View Full Version : Missy Elliott or Eminem?

Totodile Colone
27th December 2002, 10:01 PM
Who would you pick?

Both! Missy's songs are awsome, including Work It. And E's song Lose Yourself, is a very good song!

27th December 2002, 10:07 PM
I like Eminem better. Although his lyrics are often offensive, he is very good and the rhythyms of his songs are addictive.

27th December 2002, 10:19 PM
This really should be in PCG. I am not a mod or admin so I can't move it. But this message is just FYI.
BTW: I hate rap. (C)rap shouldn't even be called music.

Clicky Pen
27th December 2002, 10:34 PM
Eminem has one of the two whole rap songs i like, so he wins.

The real slim shady > you. and i can't stand that work it thingy.

Eh, the rest of rap sucks IMO. :\ Whee.

Angel Blossom
27th December 2002, 10:57 PM
I don't like Eminem or Missy Elliott. Yeah, I know.. I had lyrics to her song in my siggy last week, but.. honestly, I don't like her. Eminem gets on my nerves and his 'music' is bad. By the way, this is a poll. :P It's also not a good poll, since.. oh, whatever.

28th December 2002, 12:28 AM
I know a few people mention this should be in PCG, but what the hell. Anyways to stay in topic, I actually prefer Eminem, since his songs have catchy beats, and that's something I actually like from him. Also, as a rapper he's pretty good too, but that's just my opinion. Oh yeah, "Lose Yourself" is a very good song, I'm actually listening to it right now :)

Jay Umbreon
28th December 2002, 07:09 AM
In all honesty?
I don't rate rap music to be honest...I mean, I'm not saying its crap because a lot of people who are into that music love it, i'm just saying It doesn't appeal to me at all.

However, from what I've heard, Eminem is very talented at what he does, and Loose Yourself is kinda spiffy...
So Eminem :)

28th December 2002, 07:21 AM
Who would I pick? What for? To never darken my stereo again? Both. To listen to avidly? My god neither. Just because something has a beat doesn't make it music. And if I cared about what a hard life any of these rappers had in the past, I'd watch an interview, not listen to some miserable lyrics that make me want to cut my own throat...

One day, we'll have real musical talent back in the charts - hopefully.

This shot of sunshine was brought to you by...

28th December 2002, 09:55 AM
Oh god, that's a decision along the lines of "Do you want to be shot in the left ear or the right?". If someone forced me to choose it'd be Eminem. He's slightly less annoying and some of his songs have alright lyrics...

28th December 2002, 11:10 AM
I say that Eminem's lyrics are more meaingful, while Missy is more club music. Which one do I like better? *shrug* I listen to Eminem's music when I'm in a more serious mood and Missy's music when I want to dance. ^_^ Yes, I like rap music.

Also, that "Work It" single is old. Listen to "Funky Fresh" by Missy Elliot. :P

Phantom of Innocence-BF
28th December 2002, 02:14 PM
Eminem by far. I usually don't listen to rap either but since I bought the Eminem Show and watched 8 Mile, I'm kinda enjoying more and more of Eminem's work. Missy Elliot...I don't really like her music from what I've heard so far.

28th December 2002, 07:55 PM
Neither. I can't hear what either of them are saying most of the time. When I can, it's usually something that doesn't make any sense. The only type of rap I like is the type of rap Will Smith and Coolio (and some rap artists from the 80's) does.

28th December 2002, 08:02 PM
I like them both. ^_^

Silver Ledian
30th December 2002, 05:17 PM
I myself am not the biggest fan of rap...in fact, most of the time it does my head in esp. Eminem and all his songs. I like Rn'B though and because Missy Elliot has more of an Rn'B vibe to her songs, I like her better. I like many of her more recents songs....."Work It", "For My People" and "Get Ur Freak On" for example. :D

30th December 2002, 05:32 PM
Eminem definately. ;] Missy, eh, her vibe just doesn't ineterest me. Now Eminem, he has the uniqueness that others just don't have. I have been listening to him since I don't know when. Eminem > me. My life is based on his teachings :o And plus, I like his lyrics. They aren't as crude as you think. Just a bit of discrimination to women/nazis/his parents/boy bands/homosexuals, but the rest is, er, ok.

Best song ever - Superman.

30th December 2002, 05:41 PM
Missy Ellilot's video Work It scares me. I like her better.

30th December 2002, 10:12 PM
I used to like rap, but it just got boring to me after awhile, and I couldn't relate to it enough. Long story short, I discovered how much I could relate to a lot of songs by bands such as Nirvana and so I just sort of ditched all the crap I used to like.

Still, I do sort of like Eminem despite all the offensive things he says. He does have a lot of talent at rhyming, and his songs get stuck in my head a lot. Some of his lyrics are hilarious too. Missy Elliott's music would be great for dancing or something, but I just personally don't care for that style of music.

Oh, and by the last sentence of the first paragraph, I didn't mean all rap is crap. I just prefer the sound of rock music. Personally I think a lot of the newer rock music out now is crap. Most of the stuff that gets in the charts is, in my opinion, crap. I just had to add that so people wouldn't think I was flaming them for liking rap music. ^^;;;