up to be.

11th August 2003, 12:58 AM
"No, Severus." I replied after him with a mock-innocent voice. "I'm going to skip off down to your office and set of a couple dozen stink bombs, then continue by setting your house's table a-flame."

With that, I followed him reluctantly into the Great Hall, discreetly slipping to my seat, which was a seat or two away from the end. I glanced around the room, seeing the giant, long tables that lined the rooms. My eyes lingered on the two center tables: Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. My favourite houses by far.

With a small yawn, I leaned against the long table that was the teacher's table. A wry smile flitted on my face and I watched the room with interest as trickles of students began coming in. Most were in school uniforms, except the few who hadn't changed on the train. I glanced down the table, one braid hanging down and brushing my plate.

Dumbledore looked much older, as usual. He still had grey hair, but it was whiter. At his right side was McGonagonal, and Severus was at the other side. Then went Flitwick, Sinistra, and there was no diviation teacher.

Shadow Djinn
11th August 2003, 01:49 AM
Zane&Luna-1st person in Zane

Once again. The Hogwarts express. My 5th year approaches as my sister enters the 3rd, which for me was hell. At least theUmbridge woman was gone. She couldn't even teach. Frost nuzzled my foot, noting he was hungry. I looked up to see the food cart, and paid for a bite to eat. The train slowly skated to a stop, the wheels grinding.
" Oh joy. Another year" I muttered softly. The threstals appeared, driving the coaches.
" Let's hope this one will be actually good." I said critically..


3rd year. In a way, I liked it. In a way, I hated it. More of Serveus Snape, and now Divination with that hag, Trelawny. The Charms teacher had changed, so the pipsqueak Flitwick wouldnt be there. I smirked, polishing up my wand. The train grined to a stop, and everyone rose, including me.
" Hogwarts, we meet again." I Muttered.


11th August 2003, 03:08 AM
~-~ Morbrid - 6th Year Slytherin ~-~

Damn them...I thought to myself as I entered the Hall, damn them all to hell in a hand basket for all I care...

Furios, I nearly trampled a short second year, and moved on to my table,

I always sat in the back, where no one else sat besides the Bloody Baron, but that old croon barely took notice of me after 3 or 4 years of rambunchous stories that I did not even flinch listening to...

Then soon enough he shyed away from me, and thank God he did, but my thoughts soon changed as i glanced at the Teacher's Table to see who was sitting...

Dumbledore, Sinistra, McGonagall, and Snape as usual, but the new Care of the Magical Creatures teacher seemed vaguely familliar to me, as if I had seen her in someone's face before...

Just as I had finished that thought, Dumbledore stood up, and cleared his throat...

EDIT: hehe, im such a moron ^_^;;;;

Ginger Cat
11th August 2003, 08:06 PM
Eh, just a by the way thingie, Blastoise... Flitwick's gone. And I don't know if you were referring to Karie or Lorelei, but Ms. malfoy's the new Care of Magical Creatures, and Karie is the Defense teacher...
Whoo, opening cemeonry thing.

Severus Snape ~ Potions Master ~ Head of Slytherin

We had been introduced to the new teachers; quite an assortment, really. It had been quite a year for turnover, it seemed. They sat around the tables at various places. Some new faces, yes, but what did that matter? As I’d said, new teachers came and went. I could only hope that nothing got… Out of hand.

The students were now seated at the tables, their faces watching eagerly as the Headmaster stood to address them. Already, the first years had been sorted. Later I would need to give some sort of greeting to the first years in my own house. It wasn’t the most pleasant of tasks but, ah well. After all, they were only in their first year, and it was their first day here. They were nervous, and soon they would learn the ways that had been set up through the school.

The Headmaster cleared his throat, then spoke. “I would like to welcome all of you to the beginning of a new year at Hogwarts!” There was a chorus of general cheering and applause at this. Several of my colleagues joined in the applause; I chose to abstain from this.

“Yes, yes, it is good to be back,” the Headmaster smiled, the smile that the students all seemed to fall into. Ah, but they didn’t know what this man could become, how he could manipulate the actions of others so very easily and without care. But then, who was I, Severus Snape, to judge on that matter?

I watched the students as they settled down, scanning their faces. Yes, this was nearly the same group as it had been. Same students, which meant that certain students had returned. Certain students, including my ever-favorite, Mister Potter. After the previous year’s escapades… Ah, he knew entirely too much. It was truly a shock that Dumbledore allowed the children to know as much as he did. Then again, was it really? He had always had his own ways, after all.

What did these children know? Perhaps some knew quite a lot… Though I didn’t much agree with allowing them information from the Order--what good could that do, really--I knew better than to underestimate them. The students here could be much more intelligent than they appeared in class. Not that it was entirely my business.

And ah, a lovely question. What did they guess? What did their ever-complaining parents guess? What would happen when certain information was… revealed? I couldn’t know who would reveal it, but it seemed inevitable that something would be found out. That perhaps any cover would be destroyed. Either the Death Eaters would find out, or the Ministry would find out. It was rather an interesting question… Who would be more violent when it was discovered?

Pain. I had learned quite a lot about pain over the years, and had recently been given a new lesson. In fact, it’d only been a little over a year ago when I’d been “reprimanded” for my “apparent desertion” of the Death Eaters. That was something better left without being thought of at the table.

I brought my mind back to the table, listening as Dumbledore continued onward with his speech. “I should like to congratulate all of the first years, and hope that they will be welcomed warmly to their houses.” There was more applause at this, and many first years were clapped on the backs by their classmates--most of these first years seemed to be rather shy about all of this, though a few stood out as the ones who were ready for the school. “I would also like to congratulate those prefects who have been chosen, as well as the new Head Boy and Head Girl.”

More speech. This would be a rather cheery speech; the deaths of recent times would not be mentioned. Gods forbid that Hogwarts be stained by thoughts of murder. “I would now like to introduce the new teachers.” he motioned to each, who stood when mentioned. “Our new Charms teacher, Professor Ryu Hayabusa.”

There was applause as he stood, bowing slightly, than sat at his place again. Strange to have Flitwick gone, though not necessarily a bad point. He had gone of somewhere for a “vacation” he’d said… Vacation indeed. He wouldn’t be coming back once he saw the freedom of being out of the school. His replacement gave off a vibe that didn’t go over well the majority of the staff. Personally, I would hold any sort of thoughts on this one and his loyalties until I’d heard more of him, and perhaps even then I wouldn’t judge much on it. Again, it wasn’t my place to do so, and who could truly be trusted?

“Our newest Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Karie Velya.” There was applause for her, along with several awed gasps at the sight of her wings. She was indeed a fairly interesting one in many ways. I’d not spoken much with her yet, but she had been civil, which was a rarity among the new teachers toward me. Mmm, perhaps I’m simply repellent. No doubt I am. Behind this teacher, as with all others, there was a story; what was hers? From what I’d seen, it was perhaps interesting. Then again, perhaps there was nothing to it.

“The new Care of Magical Creatures teacher, Professor Lorelei Malfoy.” There was silence, and then applause. Many glances were thrown to her dearest nephew, Draco, who didn’t seem to be paying much attention at all. Ms. Malfoy smiled at the group, nodding to acknowledge them, then shouted a hello before sitting back down. Luckily, I didn’t have to look at her while I was at the table; if I looked ahead, I didn’t have to look at any of the other teachers.

“Please welcome these teachers to the school. They’re newer to it than many of you students are--even so, I do believe that they will be treated with proper respect. Please also note that Hagrid will not be leaving the school altogether; he will go back to his position as the school’s gamekeeper for the year while he takes care of some of his own business. Continuing on,” he continued, the words flowing unceasingly now that the applause had ceased, “I would like to remind all of you that the rules of the school must be followed, or trouble will ensue--if you need to be reminded of what is considered off-limits, please check with your prefects or teachers.” He smiled brilliantly. “Now, let’s eat!” There was the food, there were the happy students.

It never did change. Sighing, I poured myself a drink of whatever it was that had appeared in front of my plate. Damnable school was without any sort of alcoholic beverage; everything here tasted the same after some time.

Ah well.


11th August 2003, 09:08 PM

I had to leave Zulta, that saddened me. Ah well. I listened politely to Dumbledore's speech, and eyed the new teachers. I was so hungry. Cauldron cakes can only hold you for so long. A large piece of tenderloin appeared on my plate. I wrapped it in napkins and kept it for Zulta. Potatoes, chicken, more beef, and plenty of pumpkin juice. Ah, fit for a king. I chowed down quickly, knowing i would regret it. I plopped a large pile of mashed potatoes down on my plate, drenching them in gravy. My favorite.

"What's up Hannah?" I asked as she sat down across from me. She blushed and stifled a giggle.

"Fine," she mumbled. One of her friends grabbed her arm, also giggling, and dragged her away. I smiled inwardly. I looked up from my plate and surveyed the other tables. Morbid Chaos, that weirdo, was in the back of course. Malfoy wasnt taking much, just eating mainly. Chauvelin was talking to some of his friends and Ruby was...sketching. Big surprise. i dipped my broccoli in some melted cheese and shoved it into my mouth. Oh how I love this food. Suddenly there was a crashing of plates. I looked up and saw Crabbe and Goyle, shoving eachother menacingly. I stood up. I want to eat in peace!

"Shove off you two!" i yelled. I flicked my wand in a complicated fashion, causing plates to rise up and start smacking them over the head. They ran out of the hall, yelling in pain as the plates contnued to chase them. I sat down, satisfied, and continued eating my dinner.

Elemental Seribii
11th August 2003, 09:29 PM
Do feel like posting for Draco for some reason. ^-^;

Draco Malfoy - Prefect, 6th Year Slytherin
I wasn't that surprised to see my dear aunt sitting at the table. She blew a kiss when she saw me, and I gave her a sickly sweet smile.

Father had mentioned something about Aunt Lorelei and a new job, in his update about Aunt this and Uncle that and Cousin whats-his-name. Luckily, this snapped quickly into mind, and I had time to assume a defensive strategy. Appear not to care that much.

I knew quite well what she thought of my parents, even of me. She wasn't very hestitant to share her opinions. Besides, I deal with hateful feelings most of the time.

Dumblydore stood up to speak, and give us the run down of the year. Flitwick was gone, and so was Hagrid. The joy.

New Charms teacher, new DADA teacher (of course. Ever since Potter came, we've been through DADA teachers like Potter goes through the many incarnations of Voldemort.), my Aunt Lorelei's taking over Care of Magical Creatures? Slightly happy that I'm not in that class. Knowing her, she might try to humiliate me.

Almost all of the Gryffindor table shot evil glares, probably also wondering if she was as 'evil as that slimy git Malfoy'. I could see Weasley's mouth form the words from over here. I could of easily told them that she was probably the nicest relation I had. Not that I'd admit to that.

The rest of the houses easily made the connection, and the hair color justified it. I just turned to Zabini, and he said something about Hagrid, which I smirked at.

It took Goyle a minute longer than Crabbe to realise she was somehow related. They both guffawed, and high fived.

I will never, ever understand those two.

Funny, Proffesor Snape hadn't been over to give his first year Slytherin pep talk yet.

The food appeared, and we all started eating, or for most, dug in.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be quite interesting. Not that the past haven't, but, you know.

11th August 2003, 10:20 PM
er two things....

a) I think we kinda completely forgot the Sorting Ceremony...hehe...

b) why is it always Morbrid Chaos? cant you guys just call me Morbrid (and its Morb-R-id T89) ah well, unless thats on purpose...lol

~-~ Morbrid - 6th Year Slytherin ~-~

And so the feast began, and many eyes turned on Draco Malfoy, seeing the distinct relation between "Professor Malfoy" and "Draco Malfoy",

Ah well, I thought turning to my Chicken and Mashed Potatos, the Pumpkin Juice was, as always, spectacular, and I filled my gut since I had been starving at that damned Orphanige...

But as I took a drink, I noticed that damned Hufflepuff Drade, peering over at me, so I shot him a glance that literally said "what the hell are YOU lookin at?" and he turned away...

One thing questioned me as the meal came to a close, would this year suck like the past 6 (sure even WITH the Potter drama, it sucks for me), or could I actually enjoy this year, or will this become yet another installment of Morbrid's dull life...

Ginger Cat
11th August 2003, 10:28 PM
lol, Blastoise, yeah, I realized that... Sev mentioned it in passing and, really, Outlaw can post for it since he was in it... Sorry, J. O_o The ceremony... yeah. O_o It was there. Just... not heavily mentioned.

*is entirely too amused by the Draco post, and for no apaprent reason*

Eh, I'm not posting, just speaking notes... Yay.

There they were. Whoo-flippin'-hoo.

12th August 2003, 12:20 AM
Cayria - F - 7th Year Slytherin

I cursed slightly, "What the f-" but stopped shortly to see a fellow Slytherin. Rvevian Marson. Well, of all the people to bump into, she was probably the person who I didn't mind. She appologized, and I shrugged.
"It really isn't much of a deal." With that, Xaiac let off a screech as his beady golden eyes looked at passing wizards with haunting glares.
"Ah, well... sorry still." She continued, and I shrugged. No worries.
Soon however, after the carriages- (whom I had rode with Rvevian and a few other Slyths.) - we entered the castle and into the great hall. Like always, there were the brimming lights, the beautifully set tables... and everything seemed just a little too perfect and a little too sweet.
The smile on Dumbledore's face was enough to make me puke.

Sitting down, and waiting for the sorting ceremony to get done (we had gathered a good few Slytherins which was happiness to all the stupid saps who cared.), soon the 'speech' insued.
Strangely, even if it was Dumbledore, I didn't care about his speech. It was one thing I could tolerate... and like always, his speech sort of set the tone for how the year would go. He introduced the teachers... a new Charms teacher- a man, who bowed quickly and sat down to hastily. A new Care of Magical Creatures teacher, whom was a Malfoy.
I didn't care if anyone saw me, but I quickly looked to Draco Malfoy (I had a few run ins with him, and we knew each other on 'fairly alright' terms. Imean... I knew most everyone in our house anyway.) I gave him a short grin and nod. Hey, if there was a Malfoy then usually I would think she would help her dear little Nephew.
Then there was a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and to this I rolled my eyes.
" Well... what will happen this time? Death? Abduction? Or maybe she'll be..." I saw her midnight black wings and blinked slightly, "Maybe she's a spy for the crows?"
Draco was in earshot, and I was sitting next to Rvevian who blinked slightly and I couldn't read her expression. So I got a little sinsister at times... oh well. It was life.

Blinking however, soon as the eating began... I gazed slightly at the head table. Sure, he was there... with his raven-like black hair and pale face, with those scrutinizing black eyes which seemed to be able to stare anyone down to the core. He was smart, sly, and rather mysterious upon my terms...
Professor Snape. Maybe it was a sick obession of mine, or just pure abnormal, sick infactuation... I tried to hide it, tried not to look at him or become totally obessed in Potions class...
I was always strange... maybe this was just part of it all.
Sighing and shrugging as I stared slightly, averting my gaze only occasionally- perhaps a little less than I should have, and ate nibbles at the breads infrotn of me. I wasn't much of a meat person.

Karie Velya - F - Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher

As Dumbledore finished his speech, I still felt a little eyed at. Many people in the world, whether they were wizards, hobgoblins or Dementors themselves, thought my wings were strange. I hardly understood why a dementor would care, but I had encountered them before and strangely they didn't exactly 'focus' in on me like they do to everyone else. Maybe it was some thing more than my wings...

I shrugged as I ate slowly, chewing my food and studying the Ravenclaw table. The students there indeed seemed pretty bright, and most of them well-mannered... except for a few. I was informed that one of the Ravenclaw students, Rywen Yiaro, was to aid me in my classes if needed be- for rarely did all 7th year students take Advanced Defense AGainst the Dark Arts- which was usually a study anyway. So Rywen could help, Dumbledore had said, but it made me rather weary. Why would Dumbledore tell me Rywen could help, when it was surely more than obvious that I really didn't need it much. Besides, there could be more students who were qualified to help...

Oh well, I really didn't know the kid much but I would have time to learn about him. Shrugging to myself and no one else, I browsed at the teachers. A Malfoy... I had heard about them- most of the talk stating they were rich, snivelous snobs who had nothing better to do than to belittle others and make themselves better by smashing less fortunates to the ground. Muggle-haters, Elf-murderers... a lot of names followed them from the hateful side, but I never really paid attention anyway. I didn't care what others stated nor what rumors flew by. I always wanted afirst-hand account of everyone before anyone would hear my opinion of a wizard or beast alike.

The same went for the Severus, the teacher whom I g uess many of the teachers and students loathed or disliked greatly. I did not care what other teachers spoke to me of, or told me... it didn't worry me much. If Snape was really some one to hate, then soon I would learn- but he had given me little reason thus far. He rather was quite, studyful of others... much like me. As I gazed at him, or rather peered at him thoughtfully, he suddenly caught me eye and we stared for a bit- as if challenging the other to see who would admit they were looking around first and look away- but eventually both of us did at the same time. Strange, Hogwarts already seemed brimming with intensity.

It was going to be a fun year.

Rywen Yiaro - M - 6th Year Ravenclaw

Well, to some up the train ride... it had been rather uneventful.

---- (no interaction with poor Rywen on the train..)---

Sitting down with in the chair, Rywen gazed all around him. It was like the old hogwarts he had dreamt about coming back to everyyear... full of life, lights, food and a wonderful feeling even during the hardest of times. As he sat there and listened idoly at Dumbledore's speech, he hardly heard a word of it. He felt the tension in the air... as if it were growing bigger at each passing moment, ready to explode on command. Rywen was rather excited about this year..

Rywen heard about the new teachers- thre eof them, and one of them a Malfoy which could NOT Have been good news. Anything concerning Malfoys, in Rywen's opinion, could not be good- even if that DID seem stereotypical.

Then the food appeared, and Rywen dug in.

Many people's eyes began to buldge and look disbelievingly at Rywen... like every year, as he poured and thrusted tons of food upon his plate with eagerness and hunger in his eyes. Rywen always seemed to eat like a herd of horses- eating at least up to 4 helpings of food, before even feeling a bit full. It was rather odd... and many jokes passed aroudn about it. Rywen said it was simply because his metabolism was ultra-high, but many others at Hogwarts had rumors it was something else. A disease, a curse... what the hey. Rywen chose to ignore them, and ate anyway. No matter how much he ate... he never seemed to be able to gain anything either, so it wasn't like it would come to haunt him later. It never has, and Rywen knew it never would.

"Holy sh*t Rywen, how much more you gonna EAT?!" A fellow Ravenclaw, Gordon, commented.
" I dunno... the desert isn't here yet." Rywen replied, smiling as he took a gulp of his beverage. Smiling slightly, wiping his chin he shrugged..
"Gotta keep room for that!"

Outlaw JT
12th August 2003, 07:45 AM
Reginald Jensen aka Shrimp - 1st year Gryffindor

The boat ride across the lake had been an uneventful one. It was a very pleasant view of Hogwarts coming up from the lake. He might have really enjoyed it were it not for the constant murmurs and giggles directed at him as the other first years made sly jokes and comments about his size.
He couldn't make out much but he definately heard one of them whispering about Hogwarts excepting babies. It was most unpleasant to sit through but he was used to it. Afterall, he was Shrimp the incredible shrinking boy. At that thought he let out a little smirk of his own.
All the first years were now lined up in a hallway off the great hall. It wouldn't be long now till they were led into the hall to be sorted. All of the students who had been having fun at his expense were now fidgeting nervously. They were all very anxious about which house they would be sorted into. Reggie just stood there calmly, smiling like there was no tomorrow. He had a confidence that none of these others could touch.
"Alright children, follow me," said Professor McGonnagal as she opened the doors to the great hall to lead them in.
Reggie followed patiently, somewhere in the middle of the line. The hall was absolutely massive. He may as well be a mouse for how his size stacked up to everything in here.

One by one the first years names were called. Much to his relief a great deal of the students were paying more attention to their own conversations than the sorting. He had been told that everyone sat waiting with baited breath for the sorting but it seemed not. He would be very thankful if he could be sorted without too many people taking special notice of him.
Once his name was called Reggie ambled up to the stool and sat down as the hat was placed upon his head. He was pleased to see only a few faces from each house table paying any attention as he sat up there. At least, at first.
He sat there patiently, listening to whispers in his head. It seemed the sorting hat was stumped by his presence. As if it was not possible Reggie could be here to be sorted.
After the first two minutes he could hear a few of the same first years from the boats break out in giggles again. He was fairly certain they must be making jokes that he must be too young afterall. He knew them all to be fools of course.
After three whole minutes Professor McGonnagal came over and removed the hat for a moment to examine it. She placed it on her head for a moment which drew the attention of many of the students already seated at their houses table. A few seconds later she shrugged and placed it back on his head. Quite enough attention was directed his way now so he decided he should intervene a little.
'Since you can't decide perhaps you should just place me in Gryffindor,' he thought at the sorting hat.
The sorting hat continued its confused whispers into his head. The hat seemed completely baffled by his presence. Another minute passed but realizing there were still many more to be sorted the hat relented. Since it could not see how to sort him it must have decided to honor Reggie's wishes.
"Gryffindor!" the sorting hat shouted at last.
Reggie quietly took his seat. There were quite a few questioning looks from the faces he sat down next to at the Gryffindor table. Reggie doubted any of them had ever seen a sorting take more than a minute, let alone the 6 his had taken. He had hoped his little charm would've taken care of that sorting as well but it seems even it had its limits. He'd have to remember that in the future.

As the evening wore on and the sorting finished, much later than it normally did thanks to his own sorting, Reggie took time to examine as many faces as he could. He would have to learn as many of them as he could. He had already taken note of the prestigious Harry Potter. He waved at him cheerily but Potter didn't seem to notice.
Things were going well all things considered. At least, until he took a look at the teachers. Most of them didn't interest him so much but two things seemed to stick out. The DADA teacher seemed somehow very familiar to him and he did not know why. Also, Dumbledore seemed to be watching him very closely. The headmaster had, of course, taken a moment to study every first year at some point this evening. He seemed to stay focused on Reggie a bit longer than the others, though. He had been told that Dumbledore was a very astute man and he would have to remember that for future reference.
He had so many things to remember if it was going to be a good year. Too many things for an 11 year old wizard really but Reggie knew he would manage. He always did find a way despite his inherent shortcomings.

12th August 2003, 01:27 PM
~-~ Morbrid - 6th Year Slytherin ~-~

I began remembering what had happened earlier before the feast,

A bunch of 1st years lined the halls for the Sorting

I peered over the Ravenclaw table to see if I could spot Reggie, but I couldnt...

One by one the little ones were sorted, and put into an entirely new world at Hogwarts,

Then, I heard Shrimp's name callled, and then placed in Gryffindor. Heh, there was a voice in the back of my head that wanted him to join Slytherin, but he's not completely insane like the rest of us...

Then I remembered my OWN Sorting....

5 Years Ago

"MORBRID CHAOS!!!" called out Ms. McGonagall

Little me, walked up slowly to the great oaken chair, to face my peers, as she placed the enormous hat, on top of my head...

The Hat had a little hard time deciding wheteher or not I should be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin, but then he sensed it, he sensed the Dementor's blood...

at which the damned Hat spat out "S-S-SLYTHERIN!!!" and nearly flew off of my head onto Mc Gonagalls hands,

what a PROMISING beginning for me...what a beginning...

12th August 2003, 06:56 PM
sorry DB Im not observent enough...I remember that next time. And i use your full name on purpose. Post rp later on. toodle loo.

12th August 2003, 08:49 PM
~Jayne Mackenzie-Alexander~Muggle Studies~
Dumbeldore's speech was as always the high point of the year. When I was going to school, it was inspiring and refreshing to hear every year.
Now, for me his speech was tolerable at best. And at my worst, it left me feeling at times cold and empty inside...

I was sitting near the end of the high table all the while I was keeping an eye on my daughter and my niece.
From the Ravenclaw table, Rywen was providing his usual form of entertainment, much to the astonishment of the younger students, and the delight of the older classes.

I scanned the sea of young faces, and saw Jaiden sitting across from a silver-haired, seventh year girl from Slytherin.
From what little I've seen of the Slytherin students--and that was mostly from the fights I had to break up in the last two years--some of Jaiden's new housemates could use lessons in manners and respecting others. Some of the students in fact, can even test the patience of the best teachers here...

I was looking forward to having Jaiden here at Hogwarts, and I only hoped that she would fit in here as well as she did in Beaubaxtons. The last time I saw her was when she was just turning thirteen, and she was a quite a handful then. I didn't feel sorry for Angel one bit either...
I smiled to myself Jaiden is alot like Angel actually....always looking for trouble or is the cause of it. I only hope that Jaiden carries some of her father's intelligence and demenor in her. I sighed. And hopefully, none of his sarcasm to go with it...


~Madison Alexander~6th Year~Ravenclaw~
Most of the students around were wide-eyed with astonishment at Rywen as he ate one helping after another. His hearty appetite has been the talk of the school for the last six years I've been here. One could say that it's legendary. Like the Weasley twins "departure" of the previous year...among other things.
You don't forget about those things too easily.

I was already getting tired and a bit sleepy until I heard someone say laughing "Hey Rywen save some room for dessert!" and the table erupted in laughter, and brought me back to the present. As time wore on, the conversation turned to more of Hogwarts business...well...from a student's point of view. We talked about the teachers, our classes and who was going out with who so far this year.

Finally the subject turned to Quidditch, my second favorite pastime next to school. Rywen pulled all the team members to the table at the end and went over some basic ideas he had thought of over the summer. Rywen went over each point, pausing briefly for a bite of treacle tart or chocolate cake.
I guess I was still weary from the train ride because I let my mind drift a bit near the end without meaning to....and I got an elbow to the ribs and a "Earth to Madison..." from another chaser on the team. I glared at her once and turned my attention back to Rywen's speech....


~Jaiden Moore~6th Year~Slytherin~
The trip to Hogwarts had been thus far been an unusually interesting experience thus far. I had been on trains befor as a young girl, but never in a carriage. But nothing--not the train or the carriage ride prepared me for what I was about to see for the first time. Hogwarts, to put it mildly, was huge. Bigger than Beaubaxtons ever was.

But the size of the school was nothing compared to the dining hall. I had just finished with dinner and was halfway through dessert when I took a moment to observe my surroundings. The ceiling had been bewitched to look like the roof was opened up, and we could gaze at the night sky above. What was even more beautiful was the candles that floated near the ceiling like stars in the sky.

"Beautiful isn't it?" I looked up across the table to see another girl with silvery hair watching me from across the table. I nodded in agreement and she added "The ceiling has always been like this for as long as the school's been open, and yet with every passing year, it looks as beautiful as ever."
The girl introduced herself as Cayria Tseugga, a seventh-year student. I introduced myself, but before I could get in a decent conversation with her another girl--this one obviously Cayria knew--started talking to her.

So here I was...sitting here with no one to talk with again, so I pulled out a small book of poetry that my mother gave me as a gift. Most of the pages were well-worn, and the corners were dog eared several times. I opened the book to my favorite poem and began to read....

12th August 2003, 10:11 PM

I sat back, thoroughly satisfied that my pants were stretched. I stood up and walked past Hannah, who blushed an even deeper shade of scarlet. I saw Morbrid head off towards tthe Slytherin entrance. Maybe I should make more of an effort with him. Oh well.

"First year Hufflepuffs this way!" I yelled. The snot nosed brats followed me, amazed with everything around them. We came to the entrance and I turned to them.

"The password is Nobility. Anyone tells anyone from adifferent house will be cursed into oblivion my your truly!" I grinned evilly.Some looked utterly terrified. The large polished door/picture swung open and immediately i was tackled and attacked viciously with licks by Zulta.
I slumped up the stone stairs and grabbed my trunk latches, opening them. I pulled out a few of my things, Zulta's food and water dishes and a quill and piece of parchment. I dipped the fancy quill in ink and wrote:

To whichever house elf it may concern,

Please refill these bowls very morning.

Drade Sykes

[edit] yikes! so tired when i did this!

12th August 2003, 11:29 PM
0.o, wow T89, you must have typed that fast as hell or my understanding of the English language is bull$hit...lol

~-~ Morbrid - 6th Year Slytherin ~-~

As I walked up the Slytherin corridor, I knew I would be soon called to the Slytherin Quidditch Cabin, and more shouts and screams from our Slytherin Capitain...

*sigh*, sure I hadnt been able to practice or read up on ANYTHING about Quidditch at an ORPHANIGE, but our Capitain will find SOME excuse to say I should have...

Anyways, I caught sight of Drade looking at me as I descended into the Common Room...

what the hell WAS that guy's problem with me anyways? he's ALWAYS had a problem with people from Slytherin, but so far he's focused most of his hatred towards me...sad really

I could hear the tap and squeaks of boots ringing down the corridor, so I waited for our new Prefect to give us the password...

12th August 2003, 11:51 PM
*slaps self* Sorry for not posting... ._. Poor, poor, poor interaction with Ami....;_;

~*^*~Ami Zypher - 6th Year Slytherin~*^*~
I sighed as I followed some other Slytherins to our corridors...tired and nervous of the upcoming year. I felt refreshed, but I was still tired. I hoped Hoshi was okay knocking around as I had walked, but she was used to it.

I stood next to Morbrid as we waited for our new Prefect to give us the password...and I knew it wouldn't be long until we would be called to the Slytherin Quidditch Cabin. I remained silent...watching with wide eyes and opened ears.

Avian Freeze
13th August 2003, 01:51 AM
Sorry for not posting here these past days x_x. I'm kind of busy lately :\. BTW Ginger Cat, all right then, I'll be a Beater for the Ravenclaw team ^^;.

Zev Bryzaire, Male, 5th Year Ravenclaw

Rouge introduced herself to me and told me about her Arithmancy. She invited me to sit down on one of the seats and I took it, continuing to talk to her.

"So what house are you in?" I queried curiously.
"Gryffindor. You're in...Ravenclaw, right?"
"Yeah, I'm in Ravenclaw." I nodded. Before I got the chance to say anything else though, I felt the train coming to a stop pretty quickly, and I watched as everyone got off the train. I stood up after only briefly sitting, and picked up my luggage. "Er...I wish we could have talked longer, but it looks like we gotta go to Hogwarts now. Maybe I'll see you around sometime?" I asked earnestly, managing a crooked grin Ehh, I could never smile straight >_<
"Of course." she smiled.

With Gavin on my arm, I walked off the train, getting ready to go to Hogwarts. I got on to the carriage which led to Hogwarts. I could hear the thestrals neighing, and I saw some soil being pushed aside. They were probably digging their hooves into it. I hadn't witnessed a death, so I was unable to see the skeletal creatures. But several people who had were pretty impressed by them. I jumped into the carriage and waited patiently as we headed towards the castle. I got off the carriage as it slowed and I ambled to the school. As usual, Dumbledore and the main teachers sat there, chatting away as we all entered the Great Hall.

When everyone calmed down though, the headmaster gave his annual speech. He welcomed the new teachers as well, Professor Hayabasa, who would teach Charms. Professor Velya, who would teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. And lastly, Professor Malfoy, taking over Care of Magical Creatures?! I looked at Draco, as did many people, but he seemed to not notice, or at least he ignored us. Malfoy wasn't exactly my favorite character, but then again, perhaps this teacher would be different from him. I was more than welcome to give her a chance. Mr. Hayabasa looked a bit shifty. He was tall, and had a scar across his left cheek, where could that have come from? I then looked carefully at Ms. Velya. Her wings looked cool, and she was apparently the new Ravenclaw Head of House. I smirked, figuring she would probably be an interesting teacher. I wondered what would happen this year to her though, we had gone through way too many DADA teachers. People said it was cursed or something like that.

As the toast was made to yet another good year, food materialized from thin air on the tables. I dug in, eating the wonderful food. Hogwarts gave excellent food to us, and I was starving! The other Ravenclaws ate their food slowly, and I noticed Ms. Malfoy look over at us. I ignored them and continued to scarf down the food, drinking the pumpkin juice and scooping the mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken, soup, and all the other foods. I averted my gaze to the other Ravenclaws, who stared at me oddly. I grinned stupidly and resumed my eating.

Soon enough, everyone was finished, and parted the Great Hall, heading up to the common rooms. I was completely full from the meal and I was keen to get some sleep. I ascended the stairs along with the other Ravenclaws, and noticed Peeves swinging from the chandelier. Heh, ever since the Weasley twins took their amazing leave from the school, Peeves had been eager to carry on their legacy. I reached the portrait with the other Ravenclaws and awaited the prefect, Rywen.


13th August 2003, 12:53 PM
Rouge Channing - F - 5th year Gryffindor

I waved goodbye to Zev as he got off the train, then gathered my things and stepped off. I was one of the last people off the train, and so I had a bit of a hard time finding a carriage with space. I eventually found one holding only a couple of Gryffindor fourth years and a Ravenclaw third year and climbed in. The four of us made small talk on the way to the school.

The Sorting Ceremony went fairly quickly. There were a few new Gryffindors, including a boy named Reginald who took a while to sort. I waved at him and all the other Gryffindor first years as they sat down.

After the ceremony came Dumbledore's beginning-of-the-year speech. I listened patiently, having heard a lot of it before, but of course some of it was different, as it always was. My stomach growled and a couple people looked at me. I glared at my stomach, coaxing it to shut up for a couple more minutes.

And then the food came. I helped myself to a little of everything, as I hadn't eaten much on the train. I ate quickly but not wildly like some of the boys were doing, shoving food down their throats faster than they could swallow it. Disgusting. I took smaller bites and washed it down with pumpkin juice, talking briefly with one of the fourth years who had been in the carriage with me. Eating, drinking, talking with friends; this was the life. It's good to be back at Hogwarts.

13th August 2003, 03:16 PM
Rywen Yiaro - M - Prefect/6th Year/Ravenclaw (Quidditch- Beater, Cpt.)


I consumed my food and everything else it seeme dwith in a five foot radius, until finally I felt a little full and decided if I ate anymore then I wouldn't be ablet o sleep as well.
"Rywen... lemme ask you some thing." A boy next to Madison asked, as she blinked and seemed to drift off.
" How do you eat all that, and yet it doesn't seem to show up upon your body at all? I mean... sheesh, I've seen guys who way over 280 not eat nearly as much as you!"
I s hrugged, "Genetics... metabolism... your guess is as good as mine." I said, blinking slightly... until suddenly he spoke up yet again.
" Hey, Zev over down there is eating quite a bit... who'd you bet would win?" He said, poking Madison until she zapped out of her transfixed gaze.
"Who'd win? Rywen or Zev in an eating contest?"
"... dunno.. .erm.." She thought until a 1st year squeaked, "Rywen!" and a few more commented "Zev" and then my name again... I blushed slightly but remained cool as I shrugged.
" My talent isn't eating you know... we should be talking about Quidditch anyway." Soon I had people switch seats so I could talk to the team- besides, it was never too early to talk abou tQuidditch.

Many voices grew exited, as I talked about the new schedule we had... and a few formations I'd like to try.
" I know that this year will be tough, and that Griffindor team is the big worry, along with Slytherin. Many people think it's always gonna be down to them 'less Potter leaves or Draco dies... "
A few snickers followed, bu tI rolled my eyes.
" I didn't mean THAT..."
Some one poked Madison, "EARTH TO MADISON!" And she jumped slightly and focused more on what I was talking about. I laughed slightly as I gazed my green-forest eyes and shook my head as my hair rippled slightly.
" Don't worry Madison, eveni fyou do zone out... you shouldn't be that far behind. My speech isn't that important anyway."

I laughed again as I spoke..
"But, I'm thinking with Zane as our Seeker, he'll be able to take on BOTH Draco and Potter. You've been training, right?"
He nodded slowly as I smiled.. "Yeah, you're getting better every year."
I then looked to our Keeper, Hiro.
" You'll do good too... even though the Seekers from Griff and Slyth, and even Hufflepuff are tough... but their chaser's aren't nearly as good. Well... last year they weren't as good. If you keep practicing when we play barrage the keeper, you'll do good." I winked, Barrage the Keeper was a game where we'd take things- anything- and throw them at the Keeper to see if he/she could deflect them all- or how many.
" Clair, Luna- MADISON" I said loudly, as she blinked and shook her head at me... that time she had been paying attention. I smirked and smiled, "Sorry, just wanted to make sure."

"I firmly believe you three are the best chasers out there... you all are quick, agile, and have good aim might I add." I said, smiling..
"Besides, with me and Zev as beaters, no one will get touched." I elbowed Zev slightly, and smirked. " Our team is gonna be the best team out there, no questions asked."

With that I ended the speech, and soon everyone departed. I took my time, and then my eyes wandered to see a Slytherin girl, sitting by herself as others got out of their seats. I blinked slightly... raising an eyebrow. She was reading or maybe writing in a book? Even though people didn't tend to like going to other houses a lot... I went over to her. Ah, I remembered her... her name was Jaiden, the Keeper for Slytherin.
" Uhh... hey, you better hurry."
She jumped slightly, as if suddenly realizing people were beginning ot leave and the room was near empty.
She looked at me and appeared to be even more shocked.. I simply smiled.
" I didn't want to leave you alone by yourself..."[/i]

Elemental Seribii
13th August 2003, 09:33 PM
Draco: *read posts* No one loves me! *runs off*
Er. Yes. Oo; If it's okay, Ginger, can Draco be captain of the Quidditch team?

Draco Malfoy - Prefect, 6th Year Slytherin
Snape had come over, and given the first years the always inspiring pep talk, go go team. It's basically; "For God's sake, you fools! Can't you beat that bloody Potter at anything?!"

In a slightly softer terms. Slightly.

Most people had finished with the Feast, and the Great Hall filed out. I waited for most of the first years to be waiting in a group, most, unlike other houses, confident in their steps. I remember my first year. Stupid Potter, refusing a handshake...
Moving on.

Some of the 'wee little ones' had a rather distressed look on their face, as all of the others headed upstairs, as we headed for the Dungeons. Slytherin territory and hunting grounds. Get found by a seventh year/Snape/Prefect/a Head Boy or Girl after curfew, you might as well have the Killing Curse on you.

(Also, Quidditch must be discussed soon...Mental note.)

We reached a seemingly dead end (but not after loosing a few mini Slytherins, Pansy chased after them), with a tapestry of a dark looking Wizard. The emblem of Slytherin, if you looked closely, was carved into the stone above it. An enchanted eyebrow raised, and he hissed; "Pass...word?"

"All of you, listen to the password! If you forget it, find someone who does. Or, you can try to face Proffesor Snape. He'll always know the password, he's usually in his classroom. The choice...is yours." I bowed, a smirk on my face the entire time. "Serpensortia!" I replied, loud enough for it to echo slightly down the damp corridor. The tapestry sliced in half, revealing a doorway. The new students went in first, gossiping wildly. Some of the older years were still in the Great Hall, while some trailed behind, to catch the password, and then headed back. Others just came in behind the first years.
"Oh, yes. If any of you dare to give out the password, I'll do much more than set the Bloody Baron on you."

Quite a few of them paled, and I smirked. Yes. Enforce fear early on. You don't get much pity in Slytherin.

Ruby Cynita - 5th Year Hufflepuff
The Feast was highly uneventful. I talked with most of the people around me, discussing Quidditch, lessons and the teachers.

The Dark Lord was shunned as a topic, but still. Fear was in quite a few of my housemates' eyes. We all just ate, and talked quickly, dashing around topics.

Hufflepuffs come off as the really nice, but not too bright. We're the last house you want to be in, even Slytherin sometimes beats us in popularity. We're the un-noticed, the losers who take it well. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, then us. Rather sad, if you ask me. Or maybe that's my house pride talking.

Then again, I'm stuck in a dorm with a bunch of b*tchy girls, who would rather do each other's nails than even try to do something with their grades.

I pushed up my glasses, and continued listening to the others around me. My mum bought me magical contacts, that actually insert themselves into your eye. I had problems with the Muggle ones. You can also charm them to change color. I guess I could try those tomorrow.

I got the password off Drade as he took the first years, and rushed up to the dorm, to unpack before the others got up.

I had at least five notebooks with me, and I shoved them all in the bedside drawer, and magically locked it. With that safe, I could relax. For now, anyway.

Shadow Djinn
14th August 2003, 01:48 AM
*smites self* Eh...sorry for not posting...

~Zane~5th Year-Ravenclaw-Luna-3rd Year-Ravenclaw

Rywen sat down with our quidditch team, beginning his usual talk. I smirked, knowing this time...we would claim the cup, hands down. Slowly, he trailed off as Dumbledore left off another bundle of maniac words for us to think about. Rywen got up, and walked out of the Great Hall, a trail of Ravenclaws behind. I fiddled with my wand, slowly thinking about this year.
" Hell or Heaven. That's the only choice." I muttered slowly. Luna soon joined me, as we both went to find Zev. Perhaps a nice talk about this summer's Quidditch Cup would enligthen me.


14th August 2003, 01:00 PM
~Angeline "Angel" (Carlton) Moore~Auror~
I arrived back in London by way of Floo Powder. Since the Ministry's acknowledgement of Voldemort's return, they have recalled all the decrees that were previously in place. In short--it makes it easier for me to travel in any case.
I arrived in the late evening to our headquarters. It was pretty quiet--a sign that everyone had gone for the day...or something more foreboding. The only sounds down the hall I heard were the faint tapping of my shoes.

I found the door to my supervisor's office, sighed...then knocked.
I pushed open the door. Sitting at the desk was a short, slightly-balding wizard. I said "Ethan..."
He looked up and smiled slightly "Ah Angel...I take it you're trip went well?"
I shrugged "Not really but I'm not gonna complain..." I saw a envelope on his desk, one bearing a familiar seal on it "I see you got one as well..."

Ethan coughed "Well...you know, Dumbeldore. Once the old guy gets his mind on something, he usually doesn't change it."
I nodded "Obviously he wants me for something...don't know what it is though."
Ethan showed me the letter. I read it thoroughly "I see..." I said "There was something going on. A great danger to the school that Dumbeldore feels something cannot be discussed by owl--in case of interception."

I looked up at Ethan "Dumbeldore wants to meet with me in person to discuss the matter...."
Ethan sighed "So he does. Do you feel up to it?"
I jerked my head back to my supervisor "What in blazes do you mean by that Ethan??"
He sighed "Angel...the letter does say you can decline if you choose. And because of your history with the school...."

I said forcefully "My history at the school has absolutely nothing to do with my decision either way!"
When I looked at Ethan again my expression softened just a fraction. "I'm certainly not going to use it to make my final decision."
"And besides" I grinned "I'm curious to know what's happening out there anyway...."

15th August 2003, 02:55 AM
sorry guys, ive felt like $hit for the past 2-3 days with a sore throat, a fever, nearly throwing up twice, and an annoying cough...

anyhoo, let Draco be thr Captain, it makes sense

~V~ Morbrid [Chaos] - 6th Year Slytherin {Beater} ~V~

As I slumped against the wall awaiting our new "Prefect", and the damned password, when a tapping of feet (Most likely a girl's) came from down the hall

I turned my gaze in time to see one of my Quidditch teamates, Ami Zypher

Now me and Ami arent on bad terms, but were not buddy-buddy either,

as with the rest of them, she normally shyed away from me until Quidditch matches, which in the Dungeon or "Locker Room" was so cold to draw out our plays and drills, that even my vibe wasnt as effective

but this year I knew I had an advantage...

Potter's fear of Dementors...

My evil though was washed away when Ami attempted to make small talk with me,

"so...uh...Morbrid..." she said, looking to the ground

"yeah?" I retorted, "What?"

"uh..." Ami began, taken aback at my last comment, "do you think we can beat Potter and Griffindor this year?..."

"Im decently sure we can..." I replyed slyly, but before the convo could continue, Snape, Malfoy and the rest came through the darkness and continued towards the dungeon,

Ami and I followed them, and learned the password, but then Draco said "lets head to the Cabin"...

I groaned as we had to listen to Malfoy's hate-powered speeches of "we need to KILL them and stuff like that

the only thing I learned was the Team Lineup for the year:

Seeker: Malfoy (of course)
Keeper: Moore (a good Keeper in my view)
Chasers: Marson (experianced), Zypher (Quick) and Armande (good aswell)

but what dissapointed me the most was the other Beater...*groan*

Beaters: Chaos (er, it would be narcisistic to talk of myself higly like this, no?) and Goyle (ugh)

Goyle is the WORST Beater we've ever had,

last year, when we faced Hufflepuff, he batted the Bludger straight at the Hufflepuff Chaser, but instead, it connected with Moore, knocking him out for the rest of the game...

we eventually lost that one...

this will be one eventful Quidditch season, if we could ever find a better BEater...

Outlaw JT
15th August 2003, 05:47 AM
OOC: Ginger, go ahead and pencil Shrimp in as a Gryffindor chaser. Decided to take advantage of his lack of size.

Reginald 'Reggie' Jensen - aka Shrimp - 1st year Gryffindor

After the sorting and Dumbledore's speech the opening feast began. It was quite a spread. More food than he'd seen in a long time.
Reggied helped himself to a small helping of mashed potatoes and a tiny portion of rib roast. He also grabbed a yorkshire pudding and a little extra gravy to dip it in. As he began to nibble away at it someone sitting next to him gently elbowed him.
"No wonder you're so tiny," they said, laughing a bit.
Reggie just nodded with a humoring smile and went back to his food. He hadn't taken much food but he ate it very slowly. He finished about the same time as those who took twice as much as him.
As the feast ended, Reggie gathered with the other first years behind a tall red headed boy and a girl with long thick brown hair. They were two of Gryffindor's prefects apparently. He followed them to Gryffindor tower, hanging towards the middle of the pack of first years. It seemed a bit harder for him to manage the moving staircases than the others.
When they finally reached the tower and learned the password, everyone entered and went on about their own affairs. Most people headed straight up to their rooms. A lot of people hung around in the rather cozy common room, though. It was one such person that caught Reggie's attention and he thought this as good a time as any to get introductions out of the way.
Reggie walked over and tapped someone on the shoulder as they were talking to some of their friends. The person looked around and for a moment was at a loss as to what was trying to get his attention. It took him a moment to look down and realize what had tapped him.
"You're Harry Potter, r-r-r-right?" Reggie asked calmly but nervously.
"Yes, that's right. What's your name?" Potter asked, a quizzical smile on his face.
"Y-y-you can just call me Shrimp," Reggie continued nervously and calm.
"Your names Shrimp? Truth in advertising, that is," the redheaded boy Potter was talking to said.
"Ron!" the girl they were with shouted, smacking the redhead on the arm.
"That's not your real name then, is it?" Potter asked encouragingly.
"W-well........m-my real name is......." he began.
"Reginald Jensen. I remember you from the sorting ceremony. Quite strange really. The sorting hat's never taken more than two minutes before according to 'Hogwarts: a History'," the girl said politely.
"Oh for pity's sake Hermione, he's only a first year. No need to torture the poor boy already. Save the lecture!" the redhead piped up suddenly.
"Fine," she shot the redhead a wicked glare. "My name is Hermione Grainger."
She stuck her hand out with a warm and welcoming smile. Reggie hesitated a moment but then took it and they shook hands. Reggie shifted his weight to look at the redhead a bit better.
"Yes. That," she said sharply as she shot another glare at the redhead, "is Ron Weasley."
"Pleasure," Ron the redhead said happily, extending his hand.
Reggie shook it, flashing an understanding smile. He then turned his attention back to the person he had come over to meet. Harry gave an exhausted look at his friends but finally turned back to Reggie.
"And obviously you know who I am. So what can I do for you Reginald?" Harry said warmly, although still a bit quizzical.
"P-p-please. Shrimp is f-fine. I-i-if you must, then R-r-reggie," Reggie answered timidly.
He much preferred no one calling him Reginald. He had no good memories of anyone who called him by his full first name. Shrimp was preferrable as odd as that may seem.
"Alright.......Reggie then. What did you need Reggie?" Potter said happily.
"W-w-well, I just w-w-wanted to meet you," Reggie said, a bit more nervously than before but still calm. "And to a-ask you when Q-q-quidditch tryouts w-would be."
"I'm sorry but first years aren't allowed to play," Potter said, his faced saddened a pinch.
"I-i-I know. B-b-b-but I h-have permission from P-p-professor McGonnagal to try out for the t-team," Reggie was still nervous but a bit more confident for saying that.
He had gotten McGonnagal's permission before even leaving for the train at King's Cross. Someone had cleverly taken a portrait of him flying on the Nimbus 2001 his mysterious benefactor had given him. That someone had sent the portrait along with a note asking if he could try out to her.
On foot Reggie was a bit slow and almost quite clumbsy because of his size. On a broom however, he was all kinds of fast and wicked graceful. Not to mention he presented a very small target for bludgers to aim at. McGonnagal, knowing the team needed two new chasers, could hardly say no to him just trying out.
"Really?" Potter responded with a good bit of surprise. "You must be pretty good on a broom if she gave you permission."
"I-I guess. I've only seen a few of the o-other orphans f-f-fly," Reggie said.
"Well, try outs will be on Friday at 6pm. Good luck with it. We have a few spots to fill in," Harry answered cheerfully but again with a slightly quizzical expression.
Reggie couldn't blame him. He imagined that everyone would be fearful he'd be killed once he met up with a bludger. That was fine by him though. The more people underestimated him the better.
"Thanks. It w-was nice meeting you all," Reggie said, most of his nervousness gone.
He waved cheerily at the trio and then turned to go up to his room. It was starting to get late and he was pretty tired. Tomorrow would be a long day for him and he would need his rest for it.

OOC: Another request. If no one objects could I take up the role of Ronald Weasley? Writing that part of this post was just too fun!! I wouldn't mind playing Hermione as well.

15th August 2003, 12:54 PM
~V~ Morbrid [Chaos] - 6th Year Slytherin {Beater} ~V~

The day after the Feast, we were given our class schedules, but thats not what stirred me...

They had posted the Line-Ups for the Quidditch House Teams, and to my suprise, Shrimp was the new Gryffindor Chaser,

"well, it seems I will have to teach him a lesson..." I commented, "oh well, thats how you play the game..." I finished, walking towards Charms Class...


OOC: yeah yeah, short post, just wanted to comment on JT's last post

17th August 2003, 12:35 AM
~*^*~Ami Zypher - 6th Year Slytherin~*^*~
It was now the say after the feast....I felt life turning its back on me again. Maybe why I was placed in Slytherin was because of my damned disorders and my mother....a former Slytherin herself. My father was a Ravenclaw, but it didn't matter now. I see now that my true colors aren't pure venomous dark green...but a bit of emotional blue and a darkened heart. A tortured soul I was. I was too shy to admit how I felt on the inside....I know Malfoy wouldn't accept it. The only I could trust now here was Morbrid....despite we have no relationship now, and none starting soon. The pale sunlight glinted in my eyes and the small rubies, and I learned the Quidditch lineup for the other houses.

"Ah....what the hell." I muttered, going onward towards Charms...first class of the day. Life wasn't good for me....and nobody cared at all. Nobody loves me....I nearly started crying, but didn't.

17th August 2003, 06:11 PM
STUPID POWEROUTS. Kanata has had power, but my mom says, "Don't use the computer, as we'll use up the power..." etc etc, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

All the looks that were drawn from my name and Draco's name made me almost laugh out loud. I sat through the remainder of the speech quietly, playing with my silver utensils boredly and twirling them around on my fingers. After it was over, I rose with the rest of the teachers and wandered out, wondering how in the hell I would remember how to find my office.

I wandered the halls for quite a bit, trying to remember, until I remembered it was on the grounds, the office ajoint to the classroom. The teacher... who was she? Didn't know... but her room had been ripped apart by a random classroom whirlwind. I redirected my path, from third floor to first, and pushed open the heavy doors and circled the castle until I found the class. Dumbledore had given me a set of keys, and I tried each into the lock before finding the right one. I pushed into the room and straight through into my office.

The floor was hardwood, and a large fourposter was shoved against the wall, with a thick navy velvet canopy. A magical fire crackled rather loudly against another wall, and a tall wardrobe with navy handles was at the end of the bed. A desk with bundles of parchement was on the far side, and my trunk was deposited on my bed neatly.

Ginger Cat
20th August 2003, 12:58 AM
Severus Snape ~ Potions Master ~ Head of Slytherin

The students had long ago been sent to their dormitories, but I was still obligated to patrol the hallways. Why did the Headmaster have this lovely tendency to assign me to late night guard duty on the first day that the students came? Ah well. If I saw any, they’d be damned sure not to leave the dormitories again when they weren’t supposed to.

As of yet, the night hadn’t been as terrible as it could have been. I had caught a few students sneaking through the shadows of the hallway; honestly, did they believe that shadows could sufficiently cover their presence? It didn’t matter what they thought, though. All that really mattered was that I found them, and find them I had. They were back in their dorms now; I’d escorted them myself.

Hopefully, there would be little more disturbance through the night. Classes would begin the next day and, much as I wasn’t looking forward to them, I had to be ready for them. Honestly, sometimes keeping the damned students at their work could be as tasking as working for… All right, not nearly as taxing as all of that. Usually.

Folding my arms, I sighed inwardly while keeping my face entirely blank--it was a rather useful trick that had come in handy more times than I could count. The ability to appear blank, to be unreadable, was what had saved my life on many occasions. No doubt, it would yet again some time in the near future.


Lucius Malfoy

I’d written a letter to send by owl to our son the next morning. Not that there was much to say to him, really. It seemed… appropriate to write the letter. Narcissa had already planned on sending him letters along with her usual line of garbage. Ah well. Whatever kept the boy quiet, right? I glanced over once more what I had written.


Survive your year at school without much of a row. Do stay out of trouble. It is, after all, best not to raise any sort of suspicion at this time. Once you’ve come home, you may do whatever your mother allows you to do. Until then, keep away from the extreme.

Someone has been asking about you. Whether you care about this or not, you’d damned well better pay attention when I speak of it to you, and I will do so the moment you return home.

No doubt you shall hear from your mother near to daily. I doubt very much that you will hear from me until you return over the break--we do expect you to return at that time, Draco.

~Your Father

That would suffice. There were perhaps other letter to write, but I was finished with that business until morning. Now it was time to walk up to the tower, to attempt to sleep, and to finally give up and sleep and stare off into the night. The enticing darkness of the night.


Chauvelin Aermand ~ 7th year Slytherin

The speech had been the same as it was every year; go figure. Dumbledore seemed to enjoy the cheery, “fire it up” speech at the beginning of the year. It worked on the first years, so perhaps it wasn’t entirely pointless. By the time I’d reached the seventh year, however, it’d become nearly as wearisome as the History of Magic classes had been. That was certainly saying something, wasn’t it?

I headed up to the dormitory alone. My fellow Slytherins were milling about; I managed to nab the password from another seventh year who happened to be one of the prefects. The poor bastard was attempting to control a raucous crowd of first years when I found him, and seemed glad for the diversion. I left him with them after expressing my deepest sympathy for his position, than headed down to the Slytherin dormitories.

Many students had already made their way there, but it didn’t matter much. I unpacked without much hassle, then wrote for a while in my journal. My roommates entered sporadically; as they did so, I spoke with them for a while. As much as others seem to think most Slytherins wearisome, I find them to be immensely interesting during conversations. At least, my dormmates seemed to be. Our local prefect entered last, disheveled and looking irritated. By the time he fell into bed, he’d been cheered slightly. Enough so that he’d probably gone to sleep easily.

Around me, my mates dropped off into sleep. When they had all fallen under, I wrote for a while, my hand flying over the paper. When I finally decided that it was high time for me to fall into sleep, I set the journal and pen down, then lay down on my bed. I stared at the ceiling, than felt my eyes close slowly. Yes, it had been another day at Hogwarts… And tomorrow would be another. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…


Chauvelin Aermand
Block One- Literature
Block Two- Transfigurations w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Advanced DADA

Block One- Potions w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- DADA w/ Ravenclaw
Block Three- Advanced Transfigurations

Block One- Potions w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- Transfigurations w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Dramatics

Block One- Potions w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- Transfigurations w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Advanced DADA

Block One- DADA w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- Advanced Transfigurations
Block Three- Dramatics

Rvevian Marson
Block One- Literature and Art
Block Two- Potions w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Advanced DADA

Block One- DADA w/ Hufflepuff
Block Two- Transfigurations w/ Ravenclaw
Block Three- Advanced Potions

Block One- Transfigurations w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- Potions w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Dramatics

Block One- Transfigurations w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- DADA w/ Hufflepuff
Block Three- Advanced DADA

Block One- Advanced Potions
Block Two- DADA
Block Three- Dramatics


All right, so those, if you've not figured it already, are thier scheduales... You don't have to come up with something exactly like that now; if you want to go with a day by day scheduale for the first "week" of classes, fine by me. Just, please, try to keep as close to this as possible. Please realize:
-Dramatics classes are held on the same days for all ages. Same with Liturature and Art.
-Advanced classes include all students in all hosues of same age--possibly of all ages, if that works out best.
-Try to work with the scheduale sof others. While it is possible for the same years/houses to ahve separate blocks for classes, it's quite unlikely.

If there's anything I forgot, I'll tyr to remember it. O_o Yeah, that'd be good...
And if you've any questions/requests, please say so...

20th August 2003, 02:06 PM
~Jaiden Moore~6th Year~Slytherin~
Block One- Literature and Art
Block Two- Potions w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Advanced DADA

Block One- DADA w/ Hufflepuff
Block Two- Charms w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Advanced Potions

Block One- Transfigurations w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- Potions w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Charms w/ Gryffindor

Block One- Transfigurations w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- DADA w/ Hufflepuff
Block Three- Advanced DADA

Block One- Advanced Potions
Block Two- Study of Ancient Runes
Block Three- Arithmancy

~Jaiden Moore~6th Year~Slytherin~
The new day greeted me quicker than I wanted it to. I heard my alarm clock buzzing noisly in my ear I groaned as i reached over to shut off the alarm, then I pulled the pillow over my head. I could hear the sounds of my dorm mates muttering to themselves as they shuffled off to the bathroom or to their trunks for their clothing.
Personally I would've liked five more minutes of sleep--or better yet five more minutes of not seeing our Head of House anytime soon, but I know that won't happen this year. Or next year either.

Last night after supper had been horrible. After talking briefly with Rwyen Yiaro--the young man from Ravenclaw, I had somehow forgotten that I was supposed to meet with the Quidditch team captain for our first "meeting". After saying a hasty goodbye to Rwyen, I hurried out of the dining hall--and I became totally lost. I took several wrong turns, and wound up in front of the Gryffindor's, not Slytherin's tower. After a hasty apology, I retraced my steps correctly, but wound up on the receiving end of Peeves the Poltergeist's antics. I was pelted with chalk, wads of parchment, and I even dodged a trash can that was hurled in my direction. I am still have Peeve's "Little Lost Girl" song ringing in my head. Not a pretty thing to hear.....

But what had been the worst was my Head of House, Professor Snape. I was heading toward the Great Hall again, when I was cornered by him. He had chastsized me for being out of my dorm past curfew, and when I tried to explain the situation, I met with a cold stare. It was when he saw my robe, saw the house I was in, he said evenly "It's all for the student's best interest." and led me straight to Slytherin Tower where my new home would be....

I knew I wasn't getting any more sleep right now so I flung the covers off of my bed only to hear one of my dormmates grumble "Watch it..." I sat up and soon discovered it was none other than Pansy. I rolled my eyes at her and quietly slid from my comfortable bed and searched my trunk for my books and my clothes.
I was dressed and was brushing my hair back when I heard from the door another girl--one of the seventh years say "Better hurry...breakfast is soon. And you don't wan't to keep Professor Snape waiting. He hates it when anyone's tardy...especially the first day."

With that, everyone of us hurried down the stairs and headed toward the Great Hall for breakfast. Most of the students were already there having their breakfast. I had just finished with some toast and jam, when I noticed the Heads of house coming down and heading out the schedules.

Professor Snape stopped next to me and handed out schedules to a light haired boy named Draco and Pansy, then to me "I see that you made it to breakfast without getting lost again, Miss Moore." and he kept moving down the table. I kept my eyes down but I knew I was flushing from being embarassed. Draco looked shocked and I heard Pansy giggling behind her napkin...


~Madison Alexander~6th Year~Ravenclaw~
Block One- DADA w/Gryffindor
Block Two- Charms w/Hufflepuff
Block Three- Advanced Transfigurations

Block One- Muggle Studies
Block Two- Potions w/ Hufflepuff
Block Three- Advanced Charms

Block One- Transfigurations w/ Slytherin
Block Two- Charms w/Hufflepuff
Block Three- Potions w/ Hufflepuff

Block One- Transfigurations w/ Slytherin
Block Two- Literature and Art
Block Three- Advanced Transfigurations

Block One- Advanced Charms
Block Two- Arithmancy
Block Three- DADA w/Gryffindor

~Madison Alexander~6th Year~Ravenclaw~

I gave my kitty one last pat before I headed out to breakfast. I said hello to a few students as I came in, and sat down to a platter of scrambled eggs, toast and sausage. As I ate, I glanced over my schedule at once Hmmm...going to start off the day with a bang eh? Defense Against the Dark Arts with Gryffindor. I only hope it's better than that crap that was forced on us last year. Reading a book indeed~~what rubbish.

I had just finished my juice when I saw Jaiden heading out the hall, so I ran to catch up with her.
"How's everything Jai?" I asked
She rolled her eyes "Ok..."

I knew something was bothering her already so I walked with her to her first class while she told me of the bad evening she had. She had gotten herself lost, been on the receiving end of Peeve's welcoming committee, and got caught out of her dorm by the Head of House. I couldn't help but to smile. Jaiden said "It's not funny Madison...I mean seriously don't they believe in a map around here?"

I shook my head "It's happened to alot of us around here...we just get used to it and keep going. Don't let bother you too much cousin."

To change the subject I asked Jaiden about her schedule. She had Literature this morning then after that was Potions. She made a face at that. All I said was "So you had a rough start Jai, big deal. All you have to do in Potions is relax and listen to Professor Snape's instructions. As long as you do that, you won't have any problem."

I looked at my watch "But I will have a big problem if I don't get to class..." I patted Jai's shoulder and continued to my DADA class....

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20th August 2003, 03:44 PM
Rouge Channing - F - 5th year Gryffindor

Block One- Literature and Art
Block Two- DADA w/ Hufflepuff
Block Three- Arithmancy

Block One- Charms w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- Potions w/ Ravenclaw
Block Three- Transfiguration w/ Slytherin

Block One- DADA w/ Hufflepuff
Block Two- Arithmancy
Block Three- Charms w/ Ravenclaw

Block One- Transfiguration w/ Slytherin
Block Two- DADA w/ Hufflepuff
Block Three- Potions w/ Ravenclaw

Block One- Potions w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- Transfiguration w/ Slytherin
Block Three- Charms w/ Ravenclaw

Rouge Channing - F - 5th year Gryffindor

After the feast, we all headed up to our dorms. The prefects, Ron and Hermione, gave the portait of the Fat Lady the password, and everyone clambored into the common room. I managed to catch wind of the password as it traveled down the line of people waiting to get in. After entering the common room, I headed straight for bed. Normally I hung around and talked, but I was too tired today. As I entered the now-familiar room I smiled. My trunk was neatly resting on top of my bed, and I moved it underneath, then flopped down on my bed and closed my eyes. My last thought before drifting off was, It's great to be back.

OOC: Short >_< And I hope no one objects to the schedule - it was hard to do since I was the first 5th year to post >_<

Elemental Seribii
20th August 2003, 03:52 PM
Schedule time...Oo;

Ruby Cynita - 5th Year Hufflepuff
Reign didn't like the Owlery much, the owls bother him. He prefered to sleep on the opening window-thing on the tower.
Of course, he had to wake me up to announce his arrival, and basically woke up everyone else in the dorm.
"Ruby. Shut. That. Goddamn. Bird. Up. NOW."
"God, Ruby, I was having the best dream!" (This brought giggles, because everyone knew that Jasmine always dreamt about boys.)
"Sorry, sorry." I offered, and shushed Reign, who ruffled his wings and fell asleep.
I checked my nose (sometimes the piercing gets infected. Icky), and looked over the contacts on the table. "Accio contacts." I muttered, too tired to walk over there.
I opened the case, and put one on my finger. It immediately jumped into my eye, and I jolted. Hey, it was scary. At least I didn't have to touch my eye. When I had both in, had changed, I brushed my hair, and put some lipgloss on. Yeah, that should be it.
I wandered downstairs to the Great Hall, and sat down at the Hufflepuff table.
"Hey, Rub."
"Good morning, Ruby."
"Got contacts, Ruby?" Came a few shouts from the people who were already here, who weren't a lot.
"Yep. Morning." I replied, and got myself some scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Drade gave me my schedule, and I looked it over.

Oh, how I love mornings.

Block One: Literature & Art
Block Two: DADA w/Gryffindor
Block Three: Care of Magical Creatures w/Gryffindor

Block One: Transfigurations
Block Two: Herbology w/Slytherin
Block Three: Advanced Charms

Block One: DADA w/Gryffindor
Block Two: Care of Magical Creatures w/Ravenclaw
Block Three: Dramatics

Block One: Advanced Charms
Block Two: DADA w/Gryffindor
Block Three: Potions w/Slytherin

Block One: Herbology
Block Two: Potions w/Ravenclaw
Block Three: Dramatics

Draco Malfoy - Prefect, 6th Year Slytherin
(Do Prefects get their own room? I know there's a Prefect bathroom.)
The first night was highly uneventful. I heard Snape catch someone outside, before I fell asleep. I think Crabbe went past, too, because he was muttering about Goyle snoring, and Zabini whining for his mum. Er...yes.
I (luckily) got into the bathroom first. It can be hell trying to get in there if you're late. Dirty bathwater, dirty soap bars. Ewww. That stuff makes my skin crawl.
When I was dressed, I gelled back my hair, and then put my robes on, flicking the Prefect's badge.

I saw Pansy when I came out, her hair was a spastic wreck, and she has bags under her eyes.
"Need...make-up...and...brush..." She moaned, her eyeliner smudged down her face. I smirked, and closed the door behind her. Not a pretty sight if she forgot to close the door in the morning. Uhehehe...

Snape would get p*ssed if I wasn't there quite early.

When most of Slytherin was at the table, me and Pansy started passing out the schedules. Pansy had thick eyeliner on, and had been trying to hide the rest of her face while Snape was talking, to the first years mostly.

It appears it was Jaiden who was caught by Snape. Pansy giggled like a hyena behind her napkin. I just looked at her (as did most of the table), and she looked away, her cheeks going red. A few laughs came, then a few whispers.

I also got a letter from Father and Mother, I feel loved.

I almost dropped Father's letter after I read it, and luckily, quickly composed myself. Pansy didn't pay any attention, her compact mirror still opened.

Goyle flicked some sausage at Crabbe, and they both started laughing, which sounds more like two a**es, which, they are.
Zabini was ranting about his schedule, saying he couldn't stand whatever he had last on Friday.

Mother's letter was basically just motherly gushing, but it always made me smil-smirk. Smirk. No smiling.

Block One- Literature & Art
Block Two- Potions w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Advanced DADA

Block One- DADA w/ Hufflepuff
Block Two- Charms w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Advanced Potions

Block One- Transfigurations w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- Potions w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Charms w/Gryffindor

Block One- Transfigurations w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- DADA w/ Hufflepuff
Block Three- Advanced DADA

Block One- Advanced Potions
Block Two- Flying
Block Three- Arithmancy
(X-x Hope I got everything right...)

Ultimate Charizard
20th August 2003, 04:06 PM
This is a post for Bulbasaur4, she is having comp trouble which is stopping her posting so im posting this up for her.

^^;; Uh, you must have not seen it Angel, but in my last Rywen post, I had him talking to Jaiden after the dinner. ^^; But that's okay... no big deal.

Cayria Tseugga - F - Slytherin

Block One- Divination
Block Two- Transfigurations w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Advanced DADA

Block One- Potions w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- DADA w/ Ravenclaw
Block Three- Advanced Transfigurations

Block One- Potions w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- Transfigurations w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Advanced Divination

Block One- Potions w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- Transfigurations w/ Gryffindor
Block Three- Advanced DADA

Block One- DADA w/ Ravenclaw
Block Two- Advanced Transfigurations
Block Three- Arithimancy

(Gave her basically the same schedule as Ging's char. ^^;)

Cayria - F - Slytherin

I had rolled my eyes most dramatically when I heard Draco, the idiot, shout out the password for the whole CASTLE to hear. Although I had no grudges against him, and I rather enjoyed most of his idiot anticts at Griffindor, some times he over did it. Oh well... wasn't my problem.

Entering the dorm, I quickly had choosen a nice bed and threw my stuff in the trunk at the foot of my bed. Actually, the only thing that was on a little dresser drawer next to my bed was a small, silver-charmed statue of a dragon with beady little green eyes of jewels. Yawning, and feeling rather tired... I quickly whistled loudly.
"What th- " Jaiden had said, she looked actually rather messed up and very tired. I pittied her, she already was getting lost for the 6th year? Shrugging I frowned as suddenly a black figure swooped down through the room which caused several people to jump and I smiled and bowed appologetically.
"Please excuse Xaiac, he likes to make a dramatic enterance."
The black figure landed upon my shoulder, my huge black Gyrfalcon with his charming, yet bewitching golden eyes stared at me.
" You can stay here Xaiac, but remind you- use the bathroom properly."
Xaiac seemed to nod, as he let a scree out and opened his massive wings with an impressive wingspan and he flew to the top of my bed and perched there, gazing below.
"That's going to give me nightmares, you're bird Cayria."
I shrugged..
" HE shouldn't. With Lord Volder-" I knew I would get crap if I said his name outloud, so I sighed..
" If that certain 'big scary wizard' were to try to get at one of us, Xaiac will spot it before it happens. I would find that comforting rather."
With that I got into bed... and let sleep easily consume me.


The morning came rather abruptly, and I got up to find that Xaiac was off some where. It didn't bother me, and I quickly got dressed and put my hair up into a rather clean look. Getting down to breakfast was rather easy and not too bad. I ate slowly... minding my own business, wondering when the other Slytherins would get down. I usually was always the first one to breakfast, simply because I always woke up so early...

Rywen Yiaro - 6th Year - Ravenclaw

Block One- DADA w/Gryffindor
Block Two- Charms w/Hufflepuff
Block Three- Advanced Transfigurations

Block One- Flying
Block Two- Potions w/ Hufflepuff
Block Three- Advanced Charms

Block One- Transfigurations w/ Slytherin
Block Two- Care of Magical Creatures w/Griffindor
Block Three- Dramatics

Block One- Transfigurations w/ Slytherin
Block Two- Advanced DADA (Independant)
Block Three- Defense Against the Dark Arts w/Hufflepuff

Block One- Care of Magical Creatures w/Slytherin
Block Two- Advanced Transfigurations
Block Three- Dramatics

Rywen Yiaro - M - 6th Year Ravenclaw (Prefect/QCapt.)

" Alright... remember guys, this password is rather important and you don't want to blab this to your friends."
I was at the front door, with a rather large crowd gathered. They looked rather impatient... and I didn't know where the other Prefect was. I had sweatdropped comically, after a little chat with Jaiden, the slytherin girl. Everyone seemed to accept me being late, as I spoke.
"Alright... the password is, Aveinstitial!"
The door swung open, and I saw many big eyes. I grinned,
"Hey, it is a long word... but aren't we supposed to be the bright ones in this castle? You'll be able to remember it fine."
I said, patting one of the first years on the head. Man,t hey were shorter then I remembered myself being. Oh well..I was always rather tall.

Getting into the hall, soon everyone was sorted out into what rooms they were supposed to go into, and soon I too, had my own dorm. Zev was in it, a fellow beater, and I soon collapsed into my bed as my kitty cat leapt in with me. Patting her soft black body as she curled up by my feet, soon I drifted to sleep..

"Pass the muffins?" I said to Madison, as she nodded and handed them to me. Tsing soon purred and rubbed against my legs, as I pulled my class schedule from her. It actually wasn't too bad...
"Double DADA?" I said, blinking slightly as I held the schedule rather farther away from me... strange.
" Double? Man... you'll have your hands full." Another Ravenclaw said, as I gazed at them.
"How would you know?"
"... uhh... well, look at teh teacher. She... she's got wings... and ... well-"
I rolled my eyes and stuffed some food in my mouth as I got up and smiled at a few of the people I knew.
" I've got to get to get to Defense Against the Dark Arts... that should be... interesting, to say the least." I saw Madison up ahead, and I remembered her saying she had it as well.
"Hey Maddie! Wait up!" I called.

XD Maddie!

Prof. Karie Velya - DADA Teacher - Animalus

I took a small sip of my tea as I sat in one of the hard-oak chairs which sat behind my desk. The room was rather spotless... and it felt good to have it almost in mint condition. I had a fireplace... which was neat, and it had been in a filthy mess when I had arrived. Of course, with all the things which happened last year... there were good enough reasons for it. With the help of magick however, it was not that bad.
I had a class today... it made me rather excited and nervous at teh same time. I loved teaching, and students learning was some thing rather positive. Much... well, far better then having to do missions for the Ministry. Most of them were a bunch of snoveling idiotic-

The door opened, and a student entered. I nodded to him and smiled rather pleasantly. As I quickly took out my wand and shouted..
Instantly a stream of bright red writing filled the air, as it showed all the desks in a mini-drawing and the names of who was to sit where in it. This was my 6th years... RAvenclaw and Gryffindor.
" Please use that chart.."
I began to say, as more of the students entered.
" ... so you know where to sit. SOrry for not giving you the choice of where you desire to sit, but it will give me a chance to know your names better. Once we pass that stage, you can sit where you desire."
I heard only a few grumbles... but soon everyone was seated and I motioned my wand in the air. The drawing vanished, and I stood at the front of the classroom. Well... I guess an introductory speech would be nessicary.

" Greetings, my name is Prof. Karie Velya. I will be your new Defense AGainst the Dark Arts teacher, and although I am new to your school I am not new to the art of teaching. I used to go to Gatheria, the American Wizarding School, and I taught there for quite some time."
With this I smiled and my wings spread out a little bit from their usually tight folded postion.
" Thus, that is why my accent is not like yours, and my clothing choice is not robes. Dumbledore did not mind it... so I hope you will not mind it either."

With that I grabbed the Defense Against the Dark Arts book for 6th years, and opened it. I heard many groans... as I smirked under my hair as I gazed up at them.
" Take out your books. Now as you know, Lord Voldemort has risen once again... and-"
I noticed many of them had twitched when I said 'Lord Voldemort." Frowning... I began..
" -and, we must prepare you, the future of Wizarding, with the task of perhaps defending or attacking an enemy. So with this in mind, I would try not to flinch at the name Lord Voldemort, because you will be hearing it often."

Many nodded at this, as I said his name flawlessly with no twitching... it was so strange. SO many wizards had to wince at it... but I found the name just that, a name.
" Now that you have your books, I want to teach your a new spell which might cause some amusement. Wands out!"
With that many students grabbed their wands with eager excitement... I could tell their last teacher must have not been very... spell-bound?

" Now stand up, and point your wand at your book. In order for this spell to work... I want you to gather up all the hate inside of you, and aim it towards your book. Concentrate hard... and the effect you get will be far more dramatic. Now... Liexplosa!"
With that, the DADA 6th Year book exploded in front of me in an array of tiny particles of papers... which vanished in to thin air before they could hit the ground. A few colorful sparks also had happened... to add a little more visual affect. Many of the student's grew wide-eyed..
" Yes, you may all destroy your DADA books."

Many explosions occured during that hour... and little had difficulty thinking of some thing to make them want to explode their books. As soon as it was done, they sat down again and I smiled coyly.

" Now, that is my thoughts of books. They are rubbish, trash... utterly useless in the field of Magick. Unless you are studying history or perhaps how to write... they do not replace the art of teaching the actual act of magick. I heard last year the witch of a teacher before me made you read until your heads probably wanted to explode. Well, I'm gonna have you practice magick until your hands hurt... so reading is not some thing we will be doing in MY classroom."

With that, I then began to talk about curses... and how many wizards in the world today used many many curses to hurt their victims into torture or into slowly killing them one by one. Some curses led to insanity... some only to create small nuisances.
" Whatever the curse however, it CAN be deflected."
I continued, as I then began to talk about the deathly curses...
" Even the most powerful, horrible, deathly curse can be deflected or countered back... and this is going to be our first lesson. This lesson will be long, consuming a good amount of time during our future classes... but it will be worth if if you are ever encountering the evils which are out there during this time. Curses are a horrible thing students, especially when in the hands of cruel wizards."

With that, I began to teach the first method in deflecting curses..
" When deflecting curses, big or small... the first step is not to say the words of the deflecting spell and to point yoru wand... but to brace yourself. Although the deflecting spell will save your life, it is not powerful enough to make it so you feel nothing. Sure you wll not feel the effects of the curse... but you will feel some if a little pain or discomfort. Now, little curses... you can get away from feeling anything, but death curses... they must take a great amount of mental preparation."

The rest of the class consisted in taking hits from minor body-charging spells which they already knew... nothign big, just enough to knock you off your feet and perhaps scuff you up a bit. But it WAS very important... if you were to try to handle a curse with a deflecting curse, with out knowing the effects... you would fail in even trying to counter the curse at all.
At the end of class, many looked rather worn... but not disatasfied. I smiled... this class was good.
" Alright, this was a tough day...a s far as your body would say. Next class time, we'll begin to practice the words for the deflecting curse... counter curse, and backfire curse. Remind you, I don't expect anyone to handle them at first... but soon you'll get the handle of it. You may go."

With that I smiled, flapping my wings just a little bit to stretch them out as I put my wand away and watched them leave..

20th August 2003, 05:43 PM
Alright...here's Ami schedule...^^;

Ami Zypher - 6th Year Slytherin
Block 1: Literature and Art
Block 2: Herbology w/ Hufflepuff
Block 3: Care for Magical Creatures

Block 1: DADA w/ Ravenclaw
Block 2: Potions w/ Gryffindor
Block 3: Herbology

Block 1: Charms
Block 2: DADA w/ Gryffindor
Block 3: Dramatics

Block 1: Care for Magical Creatures w/ Ravenclaw
Block 2: DADA
Block 3: Potions w/ Hufflepuff

Block 1: Charms w/ Gryiffindor
Block 2: Potions
Block 3: Dramatics

Ginger Cat
20th August 2003, 05:51 PM
Scheduales are good. Yay.

Phoenix Renton

Rain drizzled drearily, spattering the barely maintained street. This was near the back of an Irish town; needless to say, I was perhaps the least suspicious-looking character there. I had dismissed Mira for the time, bidding her to find something for dinner. As for myself, I was headed for a drink, and perhaps a revelation or two. Hopefully.

Striding through the mud, I pushed through the door of a tavern. Immediately, I was hit by a deep warmth. Dim yet entirely warm yellow light splashed over my face. The contrast between this world and the one outside was outstanding; for a moment, I was content to stand midway between the two worlds, absorbing the wonders of both. This wasn’t meant to last long, however. I realized that near to half of the population of the bar had turned to glare at me, at the invasion of the chill into their warmth. Obligingly, not wanting to cause trouble yet, I shut the door and stepped up to the counter.

It’s been quite a long time since I’d last had an actual drink. That filthy water at Azkaban didn’t count for anything and, while the water of the stream had been fresh, it had been somewhat insubstantial. I stood at the counter, waiting until the bartender inquired rather gruffly as to what I’d like. “A pint of whatever brew works best over here.”

He nodded absently, reaching behind him, grabbing a mug, and filling it from a tap. How nice. These taverns were so very much in the past that it was rather comforting. He handed the mug over to me and I paid, then walked over to an empty table. Much of the room was in shadows, many of those in the barroom spoke in hushed voices. This was a place where damned near anyone could go unnoticed. Hell, it was almost like the Hogs Head up in everyone’s favorite wizarding village. Come to think of that, it’d been quite a long time since I’d been up there. The last time must have been when I’d been with the school. What an amusing thought.

Yes, the school. I would need to pay it a visit--maybe I’d do that before I dropped in on old Tom. Or maybe I’d send my dear friend a message first. Either way, I’d be sure to check on the school at some time. Just to see how everything was running, maybe see who was teaching the class, see what the students were up to.

My, my. Wouldn’t Albus be surprised if he saw me? Maybe not, but then.. Yes, he would. He always had underestimated nearly the entire population of the world. Many called him clever, but he was quite plainly a fool. Rather a trusting fool, too.

Leaning back, I breathed in deeply, then took a drink out of the mug. It was indeed wonderful; smooth, with the welcoming taste of this very tavern filling it. Yes, indeed, it was lovely to be free.


20th August 2003, 07:22 PM
dear GOD this is confusing @_@, someone please tell me if ive made any mistakes

~-*> Morbrid Chaos - 6th Year Slytherin <*-~

Block 1: Literature and Art
Block 2: Transfiguration w/ Hufflepuff
Block 3: Care for Magical Creatures

Block 1: DADA w/ Ravenclaw
Block 2: Potions w/ Gryffindor
Block 3: Transfiguration

Block 1: Charms
Block 2: DADA w/ Gryffindor
Block 3: Literature and Art

Block 1: Care for Magical Creatures w/ Ravenclaw
Block 2: DADA
Block 3: Potions w/ Hufflepuff

Block 1: Charms w/ Gryiffindor
Block 2: Potions
Block 3: Literature and Art

EDIT: there I basicallt copied GL's (sorry bout that ^_^;; ) but changed it a little...

Elemental Seribii
21st August 2003, 10:50 AM
DB: Yesh, schedules are very confusing. Oo; For putting yourself with other houses, just check other 6th year schedules, and see who has classes w/Slytherin. (ie., Angel's char, Madison, has Transfigurations with Slytherin, Wednesday, Block One.). You can kind of rotate around that. Hope I helped. ^-^;

Sai Tronatica
I was typing madly on ye olde typewriter, oblivious to anything else but the slightly rhythmatic clicking.

I snapped out of it when I heard a giggle.

Donatello was dancing on a piece of paper, paint on his paws, and color everywhere on the paper that basically covered the small table.

I stood up, and walked over to the table, where Donatello was in the water bowl, washing himself. He looked up at me when I was done, smiling a ferret-smile. I picked him up, and wrapped him up in a white towel, and rubbed him. He giggled again, and when he was semi-dry, escaped the towel and scurried up my shoulder.

"Donatello, your fur isn't all dry! Come down." I looked at my shoulder, where Donatello was 'talking' to me, obviously not happy.

I reached up (thank God for my old Quidditch reflexes.), and snatched him in the towel, and he tried to get away again. I didn't let him go until I was sure he was dry.

He went back up on my shoulder, and started yelling at me. I just scratched his head absent mindedly, and headed downstairs, out of the Inn.

Walking the streets of London, I fiddled with the snake ring on my right ring finger, and it hissed. It was a gift from my Father from ages ago, when I was only in my 5th year.

I was wearing Muggle clothes, which wasn't all that strange in Magical London now. Not that I wasn't used to getting weird looks.

I walked into Ollivanders, where another kid was getting a wand. Mr. Ollivanders looked up, and gave me a creepy smile. The kid looked slightly terrified. If that's possible.

"Ah, Ms. Tronatica. 11 inches, Holly and a Sphinx's Heart, am I right? You got a wand long before I stopped such ingredients."
I just grinned, and he continued helping the boy in front of me. Pfft, yeah. You could get an 'illegal' wand from Ollivander if you knew how.

"Mr. Ollivander, if you don't mind...is there a spell that can conjure a living, breathing, copy of anyone?"

His head snapped up, and his clear blue eyes flashed. It was quite well known that Ollivander knew almost every spell ever cast.

"No, Ms. Tronatica. No spell that I know of."

I nodded, and said goodbye. Hmm. So, unless Ollivander is lying because of some twisted secrecy thing...

Could be a magical reaction. Donatello was now on my head, chattering wildly.

I laughed, and headed back to Flourish and Blotts. If I can find another decent book. On old Arctic shaman and medicine men, and the Magical people there. Hmm, that should do it.


Avian Freeze
25th August 2003, 03:04 AM
Yeesh, schedules? x_x.

Zev, 5th Year Ravenclaw

Rywen had arrived late as usual. We had all gotten used to it by now and it was no big deal. "Alright, the password is...Aveinstitial!" Great, a long password to remember x_x. Well, we all gathered into our dorms and I noticed that a few of us had been put into the same dorm. Rywen immediately slumped down on his bed and fell asleep within a matter of minutes. Zane was in the same room as well and we all got ready to go to bed. Tomorrow would be our first day at Hogwarts...again. It was a comfortable feeling to be back here again. I hoped this year would be interesting. I couldn't wait to play Quidditch again as well. Rywen and I were an awesome duo as beaters and with our chasers, Clair, Luna, and Madison, we would be unbeatable, not to mention our seeker, Zane. Heh, maybe I was getting a bit overconfident, but our House should do well this year.

I lay down on my bed, thinking about everything else. Another new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Heh, she was an interesting character, and Animalus I think. Those wings were an amazing sight to behold, and I wondered what kind of teacher she would be. I was eager to get some ACTUAL DADA training in this year. I was sick of reading books about DADA, it was time for us to actually use spells.

The new Charms teacher was pretty interesting as well. He had a menacing aura around him at night, though in the day he was quite cheerful. Nonetheless, he was a mysterious character. What surprises would happen this year? Every year I had been at Hogwarts, something big always happened. This year would probably be no different.

I glanced to my right, and noticed that Zane was now soundly asleep as well, his heavy breathing causing me to realize that. I sighed, I was usually the last one asleep. Perhaps I thought too much. Hell, I was thinking to much right now. I turned to my side and within a few minutes, was able to fall asleep.

* * *

I woke up yawning, and stretched my arms. Apparently Zane and Rywen had already left. Not only was I the last one to sleep, I was usually the last one to wake as well. I quickly did the usual morning routine and put my robes on, walking down to the Great Hall. Mostly everyone had already gathered to receive their schedules. After eating a quick breakfast, my schedule was given to me. With Gavin perched on my shoulder, we both examined my agenda.

- - -

Block One: Transfiguration with Slytherin
Block Two: Care of Magical Creatures
Block Three: Herbology

Block One: Charms with Gryffindor
Block Two: Potions with Gryffindor
Block Three: Herbology

Block One: Transfiguration
Block Two: Care of Magical Creatures with Hufflepuff
Block Three: Defense Against the Dark Arts with Slytherin

Block One: Transfiguration
Block Two: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Block Three: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Block One: Potions with Gryffindor
Block Two: Potions with Hufflepuff
Block Three: Charms with Gryffindor

OOC: Yah, tried to match this with Ruby and Rouge since they're both 5th years too ^^;.


Oh boy, every day except Thursday we would be sharing classes with another House. That would be pretty reckless. Double Potions AND Defense Against the Dark Arts? Great, more work -_-;;. I noticed everyone was exiting the hall and I quickly stuffed my schedule in my pocket, and made my way to Transfiguration.


Whee :D.

Ginger Cat
25th August 2003, 07:18 PM
Rvevian Marson ~ 6th Year Slytherin

Transfigurations, Potions, and then Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts? Not a bad day, all in all; as long as certain houses could keep themselves under control, of course. Some of them seemed to take these shared class times as field days… God help us if they decided to do so again.

Sighing, I gathered my books from the table and started towards Transfigurations. Honestly, I couldn’t wait until I’d gotten myself out of the this school; how long could one stand to be here? I suppose I should’ve been glad to be going to a wizarding school but, God… Some of the people here. And the air. Something was wrong with the air here. Not the atmosphere, no, just the general feeling of the place. Drastically wrong.

How funny. I was predicting disaster, and I’d only had to heard the Divination bull**** the few times I’d seen the Professor out of that class. It seemed to fit in that sort of vein but, really, it was only a feeling. In all likelihood, everything here was as fine as fine could be. Of course something felt wrong; with all that was going on outside of this little world, nothing could be entirely right.

It was strange to see how many of my classmates seemed to forget entirely about what happened in the “outside world”. I suppose it had something to do with the school and its damned rules about keeping everything inside the school and leaving outside events quiet. What use did three hours of Binns droning on about old gnomes do us when there was a war raging outside--or, rather, near to raging? Certainly, we needed to know our history and how this had happened, but we needed to know of these current times to be able to act in them.

It wasn’t my business, though. After all, I was only a student; what did I know?

There was the classroom. I slipped into it, taking a seat in the back to myself. Better to be in the back, where I could observe everyone else. Perhaps, also, better to be alone.


Chauvelin Aermand ~ 7th Year Slytherin

We all have our better sides, and we all have our darker sides.


I started slightly in my tracks, pausing with my pants half pulled on. It was true, of course, but something in that had struck me. I pulled up my pants quickly, then dashed to my bedside and scribbled the note down on a pad of paper. ”We all have our better sides, and we all have our darker sides.” It seemed as if there was something connected with that, possibly something dealing with my own self, possibly something connected to many. Maybe.

Throwing my belongings in my bag, I shoved it over my shoulder and bolted from the room. Behind me, I heard my roommates follow as students from the other rooms glanced out at us wearily. So what if we were somewhat rowdy in the morning? It woke us up, after all. Got us down to the Hall right early, too, and therefore we were never late for class. All right, we were rarely late for our first class. Most of us.

They’d be rid of us by the end of the year. That’s right, because we were finally going to be released from the school. That alone was worth celebrating, wasn’t it? A chance to join the actual world, to be away from this mini-society. How lovely that would be.

And where to go to? Hopefully a theatre; yes, that’d be rather nice. What better to do with my life than to act? To perform on a stage? My parents became rather pissy every time I brought the subject up, but to hell with that, to hell with them. I’d told them a long time ago that I was interested in the stage; they hadn’t listened then, and they’ve been doing their best to ignore me as of late. Ah well. Not as if they could stop me from doing it.

There was breakfast, and there were the schedules. I looked the entirety of mine over before returning to today’s list: potions, transfiguration, and then advanced defense. Sounded like a good enough day to me. Then again, I’d chosen my classes because I’d found them to be interesting when I’d taken them before. They could only get better, right? Or, rather, I could hope that they would.

After finishing what food I’d taken, I headed toward the dungeon with three of my dorm mates; the forth had been scheduled for the earlier Literature and Arts class, while two of our dorm mates and I were scheduled to take that Wednesday. The room hadn’t yet been opened when we arrived, but we were early and therefore unsurprised by the fact. We waited for a few minutes as the Ravenclaws and a few of our female housemates showed up. When the Professor opened the door, we poured into the classroom, sliding into seats and waiting for the lesson to begin.


25th August 2003, 10:25 PM
Errr...quick question....where the hell do we fit in Quidditch Practice!?!?!?! 0.o

-~+ Morbrid Chaos - 6th Year Slytherin +-~

I awoke to the grumbling and moaning of my dormates on the first morning of class

After creeping downstairs to a bowl of lukewarm poridge as breakfast, I scurried off to class and class was well...different...

Of course I did something as retarded as mixing up my schedule to believe I had Charms first, but quickly ran to L & A before I could get in trouble for it...^_^;;;

I wound up sitting next to Ami, who strangely had the near identical schedule I had... really odd...

L & A went well, Prof. *insert name here ^_^;;;* was kind enough NOT to give us homework on the first day of class,

Then I ran to Transfiguration with the Hufflepuffs, many of whom shot nasty remarks about me and tryed to distance themselves from me...Of all the Houses, ive been recieving the most heat from the Hufflepuffs, and I have NO idea why...

McGonnagall was, as usual, her sarcastic self, giving us a long lecture on the School's situation AND to top it off, Homework in the form of a scroll-length Essay about How Different Wands Give Transfigured Animals Different Effects....oh joy...

But Care of the Magical Creatures was...very very "moderate" compared to the antics of Hagrid from the past couple of years,

Many of the Slytherins (including myself) thought Draco would get the My-Nephew-Is-The-Best-Student-EVER treatment from Ms. Malfoy...but Malfoy never bragged about his Aunt, and Ms. Malfoy wasnt exactly baby-ing her cousin...

Sure I wasnt in his class but thats what I expected...

Anyways, long story short, Ms. Malfoy brought a Monkey-like creature in a cage, but it was slimey, and had blue-ish fur, but the most notible thing about it was the fact it had but one eyeball...

"Class" Ms. Malfoy said, "This is a Devorr, at the beginning of its life its a round, egg like beast..." but then she continued in a voice that terrified some, but intrigued others, like yours truly, "Then is consumes, and devours other random animal-like corpses, and absorbes their limbs and bodily organs..."

As some of the students "ooed" and "aahed", Ms. Malfoy continued on, "But unfortunantly, these creatures dont live long, now students, why do you think that is?"

but before many of the Slytherin loud-mouths could speak, Ms. Malfoy finished, "Dont tell me, I want you all to write me a Scroll-long essay about Why a Devorr Doesnt Live Long...and its due the next time you see me, class dismissed"

So that was the first day, oh joy...


okay that was a pitiful post, but it was MY pitiful post, anyways, I hope someone can answer my question...

27th August 2003, 12:27 AM
Oooh! Classes!


"Devorr's start as small, round, blue eggs, about the size of an ostrich's egg..." I repeated what I had learned from Professor Tvietz all those years ago, plus from the Magical Creatures department of the Ministry. I held up the copper-wire cage, and then put it down on my desk.

The monkey inside was not what could be called beautiful. It was a sort of squirrel monkey, with a dull, sick blue coat that looked water-logged and wet, though it was quite dry. Round black eyes looked around, and the thing chattered stupidly in a screechy voice, chittering like Destiny Patil used to. Thinking this, I glanced blankly at Parvati in the back row, who was painting her nails under the desk. I ignored that.

"...it consumes, and devours corpses, usually rotten, dug up crap from cemetaries, still rather fresh but already hours dead, and eats their limbs and organs. The odd time, they'll go for fresh kills, but they tend to prefer sucking all the dead stuff, vile and rotten..." I continued on, in a tone that suggested I was interested in my own topics, when I truthfully wanted to just drag them into the forest and flaunt off the unicorns and the more interesting things, like the Mooncalves.

Some people looked like they wanted to vomit violently at the thought of such a tiny thing digging up rotten flesh of consume, but some looked interested.

The class was a quite interesting mix of people. A total of about twenty or so students, half girls, half guys. Potter was half-asleep, and that reminded me quite a bit of James: always uninterested and looking half dead. Weasley, yawning. Granger, attention directed unblinkingly to class. Brown, make-up, Patil, nail polishing. Three other gryffindor boys I hadn't seen yet. More girls. The Slytherins were more recogizable.

Goyle, Crabbe. Fat, lazy sluggards, like their fathers. Pfft. Draco, blonde-haired mini-clone of his father, but with a whiny pretty-boy attitude instead of all-powerful bastard. Ugly girl. Pug-like girl. Zabini, I knew her mother from work.

"But unfortunantly, these creatures dont live long, now students, why do you think that is?"

As I could have expected, as people had warned me, Hermione Granger's hand shot up like a bullet, as a few raised hands too suggest things, but I smiled, glancing at the clock.

"Dont tell me, I want you all to write me a six-inch-long essay about why Devorres don't live long...and its due next class. Also, next class, we'll drop Devorres, because they are possibly the most boring creatures I've ever dealed with. So we're going to something a little more to your level, as Devorres are fifth-grade things."

I flipped randomly through the book, paused on a random page, and announced, "Hippocampus. That's level enough for you."

Woah, what an interesting day. I wonder if its early enough to bother Severus

27th August 2003, 07:54 PM
*applauds* nice post Lorelei

uh, another question, besides Quidditch Practice, when will the actual games actually take place?

Ginger Cat
30th August 2003, 03:41 AM
Hrm. All right. I'm finally leaving this place... I'd like to leave midnightangel and Lorelei in charge of this, as the two of them were here most in the RPG prior to this.
I'm sorry to leave right now, when this has barely begun, but... Well, here it is, and here I am, and I am indeed leaving.
Good luck. I'm certain that you know what to do.

On a side note... midnight, would you mind if I used Angel (and Lorelei, might I possibly use Lorelei?) in a fic or two... Currently, thethought on my mind is for a Lucius songfic. Would that be all right? I'd give credit...


Again, I'm sorry to leave now... If anyone should care to, we could do this in a journal; it may actually go over better at a journal site. If anyone would care to, please just contact me (dance_of_the_damned@hotmail.com).

Fare thee well.

30th August 2003, 07:18 PM
er im confused, whats with Ginger?

30th August 2003, 08:15 PM
*whimpers* Aww.... bye =( We'll miss you. Alot. *hugs* Have fun somewhere else. We'll miss you tons. Byebye and come back and visit someday.


Use Lorelei all you want.

Journal = yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!

But... but... why? Please? Explaination?

If your dog died, we can stuff DarkBlastoise in a puppy dog costume and put him on a leash for you.

1st September 2003, 01:44 AM
0.o...*squeals and runs away*

Ginger Cat
1st September 2003, 11:28 AM
I'm sorry... I jsut need to leave the boards. O-o
If you do have any interest in journal, my livejournal is at http://www.livejournal.com/users/alien_hybrid
Just, you know, psot anonomously, say who you are and that you want a code for caleida, and I'll give you one...
I really am going to miss this RPG, though.
But ah, it is as it is.

1st September 2003, 12:51 PM
I don't know what's happened to make you decide to leave Ginger, but I don't know how I can help make this RPG any better than you did. *shrugs*
Just know that you will be missed, and this place won't be the same without you here

As for Angel, I don't care if you use her--it would be nice to see what you would do with the character.
And about the journal site--I don't see why we have to move at all--but that's just me of course *shrugs*