View Full Version : SSB (not M): Samus's Board the Platforms

2nd August 2003, 09:16 PM
My friend and I have been trying to beat Samus's Board the Platforms for years. We can reach the first 9, but no matter how hard we try or what method we use, we cannot reach the target on the top-right. I hadn't played SSB in a long time (cuz of SSBM) but I tried it again today and no future luck. From the far-right platform I tried a double jump plus the B+Up Screw attack... not quite there. From the top-middle, I jumped to the right 2 times, then tried to use a Screw attack to land on the platform. We BARELY miss it. It is the same situation every single time I try. Does anybody know how to land on that platform? Thanks a lot.

Lord Necrodain
2nd August 2003, 09:44 PM
I remembered having trouble with this one too, so, after reading this, I broke out SSB and gave it another whirl, after having been an SSBMer for so long. I managed to get it first try. Hehe, I still got it. [/ego inflation]

Anyways, the way to get it is what your second method was. Jump from the top middle. Timing is crucial. You need to jump off the platform JUST before you run off the edge and fall off. I fell off 3 or 4 times doing this just now trying to get a feel for the timing. Get a good idea of when you need to jump to get maximum distance, the more ground you cover with your jump, the less air you'll cover, and the less likely it is you'll make it. Also, time your jumps well, particularly the Screw Attack, as I believe you fall faster than normal after using it. Done correctly, you should be able to Screw Attack onto the left edge of the platform and just barely get above it, then when you fall you'll of course hit it and end the stage. It's all about timing really, there are no tricks that make it easy, that I know of anyway.

EDIT: An "is" ran away from me, needed to drag it back into its place.

EDIT #2: Gave it another try, I made a hopefully not too bad error in my description, the Screw Attack should bounce you ONTO the left edge of the platform, not through it, my bad.

3rd August 2003, 06:54 PM
That part is really hard to do, but I've done it a few times. Like Lord Necrodain said, the second method is what you should do. I don't know the exact timing, but you need to jump off at the last possible second. Next you should do the double jump as soon as you start falling. Do the Screw Attack as soon as you start falling again. After a few tries you should have it done. It's really worth doing, because if you get all the board the platforms and break the targets, you get sound test mode, which is cool for Nintendo fans(me) who want to hear the music without the sfx.