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18th August 2003, 09:17 PM
We're seriously lacking in the poll department, so I'm just going to throw some random ones in together ^_^
What is your....

Eye Color?
Hair Color?
Favorite Color?
Favorite Food?
Favorite Drink?
Favorite Movie?
Favorite TV show?
Favorite Smilie?
How long you've been at TPM?
One thing you like/hate about TPM?

Name: Katie
Age: 15
Location: Texas
Birthdate: 12/24/87
Birthplace: Kansas XP
Ethnicity: I think I'm like German and Belgian and... I think that's it.
Height: 5'3 (shut up)
Weight: About 110-115...
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Lightbrown/reddish/little bit of blonde.. lol
Glasses: No, but one contact x_o hehe
Interests: Drawing, DDR, Neopets, anime....
Siblings: 9 year old step-bro, Eli
Pets: 2 dogs, Cocoa and Charlie; 2 cats, Callie and Harley; hamster, Chibi
Occupation: Stoodant
Favorite Color: Black/red combo
Favorite Food: Fetuccini(SP?!) alfredo
Favorite Drink: Diet Sprite..
Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe just because the two dudes were hot =o lol. Rush Hour(2) were good too.
Favorite TV show: Don't really watch TV much anymore, but I liked Invader Zim and the Angry Beavers back when they showed them ¬_¬
Favorite Smilie: :wave: is cool
How long you've been at TPM: Since July 16, '01
One thing you like/hate about TPM: like: most of the people. dislike: none of the topics are all that original anymore :\

:) Wow this topic is gonna scroll lol.


18th August 2003, 09:27 PM
Name? Erica :x
Age? 14.
Location? Toronto. Shame on you if you don't already know where it is.
Birthdate? April 19, 1989
Birthplace? Toronto (I'm not boring. I haven't lived here all my life oO;; )
Ethnicity? Canadian, English, French, Scottish and... something else. I don't remember what though. oO;
Height? 5'1" ;_; I haven't grown in a whole fricken year.
Weight? 120 last time I checked. :x The only scale in the house is in my parents' room, so I don't go there often. XD; Prolly' for the best anyway.
Eye Color? Blue
Hair Color? Dark brown.
Glasses? Nope. That's one of the only things I get to boast about in my family: not wearing glasses. XD;
Interests? Drawing, web design, forums, writing, reading, watching tv, playing video games, chatting, etc. o_o; *boring*
Siblings? 9 year old brother. Highly annoying and probably smarter than me.
Pets? I used to have fish. But we had to give them away when we moved. ;_; We might be getting a lizard though~ ^__^
Occupation? Student, I suppose. =\ Along with being a mod at several forums.
Favorite Color? Orange and light purple. X3
Favorite Food? Steak... mmm... +_+ *drool*
Favorite Drink? Coke. XD;
Favorite Movie? Um... I don't really have one. o_o; I like almost every movie I see. I really love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, though. XD
Favorite TV show? On TV? Probably Malcom in the Middle or something. I don't watch much TV. o_o
Favorite Smilie? I miss the :sweatdrop: one and the nice blue :o smilie that doesn't look retarded. ;_;
How long you've been at TPM? Uh.. since March 2001. o_o My profile lies, I tell you. It lies. x_x I had to rejoin later that year. And.. uh.. ahem. Yeah. o_o;
One thing you like/hate about TPM? like: the nifty people X3; dislike: x_X really long topics. They scare me since I have to sift through them to find posts and whatnot. XD


18th August 2003, 09:39 PM
ooo, personal info, this should be interesting

name: Alex
Age: 14
Location: Northeast Jersey, representin
Birthdate: 10/31/88
Birthplace: L'vov(AKA Lvov, Lviv, L'viv), Ukraine, although it was still the USSR when I was born
Ethnicity: Soviet! Ukrainian now
Height: 5'10 1/2
Weight: about 140 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown/blonde/a bit of red
Glasses: only for reading and stuff, I look good in them tho.
Interest: Basketball, anime, computers, food, ancient history(anything that happened after 1400 AD I don't give a ****)
Siblings: 1 much older sister, 25 to be exact, Natalie
Pets: 1 parakeet Demi
Occupation: student
Fave. Color: blue
Fave. Food: Fried Teriyaki Chicken, the kind I make, not any of the boston market **** *barfs*
Fave. Drink: Iced tea, I drink it nonstop, sugar and caffeine, good ****
Fave. Movie: can't really pick one, Star Trek: First Contact, Matrix, K-PAX, Little Nicky, all are good
Fave. TV Show: Rurouni Kenshin and Spongebob!
Favorite Smilie: :) nice and simple
How long u been at TPM: A while, since April 13, 2000, nearly 3 1/2 years
Like/Dislike: Like: RPG's/Dislike: worthless idiots, especially mods like Damian Silverblade and retards like DarkYouth

18th August 2003, 09:40 PM
Name- Mikey
Age- 16
Location- Michigan
Birthdate- April 30th, 1987
Birthplace- Michigan
Ethnicity- 100% Italian
Height- 5'8"
Weight- 135
Eye Color- Blue in spring/ green in summer/ teal everytime else
Hair Color- Black with blonde tips
Glasses- No
Interests- Pokemon, Suth Park, Family Guy, girls, friends, football, etc.
Siblings- One twin brother
Pets- None
Occupation- Student
Favorite Color- Green
Favorite Food- Chicken Parmesian
Favorite Drink- Mountain Dew
Favorite Movie- South Park BLU
Favorite TV show- South Park
Favorite Smilie- :yes:
How long you've been at TPM- I was here way back in 2000. I got a new email and lost my account password and left totally after the site went down. Came back last year last year March.
One thing you like/hate about TPM- The people are cool. Dislike- Rants about the USA

Elemental Seribii
18th August 2003, 09:48 PM
Name? Amy
Age? 13
Location? Massachusetts.
Birthdate? Sept. 8th.
Birthplace? New York
Ethnicity? Part Irish, part Italian.
Height? 5'6''
Weight? 118. I think. Oo;
Eye Color? Bluey gray.
Hair Color? Blonde, almost white-ish.
Glasses? Yesh. X3
Interests? Manga, Reading, playing Video Games, sketching. Blah. I love DDR, but I can't find one around, ice skating.
Siblings? I have three little sisters.
Pets? One golden retriever.
Occupation? Student.
Favorite Color? Crimson.
Favorite Food? Chicken. Mmmm...
Favorite Drink? Milk. Yesh, I'm strange.
Favorite Movie? Donnie Darko...and the Monty Python movies. (Yay Erica! ^-^)
Favorite TV show? I used to love Invader Zim when it was on...;-; I like Who's Line Is It Anyway, too. I also usually watch anything else that looks slightly interesting.
Favorite Smilie? I pine for the old :heh: smilie. I love :yes: and :D but I never use them. Oo;
How long you've been at TPM?: 5th of April, 2001.
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Like: Mostly everyone here can be nice, and the RPGs. Dislike: Scary topics. Oo; XD

Angel Blossom
18th August 2003, 09:56 PM
Name: Kristina

Age: 15 years old

Location: San Francisco, CA (US)

Birthdate: February 16th, 1988

Birthplace: San Francisco, CA (US)

Ethnicity: I have so many nationalities, so I can't list them all. I'm mostly Hispanic, Italian, German, French, Spanish, & Irish.

Height: I'm around 5'5", I think. ^^

Weight: I weighed myself today. I weigh 102 lbs exactly.

Eye Color: Green/Blue, depends on the weather. :O Cloudy skies mean green, blue skies mean blue. ^^;; They look gray sometimes, too, especially when it rains.

Hair Color: My hair has so many colors in it. I haven't changed my hair color ever, since I'm happy with mine and I hate unnatural hair color. It's dark blonde/light brown, with some auburn in it. ^^;; And it's perfectly natural, too, lol. A lot of people say it looks nice, so I suppose it is quite likeable. ^.^

Glasses: I used to wear contacts. I didn't look right in any frame, so I bought contact lenses. They're far more comfortable than glasses. I can never feel my contact lenses, and they never irritate me. They're a lot better than glasses, in my opinion.

Interests: I love to draw. Since I was very young, people would say I was very talented when it came to drawing. I also enjoy to use the computer so I can talk to my friends, and designing my AC/CC pages is fun too. I also like to talk and hang out with my friends, both IRL and OL friends.

Siblings: I have a sister and two older half brothers. I don't like calling them my half brothers, so I just call them my brothers. I don't see one a lot, since he lives in Brazil. My other brother lives around here, and stays over at our house every now & then. They're very cool brothers. ^_^ My sister is also a great person too. She's fun to be around, since she always cheers me up.

Pets: I have a Siamese cat that I've owned since I was 3. He's my favorite pet, and I know that no pet can ever replace him. He's very old now, but we hope he will live a bit longer. I also have 3 parakeets, that are extremely annoying but cute. ^.^

Occupation: Little tour girl at the Zoo / Bleet Mistress / Queen of Typos ~_^

Favorite Color: I have SO many favorite colors, lol. They're deep sky blue, hot pink, lime green, silver, black, and orange.

Favorite Food: Anything Japanese or Italian is fine with me. ^.^ Burgers and fries pwn too. :D

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper, Orange Soda, and Pepsi are my favorites.

Favorite Movie: Bringing Down the House was so funny! I wish they would've layed off the racial jokes, though.

Favorite TV show: News Radio. The old sitcom that was canceled because Phil Hartman died. ;-;

Favorite Smilie: I have a few: ^.^ ^__^ :D ~_^ ;P
And as for the icon smilies, I don't like them. :P

How long you've been at TPM: 2 years and 5 months.

One thing you like/hate about TPM: I like the AC/CC here, and the members. Of course, I hate the old farts that are far too uptight and complain about everything. Let us have some darn fun, plz. ;-;

18th August 2003, 10:35 PM
Name: Christina
Age: 15
Location: New Jersey
Birthdate: October 17, 1988
Birthplace: New Jersey
Ethnicity: I'm mostly German, with some Irish and Polish mixed in.
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 :\
Eye Color: Grayish blue, with a ring of olive green on the inside. Depending on the light, the blue part can get really pale.
Hair Color: Dirty blonde, with some light blonde highlights.
Glasses: Nope.
Interests: Drawing, reading, writing, soccer, horseback riding, messing around with websites, hanging out with my friends, blah, blah...
Siblings: Half brother (30) and younger brother (13)
Pets: Two cats, lab/husky mix, cockatiel & a betta (fish)
Occupation: Student
Favorite Color: Any shade of blue
Favorite Food: Chicken something... it has garlic and melted butter in it... *Drool* Less specific, I love pretty much all Italian food.
Favorite Drink: Pepsi
Favorite Movie: There's too many... I like most comedy and war movies, though.
Favorite TV show: As Invader Zim and Clone High were both cancelled ;_; probably The Simpsons or something...
Favorite Smilie: I don't use smilies a whole lot, usually just ^^
How long you've been at TPM: Since October of 2000
One thing you like/hate about TPM: I like how near everyone here is great, but hate those few idiots or obnoxious members and overabundance of spammy games...

[Edit because I'm finally 15. Woo!]

18th August 2003, 11:27 PM
Name? Simone. :>

Age? 15.

Location? Queens, NYC. :D I'm currently in Florida though for vacation.

Birthdate? October 30, 1987. I wish I was born on Halloween that would be cooler.

Birthplace? Hospital in Flushing, Queens.

Ethnicity? If you asked me, I'd just say black. :} But I'm actually Jamaican and American.

Height? 5'6''.

Weight? 130 pounds. :>

Eye Color? Boring brown.

Hair Color? Dark brown.

Glasses? Yes. You won't see me with them on in pictures though, I never wear them when taking pics.

Interests? Video games, some cartoons (Futurama), music, books, internet, hanging out... that's about it.

Siblings? Older sister, Ayana (19) and younger brother, Marcus (14).

Pets? Three guinea pigs, Pumpkin, Moonpie, and Hoodini. ^_^

Occupation? (soon to be) Junior in high school. No job for me. :<

Favorite Color? The many different shades of blue.

Favorite Food? Steak.

Favorite Drink? Nestea iced tea.

Favorite Movie? I don't really have a favorite... every time I see a good movie, it automatically becomes my 'favorite movie of all time' and replaces the old one. x_x So I guess you can say my favorite movie at the moment would be "Pay it Forward". Good drama movie, the ending was sad though. ;_;

Favorite TV show? Futurama. :}

Favorite Smilie? On TPM: :no: Regular smilie: :>

How long you've been at TPM? Since February 2001, but I didn't start paying attention to this place until September 2002.

One thing you like/hate about TPM? I like the community, you guys are cool. :> What I hate? That this place can seem so dramatic sometimes... but sometimes the drama is good, so whatever. o_o

18th August 2003, 11:51 PM
You know, this reminds me of the Friendship/Matchmaking Game back in May 2001. God, I miss those days ;-;

Name: Rebecca
Age: 16
Location: Massachusetts (right above Boston)
Birthdate: March 6, 1987
Birthplace: Middletown, New York
Ethnicity: Mostly Polish and Russian
Height: 5'1
Weight: 96 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue and gray with a hint of green (they change colors sometimes)
Hair Color: Medium brown (I used to be dirty blond when I was little)
Glasses: Nope. I have the best eyesight in my family
Interests: Watching TV, playing video games and watching baseball (especially the O's)
Siblings: Older sister (17)
Pets: 2 cats (Pete and Gracie) and a hedgehog (Quillbert)
Occupation: 11th grade student
Favorite Color: Dark shades of blue
Favorite Food: Lamb chops, mashed potatoes and pizza
Favorite Drink: Sprite and ginger ale
Favorite Movie: Clue, Robin Hood: Men In Tights and Best In Show
Favorite TV show: Whose Line is it Anyway, Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Favorite Smilie: 8) (I liked it better when the face was orange though)
How long you've been at TPM: 2 years and 5 months (6 on the 23rd)
One thing you like/hate about TPM: I like talking to all the friends I made and interacting on a board I love. I hate all the veterans who try to act cool and flame everyone

18th August 2003, 11:58 PM
yAy... :D

Name? ~Grant
Age? ~14
Location? ~Hawaii :P
Birthdate? ~April 3rd, 1989 *wish I was born on April Foolz Day*
Birthplace? ~Hawaii
Ethnicity? ~Chinese, Puerto Rican, Portugese
Height? ~5'5"
Weight? ~110-115
Eye Color? ~Brown
Hair Color? ~Black
Glasses? ~NEVAR
Interests? ~read profile ;)
Siblings? ~2 older brothers (20,18 )
Pets? ~a dog, and fish. Used to have a Jackson Chameleon, a bird, and mice tho. I *heart* animals
Occupation? ~Professional........ ummmm Student!!!
Favorite Color? ~RED
Favorite Food? ~err-thang
Favorite Drink? ~Pepsi
Favorite Movie? ~Pirates of teh Carribean
Favorite TV show? ~The Family Guy
Favorite Smilie? ;)
How long you've been at TPM? ~I was here a while ago (steelskarmory55) back when ASB was a TOTAL mess and nobody kept track of anything there so i could just pull a zillion yen out of nowhere. I came back with another name but didn't really have an interest cuz GSC was getting old, but then I came back earlier this year cuz of RuSa.
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Here's the best part...


originally posted by conspiracy about 50 times...
...seems nice...


19th August 2003, 12:17 AM
Name? John
Age? 17
Location? Detroit, Michigan
Birthdate? April 26th, 1986
Birthplace? Wayne, Michigan
Ethnicity? Mostly Scottish and German.
Height? 6'
Weight? 185lbs
Eye Color? Brown
Hair Color? Brown
Glasses? Indeed.
Interests? Computers and stuff.
Siblings? Older sister.
Pets? None, my dog got hit today...
Occupation? High School student, going into my last year. :>
Favorite Color? Gray.
Favorite Food? Pizza.
Favorite Drink? Coke.
Favorite Movie? I have a lot.
Favorite TV show? The Screensavers is really the only show I watch.
Favorite Smilie? :wave:
How long you've been at TPM? Over 3 years.
One thing you like/hate about TPM? I like some of the people and what I hate that this place is pretty dead now.

Crystal Mew
19th August 2003, 12:21 AM
Hi Katie :wave:

~*1. Name- Samantha

~*2. Age- 17

~*3. location- nm

~*4. birthplace- same

~*5. Ethnicticy- german, japanese, sweedish, english, italian, danish...more other little things .-.

~*6. Height- 5'7"

~*7. weight- 115

~*8. eye color- hazel-ish

~*9. hair color- brown-ish

~*10. glasses..meh yeah 8D I have contacts also

~*11. intrests- guys, neopets, ddr...yeah .-.

~*12. siblings, brother, sister

~*13. pets- dog, and a ferret =>

~*14. occupation- student... gah, one more week :<

~*15. Favorite Color- blue

~*16.Favorite Food- spaghetti

~*17,Favorite Drink-pepsi

~*18.Favorite Movie- PoTC for SURE! :D

~*19.Favorite TV show- hmmm...I like spongebob .-.

~*20. Favorite Smilie- :yes: :D :wave:

~*21.How long you've been at TPM- almost 2 years

~*22.One thing you like/hate about TPM- Ilike the people for the most part...and Ihate spammers :wave:

19th August 2003, 12:47 AM
Originally posted by Katie
We're seriously lacking in the poll department, so I'm just going to throw some random ones in together ^_^
What is your....

Name: Kyle
Age: 16
Location: Sacramento, CA
Birthdate: March 15. 1987
Birthplace: Sacramento, CA (convenient, isn't it?)
Ethnicity: Italian, German, Swedish, a bunch of others
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 lbs, give or take
Eye Color: Blue-ish
Hair Color: Red-ish
Glasses: Nope. Only one in the family who doesn't have them (9-year-old brother included.)
Interests: Basketball, baseball, football, most sports that aren't golf
Siblings: 9-year-old brother, wish I didn't have him sometimes
Pets: A dog (miniature pincer)
Occupation: Person? 11th grade student? Dunno
Favorite Color: Must be blue, as I always post in it. Too many questions in this poll, so I was too lazy to repeat the same color tag for each answer. Oh, that's another thing about me... I'm lazy.
Favorite Food: Pizza, steak
Favorite Drink: Sprite Remix
Favorite Movie: Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, the original Star Wars trilogy, the three Indiana Jones movies, Dumb and Dumber, the list goes on...
Favorite TV show: Whose Line?
Favorite Smilie: :P
How long you've been at TPM: Since January, 2001. Just checked my own profile.
One thing you like/hate about TPM: Likes? Karin (Charizard04621.) Dislikes? Vets who spam/flame everywhere.

19th August 2003, 12:59 AM
Name: Rebecca Shonta Jones (call me Shonta)
Age: 19
Location: Hueytown, Alabama (near Birmingham)
Birthdate: 7-24-84
Birthplace: Birmingham, Alabama
Ethnicity: African American
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 134 (I hope)
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: Mom thinks it's kinda sandy
Glasses: only when driving
Interests: video games, reading, music (both playing and listening), anime
Siblings: 14 year old brother (Rod), 20 year old stepbrother (Zico), 16 year old stepbrother (Jonny), 29 year old stepsister (Sherrie)
Pets: 6 year old Lhasa Apso (Sassy)
Occupation: student at Birmingham-Southern College
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Food: PIZZA!
Favorite Drink: Vanilla Coke vs. Code Red
Favorite Movie: hmm, I guess Liar Liar
Favorite TV show: Trigun
Favorite Smilie: 8)
How long you've been at TPM: since February of this year
One thing you like about TPM: I get to hear from people my age that like Pokemon

Avian Freeze
19th August 2003, 01:12 AM
Name? Tyler
Age? 14
Location? New York City, and no we're not paranoid about terrorists ~_~.
Birthdate? May 13th, 1989
Birthplace? New York City :o
Ethnicity? Chinese and Thai, blah my family has mixtures of both.
Height? 5' 8'' I think o_O, I haven't measured my height for a lloooonnngggg time.
Weight? Around 125 lbs., yes I'm light ._.;;
Eye Color? Dark brown, pretty common
Hair Color? Black-ish :P
Glasses? Yes, I guess they're okay. Contacts are kinda uncomfortable I've heard :\. May try them sometime.
Interests? Meh, basically anything. Hanging out with friends, talking on the phone, going online, drawing, swimming, tennis, hiking, running sometimes. I'll do anything to keep out of boredom ;p.
Siblings? Yup, three sisters who annoy me o.o
Pets? Nope, I used to have two parakeets though, a blue one and a green one.
Occupation? 9th Grade Student, yeah...
Favorite Color? Blue, usually darker shades of blue like azure or this royal blue.
Favorite Food? SUSHI! :D yes raw fish xP It tastes really good IMO :).
Favorite Drink? Snapple Iced Tea, particularly peach or raspberry flavor.
Favorite Movie? Hm, I usually like a lot of movies I see o_O. I liked Rush Hour 2 a lot, Bruce Almighty which I saw recently was good too, and I saw Spirited Away which I liked a lot as well.
Favorite TV show? I don't watch TV much, but I got into Daria recently lol. It's a fun show to watch ^_^. I also used to watch "Whose Line is it Anyway", but I always miss it cause someone doesn't remind me >[.
Favorite Smilie? Erm, I like >[ a lot since Amanda showed me it XD. It looks funny. I also like XD, ^^;, ^_^, ._., o_O, and a bunch of others XD.
How long you've been at TPM? I've been here since December of 2001 I think o.o.
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Like: The friendly people here, it's great hanging around and meeting everyone ^_^. Hate: Blah, some people just annoy me ~_~, but I'm not gonna name them :x.

EDIT: Bleh, I'm so used to writing the year as 2003, even with my birthdate. I'm not three months old Jay :P *shakes fist* XD.

Mr SmileAKASkrusti
19th August 2003, 01:14 AM
Meh. Time to reveal the mystery surrounding Skrusti XD

Name: Rollin
Age: 14 9349383/9349384 (in other words, almost 15 :/ august 29 isn't that far away XD)
Location: Washington.
Birthplace: Aberdeen. No more, no less.
Ethnicty: Irish/Scottish :) Proud of my heritage too!
Height: erm, 5'7 I think :/
Weight: Classified for the time being :mad:
Eye-Color: Green. XD
Hair-Color: Brown. Icky brown.
Glasses: Yep! I'm proud of my Glasitage! (sorry for the pun XD)
Interests: Erm..stuff? I really don't know.
Siblings: 3 brothers and 3 sisters, all older.
Pets: A ****-zu (oreo) A calico cat (nicky) a orange cat (Dell. its a spaz!)
Occupation: Holy Terror :D I love to play jokes on anyone and everyone!
Fav Food: Cheeseyburger and Frenchie fries XD
Drink: erm....*thinks* *too many to name* Pop, juice, Milk, its all good.
Movie: Ummmm....Any Parody movie (robin hood: Men in tights, Spaceballs {XD} Monty Python.) LOTR movies, Pirates of the Caribbean IMO the best movie of the year XD It was funny as hell! Oh, and did anyone else think Jack Sparrow acted gay? (No offense to anyone.)
Tv Show: Whos line is it anyway (watched every single eppy they've made, plus i've recorded them :{P *Take that TML! I AM THE BIGGEST WHOSE LINE FAN ON THE NET! MWHAHAHAHHAHAHA! *cough cough cough* Animes. Trigun, Inuyasha, and Yu Yu Hakusho. Oh, and me mum likes Yu-Gi-Oh ^^;
Favorite Smilie: :D :o :rolleyes:
How long i've been at TPM: I registered my new name a couple weeks ago. But, I've been on here since near beggining times. :)
One thing I like/Hate about TPM: Like; friends i've made. Hate: That nobody really cares about the well-being of this board anymore :/ Sorry to those who do, its a general statement. The last time I was here, everything was MUCH better.

There. Didn't reveal too much, did I? Oh, and I'm withholding the name of the town I'm in. Don't want any of you crazy TPMers (you know who you are. Everyone XD) to find me. I only tell people I trust :)

Deck Knight
19th August 2003, 02:00 AM
Brian S. D. Kennedy (Few know the S and NONE know the D)
The Mine Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Bridgewater, MA(you haven't heard of it either)
Part Scotty, Part Terrier... j/k. Scottish
115 lbs
Blue Eyes
Brown Hair
No Glasses
Responding to Polls like this, Teresa, making stuff up, amd Teresa.
One Older Sister
A cute Beagle Doggie named Kyle
Shipping Clerk, I lift heavy things and deal with people and pack and stuff... and College Student in about 2 weeks.
Everything but Brown Baked Beans and Poisons.
Orange Soda or Root Beer
Shrek was funny... Pirates of the Carribean kicked arse.
Samurai Jack and DBZ
Since October 2000(almost 3 years O_O)
One thing you like: There are cool people
One thing you hate: There are sucky annoying trolls

19th August 2003, 06:09 AM
Heh, may as well do this:

Name? Hannah
Age? 16
Location? Clevedon
Birthdate? 24/07/87
Birthplace? Bristol
Ethnicity? English, Scottish, Irish
Height? Um, 5'4 I think
Weight? Damn, um, 7 1/2 stone I think. Er, whats that in pounds?
Eye Color? Blue
Hair Color? Naturally, its dark brown but I dyed it to a light hazel colour
Glasses? Yep
Interests? Horse riding, reading, drawing, cycling, internet, cinema
Siblings? 13yr old brother(Robert)
Pets? Black and white long haired cat called Socks. And a bunch of wild fogs in the garden.
Occupation? Student, just starting Sixth Form
Favorite Color? Light blue/turquoise
Favorite Food? Pasta with ham and cheese
Favorite Drink? Er, don't know, er, Fanta probably
Favorite Movie? LOTR 1+2, Pirates of the Carribean(all three are excellent)
Favorite TV show? Don't really have a favourite show, I normally watch anything thats on^_^ But The Simpsons is always good for a laugh. Um, favourite animes: Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragonball Z/GT and Outlaw Star
Favorite Smilie? ^_^ , :P and :wave:
How long you've been at TPM? First came to the site October/November '02, tried to join March, finally managed to join June, I think
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Um, like: very friendly people; dislike: don't know, nothiong really bothers me

19th August 2003, 06:56 AM
What is your....

Name? Ada
Age? 14
Location? Australia
Birthdate? 12th February
Birthplace? Hong Kong
Ethnicity? Chinese
Height? 158-160ish
Weight? 40kg? Am underweight
Eye Color? Dark
Hair Color? Dark
Glasses? I'm meant to wear them all the time, but I only wear them in classes
Interests? Reading, singing, chess, gymnastics etc.
Siblings? No
Pets? No
Occupation? Guess what
Favorite Color? Green, blue, white, purple
Favorite Food? Don't have one
Favorite Drink? Fruit juice
Favorite Movie? don't have one
Favorite TV show? Don't have one either
Favorite Smilie? :yes::D
How long you've been at TPM? Since 9/27/2002
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Most people here are nice, but some can be idiots and others can flame.

19th August 2003, 10:54 AM
Name? Scott Cushman
Age? 18
Location? Partlow, VA
Birthdate? April 22, 1985
Birthplace? Fort Belvoir, VA
Ethnicity? Irish, English, Guatamalan, and Cherokee
Height? 5'8"
Weight? 230
Eye Color? Dark brown
Hair Color? Dark brown
Glasses? No
Interests? Computers and technology, animé
Siblings? None
Pets? 3 dogs: Lucy, Nina, Sugar; 4 cats: Casper, Shelaine, Stormy, Precious
Occupation? US Government Database Manager
Favorite Color? Green
Favorite Food? Mexican
Favorite Drink? Eh....Liz Blizz
Favorite Movie? N/A
Favorite TV show? N/A
Favorite Smilie? Sweatdrop one that I created.
How long you've been at TPM? Since the beginning...
One thing you like/hate about TPM? I like the social environment but I dislike some of the people here.

Shadow Djinn
19th August 2003, 12:58 PM
Name? Hunter
Age? 13
Location? California, Los Angeles
Birthdate? July 29-1990
Birthplace?In Singapore :X
Ethnicity? 1/4 Japenese, 1/4 English, 1/2 CHinese I think
Height? Around 5"3 I think...:X
Weight? 97 or something
Eye Color?Blue
Hair Color? Black
Glasses? Contacts..green ones. I'm getting clear ones soon..:X
Interests?Games, TPM, Games, Writing, Typing, etc./
Siblings?2, Seth and Jane.
Pets?6 Ferrets, 2 dogs, 2 Bunnies, 9 Parakeets
Favorite Color?Turquoise
Favorite Food?Pizza
Favorite Drink?Water =P
Favorite Movie?Spirited Away
Favorite TV show?Hm..Gundam Wing or Naruto :>
Favorite Smilie?This one :) or this one
How long you've been at TPM?Since 2-23-2003
One thing you like/hate about TPM?Like: The friends I made. Hate: The new people who do things wrongly and flame when corrected.

19th August 2003, 01:13 PM
Name? Matt S. H. <- Even though a lot of TPM knows what the intials mean :|
Age? 14
Location? Danville, VA
Birthdate? 5/12/89
Birthplace? Greensboro, NC
Ethnicity? Uhh... I don't really know this one >>. But I know I'm english and some kind of Native American thingy if that counts :|
Height? 5'11"
Weight? 109
Eye Color? Brown
Hair Color? Brown
Glasses? Yeah, but I wear contacts. Contacts are the best ever 8)
Interests? Anime, Manga, Computers, Video Games
Siblings? Yeah, I have one older brother who is 17.
Pets? Yup, I have one cat. She's solid black :O
Occupation? Uhh.. 9th grade student
Favorite Color? Black
Favorite Food? Pizza
Favorite Drink? Coke
Favorite Movie? I like the Vampire Hunter D movies.
Favorite TV show? I don't watch that much TV but if I have to answer one it would be South Park.
Favorite Smilie? 8) :wave:
How long you've been at TPM? Since June 26th, 2001. Well on this name. On my other name it was some other late time.
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Like: The people I talk to from here.
Dislike: All the noobs coming here and spamming it up with their noob talk 8)

The Decapitated Mole
19th August 2003, 01:27 PM
yay fun

Name: Jimm Warren
Age: 13
Location: Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
Birthdate: May 11, 1990
Birthplace: Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
Ethnicity: German, Irish, Italian, Spanish, Scottish, British
Height: Including my hair; 5' 5 1/2" without my hair; 5'3"
Weight: 127 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown [i have a grungy-lookin' white minifro]
Glasses: yes
Interests: Eating, reading, computing, hangin out with my friends, watching tv, tryin to re-learn how to skateboard, video games, making moneys, "shopping"
Siblings: brother, 5 years older, pain in the ***, etc.
Pets: Dog.
Occupation: Nothing
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: mmm... burger...
Favorite Drink: Jones, um, all Jones soda.
Favorite Movie: Ghost Busters/spaceballs/Half Baked/Dazed and Confused
Favorite TV show: Invader ZIM/The Awful Truth with Michael Moore
Favorite Smilie?
How long you've been at TPM: Almost 2 1/2 years
One thing you like/hate about TPM: I like the Fanfic board at TPM. I hate the fact that the place is just not as good and fun in general as it used to be.


19th August 2003, 01:29 PM
Birthdate? May 13th, 2003

I never knew Tyler was 3 months old xD!!


Name? Jayden. I prefer to be called Jay though <_<
Age? 15
Location? Melbourne, Australia
Birthdate? December 24th, 2003... j/k XD 1987. I share my birthdate with Franky and Katie :O
Birthplace? Somewhere in Melbourne, Australia
Ethnicity? Wales (English)
Height? Around the 5'11" mark
Weight? 70kgs, that's about 150lbs or something... *shrug*
Eye Color? Hazel
Hair Color? Jet Black
Glasses? Nope 8D My eyes are perfect O_O See? xD;;
Interests? Computer is my interest... unless you count sleeping as one too. :<
Pets? Two cats. Had seven at one point <_< Had a lot of other animals too, won't go into it though.
Favorite Color? Guess what colour this is.
Favorite Food? Pizza
Favorite Drink? Soda Water. Healthy (y)
Favorite Movie? I don't watch movies so no I don't have one.
Favorite TV show? I don't watch television either. <_<;
Favorite Smilie? ;o <_< and my most fave ^______________________________^ etc. etc. xD;;
How long you've been at TPM? I've been here since November 2000. :) This name says April 2001 though, liars. <_<
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Like » I like the atmosphere of the folks around PCG and other boards, which are usually worse by the way. :) Being treated as a family is a bonus. Dislike: People who complain, complain, complain. =(

19th August 2003, 01:42 PM
Name? Tina ( Christine)
Age? 18
Location? Viridian City/ kanto as it says in my profile.
Birthdate? August 9th 1985
Birthplace? Seoul, S. Korea
Ethnicity? Korean/ Japanese
Height? 5 foo3
Weight? 154
Eye Color? Brown
Hair Color? Brown
Glasses? Yes
Interests? Pokemon, YuHiOh, card Captor Sakura, yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni kenshin, Cyborg 009
Siblings? 1 Younger Brother
Pets? 1 cat
Occupation? TPM's Statistician, may i add a well paid job. ( More than Little_Pikachu)
Favorite Color? Black and Red
Favorite Food? Raw Oysters :>!
Favorite Drink? Pepsi.
Favorite Movie? Pokemon The Movie 5.
Favorite TV show? Rurouni Kenshin
Favorite Smilie? ;o
How long you've been at TPM? 2 and 1/2 years
One thing you like/hate about TPM? I hate the pop ups, love the nice people and generally a nice place to post.

19th August 2003, 02:01 PM
Originally posted by Raven Adonis

Occupation? US Government Database Manager is it just me or does your job change just about every week?

19th August 2003, 02:12 PM
Name? Bethany
Age? 14
Location? Georgia, USA. I hate it and want to mooooove.
Birthdate? January 6, 1989
Birthplace? Somewhere in Georgia.
Ethnicity? I have no idea honestly. I just know I'm really pale and get sunburnt easily. XD
Height? Around 5' 4" or something
Weight? Somewhere around 135 lbs. Yeah, I'm chunky, but what do I care?
Eye Color? Blue-ish green. And I have really huge pupils, even the eye doctor told me that. o_o;
Hair Color? It's naturally brown, but I get bored easily and have to change it every month. It's black now. But it shall be pink in early September! Muahaha!
Glasses? I've had them since I was in 4th grade. Small oval lenses in tortoise shell. I look a lot better with glasses than without.
Interests? I love writing poetry/song lyrics. I've been writing poems since around last November. A lot are about...really weird stuff, and they usually don't make a bit of sense. I also like playing electric guitar, flute, & clarinet, drawing, listening to music loudly, animals, the ocean, coming up with bizarre fashion designs, playing video games, day dreaming, etc.
Siblings? One brother who will be 20 later this month
Pets? I has 6. =D Go here (http://www.geocities.com/bouquetofblackroses/petgallery.html) if you want to find out about them.
Occupation? Retard who's always writing, and 'annoyed annoyance' suits me well.
Favorite Color? Black. I also like light pink, hot pink and crayon green.
Favorite Food? fried mozzarella cheese sticks. O_o;
Favorite Drink? Dr. Pepper
Favorite Movie? Toy Story. I always liked the thought of your toys being real. =) Most movies today seem like they'd suck, so I just watch the old Disney movies I liked as a kid. :o
Favorite TV show? the Simpsons, Spongebob, Rocko's Modern Life, Sheep In The Big City, a lot of cartoons.
Favorite Smilie? I like the :lookout: smiley, but it's been gone for a long time.
How long you've been at TPM? I joined on May 14, 2000, and could never permanently leave. =)
One thing you like/hate about TPM? I don't like that it's so addictive. ;_; I'ts more addictive than a drug, seriously. But maybe that's a good thing, I don't know. I don't like it when TPM's dead, either. I liked it the most when it was very active.

Whee. This was a fun poll. Post more, Katie. :D


19th August 2003, 02:26 PM
Name? Okay, I confess, Chris is NOT my real name. My real name is................................................ ...........Patrick. But keep calling me Chris or I'll find out where you live and reduce you to a bloody stump.
Age? 12
Location? Minneapolis, Minnesota
Birthdate? July 13, 1991
Birthplace? Bloomington, Minnesota
Ethnicity? Scottish, and a whole bunch of other stuff including Irish, Ducth, Scandinavian, and much others.
Height? 5'7", I'm tall for my age :D
Weight? 'Bout 100 pounds.
Eye Color? Brown
Hair Color? Brown
Glasses? Yes, and you would scream in horror if you saw me without them. Seriously. I look that ugly without them.
Interests? I'm a computer slave, but my PS2 keeps me busy when I'm not allowed on my computer. Kingdom Hearts r0x0rZ!
Pets? Too many...
Occupation? 7th Grader
Favorite Color? Baby Blue!!!
Favorite Food? Creamed Spinach...
Favorite Drink? Iced Tea!
Favorite Movie? Bring It On
Favorite TV show? Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!
Favorite Smilie? Definitley oO.Oo (Monkey monkey monkey!!!)
How long you've been at TPM? Around March/April 2003 till now.
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Like>> The PCG section!!! Dislike >> The fact that I have to answer a dislike for this poll ^_^

P.S. Kiwi Twist/baby jolteon already knew my real name because we're online friends ^_^

19th August 2003, 02:58 PM
*thwaps Parsecs Politoed* You are not the best Chris ; ;

Name? Chris. xD
Age? 14
Location? Scotland :O
Birthdate? 3rd October, 1989 :>
Birthplace? Dundee, Scotland. I'm sure that mans so much to you =p.
Ethnicity? Scottish, Welsh and English oo;
Height? 6'0 O_o;;;
Weight? I don't know, and I know like weighing myslef xD.
Eye Color? Watery blue, kinda greyish colour =/
Hair Color? Currently it's brown but I dye it blue xD.
Glasses? Nope. ^^
Pets? A fat cat called Jess =D.
Occupation? Not much. O_o;
Favorite Color? Orange! =P~
Favorite Food? Cheese, duh xD
Favorite Drink? Err.... Don't have one xD. Coke with Vanilla I guess.
Favorite Movie? Pirates of the Carribbean... =D
Favorite TV show? Buffy the Vampire Slayer! But it ended. ;_;
Favorite Smilie? xD + =D
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Like ~ The internet... It's my life xD. Dislike >> Avril Lavigne >=/.

EDIT: I retook the poll because the way I used to be like embarrasses me slightly ^_^;;

19th August 2003, 03:20 PM
Name? Anthony
Age? 12
Location?Ann Arbor, Michigan
Birthdate? July 19, 1991
Birthplace?I wanna say In Detroit 0_o
Ethnicity? ^_^;; I actually don't know.
Height? Around 5'3"
Weight? 90L.Bs
Eye Color? Brown ;-;
Hair Color? Brown with Blonde Highlights.
Glasses? No.Not even contacts.
Interests? Drawing,Sports,Girls,Reading.
Siblings? Nopers :)
Pets? Yes,4 of them.I have two dogs.One is a German Short Haired Pointer.The other is a Black Lab Pitbull mix.She is ebil >=) I also have two lizards.One is a Bearded Dragon.The other is a Leopard Gecko.He is very lazy -_-
Occupation? Student
Favorite Color? Sky Blue and Red.
Favorite Food? I have many..But I say Sbarro's Pizza ownz them all...
Favorite Drink?Its a tie between Sprite Remix and Lemon Propel.
Favorite Movie? Hm..I say I say Spirited Away.
Favorite TV show? Yu-Yu-Hakusho,Inu-Yasha,Kenshin,Anime in General.
Favorite Smilie?:wave: OwNz!!
How long you've been at TPM? Maybe two months?I'll edit the date in later.
One thing you like/hate about TPM?I like that people here are nice
:) .I hate spammers that mess up topic or don't leave you alone .I bet you Know who I mean, don't you.8)

19th August 2003, 06:15 PM
Name: Jonathan Garcia [Only Jonathan around ;o]
Age: 14
Location: San Diego, California
Birthdate: April 3 1989
Birthplace: San Diego, California
Ethnicity: 50-50 Mexican white. I look too white though. ._.
Height: I don't know. o_O
Weight: 135 Pounds
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses: I lost them --; I'm planning on getting contacts.
Interests: Chat, girls, Video games and punching my little brother.
Siblings: One sister, 12, and one brother, 4.
Pets: Two birds, Pue and Ton.
Occupation: Student
Color: This
Food: Chinese ^_^
Drink: Dr. Pepper, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. *coughandbeercough*
Movie: The Brady Bunch movie. :D
TV Show: A lot. That 70's show, Futurama, Family Guy, Simpsons just to name a few. ;o
Smilie: :wave::D;o and :-*
How long: Since Dec. 2000, but my I lost my password. ._.
Like: The peoples.
Dislikes: The newbie peoples.[/size]

19th August 2003, 06:23 PM
Name? - Megan Michele *****. No last name for you :-P
Age? - 15 years, 6 months and 1 day. ^_^
Location? - About 45 minutes from Seattle, Washington
Birthdate? - February 18, 1988
Birthplace? - Seattle, Washington
Ethnicity? - English and French on my dad's side, and Irish, Italian, Norweigian and Cherokee Indian on my mom's side.
Height? - Around 5'6" or so, haven't been measured in a while.
Weight? - Between 95 and 100 pounds... haven't been weighed in a while either. ^_^;;
Eye Color? - Hazel
Hair Color? - Brown with a little reddish-auburn mixed in
Glasses? - Yes, but I only need them to see the board when I'm in class, and even then I rarely use them. I have "myopian nearsightedness."
Interests? - Reading, writing, playing the flute, surfing the 'net, playing video games and being sugar-high. ^_^
Siblings? - Yes, four: my brother Allan (24), my brother Brandon (12), my sister Mary Jo (7) and my brother Eric (5).
Pets? - A female calico cat named Cali and two female white rats (sisters) named Scrumptious and Delicious.
Occupation? - Besides being the family babysitter and (soon) a 10th grade student, none.
Favorite Color? - Silver, blue, black and purple. Blue being the main favorite.
Favorite Food? - Pizza. I'm the typical teen. :-P That and seafood. I LOVE seafood. Shrimp, crab, lobster, clam... you name it.
Favorite Drink? - Dr. Pepper (DR. PORPISE!... Don't ask.) and Dr. Pepper: Red Fusion.
Favorite Movie? - At the moment, Pirates of the Caribbean. I have plenty of others, though.
Favorite TV show? - Inuyasha, Lizzie McGuire, Invader Zim and Gilmore Girls.
Favorite Smilie? - The waving one, because it's so darn fun! :wave:
How long you've been at TPM? - Since August 3rd, 2000. I was originally under Goldenwing Pikachu. I've been coming on and off under different names for about a year and a half, though.
One thing you like/hate about TPM? - I love the fact that people are nice and willing to help others, and that the place is a lot of fun. I hate... um... nothing!

19th August 2003, 08:55 PM
Name: Dennis
Age: 17
Location: New Jersey
Birthdate: January 11th
Birthplace: Same
Ethnicity: White
Height: 5'11
Weight: 210
Eye Color: Bluish Green
Hair Color: Brown
Glasses: While driving
Interests: Many
Siblings: One
Pets: Dog, cocker spaniel named "Pennie"
Occupation: Work at a cafeteria
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Hot wings
Favorite Drink: Code Red, Pepsi Blue, Gatorade
Favorite Movie:
Favorite TV show: WWE Raw/Smackdown, Simpsons, Philly sports
Favorite Smilie: the OLD:yes:(the thumbs up), the OLD :o (the blue one)
How long you've been at TPM: More than two years
One thing you like/hate about TPM: Missing the "golden years"

19th August 2003, 10:23 PM
Name: Laura (only one I know of on TPM....>_o)
Age: 13
Location: Terre Haute, Indiana
Birthdate: September 1, 1989
Birthplace: Durham, North Carolina
Ethnicity: Mostly Irish, with small bits of Scottish, Polish, and Choctaw Indian in it.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110
Eye Color: Deep forest green, with some brown around the pupils.
Hair Color: A very deep dark brown, close to black, with blue streaks dyed in it.
Glasses: Yes. And they're very nice, too: They have ellipse(short, eide circle...sorta the shape of the Earth's orbit) lenses, silver rims, and tipped black. =D
Interests: Neopets, Role Playing, Deadjournal, Space, Drawing, Listening to my music to myself, writing, and some more...
Siblings: One: An annoying, pain-in-the-arse, seven-year-old brother. -_-;;
Pets: IRL, none...my dog died. ;_;
Occupation: Freshie....o.o
Favorite Color: Deep blues, silvers, black, any dark or emotional color in general
Favorite Food: They were the Cheesy Gordita Crunch at Taco Bell....but they're gone now. ;_;
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper
Favorite Movie: Spirited Away,
Favorite TV show: I have a lot: Trigun, Cardacptor Sakura, Furi Kuri/FLCL, Love Hina, Invader ZIM, Lupin the 3rd, The Simpsons, and a few more...
Favorite Smilie: :rolleyes:
How long you've been at TPM: Since Late February 2003....>_>
One thing you like/hate about TPM: Like: The people I met here, some of them like me as a friend, Dislike: People that are annoying like Bjarni....>_>

15th October 2003, 04:24 PM
Meh, we need some polls, and this one was revive-worthy... xD

Name: Amanda
Age: 14
Location: ... Kentucky. >_>; *grumble*
Birthdate: August 14th, 1989
Birthplace: ... still Kentucky. ._.;
Ethnicity: I'm terribly mixed. Hrm. Italian, English, Irish, Scottish, Cherokee Indian, Swedish, French, German... o_o; I appear to be more Indian than anything, though. ^^;
Height: 5'5", nearly 5'6"
Weight: 110
Eye Color: Blue, but they appear to be silver whenever it's dark. Edit .:. I payed a bit more attention to them now, and the outer rim is dark blue, the middle is light blue and the rim around my pupil is bluish-silver. O_o;
Hair Color: Brown with black and blonde [natural] chunks.
Glasses: Nope.
Interests: Video games, drawing, music aaand... the internet. =P And animals. ^^
Siblings: One sister - Jennifer - whom is 19.
Pets: Two cats; Kabuki and Patches. Four dogs; Beethoven, Jessie, Lucky and Lady.
Occupation: Stupid, 9th grade.
Favorite Color: Black, red and silver.
Favorite Food: ... cereal. ^^;
Favorite Drink: Water.
Favorite Movie: *blink* Either The Lion King, or X-Men / X2.
Favorite TV show: Angel and BtVS! ^^
Favorite Smilie: Er... does "^^" count? If so, then that.
How long you've been at TPM: Over two years, not sure about exact time.
One thing you like/hate about TPM: Like - All of the people I know. ^^ Dislike - Erm... not sure, exactly.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
15th October 2003, 04:35 PM
Name: Noah
Age: 15
Location: Illinois
Birthdate: April 22, 1988
Birthplace: Illinois
Ethnicity: German mostly
Height: 6'
Weight: 164
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light brown
Glasses: I have them, but I don't wear them
Interests: Books, RPGs, Animé/Manga
Siblings: Two younger brothers (Twins)
Pets: Chocolate Lab and Parakeet
Occupation: None yet, but I need one
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Hamburger Pie
Favorite Drink: Iced Sugar Tea
Favorite Movie: Dunno yet, hafta wait until the next Matrix and LoTR come out.
Favorite TV show: Hmmm, probably Record of Lodoss War
Favorite Smilie: An eeeeeeek smilie we don't have here.
How long you've been at TPM: About 2 1/2 years
One thing you like/hate about TPM:
Like--I get to meet very....interesting people :P
Hate--the RPG forum has been declining, it seems.

15th October 2003, 05:22 PM
Name: Henry
Age: 15
Residence: New Jersey
Birthdate: 3/23/1988
Place of Birth: Canton, China (and i don't like calling it Guangdong b/c the language spoken is "Canton"ese)
Ethnicity: i think 100% chinese
Height: about 5' 7"
Weight: varies from around 108-112 (yeah I'm thin)
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
Eyewear: no glasses or contacts
Interests: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, golf (all watching), tennis (playing, since i have a size disadvantage in basically everything else), pokemon, internet, computer/video games, tv
Siblings: 1 younger brother
Pets: none
Occupation: student
Favorite Color: blue
Food: fried chicken
Drink: iced tea
Movie: i rarely watch movies
TV show: Dog Eat Dog/Sportscenter/Baseball Tonight/Playmakers
Member of TPM: about a year and a month
Fav. thing about TPM: meeting people
Worst thing: declining popularity over time

16th October 2003, 01:25 AM
Well well well.... I thought I replied to this... I guess not. ^^

Name: Zachary Michael Klausner (Yes, I don't mind giving my last name online)

Age: 15 (16 next month, though ^_^)

Location: Newton, Massachusetts

Birthdate: November 19, 1987

Birthplace: Malden, Massachusetts

Ethnicity: Israeli, as well as Romanian and Hungarian and a bunch of other Eastern European dialects

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 125

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Very dark brown, but jet black in the summer

Glasses: Not anymore, got rid of them last year, but before then I've been wearing them since as long as I can remember myself, so it felt really weird to part with them!

Interests: Pokemon, Anime, video games, crossword puzzles, comedy movies, action-packed books, TPM, and of course my girlfriend Kayla ^_^

Siblings: 13 year old sister (Yael), 8 year old brother (Ben)

Pets: Yup, two kitties, Pongo and Smokey ^_^

Occupation: Student, I guess

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: French Fries!

Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper all the way!

Favorite movie: Hmm... can't think of any, but one that sticks in my mind is "Me, Myself, and Irene".

Favorite TV show: I just recently got cable, so I haven't seen that much... but I can tell you I like Pokemon, South Park, Whose Line, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Guiness Records Primetime, America's Funniest Home Videos... and there are more, but these stick out in my mind.

TPM time: Well, I originally joined in June 2000, on a really embarassing name that I've been afraid to admit for a while, which nobody probably remembers... lol, but who cares, I was about 12 then... it was "Scizor rox da house" *dodges tomatos and hears laughter* well, apparently that account got deleted in the KC hack, and I rejoined in 2001 as spinaZak238... I'm sure you remember that one, heh, I've got a much better rep on it than I did on my other pathetic excuse foran account... alright, I'll admit its kinda cute, lol.

What I like about TPM: The fact that the whole thing is like a soap opera... at least in the Ummmm chat, and I made a lot of friends, so I guess that means something, heh, and how people come to me now when they have a question on the Anime. Also, the fact that I met Kayla here (IRL too) is an important reason... thank you TPM ^_^

What I don't like: People that their vetship goes to their head.... wowee, I'm a vet, big deal, it's not going to my frickin head! Also, the fact that people are living in the past... and the constant rants of "Pokemon is dead", "this board is dead", "this board sucks"... etc. I also don't like how Shipping gets constantly neglected, and that's PART of the reason many people are embarrassed to post there --; I'm not gonna get into a big debate right now, but trust me, I'm right on this matter :D


AntiAsh Superstar
16th October 2003, 09:30 AM
Name: Adrian, everyone calls me Ade tho, it's a lot easier to type.
Age: 21 with a mental age of 2. :o
Location: Preston, UK
Birthdate: 17.7.82
Birthplace: Manchester, UK
Ethnicity: English mostly, tho I think there's a little French and Irish in there somewhere.
Height: About 5'11'' I do believe.
Weight: I couldn't say, it's been ages since I last weighed meself, at that point I was about 13 stone, but I've lost quite a bit of weight since then so I dunno!
Eyes: Swaying merrily between blue, green and gray depending on the light conditions.
Hair: Lots of. It's a mad mess of very light ginger that borders on blonde in points. Like everything else about me, it hasn't a clue what it's supposed to be or what it's supposed to be doing. @_@;;;;
Glasses: Yes, a brand new pair I got a few weeks ago since me old pair were crushed between my legs and Soo's on a fairground ride. :o
Interests: Music, writing, drawing, earning lots of money to feed my CD buying habits, trying to make loads of np on Neopets, drinking and hanging around with Soo.
Siblings: One 12 year old brother called Corin, who is quite a scary boy.
Pets: One tortoiseshell kitty called Penny who lives with me mum, all she ever does is want food and fuss 24 hours a day.
Occupation: Currently I work for a company who make personalised greetings cards and it's my job to enter in the details on computer so the cards get printed off. Me job changes regularly coz I'm working for employment agencies in a bid to make me bank balance look a little healthier!
Favourite colour: Purple, followed very closely by black
Favourite food: Pizza all the way!
Favourite drink: Absinthe. Well, if you're gonna drink alcohol you might as well make sure you get nice and drunk, right? :) Failing that, Malibu and coke is really yummy.
Favourite movie: The Crow, I loved the plot, I loved the characters, and Brandon Lee was so good in the part of Eric Draven.
Favourite TV show: Any show with blatant humour such as Black Books or Blackadder. Or more recently I've begun to appreciate that anything that's on at the same time as Sex And The City is my favourite show ever coz it means we don't have to have that on! @_@;;;;;
Time on TPM: About two and a half years now, I joined March 2001. Quite why I still find myself posting after all that time nobody knows, I guess I'm just obsessive.
What I like about TPM: The way everyone interacts, like Zak said, it's just like one big soap opera. I also love the adopted pokémon games, and the fact that TPM is responsible for me sitting here in Preston using Soo's laptop means I do owe it quite a lot. :o
What I don't like about TPM: It's nowhere near as lively as it used to be, some days I log on and don't find a single topic I want to reply to.

16th October 2003, 11:50 AM
Name: Soo
Age: 25
Location: Preston, UK - with Ade
Birthdate: 15.09.78
Birthplace: Sussex, UK
Ethnicity: British, but I have some Swiss in me.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: about 135lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: not sure - it's reddish brown at the moment but I'm not sure of my natural colour.
Glasses: only drinks ones.
Interests: Neopets, rock music, soppy films, books, jewellery, chocolate
Siblings: One sister
Pets: A fish called Villeneuve, a dog called Smudge, 3 chinchillas, 2 tortoises, 1 rabbit and lots of birds! But they live with my parents.
Occupation: I work in the library at uni and a DIY store.
Favorite Color: Orange, and Saffron Glow
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Drink: Hot chocolate or chocolate liquer
Favorite Movie: Breakfast At Tiffany's
Favorite TV show: Sailor Moon. Poor Ade, Sex and the City is finished now, I won't make you watch it anymore.
Favorite Smilie: :o or ^_^
How long you've been at TPM: about two and a half years!
One thing you like/hate about TPM: I like the fact that I met Ade here and now we live together, and I hate the fact that quite a few members are up their own arses (naming no names)

Mab the Mad Clefable
16th October 2003, 12:33 PM
name: Julie
age: depends how I feel at the time.
location: Cheshire, England.
Birthday: I'm an April shower.
birthplace: Manchester.
ethnicity: Engwish.
weight; haven't a clue, about nine& a half stone.
hair: originally light brown, tends to be red these days. Short and spiky style.
glasses:yes, black rimmed ones. Am very short sighted!
interests: animals, rock music, pokemon,neopets, ebay, paranormal, tudor times, past lives, Mary Queen of Scots, art and craft, cooking and anything that takes my interest really. I like playing tennis too.
siblings; nope
pets; cat and gerbil and various spiders around the house.
occupation: nursery nurse
colour; pink or black, but I like all colours really.
food: this is hard....I'm very partial to chargrilled vegetables.
drink: alcoholic please! Absinthe and red wine works well and I love cherry liquer or cherry brandy.
Movie: Hellraiser ( the original one)
TV show; don't really tend to watch much regularly bar the music channels. Love The Osbournes, and Most Haunted and Henry Vlll that's on at the moment. Watch the Animal Channel quite a bit .
smilie: I like them all!
good/bad things about TPM: it's fun=good. sometimes not enough polls=bad
how long on TPM; must be going on 18 months now.

16th October 2003, 01:17 PM







14 of whatever the scales weigh

Eye Color?

Hair Color?
Black at the moment

Only when they come with alcohol

Music, games, fun stuff

1 younger brother


Student and Tesco worker!

Favorite Color?

Favorite Food?
Pizza or burger

Favorite Drink?

Favorite Movie?
X2 but I love alot

Favorite TV show?
Scrubs or Enterprise right now

Favorite Smilie?

How long you've been at TPM?
Long enough, I dont know.

One thing you like/hate about TPM?
Fun people to talk to/Popups

16th October 2003, 02:09 PM
Age: 18
Location: Mattapa, Ma (Boston)
Birthplace: Mt. Auburn Hospital,
Ethnicity: Short answer, Black. Long answer Mixed Caribbian with everything ranging from Irish and Welsh to Portugeese
Height: 6'4 or so
Weight: 160 or so
Eye Color: I just recently found out one of my eyes is not the same color as the other. They are Almond Brown, but one has some green in it.
Hair Color: Black, Afro Style
Glasses: Only because they make me look sexy
Siblings: Younger sister... 12 i think
Pets: Not anymore
Occupation: Student, New England Institute of Art And Communication - Multimedia Major
Favorite Color: #4C90DC, #372BD1, and #E3D3EB
Favorite Food: i have a little French Toast addiction right now
Favorite Drink: Sobe, Bananna Soda, Vanilla Milk
Favorite Movie: Chasing Amy
Favorite TV show: Family Guy
Favorite Smilie: :{<
How long you've been at TPM: *shrugs* a while
One thing you like/hate about TPM:
Like: Erm... i'll get back to you on that
Dislike: I Plea the 5th

Wild Female Machoke
16th October 2003, 03:11 PM
Whee... :D

Name? Lowena
Age? Not telling...
Location? Vancouver, BC, Canada
Birthdate? December 14, 1977
Birthplace? Vancouver, BC, Canada
Ethnicity? mainly Chinese
Height? 5' 5"
Weight? I don't know...
Eye Color? Brown
Hair Color? Black with bleached highlights
Glasses? I do wear them, but I also wear contacts when I am working or go to a formal party
Interests? Art and art history, forensic sciences, nature, anime and manga, video games
Siblings? I have a brother who is 4 years younger than me
Pets? A black and tan SPCA dog, but I might get a chocolate lab one day
Occupation? future animator
Favorite Color? Mostly blue, and the naughty black and red combo :D
Favorite Food? sushi, chocolate and chocolate desserts
Favorite Drink? fancy coffees, Any chocolate-type drinks (except those with alcohol. I get sick easily.)
Favorite Movie? Don't have a fave
Favorite TV show? Samurai Jack, many anime series that I cannot name them all, any crime dramas and documentaries like CSI (Hey! Don't give me that look!)
Favorite Smilie? :D <===This one!
How long you've been at TPM? Hmmm... March 2002(?)
One thing you like/hate about TPM?
Likes: Meeting new people and making friends
Dislikes: unintentional flaming and spamming, pop-up ads

Lady Vulpix
16th October 2003, 03:24 PM
Name? Gabriela (see if you complete my friend test correctly now).
Age? 24.
Location? Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Birthdate? March 22nd, 1979.
Birthplace? Same as location.
Ethnicity? White Argentinean.
Height? 1.63m.
Weight? Somewhere betwen 55 and 57 Kg.
Eye Color? Blue-Green-Grey depending on the angle and lighting.
Hair Color? Dark blonde.
Glasses? Only for drinking.
Interests? Lots, especially writing, reading, creativity in general, friends, animals and games.
Siblings? One brother, 3 years younger than me.
Pets? A dog and a cat, and an intruder cat who doesn't live here but comes to eat and walks around the house.
Occupation? Computer Science student and assistant teacher.
Favorite Color? Silver.
Favorite Food? Pasta.
Favorite Drink? Tea.
Favorite Movie? I like many, I don't have a favorite.
Favorite TV show? Ditto.
Favorite Smilie? :D
How long you've been at TPM? 3 years and 15 days.
One thing you like/hate about TPM? I love my TPM friends, and I hate it when they're down and when they leave. I love it when we do things together, especially things that involve writing and playing interesting games.

17th October 2003, 10:43 AM
Name: Anthony
Age: 15
Location: Victoria, Australia
Birthdate 19th February, '88 (I stole LP's birthday...)
Birthplace: Bacchus Marsh, Australia. I'm quite Canadian, though.
Ethnicity: Lord knows. I think I'm some sort of Polish Canadian.
Height: 5'10''
Weight: Cheap scale = evil. According to it, I'm 316 pounds. Go figure.
Eye Color: A large deformity of colours. I call it nuclear blue.
Hair Color: Brown.
Glasses: *insert random beverage joke*
Interests: Pig farming. I dunno, acting?
Siblings: Older sister.
Pets: A kamikaze dog.
Occupation: Student/pseudo-known radio announcer.
Favorite Color: Blue.
Favorite Food: Lucky Charms. Damn right.
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper. Such a healthy diet.
Favorite Movie: Spaceballs: The Movie.
Favorite TV show: Frasier
Favorite Smilie: :heh: Always has been, always will be.
How long you've been at TPM? Two and a half years of blood, tears and sweatsocks.
One thing you like/hate about TPM?:
Like~ Indulging in my hobby. Prying into other's lives, and understanding their personality. Hmm, that actually sounds illegal. O_o
Hate~ Hate the Drake. Erm, that is to say, I dislike repetition in opinions. Seems to irk me.

17th October 2003, 11:14 AM
Name? Christen

Age? 18

Location? Akron, Ohio (Akron is pretty close to Cleveland, just a little south.)

Birthdate? February 19, 1985. (Feb. 19th, just like DragoKnight and Little_Pikachu)

Birthplace? Barberton, Ohio (It is right next to Akron.)

Ethnicity? I am a rather pale white color, I have a lot of different ethnicities in my background.... Irish, Scottish, German, Russian, Cherokee Indian, and others that I can't think of right now.

Height? 5'7"

Weight? Meh... About 145 lbs.... Not really overweight, but I wouldn't mind losing some weight.

Eye Color? Brown.

Hair Color? Dark brown, with reddish/blondish natural highlights.

Glasses? Nope.

Interests? Cleveland Indians, Beanie Babies, friends, animals.

Siblings? An older brother named Mike.

Pets? 2 Miniature Schnauzers, a 6 1/2 year old black and silver male named Casey, and an almost 4 year old black female named Chloe. I also have a couple of aquariums with tropical fish, and about 25 Siamese Fighting Fish.

Occupation? Right now, just a student.

Favorite Color? Red, Purple, Magenta.

Favorite Food? Pizza, Tacos, Chicken McNuggets.

Favorite Drink? Most any kind of soda pop as long as it has caffeine in it!! Yay for caffeine!! ^_^ My all time favorite is probably Cherry Coke.

Favorite Movie? Rush Hour (1 and 2) were really good. I also liked Bringing Down The House.

Favorite TV show? Hmmm, let's see... Everybody Loves Raymond is pretty funny!!

Favorite Smilie? :wave:

How long you've been at TPM? November 6th will be my 3rd year anniversary at TPM!!

One thing you like/hate about TPM?

Like: Meeting new people, reading interesting posts... TPM is a really fun place!!

Dislike: When old friends leave. :(

Ice Maiden
17th October 2003, 12:31 PM
Name: Hannah. I'm not telling you my last name. It's too embarassing...Okay, i'll give you some hints. It rhymes with nose. And pose. And it starts with R. -_-;;
Age: 12 *Is young*
Location: Cheshire, England. I can't believe someone at TPM lives in the same place I do! I live in a part of Cheshire called Stockport...
Birthdate: 9th November 1990. Same as PMK..does that tell you something? *Hides in a distant corner of cyberspace*
Birthplace: Manchester, England.
Ethnicity: English, Irish, Scottish, American and very distant Japanese.
Height: Around 5'5"
Weight: Ranges from 90 lbs to 105lbs. I wouldn't say i'm scrawny though...
Eye Color: Some weird green-blue-gray colour with a light brown around the pupil. Strange.
Hair Color: Ginger. I HATE THAT WORD! *explodes*
Glasses: Well...i'm ment to, but...it's this problem I have...it's called "laziness".
Interests: The Internet, making computer graphics, drawing, reading...and EATING! Yay!
Siblings: Nope. Yay again!
Pets: An annoying guinea-pig called Acorn...who REFUSES TO DIE! I've had her for about 8 bloody years!
Occupation: *Kicks school*
Favorite Color: Red and black.
Favorite Food: Pasta or mozzarella. Yum!
Favorite Drink: Vimto! Ever wondered why my AIM is Vimto and Ice?
Favorite Movie: Has to be...*drumrolls on the table* SHREK! Ish fuuuuunny...
Favorite TV show: I don't really watch TV that much, but there's a new one on called "Time Commanders". It's pretty good. But my absolute favourite is The Simpsons. That show deserves a channel all to itself...
Favorite Smilie: :rolleyes:
How long you've been at TPM: Since the 22nd October 2002. And this post is only my 98th! This can't be a good sign.
One thing you like/hate about TPM: The fact that it's not just a message board, it's like a huge online family! The only thing is, all families have their arguments...

17th October 2003, 12:37 PM
Name? otto rowe
Age? 17
Location? el-mirage, arizona
Birthdate? 4-12-86
Birthplace? medfield, scotland
Ethnicity? honky
Height? 6'4
Weight? 246 lbs
Eye Color? green
Hair Color? black
Glasses? no
Interests? getting stoned... watching football, rsbot...
Siblings? one brother
Pets? not anymore...
Occupation? stockboy @ starbucks
Favorite Color? gray
Favorite Food? cigarettes
Favorite Drink? tea/sprite remix/various rub-a-dub alcohol mixes
Favorite Movie? donny darko, trainspotting...
Favorite TV show? scrubs, law & order
Favorite Smilie? :yes: & X\ & X)
How long you've been at TPM? like 5-00 originally, but 3-2-1 on this name, X\
One thing you like/hate about TPM? ummm... stuff

Aipom Of Doom
17th October 2003, 05:24 PM
Name? Dan.
Age? 15
Location? Somewhere in the vincinity of Philadelphia
Birthdate? 5/26/88 =p
Birthplace? a hospital in Philadelphia
Ethnicity? Uhh... USAian? :O.
Height? 5'9"
Weight? uhh 170ish maybe ;-;
Eye Color? blue :d
Hair Color? black :d
Glasses? yeah :O
Interests? Aipoms and computers and rubik's cubes :d
Siblings? an annoying brother ;x
Pets? nah
Occupation? Aipomlike PCG mod :d
Favorite Color? >=d
Favorite Food? Pizza
Favorite Drink? Vanilla Pepsi
Favorite Movie? dunno :x
Favorite TV show? dunno :x
Favorite Smilie? ;d
How long you've been at TPM? 999 days :d
One thing you like/hate about TPM?
Like: Adopted Pokemon
Hate: Uhh... Evil people. and good people that leave ;-;.

Pokemaster Matt
18th October 2003, 08:13 AM
Name? Matt
Age? 12
Location? Aus.
Birthdate? 2 March
Birthplace? Melbourne
Ethnicity? Not sure what it means..
Height? Dunno
Weight? Dont keep track
Eye Color? Brown
Hair Color? Brown.
Glasses? Yes.
Interests? Pokemon, Zelda,etc
Siblings? Sadly
Pets? Yep.
Occupation? Nope
Favorite Color? Green or red
Favorite Food? KFC
Favorite Drink? Coke
Favorite Movie? Dunno. Pirates of the Carribean was good
Favorite TV show? Dunno. Simpsons or something?
Favorite Smilie? =)
How long you've been at TPM? Few years
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Meh.

18th October 2003, 10:43 AM
Ethnicity?French,Greek,German...I forgot the others....
Height?I don't know...
Weight?I don't know.
Eye Color?Green when I'm angry,brown everytime else
Hair Color?Light brown.
Interests?Neopets,Pokemon(of course),Digimon,all other cute little monsters,Ninetales
Siblings?An half-sister,3 years old,and an half-brother,two years old.
Pets?A cat^_^.
Favorite Color?Black,white and red.
Favorite Food?CHOCOLATE!
Favorite Drink?I don't know....
Favorite Movie?
Favorite TV show?dunno...
Favorite Smilie?-^___________^-
How long you've been at TPM?:confused: Maybe six months....
One thing you like/hate about TPM?
Like:The FanArt forum,the Adopted/Captured pokemon,the ASB forum.....And the fanfics!

18th October 2003, 02:03 PM
Name: Kayla
Age: 15
Location: Needham MA
Birthdate: 2/17/88
Birthplace: Concord
Ethnicity: German Irish English Welsh
Height: Um... about 6 feet???
Weight: 110...
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde, naturally highlighted
Glasses: N/A
Interests: Anime, Computer, Zak, pink, Eevees, Zak, Eevees, Anime, Zak, Anime, Anime, Zak, Web designing, Anime, Eevees...
Siblings: 1 Brother: Myste
Pets: See above
Occupation: Web Surfer, lol
Favorite Color: MAGENTA!
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Drink: Grape Juice
Favorite Movie: End of Evangelion
Favorite TV show: In America that I can watch? Inu Yasha
Favorite Smilie: ^_^
How long you've been at TPM: 3 YEARS TODAY! ^_^
One thing you like/hate about TPM: I like all the people and interaction that goes on around here. I hate how the boards seem to have lost the spark they had a few years ago...

Pichu Luver
18th October 2003, 09:52 PM
Name: Rio
Age: 16
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Birthdate: 17/8/87
Birthplace: Richmond Hill
Ethnicity: Canadian and background of British and Scottish
Height: 5'7
Weight: Very good question(scale broke loooooooooooooooong time ago
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Eh dark brown
Glasses: N/A
Interests: Pokemon(duh), Bayblade, horses, reading, writing, drawing.
Siblings: 1 sister
Pets: One mouthy dog, 1 unfriendly cat, 1 snappy horse and 17 goldfish living outside
Occupation: Student
Favorite Color: Sky blue
Favorite Food: N/A
Favorite Drink: Pepsi
Favorite Movie: Home Alone 2
Favorite TV show: Joan of Arcadia
Favorite Smilie: :wave:
How long you've been at TPM: 2 years and 9 months
One thing you like/hate about TPM: All the people are really friendly. But a lot of people are leaving/ have left :(


19th October 2003, 01:39 AM
Name: Angie
Age: 16
Location: Oklahoma City
Birthdate: Jan. 16, 1987
Birthplace: Hell (Oklahoma)
Ethnicity: Irish, Spanish (Great combo!...sorta explains my bitchiness)
Height: 5'8
Weight: if I told you, I'd have to kill you
Eye Color: grey
Hair Color: Black
Glasses: I have them, but I only wear them when need be
Interests: Books, RPGs, Animé/Manga, cult films
Siblings: NONE! HAHAHA!
Pets: Mutt.
Occupation: hermit
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: umagi sushi
Favorite Drink: Diet Coke
Favorite Movie: Night of the Living Dead
Favorite TV show: FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, Iria, Inuyasha, Pilot Candidate
Favorite Smilie: :) scares people
How long you've been at TPM: since i regged this name.
One thing you like/hate about TPM:

Red Angel
29th October 2003, 01:48 AM
Name? Sergey *******<-- last name = not for joo :D
Age? 17.367977528, or so my calculator tells me
Location? Richmond, BC
Birthdate? June 19, 2003
Birthplace? Moscow, Russia
Ethnicity? Russin (what else could I be? honestly? :D)
Height? Um... something like 180cm
Weight? Haven't seen a scale for over a year... last estimate was about 140lbs... maybe a tad more now...
Eye Color? Brown
Hair Color? Brown. Ugly brown. Gouge-eyes-out brown.
Glasses? Yup. Just got new ones, too.
Interests? Anime, depressing anime, morbid anime, videogames, reading, reading too much, procrastination, bad jokes.
Siblings? One 11-year old sister. Drive me mad.
Pets? One very fluffy guinea pig.
Occupation? Pessimist.
Favorite Color? Red (gee, wasn't that obvious :D ), then balck.
Favorite Food? Sushi, pizza, yogurt.
Favorite Drink? Tea. With milk. Or with juice. or with whatever else is handy. Nope, haven't tried adding beer yet.
Favorite Movie? Um... haven't seen many recently... LoTR was good, tho.
Favorite TV show? BBC News. No, seriously.
Favorite Smilie? :D
How long you've been at TPM? Since 10-15-2002
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Like: The pretty colors. And the nice people. Hate: The logo up top. It burns! It burns! :D

Lady Vulpix
30th October 2003, 10:44 AM
Originally posted by Red Angel
Ethnicity? Russin (what else could I be? honestly? :D)

Just about anything. Many people were born in one place but their parents are from some other place.

30th October 2003, 01:54 PM
Name? Tomson is correctly... but I prefer 'Tom'
Age? 20
Location? Vancouver, BC, Canada
Birthdate? Oct 6, 1983
Birthplace? Hong Kong.
Ethnicity? Cantonese
Height? 5"10
Weight? 125 lb.
Eye Color? Brown
Hair Color? Black... actually, its grey. ;_;
Glasses? Yes, contacts too.
Interests? Reading, learning, drawing, confusing-people-with-riddles
Siblings? None
Pets? 12 fish = 3 koi + 9 Feeders, not to mention lots of plants
Occupation? Biochemistry student, soon, lab assistant =P
Favorite Color? Shades of red.
Favorite Food? Sushie
Favorite Drink? Water
Favorite Movie? Last good one? Princess Mononoke for anime.
Favorite TV show? Pokémon
Favorite Smilie? :wave:
How long you've been at TPM? About 2 years, since I registered Summer 2001
One thing you like/hate about TPM? Hate = leaving people ; Like = If they are friendly...

31st October 2003, 10:00 AM
i received a freaky connection error; i think i may have a virus!! HALP

Name? clark
Age? 13
Location? melbourne australia
Birthdate? november 6, 89
Birthplace? a hospital in melbourne
Ethnicity? english and australian. pommy 8)
Height? 5'4"
Weight? tmi.. i mean i dont know
Eye Color? blue
Hair Color? brown
Glasses? no
Interests? partying ;P
Siblings? two brothers. younger
Pets? two dogs, one cat, one cow
Occupation? student
Favorite Color? black, but that's a shade. so navy blue
Favorite Food? pizza
Favorite Drink? solo or water
Favorite Movie? i dont watch them
Favorite TV show? buffy 8)
Favorite Smilie? :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:
How long you've been at TPM? 25th of march 00
One thing you like/hate about TPM? i dont really like or hate anything