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Water Pokemon Master
10th August 2003, 11:07 PM
I went to San Diego yesterday and went to the R/S Challenge Series Tournament. Before I say anything else, I suggest everyone find one in your area because there are so many prizes you can win and lots of fun to have. Anyways, we battled each other on Gameboy and TCG and everyone had such a good time. \

First off, the rounds went like this:
TCG-Gameboy-Gameboy-Lunch Time-TCG-Gameboy-Gameboy

For the TCG, we were given 6 R/S packs at the beginning of the tournament and had to construct a 40 card deck. I luckily was able to make a Treeko Stage 2 line and a Kirlia deck. Unfortunately for the kid across the table of me making his deck, he had 4 Silcoon and 2 Beautifly, but no Wurmple, and had to make an all basic deck with one EX and one Stage 2 line.

Then we went on to Gameboying and had to have 3 LV 50 or less Pokemon holding three different items. When it was announced over the Microphone that no unobtainable Pokemon were allowed, I saw two people put their GB's under the table and do something. Wonder what was going on? As for me, I never heard any rule about no two of the same items that could be held by a PKMN, so I had to switch my Milotic's Sitrus berry for an Oran one. Then, a few lucky people each round were able to battle in front of everyone on TV.

For prizes, at the begginnig of the tournament, there was a drawing for a GBA SP and E-reader. Anyone who participated was automatically entered into the drawing, and at the end of the tournament, the people who won it would be announced. Then, if you came in first place for your age group, you could get a R/S booster box, $200 gift certificate to PokemonCenter.com, and a medal.

Okay, now for my results. (worst to best) I was defeated once on the second round for the TCG due to me not shuffling my deck and getting all grass energies and one Koffing. Luckily, I won everything else including both Gameboy and the TCG. Later, I got to battle on the TV for the last round and destroyed my opponent with my Ludiciolo's Giga Drain. Then the drawings for for the SP and E-reader were announced and guess who won the SP, me! What I was most excited about was that I won the 11-14 age division and got a medal, R/S box, and a $200 gift certificate to PokemonCenter.com! In the R/S box, I got 20 Ex cards too! If you don't believe me, click the following link for the pic and the other stuff I got and won:

To view pictures of the event, clck the following link:

EDIT: Oh yeah! There is going to be a Pre-release EX Sanstorm Tournament in the same place on Saturday, Sep. 6 before the set is even released. Since we will be getting Sandstorm packs to make decks for the tourny, I guess I will have some of the card images on my site before anyone else as well as some more of the set info and another report for it.

11th August 2003, 07:52 AM
Damn, they even gave away an eon ticket. Ill pass the medal, i got enough of those. What i REALLY want r trophies (only got 2 in my entire life).

Anyway, congrats, tho i cant really relate much to what ur talking about. Im splurging most of my cash on CDs, VCDs and DVDs these days. Oh, and yoyo parts.

Id say ur either the 2nd guy from right (front row) or the guy in white on the right. Unless ur the big guy at the corner, but based on all our talks and emails we had, i kinda doubt that.

Btw, how big WAS the crowd there?

11th August 2003, 11:13 AM
I know who you are, your the kid who won the SP in the draw, I was there too *points to own topic* and yeah, im the fat kid with a Linkin Park t-shirt on, who's smiling like a moron...-_-;;;

still, what the hell have you bought with the 200$$!?!?!?

Water Pokemon Master
11th August 2003, 12:27 PM
I am the kid in the front next to the one with the yellow shirt on. The kid with the yellow shirt on is PokeMom from PokeGym's youngest son. They made me sit on the floor on my knees and I couldn't smile because I had pain in my neck all day. Nintendo or whoever only sent 1 $200 certificate so we were promised to be sent the certificate's validation code through e-mail but I haven't gotten it yet. Luckily, I am now starting to go to another league in my area run by Chisbro, so I'll ask him what's up.

EDIT: Dark Blastoise, if you are who I think you are, didn't you come in 2nd place for 11-14? Also, did I battle you? People there called me Jon, not WPM, so do you know who I am? Are you going to Chisbro's league in Westminister?

11th August 2003, 04:40 PM
Congrats on the win! :D

All those prizes sound pretty sweet (I really want a GBASP, but don't wanna pay for one.); however, there's yet to be one scheduled in my state. (I only live in the sixth largest city in America.) =\

11th August 2003, 09:04 PM
yeppers Jon-ny boy, I know who you are, congrats on beating the hell out of the other 2 11-14 yr olds, no unfortunantly I didnt play you, and no im not going to Chrisbo's league, BUT me, Matt, Abraham, Nick and a few of the other guys there are starting a league at Game Empire soon, if you have AIM, you can talk to me at DaRkShAd0wGh0Ul or on MSN Messenger at thesatan6666666@hotmail.com (also E-Mail)

I may be interested in going to this league, so can you send me directions, thanks?

EDIT: Sorry guys for the damned auto link, I just meant to type my E-Mail/MSN Handle hehe ^_^;;;

Water Pokemon Master
11th August 2003, 10:34 PM
I just didn't have to play the 11-14 year olds, I had to play six other people in the oldest divison, including a professor. For the directions, Chisbro just told me it was in the Westminister Mall at the Wizards of the Coast store near the food court. I am going to get there a little early so I can find the place.

12th August 2003, 02:18 AM
well, it was no cake-walk for me either, still had there NOT been any age groups im certain neither one of us would have won almost anything

also, tell Chrisbo he may have to move his location sson, cuz Wizards is beginning to kick out Pokemon

Water Pokemon Master
12th August 2003, 02:51 AM
well, it was no cake-walk for me either, still had there NOT been any age groups im certain neither one of us would have won almost anything

Not neccesarily. I only lost once and up until the fifth round, me and this other kid were the only people undefeated out of the whole tournament until I lost to him. I probably would have come in second or third overall if there was only one age division. How many times did you lose?

Also, do you know if any of the leagues like the one Chrisbo is running has a format for the decks such as Genesis on or Unlimited?