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27th December 2002, 09:51 PM
note : this post is NOT the fiction. this is background, because i need to talk. i enjoy talking. you will learn this about me.

i'm posting it... i'm actually posting it. *laughs* it's not done yet. not near done, i hope, but i do have 55 pages written (on word) so far.

what to say about me and writing? this is in no way my first fanfiction. i found my way to the pokegym... anybody remember it? it got, like, destroyed or something, which sucked... starting on october 24, 1999, i started (geez, for a writer, i'm mad-good at that redundancy thing) writing "from the rival's side", which turned into "journeys" somewhere towards the beginning. it started having absolutely no popularity and being the stereotypical new-trainer-fic (i thought i was really original by making it about "rival" types), but by the end of its 42-chapter length, it was one of the most popular fanfictions on the site. then, i wrote a story called TOT. ummm... i have no clue what it means. for some reason, "trails of time" strikes a memory, but still. not sure. it was 18 parts. then, i wrote "distant storms". apparently, it must have been mad-popular, because i made commas all the rage (^_^... if you have no idea what i'm talking about, search "PokeGym - Journeys" on google and look at the topic names kinda far down the list... clicking on the topic names doesn't work). ^_^ then, the hyphen attacked. don't ask. apparently, i posted something called "the adventures of BOB". ^_^;; i wrote a "novelization" of "pokemon, i choose you!" i won the greatest-fiction-writer-ever award or something, even though there were a LOT of good fiction writers on that forum. then, i wrote "the daily grind". never finished it... then, the pokegym died, randomly. it's sad, really...

well, what to say about me? i'm 16 years old and i live in the smallest, lamest town ever. i like singing, writing, and acting, but nobody said i was good at any of them. =P i was in my school's fall play this year, and... wow. it was just... such a great, fun, experience. anyway, i used to be supposedly one of the "greats" at pokemon, but then i vanished. why'd i get back into it? i don't know. i really don't... but it should be fun. i love writing. i hate writer's block and i hate reading what i've written after i've written it, but i love writing. crazy-hard-grader-english-honors-teachers have really ruined my love for it, though, which sucks.

why'd i write this? i re-got into pokemon, sort of (^_^). i needed a break from life, really. i'm super busy and crap, but somehow i find myself with spare time. so, i started this. hopefully it doesn't suck too bad. plus, this fiction proves that i CAN use the shift button on my computer.

and finally : if you, or anyone you know ( ^_^;; ) has heard of my old fiction and can help me find it at all... i would really, really, really, really, really, really appreciate it. thanks so much. wait, that wasn't it. here's the a/n for the fic :

I don’t own Pokémon. Duh. The new (non-R/S) Pokémon in this story do belong to me, however. This takes place after Ruby/Sapphire, although all the old Pokémon are in this world. Most of the Ruby/Sapphire Pokémon have already been discovered. The names of the new Pokémon and towns are Japanese for now, but as I find out their English names, I will put them in. Diego = Daigo, the R/S champion, until I find out his real English name (^_^, plus he’s younger here than he is in R/S). This is based on both the game and the anime, but it totally messes up both of them ^_^; There is little AAML here, just because… well, I don’t like it. There’s other shippings here, though. ADVANCEDSHIPPING!! *watches everyone run away screaming* Umm… yeah… also, I don’t own any of the songs I used in this fiction. Please don’t sue. =P

27th December 2002, 09:52 PM
The remnants of New Bark Town were quiet in the dark night. Only a tiny plume of smoke crept up from the destroyed buildings, stretching towards the sky and dissipating, remained to remind anyone who passed by of the destruction that had just passed. Suddenly, four forms shot out of the darkness. There were three teenagers, two girls and a boy. One girl was on the back of a massive hunting eagle, russet, copper, and ivory. The other girl was on the back of a strange blue behemoth, surrounded by a pure silver cloud. Its face was strangely birdlike, with white smears under its kind eyes. Its tail flared out behind it like azure ribbons. Tiny, three-toed feet were seen dangling under its body. The boy’s Pokémon was not Flying-typed, but it had clear, if delicate, wisteria wings. It was a moth Pokémon with a proud crest on its head and wide eyes.
There was one man, a man with a face etched in time. It had seen too much through its wide seafoam green eyes. He was on the back of a flitting water snake. His face fell into a frown as he gazed down at what had been New Bark Town. “We’re too late,” he intoned.
“It’s never too late!” the girl on the Chirutarisu, the blue Dragon-Flying hybrid, screeched. “There has to be some survivors…” Her Pokémon nodded in agreement. The serious-looking man gazed at her sadly.
“You know there are none. They would have gotten out of here by now,” he told. The girl he was talking to, with long periwinkle blue hair, wiped a tear away from an eye quickly. “I’m… sorry, Clair. I know, this place was everything to you.”
The two who had not been talking simply watched Clair, the third member of the Elite Four, dip in altitude on the back of her Pokémon. Tears streamed down her cheeks, although she chose to ignore them. “More than everything.” From a hundred feet above the air, she shot down, carefully guiding Chirutarisu above the city. The girl and the boy looked concerned.
“They have the audacity to attack New Bark Town… who knows where next.” The girl’s face wore an expression of concern. “What attacked here?”
The older man took a look down at the ground. “From the looks of it, a Fire-type, and one that got away fast. It must have flown or ran away quickly… Charizard, Ho-Oh, Moltres, Pheonix, Arcanine, Rapidash, Ninetales, Inari, Houndoom, Entei…” He sighed. “That doesn’t exactly narrow it down…”
“Plus,” the boy commented, speaking for the first time, choking down the growing horror in his throat, “It could have been an electric fire… or started by other things…”
There was just silence as Clair came flying back up, openly sobbing but not acknowledging it. “Professor Elm… dad… he’s…” was all she said. “He’s…” She buried her head in the floating cloud on Chirutarisu’s back, and slowly, liquid dripped off the dragon to the smoking town below.


A thousand miles or more away, a smile curved over thin lips. “Excellent.” He summoned his Fire Pokémon, Inari, over to him. The Inari was a fox Pokémon. It would have resembled Vulpix, except it had fierce, evil eyes. It was also far taller than even a Ninetales. Its most bizarre feature had to be its two bodies joined at one head. Inari was a deep maroon color. “You led all those Pokémon, huh?”
“Ina.” The Fire-type wore a smirk like its owner. It bumped its head into his hand, then curled up to sleep. Its owner’s smile reached farther as he watched the TV. On it, the foolish Elite Four – Sarah, Colin, Clair, and Lance – were warning people not to panic.
Colin stepped forward. He was tall and broad with muscles. His hair was a darkish brown, spiked in front, and he was rather pale, with freckles sprinkled across his face. He had incredibly cool gray eyes. They were naturally soothing. They lay behind wire-framed glasses. “The Pokémon League is having a day of mourning for those killed in the disgusting New Bark City attack. If anybody has any information at all about this attack, please contact us at…” A number flashed across the screen as Colin spoke it out loud.
The face of the man who was watching furrowed deeper into a frown. “Stupid Colin,” he whispered, hands shaking with rage. “What do you know?” The man immediately shoved himself off his chair and stormed off. Inari woke up and gave a knowing smile to itself.


“I feel terrible for Clair,” Colin remarked to Sarah. She nodded grimly. Next to her, one of her Pokémon, Kekleon, stood, and was appropriately shifted to black as opposed to its usual verdant color. There were tiny tears in its reptilian eyes. Clair just stood ahead at the casket of Professor Elm, her father. Lance was her godfather, and was also up ahead, with his arm wrapped around Clair. She had her head in the crook of his shoulder. Colin tightened his lip, and swore whoever did this to New Bark Town would pay. Badly. He just had a terrible feeling about it all.
Sarah looked up at Colin. Colin, in the entire world, was her best friend, although she could never imagine him being anything more. She loved him beyond words, despite all his shifting moods. It was said that it took a lot to like Colin, but Sarah certainly did. It was just, sometimes, he scared her. Terrified her, really. It seemed like there was another side to Colin, a darker side, under all his smirky grins. It was something that lay dormant, but when it awoke… Sarah didn’t want to be there.
“You okay?” Colin suddenly asked Sarah, shattering her thoughts.
“As okay as I can be,” Sarah lied. “I’ve gone through this before… you, too.” She smiled weakly at Colin, who smiled back, his eyes like the center of a storm. They were calm, but there was turbulence all around them. What could that turbulence do to the world?

Shadowed Mewtwo
27th December 2002, 10:14 PM
Ooooo... Your writing style is lovely! ^-^ I can tell why you were so popular on the fanfic boards! Very interesting start... It leaves you craving more... *grins*

Heh, I find it kinda funny that you were a famous fanfic writer that left Pokemon for a bit and that you're now coming back... not knowing why... 'Cause I'm in the same boat! I was famous too, and am just coming back with the wish to write again!

*puts two thumbs up* You're cool! :P

Heavenly Sage HLSOE
27th December 2002, 11:32 PM
I must say, it is intriguing, your writing style is magnificent. :) Also, using R/S Pokemon makes it more interesting. Good stuff, tis is.

28th December 2002, 11:26 AM
awww, thanks you guys! :) hopefully, i'll have more replies here...


“Remember our journeys, Misty?” The boy on the Fearow smiled an ironic smile. He adjusted a black sleeve on his uniform. “Remember Jessie, James, Butch, Cassidy? They were such jokes… Team Rocket was such a joke.”
Misty smiled as well, her red hair whipping past in the wind. “Of course. Not a day went by when we didn’t have to fight those losers.” She sat up straight on her spinning Starus. “Are we almost there yet?” Misty asked, bored.
“Nah. It’ll be all worth it once I get there, though. I hate that Whitney…” Ash Ketchum mentally reviewed the first time he fought Whitney for a gym battle. He had lost, terribly. Ash quietly sat on his Fearow, staring out into space. His entire life had been one huge loss after another. After years of battling in millions of leagues – Kanto, Johto, Orange, Whirlpool, Valencia, Houen – he had finally gained the ability to fight the Elite Four. Pikachu, along with Cyndaquil, Bayleef, Totodile, Noctowl, and Heracross, had easily defeated the first three members at the time – Lorelei, Bruno, and Agatha. And then there was Lance. It was a heartbreaking battle. There was a sudden death round in which Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava. In the end, Ash lost. Ash had ran off, knowing he would never be the same again.
A year later, Ash re-emerged. He had completely changed. He now battled only to win, and his ferocity was legendary and terrifying as he defeated the leagues all over again. His Pikachu had been evolved by force, and had lost its good heart. It became a vicious beast. Ash’s new Raichu was notorious for leaving enemies at the brink of death. Ash, once again, was allowed to face the Elite Four. This time, his updated team of his deadly Typhlosion, Meganium, Feraligatr, Noctowl, Heracross, and the murderous Raichu had practically destroyed the Elite Four. All of them. Ash remembered smirking down at Lance’s Dragonite, lying on its side, barely breathing.
Fifteen days. That was all the time Ash had had in the spotlight. Then, Gary had come by. Deep down, Ash had known he could never, and would never, be able to match Gary’s pure talent. He had always made up for it with the love for his Pokémon. But now, Ash’s Pokémon were just weapons to him, and the more talented trainer – Gary – had won… and just because… well, Ash didn’t like reliving it. In a way, the old Ash, the kind, compassionate one was gone completely. There had still been threads of it in his mind back then… but then, gone. He couldn’t have responsibility for what he’d done. Ash had lost at a great price. But the ultimate loss was to come.
It had been a beautiful, sunny day a few months later. Oh, irony was so sweet. Ash had left Misty in Pallet Town before heading to the Houen League. The last time he had seen her, she had been going back to Cerulean City to join her sisters at the gym again. That day, in the deep woods of Viridian Forest, Ash found her again. She was so beautiful… she stole his heart again.
And his Pokémon. She’d joined Team Rocket. He had been forced to crawl to Team Rocket, begging them for mercy. Misty had let him in easily, and had given him new Pokémon. He was happy enough with them – Fearow, Marowak, Guraina, Electabuzz, Hitmonlee, and Quagsire – but he always wondered what happened to his old team.
Ash’s years in Team Rocket had been rather interesting. The team really had been a nothing until Giovanni was hoisted from power by a new man, a man with terrifying power. He had had the power to do so much good, bring a new, wonderful era to Pokémon… but he had used it for evil. He had made sure that the Pokémon League was destroyed. Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha, and Gary had met horrible deaths at the hands of Pokémon the man had tapped into from another dimension. They had the power of the PokéGods. Lance had barely escaped. For a year or so, the Pokémon world was in complete chaos. Then, three new trainers and one old one had emerged from the waves of confusion to command the Pokémon League and the world. Lance Rockshay. Sarah McCormick. Colin Leary. Clair Dragonheart.
Ever since these new Pokémon masters had come around, the boss had been furious. He openly attacked people and towns. About two months ago, New Bark Town had been completely leveled. Now, Ash and Misty were heading to cause chaos in poor Goldenrod City.
Ash smiled morbidly. Just one more failure in his life. His conscience.

“What the hell?!” the trainer opposite Whitney exclaimed in horror. His Machop and Kodora lay on the floor in painful-looking poses. The two Pokémon facing him, however, looked perfectly fine. One was a nearly indescribable purple Pokémon, with tiny swirly ears, googly eyes, and a huge mouth. The other was a tiny, Eevee-like Pokémon, a bright yellow with pink plating, tiny spheres on the tip of its tail. Sure, he was a beginning trainer, but Whitney had defeated two Pokémon with advantages against her type with her two weakest Pokémon. Eneko was a joke of a Pokémon, and Dogoomu wasn’t even fully evolved. A Bakuong would have been reason to worry, but the mere weaklings these Pokémon were…
“I get that a lot,” Whitney commented snarkily. The wall of the gym suddenly imploded. Whitney screamed and turned around to see a man and a woman, both dressed purely in black.
“Oh, damn!” the male trainer, apparently a fan of minor curses, swore. “Go Wakashamo, Nidorino, Raticate, Ampharos!”
“Stop them, Miltank, Wigglytuff, Furret, and Stantler!” The eight Pokémon stood, facing the members of the devious organization. Whitney ran back, setting off an alarm. Sweat was pouring down her young face.
“Pathetic…” The taller Team Rocket member, the male, stepped forward, brushing a hand through his black hair. “Minotaur, I choose you.” A strange Pokémon appeared and gave its name in a furious cry. The Pokémon had the lower body of a heavily muscled human male, and it was wearing tan pants made of some loose, hemp-like material. Its face was that of a bull with huge golden and silver horns. Whitney and the boy who had just been challenging her backed up slowly. The female Team Rocket member cackled, her red hair hanging down over her masked face. All Whitney could see were her blue eyes. Painfully blue eyes.
“Minotaur, Jump Kick,” the girl ordered. One second, the behemoth bull was squatting near the ground, and the next, it stood on the other side. All the other Pokémon lay on the ground, screaming in pain, limbs twisted into horrible positions. A red stain was growing on the ground of the arena.
Whitney cursed, loudly. “Miltank, Counter now!” The Pokémon turned eyes to her. They were eyes of agony, fluttering in near-death. It offered one last, pathetic moo, then the eyes closed. Whitney looked around in panic. All her other Pokémon were in a similar state. Wigglytuff was deflated, a huge puncture slash in its side. Stantler’s horns were both snapped off, and a bluish liquid was streaming from them. Furret’s body was twisted at an impossible angle. Dogoomu and Eneko were nowhere to be seen and the boy had vanished. His Pokémon lay, all with their legs twitching in death throes.
Whitney looked around in a daze. It had to be a nightmare! Her Pokémon couldn’t be dead! They couldn’t! God, don’t make them be dead… Her brown eyes filled with tears as she realized that they were. There was nothing that could save them. The Minotaur stepped forward. Whitney’s heart stuck heavily in her throat. She would die too. She staggered forward, falling to the floor. I’m so sorry, she thought. So sorry… Miltank Clefable Wigglytuff Furret Stantler Eneko Dogoomu Girafarig Aipom…
There was no more.

“That was downright cruel,” Misty scolded. “Your damn grudge…”
“I didn’t see you protesting it,” Ash snarled in response, holding Minotaur’s Poke Ball harder than his ex-Kingler’s Vicegrip attack. His head was in an angry whirl. He needed to get it out somewhere. Whitney… that poor, pretty girl. So promising, and now just a memory.
Ash looked up towards the sky. Dark clouds were gathering. He knew Sarah, Colin, Clair, and Lance would be here soon. And then he’d have a real enemy.

edit : italics are good. and why'd i say colin's last name was larson? 'tisn't.

Shadowed Mewtwo
28th December 2002, 12:44 PM
o_O Is this the Ash Ketchum that saved Mewtwo's life?!?! Gasp! EVILNESS... Ness... ness... Man, what's everybody gonna do??? Are all those people gonna die???? This is definately a twist I did not expect! I crave more!!!! MORE!!!!!

(Yeah... maybe I had just a little more sugar than I shoud've had... ^^;; I love the way you write! It keeps the reader constantly interested.)

30th December 2002, 09:53 AM
one reply + this thing on second page makes maddy angry (thank you, shadowed mewtwo).


Alarms like dying screams echoed through Indigo Plateau. Colin’s hand jerked, knocking his carved Rapidash piece off the table where he was playing chess with Sarah. The delicate ebony figurine shattered to sharp bits. Colin’s eyes flashed. Sarah subconsciously backed up from him. She felt anger swelling and pulsating through the room… something she had no control over… and it was going to erupt…
“Where did that come from?” Colin snapped. Sarah looked up at him with terrified eyes, then ran over to the main control area, a few steps away from where she was. Her brain was screaming, from the noise, the pain, the knowledge something would happen, the everything…
“Goldenrod.” Sarah turned scared eyes to Colin’s. His eyes were so cold now… they were the gray of steel, of flint, of ice.
“Let’s go. Get Clair and Lance,” Colin intoned, in his normal voice. It just seemed to echo off the walls in Sarah’s mind. She gave him an uneasy smile and quietly followed the far taller boy. There were streams of salty liquid cascading down her cheeks, making them red, but she just ignored it. I love you, Colin, but… you scare me like this.


Lightning flashed in the sky, splitting in multiple directions. The sky was ripe with gray-bellied clouds. Hard, heavy rain slammed down from them, sweeping dirt away when it touched the ground, in maroon rivers of reddish dust. The Elite Four flew in this weather. It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it.
Lance expertly banked his Gyarados over to the side, as a huge forked tongue of sizzling electricity whizzed by him. “This sucks!” he screamed.
“Actually, I’m having fun,” Clair snapped sarcastically as her Chirutarisu swerved dangerously to the side to avoid the hail that now poured down. Sarah stayed silent. Her Pidgeot could mentally follow her commands. She just stared at the boy far ahead of the others, his tall, muscular frame illuminated with each lightning flash. Sarah mentally ordered her Pidgeot to hurry forward. She needed to talk with Colin.
“Colin,” she asked, voice thick with concern, “What’s wrong?”
Lightning speared down. “Only you would notice it, Sarah,” he replied, with endearment in his voice. He lowered his gray eyes, his glasses speckled with rain. “It’s just… I feel like the sword is going to drop every day. I stay up until midnight every night, and I just breathe out this big breath every time I see those numbers change to the twelve and the two zeros… I know the sword didn’t drop today.” Sarah looked more closely at Colin. Highlighted on his pale face were dark circles. She didn’t know how she hadn’t seen it before. “And every day… these damn feelings get stronger…” Colin’s Venomoth that he rode on was shaking, Colin shook so hard. His voice was choked.
Sarah said nothing. There was nothing else to say. She rode silently next to her best friend in the whole world. Eyes could say what words could not.

“I was wondering…” Ash informed, shaking the rain from his jagged black hair. “Whatever happened to Brock?” Misty was completely silent. Ash looked over at her to see long trails of water dripping down her face. “Misty?”
Misty sat down on a rock, long fingers gripping the slimy, dirty sides. She shuddered. “I guess they never told you, because you were such good friends with him,” she responded quietly, staring at her white-sneakered feet, coated in mud. She stared up into the sky. Lightning flashed, illuminating the whole area. “He’s dead. We killed him.”
“He’s dead.” Ash said it without any emotion. A cold wind blew by, blowing rain right in his face. He didn’t care as a long ebony lock of hair obscured part of his vision. “This organization that I’m in either killed my best friends or stole them away from me.” He sneered at Misty, “I suppose you know where Raichu is, too?”
“I – I don’t,” Misty choked out.
“But you stole him, Misty darling,” Ash snarled. He crossed his arms and turned away from her, letting the wind batter his face. Four people and their Pokémon whizzed by in the sky ahead. Again, with no emotion, Ash called out, “Marowak, go. Lightning Rod attack.” The lizard appeared in the mud and blinked angrily at the liquid surrounding it and running by its tiny clawed feet. Ash’s Marowak had a bone shaped more like a vicious scythe. It held that weapon high with both hands, like the sword of Excalibur, and a huge spiral of lightning shot down into it. The knife began to glow.

A bolt of lightning dangerously curved into itself. Lance did not let the scream escape his lips as he soared off to the side. From a vantage point, he watched all the lightning shoot down into one central place. “Guys! I’m going to check that out,” he informed, spurring Gyarados down with his sneakers. The water snake shot down quietly and evenly towards the source of the crackling lightning. The other three were left in the air. Shrugging, they dove after Lance. Thoughts were flung through minds, no grammar or real words thought. Just stream-of-consciousness.
Is he alright will he ever be alright is this the end? I love him I love him so much but he scares me and I don’t know if he’s okay, god his eyes are like this storm itself, so gray, so black.
Something’s coming I can tell but I don’t know why or when or how or anything else I know nothing. She cares I know I scare her but I can’t help her or myself. She might be scared but she doesn’t have these feelings she doesn’t know…
He’s gone oh god he’s gone and the other one’s got a bad feeling about everything and what’s happening to the world? Whitney where are you? What happened to this lovely world you can watch the rain wash it away.
Are they okay are they ever going to be okay? They’re just kids they can’t handle anything this old man fears for them. Colin’s pacing every night Sarah cares for him more than anything but can’t help him and it kills her, kills her, Clair is just quiet she always was but now her dad is gone. And I can’t help them and it will mean the end for all of us, all that I fought to keep.

( A/N : Baaaaad stream-of-conscious writing. ^_^ )

“Hello, Lance.” Lance looked at the people before him, panic rising in his throat. A five foot tall Marowak stood, holding up a club as wicked as a knife. Two people, both in black, stood by the Marowak. Their faces, minus their eyes, were covered with masks, but Lance could tell they were smirking evilly. One was a tall male, bulky with muscles and with unruly black hair dripping water down his shoulders. He had spoken the words to Lance. The female was also tall, just as tall as the boy. She was skinny as a stick, and had rich red hair, and eyes as blue as Colin’s were gray. There was something haunting familiar about them. The boy stepped forward, until he was right near Lance. “Prepare for trouble.” The wicked smile under his mask expanded. “Marowak, Earth – “
“Chirutarisu, Ice Beam NOW!” Lance rolled off to the side as an arc of pure blue laced through the air. Marowak expertly brandished its bone to absorb the frost, but the dagger crystallized into a dull gray ice, which began to creep its way up the arm of the Ground Pokémon. Marowak shrieked, shaking its arm in a panic.
“Fire Blast!” Marowak inhaled rain, and, sputtering, sent a glittering star of flame into the air. A howling scream was heard, and a heavy periwinkle Pokémon crashed to the ground, then struggled to its feet, its protective silver cloud dissipating into wisps of light gray. A female of average height and build tumbled off its back and thudded hardly onto the dirty, rushing ground. Marowak tried to move both its arms, but could not. They were frozen to his shoulders. Marowak looked at its trainer with pain swelling in his eyes. “Marowak, return.” The trainer of the Marowak narrowed his black eyes. “Let’s see you handle this.” He turned to his female partner. “Get out of here. Ogo will handle them.”
The female turned to him. There was an infinite sadness in her eyes with sooty lashes. “Right. Starus, go.” She leapt on the back of her starshape Pokémon, spinning rapidly. She grabbed her partner and pulled him on the Starus as well. As the two took off into the sky, lightning illuminating their tall figures, one of them tossed a Poke Ball down, onto the muddy grass. The sphere floated in the rapid stream, until it stopped on a rock. A brilliant ruby light shot out, forming into a four-legged beast, about as tall as its two trainers. Its body was a bright yellow, crossed with stripes of brown, black, and neon orange. Its eyes were a pupilless red, lacking emotion. It released a cry, a horrible cackle. Lance covered his ears.
The girl lifted her head from the ground, cheeks clumped with mud, eyelashes coated with brownish-red dirt. “What is that?!” she screamed, as two more teenagers flew down, staring in horror at the jackal Pokémon that had appeared.
“The boy said it was… Ogo.” Lance stared at the enemy, which had stopped laughing. Now, its lips were parted in a horrible snarling smile. “Dragonite, Kabutops, Gyarados! Hyper Beam now!” Lance threw two Poke Balls into the fray to join his Gyarados. The goofy Dragon and Flying hybrid snapped ineffectual jaws at the Ogo, and the huge, brown, mantis-like behemoth brandished its shining blades at the hyena and jackal mix. Three golden suns swelled on the horizon, dissipating as they spewed forth a titanic orange beam, lightning running over and through it. Each lance of power shot into the Ogo. There was a terrifying scream as the rich yellow beams exploded onto the strange Pokémon, and the sizzle of burning fur acridly perfumed the air. When the glow had subsided, Lance and the other Elite Four watched in horror as Ogo struggled to its feet, huge black burn marks covering its body, and revealed huge pink gums as it released a horrible bark at the others.
“It’s those damn PokéGods!” Sarah cried out. “Enekororo! Charm attack.” From the pinkish beam, a Pokémon in mid-leap appeared. The glow faded, and a pretty yellow cat landed on its feet. Its head and shoulders were covered in a crest of wisteria coral.
“Ene!” it cried out, pawing the dirty ground gingerly. It lithely swerved around Ogo, gently tapping the face of the hyena with its tufted tail. Ogo only bared its teeth more, before jumping into Enekororo, striking it mid-chest. The feline Pokémon yowled miserably, and collapsed onto its side. The momentum of Ogo’s leap took it into the hovering Dragonite, too. Mud was thrown violently into the air as the Dragonite thudded heavily to the ground.
“Sandslash, Politoed! Cross Chop!” Nobody had noticed Colin arrive down from the sky. He let the spiny hedgehog and the aquatic amphibian out of their Poke Balls. After exchanging an adorable high-five, rough brown skin meeting slimy yellow-green, the two unleashed themselves at Ogo. Within seconds, their forms blurred to mere wisps, and then they were throwing angry fists at Ogo. The jackal howled at every new assault, and slowly slid back. There were lacerations all over its body and its fur was coated with mud, but Ogo, highlighted against the sky, rain thundering down, did not seem to be beaten yet. Suddenly, Sandslash and Politoed howled out in pain, and collapsed into the mud. They weren’t moving. Colin’s breath caught heavily in his throat. He wasn’t even sure if they were breathing. “Venomoth, Politoed, return. Habunake! Typhlosion! Venomoth! Zanguusu!”
The other Pokémon trainers followed his lead. “Pidgeot, Rhydon, Rapidash, Mirokarosu, Kekleon!”
“Chirutarisu, Furaigon, Aamarudo, Torobiusu, Lapras, Kingdra, attack!”
“Gyarados, Kabutops, keep fighting. Boomanda, Charizard, Aerodactyl, help out!”
Lightning flashed against the sky, seeming to stream endlessly from the vault of the sky. The pouring electrical energy highlighted the battle. Clair looked up to the dark heavens. “Let the games begin,” she quietly stated. She had the feeling that this night would lead to something more. She didn’t know it, but that thought echoed in everybody’s mind, too.


please reply? pleasssseeeee?

Shadowed Mewtwo
30th December 2002, 12:33 PM
K. I'll reply! ;) Is Ogo a real Pokemon, or did you make him up??? He's cool... They should catch him for themselves! :P I shure hope all those Pokemon he attacked are okay...

Ash is EVIL!!!! Run awaaaaay!!!! *chuckles* Really though, it makes me sad to see Ash Ketchum so evil and cold. I like him, he's always had a good heart, and seeing him the exact opposite of what he was is just... sad. I hope he'll change.

Very good! Though, I kinda wanna see who wins, ya know! Please hurry!

(Dont' fret about not getting lotsa replies at first. Just be patient. I'm sure, with a story this good, that people will eventually come! :) )

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if i do not get more replies, I WILL SCREAM.


Infinity Island. It was considered nothing but a rumor. A small smile curved over thin lips as the leader of Team Rocket stepped onto the marshlands, verdant grasses smelling of rain. The sky above was a deep gray and rumbling. From what he had heard, it was always like that here. The man – a boy, really – looked down into the puddle by his feet. The water was an unreal silver color, and he could see every feature of his face. The top of his lip raised into an angry snarl. He hated looking at himself.
He walked quietly inward, to the main part of the island. There was wind picking up, blowing the remnants of rain back into his face. The man’s dark thoughts returned again. He couldn’t stand thinking of his face.
What’s it going to be then, eh?
He moved impossibly fast, whipping around to see nothing. A queasy feeling was settling over him. The thunder rumbled in the skies above. It was saying his name. He felt it. He sat on the ground, shaking in a combination of anger and fear.
“Hello.” A deep voice. It said his name. The man’s head snapped up, to see a figure cloaked in all black, with a hood over its head. He couldn’t tell whether it was male or female, but the voice seemed to imply it was masculine. “You should not be here.” The being paused. “Neither should I, but it allows me to stay.”
“I’m sorry,” the Team Rocket executive lied. “What’s it?”
The Team Rocket member could almost sense the smile that grew inside the hood of the other person. “You’ll see, maybe, if I choose. Follow me, please.” Though the Team Rocket man did not know what he was getting himself into, he quietly followed the other person through the deep pine green woods of Infinity Island. The person stopped, abruptly, in a glade. Verdant grass splayed up from the ground, overripe from all the rain. A lake stood in the middle, shaped like the letter U, with the tops curving in. But in the middle of the grass in the middle of the lake there was a stone platform with a small indent in it. In this platform, a dark gray, discolored by the rain, there was a bright green egg. Droplets of water slid down its sides unevenly. The Team Rocket leader looked closer. He could have sworn it was shaking. He could tell that there was a sinister smile on the face of the other person.
“How about a little Pokémon battle?” the person asked, innocently. The member of Team Rocket bit his lip. It was more than that, he could tell, but he slowly nodded his head. “I shall choose my Pokémon first,” the challenger stated. “I choose… Zapdos.” The person did not produce a Poke Ball. The mystical electric bird simply swooped down from a vantage point in the sky, its eyes shining and wise. Electricity crackled around its wings, sparking and fizzing whenever a lone drop of water hit it. The Team Rocket leader took a step back. A Zapdos?
“Go, Fenrir!” Nobody knew what types the Pokémon that he had discovered were. He smiled as he realized the person would probably Thunder or Thunderbolt it. There was no harm to be done there. Fenrir was a huge wolf, taller than the Team Rocket man, who was six-one. Its shaggy fur coat was mottled gray, ebony, and dull white. It had vicious claws and teeth with whips of poison saliva dripping down them.
“A Dark/Ground, huh?” The Team Rocket leader backed up a cautious step. Who was this person? “Zapdos, Thunderbolt!”
Now it was the Team Rocket man’s turn to smirk. “You’re Thunderbolting a Ground-type?” The person in the cloak said nothing. Zapdos swooped up to the sky, flapping wings spiked in black, white, and yellow. It rapidly beat its wings against the air currents. The leader of Team Rocket felt his dark brown hair on top of his head and on the back of his neck prickle up with the static flying through the air. Suddenly, an unearthly large yellow bolt, staggering off in a million different directions, spewed from Zapdos’s wings. The beams shot out for Fenrir. The Team Rocket man just crossed his arms, static electricity shocking him as the two sleeves of his coat touched, and smirked. He couldn’t believe this person. They could catch Zapdos, but then used it to Thunderbolt Ground-types?
“FENNNN!” The wolf screamed at the top of its lungs as the electricity coursed through its body. Its hair stood on end and its eyes bulged. The canine struggled to close them in its extreme pain, but it couldn’t. The Team Rocket leader watched numbly.
“Fenrir, return,” he glumly ordered. “Go, Griffin! Take Down attack!” The tawny lion-bodied, eagle-headed and winged beast took off towards Zapdos. The Team Rocket man figured that using a Flying-type versus a Zapdos was a bad idea, but if Zapdos could beat a Ground-type with a Thunderbolt… but the Zapdos had flown away, into the clouds. A single lightning bolt shot its way at the top of a cloud, leaving the only remnant of Zapdos. The other figure smiled.
“Go, Suicune! Suicune, Whirlpool!” Again, the Pokémon appeared not from a Poke Ball, but rose out of the water itself, droplets of liquid cascading down its gentle sides. Suicune, doglike, shook its head to free itself of the water.
“That’s not going to hit a Flying-type,” the Team Rocket leader muttered under his breath, and then bit his lip. That’s what he said last time.
“That’s what you said last time.” The other figure wore a smirk. He could tell.
That’s what you said last time… It was the same voice that had said What’s it going to be then, eh? The leader of Team Rocket looked around, head snapping from one direction to the next rapidly. He could have sworn his enemy was giggling. He took a step back.
Out of nowhere, a torrent shot out of the water, like a hurricane, throwing water through the air. It was white and twisting, stretching up and up, an angry column. The leader of Team Rocket heard the pathetic squeal of his Griffin as it was swallowed up by the spiraling cloud of mist. Suicune wore a tiny smile on its blue face. The Team Rocket man felt something new grip at his heart. Fear. “Return, Griffin,” he ordered, glumly. A red beam shot into the huge torrent, from a Poke Ball. The leader of Team Rocket snarled, “Go, Thunderbird! Thunder the Suicune to hell!”
A massive black bird appeared in the sky. It was larger than Zapdos, but more agile. Streaks of crimson, buttery yellow, and bright cobalt blue slashed down its massive wingspan. It stared, eyes a pupilless, burning red, at Suicune in utter fury. An ungodly amount of lightning spewed from its wings, sparks running along their jagged, angry edges. Every skinny bolt headed towards one focal point, an elegant blue dog-cat hybrid, white ribbons streaming from its cheeks blowing in the hard wind. Seconds before the lightning struck, the Pokémon jumped back into the running stream nearby with a huge splash. When the water cleared, Suicune was gone. The leader of Team Rocket angrily cursed under his breath.
“Cute,” the figure remarked. “Too bad… Celebi!”
“Who are you?” the Team Rocket member screamed. He could sense the other person smiling. A blinding white light swelled just above the egg. A green fairy darted out from it, antennae wiggling back and forth in the wind. Its eyes were wise pine orbs. “Drill Peck now!” The leader of Team Rocket felt the sweat breaking on his forehead, rolling unevenly down his face.
“Psychic.” Thunderbird was spiraling towards Celebi at estimated mach-3 speed, faster than the swiftest Pidgeot. Its beak shone a brilliant shade of light blue. Suddenly, a huge purple barrier sparred out from Celebi, smashing into Thunderbird. The shield pulsated with energy. Thunderbird landed in the wet grass, his ebony head a few inches away from the platform with the giant green egg.
The leader of Team Rocket cursed angrily, out loud. He only carried five Pokémon max with him at a time. Inari and most of his others were at home, Ogo was busy dealing with those… fools, and he had just watched Fenrir, Griffin, and Thunderbird faint painfully. “I only have three with me,” he admitted to the other person.
“Oh, don’t worry. I only have three, too.” The Team Rocket leader sensed a smile. “Although, in a way, now… I have four…”
“What do you..." He was cut off. The egg was opening, and light was spilling out of it. But this was not ordinary light. It shone black, if that was possible. His heart was stuck heavily in his throat. Now a hand was coming out of the egg, a hand as black as the light still shooting out from the egg. Another hand wormed its way out, and the two hands forced the egg open. The Team Rocket member saw a strange, blurred, black silhouette against the gray sky before he heard something.
“Just as you look for that Colin,” the figure stated, “I have looked for you. Out of pure, total hate.” Was it just him, or had the figure’s voice raised to a higher pitch?
That was his last thought.

He awoke on his tiny ship on the sea. Waves rolled him about. Rain hailed down, sprinkling his face with liquid. Where was he going? Oh, yes, to Infinity Island. He paused briefly. Why go? He chuckled to himself. Sometimes he was so foolish. Like the Elite Four. Like Colin. He shook his head and let the waves take him back to the mainland.
He didn’t notice the dark figure snap across the skies above his head.


She held her ground, strong. She held both her hands, cloaked in white gloves, forward, the deadly weapon clutched in them. Her hands were not shaking. A sound like thunder filled the area, and she watched the man ahead of her collapse. She placed the gun in her holster again, watching the smoke clear off the street. She bowed her head, brown hair messy and everywhere. She reached into her backpack and pulled out a CD player. She put the tiny headphones in her ear, listening in a daze, waiting for the next person to come along in the darkness. She’d show them… she’d show them all.
“Kuuuchi.” Her lone Pokémon stood by her side. She smiled sadly at the only pure Steel Pokémon in existence. She would have had at least two, if only Bursyamo hadn’t… well, she didn’t like to think about it. She concentrated on the music. It was easier that way.
Don’t breathe too deep.
Don’t think all day.
Dive into work.
Drive the other way.
That drip of hurt.
That pint of shame.
Goes away, just play the game.
You’re living in America, at the end of the millennium.
You’re living in America, leave your conscience at the tone.
And when you’re living in America, at the end of the millennium…
You’re what you own.
She smiled ironically. She didn’t live in America – she lived in Houen, place of her greatest high, and her eventual downfall – but she saw the connection. You’re what you own. She owned nothing. She would have never admitted it to anybody else, but big droplets of water rolled down from her limpid eyes.
I don’t own emotion – I rent.


tell me where the song's from and find the other sort-of-cultural reference and i give you...umm...all the notecards from my english class that reviewed my dumb story. mwahaha!

shadowed mewtwo is the greatest person alive. and yes, i did make up ogo.

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Ah. *feels stupid* Then I guess my searching for a picture of him has been in vain... ^^;; Aw! I'm not really the greatest, but thank you!

Creepy chapter... lotsa legendaries, eh? I like legendaries... Mewtwo needs to be in here! He can kick Team Rocket's butt... He'd be very useful. ^-^

Find this song? Uh... okay. I'll try to find it! That'll give me something to do 'till you post the next chapter! Though... my readers are probly' getting restless... *runs off to write my chapter and find the song*

Good job, as usual! :) Look forward to more!

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*stumbles into the topic* hmm, how did I get in here? Oh well, I'll reply just for the sake of it

Very nicely done so far. I really can't find many mistakes in the story at all. I'm kinda confused though with all of those legendaries and the whatnot. Hopefully things will clear up for me soon

btw, there are many closet readers around here, including me. Don't get discouraged if hardly anyone replies. Just keep posting the chapters and pride yourself on them

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the_missing_link is also a very cool person.


“Zanguusu! One more Agility and Fury Swipes combo!” Colin’s voice rang out through the pouring rain. His hair was not long at all, but it stuck to his forehead in uneven jagged edges. Ogo had easily taken down most of everybody’s Pokémon, but it was covered in dirt and rain and panting, its shaggy coat cut and bleeding. Zanguusu was a strange white cat. It walked fully upright, allowing it to have massive scythes for claws. Its body was covered in random pink marks, including a thunderbolt on its belly. That portion of its body gleamed quickly, as it vanished from the spot where it had just been. In an instant, the massive feline was swiping at the side of Ogo. With one last howl of agony, the beast collapsed on its side, into the disgusting muddy ground.
Instantly, the rain stopped falling. Everybody looked around in wonder, heads swirling around in every direction. Lance bit his lip. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” he commented.
“That’s always what they say before the world blows up,” Sarah responded with a wry grin. Everybody shot her evil looks.
“Let’s get back to Indigo,” Lance ordered. Everybody followed the man, crying out in anger occasionally as his white sneakers got stuck in the mud.
“You’re ever so negative, Sarah,” Colin remarked, wiping off his rain-freckled glasses.
“That’s why you love me, right?” Sarah snapped back. Colin just smiled. The smile turned upside down as he gazed at his watch, plain black and gray. 12:01 AM. So maybe the sword wouldn’t slice him today. There was still that feeling, though, that dream, every night. A dangerous blade, over his stomach. Hanging by a thread, a single hair. A shadowy figure with scissors. He could tell the grin on the face of the person as they cut the string. Colin’s last thought in the dream was that he knew who the figure was…

Where the four members of the Elite Four had been, a huge red scaled hand with white scythe claws erupted from the ground, punching its way out, full of aggression. Dirt, mud, and water flew into the air as more and more of the body of the creature appeared. Eventually, a terrifying head emerged. It was gray, plated with a brilliant red. Its eyes were tiny and yellow and void of emotion. A series of horns stuck up on its head.
It shoved its way out of the earth with powerful forelegs, it looked around in utter fury. It had sensed the rain. Where were the others? The cowards? It must find them! It must battle! It did not care about the consequences on the world it had just emerged in.


“It’s very strange,” Colin remarked.
“What?” Sarah questioned, watching the boy fiddle with his glasses. Colin always seemed so damn nervous.
He looked up, gray eyes boring into her own. Sarah felt flushed. Just because she could never love Colin in any romantic way didn’t mean that she didn’t realize how good-looking he was. The thing was, he was totally oblivious about it. “Don’t you… don’t you feel like something terrible is happening, and we can’t do anything about it? Like we’re just stuck here until it takes us over. And we just have to watch it take over the world…”
Sarah shook her head. “You think too much, Colin darling.” Grinning, she offered, “Besides, I thought you said I was the negative one.” She twirled a strand of her blonde hair between her short, stubby fingers.
Colin just smiled in return. “It’s amazing, Sarah, you make me smile even in times like this.” He sat back further in the chair in which he sat, eyes reflecting the dull gray of the ceiling with a million times more brightness. Rain pattered a random pattern on the outside of the building. Colin was really amazed. This was being content. The world could end and as long as he was with this girl, and he wouldn’t care, as long as he was with her. He wasn’t attracted to her at all, but he loved her. That he did.
Sarah looked up at the ceiling. “Do you remember anything from before we were the Elite?”
“No,” Colin lied, evenly. “Nothing special.”
“Remember when we met?” Sarah asked, lips curving upwards. She’d brought this topic up many times before, but it always brought a smile to her face. “You were the best damn Christmas present ever.”

“Christmas bells are ringing… Christmas bells are ringing… Christmas bells are ringing… somewhere else, not here.”
Sarah McCormick shut off the CD player in irritation. It was just too ironic. The shabby, burnt calendar on the wall said “December 24.” Sure didn’t feel like it. Where were the presents, the joy, the cheer, and above all, the love? She didn’t even have a family anymore. Her sister had gone off to join the Johto armies and hadn’t been seen since. Her parents, well… they had been in Team Rocket, back in their youth, but had quit once they had seen how evil they were getting. Once Team Rocket took over, they had made sure to kill the deflectors first. The attack on Saffron City happened while Sarah was at school. She had returned home to find her house awash in police lights, flashing red-blue-red-blue-red-blue. Colors that echoed in her nightmares.
It wasn’t cold, but she shuddered and hugged her Pokémon she could reach to her. She gently stroked Pidgeotto’s fluffy down while hugging Ponyta to her, even though it could never really warm her. Eneko and Kekleon had found a place in the hollow of her lap. Rhyhorn slept, deep nasal snorts echoing from him. Hinbasu watched gleefully from its tank, a heartbreaking smile splitting its face almost up to its eyes. Sarah grinned up at the ugly fish. It would forever be useless until it evolved. And it could never do that, as Team Rocket didn’t allow commoners to have Pokémon, so she couldn’t train it. Sarah kept them illegally. She figured that if she was found out, she would at least go to where her parents and probably her sister were.
Sarah looked around at her Pokémon, love swelling in her heart. Her eyes took in their shapes and her ears absorbed their cries, coos, and snores. They were all common and mostly weak Pokémon, but she didn’t care. They were hers. She loved them. She looked out through a shattered windowpane to see thick, sparkling snowflakes flutter elegantly down. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door. Normally, Sarah would have never answered it. She would have hidden herself and her Pokémon. Knocks on the door in this world usually meant only Team Rocket. But instead, relief swept over her. She didn’t know why, but she trusted whoever or whatever was at the door with all her being. She strode up to her splintered, decrepit wooden door, and pulled it open.
“Quiiiil,” the Pokémon at the door weakly squeaked, before collapsing, landing halfway in the foyer to Sarah’s house and halfway to the cold. Sarah immediately identified the species as a Quilava. It had a pure white belly and a deep ebony top, and its flame collar and tail sputtered, appearing to be weakened by the snow.
“Poor thing,” Sarah said mostly to herself, gently picking up the weasel and carrying it into where her other Pokémon were.

“Supersonic, again, please.” The boy would have never admitted it, but he was near tears. He was alone with his Pokémon, in the snow and the dark, with only a thin button-down shirt stolen from the drawers of his dad before he fled Cerulean. An actual tear slid down his cheek, freezing to ice before it hit the white ground below his feet. His dad was gone. It wasn’t really stealing. It couldn’t be. He just wished it was.
A huge, fuzzy bug, a tiny shrew, a cute, floppy-eared kitten, a black snake, and a spiral-bellied, fully bipedal tadpole opened their mouths, filling the air with screeching sound. The boy, Colin, heard the waves bounce off buildings and into the distance, echoing off the huge snowy mountains. He only hoped Team Rocket didn’t hear, but he had nothing to care for anymore. “Zang,” the feline, an immature Zanguusu, offered sadly. Colin quietly contemplated the gently falling snow. Oh, it was too ironic. Losing his first Pokémon on, of all days, Christmas? This world had gotten so screwed up.
“Quilava…” he spoke out loud. Suddenly, he heard the plaintive voice of the lithe Fire-type echo in his mind. Colin shouted out loud, and ran in the first direction he thought felt appropriate to him. His other Pokémon, Zanguusu, Habunake, Venonat, Poliwhirl, and Sandshrew, all took off after him, on stumpy, unevolved legs.

Another knock on the door echoed through Sarah’s house. “And merry Christmas to you guys too,” she commented angrily, although feeling the numbing calm wash over her. She could remember going to Cinnabar Island as a child, and feeling the warm, eternally sun-heated waves flow over her. That’s what it felt like, but it was a mentally pleasing feeling too. It increased tenfold with the second knock. Sarah ran over to the door and whipped it open. “Yes?”
The boy in the doorway was covered in snow, surrounding his body like a white halo. He had brown shoes, dark navy jeans, and a black button-down shirt on, along with skewered glasses. He was tired. His eyes, shockingly gray, drooped, and his skin was pallid, spotted with freckles, while the area under his eyes was a dark, swelling violet-blue. “Ismyquilavahere??!!” he shouted in one breath. Sarah could tell the fatigue of this person, about her age.
“What?” Sarah couldn’t help but smile.
“Is. My. Quilava. Here?” His eyes begged her.
Sarah smiled up at the other person. “I believe so.” His thin lips broke out into the first smile of pure joy and happiness that Sarah had seen in at least a year.

Minutes later, there was a warm, crackling fire in Sarah’s house as she sat on an old folding chair, talking with the stranger, Colin. “You come from Cerulean?” Sarah asked politely, sipping her hot water. That was all she had to drink, and she had to scoop it from outside, where the snow was fluffing up. Colin took a long sip of his drink, also hot water. His six Pokémon lay asleep by his feet. He nodded quietly. Sarah bit her lip. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t apologize,” Colin replied quickly. “It’s not like you could help it. It’s not like you haven’t gone through it.” He looked around Sarah’s house. “You got it worse than I did. I was just visiting Cerulean, and it got… well…” His gray eyes flashed with something. It wasn’t anger. He then immediately smiled up at Sarah. “You have Pokémon.”
She grinned back. “Yeah, my, uh, sister was a great trainer. She inspired me and left me her Kekleon when she went off to fight.” She paused. “She… she never came back.” Sarah quietly pushed a lock of her longish blonde hair behind her pale ear. When she looked at Colin’s face, she saw a myriad of emotions. Fear, admiration, longing, disappointment, sorrow, joy all reflected back in the mirror of his slate eyes. She moved her chair closer to his and gave him a hug. It was purely platonic. She could just tell he needed it. She heard something quiet, and her shoulder was damp soon. Sarah bit her lip. She didn’t want to cry. Why had this boy affected her so much, when she’d just met him?
There was a clock in Saffron City that rang at every hour, much to the annoyance of the residents back when the town was occupied. It always woke them up. Sarah thought it was funny what seemed important then as compared to now. The bells of the clock echoed in the background that was her mind. She counted out twelve echoing rings. “December twenty-fifth,” she said out loud, a smile forming over her own face. It felt like she was crushing plaster off a frozen canvas to do that. It felt so good. “Merry Christmas.”
The boy raised his head. There were slight, glittering trails down his cheeks. He sniffed, and smiled, melancholy. “Merry, merry Christmas. Thank you so much.”
“Hinba!” the grotesque brown fish over in the corner squealed. Its brown color, flecked with mustard-yellow spots, exploded into a brilliant white light, stretching and morphing. When the light faded, a new beast stood. It was snake shaped and about ten feet long, and a cream color. It had beautiful feminine eyes, two black antennae, and a pattern of brick red and sapphire scales toward the end of its tail. A plethora of peacock-like feathers sprouted from its tail.
As Sarah looked on in amazement, she heard her Pokédex say, “It is only under the greatest amounts of love and tenderness that Hinbasu will evolve into its beautiful mature form, Mirokarosu.”
“Congratulations, Mirokarosu!” Sarah cried out, running to hug the water snake. It had already slithered into her arms, and had its spherical head on its shoulder, cooing happily.
“Congrats,” Colin yelped from behind Sarah. She could tell he was smiling.
“Miro!” Mirokarosu exclaimed. And everybody there, human or Pokémon, knew what it was saying.
Merry Christmas.

( A/N : that was the preview chapter =P)


South of the suburban Pallet Town, there was a massive lake. Most months of the year, it was ignored by trainers rushing to get to Cinnabar to earn their Volcano Badge. Very few ever had time to contemplate its beauty. Sparkling, aqua water provided a home for both the graceful, peaceful Vaporeon and Starus, and some of the most vicious Tentacruel and Seadra. Hanteeru and Sakurabisu shared dark rocky crevices in peace. Jiiransu and Corsola, both painfully shy, stayed hidden behind emerald green seaweed. Confused Psyducks flopped up on the shores of Pallet or Cinnabar. Politoed gleefully played on tiny, lush, verdant islands jutting from the water. Ametamas rolled towards shore with the tides. Beautiful pearls were found in the snapping mouths of Shellder and Paaruru. In the deepest levels of the ocean, where only the fiercest Pokémon, such as Gyarados and Samehadaa dared to dwell, you could see the lights of Lanturns sweeping by, the buttery yellow blinking on and off. It was a beautiful, fragile ecosystem. (A/N : John Steinbeck has nothing on me.)
It was frozen in the winter, but only the top layer froze, and only about six inches. The Pokémon underneath the water continued to live their gleeful existence, but it had been much more somber this year. They had sensed a new beast that had joined their habitat. A new beast with powers untold and terrifying. They all avoided it.
The creature crunching on the ice glared with cold yellow eyes. It blinked those eyes against the falling, melting rain. Its skin was unnaturally warm, but it was still Ground-type and vulnerable to snow and ice. It roared, angrily. It beckoned the other Pokémon. Such a coward, always sleeping under the sea!
There was a herd of Remoraid living under that sea by Pallet. They were currently eating their morning meal, when both they and their food were thrown high into the air and landed with wet splats somewhere else in the ocean when a huge blue form, rising up at what seemed to be the speed of light, shattered the ice above it, dangerously sharp shards flying everywhere. The blue form looked something like an orca, its wings and two dorsal fins covered with squiggly red lines. It had a graceful ribbon-like tail. It glared furiously at its similarly titanic ruby opponent, plated with steel, and cried out its name in utter fury. Rain began to slam down hard on the tiny city of Pallet Town.
Samuel Oak woke, annoyed, to the sound of heavily pattering rain on his roof. In a year like this, it was only fitting. He grabbed six plain white Poke Balls, threw on a lab coat and slippers, and proceeded out of his lab. Professor Oak smiled. Nobody knew that he had been a Pokémon Master once, as Samuel Kross. After being defeated, he had faded away. Nobody had ever heard of Samuel Kross again, but nobody knew that he was kindly Professor Oak.
The advantages of being the richest man in the town was having a beautiful, waterfront house with a long white porch. It was always what he had dreamed of living in, on his Pokémon journey. Professor Oak walked out on his porch, shaded from the thundering rain by the top of the porch. He couldn’t believe what he saw in front of him, on what had been the sea south of Pallet.
Two Pokémon viciously attacked each other. Even more amazing was that Professor Oak, the man with, perhaps, the most Pokémon knowledge in the entire world, had never seen either of them before. There was a huge, hulking red beast, very reptilian, covered in huge plates. It had useless, flailing hands, but on those hands, there were deadly claws. It growled up at its adversary, a huge killer whale of a vibrant azure color. It was glowing, brilliant sapphire. Red lines were scrawled on its wings, which it used to keep itself in the air. Elegant blue ribbon-like tails swirled out behind it. Oak looked on in amazement.
“Slowking, go!” Oak cried out. Both the battlers looked on in annoyance as the dopey pink shellhead appeared, scratching its clownish collar. “Aurora Beam attack, on the… red one!” The ruby in the middle of Slowking’s crown shone over with an unearthly light for just a second, then a rainbow-shimmering beam lanced out. The giant red beast merely snorted, and the beam hissed and dissipated to mere water, joining with the rain on the ice. Slowking whimpered, before the aura of the fish changed from blue to a brilliant goldenrod, and thunder spewed from the sky, angry electric ropes, onto Slowking. Professor Oak blocked his ears from the horrible scream he heard.
When the smoke had dissipated, Professor Oak looked up in horror. Slowking was nowhere to be seen. Oak was frozen in terror. It couldn’t be… His thoughts were interrupted by an angry voice, as the aura of the orca turned a burning blue again and flared up. See what happens when you interfere, human?! it snarled mentally. You’ll never see Slowking again! It’s gone! Professor Oak backed up slowly off his porch, his head rocking back and forth, eyes huge.
“No… no…” He started to scream. His voice was flying through the air now. He collapsed on the wooden floor of his porch, ignoring the rain, ignoring the fight, ignoring everything. He curled himself up into a ball.
He just screamed. He screamed and screamed.


May Oak looked down on the soggy grass of Infinity Island, a frown pulling at her mostly pale lips. She had to leave here. What is done is done, she thought. She’d finally met up with him. The one who had killed her brother. And she had defeated him. But in total, utter anger, she had let that beast… Deokishisu… out on the world. And with Deokishisu, she knew the others came. Rezurokku, Rezuaisu, and Rezusuchiru. Actually, those had been known in the world before, as, rather uncreatively, Reji-Rock, Reji-Ice, and Reji-Steel. That had been in ancient times, though, and the humans at that time had realized the power of the soulless robots. They had been sealed in shrines and deactivated. Only Deokishisu had the powers to let them free. May Oak bit her lip hard, enough to draw blood. Kyogre, Groudon, and Rekkuza would also be unleashed on that world. Kyogre, Groudon, and Rekkuza were forever destined to fight, but there would never be a winner.
May lowered her head and began to intone, “And thus, the one of the sea, the one of the earth, and the one of the air shall fight the fight that never ends, until the world has been destroyed…” She sighed quietly, snapped her fingers, and her three Pokémon appeared near her. They were the tiny sprite Celebi, the vicious avian Zapdos, and the gentle canine Suicune. They were not really her Pokémon. They had been her brother’s. After becoming a Pokémon master, Gary had set out to find the old legends. He had captured Celebi, Zapdos, and Suicune, before he was killed. An ironic smile formed on May’s lips. That’s why Team Rocket had killed him, because of what he’d spent his life doing : capturing powerful Pokémon. She hated them.
“Back in your Poke Balls, Suicune, Celebi,” she ordered, holding up a pure blue Poke Ball and one half-lavender, half-dark green Poke Ball. Both Pokémon vanished in flashes of whitish-ruby light. May looked over to Zapdos. “C’mon, Zapdos,” she quietly stated. “We’re going back to the mainland…”
“Zaaaaaados,” it responded sadly. But it took so long to find here.
“I know,” May sighed back. “But it’s been long enough…” She climbed on its back. With one last wistful look at its home for the past two years, Zapdos took off into the skies.


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3rd January 2003, 08:52 PM
Ok, so here I am, replying, some average chapters Madelyn, I liked the first one better, go do something about them. I always liked Clair. Anyway go red Quete d' Amour] (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7071&perpage=15&pagenumber=1)

3rd January 2003, 09:47 PM
hmm. a shortish chapter, but it's the only thing i really like in this story that i wrote XP. it's just... i don't know. it's sad... HLSOE : well, this isn't really THE clair from the game. she's just based on her, but... i don't know her anime personality or anything. ^_^; i always hated her. do you know how hard it is to beat her with only a decent-leveled typhlosion? it's hard. ^_^;

a/n : the pg-13 chapter. cursing (censored), multiple character deaths, possible suicide. etc. funfunfun.


“Oh, don’t be like this,” Misty snapped to the boy, dangerously making Starus wobble dangerously off-balance by sitting on the very edge of one of its points. His sneakers dangled over the edge. He said nothing in return for about ten minutes, then he began speaking without turning around. His voice seemed void of anything, yet full of everything at the same time.
“I cannot do this any more,” he boomed. “I cannot wake up, look in the mirror, and know I am part of an organization that killed my best ----ing friend in the entire world. And the terrible, ironic, thing…” His voice began to choke, a combination between tears and a deep laugh. “…is that I cannot survive in this world without this organization.” He finally turned to Misty, his black eyes flaring in anger. “Misty, you had so much promise. So much. But you’re responsible for ruining so many lives. Brock.” He paused and snarled. “Your sisters. I heard the stories. They’re dead now, because you betrayed them to Team Rocket.” He said the last word as if spitting out something disgusting. “Let’s see, who else… I’m sure you had a part in Gary’s demise.”
That was the one topic Misty could never handle. “Shut up, Ash. Shut up!” she screamed, hugging her knees around her. Silent tears poured down her face.
“Ohhh, I struck a nerve,” Ash cawed triumphantly, mockingly. “Poor baby Misty.” Misty just wept.

“What?” The red-haired girl looked at the boy, with her arms wrapped around her skinny knees, in a position not unlike the one she was in at the moment. Her knees poked through the hole in the left knee of her jeans. She had on an overly loose gray zip-up jacket. It was only to hide the black t-shirt with the red letter R on it underneath, she reminded herself, her blue eyes flashing with shame.
“Brock.” Gary sighed deeply. “You were close with him, weren’t you?”
“Yeah.” Pause. “I… I feel so bad about it.” That was no lie. Misty lowered her head, so he couldn’t see her eyes, and she muttered, “And I feel so bad about this…”
“About what?” Gary questioned, gently.
Misty stood up from the rock that softly jutted out into the water, softly lapping at her bare feet. The sun behind her was slowly setting, and the entire world seemed awash in orange and yellow. Her form was slightly darkened against the horizon, into a strong silhouette. “Like I said, this.” She paused as she took a Poke Ball off her belt. Gary looked up at her in confusion. Tears were dripping off Misty’s face onto the rock, leaving strange splattered shapes. “I love you, Gary. I never thought I could love somebody like I love you. This is the hardest thing in the world to do.” She breathed deeply. She lowered her lips to his. He responded back, shocked but unknowing. He began to wrap his arms around her. “Stop!” Misty cried out, in horror.
“Why?” Gary was utterly confused.
Misty looked down at him, her face both warped with hardness and showing every possible emotion. “Because that only makes it harder,” she choked. She carefully released the Pokémon in her Poke Ball. “Gyarados, Thunderwave.” She turned away from the beast. She felt, by the hair sticking up on the back of her neck and a strangled cry cut frighteningly short, that the electric attack had happened. She turned around to see Gary, his eyes bulging out far more than usual, his face frozen in fright. “Goodbye,” she whispered. “I love you.”
Walking rapidly away from the area, Misty felt her feet bleed as the sharp grass of the area cut them. She didn’t care anymore. She couldn’t care about anything. Faceless men in black darted by her. Misty’s heart sunk as she realized who they were. “Where is he?” one grunted.
Misty just pointed with a shaking finger. She could only tell them, “Just make it quick…”

Misty clutched her head. “Shut up,” she called in an ethereal voice again, even though Ash already had. “Stop it.”
“You deserve it! Every word!” Ash hollered, face contorted in fury. “I hope you live forever, and every day, you have to see the faces of those who you killed! I thought you were so good, Misty,” he spat. “Your true colors shine through now, though. And they’re as black as your uniform. As your heart!” Misty looked shocked and empty. She had nothing left to say. “And don’t forget Haruka!” Ash suddenly yelled. “She loved me. I was her life. And you ruined that. And you ruined me! And how many more in Houen, Misty? How many more. And the disgusting thing is, I helped you. I ----ing helped you. I could have killed Haruka, and I never would have known it.” He stood up, jumping to his feet, quivering. Starus dangerously rocked. “I’m tired of you, Misty. I’m tired of this.” His voice dropped, from screaming level to a whisper. “I’m tired of me.”
“Ash, what…” Misty began to speak, her voice shaking. Ash looked at her one more time.
“Goodbye, Misty,” he said simply, softly. “You could have been great.” He took an uneven step backwards and went crashing, falling, into the rain that was heavily, angrily dropping down from the sky, big fat angry drops like tears.
“ASH!” Misty screamed. “Ash… ASH!” Ash’s last words echoed in her head. You could have been great… you could have been great… you could have been great… you could have been great. “ASH!” She was screaming her voice raw, but it did no good. Misty buried her head in her hands and wept.
Ash, falling rapidly, heard the feminine screaming, but ignored it. He was flying… flying through the air… flying, at last, to a better place. He flew past the pain and the shame and the past and the hate and the everything. He was flying now.