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27th December 2002, 03:26 AM
MY GOD!! I'm so TIRED!!!

I saw this really beautiful speaker set in a flyer, only $79.99 (Reg. $699) so I was like "OMFG I WANNA GO." so, I went to the store to buy it! ...the line up outside was only 15 minutes... BUT THE LINE TO CHECKOUT... I waited in line, with my best friend who also got the same speaker system, for 3 hours. Yes. Three. ~_~ I got home, opened up the speakers, and DUH I realized that I need an amplifier... -_-;;; that really got me mad, but my parents (who came about 2 hrs 30 minutes into the line up wait) bought a hole bunch of stuff, and they were like "We'll get that for you.." :D So tomorrow (Well, its 18mins past 12, but before i go to sleep i still concider it yesterday lol) when I get up, I'm out the door to buy an amp.


1) Did you go boxing day shopping!? (DONT SAY WHAT YOU GOT CAUSE THATS FOR THE NEXT QUESTION)

2) What did you set out to buy?

3) What did you end up buying?

4) Did you get any really awesome deals?

5) Line up waits? How long?

my answers...

1) Yeah.. never miss it. I was sad cause my parents refused to take me this year, so I dragged my best friend out.

2) I went out to buy that speaker system, or a LD player... lol LD players are old but I was hoping to find one XD

3) I ended up buying the Speaker System, and this Abgymanic thing that is like a belt that you lube up and put it around your waist. It suppositly makes ur tummy all sexy with abs and stuff... I bought it because it was $5, and I wanted to test it for myself XD

4) YEAH!! THE SPEAKERS!! THEY'RE SO SWEET!! *SCREAMS* Surround sound is a NICE touch to the 12 DVD's I got this Christmas.

5) 3 Hour check out line... uggghhhhhhhhh ~_~

27th December 2002, 09:00 AM
3 hours? Jeevus...
No, I didn't go boxing day shopping, your post basically outlined my reasons why. There are people who like camp out and stuff over night, I'm like WTF, they'll be selling the exact same things at the exact same prices for another month, get over it! :rolleyes:

27th December 2002, 09:10 AM
ummm, what's boxing day?

27th December 2002, 09:21 AM
Originally posted by DarkTemplarZero
ummm, what's boxing day?

Boxing day is the day after Christmas, I believe it's traditionally called this because people used to go to church and give donations in a collection box, but these days most people just say it's because we get rid of all the boxes that the presents were in on this day ;)

27th December 2002, 10:52 AM
1) Did you go boxing day shopping!? (DONT SAY WHAT YOU GOT CAUSE THATS FOR THE NEXT QUESTION)
No, I don't like being around a bunch of idiots. I try to buy everything before at Best Buy. Then, I go back during the shopping frenzy and because of their 30-day cash back policy if I find a lower price I can get some of my money back from them when the stuff is on sale without having to actually buy it then.
2) What did you set out to buy?
DVD player for my fiancé, a couple of DVDs for her, NGE: PC DVDs, and some other miscellanious junk.
3) What did you end up buying?
Everything I set out for.
4) Did you get any really awesome deals?
Hell ya! $40 for a DVD player was a sweet deal!
5) Line up waits? How long?
Well, as I explained before, I didn't have to wait, but the lines were about 2 hours long.

27th December 2002, 11:28 PM
I've never been shopping on Boxing day before, 'cuz in the US its the day after thanksgiving. And thats what most people call it too, 'The day after Thanksgiving'. Maybe next year I ought to go to Canada for Boxing Day! :D

EDIT: W00t!! W00t!! 800 posts baby!!! W00t!!

30th December 2002, 02:48 AM
I know there is a huge shopping banaza after the American Thanksgiving, but I was sure that Americans did the Boxing Day thing too.. O_o weird! Either way, both don't really make sense...

The day after the American's Thanksgiving's day...

Boxing Day...

lol... XD

30th December 2002, 04:16 PM
Originally posted by Ninetales3001
WE GOT SO MUCH STUFF FOR CHRISTMAS LET'S SPEND MORE MONEY NOW!!!!Or maybe to get what we never got for Christmas. :P

1) Yes, I went out for Boxing Day, but only for the morning.
2) The main items that I set out to buy were a GameCube and SSBM...
3) We didn't get a GameCube...grr. Instead, I got a DVD player, some music CDs, and some more DVDs...
4) Uhh...no. Honestly, Boxing Day is incredibly overhyped. I remember seeing something about Boxing Day on the BCTV News and how retailers would have the prices of items on Boxing Day higher than the prices of those items during the rest of "Boxing Week.". :P
5) I spent one and a half hours waiting outside A & B Sound (what's with these people lining up at 7pm in the night on Christmas Day?)...but otherwise, I didn't get stuck in any other lineups.

Silver Ledian
30th December 2002, 05:40 PM
1) Did you go boxing day shopping!?
2) What did you set out to buy?
3) What did you end up buying?
4) Did you get any really awesome deals?
5) Line up waits? How long

1) Nope...I didn't go shopping on boxing day because no major shops are open on Boxing day, where I live anyways. Almost the whole town is closed and there are no buses in activity...well maybe 1 every hour and a half. I went on the 27th though, so I'll answer the rest referring to the 27th...

2) Nothing really...my plan was just to walk around the shops with my mates and if there was something I liked, I'd buy it. I was mainly aiming for cd's and comp. games though.

3) I bought 6 music cd's, which were all good in the end and I also bought lunch...but that was it.

4) Not really...one of the shops were doing 2 cd's for £20 (which I took heed of) and one of the cd's I bought was only £6 due to it being out last year and me not really getting it.

5) Yes, there were many very long queues but I wasn't prepared to line up and wait in a massive queue just to get one or two things. The only queue I was in was with my friend and although it was long, we were only in it for 5 minutes. Every other place had people waiting for 20 and 30 minutes...not good :no: