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11th September 2003, 12:54 AM
For my English assignment, I have to pick a tpoic and, long story short, I need to ask people their oppinions of the little green (wo)men. Anyway, other than doing the poll, if you could also post why, and if posible any actual experiences you may or may not have had. And please take this seriously. Thankyou.

11th September 2003, 01:21 AM
i do, space goes on for a distance we cant even comprehend... stars we see in the sky could have exploded billions of years ago, how inconceivable is it when you really start to think about it... i mean, how odd is it for there to be just one form of life outside of our little shack in the galaxy, doesnt even have to be 'intelligent' life, i have had 2 supernatural experiences, i dont believe them to be alien... but i wont dip into that right now, i just find it funny there might be cavemen somewhere else, everyone assumes they must be uber-intelligent and be able to destroy us with the lcick of a button, but i find it funny there might be aliens out there who dont even comprehend the idea of a door... bah

11th September 2003, 01:43 AM
Yes, I do! Will you marry me?! LoL (j/k!!) (just a follow through of words... don't worry)

I definitely think that we are not the only ones alive in this wide and infinite knowledge universe.

Maybe beings from other worlds are made up of life forms that cannot be used as life here... e.g. They must need Sulfur, Mercury, etc... to survive and cannot live in our conditions.

11th September 2003, 03:39 AM
its inconcievable, and scientists are ignorant if they believe life has to be carbon based...

the movie signs shown a little light on this, how water hurt them, they have never encounterred it, etc.

but imagine how diverse it could be, we could walk through there walls and breath in there oceans... or it could go even further, they might have natural things that are farly supernatural to us (not like a ton of huge volcanoes) but things we dont even have that are so numerous on there planet they have maybe gravity storms or something, i dunno...

its limitless, and fun to ponder, :\

oh well, or they could just be super intelligent squirrels, well never know

Silver Ledian
11th September 2003, 12:36 PM
First of all...it doesn't irritate me to see people believing in other life-forms or aliens but what annoys me is the fact that the majority think if there's anything out there, then it's more intelligent than the human race. Humans are extraordinary organisms and I don't think we get enough credit for how intelligent we are ^^;;;

Now, the poll:
No. I don't believe in little green men with big eggheads and black beady eyes with slimy skin and 2 toes and all those other features which they have seemed to be given by our minds in the past. I'm sure that there is other bacteria somewhere else in our universe...it's more likely than actual life-forms like us but I admit...it's always possible because we ARE unaware of almost everything that's going on in space. We only know the basics so you never know...there might be bacteria multiplying and changing form atm. *shrug* It's a controversial thing...I'm not sure what to think at times. Both sides make good points. :yes:

11th September 2003, 03:35 PM
I believe in the existense of extraterrestrial life because we have found evidence of alien bacterium. Whether alien life has evolved to our level of complexity is unknown to me.

11th September 2003, 05:01 PM
I don't like this word "believe". I think that it's probable, based on things I've read, that there is complex life on other planets. It would be more amazing if our little blue planet contained the only life in the universe. I don't know if it's just bacteria, or extra terrestrial ferrets, or sentient beings like ourselves, but I'd expect there to be life somewhere out in the universe, probably several places.

What I am sure of is that whatever aliens there are will be staying on other planets, at least for a long time to come. I seriously doubt they're travelling millions of light years to probe the rectum of a farmer from Tennessee. Advanced alien races with sophisticated technology would've accepted long ago what our own species is just coming to realise: that sending people into space is more costly, difficult and dangerous than using robots and unmanned vehicles. If we ever do make contact with alien beings, I expect it to be through a little unmanned spaceship or a radio signal of some kind, rather than the mothership looming over the White House.

11th September 2003, 05:49 PM
Yeah, I think there's gotta be someone else out there. I doubt they'rre humanoid at all, though, like we've always made them out to be. Think about it. Has man created any new lifeforms? No, even though we have adapted old ones (i.e. dog breeding, etc.) to suit our desires/needs. But we've never actually created a "template" for new life. Sure, we're trying to discover the secrets of life, but (1) we don't know them, and (2) we'd just be finding out about ourselves, rather than creating something brand new. Personally, I think (at the present time) that humans are far too dumb to create any living organism, and I doubt we'd be apt to guess right. I agree with Cyndaquil and Gligar_Man, scientists are the biggest idiots of us all if, with all their vast technical knowledge, they still think the only possible lifeform are those we've found or can come up with. Please! Give me a break.

This brings me to the second part of my post, that something/someone else, who is far smarter than us, must have created us, and anything else that is out there. Hell, even cells had to have been created by something. The universe itself, for that matter. And if there were no humans around to create the first lifeforms... *gospel music plays* ...

Call it God, call it Allah, the Creator, the Powers That Be, whatever. I just think that someone has to be a lot smarter than us to have created us, and that someone would have had to have played some part in any other creation out there. I'd have to hope that He wouldn't waste that infinite space for our own selfish leisure. Then again, He did create me, so I guess that means He is greater than me. I am only a lowly creation, after all.

One final note - Think of it this way. If a watch is shattered, will it fix itself? No. There has to be a watchmakerm to handle the problem, and to create it in the first place. (A little something my Uncle told me one time.) Anyway, that's my input, and I'll leave you with that. See ya! :wave:

12th September 2003, 01:50 AM
Can some more of you please vote? Thanks!

12th September 2003, 03:14 AM

i dont see how we can be the only thing to exist, ever in the whole wide universe for ever and ever, how out little planent is the ONLY one to contain life....

its unpossible...