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8th August 2003, 07:23 PM
:wave: Welcome to the Eevee House everyone. :wave: This is a place where you can let your adopted and captured pokemon hang out. (You can get adopted pokemon from the adoption centers here in PCG). You can also make friends. There are only a few simple rules...

1. No Flaming.
2. No willful destruction of property. Accidents may happen such as a pokemon tripping and breaking a table.
3. Please make quality posts. We don't want this place closed.
And last
4. Have FUN!

A brief history of The Eevee House:

It was started as a club by Eevee Trainer Brad a long while ago as a club. It was where we could let our adopted pokemon out, and help them to develop personalities. Brad pretty much turned it over to me to run a while back. Then it was closed by LP, some time later due to it being like an RPG. So we spent some time on the RPG forum. On May 28th we were moved back to PCG again and once more a club. This is mod aproved by T_M_L, Lady Vulpix, and myself.

The basis is you adopt pokemon from ACs or have them bred at the Breeding Center. However, you won't find legendaries or Dratinis. You have to earn a majority of 100 stamps from the battle range to ask to breed for a Dratini. Or you could win through selected games from time to time.

Here are some links that you might find helpful:

Dragon Tamers Adoption Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=25960)
Pocket Monsters Breeding Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22419)
Poke Zoo Adoption Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=19004)
Crystal Caves Capture Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20862)
Pokemon Avengers Capture Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22710)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. the people here are friendly and helpful.


We are now having a race once a month. The categories are based on speed to make it fairer to all. In addition, the type of race will alternate each month between the flying, land, and water races. To find the speed of your Pokemon, just click on the Battle Tower Stats Calculator (http://members.lycos.co.uk/noentiendo/BTStats.html?). Since you can't use items in the race and every Pokemon has normal stats, just enter their name and level and you'll find Speed in the middle of the stats.

The race for the month of February will be the Land race.

The prizes will also rotate between the winning pokemon gining two levels or any item from the Dragon Tamers reward center.

This month's prize is two levels. Entrants are now being accepted.

Current Entrants for the Land Race

1-30 - Ref Needed -
Tony Lv. 10 Male Trapinch (13) - Crystalmaster Mike
Ryu Lv. 18 Male Trapinch (19) - Charizard04621
Hunter Lv. 11 Beldum (18) - Dark Dragonite
Typar Lv. 6 Male Sneasel (22) - Parsec's Politoed
Xolotle Lv. 7 Female Sneasel (25) - Sneasel(h)Obsessive

31-60 - Ref Needed -
Evenstar Lv. 12 Female Sneasel (40) - Charizard04621

61-90 - Ref Needed -
Aries Lv. 30 Male Umbreon (62) - The_Missing_Link
Jimi Lv. 24 Male Jolteon (82) - Dark Dragonite
Kiara Lv. 40 Female Flareon (82) - Nala98

91-120 - Ref Needed -
Tsunami Lv. 60 Male Vaporeon (120) - Lady Vulpix
Kovu Lv.55 Male Umbreon (111) - Nala98

121-150 - Ref Needed -
Nidor Lv. 62 Nidoking (149) - Dark Dragonite

Having said all that:

(Amy's POV)

I walked into the new, clean house and released everyone. They went to their usual spaces and waited for their friends to show up.

8th August 2003, 07:40 PM
<Cheesey's POV>

I happily walked into the Eevee House, not tense, but very relaxed. I walked about trying to get to know the place a bit better until some of the people I knew showed up.

<Mareep's POV>

This is getting confusing, I was just in here and now I'm back out and in again? Anyway... Ooh, whats this...

<Growithe's POV>

Ooh, places to look at, lets go see... ooh... pretty... Better not touch it though, I'll get in trouble! I'll go see some other stuff instead.

Angel Blossom
8th August 2003, 07:49 PM
[ I wanted to add that my Growlithe's Speed is 25. Sorry about that. ^^;; ]

« Mai the Houndour's POV »

We entered inside the new Eevee House. Earlier, I yipped at Kris. I didn't want her to leave me; I wanted to tag along. I caught her attention, and she picked me up. Now at the new Eevee House, we ran up to two other humans. Kris, my owner, introduced me to another one. This human was a boy, and looked very different from Kris. Was he going to hurt Kris? I couldn't let that happen! I leaped out of Kris's arms and tugged at the clothing on his legs. He was an awkward creature, and I wanted to know why he was talking to my owner.

« Angel Blossom's POV »

I entered the Eevee House, trying to spot Cheesey again. I walked up to him, with Mai still in my arms. All of a sudden, she leaped out of my arms. The little pup furiously tugged at Cheesey. She growled at him, and tried to knock him over. However, this little pup wasn't very strong, and didn't affect him in any way. What a funny Pokemon! I laughed, and picked her up. She was squirming about in my arms, and finally calmed down. I looked back at Cheesey, and smiled nervously. "She's.. err.. Mai is protective?" I said, confused with my own words.

8th August 2003, 08:01 PM
<Cheesey's POV>

I was talking to Kris quite happily until Mai tugged at my leg. She wasn't very strong, but it was quite a surprise. I then saw my little Growlithe run up to me happily. "Any ideas for a name?" I asked Kris. Then Mareep walked over. He sat on my foot and gave me a static shock. I fell over backwards and landed on the sofa again. I sat up, still getting aftershocks from this accidental incident. "need a nickname for him too" I said shakily.

<Mareeps POV>

Umm, oops! Didn't mean it!

<Growlithes POV>

He fell over! That was funny!

8th August 2003, 08:15 PM
"What does that sign say, Neitiel?" asked a gleaming silver Skarmory, who stood in the shadow of a rather large building.
"Let's see here," said a plump Natu, who read the bold, colorful letters on the front of the building, "It's says The Eevee House".
"The Eevee House? Why aren't we going to a bird house?" inquired the Skarmory with a tone of confusion. He turned around to face another bird, but this one wasn't a Pokemon, he was the Skarmory's owner.
"It's okay, Aeragorn, it's not just a place for Eevees. Any Pokemon can hang out there and make new friends," said the owner, "Besides, I think it'll be a good chance for you guys to meet other Pokemon belonging to other trainers."
"Well, okay, Elessar," replied Aeragorn, "Let's head on in then!"

Elessar and his two bird Pokemon glided swiftly past the doors of the building. As soon as they entered, several heads whirled around and gazed in their direction. Many of them were thoroughly surprised to see that the owner of the two Pokemon was not a human at all, but a bird! Elessar, however, ignored the many stares and whispers directed at him and reached into his shabby brown bag to pull out several PokeBalls.
"All right, you guys, come on out!"
And soon, there were several bright flashes of white light that revealed a snoozing Aerodactyl, a hovering Gligar and Wingull, a pudgy Torchic, a British Pidgey, a very excited Swablu, a Taillow, and a Spanish Farfetch'd.

8th August 2003, 08:39 PM
~*~Gothic's POV~*~
I smiled slightly as I entered the fresh and clean Eevee House. I grabbed Socrate's Poke'Ball and let her out to play...and if she could find any of her friends. I waved towards the others, glad to see them again.

Rambunctious Jamirus
8th August 2003, 08:58 PM
[Arashi's View]

I walked into the Club and waved to all the Trainers. The others ran by me, running over to old friends.
Grinning, I sat on the couch next to Kris and held up my paw for a high five. She slapped it and laughed as I did a dance.
"Where's RJ and Starlight?" aragorn asked from his place on the couch.
"Going to do something with the Dragon Tamers I think," I said, leaning back on the couch. I suddenly grinned and looked around at the people and bird. "That means I have to play for her in Hangman."
The others laughed.

8th August 2003, 09:10 PM
<Cheesey's POV>

Still rather shocked, I got up shakily and walked over to talk to RJ. Man, I hadn't seen her in a while. Growlithe bounced along and Mareep trotted curiously. I was glad to see RJ again.

<Mareep's POV>

I'm not used to seeing so many people. It's fun though! I've never met this 'RJ', but she looks nice. I'm looking forward to meeting all these people! They seem really nice!

<Growlithes POV>

Another person! Yay! I like meeting people. Ooh, whats that... Oh, Chris is saying I shouldn't touch it. Maybe its valuable. Who knows? It's all glassy so I suppose it could be. Anyway, I wanna meet a new person!

8th August 2003, 09:16 PM
(OFF) YAY! RJ's back! :wave:
BTW, My RPG name is Elessar, not Aragorn. Okay now:

"Oooh, who does the Typhlosion belong to?" asked Enya the Torchic in amazement.
"Oh, that's one of RJ's Pokemon, Arashi," replied Elessar, whose face had brightened up, "RJ must be back from his vacation. He hasn't been here for almost a week!"
"Well, I think I'll make myself comfortable with him," sighed Enya dreamily, "He's so big and muscular. And a gorgeous Fire-type too!"
Enya quickly walked over to Arashi, blushing slightly as she attempted to say hello.

8th August 2003, 09:27 PM
Trudging over to the couch, I screamed and tripped upon noticing a bird sitting on the couch. He peered towards me, as I glanced back, barely peeking over the side of the couch. "Hello!" he chirped a bit, blinking at me as if I was odd. Me, odd? Never!

"Hiiii... ya?" I asked, puzzled, then poked at him a bit. He squeaked and glared at me, then I looked towards Cheesey, Kris and Arashi.

Recently withdrawing himself from the debate with Gimli, Curse now wandered aimlessly around the living room, the Blaziken tossing a glance over to Arashi. He had to deal with a Typhlosion in this gang, Pyralis, and didn't seem to keen on another. So he continued to watch him wearily, and noticed little Enya hopping over to the Typhlosion. He smiled softly, but continued to pace.

But he hanged back, then Lorne landed behind of him, head tilted. The large Charizard yawned and stretched his wings, nearly hitting the wall, then merely stood there. Avari soon followed, the large Pidgeot glancing curiously towards Elessar.

8th August 2003, 09:45 PM
Kevin's POV
I walk in, and I throw 4 Pokeballs.

"Go, everyone!"
Here's a recap of my team:

Brawler the Male Poochyena.

Volcan the Male Numel.

Zel the Male Roselia.

And a new Male Electrike named Sparks.

Sparks' POV
Woah! Check out this place! It's so awesome!
*Runs around*

Zel's POV(thinking to self)
Gee, I hope after all this adopting and stuff, that my master still has time for me!

Angel Blossom
8th August 2003, 09:45 PM
« Angel Blossom's POV »

I laughed as the little Mareep shyly apologized to Cheesey. The Growlithe found it amusing, and giggled when Cheesey fell. It seems as if the two Pokemon have quickly bonded with him. It was nice to see. "Any ideas for a name?" Cheesey asked, pointing at his two new Pokemon. I wasn't very good with names, but I gave it a try. "How about Lightning?" I asked, looking at his Mareep. "As for your Growlithe, there is a name in Japanese that means warrior - Kane," I said. I shrugged, since I knew I wasn't very good with names.

I took out my Pokeball, and let out Echo and my nameless Aerodactyl. The Aerodactyl frightened a few Pokemon, although she is very kind for a Pokemon with such a bad reputation. I pointed at the large Pokemon, and asked Cheesey a question.

"I'm thinking of naming her Kiera, what do you think?"

« Echo the Eevee's POV »

Kris let me out of my Pokeball, and let me run back to my parents. I soon remembered what we were doing earlier, so we continued walking together. My mother and father were watching me. They walked behind me, making sure I wouldn't be harmed. They seemed a bit confused at first, but followed me anyway. While I ran, I observed the large house. It wasn't full of commotion, since the Pokemon weren't very loud. All I could hear were different Pokemon and humans speaking, splashes of water, and footsteps. Around me were different Pokemon. Most were talking to each other. I also noticed that some of the Pokemon were playing with each other. They were being chased by one Pokemon, and seemed like they were trying to get away. I heard one say the game was named "tag", and it looked like a lot of fun! I wasn't a quick runner, but I wanted to try. Quickly, I turned around, facing my two parents. "I want to play.. tag," I said. Now that I spoke clear, I hoped they'd understand me. I also hoped one of them knew how to play, since I wasn't an expert on "tag".

« Aerodactyl's POV »

I popped out of the Pokeball, flapping my wings. I was new to her team, and I didn't know any other Pokemon. I shyly looked around, observing all of the Pokemon and humans. I tried to greet them, but they were afraid. Oh, being a big Pokemon had it's disadvantages, too. I was standing next to my lovely owner, Kris, who was introducing me to another human. Hopefully I wouldn't scare him. She asked him if she should name me Kiera. I liked the name, but Kris had to think of it.

Rambunctious Jamirus
8th August 2003, 10:23 PM
[Arashi's View]

"Sorry, Cheesey. RJ's not here at the moment. Off with the Dragon Tamers. Couldn't take me along because I'm a Captee."
Cheesey's face dropped and I smiled. "Don't worry, she'll be back soon."
I watched as a Torchic hopped up to me. Tilting my head, I smiled as she mumbled out a 'hello'.
"Hi, how's it going?" I asked, grinning down at her.
"Good," she said softly and looked up at me nervously. "I'm Enya."
"Arashi, means storm in Japanese. Or so says my Trainer," I chuckled.
A movement in the corner of my eye caught my attention. Looking up with one eye, I watched as a Blaziken paced the ground, watching me. Smirking, I stood up and gently picked up the Torchic in one hand. I walked over to Fighting hybrid and held out a paw to him.
"Hey, I'm Arashi and this is my friend, Enya."

[Ram's View] *you know this will involve caffeine*

I snuck around the corner, tongue poked between my chops. Looking up, I took a look out and grinned as no one was watching me. I took another step and ran into something fuzzy.
"Ram, you know you're not supposed to be near the kitchen," Mona said, tail in her left hand.
Grinning sheepishly, I backed up and bolted off to a plant, waiting for the kitchen to become unguarded.

[Joey's View]

Timidly, I walked up to Cheesey, looking up at the human with large eyes. Smiling, I held out a paw.
"I'm Joey," I said, smiling up at the larger being.

[Genbu's View] *new guy*

I looked around nervously at the others. I was pretty new and had no friends besides RJ's team. Shaking a bit, I followed after Ano, the Anorith as he scuttled across the floor.

[Spider's View]

Looking around, I saw Sky up in the rafters and followed him up. Settling down I watched as he turned his attention to a new Aerodactyl. His eye glinted with delight and he flapped down to the Aerodactyl.
"Hi," he cooed, "I'm Sky and this is my friend, Spider."
I walked up to them, watching as the large ancient creature gazed at my small Mankey body. I smiled and nodded with Sky.

8th August 2003, 10:36 PM
"Psst! Check it out, Galenor!" whispered Neitiel, nudging the Pidgey in the back.
"Huh? What is it?" asked Galenor, turning towards the Natu.
"See that big bird over there? That's what you'll be some day!" He pointed a tiny wing towards the Pidgeot glancing at them from several feet away. Galenor's eyes grew as large as baseballs.
"Whoa!" he gasped, "They're so big!"
"Go on! Talk to her!" insisted Neitiel.
"You're not scared, are you?"
"Of course not!" said Galenor, puffing his small chest out.
"Then GO!"
And with a tremendous push, Neitiel knocked a frightened Galenor straight into Avari, and was blushing even more furiously than Enya had.

In another area, it seemed Dargonis would make a new friend too. But of course, not without a little help.
"Umm...Dargo, wake up, Dargo" Aeragorn poked his steel wings against the sleeping Aerodactyl, which did little good due to his hard skin. Dargonis simply mumbled in his sleep.
"Dargo? Dargo!"
"Here, let me try!" said Skorg the Gligar, who happened to be flying by. He raised one clawed arm and smacked Dargonis hard, but ended up regretting it.
"OW! That guy's head is as hard as a rock!" He rubbed his claw, which seemed to have turned a faint shade of pink.
"All right, coming through" said Gulliver, who overheard the commotion. With a deep breath, he released a jet of cold water, which splashed the dozing Pokemon in the face. Immediatley, he spluttered and finally woke up.
"Ugh...what is it?" he asked, somewhat annoyed.
"Yeah, what is it?" asked Gulliver, turning to Aeragorn.
"It better be important, my poor claw stil hurts!" said Skorg.
"Well, I thought you'd like to meet another member of your species," replied Aeragorn, pointed a silver wing towards an Aerodactyl that belonged to Kris.
"Hmmm...." Dargonis examined the other Aerodactyl closely, "Oh, she a female! I'd never thought I'd meet a female Aerodactyl one day." He quickly jumped up and flew over to her. Aeragorn just shrugged.
"Well, at least it's better than him sleeping all day!" he chuckled.
"Blagh!" said SKorg, sticking out his tongue, "If only I met a girl Gligar..."

8th August 2003, 10:46 PM
Squaking a bit, Avari took a step back, then noticed a furiously blushing Pidgey gazing up at her. Chirping lightly, the Pidgeot blinked, then nodded her head towards him. "'Ello," she said, beaming a bit, "I'm Avari. Who are you?"

Rock DJ allowed a grin to cross upon her face. It seemed quite a few more Aerodactyls had appeared within the house, and she focused her sight upon a nameless female and a male named Dragonis. Fluttering over to introduce herself to them, she decided chatting with others of her kind would pass the time until Karin would come back.

Looking up in surprise whenever the Typhlosion approached him, he learned of his name, which was Arashi. "Pleased to meet you," he welcomed, "I already know little Enya." he smiled again, then shook Arashi's paw with his clawed hand. "My name is Curse. Lovely, huh?" smirking, he turned whenever he heard the large Charizard behind him grunt. "And that's Lorne, who obviously feels left out."

Smiling whenever Echo stuttered the word tag, the Umbreon pounced towards her son, who laughed and dodged. His speed was already growing a bit. Smirking, she chased after him, then motioned for Apollo to follow her.

8th August 2003, 11:33 PM
Looking up at the tall Pidgeot, Galenor felt himself shrinking steadily. Did she just ask me a question?, he thought, oh, I have to give a reply!
"Um, m-my n-n-name is G-G-Gam, um, I mean, G-G-Ga-Ga-"
Neitiel quickly hopped behind Galenor and kicked him in the rear, a perfect cure for his case of stuttering.
"Oh, I meant, my name is Galenor. Um...nice to meet you!" He stretched out his wing and shook Avari's much larger one, sighing in relief.
"And I'm Neitiel!" said the Natu, hopping up from behind Galenor.

Dargonis turned around to see another female Aerodactyl staring back at him.
"Wow! Another one!" he exclaimed, both surprised and pleased, "Looks like our species is far from extinct!"
The other two ancient Pokemon chuckled and the three introduced themselves to each other.

Enya's eyes wavered between the Typhlosion, the Blaziken, the Charizard, and back onto the Blaziken again. She had never seen so many Fire Pokemon like her in one place. And big ones too, she had to stretch her short neck as far as physically possible to meet their faces.
"Whoa, you are all so big and evolved and everything!" she said with great admiration, "And me, I'm just a little Torchic!"

Avian Freeze
9th August 2003, 12:05 AM
::My POV::

I walked into the Eevee House and released all my Pok&eacute;mon, waved to everyone, and then I sat down on the couch, bored as usual -.-;;

::Aiko the Female Delcatty's POV::

I came back out into the new Eevee House, unable to have finished talking to Arwen before. So I walked over to her and nuzzled her, asking, "So how have you been?" gently, wanting to know my daughter better.

::Belisama the Female Vulpix's POV::

I came out into the bustling Eevee House, it sure filled fast ^^;. I was really bored and I flopped down on the carpet with my head on my arms. I wondered what to do.

::Spectra the Female Gastly's POV::

I saw Socrate had just been released from her Pok&eacute; Ball and I hovered to her, doing another flip which I loved to do and I asked her, "So how about we continue that game of Shadow Tag?"

::Vida the Female Electrike's POV::

Hyper! Hyper! Hyper! That's how I felt as we stepped foot into the new Eevee House. I ran around in circles, wondering what I could do.

::Wolfwood the Male Houndour's POV::

I sniffed around the Eevee House, looking around for Banshee. I wondered where she was and what we would do now.

::Garuda the Male Torchic's POV::

I fluttered over to Enya and greeted her with a friendly "Hi." smiling. I noticed she was looking at four large fire Pok&eacute;mon and I stared at the three too. I raised my eyebrows, "Wow, you guys must have worked hard to become so strong." I said a bit nervously.

:: Dynamo the Female Mareep's POV ::

I wandered around, and I noticed another Mareep who looked pretty excited. I went to him and simply said, "Hi, who are you? ^_^"

::Apollo the Male Absol's POV::

I chuckled as Echo told Glory and me that he wanted to play tag. He wanted to know how to play too. "It's an easy game. You just run away from whoever's 'it', and if you're 'it', you try to get everyone. Mommy's it." I stuck my tongue out at Glory :P and ran off with Echo.

::Eben Avis the Male Aerodactyl's POV::

I was about to swoop out of the house when I noticed the large amount of Aerodactyl in here. I flew over to them and managed a stupid grin and a "Hi."

::Tototl the Male Natu's POV::

I flew to my perch on the rafters as usual and stared up at the sky solemnly, tracing the stars and looking to the future. At the same time, I was looking over the past as well, one of my eyes closed to do that. This world was surely interesting, and mystifying as well.

::Aure the Female Pidgey's POV::

I noticed a rather red colored Pidgey and a fearsome looking Pidgeot in the house and I flew over to them, cocking my head and asking, "What's going on here?" a bit confused.

9th August 2003, 01:17 AM
~*~Gothic's POV~*~
I sighed and sat on the floor...alone...bored...hoping somebody would notice me in the near future. I felt bad because I started school in 10 days...and I didn't want to start so soon. Sighing, I listened to Evanescence on my CD Discman and watched my Shuppet, Socrate, with Avian's Gastly....at least she found a friend. I hope I can soon find an Eevee or Eeveeloution in the Capture Center...preferably a female Espeon.

<><>Socrate's POV<><>
I nodded to Spectra after she floated towards me, grinning slightly, "Sure..we can start again." I grinned again, this time anime-style. But before we started, I looked over towards Laura, my trainer, she looked depressed again...I hope she wouldn't lose all faith.

9th August 2003, 08:25 AM
~Cheesey's POV~

RJ wasn't here, but her little pokemon Joey was. I knelt down to him and introduced myself. When I stood up, Kris suggested calling my little Mareep Lightning. A good idea, since he regularly gives out little sparks and occasionally shocks me. And I think calling Growlithe Kane is a good idea, because after all, he's going to grow into an Arcanine one day. She also asked me whether she should call her new Aerodactyl Kiera. "It's a nice name" I replied, "You should call her that". I looked around and saw Tyler on the sofa's looking rather bored. I said "excuse me" to Kris and walked over to him.

Lightning the male Mareep's POV

Aww, we aren't going to meet this 'RJ' right now. Oh well... Hey! This girl, I think it's Kris, said I should be called Lightning! I like that name *bleats*. Hey, it's someone else Chris knows! How many people does he know?

Kane the female Growlithe's POV

I'm a warrior? *barks* Yay, I wanna be a warrior, all tough and respected! Eeeep! An Aerodactyl! *Growlithe frowns* they scare me. *still rather shaky, Growlithe follows me to see Tyler*

9th August 2003, 10:22 AM
[Ace's POV]

I was sitting, just as bored as I could be, when I thought I saw someone familiar sneek past me. I did a double take and watched her. It was Ram, one of the most entergetic and hyper Pokemon I've ever met. At least, I thought I'd met her before, I might be making a mistake and thinking she was someone else.

Ram had run into someone else and bolted behind a plant, appearently waiting for the kitchen to become unguarded. Yup, that was the Ram I remembered. I wondered if she would remember who I was. I sneakly and quietly walked behind Ram before I spoke.

"Hey Ram, remember me?" I said loudly. I smiled when she jumped at the sound of my voice. She looked very puzzled for a moment, which led me to believe she didn't remember me.

"I am that little Growlithe that used to chase you and make fun of you because you were a girl. It was little puppy stuff, you know? 'Course, I'm not so little anymore." I said proudly, puffing out my chest. Ram still looked confused, but I decided I would just sit there until she remembered or at least said that she didn't remember me.

[Misu's POV]

I watched as Ace was talking to someone else. I then spotted the kitchen doorway and felt my tummy rumble. I know I could have easily asked Tara for something to eat, but I wanted to look around myself, first. I walked past everyone else and into the kitchen.

Looking around, I saw the large cabinets and the fridge. I stared at the top of the freezer top and remembered the story that Tara and BlueShadow told me. It took place when Blue was younger and a bit of a goof ball. He had captured Nala, wrapped her up in ductape and left her to laugh, scream, and struggle, sitting on top of the fridge or a cabinet, one. Everyone had loved seeing the sight, as not much excitement happened around here. But them some darn party poopers spoiled Blue's fun and told him to stop clowning around. I bet Nala was ready to come down, anyways. Maybe I could talk the Dragonite into doing it again, sometime. Then I could see the story come to life for myself! Yeah, I might do that...

9th August 2003, 11:23 AM
Chuckling as the Pidgey stuttered nervously, a little psychic bird bounced over, and suddenly he was cured. Avari raised a brow but somehow grinned towards the two, and they introduced themselves to her. "Pleasure to meet you Galenor, Neitiel." she replied towards them, voice smooth. Then another little Pidgey flew over, her head tilted the slightest.

"What's going on here?" she inquired, slightly puzzled.

Squaking a bit and flapping her large wings, the Pidgeot let out an amused chirp. "Just introducing myself. You're Aure, right?" raising a brow towards the Pidgey, she continued, "I think I've seen you around here."

"You'll grow up like us someday, little Enya." Curse grinned towards the Torchic, then saw Pyralis scurrying over, worried he'd miss the fire gathering that seemed to be going on. The Typhlosion greeted everyone with bright, curious eyes, then reached out a paw towards Arashi.

"Hello," the Typhlosion said to the other, "My name is Pyralis." He then reached up a paw and shook one of Enya's wings.

"Why can't you be that polite when I'm around?" Curse snorted, rolling his eyes towards the other fire type, who merely shot him a wild grin.

Lorne ignored his two fire companions and also shook Arashi's paw. "Ignore them," the Charizard grunted, pointing a claw towards the Blaziken and Typhlosion, "They're annoying." he winced when two glares were directed towards him. "What? Just trying to give good advice."

Then another Torchic bounced over, and Lorne greeted him also, "Hello! I'm Lorne. And yes, I did work hard." the large Charizard puffed out his chest, then his face fell when Curse and Pyralis snickered behind him.

Huddling against the wall, Banshee raised one of her eyesbrows when noticing Wolfwood walking by, glancing around as if looking for something. Most likely her, of course. Crouching to the ground, she paused for a few moments, then pounced with all her might. Dragging the other Houndour to the ground with her, she chuckled at his bewildered expression that faded into a knowing look. He should have expected that, of course, but he seemed to busy in looking that he didn't expect what he was looking for the spring out on him.

"It seems so!" Rock DJ grinned, amused by what Dragonis had just previously said. "Can't keep us down, huh?" she chuckled a bit, then greeted Eben Avis whenever he flew over towards them.

"Hi." he said, smoothly, a stupid grin plastered across his face.

Hopefully Dodger, little Gwaihir and Vampyr would be here soon. Can't have them missing the Aerodactyl gathering that was happening.

"Hey!" Glory frowned, but the Umbreon was still amused, the rings on her glowing golden like they seemed to do so much now. "No fair." she smirked, then with agile speed, took off after Apollo who she saw clearly while Echo was hiding and giggling to himself. She caught sight of the Eevee out of the corner of her eyes and smiled at him, then boosted his confidence with a short, "Hmm. I wonder where Echo could be."

Yawning boredly, Willow sat on the couch, swinging seven of her nine ivory tails about. They whipped at the air as scarlet eyes scanned the room, the ghostly white Ninetales laying her head upon her paws. Tyler had ambled into the house and sat beside her, so she decided that atleast she'd try to get some attention. Barking and whining cutely, the Ninetales nudged at him, a silly smile on her muzzle.

"Tyler!" I announced, poking him. Yes, I have a new greeting. Willow was already begging for attention, the poor little Ninetales bored much like him. Glancing up, Cheesey was walking over, while Kane followed, but Lightning stayed near Kris.

Rambunctious Jamirus
9th August 2003, 11:54 AM
[Arashi's View]

I grinned. "Actually, I don't work out a lot. I'm more of a joker."
"Got that right," Dancer said, appearing behind me.
I tilted my head to look at the large Feraligatr and smiled. "Yes I do, my large and dancing-crazed friend."
I got a slap for the first part.
Rubbing my face, I grinned as the Water-type walked over to the pool.
A loud pop filled the room and a large silence filled the room as a Kadabra appeared in the middle.
Smiling, I waved at the Psychic and yelled out, "Starlight, my girl, how's it going in the...hey, where's RJ?"
She turned to me and smiled tiredly before walking up. "Still back there. Let me go to get some rest."
I slapped her outstretched hand. "All right. So, when's she coming back?"
"Don't know. We're still doing some things. I just need to find someone who will go down with me there to help her."
I nodded and looked over at the confused Fire-types behind us. "Well, I can't go. I'm a Captee."
"I wasn't asking you, Arashi," she smirked, punching my arm playfully.
"I'll go," a light voice said beneath us.
We looked down to see Lavender, the White Espeon, below us, her smile reassuring.
"Come on then, RJ will explain everything when you get there," she said, placing a hand on the Espeon's head. In a flash, they disappeared.
"So, now," I said, looking over at the other Fire-types. "What next will happen to us today?"

[Ram's View] *reminder: Ram's a Male*

I jumped and turned around to find myself facing another Growlithe (I believe). Smiling, I couldn't place him but I held out my paw and shook his.
"Want to help get into the kitchen?" I asked, looking at the swinging door.

[Joey's View]

I smiled up at the human and suddenly crawled up the shirt and sat on Cheesey's shoulder. I purred loudly and smirked when Cheesey laughed.

9th August 2003, 12:47 PM
@aragornbird: Hehe, Elessar Elfstone, the Elf-friend. Same guy as Aragorn II, but his much cooler High-elven name. I have a Charizard named Elessar. ^_^;; Not in PCG, of course. My highest level is 14 here. :\


We walked back into the Eevee House after a late day out, only to find that suddenly the whole place had changed overnight. There were tons of new faces that we'd never seen before, and a very strange and disconcerting sight up in the rafters.

Aerodactyl and other fossil pokémon were known to be rare. Why, then, was there a huge group of Aerodactyl up there? Um... cool?

Gwaihir sped off up there joyfully without waiting another second. He did a double aerial somersault, then looped around in the air before landing next to his mother. He was getting better at his stunts, and it had only been a short while since his hatching! The baby Aerodactyl was so cute... He was born to fly. I found it pretty cool that he learned to fly faster than he learned to talk. I don't think he had quite mastered speech yet. He hadn't spoken a word, although he could make delighted noises and screeches when he played. I wonder how Elwing learned so fast?

Elwing Starspray the female Dratini's POV:

We came back to the Eevee House again after having left early yesterday to watch a movie and do other things. I was having fun with the other Dratini, but I had to admit, I wasn't really disappointed that we had to go. I was getting exhausted from Surfing around so much.

I still felt a little leftover fatigue from yesterday, so I decided not to visit the pool yet. I saw Ryu smiling at me, so I went to him to say hi. He looked a little nervous, though. He nodded and smiled, but I could barely hear him say "Uh... hey, Elwing," through his stuttering.

"Is something making you nervous?" I asked him. Maybe I could help him feel better. He shook his head no, however, which I found kind of strange. I didn't remember him being nervous all the time, so what could it be?

Lune the male Eevee's POV:

Uh oh... Ryu was getting tongue-tied in front of Elwing. Lune to the rescue!

"Hey, you two," I called, stepping up next to Ryu and giving him a meaningful look. His eyes thanked me. "It's a little too noisy in here for my liking. Who wants to go for a walk with me? I feel like going outside."

"I will," Rúthruin said, flying in from behind. The Scyther landed in front of me and smiled. "I don't feel like so much excitement today, either."

"I'm coming," Ryu said, still unsure about Rúthruin. He looked at my bandaged shoulder where her scythe had scraped a deep gash. "I'm not leaving you alone with her." He jerked his head at the Scyther, half afraid that she might slash at him too. Rúthruin, however, simply looked amused.

I fully expected Elwing to join some of her friends at the pool again; she looked like one for excitement, after all. She wouldn't want to take a boring walk, would she? To my surprise, however, she announced that she wanted to come with us. I heard Ryu swallow loudly.

"I'm still tired, too," Elwing admitted. "I don't feel like doing too much right now."

"It's settled, then," I said, winking at Ryu. "The four of us are going for a quiet little stroll."

I walked up next to Rúthruin, and we left the building together, with Ryu trailing behind (and Elwing next to him, ha!). I could imagine the pleading look in the Trapinch's eyes begging me not to do this to him. I ignored it. He needed to get used to talking to her without choking or something eventually.

Evenstar the female Sneasel's POV:

I was entering the race, too? Oh, what a nice surprise! I couldn't wait to see the look on Yana's face when she saw me right beside her on the starting line.

Élan immediately suggested more training, and Switchblade and I heartily agreed. Elendil, however, wanted to see if he could find A+ again. It wasn't often that a Minun like him could meet a Plusle, after all.

The Unown winked at us. "Élan against a Porygon with a kanji birthmark and a super fast Sneasel. See you at the finish line," he joked.

9th August 2003, 01:04 PM
Smiling fondly when Gwaihir softly landed beside of her, Rock DJ lowered her head to his level and nuzzled her child. He was already an expect flyer, and actually seemed to be quite better at it than most already Pokemon. In her mind she was thinking Hawkmoon, then smirked at the ivory Murkrow whom eyed all the Aerodactyls in the cover of shadows, thinking she was hidden.

"This is Gwaihir." Rock DJ introduced her child, who merely screeched happily, eyes large and curious towards the rest of the ancient breed.

"Most likely be bored," Curse replied to Arashi with a dry voice, "And Pyralis; poke me again and I'll kick you." his Typhlosion teammate seemed alarmed and backed away, watching the Blaziken with a slightly humourous sneer. Glancing up, he pointed a clawed finger towards an approaching ghostly white Ninetales, who carried a wild smirk on her muzzle.

Willow gazed at the two Torchics and Arashi, then to her teammates. "Hello." she said, calmly, though didn't even raise a paw to be shaken. Her scarlet eyes watched them carefully, then she allowed the smirk to become a wisp of a smile, "Nice to meet you."

9th August 2003, 03:35 PM

I walk into the Eevee House, with a happy look on my face. I let out all of my Pokemon, only this time 6 Pokeballs are picked from my long strap of Pokeballs, slung across my chest. I shout out, "Hey, everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Prancer, my new Female Ponyta, and Flame, my new Male Torchic."

Flame's POV:

I hop over to the congregation of fire Pokemon, looking ready to meet new friends, and am amazed especially by the fully evolved ones. I shout out a happy "Hello!".

Prancer's POV:

Looking at where Flame is going, I decide to gallop over there too, and when I get there, I say to Flame, "Wow, Flame, this is a Fire Pokemon's dreamland, and especially for you!"

Zel's POV:

I say to my master, "Hey, master, do you ever wonder if you'll ever stop getting new pokemon?"


I say to Zel, "I'll stop when I have 15, but no matter how many I'll have, I'll always have time for you." ;)

9th August 2003, 05:44 PM
[My POV]

I walked into the new Eevee House and released my Pokemon, who all headed off to do their own thing. Well, all except Isis, who stayed by my side, too shy to head off by herself. I sat down on the couch and Isis jumped up next to me, making her way onto my lap and curling up. I smiled and petted her.

[Akia's POV]

I went off to look for Namir. We hadn't gotten to finish our game of tag since everyone left while the Eevee House was being rebuilt. I hoped he was around somewhere.

[Avidan's POV]

I flew around the Eevee House, bored and a little overenergized. I really needed to make some friends.

[Sabine's POV]

I hadn't been to the Eevee House in quite some time. In fact, I'd only been once or twice, and I hadn't made any friends or anything. Bored, I began to do somersaults, hoping that I didn't accidentally run into anyone. Though actually, it would be an interesting way of meeting someone....

9th August 2003, 06:43 PM
Demon came into the Eevee House with an egg that had every color of the rainbow on it. It looked like an easter egg. The Houndoom gave me the egg then smiled. The first time any of us have seen him smile. The egg on my lap shook slightly. Everything was quiet. Suddenly, a tiny brown paw managed to break the shell. After a few minutes, the shell revealed the most darling little Eevee anyone has ever seen. Unlike most Eevees, a rainbow tuff surrounded his neck. His shimmering icy eyes gazed upon his new world. I say there in awe. Charisma walked over to Demon with a confused expression.

"Where did you get that?" she asked.
"From the breeding center. Rachel has always wanted a naturally colored Pocket Monsters so I got this for her," he said proudly.
"Isn't he precious?" I beamed.

I scratched the Eevee behind one of his ears. The Eevee purred loudly then licked my finger tips and meowed softly.

"Aren't you a cutie Haldir?" I asked him.
"Haldir?" asked Echo.
"Well, the little guy needs a name," I said. "Isn't that right Haldir?"

Haldir let out a gentle mew then nuzzled against my arms. He shot those glistening eyes towards the other people and Pokémon of the Eevee House, curiously.

(Woo-hoo, that's the second adopted Pokémon I have that is named after an elf from Lord of the Rings xDDD)

Rambunctious Jamirus
9th August 2003, 06:57 PM
[Rainbow's View]

I walked in and watched from a bit of a distance as the Egg hatched, revealing a tiny baby Eevee that looked a lot like me. Smiling, I decided to trot over to my son, wanting to know what Princess would name him.

[Arashi's View]

I looked down at the Ninetales and grinned, shaking the paw. "Arashi. Nice to meet you, too."
A 'hello' behind us made us all look around. I smiled as a Ponyta and a Torchic ran up to us, making the group larger. "Hello!" I called back, grinning.
"Don't forget us, my man," someone barked.
Damian walked up, a grin on his muzzle. Vixen walked besides him, her nine tails sweeping the ground. The Houndour held out his paw and I slapped it.
"Damian, Vixen, man who's next?"
"How about me?" another voice chirped, Ruby the Flareon appearing.
"And let's not forget the first Captee," Blaze the Growlithe laughed.
I slapped the other two's paws and let them introduce themselves to the others.

[Starlight's View]

I appeared in the House again, relieved from my job. Yawning, I floated up to the rafters and curled up in a corner, falling asleep.

9th August 2003, 07:14 PM
Haldir's POV

I looked around curiously. Everything is so big. Then, I saw a bigger Eevee. She was pretty.. Looked like me. It was my mommy! I nuzzled against her tuff and purred happily. I gently pawed at her too. She smiled at me. The human began petting my mommy and me gently. I purred more loudly the nuzzled her hand.

"What is his name?" my mommy asked.
"His name is Haldir," the human said.

My mommy looked down at me and I kept purring. She had very big bright eyes. They made me feel calm. I nuzzed against her tuff again and meowed softly. Curling up against her warm fur, I sat myself down and still purred. My daddy came over to me. His paw reached to his ears and he took off something small and silver. They wer earrings. He placed them on my ears. Then, he nuzzled me again.

"There ya go little guy," he said. "Those are Pokémon Earrings, my son." he spoke "I was given it when I was a boy. Now that I'm retired, it doesn't have as much use anymore. I trust you'll do great things with it,"

I smiled at my father. I didn't know what he was talking about but it sure made me feel proud.

Sirius' POV

I sighed to myself. My dad never did really notice me.. and now, he has another son. I'll never get attention. My mother nuzzled me, purrin happily. Leave it to my mum to make me feel better. Her paws gabbed the collar she wore about her neck then held it up for me with her paws to show me.

"You see these Sirius?" she asked.

I nodded. I didn't know where this was going but I listened.

"When I was a Meowth of your age, I too had a losing streak. No matter how hard I tried, I could never make things work for me Then, Rachel bought me this. It's a called Pokémon Collar. It made me stronger and I felt more confident. This collar got me through hard times and it'll help you too." My mom said.

She reached over me to place the collar on me. I screeched "no, i can' mom," a few times but she didn't listen. It was on pretty lose. It was black with little diamonds all over it... I can't believe my mother is trusting me with this.. I hugged her happily.

(All together now.. awwww xD oh and also, Demon and Charisma had those items attached to them.. they just gave them to their children as a gift)

9th August 2003, 07:18 PM
<My POV>
After being away for a day, I went inside to find a lot more people and Pokemon around. Looking upwards, many Aerodactyls were perching on the rafters. I left my Pokemon here but they weren't unnerved as the house was pretty huge. Everyone seemed to be up to their normal doings, except for Aries and Lee who were watching Ruthruin walking out with her teammates.
"What are you guys doing?"
"Watching her. After what she did, I still don't trust her", Aries replied.
I rolled my eyes and sat down next to them.
"Oh come on! She was a miserable Pokemon with a bad background. Now she's with good people and is much happier. Besides, she did apologize to Lune, sincerely I might add."
He grunted and continued to stare but I just rolled my eyes and pulled him onto my lap.
"You really need to lighten up, you know that?", I told him and started to rub his ears.
"Aww, you know this is my only weakness", he purred and settled down to rest.
"Yes, I did it to keep you from staring at Ruthruin like a mad man", I said.
I looked over at Lee who was looking away from here.
"Hey Lee, come over here", I said.
He just blinked at me but came over anyway.
"Turn around."
"You'll see."
He sighed but turned his back on me. I fished out something I got from a bath and body store a while ago and started rubbing it against his back.
"Wow, that feels good", he said in a way that I never heard speak before. "What is it?"
"It's like a back scratcher, but different", I replied and continued to rub Aries' ears and ease Lee up at the same time.

9th August 2003, 09:35 PM
I beamed at Haldir and how gorgeous he looks. Then, I glanced over to Echo. She was boxed into a corner, looking quite sad. I decided that maybe now was the right time. I took out a Fire Stone from the bag then beckoned the Growlithe over to me. She looked up at me then licked my hand. I placed the Fire Stone against her fur and she suddenly turned a gleaming bright white. Everyone's ees drew sharply towards Echo and I. She gained twice the body size. Her small figure turned bold and muscular. Echo the Growlithe was no more. Now, she was Echo the Arcanine. Haldir stared at Echo curiously while Sirius grinned joyfully.

Then, I reached into my bag and pulled out a toy lightsaber with a blue glowing blade. I pressed the little red button and the blue blade glowed brightly. As I swung it against a pillow, it made the buzz sounds that echo throughout a lightsaber duo in Star Wars. I glanced over to my Umbreon, Obi-Won Kenobi and grinned. He looked at me then began purring. I gave him the lightsaber which he stared at oddly. The Umbreon took the lightsaber in his mouth then beamed as he swung it around and it made the buzzy noises. Kenobi gave me a hug then ran off to gloat about his new gift.

Vampyr noticed a bunch of other Aerodactyl so he decided to fly over and see if he would be welcomed into the group.

10th August 2003, 12:23 AM
(Amy's POV)

I slowly made my way back to the Eevee House. I had been busy most of the day. I went to go see my cousin in a production of Hello Dolly in Jackson. Once inside, I released everyone of my captee and Adoptees, except for Mirage who was currently busy atm. ^^;;

(Steve's POV)

I began to look around for my new friend. Of course, i kept getting distracted, there were interesting sites and smells to distract me. Hopeully if she saw me before i saw her, she'd say something too me. My little stub of a tail was wagging as fast as it would go, as i poked my nose into all of the nooks and crannies.

(Dodger's POV)

I flew and took my usual spot inhte rafters, and too my shock there were quite a few other aerodactyls there. At least i was the only one with sunglasses and a red scarf, lol. I saw Rock DJ and sorta smiled at her. ^^;; I probably looked like an idiot. Of course, I haven't really talked to anyone or connected with anyone other than my teammates since she and her trainer stopped coming here. I sighed. Then i saw a young aerodactyl next to Rock DJ, I raised my galsses and made a questioning look, wondering if that was my son. She nodded and whispered that his name was Gwaihir. I smiled. I reached into my scarf with my claws and pulled out a pair of sunglasses. I placed them on his head. The were a little big, but he'd grow into them. I smiled.

(Nahima's POV)

I was about to go off and look for my dad, when Amy said she had something for me. she pulled out a box and i gasped. It was a TM i smiled, my tail wagging. It had a question mark on the box, and Amy opened it sprinkling the powder all over me. I sneezed, but soon as it was gone, i had learned a new move. "Try out your hidden power." Amy said smiling. I closed my eyes deep in though and withing in seconds i heard shouts of surprise. The lights had gone out. Luckily, Sugar and Sparky reacted quickly. Sugar used her flash to light the place up, while Sparky jolted the lights into working again. Amy smiled. "Makes sense that your hidden power would be dark." she chuckled. I licked her hand and then went off to look for Dad.

(Arwen's POV)

I smiled when i saw Mom. She walked over and nuzzled me. I purred and nuzzled her back. "So how have you been?" she asked. "Pretty good," I told her. "Except that Jasmine and I havn't had much luck as partners in battles at the battle tower. We both want to get stronger but, I lasted longer than Jasmine this time. ^^

(Flare's POV)

I noticed a few vulpix around the house so i decided to go and talk to each of them for a few minutes. I smiled when Ranec came with me. I gently nudged him.

(Racer's POV)

I began running laps around the eevee house to run off some of my excess enery. It was fun since i had liked to run. I just closed my eyes, and felt the breeze on my face from running, and then i fell flat on my face. x.X I had tripped over someone. "Sorry." I muttered, trying to regain my composure.

10th August 2003, 10:55 AM
Gwaihir the Windlord, the male Aerodactyl's POV:

I was sitting next to mommy when another Aerodactyl came over. She told me he was daddy and I smiled. He had a long red cloth around his neck and wore a black thing on his face. I liked the black thing. He saw that I liked it, so he pulled another one out and put it on my face. It was kind of big, though. Daddy said they were called sunglasses. "Sun... glasses," I repeated, surprising myself. I said a big word! My first word! I thought it would be hard to talk in big pokémon language but I already learned a new word. And I liked the sunglasses. Yay!

"Ryu", the male Trapinch's POV:

I should have known that Lune would do something like this to me. Ack, Elwing was walking right next to me! What was I supposed to do? What was I supposed to do? In my panic, I nearly tripped over a rock. I kicked it and tipped forward, struggling to regain my balance. In front of Elwing... Oh, how embarassing... I was so going to get back at Lune for setting me up like this later.

Elwing Starspray, the female Dratini's POV:

In a way I was sort of glad that we were taking a walk. I thought it was good to just help us relax, especially Ryu. He was getting so nervous lately, and the poor guy nearly tripped over a rock; he was that distracted.

I got closer to him and whispered in his ear. "You know, if something is bothering you, I'd like you to talk to me about it, okay? I think I can help make you feel better. And even if I can't, it's good to let it out, anyway. Bottling up negative feelings and pretending they don't exist is bad, you know," I told him. Lune had told me about Rúthruin when I asked him about his bandaged shoulder. He also told me that he had once been like that until he learned to be more open and let his feelings out. It was a difficult concept to grasp at first, but I understood much better as the story got along. What I learned from Lune was that emotions could not be denied without terrible consequences. After talking to Lune, I promised myself to always express my feelings and acknowledge them, and never to hide them or try to push them away. Learning from others' experience and their valuable advice was a wise thing to do, especially since they had already gone through it all before.

I was worried about Ryu, though. He nodded, but he didn't seem to hear me. I saw fear in his eyes. He was afraid of something. I just hoped that he would tell me about it so I could help him feel better. He was a nice guy, and it made me sad to see him like that. "Talk to me if you feel bad, okay?" I requested one final time, softly. I nuzzled him gently on the cheek, and then tried to catch up with Lune and Rúthruin, who were already pretty far ahead.

Ryu just stood there, though, as if he had been struck by something. He was frozen to his spot. Maybe he was thinking about what I said. I didn't want him to be left behind, so I turned back to get him. "Come on, Ryu, let's go," I said, nudging him forward gently and trying to help him move again. I felt him flinch when I touched him this time, though, and that bothered me. Oh, no! Maybe he had a hidden wound? "Ryu, are you hurt somewhere?" I asked him urgently. "If you're hurt, you need to tell someone..."

"No... I... It's okay, Elwing, I'm fine," he said, pulling slowly away from me. I got the feeling he was reluctantly hiding something. "Thanks, it's- it's nothing." He gave me a half-hearted smile, nodded, and then began to walk faster. "You're right, we've got to catch up to Lune and Rúthruin. Let's go," he said shakily. Poor Ryu... Now I knew there was something bothering him, but he didn't want to tell anyone... I was getting really worried about him. I had to tell Lune about it. Maybe he knew more than I did about what was wrong with Ryu. They were good friends, after all... I just hoped Ryu was all right...

Rambunctious Jamirus
10th August 2003, 12:13 PM
[Arashi's View]

I noticed that a small Growlithe was evolving and whistled, gaining the attention of all of RJ's guys and gals. Grinning I held up three fingers, counting down until every single one of the team yelled:
We all laughed, remembering all the times we had done that to the others.
The door opened and all of us turned around to see who was next to come in.

[My View]

I walked in with Lavender at my heels, her white coat shining in the light. I waved to everyone and watched as the Espeon ran off to find a resting spot.
"Hey, RJ," Amy said, waving.
"Hey," I greeted back, settling down on the couch. I looked over to where Rainbow was playing with a smaller Eevee that looked a lot like her and smiled. Another one had been born.
She noticed me and smiled happily and I waved, a bit of congratulations for her second coloured offspring.

[Starlight's View]

I opened one eye at the sound of the yelling, rubbing my ears. Sometimes, the congrats were too much for me.
A form caught my eye and I looked down to find a Kadabra walking underneath the rafters. I smiled, remembering him.
Floating down, I snuck up behind him and grabbed him into a headlock, rubbing his yellow head.
"It's good to see you, Nightshade," I laughed.

10th August 2003, 12:29 PM
~My POV~

I had just returned from the Dragon Tamers, having adopted a Swablu and a Tangela. I let Swablu and Tangela out. Swablu sat on my head and chirped. She's so cute! I thought. Tangela toddled around my feet curiously. I let Lightning and Kane out then, and since they'd gotten used to the Eevee House they ran off for a bit. I shouted after them 'Don't get into trouble!'

Angel Blossom
10th August 2003, 05:05 PM
~ An Update from Kris

My Growlithe, Flare, has evolved into Arcanine.
Since she has evolved, her speed is now 30. If I'm incorrect, someone please correct me.

Flare the Arcanine [f]
Level: 11
Category: 1-30
Speed: 30
Moves: Ember, Bite, Roar, Safeguard, Leer, Flame Wheel, Odor Sleuth, Body Slam
Trait: Intimidate

Sorry my post isn't long enough, I might edit it as soon as I get back.

Thanks for your time, everyone!

10th August 2003, 05:09 PM
I'm just coming to update that my Arcanine has a speed of 25, and has now learned Flame Wheel. He has also grown two levels at the battle range.

Arcanine [Haku]
[M] LV8
Trait: Intimidate
Bite, Roar, Leer, Take Down, Crunch, Ember, Odor Sleuth, Flame Wheel

Rambunctious Jamirus
10th August 2003, 05:34 PM
Since we can put one Pokemon in every category, I would like to enter:

Name: Lavender
Pokemon: Espeon
Gender: Female
Level: 19
Speed Category: 31-60 [58]

I believe it said that Captured Pokemon weren't allowed to race and I was wondering if that is true. If so, why not?

10th August 2003, 07:13 PM
<Nightshade's POV>
After staying on the roof for a while with Blade, I decided to go down to get some food. After telling Blade of my plans, I teleported into the kitchen and fixed myself a nice turkey sandwich. It was gone within minutes and walking out, I felt satisfied. Strolling leisurely below the rafters, I felt at ease before someone put me into a headlock.
"It's good to see you, Nightshade", the myterious voice laughed.
I knew it instantly.
"Starlight, is that you?", I asked.
"Sure is."
I teleported out of her grip and looked her in the eye, frowning.
"Why have you been away for so long and why didn't you attempt to contact me?", I asked in a somewhat hurtful voice.

10th August 2003, 09:29 PM
(Dodger's POV)

I was happy that Gwaihir had liked his sunglasses. I smiled, and told him what they were called. "Sun... glasses." he repeated after me. I looked over at Rock DJ and the look on her face mirrored mine, and we both smiled. our son had said his first word.

(Nahima's POV)

I saw Amy walk out of the Eevee House out of the corner of my eye. "Unusual," I muttered. I continued to look around for someone to play with. I saw Steve's stubby tail wagging, so I playfully tackled him. "What was that for?" he asked. "Nothing." I said smiling. I just wanted to play, and you weren't looking." "Really?" he said smiling. "Yes," I said before taking off running. "Come back here?" he shouted. "Come and get me," I called over my shoulder, as i weaved in and out of the pokemon standing around with Steve running after me. I saw Amy come back carrying an egg so i skidded to a stop. Steve didn't see me and he hit me, and the two of us hurtled into the wall. "Why'd you stop?" I rubbed my head and pointed over at Amy. He saw the egg and our Mom beside Amy in growlithe form. Then he smiled and raised an eyebrow. "I take it that we're getting a new brother or sister?" I nodded. "Half brother or sister, and I believe that thats correct. Let's go." He stuck out his tongue but followed me. We were both curious.

(Amy's POV)

I walked quickly but carefully back to the Eevee House after making a quick stop by the Pocket Monsters Breeding Center. Mirage was waiting for me, with an egg that i picked up. She was in the form of a growlithe, and had a huge grin plasteered on her muzzle. I could feel it moving around inside the egg. "You ready?" I asked her, and she nodded yes. "Ok, lets go back to the Eevee House. Together, we made it back. Mirage ran off to find the skyblue blanket that we had been using lately whenever a baby was ready to hatch on the team. Flare and Ranec had come over by this time, and helped her spread it out. Mirage then carefull walked to the center of the blanket as i placed the egg next to her.

The egg that had been shaking a lot began to shake even faster and we heard a muffled bark coming from it. Soon a tiny crack appeared, and the barking began to get louder. and a paw emerged from the crack making it larger. Soon, another paw appeared, and Mirage smiled as Nahima and Steve joined us. Nahima jumped on my lap as Steve sat down beside his dad. As we watched the two paws were pushing at the shell, and soon it split all the way around revealing a tiny female growlithe puppy lying flat on her back.

She opened her eyes and was greeted by her mother. The baby's tail began to wag back and forth slowly as her mother began to lick her clean and dry. Soon, she was a rather fluffly little thing thanks to Mirage. The little pup tried to stand bu toppled over onto her side. She made a face and tried it again wth the same result. She repeated this process about six times before she successfully stood up, then she tried to take a step, nd ended up tumbling head over heels to where i was, landing on her back again. She wagged her tail and barked happily and pawed at Nahima's nose. I laughed. If she was this energetic having just hatched, i wonder how much more energy she'd have when she got older. "I think I'll call you Lani." Do you like it?" She barked happily and began to paw at Nahima a little more. "I take that as a yes." I chuckled." "With you, the sky is definately the limit." ^^

11th August 2003, 10:54 AM
Haldir noticed a new little Growlithe in the Eevee House so he decided to see her. He sniffed at her curiously, but was met with a play paw to the nose. The Eevee continued to glance at the Growlithe curiously. Vampyre walked over then picked him up by the scroff of his neck.

"Don't mess with the baby, son" he said as he dropped Haldir back to Rainbow.

Haldir frowned because he hopped to make friends. He sighed then curled against his mother, purring happily. (All together now.. awww...)

Aryll's POV

I saw little Haldir wonder over to the Growlithe but was lifted away to his mother. I sighed to myself. I was never lucky enough to really know my mother.. I have rarely any memory of her.. just that one night when they came.. and.. I paused. No, I wasn't going to let that get me down again. I couldn't. Sighing to myself, I curled up against a pillow but the memories burnt into her head.

"Come on my little angel," spoke an Espeon.

There I was. A tiny little baby. My mother picked me up then trotted towards the water. While she took a drink, I grabbed a vine then hurled myself into the water. She laughed, despite the fact she was now soaking wet. I climbed to the shore then dried off.

"You take to the water like a fish, daughter." she told me.
"Someday, I'm going to evolve into a Vapreon," I beamed.
"You can be whatever you want to be," she said with a smile.

I sighed to myself as that one memory raced through my mind. The only pleasent memory of my past.. Kiona came over then nuzzled me.

"It'll be okay Aryll," she said softly.

I tried to smile, but found it challenging. Obi-Won Kenobi trotted over and nuzzled me as well. Both of them were great. Always trying to help me.. but I know they won't always be there to help poor little Aryll... (beware the foreshadowing...)

[Erm.. also.. I didn't know where else to put this but could anyone make me an Eevee sprite with a rainbow tuff and crystal blue eyes? .. I don't like the sprite someone else made for me so.. please?]

Crystalmaster Mike
11th August 2003, 12:48 PM
~ Nemo’s POV ~

“Yippee! The Weevee House!”
“*gulp* Ready or not… here I come…”
“Hey ‘Cada, wait! I don’t want you to get squished or anything!”
As I saw the others spread out on their exploring of the Eevee House, I tried to give them a ‘mind-warning’ that we ought to stick together. After all, this was our first time here. But they all failed to understand. I guess my Crystal-Blue-Espeon-powers were just too damn underdeveloped… Though the fact two of them were a simple Spheal and a be-Tyranitar respectively, might have something to do with it too… I suspected Tony of understanding me, but the Trapinch turned his back on me and marched off (sort of speech), while yelling against Nincada to keep up. The poor critter…; sometimes, it seemed he had two personalities: a chicken and a rooster. While making a mental note I had to keep track of their whereabouts, I turned to the one Pokémon on Mike’s team that hadn’t yet put foot in the House.
“Come on, Liam, let’s go exploring!” I yelled at the newly-evolved Ninetales, who was still watching the turning in the road Mike had disappeared behind, with his team of six. They were off to the Dark Island, to try to stop the Evil Teams’ plans… what ever they were.
“What did he do that for, Nemo?” Liam had a strange look in his eyes; it seemed like he was both humiliated and impressed.
“What do you mean, Liam?”, I asked, though I knew fully well what he was talking about.
“I mean this!” he said while turning around in a circle. “What… what did I do to deserve this?”
“What did you…? Liam, you’re a Ninetales! You’ve evolved!”
“Some evolution!” he sniffed, “I didn’t even ask for it!”
Well, that was certainly true… Liam didn’t ask to get evolved; Mike had literally thrown the Fire Stone at him. Though I could imagine why he did that…
“Maybe he had meant it as a sort of vengeance?”, I opted.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, you weren’t really the most obedient Vulpix in history, now where you?”
“Should I have? You were as loyal to him as can be as an Eevee, and what did it get you? A mis-evolution! Now you’re a blue Espeon, and not a Vaporeon like you meant to be!”
“Yeah, but that was kind of my own fault, you know. I was so incredibly excited I jumped Mike off his feet before he could find the Ocean Gem… And then I poked my nose at all those things that had rolled out of his backpack; for an Eevee, that gives an almost inevitable change he’ll get evolved into the wrong Eon!”
“Well, I’ll still hate him for this…”
“How come? Okay, so he wasn’t being subtle in his actions, but neither were you before.”
“What do you mean?”, Liam asked, looking at me inquiringly.
“Come on! Like yelling ‘LEAVE !!” in his face in front of us was subtle!”
“I won’t have him boss me.”, Liam replied, clearly not planning on changing his mind.
“Acting like this will only make things worse, you know.” Seeing his puzzled face, I explained. “Say you are given…, no, say you take the responsibility over a creature different from your species; Pokémon, animal… it doesn’t matter. And say that creature doesn’t like it; in a matter of fact, it doesn’t like you. But instead of calmly explaining that to you, it challenges you whenever it can. What would you do?”
“Show it who’s boss, what else? … Oh.”
“Indeed. Now you’ve gotten my point, think about this. If you step through that door, you’ll come across much different, much stronger Pokémon than any of us. As what would you have liked to face them: a Vulpix, or a Ninetales?”
“Okay, o-KAY!! You’ve slapped me in the face with the truth! Now let us go ‘n challenge some sub-Legendary Pokémon!” There spoke the Liam I knew. I had to suppress a big grin; didn’t want to get a Ninetales’ curse on me, now did I?
“Okay, Liam, let’s go! But could you do me a favor, and ask around for an explanation for this whole Dragon Tamer stuff? I don’t know what to make of it!”
“Sure Nemo, let’s go!” Apparently, he had changed merely a little bit, but it was enough to keep him from getting annoying again.
Now, maybe I could get a fellow Espeon to teach me some mind-tricks…

11th August 2003, 12:51 PM
Matt's POV

Coming into the Eeeve House, I noticed a lot of pokemon. I shruged and called out all of my pokemon. They all ran off to talk to other pokemon and I sat down on the couch. I waved to Rachel and sat back. There wasn't that much to do in the Eevee House. Madeen jumped in my lap and demanded that I petted her. "That's right, pet me or I will bite you..." She said. "What?! I raised you and this is the thanks I get??" I asked. "Just kidding." She says.

Ark's POV

There were lots of pokemon around here. I called over Atomos so we could have a chat. "Atomos, come here." I said. Atomos jumped off the table and walked over to me. "Yeah, what do you want?" Atomos asked. "Look over there at those Rainbow Eevees" I said. "Ooooh those are cool looking Eevees." Atomos said. "Yeah, I know." I said. We continued to gawk at the Eevees.

Yuna's POV

I scrambled to the kitchen; I wanted food. Soon, I found the kitchen and I started to rumage through the refridgerator. I found some nice olives so I grabbed the jar in my mouth and put it on the ground. Now to find someone to open the jar for me...

Rinoa's POV

Yay, I'm back at the Eevee House. This place so rocked the last time I was here. I started to run around to try and find someone to talk to. A little Mawile like me needs someone to talk to. There was no one I could find. Hopefully someone would come in later that I could talk to.

11th August 2003, 01:06 PM
I waved over to Matt, but suddenly, Echo hopped on my lap. I was now squished under the weight of the Arcanine. "Echo... get.... off..." She did so then laid besides me, wagging her fluffy tail, whacking Remus who was curled on the couch. The Meowth hissed at Echo then hopped off. I looked up to notice a few people staring at Echo and I. ".. she needs to get used to the fact she isn't a tiny Growlithe anymore.." I replied.

Haldir noticed an Umbreon and Espeon admiring him. He padded over to them, purring slightly. "Hi!" he said. Nearby, Vampyre was keeping a close eye on the Eevee.

11th August 2003, 02:01 PM
[Christian's POV]

I calmed down soon enough. I know I had lost control of myself, but wasn't I allowed to show my emotions? I was glad Kovu didn't laugh or make fun of me because I was so upset. He honestly didn't know what to tell me, but I was still thankful that he was the one I poured out to. Once I felt better, I thanked Kovu, holding out my paw for a paw shake of friendship. He was right though, I should only do what I wanted and felt like I should do. Hanging on to Crystal's memory was tearing me up. I had to get out more and make myself some new friends. I needed to battle more. I just needed to forget my past. I had Jesse to remind me of Crystal, so she wasn't all gone...

[Khaisa's POV]

I slithered over to the pool, looking into the water. I didn't know what I wanted to do. I looked around for Jasmine. I actually had news to tell her. When I found her, I went to her as quick as I could.

"Hey sis, did Nala tell you about BlueShadow? He's going to be a daddy! Since he is so much like a father to me, I'll just about have another brother or sister when the egg comes and hatches! That means it'll be like your sibbling, too! Even though we won't be related, it'll still be the same. I'm excited."

[Tara's POV]

Khaisa was right. BlueShadow was going to be a father. That Dragonite was more than ready to father a child, but I still felt nervous that he wouldn't know how to handle a child. Even though he wouldn't be raising it on his own, he would still want and need to help take care of it and play with it. At least, I hoped the baby's trainer would be around enough for BlueShadow to see the baby. It would break his heart if he couldn't see it enough...

[Misu's POV]

Kahlia... She was too talkative! I thought I talked alot. She was just like Jayce and Jeepers; hyper and overactive. Our trainer didn't let her run around too much at first, but now that Kahlia has grown more and has the strength to play, she's everywhere! I'm not denying that I love her as a teammate, but her mouth is huge and loud!

[Kahlia's POV]

I played tag with Jeepers for a while before I decided it was boring. Jeep went to play with Jayce, so I was on my own. I looked around for someone to play with. Then I saw my favorite thing to do; wake up Pokemon and people! I ran around the Eevee House pouncing and playing with everyone that was asleep or trying to sleep. I was having so much fun. I didn't understand why they were all so mean and gave me such nasty looks when I woke them up, though. It was the day time! The sun was out! Its time for everyone to be awake and playing, right? Right! So thats why I woke anyone up who was trying to sleep. I only stopped when Tara gave me a look of warning, almost like she was saying: "You can goof around with your teammates and tease them in the mornings, but you have to leave others alone and let them rest. They are probably resting from being in battles or something like that. Leave them alone." Yeah right, like my trainer's look on her face was really saying that.

11th August 2003, 02:06 PM
Atomos' POV

"Hi" I said. "You're a pretty looking Eevee. Too bad I like Ark more." I continued. "Umm... good." Haldir said. Ark came up behind me. "Don't get any funny ideas, Atomos." He said. "Heeeyy.. can't you trust me more than that?" I asked. I waved bye to the Rainbow Eevee. "Maybe we can play sometime?" I said walking off. "Come on, Atomos, let's go play a game." Ark said. "No, I am much too tired now. I will play later." I said. I curled up on the table and stared at Haldir...

11th August 2003, 02:20 PM
[Megan's POV]

I walked into the Eevee House and released the six Pokemon I had had last time, along with two new ones. Tamsyn, a female Cyndaquil and Haven, a female Milotic. Haven headed straight for the pool while Tamsyn headed off to explore. Everyone else just did whatever. I sat on the couch and closed my eyes, a little tired. I'd been up since 2 am, so I had the right to be.

[Haven's POV]

I slithered into the pool, sinking into the water. Closing my eyes, I allowed myself to reflect over the last couple hours. My trainer, upon deciding she couldn't give me the care I needed, left me at an adoption center. Not long after, Megan came in. After a few minutes deliberation, she adopted me. Now I was here, in a place where I didn't know anyone save for my teammates, who had all been introduced to me. I was scared... but I'd live. That which does not kill us makes us stronger, right?

[Tamsyn's POV]

I was bored, so I wandered around, exploring the Eevee House. After I was done I just kind of looked around, hoping to find someone to play with.

[Laurenor's POV]

I ran around the Eevee House, working off some of my excess energy. I was just hyper for some reason. After that, I went off to look for my mom and dad.

Angel Blossom
11th August 2003, 02:50 PM
« Angel Blossom's POV »

Mohabi & I went to the Breeding Center to pick up my new Eevee Egg. It was an ordinary egg, but contained a special Pokemon inside. With the egg and little Mohabi in my arms, I walked back inside the Eevee House, and sat on the couch. Placing the egg on a pillow, Mohabi poked it with it's paw. "What's inside?" he asked. Apparently, I forgot to tell him. "It's an Eevee egg," I said, "but this Eevee doesn't look like the others." Mohabi stared at me; I could tell with the look in his big eyes.. he was confused. "Well, you'll just have to wait and see!" I said to the little Eevee. As soon as we finished speaking, the egg began to shake! Mohabi and I jumped. I was excited to see what this little Eevee would look like.

Slight cracks appeared on the plain, spotted egg, and then began to open. Out of the egg appeared a small male Eevee, with a Rainbow tuff. His crystal blue eyes glittered. "Wow, look at that Eevee!" exclaimed Mohabi. He motioned closer to the newborn. It had beautiful fur, shining with all the colors of the rainbow. I picked the little Eevee up, and placed him on my lap. Mohabi was amazed at his colors. He observed every last detail of the newborn Eevee.

"What should ya name him?" Mohabi whispered.

I looked at the newborn Eevee over and over again. He was just like his mother, Rainbow. I thought his name should match his vivid colors. "How about.. L'Arcobaleno? That is 'Rainbow' in Italian," I replied. I thought it was a beautiful name that would suit the beautiful Eevee. "That sounds cool," Mohabi said. He poked the newborn with his paw. It stared at him, and poked him back. Mohabi giggled. I knew, deep down inside, that these two would become best of friends. I smiled, and turned to the newborn Eevee.

"What do you think... L'Arcobaleno?" I asked the newborn.
It happily barked at me, and continued playing with Mohabi. I was happy with my new Eevee.

11th August 2003, 03:00 PM
Haldir stared at the new Eevee. He looked just like his mother and him. The Eevee flicked his fluffy tail around then decided to go introduce himself to the new Eevee. "Hello," Haldir chirped pleasently. (Rainbow is Haldir's mother too so that means they're half brothers ^^; )

Remus' POV

Everyone has gone mad over that bloody baby. "oh.. look.. I have rainbow on my neck!" who cares? It's all just a bloody show. My own father has been drawn to that show. I was once his favorite but now, it's all about little Haldir. He can't even get some supper without everyone making a fuss. I decided to cuddle against my mother. At least she noticed me.

"Something wrong hun?" she asked me.
"No.." I growled to myself.

My mother stared at me with a concerned expression but I growled then curled up against her warm fur to sleep. I heard her sigh.

"You're becoming more and more like your father," she sighed.

11th August 2003, 04:24 PM
Matt's POV

"Wow, there are a lot of rainbow Eevee's now" I said to Madeen. I looked down and saw that my Poochyena was sound asleep. "Oh, so I was just talking to a sleeping dog." I said sighing. I looked over towards Atomos who was curled up in a ball staring at Haldir. I was a little confused at why she was staring at him; then I looked over towards Ark. He was laying on the ground, sad. "What is up with this?" I said confused.

Rinoa's POV

It was so boring here; there was no one to talk to. Then I noticed a Meowth laying down. I walked over there and looked at the Meowth. "Hi" I said. It looked at me with an evil look.

Yuna's POV

There had to be someone in this house that could open the olive jar. Then I remembered Yojimbo. I ran into the room where Matt was and jumped on him. "Where's Yojimbo??" I asked excited. "I think she's still in her pokeball.." Matt said. "Well let her out!!"I said. "Ok.." Matt said. He let her out of her pokeball and sat back down. "Hey Yojimbo" I said. "Hi..." She said. "Come with me please" I said. We went into the kitchen and I showed her the jar. "Can you open this for me" I asked. "I can try..." She said. She grabbed the jar and tried to open it. It was no use, she couldn't open it. "Oh well, thanks anyway, Yojimbo." I said. She walked off and I sighed. Wasn't there someone that could open this jar??

11th August 2003, 04:56 PM
Gwaihir the Windlord, the male Aerodactyl's POV:

I rubbed my head against mommy and then looked curiously at daddy. I tugged at him to get his attention, then flapped my wings in the spot and pointed my head downwards. I wanted him to play with me. I wanted to race. Racing was fun! Tugging hard on his scarf one final time, I dove down from the rafters, laughing happily and spreading my wings. The sunglasses slipped down my nose, and I blinked, pushing them back. I guess they were a little too big.


I was looking around the place, taking my time, when suddenly I saw Steve, that adorable little Jolteon from earlier! He was so cute, wagging his tail so quickly all the time. He looked as if he was brimming with limitless energy. I went to say hi to him, and also noticed a newborn Growlithe, who looked very excited as well, just like Steve.

"Ryu" the male Trapinch's POV:

Oh my god... She was... Right there... I felt faint. Elwing had come so close to me... She even touched me... She...

I shook myself. Hard. No, I couldn't let those thoughts into my head. She was a Dratini. It would never work. I wasn't even worth half as much as she was...

At this point I knew what Lune would say. "Stop being so hard on yourself..." But could I really? Elwing was of one of the most superior species of pokémonkind, and I was a common desert dweller. It hurt, because she had such a wonderful, charming personality... But I couldn't make her settle for so little. She deserved so much more.

We were nearing the forest. A bush rustled overhead, and I saw Lune freeze. His eyes narrowed, and he began to growl. Rúthruin immediately looked worried. "I'll recognize that sound anywhere," the Eevee said.

Lune the male Eevee's POV:

I could tell by the way the bush sounded, the characteristic stealthy movement and the way it was intentionally just loud enough to be heard. It was him. "Night Sentinel," I said coldly. "It's no use hiding. I know it's you." I frowned. Bitter feeling rushed back to me, and it was all I could do to stop myself from either bursting out into tears and slumping onto the ground or springing into the bush and tearing open his neck, both of which I felt like doing at the same time.

The Umbreon emerged from the brush, ears drooping and head hunched. His glowing rings were flashing dully, and the black coat that he had once taken so much care of had grown neglected and unbrushed. He had become thinner, and I could see bones where once healthy muscle had been. Even after all that he had done, that sad, sorry look still made me feel sympathy. "Lune..." he pleaded. I was tempted to turn to him, to look him in the eye and forgive him, to forget all that he had done... But I shook my head. I couldn't trust him anymore. He looked more downtrodden than ever. "Please, I've changed," he said softly.

I looked in his eyes. I couldn't help it. What I saw there was sincere sadness and regret, and great pain that had grown over the years. Yet I refused. "No," I told him, somewhat reluctantly. The others were watching from a short distance behind, giving him looks of sympathy. But they didn't understand... Not yet...

"Lune, just give me a chance..." he begged. His face filled with more humble regret, and he looked as if he was going to cry. I looked at him again, feeling my heart softening. He looked so sorry... And once, so long ago, we had been so close... But then I reminded myself of what he had done, and a firm resolve grew in me.

"You had your chance," I said coldly, looking away. He tried to get nearer to me, but I moved.

"I didn't mean the things I did, I really didn't," he pleaded, sobbing. He hung his head and broke down, tears streaming down his face like rivers. He looked so pitiful...

It was hard for me to say it, but I still didn't want to have to deal with him again. Looking at his face brought back good memories of happy times, but they also brought along the terrible ones, more sinister, that overpowered the good... I forced myself to frown, and, doing my best to keep my voice from breaking, I glared at him with anger flashing in my eyes. It was the only way to make him stop. "But you did them, didn't you?" I said quietly, in a tone more deadly and hateful than I could muster with a loud, furious outburst. "Look, Sentinel, I've pushed what you've done into the past, and I'd much rather forget about it. I have a new life now, Sentinel. I've moved on. You should too. Stop stalking my shadow, or perhaps I won't be as forgiving as I was in the past."

Fear filled the Umbreon's eyes. He had only heard that tone a few times, and they were not good times. I only used it when nothing could possibly change my mind.

He took a gamble. "Lune, if it means anything, I'm sorry..." Bad move.

"SORRY?! You, sorry for what you did? No, Sentinel, you are not sorry, as you claim. I am sorry for ever meeting you. You chose to do those things. You chose to ruin my life. You chose to cause me pain." My eyes were blazing dangerously. I saw Elwing's frightened expression. Ryu comforted her.

Night Sentinel flinched when he heard my last two acussations. "I never wanted to hurt you..."

That did it. I roared, charging him over, and then began to vent my fury. All other times I had refrained from doing this, because, in truth, I knew that the last thing Sentinel wanted to do was hurt me... But he had done it anyway. All the anger that had been buried, forgotten and deep inside me, came loose, and I lashed completely out at Sentinel, who was pinned under me. The passage of time then didn't seem relevant to me; all I knew was that I was punishing Sentinel for what he had done, inflicting as much pain as possible upon him, trying to give him a taste of what he had done to me... I scratched, cuffed, and bit him everywhere, bruising him all over his body. I even tore at his ears, which began to bleed. But I didn't pay him back an eye for an eye... I didn't want to do to him what he did to me. I let him go on that. Sentinel seemed to sense this sudden rush of my feelings, because he didn't do anything to escape although he could have; he just lay there and let me attack him, looking at me sadly.

I eventually stopped, regaining my senses. Panting heavily, I rolled off the Umbreon and caught his gaze. He looked wearily at me, having lost all hope; he knew what was coming.

"Stay away from me," I demanded. "Forever."

He seemed struck when he heard the sentence, but he struggled up to his feet and nodded at me. "I guess this is goodbye, then," he whispered painfully. He bowed his head and turned around, walking away slowly into the distance. I felt relief and loss at the same time, knowing that I would never see him again.

Ryu, Elwing, and Rúthruin came up to me, overflowing with worry. Elwing was still leaning against Ryu for support, probably afraid that I was some kind of monster. Maybe I was some kind of monster.

"Lune, what was that?" Ryu asked, a little angry that I had shattered some of Elwing's naïve innocence with that nasty scene. He checked his tone, however, and his face became apologetic; he was concerned, too.

"I'm tired," I answered, avoiding the question. "We'll talk about this later. Right now, I want to head back to the Eevee House and take a rest..."

"I'll carry you," Rúthruin offered, to my relief. The Scyther picked me up and held me firmly, and I closed my eyes, lulled to sleep by her gentle, even steps...

11th August 2003, 05:34 PM
(Dodger's POV)

I looked down at Gwaihir when he tugged on my scarf. I chuckled as he swooped down from the rafters. I smiled, and then took off after him. I laughed as I watched him push his sunglasses back up on his face. "Here i come," I told him, taking after him. Gwaihir laughed and took off.

(Steve's POV)

The growlithe, Lani, was my new half sister. I laughed when she batted Nahima on the nose. She laid there maybe for two seconds, before she half walked/half stumbled over to me. She fell down a few times, but that didn't stope her. My tail wagged as she began to paw at the spiky fur in my mane. I laughed, she was so cute.

I saw Karin, and she came over and sat down on the floor. I ran over to her and jmped on her lap and gave her a nuzzle as a greeting. She smiled, and pointed over at Lani, who was once more trying to make her way over to where we were. She wasn't still for very long, that's for certain, and she could barely walk. She was more like take a few steps, fall down get back up, take a few more then fall. Eventually Lani made her way over to use, and then she began to paw at Karin's shoe, before barking happily. Then she grabbed the shoe lace in her mouth and tugged on it.

(Yana's POV)

I made my way back to the Eevee House. I had taken a short walk, and Amy wasn't home, so i'd figure that she'd be here. She was, but she was busy so i began to look around to see if i could find Evenstar.

(Salem's POV)

I smiled when i saw the little eevee that was my son again. "Hey there, little guy," I said smiling. I greeted im with a nuzzle before i began to ticle him. He was squirming, trying to get away, when i felt someone push me onto my side. I looked up to see Ayla, my beautiful Ayla. She nuzzled Laurenor before turning her attention back to me, and she began to tickle me. I laughed, trying to tickle her back.

11th August 2003, 07:27 PM
[Laurenor's POV]

I giggled happily as I watched my parents tickle each other. They were acting more like little kids than I was - and they were all grown up! I giggled again and then pounced on both of them.

[Isis's POV]

Akia had wandered off to look for something, leaving me all alone. I sighed. I really should make some other friends, but I was kind of scared to talk to others, people or Pokemon. But... I supposed it wouldn't hurt anything if I DID talk to someone. I was just so shy though... I settled for sitting on the floor near one of the couches, kind of out of sight but not totally. If someone came and talked to me, I would talk to them, but I wasn't going to start up a conversation by myself.

[Avidan's POV]

I saw Haven, the newest addition to the team, sitting in the pool, looking rather alone. Normally I wasn't a big talker, but I figured she could use a little cheering up or something of the like. I flew over silently and landed on her head.

"Hello," I said.

"Hi," she replied softly.

"You doing okay?" I asked.

[Haven's POV]

"You doing okay?

I sighed a little as he asked that question. I wasn't entirely sure how to answer that. On one hand, I was glad that I hadn't just been left in that adoption center for ages, and that I had been picked up very quickly. On the other hand, I was on a new team with a bunch of Pokemon and a trainer, all of which I barely knew at all. "I don't know...." I said slowly. "I am grateful that Megan adopted me, but... I miss my old trainer. And I hardly know anyone on the team." I sighed again. "It's just all a lot to take in, you know?"

"I can imagine," he said. "It would be awful to have to leave everything you knew and start over. But we're looking out for you, okay? That's all there is to it."

With that, he flew off, and I allowed myself a small smile. I was pretty sure I had just made a friend.

11th August 2003, 07:35 PM
Smiling happily, Rock DJ couldn't believe little Gwaihir had said his first word; and that it was sunglasses! Her expression was of pure happiness, then her smile turned into a smirk whenever the baby began to tug at Dodger's scarf, whining for a race. He was extremely fast for a child, and spread his wings and took off, his father quickly following.

Not being one to be left out of the fun, Rock DJ took off after the two.

Trotting about the house, Siryn hang her head towards the ground, then suddenly ran into another of her species. She growled a bit, though more of an alarmed way, then arched a brow towards the other Arcanine. "Echo?" she laughed suddenly, having noticed who was it was, then lightly push the other with her paw, grinning. "You're all grown up." Siryn's grin grew wider, as she was glad another Arcanine had entered in the house.

Sitting on the floor, Namir glanced up whenever another Meowth wandered over towards him. Noticing it was Akia, he grinned and merrily exclaimed, "Hello!"

11th August 2003, 07:48 PM
Just a quick update on the subject of the race: Akia is now at level 13 and her speed is 36.

[Akia's POV]

"Hey!" I said, giving him a playful shove with my paw. "We never finished our game of tag, did we?" He shook his head. I reached out to tag him, but he caught on and jumped out of the way. I laughed and ran after him.

[Sabine's POV]

I wandered into the kitchen in search of food. I had just won a battle at the Battle Tower not long before, and I figured that merited some sort of reward. As I entered I noticed a white Zigzagoon struggling with a jar of some sort.

"You need help with that?" I asked as I approached.

11th August 2003, 08:02 PM
Echo grinned. "Yes, I'm now all grown up" she beamed while admiring her almost crimson fur and fluffy mane-like mane. Haldir pounced on Echo's back and nuzzled against her fluffy fur. "He's very grateful that I helped him win his first battle," Echo said, grinning at the Eevee. Remus glared at Haldir then hissed at the thought of that Eevee. Charisma noticed her son's behavior and decided it was time to ask someone. She went around the Eevee House, trying to find another mother Pokémon that could help her.

Obi-Won Kenobi kept poking Kiona with the toy lightsaber. The Flareon growled and glared at Umbreon. "Keep that up and that toy is going up your..." she snapped. "Language!" screamed Kenobi then he thwaps her with the toy. Kiona growled the pounces him and the two wrestle.

11th August 2003, 08:05 PM
Yuna's POV

"Sure." I said smiling. "Hopefully you will be able to open that jar." I said. Sabine approched the jar and grabbed hold of it. I couldn't wait for those olives.

Matt's POV

I released the rest of my pokemon. Natu, Houndour, Abra, Porygon, Sneasel, Cleffa and Spheal started to scatter in the Eevee House. I started to sit down, but I noticed that Madeen had gotten up and left. "Oh well." I said sitting down looking for something to do.

Cerberus' POV

Finally - I had been released from that cramped up pokeball. A pokemon like me has to get out of that thing more often. I started to run around the Eevee House trying to find someone in this place to talk to. Hopefully, someone I can make friends with.

Anima's POV

What was this place? I think this was the first time I had ever been in here. I had heard Matt talking about a place called the Eevee House before. I wonder if this is it? I teleported upstairs to see if there was anything exciting up there. Nope; I teleported back downstairs and started to walk around to find something to do.

Doom's POV

"Never been here before..." I thought. I sat in one place near Matt and looked around as best I could. It was pretty boring here being a Porygon...

Diablos' POV

It was great to be back in this place. I ran into the kitchen to find something to fill my stomach. I saw Yuna and another pokemon already in here. I walked up to Yuna. "Hey, Yuna. Whatcha doing?" I asked. "I'm trying to get this jar open and this nice pokemon here said they would help" She said smiling. I sat down and waited for the jar to be opened.

11th August 2003, 08:16 PM
Akia followed Namir, though her speed was far more than his, so to avoid capture, he leapt onto random objects and jumped down again to gain speed. Being faster also had a problem; it sometimes took longer to make agile turns around the corners. Sharply going to the right, the odd-coloured Meowth escaped outside, a wailing laugh following. The other was gaining on him already, but he attempted to dodge and escape into the trees, leaping from branch to branch.

Yawning, Ballistic promptly arched a brow when he noticed an Abra wandering around, trying to find something to do. He had found few psychics within the house aside from the intelligent Espeons, and was eager to meet one that had a bit more alike with his species. The black and white Drowzee made his way towards Anima to greet the Abra into the house.

"You won a battle?" Siryn laughed, then ruffled the fur upon Echo's head, still treating the young Arcanine as if she was a puppy. She quickly did the same to Haldir, messing up his rainbow mane, then casted them a silly grin.

Lying on the couch, Eclipse gave me a narrow glare everytime I attempted to sit down. "Mine..." she whined, flicking her tail while her eyelids were half shut. She took deep pride whenever I finally gave up and curled up on the carpet, mumbling. Suddenly, she noticed Charisma wandering about and watched the other Persian, grooming her ebony fur in the process.

11th August 2003, 08:31 PM
[Sabine's POV]

I took the jar in my paws and began to twist the lid. It took a minute, but eventually the lid came off with a pop and I handed it to the Zigzagoon and the Sneasel that had just joined us.

"So what're your names?" I asked, as they took the jar.

[Akia's POV]

I laughed as I chased Namir through the trees. It was hard to keep up when I had to keep dodging branches and other things, and I knew I wasn't gonna catch him this way. Suddenly, an idea hit me. Quietly, I leapt higher through the branches, making sure to keep still. Not hearing me behind him anymore, Namir stopped, looking around.

"Akia?" he said. I snuck through the treetops, finally reaching the tree he was in. I climbed down, trying as hard as I could not to make a sound, and dropped onto his branch. Then I lightly poked him in the back. He jumped and spun around to face me.

"You're it," I said with a smirk, before jumping out of the tree and taking off. I heard him laugh and then jump down after me, resuming the chase.

11th August 2003, 08:42 PM
[My POV]

I enter the Eevee House once again, this time with two more pokemon, and I let them out, and then I take out my Inflatable Pokeball Beanbag Chair, and blow it up with my small pump, and finally, after a long day, sit down to rest. I tell Zel that it's okay to come sit with me because my chair has an outer layer that protects the chair from punctures. Zel comes to me and withdraws his thorns into his body anyways.

[Iron the Male Aron's POV]

After being released from my Pokeball, I start to look around, wandering around the place, and looking for anybody that might be my friend........

[Subtractor the Male Minun's POV]

I run around, trying to show off, and then I make a large leap in the air, and land rolling on the ground until I'm dizzy, and then I start to walk around........dizzily.

[My POV]

Wow! Look at Subtractor! Maybe if he's compatible, I can teach him rollout!

11th August 2003, 08:44 PM
"As a matter of fact," said Echo. "This is my third win," she beamed. Haldir beamd. "It's my first. I can't wait to tell my mommy and daddy!" he stated.

Kiona and Kenobi continued to wrestle in the living room while Aryll watched. The Vaporeon decided to join them and she pounced on Kenobi. "Lets get him!" Aryll screamed. "Hey! This isn't a tag team!" screeched Kenobi as he was getting pummeled by the both of them.

11th August 2003, 08:44 PM

"Nice to just sit back and relax, huh?" Claire said to me as we sat down in large beanbag chairs.
"Yep," was my most thoughtful reply, then I intelligently added, "Sure is."
Gimli (Machop) and Cairne (Makuhita) were at home, discussing who would win: an army of Urk-hai or an army of Undead legions. Captain Falcon (Torchic) and Jar Jar Binks (Tyrogue) were at the Battle Tower. Groundskeeper Willie (Elekid) was training on the track for the race. It was just Claire (Cubone), Gonzo (Trapinch), Murray (Duskull), Shina (Psyduck), A+ (Plusle), and myself.
"Wonder when the race is?" A+ asked out loud.
"I would've entered," Murray said, mainly to himself, "if it had been a really EVIL race."
"That's next month," Claire replied, smirking under her helmet.
"... Psy?" Shina added stupidly.
Gonzo looked over at the head-clutching Psyduck, then back at me. "Is she still unable to speak English?"
"Nope, not a word," I replied, sighing sadly. "She doesn't seem to understand English either. I'm guess things will become better when she evolves."
"Better," muttered Claire, lying back and looking up at the ceiling. "I'm going crazy living with ten guys. Not that I blame you, Silver," she added to me, "I just find it a tad irritating."
"Imagine how Shina feels," replied A+. "She doesn't know the words to describe her frustration."
Murray chuckled evilly, a habit of his.
"Do you think the race is soon, guys?" Gonzo asked us.
Suddenly, from out on the track, a bellowing, Scottish accent could be heard over a clattering of hurtles. "BLAWSTED HURTELS!!! AH KEEP TREPIN OVEER DE DAM THINGS!! GOOD FUR DE LEGS, MY ARSE!!"
I raised an eyebrow. "Let's hope it is soon, or Willie might kill himself out there."


(Seriously, do the races have an exact date planned? Or it is going to be random? Just curious.)

11th August 2003, 09:04 PM
I walkd into the new Eevee House. I was one of the only trainers who forgot about it! The first thing I noticed was SM's Psyduck, Shina, clutching her head.
"...Psy?" She said.
I didn't pay attention after that. Suddenly, a voice bellowed that everybody in the EH could hear: "BLAWSTED HURTELS!!! AH KEEP TREPIN OVEER DE DAM THINGS!! GOOD FUR DE LEGS, MY ARSE!!"
I told Grace to go out there and try to calm him down.

Grace the female Chansey
I left to the track. The loud voice was none other than Groundskeeper Willie, an Elekid who was one of my competitors in the race. He was laying on the ground, face up and bruised.
"What happened to you, Willie?" I said.
"Ah trepped on de hurtel an' ah broosed me arse..." He whispered in a thick scottish accent.
I helped him out.
"Err, whot wes yer nayme agayin?" He asked.
"Grace." I replied.

11th August 2003, 10:04 PM

So this was that Eevee House I had overheard others talking about, huh? Said it was a place for pokemon to have fun and loosen up. None of my pokemon had been in any battles since I obtained them, but hey, why not let them have some fun so they wouldn't be tense when they did?

I stepped through the doors, tailed by a male Eevee named Zane and a female Houndour named Discordia, and a third pokemon concealed within a Poke Ball, which I casually tossed from hand to hand. After looking about and giving polite nods of greeting, I quietly asked, "Is there a pool or something where I can let out my Chinchou?" I held up the ball to show that I referred to the pokemon inside of it.

11th August 2003, 10:39 PM
(Flare's POV)

I nuzzled Ranec as we watched little Lani being born. She seemed like she was gong to be an energeic one when she got older. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little vulpix that looked kind of lonesome over by the couches. I poked Ranec in his side and motioned for him to follow me. He looked at me puzzled until he also saw the vulpix. He smiled. When we reached her, Ranec and I sat down. "Hi/ My name's Flare, and this is Ranec." Then i waited to see if she would introduce herself.

(Racer's POV)

It turned out that it was Laila that i had tripped over. "I'm so sorry." I told her. She chuckled, brushing herself off. "Its ok." I smiled as i saw her looking at me. "Would you like a ride?" I asked her. She looked as if she couldn't believe what she was hearing. "I promise i won't buck you off." She grinned and nodded her head yes. "Ok," I said awkwardly lying down on the floor so she could climb on. "Hang on tight," I told Laila before taking off on a fast trot. Soon i was galloping around the Eevee House. I ran until i began to get out of breath, then i slowed down until i finally came to a stop. Laila jumped down. "That was fun. Thanks" "No problem. If you ever want another ride, while you're still a larvitar, I'd be happy to give you one."

(Arwen's POV)

I looked around the Eevee House, hoping to either find my mom, or Belisama. I was starting to get bored.

(Blazer's POV)

I noticed a flurry of activity near where Amy was. So, I climbed to my paws, and stretched, before i headed over there. I saw Amy talking to one of her friends, who had Steve on her lap, and a baby growlithe playing wite her shoe. "How cute." I whispered and her friend looked up. "You must be Karin. I'm Blazer." I said, and offered her my paw to shake.

12th August 2003, 09:24 AM
[Sandie's POV]

I noticed a new trainer had just arrived. He was followed by an Eevee and a Houndour. I grinned when he asked the question of if there was a pool anywhere to let out his Chinchou. I decided to show him where the pool was. So I ran over to the trainer, who was called Kuro, and introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Sandie. I'll be happy to show you where the pool is, if you'd like. Its huge, your Chinchou will just absolutely love it!" I said with excitement.

Kuro nodded and smiled, following me as I turned to head outside.

I lead him to the giant, olympic[sp?] sized pool full of sand at the bottom, where bunches of green plants naturally grew. It was a water Pokemon's paradise.

I held out my paw, smiling, enjoying his gaze as he looked at the pool. I decided I would love a good swim and jumped in. I swam through the leaves of the water plants and looked around for Simba, kind of waiting for the new Chinchou to come into the water, too.

[OOC- Sorry if you're a girl, Kuro, I just assumed you were a guy, I'll edit if I'm wrong. =)]

Crystalmaster Mike
12th August 2003, 10:44 AM
~ Liam’s POV ~

Okay, now what had Nemo asked me to do again? Ask around about the Dragon Tamers… Okay, now whom could know anything about that? Let’s see… Whose here… Eevee… Eevee… Sneasel… Eevee… Growlithe… More Eevees… Drowzee… Eevolutions… Hey, a Vulpix-lady! Or should I say, -girly? She was sitting alone next to the couches, like she was just waiting for a steed like me to show up! I walked over to her, and introduced myself. “Hello, I’m Liam, the newly-made Ninetales. What’s your name?” “… Isis.” “Hello Isis! … Come here often?” She gave me a pitiful glance and demonstratively turned her back on me. Okay, that’s a loss on her side! Maybe some of the other Ninetales were better to socialize with… As I walked away from her, I already noticed some other Pokémon walking towards her. Good luck to you!

~ Verne’s POV ~

I watched the others (trying to) socialize with the other Pokémon, and found I might as well check the refrigerator. Confidentially speaking: I’m not that social. People have to come to me if they want to talk. I guess that’s why me and Sasha get along so well: she does all the talking, and all I have to do is be a good Larvitar and smile and nod at the right moments. But now she had been taken with Mike and the others to the Dark Island, and I had to see for myself how I wanted to spend time. While opening the door to the kitchen, I noticed a small crowd had already formed around the fridge. Well, better luck next time… “Hi Ve’ne, what’s ya doing?” “Oh, hello Arthus. I didn’t hear you coming. I was intending on having a date with the food here, but it’s booked. See for yourself.” I opened the door for the small Spheal, so that he could look inside. “Yep, pretty full. Say, why don’t you and me go out into the play yard?” “This place has a play yard?” Arthus nodded. “Sure, why not?” I followed the Spheal as he huffed and puffed his way to the door. Being bipedal isn’t so bad…

12th August 2003, 11:02 AM
Yuna's POV

I took the jar and put it on the ground. "Thank you for helping me. My name is Yuna the Zigzagoon - female if you haven't noticed." I said. "And my name is Diablos the Sneasel - male I might add." Diablos says. "So what's your name?" I asked offering it some olives.

Anima's POV

"Hi" I said to the Drowzee. I stood there looking at its abnormal colors. "So you must of drank one of those juices, right?" I said.

Valefor's POV

Yay, I had finally won a battle. I think it has been a while since I had done that. I flew around in a circle over Matt's head and looked around at all the pokemon staring at me. "Oops... got a little carried away there.." I said landing on the ground. "A little is an understatement" Atomos said stretching. "Well just because you didn't win a battle doesn't mean you have to take it out on me..." I said angry. I turned my beak up and flew into another room away from that arogant Espeon.

12th August 2003, 11:02 AM

I was playing around with Lani and Steve. The little Growlithe had my shoelace in her mouth and was tugging at it. Smiling, I took the whole shoelace off and gave it to her to play with.

Then a huge Arcanine came over to me, and I gasped. He looked so cool with his flaming mane and his black stripes across his fiery orange body. He offered me his paw, and I took it in my hand. It was so big, and yet so soft... I smiled at him as he introduced himself. "Hi, Blazer," I said. "I'm glad to finally get to meet an Arcanine in person. Such wonderful, majestic creatures."

Evenstar the female Sneasel's POV:

I saw Yana, so I went to wave to her, with a big smile on my face. "Guess what? I'm actually in the race after all! And in the same division as you are!" I was excited.

Rúthruin the female Scyther's POV:

I opened the door to the Eevee House slowly, cautiously. It wouldn't do me good to attract attention. I did have an Eevee who was speckled with blood and torn flesh in my arms, after all. An Eevee that a lot of pokémon had seen me attack earlier. I was thankful in a way that Ryu and Elwing had come along. I couldn't have explained this otherwise; I'd probably have been dragged off to some containment place for dangerous things so I couldn't harm any more pokémon.

All for nothing. The Umbreon and Hitmonlee saw me and immediately confronted me.

"What did you do to him this time?" the Umbreon asked me, looking at Lune, who was sleeping. His hair was ruffled, and he had blood splattered all over his body. Great...

"I didn't touch him," I said. The two glared at me suspiciously. "We were walking when we ran into this Umbreon that he seemed to know, and then Lune got very angry. They got into a fight. I didn't do anything."

They still weren't convinced. They were frowning at me. Damn, they had the full right to be suspicious, but why couldn't someone believe me when it counted? I hadn't done anything wrong.

To my relief, Ryu and Elwing came to my rescue. The Trapinch and Dratini came up beside me and nodded. "She's telling the truth," Ryu said, and the Dratini next to him nodded. What a close call...

12th August 2003, 11:44 AM

I happily strode in through the front door. 'So this is the legendary Eevee House,' I mused to myself. Well, there'd be plenty of time for playing around later. I looked to my left, and the thing I was looking for entered my sight. I walked over to the registration table. There was a nice young redhead there, who seemed only too happy to help me.

"Hello," she said. "May I get your name and your Pokemon's for the land race?" God, she was beautiful. Her smile punctured my heart, and I swooned happily. But I couldn't fool around now, I had business to attend to.

"Yes, ma'am," I replied. Dang it, that was way too formal sounding. Oh well, no turning back now. "My Vulpix here is a Male at Level 5. He doesn't have a nickname, because his charm is enough to show you his personality. And you can call me," I continued with a grin, "mr_pikachu."

"Okay, uh, 'mr_pikachu'... your Vulpix is now registered for the race!" I strode away happily, knowing that my Vulpix would make me proud in competition.

"Hey, wait a minute... Vulpix?"

Vulpix's POV

Wow. So this was the Eevee house. Curtains everywhere, balloons at every table, gigantic punch bowls on either end of the room... gigantic punch bowls? Excellent! I sprinted away from my unwary trainer, and leapt onto the table, knocking over a few trainers in the process. I didn't care. As long as my trainer didn't realize I had gone, there would be no problem. I stuck my tongue in the punch to taste, then my whole head to gulp it down. About half the punch was gone when I heard my trainer running over. I was in big trouble now...

12th August 2003, 11:51 AM
Haldir noticed an Eevee that was a mess. Bloody fur. He tilted his head in curiousity, but Charisma picked him up by the scroff of his neck. "I don't think your mother wants you to see that," the Persian mumbled while keeping a hold on me. She laid me down on the couch next to Remus, who was sound asleep. The cat leaped on the couch then cuddled against Remus. Haldir laid next to Remus and nuzzled against him. Remus found himself purring. When he opened his eyes, he noticed Haldir. The Meowth leaped up.

"What is he doing here?!" shouted Remus.
"His mother isn't here and Vampyre is out hunting I think. He needs someone to watch over him,"

Remus snarled then jumped off the couch and ran over to the pool. Along the edge, he kept hissing and mumbled to himself.

"First, he takes my father away from me. Now, my mother. The only Pokémon who truly cares. Who's going to love me now?" Remus sighed.
"Just because Haldir is around doesn't mean they don't love you," said Aurora as she floated along the water
"I did not ask for your opinion," hissed Remus.

Charisma watched at Remus paced the floor, looking upset. Haldir too noticed Remus. Without thinking, Haldir jumped off the couch then padded over to Remus.

"Haldir.. please.. don't.." sighed Charisma as he left.

Haldir just sat there by the pool, staring at Remus. Remus noticed Haldir there then hissed.

"What are you looking at?" he asked.

Haldir simply tilted his head then raised his long ears at Remus. The Meowth glared then grumbled. "I guess you are kinda cute," Remus ran off, hissing. Haldir flickered his tail then watched the Meowth flee. A few tears filled Haldir's eyes.

"My brother hates me," he sobbed

12th August 2003, 12:16 PM
[Just a note. I renamed my Ninetales, as her name didn't really fit her. So... yeah.]

Sitting perfectly still, scarlet eyes followed Liam, who had just entered the house not very long ago. Ghostly white figure slinked to his side, curious of his presence, then the ivory Ninetales decided to introduce herself. "Hello," she said, brow arched slightly as a grin crossed over on her muzzle, "My name is Freya. And who may you be?"

"Ah, no." Ballistic gave a slight smile towards the Abra, "I was born this way." He nodded a bit as if to confirm his own reply. "Oh," he coughed, "My name is Ballistic. You're Anima, right?" smirking, he tapped a finger against his head, then crossed his arms over his chest.

Speeding quickly through the grass, air that mimic the movement of flames followed behind her, crackling and disappearing as soon as they appeared. Twilight nickered happily, loving the thrill of going at such a high speed, the world becoming a blur as she passed it. Suddenly, she skidded to a halt. She noticed a shiny Ponyta and a Larvitar up, and cleared her throat, then trotted over to them. "Hello!"

Striding towards the pool, Mars shuddered when he heard sobs, and took a sharp glance beside of him. An Eevee; so much like Rainbow, that his heart twisted a bit. Walking over to the little rainbow coloured child, he attempted a smile, but the trying was in vain and soon disappeared. He lightly ruffled the fur on stop of his head, then leaned down, wagging his merman like tail a bit. "Hey Haldir," he winced a bit, "What's wrong?"

Smiling a bit, Voodoo sat near the door to the house, and slinked back a bit whenever she noticed a Scyther coming in, carrying a sleeping Eevee. An Umbreon and Hitmonlee talked to her, and finally stopped whenever a Dratini and Trapinch came. Knowing it was not her place to get mixed in, the little Electrike merely sat there, blinking a bit as she watched people and Pokemon come and go.

12th August 2003, 12:24 PM
Haldir's POV

I continued crying. Why doesn't he like me? I was never mean to Remus. A Vaporeon came over and asked me what was wrong. "My brother hates me," I cried. "Everytime I try to play or talk to Remus, he runs off and hisses at me,"

Rachel's POV

I sat on the couch next to a sleeping Echo. I noticed Amanda come in and I poked her. Afterwards, Echo woke up then climbed on my lap to lick my face. "Echo.. please... sit.." Echo sat on my lap and I felt as if she squished my legs. I screeched under the weight of my mighty Arcanine. Echo just wagged her fluffy tail, not knowing what was wrong. Meanwhile, my little captured Dratini was curled around my neck. When she noticed Amanda, the Dratini slithered off of me and at Amanda's feet. "Hello," she said. "I am Nenya," she said.

12th August 2003, 12:39 PM
~*^*~Gothic's POV~*^*~
I sighed as everybody continued to ignore me...but I remained calm, hoping somebody would help me through my depression. Sighing, and realizing Socrate was still outside, I walked out to the CCCC, as I wished to find a captured Pokemon.

12th August 2003, 12:43 PM
Haldir's POV

I noticed a sad trainer nearby. I don't like to see people sad. I padded towards him/her then rubbed up againt their leg, purring. I looked up at Gothic with my crystal blue eyes while purring. "Hello, I'm Haldir." he said. "What's your name?"

(Haldir is my male Eevee who has a rainbow tuff and crystal eyes ^^)

12th August 2003, 12:51 PM
~*^*~Gothic's POV~*^*~
I soon stopped...as something was nudging against my leg. I looked down and saw a young male Eevee...with crystal blue eyes and a rainbow tuft.

"Hello, I'm Haldir," he said, with an innocent look, "What's your name."

"I'm Laura," I quickly replied, giving off my real name, "Otherwise known as Gothic. Nice to meet you Haldir."

12th August 2003, 01:08 PM

I was led by a Vaporeon to a rather nice-looking pool, and nodded as I thanked the polite mouse pokemon for her help. The pool looked like something Lach would enjoy, so I aimed the Poke Ball at the water and pressed its button. A flash of light, and out came my Chinchou, floating happily on the surface. He made a few noises that I assumed meant he was happy. I hesitantly left Lach to himself, figuring that he'd be fine and if not, I'd get there in time to help him. I'm not negligent, I just trust my pokemon. I led Discordia and Zane back over to the group of others, and said to my two four-legged companions, "Enjoy yourselves."

[EDIT: Thanks, TML.]

12th August 2003, 03:53 PM
[My POV]

I ran back into the Eevee House, having left my Pokemon there while I ran out to the Reward Center for a few minutes to get some Hidden Power TMs. I called Tamsyn and Quaye over and pulled out two of the three TMs, sprinkling the powder in each package over the two Pokemon. When it disappeared, they had both learned Hidden Power. They thanked me and I petted them both before going over to the pool, where Haven was sitting quietly. Her eyes were closed, and I couldn't tell if she was sleeping or just in thought.

"Haven?" I called softly. She must have been only thinking, because her eyes opened and she looked at me curiously. I beckoned her over, and she swam slowly to the edge of the pool. I pulled out the last of the three Hidden Power TMs.

"A present," I told her, opening the TM and sprinkling the powder on her (as best as I could, in any case). It glowed, then disappeared. She lowered her head until it was level with me, then nuzzled me gently. I gave her a hug, smiled at her, and then retreated back to the couch.

I sighed a little. I really should have been so rude to the Ninetales, but I wasn't used to this kind of thing. I'd never really talked to anyone outside my team. I never really needed to - Akia was always the talkitive one. But she was off playing with that other Meowth. I noticed an Umbreon and a Ninetales walking toward me, and decided that I was going to try and be more social to them than I had been to Liam. I'd have to apologize later.

"Hi. My name's Flare, and this is Ranec," the Ninetales said.

"I'm Isis," I said softly.

"Nice to meet you, Isis," Flare said, extending a paw. I shook it, and then shook Ranec's. [i]This really isn't all that hard, I thought to myself.

[Sabine's POV]

"I'm Sabine," I said to Yuna and Diablos, taking a few olives from the jar and popping them in my mouth. "So, Yuna, did you drink one of those juices? 'Cause last I knew, Zigzagoons weren't white like that."

Avian Freeze
12th August 2003, 07:26 PM
:: My POV ::

I walked into the Eevee House, after not having been here for several days. I slumped down on to the couch and let all my Pok&eacute;mon out, letting them wander about and look for their friends or anyone at all for that matter ^^;.

:: Belisama's POV ::

I was really bored. I hadn't seen Arwen for days and I went to look for her, hoping she would want to play ^_^.

:: Aiko's POV ::

I ambled through the Eevee House, still not quite used to my trainer. I hoped to see my daughter again, since I missed her. I saw her wandering around aimlessly and I walked to her, smiling warmly.

12th August 2003, 08:11 PM
OOC: Kuro, I believe Sandie is actually a Vaporeon

<Aries's POV>
"Lee, Aries, no," Rebecca cried out as we sprang up as we saw Ruthruin come in with Lune slung across her scythes.
"What did you do to him this time?" I growled, not liking the scene one bit, with Lune bloody and all.
"I didn't touch him," she said.
We glared at her suspiciously, doubt running through us.
"We were walking when we ran into this Umbreon that he seemed to know, and then Lune got very angry. They got into a fight. I didn't do anything."
I looked back at Rebecca and then at Ruthruin again, with the sleeping Lune in her arms. I wanted to believe her but a bloody Eevee in her arms did look wrong.
"She's telling the truth," someone piped up.
We looked down to see a Trapinch by Ruthruin, as well as Drake's daughter, Elwing. She nodded her head in agreement.
"I was with them as well. She didn't do anything wrong."
I looked up at Lee and sighed. If we couldn't believe Elwing, Drake would have our heads.
"Fine then," Lee waved off. "Just clean him up before your trainer sees him and has a fit."
They nodded and walked off as we went back to our usual spots.
"See, I told you she changed," Rebecca smugly said, rubbing my ears again.
"Yeah yeah," I sighed and rested my head as Lee and I tried to relax once more.

12th August 2003, 09:06 PM
~*~Cheesey's POV~*~

I had adopted a few pokemon while I was away. I let out Kane and Lightning since they had been here before. Kane ran away to play with some other pokemon, and Lightning trotted over to Tyler and looked up at him. Tylers Mareep then wandered over. I hoped they would both be friends. I let out my new Chansey next. She was really friendly so I knew she wouldn't get into any trouble. I let Swablu out and she instantly sat on my head. Again. I cautiously let Zangoose out. He was always a bit sulky but he respected me. I bent down to him "Please, don't get into any trouble?"

Then I walked out into the garden. It was so nice! I let Tangela out there. She instantly started to look around. Seeing that he was okay, I walked over to the pool and let Wailmer in. He was overjoyed and splashed me. I walked back inside and went to speak to Tyler.

12th August 2003, 10:19 PM
(Dodger's POV)

I smiled as Rock DJ swooped after us. We were flying in and around the Eeevee House. I'm sure we surprised a few people, what with a family of aerodactyls chasing each other. I was surprised at how fast Gwaihir was for his age. I chuckled and then sept forward to fly alongside of him.

(Yana's POV)

"Thanks cool." I told Evenstar. "It should be fun. So is there anything you want to do?" I asked. I smiled. It felt good having a friend. I knew i was getting close to evolving, though i still had several levels to go. With each battle, I could feel myself getting stronger.

(Steve's POV)

I smiled as Karin gave Lani her shoestring. Lani took it in her teeth and sat up. She shook it as hard and as fast as she could. She looked a little surprised when she felt the ends hit her, but she smiled and repeated it. I laughed before i began to run back and forth, to burn off some of my energy. Then i remembered seeing of Amy's other pokemon do a back flip once before here. So i decided to try it myself. I walked around the growing group around Lani to an area with a bit of space. I jumped backwards and landed on my back. I saw that Karin had noticed me, and i gave her a little upside down grin, and got up to try it again. Once more, i landed flat on my back. My tail wagged, as I climbed back to my feet. I was determined to succeed at this.

(Lani's POV)

The white thingy was fun. I looked around, and made my way to the lady that gave me the fun thingy. I only go fall down once. I barked happily, and she picked me up and began to scratch my tummy.

(Arwen's POV)

I saw my mom and Belisama, so i trotted over and nuzzled my mom, and then greeted Belisama. I purred happily. "How are you two doing?"

(Flare's POV)

"Nice to meet you." Ranec and i told her. "So I haven't seen you around here much. Are you new?"I asked as I sat down on my haunches, trying to make small talk. I wasn't good at it but it didn't stop my from trying. What was hard was to keep my eyes focused on Isis. They kept drifting over towards Ranec. I'd mentally kick myself whever that did happen. "Are you two a couple?" she asked. I had to smile. "I guess that you could say we are.

(Kovu's POV)

After Christian had settled down again, the two of us made our way back to the Eevee House. When we got back, Christian went back to spend some time with his teammates. It was about that time that i noticed Midnight's trainer was here. I decided to walk over and say hello.

13th August 2003, 12:54 AM
~*^*~Gothic's POV~*^*~
I walked back into the Eevee House with a grin, holding a shiny new Poke'Ball with my newly adopted Pokemon. I released my new female Mareep, Sen, seeing if she wanted to play.

"Come out and play, Sen..." I softly said, as Sen stood in front of me, all shy, I wondered where Haldir went.

.:.:.Sen's POV
I smiled slightly, still near Laura...I was shy, wondering if I could any friends around here. I padded softly around, feeling scared about introducing myself to strangers.

Crystalmaster Mike
13th August 2003, 05:05 AM
~ Liam’s POV ~

Now here’s a Ninetales I wanted to socialize with! She had suddenly appeared at my side; at first I didn’t notice: the Eevee House is full of people and Pokémon, you know. But at the sound of her voice, I turned over to her. "My name is Freya. And who may you be?" Freya was a pretty female, with an ivory fur and scarlet eyes… Oh, she had asked for my name! “Um, um… Liam! Yeah, my name’s Liam.” She uttered an amused laugh at my nervousness, but I didn’t care. No, I wanted to find out more about Freya…

~ Tony’s POV ~

“Tony, wait up! I-I-I’m not as fast as you are!”
“For Pete’s sake, ‘Cada, I’m a Trapinch! We travel at minus 6 miles per hour!”
“But us Nincada’s travel even slower, at minus 5, or even minus 4!”
“That’s faster, you numskull-cicada!”
“W-w-what is?”
“Minus 4. Minus 4 is faster than… Oh, forget it! Let’s go find some food!”
“You’re searching for food? Then you shouldn’t go to the kitchen!”
Huh? What the… “Verne, where did you come from?”
“The same way Arthus come from!”
“Arthus? But I don’t see…”
“I’m over here!”
‘Cada and me leaped up in surprise. From behind Verne’s back came appearing the little Spheal’s head.
“Oh, hello Arthus… But say, what were you saying about the kitchen?”
“Well, I was getting hungry too, so I went there, but it is as full as a swimming pool on a hot summer day.”
“Well, I’m going to get a swim either way.” I started to marsh towards the kitchen door, but suddenly I stopped. “Say Verne, did you just say you went to the kitchen because you were getting hungry?”
“But Larvitars don’t eat human food, do they? You guys eat rocks!”
“You know how the saying goes, Tony. When in Rome…”
“… do as me! Come on, ‘Cada, let’s get some food!”
“O-o-okay, To-tony!”
“You really should be doing something about that lack of confidence o’ yours, ‘Cada!”
“I don’t have a lack of…! Okay, Tony!”
That ‘Cada was a weird one… But I needed another Ground-dweller to talk too. Those others were ununderstandable sometimes… Oh well, where could the food be?

13th August 2003, 10:05 AM
[Sandie's POV]

I grinned when the new Chinchou arrived. His name was Lach and looked thrilled to be in the water. I swam over to him and playfully splashed him with my tail. Then I introduced myself.

"Hey, I'm Sandie. You must be Lach, right? Your trainer seems really nice. How long have you all been around?" I asked politely.

I never was a friend maker when I was younger and I was tired of seeing all the other water Pokemon playing with their friends while I swam alone most of the time. I just wanted to make as many new friends as I could. And this Chinchou looked like he wanted a friend, too.

[Sadie's POV]

Tara had just told me of the battle I was about to be in at the Battle Tower. My opponent was a Vulpix by the name of Belisama! I spotted the Vulpix and Arwen. I decided to drag Kahlia over, too, so she could see her mother while I met Belisama.

I grabbed up the young Skitty in my mouth and carried her over to Belisama and Arwen. Kahlia immediately cried happily and greeted her mother with reasons why she had to stay awake during the day and wake up very early in the morning to see the sun rise.

I turned to Belisama. "Hi, I'm Sadie. I believe we have a battle taking place today, right? Good luck to you." I said with a friendly smile. No matter the outcome of our battle, I wanted to be friends about it.

[Kahlia's POV]

Yay! There was my momma! And she was awake! I had to explain to her why she had to stay awake during the day time and be awake really early in the morning to see the sun rise. I wondered if she knew all that. Then I noticed two Pokemon I didn't know.

"Momma, who's them?" I said, pointing the to Vulpix that Sadie was talking to and a Pokemon that looked like me and Mommy but was much bigger. She looked like Mommy and me in the face too...

[Misu's POV]

Boy, did I feel stronger. That battle with the Dragon Tamers really taught me a lot. Never battle two Tyranitar twins at once or you will end up with a headache, two broken ribs, and a crushed right paw. But I was better now. I decided to go see Amy. She was with Tara, and they were chatting like they always did. In order to get them to be quiet and pay attention to me, I had to do do something.

So I Tackled Amy's feet, causing her to trip and fly onto the sofa safely. I grinned and wagged my tail, barking with happiness. They were both looking at me now. Except... Tara didn't look too happy with me.

"Misu, you could have waited until we were finished..." She began to warn me.
"Oh, its okay. He didn't hurt me. I guess he just wanted me to say hello to him, that's all." Amy said with a cooing voiced. I loved it when people stood up for me when I might have been getting into trouble. Tara shot me a look and then gave in, smiling and picking me up. "Misu is just too sweet to punish, hehe." Yup.

13th August 2003, 11:25 AM
"That must be nice," I said with a grin. This talking thing really wasn't all that hard once you got used to it. "I've never had a boyfriend or anything like that. How long have you been together?"

[Tamsyn's POV]

I wandered around, a little bored. [i]I need someone to talk to or something, I thought. Just as I thought that, though, I saw a Mareep wandering around, looking a little scared, so I walked over to her.

"Hi!" I said. "My name's Tamsyn. What's your name?"

"...Sen," she said softly.

"Cool name," I said with a grin. "So, is this your first time here?"

13th August 2003, 11:55 AM
(Flare's POV)

I smiled. Well, technically since June 20, 2003. However, we were Amy's (Nala's) first to captured pokemon. Ranec here, was the first though, until recently he was named Shadow, and a normal colored umbreon ^^.

(Amy's POV)

I had to laugh at Misu. He was a little cutie. I couldn't be mad at him, he was like Sugar in that aspect. At least he couldn't shock me ^^. M_K handed him over to me, and i began to scratch him on his belly.

(Arwen's POV)

I smiled when i saw Sadie bringing over Kahlia. She started in talking about how it was good that i was awake, and al that. Then she noticed Mom and Belisama. "Momma, who's them?" I smiled and gently licked her. This is my friend Belisama," I told her pointing to the vulpix. And this is my mother and your grandmother Aiko," I told my little girl as i walked over and nuzzled my mother.

13th August 2003, 12:14 PM
\\My POV//
I wandered into the Eevee House, still only half-awake. I really need to stop this whole sleeping-til-noon thing. The House was still full of people and Pokemon, and I released all of mine. Most of them stretched or yawned before padding off in whatever direction. A trio of Aerodactyl swooped overhead as I reached into my pack and pulled out a blanket-covered bundle. I held it close to me as I sunk into one of the beanbag chairs situated next to the couch. The egg was blue and white-speckled, and very warm. I saw Riptide and Devlin dive into the pool, and Cinders decided to lay down next to me. I stroked the Ninetales' cream fur absentmindedly, but snapped back when I noticed a large Umbreon padding up to me. His rings pulsed slowly, and I easily recognized him from his scar.
"Hey Kovu."
"Hello, Christina. It's certainly been a while since I've seen you around here."
"I know... and you look so much stronger. It's good to see you and everybody again." He smiled at that, but then I remembered; my Umbreon and Ponyta were at the Breeding Center. "Oh... Kovu, I'm sorry, but I should check up on a few things at the Breeding Center. Cinders?" I checked to make sure the Ninetales hadn't drifted off.
"Can you watch the egg for a little bit? I'll try to be right back."
"Sure. Anything's better than watching that terror Mara." I rolled my eyes but placed the egg gently in the beanbag chair. I then checked my bag to make sure I had everything, and started on my way to the Breeding Center.

//Cinders' POV\\
Kovu was still sitting where he had been, looking slowly around the House. I waved my tails around idly and looked at the little Swablu egg, then back at the Umbreon.
Waiting for Midnight? His rings flashed suddenly, and I couldn't help but smile before he answered.

13th August 2003, 12:15 PM
Lach's POV

I was released into a swimming pool, and a rather nice one at that, even if it didn't quite match the feeling of the sea I used to call home. A Vaporeon swam over and splashed water at me. I chuckled and returned the favor as best I could with my tiny little fins. She knew my name, so I assumed my trainer had mentioned it, or maybe Discordia or Zane. Next she asked how long I'd been around, to which I replied, "You mean how long has he had me? Not long. Just a couple of days now." I dove under the water, and while I was a bit disappointed at the shallowness of the pool, it still felt nice.

Zane's POV

Everyone was having fun. Everyone but me. That was nothing new. I glanced over at Discordia, to see if she was faring any better in making friends. No, she was alone. At the same time I felt terrible for her, and relieved that maybe it wasn't my fault I was not getting any attention.

I walked over to her and asked a question to which I assumed I already knew the answer. "How's it going?" Discordia actually didn't seem all that upset. "Fine," came her short reply. "Wanna play?" I offered, to which she gave a shake of her head. "Well, all right," I said as I began walking off. "See ya."

Discordia's POV

This was sickening. All the pokemon were talking, playing, having fun. Well, their idea of fun, anyway. I don't see what's so entertaining about all this. I would much rather have been out chasing down some poor, hapless little creature. Then again, maybe I could've done that here? Nah, I'd have gotten in trouble, and even though I didn't care much about that, there wasn't enough open space here to make the chase very fun. Ah well. I dropped to a lying position and boredly glanced around the place. Hmm, I might as well take a nap if I'm just going to lay here, I figured. So I closed my eyes and drifted off.

13th August 2003, 02:24 PM

"Have fun with my shoelace, Lani," I said, smiling at her. "That white thing that you're playing with is a shoelace. Shoe - lace," I said slowly, repeating it so she could learn it.

I looked over at Steve, who was trying (unsuccessfully) to do backflips. He fell down and gave me the most adorable upside down smile you can imagine. I had to laugh. It was so cute and hilarious! I went over to rub the Jolteon under the chin, letting Lani play around some more with my shoelace a bit. The little puppy was learning very fast; she was even trying to walk already!

When my watch beeped, I looked down to shut off the noise and gasped. Oh, no! It was getting late! And I had to deal with school tomorrow! I looked around at the Eevee House sadly, realizing that I might have to leave for a while.

Sighing, I said goodbye to Steve and told Lani that she could keep my shoelace. "Okay, guys," I called out, "It's time to go..."

Gwaihir the Windlord, the male Aerodactyl's POV:

I heard my trainer calling me to go back. Aww! Darn! I was having so much fun with mommy and daddy! I nudged them each affectionately to say goodbye, then swerved around mid-air, spiralling down to my trainer's feet and landing right in front of her. She smiled at me and stroked me gently on the head. "Such a cute Aerodactyl baby," she said softly.

Evenstar the female Sneasel's POV:

"That's cool. It should be fun. So is there anything you want to do?" Yana asked me.

I was going to answer her question when I heard my trainer calling. I sighed reluctantly, but I knew we had no choice. "Sorry, Yana, I think we have to leave now," I told her. I waved as I walked away. "See you at the races!"

Switchblade the *male* Porygon's POV:

Great... I could see the finish line... So close... I was going to do it!

Suddenly something black zipped past me and I saw Élan pass the goal line first, smirking at me. Oh, darn, now the Unown had five wins against me...

Elendil came over to us from somewhere, huffing and puffing as he ran. Apparently he had no success with finding his Plusle friend. "Guys, Karin wants us to go now," the Minun announced through uneven breaths.

"What? Aww, I wanted to beat Élan in another race," I said jokingly, winking at Élan, who shot me a mischievous look.

"Does beating me involve finishing slower than I do in your strange Porygon code?" he asked, smirking.

"Aww, shut up, I had you," I said to him. "I just... just had something in my eye, that's all."

"All right, believe what you want," Élan answered, with a satisfied gloating look on his face. Argh...

Elendil had already started walking back to our trainer. "You guys don't want to be left behind, do you? Come on! We'll be back for the race!" he called.

Élan and I caught each other's meaningful gaze.

"You're going to need a magnifying glass to see me in the distance," I told him.

"You wish," he said. The race was on.

Elwing Starspray, the female Dratini's POV:

"Just clean him up before your trainer sees him and has a fit," the Hitmonlee said. Rúthruin just nodded and looked glad that the two left.

"Wait, so how are we going to wash Lune without any water? We can't use the pool," Ryu said.

"He's right," the Scyther answered.

"I have an idea," I said brightly. Ryu and Rúthruin looked at me. Ryu was smiling, and his eyes looked distant, for some reason...

"What do you think we should do, Elwing?" the Trapinch asked.

"Well," I said excitedly (maybe a little too excitedly), "I just learned new weather TMs, so maybe I can try to make it rain," I suggested.

"Hey, good idea," Ryu answered. He laughed nervously, which was strange. I really hoped he would tell me what was bothering him. When Lune woke up, I wanted to talk to him about Ryu, who was worrying me with his abnormal behavior...

"Do you think you can handle it, Elwing?" Rúthruin asked me. "Controlling the weather doesn't sound like an easy task... but then again, you seem to learn how to do things very well very quickly."

I smiled at the compliment. Coming from Rúthruin, I felt that it meant a lot. "I'll try," I promised. I slithered outside. "Ryu, unless you don't mind the rain, don't come out here," I told him. "I don't want you to get hurt, and I'd imagine that as a Ground type, the water might sting a little."

He looked at me awkwardly, then just nodded without saying anything. I thought I saw him blush slightly, but maybe it was just my imagination.

"Okay," I whispered. "Here goes nothing..." I looked up at the sky, concentrating as hard as I could. I begged for clouds to fill the space above me, tried to call them there... And they came. Not huge, black stormclouds, but they were clouds nonetheless, and they were still swelling with water. I closed my eyes and willed them to burst, taking a deep breath when nothing seemed to happen and trying again... A few little droplets of water dropped on my face, so I looked up. The drizzling became heavier, and suddenly it was raining! Great! "I did it!" I cried happily. "Cool!"

"Great work, Elwing," Rúthruin congratulated me. She brought out the sleeping Eevee and placed him under the falling water, getting it to wash the blood stains away. He wasn't sleeping for long.

Lune awoke with a start, spluttering and spitting out mouthfuls of water. "No! I don't want to drown! I didn't jump, Sentinel, I didn't jump! I promised you I wouldn't... I promised... No, Sentinel, I didn't do it, I swear!" he cried, before opening his eyes and looking at us, then suddenly falling silent when he saw the puzzled looks on our faces. "Later," he mouthed.

At that moment, our trainer got to the open doorway and looked at the rain miserably. Élan, Elendil, Evenstar and even little Gwaihir (with some complaining) had gotten into their pokéballs. Switchblade stood beside her, blinking up at the rain too.

"We need to go, guys, maybe for a while," Karin told us. She looked at the dark clouds hanging overhead. "I'd wait till the rain was over, but we need to hurry."

"That's fine; Elwing can fix it," Ryu said, with a touch of admiration. I smiled at him.

Karin looked confused for a moment, and then she smiled. "Right! Elwing knows Sunny Day! Elwing, could you try it out?" she requested.

"Sure," I said. With the same kind of focus I had when I used Rain Dance, I tried to force the clouds away... I shut my eyes tightly, evening out my breathing, just concentrating...

"You did it, Elwing!" Karin shouted, cutting through my trance. I looked up at the sky, and it was clear. I really had done it again! Karin looked at me admiringly. "You're a smart little Dratini," she said, smiling. "You sure learn fast... Wow. That's all I have to say." She winked at me and I beamed at the praise.

I saw her recall Ryu and Lune (who was very glad to rest in his pokéball, although he usually felt uncomfortably and edgy inside of it) before recalling me. Rúthruin, like Switchblade, absolutely refused to go inside hers. I don't think she liked pokéballs very much. She must have had a bad experience with them when she was younger...

Angel Blossom
13th August 2003, 03:14 PM
« Angel Blossom's POV »

Pulling out 2 Pokeballs, I let out Bronx and Flare. They curiously looked around the house. It was their first time here. Hoping that they would make friends, I told the two to take a look around. Nodding, Flare dashed off in a second. Bronx flew off, in hopes to find Kiera. I smiled, proud of the both of them. Suddenly, I felt a tug. "What about me?" L'Arcobaleno asked. He learned to speak quickly for a newborn. Placing Arcy on the floor, he trotted off, further into the Eevee House.

« Bronx the Aerodactyl's POV »

Kris, my new owner, let me out of my Pokeball. I had recently been abandoned at the Dragon Tamers, but she picked me up. She was a kind owner, and was determined to make me the strongest. Kris didn't push me, though. As soon as I had permission to take a look around, I flew off. I wanted to find Kiera, Kris's other Aerodactyl. She had been talking to a group of Aerodactyl, and I wanted to join them. I knew it was a fine chance to socialize. Finally, I reached a large group of Aerodactyl. Chatting with them was Kiera, the kind Aerodactyl I had met earlier. "Hey guys, I'm Bronx," I said, in hopes that they would accept me. Kiera smiled at me, and introduced me to all of them.

« L'Arcobaleno the Rainbow Eevee's POV »

Saying goodbye to Kris, I trotted around the Eevee House. I walk awkwardly, since I'm still very young. Many trainers took notice of me, and giggled at my odd posture. Walking towards the garden, I stumbled upon many Grass type Pokemon. I knew I didn't fit in quite right here, but I liked the flowers and the outdoors. It was a funny place - Tangela hid in bushes, making themselves hard to see. Oddishes could blend in the grass, since they are so short. I stood out, with my rainbow tuff and crystal blue eyes. Wandering around, I sat in a flower bed, sniffing the different scents of the flowers. I hoped a Pokemon would talk to me soon.

Avian Freeze
13th August 2003, 05:00 PM
:: My POV ::

I saw Cheesey walking towards me and gave a slight wave saying, "Hey, what's up?" calmly.

:: Aiko the Female Delcatty's POV ::

"I'm fine." I answered softly to my daughter. Several Pok&eacute;mon had gathered now and Arwen had even introduced me to my granddaughter! Her name was Kahlia. It was such a precious name ^_^. I nuzzled her, "Aren't you so cute?" I burbled over Kahlia, tickling her profusely.

:: Belisama the Female Vulpix's POV ::

"I'm fine too, though I'm kind of bored." I grinned, answering Arwen.
An Eevee had walked over to me now and greeted me by saying "Hi, I'm Sadie. I believe we have a battle taking place today, right? Good luck to you."
"Yeah my trainer told me about you ^^. I'm Belisama." I smiled :). I was excited to battle Sadie. This would be my second battle and after all, she was an Eevee so she probably had several tricks up her sleeve. I shook her paw and wished her the best for the battle.
My trainer then nudged me and told me that my mother was over there, pointing in the direction of a Ninetales. I ran over to her after waiting so long to meet her and noticed she was looking curiously at an egg with an Umbreon. I shyly nudged her and said hi.

:: Spectra the Female Gastly's POV ::

I floated over to Socrate and said, "Hey we never get to finish our games." sticking out my tongue :p. One of us would always disappear whenever we were getting ready to play and I hoped we would be able to actually start this time ^^;.

:: Dynamo the Female Mareep's POV ::

I saw another Mareep walking over and I said, "Hi. My name's Dynamo, how about yours? ^^" I asked.
"My name's Lightning" the Mareep said.
"Nice to meet you." I also noticed another Mareep talking to a Cyndaquil and I wandered over to them, signaling Lightning to follow.

:: Amaya the Female Poochyena's POV ::

I dashed over to Nahima to see her again and greeted her with a friendly "Hi!" though slipping on the carpet a bit too x_x. I grinned and said, "Whaddaya wanna do?" smiling ^_^.

:: Maylin the Female Chinchou's POV ::

I was dwelling at the bottom of the pool as usual, deserted from the rest of the Pok&eacute;mon. I noticed another Chinchou dive down though after having talked to a Vaporeon. I wondered if the Chinchou would notice me o_O.

:: Aquaphaze the Female Vaporeon's POV ::

I slowly wandered to the pool, bored and still wondering where Boltz could be. I noticed another Vaporeon talking to a Chinchou who then dove under the water. I sauntered over to her and greeted her, introducing myself as Aquaphaze ^^.

:: Eben Avis the Male Aerodactyl's POV ::

I never seemed to be able to stay in one place. I swooped above the Eevee House one more time and then dove down, steadying myself and making a soft landing with the group of Aerodactyl. "Erm...hey, I'm Avis." I managed kind of quietly.

13th August 2003, 05:08 PM
I noticed Tyler in the Eevee House and poked him. Afterwards, I cackled insanely then resumed poking at him. Echo noticed Tyler then pounced him and licked his face while wagging her fluffy tail.

Haldir (male Eevee)'s POV

I laid next to my daddy, purring. When I woke up, I saw an Eevee walking around the Eevee House. It looked just like me. Rainbow tuff and crystal blue eyes. At first, I thought my mother was here so I followed the Eevee. Then, I realized it wasn't my mother. I was curious about this Eevee that looked like me. Suddenly, I felt something hit me. It was a Water Gun. I was hurled into a flower bed, soaking wet and cold. I shook some water from my fur then glanced around in alarm. I noticed that Eevee nearby. "Hello," I said. "My name is Haldir,"

Akuji (male Mightyena)'s POV

I noticed Nahima and Amaya. I grinned then went over to my girls. "Hello ladies," I said. They both seemed happy to see me.

13th August 2003, 05:28 PM
›› arcoiris the rainbow, male, eevee
Amanda released my friends and I, and soon the Eevee house was even more full of pokemon. I whined quietly and huddled under a small table, this was a rather frightening experience. Then my trainer scooped me up and cuddled my rainbow mane, walking to the terrace and gently placing me down. She asked me whether I wanted to hang around or not, and I shook my head, cautiously stepping out the door. The first thing I noticed were two Eevees that seemed to be mirror images of myself, and I blinked a few times before bounding over to them happily. ”I’m Arcoiris, who’re you guys?” Little did I know that I was speaking to my two brothers, but I was happy enough all the same.

13th August 2003, 05:32 PM
[My POV]

I rushed into the Eevee House, my arms wrapped around a fairly large blue and silver egg. Sitting on the couch, I called over my Pokemon. Quaye, Laurenor and Avidan rushed over, and I could see Haven watching interestedly from the pool. Akia, Isis, Sabine and Tamsyn didn't show up, and I assumed they were probably doing something else. That was okay. They'd have plenty of time to meet the new baby later.

I felt the egg start to move and I gasped, watching it intently. A crack appeared down the middle of it, and smaller cracks branched off from it. It shook a little, more and more cracks appearing, until the eggshell pretty much just fell apart, and I was left with a tiny Dratini sitting in my lap. He peered up at me curiously.

"Hello," I cooed. He blinked.

"Loo," he burbled. I laughed softly.

"Aren't you cute?" I murmured, petting him. "You know, cutie, you need a name. What should we name you, huh?"


"What about Royce?" Quaye suggested.

"Royce?" I repeated, looking at the Dratini. "Hmm... he does look like a Royce, doesn't he?" The others nodded. "You like the name Royce, little guy?"

"Oy!" he cried happily.

"I guess I can take that as a yes, huh?" I said with a giggle.

[Laurenor's POV]

The new baby was so cute! But I found it highly unfair that he was almost as big as I was - and he was just a newborn! I didn't like being small all too much. When I evolved, then I'd be bigger. But for now I was just a tiny Eevee. Oh well. I hopped up next to Megan to get a better look at Royce.

13th August 2003, 05:40 PM
Haldir's POV (male Eevee)

Another rainbow tuffed Eevee came over to us. It made me feel good that there were other Eevees around my age that looked just like me. I flicked my fluffy tail around. "I'm Arcoiris, who're you guys?" the Eevee asked. "My name is Haldir," I said happily. We waited for the third Eevee to say his name. I didn't realize these were both my brothers.

13th August 2003, 10:19 PM
[BlueShadow's POV]

I flew into the Eevee House just in time. My son was about to hatch. I kept my distance, but was tall enough to watch the beautiful hatching take place. He was gorgeous. With a sudden rush that almost made me fall over, I felt a closeness to this Dratini and loved him with all my heart. I quietly made my way closer, not really noticing the other Pokemon crowded around my son. I glanced at his new trainer, as if asking if it was okay if I spoke to him. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Then I spoke to him.

"Hey little guy, I'm your daddy..." It was all I could work up. I couldn't say more. I was so proud of him and he was only newborn. Then his trainer named him. Royce. It was unique and different. Perfect for such a unique dragon.

Royce looked at me with big eyes. I stared back at him, a gentle smile on my face. I wanted to just reach out and hug him, but I held back the best I could. I guess you could say I was almost afraid to get too close to him because I was worried his trainer wouldn't want me around so much... I wasn't sure what to do...

[Khaisa's POV]

Oooh, there was another Dratini just like me being born! And it was Big Brother Blue's baby. I slithered over to BlueShadow and looked over the other Pokemon's shoulders, seeing as I was big enough. I smiled at my little brother. He technically wasn't related to me because I wasn't related to Blue, but he was still like brother. Wait, no, he was like my nephew! Because I thought of Blue as my brother and he had a son, so that means I was this baby's aunt! Yay!

I said hello to MarshmellowEgg and gazed at Royce, as he was now called. I stretched out my wing and tickled his chin. His little baby-ish giggles were so cute.

13th August 2003, 10:56 PM
<><>Socrate's POV
"You got a point..." I replied, sweatdropping anime-style, "We should start before it's too late," ^^;

.:.:.Sen's POV.:.:.
I shrugged as I saw two Mareep walking to a Mareep talking to a Cyndaquil. I slowly took a deep breath and padded over quietly, smiling shyly.

"Hi...I'm Sen," I said with hope.

~*^*~Gothic's POV~*^*~
I walked over then sat down in my usual corner, wondering why I was being ignored here. It didn't matter...life was always this way for me.

13th August 2003, 10:57 PM
(Talut's POV)

I saw Blue fly into the house, and I slowly flew over and landed beside him and patted him on his back. I couldn't believe that i was going a granddad. Blue looked up at me and smiled. I wished that Blue's mother could have been here to celebrate this moment with him. I think i provided enough comfort jsut being there. I waited in the background while Blue said hello to his son. I hoped that later i would get to meet him, but i knew better than to overwhelm the newborn.

(Nahima's POV)

I chuckled at Amaya as she came running over to me. "Hi! Whaddaya wanna do?" she asked. I started to anmswer her when Dad showed up. "Hello ladies," he said. I wagged my tail. "Guess what Dad?" "What?" He asked. "Amy bought me a hidden power TM the other day." I said happily. "It tured out to be the dark type." Then i felt myself fall on the floor, and something heavy was on top of me. It was Amaya. I began to wrestle with her, while we were both laughing. "Dog pile." I managed to get out between giggles.

(Kovu's POV)

I talked with Christina a little bit before she had to go to the Breeding Center. I stayed where i was and continued looking around the house. Cinders was watching over the egg like she had been asked to. Then she looked over at me, and asked me a question that caught me off guard. "Waiting for Midnight?" My rings flashed and I blushed. I nervously pawed the floor, and she smiled. "Err... Well... I guess I am." I finally answered.

(Steve's POV)

Karin had to go, and i was sore and tired from trying to do backflips. I decided to wait and I'd try again tomorrow. I walked over to where Lani was, and she was still shaking that shoelace around. She barked happily when she saw me, and started to walk over to me. This time she made it about halfway before she fell. She sat up, shook that shoelace again, and barked happily as I walked over to where she was.

14th August 2003, 09:17 AM
[My POV]

I smiled and said hello to Khaisa, laughing as Royce giggled, then turned my attention back to Blue. Blue was looking at Royce with a proud look, but it was mixed with another look - one of... longing? Then I realized what it must be; Blue probably wanted to hold him. I know that if I had a son, especially one that wasn't going to live with me, I would want to hold him as often as I could. Gathering Royce carefully in my arms, I stood up and walked over to Blue.

"Would you like to hold him?" I asked.

[Laurenor's POV]

There were so many big Pokemon around! The Dragonite was really tall, and even the winged Dratini was bigger than me. It seemed like the only one smaller than me was Royce, and even that would probably change in a few days. Suddenly I wasn't so sure I liked being small. I wasn't even the baby anymore! I tugged at Megan's pant leg a little, but she was too busy with Blue and the baby to notice me. Pouting, I walked off and sulked in the corner.

[Tamsyn's POV]

The three Mareep all introduced themselves.

"I'm Dynamo."

"My name's Lightning."

"Hi... I'm Sen."

"Hi Dynamo, hi Lightning, hi Sen," I said with a smile. "My name's Tamsyn."

[Haven's POV]

I could see the new Dratini from my spot in the pool. He was a cutie. I wanted to go over and say hi, but he was being held by his dad. Plus there was the whole problem of me not being able to get out of the pool. I didn't let it bother me. There'd be plenty of time to meet him later.

14th August 2003, 04:47 PM
[BlueShadow's POV]

My stomache did a little jump as Megan offered for me to hold Royce. I readily and gladly accepted the offer. I looked down at the young Dratini in my arms as he looked back at me. I really didn't know what to tell him. He more than likely couldn't understand me, anyways. I would make sure to talk to him more when he grew to understand and speak words better. So instead of talking to him, I tickled Royce's chin, neck, and ears, absorbing his little laughters. It was different hearing his giggles. I felt more overwhelmed when I heard them than when I would hear Khaisa laugh. This was my son. And I loved him.

I wondered if Khaisa would like to hold Royce. I knew she couldn't physically hold him, but she could in a way. Khaisa was sitting beside me, so I handed Royce to her. She wrapped around her nephew in a cuddling manner and cooed at him. He seemed to be cold, because he shivered a few times. Khaisa wrapped her feathered wings around him until to stopped shivering. After a few mintues, she looked at me so I would take him back.

I picked Royce up, gave him a gentle father kiss on his forehead, and handed him to his new mother, Megan. I decided I should give her some time alone with her new baby, so I thanked her and smiled at Royce, waving playfully at him and left them alone. Khaisa followed me.

14th August 2003, 06:02 PM
(Talut's POV)

I smiled as i watched Blue hold his son. I remembered when he was that small. I sighed thinking back to when he was born. I saw him heading this way, andI gave him a hug, and told him that i was proud of him. I hoped that i could spend time with my grandson when he got older, but for now, I was content to watch from afar.

(Amy's POV)

I had a surprise for Flare. I looked around and saw her talking to a vulpix with Ranec. I walked over and smiled. "Could i borrow Flare for a moment?" I asked. Ranec and the vulpix nodded. "I'll be right back." Flare told them. She followed me a distance away, and i pulled out the box containing a safeguard TM. She looked up at me and grinned, as I sprinkled the powdery substance over her body. Her eyes sparkled, as the powder disappeared. "Thanks." she whispered, nuzzling me. Then, she walked off to join her companions. I smiled as Ranec nuzzled her. Next I called Sweetie over and gave her the luster purge tm that i had gotten from the Electronic Move Tutor. She smiled and purred happily.

14th August 2003, 07:09 PM
[My POV]

I watched as Blue and Khaisa left, holding Royce gently in my arms. It was clear that Blue loved his son a lot, and I'd have to make sure to come by the Eevee House a lot so that Royce could know his father. I looked down at the little Dratini.

"That was your daddy, Royce. And your auntie Khaisa."

"Da? Khai?" he asked.

"Yes, Royce, Da and Khai."

He just burbled happily. I laughed, causing him to laugh too. It was so funny, watching him laugh just to laugh. He was such an adorable baby!

[Royce's POV]

I giggled happily at the sound of another laugh. I wasn't sure what was so funny, but whatever it was was good enough for me. That big Dragonite - Da - had been really nice. Da and the girl who was holding me both said he was my daddy. I wasn't totally sure what a daddy was yet, but I loved him lots. And the other one, Khai - the one who looked like me, except with wings - was really nice too. I liked her.

16th August 2003, 08:47 PM
<My POV>
I walked into the house to see no one inside. I released all my Pokemon after coming back from a mini-vacation. I decided that everyone needed to train since we haven't had a training day in a long time.
"Ok you guys, we're going to have a training session today. To have a change of pace, Blade will be partnered with Lee. Drake, you'll go up against Lyra and Shade will battle Apollo. Nightshade, Aries and Orion will be in the pool with me, who will do a couple of laps before going to the bags."
Nightshade, Aries and Orion groaned as everyone laughed and went outside to begin their sparring.
"Don't you groan at me, especially you Nightshade", I cocked an eyebrow at him. "You haven't done any physical exercise in quite a while so get used to it because you're going to do this every other day."
He gave me a dirty look but teleported into the pool. Putting his spoon at the edge, he started to swim, with a bit of difficultly as the others jumped in to join him. Aries joyfully crossed the pool as Orion and Nightshade were slower to cross. After a couple of laps though, it got easier for them as I sat down and watched on.

17th August 2003, 12:59 PM
~*^*~Gothic's POV~*^*~
I sighed as I entered The Eevee House again....releasing my newly adopted Pokemon. The young male Cyndaquil looked around with wonder, wondering who all these strangers were.

"Don't worry Takuya," I spoke softly to him, knealing down to pat him on the back.

`~`Takuya's POV`~`
I nodded slowly to Laura after she patted me on the back....as I waddled on my tiny legs around, hopeful to find another Cyndaquil. I sat down and waited, looking around, tilting my head with confusion.

.:.:.Sen's POV.:.:.
I nodded after the two other Mareep and the Cyndaquil introduced themselves. Lightning, Dynamo, Tasmyn. They each seemed nice. I hope I could make friends with them all.

"Nice to meet you all..." I replied with glee.

17th August 2003, 01:39 PM
[My POV]

I walked into the Eevee House, holding a vial of pink juice in my hand. Akia had been hinting at wanting one, and I'd finally saved up the stamps and gone out and bought it.

"Akia!" I called. She came sprinting over.


"I've got a little surprise for you," I told her, holding out the vial. Her eyes lit up.

"Really? For me?" she said happily. I nodded and handed it to her, and she drank it quickly. I watched as her fur turned slowly from being cream-colored to a light, pastel shade of pink. I pulled a mirror from my pack and held it out.

"Wow...." she breathed, looking herself over. "I look cool!" I grinned.

"You do look nice," I said. I wasn't a huge fan of the color pink, but it looked good on her. She thanked me with a hug, then ran off, probably to find Namir.

[Tamsyn's POV]

I noticed another Cyndaquil sitting not far from the four of us, looking lonely and a little lost. I waved him over to us.

"Hiya!" I said. "I'm Tamsyn. Who're you?"

baby jolteon
17th August 2003, 04:02 PM
baby's POV
I walk into the Eevee House after being gone... again and release my pokemon. I watch them run off in search of there friends. I walk over to the couch and sit myself down on it. Xy climbs on the couch and paints my hair blue and green. He snickers and runs off before he's noticed.

17th August 2003, 04:21 PM
`~`Takuya's POV`~`
I smiled as Tasmyn introduced herself...I already knew that she met one of Laura's other Pokemon, Sen.

"Hi Tasmyn," I replied with a soft grin, "I'm Takuya. Nice to meet you." ^_^

17th August 2003, 04:30 PM
[I bought the two Black Juices from Dragon Tamers a few days ago. Or the beginning of the month, or something. xD]

Wandering into the house, a crimson and ivory orb rested within the palm of my hand, and wobbled every few seconds. Tossing it onto the floor, emerging from it was a Doduo, who glanced curiously around. The two heads upon him crained their necks to catch a good glimpse of everyone, smiling happily as he did so. "Alright, Whistler," I said smiling as the Doduo turned to face me, beaming, "Behave yourself, alright?" It wasn't a worry. Whistler was always kind and polite, and just looking to help anyone out, so he shouldn't have a problem here.

Then addressing two more. "Namir, War," they didn't seem to be in sight, but I knew they'd come, as they seemed to have very good hearing, "I have something for you." The Meowth and his father, a Jolteon, trotted over. They both had very distinct features; pink stripes adorned their bodies. War however also had glowing crimson eyes, while his tail was also oddly coloured and spots covered some of his body. The two peered curiously up towards me, then I lead them over to the couch, before they quietly sat down and watched.

Uncorking two bottles, they were both the same colour; pure ebony. A smile appeared on my face as I took two bowls and poured the contents into them, then pushed them towards the duo of Pocket Monsters. Arching a brow towards me, War was the first to lower himself to the bowl and began to lap up the liquid. Namir gulpied a bit, then drank it also.

And this continued until all of it was gone. They had drank the entire two bottles, and they would soon change. When the change happened, they didn't feel a thing. Their fur began to turn dark, only golden and deep cream, before it took the hue of darkness.

War now sat calmly, his piercing crimson eyes burning from his ebony fur. The pink stripes had turned a mixture of crimson and scarlet, and the bluish-green spots were now the most royal shade of blue. Even his purple tail was now deep violet, barely noticable against his dark hued fur.

Too not seeming to notice, Namir still looked oddly like War. His once soft and light fur was now black as if the dead of night, and his stripes had shifted into a blazing crimson. And now his eyes looked so dark, and the leather collar he wore around his neck stood out, a slightly faded shade of black.

Reaching into my bag, I held a mirror infront of the two, then heard a gasp.

"I don't look like a clown anymore." War pointed out, grinning happily. "Well, okay, I never looked like a clown," he said, rolling his bright eyes, "But now I look so... so... wicked."

Also observing himself, Namir frowned, "Do I look like a Namir?" The cat had chosen a good point; his name went along more with his previous colour, now it justed seemed out of place.

Shifting in my seat a bit, I shrugged, "Well, what do you want to be named?"

"Uh," the Meowth stuttered, looking at the image which was reflected back at him, "I look like a Kyan." He said, blinking up to me.

War glanced over at his son, "Like the pepper?" He asked, puzzled somewhat at Namir- er, Kyan's choice of name, but it really wasn't his place to pick out names.

Arching a brow towards his father, Namir smiled towards me, "Kyan."

"Well then, you're now known as Kyan."

Beaming proudly, Kyan scampered away to find Akia, then noticed a pastel pink Meowth who too was looking around. After looking at her for a while, he noticed something. "A-akia?" he stuttered, then grinned, "Wow. You're pink."

17th August 2003, 05:14 PM
[My POV]

I walked into the Eevee House once again, having left Royce in the care of Haven while I ran over to check out the Adoption Center for a minute. It was worth it, too, because there I'd found a little male Rattata and quickly adopted him. I'd broken my promise to myself not to adopt any more Pokemon for a while, but Rattatas were so cute that I couldn't help myself. I let the Rattata (whom I had named Paris) out of his Pokeball and he headed off to explore. I then went over to the pool, where Haven and Royce were.

[Akia's POV]

A black Meowth with crimson stripes walked toward me. He looked oddly familiar. We stared at each other for a minute, both puzzled.

"A-akia?" he finally said, then grinned. "Wow. You're pink."

Duh, it's Namir! I thought, mentally chiding myself for my stupidity. Then again, he did look different, so it wasn't completely my fault. "Hey Namir!" I said. "You look cool!"

"Actually, it's Kyan now," he told me. "And thanks."

"Kyan? Cool name," I said with a grin.

[Tamsyn's POV]

"Takuya, huh? Cool," I said, smiling. "Nice to meet you." I then looked around at the others. "Well, what do you wanna do?"

[Haven's POV]

The little Dratini, still barely a newborn, slept curled up in my tail. I smiled at him. Megan approached, wanting to know where he was, and I motioned to him with my head. She let out an "Awwww," as she watched him sleep, then scooped him up in her arms. He stirred but didn't wake. Megan thanked me for watching him, then walked over and sat on the couch with him. I sighed, figuring I was alone again.


A yell and a splash sounded from behind me. I turned. Laurenor had jumped into the pool, and was now swimming towards me. He climbed up onto my tail, smiling.

"Heya Haven!" he said, grinning. "Wanna play a game or something?"

"It's kind of hard for me to play games... but that's okay, I've got a better idea," I said. I wrapped my tail around him and lifted him, setting him on top of my head. "Go ahead. Slide down."

After gathering his courage for a moment, he took a deep breath and slid down my neck, shrieking and laughing the whole way. He hit the water and went under, quickly surfacing.

"That was fun!" he laughed. "I wanna do it again!"

17th August 2003, 05:30 PM
<Kyan [Meowth, M]>

"Seriously?" the ebony Meowth chuckled, "Thanks." Striding over to his friend, he poked and prodded at her pink fur, then grinned. "So, I see you took my advice." Kyan stated proudly, teetering back and forth. "It looks nice on you," he stated happily, "Just like I said." A small grin formed across his face, as he stood and stretched, then swished his tail around. He stayed silent for a few moments, then shrugged a bit, not knowing what else to say. "Want to go outside?" the Meowth asked curiously, smiling, "You know. Go on a walk. It'll be fun."

<William [Eevee, M]>

Everything was so big, atleast in the tiny Eevee's eyes. He gaped at the house, amazed by all the large and strong Pocket Monsters that gathered, some even possessing colours that weren't normally on their species. Stumbling around a bit, William tilted his head, attempting to observe the Pokemon that went by so quickly. He had to scurry away from some to avoid being stepped on, then continued to pad around, his little black nose twitching as he did so.

<Gavin [Absol, M]>

Sighing, Gavin rested his head upon his paws, then glanced up at a trainer known as Gothic. She seemed to stay reserved and quiet, and the Absol always noticed her whenever she entered. Quite an interesting trainer, she was. So, deciding to introduce himself, the wolf like creature stretched a bit, then padded over to the trainer. Upon reaching her, he tilted his head, an action that looked quite silly for an Absol.

17th August 2003, 06:54 PM
[My POV]

Royce stretched and yawned, his eyes fluttering open. He grinned when he saw me.

"Lo," he said.

"Hello," I replied. "You know what, sweetie? I have a present for you."

I pulled the Hidden Power TM I had gotten for him the day he was born from my pocket. I had forgotten it in all the excitement. I opened it, then sprinkled the powder over him. It glowed briefly before disappearing. He sneezed, then giggled.

[Akia's POV]

"Want to go outside? You know. Go on a walk. It'll be fun."

"Sure," I said happily.

We went outside, heading for nowhere in particular. I didn't know what to talk about, which was weird for me. Normally I couldn't shut up! I guess I was just nervous... which didn't make a whole lot of sense, but then again, neither did I a lot of the time.

"So...." I began finally.

17th August 2003, 10:34 PM
(Amy's POV)

I walked back into the Eevee House after a short abscence while i was moving into my dorm. My adoptees, all except Talut and Dodger, ran over to me, and tackled me to the ground. I smiled and patted them. "I missed you all too." I hope you had fun with M_K." "We did." They all replied. Sugar looked especially happy. Suddenly a small and fast reddish orange blur came running past. I smiled, and chuckled at Lani. Shew stopped and barked at me happily, before taking off runing again. I released the rest of my captured pokemon, and then settled back to relax.

(Ranec's POV)

I walkd over to Flare. " missed you." She smiled and whispered i missed you too. I smiled, and nuzzled her. She knew that i was wnted t the p,bc a couple of days ago and she dhadn't minded. I only hope i felt the same way whenever it was the other way around.

edit: code errors x.x

18th August 2003, 09:16 PM
Matt's POV

I ran inside the Eevee House and approached the place to sign up for the Eevee House race. I went up to the sign up sheet and erased Anima's name since she had grown a few levels since I had signed her up; plus she can't get into another category. I walked over to the couch and released a few of my pokemon. My Espeon, Umbreon and Natu came out of their pokeballs and started to scatter around the eevee house.

Atomos' POV

"I wonder if that little rainbow Eevee is still here.." I thought walking slyly around the Eevee House. I couldn't find the little guy. He must still be with his trainer. I walked back to where Matt was sitting and jumped up beside him. I layed my head down on the edge of the custion and watched the door to see if the Eevee would come in any time soon..

Ark's POV

"Bah... nothing to do, as per usual." I thought walking into the kitchen with my head down. Maybe there would be something to eat? "It's always nice to eat..." I thought walking over to the 'fridge. I slowly opened it as best as I could and looked up and down the shelves. Finally, I found a bag of grapes just sitting there, waiting to be eaten. I grabbed the bag and put them it on the floor.

Valefor's POV[/u]

I started to hear sounds in the kitchen so I flew in there. I saw Ark with a bag of something on the floor. "What are you doing?" I asked flying down to the ground. "I'm eating; what does it look like I'm doing?" He said. "Hey, don't eat all those without leaving me some." I said, flying over there. I started to eat some of the grapes he had as well.

Shadow Djinn
18th August 2003, 10:39 PM
First time here... ._.;
I'd like to enter my level 5 male Umbreon, Shadow in this race. Yes, I know, very pathetic =P I'm gonna keep my Umbreons as eevees currently...just to note in my posts...They're currently Umbreons, however.

<My POV>

The Eevee House. Here it was. The Eeevee House I had heard of. Since everyone had their pokemon out, I decided to let out mines. Tsunami dashed outside instantly as Diablo and Flame walked toward 2 other Cyndaquils. Shadow and Nightshade jumped onto the couch to find someone to talk to, and Spectre slowly floated away.

<Shadow's POV>

Gazing around, I looked for a sign of anything to eat, etc. Nightshade jumped off the couch, saying he had seen something. I followed her soon after, and we ended up jumping into a drawer. It was full of clothes, making it hard to breath. I quickly leapt out, then dashed straightforward into a red bag.
" Ooh.." Toppling in, I was in a bundle of stuff, and I saw a big black stone...
" Shiny..." I knocked it out of the bag, and went over to it to investigate. Curiously, I touched the stone and a white glow surrounded me, enveloping me in a brilliant light....


Whee! Clothes! Rolling around, I dived into a small opening, resulting in me falling out of the drawer. Spectre hovered above me menacingly, his eyes glowing.
" HEY! Why'd ya do that for!" Spectre's eye flickered , and a bottle toppled down. Walking forward, I saw a liguid inside, and hoping it was water, I took a mouthful. Slowly, I felt my bones growing bigger, and I felt weird...A brilliant light was released, and I seemed to expand.
" Wow..what was that?" I looked up into a mirror, seeing that my head was black.
" GAH!" Toppling back, I bumped into another black thing.
" Hey! Watcb it!" The Umbreon, I realized, was none other than Shadow.
" Oi!" My trainer looked down to see us both, and a surprised look crossed his face.

Yes..I do suck.

20th August 2003, 05:08 PM
[My POV]

I walked back into the Eevee House, having left for a while to pick up my school schedule. Most of my adoptees had come with me, though I had left Akia and Tamsyn behind, since they were playing with friends. I released everyone from their pokeballs. Isis headed off, hopefully to make some friends. She seemed to be a little more social these days. Quaye lay down, resting her head on her paws, content to just watch things. Avidan flew off, perching himself on a rafter. The Pidgey was so quiet and solemn a lot of the time, which really was strange for a Pidgey. Normally they were loud and energetic. Sabine wandered away, looking for something to do. Sabine was funny - she talked tough, but that was pretty much all it was. Just talk. Haven slithered to the pool, Laurenor jumping in after her. Haven and Laurenor made an odd pair of friends, but it was all good. Haven needed friends anyway - suddenly leaving her team would be hard on anyone, especially a Pokemon as quiet as Haven. Paris, the newest member of the team, sprinted away. He was always so hyper. He really needed to lay off the caffeine. Last, but not least, was Royce. I picked him up and cuddled him. At first he snuggled against me, glad for the attention, but after a while he grew restless, wanting to get down and explore. Reluctantly, I set him down, and he grinned at me before taking off. He was getting bigger - already he was nearly a foot bigger than he had been when he hatched, and he was only a week old! He was getting smarter, too - he was already learning to talk. I watched him for a little while, then sighed and pulled out my schedule. I didn't WANT to change it; I liked it. But they'd stuck me in the wrong math class AND the wrong band class, so I didn't really have too much of a choice. I'd have to remind my dad to take me down to the school soon.

[Tamsyn's POV]

Before anyone could answer my question, another two Cyndaquils wandered over and introduced themselves.

"I'm Flame," the first one said.

"And I'm Diablo," said the other.

"Nice to meet you, Flame and Diablo," I said. "I'm Tamsyn, and this," I motioned to the other Cyndaquil, "is Takuya. The three Mareeps are Sen, Lightning, and Dynamo."

Everyone said their hellos. I grinned. "Well, we're just having a little party here, now aren't we?"

[Royce's POV]

It was kind of weird, going around the Eevee House on my own. Before, I always stayed with Megan. But it was cool, and fun too. I looked around, hoping to see Dad or Khaisa, or maybe another Dratini.

[Paris's POV]

Caffeine! Where was the caffeine? I needed caffeine! I stopped in mid-sprint to sniff the air, and caught a whiff of Dr. Pepper. Leaping back into action, I zoomed toward the mini-fridge and yanked it open. I'd struck gold! The fridge was stocked with cans upon cans of soda, including Dr. Pepper. I pulled a can of it out and opened, drinking half of it in one gulp. I was on my second gulp when someone poked me in the side.

"Whatcha' doin'?" Sabine asked.

"Drinking Dr. Pepper," I told her, handing her a can. "Bottoms up!" I laughed.

20th August 2003, 05:31 PM
OOC: Hey Shadow, better make sure you bring Aries's son/daughter here in when he/she hatches. He would like to see his offspring as often as possible

<My POV>
As I was scratching Aries' ears, Gabi came over and whispered something into my ears. I nodded and poked him in the back of the head.
"Hey, what did you do that for?", he grumbled and looked back and Gabi and I.
"You need to go with Gabi for a while", I told him.
"Did I do anything wrong?"
"No, Gabi just needs you for a few days and then you can come back."
His eyes widened as he started to understand the situation and got out of my lap to follow Gabi out of the house.
"Where's he going?", Lee asked, not aware of what was going on.
"You'll see in time", I smiled and continued to scratch his back with the device.

Crystalmaster Mike
23rd August 2003, 07:16 AM
~ Nemo’s POV ~

Boy, where there a lot of Eeveelutions here! I guess that’s why they call it the Eevee House… Those Rainbowic Eevees were cute… And those other strangely colored Pokémon, wow! There seemed to either be a lot of Weird Genes flowing through the Ulthuanese Pokémon’s blood, or there’d have to be a looooot of Juices. Speaking of which, it seemed I had taken the Juice in the wrong way. You were supposed to drink it, not get it poured over you. Luckily, that didn’t seem to matter, cause I stayed blue non the less. I had tried having an Espeon explain all the tricks of mind power to me, but it seemed to be a commonly known secret… I guess I’d have to train myself. Oh well, at least I could give the others small messages through kinesis… Now I was trying to sense whether Mike was coming here any time soon…
“Hey, Nemo, were you waiting for us?!”
It seemed I still had to be working on that… “Hey Mike; yeah, kinda.” The Pokémon Mike had taken with him were already itching to go explore the Eevee House, but Mike held them back.
“Do you know where the others are? So they know we arrived ‘n stuff?”
“Well, I don’t really know, but…” I started to focus my mind; maybe I could give them a mind message or something… I just made a simple message: just a picture of Mike coming through the front door. Then I pictured the others receiving it…
Instantly, I just knew the others had gotten the message. And indeed, after a few moments, I could hear the noises of them trying to reach us:
“Watch up, coming through; don’t worry, I work hear! Oh yeah? Well, you’re another!! Come on, ‘Cada, we don’t have all day!” “But Tony,… Ouch!! People are stepping on me!!” “Well then, step back on them! Be brave, be fearless!”
(That were Tony and ‘Cada, trying to reach us from the kitchen. For a Bug-like critter as a Trapinch, Tony sure had a big mouth!)
“Come on Arthus, Mike’s waiting!!”
“Aw!! Uh! No Verne, not my tail!! It’s so small, and I only have one!!”
“Otherwise, we’ll never get to the front door! You’ll thank me for this later!!”
(That were Verne and Arthus, coming from outside - there must be a play yard out there are something -; Verne was pulling Arthus forward by the tail, for which he wasn’t very grateful! But our Larvitar friend was right: they’d never get there in time if they’d go at a Spheal’s pace!)
“I hear they’re on their way, sir…” “You can say that again, Dylan.” Mike was eyeing the chaos his Pokémon were trying to run through suspiciously. Indeed: organized, this place wasn’t really.
Let’s see now… Who hadn’t I heard or seen yet…
“*huff* *puff*”
Of course! Gordon!! The little Mudkip was coming from the pool, where he must have been taking a dive! He was spraying water all over because he was still wet, so he had little to no trouble reaching us.
Now… There were 13 of us… Mike had taken 6 with him… I had already seen 5 others… Counting me, that was 12… Who was missing?!
“Say Nemo, where’s Liam?”
Liam! Of course! How could I have forgotten our rebellic Ninetales-amigo?! But… Where was he? “Where is he?”
“There he is!”
Ah! Bruce had spotted him! Liam was… socializing? From what I could see, he was talking to a fellow Ninetales. Oh, wait. ‘t Was a female fellow Ninetales. Figures!
“It seems Liam has already adapted to… everything.”
Did I sense humor in Mike’s voice? He had meant evolving Liam as a sort of punishment for his disobedience, but now the Ninetales was using his new form to show off! But I knew Liam knew why Mike had done it… I just hoped they would get along better now…
“Hey! Liam! Yoohoo!!”
“Alloooow me.” I intensively focused my mind, and gave Liam this message: “Mike. Front Door. NOW.” I saw Liam wince slightly upon receiving the message, but I had to admit, it had given me a headache too…
He reluctantly said his greetings to the female, and turned to walk over to us at a leisurely pace. Although he had been sitting the closest to us, he got there last.

~ Sasha’s POV ~

“Hello everyone; as you can see, we made it back in one piece!”
“Really? I thought I counted seven of you!” Mike wasn’t annoyed by Liam this time; he had meant it more jokingly than those other… comments of his.
“Maybe so, Liam, maybe so. … Anyway; I had something I wanted to ask you. I don’t know whether the others made friends here already or not, but I thought those I took to Dark Island might enjoy a bit of leisure time; you know: drink a little Cacturne Cola, talk small-talk with the other Pokémon…” Mike paused to look at the six (well, five; Aron was still in arms) of us; indeed, we’d like that! “… but I don’t know what you guys are thinking!”
“I do!”, said Nemo jokingly. But upon seeing our startled faces: “Just kidding you guys; I maybe Psychic, but I’m not psychic… yet.”
“Ahum… yeah. So… what’d you want to do?”
To this… Everyone stay silent. No-one wanted to annoy another. But waiting just wasn’t Liam’s thing:
“I’d say we vote. All in favor of staying, raise a paw… -thing!”
Six paws, one fin and two hands (Bruce’s and Mike’s) were raised in the air. We looked at those who didn’t vote… and laughed. Tony would lose his balance raising a leg, Aron was too shy, and for ‘Cada, both counted! As for Arthus and Rays… Let’s just say they were still infantile.
“Let’s just say majority wins, okay? Uh… well… I’ll go ‘n put you in the swimming pool, ey Hanna?”
“Sounds like music to my ears, Mike!”
“Anyone care to join us? Arthus, Rays? Would you like to go swim in the pool?” The word ‘swim’ caught their attention, and they came back. Dylan and Gordon said they’d like to go too, and Nemo asked to be taught how to swim. With that settled, Mike turned to look at the rest of us.
“Well uh… Go explore, I’d say!” With that, he turned around and started walking into the direction he thought the pool to be, with one arm pulling forth Hanna’s homemade aquarium, and with the other, holding Aron to his chest.
The others went back to where they had been (Liam went searching for the female Ninetales), and Bruce went ‘exploring’. Before I joined him, I ran after Nemo.
“Nemo! Wait up!”
The Blue Espeon stopped and turned, and I quickly whispered in his ear, before Mike or someone else noticed.
“Could-could you give the others a message in their head like before?”
“I could, but it would only be written words, or a picture, actually. Why?”
“Well, I’ve thought about changing names, so I thought you’d give them a message with a pic of a Whismur and ‘= S-H-A-N-E’.”
“Shane? But Sash, ain’t that a boy’s…? Oh.” Nemo’s eyes glowed a creepy blue as he psychically scanned me, or my body I should say.
“Well uh… I could try… Shane.”
“Thanks, Moe. But catch up now, before the others notice anything.”
“Okay. But Shane?”
“Yeah?”, I asked, smiling. (I really liked my new name.)
“Please don’t call me ‘Moe’.”
“Sure thing, Nemo. C ya”, I said grinning.
“C ya.”

23rd August 2003, 12:09 PM
<Freya [Ninetales, F]>

"Nice meeting you." arching a brow, she turned and strode away at the same time as Liam, and now seemed intent on finding more of her species. Despite the common appearance of them in the adoption centers, few were ever shown off at the house, which caused for a slight bit of same species lacking.

Even rarer were the same of her kind, fully evolved into the kitsune creature they were. Stopping upon noticing a hopeful little Vulpix glancing around, Freya cleared her throat, then trudged over. "Hello. My name is Freya," a slight grin spread across her muzzle as she watched the Vulpix, unsure of the other's name, "And you are?" The smaller fox-like Pokemon straightened up a bit, smiling softly and near shyly, then the ghostly Ninetales before her laughed. "Oh, now I know you. Isis, right?"

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw another figure slinking near her, then quickly redirected her glance towards the other. "Oh, Liam," she said, not expecting him to appear this quickly again, "Hi." Grinning, she nodded a bit towards him as a greeting, then beckoned him to sit with Isis and her.

<Kyan [Meowth, M>

"See," the black cat grinned, small fangs exposed, "Walking is fun. Sometimes. You know? Yeah." He had the habit of pointless banter, and often choked on his words and stopped to ponder for a few seconds. "Now," he shifted a bit, hurrying back up to Akia, "I forgot what I was going to say."

<Hawkmoon [Murkrow, F]>

Grumbling, the somewhat small white bird adorned with glossy silver and pure blue eyes bounced along the rafters, glancing around at the few people and Pokemon entering. "Gah," she sighed, narrowing her eyes, "Does no one have a Murkrow?" She had never really seen another, and seemed a bit puzzled about this, but continued to hop around despite her wondering.

Flapping her wings roughly, she seemed a bit hopeless due to this, and had to settle for looking around for any other bird Pokemon. There was always Avari, but the large Pidgeot could be a bit... frightning, you could say, at times. With her towering height - atleast compared to the Murkrow species - and often the glare within her eyes. She wasn't actually mean or anything like that, just a bit misunderstood, you could say.

Even Rock DJ seemed more gentle than the Pidgeot, and she was an Aerodactyl. Razor sharp fangs, talons that can rip through flesh... and the everlasting memory of her ramming into the wall while flying. Which made her seem less dangerous than she could be, and she often was a clumsy little bugger.

Infact, she too was perched on the rafters right now, waiting for her son to come back to the house. Finally giving up, Hawkmoon made her way over to the Aerodactyl.

23rd August 2003, 12:57 PM
[Akia's POV]

I giggled a little. "Smart," I said, rolling my eyes and poking him in the side. He jumped.

"Hey! Don't do that!" he said with a laugh.

"Why Kyan, are you... ticklish?" I asked, smirking and poking him again.

[Isis's POV]

"Yeah, I'm Isis," I said with a nod. I was amazed she knew my name... but at the same time, I was in the Eevee House quite a bit; she'd probably picked it up. "Nice to meet you, Freya."

[Avidan's POV]

I sat on one of the rafters, looking down at the Eevee House and all the Pokemon in it. Megan was always encouraging me to go and make friends, which wouldn't be too hard, as the place was full of plenty of Pokemon. However, I wasn't exactly the friend-making type. I guess I was just too quiet to be very good at it. I had a hard enough time getting along well with my own team. Everyone was so talkative, but I didn't like being talkative. I was better at listening.

Shadow Djinn
23rd August 2003, 02:25 PM
<My POV>

Shadow..Nightshade..they were Umbreons...I arched an eyebrow slowly, thinking they had eaten something. Reaching into my pack, I found my Night Stone and Genetic Accelerator Gene gone.
" Ah.." I laughed, and handed them some food.
" Go find something to do. I gotta go somewhere." I muttered. I needed to pick up my Eevee egg...I dashed out of the Eevee House, wanting to pick up my egg as soon as possible...

<Diablo's POV and Flame's POV>

" This is like a party ain't it?" Diablo laughed.
" Hold on.." Flame dashed off, yelling, " Volcano!" He came back soon after with yet another Cyndaquil.
" Another?!" Tamysyn asked in disbelief.
" Yup. Volcano." Diablo stuck out his tounge, and dashed away into the kitchen.

<My POV>

I dashed back into the Eevee House with a black egg, panting heavily. The egg slowly cracked open, pieces flying off. Slowly, a baby Eevee came out, smiling.
" I think I'll call you....Eclipse. You'll be yet another Umbreon." I smiled, and headed in. Eclipse jumped out my hands, dashing towards an Umbreon....that was not Shadow or Nightshade..

._. Sucky eh?

23rd August 2003, 03:52 PM
(I'll be renaming my Persian in this. ^^;; So, yeah... it's a name she had before, so it won't seem really odd. Her name will be Kanika now.)


Trudging forward, a deep frown line placed upon her muzzle, as she gazed at a small picture of herself that I had burrowed within my backpack. "Why do you have this?" the ebony Persian asked, glancing behind to me.

"Because," I began, voice already dripping with sarcasim, "You were much cuter then. Why do you think I have Kyan?"

Her yellow eyes narrowed towards me as she raised a paw and thrusted out one of her claws in a stabbing motion. "You're walking on a fine line." she chuckled a bit, snatching the picture within her teeth.

"But I'm not falling." smirking and striding over, I grabbed the picture from her and shoved it in my pocket, oblivious to the Persian's glare.

Sitting up quietly, Eclipse blinked slightly, the glare disappearing from her now calm eyes. "What was my name then?"

"Kanika." I said simply, smoothing down my shirt, and then making my way over to War who was prodding Tynan, whom was currently sobbing. "Guys, guys," the Tyranitar and the Jolteon looked up at me, "Stop it."

Following swiftly after me, the black Persian seemed interested in her old name. "Kanika?" she repeated, "What does it mean?"

"Black." smiling a bit, I nodded, "Fitting, eh?... Mars! If you don't take the vase off of Pride's head, I'm going to... well, I won't do anything but laugh..."

Mumbling through the thick glass of the vase, Pride stumbled about, ramming into different things. "Black?" it seemed Eclipse was getting good at repeating things, and smiled. "That's- that's a nice name."

"That vase hurts, Pride." the Flareon attempted to look at me, but ended up smacking my leg with the vase on his head, then murmurded and ambled away. Mars chuckled and pranced after him, swishing her merman tail about. Turning my attention back to Eclipse, I nodded, "Yes. Kanika is a nice name."

Glancing over as Mars and Pride went by, Eclipse continued to stalk around my heels, attempting to move the same speed as me. "Do you like my current name?" she narrowed her eyes, whining.

"Uh... of course. Why are you asking so many questions? And Naiya, why the freak are you bouncing my little William on your nose?!" The Sealeo snapped a glance towards me, smiling nervously with the Eevee resting on her nose and giggling childishly. He was a child, of course, so he had an excuse for laughing like that.

Naiya sat William on the ground, then began to bounce her Beach Ball on her nose instead. "'Cause," she began happily, "Bouncing things is fun!"

Laughing, the Persian continued to pursuit and bother me. "Would you care if I changed my name?" Eclipse inquired, raising a brow.

"Twilight!" I screeched, "Stop trying to give Kozue a ride on your back! How many times do I have to tell you; fire and grass don't mix?!"

The black Ponyta nickered and casted me a smile, then sent the pouting Treeko away. "Amanda," Eclipse prodded at me, "Would you mind?"

"Mind what?"

Sighing, the Persian rolled her eyes, "Change my name!"

"Um. Knock yourself out. Not... not literally. It's a saying. Please don't knock yourself out." blinking, the Persian wandered away, "Please?"

<Freya [Ninetales, F]>

"Nice to meet you too, Isis." smiling towards the Vulpix, Freya settled down a bit more, then glanced over to Liam.

<Kyan [Meowth, M]>

"No." the Meowth stated firmly, narrowing his eyes towards the other, "Not ticklish." He was proven wrong, however, whenever Akia began to poke out his sides and he let out a shrieking sound, tumbling over and clutching at his sides. He struggled to calm his soft laughing, then sat up, and narrowed his eyes once more. "See," he began, "Not ticklish."

Akia merely smirked.

23rd August 2003, 04:00 PM
<My POV>
I arrived at the Eevee House because one of my Pokemon was begging me to come here so I came here to have a rest and let my Pokemon have a look around for something.

<Eevee's POV>
I'm a very rare Eevee with a purple tail and I'm looking for my father his name is War a rare Jolteon. I want to meet lots of other new friends here too and maybe evolve here when I'm ready. Is there anyone name War is this place I really want someone to talk to and he's the only Pokemon I know?


23rd August 2003, 05:13 PM
[Akia's POV]

"Uh-huh, sure. Which is why you were laughing, right?"

Kyan just gave me a little glare, then jabbed me in the side. I yelped and danced away to a safer spot.

"Don't DO that!" I said.

"You're ticklish, too, aren't you?" he asked slyly.

"Nope," I lied, backing away a little. "Not at all."

[Isis's POV]

I smiled at Freya, then turned to Liam, the Ninetales who had tried talking to me before. "Sorry if... if I seemed rude earlier. I'm getting used to this whole 'making friends' thing." I grinned apologetically, hoping he'd accept my apology.

[Tamsyn's POV]

Wow. So many Cyndaquils! I hadn't seen this many in one place since I had been separated from my brothers and sisters. I offered a paw to Volcano. "I'm Tamsyn. Nice to meet you!"

23rd August 2003, 06:02 PM
[Tara's POV]

I arrived at the Eevee House after a fews days break. School had started last week and was wearing me out already. It was hard to get back into the groove of getting up early and getting ready, driving myself to school for the first time, everything. I was extremely tired. But being here at the Eevee House was something that always relaxed me. I knew my team felt great here, as well. I released all of my team except Christian, who was already out.

[Christian's POV]

I believed it was time I moved on. After my talk with Kovu a couple weeks ago and a lot of thinking, I decided that I could never forget Crystal, but I would push her out of my mind and store her memory in my heart for safe keeping. I needed to get out more. -_-*

I quietly walked through the Eevee House and went into the doorway of the kitchen. My stomach rumbled as I viewed the many food varieties. I wondered if anyone else was hungry. I figured they probably were, so I decided that I would try my luck in making the whole Eevee House pizzas. Then we would have a pizza party!

[Jesse's POV]

I felt myself being released and looked around. Across the main room of the EH was my Sugar. Instead of running at her and pouncing her, I decided to sit and admire her. I guess you could say that I was feeling love sick. Sugar and her teammates had stayed with Tara and the rest of us and me and her had a lot of fun. It was neat being able to wake in the middle of the night and see her sleeping body right next to me. And the night they had to go home, I would wake and couldn't see her. I thought we should get together like that more often. Even if our trainers weren't going out of town, we could still go over to each others houses.

When Sugar turned and saw me staring at her, all I could do was smile sweetly at her. I then thought of a joke that would get a good laugh out of her. When she was looking at me, I moved my eyes up and down, as if I was checking her out. I smiled, trying to hold back my laughter. When she turned her head in confusion and began to giggle, I busted up with laughter. I knew that would work. It was great to her her laughing voice once more.

[BlueShadow's POV]

I spotted Royce immediately after I was released. My, he had grown. And he even looked as if he was able to speak. I flew over to my son and greeted him with a hug. Khaisa was right behind me. She also greeted her 'nephew' with a hug. Soon, we were all three chattering, well, as much as Royce could say, at least. =)

23rd August 2003, 06:23 PM
Vulpix's POV

I gave a heavy sigh as my trainer pulled me out of the punch bowl. From the look on his face, I was going to pay for this later. And we were having chocolate cake for dessert tonight, too... but I would get none, I knew. Yeah, yeah, discipline, blah blah blah. I figured, it you have fun with your life, you've succeeded. My trainer looked at my punch-soaked face and started to chuckle. Well, at least he had a sense of humor at times. Maybe I would get cake after all!

Mantine's POV

I sailed over to the snack bar and began chowing down on Cheez-Its. My trainer was far too concerned with that Vulpix of his. This would be my chance to try out the snacks that always smelled so delicious! I gobbled down several, before I began to choke. Uh oh. He noticed me... I needed to find a hiding place, fast!

Elekid's POV

Mantine and Vulpix were far too concerned with food. I enjoyed my time in a much easier and much more fun way; namely shocking the Water Pokemon in the pool. I instantly recieved a gush of water in the face from an angry Blastoise. Before I knew it, I was fleeing the scene of the crime, with the enraged Blastoise in hot pursuit. The only chance to destroy this thing would be to get into the house... sure, my trainer might find out what I had done, but it was better than being beaten to a pulp by that Blastoise!

Machop's POV

I dropped the hundred-pound barbell in a hurry and sprinted over to the window of the weight room. What could all the commotion outside be about? As soon as I peered out the window, I saw a yellow blur streak by, followed by a stampeding Blastoise. Oh, no... not again!

Crystalmaster Mike
24th August 2003, 04:16 AM
~ Liam’s POV ~

“Don’t worry; I hadn’t been very tactful either, Isis… Not that I’m never!” I blinked after I finished my sentence. That just didn’t sound right… I’d better work on my small talk. Gee, talking to someone in a friendly way sure was harder than the rough talk I used to use against Mike, but I was up for the challenge! Now, to find a passing subject to talk about…

~ Nemo’s POV ~

I was standing a bit uncertainly at the edge of the pool. Mike had changed to a swimming outfit in record time, and the others were all swimming in the pool happily already. (Sure, what else’d you expect from Water Pokémon?) Except Aron. She didn’t mind the humid climate around here, but yet refused to take a dip. Her half Rock-being just didn’t allow for a carefree swim in the pool. Mike had just asked her to stay near as he and the others relaxed.
“Come on, Nemo, join in!”
“Yeah, the water’s heavenly!!”
I eyed the pool, still uncertain about whether I should dive in too. I was in a sort of mental duel; after all, if I had become a Vaporeon like I intended too, I wouldn’t mind swimming one bit. But now, as an Espeon…
“I don’t know you guys; I… I…”
“You afraid, Nemo?” Gordon wasn’t laughing at me; the little Mudkip was honestly worrying.
“Well… Maybe a bit.”
“Don’t worry; you’re with expert swimmers here!” I had to chuckle at this; Mike was talking about his Water Pokémon and he knew it! He was kind of scared to go swim in the deep if it wasn’t near the edge of the pool… But he was right. What better way to learn how to swim than to learn it from those born swimming? With a last worrying sigh, I let my body, except my head, slowly be surrounded by the cool, fresh pool water.

24th August 2003, 02:32 PM
Matt's POV

Walking into the Eevee House, I planted myself on the couch as I usually do. I opened up my pack and took out a few items and layed them beside me. Next, I called out my Zigzagoon and Spheal. "Yeah, did you need something?" Shiva said. "Well if you don't want this then fine.." I said looking over towards the stuff. Shiva gasped. "Ooohh.. stuff..." She said, eying the things on the couch. "Come on, Yuna, there's something here for you too." I said. Yuna walked over to where I was and started to scratch at my leg; it seemed that she really wanted what I got her. I showed her the two wooden boxes containing tms. One of them was yellow and the other was ice blue. "Here you are Yuna; the yellow one is thundershock and the blue one is powder snow." I said sprinkling them on her. "Yay! Thanks" My Zigzagoon said running off. "Here's your stuff, Shiva; I got you an Icy Wind TM and a beachball." I said sprinkling the tm dust on her then giving her the beachball. "Woohoo; thanks!!!" She said going somewhere else. I layed back a little and remembered something I had to do. I went over to the race sign ups since I needed to update my Sneasel.

Name: Diablos the Sneasel (M)
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Bite, Taunt, Quick Attack, Blizzard, Secret Power, Powdered Snow, Icy Wind.
Level: 12
Trait: Keen Eye
Category : 31 - 60 (40)

I walked back over to the couch and sat back down.

Shiva's POV

This was a really cool beachball. I wonder if anyone in this house would want to play with it with me. I started to look around the house to see if anyone was in here to play with the ball.

Yuna's POV

Today was pretty boring; I needed to find something to do since Matt goes back to school tomorrow and we won't be able to do that much in here anymore since he will have homework. "Maybe there will be someone to play with up here.." I thought to myself, walking up the stairs.

24th August 2003, 02:55 PM
I bounced into the Eevee House happily and boredly. Remus rubbed against my legs, purring suddenly. I picke up the Meowth and noticed Matt on the couch then decided to go over to him. Remus kept nuzzling my hand and purring. "What do you want?" I asked. "A new name," he snapped. I paused and arched a brow at Remus. "Um..how about Andúril?" Remus paused. He grinned. "Great," he said then bounced off my lap over to his mother.

Aryll and Buffy were sitting besides the pool. Aryll was taking a drink of water from the pool while Buffy looked around the house. The Flareon thwapped Aryll on the tail to get her attention. Aryll spun around rapidly. Buffy pointed out to Obi-Won Kenobi, the Umbreon, who was playing sword figt with little Haldir. Haldir had a paper towel roll while Obi-Won had his plastic lightsaber. "There he is," squealed Buffy. "Make a move," she said. Aryll blinked and said "Oh.. no.. I can't." Buffy growled. "If you won't, then I will," she sad. Aryll gasped then dived into the pool. Buffy sighed and walked away.

Avian Freeze
25th August 2003, 12:23 AM
:: My POV ::

I wandered into the Eevee House, after having left for a long time. I had been having less and less time each day, and I wish I could have visited the Eevee House more often. I released my Pok&eacute;mon, as they set out to look for their friends. I flopped down on the couch and took a deep sigh.

:: Dynamo the Female Mareep's POV ::

I registered the two other Mareep and the Cyndaquil's name. Lightning, Sen, and Tamsyn, right? o.o, I was kind of forgetful, and I hoped I wouldn't mess up on their names ^^;. "So what do you all wanna do? ^_^" I asked cheerfully.

:: Spectra the Female Gastly's POV ::

I laughed as Socrate and I had finally been able to start our game. "You're it!" I stuck out my tongue. I quickly vanished into thin air and tried to find a good hiding spot...

:: Amaya the Female Poochyena's POV ::

I yipped as Nahima pounced on me and I pawed at her playfully. Our dad looked on with amusement as we wrestled playfully. I was having a lot of fun here and I wish my trainer could come to the Eevee House more often. I knew school was coming up so time would soon be scarce but I wanted so badly to stay here. I snapped out of my thoughts and whispered to Nahima, "Let's get Dad." with a sly grin.

:: Aquaphaze the Female Vaporeon's POV ::

I sauntered around the house, bored as usual. I noticed a curious blue Espeon and I walked up to him, saying, "Hmm...you look like an Espeon, but you're blue." I smirked. "So what happened?" I inquired, amused by the strangely colored Espeon.

:: Belisama the Female Vulpix's POV ::

I began to wonder about being a Ninetales. They all looked so graceful and beautiful, and I loved the creamy color of their silky fur. I smiled, daydreaming about becoming one soon. My orange fur was beginning to bore me, and I hoped Tyler would let me evolve soon. He promised I could become one once I reached level 10. I sighed, wondering how long that would take. I also thought back to my battle with Sadie. I had won by a sliver and that was lucky for me. I looked around for her, hoping we could become friends ^_^.

:: Scorch the Female Charmander's POV ::

After having battled in the meadow of the Crystal Caves Arena, I was exhausted. That last battle had really tired me out, the paralysis was pretty tough on me. But at least that was over with. I kicked my feet up in the air, it was becoming a habit of mine. I also began to think about evolving. I was already at level 13. With only three more battles, I would soon become a Charmeleon. I was excited at the thought, and even more when I began to think of how it would be like when I became a Charizard! I would love soaring through the air. After ending my daydream though, I wandered around, hoping to find someone to talk with or play with or something. I was getting bored ^_^.

25th August 2003, 12:45 PM
<My POV>
I came here so my Pokemon could evolve in the pool because there is no water in the Desert and she loves water so here Feebas you can now evolve with this. (Throws the Acellerator Gene at Feebas.)

<Feebas POV>
Wow this item has made me feel stronger and now I'm growing into a beautiful Milotic. I'm Andrew's first captured Pokemon and I've been waiting to evolve so now I can use my full strenght.


25th August 2003, 10:06 PM
~*^*~Gothic's POV~*^*~
I dashed into the Eevee House...a blood and gray orb held within the firm grasp of my left hand. The ignorance of high school made me feel ticked and indespensable...but I still had friends here, right? Sighing, I released my newly adopted Seel into the pool...and watched her dive in.

"Good luck...Mizu..." I whispered to my new water Pokemon...as she swam on....

<><>Socrate [F, Shuppet]'s POV<><>
I searched for Spectra calmly....gliding through the calm breeze...trying my hardest not to be sullen. As silence remained on my face...I thought I sensed Spectra's prescence, but it was nothing. Sighing, I continued forth...hoping to find my 'friend'...

.:.:.Sen[F, Mareep]'s POV.:.:.
I heard Dynamo ask us all cheerfully, with a wide anime-style grin on her face. I thought of what to do...but I knew of nothing. I remained silent, as Takuya waddled up to join the group.

`~`Takuya[M, Cyndaquil]'s POV`~`
"So...what are we talking about...?" I whispered to Sen with curiousity...since she's been there longer than I have.

"We're deciding on what to do..." she whispered back to me, and I waddled a bit further inward, to see Tasmyn and two other Mareep.

<*>Mizu[F, Seel]'s POV<*>
I remained underwater...all alone...drifting among the cold water I was used to living in. I hoped I could make my friends...since I was a newer addition here. Sighing, I hovered above the bottom of the pool....wondering about when I should surface...

26th August 2003, 08:33 PM

After our long absence from the Eevee House, we were finally back. For a time, at least. I sighed, letting everyone run off to wherever they pleased... Gwaihir shot off like a rocket, of course, doing somersaults in the air as if he hadn't been able to in ages. I smiled at the energetic baby Aerodactyl. He was so cute! Even Rúthruin had to agree to that.

Elwing Starspray, the female Dratini's POV:

Ryu had gotten much better over the week; he was talking again, and he seemed fine. Happy, even. I still didn't know what had been bothering him, though, and I knew that it wouldn't be right to ask. So I left it alone...

Scanning the Eevee House for signs of someone I knew, my heart leapt as they settled on a Charizard: daddy! With a smile on my face, I darted off towards him and sprang onto his back, catching him by surprise. I giggled.

Evenstar, the female Sneasel's POV:

"Evenstar, will you help me with something?" Rúthruin asked. It was a strange request. I didn't even know her that well. I had noticed that she was thinking a lot lately, though... Reflecting about something.

"Yes?" I asked, wondering what she would need help with.

"Well, I need a note to be written, and I can't write with blades," she answered, somewhat embarrassed.

It was that simple. I smiled. "Oh, of course," I told her. "What do you need written?"

I listened, puzzled, as she dictated the words to me, and I wrote:


I know it hurts you to see me, so I will keep out of your sight. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused you.

~ Rúthruin

"Thank you," Rúthruin said to me as I handed the note to her.

"That's all right," I replied, and went off to find someone to talk to.

Lune, the male Eevee's POV:

"You'll need someone to deliver that message for you," I said to the Scyther. It was partially a question. Rúthruin nodded at me, and I took the note. "I'll take care of it," I promised.

I saw Blade close to Elwing and her father. Making my way towards him, I carefully handed him the note and walked off, not waiting to see his reaction. Rúthruin would not need to know it; all she wanted was to make that apology, and it was done.

26th August 2003, 09:09 PM
<My POV>
I watched as Aries came back into the house after a couple of hours, looking stressed.
"What if I can't be a good father?", he moaned as he plopped onto my lap.
"You'll be be fine", I replied, scratching his ears. "Remember Drake before he became a father? Now he has Elwing to take care of and he's doing fine."
"Yeah, I guess you're right", he sighed.

2 days later...

<Aries's POV>
2 long, boring days had passed and I was stationed in front of the door, much to the chagrin of my teammates. After waiting fruitlessly for a couple hours, I decided to turn away but the door swung open, revealing a trainer and a baby Eevee. Instinctively, the Eevee ran forwards and bowled into me, sending me down.
"Daddy", he chirped.
"Wow, it only took him a second to find him", Apollo mentioned as he and Orion were sitting nearby.
"No kidding", I wheezed as my son rubbed against my leg.
I looked at his trainer and nodded towards him.
"What's his name?"
"Good name", I smiled and looked down at my offspring. Concentrating, I started to lift him up with my psychic, flying him across the room.
"Not too bad", I murmured, thinking back to when I last levitated a Pokemon, which was more than a year ago.

<Blade's POV>
After a while, I came back inside to sit next to Drake. I flinched as I saw loads of Aerodactyls perching in the rafters, but I just tried to ignore them and concentrate on just talking to Drake. After a few minutes of talking to him though, Elwing slithered by and crawled around his neck.
"Good to see you again, Elwing", I chuckled as Drake played with his daughter after being caught by surprise.
"Hello Uncle Blade. Are you feeling better?"
"Much, thank you", I replied and suddenly looked down as I saw an Eevee stare up at me.
He handed me a letter and instantly turned around to walk away, probably not wanting to see the look on my face after I read it. Peering at the letter, it was big and blocky but easy enough to decipher:


I know it hurts you to see me, so I will keep out of your sight. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused you.

~ Rúthruin

"What's that?", Drake asked as he stroked his daughter.
"Oh, nothing", I replied and got up to walk towards Ruthruin.
Walking briskly, it was a surprise when she saw me coming towards her. She started to turn away but I held up a claw.
"No, don't run", I croaked.
She stopped and looked at me with a stunned face.
"I thought you didn't want to see me anymore", she said quietly.
"It wasn't you that made me so miserable. It was memories of my past that made me act that way."
"Can you tell me what happened?", she inquired.
I shook my head and cleared my throat, trying to hold back the tears.
"I understand that you had a hard past as well. You should not inquire of someone's past unless you inform them of your own. If you still are curious though, Lyra will tell you if you persist enough", I pointed at the Wartortle in the water. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going outside to exercise."
I jumped up into the air and flew out the door to circle the house, breathing deeply to keep myself from crying again.

27th August 2003, 11:58 AM
ZeldaFan20's POV:

I couldn't help but feel nervous as I entered the Eevee House; there were so many Trainers, and most had quite a lot of Pokemon. It was typical of me to feel that way; I've never been very comfortable around big crowds. Then I looked down at Artemis, my Illumise, who was cradled in my arms.

After losing her first Pokemon Battle, she seemed a little bumbed. I kept telling her that it was just the first battle, and that she would get much better; but it didn't appear to cheer her up as much as I'd hoped. Artemis just sat there in my arms, shaking a little bit---she was just as shy around the Pokemon as I was around the Trainers.

It was then that I felt a slight tug at my sleeve. Looking down, I saw Lily (my newly adopted Milotic) trying to pull me in the direction of the pool. I smiled at her; she smiled back.

"I know, you want to go for a swim. Well, okay, but don't be too long; I want to check out the gardens later." We all went over to the pool and Lily dove in, nearly drenching me and Artemis in the process. Laughing, I found a bench with a good view of the water and sat down...

Artemis's POV:

I didn't know why my new Trainer wanted to take me here: my first battle was a complete bust, I didn't deserve any reward. Plus, there were so many strong Pokemon around: they've probably won hundreds of battles. How would I ever fit in?

Lily started tugging on Zelda's sleeve at that moment. I envied her; she was young and inexperienced, but I knew it wouldn't be very long before she would have her first match.

Zelda walked us over to the pool. I almost got soaked when Lily jumped in, but felt very relieved when we sat down. Afraid of getting wet by someone else, I cuddled up closer to her...

Lily's POV:

This was great! I was surrounded by so many Pokemon; it was a perfect opportunity for me to make new friends. It was hard to say "good-bye" to all of my friends at the Adoption Agency, but I knew that they would find good Trainers...maybe I would see some of them here!

I noticed the pool, just a short distance away, and saw a number of potential playmates splashing around in it. After getting Zelda's attention, she agreed to let me go in for a little while; she wanted to go out and see the flowers, so I promised to make it quick. I wonder if anyone will let me play with them...

27th August 2003, 01:28 PM
<My POV>
Where has my Eevee gone and where has my Thunder Stone gone I hope no one has stolen them as I love them both.

<Eevee's POV>
Wow I just use this...
(Uses Thunder Stone)
Wow now I'm big and strong just like Andrew would like me to be.

<My POV>
Yeah, a cool Jolteon I was worry about you so much good new your back and stronger than before.


27th August 2003, 03:40 PM
(Amy's POV)

I slowly made my way back to the Eevee house with my pokemon wither tagging behind me or running ahead. I smiled at Lani, she had the shoestring in her mouth and she was shaking it as she ran ahead. Then, she'd stop, and run back to where we were and then run ahead again. I had to chuckle at the growlithe's antics. She hadn't spoken yet, but she was smart, and i figured that she would speak whenever it was time for her to. I was carrying Dixie in my arms. She was purring happily even though she had lost her battle yesterday. Shaka opened the door of the eevee house open so all of us could enter. Blazer nodded his head in thanks as Lani and arwen raced past.

(Dodger's POV)

I flew into the eevee house and took my spot in the rafters. I was glad i had my sunglasses on as i scanned the house for signs of certain someone. I hadn't felt this way in a long time, and i really missed her, but her trainer had left and she hadn't been back either. Maybe I would have better luck this time. I sighed.

(Laila's POV)

I hung around away from the others. I'd like to have friends but I doubted anyone would want to be my friend. I was different adn Aleu was unrelenting in letting me know that fact. She had been worse about it after she had lost her battle yesterday. I think she was taking it out on me, and i was too weak to defend myself. Thankfully Ranec happed along abotu that time and asked me to go for a walk with him.

(Kovu's POV)

By now, most people had become accustomed to me and my scar, though some of the newer people jumped in surprise when they first saw me. I was used to it by now, though it still bohtered me once in a while. At least my teammates were't bothered by it, but the ones that remembered me before sometimes got faraway looks in their eyes. At least Sadie and Misu didn't really let it bother them. True, they had known me like this from the day they were born and therefore didn't bother them. I scanned the rooms for signs of them and when i didn't see them, I jumped up on the couch beside Amy and lay my head down on her lap and rested. She was holding Dixie in her arms and Dixie greeted me.

27th August 2003, 04:06 PM
Wandering into the house, there was some chattering from nearby creatures, though mostly silent. William stayed by my feet, his wide eyes dull as he watched everyone within his sight, a thin line spread across his small muzzle. My others had quickly sped off somewhere, either to be silly little buggers or just to relax, and only the young Eevee was left.

<William [Eevee, M]>

Glancing about nervously, William took in a deep breath and began to venture away, much to his disliking. But he always knew everyone else had their friends to talk to, or parents to see, yet he had no friends nor could he find his parents. But, he thought, smiling, They have to be around here somewhere, right?

Steps were small and unsure, large eyes pinned carefully against sleek skull, gaze adverted merely to the floor which made no sound with his soft walking. Bushy tassel whipped about, thumping against a few various tables and chairs, eyebrow arched in a slight curious way. Out of the corner of his soft hazel eyes, an ivory figure ringed with darkest of ebony followed after a Larvitar, and he blinked. The Umbreon struck him as someone he knew, though he had never saw him before.

Slinking over, the faintest of a smile rested peacefully upon his face, and he blinked a few times, and sat back merely watching. Unsure of if he should walk up and introduce himself, he just lingered in the shadows.

<Rock DJ [Aerodactyl, F]>

Soaring serenly towards the rafters where most of the birds stayed, Rock DJ landed swiftly, and yawned, her fangs in sharp rows showing. Only a few Pokemon were seen, but she liked quiet a bit more anyway, and settled in soon, slumping down a bit and simply watching the land below.

27th August 2003, 04:39 PM
(Ranec's POV)

After i got Laila away from Aleu and her bullying, i decided to look around. I paused and stretched, then began walking again. I sensed someone watching and I saw a small eevee watching me and i wondered if that could be my other son and Steve's brother. I took another look and indeed confirmed that it was him. He looked very much like Steve did before he had evolved. I smiled, and walked over. "Hey there." I said.

(Dodger's POV)

I saw Rock DJ land in hte rafters, and i smiled. I was a little nervous, and as i went to adjust my sunglasses, i accidentally pushed them off instead, and right on Arwen's head. "Ouch," I heard her say, as she fought the urge to cry. Ever since she had had her daughter, she had been trying to act more grown up. "Sorry," I told her, and she nodded as Flame flew up to give them back to me. I glanced over at Rock DJ and she was looking at me. She had seen the whole thing. I began to blush as I put the sunglasses back on my face.

27th August 2003, 05:00 PM
<Rock DJ [Aerodactyl, F]>

"Wow, Dodger," the other Aerodactyl said cooly, grinning, "Very smooth." A soft blush covered his normally grey colour, and Rock DJ couldn't help but to chuckle at this, and took a step back, an amused smile still plastered across her maw. "Don't worry," she began again, "Just joking, ya know?" Smiling a bit, she once more reclined back a bit, folding her large rocky wings against her side.

He cleared his throat a bit and pushed his sunglasses up once more, however a bit more careful than he had been before. "So, how are you doing?"

<William [Eevee, M]>

"Hey there."

Shrieking and stumbling back a bit, little William whined a bit, surprised by the sudden sounds. Of course he shouldn't have been, as Umbreon have far better night vision than most, and he was hiding in the darkness of the house.

"Uh, uh," William nervously smiled, often casting a shy glance towards Ranec and turning away whenever the Umbreon looked at him, "H-hi. M-my name is William."

27th August 2003, 05:18 PM
(Dodger's POV)

I adjusted my sunglasses again, this time making sure that i wouldn't push them off again. I cleared my throat hoping that when i spoke my voice would sound normal. "So, how are you doing?" she asked. "Pretty good." Good, it soundled like it was supposed to. "So how are you?" I asked, as i tried too think of something to say.

(Ranec's POV)

I could tell that he was nervous from the way his tail kept twitching, and he kept looking away. I smiled. "Say, have you by any chance seen my son around here. I think he's about you're height and your age. He's also that jolteon over there's brother." I said pointing over at Steve. I sat down on the ground and casually laid down, and flicked my tail back and forth.

(Steve's POV)

I began practicing backflips again. Unsuccessfully, I might had but i was having fun, and when i succeeded it would be nice to impress the ladies. but that would have to wait. Dixie was out of my league, and she was already attracting looks from the males around the house. I wouldn't have a chance. After i landed on my back, i noticed my dad talking to an eevee, and then he pointed over at me. I shook my head and went back to practicing. I figured that i'd find out later, if it concerned me.

(Arwen's POV)

I rubbed my head with my paw, before i walked over to a person that i'd heard called, Discothéque. I jumped up and decided to say hello.

27th August 2003, 07:22 PM
~*^*~Gothic's POV~*^*~
I sighed, staring at the Ultra Ball within my grasp. I sighed as I loosened my grip, wondering if I should release him. He seemed to much like me. Such a lone wolf he is. I threw the gold and silver orb to the floor, releasing my newly captured Houndour, Kouichi. The young one nudged my leg with affection before continuing onward, in hope of finding someone.

----Kouichi[M, Houndour]'s POV----
Sighing...I looked back towards Laura, whimpering slightly. I was very attached to her, and was nervous of leaving her sight. I looked around, no other Houndour in sight. I completely lost all faith...and laid there in the middle pf the floor, hoping to find Sen and Takuya...two of Laura's adoptees.

27th August 2003, 10:50 PM
ZeldaFan20's POV:

"Lily, time to come out!" I was so absorbed in my new CD that I completely lost track of time. It was getting late and I wanted to go walk around the gardens. Lily slithered out of the pool as I put the CD player away and sat Artemis on my shoulder.

As we made our way towards the garden entrance, I couldn't help but notice the little Jolteon a few meters away, doing backflips. I led the two girls over to get a closer look.

"Wow, he's really good," I thought to myself, smiling, "Did his trainer teach him to do that?" Just then, Lily moved a little closer and began sniffing the Jolteon as he practiced. "Now Lily," I said sternly, "You know that's not polite..."

Artemis's POV:

The sound of my trainer's voice had just woken me up from a pleasant nap. Then I remembered that we were going to look at the flowers: Zelda loves flowers as much as I do, and I couldn't wait to play around the rose bushes (if there were any). Lily came up as Zelda was putting her little machine into her bag before placing me on her shoulder.

While heading towards another set of doors, my trainer's attention was suddenly drawn to the Jolteon in the middle of the room. Why he was continuously doing backflips like that I wasn't sure, but the look on his face told me that he enjoyed every minute of it.

I couldn't help but smile; it looked like a lot of fun. If my arms weren't so short, I might've been tempted to ask him to teach me...

Lily's POV:

"Aww...already?" I thought. It was so disappointing; no one asked me to play yet---no one even came up to me. What was I doing wrong? Was I supposed to make the first move or something? Well, there was no time to think about that now; we were going to see the flowers (who knows, maybe there will be some other friendly Pokemon there)! I got out of the water and we headed for the back doors.

I wondered why Zelda had suddenly stopped, but then turned my head to see what she and Artemis were smiling at: a Jolteon was doing backflips! We all went over to get a better view.

This was very interesting; I've never seen a Jolteon during the short time I'd spent at the Adoption Agency---especially one who was a born acrobat! As I moved a little closer to him, however, my nose started to itch; I couldn't help but wiggle it.

"Now Lily," Zelda suddenly told me, "You know that's not polite." I instantly backed away.

"What?" I asked, quite confused, "I wasn't sniffing him..."

28th August 2003, 05:25 PM
Rúthruin, the female Scyther's POV:

So looking at me reminded him of his past pain... It made me feel even more guilty than before. To think that I had caused the rise of sorrow that had been succesfully buried... It was just too terrible to accept. I felt helpless; it was I who had stirred up his bitter emotions, and yet, I could do nothing to make it right. All I could do was hope that somehow, by some miracle, Blade would feel better again. I sighed, beginning to retreat to a quiet corner to rest and reflect...

Lune stood in my way. "You should find out what happened to him while you still can," he said. "It will be better if you understand exactly what's wrong."

To tell the truth, I didn't really want to ask about Blade's past anymore. I felt that I would be intruding somehow... But then again, Blade had given me that option. "I'm not sure if I want to," I admitted.

The Eevee shrugged. "Sometimes it helps to understand why pokémon feel the way they do. Whether or not you want to inquire further is entirely up to you. I, however, am going to find out what happened to him, so that even if you don't take the initiative, you won't have to regret it later." With that, Lune walked off towards the pool to talk to the Wartortle. I, however, remained where I was. I had a lot on my mind already...

Lune, the male Eevee's POV:

I could tell Rúthruin didn't have the spirit to ask, so I kept my word and went to do it for her. After all, I knew that she would want to know sooner or later... And opportunity knocks but once. I had to grasp it before I could do so no more.

Lyra was easy enough to find. She was at the side of the pool, so I did not have to get in. Not that I had problems swimming, but water... I shuddered as the sound of the rushing falls echoed through my mind, water crashing on the sharp rocks far below...

The Wartortle noticed me looking at her, so she paused to look at me. "Can I help you?" she asked.

"Actually, yes," I replied. "First of all, I would like to thank you for your kindness when I was wounded."

"No problem," she said.

"I would also like to ask, on behalf of Rúthruin, what happened in Blade's painful past. He told her that she could ask you, if she really wanted to know..." I paused to see her reaction.

"It's a very sad story," she said, sighing. "But if you want to hear it, it goes like this... More than a year ago, Blade was a Scyther here. He was much happier than he is now, though. Well, he fell in love with a Skarmory who's long gone now. She was a kind and caring pokémon, and Blade had very deep feelings for her. Unfortunately, when he decided to act on them, it was too late. On Valentine's day, he was going to finally tell her how he felt, but before he could do that, she confessed to Dodger, Amy's Aerodactyl, that she liked him. Blade was crushed. After that, he felt bitter when it came to love. Whenever he saw the two together, he would fly outside and furiously begin to cut down trees, and it would take a lot to restrain him. After a while, we managed to get him to stop, although we promised never to name the two again. When he evolved, he agreed to battle Dodger and lost in a close match, further crushing his feelings. After that, he's avoided Dodger and never talks about him."

"I see," I said, after a moment of silence. I closed my eyes and nodded. It saddened me that Blade had to experience something similar to my pain, but at least... At least she was...

I shook my head, avoiding eye contact with Lyra so that she could not notice me crying. "Thank you, Lyra," I told her, and hastily walked away. Rúthruin noticed me flee outside, but she left me alone. I settled down on the floor and last remembered a soft, gentle breeze on my face before I fell asleep...

Elwing Starspray, the female Dratini's POV:

"Whee!" I squealed in delight, as daddy tossed me up and down in the air. We both laughed. It felt so good to spend time with him. I was glad that I could; he was such an awesome dad. I secretly wondered about Ryu, and Lune, or even Rúthruin. Where were their parents? I felt kind of sad that they couldn't see them. They were missing out on a whole lot.

"Ooh, guess what, daddy," I said excitedly, "I've battled a lot since the last time I saw you, and I've learned a lot of new moves. I can even control the weather! Come on, let me show you," I said, dropping to the floor and darting off outside. I hoped that I would be able to perform Rain Dance and Sunny Day properly like I did last time, so that my dad could see.

28th August 2003, 06:17 PM
(Amy's POV)

I smiled as I saw Karin. I waved at her, and smiled as Lani ran over to her tail wagging as fast as it could go. She barked happily and shook the shoelace in her mouth again before promptly jumping into her lap. I had to chuckle when I glanced over at Steve again. He was trying to learn how to do backflips like Ayla. However, he wasn't having as much success as she did when she was tryign to learn a while back, but that wasn't stopping him. He smiled and got right back up to land on his back again.

(Yana's Pov)

I had decided to try and make a new friend and i was padding around the house trying to get my courage up when I saw Evenstar. I smiled and trotted over to where she was. "Hi. How've you been?" I asked curious to know how she was doing.

(Dodger's POV)

I scratched my head trying to act casual. It was bothering me, that i wasn't as smooth, and casual as usual. I smiled as I saw Gwaihir flying about. I sat there, and folded my wings up and just watched him having fun.

(Racer's POV)

I was getting bored, so i went outside and began to run as fast as i could around the Eevee House. It was fun running, but it would be even more fun if i had someone to race alongside of.

Avian Freeze
28th August 2003, 09:17 PM
:: Spectra the Female Gastly's POV ::

I continued to hide within the shadows, waiting for Socrate to find me. Suddenly, I heard a gust of wind behind me as the Shuppet caught me. "You're it." she smirked. I grinned back and chuckled a bit as she vanished, finding a place to hide.

:: Dynamo the Female Mareep POV ::

Wow, there were a lot of us now ^^. I saw a little Cyndaquil come up. "Hey, what's your name?" I asked, smiling ^____^.
"Takuya..." she said kind of meekly, hiding behind Sen.
"Hey Takuya, don't be so shy." I said, trying to be friendly to the young Cyndaquil.

:: Aquaphaze the Female Vaporeon's POV ::

I ran out into the backyard of the Eevee House and dove into the pool. The water was cool and felt good on my fur. I swam around a bit, getting some exercise in. I noticed a Seel in the water though and I lunged deeper to greet her. "Hey," I said, cocking my head and then doing a flip in the water. "Who are you?" I asked curiously.

:: Wolfwood the Male Houndour's POV ::

I hadn't been in the Eevee House for a few days now. It felt good to be back, and I trotted around the house. I noticed another Houndour straying close to his trainer and dashed over, wagging my tail and saying, "Hey, I'm Wolfwood. Nice to meet you." grinning and reaching out my paw for him to shake. "You?"

:: Leilani the Female Larvitar's POV ::

I walked around, looking around hopefully for the Larvitar I had met a while ago. Her name was....Laila I think. We hadn't really been able to talk much and I wanted to get to know her better. She seemed like a really special Pok&eacute;mon, but I couldn't tell how yet. I heard some snickering as I turned around to see Laila being pushed around a bit and probably being teased by a Bagon. A mysterious looking white Umbreon stopped the Bagon and I walked up to Laila. "Hey, remember me?" hoping for an affirmative answer.

:: Amaya the Female Poochyena's POV ::

It had been almost a month since I was born now and I felt more mature. I knew more about the world around me but I was still curious. It was all new to me, and I liked it here in the Eevee House. I felt safe in this haven, but I also longed to learn more about the world. I think Tyler promised to take me to the Crystal Caves Battle Arena soon so I could battle. I looked around for Nahima as well, hopefully she would be in here.

:: Miracle the Female Blissey's POV ::

Work, work, work. That was basically all I ever could do. I had little time for anything else. Every day I had to watch over that little Pichu, Din. His name suited him perfectly too. He always caused a ruckus, exploring all over and causing trouble. *sigh*, he was all I could manage, but I loved him. The little baby had been like the son I never had. I suddenly snapped out of it when I realized the little tucker was gone! I frantically searched for him, knowing he was probably causing some trouble again. I then heard the familiar laugh from the Pichu and saw him hopping up on to the couch next to a girl. I recognized her to be Amy, since she visited the Eevee House regularly. Din was trying to get her attention and he hopped up and down gleefully. I shuffled over to the couch and apologized to Amy, scolding Din and telling him not to bother anyone. Din made the face he always made when he was sad and I couldn't stand to see him cry. I patted the Pichu and let him down, and he scrambled back on to Amy's lap smiling sweetly. I sighed, shaking my head and smiling. When would that Pichu learn to behave.

:: Belisama the Female Vulpix's POV ::

I wandered around the Eevee House, hopefully looking for Arwen. I was bored right now and I wanted to play. Amy was here, so Arwen should be too, right? ^.^

29th August 2003, 06:56 PM
<Lyra's POV>
I sighed as Lune slinked away to go outside. I knew he was bummed about something, but I could see he didn't want to tell anyone so I just left him be. Glancing over at Ruthruin, I saw her also look at Lune with a frown on her face, unnerved as well.
"You know, you didn't cause Blade to act that way", I said as I got out of the pool and walked towards her.
"Yes I did. I still feel guilty about the whole thing and I can't do anything to fix it", she sighed.
"Like I said, you didn't. Drake made Blade act like that. He didn't know Blade still had all those feelings built up inside of him and when he started to talk about you, Blade just went mental. He would've acted the same with any other female flying Pokemon."
She just looked down, unable to reply.
"Just remember it's not your fault. If you want to talk about it some more, I'll be in the pool."
I nodded and turned away, expecting to feel better about the whole ordeal but somehow couldn't.

<Blade's POV>
It took a while before I could calm down again but as I made yet another rotation around the house, I felt a bit better. Coming around towards the back, I circled it and saw the same Eevee that handed me the letter before sleeping right next to the door. Landing next to him, I peered down and saw tear streaks along his face. I breathed slowly as I tried to figure out what had happened to him, since he was usually calm and collected. Falling to the ground and sitting against the wall, I continued to look over him as he peacefully slept on.

<Drake's POV>
As she slithered outside, I eventually got up and followed her. To make it easier for me, I flew the short distance and slid the door open to see Blade looking over the Eevee that told me about the Scyther's attempted desertion, Lune I believe. He looked up at me and then back down at Lune, an expression on his face that I could not decipher. Paternal feelings, perhaps.

I beckoned for Elwing to quietly follow me back indoors, which she did reluctantly.
"Why are we back inside? I want to show you my new abilites", she questioned after I closed the door.
"You can show it to me after Lune wakes up from his nap. I don't think he'll like getting wet while he's sleeping", I explained.
She nodded and moved off to go play on the jungle gym, understanding but dejected at the same time.

30th August 2003, 09:23 AM
---Kouichi[M, Houndour]'s POV---
I smiled slightly at Wolfwood, lifting my paw to shake the one he held out.

"Hello Wolfwood..." I replied, "The name's Kouichi."

<><>Socrate[F, Shuppet]'s POV<><>
I remained silent as Spectra tried to find me...hanging lowly in the darkness, invisible....enshrouded. There was nothing else around, so I was bored much of the time I was hidden, sighing quietly, I sunk in deeper...

.:.:.Sen[F, Mareep]'s POV.:.:.
I looked back at Takuya, trying to hide with shyness.

"C'mon Takuya....Dynamo's very nice." I encouraged him, wagging my tail slightly, the orb on its tip glinting slightly with the light.

`~`Takuya[M, Cyndaquil]'s POV`~`
I was scared of introducing myself to Dynamo....She seemed nice, as Sen told me, but I was still a little shy of introducing myself. I gulped slightly, then turned towards Dynamo.

"Sorry..." i replied meekly, waving my small arms in the air.the flames slightly flaring off my back.

30th August 2003, 11:31 AM
Vulpix's POV

I climbed onto the table and got a close-up look at the notice that had just been posted. No one else seemed to be in a hurry to see it, so I figured I couldn't be doing anything wrong, even if I was standing on a table! I recognized the writing as being sort of similar to the chicken scratch my trainer always used. Only this was better. I peered down through the list of names on the sheet, and saw quite a few I didn't recognize before I reached the bottom.

"Vulpix... Level 5... ma- WHAT?" I yelled, startling a few people near me. I didn't care. "Level FIVE? Didn't they see my battle the other day? I was so proud of my first victory, too! That bug thing was tough! And they didn't even seem to care... they hadn't updated my stats for my level increase... I began to whimper, but quickly stopped myself. My mouth wrenched open on impulse and prepared an Ember. I'd teach them to forget about me!

"Vulpix, it's time to go!" I heard my trainer's voice behind me, and quickly swallowed the flames I was ready to unleash. I never realized how much that burned before! Heartburn city... as we exited the building, I just hoped we didn't have Mexican food tonight...


(Note: Vulpix's level has increased to six. I don't know if you will change it, but I thought you should know. Thanks. :D)

30th August 2003, 11:59 AM

I saw Amy wave at me, so I smiled and waved back. The next thing I knew, her adorable Growlithe came running at me with the shoelace I gave her and jumped into my lap! I giggled, petting the cute puppy gently. A short distance away, Steve's attempts at performing backflips set me off laughing again.

Evenstar, the female Sneasel's POV:

I wasn't left lonely for long. No sooner had I set off to look for someone than did Yana show up to greet me. "Hi. How've you been?" she asked.

I smiled. "Very well, thank you," I replied. "I'm quite excited about the race. Switchblade and I have been training with the help of Elendil and Élan. It's great fun. So, what have you been doing?" I asked her.

Lune, the male Eevee's POV:

It was a calm, sunlit day. The warmth of the golden light soothed out youthful souls, and the air was filled with innocence and joy. I rolled in the soft grass of the green meadow, breathing in the sweet scent of the flowers, convinced that this could only be heaven; it was so peaceful, so happy, so free. And my heart was full, for with me I had the two I cared most about in the world: my greatest love and my dearest friend. Ever since my parents' bitter deaths, these were the only ones left for me to care about; and I cared for them deeply, with every bit of my heart.

The sun cast rays of golden light upon Zephyr's face, accentuating her already perfect beauty. The Jolteon had everything I could have ever dreamed for: kindness, serene grace, and the understanding that fueled my heart and drove me to continue; she helped me to forget my sorrow, for I missed my parents dearly.

But Zephyr's love alone was not enough; I needed Sentinel, also, to support me. Night Sentinel... He was always there for me, for as long as I could remember. Whenever I felt as if I could not go on, he would give me the strength to continue. I felt as if I could always rely on him to understand, to give me strength, to lend me sympathy... I could lean on him when I was weak, and he would help me stand. I trusted him with all my heart.

Together, Zephyr and Sentinel held up my soul. I loved her, and I cherished him. They were my life, and everything I stood for.

Under the sunlight, their faces looked so peaceful, so happy... It was so convincing, so real, I reached out to touch them, to touch their happiness, to touch a time when I did not burn with pain... But then they slowly faded away, further away where I could not reach them, back into the past that was no longer a reality...

The bitter truth dawned upon me once more, as it did every night, every time I closed my eyes to rest... The same haunting dream had tormented my soul now for days, ever since I saw Sentinel again... Ever since I sent him away forever... In my heart, I wished I could bring him back, bring her back, return to the unreachable past... But I knew that it was no longer possible. Fate had spoken, and our actions could never be taken back.

A lonely, shining tear streamed down my face as I awoke... "Why, Sentinel?" I whispered softly. I opened my miserable eyes to see the Scizor standing over me, watching with a face of sympathy... I wiped away my tear. Smiling sadly, I addressed him. "Oh, hello, Blade. I'm sorry I didn't notice you there. Would you like help with something?"

Rúthruin, the female Scyther's POV:

"Just remember it's not your fault. If you want to talk about it some more, I'll be in the pool." With that, Lyra walked back to the poolside.

I sighed, leaning wearily against the wall. Even if it really wasn't my fault... I still made it worse, and I could do nothing about it... I wished somehow that I could help, but I guessed that I would just have to continue to hope, and maybe, in time, things would get better for him...

Blade landed outside in front of Lune, who was sleeping. The Scizor looked a little better already; at least there was an improvement. But nothing could be done to erase the past; that I knew for sure. As I gazed at Lune - whose breaths, although they were even and soft, seemed pained, somehow - I wondered what dark memories burdened his heart. I wanted to reach out to help him; but who was I to try? I couldn't even help myself.

Lune suddenly stirred, and, upon seeing Blade, knowing that he had exposed his sorrow, retreated a bit behind his mask of calmness; yes, I knew now that it was only a mask, after all, to hide his weakness. For Lune never liked to reveal his weaknesses; no, not to anyone, and so this was how he hid it. Behind a mask of tranquil collectedness, away from curious eyes. Because he was so talented, he did it well; but now that his feelings had come rushing back, now that he met that strange Umbreon that he seemed to have known before, now that the past had approached him once more... The mask was weakening, and his emotions were escaping. It would only be a matter of time now before he would reveal the truth; and I remembered my end of the bargain: that if he told, so would I. I shivered to think about reviving past memories and making them come alive again... But I knew, sooner or later, that we both needed to accept the past and leave it behind us, if we ever wanted to find real peace of mind...

30th August 2003, 10:26 PM
[My POV]

I walked in, my Pokemon (minus Haven, whom I'd let out once I got closer to the pool) trailing behind me. I held an egg, shining with all the colors of the rainbow, in my arms. Sitting down, I set the egg carefully in my lap, then tossed Haven's pokeball. She came out, stretching her large and magnificent neck so that she could watch the hatching. Laurenor and Aryll both jumped up next to me, the most interested because it was an Eevee hatching.

With a soft cracking noise, a small thin line appeared down the eggshell. The entire group immediately grew silent, watching as more and more cracks showed up. Soon the eggshell was scattered across my lap, and a small Eevee sat in the midst of it. But it wasn't just any Eevee. This Eevee looked like he had a rainbow painted around his neck. He grinned up at me.

"Wow...." Laurenor breathed, leaning in for a closer look. "He's all rainbowy!"

I giggled. then returned my attention to the new Eevee. He was stumbling around, sniffing at this and that.

"So what are you going to name him?" Akia asked.

I frowned. I hadn't thought about that. "You know, I was going to name him Dakota, but now that name doesn't really seem to fit. He's so unusually-colored that Dakota seems too plain on him." I paused, stroking the young Eevee's fur absentmindedly. "What about... Aodhan?" I said finally.

"Aodhan?" Isis repeated.

"Yeah. It means 'fire' in Celtic, I think," I told her. I looked around at the group. "Anyone have any problems with it?"

Everyone shook their head.

"Well then, little guy, your name is Aodhan," I told him. He licked my hand. I smiled.

Lady Vulpix
31st August 2003, 05:25 PM
I came into the Eevee House after a long absence caused by the piles of university work I've been having lately. My pokemon rushed to the places where they used to relax, and everybody started to look for any known or new faces.

In the meantime, I fixed the sign at the entrance, designating Karin as the ref for the last category of the races, while thanking her for offering herself for the job. :)

I also brought a new sign and stuck it in the middle of the wall, expecting people to read it:


Well, it wasn't quite formal, but it would hopefully get the message through.

31st August 2003, 05:49 PM
<Blade's POV>
"You know, most people and Pokemon are fooled by your calm exterior, but I'm not."
"I don't know what you're talking about", the Eevee replied stubbornly, looking down at the ground.
"Come now little Eevee..." "Lune." "Ok, Lune. You looked miserable before you went to sleep and after. What happened to you and who is Sentinel?"
The Eevee continued to look down and refused to say anything, still too troubled to tell anyone about his past.
"Fine then", I replied, slightly angry about this. "Lyra tells you my story but you won't tell me yours. I'm outta here."
As he looked up and stared at me in wonder, I rose up and sighed before sliding the door open and walking inside. I decided to go to the nearest comfort zone, which was Rebecca, who was rubbing Lee's back with a strange device.
"Anything wrong, Blade?", she asked as I sat down.
"Nothing apart from the usual", I replied quietly.
I continued to watch Lee being rubbed before I got up, feeling restless.
"Want to spar?", Lee asked me. "I haven't done anything in a bit and my legs are all cramped up."
I smiled and moved back a bit, stretching all the while.
"I take it as a yes then. Try not to fly though since I'm already at a disadvantage", he joked.
I glanced at Rebecca, who stared right back at me as we heard Lee tell a joke for the first time. I barked out a laugh and took my stance, ready to have fun.

31st August 2003, 06:07 PM
<Banshee [Houndour, F]>

Stealthily creeping into the darkness that covered little of the house, calm eyes peered out curiously, scanning over the vast sea of Pocket Monsters that always seemed to gather. They chattered happily to each other, oblivious to the ebony hound that lurked, and whom wore a wild grin spread across her muzzle. Banshee continued to stalk smoothly, lowered slightly to the ground as to catch her prey; chuckling, she thought, Where are you, Wolfwood?

Moving along silently the Houndour glanced about, then noticed him speaking to another of their kind. She reclined back a bit, unsure if she should introduce herself or not, then decided to. Shrugging lightly, a silly smile plastered itself upon her expression, and she strided over towards Wolfwood and the other Houndour of which she had never seen before.

<Rock DJ [Aerodactyl, F]>

"I'm fine," the rock bird replied, folding her wings against her sides, "Thank you." Blinking slowly, she teetered backwards, smiling, "Yourself?"

Dodger actually seemed a bit nervous, but quickly masked it behind a calm expression, chatting smoothly as if he wasn't really paying attention. His eyes too were hidden behind sunglasses, so it was useless to attempt to read what he was really thinking, a grin put upon his face.

Glancing over towards little Gwaihir, Rock DJ smiled fondly at the child, whom twisted and turned in the air, squaking happily.

<William [Eevee, M]>

"Ah, um..." the little Eevee looked over at the Jolteon and began to gnaw nervously on his bottom lip, tiny fangs ripping into his own flesh as he did so, "So-sorry, s-sir, I haven't." Ears drooped down a bit, wide brown eyes now becoming half closed and slightly dull, though they brightened softly soon after.

The child arched a brow towards the large Umbreon, then flicked a smile across his face, now slightly catching onto his game.

<Siryn [Arcanine, F]>

"Yaye!" the large wolf like creature exclaimed, grabbing some pre-shredded paper within her mouth and tossing it in the air. It showered down on Megan and her Pokemon. "C-con-gratluations!" she murmured, choking slightly as a piece of paper lodged itself within her throat, then she looked away sheepishly and began to cough again.

Sometimes welcoming new Pokemon was dangerous.

<Kyan [Meowth, M]>

Wandering over towards the new multicoloured Eevee, the ebony cat grinned towards the child, but didn't come closer. He sat beside of the couch, often peeking over to catch a glance, then disappeared behind it once more. A chuckle emitted from his muzzle whenever Siryn had finally managed to cough up the piece of paper and snapped a death glare towards it, but aside from that, he made no other sounds.

Enile Zemula
31st August 2003, 10:00 PM
<Enile's POV>

I wandered in uncertainly. People and Pokemon talked, played, slept, and any numerous other things. I had a small male Eevee on my left shoulder, and a black female Eevee on my right. Currently, my other Pokemon where resting, so I thought it fit to have my Eevees with me now.

"Hi all!" I called out.

1st September 2003, 01:50 PM
[My POV]

I giggled as the Arcanine coughed up the bit of paper. She glared at it, then smiled sheepishly. I grinned and patted her on the head.

"Thanks," I said. Aodhan batted at the scraps of paper playfully. I pulled a couple of TMs from my pocket - the Flash HM and the Shadow Ball TM that I got from the EMT. One I opened right away - the Shadow Ball one. I sprinkled the powder over Aodhan. Then I motioned Royce over, and sprinkled the powder from the Flash TM over him. He grinned at me, then set off to explore. One by one, my other Pokemon did the same. Laurenor and Aryll headed for the pool. Akia wandered off. Paris and Sabine headed for the fridge - probably to get Dr. Pepper. Quaye lay down for a nap. Tamsyn walked off to look for some of her friends. Isis was the only one who didn't leave. She jumped up next to me, watching little Aodhan play. He pranced around my lap, then headed over to Isis. He grinned, batting at her nose. She smiled and nuzzled him.

[Akia's POV]

I walked around the couch, making sure to keep quiet. I'd seen Kyan peeking over the arm of the couch, and as I hadn't seen him leave I assumed he was still there. I glanced out from behind the couch and saw him sitting there. Quietly, I crept up. So far so good... just a little closer and....

"Boo!" I shouted, pouncing on him.

[Aryll's POV]


I watched as Laurenor did a large jump into the pool. I slipped in quietly after him. I wasn't much in the mood for jumping in. I was just all of a sudden on a new team, with a new trainer and new teammates. It was overwhelming... but everyone was nice, and they tried to help me fit in. Especially Laurenor. He loved swimming almost as much as I did. It was nice to have a friend... but I still missed my teammates....

1st September 2003, 02:07 PM
<Kyan [Meowth, M]>

"Aiiie!" he screeched, reeling backwards and being thrown onto the ground, pinned beneath the pastel pink Meowth. "Oh, i-it's you." he pushed her off, then calmly sat up, "I wasn't scared."

Akia grinned, rolling her eyes. "Yeah, that's why it looked like you were about to have a heart attack." she taunted a bit, a firm smirk as her expression.

"N-no," he still stuttered, though now narrowed his eyes, gasping to catch his breath, "I was just pretending to be surprised." His eyes now became wide, he settled down a bit, frowning deeply, "So that your efforts didn't go to waste." Scoffing as Akia chortled at him, he gave in and laughed along with her.

<Mars [Vaporeon, M>

Trudging boredly about the house, a Pocket Monster of blue hue had caught his eye, and he placed the one of same species of him as Aryll. He had seen her quite a bit whenever she belonged to Rachel, but had since then gotten a new trainer, and decided to go over and see how she was adjusting. Pride, always following in boredome, ambled behind.

Making his way over the Vaporeon, he glanced over at Laurenor paddling in the pool, then nodded shortly towards Aryll. "Hey," he cleared his throat, smiling, sitting down on the ground now, "How are you doing?"

Pride had finally managed to catch up and reclined onto the ground nearby, echoing Mars' expression. He seemed to be a more withdrawn and quiet type, so said nothing, merely sat there and politely smiled.

1st September 2003, 08:11 PM
(Ranec's POV)

I winked at my son. He was a bright one, catching onto my little game. I smiled. "If you see him, tell him I'm curious to know if he's as good a pouncer as his pappa is. He can practice on me."

(Dodger's POV)

"I'm fine. Thank you." She replied blinking. "Yourself?" "pretty good i answered while watching Gwaihir. He was a natural at flying. I was proud of him. I knew he would be a storng aerodactyl some day. I smiled over at Rock DJ before stretching my wings.

(Laila's POV)

I was glad that Ranec had stopped Aleu from picking at me. He and the others had made it a point to try and stop her when she was doing that until i could get stronger and stand up for myself. I was just too weak to do anything. I was deep into my thoughts and didn't hear anyone approach. I slightly jumped when i heard, "Hey, remember me?" I smiled. It was one of the larvitars that had been nice to me earlier. "Leilani isn't it?" I asked hoping i remembered her name correctly.

(Amy's POV)

I walked in carrying Nahima in my arms. She was a little upset, but she didn't let losses bother her. I could tell that she was gettign tired of her losing streak though. I hugged her, and then sat her down on the ground and pointed over at her half sister, Amaya. Nahima smiled and ran over to her.

I then pulled out a pair of TMs, before calling Flame and Oliver over. I gave Oliver his first. I sprinkled the powder over him and soon he had learned nightmare. I repeated the process with Flame and he soon had learned Mega kick. They both thanked me and went to do their own thing.

(Arwen's POV)

I was looking forward to my next battle with Jasmine. I thought we could do good this time as well. I saw Belisama walking around, and i carefully snuck up behind her and pounced on her. "Pinned ya." I chuckled happily as i let my friend up. She had a twinkle in her eye that gave me the impression she was about to do something as well.

1st September 2003, 11:04 PM
~*^*~Gothic's POV~*^*~
"Luckily, I had no school on my birthday...." I sighed with relief, lost within the sound of Disturbed on my CD Discman. I was now 14...I'm growing by the second, it's odd. My Pokemon seemed to enjoy theirselves...what a serene sight. I looked around, wondering if anybody was here to tell me any "Happy Birthdays", or something like that.

Lady Vulpix
2nd September 2003, 02:51 PM
Attention, everyone!

The first category of the Land Race starts in 1 hour!

Get your pokemon ready, send me your moves via AIM (preferrably), PM or by posting them here, and enjoy the race!
Remember it's only 1 move per uptade. You can send me anything from just one move to a plan for the whole race and anything in between.

The race track is 600 units long.

The participants are:

• Flare, Level 11 Female Arcanine (30) ~ Angel Blossom
• Haku, Level 8 Male Arcanine (25) ~ Hexae
• Cybertron, Level 14 "Male Porygon (25) ~ DarkPrince the Dark Knight
• Switchblade, Level 13 "Male" Porygon (23) ~ Charizard04621
• Groundskeeper Willie, Level 6 Male Elekid (20) ~ SilverMachop
• Voodoo, Level 8 Female Electrike (20) ~ Discotheque
• Quaye, Level 6 Female Absol (17) ~ MarshmallowEgg
• Warrior, Level 7 Male Shroomish (14) ~ Avian Freeze
• Vulpix, level 5 Male Vulpix (14) ~ mr_pikachu
• Grace, Level 5 Female Chansey (13) ~ Parsec's Politoed

If you have any corrections to make, please make them before the race starts.

Knight of Time
2nd September 2003, 03:08 PM
center][b]My POV[/center]

It had been a few weeks since I was at the Eevee House. Walking in, I noticed Gabi right away, and smiled at her. Taking our Cybertron's Pokeball, I enlarged it, and opened it up to reveal the energetic Porygon.

"Hey Cybertron, you ready for this race?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I'm ready. Wish me luck." Cybertron said as he went to the start of the race.

"Good luck Cybertron, you might be able to win this race." I said.

Moving over to the nearest couch, I decided to sit down, and I patiently watched for the other Pokemon about to race...

Lady Vulpix
2nd September 2003, 04:14 PM
And the race begins!

All the pokemon are ready to go! 3... 2... 1...

The whistle blows, and everybody runs off.

Switchblade and Cybertron started off with Agility, while Voodoo used a Thunder Wave on Flare. The poor Flare was paralyzed as soon as she started running!

Cybertron had a good start, getting 200 units ahead of the starting line.
Switchblade got even further, advancing 276 units!
Haku's start wasn't that good, but he still managed to run a good 75 units.
Groundskeeper Willie easily evaded the pokemon in front of him and got 180 units ahead!
Voodoo only managed to advance 90 units after attacking.
Quaye got close to her, moving 85 units.
Warrior advanced 42 units.
The unnamed Vulpix, only 28.
Grace passed by Vulpix, getting 39 units away from the start.
And finally, Flare got to advance 32 units in spite of her paralysys.

Status for the first update:

• Switchblade 276
• Cybertron: 200
• Groundskeeper 180
• Voodoo: 90
• Quaye: 85
• Haku: 75
• Warrior: 42
• Grace: 39
• Flare: 32 - Paralyzed
• Vulpix: 28

Now Cybertron used Icy Wind, and lowered Switchblade's and Groundskeeper Willie's speed one grade.
However, Switchblade made up for it with another Agility.
Voodoo released another Thunder Wave, this time on Haku. One more pokemon was paralyzed.

Switchblade advanced at an impressive speed, moving a whole 348 units and leaving the competition behind! He crossed the finish line!
Cybertron got another 200 units ahead, but was unable to reach the other Porygon.
Voodoo seems to have got discouraged, and only advanced 20 units.
Quaye got 68 units ahead.
Warrior moved only 28 units.
Vulpix decided to give it his all to get as far as he could, and advance 84 units.
Groundskeeper Willie could only run 26 units this time. He must be getting tired.
Grace, in turn, steadily advanced another 39 units.
Flare got 24 units ahead of where she was.
As for Haku, he only managed to advance 18 units.


• Switchblade 624
• Cybertron: 400
• Groundskeeper 206
• Quaye: 153
• Vulpix: 112
• Voodoo: 110
• Haku: 93 - Paralyzed
• Grace: 78
• Warrior: 70
• Flare: 56 - Paralyzed

The race was cut short due to Switchblade's impressive display of speed. Congratulations, Switchy!

Karin, you can get any item from the Reward Center as a prize for Switchblade's victory. Well done!

Everyone else, I hope you enjoyed the race. Medicine will be provided for paralyzed pokemon. Now you can all rekax and keep having fun. :)

Shadow Djinn
2nd September 2003, 05:41 PM
Hm..I can't seem to find my Umbreon on the list...Missed perhaps? anyway..

Male Umbreon Level 5
Trait: Synchronize
Attacks: Hidden Power Dark, Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping hand

I can't really find anything to post...so..yeah...hope this isn't spam..

Lady Vulpix
2nd September 2003, 05:52 PM
Sorry, Shadow Djinn, your Umbreon was never registered. The participants for all the races have been listed on the first post of this topic ever since this version opened.

I hope you get the chance to enter a pokemon for the next race (after the current ones are done).

2nd September 2003, 05:54 PM
I walked into the Eevee House and slumped onto the couch, books now splayed in front of me. Seren fluttered onto the couch back with his fluffy wings, curiously watching the tired Pokemon back from the race. Aurora followed, in a tired mood herself. I released the rest of my Pokemon, besides Starbuck, who was out at the breeding center. Most of them crowded around the television, though Riptide and Devlin wandered off to the pool. I picked up one of my books and began writing on an already half-filled piece of paper. Aurora eyed me, unimpressed.
"It's your own fault you started this late, you know." I didn't bother answering verbally; just gave her a look and continued on writing. Accursed summer assignments.

\\Aurora's PoV//
At least I could be glad Pokemon didn't need to go to school. With a last scowl at my procrastinating-prone trainer, I wandered off through the house, wondering what other Pokemon were here today.

Avian Freeze
2nd September 2003, 09:04 PM
:: My POV ::

I walked into the Eevee House, carefully holding an egg with brown spots speckled all over wrapped in a soft cloth. I sat down at the couch and examined the shelled item. It was rather petite, well after all, the baby was the fifth child of Rainbow, so naturally he would probably be smaller than most Eevee ^^;. All of a sudden, the egg began to brim with a pure white color. Energy flowed freely from the shell as a crack split through the egg, ready to hatch. Arianrhod flew over at the sight of the miraculous event. She hovered over my shoulder and looked down as a tiny furry head popped out of the shell. His eyes were closed, and his fur still wet from the inside of the egg. He whimpered softly and I helped him out of the shell, drying him off delicately with the cloth. "Hey there little guy ^_^" I said, smiling softly at him. Apparently he didn't inherit Rainbow's colors unlike the rest of his brothers and sisters, so he would be the oddball. He let out some quiet sounds and licked my hand, then oddly jumped off my lap. I bent down and watched him carefully, keeping him from getting hurt. He attempted to walk a bit, but then stumbled, and I was quick to help him get up, but he let out a cry and bit me softly x_x. He continued to try to walk and I chuckled. What an independent Eevee. "So how about I name you Kesler?" I petted him. "It means 'independent and energetic', seems like you may be like that." the baby Eevee looked up as if thinking for a moment and then grinned, apparently a positive answer ^^. "Welcome to the team Kesler." I said.

:: Wolfwood the Male Houndour's POV ::

"Hello Wolfwood...my name's Kouichi" the other Wolfwood introduced himself. I smiled, and then averted my gaze as I heard some shuffling behind us. I saw the Houndour again, a wide grin plastered on her muzzle.
"Wolfwood!" I heard my trainer calling.
"Hey, why don't you get to meet each other for now ^^;. Banshee, this is Kouichi. And Kouichi, Banshee." beckoning to each of them. I then dashed over to my trainer, who ruffled my fur.
"I've got a surprise here for you, Wolfwood." He took out a small pouch and sprinkled the powder on me. I barked happily after it all entered my body. I learned Counter!

:: My POV ::

After giving Wolfwood his TM, I beckoned Din over as well. The little Pichu hobbled over and I sprinkled some powder on him. This TM taught Din Present, which I hoped he would like ^^. The Pichu then made his way back to the couch and settled into Amy's lap, making a cute face at her ^.^. I grinned and walked over to Laura, saying "Happy Birthday" for yesterday. "I hope you had a good birthday yesterday ^^."

:: Spectra the Female Gastly's POV ::

I searched silently for Socrate, vanishing subtly in and out of the shadows. Socrate was a really good hider, hard to find. I pursued on, wondering where she could be. I then noticed an odd waviness by the tree shade and sunk into the shadow, to meet up with the Shuppet! "Found you. :P" I said to Socrate.

:: Dynamo the Female Mareep's POV ::

"C'mon Takuya....Dynamo's very nice." Sen said to her Cyndaquil buddy.
"Sorry..." Takuya said shyly.
"Don't be sorry, you have nothing to be sorry about ^^." I told Takuya. "So what do you guys wanna do?" I inquired again, I was eager to do something.

:: Aquaphaze the Female Vaporeon's POV ::

I was bored...again. I sighed, very lonely. I settled myself on to the carpet, staring off into space. Boltz and his trainer had gone again, and I had no idea when they would be back. I missed him...a lot, and I wished the two would come back soon. I then ambled over to the pool and dove in, maybe the water would free my mind.

:: Leilani the Female Larvitar's POV ::

"Yup, it's Leilani all right." I said to Laila. "So, why does that Bagon always pick on you anyway? :\" That Bagon seemed like such a bully, I don't know why he harassed her so much, I never saw anything Laila had done to her to deserve that.

:: Belisama the Female Vulpix's POV ::

I yipped as Arwen pounced on me! She startled me and I got up, chuckling. "Pinned ya." she said, smirking. I grinned and then exhaled a really tiny flame. Ashes fell on Arwen's left ear and I giggled. It wasn't enough to hurt her, just a playful flame, but her blackened ear was definitely amusing. "Got ya back." I said to her, sticking out my tongue :P.

2nd September 2003, 10:40 PM
(Amy's POV)

I chuckled and tickled the little pichu under his chin. He seemed to enjoy the attention. Dixie in the mean time had jumped down and begun to explore. I watched half smiling as a lot of males turned their heads to watch her. She walked over to Tyler and jumped on his lap. Lani was running around the house with the shoe lace still in her mouth.

(Laila's POV)

"So, why does that Bagon always pick on you anyway? :\" Well it was a point blank question. Leilani deserved an honest answer. She had been nice to me. I scratched my head nervously. "Well, its because I'm different. In Aleu's own words, I'm, 'a freak.'" I smiled nervously. Amy won me as a prize for coming in second place. I'm an elemental larvitar which means that i already knwo flamethrower, ice beam, and thunderbolt, even though we can't normally learn those moves until we evolve into a tyrannitar." I looked down waitign for the "You're a freak!" that i was sure was coming.

(Arwen's POV)

I giggled, and looked at Belisama. "Wanna play tag?" I asked.

(Nahima's POV)

I walked around, and explored a bit. It wasn't long till i got bored and went to look and see if Amaya was anywhere around. I saw her and tried to practice stealth by sneaking up on her but she heard me and turned around grinning.

Avian Freeze
2nd September 2003, 11:42 PM
:: My POV ::

Din sure did enjoy Amy's scratching. He laughed and burbled over the attention, hugging her with his short arms. I then felt some extra weight on me as I saw a cute Eevee who had jumped on me. I petted her, and Amy told me her name was Dixie. She sure was a pretty Eevee, she definitely got a lot of attention from the other Pok&eacute;mon. Kesler then waltzed over, still stumbling a bit, and hopped on to the couch. The baby Eevee crooned and snuggled in my lap, tired from the birth probably ^^;. I continued to ruffle Dixie's fur as she stared oddly at Kesler.

:: Leilani the Female Larvitar's POV ::

"Well, its because I'm different. In Aleu's own words, I'm, 'a freak.'" I smiled nervously. Amy won me as a prize for coming in second place. I'm an elemental larvitar which means that i already knwo flamethrower, ice beam, and thunderbolt, even though we can't normally learn those moves until we evolve into a tyrannitar." Laila told me the whole story.
"Wow, I don't think you're a freak at all. Frankly, I just think Aleu is jealous of you." I said with a wink ;). "I think having those three elemental moves must be pretty cool ^_^. You've gotta show me sometime." I was excited to see Laila's amazing powers. Those moves were quite tough to harness, and Laila must have been a very special Pok&eacute;mon to have that skill.

:: Belisama the Female Vulpix's POV ::

"Wanna play tag?" Arwen asked me, giggling. I laughed and said, "Sure!". We hadn't played this game for a while ^_^. "You're it." I teased, and ran off out of the Eevee House as Arwen pursued, both of us chuckling.

:: Amaya the Female Poochyena's POV ::

I was sauntering around the Eevee House, bored, when I heard some shuffling of feet behind me. I perked my ears up and then turned around to see the friendly face of Nahima. I smirked and pounced on her. We rolled across the carpet, wrestling playfully and having fun. I hoped our dad might come soon as well ^_^.

Okay, the 31-60 race will start on Thursday at 2:00PM Atlantic Time, which, is erm...around 37 hours from now ^^. You may send me what you will use each round in PMs or AIM me at Silverhawk513. I will give you half an hour to answer, and if you don't wish to use anything, you don't need to PM me. You can also PM/IM your attacks in advance if you may not be on at the time.

EDIT: Sorry, but I'm going to postpone it to 4:00PM :\, which is in 2 more hours.

3rd September 2003, 02:09 PM
Throwing my Day Stone in the air Eevee (Purple Tail Gene) jumps at it and glows brightly evolving into Espeon. Now his Purple Tail Gene will be covered up as he has a purple tail anyway and his father use to be a Psychic Eevee so he has fulfil his dream.


3rd September 2003, 02:33 PM
(Dixie's POV)

I purred happily, that felt good. When the other eevee came over I smiled at him. The i closed my eyes, and soon i was asleep.

(Laila's POV)

"Wow, I don't think you're a freak at all. Frankly, I just think Aleu is jealous of you." Leilani replied. I sighed in relief. "I don't know... Why would she be jealous of me? She's a whole lot stronger than i am." Her answer was sincere. Maybe i wasn't a freak after all. I smiled. "I think having those three elemental moves must be pretty cool ^_^. You've gotta show me sometime." "Ok," I told her. "Wanna go outside?"

(Lani's POV)

I ran around the place after greeting the person that gave me my toy. I was looking trying to find my dad. I had heard he was the same as me. Only he ws a boy and i'm a girl.

(Arwen's POV)

I ran after Belisama, giggling. "Wait for me!" I called laughing as i knew she wouldn't. I ran and was soon catching up to her.

(Kovu's POV)

I began to wonder aimlessly around hte Eevee House. I was bored, but i was also lookign for someone. I was hoping that Midnight was around here somewhere. Soon, I caught a glimpse of her, and slowly made my way over to where she was. "Hi Midnight." I said as I nervouse brushed a bit of my fure out of my face.

3rd September 2003, 04:27 PM
\\Third Person//
The Ninetales eyed her Umbreon companion, amused. Midnight's blue rings were flashing unsteadily after seeing Kovu, and she glared at them. These things can be a curse, you know... Cinders chuckled lightly and nudged her friend forward when a larger, male Umbreon approached them.
Hi, Midnight, he said, obviously a bit nervous. He tried to calm himself by moving a stubborn bit of fur, even though most of it fell back into place. He smiled slightly when Midnight smiled at it, laughing shyly.
Not much luck, huh? She looked over his somewhat shaggy fur and unique scar in an oddly happy way, but Cinders would have none of that.
Oh, go on, you two! She smacked her muzzle into Midnight's side, sending her stumbling into Kovu. Midnight yelped and hastily apologised to the larger Umbreon, then gave her teammate a glare of pure venom. Cinders merely laughed and got up to go explore the kitchen. Midnight sighed, rings fading in color as she calmed. She sat herself on her haunches and looked at Kovu, now composed.
So... How've you been, Kovu?

Avian Freeze
4th September 2003, 03:55 PM
Yipes, really sorry for being late x_x. Anyway, the 31-60 races will be starting now! The participants are as follows:

Akia, Level 13 Female Meowth (36) ~ MarshmallowEgg
Aiyana, Level 18 Female Spotted Houndour (39) ~ Nala98
Legolas, Level 19 Male Grovyle (53) ~ DarkPrincess
Evenstar, Level 12 Female Sneasel (40) ~ Charizard04621
Diablos, Level 12 Male Sneasel (40) ~ Link 10
Lavender, Level 19 Female Espeon (58 ) ~ Rambunctious Jamirus

The track will be 1044 units long. You can IM me at Silverhawk513 or PM me for your moves, and you have 30 minutes to tell me your move between each round beginning now or I will assume you are not using an attack and just moving.

Round 1
Lavender began by just moving and she passed by 232 units!
Legolas used a Quick Attack and moved ahead 265 units!
Diablos used a Quick Attack as well and moved ahead 240 units!
Evenstar then used an Icy Wind and slowed all the racers! Akia's speed was lowered to 24! Aiyana's speed was lowered to 26! Legolas' speed was lowered to 35! Diablos' speed was lowered to 27! Lavender's speed was lowered to 39! Evenstar then moved ahead 200 units!
Aiyana decided to just move and moved ahead 52 units!
Akia decided to move as well and moved ahead 120 units!

Legolas: 265 units, speed lowered to 35
Diablos: 240 units, speed lowered to 27
Lavender: 232 units, speed lowered to 39
Evenstar: 200 units, speed still at 40
Akia: 120 units, speed lowered to 24
Aiyana: 52 units, speed lowered to 26

Round 2
Evenstar begins and uses a Quick Attack. She moves ahead 240 units!
Lavender is second to go and uses a Sand Attack on Evenstar, lowering her accuracy! She only moves ahead 78 units though!
Legolas uses a Quick Attack and moves ahead 175 units!
Diablos uses an Icy Wind and slows Legolas' speed to 27, Lavender's to 29, and Evenstar's speed to 27! He then moves ahead 54 units!
Aiyana attempts to use a Hidden Power ~ Psychic on Akia, but Akia is too far ahead! She then moves ahead 104 units!
Akia decides to just move and advances 96 units!

Evenstar: 440 units, speed lowered to 27, Accuracy lowered
Legolas: 440 units, speed lowered to 27
Lavender: 310 units, speed lowered to 29
Diablos: 294 units, speed lowered to 27
Akia: 216 units, speed lowered to 24
Aiyana: 156 units, speed lowered to 26

Round 3
Lavender decides to just move and goes ahead 116 units!
Diablos uses a Quick Attack. He is really lucky this time and moves ahead 297 units!
Legolas uses a Quick Attack as well and moves ahead only 81 units unfortunately.
Evenstar uses a Quick Attack and moves ahead 189 units!
Aiyana moves ahead and advances 104 units again!
Akia moves ahead and advances 96 units again as well!

Evenstar: 629 units, speed lowered to 27, Accuracy lowered
Diablos: 591 units, speed lowered to 27
Legolas: 521 units, speed lowered to 27
Lavender: 426 units, speed lowered to 29
Akia: 312 units, speed lowered to 24
Aiyana: 260 units, speed lowered to 26

Round 4
Lavender moves ahead again and luckily advances 174 units!
Evenstar uses another Quick Attack and advances only 81 units unfortunately.
Diablos uses another Quick Attack as well and advances 108 units!
Legolas uses another Quick Attack and advances 189 units!
Aiyana moves and advances only 52 units unfortunately.
Akia moves as well and advances 96 units!

Evenstar: 710 units, speed lowered to 27, Accuracy lowered
Legolas: 710 units, speed lowered to 27
Diablos: 699 units, speed lowered to 27
Lavender: 600 units, speed lowered to 29
Akia: 408 units, speed lowered to 24
Aiyana: 312 units, speed lowered to 26

Round 5
Lavender moves and advances 145 units this time!
Legolas uses yet another Quick Attack and advances 135 units!
Evenstar uses a Quick Attack too and advances 108 units!
Diablos uses a Quick Attack as well and advances 162 units!
Aiyana moves ahead and advances 78 units!
Akia moves ahead and advances only 24 units unfortunately.

Diablos: 861 units, speed lowered to 27
Legolas: 845 units, speed lowered to 27
Evenstar: 818 units, speed lowered to 27, Accuracy lowered
Lavender: 745 units, speed lowered to 29
Akia: 432 units, speed lowered to 24
Aiyana: 390 units, speed lowered to 26

Round 6
Lavender moves again and advances 174 units!
Legolas uses a Quick Attack and advances 270 units, crossing the finish line!
Diablos uses another Quick Attack and advances 189 units, crossing the finish line as well!
Evenstar uses a Quick Attack as well and advances 243 units, the third one to cross the finish line!
Aiyana moves ahead and advances 52 units!
Akia moves ahead as well and advances another 24 units unfortunately again.

Legolas: 1115 units, speed lowered to 27
Evenstar: 1061 units, speed lowered to 27, Accuracy lowered
Diablos: 1050 units, speed lowered to 27
Lavender: 919 units, speed lowered to 29
Akia: 456 units, speed lowered to 24
Aiyana: 442 units, speed lowered to 26

And Legolas is the winner for having crossed the farthest past the finish line! Congratulations! The winner, DarkPrincess, may choose any item from the Reward Center! The race was very close for Legolas, Evenstar, and Diablos. The other racers did well too. The 61-90 category should begin once Nala98 announces it ^^.

4th September 2003, 06:42 PM

The next race will either be held tomorrow night or Sunday night dpending on how much time i have to access the comuter

Avian Freeze
4th September 2003, 07:36 PM
:: My POV ::

I came back into the Eevee House, returning from the land race I had reffed. Wow that was a close match. I was exhausted and plopped myself on to the couch. Kesler bounded over and I scratched his fur as he yipped happily. The energetic Eevee then hopped off my leg and looked around for any possible friends. I heaved a heavy sigh, tired.

:: Leilani the Female Larvitar's POV ::

"Ok, wanna go outside?" Laila asked, clearly a lot more relieved.
"Sure!" I said, eager to see her awesome powers. The both of us walked to the outside of the house and I waited anxiously to see her moves.

:: Belisama the Female Vulpix's POV ::

I dashed outside, happily laughing. I made a lap around the house and then went into the house, realizing Arwen in close pursuit. I looked behind me, grinning at Arwen, when I came to a short stop in the kitchen in front of a graceful Ninetales. She looked familiar, but it was odd, I had never seen her before. My trainer came over to me and smiled warmly, telling me she was Cinders, Espeon12's Ninetales, and my mother. I gaped. After almost two months, I finally saw her. "M-m-mom?" I stuttered at the gorgeous Ninetales.

5th September 2003, 07:39 PM

The next race will be held Sunday night because i have a lot of home work tonight. I only have time to make this post before i hneed to start on it.

(Amy's POV)

All of my pokemon except for Salem and Kovu made their way back to the Eevee House. Kovu had decided to stay there after he had seen a friend of his. Sale was off getting used to his new home. My teammates and I were all sad to see him go, but we were excited about the egg that i was carrying in my arms. It was shaking and I could hear sound coming from inside. I carefully made my way over to the sofa as Blazer drug out a baby blue blanket. I gently placed the egg on it, and it wasn't a moment too soon as a crack formed in it. As we watched, more cracks appeared, and then a small head poked out. It was that of a ponyta except rather than the normal white color, it was dark black. Soon, the rest of the baby's body emerged from the egg and we could tell that it was a female. She had lavender eyes, and her flames started out lavender blending into a pastel blue color. She laid there looking around for a few minutes. Then she tried to stand, but fell down. She waited a few minutes then tried it again. I reached over and stroked her head. "I think I'll call you Ebony. Do you like that?" I asked. She made a cute little sound then she hiccuped. I laughed. "I take that as a yes."

(Laila's POV)

I smiled and the two of us went outside. I then began my little demonstration. I was still a little nervous but slightly more relaxed now that Aleu wasn't around.

(Kovu's POV)

"Yeah," I chuckled when Midnight said "Not much luck, huh?" My rings flashed slightly when Cinders pushed her into me. I couln't help but smile, as she apologized. "No need for you to apologize. It wasn't you're fault." I watched as the ninetales slowly walked off. "So... How've you been, Kovu?" "I've been doing pretty good myself. You?" I asked, and i smiled as I listened to her wonderful voice. When she was finished, i i nervously scratched my head before finding my voice. "Midnight... do... would you like to go for a walk with me?" I asked as I nervously awaited her answer.

5th September 2003, 09:39 PM
Switchblade, the *male* Porygon's POV:

"Oh, yeah, haha! Who's the best now, Élan?" I didn't mean to boast, but you had to admit, winning the race in two rounds was nothing short of awesome. The Unown G merely looked amused.

"You call that winning?" he answered. "I could have gone at double your pace. Strategically speaking, you left yourself vulnerable for attack. I could see it. You weren't paying attention to your surroundings; you had your eyes on the finish line. Silly Porygon," he said jokingly.

"Hey, what? Hmph." I gave Élan an indignant look, and then went off to show my Status Die to Evenstar. "You're just jealous," I teased back.

Evenstar, the female Sneasel's POV:

"Yes, it's wonderful," I told Switchblade, for possibly the seventh time in the week. He was so proud of winning his Status Die in the race, that for the past few days, he couldn't resist showing it to me multiple times. I didn't mind, however. The Porygon was so funny when he was excited. I liked the way his eyes sparkled when he bounced about happily. It never failed to make me smile.

"Wait, so how did you do?" he asked me.

"I came in second place," I told him. "Legolas the Grovyle got ahead of me in the end; I think I could have done better, but an Espeon had thrown dirt into my eyes, and I sort of stumbled my way through the rest of the race. I managed to get most of it out, but the distraction cost me too much time. If only I could see well enough to Icy Wind, I would probably have gotten a better advantage. It's all right, though. I enjoyed myself."

"Aww, too bad," Switchblade replied. "Oh, well, maybe next time," he suggested cheerfully, and went to find someone else to display his prize to. It was an interesting object, really. I thought it was neat.

Looking around the Eevee House for any signs of Yana, I walked slowly around the place trying to find her. I had to ask her what she felt during the race. It was exciting for me; my heart had been pounding rapidly all the way!

Lune, the male Eevee's POV:

They stung, and yet, they were so true...

Fine then, Lyra tells you my story but you won't tell me yours. I'm outta here.

For the past week, the words of the Scizor had burdened my heart. My thoughts had been troubled ones, and I could never get the bitterness of his voice out of my mind. But he was right; I could not take something for nothing.

Sighing, I beckoned to Rúthruin. The Scyther came cautiously, sensing my mood, and therefore treading lightly so as to avoid disturbing me more than was needed. "It's time," I whispered. "Where is Ryu? He must also hear this. Elwing, however, should be spared the grief."

As if answering my call, the Trapinch appeared, accompanied by Elwing, whose expression immediately turned somber when she saw my face.

"Ryu, we need to talk," I told the Trapinch. Turning to Elwing with an almost pleading look in my eyes, I said, "I think you should go find your father."

She shook her head, not budging from beside Ryu. "You're going to talk about what happened, aren't you?" she asked. "I can tell by your sad and serious expression. I want to know, too," she said. "And don't tell me I'm too young. I want to understand why you attacked that Umbreon that day, or I may never feel comfortable around you again."

"Elwing..." I begged, but it was no use. She remained stubbornly in her spot. "Listen, there are some things that are better not to know... My past... It is horrific. With your innocence of mind, you still have peace and joy, free of torment. Please, cherish it while you can. Cherish that innocence. Once it is destroyed, it cannot come back again."

"You owe me an explanation, just like you do to Rúthruin and Ryu," the Dratini replied. "I have as much a right as they do to know exactly why you did what you did. If you don't explain it to me now, I will be plagued by that question night and day, and I won't be sure what you are. I can't imagine what provoked you to such behavior, and if you don't tell me what happened between you and that Umbreon, I won't know how to think of you."

I sighed. "This is all my fault... If I had controlled my feelings, none of this would have happened. You would not be begging me to destroy your innocence..."

Ryu intervened. "Stop, Lune," he said firmly. "You're making it worse." Turning to Elwing, his tone became much gentler. "Elwing," he said softly, "your arguments are completely valid and affecting, but I don't think your father would approve."

The Dratini immediately turned pale. "You mean Daddy would think I'd be doing a bad thing?" she said, wavering. The Trapinch nodded. "Oh..." Her voice trailed off, and she bowed her head. "Okay, but I still don't understand why I should be excluded." With that, Elwing slithered off slowly towards the pool, downhearted.

I took a deep breath before I began. We were in a quiet corner of the Eevee House where there would be no distractions; I knew I would have to be prepared to tell my story in full. To relive the past... It was painful. And finally verbalizing the tragedy would seal this cruel part of fate forever. Admitting what happened would mean that I accepted the past as a reality, and recognized that it could not be changed. A part of me wanted to fool myself forever, but reason told me that I could not escape the truth. What had happened had happened, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Closing my eyes, I began to speak. "Long ago - I cannot remember how long, now, as I have passed aimless days swimming through a surreal world, unwilling to come back to reality, for fear of confronting the horrible truth - I was complete. I had my innocence, I had my family, I had my friends. There was nothing else that could have made me happier.

"We lived in a forest, a whole group of us: Eevee and their evolutions, mostly, with other similar quadrupeds intermingled within us. There were Houndour, Poochyena, and Growlithe, among some. We lived together in harmony, happily, for our home provided us with everything we needed: food, shelter, and comfort. Being in such a state, we took our safety for granted.

"One day, it all changed. I was still quite young then, but I can remember it clearly. Humans came, evil humans who destroyed the forest. They hacked down trees for profit, poisoned our rivers so they could easily capture the aquatic creatures who lived inside them, and killed anything that irritated them or got in their way.

"When they found us, we were surprised, having never been in contact with humans before. We were curious. In a friendly manner, we approached them to investigate. But when they saw us, their evil eyes gleamed with greed. Some of us were shot with tranquilizers, others trapped under nets. When we realized that the humans were here for our capture, we fiercely resisted. My parents were among the first to die in the struggle. When they attacked, the humans, in surprise and fear, struck them with axes and guns, kicking their broken bodies around further even after they had ceased to struggle. To avenge a few bites and scratches, the humans killed in cold blood. What had started as a catching spree now turned into a massacre. They even shot dead the pokémon who had been trapped in nets; there was no end to their cruelty. The forest floor was painted red that day.

"I was lucky, in a way. Of all the pokémon who had lived there, only three survived: me, Zephyr, and Night Sentinel. They were my closest friends. Together, we helped each other fill the holes in our lives that were made with our parents' deaths. We supported each other, promised each other to grow strong and never allow a second incident like that to happen again. Zephyr and Sentinel were Eevee then.

"Through time, Zephyr and Sentinel evolved, although I chose to remain in this form. My parents had died as Eevee; I decided that I would do the same when the time came.

"Zephyr and Sentinel were my life. In the empty world, they alone held the keys to my soul. They helped to heal my broken heart. And, while Sentinel always stood by me, providing strength when I needed help to go on, Zephyr captivated me. In her face I saw past glory preserved, a living remnant of joy in her beauty. I guess you could say that in her, I found true happiness. I loved her with all my heart.

"Sentinel, nevertheless, remained just as important to me. Without him, I would probably have given up many times over. He fueled my spirit, and whenever I felt troubled, he was the one I could always confide in. He cared deeply for me, and he was always a symbol of strength. Sentinel would always listen to my problems, enduring my sorrow along with me, although he also had his own. Sentinel never passed any pain of his own to me. He hated to see me hurt. I trusted the Umbreon with my life.

"Jolteon, Eevee, and Umbreon... We went hand in hand together, living through life's challenges and a memory of a bitter past. Leaving the place of the tragedy, we found a new meadow of our own, a safe haven in the mountains where no humans would ever find us. Still, Zephyr could never feel comfortable of our safety again, ever watchful for signs of outside intruders. Although she still had in her the free spirit that I loved, she was constrained by her fear. How ironic that her only threat was inside our haven, while she looked outward.

"On a night of a full moon, when the stars shone generously upon us from the celestial heavens, we decided to climb to a beautiful part of the mountain, from which jutted out a strong, flat ledge. The view was splendid from there; to the right, we could see the vast forests stretch on downwards for miles, while connected to the ledge was a swift river coming to its end and splashing downwards as a long, magnificent waterfall that foamed beautifully at the bottom. Little did I know that I would come to hate its glory.

"I had told Zephyr and Sentinel to go ahead while I brought up a snack. I found pleasure in gathering things from the forest; don't ask me why. Perhaps I found it exciting to hunt day by day for the berries and plants, like searching for treasure, not knowing quite exactly what I would find in the vast, tangled array of the forest the next time.

"Eventually I found Zephyr's favorite - Pecha Berries - and also Sentinel's, the rarer fruit that to my knowledge was unique to our haven: I had my own personal name for it, the Star of Passion. It was small, but when ripe, it bloomed with a vigorous spirit like a bright flame, flaring outwards to five points and displaying its vibrant color. The fruit had a defiant nature, as if it made up for its small size with its strong, living spirit. And the very sight of it stirred emotion and powerful passion, strong feelings that renewed hope with its sturdy and dominating will. It was as if Sentinel had been embodied in a flower.

"I ambled leisurely along the upward path when I should have been running for my life... For Zephyr's. As I neared the ledge, I saw the two figures ahead, and the great moon looming above in the skies. But I couldn't admire the placid moonlight, for suddenly, a nightmare had begun to play right before my eyes.

"Sentinel had his paw on Zephyr's shoulder. She was relaxing, smiling tranquilly as the stars showered her beautiful face with their glorious light. She began to relax, leaning against him. And then he pushed her.

"The unsuspecting Jolteon did not resist; she could not. She merely fell. I saw the shock on Zephyr's face as she realized what had happened, saw the terror in her eyes as she shot over the edge. The thundering of the waterfall seemed to grow ever louder in my ears, drowning out the sound of my rapidly beating heart. I had been frozen, frozen by the horrific event that I had just witnessed. I could not believe it. The crash of the water on the rocks below taunted me with its cruelty. I could almost imagine it telling me how it had swallowed her up, crushed her, stolen her away from me, hiding her forever in a watery grave.

"Sentinel, upon seeing me, smiled placidly, as if he was totally unaware of what he had just done. 'She fell,' he said. 'Did you see that, Lune? Horrible. She fell.'

"I could not understand it. Why? Why? Tears filled my eyes as the Umbreon approached me. I was broken. I hated him; I wanted to tear away from him forever, wanted never to see his face again. But I wanted to be comforted; I wanted him to tell me that it had never happened, that I had been hallucinating, that Zephyr was still alive. I had always counted on him for support, always trusted him above everyone else. But what had I seen? What had he done? Why was she gone...?

"He smiled at me warmly, with sympathy. 'Don't worry,' he said calmly, 'You still have me.' His eyes were glazed, far away from reality. He was in a distant world.

"I stared at him with horror, agony, dread. My confused tears continued to pour down my face. 'Why, Sentinel?'

"His answer stung more than my loss of Zephyr. The reality for that had still not yet sunk in. 'Because I love you,' he said.

"Those words, I promise, have been the most painful to me in my entire life. I can't forget them, ever. They will always haunt my mind and torment my soul. What makes it so unbearable... He never wanted to hurt me. That was his last intention. But..." I sighed heavily, looking at Rúthruin and Ryu with weary eyes.

"I wanted to jump off the waterfall after Zephyr," I continued. "I fled from Sentinel that night. In the morning I awoke, gazing down at the foaming water, ready to join Zephyr in its mysterious depths...

"But it was never meant to be. Sentinel stopped me somehow. And I realized how much I valued my life. Sentinel made me promise to live. I did, and I always keep my promises. No matter how much pain he caused me, I could not take away from him what he took away from me. No one deserves to be hurt that way, to be betrayed by someone so deeply cared about. And so I will live, live until it is time for me to die. The memory of Zephyr will stay forever in my heart… And I will always remember Sentinel. Zephyr and Sentinel as they used to be, before the horrible tragedy.” Tears streamed down my face. I spoke no more.

Elwing Starspray, the female Dratini’s POV:

I froze, horrified. I had heard what I was not meant to hear, by a terrible accident that I did not know to prevent. When Ryu had told me that my father would not want me to hear Lune’s story, I had immediately left. I didn’t want to do anything Daddy did not approve of. I went to rest at the poolside, but strangely, although Lune spoke in a hushed tone in the corner, I thought I could almost hear his soft, sorrowful monologue lulling me into a gentle sleep. His words had little meaning to me as I lay there in a semiconscious state, but then, I began to have nightmares. Nightmares so real that they had to be the truth.

When I awoke, I realized that Lune’s story had found its way into my mind. I shuddered at the memory of my vivid dreams: of first the slaughter of his family, and then the picture of his best, most trusted friend murdering his true love. I could understand now why he did not want me to hear; and I also knew why he attacked that Umbreon the way he did, in a mad, frustrated rage. And suddenly I wished that I didn’t.

Crying, I went off blindly to find my father for comfort, my vision blurred with tears.

6th September 2003, 01:19 AM
~*^*~Gothic's POV~*^*~
I sighed...after such an exciting time turning fourteen..I felt abandoned again. I gazed at the Poke'Ball holding my newly adopted Pokemon....and revealed my new Poochyena, Akina out to play. I worried about Mizu...where was she...?

~*~Akina[F, Poochyena]'s POV~*~
I just wanted a friend...I was new here, and I felt nervous, and bored. Laura seemed nice...she was nothing like all the preppy girls she despises so much. Sighing, I rolled around on the carpet, gazing at the ceiling.

<^>Mizu[F, Seel]'s POV<^>
I whimpered slightly to myself, as I felt lonely....nobody noticing me. Sighing, I resurfaced, and hoped to find somebody like me...or a Spheal.

<><>Socrate[F, Shuppet]'s POV<><>
Dang! She got me! Sighing, I continued on to find where Spectra was now...my eyes peeled for any trace of her.

.:.:.Sen[F, Mareep]'s POV.:.:.
I felt confused, as Takuya grinned slightly...he was shy, but oh well.

"Well...how about we play Hide and Seek?" Takuya suggested, as the rest of us thought for a minute...I nodded quickly, that sounded fun.

---Kouichi[M, Houndour]'s POV---
I nodded slowly towards Wolfwood and his 'girlfriend', a female Houndour named Banshee....I was pleasured to meet her, as a friend....of course....XD

"'Tis a pleasure to meet you Banshee...." I said calmly...grinning a slight bit.

6th September 2003, 11:16 AM
Slowly entering into the busy room once more, resting peacefully in my arms was a somewhat large Espeon, a wide grin plastered across his muzzle. Salem, recently joining me, had not gotten quite fully adjusted yet - he was still getting used to War, perhaps one of the most trouble causing Pokemon he's seen in a while. Leaping down, his forked tail flickered about, then he tossed a glance behind to me. "Sure, go ahead, Salem."

He squeaked happily then began to scurry away, scanning the area for his friends - one being Ayla, whom he blushed furiously about. "Thanks." he stopped suddenly and peered towards me once more, then disappeared from sight, strutting somewhat with his walk.

"Nice fella, him." Pride stated, smiling a bit from beside of me. Rolling his eyes, Mars quickly gave the Flareon a soft smack on the back of his head with his merman tail, chortling as he strode away.

Grunting, Glory smirked, "You're a bunch of fools."

"What about me?" watching the Umbreon with a confused frown, William whimpered softly and attempted to give his cutest grin after that.

Rings flashing golden, she chuckled, "You're fine."

"Thanks!" the Eevee chirped, sticking his tongue out towards Pride whom did the same back, then pranced away in search of his father.

Nodding, the Umbreon smiled, then grumbled. "I'm going to go eat the entire kitchen now," she paused, glancing at her stomach, "Please excuse me." Waddling slightly towards her destination, War laughed semi-insanely as she did so, obviously amused by all of this.

<Banshee [Houndour, F]>

"'Tis a pleasure to meet you Banshee..." the other Houndour wore a peaceful grin.

Smiling back, Banshee nodded, "Nice to meet you, too." She wasn't one for talking, but was attempting to dig up a conversation whilst waiting for Wolfwood's return. "So, uh."

Too bad she failed horribly with that whole conversation thing.

<Naiya [Sealeo, F]>

Barking boredly, Naiya bounced along the ground, watching inside of the pool for any sign of Pocket Monsters in the water. She saw nothing for a few seconds, then noticed a small Seel relaxing in it, then she smiled. "Hi!" she barked, bouncing her beach ball on her nose as she did so.

6th September 2003, 12:11 PM
(Dixie's POV)

I grumbled to myself as I snuck away from the breeding center. I was couldn't wait to see my baby boy or girl, but i also wanted to be back to normal as well. I looked down at my extended belly. I smiled, patted it, and continued on my way to the Eevee House. I knew that the kitchen always had plenty of food, and i was hungy. We were given plenty at the Breeding center, but i wanted somethign different. So i waddled my way to the Eevee House and into the kitchen. There, I saw an umbreon who looked to be the same way I was. I walked over to her and sat down the best i could though it was very awkward. "Hi. I'm Dixie." I said as i scanned the area for food easily in reach.

(Amy's POV)

I chuckled, as I watched Ebony. She tried to stand up on her wobbling legs. This time she succeeded, but when she tried to take a step, she fell down. She looked over at me and smiled. I was about to reach down and rub her head, when Kiara walked over to me with a note in her mouth. I read it and smiled. Then i asked her to watch over Ebony while i went to find Salem and Ayla. It didn't take long, for me to find the pair. They were nuzzling out in hte middle of hte house. I approached and the pair smiled. If the pair of you are up to it, you're needed at the Pocket Monster..." I didnt' even get to finish the sentece because as soon as they realized what i was about to say, the pair of them rushed off. Laughing and nuzzling each other.

6th September 2003, 02:29 PM
<Glory [Umbreon, F]>

Perched merrily upon one of the sleek counter tops, Glory somehow managed to keep a firm psychic grip upon a bag of crisps she was slowly lowering from the cabients. Grinning as the bag fell with a soft crunch infront of her, she snatched the wrappings within her muzzle and tugged forcefully, watching the crisps littering the floor and counter. Shrugging lightly, she lunged for the ones of the floor, crunching loudly and grinning sheepishly as she did so.

"Hi. I'm Dixie." Snapping a glance up, Glory quickly slowed the crisps she had picked from the floor and nodded a greeting, licking the crumbs away from her muzzle.

Trying to make up for her short lived moment of actually eating things from the floor, she offered a smile, "Hey there." Using her psychic powers once more, she moved one of the crisps from the bag and popped it into her mouth. "Nice tu meet ou," she said, mouth full of food as she swallowed slowly, "My name's Glory."

"Did you know there's food on the floor?" William asked, suddenly, peering down curiously from the counters. "It could have dirt on it. Seriously." He seemed concerned and raised a brow, then noticed Dixie and smiled, "Oh. Hi."

Looking up, Glory motioned towards William, "That's William." She paused, then somewhat frowned, "Who's obviously the kitchen floor police now, or something."

"I was just saying that's not very healthy." he fought back, though couldn't help a grin. "Please don't eat any, miss," giving a short nod to Dixie, he leapt onto the floor, "Ew. I think I just stepped on one." Shaking his paw furiously, little William retreated to the corner, disgusted.

There was a moment of silence, then Glory blinked, "Stop stepping on my food!" Tossing a half grin towards Dixie, the Umbreon jumped onto the counter and then came back with a torn bag of crisps. "Want some?"

<Twilight [Ponyta, F]>

Watching Salem and Ayla quickly leave from the building, the midnight black Ponyta couldn't help but to chuckle, then noticed a young fire horse struggling to stay standing. She knew whom it was, and smiled fondly as she trotted over, only to be greeting with wide and curious lavender eyes - the same as her own. "Hi." her fond smile remained as she spoke softly towards her child, whom continued to blink curiously.

6th September 2003, 02:58 PM
(Ranec's POV)

I went off to look for William. I soon found him in the kitchen with Dixie and Glory. I smiled shyly, then walked over to William. "Wanna go play?" I asked him and i saw a look of relief sweep across the two ladies faces. My rings flashed a little bit when I saw Dixie's tummy. At least Flare and i had a little understanding. After all, she and Oliver now had a son. I let the little eevee out of the kitchen.

(Dixie's POV)

"Want some?" the umbreon named Glory asked. I smiled. "Yes please." I said as I awkwardly stood up. I was sort of glad that Ranec had left again. It was sort of awkward with him in here. Soon, the two of us had cleaned up the potato chips. Hopefully tomorrow i'd be able to leap up on counters again and all. Right now it was hard for me to get around. I smiled, shyly. "So, is there any more food around here. I'd help look, but i dont' think i can jump anymore." ^^;; I said as i nervoulsy looked down at my bulging belly.

(Ebony's POV)

I looked up to see someone like me only that looked a little different. It must be mom, i though as she said "hi" I blinked sveral times before tryingto stand again this time i succeeded and gave a big smile

6th September 2003, 03:12 PM
<Glory [Umbreon, F]>

Dixie had explained to Glory that she would help dig around for food, but she would have had trouble doing so. Nodding in an understanding way, the Umbreon managed to climb onto one of the chairs again to push herself onto the counter, then glanced about. Nothing... nothing... there we go. Eyeing a nearby box of cookies, Glory couldn't help but to chuckle as she used her psychic powers once more to lowering the box onto the floor.

Carefully making her way down, the sly Umbreon grinned, then ripped the top away from the box and scooted it over to Dixie, but not before snatching one of the cookies for herself. "Mmm," she purred, then continued to gnaw on the piece of food, "Artificial ingredients goodness."

Grinning slightly with a chuckle, Dixie took one of the cookies from the box and began to chew on it also, tail flickering about.

<William [Eevee, M]>

"So, uh," smiling towards his father, William tilted his head, "What do you want to do?" Curious and always asking questions, the Eevee tended to his foot, crunched up crisps on the pawpad.

Ranec had still been walking, then stopped and waited for his son to catch up to him. "I'm not exactly sure." reclining onto the ground, he smiled whenever William scurried up, taking a seat beside of him.

<Twilight [Ponyta, F]>

"Aww, there you go!" Twilight cheered towards her little daughter, whom was now standing up shakily, looking quite proud of herself. "Here," backing away, the black Ponyta grinned, "Try to follow me."

Slowly Ebony took one step forward, and kept her balance after nearly tilting over, and continued catiously.

6th September 2003, 03:44 PM
(Ranec's POV)

I smiled over at William. "So," I said, grinning playfully. "How good are you at pouncing?" I asked, my tail swishing back and forth along the floor.

(Sweetie's POV)

My stomach growled so i decided to go into the kitchen and getme something to eat. There i saw Dixie and an Umbreon scrounging around for food. Both were pregnant, and i knew that Dixie should have been at the breeding center. Tough i had a feeling Ayla and Salem might be stopping by sooner or later. "Dixie, I thought you were supposed to be at the breeding center." I said. "I snuck out. I finished my food and was still hungry. Dixie grinned and looked over at her umbreon friend. I had a feeling that i knew what was coming. "I don't suppose you could help us out?" The pair of them gave me pleading looks, so i couldn't refuse in good conscience. I smiled, "All right." Both of them smiled, as i nimbly leaped up on the counter top and began to hunt for food. I'd find some and then toss it to the pair and wait till it was gone before lookign again.

(Ebony's POV)

"Aww, there you go!" Mom said as i stood. Then she motioned for me to follow her. I made it a couple of steps before i tripped over my legs and fell down.

6th September 2003, 05:04 PM
\\Third Person//
Midnight the Umbreon fought to suppress her grin and blush as Kovu asked her to walk with him. Of course I would, Kovu. She kept beside him as they padded through the door, and into the sunlight. Midnight was still rather nervous, but felt somewhat better now that they both were outside and alone.
Cinders, scrounging around in the cabinets, turned quickly when a small voice popped up from behind her. M-m-mom? It was a young Vulpix, but Cinders nearly gaped when she saw her. This could surely only be her daughter, Belisama. Cinders spoke quietly, still a bit stunned to see her daughter.
Belisama, is that you?
Uh-huh. Wow... The little fox spoke up, now getting excited. Cinders smiled broadly and nuzzled her daughter for the first time. It felt kind of strange to her, but very comforting. She then took a step back and looked over the Vulpix happily.
Oh, I'm so glad to see you, Belisama. That's a beautiful name, and it fits. How are you? She waited for an answer from the younger fox, who looked very similar but had a much different personality than her mother did as a Vulpix.
Starbuck galloped into the Eevee House, clearing a pair of Umbreon in the process. He skidded to a halt, pricked his ears and looked around until spotting a coal-black Ponyta and a very small filly nearby, rising to her hooves. His mane flared as he smiled and trotted to them. The little one was walking shakily, and upon spotting Starbuck wavered a bit. Now there were two older pitch Ponytas, and she flicked her ears curiously, looking from one to the other. After a few moments, she took a step forward, then another. Again she paused and looked from one to the other, but was now intent on mastering walking. Her steps quickly became confident, and soon she was walking steadily to her mother. She reached the older horse and looked up, twitching her fiery tail happily. Starbuck nickered at her achievement and was met with a small, cheerful whinny. Ebony's mother bent to nuzzle the filly, and Starbuck did the same. When she stared up at him, he smiled and said, Hey there, little one.

6th September 2003, 05:40 PM
<Orion's POV>
I looked around the house and sighed. I had no friends except my teammates and I was bored. Getting out of the pool, I flipped my bone about as I walked around. Twirling it expertly, it suddenly slipped from my grasp and hit a Poochyena, who was lying on her back. I ran over and picked my club up quickly.
"Wow, I'm sorry about that," I said hurriedly, blushing a bit.
"That's ok," she said quietly and returned her gaze to the ceiling.
"I'm Orion, by the way."
After a minute of awkward silence, I knew the conversation was going nowhere and sighed before moving away again.

<Drake's POV>
After Elwing had shown me her weather abilites once Lune and Blade had gone inside, we both went back inside. She went off to find her friends while I rested against a nearby wall, where I could see Blade spar with Lee, a first for both. I watched them go at it for a long while, close to an hour at least. Finally, they decided to stop and took a breather although both were still looking kind of fresh. Blade looked around and spotted me. Flying over, he sat against the wall as he relaxed without saying anything. Suddenly, we heard someone bawling and I watched in disbelief when Elwing came slithering towards me, tear streaks down her face.
"Elwing, what happened?" I exclaimed as she glided into my arms, sniffing constantly.
"I...had nightmares!" she cried and buried herself into my chest.
"About what?"
She looked up and glanced over at Blade before sniffing again and telling her story.
"Well, before I went to sleep, Lune was telling his life story to the others but refused to tell me since he thought I would lose my innocence. I went away but I hid behind a wall and listened anyway."
She broke off to sniff again and shook her head.
"It was horrible. Lune used to live with his family and friends in the woods, peacefully and quite content. After a while, hunters came and started to destroy the forest and capture Pokemon. Lune was able to escape the woods with his love, Zephyr and best friend, Night Sentinel. His parents and the other Pokemon in the forest did not. The remaining survivors fled to the mountains where they lived peacefully for a while, although still wary of intruders. Over time, Zephyr and Sentinel both evolved into Jolteon and Umbreon while Lune remained as he was, in honor of his parents who died as Eevees. One night, the 3 decided to climb up to a cliff which overlooked a beautiful waterfall. Lune told them that he would be along and gathered fruit while they went up to the edge of the cliff. As he walked towards them, he experience the greatest pain in his life. Right in front of him, Night Sentinel pushed Zephyr over the edge and straight into the water. From that day on, Lune became bitter inside but continued to live on as a promise to Sentinel, despite being caused so much pain."
She looked up at me while Blade gaped in amazement.
"I had nightmares about Lune losing his family. I don't want to lose my family either!"
Wailing again, I buried her into my chest as I stared bitterly across the room, the story burned into my mind.

6th September 2003, 08:43 PM
<Glory [Umbreon, F]>

Soon after we began looking about for food, a lavender tinted Espeon entered, though she was mostly white. Very different from the rest of her kind that Glory had ever seen before, and after a few moments, Dixie had convinced her to join the hunting for random foods throughout the kitchen. Often a bag of crisps would be tossed their direction, and the two mothers-to-be quickly wolfed them down, and happily expected more.

Sweetie either snatched the food in her jaws or moved them with her psychic powers, but either way, she hurried as quickly as she possibly could to get the two their snacks. They seemed to be happy about this, too, often throwing in multiple thanks through their mouth full of food.

<Salem [Espeon, M]>

Wandering back inside, Salem walked more slowly than he usually did, then paused every few seconds. Behind him, Ayla was taking it easy, grinning slightly and often licking at her sleek pink fur. Not being able to resist the urge to smile, the Espeon carefully ushered the Vaporeon into the house, and lead her over to a pillow on the floor. He nudged it softly, then smiled once more, "Here."

<William [Eevee, M]>

"I-I'm pretty good." grinning, William leapt towards Ranec's tail, but missed horribly and skidded across the floor. Emitting a whimper, he stood and tried again, this time succeeding as he held onto his father, chortling. "See?"

<Twilight [Ponyta, F]>

Smiling towards Starbuck, Twilight nickered happily, "Hello there, little one." He said gently, nuzzling his child. The young Ponyta blinked curiously once more as her father nuzzled her, and Twilight chuckled at that.

Lady Vulpix
6th September 2003, 09:24 PM
It's late, but I came in to check how things were going. I heard the kitchen needed a restock, so I brought the things I could get.
I had to go, but Amber decided to stay for a while and help putting everything in order and carrying whatever had to be bought.

Before all this happened, I had some fun with Dixie and Lani played with her father for a while. This didn't happen at the Eevee House but, since I'm here, I thought it was worth noting. :)

6th September 2003, 09:41 PM
(Amy's POV)

I came back into the eevee house carrying a small yellow and black egg. I saw Salem and Ayla had paid a visit and i could tell why they were smiling though it was hardly noticible to most people. I gently sat down on the sofa, and waved at the pair. Then i turned my attention to the egg i was holding. It began to crack. Soon, a small yellow head poked out of the shell. "Pi?" It said curiously. I already had a name picked out for him. "Hey there little fellow. Do you like the name Grev?" He smiled and clapped his hands. "I take that as a a yes."

(Ayla's POV)

I was going to miss seeing Salem every day, btu at least i could still see him the majority of the time. I smiled as he walked ahead and then came back to check on me. I gently nuzzled him as i looked down at my tummy. It was hardly noticably but give it a day or so and hten it would be noticable. Salem, led me over to a pillow, and soon after amy came in with an egg. It hatched into a cute little pichu. I flapped my tail up and down and nuzzled Salem content. Then he placed his paw on my belly. I giggled as it tickled some.

(Dixie's POV)

"Thanks Sweetie." I told her. "I guess i need to go back." Then i struggled to climb to my feet. but i wasn't able too. I smiled sheepishly. I had been lying on my side as that was the only way i could get comfortable. "I think i might need a little help getting up." I said sheepishly. The umbreon and espeon nodded at each other and together the two of them helped me to my feet. "Thanks." I said sheepishly. Glory looked at her belly then to mine which was so much bigger than hers. I wasn't sure what to expect as this was my first pregnancy. "So," she started. "when are you due?" I sjmiled. "Tomorrow. You?" Her eyes widened. "Same here." I looked at her then back to myself. Something was odd here. Well, I think its best that i head back to the center. "I'll come with you Glory replied. I smiled, and tried to fit through the eevee door, but couldn't. So Dixie and Glory combined there psychic powers to opne te door. Amy saw me but that couldn't be helped. Glory and i made our way to the door. Then they opened it again and I waddled along the best that i could with Glory by my side. We chatted all the way back.

(Amy's POV)

I decided to check on the kitchen after i noticed Dixie leaving it with Glory and Sweetie with her. Sure enough, it needed restocking. Especially if Ayla was going to get soem food when she started craving it as well. I picked up the pichu, grabbed my purse and then headed to the grocery store.

(Kovu's POV )

After we were a safe distance away from the house i sat down, and Midnight did the same. "It sure is beautiful out," she said. "Yeah," I answered, not looking at the scenary but at her. "Midnight," I started. "Yes." she replied. " I've... well.. you see.. I like you" I finally managed to get out after sounding like a total dweeb in the process. Now i nervously awaited her response.

7th September 2003, 01:02 PM
~*~ Cheesey's POV ~*~

I walked into the Eevee House after not having been there for ages. I walked over to the sofa's and sat down, rather tired x.x; Then I let out my pokemon.

~*~ Kane's POV ~*~

The Eevee House! Woo... *runs off*

~*~ Lightning's POV ~*~

Whee, the Eevee House... Ooh, is that another Mareep? I think is is... Let's go see him. Or her. I don't even know what gender it is... *walks over*

~*~ Mars' POV ~*~

Never been here before... I'm going to Teleport onto the sofas with Chris o.o;

~*~ Hera's POV ~*~

Look at all the pokemon here! I hope they're all nice... I want to meet another Blissey or a Chansey, that'd be really fun!

~*~ Imarad's POV ~*~

Bah... Feeling unsociable right now... *sits on floor*

~*~ Muddles' POV ~*~

I want to go to the garden *wanders to the garden* :O So many grass pokemon... I'm gonna make some friends.

~*~ Neptunes POV ~*~

*is in the pool* *swims* I like playing games in the water :> *splashes about* *makes all passes by wet* Oops...

~*~ Miracle's POV ~*~

Wait for me, Hera! *flies over* I want to make some friends too :3

~*~ Athene's POV ~*~

*sits on Chris' head*

~*~ Cheesey's POV ~*~

Well, they've all settled in well... Apart from Imarad...

Avian Freeze
7th September 2003, 07:18 PM
:: My POV ::

I walked in and petted Ayla, whose tummy was getting quite big! She would have her baby soon, most likely tomorrow, and she seemed quite tired. She laughed as Salem tickled her, they were a cute couple ^^. I then slumped on to the couch along with all the other people on it O_O, and I began to wonder how big this couch really was...

:: Leilani the Female Larvitar's POV ::

Laila and I walked outside and I watched intently as she prepared her elemental attacks. The Larvitar closed her eyes for a second and then released a vivid stream of crimson flames at the rock ahead of us! I watched in awe at that attack, and clapped when she was finished ^^. She smiled slightly and then prepared her next attack. As she crackled with electricity, the voltage was released from her body as it struck the same stone. I laughed gleefully and clapped again, amused by her powers. Lastly, a sky blue aura formed in her mouth as she harnessed the powers of the frigid cold. She then let out a beam of icy energy at the rock one last time and it and the grass around it froze into a crystal solid, glimmering in the sun. I applauded one last time and then said, "That was awesome! Thanks for showing me that, I wish I had those powers like you ^____^."

:: Spectra the Female Gastly's POV ::

I hid in the shadows, waiting for Socrate to find me. I stifled a laugh as she floated by, hoping she wouldn't hear me, and I blended more into the shadow under the shade of the tree.

:: Dynamo the Female Mareep's POV ::

"Well...how about we play Hide and Seek?" Takuya suggested. Sen then nodded and I smiled again, "Sure, who wants to be it?" I questioned.

:: Wolfwood the Male Houndour's POV ::

I sauntered back to where Kouichi and Banshee were with a wide grin implanted on my face. "So did you two get to know each other?" I inquired curiously, raising an eyebrow at either of them.

:: Belisama the Female Vulpix's POV ::

"Oh, I'm so glad to see you, Belisama. That's a beautiful name, and it fits. How are you?" my mother told me while nuzzling me. Her coat felt soft and warm and I smiled.
"Yes it's me mom. I've been waiting so long to see you and now I finally have ^^." I nuzzled her back and snuggled in her cream colored fur, content that I finally was able to meet my mother.

Rambunctious Jamirus
7th September 2003, 07:24 PM
[My View]

I run in quickly right before the race and take out the Brown Juice I had bought a while ago. I released Ram and held out the Juice to him, the colour looking like his favourite drink: soda.
He gulped it down quickly and licked his chops.
The orange grew darker, turning into a fine brown colour while the stripes turned from black to a dark brown and his cream hair turned to a very light brown. The Soda Growlithe was born.
Ram barked happily and twirled in a circle before rolling on his back and waiting for the race to begin.

7th September 2003, 07:48 PM
Carefully making my way into the house, gently in my arms were three eggs, all of the same peaceful brown hue. There was two that looked the same - adorned with small black speckles, and cream colour. The other egg, slightly bigger than one of them, yet smaller than the other. It was somewhat seperated from the group, and didn't have as many speckles as the two others, for some reason.

For a moment, Glory glanced up at the two that looked the same, and perhaps - her eyes flashed with envy? She then smiled warmly to the single egg, however, and stayed close by my side. William, forever curious it seemed he would be, trudged behind me, but then steadied into a sort of strut. War, Mars, Pride and Salem followed closely behind.

Wandering over and taking a seat on the floor, I carefully sat the eggs onto the carpet, then slid them onto a blanket. Glory yipped happily and went to find Apollo.

The biggest egg of the group was the first to crack open. A line appeared upon the surface, and came quaking through the rest of the, breaking sounds being heard from the inside. Suddenly bursting into the room, Ranec had politely opened the door for Dixie, whom was already waddling somewhat despite the fact they had just came back from the PMBC. Salem chuckled at the sight, then beckoned the two over, eyeing the hatching egg every few seconds. The Umbreon and Eevee rushed over and took a seat, staring blissfully towards it.

Peeking out from the shell were two confused brown eyes, followed by a single paw, claws already extended and swiping about in a puzzled manner. They scraped against the eggshell and created a horrible screeching sound, but that was enough to make it fall apart. Sitting blankly, an already somewhat large Eevee blinked, then peered curiously towards the group that was gathered infront of him. He looked so innocent, yet so lost and unable to know what was going on.

The smallest egg of the group began to wobble furiously, toppling over as it squirmed in attempt for the Eevee to break free. A few pieces of the shell chipped off, showing a tiny tail flickering as a curious "Vee?" was emmited. Breaking away completely in a few more moments, a young female emerged, laying on her side. She wore a silly grin, the eyed the Umbreon and Eevee looking at her with questioning eyes, before shakily trudging over - or atleast trying, and giving

Glory came back quickly, tugging the Absol along with her and gaped towards the Eevee baby, whom had now huddled back and eyed everyone oddly. "Aww-" she was cut off as another one began to hatch, this one belong to her and Apollo. This one had far more struggle than the other, strained sounds coming from the baby inside as the egg had just formed tiny cracks on it. However, when it had broken down, the child revealed inside wore a proud grin, then turned confusedly towards the other Eevee beside of him.

The largest male, whom was now sniffing the air and peering towards his mother father, had been deemed, "Angel." His parents approved, smiling, then I pointed to his younger sister, "Kathleen." They nodded once more, still smiling, then I focused on the smallest male. He was smiling towards the many Eeveelutions and the four other Eevees, "Wesley." Glory nodded, while Apollo paused for a moment and finally agreed also.

"Welcome!" the entire group cheered. Kathleen squeaked, then burst into many giggles, while Wesley had now cowered behind the broken shells. Angel sat, blinking, then finally howled along to the greeting, grinning slightly and glancing around.

Avian Freeze
7th September 2003, 08:31 PM
:: My POV ::

I congratulated Amanda on the birth of her three Eevee as well as Apollo, Glory, Ranec, and Dixie. Dixie was relieved with the birth and Ranec was still recovering from the shock XD. I petted the white Umbreon on the head while he whimpered. Despite his shock though, he was happy to see the two twins and nuzzled Kathleen while Dixie nuzzled Angel. Kesler bounded over and looked curiously at the other three replicas of himself.

:: Kesler the Male Eevee's POV ::

Wow, three Eevee were newly hatched, just coming into the world outside their shells. I vaguely remembered my birth, even though I was only a few days old. I wandered to the Eevee and cocked my head, seeing them just opening their tiny eyes.

7th September 2003, 09:36 PM

Despite a rough day at work, I was in good spirits upon re-entering the Eevee House with Lily and Artemis.

Lily, who was curling happily around my waist after being released, had just won her first Pokemon battle, and was excited about having another one. Artemis, who was sitting on my right shoulder, was in a much better mood than before---whether or not watching her friend win had something to do with it, I didn't know; we were all just so glad to see her smile.

Just then, I noticed a sign near the door; we went over and looked: it was a notice for the upcoming race! Upon closer examination, I spotted the name of one of my friends on it, as well as her Pokemon.

Turning away from the sign, I surveyed the entire room. In a split second I caught sight of a girl smiling over a brown-colored Growlithe. I smiled too, and started walking in that direction.

"RJ!" I called to Rambunctious Jamirus, "RJ, over here!"

Artemis's POV

I admit I was jealous of Lily's first victory, but it only made me more determined than ever to win my next one. No matter what it takes, I am going to win!

Before I knew it, we were all standing in front of a sign near the front door. It was a list of competitors for the races; Zelda was skimming it---probably hoping to find someone she knew. I had a feeling she was successful, because a smile crossed her face faster than you could say "Ninetales" three times fast. I started searching the room, but was soon startled by Zelda's cry of "RJ, over here!"

Lily's POV

This was a great week! I had actually won my first real battle! I couldn't help but hug Zelda for being there. However, I also knew how hard it was for Artemis, and did my best to showerher with as much affection as possible; it must've helped, because she was actually smiling today!

What made me even more excited was getting to watch the races---I'd heard that a lot of Pokemon were going to participate, and thought that this was another great opportunity to make some new friends.

Zelda had just finished studying the racing list near the entrance, and was searching the crowd of people and Pokemon for some reason. It was then that she called out to someone named "RJ." Who was this "RJ?' Was she that girl with the brown Growlithe my trainer was walking over to? If so, I wonder if she has any other Pokemon...

7th September 2003, 09:42 PM
Sorry for being late a ton of homewrk

Anyway, the 61-90 races will be starting in about 15 minutes.

The participants are as follows:

Apollo, Level 13 Male Electabuzz (86) ~ T_M_L
War, Level 22 Male Joilteon (76) ~ Discotheque
Iael, Level 36 Male Stantler (88 ) ~ Lady Vulpix

The track will be 1408 units long. You can IM me at TLKsNala98 or PM me for your moves, and you have 30 minutes to tell me your move between each round beginning now or I will assume you are not using an attack and just moving.

The Race is On!

Iael starts with sand attack on Apollo, and advances 440 units.
Apollo uses thunder wave on Iael, and misses due to the sand in his eyes but advances 344 units.
War decided to just move forward. He advanced only 152 units becuase he found some obstacles

Iael: 440 units
Apollo: 344 units, accuracy lowered
War: 152 units

Round 2

Iael uses sand attack on War, but finds obstacles and advances only 88 units.
Apollo uses quick attack and advances 430 units.
War just moves again, and this time advances 304 units.

Iael: 528 units
Apollo: 774 units, accuracy lowered
War: 456 units, accuracy lowered

Roiund 3

Iael uses another sand attack on War, and advances 352 units.
Apollo uses quick attack and advances 516 units.
War moves forward again and advances 228 units

Iael: 880 units
Apollo: 1290 units, accuracy lowered
War: 684 units, accuracy lowered

Iael tries another sand attack but War is out of range. Iael still manages to advance 440 units.
Apollo uses quick attack and advances 946 units to cross the finish line.
War continues to move forward and advances 456 units

Iael: 1320 units
Apollo: 2236 units, accuracy lowered
War: 1140 units, accuracy lowered

Congrats to Apollo for winning the race. All of the contestants did well.

Lady Vulpix
7th September 2003, 10:05 PM
I came into the Eevee House, quite tired but satisfied after doing a whole lot of work. Iael, excited, took his posicion at the starting line. Hero followed him, to give him advice, while the rest of us sat down to watch. I felt sorry for Rambunctious, who had been eliminated, but I hoped he'd have a chance next time a land race came up.

When Hero came back, I shouted my one suggestion to Iael.
"Don't take it too seriously! Have fun!"

With that, I waited for the race to begin.

7th September 2003, 10:10 PM
<My POV>
I watched as Apollo went up to the starting line against War and Iael. All of his teammates stopped what they were doing and gathered to watch, as well as Drake although he was still clutching Elwing close to him.
"Do the best that you can, Apollo!" I called out to him, which was acknowledged with only a nod.

Avian Freeze
8th September 2003, 08:46 PM
:: My POV ::

I walked calmly into the Eevee House, holding yet another brown spotted egg in my hands with a cloth. I noticed the racers dashing past, an Electabuzz, a Jolteon, and a Stantler. The Electabuzz managed to win and he was filled with glee at the victory. I congratulated the merry Electabuzz and quickly returned my attention back to the egg as I rushed to the couch. It had begun to glow already, brimming with energy, and I watched as it cracked slowly. Kesler hopped over to me and stared curiously at the shelled container which he had been in a few days ago. Two slits stared at me as the brown furry creature squirmed her way out of the shell, I helped the Eevee crawl out of her shell and she let out a soft cry of "Vee!" She was exhausted from the birth and slept in my lap, breathing softly, and her chest heaving up and down calmly. Ayla had a little bit of trouble with the birth, and Salem was nervous the whole time, but she pulled through, and a beautiful Eevee was produced. I stroked her soft fur and thought of a name. "Jonayla would be the perfect name for you. After all, you're gonna grow up to be as well accomplished as your mother. I'll make sure of that ^_^." I whispered to the sleeping Eevee. Kesler peered over the couch and stared at the new Eevee, surprised at the births of so many Eevee.

8th September 2003, 09:14 PM
Attention! The 91-120 races shall be reffed this Thursday, September 11, starting at around 3:30 to 4 PM Central. You will have 20 minutes between each interval to send your attacks in (By PM or my AIM nick Charizard04621); if you do not send an attack in, I will assume you are not attacking and simply moving. I'm pressed for time, and I only have at most until 6 PM Central to ref; this is the only opening I have for the entire week, so please bear with me and try to send in orders as soon as possible, or I might not get done reffing this race in the same day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The 91-120 race shall be held between:

Eclipse, Level 33 Female Persian (101) ~ Discothéque
Sparky, Level 39 Male Raichu (107) ~ Nala98
Tsunami, Level 58 Male Vaporeon (116) ~ Lady Vulpix

The track will be 1972 units long.

8th September 2003, 10:25 PM
(Ranec's POV)

I walked into the Eevee House with Flare. She was picking at me abotu the twins which i was still in shock over. I had no idea that there would be two of them. I couldn't wait to see them again. I nuzzled Flare and turned around to see Dixie waddling into the house. She slowly made her way over to the television and eased down trying to get as comfortabe as possible considering her current condition. I gave Flare nuzzle then when off in search of William or Kathleen or even Angel.

(Ayla's POV)

I panted as i walked over to where Tyler was. I leaped up onto the couch happy that i was able too. I was stil worn out but i wanted to see my little girl. Ayla sat there smiling at her sleeping daughter. She looked around to see if Salem was anywhere nearby.

(Kovu's POV)

I waited nervously for her answer, so worried that Midnight didn't feel the same. I closed my eyes and just listened to the silence until i heard her sweet voice. "Kovu..." I gulped, listening intently to what she was about to say.

(Ebony's POV)

I was happy. I stood up! Mom looked happy for me. "She motioned for me to follow her and i did very shakily. About that time another ponyta that looked similar to me and mom galloped into the room. I almost fell, but i didn't. "Ebony, this is your father." I looked over at him. Soon, I was walking good. I looked at them smiling happily. They both bent down to nuzzle me and i felt that i was the bestest. "Hey there, little one." Dad said. I opened my mouth and tried to say something, but all that came out was "He..." I looked up at them, and swished my tail back and forth.

Dark Dragonite
8th September 2003, 10:38 PM
Is it too late to sign up for any of the races, if so, oh well, there will be next time, if not, can you tell me which ones, so I can try to sign up please??

Knight of Time
9th September 2003, 09:55 AM

Today was sort of a neutral day for me (in other words, not much of a bad day or good day). After seeing that Cybertron had placed second in a land race last month, I turned to Karin, walking up to shake her hand, congratulating her and Switchblade for placing first in the race. Admitting that it was a surprise that both Cybertron and Switchblade held the top two positions at the end of the race, I decided to call Cybertron over. Though he was a little disappointed, I watched as he congratulated Switchblade as well, and I pulled some boxes out of my backpack, and showed one of them to Cybertron.

"What's this, Kyle?" Cybertron asked me.

"This box contains a TM called Tri Attack. You ready for it? It might make you a tougher opponent than ever in battles if you are lucky enough." I said.

"Yeah, I'm ready, Kyle. Let me have it then, please?"

"You got it, Cybertron." I said with a smile.

Opening the box, I took the powder that was inside into my hands, and carefully sprinkled it all over Cybertron. Within several seconds, some specks began to glow a bright, reddish orange colour indicating that they had the power of fire inside, some other specks began to glow a light blue colour indicating that they had the power of ice inside, and the last of the specks began to glow a yellowish green colour, while sending off many sparks that were even tinier than the yellowish green specks, indicating that they had the power of electricity inside. Just seconds later, I watched in awe as all the specks went into Cybertron's body at the same time. Cybertron had learned Tri Attack!

Soon, I decided to send Hector out. Taking another box out, I sent out the majestic Arcanine.

"Oh hi Kyle, what's new?" Hector asked me.

"I have a surprise for you Hector, a big surprise." I replied.

"A big surprise? Wow, I hope this surprise is really good. What's the box for?" Hector asked.

"This box contains a special TM called Heat Wave, Hector. I assume you really want this, right?" I asked Hector.

"Heat Wave? That sounds quite strong, so yes, I definitely want to use it someday." Hector declared.

Flashing a smile at Hector, I opend the box, revealing more reddish orange powder inside. However, I could see something quite different about this powder, as I saw what looked like a "flash" of heat that was only there for about a split second, and I felt everywheres above the powder (except for the ceiling, which was too high for me to reach despite my height of over 6 feet), only to find no heat above the powder.

"Whoa, that was kinda weird. What was that "flash" all about?" Hector asked.

"I assume that what we saw must be a very weak version of Heat Wave. But don't worry Hector, once this powder is absorbed into your body, it will definitely get strong enough soon." I said.

"Oh okay, thanks Kyle. You going to give me the move now?" Hector asked.

"You're welcome Hector. Yes, it is time for you to get Heat Wave." I declared.

Carefully reaching my hands into the powder in hopes it wouldn't burn both hands, I felt the powder, which was a little bit warm now, and sprinkled it all on Hector's body. As I saw the fine powder get absorbed into Hector's body, I watched in surprise as Hector happily jumped on me, knocking me down as he licked my face. Hector learned Heat Wave!

"Err, Hector, could you get off of me, please?" I asked, barely able to move with Hector on top of me.

"Oops, sorry Kyle. I couldn't help myself. Please forgive me." Hector said as he moved off of me.

"Yes Hector, I forgive you, but please, don't jump on me again, or anyone else. You don't want to get us both kicked out if you were to get too excited or even hyper, would you?" I said sternly to Hector after rubbing some of the bruises I received.

"No, not at all. Again, sorry for jumping on you." Hector said.

"Don't worry yourself Hector, I'll be okay." I said to Hector.

As I walked over to a nearby couch to lie down, I told Hector to keep watch over me, as I decided to take a relaxing snooze for a while...

9th September 2003, 02:17 PM
\\Cinders' POV//
I just sat there for a few moments, cuddling my daughter as she snuggled into my fur. I was so happy to have finally seen her, and almost squeezed her a bit too hard before releasing her. I looked over her again, noting just what a beautiful Vulpix she was, and what a gorgeous Ninetales she would become. I wanted to get caught up on how she had been doing, of course. So, have you been in any battles? Beat down some baddies and whatnot?

//Midnight's POV\\
I think I just about died when Kovu admitted that he liked me, and it took me a moment to speak. Even if I had half been expecting it, the happiness made me giddy. Oh, Kovu, I'm so glad you feel that way... I gingerly nuzzled his cheek and I felt him exhale all the apprehension he had built up. It was like floating on clouds, the feeling was so great...

\\Starbuck's POV//
He... I couldn't help but grin as Ebony tried to speak, but only managed a small sound. I had never really known any of my other children, but I wanted it to be different with Ebony... She was so small, so perfect, despite her overly long legs and big ears. I nickered and trotted a little while away, wondering if she would follow or continue to try speaking.

9th September 2003, 02:26 PM
(Amy's POV)

I walked in with two eggs held carefully in my arms. Dixie, now back to normal, was trotting alongside staring up happily at the eggs. Ranec looks at them and has a funny look on his face. I myself couldn't believe that Dixie had a second set of twins so soon after her first set. I was glad that i had decided to let this be her last litter for a while. I looked down at the eggs in my arms. Although the coloring was the same, one egg was slightly larger than the other. I walked over and spread out the baby blue blanket again. This time I placed the eggs on it.

I then turned my attention to Dixie was was talking with Glory. Ranec was laughing as Kathleen, Angel, and Wesley had ganged up on Steve again. I motioned for them to come over and I pulled out an accelerator gene. Dixie smiled and lookd down at Angel and Kathleen and nuzzled them for the last time as an eevee. Then she smiled at Glory, and walked over to me. I gently stuck the needle into her skin and injected the acceerator gene. Dixie didn't even flinch. Soon, after the needle was empty, i carefully pulled it out, as a beautiful white glow enveloped Dixie. As we watched, she grew taller, her tail split at the ends, and her fur turned from a rich chocolate color to a beautiful light purple.

Dixie was now an espeon

Dixie smiled and gave Glory a high paw, before she froze. Then she turned and walked over to the eggs and Ranec followed. Poor guy. He seemed to still be in a bit of shock. I smiled as Kathleen placed herself in his paws when he sat down. He gave her a nuzzle as Angel snuggled up against his mothers side. Soon Ayla and Salem joined the little group and watched as a crack appeared in hte first egg. A pair of blue eyes could be seen inside. They blinked before more scratching could be heard, and soon a beautiful female eevee tumbled out. She looked around wide eyed. She saw Ranec and tried to stand, but was unable to. Then the other egg began to crack, and much like the first, the smaller egg began to hatch. Soon, another little female eevee tumbled out. This one had brown eyes just like her father, but she was as beautiful as her mother. "I think I'll name the little one Shayna since she's as beautiful as her mother. Dixie smiled, and Ranec nodding approval of the name. I looked at the bigger female. "She looks like she will be as strong as her father one day, so i think that Brianna will be a perfect name for her. It means strong one." Again it was met with nodds of approval.

(Kovu's POV

"Oh, Kovu, I'm so glad you feel that way..." I breathed a sigh of relief. I had been holding my breath so nervous that she didn't feel the same. I returned her nuzzle with one of my own, before giving her a gently lick, and feeling my rings flash as i did so. Then i heard her purrs, and a deep purr of my own could be heard as well.

(Ebony's POV)

Daddy nickered before moving a little bit aways. I looked at him and then at Mom. Then, making up my mind, I pranced over to him the best I could. I was so happy that i could walk now.

9th September 2003, 02:45 PM
The small group of Eevee and their evolutions had just gotten two more in on it, and seemed to be growing quite well. Angel peered oddly towards the two new children, his wide brown eyes somewhat curious, though he dared not leave the side of his mother. However, Kathleen whined and cuddled against the soft ivory fur of her father, then finally ventured away towards the two other. Letting out a slightly high pitched whine, the small Eevee tilted her head, then reached out a paw and lightly poked at Brianna, whom blinked wildly.

Wesley, on the other hand, had fled for cover and catiously peeked out from behind Glory, large ears pinned against his head. Taking a step, he hunched low to the ground, slinking ever so slowly towards the two. However, when Shayna turned to peer towards him, he squeaked and dove behind Angel, whimpering softly. Not being able to hide her laughing, Glory crossed one of her paws over her mouth and stood, wandering over towards the two little girls. "Seems Angel is outnumbered." she observed, obviously amused as Angel grunted and narrowed his eyes, then turned back towards his three sisters.

"Yah, you still have Steve and I." William assured the little Eevee, whom grinned a bit towards the larger one. "So," he cleared his throat a bit, "Brianna and Shayna, huh? Nice names."

Salem shifted a bit, then gave his best wishes to Dixie and Ranec before heading back to his little Jonayla to check up on her, making sure not to step on fretting Wesley and somewhat mirthful Angel.

And just a few minutes before Dixie had evolved into a sleek Espeon before their eyes, which only fueled the curious nature of Angel and Kathleen, whom wandered over to their mum and poked her lavender fur with their noses. It seemed that was their favourite thing to do, actually. Wesley, now feeling somewhat left out, scurried over and poked at the newly Espeon's fur also.

<Twilight [Ponyta, F]>

Staying back, Starbuck began to prance away and stopped suddenly, seeming waiting for something. Ebony seemed puzzled somewhat and glanced toward her father, then towards her mother, and finally began to gallop towards her father now. Smiling, Twilight kicked up her hind hooves and followed softly, nickering and tossing her head every few seconds.

9th September 2003, 03:14 PM
~*~ Cheesey's POV ~*~

I was sitting on the sofa quite happily until Muddles (my Tangela) ran up to me. He fell over a few times though, I think his vines are a bit too long for him. He made it though, and jumped up and down at my feet. He looked very unhappy and anxious. I lifted him up beside me, and asked him what was going on. From what he told me (I wasn't sure if this was exactly what, because he was talking very fast and stuttering a lot) he was having problems outside in the garden. I think he was having bother with other pokemon, and the last thing I'd want is for my pokemon to have a bad time here... I told Muddles he could stay with me, I'd keep him safe and keep him company.

~*~ Muddles POV ~*~

This is horrible... I can't go into the garden without feeling like an outcast... I just want to feel like I can fit in. And yet all the others stare at me, like I'm some sort of alien. These vines... I feel so clumsy, so awkward. Why won't anyone accept me? I'm a pokemon too...

11th September 2003, 03:38 PM
Attention! The 91-120 races will start now!

The race shall be held between:

Kanika, Level 33 Female Persian (101) ~ Discothéque
Sparky, Level 39 Male Raichu (107) ~ Nala98
Tsunami, Level 58 Male Vaporeon (116) ~ Lady Vulpix

The track will be 1972 units long.

You have 20 minutes between each interval to send me attacks, whether by AIM or PM. Good luck!

And so it begins.

Round 1

Tsunami had trouble getting started, and only moved forward 116 units.

Sparky zoomed off with Agility, but tripped. He still managed to move forward 428 units.

Kanika tried to Hypnotize Tsunami, but his attention was elsewhere. Nevertheless, the Persian covered good ground, moving forward 505 units!

Kanika (Speed 101): 505
Sparky (Speed 214): 428
Tsunami (Speed 116): 116

Round 2

In a complete turnaround from the previous round, Sparky became completely focused, and, propelling himself with a Quick Attack, advanced 1712 units! O_O

Tsunami tried to make up for his poor start, springing forth with a Quick Attack, but, unfortunately, the poor Vaporeon didn't get very far. His muscles seem to be cramped or something; he only advanced 232 units.

Kanika, alarmed by Sparky's huge lead, moved quickly to catch up, advancing 404 units: not quite enough to get there. Because she was so far away from the other contestants, she didn't even try to slow them down with Icy Wind.

Sparky (Speed 214): 1926
Kanika (Speed 101) : 909
Tsunami (Speed 116): 348

Round 3

Motivated by his sight of the finish line, Sparky pushed himself with one final, determined burst, shooting forward 1070 units! He crossed the finish line!

Kanika gave it all she had, advancing 606 units, but unfortunately fell short of her goal.

Tsunami finally managed to get over his initial troubles, and advanced 464 units.

Sparky (Speed 214): 2996 (Winner!)
Kanika (Speed 101): 1515
Tsunami (Speed 116): 812

Sparky's incredible speed proved the deciding factor in this race. He wins! Congratulations, Sparky and Amy!

Kanika did well, too. My condolences to poor Tsunami, whose luck seemed to be against him the whole time.

Lady Vulpix
12th September 2003, 09:51 AM
It's great to be back!

I picked up Tsunami and congratulated him on his effort, before checking if he was alright.

"Nothing a good swim at the pool won't heal," he told me.

After massaging his legs and making sure he was feeling ok, I let him go to the swimming pool to swim, dive and play tricks as long as nobody was hurt or offended by them. He gave me a mean "yes, mum" look and disappeared into the water.

Then I went to congratulate Sparky on winning the race.

It was fun to participate. I hope I don't have problems getting here next time.

12th September 2003, 10:26 AM
(Sparky's POV)

I smield and thanked everyone who had congratulated me on the win. I held the dice and smiled. It was somthing that could be shared and everyone could get a use out of, so i was happy. The look of happiness in Arwen's eyes was noticable and i picked her up and gave her a hug.

Dixie's POV)

Shayna was content to stay by my side, but Brianna was wondering around looking for her father. I knew that he would probably stop by later, but he and Flare were sorta busy. I smiled gratefully at Steve (jolteon) as he picked Brianna up and carried her back to where i was. He laid down and she crawled all over him, playing with his spikey mane.

(Yana's POV)

I happily trotted into the eevee house. I could feel that i was close to evolving. One or two more battles should do it. I smiled happily as I looked around for Evenstar, or maybe even a new friend.

* * *

(Flare's POV)

I smiled over at Ranec as we made our way back to the Eevee House with Amy carrying the small reddish brown egg in her right arm. Her left arm was in a sling with a cast around it. It must have hurt but Amy didn't let it slow her down at all. I grinned over at Ranec who had the biggest grin on his face. We made our way over to the baby blue blanket that had been in use pretty frequently these last few weeks. I chuckled as i saw Brianna standing on her hind legs looking into Amy's bag. She came over as the egg began to wobble back and forth and little scratches from inside could be heard. Brianna walked forward to get a closer look at the egg, and was met by a paw to her nose as the baby had finally broken through the shell. She backed up a few feet and sat down next to her sister. Soon our baby had finally broken out of his shell and laid there blinking up at us. I walked over and gave him a nuzzle, as did Ranec. I saw Brianna walk back over to Amy's bag and pull somthing out. "What's this i heard her little voice call out as she stumbled and the bottle she had been carrying rolled over to where our son was lying. the cap came loose and he looked down at hte white liquid and began to lap it up until not a drop was left. As he did so, his reddish brown coat slowly became white like his father's fur until not a hint of red remained. Brianna looked worried, but i wasn't mad. "Well, he almost looks like his dad now." I said chuckling. Amy walked over and grinned. "How does the name Asher sound? Brianna that was a white jucie. He does look cute being solid white." "I like that name." I said as Ranec nodded in agrement. Amy trhe pulled out a tm that got in a trade and sprinkled the powder over Ivy, who learned what i would later find out was nature power\

Avian Freeze
14th September 2003, 08:13 PM
:: My POV ::

I walked into the Eevee house, after a really busy week at school x_x. And I had to go back tomorrow x_x. I hoped my Pok&eacute;mon would be able to savor their moments here as we would be able to come less and less often. Not to mention I had Art homework to do right now x_x. Ayla hopped on my lap and I petted her quickly, stroking her fur. Jonayla nuzzled her mother and looked at her father. She was happy, so young ^^.

:: Wolfwood the Male Houndoom's POV ::

I strutted into the Eevee House, holding my head high and grinning widely. Heh, I hoped everyone would notice the change...well duh they had to, after all I looked really different now :p. I was now a full grown Houndoom after such a close match with Aiyana. I looked around for Banshee, admiring my new coat of fur, my lengthened muzzle, the devilish tail which I swished around, and my lankier overall sort of look.

:: Belisama the Female Vulpix's POV ::

I looked at my mom and smiled at her. "So, have you been in any battles? Beat down some baddies and whatnot?" she asked me.
"I've won a battle but I've lost two ^^;. But no matter, my trainer told me he would bring me to the Battle Range soon, to Templa Taure. I'm really excited to go there and battle. I know it's dangerous but I'm really eager to go ^-^." I said, speaking really enthusiastically.

14th September 2003, 08:30 PM
~*^*~Gothic's POV~*^*~
I sighed as I walked in from a tiring week of school...yet I also go back tomorrow and I have a whole week of testing the coming week.....besides, it sucks going to school when you possibly got bronchitis.....X_X;; My Pokemon seemed to be having a fun time, as I rolled a new Poke'Ball in my hands, this was my new captee....a female Umbreon named Amy. I sat down on the couch, and let Amy out of her Poke'Ball, stroking her soft, velvety black fur...

~*^*~Amy[F, Umbreon]'s POV~*^*~
Laura was pretty nice for saving me from that Flareon in the CCCC...and I owe my life to her. I nudged her legs softly, as I began to doze of...tired, and sleepy...

15th September 2003, 10:22 AM

The race for this month will be the water race. Sign ups will now be accepted. The prize will be the winning pokemon gains two levels. As usual, only adopted pokemon are accepted, no items will be used, and the pokemon will be divided into categories based on speed.

Having said that:

I would like to enter Jasmine in the 1-30 category.

L.9 female winged dratini (19)
Knows: Wrap, Leer, Blizzard, Hidden Power Flying, Thunder Wave, Extremespeed

and i would also like to enter Ayla in hte 61-90 category

L.38 Female Vaporeon (78 )
Knows: Shadow Ball, Tackle, Tail Whip, Slash, Sand Attack, Attract, Water Gun, Ice Beam, Quick Attack, Bite, Double Team, Aurora Beam, Hidden Power Dragon, Helping Hand

Lady Vulpix
15th September 2003, 10:30 AM
Thanks for posting that, Amy. :)

I will enter my 2 water pokemon.

Tsunami (level 58 male Vaporeon) for the 91-120 category (his speed is 116).
Water Angel (level 58 female Kingdra) for the 121-150 category (her speed is 140).

I hope Tsunami has a better time racing in the water than on land. I'm sure they'll both have fun. :)

15th September 2003, 01:53 PM
<My POV>
With Drake having won the flying race (sort of) and Apollo the land race, I was confident that Lyra would win as soon as the water race was announced.
"Hey Lyra, the water race signups are posted," I pointed towards the opposite wall. "And the prize is a gain of 2 levels. If you win this, you'll be able to turn into a Blastoise."
She gave a quick smile but quickly turned away.
"What's wrong?" I questioned, perplexed by her sudden mood change.
"I don't think I'm ready to evolve yet," she said quietly.
"That's ok. I'll buy you an Everstone and whenever you decide that you want to evolve, you can take it off."
She smiled and nodded as I walked off to get her the Everstone and sign her up for the race.

Lyra (Lv. 34 Female Wartortle)
Speed Category: 61-90 (65)
Knows: Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble, Ice Beam, Confusion, Water Gun, Bite, Mirror Coat, Rapid Spin, Surf, Withdraw and Protect

15th September 2003, 04:00 PM
I'll sign up my Seel...^.^


Lv. 6 Female Seel(I dunno speed.....x.x)

Knows: Headbutt, Growl, Icy Wind

15th September 2003, 04:02 PM
[Tara's POV]

I entered the Eevee House after a few days absence. I just hadn't gotten around to visiting. My whole team were all bugging me to make a come back, so here we are!

I released the whole team, aside from Christian, who was already out of his ball. They all run like lightning to their friends and normal places.

[Misu's POV]

I wanted to find Dad. I wondered if he'd even remember who I was. I was an unusual size, really. I was the same size as my sister, Sadie, which is pretty large for my species. My hair was longer and a lot of it fell into my face and over my eyes. I finally let Tara cut some of it so that, according to her, I didn't have to keep shaking my head to get it out of my eyes. Oh well, it was still reall long and I liked it like that. I was really excited about one thing though. Tara promised me that when she could, she would get me a few juices to make me black and white and get rid of my darn red nose. I felt like that Christmas deer... Ah well, it'd be gone in a few weeks.

In all my thoughts, I spotted Dad. I crouched down low and felt the hair on my neck and back rising. I crawled on my stomach towards Dad. He didn't even notice me. I finally leapt at him after a few seconds. I snarled at the same time. It was a nasty sound and my teeth were bared. The look on Dad's face was priceless. But the moment he realized who I was, he started laughing and seemed to not be able to stop. I joined in with him.

[Sadie's POV]

Oh Misu had done it again. He was also pouncing on us at home and making that nasty snarling noise, too. It was just plain creepy! Maybe that was his goal. I asked him one time why he growled and he said that he just wanted to be ready to scare an enemy if the time ever came. If I was his enemy, I would be scared out of my furs.

I shrugged and decided to say hi to Daddy as well. I calmly approached my laughing father and sat quietly beside him. He stopped giggling and smiled at me. "Hello Daddy, how are you?" I asked sweetly. I leaned my head on Daddy's shoulder and purred, grinning mischieviously at my wolf brother. Daddy could only chuckle. I bet he was wondering how he could have had two cubs that were so different from each other; one wild and crazy and the other one, me, sweet and gentle. Who'da known?

15th September 2003, 04:38 PM
I'd like to enter my Feraligatr and Vaporeon in the races, please

Nayru (level 41 female Feraligatr)
Scratch - Leer - Ancient Power - Rage - Rain Dance - Ice Beam - Water Gun - Surf - Bite - Scary Face - Earthquake - Hidden Power: Electric - Dynamic Punch - Iron Tail - Rock Slide
Trait: Torrent
Speed: 94

Frodo (level 9 male Vaporeon) [white fur, pastal rainbow fin and crystal blue eyes]
Tackle - Tail Whip - Helping Hand - Sunny Day - Hidden Power: Fire - Sand Attack - Wish - Icy Wind
Trait: Water Absorb
Speed: 22

15th September 2003, 08:21 PM
I'll enter Elwing Starspray, my level 12 female Dratini in the 1-30 category. Her speed is 24.

[EDIT]: How do non-Water type Eeveelutions compete in a Water race? :\ Anyway, since it seems that people can enter pokémon who don't make much sense in the race, I'll also enter Evenstar, my level 12 Sneasel into the 31-60 category. Her speed is 40.

16th September 2003, 05:07 PM
I'll enter Aryll, my level 10 Vaporeon, into the race.

Aryll (level 10 female Vaporeon)
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Flail, Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power: Ground, Helping Hand
Trait: Water Absorb
Speed: 24

[My POV]

I collapsed into a chair, completely tired out, and released my Pokemon. They were all happy to be back at the Eevee House. My starting school had limited the amount of time they had to spend here. I hoped they'd make the most of their time.

[Royce's POV]

I looked around, hoping to find daddy or Auntie Khaisa. I hadn't seen either in a while, and I missed them both. Then I saw someone who could only be my daddy - a big blue Dragonite! That was him, all right. And Auntie Khaisa was with him! I slithered up quietly. Khaisa saw me and smiled, but I put my tail to my lips so she'd be quiet. She looked a little comfuse, but nodded. Quietly, I climbed up my daddy's leg, onto his back, and then up to his neck. I tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned. "Boo!" I said with a giggle.

[Aryll's POV]

So... a race. I could only hope that I'd do well. Megan seemed to think I would, so.... I shrugged before diving in. I supposed that if I was going to be in a race, I should swim as much as possible... not that I didn't already.

16th September 2003, 05:28 PM
[BlueShadow's POV]

I missed Royce and was just thinking about him when I felt something soft around my feet. I payed no attention to it, though. It was probably just a Pokemon playing or something. Then all the sudden I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I turned to answer to the tap only to be scared out of my scales. "Boo!" Royce said with a giggle. I had probably jumped a foot into the air. Once my heart stopped pounding, I grinned and tickled Royce until he couldn't hold onto my neck. I caught him as he tumbled down and tickled him more. Soon, his face was flushed. I just smiled. "Hey son, I haven't seen you in ages! How've you been? You've grown so much, I barely even recognize you!" I said happily.

[Khaisa's POV]

There was Royce. And he was sneaking up on BlueShadow. I figured Blue would have been able to feel the little Dratini slithering up his feet and back, but he didn't. Hehe, his head... oh sorry, hide was too thick. Oh well. The Royce tapped his shoulder and startled his father. I just giggled and waited for a good time to say hello to Royce, as I didn't want to interrupt them. I gave Royce a hug with my feathered wings, tickling him in the process. It was good to see him again.

17th September 2003, 07:23 PM
(Kovu's POV)

I smiled as i walked back to the Eevee House. Amy had been busy these last few days, but i was still walking on air. I had finally screwed up my courage and told Midnight how i felt, and it turns out she felt the same way. I was jarred out of my thoughts by a snarl and being pounced on. I almost had a heart attack. It took me a few seconds before i recognized Misu, and then i couldn't help myself and i satarted laughing. "Boy... you're going to give you're old dad a heart attakc if you keep doing that..." I managed to get out. Misu just chucked and I nuzzled him. Then little Sadie showed up and i smiled, the chickles finally starting to subside. "I'm fine." I told her. "How are you?" I asked her. Then I saw that Misu was wandering off and no longer paying attention to us. "Hold that thought," I said winking at Sadie. Then I slowly began to fade from site. Sadie seemed to cath on to what i was going to do and she just grinned. Then I slowly and quietly stalked up to Misu. When I got close, I playfully pounced on him. The look on his face was even more priceless than the one i must have had. Imagine being pounced on by something you can't see. I slowly became visible and let Misu up. Chuckling, "Donn't think you can get away with scaring me so easily. I said jokingly as i put my arm around his neck, and pulled him close rubbing his head with my other paw. Misu started chuckling, and squirmed to get away as Sadie trotted over again.

(Amy's POV)

I chuckled. I had a surprise for Asher. Ever isnce he was old enough to talk, after he noticed his reflection, he kept asking for me to get somethign so he could have rings. I had finally saved up wenough for the ringed juice for the little white vulpix. I called him over and pulled out a mirror. He began to lap it up and a ring began to appear at the pase of one of his tails. As he kept lapping it up a ring appeared on each of his tails, then one on his hips, then shoulders, then around his first two paws. Asher looked in the mirror and lapped it up till one last ring appeared around his eye. He seemed satisfired as the juce disappeared since he was finished with it. Flare walked over and nuzzled him. "Well, there's no mistaking now who your father is." she said chuckling

17th September 2003, 08:11 PM
For the Water Race, I'd like to enter:

Salem [Espeon, M] [Speed: 121]
Level: 41
Trait: Synchronize
Charm - Flail - Tackle - Tail Whip - Hidden Power: Dark - Sand Attack - Toxic - Confusion - Zap Cannon - Quick Attack - Swift - Iron Tail - Psybeam - Helping Hand - Shadow Ball

War [Jolteon, M] [Black fur, red eyes, dark violet tail, crimson stripes, royal blue spots] [Speed: 79]
Level: 23
Trait: Volt Absorb
Tackle - Sand Attack - Thundershock - Psychic - Tail Whip - Quick Attack - Iron Tail - Shadow Ball - Growl - Charm - Hidden Power: Grass - Helping Hand


"Babies!" an excited yap came, "Lots an' lots!"

Another one followed, "Yaye!" This voice was a bit more high pitched and somewhat squeaky.

"Yeah, children." a lower, more catious voice came.

Ever since those three had learned a few words, their vocabulary expanded, and it seemed impossible for them to stop talking for atleast a few seconds. Kathleen appeared to be the worst with this, however; she squeaked at nearly everything, rambling on and on until someone finally covered her mouth and dragged her off. It was quite adorable, however.

Glancing at two more eggs within my arms, a smile crossed over my face - twins, again. Angel and Kathleen couldn't wait to see the two new children, their brothers. William lagged behind, smiling somewhat and often casting a soft look towards the eggs.

Entering into the house, most of my Pokemon took off to the couch, awaiting for the eggs to hatch. Glory sat amongst them, and motioned for Ranec and Dixie to come over, which they did and smiled. Shayna and Brianna of course couldn't be left out and toddled after their parents, beaming and wagging their tails.

Laying the eggs down, no motion seem to come from them, which caused a few frowns with the group that had gathered. Noticing it could be a few more minutes, I approached my pack and began to dig around in it, before finally coming back up with two stones. They glittered beautifully, one being pure ebony with a single golden line running through the center, twisting and curling as the ends. The other one was ivory and lavender hued, once more adorned with a golden line.

Watching over the group, I smiled and held the stones out, seeing which ones would come to accept them. Wrinkling her nose, Kathleen shyed away and blinked as Angel catiously approached one of them. His ears fell against his head as he sniffed at the Day Stone, before reaching out a paw and touching it, and brilliant light surrounding him. It glowed of nearly every colour, raining sparkles onto the carpet. Within the glow, a shadow grew much larger and graceful than before, then was fully shown. Angel had evolved into an Espeon.

But Wesley wasn't weary of the Night Stone - he rushed towards it, tilted his head, then pushed himself against it. Crackling and dancing around him was a thick black fog, and within it, nothing at all could be seen. Within a few seconds it had drifted away, and Wesley stood there, grinning. His fur was sleek and black, and on his body golden rings glowed, as he was now an Umbreon.

During all of this, no one seemed to notice two extremely curious Eevees sitting on the floor, now rubbing their eyes from seeing all the bright lights. Hearing a few confused squeaks and whimpers, everyone looked down to the Eevees, whom paused and smiled. Ranec and Dixie went to them and nuzzled them, making sure to nudge away the eggshells.

They were both nearly the same size, and pointing to the just slightly larger one, I smiled, "Forsaken." Pointing to his somewhat smaller brother, once more I grinned, "Jackal." Nodding, Dixie and Ranec nuzzled them, and soon the rest joined in. Salem grinned and flicked his tail, then looked around for Ayla.

<Banshee [Houndour, F]>

Yawning and lying boredly on the floor, the hound raised a brow upon noticing a slender tail whipping around from one of the doorframes, then caught a glimpse of whom it was. Wolfwood. Full Houndoom form an' all. Grinning, the Houndour slinked towards him, then snapped it in her muzzle jokingly and tugged. "Hey, Wolfwood. You're... big!" she laughed at him, admiring his new Houndoom appearance.

18th September 2003, 12:39 PM
Matt's POV

I walked into the Eevee House after a boring day of school. I had been let out early because of the approaching hurricane so I had nothing to do afterwards. I noticed something on the door; it was an announcement about the new race! I went over to the couch and sat down to thing about who to put in the race. "Hm.. there's Ark, Atomos, Shiva, Diablos...." I thought. "Oh! I should let them out of their pokeballs and ask them if they want to race!" I said. I got out their pokeballs and let them out. "Wow, the Eevee House; I haven't been here in forever." Ark said. "Yes, it has been quite a while." Atomos said. "Ok, there's a new race being held here at the moment so which one of you wants to race?" I asked looking around. "I want to! I almost won the last one, so I'm itchin' to race again!!" Diablos said jumping up and down. "Ok, I guess that's ok. Who else then?" I said. "I'll sit this one out; I'm still not ready to do something this big..." Shiva said. "I want to race!! I don't think I've ever raced before, so let me race!" Ark said. "Ok, what about you, Atomos?" "Well, I can't race because then I'll be in the same category as Diablos. I'll race next time if that's ok with you." Atomos said. "Ok, then. I'll go up and sign them up, so you just go and play. Let me let the rest out, too." I said letting the rest of my pokemon out to walk around. I went up to the sign up sheet and signed up my two pokemon.

Ark the Blue Ringed Umbreon
Level 9 Male
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand, Double Team, Sand-Attack and Slash
Trait: Synchronize
Speed Category: 1 - 30 (22)

Diablos the Sneasel
Level 11 Male
Attacks: Scratch, Leer, Bite, Taunt, Quick Attack, Secret Power, Blizzard, Icy Wind and Powder Snow
Trait: Keen Eye
Speed Category: 31 - 60 (37)

After I had signed up my two pokemon, I sat down to take a rest.

Ark's POV

I couldn't believe I was finally going to be in a race! It was so exciting; I wondered who the others that were racing were, though. There wasn't many pokemon to talk to in here; I saw Atomos sleeping on the table so I didn't want to bother her since I know what will happen then. I ran into the kitchen but saw no one. I sighed and just sat down on the floor in the kitchen.

Diablos' POV

Finally, another race. This time, I was going to win! I noticed Matt sitting on the couch, asleep. I snickered and ran over there and poked him with my claws. "Ow! What'd you do that for?!" Matt said. "I was bored. Oh no, look you're bleeding; I didn't mean to poke you that hard.." I said. I scurried off with the weight of guilt on my shoulders. Hopefully, Matt would get some band-aids to prevent anything.

19th September 2003, 05:43 PM
"Incoming! Another Eevee baby!" screamed Peace.

The Jolteon chuckled loudly, but was met with a nasty swap to the face by a not very pleased looking Espeon. She sighed to herself then tended to fixing up a few blankets with Glory.

"This is so exciting. Another life is going to sprout from this spot. I remember when little Vampyre, Frodo and Andúril were all born here."

Harmony arched a brow at the Charizard, but shrugged it off as she spread out the blanket. Andúril pounced Glory's tail and nipped at it wildly. Pretending as if she didn't notice the little hyper Vulpix, she kept on with a smile on her face. Andúril then crouched behind a pillow and growled softly.

"The mighty hunter has cornered his prey," he growled.

Andúril leaped up and landed on Glory's face. She grinned, but screeched and fell on the ground to pretend she was hurt. The loveable expression on the little fox faded as he nuzzled Glory softly.

"I killed her!" he cried and ran off.

Glory laughed then got back on her feet and fixed the last pillow before walking off. Legolas grinned to her. I then walked into the room, carrying the little cream egg. War followed and sometimes barked out for me to be careful. After I laid the egg down, War sat right on a pillow.

After a few minutes, one of the most wild looking Eevees was released. One pink eye - from her mother and one red eye - from her father. Pink stripes and a purple tail from her father and blue rings from her mother. War nuzzled his new little girl to get the remaining eggshell pieces away. She sniffed curiously at War then whined when the bright light hit her eyes. Her face dug itself into War's fur while she purred loudly with her violet tail flickering.

Andúril arched a brow at the little Eevee and sniffed at her furiously. War glared at the curious Vulpix. However, the new Eevee turned around and looked into his big hazel eyes. She rolled onto her back and bat her paw at his nose. He whined then hid behind Echo. Sometimes, he would peer out from behind the mighty Arcanine to make sure the Eevee wasn't coming. War grinned at his daughter.

"Slayer," I beamed. Everyone had shot an odd glance to me. "That is her name. Slayer" I giggled happily then pet her. She glanced at me curiously then bat at my hand and nipped my fingers.

20th September 2003, 04:18 PM
Elendil, the male Minun's POV:

The deed was done. They were all right. The dark dragon and the forest's evil, that had cast shadows of doubt upon Nimrodel's heart and mine, had failed to ensnare them. I was glad for it. And, more than ever, felt guilty that I had not followed. But it was foolish for me to feel that way… After all, I could not have helped, even if I had gone… I would have been a useless tag-along.

Honestly, ghosts and talk of dark, grim places scared me. It never failed to frighten me, in fact. A whiff of evil was enough to send tremors down my spine. The thought of shadows… It just… terrified me so…

“Relax, Elendil, I get scared too,” Nimrodel said gently. It was as if the Lapras had read my mind. I looked her in the eyes. “Here, come into the pool with me,” she beckoned. “You can get on my back, and I’ll take you for a leisurely cruise.”

“Ah… That sounds excellent,” I answered, smiling gratefully. “Thanks, Nimrodel.”

“It’ll help me relax, too,” she told me. “I’m still pretty nervous about the whole affair myself. It’s nice to finally have someone who feels the same way I do about some things.” She leaned over and allowed me to climb her neck onto her back.

Rúthruin, the female Scyther’s POV:

I sat in the soft grass outside, with my back against the wall. Lune lay in my lap, half-asleep. The Eevee’s breaths were soft and even. He lay almost peacefully; but it was evident in his careworn features that he was far from at peace. The chaos that tore at his heart tortured his weary soul; he could never rest.

Gently, being careful not to disturb him, I stroked the tired Eevee with the back of my scythe. “May you find peace at last,” I whispered. He stirred.

“Rúthruin,” he mumbled softly, for the spell of exhaustion still weighed heavily upon him, “What about you?”

It took me a moment to realize that he was asking about my past. He had revealed his horrible reality; it was only fair that I told him mine. After hearing what he had gone through, it wasn’t so difficult for me anymore. My pain was but a shadow of his; and thanks to his suffering, I did not have to feel it any longer. Lune had opened my eyes to the truth: to bitter reality that I never knew existed. Recalling what had happened to me was easy, now; I could accept it as something that had passed, knowing that I still had the capability to move on, to be at peace. Not like Lune, whose doom had already been decided for him.

“You want to hear it now, Lune?” I asked him. He nodded, as if even now, he had not the strength to speak. He closed his eyes, and it looked as if he had finally managed to fall asleep; but knowing him, it was not so. Whether it was natural, or an acquired defense mechanism that his body had built up over the years, Lune never completely slept. A part of his mind was always somewhat awake, alert, aware of what went on around him. Perhaps it was another curse that fate had decided to throw at him; in never allowing him to rest, fate could prolong his suffering, and therefore, in every hour, waking or not, it could continue to torment him for as long as he lived.

Sighing, I nodded, and looked up into the sky. I was ready. “The first thing I remember, Lune, is Callista.” As I said the name, my face darkened. “I couldn’t remember anything before. I had no memory of who I was, where I used to live, or anything at all. Callista told me that I used to live in a swarm, and that one day, she witnessed them casting me aside when I was still in an egg, making me believe that I was unwanted. She looked so concerned at the time that I believed her, and thought of her as a great friend. She introduced me to many of her friends, and we became close, too. I thought I couldn’t be happier. Then, much later, I found out what she was for real.

“Callista was a complete fraud. The truth? She and her friends were greedy. One day, they found my Scyther swarm. They knew how rare we were, and decided to capture us all and sell us for massive profits. Most of the Scyther managed to save themselves, by slitting their own throats when they realized there was no escape. All except for me; Callista and her cohorts managed to pacify me and deal a large blow to my memory.

“In time, when she had had her sick fun playing with me and gaining my trust, Callista decided it was time to sell me off to a rich collector. It happened when I was asleep. I never would have suspected it. She told me everything then, when I was chained and trapped in a cage. She gloated at how she had tricked me. She jeered at me when she said that she was selling me to a cruel breeder whose only goal in life was to make profit. She scorned my innocent trust.

“Somehow, I managed to escape, but not without injury. In a state of deep anguish and confused rage, bleeding, tired, and sore, I was discovered by a person who managed to capture me and place me in another cage, despite my fierce resistance. He brought me to a pokémon shelter. Needless to say, I didn’t think I could ever trust the human race again.

“Then Karin came along, and you… I remember hearing her request my release. I was surprised that she even cared. I assumed that she also wanted me for profit. The only humans I had met were, in my eyes, greedy, wicked, and self consumed. Naturally, I thought Karin was no different. But there was something about you that made me feel that I could trust you… Your air of pain; I could sense it, although I didn’t know what it was at the time. If it weren’t for you, I would not be where I am now. Lune, thank you… for everything.”

When my little tale came to an end, I could see what looked like a mournful smile forming on the resting Eevee’s face. A brave attempt, but it could not hide his pain. No, Lune would not find peace just yet.

Elwing Starspray, the female Dratini’s POV:

What an adventure! I wanted to find daddy, to tell him about what had happened in the forest of Templa Taure. About how Dargonis’s evil amulet had possessed me. About how Ryu had valiantly come to my aid. About what it felt like to be controlled against my will…

So many questions flooded my mind. Why I could not act of my own will. How I could fight against the control. What I needed to do to prevent anything like that from ever happening again.

Confused and full of questions that needed answers, I began to look around the Eevee House for my father.

26th September 2003, 04:15 PM
<Drake's POV>
I moved about restlessly as the rest of the team was off doing whatever they did. I didn't feel like sparring, or train for that matter. I looked over at the pool and spotted Lyra floating on her back, relaxing. Flying over, I placed my legs in, save my tail and the rest of my body.
"Hey Drake," Lyra said as she moved past my feet. "Where's your daughter?"
"I honestly have no idea," I sighed. "I know Karin took her and her other Pokemon out somewhere but I have no idea when she'll get back."
"Daddy!" Elwing called out suddenly.
"Well, I guess that answer's my question," I muttered to a grinning Lyra and turned around to see Elwing spring into the air and land in the water smoothly, showing similar grace to any other water Pokemon.
"Daddy, guess where I've been?" my daughter chirped.
"Where?" I asked.
"Templa Taure. There were these possessed Pokemon and then they made me possessed with this amulet but Ryu came to the rescue and saved me from the evil Pokemon. Oh, it was so weird being controlled and I hope it never happens again."
I raised my eyebrow after she was done, but watched her calmly swim around Lyra and play with her. It wasn't the possessing aspect that made me so surprised. It was the fact that Ryu had helped her out again. Turning my head back once more, I looked over at the little Trapinch, who was staring at Elwing with huge eyes. Glancing over at me, he jumped a bit at my gaze and quickly turned away. I snorted in contempt and turned around to face my daughter again. She doesn't need a boyfriend at so early an age.

30th September 2003, 07:21 PM
Matt's POV

I ran into the Eevee House with my backpack on and two eggs in my arms. I had been very surprised that I got twins today when I asked for a Persian and Eevee to breed together. I sat down on the couch and put the eggs beside me, making sure that I wrapped them up very good. Then, I took out my latin homework and started to complete that before I did anything else. When I finished that, I decided to let out a few of my pokemon so they could roam around the Eevee House for a while. I took out Ark's and Atomos' pokèballs and let them out. They turned around and smiled at me and ran off to play. I smiled and began to look at the eggs that I got. I grabbed them both and sat them in my lap. As soon as I did that, they started to move and crack open!

I gasped and made sure that I didn't make any sudden movements; finally, they eggs finished opening and I saw two cute Meowths sitting on my lap. They meowed and looked up at me. I smiled down at them and they started to purr. It was such a nice site to see these two Meowths; both of them had black and gray fur but one of them had yellow eyes too. "Hello!" I said petting them. I looked over to the one with the yellow eyes. "I'll name you Tabitha! Is that ok with you?" I asked. It purred and rubbed up against me more. I took that as a yes and went to the other one.

"I'll name you Midnight!" I said smiling. He smiled and purred along with his sister. I was so happy to have these Meowths! I called Ark and Atomos back in here to see their new friends.

Ark's POV

When I got into the room, I saw Matt holding two Meowths in his lap. I approached them slowly and eyed them down. The one with the yellow eyes saw me and jumped off of Matt's lap onto my back. I flinched as her claws dug into my back. "Ow, ow! Don't do that!!" I said in pain. It looked a little confused at what I was saying and layed down on my back and went to sleep. I turned around and looked at the sleeping Meowth; smiling I sat down on the ground so we could both get some rest.

Atomos' POV

What?! Another pokèmon on the team?! How many more was Matt going to get? But I had to admit, they were kinda cute for little babies. I went up to the one that was still in Matt's lap and sniffed it a little. It turned around and stared at me for a while. I stared back; finally, I got tired of this and walked off, but it followed me. I turned around to see what it wanted. "Yes? Can I help you with something?" I said in a mean tone. "He still hasn't learned to talk yet, Atomos." I heard Matt say. Then, the Meowth came up behind me and started to attack my tail! I tried to run away from him but he just followed. We just ended up running around in a circle playing.

30th September 2003, 09:19 PM
~*^*~Laura's POV~*^*~

I sighed as I entered the Eevee House once more....I felt tired, and didn't wanna try to make myself more upset than I was now. I rushed to the pool and tossed my Lure Ball in...and out came my Feebas, Samara. I false-smiled slightly to the young one and went back inside, feeling rejected. I petted Amy and Akina boredly, each of them soft to touch. They made me feel a bit better, but I still couldn't help my feelings.

"Don't worry," Akina said, licking my hand, "Life will be better for you."

I hope she was right, but what it seemed like...I was still faithless. I reutrned Akina to her Poke'Ball and hugged Amy in my lap...crying, my silver tears streaming down my face, glinting in my light. I burried my face in Amy, destined to fight out the pain.

I couldn't help it...why was life so hard? Why was I haunted from memories in the past? Why did I feel so lonely? I couldn't help it...I was forever swallowed up in my nightmare, I had no friends here....did I?

~*^*~Amy[F, Umbreon]'s POV~*^*~

Why was Laura feeling upset? I knew she had one friend...but he hasn't joined the Eevee House. I couldn't help but ask myself: 'Isthere any way I can help her?' Akina was no help at all right now....she was young. For all this time, I felt some part of me missing...and couldn't help but cry myself. Laura somehow had a bond with me...one that couldn't be broken....what was it?

<*>Mizu[F, Seel]'s POV<*>

"Hello!" I barked back towards the Sealeo, grinning slightly...and began to float on my back, ready to train for the water race Laura signed me up for. I back dived in and swam aound playfully in training...I wished to do well, and my hardest.

*~*Samara[F, Feebas]'s POV*~*

I floated around the pool in nervousness....it's been awhile since I was able to feel fresh water since Laura caught me at the lake. I smiled slightly, dreaming of being a Milotic someday, and sank....paddling around through the dark patches of the water, feeling joyful for being here....The Eevee House may actually be fun after al.

2nd October 2003, 09:50 AM
The Water race will start around 2:30 CST (right now its 9:54 CST my time) roughly.

1-30 - To be reffed by Nala98
Mizu L.6 F Seel (14) - Gothic Latias
Frodo L.9 M Vaporeon (22) - DarkPrincess
Elwing Staspray L.12 F Dratini (24) - Charizard04621
Aryll L.10 F Vaporeon (24) - MarshmallowEgg
Ark L.9 M Umbreon (22) - Link 10

2nd October 2003, 02:53 PM
The participants for the 1-30 category are as follows:

Mizu L.6 F Seel (14) - Gothic Latias

Frodo L.9 M Vaporeon (22) - DarkPrincess

Elwing Staspray L.12 F Dratini (24) - Charizard04621

Aryll L.10 F Vaporeon (24) - MarshmallowEgg

Ark L.9 M Umbreon (22) - Link 10

The track will be 384 units long. You can IM me at TLKsNala98 or PM me for your moves, and you have 30 minutes to tell me your move between each round beginning now or I will assume you are not using an attack and just moving.

Good luck and the thirty minutes start now.

The Race is On!

All the pokemon just decide to move this round.

Aryll found a current and advanced 144 units.
Elwing also benefits from the current though she doesn't get as far, advancing 120 units.
Poor Frodo finds some obstacles in his path, advancing only 44 units.
Ark also gets slowed down by the obstacles, also advacing only 44 units.
Mizu advances 28 units, also slowed down by the obstacles.

Aryll: 144
Frodo: 44
Ark: 44
Mizu: 28

Aryll continues to just move advancing only 72 units this time.
Elwing uses thunder wave on Aryll. Aryll is paralized and speed is decreased. Elwing advances only 96 units.
Frodo finds a current and advances a whopping 132 units.
Ark also moves ahead, getting a little help from the current and advances 66 units.
Mizu encounter more obstacles and advances only 14 units.

Aryll: 216, paralyzed
Elwing: 216
Frodo: 176
Ark: 110
Mizu: 42

Elwing uses thunder wave on Frodo, who becomes paralized and has his speed cut. She also advances 96 units.
Ark advances 66 units.
Mizu advances 56 units.
Aryll advances only 36 units because of her paralysis.
Frodo advances only 55 units because of his paralysis

Aryll: 252, paralyzed
Elwing: 312
Frodo: 231, paralyzed
Ark: 176
Mizu: 98

Elwing just moves this round catching a current and advancing a whopping 144 units, crossing the finish line.
Ark advances 88 units, cathing a current.
Mizu finds obstacles and advances only 28 units.
Aryll is fully paralyzed.
Frodo advances only 55 units due to paralysis.

Aryll: 252, paralyzed
Elwing: 456
Frodo: 286, paralyzed
Ark: 264
Mizu: 126

Congrats to Elwing and Karin. Elwing grows two levels.

The next category (31-60) needs at least one more competitior before it can be held.

Keep eyes peeled for info regarding the rest of the races.

3rd October 2003, 10:03 PM
Elwing Starspray, the female Dratini's POV:

"You know, you grow faster than I do," Ryu noted, smiling. "You've only had, what, a few months? and you've learned more than I have, won in every challenge you've faced, and overtaken me in level."

I beamed back. "I think I'm really lucky," I answered. "You and Lune are awesome battlers, but you've both lost some anyway. It's only a matter of time before my winning streak's broken, right? I mean, if even you guys lose, I'm definitely going to."

Ryu flushed at the compliment, but I believed it was true. Lune and Ryu were the coolest guys I knew, and they were really, really good at battling. Though I bet Daddy and Uncle Blade were a million times better. Or a billion. Or... whatever the biggest number was.

"I'm sure your father would enjoy the news," Ryu said at length. "He'll be proud to find out that his daughter has become quite an accomplished swimmer so quickly, no?"

"Ooh! That's right, I have to tell Daddy! Thanks for reminding me, Ryu!" With that, I hurried off to find my father. When I finally saw him, I sneaked up quietly from behind, and sprang suddenly onto him, coiling around his neck. He laughed a bit; I guess he was ticklish.

"I won, Daddy, I won the race!" I squealed, still excited at finishing in first place. "Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay..." I squirmed restlessly, climbing to the top of his head and then dropping into his arms, and finally crawling onto his back again. I could barely contain my excitement.

Rúthruin, the female Scyther's POV:

I left Lune to rest outside, while I went back into the house. He needed time to relax, even though relaxing for him wasn't very possible. Still, I hoped his nap would refresh him; the final encounter with Sentinel, and the damages inflicted by that phantom Salamence, had taken their exhaustive toll. The poor Eevee was completely worn out.

The team had scattered. Looking around for something to do, I spotted little Gwaihir attempting aerial stunts again. He was succeeding, for the most part, an incredible feat considering the fact that his wing had been injured by the Gastly's Thunder blasts. The baby Aerodactyl healed quickly, there was no doubt about that. His boundless spirit and limitless energy, coupled with (I am almost embarrassed to say) his completely irresistible cuteness, gave him, inevitably, the uncanny ability to cheer me up almost instantly.

"You'd better watch out, Gwaihir!" I called. "I'm coming for youuuuuu!" The little Aerodactyl, hearing my cry, accepted the challenge, flashing me a mischievous look. He dashed off immediately, gaining a large initial headstart. "Curses," I mouthed, giving chase. Gwaihir would be hard to catch now.

Tearing through the air, with my wings beating as fast as they possibly could, I laughed, letting loose my worry and unease. Lune should feel this, I thought. If only Lune had wings. Flying is so... free.

Gwaihir decided to turn a sharp corner, and I followed suit, only just in time; a moment later and I would have completely lost sight of him. Darn, that baby Aerodactyl was tricky. How could he even see with those oversized sunglasses on his nose...?

From then I managed to gain ground, either by lucking out or because the Aerodactyl slowed down on purpose to wait for me. I had nearly caught up to him when he took an unexpected route, heading towards the last pokémon that needed to see him...

"No! Gwaihir! No, come back! Not that way...!" I hoped he would recognize the urgency in my voice. He must have mistook it for something else, because he did not stop. Cursing, I forced myself to pick up the pace, and somehow managed to catch up to him. We were almost there... If I didn't do something soon, Gwaihir would crash into the Scizor's back...

Desperately, I caught the little Aerodactyl by the wings with my scythes, an action which sent me and Gwaihir tumbling painfully into the ground at uncomfortable speed. I shooed the Aerodactyl frantically, knowing that if Blade saw him, the very image of his father, he would not be happy at all... Gwaihir seemed to understand, because he sped off immediately, a blurry streak travelling at unbelievable speed.

I didn't know when Blade had turned around, but he was looking at me strangely, as if I had completely lost my mind. Well, I have to admit, a Scyther lying on the floor in an entangled state wasn't something you saw every day.

"Uh... Would you believe I was flying when I inexplicably stumbled and fell down?" I smiled hesitantly. Please, for his sake, let him not have seen Gwaihir, I prayed.

4th October 2003, 07:45 AM
Just a quick post; I'm entering Zephyr in the 31-60 race as the competitor you need.

Lv.27 Female mutant Dratini
Attacks: Wrap, Leer, Iron Tail, Powdered Snow, Hidden Power: Fighting, Thunder Wave, Dragonbreath, Flame Wheel, Thundershock, Twister, Surf, Dragon Rage, Toxic, Ice Beam, Fire Blast
Trait: Shed Skin
Speed: 49

[Edit: Updated for Battle Range Battle]

AntiAsh Superstar
5th October 2003, 06:03 AM
Quick question, how do you work out the speed of your pokémon? Coz I'm sure good ol' Becks would like to at least give a race a shot, but I dunno which category he's supposed to go in... @_@;;;;

Our little - well, maybe not so little any more - team made its way to the Eevee House for one of those sporadic visits brought about by a lack of anything else to do.

"Not a word, Milly." Pandora, my tempramental Houndoom, was the first to speak, addressing her companion, the sarcastically witty Umbreon known as Milliardo. "If I remember rightly, last time you were the first to speak the Eevee House died for weeks coz nobody but me knows how to deal with you."
"It's not my fault everyone else is too dull-witted to keep up with my sparkling conversation, is it?" Pandora didn't seem to be able to come up with a decent retort to that, either that or she couldn't be bothered, for the two Dark types simply settled down in their usual corner to converse amongst themselves.

"Is there any kind of library around here?" Marius, my Dratini, may have been young but he had the mind of a scholar. "I see you have videos but I'm none too... enthused about the selection, maybe there would be better things to read."
"You'll be lucky." Milliardo snorted derisively, overhearing. "I can't see them having Stephen Hawkings on their bookshelf, can you?"
"I'm not all that concerned if they do," the young Dratini shot back. "Merely something to pass the time, that will sustain me quite nicely."

"Wow, wow, look at this, a water race!" Beckham seemed to be quite interested in the races. The Wartortle was always up for any game of any kind. "What do you think my chances are, guys? I reckon with my super brain and amazing speed I'll leave all the opposition stranded!"
"Dude, don't get yer hopes up." Katnip guffawed at the thought of his Wartortle friend trying to race. "Yer not 'zactly too speedy are ya?"
"Maybe not, but I bet it'll be fun. Even if I lose and die a horrible death it'll be a laugh... wait, maybe it wouldn't be if I do die a horrible death, but still, you know what I'm trying to say, right? I'm gonna enter if I can, so nyer."

The rest of my team split up and went their various ways. Sindel, as ever, headed for the kitchen to hone her cooking skills, weilding her Kadabra spoon to great effect. Scratchy simply settled down in a corner away from everyone. Bolovayr, the over the top Gastly, hovered over to the TV set and tried to convince everyone that Nightmare On Elm Street was an all-time classic and needed watching, without much success. Lucky and Kirei snuggled up in front of the set to watch whatever was on at the time ('the first time she's been still all week' Milliardo was heard to comment), whilst Pearl had opted for a stroll around the garden to stretch her legs. And of course there was Kasumi, the Growlithe who would give Brock a run for his money in the pursuit of the opposite gender, who was commencing upon her usual
run of hunting down any pokémon who was male and single. Or failing that, any pokémon at all without a parner likely to kill her would have done. Kasumi had never been that fussy.

Lady Vulpix
5th October 2003, 08:17 AM
I walked in, still having too little free time, but also too tired of not doing anything valuable with the little I did have. After spending the whole Saturday working harder than I was supposed to (basically I was given someone else's work and too little time to complete it), I decided it was time to take a break. Work could wait a couple of hours.

Of course, I did have a few things to arrange here at the Eevee House, but who said I couldn't have fun while doing it? And when I saw Ade and his crew, I realized I'd picked the right time to come here.

As I greeted Ade, all my pokemon ran/flew over to meet their friends, except from Iael who stood behind me, probably in an attempt to hide from Kasumi. At least that was how Caledor interpreted it, because he told Iael that she was "not that bad".

"Have you ever been close enough to her to back up your words?," Iael asked him.
"I've never been that close to any females, but I don't think she's really managed to get as close as she wants to any males either. Maybe she wouldn't be like that if someone accepted to be with her," the Espeon said.
"Would you want to be that someone? I didn't think you were that desperate!"
"I'm not desperate! And no, I don't feel attracted to her, I wouldn't know how to react if a female tried to hit on me like that. Not that I see many chances of that happening. But I'm just saying."
"It's ok, everyone has the right to like someone."
"I don't like Kasumi! She's not my type."
"Oh, so you like Psychic pokemon?"
"That's not the kind of type I was referring to."
"Then what's your type?"
"Hmm... I'd never thought about it carefully. I guess I'd like a girl who was sweet and playful. Someone who knows how to have fun, and who knows how to make me melt when I look at her. And preferrably not taken."
"Oh. Have you liked someone who was taken?"
"You're asking too many questions for someone who talks so little. What about you? What's your type?"
"I don't know. I don't think I'm ready to have a girlfriend or anything like that. If I ever get to be. I'm not sure that kind of love is for me."
"Why wouldn't it be? You have everything it takes. You even have a son!"
"Ieal. Yes. But that's not the same. I love him and I'm proud of him. In many ways I think he's better than me. But I hardly remember his mother. It was a Ditto, you know. I'd never seen it before and I've never seen it again. Sorry if this sounds too cold, or dark, but there weren't any feeling involved. It was different with Ieal after he was born. We haven't been together that much, but I've watch him battle, and he does it much more freely than I do. That makes me really proud. But I'm also scared that something may happen to him that will make his happiness go away. I don't know if I'd be able to bear that. When he was abandoned, I thought my heart would break. I went to see him every day at the Adoption Center to make sure he was alright, and I found it hard to believe it when he said everything was fine. He's a bit like you, you know. He has the same cheering-up abilities you're famous for. I wish I had them too. But I guess I let things affect me too much. If I fell in love... I don't know what the consequences would be. And I don't know if I'd be ready to face them."
"Hey, lighten up!," Caledor said, emitting a golden glow. "I know you've had hard times, and I know what I've just said would win a prize for understatement, but that's over. What happened before has no reason to happen again. You're here. You're alive, and you have friends who would run, fly or teleport to you as soon as we felt you need us. I'm a lousy psychic, so I can't see the future much, but I do know things can only get better for you. All you need is to give life a chance."
"If only it were that easy."
"It is. Trust me. Face front, look at all the good things around you, and enjoy them. You can spend your whole life in fear of losing everything you have, but then in the end, what difference would it make if you lost it? You've never really had anything until you accept it. Especially happiness. So, where's the logic in that? Stop living because you might die? Block happiness away because there's a chance it might end? That attitude only turns your fears into reality, when you could live for years without any of them materializing."
"You're putting things too bluntly."
"I'm just trying to show you what you're doing. I know I'm not the best advisor around, but there's one thing I do know about, and that's enjoyng the moment. There are so many good things out there! It would be a crime to miss them!"
"Ok, but going back to love -because you did change the topic, you know- what if something does go wrong? Like it happened to Amber."
"Then you'll gain more experience from it. And you'll have a nice bunch of good memories to enjoy if you know how to. I can't tell you much about love, you'll have to ask someone else for that. But if you have something good and then you lose it... Well, at least you've had it."
"Have you ever lost anything that was important to you?"
"I came to this world with so little, everything I have is profit. I did almost lose my innocence a few times, but I managed to zap out of it."
"Why do you always say zap instead of snap?"
"Internal joke. I misunderstood Tsunami's suggestion during my worst battle ever. I was confused at that moment. You were there, I think. It was in Nagarythe, when we were ambushed by the Dark Cloak, and then Gabi faded into another dimension or something and I had to bring her back with the powers I got after the battle and had hardly any idea of how to use. The same day I evolved. I must admit the whole thing was really scary back then, but now it has become a joke."
"You're scary. How can you laugh about the hardest moment of your life?"
"With practice. And I guess my trademark sparkling cheering superpowers -patent pending- help."

The glowing Espeon gave Iael a wide grin, showing all his teeth.

"Now, if you'll excuse me," he continued, I have friends to see and games to play!

Caledor half ran-half hopped to the point where Beckham was standing, where he greeted his friend and asked him how he was getting ready for the race. He called me when he heard that Becks didn't know which category he was in. I used my Stats Calculator (http://http://members.lycos.co.uk/noentiendo/BTStats.html) to determine that his speed was 53, placing him on top of the 31-60 category. I registered him and Zephyr, and wished them both good luck and lots of fun (though knowing Becks, he'd probably have the latter regardless of whether I wished it to him or not). I also registered a referree for the 91-120 category: none other than Ade's girlfriend, Soo. Now only one more ref was needed for all the races to be ready to proceed.

Lady Vulpix
6th October 2003, 10:33 AM
Sorry to double-post, but I'd like to announce that the 61-90 category of the Water Race will begin in 28½ hours. (Calculate what time that will be for you).
You can either IM or PM me your moves at any time from now to the beginning of the race, or IM me during the race.
Thanks for your attention.
Danny, Soo and Karin, please post the date and time of the races you'll be reffing. Thanks.

6th October 2003, 12:02 PM
(Kiara's POV)

I walked towards the Eh with the rest of the team and Amy following me. It had been a while since we had last been here due to several reasons. Once there we all went inside. I looked around and saw Caledor. I decided to go and say hello.

(Ayla's POV)

I decided to go for a swim in the pool. I didn't see Salem or Jonayla anywhere. Once in the pool, i took a deep breath then dove under the surface and just had fun. I was excited about being in the races and hoped that i did well.

(Yana's POV)

I hoped that myu losing streak would come to an end. I could tell that i was really close to evolving. Amy seemed to think that one more battle would do it. I shrugged. I guess i woudl evolve when the time was right though i hoped that it would come soon.

(Lani's POV)

I rushed past Ivy and into the Eevee House. I still had the old shoelace still in my mouth, though it was worn and about to break. It was fun to play with. I wanted to find my dad and show him how much i'd grown. My fluffy tail waggedback and forth as I looked around for him.

(Dixie's POV)

I smiled as I watched Brianna and Shayna wander off. They were looking around for new friends I assumed. The pair of them made a great team.

(Kovu's POV)

Amy sat down on the couch and i followed her. I jumped on her lap and she began to scratch me between my ears with her right hand seeing as her left one was still in a cast form the incident at Templa Taure. SHe didn'ty let it slow her down. Luckily she was right handed. Amy woudl have been in a mess if it had been her right arm. I purred and watched the others milling around the Eevee House.

6th October 2003, 07:21 PM
Unless something really messed up happens, the 121-150 races will be held this Wednesday, beginning around 1:30 to 2PM Central. You will have 20 minutes between each round to send in your orders (because I need to squeeze it into the slot and I'll need to leave before long). Send orders via AIM (Charizard04621) or PM only. If you don't think you can make it at the time stated, you may at any time PM/AIM me all your attacks and conditionals for different circumstances.

Lady Vulpix
7th October 2003, 11:31 AM
Good, now all we need is Danny and Soo to post. Please make sure the players will have the chance to send their moves.

<Caledor's POV>

I had just finished catching up with Becks, when Kiara came out of nowhere and said 'hello'. I must admit I was a bit startled; I'd been wanting to see her, but I didn't expect her to show up right then. I looked at her and smiled.
"Hi," I said. "Long time no see. It's strange, I was just thinking of you. How are you?"

<Tsunami's POV>

An air current had decided to play with my ears. Either that, or they were shaking for some other reason. I saw Caledor talking to Kiara, and decided not to go with them for now. I looked around for the others. Kovu was sitting on Amy's Lap, and Gabi was next to them, asking Amy how she was doing and all. Ayla was swiming. I could go there and train for the race like her, but Water Angel and Pidgeot were already in the pool and I was in a 'leave them alone' mood. I decided to search for Sweetie. I'd played with her a few times before, maybe she'd be up for a game. If she said no, I could always bother my old friend Hero. I must admit I was a bit anxious. I hoped my race would start soon; I didn't care much about who won, but I somehow had to make up for my embarassment in the land race. I could hardly believe I'd got a cramp in the middle of the race. Hopefully, that wouldn't happen again. I'd been eating bananas to prevent it; they weren't too tasty, so they'd better be effective.

7th October 2003, 02:33 PM
(Kiara's POV)

I sorta blushed when i realied that i caught Caledor off guard. Luckily it wasnt' visibel because of the color of my fur. "Hi," he said. "Long time no see. It's strange, I was just thinking of you. How are you?" I smiled. "Its weird how those things happen isn't it? I'm doing pretty good. How are you?" I asked sitting down in front of him.

(Sweetie's POV)

I was slightly bored so i was just walking aroudn trying to find something to do until the races started. I hoped that Ayla did well. Finally i just sat down and looked around. I saw Tsunami, so i waved at him. He smiled and walked over. "How are you?" I asked. "I'm a little bored, but good otherwise."

(Lani's POV)

I ran and ran. It was fun. Everyone told me i was fast. I shrugged, and not looking where i was going i ran headfirst into hte couch. I sat down and rubbed my head with my paw. "Ow," I muttered under my breath. I could see Laila, Brianna, and Shayna fighting not to laugh but Ivy was chuckling as if it was the funnies thing she ever saw. I shrugged, walked around to the front of the couch, and jumped up between Amy and Gabi.

Lady Vulpix
7th October 2003, 02:57 PM
The 3160 category of the Water Race starts now!

The participants are:
• Ayla L.38 F Pink Vaporeon (78)
• Lyra L.34 F Wartortle (65)
• War L.23 M Jolteon (79)

The race track is 2340 units long.
Let the race begin!

War and Ayla both start off with a Quick Attack. War manages to swim 237 units, while Ayla, more used to the water, gets 546 units ahead of the starting line. Lyra surfs calmly and efficiently, advancing 390 units.

Progress on the first update:
• Ayla: 546
• Lyra: 390
• War: 237

All the pokemon have stuck to their strategy this time. Ayla has advanced another 468 units. Lyra, having no opponents in range, kept surfing and moved forward 195 units. War started swimming faster, trying to catch up, and managed to advance a whole 632 units.

Progress until the second update:
• Ayla: 1014
• War: 869
• Lyra: 585

Ayla's next Quick Attack pushed her 546 units ahead again.
War did the same, but could only advance 474 units.
Lyra kept moving steadily, surfing forward another 195 units.

Progress until the third update:
• Ayla: 1560
• War: 1343
• Lyra: 780

Ayla kept swimming quickly, and advanced yet another 546 units.
War Quick-Attacked his way 553 units ahead.
Lyra, far behind, managed to advance 325 units, but couldn't get close to the leading pair.

Progress until the fourth update:
• Ayla: 2106
• War: 1896
• Lyra: 1105

And now, the update from the finish line!

Ayla made it to the end, advancing 468 units while War got only 316 units ahead. Lyra slowed down, advancing only 65 units in the end.

Final positions:
• Ayla: 2574
• War: 2212
• Lyra: 1170

All the pokemon have done their best effort, and I congratulate them for that. I hope you've all have fun.

Now it's time to cheer Ayla, who has won the race and grown 2 levels! Congratulations, Ayla, and Amy!

8th October 2003, 04:49 AM
I walked into the Eevee House and gave Ade a kiss. As I stood there, talking to Ade about the races, I noticed Gabi some way off and remembered that I needed to ask her what race I said I would do! I had a feeling it involved her Vaporeon, but I needed to check as my memory was almost as bad as Ade's at times. Before I could approach her, Becks abled over to me, obviously drunk, and started spouting rhetoric about the origins of races or some such nonsense. He was rather carried away. I politely excused myself and ran away quick sharpish, leaving Becks continuing his lengthly explanations to Ade instead. I reached the spot where Gabi had been standing before, but she was nowhere to be seen. If only Beckham hadn't distracted me, I'd probably know what I was supposed to be doing by now. I turned around and began to look for Gabi again, when Kirei bounded over to me and asked if I wanted to annoy Milly with her. I told the Espeon I would be sure to later, but I had more pressing matters to attend to at present. Then I spotted Gabi and approached her. "It's nice to see you here, Soo!" Gabi exclaimed, "now is there anything you need help with?"
"Hmmm... well, actually there is," I explained. "I know I'm reffing a battle but could you please direct me again to the web page about it, and also just confirm which battle I'm doing please?"
Gabi said she would be right back with the information so I proceeded to chase Milly around the House, just for fun.
It's 10.25 now (am), and if everyone's ok with it, I'd like to ref my battle tomorrow at 10pm my time (English). If it's not ok, maybe you can PM moves to me in advance? Also, if it goes on too late for me, can I write the ending the next day please?

Lady Vulpix
8th October 2003, 01:49 PM
I went back bringing all the information Soo needed, and gave her the link (http://forboards.tripod.com/Races.txt) she was looking for, and the info about her race.

91-120 - To be reffed by Bugsy
Tsunami L.58 M Vaporeon (116) - Lady Vulpix
Nayru L.41 F Feraligatr (94) - DarkPrincess
Kovu L.53 M Umbreon (107) - Nala98

Then I told her I wouldn't be around at that time, but I'd leave Tsunami here with clear instructions, and I'd be thinking of him on my way to university.

8th October 2003, 01:53 PM
The 121-150 race starts now!

The contestants are:

Water Angel L.58 F Kingdra (140) - Lady Vulpix
Salem L.41 M Espeon (121) - Discothéque
Sweetie L.42 F Espeon (123) - Nala98

The race shall be 3220 units long.

You will have 20 minutes between each round in which to send in your moves. Good luck!


Round 1

Water Angel, at home in her element, swims forward swiftly and gracefully at astounding speeds, aided by her Agility. She advances 1680 units!

Sweetie, not so confident in the water, nevertheless swims 738 units, propelled by her Quick Attack.

Salem, like Sweetie, boosts forward with Quick Attack, and manages to advance 605 units.


-Water Angel (1680), speed is 280

Round 2

Not at all exhausted from her impressive display of speed, Water Angel continues her aggressive pace, advancing 1400 units!

Sweetie does not tire, maintaining her rhythm nicely. She advances 738 units.

Salem, wanting to catch up, kicks a little harder than before. This time, he advances 726 units.


-Water Angel (3080), speed is 280

Round 3

With victory in sight, Water Angel makes a final push, advancing 1400 units and crossing the finish line!

Sweetie still keeps up her consistent pace, swimming another 738 units.

Salem doesn't give up, kicking even harder, but then his face contorts in pain. Uh oh... Maybe he pushed himself too much? He only advances 484 units.


1st: Water Angel
2nd: Sweetie
3rd: Salem

And the winner is Water Angel! She grows two levels. Congratulations to her and Gabi! All six of you did great.

8th October 2003, 03:03 PM
<Drake's POV>
I watched as Lyra lost the race, coming in last place.
"Ugh, what a nightmare," she moaned as she came out of the pool and dried herself off.
"Oh, it's not that bad," I offered. "You only gain 2 levels for winning and you're not even going to evolve any time soon so it doesn't matter."
"Yeah right," she huffed. "You and your daughter both won your respective races and I saw how excited both of you were when you won."
"True, true," I grinned toothily. "Elwing's probably going to run over here right now, screaming and such about her win. Sometimes I can't wait for the day she evolves and calms down."
Lyra smirked and settled herself down for the next water race.
"True, but then you would miss all the fun of being a father. Sure, sometimes it seems like she could use some ritalin but she's still a young kid. Enjoy it while you can."
I nodded and started to lie on my back when Elwing came running up again, yelling that she won and slid all over my body before settling on my stomach.
"Elwing, Elwing," I interrupted while she was still acting jumpy. "I know you won. You think I would miss it? Now just settle down and take a nap, for both of our sakes."
Giggling, she complied and curled up before drifting off to sleep. Peace and quiet at last.

<Blade's POV>
"I'm not a fool," I said as I helped the young Scyther untangle herself. "I saw the Aerodactyl fly past me. He might be fast to you but he's quite slow in my eyes. He needs more training before he can become a complete blur."
She nodded and smiled hesitantly while I glared at her.
"I also saw sunglasses on his face," I continued and was received with a slight twitch. "Dodger had a son, didn't he?"
"Yes, his name is Gwaihir and he belongs to my trainer," she said defensively, thinking I would freak out at anytime.
I slowly nodded and casually walked out the back door without any indication before flying onto the roof, where Nightshade was already sitting.
"Geez, don't you have anything better to do than listening into my conversations," I snapped.
"I didn't listen in, just to let you know," he calmly replied. "I just like sitting here and doing nothing."
"Well, can you do 'nothing' someplace else? I actually need to do something up here," I said.
He glared at me for a moment before nodding and teleporting away, probably inside. I sighed and sat down, looking at the roofing.
"He's a better battler than me and even has a kid. Why can't anything good happen to me?"
I started to twitch from the pain but stopped myself before anything else could happen, which wouldn't have been pretty. I could feel someone was watching, but I didn't care. At least it was better than being alone.

Aipom Of Doom
8th October 2003, 03:18 PM
I'll ref the 31-60 division Friday at 10PM Eastern Time. Would this be a problem for anyone? I really don't have many times that I'm relatively sure I'll be able to be on the computer for at least an hour, and this happens to be one of the only ones <_<. Well, let's hope that my mom doesn't shift the schedule around on me and I actually can ref this then.

8th October 2003, 04:18 PM
I thanked Gabi for the information she gave me, and also for her instructions on how Tsunami will move during the water race. I told her that I'm still waiting to hear if Nayru and Kovu will be sending me their moves in advance? If I've heard from the other contestants I'll write up the battle tomorrow about 10pm English time (GMT).

AntiAsh Superstar
9th October 2003, 09:06 AM
Originally posted by Aipom Of Doom
I'll ref the 31-60 division Friday at 10PM Eastern Time. Would this be a problem for anyone? I really don't have many times that I'm relatively sure I'll be able to be on the computer for at least an hour, and this happens to be one of the only ones <_<. Well, let's hope that my mom doesn't shift the schedule around on me and I actually can ref this then.

Doubtful I'll actually be on at that time, but I'll PM you a general game plan for Becks before then, I don't really think he needs me to help him race round like a moron anyway! ^_^;;;

"Hey, what's up?" Milliardo had finally tired of playing chase with Soo, having given a snort of 'what kind of idiot am I, getting involved in something as stupid as this?', even though the fact that he couldn't keep his face straight told that his innermost thoughts were quite different. Even the most hardened cynic needs to lighten up sometimes! But now he had returned to Pandora, and he found her somewhat shaken.
"I... I just fell asleep." The Houndour tried to hide her feelings, but as ever was doing a terrible job of it. "Freddie Kruger was trying to kill me and I only just woke up in time, okay?"
"Bull. What REALLY happened?"
"Nothing, okay? Now just drop it." Pandora sounded irritable, and Milliardo was smart enough to know that this was his cue to drop the subject.
"Fine, have it your way." The Umbreon rolled his eyes. "How about we find Marius and have a quick family swim before we have to clear out of the pool to either laugh at Becks' attempts to race or Scarygirl's attempts to judge? Somehow I can't quite see that many pokémon being able to talk to our little living thesaurus without getting seriously confused, can you?"

"Anybody want some chocolate?" Kirei came hopping out of the kitchen carrying a big block of milk chocolate in her mouth. "I got loads to share!"
"And where did you get that?" I asked, dreading the response. As if there wasn't enough to be worried about in the Eevee House. Letting Beckham and Caledor spend time together was bad enough, but adding Kirei to the mix? Well, it was a wonder nobody had tripped over her yet, being as she was in full hyperactive mode.
"Don't you fret Ade, Sindel was making cakes and had a load left over, so clever ol' me just pulled my most pitiful expression and hey presto! Instant candy! Now is anybody going to help me eat this thing or do I have to do it all by myself? I warn you, too much sugar makes Kirei go loony!" The Espeon proceeded to demonstrate this by madly chasing her tail for five minutes, nearly dropping her chocolate in the process. Leaving me to wonder exactly how much she had eaten BEFORE leaving the kitchen. If this wasn't a full-on sugar high then I didn't know what was!
"If I were you, Ade, I'd consult Adreena when we get back home," Milliardo commented in passing, "and find out if that weirdo wasn't dropped on her head as a pup or something." I couldn't help laughing. My team were a surreal bunch, all right!

Aipom Of Doom
10th October 2003, 09:23 PM
The 30-60 division of the Water Race stats now :O. There will be about 15-20 minutes between each round for those of you who are online to PM/IM me your commands. The race will be 1250 units long.

Diablos L.11 M Sneasel (37) - Link 10
Evenstar L.12 F Sneasel (40) - Charizard04621
Zephyr L.27 F Winged Dratini (49) - Espeon12
Beckham L.27 M Wartortle (53) - AntiAsh Superstar

Round 1

As the race starts, Evenstar immediately uses a Taunt on Zephyr. The Dratini responds by using a Twister! The large tornado of energy shoots toward the first target Zephyr can find, which happens to be Beckham.

The Wartortle is knocked a bit off-course and is a bit damaged. He reorients himself and makes it 103 units despite the attack.

Zephyr, slowed down by both the Taunt used on her and the Twister she used herself, only makes it 49 units.

Evenstar, who swims along as fast as she can after Taunting, makes it 120 units.

Diablos, the only Pokemon unaffected by all of this, uses a Quick Attack and makes it 185 units to gain a decent lead.

Diablos: 185
Evenstar: 120
Beckham: 103 (74/85 HP)
Zephyr: 49

Round 2

At this point, everyone focuses on going forward. Beckham goes ahead 212 units, surpassing Diablos. Eventstar, who uses Quick Attack, moves 200 units and ends up barely ahead of Beckham.

Diablos uses another Quick Attack, but can't keep going as fast as he had been; he falls behind Evenstar and Beckham having only advanced 111 units

Zephyr, still stuck at the beginning, can't seem to get going very fast and only makes it 49 units.

Evenstar: 320
Beckham: 315 (74/85 HP)
Diablos: 296
Zephyr: 98

Round Three

Evenstar uses another Quick Attack, but only makes it 120 units farther.

Beckham swims through 103 units, losing a little ground on Evenstar, but still keeping up with her.

Back near the beginning of the pool, Zephyr finally gets her act together and goes an impressive 196 units, but it seems a bit too later for her =/.

Diablos, meanwhile, Quick Attacks far ahead and gets 222 units out, regaining his lead to be a significant distance ahead of Evenstar.

Diablos: 518
Evenstar: 440
Beckham: 418 (74/85 HP)
Zephyr: 294

Round 4

Evenstar, wanting to catch up to Diablos, uses an Icy Wind on the other Sneasel. However, Diablos had already Quick Attacked forward, and the Icy Wind has no chance of catching him. Evenstar only makes it 80 units

Using Quick Attack, Diablos makes it ahead 185 units to keep his lead.

Beckham swims 212 more units, avoiding the Icy Wind and surpassing Evenstar by quite a bit.

Zephyr, meanwhile, makes a sudden comeback and shoots ahead 294 units, doubling her distance and getting into third place.

Diablos: 703
Beckham: 630 (74/85 HP)
Zephyr: 588
Evenstar: 520

Round 5

Evenstar uses an Icy Wind on the only Pokemon in range, which is Zephyr. The cold blast does some damage to the Dratini, and slows both Zephyr and Evenstar down for the duration of the attack. Zephyr gets 98 units farther and Evenstar makes it only 40 more units.

Beckham and Diablos race far ahead of the other two. Beckham goes 212 units while Diablos is a bit slower, only getting 148 units. Diablos remains ahead, but only slightly. With just 400 units to go, it looks like the race is down to these two.

Diablos: 851
Beckham: 842 (74/85 HP)
Zephyr: 686 (61/76 HP)
Evenstar: 560

Round 6

Diablos starts to use a Quick Attack to try to keep ahead of Beckham, but before he can take off, he finds himself run over by the Wartortle. It takes Diablos a second to get reoriented, and he can only swim 111 units. Beckham, however, zooms ahead and gains 318 units to be only 90 units from the finish line.

Behind them, Zephyr and Evenstar both swim forward but very slowly. Zephyr gains 49 units while Evenstar gains 40.

Beckham: 1160 (74/85 HP)
Diablos: 962
Zephyr: 735 (61/76 HP)
Evenstar: 600

Round 7

Beckham easily maintains his speed and coasts past the finish line, leaving the other three Pokemon far behind :O.

Congratulations Ade and Beckham for winning this division of the water race :d

Avian Freeze
11th October 2003, 04:10 PM
:: My POV ::

After being away for AGES, I walked quietly back into the Eevee House. My Pok&eacute;mon eagerly exited their Pok&eacute; Balls and ambled around the house. I noticed the Water Race going on, and though I was a bit disappointed to miss it, it was still fun to watch. The newest addition to my team, Jasmine, my specially colored golden-petaled Bayleef from the M&ecirc;l&eacute;e Games came out of her ball and I welcomed her to the Eevee House.

:: Jasmine the Female Bayleef's POV ::

I shook my petals which gleamed in the sunlight that shone through the window and looked shyly around the house. It was unfamiliar to me, but definitely had a peaceful aroma. Heh, it seemed my oddly colored leaves were already gaining attention and I quickly turned my gaze to no specific area, so I wouldn't be aware of the stares. I hoped I wouldn't be tossed out as a "freak" or something of the sort. My petals were rather abnormal, and I wasn't sure how everyone would react to them...

:: Wolfwood the Male Houndoom's POV ::

I stretched and roared excessively as I was still getting accustomed to my new body. After I had evolved, Tyler was busy with school and I was cramped in my Pok&eacute; Ball. I admired my new black coat and my long tail. My snout was also longer and I had horns on my head. I then jogged around the house a little, trying to counter my brief sedentary life.

:: Scorch the Female Charmander's POV ::

I wandered the Eevee House and began to think about what it would be like to be a Charmeleon. I was getting bigger and I knew I would become a Charmeleon soon. I also looked forward to becoming a Charizard, and yearned to fly in the air. I went down and sat by the pool, probably an odd sight, but I didn't mind the water so much anymore. It was serene, and I joyfully watched the race. It seemed to be coming to an end and it was getting tense, I wondered who would be the victor of this race. The Sneasel seemed to be in the lead, but a Wartortle was quickly closing in on him too...

:: Aquaphaze the Female Vaporeon's POV ::

I swished my tail in the water, tracing the water. It had been forever since I had seen Boltz and I missed him...Maybe it was time to move on...but I couldn't. I had known him for the longest time and I couldn't turn my back on him because he wasn't here. I sighed and propped my head on my arms, continuing to trace patterns in the pool.

:: Jonayla the Female Eevee's POV ::

Wow time has moved fast. How old am I now? A bit more than a month definitely, but I knew so little about the world. I crept through the Eevee House subtly, looking for my parents. I had to find out more, I didn't want to be ignorant about the world.

:: Belisama the Female Vulpix's POV ::

It had been a while since I'd been here, and I missed this place. I looked around for Arwen, hoping she didn't forget me after being away for so long. I hoped we would be headed for Templa Taure soon so I could battle. I knew it would be tough and arduous, but I was determined to win this battle.

AntiAsh Superstar
12th October 2003, 05:55 PM
"Did I just see that right?" Milliardo blinked several times. "Did Becks, the world's most uncoordinated idiot, actually just WIN that race? There has to be something wrong here."
"Yeah, quite impressive, especially seeing as Ade forgot to actually give him a game plan." Pandora giggled, finding the whole situation extremely funny. "That's our Becks, the eternal triumph of enthusiasm over tactics." My team moved over to congratulate the victor, who was not exactly being very modest about his victory.
"Of course it was all about skill," the Wartortle explained. "It takes real practice to become as good at swimming as me, you have to judge every stroke with the precision of a rocket scientist and strike out with the strength of someone who strikes out very strongly. Of course it was tough, it was hard, it was gruelling, it was... it was..." Here Beckham seemed to falter. "It was exhausting, that's what it was, now will some kind soul point me in the direction of the nearest bar? And by the way, I know this is totally irrelevant to anything that may have escaped my mouth over the past five minutes or so, but where's sc... I mean, where's Soo got to?"
"She had to go home for a bit," Pearl shrugged. "Wasn't feeling very well, poor girl. Ade's taken her back and left us to play here for a while. Which is fine by me, I like it here." So saying, the Ninetales settled down to watch some television.