View Full Version : MAJOR SPOILER! Full list of Magician Force Series for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Last Exile
6th September 2003, 06:29 AM
Okay, this list has no rarity classes, but it has all the cards, and since Edo is the person supplying this, it is very believable, because Edo is 99.99% correct when it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh! news.


Enjoy! :D Once I've read the list in full, I'll say more.

EDIT: Oh, and in other news, the new Yu-Gi-Oh GBA game will have 3 new promos:

1. Negate Attack - Counter Trap. Negate 1 attack and end opponent's Battle Phase.

2. Riryoku- Magic Card. Take half of 1 monster's ATK points and add them to one other monster's attack points for 1 turn.

3. Ultimate Great Moth - L8 3500 3500. If Cocoon of Evolution and Petit Moth are on Field for 6 turns, Special Summon this monster onto the field.

UGM sucks but Negate Attack and Riryoku look very nice.

Kool Dudy
6th September 2003, 07:44 AM
Hey...thanks. This is awesome except that if this is true, DMG and Vampire Lord will not be in the set...:(

BTW...we already know about the Sacred Cards promos...tanks anyways.

6th September 2003, 08:52 AM
You could've just looked up 302 and 303 on Edo's, that's not much of a spoiler. The guy just took Edo's translations and changed the main types and sub-types to the english names, Magic User to Spellcaster, Demon to Fiend, ect. and then for the XYZ Series he changed Fusion to Polymerization.

KD: How many times has it been said that DMG, Vamp Lord, and DDV would not be in MGF?

6th September 2003, 03:30 PM
Yesh. He just took Edo's translation and put in English types. I mean, come on. "Counter Machine Gun Punch"? UD won't even put handguns on Don Zaloog. Whoever made this didn't even bother to change the wording of Miraculous Revival. "Remove 3 of your Magic counters from the Field. Special Summon 1 'Black Magician' or 'Buster Blader' from your Cemetery." Well, for one, the English game doesn't have a Cemetery, it has a Graveyard. And then there's the mention of Black Magician. Last I checked, there is no Black Magician in English. So not only is the creator of this implying that it's new, but they're also lazy. Merf. If you wanted the Japanese names/effects, you could've looked at Edo's. He's had them since last year.

8th September 2003, 12:34 AM
Saw the list nothing interesting though...

The only good cards that could be used are not very much...

Last Exile
8th September 2003, 09:27 PM
I know. After reading the list in full carefully, only Exclusivity Virus and Breaker the Mage Knight interest me. Plus I don't think Negate Attack and Riryoku will be absolute must haves considering what is already in the game.

Magician Force will be good for Dark Magician decks, Warrior decks, Union decks, a bit for Dragon decks, and for Amazoness decks. It's not going to give much more for stuff like Yata decks and Exodia decks.

11th September 2003, 03:41 PM
I am in no way bashing Yugioh, but is a new set coming out already?! They don't even give you fans a chance to get the ones that just came out. Bad marketing. ^^;;

But to be fair, WotC/TPC doesn't release ENOUGH Pokemon sets per year, so I guess every game has it's down-side. ^^;;

11th September 2003, 07:32 PM
I see some awesome stuff for my beatdown deck. Breaker+Virus of course, but Big Bang Shoot ^_^. 2450 Maha Vailo or 2900 Bazoo w/ Trample= ouch. Hidden Tomes could be useful as well.

22nd September 2003, 10:47 PM
Check this out guys, latest issue of Shoen Jump has a spoiler.


Diffusion Wave - Secret
Dark Magician Girl - Secret
Sapphire Dragon - Ultra Rare
Breaker Mage Warrior - Ultra Rare
Dark Paladin - Ultra Rare
Double spell - Ultra Rare
Skilled Black Magician - Super Rare
Skilled White Magician - Super Rare
Tribe Infecting Virus (Exclusivity Virus)- Super Rare

Couple other pictured that I couldnt read.