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14th September 2003, 05:58 PM
Ala Day


Imagine a beautiful, huge mansion with tons of trees surrounding it, and it's own gardens, hot tubs... etc... Like a little paradise in the middle of Japan, near Tokyo. This huge mansion used to be a small, yet very beautiful hotel... until one day the owner gave up (almost going bankrupt) and turned the hotel into a Girl's Dormitory.

So, this is where you come in. For whatever reason, you applied to enter this lovely dormitory to stay- away from your family or whatever life you came from. A few other girls have applied too, and you have been accepted into the dormitory with them. Now that you are in this dormitory, you still have to go to school and clean every so often and cook, but it is some what independant- like college life. Plus, the whole place is beautiful... and not to mention there is a hot springs. Getting along with the other girls is all which is new... since the other new girls are people you haven't met, but otherwise things are pretty normal.

That is until....


For whatever reason, you suddenly find yourself in front of a huge mansion, which you think is a hotel. You and a small group of guys, applied to be residents at a hotel for a while until you can get your own job and perhaps rent an individual small apartment. One of the guys (they are your friends or aquaintances) says his Grandmother owns the hotel anyway, sothey should be able to stay there for a while. So... you enter the hotel, or what you think is a hotel, and no one seems to be inside.

You and the guys search for your grandmother... until suddenly a shriek is heard.
One of the guys found some thing.
But it wasn't your grandmother.

Naturaly, the mix up is the guy whose grandmother owns the 'hotel' left, and he wasn't told. So the once the guys settle everything down and explain what happened to the girls, they suddenly realize that they have no where to go. Naturally, afte rsome convincing... the girls decided that there was enough space to make the mansion split half-half, one half for the guys, one half for the girls. Of course... there are complications...

Because like all places, there are always complications!

This RPG will be a Drama/Romance/Mystery rpg... I will add some plot twists that will set this apart from an everyday-life RPG. Of course, you guys can help... (like perhaps add some strange history to your character that might make it interesting or mysterious which could be solved at this dorm.) And characters can travel different places of course... so have fun!
Oh, and this RPG is rated M for mature, just because there will be sexual suggested content, but nothing too extreme of course. There could be soem swear words too... lol.

LEt's start!!!

Name: Rainea Chas'limono (Everyone calls her 'Ray or Rain' for short.)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
School Year/Position: Senior in High School (last year)
Appearance: (See Attachment below.) She looks just like that attachment, except her clothing usually consists in a short, light-gray/blue school-girl skirt, with a light white tank top with occasionally her light blue zip-up hooded jacket over the tank top if it gets to be chilly. Her shoes are white and rimmed in a light blue, and she always wears a silver chained necklace around her neck with a small, unknown rock of some sort on the end. (of course, that is her favorite outfit and not the same outfit for her everyday.)
Personality: She's rather fun to be with and very sensible. She's pretty bold if people tick her off, but when it comes to regular day things she is some-what mildly mannered. She loves to have fun however, and isn't very shy of MOST people although things can change. She's very loyal and is level headed, probably a good listener for some one to run to.
History: She transfered from America to Japan, because her parents changed jobs and found that their 'base' of their job was better suited in Tokyo. This was a drastic change for her, and she wasn't settling in very well in the place where her parents had bought a home (which was not in a very high-populated town with many people her age.) So thus, she decided to leave and heard of this dorm, and since she wanted to go to school in a school with people her age, she thought it was perfect. She quickly grabbed her belongings, and went to the dormitory. (It's called the "Wai House" bye the way.) She got along with everyone pretty well in the dorm, but when these 'guys' came in, the shriek that was heard was her crying out, "PERVERT" when t he guy accidentally walked in on her when she was about to take a shower. ^^;
Favorite Possesions: She loves her scrapbook with pictures from America, but most of all she likes her music and the silver necklace around her neck.
Talent: Her #1 Talent is Singing. She's always excelled at singing with a huge array of vocal abilities... although she's too shy to sing in front of many people (she's trying to overcome that, because she wants to be able to join the school's choir in her last year of school.) Many people don't know she sings so well, but a few who might 'accidentally' hear her when she thinks no one is around could find out...
#2 Talent: Academics: she's pretty smart... and she's working hard so she can get into any school of her choice.
Relations: Not that I know of yet... I'll accept some however! ^^

Raine - F - Senior Student(17)

I screamed... as I charged out of the bathroom, and saw the guy run down the long hall of the Wai House. I had been in the showering room, after a long hot soak in the Hot Springs. I always sang in the shower... so I had sung away, becuase no one could hear me, when I turned off the showerhead and pulled the curtain away to get a towel. It was then my icy blue eyes widened and I froze for a second to see a guy's head looking through the door. It was then I screamed and quickly hopped out of the shower and grabbed the towel, wrapping it around my naked body and I kicked the door so it almost smashed his face as he pulled away from hearing me scream.
After securing the towel (which took less then a second) I opened the door and charged out.

I called, blushing madly as I ran down the hallway with my wet hair waving against my legs and dripping on the wooden floors.
"What?! Another one?!"
A voice rang out, as Mii-Mii appeared out of no where, with a rather amused look on her face. Her hair was wet too, for we all had gone in the Hot Springs... and I chose to take a shower afterwards.
"Yes! He went that way!" I shouted, as she grabbed a broom and smirked...
We had dealt with 'peeping toms' before in windows, but they didn't happen to have two in one month before... and this guy actually had the nerve to peek in the shower IN the house?!
" WHERE?! WHERE!?" Janice suddenly also joined, as she giggled slightly and then we went into the main living room. I blinked and gasped...
There were a group of guys!
The rest of us 'girls' appeared, some of us with 'cleaning weapons' in our hands as the guys gaped, and one of them was bright red.
I pointed, as the other guys were bewildered looking... and one guy seemed to snicker at the one who was red.
"What the- what are you doing in here?!"
Shaina asked, blinking slightly as the rest of us were wondering what the heck they were doing in our dormitory!
"Thi-this is a hotel, isn't it?"
One guy spoke, as I blinked and still feeling embarressed and rather enraged at being seen, I growled.
"A hotel?! This isn't a hotel... it's been a Girl's Dormitory for a year! Don't use the 'we thought it was a hotel excuse' like every other guy!"
Mii Mii nodded, " We hear that a lot."
" A GIRLS DORMITORY?!" One guy said, and I nodded.
"Yes, so GET OUT!"
"B-but..." one guy began...

Half an Hour Later

We were all sitting upon one of the large sitting pillows in the living room, as these boys sat on the floor with various bags they had brought along. We all had listened to their long winded story about hearing this was Maiku's grandmother's hotel, and that they had no idea it had turned into a dormitory. It WAS a good story... but I still was rather irked.
"Aww... we... we can't let them out on the street now, can we?"
Shaina asked, as Janice shrugged.
" Why can't we let them stay here a while?"

After a long winded debate... the conclusion came. If these guys really needed a place to stay, they could- as long as they paid the rent (which we said it was a bit higher then it actually was... *snicker snicker*) They also had to help with the chores we did, which included cooking..
"We aren't maides!" Mii-Mii had added.
So we split the Wai House in halves, guys on one side... and girls on the other....

And thus the 'new day' of the Wai House began..

(That happened at night, and sorta puts things together... you're posts can include what happened that night, before the guys came into the Wai house or during, and then continue into the next morning.)

Next Morning

I had woken up... last night I hadn't slept that well, the image of that guy's face still in my mind. Actually, now that I thought of it... we really never even knew their names. I had to find out...
"no matter... what they say... he still... was a peeker!"
I mumbled, throwing the blanket over my head, not wanting to get up. But soon the alarm went off again... and I knew it was inevitable. I slowly got up, yawning... and getting my mirror I sighed. Even though I didn't want to admit it, I didn't want those guys seeing me like usual..
So I quickly brushed my long hair so it was straight, and changed into a pair of jean shorts and a white tank top. It was rather warm out, and school didn't start until tomorrow.
Yawning again, I slipped on a pair of blue slippers and trudged downstairs to the kitchen, where I saw a few others had already began. A few guys were even there... and I forced a smile, as I saw some thing was cooking.
And it was burning.
"EEEEHHK! Watch it! You're BURNING it!"
I suddenly squealed, as one of the guys whirled around and realized the mistake he made by not paying attention...

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14th September 2003, 06:57 PM
Valius (Whose Sign-Up will appear later)
"EEEEHHK! Watch it! You're BURNING it!"
I was busy setting up the table alongside a few girls; some went into the kitchen to put out what might be a fire. I would turn my head now and then to pick up the few strange looks from the other dorm members. Obviously, they haven't quite gotten over yesterday's incident. I would want to talk with whoever disturbed that one girl. It was somewhat unnerving for me. I mean, here I was to get away from my stressful parents, and now I've been thrown into a potentially more stressful situation. The only positive side, I reasoned, is that I might find a potential relationship. No one knew me here, and that's all the head start I needed.

I began placing down some plates to unload a bit. Then, I realized, that I did not know exactly how to set the table. I mean, unlike some of the people here, I wasn't accustomed to the Japanese form of ettiquete(Sp?), which was probably required for this dormitory. I knew it was only breakfast, but it would be a good idea to create a better impression than the one from last night.

"Um, can someone else set the table?" I called out, "I'll just put down the plates," I deftly pulled down my sleeve to look at an almost uncomprehensible smudge that was supposed to be the rent, which I conveniently scribbled on my arm for the following purposes, "and will someone remind me about what the rent is?"

It was a trick of mine, to see if the numbers were consistent. I don't like being cheated, and if I'm suspicious I like to find out as soon as possible. Not every girl would be in on the lie that was set up, and THAT is what I was hoping for.

Tyler and Hobbes
14th September 2003, 07:27 PM
Name:Sotashi "Shade" Urameshi
School Year/Position: 1st year Ronin
Appearance:He has long, thick, messy, black hair, with blue streaks. He has emerald green eyes, that shine whenever you look at them. He looks so innocent and gullible. His tan skin is exactly the right color. He wears a backwards baseball cap, with a fireball on it. He wears a long sleeved, dark blue shirt, with goldenrod streaks on the sleeves. He has blue jeans, that are slightly ripped near the ankles. He wears soap shoes, most of the time. He also has a gold necklace with an onix ston in the middle.
Personality: He's a loner, he tries to make friends, but he just can't! No matter what he's always the one left behind, always the one left in the dust. He's slightly perverted, but, he means well. In the words of Keitero, "Hey, I'm a healthy young man!" He flirts alot, which goes with his pervertedness, but he's really good at heart. He's a prankster, and loves to make people laugh. He's never mean, and will help anyone in need, even though most of the time people take advantage of this.
History: Shade had a good childhood, his father was rich, his mother was rich, and he had a big bright future. In a big, cosy, office, in a big, cozy, building. He had a future wife, though he didn't really love her, it was arranged. Both families were rich, so it seemed only natural Shade would marry her. But Shade didn't want to work in the family business of laywers. He didn't WANT to date someone he didn't love. And so, he and his parents got in an argument, along with his "girlfriend" They said he would never amount to anything and was throwing away his life. Shade huffed out, vowing never to come home. So far he hasn't, that was five years ago. He lived with his uncle, both of them estranged from the family, until recently, when his uncle earned his way back in. He said he only wanted to help Shade and that he, Shade, was a pain in the arse. And, that's how Shade comes to the big hotel thingy.
Favorite Possesions: He really likes his scetchbook. And his video camera, kind of an artist actually.
Talent: His best thing is...well..no that's not it...maybe....actually he doesn't have anything (if okay with you, Bulbie ^^
Relations: none

Sotashi-M-1st year Ronin
This was a great! I mean how lucky can a guy get? But with every good thing that happens in my life, several more bad things come along. I let out a sigh, I wouldn't get a girlfriend here, or a friend, it would just be a place, I would be settling, but not making any friends. I hate my life. I would stay out of everyone's way, watch them go and have fun, and I would always stay here, smiling saying stuff like, "Oh, you go on ahead." and "I'm fealing a bit sick." Not like they would care anyway. I got sick just thinking about it. All my life I've wondered if I would ever make any friends or get a REAL girlfriend. Now, as I stand, eighteen, without a life, I know, I WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I remembered the girls sitting at the table, I was just staring. "You idiot." I whispered to myself. I decided to pack my bags and leave, I don't know, maybe become a hermit. Oh yeah, while I was rambling, I forgot to tell you, I'M STUPID TOO! As I banged my hands against the bar (he's on this balcony type thingy O.o) I suddenly lost my balance and fell off. Getting stuck in this tree thing. "I AM SUCK A FRIGGIN IDIOT!" I shouted madly. My second day and already I hated myself, which was nothing new you see.

14th September 2003, 07:49 PM
Name: Cong Kashi
Age: 14
Gender: Male
School: Second to Last year of High school (Junior)
Appearance: A steady, refined boy with Green hair, Glasses, and skinny body structure. He is only 4 feet tall and still has a childish feature about him. Despite this, he looks exactly like a miniature version of a cliched scientist, collarneck button shirt, lab coat, and everything.
Personality: Very factual based, but still retains a childish image and innocence. Despite his vast knowledge he is unaware of sexual insinuations and therefore does not understand the conflict between the boys and the girls. Perhaps the fact that he has not entered puberty explains this reason. For the prodigy that he is, he frequently makes calculation errors and this is part of the result that he is forced to live in Japan. He is an alchemist, yet most of his experiments go up in flames. Literally.
History: Despite his prodigal appearance, he is a frequent blunderer and makes calculation errors rather than misunderstanding the question. For this reason, he was exiled from his parents in China and sent to Japan to learn to live independently partly to see if Cong can learn from his mistakes and partly, they hope, that he will mature both physically and mentally. He is put into the Junior year of high school; however, due to his errors, his test scores are not all that great.
Favorite Possessions: He has a personalized computer built into the eyeglasses he wears, which SHOULD have made his calculations more accurate. (perhaps he thinks too fast and as a result makes inaccurate calculations) He has a whole chemistry lab for his room (don't ask how) and also has a small hyperactive finch as his pet. (Pets are very important in these types of genre!)
Talent #1: Makes Chemical compounds. If he does it right, he can make a cure to anything. That usually doesn't help though. However, explosives can be used for other purposes...
Talent #2: Exceptional Fact-based data. Though calculations may be erroneous, he certainly can get anyone's facts straight with the database mind of his.
Relations: Everyone thinks of him as too small and childish to really take him seriously. Pity.
Other: Male counterpart to Shinobu.

Methinks I am the closest person to a cook right now.
"EEEEEEk! Watch it! You're BURNING it!!"
I turned around while beating some egg yolk to look at one of the older girls looking at me. (Then again, they're all older than me)

It was quite strange how the first couple of days in Tokyo was. First, it took me hours just to figure out the shortest route out of the airport, which after many calculation blunders and I found out was just the door in front of me that said "Exit". Second, it took me the rest of the afternoon to find the hotel after I exited the subway, which after making a whole round trip tour of Tokyo I found out was located right next to the subway station I had exited in. And thirdly, these Japanese women seem particularly unusual in their aggressiveness and sparsely-clothed apparrel when I arrived. At least now they seem to have calmed down and put on more clothes.
All the men and me got up early in the morning since many of us have chores we must do in order to occupy the house. The question of who can cook aroused, and I told them I had some skills in understanding the culinary arts since I was a chemist... and they immediately nominated me as the cook. So now, with Pecca, my finch, whirling around my head as he always does, I was trying to create something from what little I knew from father, who usually cooked dinner for me and my family at home. I wanted something simple, such as fried rice, since I didn't want to create a big mess out of the situation... however, I realized that they either had no rice or was completely out of it, so I substituted the rice with whatever form of grains and breads they had. Naturally, from the oxidation of the carbohydrates, the bread pieces created a burnt-toast sort of smell and some of the pieces had already blackened to carbon.
"Well," I told the yelling and scary lady while pouring in the yolk, "I wanted to make some fried rice but I didn't find any rice, so I figured since bread and rice are both forms of grain I figured the bread you had would make a fine substitute for the rice." I added in some water to make sure the bread wouldn't dehydrate.
"They... They don't?"
Tears began swelling up in my eyes.
"Hey," I heard another girl say before I started to cry, "This doesn't taste so bad. Kinda like burnt toast and scrambled eggs, actually."

14th September 2003, 08:08 PM
lol... you all are making RAine seem like some big meany... lol, but the girls know she really isn't. *wink wink*

Rainea Chas'limono - F - Senior Student(17)

I blinked... as one guy asked what the rent was, and the other was ready to cry, and then a loud noise came from up stairs.
My head began to hurt... as I quickly looked to the one guy and shrugged,
"The rent is posted right there." I pointed to the white piece of paper on the bulliten board, as he nodded and went to investigate it... and then his face shifted into a look of accusation.
"Hey! This rent is less expensive then what you girls told us last night!"
With that, Mii-Mii, who was already downstairs, began to laugh.
" You figured that out! Awww... and here I wanted to use the extra money to buy some new things!"
I smiled, as the guy shook his head.. " You mean you lied..."
Mii Mii shook her head, "We didn't lie, we fibbed. Besides, we weren't actually gonna make you guys pay that much. Do you honestly think a dorm's rent was as much as we told you last night?"
I nodded as I aided the others in putting out the slight fire which was burning in the kitchen.
" We are not that mean." I winked, as I saw the guy who looked like he was about to cry... I frowned slightly, feeling sort of bad for yelling like that....

"I-uh, I'm sorry." I managed to say quietly, as I bowed slightly as my long ribbon-like hair flowed over my shoulders.
" I didn't mean to upset you.. I guess... i'm still a little overheated last night about .. the shock."
I sighed, feeling horrible now... all the other guys must think I was a jerk for how I overreacted.
Frowning, I opened a cubboard and took out a glass and began to fill it up with water...
" I guess I'm just not used to suddenly seeing a guy peeking in the shower room, while I'm naked."
I said it quietly... still remembering it. I was very shy about anything like that to begin with... especially if it was ... well, with out my consent of some one actually seeing me like that. Withdrawing a breath, I sat down at the table..
" By the way, I don't even know your names.... My name is Rainea Chas'limono, but everyone calls me Raine."

14th September 2003, 08:57 PM
Name: Tsuuriki Haran

Gender: Male

Age: 18

School Year/Position: Senior in Highschool

Appearance: 6' 1" of medium build. He has a very expressive face, that can easily show his emotion if he so chooses, or remain eerily blank. He has red hair that goes down to his shoulders, tied in the back with several streaks of white coming down from his bangs. His eye color is grey, a color that almost shifts to clear white on a sunny day, and black on cloudy days. His clothes are comprised of an old torn black shirt, with white bandage wrappings visible underneath when he moves. He also has a pair of loose blue pants, wrapped on the ankles with more bandages, right above a pair of suspiscously expensive looking pair of black shoes.

Personality: Very carefree, he tends to act immature out of effort rather than nature. He likes to create friction among others just to get a rise out of them, and is very keen to the idea of a fight. He usually is the first to let something go, but when something hits him in the right way he becomes irrationally furious. Prone to not finishing what he has started, he has become somewhat distant from those around himself.

History: Born into a wealthy elitist family in Japan, his parents indulged young Tsuuriki for the first 13 years of his life. Whatever caught his fancy, he was allowed to pursue it until he got bored. Anything from painting to kendo, to racing his parents allowed, and encouraged. As a result, he became a dabbler, and would not have even gotten into high school if his grandfather did not live with his family. Under his grandfather, he gained some sense of responsibility training in several forms of martial arts, and getting constant tutoring for his dismal grades, which mostly came from the result that he never handed in any homework. Then, his parents died, and his grandfather came into possession of the family fortune. He attempted to be a good parent for Tsuuriki, but could not cure the sadness that lingered in the boy. For years, the boy barely cracked a smile, and became a serious little thing. Only through the efforts of his grandfather through his final years, was he able to teach Tsuuriki to loosen up somewhat, even if he had to force it. Then, on the day of his 18th birthday, his grandfather died, and he inherited his family's considerable fortune. Desperate to get out of his house, he has moved from his home in Hokkaido, to try to decide what he will do with himself...

Favorite Possesions: His father's family ring, and his grandfather's katana are his most prized possessions. What he holds of his mother is a picture that he keeps in his pocket at all times.

Talent: #1. Is martial arts. Throughout the years he has completed karate, kendo, and dabbled in several other forms in his haphazard manner. He is perfectly capable of defending himself, and is remarkably fit because of it.
#2. Is his extensive knowledge of the buisness world, and who to get into contact with. Because of his family's buisnesses, he knows many important people. If you need something fixed, or need to get into a place that doesn't allow minors, Tsuuriki knows who to call.

Relations: None.

Other: He is currently trying to switch to the new high school in the area, but the headmaster is avoiding him...

Tsuuriki- M- Senior

I planted a big smile on my face as the girl, introduced herself. In all reality I had not really gotten up yet, it being part of the damned hours before the holy 12:00. Already my body was running on autopilot, a fact that got me in trouble more often than not. Still, it was nice to see somebody extend an olive branch.

"That's a very nice name Ra-ki-na. I'm glad to see some nice manners at this new home of mine." I chuckled slightly in my head, as my inner editor moaned for some reason. I arched an eyebrow, as I tried to figure out why some of people began to giggle. The girl's eyes narrowed.

"My name is Rainea..."

"Is that so?" I said, my face turning blank for a second, the meaning of this kicking in a few seconds later. My face immiediatly turned red, to match that of my hair for a second.

"Well, my name is Haran Tsuuriki, but all of you can call me Tsuuriki-san or chan. No sama, or I'll have to challenge you to a duel." Sniffing the air for a moment, I smelled the burnt toast. The smell served to waken me up more, and made me consider whether I had told the others I had taken cooking classes before...

Standing up, I bowed briefly to the rest of them, adjusting my black shirt slightly so my bandages wouldn't rub underneath. Reaching into a pocket, I withdrew my wallet, and lay down several notes on the table equaling half a million yen. I hadn't checked the actual rent, but that should be enough for this week.

"There's my rent money... If there is not enough, I can always provide more. Now if you will all excuse me, I think I forgot to mention to our friend in the kitchen that I have a few years of French cuisine lessons under my belt." Bowing once more, I hurried to the kitchen to salvage breakfast...

14th September 2003, 09:05 PM
Valius Black
As Tsuuriki left, I began to take my stand.

"Well, if you are going to extend the olive branch," I said, "Then I am Valius Black: Part-time Actor, Part-time Copycat, Full-time Pain-in-the-***." I finished with a bow, "and in my defense, I've never been to a dorm or hotel so I would have no idea how high the rent would be. Out of necessity, can I be the chore slave if I'm not able to pay the rent. I desperately need to find a job."

"Then why did you come to our 'hotel' in the first place?" our gracious host asked, no sarcasm intended. I made a slight face, not wanting to be too open.

"Eh, let's just say...I'm having problems at home, and then I ran into Maiku, who told me of this 'hotel,' and I thought it was a hotel, so I figured I'd come along. Obviously, several of us guys thought it was a hotel, which lead to the incident last night with you and that guy, whoever he is. Not to rub it in, but:" I probably never should have done this, but I thought it was too funny to resist.

I grabbed a nearby towel, managed to pull my hair (no easy effort, I'll reveal later) below my face, cleared my throat, took a deep breath, and shrieked the very word we could all hear Rainea shriek that very night. The look on her face was all that it took to end my little impersonation and break out in a fit of laughs and cause my hair to pop back into its uncontrolled place. Everyone else was just as surprised, and horrified.

"Well, that wasn't exactly my best work to date, but I think that was pretty good," with a final howl of laughter, I dashed out of the kitchen, knowing I would probably be murdered at the end of this.

14th September 2003, 10:42 PM
Name; Arisu [Pronounced 'Ah-re-su'] Lee
Age; 18
School Year/Position; Senior in High School
Appearance; Tall, dark-haired, and well-endowed, Arisu seems to be a model from a magazine. She stands about 5'8", with bright green eyes and waist length black hair. Her bangs go down to about halfway down her back, and are held at the sides of her head with plain dark blue or silver hair clips. Her skin has a hint of a tan all over. She usually wears boys clothing, as she likes wearing loose clothes. Her usual attire is a pair of baggy dark blue pants with lots of pockets, and a tight light blue shirt. In the summertime she wears jean shortshorts, and in the winter, she wears a blue windbreaker with fuzzy lining to keep her warm.
Personality: Arisu likes to keep herself aloof from strangers. She doesn't speak much to them and she sometimes becomes irritable if they keep on trying to talk to her when it's obvious she doesn't want to talk to them, and she always seems to be frowning around them. With her friends, however, it's a completely different story. She smiles more often around them, laugh openly and can jabber on for hours. And then there are the times when she becomes open to everyone - friends, family, and strangers. Once on a bus, she suddenly spoke "I need to shave my legs." in front of everyone. Arisu got off quickly on the next stop. Sometimes she says random things, as you can see. She can be talking about the weather and suddenly say things like 'I'm on my period.' Arisu is pretty easy to get along with once you know her, if you put up with her violent phases. She easily gets angered, but keeps it in, so that she sometimes blows up for no reason at all.
History; Arisu was born from a pair of a young recently immigrated Chinese couple in California. They wanted to name their newly-born daughter 'Alice', but they couldn't pronounce the name correctly, and thus their newborn daughter was named 'Arisu'. Arisu and her mother came home to their tiny house in the ghetto, where Arisu's father went to college in hopes of getting a computer technology job. Shortly after that, the father purchased a lotto ticket... and won the several million dollar jackpot. Her father also managed to graduate from college with full honors when she was three, and then he managed to land a job at a famous computer company. He quickly jumped the promotion ladder, gaining a promotion nearly every year. Soon he was the CEO of the company. Arisu therefore, has lived in luxury all her life. Her parents dote on her, calling her their 'Good-luck baby'. She was raised in America nearly all her life, until she decided to attend a Japanese high school when she turned seventeen. She flew to Japan in June, and quickly mastered the language. She fluent Japanese, but she has a slight accent. Arisu loves video games and anime. But her favorite game of all time is Dance Dance Revolution.
Favorite Possesions; Her Dance Dance Revolution pad.
Talent; 1] Dancing; Arisu loves dancing. She's taken ballet, tango, mambo, breakdancing, you name it, she knows all the moves. Being not able to dance is like not being able to breathe for her. She's also the DDR champion of California, and can pull off backflips and the like on the pad.
2] Swordart; Recently, Arisu has been taking various swordfighting classes, which she shows to also be a natural at. She owns various swords in her rooms, like real sharp metal ones or a wooden practice stick. Enemies beware, Arisu is here!
Relations; Really good friends with Rainea.
Other; Arisu bought her dog, BonBon (http://www.webphotos.com/view_photo.asp?mi=3&smi=1&a=112976&p=2500810), with her, whom she loves. BonBon, however, is the devil in disguise. She'll chase anything, no matter how big it is, and try to rip it apart, whether it be human, or german shepherd. And BonBon is always the winner, for some reason. BonBon also snuggles with Arisu at night.

Arisu Lee/F/18/High School Senior
Arisu sleepily stumbled downstairs, yawning widely, still in her nightclothes and holding BonBon with one arm. And Arisu's 'nightclothes' were basicly a grey tight tube top with spaghetti straps that showed her cleavege and a pair of really short shortshorts - when she bent over, you could see her panties. "'Morning all," she mumbled as she shuffled through the kitchen, not realizing that she was walking through a room full of boys in her skanky nightclothes. She gently deposited BonBon on the floor who decided to yap at the nearest male nearest to her. "Hi Rai," she yawned, waving at the other girl while opening the refrigirator and bent down to pick up a apple in one of the bottom bins, unknowingly showing off her panties. "You know, I had a really weird dream last night," she continued, munching on a apple. "A bunch of boys came in yesterday when we were in the hot springs and..." Arisu trailed off, noticing the men for the first time. She looked down at the outfit she was wearing and stared wide-eyed at the boys. She dropped her apple, clutched herself, and screamed.

14th September 2003, 11:04 PM
The girl who had just come down began throwing a fit and smacked the nearest guy next to her down the hallway before running back up the stairs to get herself changed. Meanwhile, the dog she had with her was growling at me ferociously until suddenly Pecca went flying accross the room and the dog went chasing after her, destroying nearly everything in her path.
It probably wasn't the best time, but I thought I should have introduced myself at that time.
"Hi um I'm... Cong Kashi..."
Suddenly a humongous explosion was heard from the kitchen along with a man's cry, "YAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH" *splash*
The rest of the group went to go check what was going on. Upon entering the kitchen, I instantly recognized the smell. The kitchen was in complete ruins; three sides of the wall was completely demolished with only the wall between the dining room and the kitchen still remaining in pieces, while everything else in there was black.
"What the--" Someone began.
"Wine," I replied. "The man... Tsuuriki must have been using wine while creating our breakfast. Apparently he must have knocked over a bottle onto the stove and... well..."
"Wow, you must really know about cooking," someone misinterpreted.
"Actually, I just retain sufficient knowledge in chemistry. Burning Alchohol is just not a good idea."
"Should we go save him?" Another girl asked.
"Nah," the one named Rainea snickered.
Suddenly, Pecca came in and landed on my head. She began chirping loudly.
"This is my pet finch, Pecca. She's a bit hyperactive and paranoid, so please be nice to her." At that point I heard barking. Taking a bowl of fried croutons with scrambled eggs, I rushed out through one of the broken down walls and told them, "I... have some unpacking I need to do... please excuse me... and if anyone would be kind enough to SAVE ME FROM THAT DOG?!?" As I ran back to my room.

14th September 2003, 11:54 PM
Name: Konnetsu Maiku (retaining Japanese-ism)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
School Year/Position: trying to get into college (but failing miserably twice) (would that be 2nd year Ronin or something? *confused*)
Appearance: fairly tall, just over 6', with a slightly muscular build, short, dark brown hair, and green eyes; his "outfit" of choice usually consists of slightly baggy, faded blue jeans, either a T-shirt or a polo shirt underneath a sweatshirt, and slightly bulky white sneakers with a dark blue trim. He has thin rectangular glasses with a thin red frame, which he hates yet has to wear in order to see anything in focus.
Personality: He's the kind of guy who constantly tries for the best, but always seems to mess up horribly. He'd never do anything to intentionally hurt, embarrass, etc. anyone, although that's all he ever seems to be able to do. In other words, his heart is in the right place, but he can't act on it perfectly.
History: After failing to get into Tokyo U. twice, he couldn't face the shame of going back home, so he wandered to where he thought his grandmother's hotel was. After the scream of "PERVERT!" and Hikaru running from an angry Rainea, he realized that something wasn't right at this "hotel"...
Favorite Possesions: His notepad and his recorder, pretty much.
Talent: (Does making a fool of himself count? No?)
#1: He's a very good artist, very skilled with a pencil, good at drawing people
#2: He's surprisingly a good musician...just he never lets anyone else hear him. He has a small wooden recorder that he keeps hidden in his bag-o-stuff.
Relations: meh...
Other: fleh...


I woke up suddenly to the screams of, "EEEEHHK! Watch it! You're BURNING it!"

With a slight groan, I sat up. I looked around for the glowing clock numbers, but then I remembered the panic of last night, and how I had been to tired to really set up my things...

Flunked. Again. How the Hell was I going to get into Tokyo U. at this rate? What would my parents say?

Then I remembered something...Grandma had a hotel nearby the University. I didn't have to go home. Grandma was nice...she'd let me stay at the hotel for a while; she'd let me do it before.

The interesting part is that somehow, over the course of getting from the Tokyo U. campus to the hotel area, I had picked up 5 or 6 travelling buddies, all looking for a place to stay. Seems all I had had to say was that I was going to a hotel and immediately they want to follow...heh, pretty funny, really.

I knocked on the front door. "Hello? Grandma?" After waiting a couple minutes, I realized that I still had the key to the door. Unlocking it, I let myself in, then allowed the other guys in as well. I looked around at the living room, but it didn't seem to be the same as it had been the last time I was here. Then again, I hadn't been here for years...

"Wait here, I'll go find her..." I said to the other guys. I started towards where I thought her bedroom was. After a couple minutes of looking around for Grandma, I heard a loud scream. But it wasn't a guy's scream, or even Grandma's scream...

"PERVERT!!" a girl screamed. Panicking, I ran back to the main living room. There I saw most of the other guys looking at one who was particularly red in the face. "What happened?" I asked, but I didn't get an answer...

"THAT'S HIM!" the same girl's voice screamed. I spun around to a very shocking sight. Three girls were standing at the opposite side of the living room, each grasping some kind of cleaning tool held out like a weapon, and the front one wearing nothing but a towel.

One of the girls in the back spoke. "What the- what are you doing in here?!" she asked, looking around at the group of us.

"Thi-this is a hotel, isn't it?" I asked, not sure myself anymore.

The toweled girl growled slightly, "A hotel?! This isn't a hotel... it's been a girls Dormitory for a year! Don't use the 'we thought it was a hotel excuse' like every other guy!" The other girl behind her added, "We hear that a lot."

"A GIRLS DORMITORY?!" the guy right behind me practically screamed. 'Towel-girl' responded by nodding and saying, "Yes, so GET OUT!"

"B-but..." I started...
--End Flashback--

I finished setting up my room by putting my small alarm clock next to my pillow. I looked around; it wasn't home, but it would do. By now, a lot more screaming had gone on, but it seemed to have settled down. Adjusting my glasses slightly, I started downstairs.

Suddenly, I was thrown to the ground as a giant explosion came from the kitchen area. <Nande kuso...?> I muttered, getting up, grabbing my glasses (which had fallen off of my face), and rushing to the kitchen. Except it wasn't much of a kitchen anymore.

"What happened?" I asked as I watched the others clean up the mess.

'Towel-girl' spoke first, although she was wearing jean shorts and a white tank top today. "The guy who was cooking last, Tsuuriki or something, must have spilled wine into the fire, according to 'Mr. Science' Cong, who just went upstairs." She sighed slightly, then asked, "You're Maiku, right? I'm Rainea."

"Yeah, I'm Maiku," I confirmed. "Uh, anything I can do to help?"
Eh, just a first-post shot...

15th September 2003, 01:45 AM
Name: Johnny Gearfried
Gender: Male
Age: 18
School Year/Position: 2nd year Ronin
Appearance: He’s a pretty tall guy. He has brown eyes and green, spiky hair. He’s a bit on the skinny side and has a slightly pale complexion. He wears a white shirt, a purple coat, black jeans and black shoes. He also wears two gold chains around his neck.
Personality: He’s a bit of a wacko. He comes up with the most unorthodox ideas. He’s got one hell of a sense of humour and loves playing pranks on people. Despite his wacky personality, he’s actually pretty smart and very creative. He’s a nice guy, but prefers to wage war against the girls instead of befriending them. He’s a big fan of comedy movies.
History: His father was a mechanic, which allowed Johnny to have access to a whole variety of machines. He’s was always inventing practically useless stuff, but as he grew up, his inventing skills grew with him. He hardly got an education because he kept getting kicked out of school for blowing stuff up (by accident). He learnt most of the stuff he needed from his dad.
Favourite Possessions: a picture of his dad and his first invention, an automatic extendo-glove.
Talent: Talent #1: He’s skilled at inventing practical, yet useless stuff (Like a refrigerator that keeps stuff hot). Anything he invents either breaks down or blows up.
Talent #2: He’s an excellent comedian. He can make up the best jokes on the spot instantly; all he needs is some inspiration.
Relations: none...yet

I'l do his intro later.

Tyler and Hobbes
15th September 2003, 06:24 AM
Sotashi~M~1st year Ronin
Stuck in a tree....."GREAT!" I shouted. But, that was my mistake. THE BRANCH SHOOK! I landed with a thud on the ground. I slowly got up, vowing that if I ever had the chance, I would die slowly. My hair was rattled, my clothes messed up, I'm sure I could pass off as a poor guy pretty well. (In reality, Shade looks handsome XD) I walked to the kitchen. "Oh, let me help!" I said, a smile creeping on my face.
1~hour later
Okay, it's offical, this is the worst day of my life. If ever there was a man like me, he would have been either killed, or murdered. "Sorry." I muttered, before going upstairs. "Now which one was mine?" I whispered, looking at the doors. I walked up to one, I hope this is it...a girl was standing there...a very hot girl. She looked as if she just came over a shock. She was laying on her bed. Suddenly she awoke, "PERVERRRRRRRRRRRT!"
Arisu, meet Shade!

15th September 2003, 06:47 AM
What the duece?!

Tsuuriki- M- 18


Quickly throwing off some burning debris off my now scarred shirt, I angrily got to my feet. The kitchen was in ruins, my face was covered in black soot, and my clothes were scorched. Adding insult to injury my bottle of '65 chardine was gone! All because of...

Quickly pushing by a person in my way, I checked the now demolished stove, then screamed loudly. That idiot!

"Anything wrong?" said one of the guys with brown hair.

"That fool almost killed me!" I shouted back, clenching my fists tightly.

"Weren't you the one to cause that with the alcohol?" he responded.

"Wine does not have that high alcohol content to do that! That man..." I started, seething in anger, "Put on the gas, yet didn't light the stove! When I lit it, Poof!" Smashing my hands together, my eyes seemed to burn in anger for a moment, then the light went out. Sighing, I gestured to the side of the kitchen that had withstood the most damage.

"I managed to get some pancakes and eggs done over there. You are all welcome to enjoy it. If you all will excuse me, I need to take a bath and get some new clothes on..." I bowed, and started to make my way to the baths. Turning around at the last second, I smiled to the others cheerfully.

"Oh, and would one of you tell that Cong fellow that I expect to see him at 12:00 sharp outside of the house? I plan on fighting him in a little duel because of this. Thanks." Whistling as I patted out a tiny flame on my pants, I continued on my way, my spirit higher than it had been in weeks from the prospect of a small match...

Elemental Seribii
15th September 2003, 05:12 PM
Name: Mizu Trainta (She's usually called Bisou, Mii-Mii or Zu.)
Gender: F
Age: 16
School Year/Position: High School student (Junior)
Appearance: She has dark blue hair that sometimes looks black, and rests at the middle of her back. It's usually in a ponytail, or tied back somehow. Her eyes are dark blue, and she reaches 5'6''. She's slightly pale, and quite skinny. She usually has some lipgloss on, and her nails are painted with just glitter.
She's usually in dark blue flared at the bottom jeans, and a black and crimson shirt, with chunky blag clogs. For school, she either wears a dark blue skirt and a white and dark blue sailor shirt, or the boys' uniform (Utena, anyone?), which is just dark blue trousers and a white sailor shirt, but no tie. The teachers have kind of given up on her with that. She usually wears a lot of bracelets, anklets and rings.
Personality: She's really just a girl who had too many ideas, and then went slightly (yeah, right) crazy. She can pop up out of no where, but whenever you want her around, she's disappeared. She's fun to be with, but when it rains, it pours. She's usually quite talkative, but when she's sad or angry, she usually just stops talking, and the entire Boarding House seems to quieten down. She's quite smart, but doesn't like spending her time on academics. She makes friends quite easily, but doesn't mind teasing them or jokingly pointing out flaws, even if she sometimes forgets to be serious.
History: Her parents are Japanese, but she only moved back a few years ago, when she was thirteen, they were previously always moving around because of her Dad's job. She had to learn how to make friends quickly, only to loose them again. She started acting more down and sad when she moved around after the age of nine, when it was harder for her to fit in. They're off traveling again, while she stays at the Boarding House. While she can basically speak fluent Japanese, she sometimes gets things mixed up. She hopes to stay in Japan for her college years too.
She runs up to Hikaru at the very beginning, welcomes him with a riddle, and then runs off again, only leaving him more confused.
Favorite Possesions: She has almost her entire plushie collection, and her camera that takes black and white pictures. She also has a big photo album with pictures from almost her entire life.
Talents: She especially loves making plushies, and they usually are really good, and very cute. She's also very good at giving advice, but prefers to make it sound all riddle-like and confusing, or like a random fact. It makes sense...eventually.
Relations: None yet.
Other: She brought her black cat (he still looks like he's a kitten, though), called Kotaro. He likes to eat, sleep, and go crazy on catnip.

Mizu Trainta - F, 16 (Junior)
(The previous night)

"Hey, look, this place has hot springs! And-"
"Oh. My. God. I don't believe they had the guts to come in here!"
"Perverts! Get. Out. NOW!"

I rolled my eyes, and shooed the boys away, out into the main living room, thankful I was still in my bathing suit.

Wonder if Rain-chan knew...

I walked up stairs, to meet one of the boys, who was bright red. One side of his cheek was beetroot, and he just stared at me.

"Ah. I see you have met the Queen Bee, Badger."
"-Ahah. No questioning. Perhaps the hive will swarm. Or, will the stings be nothing compared to the honey?"
"...Yeah. Right."
"Hm. I'm Mizu. The rest of your *ahem*, friends are downstairs in the living room. I'll go check on Rain."

I pointed the broom in the right direction and he started off.

I could hear Rain yelling from the start of the hallway, as she ran towards me. I smirked, and soon was joined by the rest of the girls. Now. Interrogation.

(The morning)

I was woken by the meowing of Kotaro. I scratched his head, and wandered into the bathroom, taking a quick shower. I changed into a green shirt that rested on my shoulders, and beige pants. Yes, a bit covering, but I'm always cold.

I hummed to myself as I walked down the stairs, and entered the kitchen, stopping short. Kotaro hissed at the sight of the boys. I grinned, and walked into the kitchen, sniffing at the burning smell, and raised an eyebrow at the blackened room. I casually started to make tea.

"Morning, Zu!"
"Good morning, Mii-Mii."
"Sleep alright, Bisou?"

I nodded, lucky that having so many nicknames didn't bother me. Most of the girls had different nicknames for me that all meant me. Rain usually used Mii-Mii, for example, while Arisa might use Zu more often. The boys that had been listening just blinked, confused.

Me and Rain joked about the rent, as the boys introduced themselves. The ones that were here, anyway.

"Guys, this is Mizu. She's our resident advice-giver." Rain started. I turned around, and waved, while pouring the water.
"Oh, that kinda makes sense." Came the boy who I had ran into last night.
"Yeah. Well, she goes by quite a few nicknames around here. Mostly Zu, Mii-Mii or Bisou. Any one of them equals to her. Okay?"
"I get it."

"Aie, Rain, where's the cat food? Kotaro's gonna have a fit." I scratched inbetween his ears, before leaving the tea for a moment.
"Try the bottom left, Mii."

"Great, tea."
"No! It's-"
"Ahh. Ow. Need. Cold."
"Boiling hot."
Hope that's okay. ^-^;

Outlaw JT
15th September 2003, 05:34 PM
Name: Joshen Hikaru (Joshen is the family name, Hikaru the given)
Gender: male
Age: 18
School Year/Position: 1st year college, Tokyu U computer sciences department.
Appearance: 6'1", light brown hair with a broad blonde streak in his short spiky bangs, hazel eyes that change with his mood (they are predominantly brown but when he is anxious they turn light blue, happy they turn green, intense they turn dark blue,etc), thin build, small thin frame oval glasses, cute but in a nerdy sort of way.
Personality: when it is just his close friends with him he is open, energetic, talkative, confident. when other people are around he shuts down a little bit and becomes very reserved. outside of when he is alone or with close friends there is only one other place where he comes alive with confidence (playing Go). IN general he is a somehwat clumsy person.
History: When he was a small child he was very closed off and reserved at all times. He never talked to anyone about anything and his parents worried about him a great deal. Shortly after he turned 7 his grandfather died and left him an antique Go table. The first time he sat down at that table and held one of the stones in his fingers he came alive. It was like a light was switched on in his head. He took to the game of Go instantly and suddenly he was able to open up to those close to him. He still largely kept to himself at public but at least he could be himself around those he trusted now. As he grew older he did well in school but never excelled at any one thing. That is, except Go. He grew very quickly at that. He latched onto that game like nothing else. At first his parents encouraged it since it was what brought him out of his shell. When he reached high school though and he started talking about becoming a professional Go player his parents once again became worried about him. They took the antique Go table from him and placed it in storage. They forbid him from playing in any professional tournaments and said they would not give the table back till he graduated from college and was situated in a respectable job. Reluctantly he complied and finished out high school competing in only scholastic tournaments, where he met no real competition. he took the entrance exam at the same time as Maiku and passed when Maiku failed the first time. That is how he met Maiku and found out about the hotel. He applied and was accepted to Tokyu U's computer science department which his parents were very proud of. Fortunately for him the school was nearly 100 miles away from his family. While this meant he had no place to stay in the immediate future it meant he would be out from under his parents ever watchful gazes. Perhaps enough to enter a Go tournament or two to try and begin his professional career while his skills were still at their current peak. While they were searching the 'hotel' for the elusive grandmother he opened a door to a room he heard a beautiful singing voice emerge from. He knocked first but no one answered and the door was unlocked. He called out too but still recieved no response. Thinking it must be the caretaker's room he opened the door assuming they must be preoccupied with paperwork and was greeted by a very loud scream accusing him of being a pervert. All he saw before the door was slammed in his face was a towel and someones outstretched palm slapping his face.
Favorite Possesions: the antique Go table he inherited from his grandfather(which is currently in storage in Osaka) and the small trophy from the first Go tournament he ever entered (whenever he is depressed or can't think he holds it to draw strength from).
Talent: His foremost talent is for the strategy game Go. He is an exceptional player. His secondary talent is for numbers and history. He is very good at math which is why he was pushed towards software design. He also seems to have extensive knowledge of the Edo period of Japan. So much that it would almost seem he lived through it himself.
Relations: Although from the first moment they met he was at odds with Rainea it became clear to his friends that he was quite taken by her even though the two seem to constantly be at each others throats because of their awkward first meeting.
Other: On a mysterious side note, Hikaru can sometimes seem distracted by seemingly empty space. On occasion he can also be caught talking to himself when he thinks no one is watching. It isn't often someone might see this because he is very cautious about it but nonetheless different people may observe it from time to time.

Joshen Hikaru

As they all looked up at the great hotel he let out a low yawn. It had been a very long day and he was looking forward to a night's rest. The others filed into the lobby of the hotel behind Maiku and he followed suit.
After taking a moment to observe the decour Maiku went off in search of his grandmother. Once he was gone one of the other guys suggested they should split up and search as well to speed things up. Hikaru didn't remember the name of the guy but he was one of the older boys. A martial artist if he recalled correctly. Introductions had been so brief.
"I guess I'll go this way then," Hikaru responded with another yawn.
He seperated with all the rest and took his hallway in search of Maiku's grandmother or the caretaker. In about ten minutes he'd be wishing he hadn't listened to that other boy.
He walked down the hall knocking on and checking each door as he passed it. He didn't get any responses and most of the doors were locked or empty.
After about ten minutes of aimless wandering through the first floor he came upon his first sign of life. Behind a very plain looking door he could hear someone singing. It was a very beautiful voice. He hated to disturb such slendind singing but it was getting ever later and his eyes felt heavier than ever already.
So, he knocked on the door politely. The voice inside didn't seem to hear it so he knocked again a bit louder. Still no response so he cleared his throat to call into the room.
"Hello? Is this the caretakers room?" he asked politely through the door.
He waited a moment but the wonderful singing continued and no one answered. Losing a little patience with his weariness he put his hand on the door knob and turned it just a bit. Amazingly the door was unlocked. After so many locked doors it had been a surprise. Wirh another yawn and little hesitation he casually pushed the door open.
"Excuse me but........" he popped his head into the room but was stopped midsentence.
In a heartbeat the heavenly singing ceased and was replaced by a horrid shreek directed at him.
"PERVERT!!!!!" someone screamed at him.
In a flash he managed to catch a glimpse of some long hair and a quickly fastened towel before the door was slammed shut, flattening his nose and knocking his glasses crooked. He immediately took off down the hall back towards the lobby. It was probably best he didn't hang around this particular spot very long.
He was the second one to get back to the lobby. It seemed everyone had heard that shout. Shortly after most of the guys made it back several girls filtered into the lobby as well. Including a very stunning towel clad girl with long hair and a near blood red angry expression.
"THAT's HIM!!" the towel clad girl pointed at accusingly.
"I-it wasn't locked.......You d-didn't answer," Hikaru answered back in defense, his face now red with embarassment.
Or was it anger. It wasn't entirely his fault afterall. Who leaves a shower room door unlocked while they are......indecent. And he had given her several chances to respond before he opened the door. How was it his fault she wasn't paying attention?
"A girl's dormitory?!" one of the other guys shouted, dragging him from his indignant thoughts.
"Yes, so get out!" the towel clad girl responded hastily.
"But, but........" Maiku started, at a complete loss for words.
"This is his grandmother's hotel. She told him he could stay here whenever he wanted," Hikaru said loudly, matching the tone of the towel clad girl. "You can't just throw him out."
The towel girl looked at him with fire in her eyes. He looked back at her still red with embarassment but with fire in his eyes as well. It wasn't right to blame him entirely for something she could have easily prevented by paying attention. It was just as much her fault.

OOC: I will post more later tonight to catch Hikaru up to the morning.

15th September 2003, 05:44 PM
Raine - F - Senior Student (17)

After whirling around the house, chasing that guy who mocked me - Valius I believed one of the boys said.
Coming back to the kitchen, Mii-Mii asked where the food for her adorable kitten was, and I quickly pointed it out to her, as I tried to help myself to some of her tea.

"Ahhhk!" I bite my tongue, as I quickly sat the cup down.
" It's... hot..." Mii-Mii said, and I nodded, my eyes watering.
"I felt that.."

This whole morning had been so eventful- it was crazy!
"Anything I can do to help..?" Maiku had asked, and I had shrugged at the comment as if not knowing, but now I laughed.
"Hey Maiku, you could rebuild the kitchen so it doesn't have a massive hole in the wall and isn't black."
Maiku sweatdropped...
I gazed through the cubboards, and sighed at the lack of food which was ever evident in the kitchen. If we were adding our numbers almost more than double, we would need more food.

"I'm thinking I'm gonna go upstairs and change, and then go shopping for some food, if any of you girls or guys want to help me, go ahead. I'll be back."

With that I ran upstairs, and walking down the hallways I heard a ruffled noise. Blinking and feeling rather curious, I gently walked towards it until I saw... Cong?
He was trying to get the doggy away from him, and I laughed slightly as I quickly gazed at him with a mischevious grin.
"Need help?"
"Yes! Please! It's gonna eat Pecca!!!"
I shook my head.. "Come 'ere boy! Come 'ere!"
I pretended to have some thing in my hand, as the dog gazed towards me and then let loose a small happy bark and ran towards me. I pretended to throw it down the stairs, as the puppy ran after it with a furious look on his face.
"Thank you!"
The dog suddenly realized however, that it had been tricked and quickly growled and barked even louder, making noises of coming up the stairs..
"Crap! My room is way over there!" Cong gave a shout, and his eyes were full of terror as if the dog were about to kill him and Cong remains would be all over the house...
" Here!"
I quickly said with out thinking, and I grabbed Cong by the shirt and led him away from killer-puppy, and we ran. The dog was almost upon both of us as Iquickly reached my delicate hand out and opened a door, and then SLAM! Shut it behind him as the dog's paws were on the door, but he was shut out.

"Th-thanks.." Cong managned to breath out, Pecca perched on his shoulder made a slight noise. I nodded, my face flushed as I withdrew a breath.
"No problem..." Cong then gazed around, and blinked slightly.
"Oh, this is my room... you can stay here for a little bit until Killer pup gets bored."
With that I suddenly saw that my room was... rather... messy.
"Eh... one sec!" I said, as I quickly picked up all my clothing which I had thrown on the floor in the hamper, and quickly spread the sheets of my floor-bed to make them neat, until the room looked half-way neat. Last night's homework was thrusted all over my desk, full of math equations and English grammer... along with history and a few art classes. I saw Cong's eyes waver over there, as I smiled.
"Uh, Cong... I'm going to the store, and I wanted to change... so, would you mind just looking at or around my desk and don't look over here until I say so?"
Cong nodded.
"Good, you aren't a pervert like that one kid."

I smiled, as he turned around and Iquickly went to my closet and took out a red shirt with the, "I.C.Wai" logo upon the shirt in cute blue bubble lettering with a pink kitten upon the short sleeve. I took off my tanktop, and quickly pulled that over my head and flipped my long, ribbon-like hair out from it.
"Alright Cong..."
Cong nodded, as he looked back and I quickly put my sandals on and took a brush and quickly went over my hair a few times before stopping and listening.
"Ah... killer pup left, probably to go to his 'mother'."
Cong nodded, as I quickly added..
"oh, and Tsuuriki-chan said he challenges you to a duel."
Cong's eyes went wide... "A... a duel?"
Suddenly I pitied him, and frowned...
" Yeah, I am not sure what though... look, you don't have to duel him if you don't want to. I'll vouch for you... the kitchen thing, it was and accident even though you blew it up."
Cong's eyes looked like they were about to burst into tears... I panicked, i didn't want him to cry! Poor kid!
"No! Don't cry! Don't get upset! It's okay!! You don't have to duel Tsuuriki-chan... you're like, what... 15? And he's like... 19 or 18... that age difference alone... he shouldn't duel you... unless you want too!"
Still his eyes watered..
"It'll be fine!" I quickly wrapped my arms around him as I gave him a full hug... he was awefully sensative for a guy, and I hadn't really met a guy who was as sensative as him. Hugging him, I smiled as I cheerfully spoke..
" It's alright, your cooking was good anyway!"

(I hope that it was alright with your interaction... I hope I played Cong's character right. ^^ Feel free to add any extra words he might have said and go on... she'd be traveling down stairs to leave to go shopping soon as Cong was ready to leave.)

Krystalline Kabutops
15th September 2003, 06:15 PM
Name: Janice Harris
Gender: F
Age: 16
School Year/Position: She's a Freshmen in High School.
Appearance: She's teh one in the pink. (http://pendako.syste.ms/artworks/naska_psm35.jpg)
Personality: She's very outspoken, doesn't like to be told off. She makes a good friend, and is very trustworthy. She's very arguementative, and hates it when people don't see her side of the arguement. She hates bigots and anyone of the like.
History: Her parents are lesbians, and when they had their first kid, they were appalled to find that it was a boy. Being extreme feminists, they had their son's sex changed. Janice only found this out a couple weeks ago, and is left wondering about what-ifs. Of course, she still makes friends easily, but she is a much deeper thinker now. And she has yet to tell anyone of what happened to her.
Favorite Possesions: A CD player, her CD collection, and a teddy bear from her youth.
Talent: #1: She's very good at arguing, and almost always wins.
#2: She's a very deep thinker, and is quite intelligent.
Relations: Shaina is a friend of her's if Marsh don't mind?
Other: *kicks*

I yawned as I woke up. Grabbing some clothes, I walked into the bathroom and took my shower, Using up as much of the hot water as I could. I knew it would cost a decent amount, but I needed some time to think about last night. So we now had quite a few new boarders? Well, I wondered if I should introduce myself. That could wait. All I really wanted to do was go out to town. As I finished up and pulled on a green t-shirt and mini-skirt, I strode down to the kitchen, the smell of acrid smoke burning my nose. When I got there, I immediatly noticed the huge hole in the wall. The thing that really angered me though was that there was no breakfast for me! Well, if there was really so little food in the house, Rain would be going shopping. That meant fresh air AND food! I ran to her door, picking up BobBon and holding him arm's length to keep him from nipping me. "Rain? Are you in there? Listen, if you're going shopping today....." I walked in, and noticed she was hugging one of the guys. At first I thought it was an affair, but then I noticed the guy looked near tears. Immediatly they seperated, and he looked at me. Rubbing the back of my neck, I said "Er, hi. My name's Janice, what's yours?" As I extended my hand towards him.

15th September 2003, 06:18 PM
Johnny Gearfried
I sat in my room, holding an icepack to my head. And rubbing the bruises on my torso.
"Who ever thought that brooms, mops and a vacuum cleaner could do so much damage," I said to myself, "How was I supposed to know that she was in the house, let alone, in the shower. She really needs some anger management." I looked around my room. It seemed dull; it felt like there was something missing.
"What does this room need?" I asked myself as I looked out the window. Then I noticed a shed near the Hot Springs.
"That's it," I said.

Two hours later...

After making several trips to the shed and back, I had brought a series of tools, bottles, old machine parts and some batteries up to my room. I then began unpacking my stuff.
"That's better," I said to myself. Then I pulled something out of my bag. It was an invention I was working on. A portable microwave.
"I really should get this finished," I said to myself as I picked up a couple of tools. "Now I'll just give this a couple of twists, give that a few cranks, wire that to that and add those in and it should be ready to go. I've just got to test it first." I pulled a microwave burito out of my pocket and put it in.
"I'll set the timer to two minutes and start."

15th September 2003, 08:45 PM
Arisu/F/18/High School Senior
Arisu had run up to her room, clutching herself tightly as if she might fall apart. She'd slammed the door behind her and leaned against it, chest heaving, and swore to get a bathrobe to wear as soon as possible. Preferably today. Taking a few minutes to calm down and hoped that she didn't show anything, Arisu proceded to change into a pair of baggy jeans, held up by a belt, and a plain white blouse. However, as she was buttoning up her blouse, someone had opened the door. Arisu assumed that it was Zu, not looking up immidietly. And when she did, the person at the door was definately NOT Zu. Instead, there was a gaping man staring at her. Arisu felt herself beginning to flush, and beganing screaming.


Picking up a sword, Arisu advanced towards the man, swinging the blade around madly, while continuing to scream "HENTAI! HENTAI! HENTAI!". The man paled, gulped, and ran away, with Arisu following him on his heels. BonBon, who had been trotting towards Arisu's room, saw her mistress chasing Sotashi and decided that Man=Bad. The Pomerian then began to join the chase, barking madly while running after Arisu, who was chasing poor Sotashi with her blouse half-unbuttoned and with her sword ready to strike, while Sotashi ran as hard as he could.

15th September 2003, 09:21 PM
Raine - F - Senior Student(17)

I smiled at Janice, as she introduced herself to Cong. He was very red, as I rubbed the back of my head. Hopefully Janice didn't get very many ideas about me hugging guys... Cong was cute bu-
Suddenly a holler and a yell echoed through the Wai House, and my ears seemed to pounce on it.
I immediatly thought, as I gazed at Janice who blinked widely and Cong seemed frightened. I shook my fist at my side, the image of that boy's head in my mind still... I bet it's him... I thought.
"Excuse me Janice-chan, Cong-chan, but I must aid Arisu!"
I could easily recognize her voice anywhere...
I charged out of the room, hearing BonBon's voice echoing in the hallway as it came towards me...
The guy ran by, and I recognized him... Sotashi. He was introduced last night by another guy... hrrm.. hrmm...
"So he's just like the OTHER one! These guys must be horn-"
I was about to continue when Arisu blew by, her white blouse flying in the wind half-way as her sword sliced a nearbye plant.
"Hey! ARISU! Watch out for the decoooor!"
I shouted, as I grabbed my small bag with my money with in it and then I chased after Arisu..
I caught up to her furry, as her angry eyes looked towards me..
"What happened?" I asked her as we both ran after the guy, and she glared..
"He came into my room and saw me dressing!!!"
I felt a strange feeling come over me... the shower... the guy..
We proceeded to chase him downstairs... in a furry, and we passed the kitchen and I could hear some guy say,
"Hey Raine I'll go with you to shop-"
But his voice trailed off as soon as the guy opened the door which led to the Hot Springs out back of the Wai House... Arisu followed, along with me and BonBon as we fled after him. I had my fist clenched, poised and ready to smash that guy's head. Although Arisu was good with her sword... I wasn't too bad with my hand-to-hand combat either. Finally the guy was cornered... and we had an audience by the enterance to the Hot Springs.

But of course... Sotashi didn't see what the 'steam covering the water' was, and fell into the Hot Springs. Arisu must have not cared, for she plundered after him..
So did I, because like Arisu... we both did not like peekers.

"You are DONE FOR NOW HENTAI!" Arisu bellowed...

15th September 2003, 09:53 PM

Relaxing in the hot springs after a nice cold shower, I couldn't help thinking that this place wasn't so bad after all. Sure, I had a few little bad instances in the beginning, with mistaking this for a hotel, and nearly getting blown up, but how could a place with as nice hotsprings as this be bad?

Reclining against the rocky bottom, I let the steam curl over my head, and let the wet towel drape over my face. Relaxation was something I could take very well, and was even better for my muscles. Such peaceful surroundings were good for my soul... It also helped calm me down... Perhaps I had been too harsh on Cong... I couldn't back down from the duel now, of course, but I could go easy on the guy and teach him a thing or two how to defend himself. Nothing at all could go wrong now. Nothing at-

My peaceful soak was interrupted by screams and pounding feet, as three human missiles erupted out of the side door. With no regard to the sign I had posted there, they plunged down the rock path, and straight into the mist.

"You are DONE FOR NOW HENTAI!" Arisu bellowed...
"Yeah! YOU'RE JUST AS BAD AS THAT OTHER GUY!" Raine growled...

By now, I was soaking wet from the struggles of Satoshi, and the two girls. And all serentity had escaped from me again.

"Ahem!" I said loudly.

The two girls looked in unison at me for a second, then turned back to their victim. Then, they both did a double-take. Their wet faces grew red swiftly, as they saw I was naked. Freezing in place, Satoshi was left panting, and bolted when he saw the girls had let their grips go slack. Flopping out of the hot springs, he ran back inside.

Meanwhile, I slowly rose to my feet, and wrapped my towel around my waist. One of the girls gathered her wits somewhat, and began to shout at me.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing here you HEN-" Janice began, as I interrupted by pointing towards the sign next to the door. Written in flowing Kanji letters, in bright red ink, said: "The hot-spring is occupied- Tsuuriki."

"Tai..." she ended lamely.

Walking out of the hot spring with as much pride as I could muster, I stared at the girls.

"After I change back into my clothes, I will be going out into the city. Perhaps I will be able to find some people who can be quiet and read for just 5 seconds there." Walking quickly back inside, I dripped all the way back to my room.

15th September 2003, 10:01 PM
For Valius to save the day (You guys post too fast for me)
"Damn it," I called out, "Can't we go one day without a girl screaming that!"

I had managed to outrun Rainea, she was a bit slow. Can't people just take a joke. It wasn't quite hard to follow the screams. You could hear these girls from the other side of the world. It wasn't long before I found them near this place with water, again I don't know much. I turned to see another guy leave, then turned to find them in the pool with another guy, Satoshi from what I was told later, in the water. For people who did not like peepers, they sure set themselves up for a lot of bad jokes.

"Do my eyes deceive me, or do we have a three-way in progress," I said loud enough for them to hear me. I think the two girls became very pale in face, despite the warmth of the pool as they turned toward me. I began to lose my temper

"Well, now that I have your attention, will you stop trying to kill everyone you THINK IS TRYING TO SEE YOU NAKED! I CAME HERE TO RELAX, YOU JUDGEMENTAL BIMBOS! Eh, whoops." I discovered my error a little too late.

"Um, exit: Stage Left," I narrated my escape and left, before I could find out what they were going to do to me.
2nd time Thargor beat me to the post. I don't think I'll ever be able to move fast enough for you people.

15th September 2003, 10:03 PM
Bah, they forced a typing class on me in middle school. Hated it at the time, but useful as anything now... Oh, and Satoshi was the first one to leave. Tsuuriki was the last one there with the two girls.

Krystalline Kabutops
15th September 2003, 10:25 PM

I sat there, wet and humiliated. I watched him run off, and looked to Rain and Arisu. It seemed we all had a problem with peepers. "So, Rain..... can we go to the store as soon as we dry off?" She just sat there and fumed. "Uh... maybe later..." I said as I hastily deserted the spring to get to my room and change into something dry. As I walked down the hall, I saw the guy who Rain had been hugging..... Sighing as I saw his expression, I said "Look, you can come back to Rain's room... I can just borrow something of hers...." I led him back to the room sat him down on the bed. "Now, when I get dressed, don't look. Ok?" He nodded and I turned around to look through Rain's drawer. I picked out some jeans and a white tank top, pulled them on (after drying off) and sat down next to him. "So, I've already introduced myself. Who are you?"

15th September 2003, 10:52 PM
Curious question. Is this RPG based more off of real-life style or anime style? The reason in bringing up this question is because apparently my explosion scene might have been misinterpreted, or I have been informed wrongly. I know that a bottle of wine does not have the capacity to completely destroy a kitchen, but, if we're following off the anime Love Hina, there really isn't any possible way for Keitaro to be shot 3000 feet up into the air from Naru's punch logically. So um... is this more anime like or real life like? And yes, the explosion was just a very elaborate exaggeration of an exploding wine bottle. But since Thargor already put his POV into it, I'll follow along.
Which, right now, I don't have much to do other than to wait until noon, whenever that'll happen.
I stood up in front of Janice and bowed to her. "Excuse me for my impoliteness. My name is Cong KaShi... eer" I looked around. "since the dog is now gone, I need to get to my room to finish some unpacking... do you want to come along with me? I could probably use some help."
Janice contemplated for a moment. "Well, I'm thinking of going out soon with Rainea soon, so..."
"That's perfectly acceptable. Pecca and I will unpack by ourselves then." With that I left and (finally) entered my room, closed the door, put 20 locks on it to make sure no dogs will get in, and began unpacking my materials. I had some unpacking to do, as I do need to set up my lab so I can begin my experiments.

15th September 2003, 11:11 PM
Arisu/F/18/High School Senior
Arisu was still blushing fiercly when Tsuuriki left. Turning to face Rainea, she asked a question that suddenly popped into her head.

"Do you think he's gay?" she asked Rainea, arching an eyebrow and making a mental note to find out who was that guy who called her and Rainea 'bimbos'. He was going to pay. Really pay. Arisu sighed and looked down at her now-wet clothes.

"Crap, I need to go change again..."

Arisu sighed again and BonBon, who was smart enough not to jump into the water, barked and wagged her tail.

16th September 2003, 08:00 AM
*apologizes for being so late* My parents decided that yesterday would be a good day to ban me from the computer -_-;;

Name: Shaina-Eve Calloway
Gender: Female
Age: 16
School Year/Position: High school Junior
Appearance: Long, light brown hair streaked through with red and blond that reaches halfway down her back. Bright blue eyes. She stands at about 5'4". Normally, she wears a black t-shirt trimmed with blue and blue jeans, along with a necklace with an amethyst - her birthstone - pendant. She also has a gray hooded sweatshirt that she pulls on when she gets cold.
Personality: She's a little shy around people she doesn't know, but she's not as shy as she used to be, and she's coming out of her shell. When she's around her friends, though, she's hyper and a complete ditz - though the ditzyness is mostly an act, as she really is rather smart. She's kind of glad the guys showed up, because guys are fun, even though she's a little shy and quiet around them.
History: She had a bad time of it up until high school. She was born in Hawaii, but she doesn't remember anything about it as they moved to Japan when she was about 6 months old. When she started school, she was labeled as an outcast from the first day for refusing an acceptance into a little "clique" of popular girls - an acceptance that included pushing a little boy of their age that the girls deemed "nerdy" into a thorn bush. It wasn't a big deal through elementary school, but her best friend moved right before the beginning of their first year of middle school, and she became withdrawn and quiet. The "popular girls" mocked her, saying she had no friends. Needed something to take her mind off the taunts, she picked up writing, and found she was actually quite good at it, and that it was an outlet for her depression, which grew steadily worse as the years went on. The summer before high school, her parents found a poem of hers that talked of suicide. They hadn't realized the extent of her depression, and immediately decided that it was time for a new beginning for her. Shaina-Eve violently resisted going to the dorm, convinced that it was going to be just like her old school, but as the weeks went on she found that the girls there were friendly and treated her as a friend, and she slowly climbed out of her shell. Now she's much better than she was, and definitely not depressed, though she still has a stubborn bit of shell clinging to her foot. ^_^
Favorite Possesions: A picture of her old best friend (who she writes to often and sees whenever she can), a diary that she writes in often, her old diaries, and her notebooks and pencils.
Talent: #1: Writing. She's an amazing writer. She mostly writes poems and short stories, but she is in the process of working on a novel. She's a little skeptical of her writing, though, and doesn't much like showing it to people, though every once in a while, if she's really proud of something, she'll show it to a friend or two.
#2: Flute. She loves playing the flute and isn't too bad at it either. She's been playing the flute since she was about 10, and tries to practice at least once a day, though every once and a while she doesn't have the time.
Relations: None; it's open.
Other: Nopes!

Shaina-Eve Calloway - 16 - F - Junior


And thus the Wai House's most interesting night so far began.

The cry echoed down the hallway. I ran to the door of my room, poking my head out and looking down the hall. Rainea was running down the hallway, a towel wrapped around her, shreiking at the top of her lungs. I pulled the towel from my drying hair (we'd all been in the hot springs not too long ago) and headed off in the direction Rainea had gone, grabbing a mop in the process. It could come in handy if we caught the guy.

I stopped short as I entered the living room. There was a group of guys just sitting there! The other girls, who had apparently had much the same idea as I had, were all standing with brooms and various other things at the ready. The guys just stared.

"What the- what are you doing in here?" I asked, blinking in confusion.

"Thi-this is a hotel, isn't it?" one of the guys ventured.

"A hotel?! This isn't a hotel... it's been a Girl's Dormitory for a year! Don't use the 'we thought it was a hotel excuse' like every other guy!" Rainea shouted.

Mii Mii nodded, " We hear that a lot."

" A GIRLS DORMITORY?!" another guy said.

"Yes, so GET OUT!"

"B-but..." one guy began...

About a half hour later, the story had finally been told (in a long, roundabout, slightly confusing way... but it was told nonetheless.) Apparently one of the guys grandmother owned the place... and it HAD been a hotel the last time they were here. It was an honest mistake, though Rainea was still annoyed (then again, who wouldn't be?).

"Aww... we... we can't let them out on the street now, can we?" I asked.

"Why can't we let them stay here a while?" Janice said with a shrug. This started a long debate between the girls, the details of which I won't go into, but it ended with the guys being allowed to stay in the extra rooms as long as they paid the rent and helped with the chores. I was exhausted by the time I crawled into bed, but I still had enough energy to pull out my diary. This was something to write about.


OOC: Sorry it's kind of short >_< Basically just a catch-up post for Shaina-Eve. I don't have time to write anything else, I have to catch the bus in 25 minutes and I'm not ready. >_<

16th September 2003, 10:48 AM
This is more animish. Flying in the air 500 feet from a punch is allowed. lol

Raine - F - Senior Student(17)

I was steaming...
I overreact at times, I admit... but I don't hate that guy who saw me in the shower, nor did I hate Sotashi for seeing Arisu... but at least they could not run away and confront us!
The Hot Springs?
It was an accident... besides, if you lived in a GIRLS dormitory for a year, you didn't exactly think there would be guys suddenly in the dorm. I mean... a year! It takes a long time to train yourself for new people to have arrived- especially in the oppisite gender. I never locked doors before... if Mii-Mii or Janice or anyone of the girls entered the shower room while I was in there- who cared? They were girls... how I was I supposed to know a bunch of crazy guys would enter the hotel and start trying to find this 'grandmother'??
Now I was a judgemental bimbo for trying to persecute a guy for going into the wrong room!! It wasn't like I was going to kill him! Haven't they ever heard of exaggerations!
I steamed, as my red shirt was now soaked and clinging to my light-weight body, as my shorts also seemed to cling to my legs. My hair dripped past my hips, as my slight layered-bangs were parted to my sides and dripped down my face.
Wait a minute buddy.
Valius tried to escape, but I saw him sneaking away upstairs- exactly where I was heading. Before he could hear me coming, I grabbed him by the shirt and yanked him to me. His eyes widened..
"Look here MISTER!"
I growled, my eyes of annoyance full of fire...
" First of all, WE ARE NOT JUDGEMENTAL BIMBOS! I'm a Senior Student in the Academy High not far from here, and I plan on going to college thank you very much! I didn't say Sotashi or that other guy were idiots, nor did I say that they were mean, rude jerks... I simply wished they'd confront us perhaps instead of RUNNING WAY BECAUSE I BELIEVE THAT IS SUSPICOUS, RUNNING AWAY FROM THE SCENE INSTEAD OF TELLING US THEIR SIDE OF THE STORY?! If they RUN away don't you think that might GIVE off a sort of, "AH! They caught me!" SIGNAL?! Then you come in,s aying you just want to relax! Well excuse me, but we're letting you guys stay in our dorm which we helped start in the first place! We're being nice letting you stay here and...a nd... I'm trying to be nice!!! Then you go an-"

I felt hot in the face, and perhaps a little tear at the corner of my eye but I refused to show it as I blinked quickly, my eyes turning to liquid as I quickly let my grip relieve itself from his shirt, as I passed him, turning my head away so not to look at him. My room was open, so I went inside to see Cong leave, and Janice inside.
" Strange day..." Janice said, as she put on some of my clothes. I nodded..
" No kidding.."
"You really must have been upset.."
I nodded, turning away from her as I reached out for a new pair of clothes in one of my drawers.
"Well... I'd just rather not talk about it."
"That's okay... you planning on going to the store?"
I nodded, "Right after I put on my clothes, yes. Maybe Arisu will come with."
"Sounds good."
With that Iq uickly put on a mini-skirt which was white, flaring out like my school uniform a bit as i then grabbed a light, airy shirt which had no sleeves and drapped slightly past my skirt with two ribbon-like strings tying the sides together. It was light pink in color, and I sighed as I took my brush and took about a few minutes to put my long, thick hair up into a thick ponytail. Sighing, I gazed to Janice and forced a smile as I grabbed my purse-like bag.
"Let's go."

With that we walked by Arisu's room, to which I knocked on the door..
"Going to the store, you can come with if you want, I'll be walking out."

With that I walked downstairs... past the kitchen, but I refused to look at any who might be there.
" Where are you going?"
A guy voice... and with out looking I just stared at the floor as I shrugged, "To the store... if anyone wants to come with, ... I guess they could."

I then opened up the door, and walked out..

16th September 2003, 02:35 PM
Tsuuriki- M- 18

I quickly toweled off in my room, and changed into my regular shirt and pants. Fortunately I had several pairs to change into for my training, since my burned ones were ruined. The embarassment of the moment was gone from me, and I actually chuckled to myself for a moment. The last time I had actually been in the hotsprings when a girl had appeared was when I was 14 with one of the compound's maids. I had been so shocked, but it was nothing compared to the embarrasment of the maid at the time. Grandfather had made sure that a similar situation would never happen again, by actually building a new hotspring for the female workers... I was actually kinda sorry he did that, but the manners he drilled into me made it impossible to voice that opinion infront of him...

Punching my fist several times in the air, followed by a quick snap quick, I smiled to myself. Once I would go out on the town, I should be able to find something interesting to do... Perhaps go to an arcade, or find a dojo or something...

Suddenly it occurred to me that I knew nothing about the layout of the town. Sighing loudly, I bounded down the hallway of the house, just to see Raine leaving. She looked down, her stance that of somebody who was weary.

" Where are you going?" I asked quietly.

"To the store... if anyone wants to come with, ... I guess they could." She said, as she left.

Coming to a decision quickly, I followed her, and walked up to her side. Looking down at her for a second, I looked straight ahead down the street.

"I'm sorry if I worsened the situation at the hot-spring, Raine," I began, "Just shocked to see somebody enter... I guess this is an adjustment for you as well..."

I let a smile spread across my lips, "But I have to admit, that is the best head-lock I've ever seen applied to a guy in quite some time... You have some potential there."

"I'll go to the store with you, since I don't know my way around town, but is it ok if we also go to the school? I need to register as a senior there, but the principal keeps on avoiding me..."

Elemental Seribii
16th September 2003, 03:00 PM
Mizu - F, 16 (Junior)
I giggled as the microwave exploded. Johnny, wasn't it? He blinked twice, and wiped some of the exploded burito off of his face. I tossed him the paper towel roll and a sponge, and told him not to worry about it.

"HENTAI! HENTAI! RAAAPIST!" Came Arisu's shout, as she and Rain chased after a boy. I watched them race down the hall, peeking my head out of the doorway.

Aiya, that leads to the hot springs. Kotaro meowed loudly as the splash was heard.

When I arrived, Rain and Arisu were soaking wet, and I heard something about bimbos. I bit my lip, and tried not to grin. Poor Rain, she's had it tough. First that peeker, now this? Arisu, I could guess what happened. They both waded out of the hot springs, both steamed - in both ways.

Rain chased after the boy - Valius, no. Tsuuriki, I think. This man screams for a nickname.

"Ari, you alright?" I asked, as she got out of the water. She nodded, running her hands through her hair.
"Yeah Zu, I guess so. I have to go change." She walked out, and I followed.

I picked up Kotaro, and decided I might as well go out shopping too. I had a little money left to spend. I hope I don't have to get a job...

I knocked on the door of Ari's room. "Yeah, who is it?" Came her voice.
"It's Zu. Rain and Janice have already gone. Wanna go out and meet up with them or something, or stay here? I was gonna ask Shania if she wants to come too. You know I hate it when the Wai House isn't the happiest place in all of Japan. You up for it, girlfriend?" I made a desperate attempt to cheer her up, and I heard her laugh, but I wasn't sure if she meant it or not.

16th September 2003, 03:39 PM
Arisu/F/18/High School Senior
Arisu had towelled herself off, first dragging a chair to barricade the door, then dumping her wet clothes in the 'dirty corner' in the room, where she usually kept her dirty clothes to be washed. She'd managed to change into another pair of baggy jeans, but this time chose to wear a loose-fitting dark blue shirt. Arisu had just finished towelling off her hair and brushing it when Mizu called. The dark-haired girl quickly dragged the chair away from the door and opened it, grinning at the sixteen year old girl.

"I'd love to! I need to buy some stuff also. Mainly a bathrobe and a lock. And also I've heard that the arcade also has a new Dance Dance Revolution machine!" Arisu squealed and clapped her hands at the last statement. She loved DDR or any forms of dancing.

"Just let me finish brushing my hair, okay?" Arisu shut the door and hastily finished brushing her hair, then grabbed her wallet and shoved it into her pocket before opening the door again.

"C'mon, let's go before they leave us behind!" she exclaimed, smiling.

Tyler and Hobbes
16th September 2003, 04:34 PM
Sotashi-M-1st year Ronin
I had ran to my room, this time the right room. So in less then a day, I had been chased, almost eaten by a mad dog, fallen in the hot springs, and now, after all that, I feel worse then ever. I didn't mean to! Why does everything bad happen to me? Tears began to go down my cheek. Something I had been used to. I mean, first my parents always called me an idiot, and my uncle always said my brother was better then me. I took my bag and walked down the stairs. No one seamed to notice, BIGG surprise... I guess I'll have to go back to mom and dad. They'll laugh and probably throw me out on the streets. But hey, at least it'll be something to do. I was absent-mindedly walking when I fell down. "AND MY SHIRT IS RIPPED!" I shouted. I threw down my shirt. I'm sick of this!

16th September 2003, 04:52 PM
Damn, I can't tell what the hell is going on. In what country do you people live? I just wish I were never in such a hurry, I might be able to post better, you know.

I guess my problems all began when I left my home in New York, away from my friends. Japan was totally new to me, and I wasn't familiar with the language and people. My social life had gone down hill ever since. I suppose her reaction was understandable, the whole situation just sounds like something out of a show or comic. I wonder if...naaah!

"She has a point," I told myself, a common thing for me. I don't know where that began, "I mean how often does a guy go into a girl's dormitory thinking it's a hotel. This has got to be a first outside of a sit-com." I began strolling around a random hall, just trying to gain my bearings.

"On the otherhand, she claims to be understanding. I could believe that day one. My mimicry was just poking fun, but to find her chasing a kid INTO a pool or whatever it was, I'll have to look into that, and with her is a girl with a sword. That does not give them a good image to the poor shmoe being chased, and THAT'S my problem with the whole thing. I hope I'm not the next guy to run into a half-naked girl. I don't need that on top of my other problems." I looked at my hair at this remark. All my life after the incident that caused it, someone would ask what the hell I did with it. It's not my fault it goes out in spikes, and it's not my fault once every two weeks it rearranges into some other God awful position. I headed downstairs toward the room I chose for myself, nearest to both the dining room and the exit, or as close as possible to both.

I changed into a different set of attire. Probably because I didn't plan to leave the room, I decided to settle for a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and put on a black cape for the hell of things. I decided to look in the mirror, and just realized my hair made for a nice set of jagged horns. Verses sprung into mind.

"To reign is worth ambition, though in Hell: Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven."

I tried to alter my voice to sound more hateful and masculine than my own. I frowned at the result. It's not that it was particularly bad, but it just didn't sound right to me.

"Alright, Valius, you can do better," I told myself, trying to get a better look in the mirror and a better idea of the character, "Either hateful doesn't work, or the outfit doesn't match. How could you best characterize the lost Archangel?"

Maybe I wasn't that good with people, but at least I was serious in my craft.
Just a look into what Valius does.

16th September 2003, 05:50 PM
Shaina-Eve Calloway - 16 - F - Junior

I woke up late the next morning, after having stayed up late writing in my diary. The house seemed to be abnormally quiet, and I found out why when I stuck my head out the door. Taped to my door was a little note that read,


We tried to wake you up, but you were dead asleep. Most of the girls are down at the store, and a couple of the guys are too. Some of the guys are still around the house though. You can come up and meet us or just hang around, I don't think we'll be too long. See ya later!

~Arizu and Mizu"

I shrugged and started to head for the kitchen, but stopped when I realized I was still in my pajamas. Normally this wasn't a big deal, but I wasn't sure I wanted a bunch of guys seeing my in my pj's, so I ran back to my room and changed into a red spaghetti strap shirt and a pair of blue jeans, ran my brush through my hair a couple times, and headed back to the kitchen... which I found to be demolished. I sighed.

"The guys are here for a day and already the place is in ruins," I muttered to myself, searching around for something that wasn't burnt. A box of cereal under the sink had escaped unscathed, so I grabbed it and headed off down the hall, alternately munching on handfuls and whistling a tune I had been practicing on my flute recently.

16th September 2003, 05:58 PM
Raine - F - Senior Student(17)

I looked at Tsuuriki, and I couldn't help but smile slightly... he said I had potential. My father had always said that- said I was a...


" You can't play. You're just a girl... girl's can't play with us!" The boys said, standing their with a ball in their hands as they smirked and laughed. One of the boys- a brown haired boy, laughed and snickered as he mocked me and they all chorused with laughter.
" Go play with dolls or sing to yourself."
I felt hot in the face...
" I'm not gonna play with dolls or sing! I wanna play with the ball too!"
They laughed again, " We here you sing all the time to yourself... what, do you have an imaginary friend too?"
I frowned, and clenched my fists..
"Yes you do! Hahaha! The girl has an imaginary friend because no other friends will play with her!"
I felt hotter in the face. I had plenty of friends at school, but living in the country... the nearest friends I had out there were only boys, all the girls lived near town. It wasn't my fault..
Only more laughter... finally I felt so angry, I ran at the boy with the ball, swung my fist backwards like I had seen father do at the bar one night, and swung hard.
My fist nailed him right in the jaw, and he fell to teh ground, dropping the ball and immediatly he looked at me, and held his jaw and began to cry. The rest of the boys looked wide-eyed at me, and quickly they dispersed. The crying boy called for his mother... and soon my father had to appologize for everything, scold me, punish me, and take me home. Although when we did go home... he chuckled..
"You always were a little fireball... can't ever let some one get the best of you, can you?"

I had to admit, out of all the boys... Tsuuriki seemed like the most level headed. Cong-chan was nice, but Tsuuriki was very formal and yet nice at the same time. I blushed slightly, remembering seeing his body in the Hot Springs...
" Uhh... yeah, I can bring you to my school and help you out. We can stop there first, so we dont' have to bring groceries into the school. I can show you where the Arcade and perhaps the Dojo is as well, since you seem to be interested in that sort of stuff."
He nodded as he gazed to me, "That would be great."

I nodded, fumbling around my brain for the words...until I spoke them rather quietly...
" Uhh.. look, I'm sorry Tsuuriki-chan about breaking into the hot springs like that on you. I guess... I just get a little overly short-tempered with some guys, especially when I think they might have a chance of coming across like they're peekers or perhaps all arrogant. I just don't like tolerating it much... but I'm sorry, it's no excuse for barging in like that."

I smiled slightly as I looked to him, " Let's start over. You are Tsuuriki-chan, and I'm Rainea or just Rain, or perhaps you'd call me Rain-chan, whatever your preference is it doesn't matter. Names are just names after all. By the way... do you think I could call you Riki-chan? Or Suu-chan? Everyone needs a nick name... and I think you deserve one too. Of course, if you prefer your more formal name that I s'pose that's fine. What do you think?"
I felt a little more cheerful now... talking to Tsuuriki-chan seemed to have calmed down my nerves.

(After Thargor's char answers Raine's question, I was thinking Mii-Mii, Arisu and Janice would catch up. Any other characters who want to join can hurry up and catch up to us two.)

16th September 2003, 06:44 PM
Tsuuriki- M- 18

I smiled widely at her for a moment, "Riki-chan would be fine. My mother used to call me that when I was a child, and I liked it alot..."

A dull throb punched me in the chest with those words, but I think I managed to keep my expression straight. These days I rarely thought of my parents any longer, but when I did they were usually good memories. Still, even the good ones brought the regret at having been left behind... Patting the picture of my mother tucked into my pocket, I let it go for the moment.

"So, Rain-chan, could you tell me of this school and city? I'm curious as to how things work here... I've lived most of my life on the family compound, and have had tutors for most of my education..."

"Family compound?" she asked.

"Yes, sort of a walled off area in Hokkaido that my parents, then my grandfather owned. They were pretty well off, so they thought such things were beneficial to their new life... Well, at least my parents thought that at least. My grandfather could have cared less until he had to take care of me when I was a kid."

I was embarrased about how I had lived before... Not many people understood what it was like living alone with just the adults around. Sure, I was able to occasionally see other kids while doing my activities and martial arts, but never long enough to make friends with anybody my age...

Short post to let people catch up...

Krystalline Kabutops
16th September 2003, 07:00 PM

Grabbing some of my cash, I ran out of the dorm and caught sight of Rain. "Rain! Wait up!" I called as I dashed towards her. Huffing and puffing, I finally caught her, and noticed her companion. It was the guy who we had barged in on at the hot springs. Looking away from him, I muttered quietly "I'm.... I'm sorry I barged in on you, but I don't like peeping Toms.... and I guess that guy might not have done it to Arisu on purpose, but.... you know.... instincts." I looked up at him. He laughed and said "Rain's already gotten an apology for the three of you, and the forgiveness." I smiled at that. "Well, I brought my cash.... Did you guys bring any?" They both nodded. Since the conversation seemed to have died, I just looked ahead. I hadn't been much of a talker since I had found out what my parents had done to me... I was still dealing with the disbelief.

16th September 2003, 09:06 PM
Arisu/F/18/High School Senior
As Arisu followed Janice, BonBon suddenly skidded around the corner, somehow sensing that Arisu was going out, and began jumping up and down while barking excitedly. Arisu laguhed and swooped the dog up, cuddling BonBon in her arms.

"Does BonBon-chan want to go for a walkie?" Arisu cooed, tickling BonBon's tummy. BonBon responded by chewing on Arisu's fingers. Laughing again, she set her dog on the floor and ran towards the door, BonBon racing excitedly behind her.

"Oi, Rain-chan!" Arisu called. "Mind if I BonBon comes with us? And can we go to the arcade later? I heard that they have a new DDR machine there!" She suddenly noticed that Janice was there and with her, the guy that was in the hot springs that Arisu had barged in. She flushed as she looked at him. Suddenly, Arisu bowed.

"I'm sorry!" she exclaimed. "I really really didn't know you were there and it was probably my fault that I didn't notice the sign..." Suddenly on impulse, Arisu straightened up, stood slightly on tiptoe, and kissed him on the cheek. It was a short kiss, and about halway through it, Arisu realized what she was doing. She drew back, hand over her open mouth, then quickly bowed again.

"I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me!" she wailed. Dammit, what made me do that? Arisu wondered, flushing harder than ever.


Have I mentioned I love romantic comedies? Ranma 1/2, Marmalade Boy, Kodomo no Ocha, Peach Girl, Love Hina...

16th September 2003, 10:44 PM
Hey, everyone's out, I can't do much. ;_;
The house was pretty silent for a while. After about an hour of no explosions, barks, or loud screaming "HENTAAAAAAIII" phrases, I figured most of them were out somewhere doing something. So I decided to unlock my door and go looking around for a while. I let Pecca wander the building; she's a bit paranoid, but she knows how to defend herself (or at least, fly away really quickly). I decided to take a look around the place, and familiarize myself since I'll be inhabiting the area for a while.
The house was large, much larger than mentioned in the brochure and calculated through my computer. It did not take long until I was lost, and quite worried that I wouldn't be able to find myself back to my room. I was standing in some sort of garden, a wide assortment of plants and flowers, growing somewhat freely. I wondered if all the females had planted and raised the flowers themselves, as they were spectacular and some of them I've never seen before... maybe they can be used in some of my lab work in the future?
Suddenly the wind blew by, and a few petals from the cherry blossoms flew overhead. I heard Pecca singing happily. I immediately headed in that direction, because Pecca has a strange habit of knowing where she is at all times and occasionally I had to rely on her to get to places.
I was lead to the site of the demolished kitchen and saw her on a table, half chirping and half munching on some cereal a girl next to her was offering. Pecca was cheerfully matching the tune of the girl's song, and the girl herself seemed pre-occupied until I interrupted.
"Hmm?" The girl looked up, and Pecca flew over to my shoulder. "Oh, is that your bird?"
"Sorry for letting her bother you! I promise it will not happen again!" The girl blinked. "Uh... and um... I apologize for not introducing myself! My name is Cong KaShi, and this bird who was interrupting your breakfast is named Pecca...Sorry for bothering you!"
I turned and began to run away.

16th September 2003, 11:30 PM
"Odd fellow, isn't he," I said to the girl at the table, popping my head back in through the kitchen hole. I had been out here, fixing up the house ever since Rainea-san suggested it.

The girl obviously didn't expect me to be there, and she jumped slightly. "Oh," she said, noticing me. "Yeah, I guess he is."

I fit another board into place and crawled inside again. "I'm Konnetsu Maiku, by the way," I said, picking up the tape.

"Calloway Shaina-Eve," she said as I fastened the board with the tape, then got another board. "I...didn't notice you there."

"I kinda know my way around this place, even the hidden passages and stuff," I said, fixing another few boards with tape. "This really did use to be a hotel. I used to love playing hide and seek with my friends who used to live around here. I was always the winner; I just knew how to stay hidden in the place. Of course, Grandma told us off for disturbing the guests, so we didn't play as often anymore..." I sighed, placing the last boards in with tape. I suddenly realized I had talked myself into silence and quickly stood up, facing Shaina-san.

"I am sorry, I sort of lost myself."

"It-it's okay," she said. "I thought it was kind of interesting, actually."

I blushed slightly. "Eh-heh, thanks...well, I better get to finishing up on the kitchen. I need to finish before the others get back from the mall and such."

Just a post to let you know I'm still alive o_o'

17th September 2003, 07:55 AM
Shaina-Eve Calloway - 16 - F - Junior

"You need any help?" I asked suddenly.

"Oh no, it's all right, you're eating... kind of...." Maiku said, motioning to my little breakfast of dry cereal. I giggled.

"I'm not all that hungry anyway, it's not a big deal. Besides, everyone's out. What else am I gonna do?" I said, shrugging.

"Well, if you're sure...."

"I'm sure," I told him, smiling. Then I looked around. "So, what should I do?"

He looked around the kitchen, thinking. "You could try getting some of the burn marks off the stove," he suggested, handing me a sponge. I took it and started to work at the stove, which amazingly enough didn't take as much scrubbing as I thought it would. We were both quiet for a little while, each working on our respective task.

"So...." I began after a few minutes.


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Elemental Seribii
17th September 2003, 03:01 PM
Eek, fast moving RPG...

Mizu - Junior
I laughed as BonBon caught up with us, and started to bounce along behind us.

I caught up with Janice, Rain and Tsuuriki, and I grinned as Arisu suddenly caught herself kissing Tsuuriki on the cheek. Tsuuriki blinked, flushing only slightly, Rain just stared.

Arisu backed away to stand next to me, keeping her head bowed, her face red. Aiya, we've been having boy troubles.

Silence. I twitched slightly. It was very uncomfortable silence. Even BonBon was silent. Creepy.

"Anyway...You're Tsuuriki-san, right? I'm Mizu...I usually go by any variation of my name. Nice to meet you." I shook his hand, and the silence was shaken away.
"Nice to meet you too. Rain-chan already given me a nickname," I caught Rain's eye and grinned, "Riki." I bowed my head, and walked back to Ari, who was looking better.

"So, people. Where should we go first?" Came Janice's voice. "I've got some money. Zu, do you?" I nodded, and we turned to face the main shopping street. BonBon barked, and I looked over to Ari. She looked up and smiled, her cheeks only a faint pink.

"Come on, you guys. Let's go spend our money, then, shall we?"

17th September 2003, 05:16 PM
Things are about to get interesting...

Rain - F - Senior Student(17)

As I was about to tell Riki-chan about things in the city around here, suddenly Janice, Arisu and BonBon, and Mii-Mii came bounding towards us. It was such a rush... all I remembered was Arisu talking about arcade... appologies... arisu kissing Riki-chan on the cheek.. Mii-Mii wanting to shop-
Arisu kissing Riki-chan?!
I stared blankly, my face probably very blank... I was very good at black expressions. When I saw some thing which either shocked me or caused me disbelief, a blank expression usually followed, then the emotion came in. I had liked the conversation of Tsuuriki-chan and I had started... and to have it end so abruptly was rather ... sad. I wanted to know what it was like to be surrounded by adults, and how he learned to 'duel' like he had challenged Cong too. Suddenly, Riki-chan seemed very interesting... Instead of acting upon the kiss of Arisu, of course however, I looked away until Mii-Mii-chan commented to Riki, who replied with..
Nice to meet you too. Rain-chan already given me a nickname,"

My eyes flared to Mii-Mii, who suddenly smirked and I quickly looked away, furrowing my eyes and crossing my arms as I gazed away from the three girls, who chatted with Riki-chan about where he would like to go. They knew the city like me...
"Shopping! Let's go shopping!" Mii-Mii exclaimed, as Arisu wanted to go to the Arcade and do DDR." I blinked... and finally I couldn't remain silent.
" Hey hey hey... I've got it."
Riki-chan looked at me, obviously a bit overwhelmed by the bird-like chitter chatter of where to go. I smiled, blushed, and sweatdropped as I placed my hand behind my head and gave him a, "Eh-heh.." look.
" We need to go shopping, we need to go the school... let's stop by the school first since that only has certain hours, and THEN we'll go shopping and to the Arcade. Lastly, we'll get food and you all can help me with GROCERIES!"
All three of the girls blinked, as Riki-chan seemed bewildered by why they all gave me that look.
You see, usually I did the groceries all the time.. I didn't mind it, it was just a pain to haul them all the way back to Wai House. I usually paid for them as well, and now they all began to realize that they too, would have to chip in and carry them.
" stupid groceries.." Arisu muttered, as BonBon barked chippery-like, gleeful at going on a walk. I smiled and beamed, as I patted Riki-chan on the back..
" First, school. We'll go to the main office and get the forms out... you can fill them out, and then we'll be off to show you how to have fun!"
Riki-chan nodded, as Janice replied.
"Ooo! Riki-chan, what grade are you in?"
He quickly replied, " I will be a Senior.."
Mii Mii and Janice both frowned, " Well... we won't see you that much then."
Arisu-chan beamed, "I will! Ooo! Riki-chan, you should take Dance Class with me! It's fun! I bet you'd be a natural-"
"-no no no! Make sure you get my Study Skills with me-" Mii Mii beamed (the one class jUniors and Seniors were mixed)

Soon there was more chattered... which I laughed as Riki-chan seemed a bit overwhelmed. Being around Adults most his life, I bet he was not used to so much talk over him with girls. I walked a little bit ahead of them, as we walked near the streets by the outskirts of the big part of the city... until I saw the large building which was our school.

"There!" I pointed in a dramatic fashion, the wind blowing my skirt as I smiled and my icy blue eyes fastened their gaze to Riki-chan, to our school.
"That's where we are heading. Urasaigashi Academy!"

17th September 2003, 05:20 PM
"Alright, it's boiled down to this," I said to myself, "We both overreacted; she's not comfortable with a bunch of guys in a girl's dormitory," I kind of shivered at this, even I was uncomfortable with this, "I can understand that. I'm coming under hard times, and out of stress, I'm lashing out at everyone else. I need to apologize, but how do I do that?" I don't know what I was doing next; it seemed all I did was stare into that mirror as if the me on the other side knew the answers. At any rate, it wasn't getting me anywhere.

"Well, since I can't pay rent; I'm probably going to be tossed out. I might as well see if I can clean the kitchen," I unhooked my black cape and began to change into my earlier pair of clothes, minus my favorite jacket, and walked back to the kitchen.

"Hey, Maiku," I said casually to the guy patching up the wall. It was forced, though; I only knew the guy for maybe a week, but I had to appreciate him. He was the one who told me about this 'hotel,' I'm not going into that, but he was the solution I needed for my problems.

"Hey, Val," he responded, busy.
"Is there anything I could do for you two? I could use something to validate my worth," I told them, not quite up to talking about my problems.

17th September 2003, 06:20 PM
"I guess there are still a few kinks to work out," I said softly to myself as I cleaned up the mess, "Now where's that icepack?" I grabbed the icepack and placed it back on the lump on my forhead.
That Raine! How was I supposed to know she was in the shower? It was an honest mistake. She didn't have to go nuts at me and smack me one with the broom. I'dlove to get her back so much!!
I then looked over at my first invention, an automatic extendo-glove. A wicked smile spread across my face.
Perhaps there is a way I could get revenge. Now where's that wrapping paper I've been saving since Christmas?

17th September 2003, 10:51 PM
Tsuuriki- M- 18

I smiled at the girls around me, as they talked about school and the town. It was almost overwhelming with the intensity, speed, and energy that they talked with, so unlike the deathly serious speeches I had gotten from the adults at the compound. While I enjoyed this change, I knew it would take a little while to get used to... It looked like I had some friends among these people...

Arisu had shocked me by the kiss, but I had managed to hide most of my emotion fortunately... My experiance with girls had been severely limited due to my surroundings, and my grandfather's watchfulness... I had enjoyed liked the kiss though, however unexpectedly it had come, as I had enjoyed talking with Rain-chan.

"There!" Rain-chan said as we approached the outskirts of the quiet city.
"That's where we are heading. Urasaigashi Academy!"

Looking up at it, I let a little whistle escape from my mouth. The school itself seemed to be very large, comparable to the compound in Hokkaido. There seemed to be one main white building, with several others connected by open corridors. Glass and plants surrounded the school itself, giving it a very calm feeling. I could see several students hanging around near the front, most with sports equiptment heading around the building itself.

"A very nice building indeed... Think I could get a look around it after I register at the school? Seems I might be able to get lost in a school this big... Though luckily I am with you all, so it shouldn't be a problem, right?" I ended, letting out another smile.
Sorry for the short post, I'll definetely have much more up once we leave the school *cracks knuckles*

18th September 2003, 10:55 PM
Hmm... Thargor, A few comments about the duel. First off, in order to avoid personal bias, I think the duel should be concluded by a spectator rather than one of us. Second, perhaps there should be a certain structure to the way we post when we duel? At least we should have one for the first time we post, since I am not familiar with your special skills and neither are you with mine. Do you think we should post in between attacks or just one major post for you, one major post for me, and let the spectator conclude?
Well its up to you whether we should structure it or make it a "first come, first serve" duel. But at least we should leave the conclusion up to another poster.
"COME BACK WITH THAT!!! IT COULD BE DANGEROUS!!!" I shouted as I ran after Pecca, who held the dropper in which I was testing. After returning to the lab with some flowers I decided to pick up for experiments, I scolded Pecca a little for intruding on other people's business. She apparently got agitated by that statement, and suddenly in the middle of my experiment took the solution I was working with out of my hand and flew out of the door, with me chasing right after her.
She flew right into the (where else?) kitchen, which I'll admit seemed pretty fixed up at that point; the house owner man was preparing to cover up the burn marks on the 4th wall (they apparently reconstructed the other three) with white paint. I was sorry to say that I caused a great deal of conflict and confusion as I tried without reasoning to chase down my bird and retrieve the dropper. At one point, I tripped over a chair which caused the girl to suddenly hurl her cereal bowl to where Pecca was. Startled by the cereal, she dropped the dropper, which happened to land in a can of paint. For a while the can of paint bubbled and then subsided.
Then it exploded.
After being knocked out for several minutes, I steadily opened my eyes, expecting a whole new mess of the kitchen. But instead, all I saw was a dirt ground (in which for some reason, I was hovering over) and some remnants of cereal, a toaster, some pots and a towel, all of which seemed to be suspended in midair... where was I?!? "Hello?!? Is anyone here?" I asked.
"I'm right here..." said a voice that I thought was very close by. "But where are you guys?"
"Where am I?!?" said another voice. I thought I remembered this one from the morning, though it wasn't the chef that blew himself up... "Where did my body go to? Why am I a ghost?!? AM I DEAD?!?!?!?"
"Hmm..." said the girl's voice from another corner. "The toaster... yea, it was there... the pots were there also... so where's the kitchen??"
While I was talking, I pondered about the situation. Then I spoke, "Strange as it may seem, I think this is what happened. After the paint can exploded with whatever was in that dropper, the paint molecules must have become modified somehow to make us appear transparent, make our molecules become something clear like glass or water..." I held up my hand to see if I can see anything. "...only this seems MUCH more transparent than glass. In any case, some of the objects that aren't invisible probably did not get touched by paint, yet those that DID get touched by paint are entirely invisible, which leads me to believe that one transparent molecule affects its neighboring molecule. Or, that anything the paint touches, makes completely invisible." At that point the towel slowly disappeared in the act of someone wiping their hands.
"Hey he's right," the girl said from where the towel once stood.
"I think that only the paint causes transparency, whereas us touching anything that is dry will not..."
"I think that's enough talk, now can you fix this?" Said the homeowner man.
"Eer... I think so... wait I know! Pecca!" A bird chirpped out of nowhere. "Lead me to my room... WAIT!! CHIRP me to my room, I can't see you. Everyone else, stay in the kitchen; it would be a real bother if I had to go all around the house looking for someone invisible, and I'm sure you guys don't enjoy staying that way either, right?"
I left off to follow a trail of chirps.
OOC: Yes, that was completely random. I hope I did everyone's character correctly.

19th September 2003, 03:54 PM
I laughed softly to myself as I prepared my little 'surprise'.
This is going to be good! Raine will think twice before cracking me one with that broom again. I'm a genius.
I then heard the door open. Shade came in.
"Hey Johnny. Whatchya doin?" Panicing, I quickly hid my surprise under my bed.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, "shouldn't you be at school?"
"I was going to ask you the same thing." Shade replied.
"I'm a 2nd year Ronin."
"1st year." I was surprised. I had no idea that Shade was a Ronin. It did seem to make a bit of sense though.
"Well...uh...sorry about that."
"That's okay. So what are you doing?" I figured it was safe to tell him. After all, he got a couple of whacks from those girls too.
"Do you know what this is?" I asked.
"It looks like and extendo-glove wrapped in wrapping paper."
"Exactly. When Raine gets back, I plan to pretend I'm all friendly and want to make peace with her." I then showed Shade the bottem of the package.
"When she looks over the package, I press this bottun on POW! She'll think twice before bringing that broom out against me again." Shade began to laugh.
"Nice plan."
"You wont tell her will you?"
"I wont." Shade then turned to leave. I then returned to my desk and continued with my little trap.

20th September 2003, 05:24 PM
Arisu/F/18/High School Senior
BonBon was happily panting on the other end of the leash. People had always gone "Awww, how cute" and then tried to pet the blonde Pomerian, which was a mistake. The result was that BonBon immidietly tried to rip off any of their fingers, toes, or pants. Most of the dogs stayed out of BonBon's way. Today she'd claimed several new victims. Arisu ignored it all. You got pretty used to the cries of "Ow! Bad doggie! Let go of my fingers! Owowow! GAAAAH!!! GO AWAY DOGGIE!!! DEMON DOGGIE!!!". She nodded at Tsuuriki and his question.
"Of course! C'mon, let's hurry! The sooner you get enrolled, the sooner we can get the shopping done and over with, and then we can go play some DDR!"
Arisu grabbed Tsuuriki's hand and felt her heart quicken at the contact. She brushed it off. After all, she just met this guy.
"The principal's office this way!" She grinned at the others. "C'mon, everyone! Let's go!" Arisu then remembered something that Rainea might like." Rain-chan, I heard they just opened a new Karoke Bar near the arcade! Let's visit it also after we're done shopping!"
With that, Arisu began running, leading Tsuuriki by the hand when she remembered something.
"I never told you my name, did I? I'm Arisu, also called Ari, if you haven't figured that out." She then giggled. "And if you can't tell, I love DDR."
Where is everyone? Has school been that busy? ;_;

Elemental Seribii
20th September 2003, 07:11 PM
Eh, I just had to think of something to post. Also...I think I'll make Mii a harmless flirt. You know, the kind that just flirts with the boys just to see other girls' reactions...

Mizu - F, Junior
Well well. Ari and Riki's relationship is developing fast.
"They're eloping already?" I remarked, giggling.

Rain stared at me for a few seconds, twitching violently. "Rain, you should see a doctor. You're twitching."

"Mii-Mii. Seriously. What do you think of Riki-chan?" Come on, Mii. Try to be serious.
"Ooh. In the "-chan"s already, Rain?" I grinned, but failed in the serious-ness area. "Don't worry. I think he's just a really nice guy. Cute, too. You know me. I can't stand it if you two are having all the fun with the boys. He's all yours."
Rain nodded, a wise look on her face, before realizing what I said. She rolled her eyes, blushing. "However. Arisu...I dunno. I say eliminate the competition while you still have the chance." I grinned, and Rain smiled, rolling her eyes again.

"Come on, let's go get Riki-chan enrolled. Then we can go shopping. Get groceries..." I moaned. "Go to that new karaoke place Ari was talking about, and then we can go DDRing. Let's see if we can force Riki into it." I winked, and she just shook her head, and we walked down the hall.

"You're impossible, Mii." We both stopped outside of the principal's office, where Ari was waiting.
"Yeah, I guess so. A good kind of impossible, though."

"He just went in." Ari motioned her head towards the door, still slightly pink in the face.

21st September 2003, 01:21 AM
Senior Student(17)-F

I smiled at Mii, who seemed to catch onto things very quickly.
Rain... are you nuts?! You've just had a few run-ins with him this morning, one of them rather embarressing, and then you were having a nice conversation... that's... that's all. Don't just suddenly fall into this infactuation!
My mind screamed at me. Boys... my past really hit me hard, as I remembered all the boys there who always made fun of me because there were no girls to play with. When I had tried to play their games-
But he's not THOSE boys... he's different, he's a mature guy who was very fun to talk too..
I smiled at this comment, as Mii, Janice and Arisu and I waited outside of the principal's office. For some strange reason, he was always there on sundays... but then again, he was a very strict guy when it came to education.
I suddenly thought, gazing to my good friend who sat in the chair, still slightly pink, giggling slightly from time to time as if she were struck by some silly laughing potion. I felt happy for her... but then again, a twinge of jealousy struck me. Arisu was so pretty with her cute outfits and her silky dark hair...
Why did I have to be a silly golden blonde?
My hair always gave me a stereotypical 'air' about it.
"Hey Rain!" Arisu suddenly shouted, and in the midst of my thoughts I hadn't really excected it.
"GWAH!" I fell off the chair suddenly, crashing to the ground as I winced slightly and then got to my feet. Mii laughed slightly at this, smirking as Janice shook her head.
"You day dreaming?"
I immediatly, with out knowing... did my 'blank face' expression, and then turned a slight shade of red.
"No." I sharply answered, as Arisu shrugged it off.
" So, after this how about we head off to DDR after this? Then the Karaoke place?"
I shrugged, "Sure, then we can go shopping like Mii and Janice wanted, and THEN our ultimate goal- groceries."
They all nodded, when suddenly the principal's door opened and out popped a rather exuasted Riki-chan. Arisu mused..
"Had to fill out the forms?"
Riki nodded, giving a rather grim expression... "There were very many... but the principal's nice enough.."
Many of our faces turned to an expression of shock. Nice and principal never really went into the same sentence at Urasaigashi Academy. I smiled, as I stood up and patted Riki upon the shoulder.
" Well, that's because you have a very mannered demeanor, unlike most of the students here... our principal takes a liking to that very quickly."
They all nodded, as we started walking down the halls...
" Hey, tomorrow I'll show you your classes before school starts. That way you'll know where you are going." Arisu stated, and quickly I nodded furiously as I put in my two cents as well.
"Uhm-yeah, me too! I'll show you where your classes are!"
Mii elbowed me and winked, as I turned a deep shade of red and suddenly looked away from Riki-chan as I walked next to him with Arisu. We walked off the school grounds as Janice announced to Tsuuriki.
"We've decided to go to the Arcade for DDR that Arisu wanted, then Karaoke, then shopping!" She beamed at the last remark, as I smirked..
"Don't forget Groceries!"
They all groaned again...
"Hey Riki-chan, what classes did you sign up for in the principal's office anyway?" I said, smiling brightly as I gave him a little nudge.

Tyler and Hobbes
21st September 2003, 06:05 AM
Sotashi-M-1st year Ronin
As I walked up to that mettalic blue doorstep, I knew, I had to go back to the hotel. Now to go find the group!
After going all over town, I finally found the group. They were all walking together, having fun, laughing. I wanted to turn back right then and there, but I knew, in my heart, that woulde wrong. They didn't seem to notice me, until I said,"Hey guys." I should have washed off a bit, in fact I could have passed as someone drunk. Someone very drunk. I smiled at them, hoping that I wouldn't get chased again. "So, look, I'm sorry for messing up everyone's lives, and seeing you, well you know," I said, not wanting to say anything I might regret. "So, can I come with you?" I asked, I didn't know it then, but my eyes were watering and they were big, so it looked like something no one could resist.
And the saga begins.....BUWAHAHA

21st September 2003, 06:49 AM
Engi: um, did the whole house disappear or something? 'Cause that's what I'm basing my next post on.

Great. I finally fix up the kitchen, and then this guy comes in and turns the whole house invisible. 'Raine is going to be so mad at me... I thought to myself.

"So..." Shaina-san said again, startling me slightly. It gives one a rather uneasy feeling hearing disembodied voices suddenly speak.

"So..." I repeated, looking around at the kitchen that was no more. "Hmm. Well, on the plus side, I definitely can't see any more burn marks." I heard a small giggle eminate from where I assumed Shaina-san was.

"Heh," I said. "Well, I guess we just wait here...that guy seemed to know what he was doing." In all honesty, that's what I least wanted to be doing. Leaving the whole house's existance on the trust of some unreliable pseudo-chemist.

"Okay," she said. "But what do we do in the meantime?"

"Well, we can talk..."
"Okay, what do you want to talk about?"
"Um, I dunno. You?"
"I'm out of ideas."

"That's just great," I said, sighing deeply. "I just hope he fixes this mess soon."

"Yeah," Shaina-san replied. "It's really freaky not being able to see my own body."

We were silent for a couple minutes. Then I said, "I wonder how the other girls are doing..."

21st September 2003, 02:34 PM
I guess Valius is chopped liver, huh? and I think it was just the kitchen.
"I'm sure they're doing fine," I commented. Apparently, the two had forgotten I was still here, not a hard task considering we were all invicible to each other. I could here the noises made as they jumped in shock, and several invicible pots and pans hit the ground.

"Yeah, I'm still here," I said, "It's kind of unnerving how there are three disembodied voices in the room." I was standing still, for fear I might cause some god awful accident. Being the active guy I was, it was not the most comfortable thing to do. I began to talk, just to get my mind off things.

"I'll tell you one thing: that kid could sure give my cousin a run for his money. I haven't seen an accident this bizarre since Boris managed to paint the interior of our house in background changing color," I continued. I could almost imagine the look of confusion on the other people's faces.

"Huh?" said Maiku, befuddled.
"Example: Sometimes the walls would look like a mural of the rainforest. At another time, it looked like a mural of Death Valley," I stated, matter-o'-factly. I could now imagine the look of surprise on their faces.

"You're kidding?" a more feminine voice, someone I wasn't familiar with. No, I wasn't.

"No, I'm not. If this kid genius can turn this kitchen into the home of the Invisible Man. Then my genius cousin can do what I just told you," I responded, somewhat indignantly, but remaining understanding. I didn't want to lose my temper again.

"Not to sound narcissistic(sp?), but why don't we introduce ourselves to each other to pass the time. I'm Valius Black; I'm here to reduce the stress in my life, and that's not working."

21st September 2003, 05:38 PM
Eer... I'll just clear things up in my last post...

Only the kitchen should be invisible, and even in the kitchen there are some pots and pans that aren't invisible. Here's how it works. Anything the paint with the weird chemical stuff touches turns invisible; an invisible person that touches something does NOT turn anything invisible. So only the kitchen, some stuff, and you guys are invisible.

I hope that clears some things up.

EDIT: On another note, no offense but you guys aren't much fun. I turn you all invisible and all you do is stay there and talk. :P

22nd September 2003, 02:40 PM
Tsuuriki- M- 18

I smiled at Rain-chan's nudge, "Well, I signed up for the standard math classes, physics, Japanese lit, P.E., the Dancing class, and the Choral group."

Rain-chan seemed a bit taken aback at the choral group, and her face grew blank for a moment before smiling, and admitting that she was in the group as well. Arisu seemed happy that I had signed up for the dancing class as well.

"So, know anything about Dancing Riki-chan?" Arisu asked me.

I rubbed the back of my head nervously, "I know the waltz, and several formal dances that my grandfather made me learn for fancy occasions... Nothing special..."

Honestly I was a bit nervous that we were going to the arcade, then a Karaoke bar together. I doubted that I would be able to do so well among so many new people... But I suppose it would be a fun experiance to be had...

Stopping for a second in the middle of the walk, I bowed to the group of girls.

"Thank you all for leading me to the school, and helping me out despite the inconveniance I've placed on you all." Bowing once more, I laughed slightly.

"There shouldn't be anymore excitement like that explosion that occurred this morning... I doubt any normal mistake could top that."

I laughed along with the group, as we continued on to the Arcade...

22nd September 2003, 05:10 PM

Senior Student(17) - F

"You're not an inconvienence!" I said happily, feeling very greatful that he was going to join the Choir... finally some one I knew was going to be in there. Of course, it wasn't like he'd think I was a great singer... I wasn't too vocal anymore around many people ever since back at home my parents and family made me feel too embarressed to ever sing in public. Only Mii had ever really heard me sing... not even Arisu ever heard me sing in my true voice. Once she forced me to sing a note in a hot spring wash day, and I sung on little note... Oh well...
Riki-chan, He was in dancing too... and thinking about that made me jealous as well. Arisu was in there...
Holy crap Rainea, why are you getting so... protective? You've known this guy for what, not even a DAY!
I blushed at my own thought, as I shrugged and sighed..
Well, just don't get too attached. You'll end up hurt like all the other times...
Frowning at this, I quickly erased it as Arisu beamed.
"The Arcade is heeere!"
We had walked far down the streets, entering the main part of town where everything was. Resturants... arcades.. stores... many unique and different things were all about. There were people bussling about the streets, but today strangely there were not that many. I was about to say some thing, when suddenly Sotashi showed up. He looked like he had breathed really heavily to catch up to some thing, and he immediatly asked if he could come with us. I made an expression of 'aww..' The poor guy must have ran a long ways. Smiling to Riki-chan, Arisu, Mii, and Janice I beamed.
"Sure you can come with us! The more the merrier! Don't worry, you can't possibly mess up OUR lives."
Mii grinned, as we soon walked through the arcade...


Arisu practically screamed as her eyes set themselves upon DDR, and she bounded to it with so much excitement she almost knocked poor Janice and Sotashi down. I sweatdropped, as she grabbed Riki-chan's hand and pulled him.
"You've gotta try this with me!"
I swallowed, as I leaned back and watched for them to go ahead and do what Arisu does best.

Flirt and dance.


Elemental Seribii
22nd September 2003, 07:43 PM
Mii - F, Junior
"There's no way you can mess up OUR lives." I giggled at Sotashi, and he beamed. We all walked into the Arcade, Ari made a mad dash to the empty DDR machine.

I grinned (but couldn't help sweatdropping) as Ari grabbed Riki-san and made him dance with her. As Ari chatted with him on how to do it, Rain suddenly tensed, and then blushed. I suddenly felt bad, but I couldn't tell why.

"Don't worry, Rain-chan, please, for me?" I offered her a more concerned smile. "Besides, time is a great weaver of lives, but the thread should never be green with envy blues." She sweatdropped, as I just smiled back. Ah, advice laden with riddles is fun.

Riki-san wasn't bad, especially for a first time DDR dancer. He had rhythm, and lucky for him, Ari had started on a "warm up level", because she hadn't danced that recently. When the girl got into it, she could groove. Heh, groove. Who uses that word anymore?

Rain seemed happy Riki-san had choir with her. She was such a great singer, I think the school choir's a bit too easy for her. She'd never to admit to that, but she was.

As "Stomp To My Beat" started to play, I silently followed along, tapping my foot in a more subtle way than you had to on the machine. Rain smiled when she noticed me, when I there was a double diagonal.

Janice had looked like she had been debating with herself the whole time. When she noticed me glancing over, I offered a smile.

I, personally, was only better than slightly average at one DDR song - "Video Killed the Radio Star". I could manage through the Intermediate, if it was a good day.

"Come on, I'm pumped! Mind if I do an advanced level, Riki-chan?"

We all sweatdropped, and Riki nodded slowly, looking slightly nervous. Ari punched the button, and a whole complex stream of arrows attacked the two. Ack. Right, left, jump, turn, side...up, down, bleh.
Eck, I'm basing the DDR machine on the one I've played on, which was Euromix. Sorry if I messed that up. ^-^;

24th September 2003, 06:27 PM
Where'd Shade go?
I looked around the house but the guy wasn't to be found. I then noticed a note on the table.

I've gone to find the others. If you're going to come along as well, lock the house up before you go.

"So that's where Shade went," I said to myself, "That means I've got the whole place to myself." I smiled.
"Time to raid the pantry!"

A few minutes later...
I had managed to pile up a load of my favourite foods that they had stashed away.
"Easy," I said to myself, juggling the food as I walked over to the table, "Don't drop the food." I slumped the food down on the table and spread.
"Time to dig in!!"

30th September 2003, 04:18 PM
Meh, waited for Lady Ali to post on the subject, but this seems to be dying, and nobody wants that...

Tsuuriki- M- 18

"Come on, I'm pumped! Mind if I do an advanced level, Riki-chan?" asked Ari. She gave me a very intense look, one of a person looking for a challenge, a look that I was only used to seeing on one of my sparring partners...

Nervously, I agreed to the advanced level. What could it hurt? The first level we had done had been fairly easy, just a matter of a little bit of rhythm, and a keen eye for timing. I had thought it pretty fun actually, and Ari had certainly enjoyed it.

Then, she pressed the button...

The arrows were moving so fast!!!

Letting out a little yelp of surprise, my feet started to move at a frantic pace to keep up with the steady stream of arrows. Unlike the previous round where the tempo and rhythm had been easy to grasp, the beat seemed to convulse, and there seemed to be almost no pattern. Whatever grace I had achieved before was gone, my feet loudly pounding against the pads, and narrowly avoiding tripping me up.

It just began to get worse as the song continued on... No, not a song anymore, more like a contest of stamina and prediction. I attempted to consider it like this, and it became slightly easier... But I still missed arrows every now and then. To my right, Ari was taking it with ease, and giggling at my stumbles. She was still in control of her rhythm, and seemed to be enjoying my first attempts. Then, as my feet finally locked together and I fell off of the pad, the song was over.

The girls smiled at me, as I sweatdropped and got to my feet. I coughed slightly, and tried to regain some composure. I hadn't screwed up so badly on a video game since I was little... Perhaps this game wasn't exactly my thing.

"Interested in another, Riki-chan? That wasn't too bad for a first try," said Ari as she smiled at me.

"Heh... Maybe a bit later Ari-chan. I think I'd like to take a breather now..." Walking over to Rain-chan, Janice, and Satoshi, I leaned against the wall and hid a sigh. Ari frowned for a moment, then looked at Mii.

"Up for Video Killed the Radio Star, Mii?" she asked. Mii nodded, and they both got up on the machine as another song began.

Leaning towards Rain, I whispered, "I don't think I managed to do too well on that... Hopefully I don't embarass you guys later at the karaoke bar too much. Though I bet you'll be great there. You sound like you have a voice for singing..."

I noticed how she suddenly lost all expression for a moment, then got red. She looked like she was about to speak for a moment, when a boom erupted from the front of the arcade, as the doors slammed against the entrance.

Emerging from the streets, a group of teenagers, perhaps 16 to 18 years old came in, about five of them. They were all dressed in school uniforms, that looked like they came from the Academy... All wore red bandanas around their heads, and offered cocky looks around the arcade itself. Several of them were smoking, and one rubbed out a cigarette on the head of a kid who was playing a racing game.

The kid began to cry, then ran away as the gang itself laughed. I noted how many of the younger kids in the arcade itself began to leave their machines, and head for the exit in the back... This could be trouble...

30th September 2003, 04:41 PM
I notice that to, especially cause neither Virtual Play, EngiMatikul, or Marshmellow Egg have posted, and they are the only three people my character is currently able to interact with. I'd post myself, but A) I'd prefer it if the characters introduced themselves (1st person) because I don't really know why they are there (well I have a clue, but that's not quite what I mean) and B) I'd have to change the subject otherwise, and I don't see a graceful way to do that.

And yes I know all I'm doing is complaining and not contributing to the solution.

30th September 2003, 08:14 PM
Perhaps Glad, you should PM them. ^^; I've PMed several people as well. Either that, or find us.


Senior Student (17) - F

I felt myself flush red for a second, as I quickly smiled and nodded. Riki-chan... thought I might have a good voice... because of the way I tal-
Suddenly a kid crying caught my attention, as I turned my head away from Riki-chan to five teenagers who had entered the area. Immediatly I felt myself tense, as my fists clenched slightly and a few of them gazed towards me. There were three guys and two girls... both with bad-additudes, and Ari, Mii, and Janice recognized them instantly. They were some of the 'outcasts' or 'bullies' of school you could say, always going around and thrusting their weight and heavy fists in the air. One of the guys, sort of the 'ring leader' was named Akiedo, and he often ran into me since he joined CHoir for an easy grade.

"Well well... if it isn't the Wai House sissy girlies?" One of the girls said, plucking a cigarette from her mouth and smirking with gray-frosted eyes as her black hair fell over her eyes. Ari and Mii stopped their game, as I felt my lips pierce into a thin line. Akiedo looked at me with those piercing green eyes, and smirking as he rubbed his hand over his short, fluffy brown hair (he was the only one who did not wear any headgear), he cooly implied..
"Hey, Rain... I heard that they didn't hire mutes in choir anymore."

I swallowed hard, as Riki-chan looked slightly confused, as I frowned. Akiedo continued,
"But hey... maybe if you hang around with me for a while, I can teach you how to really howl out?" I felt my face instantly grow tense at his sexual reference, as Riki-chan's face grew grim as if he were measuring up his opponents.
" I'd never let you touch me."

Akiedo smirked at this, as he walked forward towards me. I could hear Riki-chan suddenly make a move but Mii quickly grabbed his arm as if to stop him. Mii knew that I usually could handle Akiedo by myself. Akiedo got so close to me that I could smell the cigarette smoke on his clothing, as he almost brushed against me but stopped short. Gazing down at me, he smiled... almost too slyly..
" Are you sure I can't touch you?"
"Don't dare."
"Leave us alone you b*tch!" Ari already had picked a fight with teh black-haired girl who Ib elieve was in one of Ari's classes.

Suddenly Akiedo grabbed my arm and pressed his lips against mine. I was totally caught off guard... Akiedo tried to 'get' me in a way, but never before had he tried to kiss me. I was unprepared... and forcefully he kissed me and I quickly pulled away. The taste of his kiss lingered in my mouth... and it was painful and digusting. Glaring I suddenly brought forth my fist and punched him in the jaw, knocking him off his feet slightly as he staggered back, rubbing his jawbone. Glaring, he simply smirked..
"You b*tch"
"You b*st*rd!" I growled, and with that Akiedo stomped right over to me with an angry furry in his eyes.
"Let's get them all! I've got the girl... " he boomed, and immediatly he charged at me...


30th September 2003, 10:20 PM
Gah. Sorry, but life has been chaotic in high school cuz of all the budget cuts 'n stuff...

Arisu/F/18/High School Senior
Arisu snarled at the dark-haired girl before her, feeling the blood pumping through her veins.

"You're going down, you stuck up b!tch," the other girl said cockily, tilting her head and sneering. "I'm gonna smash your face u-"

She never got to finish.

Arisu was not one to waste time on taunting her openent. What she usually did was immidietly attack, which she had just did. One of her favorite reasons she loved dancing was that while it was fun, it could also be turned into a weapon if you knew how. And Arisu knew exactly what to do. Immidietly, she'd swept the other girl off her feet by using a move she learned in breakdancing. The other girl appeared surprised as she landed on her back.

"What the-" was all she managed to get out before Arisu was suddenly on top of her, fists bunched up and heading towards the girl's face. You just didn't mess with Arisu or her friends. That is, if you wanted to live a relatively pain-free life.

30th September 2003, 10:32 PM
Hmm... well frankly I tried to do something to stir things up but... well... you guys didn't take it as very fun? In any case, I tried contributing my part.

However, when they come back from their trip things should get more interesting. With the majority of the people left at home invisible and that duel coming up... dangit guys come home already! We haven't even gotten through ONE DAY!! :P

Thargor, I still wait for a response to my previous messege.

1st October 2003, 09:57 PM
EngiMatikul: Well to be honest looking at the character sheets, this would be anything but a fair fight if it was a full out duel... Tsuuriki's main specialty is fighting, with several masteries, and his own fighting style, while your character is not one who usually fights (at least according to the char sheet). Tsuuriki has already mulled this over a little bit (being a bit more annoyed than usual after nearly being blown up) in a previous post, and will likely turn it into something like teaching your character how to throw or take a punch or something like that... But if you want a serious fight based on our character's individual fighting abilities, you can have it. I'm comfortable with multiple round turn based posts, or one large post.

Now that I've addressed that... *cracks knuckles* Time for Tsuuriki to kick some Japanese punks...

Tsuuriki- M- 18

My eyes opened in surprise at the gang leader's move against Rain-chan, and I made a move to stop this before it got any further. But I quickly found Mii stopping me, grabbing my arm before I could move any further. I halted in my tracks at this moment, allowing Mii's apparent experience with these delinquents to dictate my actions. I could clearly see the filthy look of greed on the brown-headed boy's face, a spoiled brat getting ready to steal something from a store. The look that had overtaken Rain-chan was much the opposite; loathing and disgust filled her normally tranquil eyes.

Then, he grabbed her and kissed her. Shock had overcome my body at this moment, as I saw her squirm, and shake off the unwanted lip lock. She punched the jerk right in the chin, something that seemed to shake him up slightly, but hurt her more. One of the first lessons I had learned in the martial arts was that a punch in the face was the fastest way to get a broken hand...

Immediately the scene degenerated as the gang leader screamed for the rest of his pathetic gang to attack us all, while going for Rain-chan himself. Arisu was the only girl other than Rain-chan that immediately went on the offensive, quickly flooring one of the girls, and delivered blow after blow. The other gang girl stood back from this, seemingly in shock over the ferocity of Arisu. This just left the other two guys, who quickly steered themselves at Mii and Janice. They had not noticed I was part of their group yet...

I snapped my eyes to the scene between Rain-chan and the leader, and saw her grunt in effort as he tried to wrestle her to the ground, both of her wrists held tightly by his hands. A deep anger stirred within me at this, as the two guys came within my range. I could see the frantic movements of the other girls behind me, as the two brutes shouted at them. This would have to be made quick.

"We're gonna mess you up bi-"

That was all the two managed to get out, before their eyes bulged slightly out of their sockets, and their feet lifted up off of the flooring. Supported by both of my fists, their heads and feet touched as they bent around their battered stomachs. In the period of just a couple of seconds, I had slammed both of them several times in the midriff each, all in the same area with each hit. The effect had been a quick knock out for each of them. Letting both of them go with a drop of my hands, I paid them no more attention as they slammed dully to the ground.

My eyes darkened to near black as I saw Rain-chan fall to the ground with a cry, and the leader raise a fist at her face. Paying no heed to anything else around me, I let a kick fly out at the offensive teenager. The kick slammed him in the chest, knocking him back into the wall, put effectively out of reach of Rain-chan. He recovered quickly from my kick of desperation, and snarled at him.

"Just who do you think you are, gaijin?" he sneered at me as he pushed off of the wall. He reached into his pocket, and withdrew something before rushing at me. I held my ground as he came up to me, unaware of what he was about to do next... In a flash, he raised his right fist, and pushed a button the hilt he was holding. A flash of steel popped up from amidst his fingers, and sliced through the air towards me.

The knife itself would have gouged out my right eye if I had not reacted quickly. As it was, it cut a clean line across my right cheek, quickly whetting the blade with my blood, and setting off trickles of red down my face. Not letting the pain get to me, I grabbed his still moving arm, and used his own momentum to throw him over me. He slammed back first into the DDR machine, letting several sparks fly from the monitor before crashing down on the pad.

With a groan, he began to get up... Just in time to look me in the eyes as I dragged him back up to his feet. Giving me a look of stark surprise and humiliation, he half-heartedly raised the hand that held the knife. I quickly wrenched his wrist, and he let it clatter to the ground with a grimace. I did not withdraw my grip on him, and he hissed in pain.

"What the hell do you want man?! This isn't your business! Let me go!"

I looked at him, my face almost completely without emotion, save for my eyes that were burning darkly in anger.

"What I want is for you, and your companions to apologize to these girls that you have just attacked, and leave."

He gaped at me for a second. "Now wait a minute! There is no way in hell we are going to-" He let out a little cry, as I increased the pressure.

"You aren't going to what? Apologize for imposing yourself on a woman who wants nothing to do with you? Attacking a group of girls in a public establishment? Using weapons in said establishment?" I kept on the pressure, keeping up my passive expression.

"Fine! We're sorry! Now let me go!" he gestured frantically with his head at the two remaining girls, one of which was sporting two new black eyes and a thoroughly ripped uniform. Mumbling their own apologies, they started to back away from our group. I let go of the leader and he shoved his way back from me.

"You're gonna regret messing with us, punk! The next time we see you, you're going to get the final beating of your very short life!" Stumbling out of the arcade, the group of thugs left the arcade, dragging out the two groggy guys, just now starting to stir.

I quickly let my passive expression drop, as I turned to Rain-chan who was still on the ground. Worry creased my face, as I went to help her from the ground. The blood on my face had begun to flow a bit less freely, but was now moving past my face and had begun to stain my shirt.

"Are you alright Rain-chan?" I asked her, the pain from my wound not reaching my mind.

1st October 2003, 10:25 PM

Senior Student(17)

I was shocked to see Riki-chan kneeling down beside me, after the events of what happened. I was so busy with Akiedo... I didn't notice how he disposed of the other two, until I got a glimpse of them falling. Then he took care of Akiedo so.. so effortlessly...
"I-I'm... I'm fine!" I said, smiling painfully and trying to hide how shaken up I was. I always tried to give off a 'strong' appearance, and I hoped I was adding up to some thing for it.
I got to my knees, they shook a bit, but I quickly evened them out so I stood straight until suddenly I saw his face..
"RIKI-SA-" I cut myself short, as I quickly took my ginger hands and cupped them around his chin softly, holding his head so that I could look at the wound across his cheek. It wasn't cut too deeply... but it was bleeding enough so that it had to hurt some what at least. Even if he was such... such a talented, handsome, warri-
Get a hold of yourself and help him!
I quickly took the sleeve of my shirt and using my teeth and one hand, I ripped it straight off. For a girl... I was pretty strong, even if the fabric was rather tough.
Riki-chan was about to say some thing, but I quickly put my finger on his lips to hush him, as I grabbed the loose, string-like band which held up my hair and untied it. Instantly my long, light-brown layered hair fell around my shoulders and slightly over some of my face.
I then took the large, ripped-fabric and placed it on teh cut, rubbing it softly to wipe away the blood which had stained into his face, and then I took eh string and slowly tied it in a cross fashion, which was not too tight so it went above his eyes and around his lower neck, so it didn't bother anything on his face. I twas loose too, so not to constrict blood or bother him...
Tying in slightly, I then smiled when I finished.

"There... that's a nasty cut..." I said softly, smiling as I pulled my hand away from his face. Suddenly I felt my breath shorten.. and my heart began to beat a little bit faster, and a little harder... swallowing, I found myself staring into his eyes. Our faces were awefully close... so close...I could feel his breath- shocked, I swallowed again. Scoling myself, I quickly took a step back.
Fool... he's a guy... he couldn't even possibly fathom the idea-
I cut off my own thought, as I instantly smiled.
"You know what.."
I suddenly noticed that Mii, Janice and Arisu were gazing at me and Riki-chan, as if waiting for what to do next.
" ... umm... maybe we should just head back to the house? I can go grocery shopping tomorrow early in the morning, and who cares about the old karoke bar."
I smiled- slightly forced- as I looked to RIki-chan and felt slightly pink.
"Besides... you could use our bathroom to clean up that cut. I didn't know you were so... so skillfull too... thanks... so... so much."
I said, as I felt myself beginning to wonder about him... about how he learned such... interesting talents..

Elemental Seribii
3rd October 2003, 08:42 PM
Ack, sorry for not posting. I got your PM, Thargor, thanks for reminding me. ^-^; I was trying to think of what to post...and yeah. I sort of forgot. Sorry.
If I've got this right, only the kitchen and a bunch of people are invisible. I'll edit this if I'm wrong.

Mizu - F, Junior
I felt so bad for Rain, and for Riki, for having to be shoved into our never-ending war with Akideo and his gang of minions. He usually rotated them every year, depending on who could beat up the most people. Akideo wasn't the best fighter himself, so he needed protection.

Ari grinned at me, before launching into a full blown thanks speech to Riki.

That awkward moment between Rain and Riki...I smiled. I elbowed Rain, and raised my eyebrows. She blushed, shoving me lightly.
"Leave it, Mii-chan." She laughed.

"Awh, Riki-san. You broke Ari's precious DDR machine." I giggled. That would probably send Ari into withdrawl for a few weeks.

Rain offered a new plan - just get back to the house. I had a feeling she was slightly happy she was getting out of the karaoke, but who knows.

Riki's face had a very nice gash in it, as Ari came back from the bathroom with tissues. Rain took some and put pressure on the cut, and Riki held it from there.

"Ehehe. Let's get going, guys, before they figure out we broke the machine." Sotashi offered. I nodded, and we casually dashed out of the Arcade.

(Back at the Wai House)

"Honey, I'm hooooome!" I sang into the house. I heard a few muffled curses, before walking into the main hall.

"Zu? Rain? Ari? We did have a kitchen, didn't we?" Janice asked. We all looked at each other, wondering what was wrong with Janice.

"Don't be silly, Janice. Of course we have a..." I trailed off, too shocked to continue. As I stood besides Janice, my mouth fell open. The rest of them appeared behind me, as I pointed to where our kitchen used to be.

"Oh God."
Hope it's okay that we went back to the Wai House...^-^;

3rd October 2003, 11:41 PM
Thargor- I have already planned ever since the beginning to conclude that the duel would be won by you. However, judging from your character's personality, I think he would have a tendency to... not expect some of Cong's abilities. Plus, there's that slight flesh wound you have... We can discuss this over PM if you'd like.
After many attempts that ended up in futility and a great deal of resources used up, I have finally concluded that to counteract the transparency effects of the chemical involves a type of acid to counteract the basic (as in the acid/base reaction) which would result in getting the invisible object visible and wet. With water, of course. It involved an acidic compound with the most accurate balancing of pH to the paint (because if the pH were to be too low, it would result in a very bad burn... or something worse) and an addition of the original ingredient in the mysterious flower. Unfortunately, I ran out of the latter when I used up the last amount to make Pecca visible again so I went out to go get more of the flowers.
I ran into one of the girls who apparently have came back.
"Oh... you... I need help finding the garden... can you help me?"
For lack of anything else to put in. XP

EDIT: I believe it would be important to note that Cong is invisible right now. Also, paint is basic right? >.> Well this one is... yea... this paint is a base... (I hope)

6th October 2003, 08:04 PM
Tsuuriki- M- 18

We had finally arrived back home... It was looking none worse the wear, but I was feeling guilty as we went through the door. It was my fault that Rain-chan hadn't been able to go to the karaoke bar... And wasn't able to go shopping like she had wanted to. If only I had taken that punk more seriously, she wouldn't have gotten so worried because of my injury. Though it had been nice for somebody to care for once when I got injured... And the way she had looked at me for that moment... I looked at Rain-chan with some determination on my face. I would make it up for her!

I was snapped out of my reverie, as I heard heard Mizu say "Oh god". The kitchen was completely invisible. Added to the fact, was Cong voice had suddenly appeared directly infront of Janice.

"Oh... you... I need help finding the garden... can you help me?"

Janice screamed loudly, and waved her hands infront of her at a dizzying pace.


A shout could be heard, as it sounded like somebody had just gotten the wind knocked out of them. I heard a thud infront of Janice, as I arched an eyebrow. I quickly ran up to her, and stopped her from waving her arms.

"Stop for a second Janice, I don't think a ghost would have Cong's voice... Unless he had died while we were gone, and I don't think that's too likely..." Thinking upon what I had said, it was probably in fact LIKELY that somebody had died while we were out, but I did not ammend my sentence.

After hearing a few drawn out breaths, Cong answered.

"Yes... Invisible... Ouch..."

I felt Rain-chan's sleeve get more damp as I waited, but my curiousity had gotten the best of me. I let the pain take residence in the back of my head, as I stared at the spot where I could hear Cong.

"What happened here?"

6th October 2003, 09:22 PM
Virtual Play didn't respond, and I haven't found a good moment to contact Marsh.

"It's a long story," I responded, again, catching people by surprise, "Summarized, Cong's experiment went a little awry. Um, Sorry, little buddy, but I couldn't really stand in one place too long, neither Maiku or the other girl were in a talkative mood."

I moved my hand through the air, just to check if I could at least make an outline to my presence. I doubt we'd be 100% transparent, but we might bend light. I was pleased to see that I wasn't, so they had an idea where I was.

"Call it my just desserts, I guess," I responded sheepishly, "Sorry for being an *** earlier, I haven't been in the best of moods. Any idea when we can become visible. I don't want to be the Invisible Man."

"Well, I think I know the ingredients needed for a cure," the bodiless voice that was Cong responded.

"Alright," I said in a pleased manner (I hope), "but I think I'd like to supervise this time. None of us want another explosion in the house."

"I'll be careful this time," Cong replied, indignant. My first reaction was to snort or at least make a skeptic gesture, but the smarter, casual, part of me began to take over. I sighed to myself before taking on a chipper mood. I don't know if I was forcing it, but if I was, it was a good act.

"Alright," I responded, "but would you at least consider getting supervision, I mean even the greatest genius needs supervision every now and then."

7th October 2003, 09:27 PM
[size=1]Senior Student(17)

I stared in disbelief at our vanished kitchen...
"W-what?" I stammered... it was such a shock, to see our kitchen suddenly gone. I was still blushed and worried about Riki-chan... although I, embarressingly thinking about it, rather enjoyed helping him... I did.
"WHAT THE HELL!? I don't care WHO supervises, we better get this FIXED before tonight!!" Arisu boomed, and she gazed at me and I nodded. We both did not like destruction of the house.
"Yes... I would like to cook dinner tonight, even with our lack of ingredients." I stated, as I didn't move... as Cong's voice seemed to float through the air.
"WEll, I'm going to work on a way to re-do the kitchen... it's simle and I think I'll be able to do it easily."
I nodded as I looked to Riki-chan, "Well, get working on it pronto! I'm not even gonna ASK how this happened!"
I heard the shuffling of feet as TWO bodies seemed to leave the room... and I sighed as thevoice of Maiku rose up.
" He created some explosion which I guess hit the whole kitchen, and us... making us all transparent."
Riki-chan was nodded, "Odd."
I sighed, as Mii suddenly rose her voice..
"So, what are we going to do now?"
I shrugged... "I guess there's not much we can do, maybe we'll just have to let them handle this."

7th October 2003, 11:14 PM
We walked for some distance, not exactly knowing who I was following, but eventually we seemed to have gotten to the Garden.
"Alright, so I think we should start looking now..." As I began my search.
"Right. Um... what are we looking for?" The other invisible man asked.
"Oh of course. We're looking for the one that contains a strange chemical markup that retains a unique set of genes which produce proteins whereas, when mixed with a base, produces transparency."
"... What does it look like?"
"Its flower looks like..."I suddenly heard a growling noise at my feet. " eer..." I looked down and saw the dog's angry face again... it sniffed me out... and it began barking. Threateningly. Then it lunged. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"

I quickly ran for my life, not having a single clue which way I was going. The dog followed with an amazing speed.
Stupid Dog. :P

8th October 2003, 07:19 PM
OOC: I am sorry! I am so, so sorry! I have the most evil teachers in the world, and then my internet was going really slow, and I've had to babysit a bunch recently ;_; Everything's just been chaotic. Again, I'm sorry!

Shaina-Eve Calloway - 16 - F - Junior

"I guess there's not much we can do, maybe we'll just have to let them handle this," Rain said.

"Umm... handle this HOW?" I asked. "I can't see myself!" I held up a hand to prove my point, then realized that no one else could see me either. My hand quickly dropped to my side. "This really isn't cool," I said with a sigh.

"Oh come on, you have to admit it's at least a LITTLE neat being invisible," I heard Maiku say.

"Not really," I muttered, but I couldn't help grinning a little - not that it mattered, because again, no one could see me or anything I was doing. "Okay, so maybe it kinda is. I'm just afraid someone's going to... I don't know, step on me or something."

"At least we can be seen a little," Valius said. "In the light, anways."

He stepped into a patch of light, and suddenly there was a very, very faint outline visible. It was like looking through an extremely clean window, but at least he could be seen.

"See?" he said.

"Not too well, but yes," I said, giggling a bit. It got a couple laughs from the others, as well. It was a stupid joke, but then I had a habit of making stupid jokes and comments when I was a little nervous or something.

"Let's just hope that Cong kid knows what he's doing as far as making the cure goes...." Maiku said. The others nodded.

"Yeah... I'm thinking it's probably not going to go over too well at school if we-"

I never got to finish my sentence, because I was interrupted by an earsplitting yell from somewhere near the house.


"That sounds like Cong!" Arisu exclaimed.

I heard footsteps thunder past us, with a dog hot on the trail of the sound. Arisu's dog, to be exact. He tore around the kitchen, trying his hardest to catch his invisible prey.

"Help help help help help!" Cong screeched.

"Arisu, make BonBon stop!" Valius shouted.

I couldn't help myself. I burst out laughing. The "sight" of a little dog chasing around an invisble fourteen-year-old who was screeching at the top of his lungs was just hilarious somehow. I sat down hard on the kitchen floor, clutching my invisible stomach, tears rolling down my invisible face.

"Shaina-Eve, you okay?" Rainea asked.

"I... can't breathe...." I managed to choke out.

10th October 2003, 07:06 PM
Hmmm... I'd like to see this problem solved by the invisible posters, but I can't see them... (pun intended)

I'll be editing this later tomorrow if nobody posts until then... Just have to concentrate on some sleeping tonight before the SAT's ^_^;;

10th October 2003, 11:34 PM
Well, I imagined that the poster for Cong would be doing the solving, but for the sake of getting this little ordeal over with (I've lost patience, too) I'm stepping in. This will not be my best post. It's midnight, I've had three glasses of Coke at 8ish, my visions shot, and I'm not in the mood. Valius' stress has reached its high.

I had it, I was stuck in a girl's dorm which I could not pay for, I was tired of screaming and arguing, and being screamed and argued at, and I was tired of being invisible. I walked up to the barking dog, picked it up with my two arms, and grunted under its weight. The dog was silent, surprised to have been lifted in mid-air. For a moment, I could have sworn it saw me, well I hoped it saw the fury in my eyes.

"I'm...in...a...bad...mood," I said before I shook the dog as hard as I could, "SO LEAVE THE KID ALONE, AND LET HIM DO HIS JOB!!!!!"

I had read from a Peanuts comic that, to punish a puppy, the mother dog would shake her pup and drop him. It was the best way she could discipline the pup because she had no hands. I doubted it would work, but I would try. I wasn't going to drop him, I wasn't that mean, but I had hoped I had scared it into going away. I gently placed the dog onto the ground, and the dog seemed to crawl away whimpering. I was going to catch hell for this, but I decided I had enough. I turned to everyone else, visible anyway.

"I'm sorry," I responded as I catched my breath, "That you had to see that; you can fry me for it later." I then turned to where Cong might have been.

"Hurry, it up, Cong, I've lost my patience. I'm overstressed. I want this to be over with, and I want it over with now!" There was some venom to my voice, but I was not yet in the mood to apologize. I could almost imagine some giant black aura/mass was surrounding my transparent body as I stood there, this was probably how I was seen by those who had gotten on my bad side. I could almost here Cong gulp, as he began to walk away. I followed his footsteps to the garden.


I was watching over what appeared to be a bunch of liquid filled beakers moving around on there own. Obviously, this was Cong mixing it the final ingredients. I had mellowed out some, but the menace was still there. Cong knew I was standing behind him, and I bet that my being there wasn't going to help any. At last, the thing was finished. We could end this.

"Do you think it will work," I asked, concerned. He nodded his head meekly as I sighed to myself, "Still, we should try this on the kitchen, no sense losing a life over it." Somehow I bet that everyone wanted that to happen to me. This always happens when I'm overstressed, you'll love me after I have mellowed out.

Trust me.

11th October 2003, 03:37 PM
Could someone please tell me what's going on?

11th October 2003, 04:05 PM
We're basically waiting for EngiMatikul, AKA Cong, to post that everybody is back to normal, or whatever. If he doesn't give it until tomorrow, and I will be doing that...

11th October 2003, 09:32 PM
"So..." I asked while everyone was working on the kitchen, "who wants to try it first?" I asked.
"Try? We already know it works," asked the scary guy who yelled away the dog.
"Well... there's a slight risk involved in testing out the spray formula on living organisms, particularly, humans. I've milded it down to the lowest acidic ingredient, however, there's still a risk involved in testing the experiment out."
"Why don't you just try it on yourself?" The girl asked.
"Well, if I die, then I can't develop another antidote now can I?"
Everyone was silent for a while.
"In the meantime," I stated in their silence, spraying some on my clothes, "It works well on nonorganic materials, so we can revert the kitchen back to its normal state."
OOC: Ok everything fixed... kinda. Sorry if I was any disctraction; was trying to do something while you guys were out. :P

EDIT: And so basically I just restated what Valius said. Ah well. Little edit.

13th October 2003, 06:57 PM
Tsuuriki- M- 18

I let a little breath go out as I reached my new room on the second floor. Finally the last problem of the day had been solved with Cong's cure. The kitchen had easily been restored to its already broken condition from this morning's explosion, but restoring the actual people from the invisibility formula had been a bit more of a challenge... While it had restored them to visibility, it had given them more colors than they actually had before hand, making all participants look like they had just come from a circus that specialized in throwing paint. It had taken a few more formulas, and a few more applications until all were officially back to "normal". It had taken strength not to laugh at my afflicted housemates, something that some of the others hadn't been able to muster.

Afterwards we did manage to get some dinner. I tried to help Rain-chan as much as possible with the cooking and then with the cleaning afterwards. The dinner itself was quiet compared to the rest of the day though that in itself was not a bad thing... But still, I felt some guilt towards Rain-chan... A little help with the cooking and cleaning did not change the fact that I had screwed up earlier in the day... But I would make it up to her in the morning, at least in part by collecting the groceries.

I looked around the small room I had chosen, and noticed how I had not unpacked yet. Only my futon, pillow, and blankets lay in one corner, the rest of my posessions in a suitcase, with my katana laying next to it. I hadn't brought much from the compound itself, only those things that mattered. Clothing, a clock, a few pictures of my parents and recently deceased grandfather, and some money brought it all together.

Usually I would have been training at this time at night, but there had been enough shouts and destruction throughout the day. No reason to bother anyone out of their slumber just because I felt a need to train. Sleep would have to suffice until I could come up with a new schedule.

Unpacking my things quickly, I lined the pictures along the floor and crouched down beside them. Bowing my head, I smiled at them sadly.

"Hello, mother, father, grandfather... I've had a very interesting day today..."

13th October 2003, 09:38 PM

Senior STudent (17)


I was entirely relieved... when finally things were back to normal. It had taken what seemed like a very long time, until Maiku and the others were entirely restored. I had quickly made dinner... and Riki-chan had nicely offered to help, and we cooked up a meal without and explosions... (although COng did run through the kitchen once or twice, being chased by Arisu's dog.)
Arisu and Mii had gone off to take a hot bath in the hotsprings.. and everything had gone pretty nicely.

"What... a ... day..."
I managed to choke out, shutting my sliding door and collapsing upon the futon. My hair gently tossled over my face, as I breathed a few times...
Getting back up grudgingly, I dug through my doors until I found a suitable dress attire for sleeping. Finally I found a nice pair of soft white shorts along with a light yellow shirts as well, and I then sat on the bed after pulling the shirt over my head. Taking out the hair piece, my up-kept hair fell and the longs strands fell around my back and shoulders.
I then leaned backwards and crashed into the futon, my head happily hitting the soft pillow as I flung my arms up and gazed up at my ceiling.
So much happened today... even more exiting and full of memories than when Arisu let BonBon chase the animals at the zoo...
Riki-chan... there was some thing about him that really bounced around in my head. There were so many guys who I had met... and not to mention a handful who had moved in, but for some reason he just stuck out. Sure Cong had made an impact with his experiments, and Val... he had done some funny things. But RIki-chan...
He was well-mannered, and sort of quiet... alittle mysterious perhaps. And he was very skillful... it was amazing how he had taken down that b*st*rd of a guy at the Arcade. And then he even had helped cook...
Rain... he is very nice..
What if he isn't what he seems? What if he's just trying to-
I shook my head and tossed so that I laid upon my belly. Shutting my eyes I took a deep breath....
Maybe I shouldn't assume things.... but..

I tried to get to sleep for a while, until finally I sat straight up out of bed. Frustrated I got up and gently opened my slide doors. Everything was mostly dark... and I felt my feet upon the wooden floors. Gently shutting the door behind me, I gently snuck around the house. If I remembered right... Riki-chan wasn't too far...
Finally reaching down below my room, down the stairs, I turned until I came to another room. I tapped upon the door, and there was no answer....
I wonder if he is asleep...
I thought sadly, until I went to gently tap again until the door suddenly slide upon. Slightly caught off guard,I jumped... until I saw Riki-chan's face staring at me.
"...Rain?" He said quietly, blinking.
I instantly blushed, and nodded, my top bang-like hairs wavering...
"Umm... sorry if I woke you up, RIki-chan... but... I.. I had a question... to ask you.."
He blinked, and nodded... as I gazed around the dark halls.
"Sorry if this seems abrupt...do you think I can come in?"
He nodded, his face rather unreadible with a new expression...as I walked in, he slide the door and looked to me.
"What do you want Rain-chan?"
I smiled weakly, " Well, firstly, sorry for rudely awakening you...i jus tcouldn't sleep... "
I gently rubbed my eyes, as I smiled to him and then gazed around his rude.
There were few things about... and I saw his parents pictures... or what I assumed were his parents, or at least some people who looked as if they could be related. One of them had RIki-chans nice eye-
"OH! Sorry! ^^; I ... I gosh, you must think I'm ..."
I shook my head, as I gazed at Riki-chan... my heart was rather beating fast, and I felt like I had to act fast...
He's going to think your... your rude! Respond!
"I was wondering if you could train me, train me to become an accelent fighter like you are..."
I smiled weakly, as I gazed at his face...

(Feel free to act my character out, I hope I played yours correctly. )

Tyler and Hobbes
14th October 2003, 05:08 AM
I guess I haven't posted in a while, sorry B4 *cries*

Sotashi-M-1st year Ronin
I laid in my bed, as always. I didn't fit in, as always. And I was drowning in self-pity, as always. I decided to go take a walk.
10 mintutes later~

I had been mugged, a dog chased me, I almost was raped by a really gorgeous girl, and I lost all my money. In the gutter. I believe my destiny is to die. In the rain. Alone. I ran to the door, about to commit sepuku (is that the right spelling?) when I thought of something. I am one pathetic loser. As I sat on the doorstep of the hotel, I just passed out.

16th October 2003, 06:08 PM
I was tired, but I did not feel like sleeping. Everything had gone wrong since day one, and it made me depressed more than usual.

"Insults on my end, screams all around me, that obnoxious dog," I muttered, "Not to mention that incident. God, what a day. I can just imagine what my mother would say, 'Valiance Black, what the hell is wrong with you?!' Top it all off, you're talking to yourself again."

I got up and left the room, I would not be getting any sleep tonight. I took a quick look at my watch as I headed downstairs.

"Four more hours and I'll have to tackle that nightmare they call real life. Hmm, might as well do everyone a favor and cook breakfast." I walked through the livingroom, and began to enter the kitchen. I began to raid the refrigerator for anything I could use to cook breakfast with. Then I realized something, I left my cookbook back in my room.

"Dammit!" I cursed, "Dammit, Valiance Black, the hell is wrong with you?!" and I began my long trek to my room.


I began to grumble, this was the last thing I needed. A cat outside the dormitory, begging for something to eat. Still, if I wanted anything to change, I might as well start now. The mewing continued, and I checked through the kitchen to see if there was any cat food. Surprisingly, there was, I guess they had handled this cat before. I went back to the door and opened it up.

And there he was.

"SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP!" I yelled in shock, horror, anger, etc. Unconcious in front of me was that kid I passed during the pool incident. He appeared to have been beaten up in various manners, and didn't look too hot. I quickly got down to my knees, grabbed his arms and dragged him in and onto a nearby couch. I ran back to the entrance to close the door, and began to run through the dorm/hotel.

"PEOPLE, WE GOT A SITUATION!!! FIRST AID EXPERTISE NEEDED!!!" I yelled through the hotel, hoping that my calls were not in vain.

20th October 2003, 07:22 PM
Tsuuriki- M- 18

"I was wondering if you could train me, train me to become an excellent fighter like you are..." she said. She looked at me intently after saying so an intense look that I couldn't help but like.

She thinks I'm an excellent fighter? The thought bewildered me for a moment... Back at the arcade I had made many mistakes and had been sloppy compared to my actual level. I had let some arrogance slip out and underestimated an enemy. Yet Rain-chan thought I had done well... But, Rain-chan had also fought at the arcade, with that... that... man attacking her... The very thought of that vile person assaulting Rain made my eyes cloud slightly.

"Rain-chan, I’d be honored to teach you some of what I know of the martial arts… I just hope that I’ll be a good teacher for you,” I ended with short bow. She beamed at the response, which made me flush slightly. Remembering my manners, I quickly gestured to the firm tatami mat floor.

“Please sit down Rain-chan, you look uncomfortable standing up like that,” I said matching my words with action. I smiled apologetically to her, and scratched the back of my head. “In the compound, I would probably have had a water boiler in my room to offer you tea with… Unfortunately I can only offer you some conversation here.”

As Rain-chan sat down, I noticed her looking at the picture of my parents and grandfather by my futon. Her eyes focused on the red headed form of my mother, her gray eyes twinkling out into the sparsely furnished room. A dull throb of pain entered my chest at this, my parents being a private pain of my own for quite some time…

“Do you like that picture?” I asked quietly to Rain-chan, moving to pick it up.

She sweat-dropped in front of me, and smiled, “Oh, yes… Not to pry Riki-chan, but is that a picture of your family?”

I nodded slowly and gave her a half-hearted smile, “Yes, it’s a picture of my mother, father, and grandfather.”

With each name, I touched a form on the picture. My mother was wearing a blue dyed silk kimono, with water lilies embroidered on the sleeves. Her soft red hair was down to her waist, and intermingled with my father’s arm that was draped across one shoulder. My father’s black formal kimono clashed with hers but the two seemed to match up nevertheless. His face was nearly a mirror of my own, with the usual reserved look that he had in pictures gone for this one moment, replaced with happiness. My grandfather stood off to the side, doing his best to look gruff, but the old man’s good humor was plain to see in his eyes that twinkled in the captured moment. A picture of people that once were, but were no more…

“I see… your mother has your eyes.”

A stab in the chest.

“Yes… she did…” I let out in a whisper I thought Rain wouldn’t be able to hear. Stop letting the past get you down! You’ve got somebody in here that wants your help dunder-head, now get to work! the voice of my grandfather shouted at me in my head. I couldn’t help but smile at this. The old man was always stern about my depression.

“So Rain-chan, do you want to start the lessons tomorrow?” a thought crossed my mind in mid-sentence. “Or, how about we do a quick session before school? I could then help you go get the groceries before school. I owe you the trip, not to mention a new skirt.”

I stood up from the matted floor, and walked over to my bag. I retrieved the lining from Rain-chan’s skirt that she had used to bind my facial wound earlier today. I had washed it clean of the blood, and I handed it back to her.

“What do you say, Rain-chan?”

20th October 2003, 08:19 PM
Arisu Lee/F/18/High School Senior
Inside, Arisu was hurting.

Oh, she hadn't been hurt at all in the fight. In fact, she hadn't been touched. But for some reason, when she saw Rain-chan holding, caressing Riki-chan's face, and then tenderly binding his wound, there was a sudden sharp pain in her heart. Rain-chan is so nice... She's so pretty, kind, and she can sing beautifully too... I wish I was just like her! Arisu tried to act like nothing was wrong, telling herself she was silly. Why was she jealous of Rain-chan now? It's not as if she liked Riki-chan... or... anything...

Back at the house, Arisu felt a little better. Having the invisible kitchen and people took her mind off of Riki-chan and Rain-chain, although she had to calm Bonbon down after Valius violently shook her. Now the cute little Pomerian was acting twice as bitchy. Note to self: Make sure that Valius-guy PAYS, Arisu thought to herself as she stroked Bonbon in her room. She idlely eyed the swords hanging about the room. I haven't practiced in a while... I really should. I wonder if Riki-chan likes swords. Thinking of Riki-chan, Arisu blushed. But then she thought of Riki-chan and Rain-chan, Rain-chan holding his face... Arisu shook her head furiously.

"No, no, NO!" she cried, falling on her back on her futon. Bonbon jumped out of her lap with an offended bark. Looking up at the ceiling, she sighed.

"What is wrong with me?" she wondered. "Why is it that I blush when I think of Riki-chan? Why does my heart hurt so when I remember Rain-chan binding Riki-chan's wound? Why?" During this short rant, Bonbon had stared at her mistress with interest in the beginning, but had lost interest and was now licking her crotch.

"You're a lot of help," Arisu remarked acidly towards her dog. Bonbon just continued licking. Sighing, Arisu stood up and stretched.

I'll just pop in Riki-chan's room and see if he's interested in swords. It's not like I'm interested in him or anything... Or am I? The dark-haired girl shook her head and ignored the last thought. She hummed slightly to herself as she walked towards Riki-chan's room. As Arisu neared it, she heard Riki-chan talking and... somebody answering him? Rain-chan? Heart sinking, Arisu peeped into the room. Sure enough, there was Riki-chan and Rain-chan, sitting together. Arisu couldn't hear what they were saying... everything was just roaring in her ears... All she could see was Riki-chan... and Rain-chan. Spinning quickly around, Arisu ran away from the room, tears spilling from her eyes, until she reached the sanctutary of her room where she flopped onto her futon and began sobbing into her pillow.

Why...? Why does it hurt so much?

22nd October 2003, 05:43 PM

Senior Student(17/F)

My heart stopped beating...
There was some thing wrong.
Very wrong.
The way he looked at those pictures all of a sudden... the way his face suddenly looked paler.
Plus... I could have sworn he... he used past tense..
was... did, his parents... were they-...
No... and I just... just said all that- ... omg, no...
I didn't know what to do...
So that's why he seems a little distant at first... that's why he's probably a little shy about his past- it probably hurts... I wonder, I wonder... how did it happen? It had to be some thing horrible, for the death of a parent... or parents...
I frowned, feeling a swelling feeling of pain from inside until suddenly he spoke again. Asking me about the lessons, when I wanted to start them...

To top it all off, he stood and held his hand out to me, with my piece of skirt after retrieving it. It was even washed... and I took it, blushing slightly...
"I... you... "
I feel like a total idiot... talking about his parents that way, and now having him hand me back a piece of skirt and- geez, i must look like a complete..
It was that time I suddenly had a feeling as if some one was watching me... and turning my head, I swear I had heard footsteps..
Just my imagination... now I'm paranoid... as if some one is going to come in and yell at me for being so... so... ignor-
"What do you say, Rain-chan?" He asked, smiling slightly... and I couldn't help but feel my heart swell and my face red slightly, as the feeling of like I were walking in a dream began to settle in.
"Yes... you can train me after or before school... you can decide! And how about after school, we stop by the grocery store... and then bring them home?"
I blushed slightly, more furiously this time... as I stood up and gently grabbed his hand,
" Riki... I am greatful you are going to be my new Sensei and train me. I promise I will work hard.."
I felt my heart beating faster... as I took a step closer to him, and I felt my body leaning against him.
He... he must... still hurt inside... especially after what I said. Why must I be so... so idiotic around him. Poor Riki-chan..With that, I let go of his hand and outstretched my arms and suddenly gave him a gentle hug, which grew into a greater hug... I felt warmth fill me, as I rested my chin by his shoulder and whispered...

"I'm... I'm sorry..."

22nd October 2003, 07:43 PM
EDIT: OY!!! I screwed up there, sorry about that. It's hard to read the whole thing with eyesight as bad as mine. I'll replace this with a better post later. Many apologies. I forgot she ran into her toom.

Val: Nice going, Gladiator. So how are you going to get out of this one.

EngiMatikul: Dude, it's slightly more than 3 hours left before school starts (at least for my character. Keep in mind that several events are happening at the same time). Valius is running around the dorm trying to get EVERYBODY'S attention. He's not going into anybody's room, yet.

24th October 2003, 12:02 AM
After a good night's rest, It was time to be off and about to the first day of school. After all, staying here and watching girls fight will never get me into college. (I think. XP) However, just as I was about to set foot out of the house, Pecca still nestled in my hair in its slumber, someone called out to me.
"HEY!! YOU THERE! The miniature chemist! Where do you think you're going?!?" It was the guy that I was invisible earlier and had effectively got the dog away from my side. Apparently he didn't seem very happy with me content on my way to school.
"Well, I need to get to scho--"
"Can you make some antibiotics or narotics or ANYTHING that can heal this man??" the angry man asked.
"I suppose so if I'm careful enough, but..."
"WE NEED HELP PRONTO!!! QUICK!! Go find some pain relievers or make some now!!"
"But there's schoo--"
"GO NOW!!!!!!!!"
So, in fear of being scolded any further from the percievingly insane man who perhaps didn't get enough sleep the night before and was still quite angered through the whole invisiblity issue, I quickly ran back to my apartment and see what sort of medicine I can find for him.
Perhaps the angry man needs a depressant to calm his temper. Maybe sleeping pills so he can have a good night's sleep? He certainly doesn't seem ready for school.

27th October 2003, 04:42 PM
Tsuuriki- M- 18

My eyes widened as I felt Rain-chan's embrace grow tighter around me. I was baffled for a moment, not much preparing me for such a thing, until I just hugged her back. Her chin rested against my shoulder just felt right somehow... Then I heard her whispered words.

"I'm... I'm sorry..."

I let a small smile come across my face, one that ecompassed the feelings of remorse I have seemingly always carried about my parents, and now my grandfather. And now, Rain-chan was worried that she had brought it up... At least she was kind about it, but I wasn't about to dump my problems on her to deal with... They were for me to get over.

Gently, I came apart from her, and mustered the most cheerful look I could come up with. If I had to bury my emotions to stop Rain-chan from catching my sadness, I could easily do it. I held both of her arms with my hands, and smiled at her.

"Don't worry Rain-chan... There is nothing to be sorry about. No need to be worried about anything, I'm used to having my feelings for them to be a mixed blessing," I said, the half truth burning my tongue. I had been getting better on the issue of my parents' death, but grandfather's had just torn the whole deeper and wider than it ever had been before... I was alone now, something I had not gotten used to, not in the slightest.

"Please, don't be sad..." I began to tell her, when I heard a shout come from the hallway. Both Rain-chan and myself looked towards the door simultaneously. It was Valius, and he sounded like he was in a panic. Looking at each other quickly, we both headed to my door and out into the hallway.

After bounding down the wooden stretch, we came up to Valius, who was hovering nervously over the couch. Valius turned towards us with a look of desperation in his eyes, when I got a look at who was in the couch... Satoshi, and he had gotten a nice beating... A black eye, quite a few bruises, a left arm popped right out of its joint, and a bunch of welts. He was obviously out cold, and would not be feeling too well once he had woken up...

Looking up at Rain-chan and phasing out Valius' urgent cries for help I asked her for some help. "Rain-chan, could you go into my room and get me the red bag in my suitcase? It has bandages and medicine in it."

Nodding quickly, I saw Rain-chan run off, as I approached the unconcious form of Satoshi. Straightening out his body, I popped his left arm back into its socket with one movement. I looked up to Valius.

"Please go into the Kitchen and get me some water and a towel... Once Rain-chan gets back I can bound these wounds."

Valius nodded, and left in a dizzying fashion. I looked back at Satoshi, and wondered just how he had gotten himself into so bad a fight, and just who he had provoked. Just then, Satoshi mumbled in his sleep.

"Akiedo... no..." I froze at this. Wasn't that the name of that gang leader? The thought grew into horror. Could Akiedo have done this because of what I did to him?

Doubt washed over me, as I waited for the others to return...

29th October 2003, 04:23 PM

Senior Student(17)

My eyes had widened in horror, as I gazed at Satoshi and quickly nodded at Riki-chan's directions. I ran to his room in a hurry, and quickly my icy blue gaze looked for the bag he was talking about. I found his suitcase, right next to the pictures. Going over to it, I quickly went to the suitcase and quickly set my fingers to work on opening it up. The thing was... for some reason, the clips which held the suitcase together didn't want to seem to open. The right one opened... but the last? It wouldn't unclip... as if it were stuck.
"Oh come on!" I said, digging my finger deeply into the metal, but it wasn't moving enough. So I put my entire palm into it, until suddenly..
I had flung open the case, but the back of it nailed the area where Riki-chan's pictures were. The picture of the woman, his mother, wobbled... and it was as if everything was in slow motion. It fell...
But I leapt my arm out and caught it, just before it hit the ground. WIthdrawing a huge breath, I felt relief come over me until..
My eyes widened as I looked to see the other picture had fell. The one of the elderly man... mostlikely his grandfather.
OH NO! that's Riki-chan's grandfather!!!
I thought, panic arising in me as I placed the woman's picture back to it's proper order and then grabbed the other picture and saw that glass shards were spilled everywhere. Swallowing, I quickly went into Riki-chan's suitcase and grabbed the red bag inside. Getting up quickly I ran out and saw Riki-chan attending to Satoshi at the couch.
"Here you go."
I said, handing over the bag as he nodded and took it.
"Thank you Rain-chan.." He said, as I nodded and then quietly excused myself.
"I'll be right back."
With that I ran back to Riki-chan's room, but this time armed with a bag and a brush. I quickly gathered the shards of glass, and then put them in the bag.
I can't just leave his grandfather's picture with out the frame and glass...
THe frame too, had been busted. Rather fragile things they were...
I'll buy a new frame, and replace it. Right... right after school!
My eyes panicked, as Iquickly took the picture under my arm and ran up to my room.

Oh no... if those pictures meant so much to him, what is he going to think by me breaking one? I hope he doesn't notice... I hope the frame isn't worth that much to him... just the pictur-
I felt my eyes fill with tears, as I took the garbage bag and threw it in my trash, and I set the picture ontop of my dresser and quickly put the book I was reading, With the Eyes of a Tiger, on top of it- so not to risk bending the picture or damaging it.
I'm such ... ugh, how could I break it?! He's giving me lessons today, and he's being so nice... and then I asked about those pictures, and obviously he must have lost his parents and maybe even his grandfather. How could I have not sensed this? He seems pretty calm about it...

But I knew, that it meant nothing. Riki-chan seemed pretty blank-faced, and even though he was calm on the outside, he could still be burning in the inside. I knew... I knew it was the case for me...
Forget about the past which you hold, what about poor Riki-chan?
I'd make it up to him, I'd buy him a new picture frame and I'd have to do some thing for him to help with the lessons. Money? Perhaps... or some thing better.
I'll think of ideas during school today.

"OMG! We're all going to be late!"
I quickly ran out of my room, and pounded on Janice's, Arisu's, Mii Mii's, and Shaina-Eve's rooms.
"Wake up! Schoool!"
I had always done this, ever since they joined. I mean, we were girls... but none of us were very punctual. When one of us was late, we usually all were.
I then ran back to the room, to put on my school uniform.

Uniforms... at our Academy, they were actually very lenient about uniforms. For girls, it was teh skirt and usual school-styled shirt of course. But it came with a choice for a different colored top, with the manditory gray or black skirt. I quickly put on my black skirt, with my white socks and soft, only slightly heeled black shoes. For my top, I wore a soft, little white tank top underneath my long sleeved school uniformed top, which was a deep red-maroon color, with yellow outline. (An attachment below shows what it looks like.) Taking my silver chained necklace with reflex, I took it around my neck and quickly attached it. The small, sun/moon chain around it dangled lightly, t he small diamond-like jewel inside glinting with the faint glow it usually gave. Tucking it underneath my shirt, I ran downstairs...


"Riki-chan!" I gave a cry, as I passed a sleepy and rather worn-down Arisu.
"Arisu-"? I began, but she gave me an odd look, and went back up to her room. SHe looked like she barely got any sleep last night..
'Arisu, you okay?" I called to her, but she gave no reply which I heard. I frowned... but we had no time. I would talk to her about it later today.
"Riki-chan?" I said again, to see him near Satoshi.
"He shouldn't go to school today." I nodded, as I raised my arm. There were several different styles of boy uniforms.
"I picked those up a while back ago, when I had to clean these for foreign exchange students. STrangely they never came by to pick them up again last year, so I left them here. There are pretty much a good variety of colors... so I'm sure you guys can get along with which one you like. First come first serve too if you want.."
I gazed at the clock.
"But we must hurry. We'll have to run to school or walk quickly, while you decide I'll try to get some quick breakfast on the table."

With that, I ran to the kitchen...
Mental Note: After school, talk to Choir Professor, have lessons with RIki-chan, buy him new frame, buy groceries, and talk to Arisu.
I gazed back, to see Satoshi on the couch. Narrowing my eyes... I knew who had to have done it. Only one group would do such a thing around here... and only one person created such horrible and distinct welt marks.
Also.. I must talk to Akeido.
Frowning, I quickly started to make some food for everyone.

29th October 2003, 04:31 PM
Oh, and her uniform top looks like the same like the girl in the picture attached below. Except no bow in the middle (the green bow.) Plus all skirts must be black at the Academy.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Elemental Seribii
29th October 2003, 04:48 PM
Gack! Sorry I haven't posted. --;

Mizu - F, Junior
I yelled at Rain as she thumped on my door, but she had already left.

Oh, yeah. School.

I ambled out of bed, happy I had gone in the hot springs the night before. I usually took a shower in the morning, but if I was late, I couldn't, and my hair got all greasy. I made a face in the mirror as I got dressed.

I quickly smeared a bit of lipgloss on, and tied back my hair into a bun. Putting a few rings on, I slipped into my clogs, and walked out of my room, and downstairs, passing one of the rooms, to see Riki and Sotashi, along with a few boys' uniforms. Riku turned around, before smiling slightly. I hoped that meant that he was going to be okay. I smiled back, and then went to the kitchen.

"Morning, Mii-Mii. Can you help me make breakfast? The boys are getting their uniforms." Rain looked up at me with a nervous smile on her face. I nodded.

Kotaro meowed at me. I rubbed his forehead, and put out some food for him, which he ate happily.

"I think Akeido got Sotashi last night. I have to talk to him." Rain mentioned, her voice worried, but determined. It was as if she has already scheduled her entire day. I looked over to her, but her eyes were focused on the food.

Arisu came in, and I said good morning. She hummed in reply. She put the coffee on, and rubbed at her forehead.

Uneasy...yes, that was the feeling at the Wai House. Hopefully, school would clear that foggy feeling up.

Tyler and Hobbes
29th October 2003, 06:21 PM
Satoshi-M-1st year Ronin
Figures...lots and lots of figures...All standing over me...some left...one had stayed... I awoke to find a guy sitting over me, with uniform type clothes/ "Buwaaaah!" I shouted almost falling off the thing I was laying down on. "It's okay! It's okay! You were out cold!" I then layed back down, I was okay. I breathed long and hard. "What happened?" I asked, still going through trauma.

"That's what I want to know..." I thought for a moment..what did happen? "Oh crap I gotta get to school! Or...whatever!" I shouted, still new to this Ronin thing. I jumped back down on the couch.
'This has to be an all time low. Suddenly a girl came in and shouted, "Rain! He's awake!"

29th October 2003, 09:15 PM
This would be my first day at this new school, so I chose a simplistic ensemble (is that spelled right?) white shirt and black pants, that should do it. I put on my favorite jacket for good measure, whether it was a sensible move or not was not one of my concerns. I never take off my jacket in public, never. I took a quick look in the mirror, just to check my hair.

"Huh," it was outrageously porcupinish today, but at least the upper strands were beginning to bend down, "I wonder what Agamemnon would say about this?"

I bolted downstairs to see that Satoshi was up, which brought me great relief.

"Well," I did a half-grin, "I'm glad you're up, had me worried." I mentally noted to thank that cat sometime. I walked into the kitchen, and realised I had still forgotten to make that breakfast I was planning. I cursed silently to myself, I seem to be doing that a lot.

I decided against making myself breakfast, I take too long at that stuff. Instead, I went for the living room again where Satoshi remained, and went to my bookbag which I had left in here. I turned to see the half-dead teen when something struck me.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said, half-embarrased, "We haven't been introduced. My name is Valiance, but most people just call me Valius." I dug through my pack for one of my breakfast bars, and tossed another one to him, "I know who you are already, Satoshi, I'm the one who found you at the doorstep. What the hell happened?" He was struggling to speak, perhaps he was still a little weak.

"Nevermind," I interrupted, "I'd rather you recover first." I was feeling better now, perhaps my moody behavior from yesterday would be gone by this afternoon. I least didn't make the mistake of signing up for too many extra-curricular this time. I just stuck to Drama. It was what I was best at.

I went through my pack once more to pull out my emergency oral hygeine supplies, and headed to the nearest bathroom. I knocked first, God knows we don't need another one of 'those' incidents.

31st October 2003, 02:21 PM
Tsuuriki- M- 18

I looked over the uniforms Rain-chan had laid down, and selected the only one that looked like it might fit. My thoughts though, were still on what that Akiedo had done, and what I must do this coming day...

The uniform itself looked mostly like a normal suit. Black pants with a black jacket, with a buttoned white shirt to put on. Some sort of insignia was on the breast pocket of the jacket, probably that of the Academy's. For once my own shoes would not look out of place while accompanied by such clothing. Seeing Satoshi lie back down on the sofa, I turned my back to him and quickly changed. Fortunately, nobody had chosen this moment to come into the room, for which I was grateful. The shirt and pants clung to my body, a definite difference from my baggy clothing that I was accustomed to. I suppose I looked neat and tidy, but it was horribly uncomfortable… Much like those times Grandfather had made me dress-up for those board meetings. I was rarely comfortable in finery like this.

I walked into the kitchen with my new uniform on. Arisu, Mizu, and Rain-chan were already there. Arisu seemed oddly subdued at the table given what I have seen of her. She was sipping her coffee slowly, her eyes unfocused as if in deep thought. Mizu seemed to be taking the room in, while Rain-chan was starting to prepare some breakfast. I looked to the clock, and saw that nobody would have much time for eating… At least those of us who still had to go to school.

“Good morning Arisu, Mizu,” I said with as much enthusiasm as I could muster, the ache of too little sleep and Akiedo’s counter-attack still on my mind. Arisu nearly spit out her coffee back into her cup, then focused her eyes on me. For a moment she didn’t speak, then she managed to get out a “Good morning.”

There was something in her body language… But I couldn’t pick up on it. Mizu seemed to be noticing something as well, but what, I couldn’t tell.

“That uniform looks nice on you, Riki-chan,” Arisu said, her eyes going down towards the floor for a moment.

“Oh, thank you… Though I’m never one to be comfortable in something like this,” I said with a small smile, tugging at my collar. I had the feeling that I would be tugging on this suit for most of the day. Walking over to the counter, I managed to find some orange juice, and quickly filled a glass of it. I sat back down at the table, giving Rain-chan a smile.

“Hopefully I’m ready for the Academy now,” I began, picking at my jacket again. “I think orange juice should be enough this morning for me, so there’s no need to make anymore breakfast.”

Rain-chan smiled back at me, “Oh, it wouldn’t have been a problem… Did I hear Satoshi was up?” I nodded in response, my expression growing much darker.

“Well, Sotoshi should be fine if he rests up now… Some of those wounds will probably end up being small scars though…” I paused, and took a drink of juice. “I believe Akiedo did this to him… And I believe that I could be to blame for this because of yesterday’s altercation. I think I may need to have a word with him about this, make him listen to some reason.”

Either that, or he might try attacking anyone else in this house while they are out on their own… And each time I would be one of the ones at blame for not doing something about it… The thought resonated, as I sipped the orange juice.

31st October 2003, 04:08 PM

I frowned slightly at Riki-chan's words. But before I spoke, thankfully Mii Mii jumped in.
"I don't believe it is your fault at all. Akeido and his gang have not liked us much, not since the Academy games."
blinking slightly, I saw Riki-chan's face grow questionable, and I opened my mouth to speak again but the mono-toned Arisu responded firstly. Her tone was not as happy as it usually was, which worried me slightly... sleep must have not been in her favor last night.
" The Academy games are at teh end of every school year, where you pick your own six person team and every person is assigned two different events, and they are assigned 1 two person event, and 1 entire team event. It is like a track and field meet, except the areas go not just for physical extent, but art, literature, musical and what-not. It's huge and takes about a week, but by then school is mostly over so it doesn't ruin much anyway."

Mii Mii beamed, "We won in the championship last year, beating the team Akeido was in."
I nodded, but a painful twitch went through my forehead. Last year there had been a singing competition... but it was intermixed with dancing. I never had very much self confidence in my abilities as a singer, let a lone dancing... so Arisu had done it instead. Still, I felt like my lack of will to do that competition let everyone down.
Maybe it's because... singing might be the one thing I love doing so much, that I'm afraid of failing in the one thing I love to do.

Walking out of the kitchen with slight silence, I went over to Satoshi who looked up at me with a rather blank face as he laid on the couch. I quickly offered him another pillow, and gave him some of the tea and rice balls I had pre-made from a previous night.
"Here... keep this by you so when you get hungry you can eat. Here is the TV remote, and a piece of paper and a pencil. If you could, write down the classes you'd want to sign up for at school. List about 8 so I have som eback ups in case you cannot enter some others."
Satoshi gave me a look of protest.. I shook my head.
"You are hurt, don't go to school. Besides, it won't matter if you miss one day... it's already in the middle of the school year, what's one day? Nothing."

He quickly wrote on a piece of paper, as I waited. Poor Satoshi, he didn't deserve any of this...
Riki-chan said he wanted to talk to Akeido... but I don't know how that would work out. I know Tsuuriki can handle himself... but it wasn't his fault no matter how much he thinks it may be...
"Done?" i said, as Satoshi said my name, giving me a weird look because Ihad spaced out.
"sorry!" I said, quickly taking the piece of paper and putting in my school bag. I then grabbed the paper and pencil and wrote down a number, and then handed it to Satoshi.
"That's my cell phone number, if you have any problems- no matter how little or big, call me. I'll come over if you need anything, and dont' be afraid to ask. Also I can pick you up any thing after school- food or stuff, if you'd like because I'm stopping anyway."
I gave him a smile, and he said thanks softly and suddenly I turned to see Mii Mii grinning.
"Schoool!!! Today's gonna be easy too, because isn't there some announcement today?"
I nodded.. "It will interupt the schedule."

I bade Satoshi goodbye, and then most everyone headed out the door at that time.
"HEY EVERYONE, GET GOING TO SCHOOL IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON GOING THERE." Mii Mii bellowed, as I sweatdropped and laughed. We began to walk... until I quickly dropped back to Riki-chan, and quietly spoke.
"I'm not letting you talk to Akeido, at least not alone. I'll go with you... after school to talk to him."

Riki-chan gave me a rather serious, grim look.
"It is my fault... plus it would be dangerous, I would prefur to go-"
"No. I am going with you. Besides, it would be safer if no body dealt with such a dangerous group alone; Even the great warrior Riki-sempai."
With that I smiled.

31st October 2003, 10:50 PM
I just thought you guys should know that I might not be available to post for a week. A bunch of guys are remodeling our house, and they think they might have to disconnect me. Could someone interact with Valiance for awhile so that he doesn't fade out in the mean time.

3rd November 2003, 12:13 AM
Yea it was only with three votes and I only won by one but... :o I'm so surprised!
This calls for a post. :P My apologies if this doesn't contain the entertainment value that it should from recieving such an award, but... o well.

"I'm Late I'm Late!" That's all that was on my mind as I tried to hurriedly make up from the time that I took to work on the wounds of this Satoshi man. I quickly ran back into my room and got my materials; I already had my school uniform on (which, admittingly, was a little big for me, but it's good enough) and took a lab coat to protect myself from the cold (it was the only type of coat I had) and zoomed out the door, with a piece of toast in my mouth Pecca still snug on my head!!!...
Until Valius casually extended her hand and held me by the collar, in which I immediately slipped and fell onto the ground while Pecca went flying and hit the ceiling, followed by a painful crash onto the ground. He lied there unconsciously.
"Cong, do you know how to get to school?" Rain asked casually.
"Eeer... kind of?"
"Do you even know your way around town? Last time you took a round trip of the town before realizing this place was right next to the subway station you came out of." Valius stated.
"You better come with us," the-expert-chef-who-blew-himself-up said to me (Wasn't his name Tsuuriki or something? ah, I was too worried about being late anyway).

5th November 2003, 09:04 PM
So it was just the lot of us, Rain, Tsuuriki, Cong, and a few other people with whom I wasn't quite acquainted. I walked on in silence, dragging behind me a giant box on wheels. I would pick up on some conversation every now and then, I took some interest in the one between Rain and 'Riki', mostly because I was worried for Satoshi. I was the one who found him the way he was. I frowned when Riki said it was his fault.

"I very much doubt that," I said, catching the looks of both persons, "Sorry, but I couldn't help but hear. At any rate, I very much doubt it was your fault, Tsuuriki. This...Akeido...was it, sounds like your typical jerkwad. I've had experience with them, being one and suffering from one, and they don't just beat people up because said jerkwad has some vendetta against someone else. They beat up people because they can. Besides, whether you humiliated Akeido or not, Satoshi was bound to get beat up. I mean, he slipped out at the late of night without anyone coming with him amongst all sorts of whack-jobs who wouldn't think twice about murdering, raping, or mugging some perfect stranger. Chances were, Akeido probably didn't know you had any connection with Satoshi during the whole thing."

I had hoped I was reassuring, but it didn't seem like it.

"Well," I said, "If you are going to confront him, can I come along? You'll need someone to save your butt if things get ugly."

He gave me one of those hard, studious looks, "Can you fight?"

I frowned but decided to give a calm response, "I don't know any martial arts, but bullies are...predictable, and I'm a lot faster than I look."