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Rambunctious Jamirus
7th September 2003, 05:49 PM
Yeah, well the title kinda speaks for itself but for those of you who don't know, this poll will be about the worst thing your school has ever done.

Please supply why you don't like the decision your school made. If not, then this might be closed so please just do that. Also, you may include a lot if you have that many bad experiences...give the date or year if you want.

Okay so let's go...

2001, about two weeks after September 11: We had a bomb threat at our school. We were locked inside the building while the bomb was also inside the building. Thank God it wasn't a real bomb or we would've died when it had gone off as, of course, the place where the "bomb" was at was about 50 feet from where all of us were standing >:( They didn't even tell us about the situation so when we found out, most of us were pissed like our parents. It turned out to be a pipe that looked like a bomb in the library.

2003, Friday, September 5: Yes, very recently the school I'm at now (not the one where the bomb threat was) is now closing down the courtyard in the morning. This means about 150 kids or so will be forced into the cafeteria (which is small to a lot of us) or the Gym (which can only hold about 50 or so kids for there to be enough room to actually play a game). There are about 500 or more kids in our school (I really don't know the exact number) and our cafeteria barely holds one-third of that number. This has angered a bunch of us and most will probably do a strike against this. I'll probably join in but I don't even stand in the courtyard anyways but for the sake of not sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with a large group of people, I'll do it.

So...how about you?

7th September 2003, 06:11 PM
During this school year, my high school actually changed the schedule. Usually, we have 1st, 3rd, and 5th periods on A days; 2nd, 4th, and 6th periods on B days, and our 7th period will be the constant. Every period lasts 90 min, except 7th, which lasts 60 min.

Now this year, they changed it so that 5th period was our constant. And during the school day, we would have a 30 min "learning seminar" which is basically nothing but study hall. Now, I do not like this. First of all, my 5th period is AP History, which means I have history, my worst subject, EVERY SINGLE DAY! And now the lunches are much more crowded and me and my friends couldn't really find good seats.

I really don't like schedule changes, especially when I've been going to the same school for 2 years (I'm in 11th grade).

7th September 2003, 08:00 PM
Well, our high school used to be all in one building, but this year they moved one teacher all the way to the opposite end of the campus... this would be a good thing (since I hate her guts), except for the fact that I have her twice, separated by lunch, so in total I get to walk across the campus six times a day, if you count walking to and from the parking lot (only teachers are allowed to park close to the building... XP), so yeah... also, our pick-up method for the younger students is ****...

8th September 2003, 11:25 AM
It wasn't really the school that did this, but anyways o.o...

One girl in her last year at High School (6th year) was getting bullied by a bunch of 4th year girls. That was because the were annoying her when she was talking to other people, and she turned around and told them to get lost or something to that extent. The girl then took this as a reason to bully her. But the worst thing was when the rector told her to come to his office to talk about it, the girls followed her in and kept bullying her and he did abosolutely nothing about it. Fortunately we have a new rector now, so things should get better from now on ~_~

Silver Ledian
8th September 2003, 12:31 PM
My school hasn't actually made any bad decisions that I can really remember but there are 2 things that tick me off in particular...I'll try to elaborate.

Well all the other schools in the area tend to get out of school one class early, one day a week but my school has never done that and the earliest pupils get out is 5 minutes early on a Monday...in comparison to the other schools' 40 minutes early etc. etc. It seems unfair and I dunno why it can't be catered for, it's only 1 class.

This year the A-Level pupil's art studio was removed and turned into a classroom for a new art teacher, which means that people who are studying art this year [like me] have no where to work other than in the classrooms...whereas there's always been an art studio for the senior pupils in the past. Just our luck, the year we study Art, they take away our stuff ._.

Nice polls though :)