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Water Pokemon Master
13th September 2003, 12:51 AM
What was your first theme deck/booster pack/rare card/argument over a card? Also, be sure to include the stories of how you got them or if you just walked into a store and said "Hey PKMN cards, I should buy them."

For me, my very first card was a Squirtle. I was on vacation at Palm Springs in June of 99 (Jungle had not come out yet) and I was 9. I met a kid by the pool and he then showed me his PKMN cards from Base Set. Of course, back then my family had no computer or had any knowledge that there were even cards of the creatures we had been watching on TV for over half a year. So, he had some extra commons and uncommons, and I asked him if I could give him something for them. Luckily, I had brought some PokeDex entries from Pokemon.com that my mom had printed out at work, and I traded those papers for them. But, before he gave me any, he asked me if I wanted to race in the pool for my PokeDex entries or for his cards (whoever wins got the other person's stuff) So, we raced in the pool two laps, and guess who won? Me! So I got a Squirtle Squirt from his binder, and we traded some of my entries for all of Ash's PKMN that were on cards. (Caterpie, Bulba, Char, and some others I don't remember.)

After the above event and after vacation was over, we went to Toys R Us back near my Grandma's house (100 miles from Palm Springs) and they had just gotten in the Jungle stuff. So, my mom bought me and my younger brother a Kangaskhan deck and some Jungle packs (the boosters were not given to us until later, so all we opened were the theme decks). In later weeks, I eventually got enough Base set packs and all the theme decks to complete Base Set, and later Jungle.

Since my younger brother's b-day is at the very end of June, he had a family b-day party and got some Base Set theme decks from my family. That night, he opened all of his theme decks and got about 12 Weedle cards. Since my birthday isn't until October 3rd, I don't think I would be getting all of those cards quite yet. So, I asked him for a Weedle. He told me that he would only give me one if I went downstairs and got him some water. Back then, I was a frady-cat and was scared of the dark, and he knew that, so he wanted to get me scared. So, I ran downstairs, got him some water and ran back up. I then gave him the water, and he wouldn't give me the Weedle card. So, we got into a fight and were pulling each other's hair and kicking and punching and scratching and all of that violent stuff. My mom then heard all of the banging against the walls and ran in and stopped us. She asked what was going on, and I told her that he promised me a Weedle card.

Then, he got up and ran out of the room (with my Weedle) and hid in his room. When me and my mom walked in his room, he wa hiding behind the bed and I noticed that all of the cards he had opened a few hours ago were on his dressor. So, I went through them to get Weedle, but before I could, he pushed over the dressor and all his clothes fell from his drawers and the cards were everywhere. Then, my mom grabbed him by his hair and locked him in the dark bathroom as a punishment. While he was in there, he kicked the door and was crying saying "Give me my Weedle." So, after a while, he fell asleep and I got my Weedle card.

13th September 2003, 02:52 AM
Laugh if u will, but before i started buying cards, i printed them. And pasted them on poker cards (looking back, i realized i couldnt have made a 60-card deck w/ 56 poker cards anyway, including the spare jokers.

Me first booster was juz a spur-of-the-moment kinda thing, and i got a clefairy doll i think, cant remember. But i can confirm on the starmie card. Anyway, even tho that was my 1st booster, i dont really consider it my first since i juz dumped them in my cupboard after that. I wasnt even interested in pkmn then.

Later, when i started to like the anime, i bought meself the starter pack (note that i had forgotten bout the booster already), split it in 2 and played with my bro, and thats how i began to learn the game. 'Course, it wasnt really that fun, not with me always beating my bro since i used the machop side and had already added the machamp in it :P Again, i now realize that the charmander deck was MUCH stronger.

Heard bout a sorta convention during the holidays, and decided to go there almost everyday. It was then when i finally played w/ the full 60-card deck, and was pleased to get quite a couple of wins, once against a standard haymaker (at the time). 1st day of the convention, i bought a booster and got Mewtwo, my 1st holo other than machamp.

Bought more boosters and theme decks (2 i believe) and began to form my own deck. I remember that i piled in most of the trainers, and beedrill became my center if im not mistaken. Or is it kadabra.

Anyway, moving further to the future, i had already earned a couple of badges. This may not be my 1st fight, but it came back to me the 1st, and was really vivid. I had a buzz/meleon deck then that was actually half-decent. Not my often-used deck but my best then.

One day, i returned home and saw my cards STREWN ALL OVER THE FLOOR. I knew immediately that my youngest bro had done it (he has an unbreakable habit of breaking into by cupboard even now). Then i realized that one of the cards was chewed up real. Wasnt my bro, it was my cousin, but he took it out in the 1st place. Hell, i didnt even care that my uncle was there, i juz screamed at him at top voice in my 'usual' death tone, which u guyz should be thankful of never hearing it. My uncle and my cuz left soon after (who wouldnt, with me that scary). I said bye, and continued with the vocal torture.

That incident still burns. The card was juz a charmander, a common, but i wouldnt have cared even if it was an energy card. He took my stuff, and damn, there r few incidents that could rival my anger then.

U know, theres only 2 ppl who have ever felt my wrath, and theyre my 2 bros, and only cuz my temper's exceptionally short w/ them. No one has ever made me cross the normal line of my temper... yet (im a VERY patient guy, juz so u know). Oooh, i dont wanna imagine what'll happen to the 1st guy to do that to me, i held back A LOT against my bros cuz theyre my bros. I can become ur worst nightmare threefold if i go all out.

16th September 2003, 10:15 PM
My first rare card from a booster was a super energy removal. Well its a good card and I did use it in my deck for sure.

My first tough battle was against then Dave, One of Singapore finest TCG player. It was for sure you can imagined the intensity of that match. I was playing a Slowking/ Mr Mime beatdown deck at that time against a Sneasel/ Chansey deck.

All with resistance against psychic -_-". Anyway I won the first match with thanks to slowking and lost the next 2 matches... And the whole 3 matches ended in 45 minutes I think.

My first longest match was against Mewx88 (A former member of pokemasters) Its was one hell of a match. One mistake from either sides will determine the winner. I was playing a Sneasel/ Scyther beatdown deck and eventually lose 2-1 to his Sneasel/ Murkrow deck.

The whole 3 matches was 2 hours long and it was like when we are still in our first round of the tournament. People had already advanced to the second or third round lolz...

16th September 2003, 10:31 PM
Meh, i was the 1st to use sneasel competitively in my country. And soon after, everyone started using them. But hey, no one dared use sneasel as the main attacker, and those who tried were embarrassed by my own deck. Even half-sneasel decks had difficulty with me, since my deck was also designed to beat sneasel, amongst others (especially clefable-removal decks).