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28th December 2002, 11:17 PM
Well, we've got a bunch of sign-ups, but, as always, late sign-ups are not only accepted, but encouraged. So you can get your profile, here's a link to the sign-up topic Sign-ups (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7551)

My profile, for the character I'm going to play right now is:

Name: Azraefel
Age: Undetermined. Physically mid-twenties
Gender: Male
Species: Half-angel (Elf-angel)
Physical description: A little over medium-height, somewhere in-between stocky and slender, pleasant-faced, but not exactly handsome... Dark blue eyes, floppy light hair, gray-feathered wings, and pointed elf ears. Has scars over much of his body, as a result of xenophobia. Wears homespun peasant clothes: tunic, leggings, and boots. Has pierced ears and wears a headband.
Personality: Started off cheerful, if slightly neurotic, but grew despondent over the hatred and violence directed at him. Is still rather neurotic, and tries his best to hide his species, for fear of someone actually killing him.
Weapons: An elven dagger he found in his dead surrogate fathers home. Has some talent with the long bow, but doesn't often have ebough arrows to use one.
Other: Was found by a hunting party of half-angels just outside of elf territory. They debated over killing the baby and sparing him, but were shouted down by their leader. He said he saw potential in the child, and took him in as his own. He began training Azraefel when he was old enough, but was killed soon after by a mob of humans. The young Azraefel moved with the clan, learning how to fight slowly, though he hated to. When he was older, he learned of the tournament, and of all the hope being placed on him. He still doesn't want to, but he knows he has to fight.

And now, we start.

I leaned back farther into my cloak as I listened to the humans talk. I had managed to enter this particularly grim and seedy pub by hiding my wings under a cloak, and my ears under my headband. A little bit of grime on my skin, and I looked human enough. They were always so interesting to listen to... I had never told the others, for fear they would tell me to stop. But the acceptance humans seemed to have for each other was wonderful. I just couldn't believe it was humans who had killed Azrael, my foster father. Most of the ones here were grim-faced drunks, but they seemed to enjoy themselves. Something half-angels were afraid to do...

"You understand what I'm saying, right? Those halfsie bastards are tearing society apart. We're different species... we shouldn't be able to intermix," a soot-coated man was saying. "We should kill all of them at birth. Exposing them doesn't work... some tribe just comes along and saves the little bastard. Then it grows up and makes trouble for us."
"Well... incubae are another thing, right? Your woman thinks it's you, until she gives birth to a demon," a younger man spoke up.
"Then kill the demon. It's even worse with those angels... they say they don't have sex, but all our women are pregnant with their spawn. It ain't natural."
"And you think it's bad when it happens to your woman," an old man added. "Wait until it happens to your daughter. Your beautiful only daughter, your pride and joy, and then you come home and find her nursing a little bit of half-angel scum. Hey, you, boy!"
My eyes widened. The man was actually talking to me!
"Boy, think of it. If it was your darling little sister, what would you do?"
I blinked in confusion.
"I'd... uh..." desperately I tried to think of a human answer. "Kill the damn thing, for her own good. And it's own good. Half-angels aren't natural."
"Good answer!" the sooty man crowed. "Buy the lad a drink!"
They were all coming over to me... I smiled slightly with disbelief. They were accepting me...
"Hey, boy, what's your name?"
Azraefel was too much a half-angel name.
"Fel," I said quickly. "Fel Rae."
"Well, get Fel a drink, someone. Haven't you been here before, kid?"
I nodded in a daze as someone put a pint of ale in front of me.
"So, you ever run into a halfsie before?"
"Um... no sir, I haven't."
"If you do, Fel, remember this. They're harder than hell to kill. Most of us can get a scar on them, but their blood is deep down. Hard to reach. That's why we have hunters. They know how to get them... and get them dead. About 50 years ago, a bunch of half-angels lived outside this village... I was just a kid then, but I remember the hunter. He was a huge man, wearing a necklace made out of bone and feathers from 'em. And he carried some kind of weapon... to this day, we don't know what it was. But we caught a hunting party... and we got their leader. A big half-angel, human mix. Black hair all the way down to here," the man gestured towards his knees. "And earrings all the way up, like a man from Cabrach. And a dragon, carved right into his arm. He must have lived hundreds of years and killed hundreds of humans. And the hunter just cut him down, like he was nothing. But the look on that half-angels face... he just looked at the hunter, with that huge staff thing sticking all the way through him, he just looked at him and said 'At least my son lives. And he'll save us all...'. And then the hunter pulled it up, and he was dead. Cut from stomach to throat," the man smiled. "Good story, isn't it, lad?"
Azrael... my eyes filled with tears, despite my best effort to keep them back.
"What's the matter, lad? Don't tell me you feel sorry for the half-angel bastard."
"Azrael..." I whispered. I couldn't stop myself. He had died with such faith in me. He had called me his son...
"That's a half-angel name... boy, how do you know that name?" the man's voice had become much less friendly.
"You killed him," I choked out. "You all killed my father!"
The men all jumped back.
"Sguelaiche!" one man swore in his native tongue. "He's one of them!"
I glared at them all, tears streaming down my face.
"He never hurt anyone... never a human... never even a fallen. And you killed him!" Slowly, I drew my knife. "And you can join him in death!"

29th December 2002, 01:09 AM
Name: Airiorai, but mostly known as Rio. She has no last name, and likes it that way.
Age: She seems to be early twenties, though much older, as she had died centuries ago. Believed to be one hundred and fifteen years in age.
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Physical description: Nearly six feet tall with a clumsy looking build, and odd somewhat slender arms and legs, looking as if those of what a lupine creature would be. Her skin is a somewhat pale colour, giving her a ghostly look. Hands, which have slender fingers with what seems to be claws in place of nails. Also, adding, her feet seem not to be "normal", as they seem more paw-like yet long, curving so only the toes and a bit of the foot rest on the ground, going a bit up until it meets the leg. She has silver hair streaked with black, which falls down to her waist is tied in the braid in the middle, the rest hanging loosely. Her eyes are a piercing, nearly void faded metallic, dotted with midnight blue and ebony. Light black outline and shadow around her eyes, also having dark ebony dots on each corner of her eyes and the the bottom on the outside. Semi-long, and daggerish fangs replace her first six teeth in each row, the others still being pointed somewhat but yet not as if fangs. Chainmail cuffs protect around her arms and legs, along around her neck, stand out and barely glints as if it too old. A long silver and gold braided chain hangs around her neck, a charm, larger than most, showing as two blades, black and white crossing over each other. Her clothing is all black: a middle-sleeve black shirt, the sleeves shredded to the sides. A pair of sleek black trousers, which seem to be cut up and coming just barely above her knees, covered with a long black skirt, also shredded around the sides going around four or five inches above her ankles. Worn boots, brown of colour, cover her feet and a bit of her legs, and are sculpted to fit the shape of her foot. Usually, over clothing, is a deep midnight robe dotted with scarlet cresents moons and markings, some swirled and twisted yet some seemingly as if dropping blood, symbolizing power and fear.
Personality: Despite how most demon acts, she seems kind enough, but is easily angered by little things. Looking down on the world, she sees that it's all hate and pain, and often speaks lowly on species, even her own kind. Withdrawn and shy, no one has managed to get her to start a conversation with them, as she usually seems detatched and gives a blank stare before discarding the thought of another speaking to her. She shows little trust in others, as others do to her, but she attempts to help if she can, most of the time. She, where her mind was somewhat altered in the bringing back her life, can go somewhat crazy and unsure of what's around her. Through this, she finds how to be sarcastic, often throwing the joking, and sometimes insulting, comments whenever she can. Usually she stays calm, showing nearly no emotion, as she doesn't want to trouble others. Yet in battle, her demon side shows; mercy and care show not when in a melee, and even when outside of battle, is a reckless being as she doesn't care as to what happens to her. The only thing that she seems to care about is the falchion she considers so precious and dear, Braeden which she named it.
Weapons: Perferring to attack with weapons other than her limited magic, a falchion, golden by the hilt and silver by the blade rests in a sheath on her back. Also, the chainmail she wears on her arms, legs and neck guard where her flesh is the weakest. But when needed to use magic, she has the ability to freeze whatever object she wishes in place, but depending on how strong the thing she uses it on is, it will come into motion quicker, but she too can cause the object, thing or creature to move once more. Or, rarely, she uses a middle-class, nearly higher level of fire magic, which is mainly the means of teleporting small distances and able to create a fireball within in the palm of her hands, but also, rarely she uses weak firethrowing skills, rarely able to be learned by the middle-class demons such as Rio, which is why it's a bit down in power. She also has higher than average speed, which she usually relies on, as she perfers not to use magic unless needed, and usually only uses it out when she battles.
History: Born many centuries ago, she was raised within a clan of other demons, and even some humans, but mainly the siren race. After humans began invading, they were quickly shot down; yet most of the clan had seperated, leaving one young demon behind. What seemed to be a youth mixed with wolf blood, somehow, was left in the ruins of what used to be their home. Yet somehow, though young, she managed to survive by herself and grew into the demon unlike what she was now, in her first form when she was twenty three, a demon fused with wild blood, looking as if a walking wolf with a human face. When demon hunters had killed her, they hadn't fully finished her and higher class demons brought life to her once more, changing her form, barely in touch with the wolf blood injected in her, just keeping ahold of her agile build and mach speed, and the large claws coming from her fingers. She now is a wanderer, that usually battles for goods that she needs to stay alive, as she refuses to let others even help her.
Other: ... *puts a sign that says "Rest In Peace" on Other* O.o
Faded silver-blue orbs dotted with midnight colours gazed at the mainly rough, and seemingly unwashed humans that were spread amongst the filthy bar, alcoholic drinks obviously enjoyed by them, me simply alone not with any buisness but to think. "And did I choose a good place," I mumbled to myself, eyes narrowed into cat-like slits, arms entwined and crossed firmly over chest.

The bartender, a young male that could not be more than thirty eyed me, somewhat suspiciously as aburn hair fell over his near violet eyes. A smile tugged at his lips, yet all he got back at him was a cold glare, full of hate that shouldn't be there. "And what are you thinking, young miss?"

Young; a scroff simply escaped through my lips, voided eyes still holding in place a glare. "I am not sure your simple mind could understand what ran through mine, now leave me be." as he simply muttered what I thought were curses, something caught my attention, delicate ears now ringing. A fight, often common in these kind of places, had broken out once more. With an idle smirk that pursed my lips, a slender finger brushed back a strand of my metallic and ebony locks as I gazed at the duelers now.

Men, quite a few, had gathered around another man that seemed normal enough. Piercing cobalt eyes, filled with tears glared with hate towards them, and letting my curious side take control I jumped onto the floor. On all four limbs, slender arms and legs crashing upon the wood. 'Curse this lupine blood; atleast it's thin.' With a stroke of luck, no one saw me, as I continued to slink forward, now slipping the scarlet-dotted robe on that usually hid my clothing, covering the normal and announcing to everyone what I was. A demon; cold-hearted, cruel, bringers of death... what ever people choose to call my species.

Claws, that seemed as if pocket knifes latched into the floorboards with my silent movements. Even if these humans who caught sight of me registered this, the alcohol they carried within them was enough for them to simply laugh about this. Fools, nearly all of them, perhaps all.

Hiding slender body behind a post, which hid me away from nearly the sight of all, once more I glanced towards the group. The lone man, who seemed no older than at the age of twenty five, was circled by the men. Yet the lone one, he held such sadness and anger within deep eyes. As the men, they were frightened, yet sneers rest upon their dirty faces.

"Kill the one of half blood!" they called, so only their group and the one they were against could hear, yet unsuspecting another being so close. Absently, a frown had pulled my thin pink lips down, my eyes narrowed once more. 'Just like those narrow-minded mortals, if someone isn't of their own kind, shun them or bring them their death.' Slender fingers wrapped around the hilt of my precious falchion, the claws once hidden within flesh exposing from the tip of pale fingers once more, the ivory and ebony swirled claws curved and thin, deadly to the mere touch that would impale skin if added force.

'They cause so much pain, yet think it's the other way.' Yet I continued to watch them, pondering if I should help the half angelic one, and get myself tangled within those bitter humans. I would come... if needed. Smirking broadly, I slid against the wooden post, ignoring the nails that scraped across my flesh as I did so, simply keeping my gaze locked on the group.

29th December 2002, 01:19 AM
Name: Morbrid Chaos
Age: Unknown....if and when closly sen looks like early twenties
Sex: Male
Species: 1/2 Angel 1/2 Demon
Physical Description: He has glaring blood red eyes that are blood shot, he has black angel wings, and black hair that streaks all over his head, he wears all black clothing....Many a hauman has never seen this form of Morbrid many of them have either caught a climse of him in his moth-like form, they refer to Morbrid as the Mothman (if youve seen the Mothman Conspiracies you'll understand) and Morbird has been put on this earth to walk alone ands predict humanities own tragedies to a lucky few who have the choice of either believing him or having a loved one die as well...
Weapons: The controll of illusions and predictions, hwe appears almost as an advisory role. Although, if he needs to, he has the ability to immenent imense heat and/ or fire, he can transform into a moth and create accidents, and he knows Martial Arts...
Other: He has joined the good side because his destiny was t foretell and prevent the calamitic destinies of others..he can only be detected by a chosen human, angels or demons....

{----} Morbrid {-----}

One night..as I was walking around this small woodland village, I pondered to myself..God what is my destiny?...to lead these stubborn humans to purgatory?....I passed through this dust town, with no one noticing me because I can onand if any magical creatures saw me, I was wearing a black cape....I could only be seen by humans to those destined to a fate that I must for tell them....I came upon a bar where there seemed to be a boy, about what id look like in Human form, siting at a bar...and some rude men...I listened to their conversation...and was astonished about how these humans would treat such a noble race of half angels...Then it hit me...the boy was a half angel too.."another of my own kind..." then I decided to make my presence known by using my magic and creating an illusion for that human..."Listen" I whispered to the sort of shocked half angel, "He thinks that there are an infinite amount of copies of you surrounding him.." as the human started to scream out "Uh...dont gang up on me! I'll kill u all you halfies!!" as he swings his weapon to an invisible attacker much to the astonishment of his peers, "and if we dont hurry he will figure out its an illusion..".."No...he...must...die..." said the half angel..."whoever you are...go away...this is my fight...", "well if you want to stay and fight" I whispered into his ear, "i will join you" as I appeared infront of them in a flash of red energy..ready to fight...

29th December 2002, 01:38 AM
Name: Ryiianemoki (Ry for short)
Age: Unknown... but appears mid-late twenties.
Gender: Male
Species: Half-angel (Demon-angel)
Physical description: He stands about 6'8, with a tall and extremely muscular build. His skin is fairly tan, and extremely toned and well-defined. His hair is a deep, rich brown/auburn in color but tends to look more crimson-auburn. His eyes are a charming yet bold emerald olive-green eyes, that strike people as very stunning to all who look into them. He has a slender, yet handsome carved face which matches his overall 'attractive' stature. Upon his back are thick, pitch black angelic wings which remind some people of black bird wings. His wings however, feel like down to the touch and are extremely soft and nimble- yet large when extended fully. He has the ability to make his wings small however so they are barely noticable at times when in full strength. IF weakened, his wings are fully exposed. He has a cresent-moon shaped scar over his left shoulder, which he tries not to expose for many know him only by his scar for many know how he got it. *told later below* He usually wears dark, flowing black pants which move easily with him. He wears a tight, black shirt which is short cut and exposes his abdomin. Over that he wears a dark, violet-blue jacket which reaches down to his mid-calfs and always is opened.
Personality: When he was a child, he was rather hyper-active and moved around a lot. He always loved to play with sharp weapons, but never directed it towards any living creature- only carved into wood and other non-living things. He now however, is very calm and relaxed- and extremely down-to-earth. He is loyal to what he believes in, and considers himself to be a 'protector' and will protect anyone or anything he trusts or befriends. He is serious, yet will crack a smile and has a caring deep heart. Naturally he is still good with weapons...
Weapons: He is a half demon, so he has abilities of dark magic but they are stinted a bit because of his arch-side, angel. NEver the less, they are stil somewhat poweful for a half-angel. He also has many daggers and swords since he grew a fancy for makin gthem- but his current favorite is a simple, silver sword which is light and very swift. THe handle is made out of silver, and the blade is made out of diamond but embroidered with silver lettering- a word is enscribed, but he combined demonic and angelic language so it is confusing ot read.
History: As a child, when he was found to be a half-angel, immediatly the demonic creature which held him decided to let him be born, but then to feed him to her friends. When he was concived, the animalistic demon brood were at first flabber gasted at his extremely human apperance. As he was about to be made into dinner, suddenly a half-angel swooped down and slaughterd the demons, and let him live. But the demons did manage to drive a huge gash into his shoulder... but the half angel healed it with his/her limited magick. Of course it wasn't nearly enough to completely heal him, so a scar remained. The half-angel then dropped Ry off at a neabye half-angel 'collective' home, and simply vanished. Ry grew up with an instant fasanation for fighting and weaponry, so instinctively the half-angels trained him fiercly and harshly and almost cruely to become good at the art. ... Ry has been an extremist fighter ever since. BUt luckily, and despite his upbringing and demonic half blood, he's extremely polite and under control which strikes people odd...
Most people believe his is a half-angel, but mixed with human-angel side... none guess that he is half demon because of his strange, extremely human appearance.
Other: *whistles*

Ryiianemoki aka "Ry" - M - Demon/Angel

I narrowed my eyes slightly as I walked through the small town with a gentle, nimbled foot. I wore my usual clothing, but tonight since I was traveling amongst the humans instead of the forest, I had a violet cloak over my back. I would have prefurred black, but with my black clothing to begin with... violet would make me seem less morbid. I always had a fancy for black, maybe it was my demonic half blood... or maybe it was becuase it suited the world at these times. And it looked right now like it always would...

I stopped short as the silence swallowed up any hopes for sound, as the stars twinkled above the small village. To my right however, I heard the sound of a chair breaking. My eyes instantly narrowed, as I took a glance at the bar there. Figures moved through out the window... and usually I would step in an investigate. I took a few steps to the right and with a graceful yet sleek motion, approached the frosty window. Glancing through it, I saw that the bar was filled with many humans... but off to the corner, a small circle was being formed. It appeared that four humans were fighting against another human. I rolled my eyes... why did humans always fight each other and every living creature around them? Was peace not in their vocabulary? It probably never would be... but lately, even the peaceful elven folk have had war on their minds. The world was going to the damned... and even the demons were becoming ridicolous. I've already had too many close calls... another one on this night wasn't inviting.

I sighed and kept walking... but stopped as the bar was behind me. Was it right?
Why should I interfere with human matters? They probably would strip my coat and see the lump in my jacket and rip it off and see my wings.
My black wings were small now... i had that ability- bless it be. Most half-angels didn't have the ability to contract their wings to make them smaller, but I did. I was extremely lucky for that... but still.. all lump appeared always in my clothing- which was of course, the small wings upon my back. My mind agreed with my feeling inside, and thus I walked onward. THe night was welcoming to me... but I had a feeling it wouldn't last- the silence never lasts.

Name: Avayiarah (Ah-vAY-are-uh)
Age: Unknown... but appears young-mid twenties
Gender: Female
Species: Angel
Physical description: She stands about 5'7, with an extremely graceful build. She's light weight, slim and has a flawless, clean complexion. Her skin is smooth and soft, and light in tone. Her body over all is toned but like I said, light but not sickly looking at all. She beams of a bright, beautiful and uplifting body. Her hair is striking, and is a light mixture of many various shades and hues of blonde, but over all it appears to be a golden strawberry blonde. It reaches about slightly past her shoulders, and has gentle waves and is layered to frame her face. Her eyes are an icy, pure blue that seem glazed with a crisp, enchanting frost. She has beautiful wings which are the length of her body plus four feet. They are mainly white, but have a tint of strawberry pink and towards the tip of every soft feather, they seem to be dipped in a deeper, bolder pink-violet. She doesn't wear much clothing, for she feels no desire or need to for she is not ashamed of her body. For a top she wears a light and extremely soft tank top, with tiny strings to hold it around her shoulders, but it is cut short so it barely 'covers' herself and exposes her upper and lower abdomin. The color of the tank is white of course, with a tint of rose color. For a lower garment, she wears an extremely short skirt, which is a low rise skirt and shows off 4/5 of her legs. The skirt is also white in color, with a tint of violet-pink. She wears no shoes.
Personality: She is extremely soft and graceful in her nature as well. She is extremely giving and caring, and will not hesitate to help others when they ask for help- reguardless of species. She is optimistic and very cheerful, but feels like she can't show her sad emotions. She is often taken advantage of by her kind even, and the demonic kind especially tries to get things from her since she finds it hard to say 'no' or to deny anyone help.
Weapons: She has no weapons for she does not believe in fighting... she does have holy magic however- but her skills are primarily in healing. Though she might have a hidden power unknown to even her race... ^^;
History: She was born when a massive meteor shower hit the earth and killed many species. People and angels alike believed this to be some sort of sign... most though tof it to be a bad omen, but as she grew up and her gentle and innocent nature grew ever more evident and even more pure then any angel had before- they disreguarded it and said to be a coincidence. Although she was raised to a family that believed angels are the high power, she did not develop that opinion. In fact, she does not despise any race... not even half-angels- which many angels and other full species alike scold her for and some times even shun her.
Other: She often visits humans, elves and fallens.

Avayiarah (Ah-vAY-are-uh) - F - Angel

"What is the purpose of it all?" I asked softly, my voice gently licking against the air like a smooth river as I turned my gentle eyes towards the head angelic warrior. I was ashamed of him- angels never did fight wars or start them before... why now were we picking on the poor half-angels?

"The purpose? To rid of the unhealthy unbalance of the world. We cannot allow our kind to produce half breeds of ourselves anymore. It shames our kind and makes the other species around us uncomfortable. We must stop it."
He turned his harsh, cold black eyes at me and I turned my face away. My hair gently swayed in the gentle wind, as I sighed and made a pained expression.

"But must we kill?" The question was simple, but he delayed his answer for a while until he sighed exasperated.
" Yes."
With that he spread his dusky gray wings and flew off the high part of the cliff which loomed over a thick green forest near the Elven and Human kingdoms which were uncommonly close. I watched him soar off... until his figure became nothing but a dot in the sky. I shook my head and tucked my wings around my body as a colder wind suddenly blew against my skin.
"It's suddenly too cold..." I thought, as I glanced up at the night sky. The stars twinkled with an enchanting light, as if holding some mysterious secret which I did not know of. I smiled weakly, but my mind screamed.

Why did all this war and pain have to come into our world? And worse off, us Angels, the very heart and soul of all good was turning to it as well. We were creating pain... and just now, a warrior left to go raid a nearbye Half-angelic village that was rumored to be near the human village. Why?
"I can't stand it... it just doesn't make sense!" I harshly whispered to myself, as I stood up suddenly and out spread my wings. Glancing up at the brilliant cresent moon, my eyes sparkled with a new determination.
"Well... if I can't stop it... maybe I can help."
With that I ran towards tshe edge of the cliff and then leapt off gracefully through the air.

My body seemed to slice through it with ease, as my wings unfolded and welcomed the beautiful night breeze. I instantly raised into the sky with the thermals, and soared gently over the thick forest. I smiled softly, as my hair waved about like gentle ribbons upon the draft. As this happened, I faced downwards and scanned the forest for any sign of life... any thing at all. I doubted however, that I would spot anything if the warrior angel did not... but still- there always could be exceptions.

After what seemed like hours, but probably was just fifteen minutes, I suddenly spotted some thing below. THere was some action going on below... between some creatures. I quickly dove downward, just a ways away from the action so not to be seen completely- or I hoped not to be seen. I dove inbetween to massive trees, and gently landed instantly upon the ground as my wings outreached and caught the air. I quickly felt my gentle feet touch the ground, and then landed with a light foot. I took a sharp breath, and contracted my wings so they were tightly tucked behind my back. I tip toed gently to one of the trees and hugged it softly as I poked my head around it and watched... wondering what was going on and who these creatures might be...

(chance for some one to post some thing about this! ^^;)

29th December 2002, 01:52 AM
Name: Illu'vatar Voules
Age: Unknown Physically mid-twenties
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Physical description: He stands at 6'5, with a slim build. His hair is long, down to his shouler, and pale ice blue, matching the color of his eyes. His cheek bones are high, giving his face an indian look. He is what some would call "beautiful". His body is unscarred, except for that which rests across his chest. He has covered the scar with a tatoo of a lion, the scar appearing tio be a spear piercing the lions heart. He wears a lnong leather overcoat, or sometimes a cloak. He wears a white button up, collared shirt, with the sleeves rolled, and a couple of buttons unrolled, revealing part of his tatoo. His pants match his overcoat, accompanied with dark black leather boots. He weas a pendant of a lion around his neck, given to him by his mother.
Personality: He does not come off as a demon at first. He is not overly cheerfully, but not extremely solemn neither. He rarely talks unless human or elven women are around. He takes pity on no one, and is extremely merciless. When he is around those that know he is a demon, he becomes rather hostile, unless you are a close friend, or confident. He spoils his daughter badly, but she herself is not spoiled. there isn't much she wants in life, except a mother.
Weapons: Carries a very long katana, with a lion encrusted handle. It too was given to him by his mother, left to him after her death. She attained it from his father. He also has a Gauntlet, with the sign of Ifrit encrusted upon it. He can cast inferno spells through the gauntlet.
Other: He is not to racist of Half-Angels, but only because one attempted to save his mother, and died to save Illu'vatar. He still has a certain dislike of them, blaiming his mothers death on the half-angel in the first place. He has a child, Varda, a half-demon, who accompanies her father wherever he goes. The mother was killed in a mob lynch. He has a lion, and uses it as sort of a horse. It is a full-grown male. (If pets are allowed...)


Slowly, I sipped my drink, and through the bottom of the glass, observed the skirmish between several men. What happened was irrelevant to him, because he was sure the lone man would survive. Something about the the look in his eye...

I looked to my side, at the sight of my sleeping child, and smiled. She was the only thing left in my life. Outside waited my loyal companion, for whom I had no name, a lion. She rested under dark trees in high grass, concealing herself for onlookers.

I turned back to the "fight", suddenly intruiged. I had an urge to know wether or not the man in the center of the humans would win the battle. Then another joined in, siding by the lone man, who I leared was "Fel". Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed another, only this time demon, slinkning against a wooden post.

My only concern was to keep my daughter safe. I slowly pulled my gauntlet over my hand, a red ball of fire swirling in my palm. If need be, I would unleash the burning hells of inferno upon the foolish people he dare disturb my evening, and the peaceful sleep of my daughter!

29th December 2002, 02:07 AM
Name: Asilynne (hey you know it was bound to happen sooner or later ^-^)
Age: 326
Species: Elven (warrior)
Physical description: pointy ears (of course) ,wavy medium length reddish brown hair, green eyes, 5'8" wears a brown tunic with blue long sleeved undershirt and matching baggy pants stuffed into slender knee high boots, brown gauntlets
Personality: very fox-like in nature, shes clever, determined, light-hearted and easy to get along with--provided you dont make her mad. If she or anyone she considers a friend is threatened or in danger she will do anything to help them; even if it means getting in a fight or two ^-~ Doesnt really care what species a person is, she treats everyone how she feels they should be treated based on how they treat those around them. If she feels bad about a situation she will keep it to herself so as to not show any weakness (and also so she doesnt worry her friends ^-^) She is very intellegent though she might not always act it
Weapons: A silver crossbow attached to her right gauntlet, and a wicked looking silver dagger with an emerald embedded in it attached to her blue belt.
History: Im better at explaining my characters history as I go along ^-^
Other: having grown up in the forest, she is very nimble and light on her feet. Though she considers herself one of the greatest warriors in existance, she secretly wants to find someone she could consider her equal.

"YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!" My yell rang through the night air as I chased the buck through the dark forest, nimbly darting through trees as I ran.
"Yelling wont help you catch it faster, Asi-chan," my hunting partner Eralan sneered as she ran beside me. She was only a few decades older than me, and she was also less fun. I grinned. "Come on, get into the spirit of the hunt!" I crowed as I leapt up on a treebranch and began to leapt from tree to tree. I was going to leap down and catch the buck as it ran under, making my kill. Then me and Eralan could have enough meat to last us quite a while, and we could sell the pelt when we went into town. Or really I should say I could sell the pelt. Eralan didnt really like to associate with non-elves...
Suddenly something I sensed in the air made me forget about the buck. Stopping on the edge of a branch I knelt down, balancing perfectly on the slender branch. "Eralan...." I whispered softly. She mustve sensed it too and leapt up to a branch near mine. "Yeah I know....there is a celestial presence nearby..."
I nodded, and attuned my senses to find its location. As an elf, and especially a forest elf, I could sense whenever something was in the forest that didnt belong there. Everything had a life force, and each living thing's life force resonated with the signature of their natural surroundings. So when something that resonated with an otherworldly life force came into a forest, it stood out like a beacon.
"Its over there..." Eralan said suddenly, pointing to one of the largest trees in the forest. I nodded, and we started to head towards it in Wolf Hunting Formation. We had been hunting together for practically forever so we knew what to do. Soon we would find out what this creature was doing in the forest, and whether it meant any harm. I sighed. Well the creature was obviously not an elf.
That meant I'd have to keep Eralan from embarrassing us. ^-~
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29th December 2002, 02:22 AM
Name: Cruel Valentine

Age: 260

Gender: Female

Species: Demoness

Physical Description: Cruel Valentine was once revered for both her wicked beauty and combat skills. Her skin is a creamy shade of pearl white, accenting her glittering green eyes, and her full, crimson lips. She is both tall and curvy, having not one molecule of fat on her body, as she is designed to force men into battle with their lust just at the sight of her. Her face is wantonly beautiful; the epitome of perfection. On her wrists are scars and blasphemous rune markings, and on her feet are black stiletto heels, which would make any mortal woman cry should they attempt to wear it.

Leathery black wings extend from just below her shoulder blades, tattered and ripped to remind her of past battles. She wears a simple black loincloth and top made of the finest mortal leather. Her hair cascades down her back like an elegant waterfall, black as the night. From the small of her back is a tail, ending in an arrow-point; it constantly waves behind her, almost like it has a mind of its own. From her fingers are her nails, painted black and curved.

Personality: She was once one of Hell’s deadliest succubae, but after attempting to taint an angel, he ‘cleansed’ her; after a brilliant cascade of heavenly lights (and an anguished scream), she’s now completely useless to the Shadow underneath. Since then, there are two conflicting voices in her head: one is the succubus that she used to be - thirsty for conflict, lustful, a general ***** - , and the other is her new, brainwashed self who wants nothing but to eat cake and make friends.

Cruel Valentine (or just Valentine now, as she likes to be called) is becoming more and more humane with every passing day, much to the dismay of her inner succubus. She’s unlocking emotions that she thought had disappeared when she joined the legions of hell, rediscovering the joys of being friendly and outgoing. She is not fast to anger at all because of her new behavior, but when she does become angry her true succubus self emerges and all hell breaks loose.

Weapons: Cruel Valentine possesses a fanatic lust for blood, and is armed with her beauty and speed, as well as her demonic anger. She can cast something called a Blood Star (will elaborate when she casts it), and can summon a black barbed whip at will.

Other: Has found a liking for food, though she can’t get fat or anything from it, as per her being a succubus.
(Italics is the demoness. Bold is Valentine.)

Valentine laid on top of the home of a blacksmith, the life inside sound asleep. Not that she would care. She wasn’t out for trouble, especially in such an amazingly picturesque town where a mob of angry pitchfork-wielders seemed to fit perfectly. It was shrouded in cool darkness, with millions of stars that winked down on the townsfolk. Occasionally the trees would sway from side to side as a breeze picked up, but for the most part, it was quiet.

She sighed contently, gently running her nails through her hair. It was a perfect night, and she was wearing the best thing for it -- nothing. Her pieces of clothing lay neatly next to her, and beside them, the crumbs of an ex-chocolate cake. Living in this world wasn’t too bad, although the “humans” had the same blood lust that something within her shared. They detested beings called halfsies, and by nature Valentine knew that she, too, hated them. Hated them with a passion. Just hearing about them made her blood boil, made her eyes go red, her nails extra sharp -

Then, something hit her. She didn’t know what a “halfsies” looked like. Must be ugly for so many dirty, grimy things to hate them. She seem satisfied with her answer, and for the rest of the night, Valentine’s thoughts began to wander. She pondered about things that boggled her mind and things that made something within want to scratch itself to death. But then…


She felt it in her bones. The unmistakable feeling that the first drop of blood was going to be shed. Adrenaline began to pump throughout her body as she felt a fire within her burn like never before, and suddenly the person inside of her became excited. For the first time that night, the demoness within her spoke.

Her voice was enthusiastic, like a child that was being told that he could go out to play after being grounded, and the familiar red energy began to crackle between her fingers -- the beginnings of a spell, she guessed.

Fire. Fire! I feel it Valentine, I feel it. Some halfsie is going to die! The voice within her cackled maniacally, and the urge to jump up and down was almost impossible to control. I’ll kill him, kill him myself, wrangle his neck, I‘ll show the Shadow!

Her body wasn’t hers any more. Hastily she grabbed her clothing, put it on, and with a fantastic leap into the air she flew.. Or rather, the demoness flew, melded with the night, towards the Conflict.

29th December 2002, 09:18 AM
Name: Strider Haskai
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Physical description: Has Dark Red Spikey Hair (Like Goku) with a Red headband that has mean sweat stains on it, Dark Emerald green eyes, a diagonal scar on his right eye that starts from his Left eyebrow and ends at the right end of his eye. He wears a White T-Shirt and Black Overalls that have no Buttons etc, (Like Goku's Orange and Blue) A Onyx colored boots have help him stay in top shape and wears a transparent Utility Belt.
Weapons: He Carrys a small Dagger in his holster, but only uses it when is in grave Danger. Possess very little, almost no magic.
Other: When he was a young boy, he wanted to learn the Martial Arts, but his Mom always made him study Techonogly and arts and crafts. His Mom and dad had gotten Divorced, but his mom barely took care of him when Strider got older, so he went to his father, A Bouncer of a Popular bar, and learned the Martial Arts. His Father soon died from a Massive Killer that was a Half Angel. His Mother Died because of a tribe of half Angels. Strider swore that he would Avenge his parents by taking the Half Angels down.


I walked down the cold, lonely streets. Being a Human was tough. There is some many wars and some many fights, "Why couldn't everybody just get along," I muttered. I was a fighter, but I never actully killed.Suddenly, Rage flew into my mind. My Mother and Father. I would kill everybody until I found that Killer. No! I wouldn't do that. I won't let my rage take me over.
I saw a Demoness flying, but I must have been seeing things, all of my fighting i did today to get stronger and try to take down all Half Angels.
The Cold air pierced my lungs when i took a breath, but I could survive. A saw a bar with a few shadowy figures inside. Four people courning a.....Human...Or atleast that's what it looked like. I run up to the door, stepped in and.....

29th December 2002, 09:44 AM
I balled my hands into fists as rage overwhelmed me. I had never gone into the beserker mode that half-angels were supposedly known for... but with this pain, this white-hot pain flowing through my body. It fueled my anger, made it stronger than any human in this bar. My eyes flashed as a feral grin spread across my face.
"You said half-angels were harder than hell to kill... But humans aren't!"
My wings exploded through the thin cloth of my cloak, and they saw me clearly for the first time. The scars over my arms, my neck, scars that covered most of my body. The soot-covered man swore... a long, loud line of expletives, that I had never heard before. But I didn't care what he was saying... I charged at him and buried my dagger to the hilt... all the way into his throat. I turned on the others, my eyes gleaming with beserk hatred.
"And now, you'll die... your deaths in exchange for my fathers!"

Hyperness is a Good Thing
29th December 2002, 10:10 AM
Name: Shykra
Age: She doesn't remember, but looks like she's in her late teens.
Gender: Female
Species: Fallen, she was formerly an angel.
Physical description: She has long bluish black hair that falls past her shoulders, and has light brown eyes that are almost amber. She's tall, pretty thin, and still retains some of what may be call "the beauty of angels". She used to have wings while she was an angel, but for some reason, they disappeared. She looks tired most of the time,.
Personality: She's quiet, doesn't talk much, but thinks a lot. She hates having anyone put down or diss anyone. She can get really irritated, and that's when her magic's the strongest.
Weapons/Magic: Has some profieciency with swords, but usually relies on her magic.
History: She was born an angel, but she disliked all the rules and protocol being an angel required. After seeing how the half-angels were opressed, she got angry with how other angels perceived them. She also had sympathy for the demons, and almost everything else. After disagreeing with her superiors and all that, she went slightly insane, and lost her wings somehow. When she recovered her senses, she realised that she did not like being an angel, nor did she like using the angel's brand of magic. So, she left, and became what is known as a fallen.
Other: She uses a peculiar brand of magic, similar to that of what demons use, but she has more power. However, she's somewhat of a pacifist, and would rather negotiate than fight.

~~~~~~Shykra, Fallen~~~~~~~

I walked in the woods, breathing in the cool night air, and savouring all the sights and sounds. The solitude I managed to get here was all I desired. I let the wilderness envelope me, and let me forget myself.

The crickets were singing, and I could hear some frogs croaking contentedly beside a small pond nearby. I smiled slightly to myself.

"Sing while you can and be happy. At least you're satisfied with yourself." I told them softly. A laugh escaped from my lips. I was down to the level of talking to animals.

I felt a drop of water on my head. Slowly, it built up to a drizzle. I looked up at the silvery drops falling from the sky. I closed my eyes and let them run down my face. Like tears.

Just like tears. I whispered to myself. The frogs, as if rejoicing for the rain sang all the louder. I felt like singing with them, but it would be a long time before I could sing in the rain.

When I was an angel, I used to enjoy hovering just above the clouds and looking at the stars. Their coldness and distance somehow endeeared themselves to me. They reminded me of what angels were supposed to be like. Cold, beautiful, and distant, never stoopind to interact with the mortals on earth, always shining bright, givers of hope. And like angels, it was all a facade. Stars are just burning balls of gas, and sometimes the stars we see don't even exist any more. They've burnt out millions of light years ago, but the news hasn't reached earth yet.

I sighed and closed my eyes to the falling rain.

29th December 2002, 11:32 AM

I watched as the Boy stabbed the man covered in soot. "Holy ****," I thought, going into the back of the bar to hide. "That's a half Angel........," I thought panting for breath. I hoped nobody would find me. I was in grave danger if that half angel found me. I looked for a way out of the Bar, but the back door was locked with a Huge Lock. Crouching, I quietly grabbed the Bartender, covered his mouth and dragged his body to the back. I killed the Bartender with the dagger and took the key out of his pocket. The only problem was, there was about 50 keys.

29th December 2002, 11:39 AM
Slender figure slinked out from behind the covering of the wooden post and the shadows, knees bending as odd-shaped feet rested mainly upon the ground. Latching thin fingers around the throat of the man killed by the half-angel, cold orbs gazed upon the burrowed skin, as the thick crimson liquid oozed onto my hands. Releasing my grip, allowing the limp body to hit the floor, an oddly amused smirk had plastered across my face. Fear; the other men felt fear, they were worried. Yet the sight of a demon, so close, didn't seem to bother them. Perhaps they knew how easily some demons are brought into death. Yet they didn't know of the ones who can evade death for eternity.

Now, though, the other men seeing how easily the other was rid of, were preparing to fight back. Short and thin, badly curved swords were pulled from the sheaths resting over their backs, marked with blood. The smirk I had grew broader, as if taunting them. Those worn blades, ancient and bloody, could never bring down a half-angel, perhaps only wound it. Or maybe they had something else they were planning. But they seemed to not pay attention to me as I sat, staring firmly at them, still willing the help the half-angel. What do I have to lose? Nothing. The smirk I once wore faded into a simple line. 'And those humans before me are worthless for they kill what others of their kind recite is evil; but I wonder... will the fear, and the battle of the species ever end? Will it ever be allowed?' With that thought in vain, I pulled the flowing midnight robe dotted with scarlet over my body more, strands of my silver hair streaked with black hanging over my shoulders.
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29th December 2002, 01:23 PM
{-----} Morbrid {-----}

Knowing that nothing was going to qwell the bloodlust in Asrafel's soul, I decided to watch from the sidelines...I sensed two other presences (tell me if im wrong k?) in the room besides me watching...a demon...a wolf-like demon and...a human with magic abilities....I decided to conceal my black wings so that I wouldnt have to send these un-deserving human souls to the netherworld....Still the boy kept on fighting, rage tainted his already heavy heart, blood stained his knife, and sorrow filled his mind....If any one could hear me I said "The boy will kill all these men but it wont be the solution to his problem"....

29th December 2002, 01:30 PM

My weak magic ablites blunted my heads, saying there was a Demon and a Half Angel Half Demon. Man, they should rename this place for Angels and Demons only for christ Sake. I jumped out from behind the counter and the boy saw me. He knew I was a human. "Oh ****," I muttered as the boy charged at me. I backflipped behind the counter and the boy jumped behind, but I was already gone. He got out of the back of the counter and fought the others.
I was hanging by a Board on the top of it and quietly jumped back down. "Phew," I thought as I walked over to a table.

29th December 2002, 01:43 PM
{----} Morbrid {-----}

I saw what happened between the Half Angel and the human..and I knew it took an abnormal human to avoid such an attack...so while the bar was being torn limb from limb...I strode ove to where the human lied and whispered..."How did you get your powers?" he turned around probably thinking he's going crazy, until I materialized beside him..."I asked..How did you get you powers?..." the human turned to face me as I made eye contact with him...he seemed a little intimidated, but looked at me with a certain ferocity I had never seen before in a human, not even a magically inhanced one...then I said "It took more than mere more than human ability to perform a backflip such as yourse without difficulty..". Knowing he was hiding something, he pulled out his knife and put it to my throat, "Why dont you tell me who you are?"....

29th December 2002, 02:46 PM

"On Second thought, i don't need to know who you are, The Backflip i did consumes of the Magical power in my boots. Everything else was physical strength," I said pulling the knife back into my pocket. "Humans are more then just mere life forms, Sir Half Demon-Half Angel," I remarked quietly as I pulled a Pepsi from my Pocket.

29th December 2002, 03:01 PM
Pain wasn’t something that bothered Cruel Valentine, so when she crashed through the ceiling of the bar she felt nothing. She landed on the ground, kicking aside planks of wood and knocking a human aside with a flick of her wrist. Archaic words made its way to her lips, and black electricity wrapped itself around her body, ending in a small sphere in her palm. Abruptly a malicious barbed whip materialized, her head lowered from her excitement. She laughed, her voice malevolent and cruel as she spotted the fresh corpse of a human. Beside him was a beautiful half-angel, covered in scars and delirious with the bloodlust that consumed him.

I’ve always loved a good challenge.

And with that, Cruel Valentine charged. She ran with a ferocious speed, her whip gripped in her hand, towards the halfsie. With lightning speed she snaked behind him, her whip wrapped around his neck with her arm. The whip’s thorns pierced into both the angel’s throat and her arm, but she didn’t care. She was going to prove herself to the Shadow underneath, that he had lost something incredible. She felt a small stinging at her side, and looked down.

The dagger had claimed her flesh and Valentine suddenly screamed. Blood began to flow from the wound, and the whip detonated harmlessly into nothing. No longer was she the demoness bent on bloodshed and death, but a girl again. She stepped back from the angel and her eyes watered. She pulled out the dagger like it were nothing and dropped it, letting it clatter against the wooden planks. Time seemed to stand still, as everyone kept their eyes on her.

“I’m… I’m sorry.” And she ran. Ran straight out the door and right into a certain green-olive eyed man.

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29th December 2002, 03:15 PM
Ryiianemoki (Ry for short) - M - Half Angel (Demon/Angel)


I turned my gaze away from the bar... until suddenly I heard a door open and the sound of pain. I whirled around to suddenly crash into another being. I staggered backwards, as so did the being and I flashed my striking gaze upon what was the cause of this.

Immediatly my eyes met a dazzling display of jewel-like eyes as well. They were teary however, and watered as this female creature made a wincing face. She was slightly shocked and confused... and I was as well. She had black tattered wings, that held some strange dark beauty to them which I could not describe... and a tail with a lashing twisted about behind her as her hair fell about her face, as she glanced up at me. I with drew a breath... as she instantly spoke.

"S-sorry... excuse me.."
She tried to push back, but the smell of blood was thick to my senses as I saw her hand upon her side which was bleeding rather harshly. She looked like she was handling the pain well... but still, if untreated I knew the consequences. No doubt she was not human... and by the color and air about her, she was either a demoness or part demon...
A half angel? Demon-angel? Or demoness? Oh what does it matter..

I thought, as I quickly grabbed her arm before she passed me. She quickly recoiled her arm away, looking shocked but I made a pleading face...

"You are injured... you should treat that wound."

She shook her head...
"I'll be fine... now please, I will leave you alone." She made a move again but I jumped in front of her, and she narrowed her eyes.
"I don't want to mess with you human... just let me go! Can't you see I don't want to remain in your presense?"
I shook my head and immediatly took my cloak off and threw it to the side and consentrated upon the wings I had. Instantly the uncontracted themselves and grew to their normal size and instantly they sliced through the back of my jacket and exposed their soft, bird-appearance. I gazed at her and shook my head...
"I am no human, I am just one with demonic blood wishing to help you... "

29th December 2002, 03:39 PM
{----} Morbrid {----}

Seeing that he had fully retracted his knife to his pocket, I said, You dont need to call me that.." and with a hand extended I said, "Glad to meet your acquaintance, the name is Morbrid, Morbrid Chaos....."

29th December 2002, 04:38 PM
"My Name is Strider, Nice to meet you." I replied and shook his hand. I drank the pepsi quickly and gave him a hand motion to follow me. We jumped over the top of the counter and i took out the keys. I had Saw the boy was done killing the others, so he would look for me. I took out a Silver key. "If this isn't right, were fuc*ed," I said as I slid the key in, turned it and........

29th December 2002, 05:07 PM
ACK! *runs in*

Name: Adinaea Del'Unfe
Age: Allegedly 315. Physically early to mid 20's.
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Physical description: Outside of battle, she is a tall, statuesque redhead with blue-green eyes and bronzed skin. A pair of red and gold flame tattoos are etched onto her wrists. When she doesn't need her wings, they assume the form of a tattoo between her shoulderblades. She enjoys flaunting her body as much as she can, so it would be fairly common to see her in bikini tops and short shorts, as well as other *ahem* risque attire (Not TOO risque, however...). In battle, however...her eyes become blood red, and her wings remain as wings. She wears some bodyarmor, although not much, relying upon speed.
Personality: Most of the time, she is a remarkably sweet person, somewhat seductive, very friendly. She's one of those who doesn't care much for difference of species. In battle, all of that is thrown by the wayside, as she becomes merciless and unforgiving. Through it all, her devious and intelligent mind remains active...she shouldn't be messed with.
Weapons: A pair of curved-bladed silver daggers, supernaturally hardened to near unbreakability. The hilts are studded with rubies. She also has proficiency with many types of torture devices. Her magic leans a bit towards the element of fire, enhanced a bit by the tattoos on her wrists.
Other: Detests being called a Succubus, because even though she shares qualities with them (Including never getting fat, which she loves to pieces), she is not one herself...the higher-ups of the underworld decided that. She's one of those demons that walks the mortal plain...and wields the whip of torture when needed.

Adinaea Del'Unfe

A darkened corner, a drink...refuge...

Adinaea sighed, stirring her drink with one crimson-tipped finger. Her magical senses were going wild, again... half-angel, half-demon/angel, magical human...demon...2 demons, in fact...

Her eyes were attracted to the sitting demon, however...and to the halfling child asleep beside him. What would a full demon be doing with a...unless it were his...

Curiosity flared in her blue-green eyes, but she exerted control over it, mastering it, and took another sip of her drink, watching the conflict of the half-angel unfold.

Suddenly, she stiffened. Fingers...tracing the tattoo upon her back...up and down the lines...a rough, drunken voice at her ear, slurring something rather offensive...

Without thinking, she reached back, took hold of the man's greasy hair, and gave a sharp yank. The shrieks of pain soothed her soul, and she stood, still pulling on the man's hair.

She could've killed him right then and there...but no...

"Don't you ever touch me again, scum."

She said it in a low voice, but her voice tended to carry...

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Kuro Espeon
29th December 2002, 05:50 PM
BTW: B4, Asilynne told me that she was trying to interactwith your angel girl chary just so you know. I'm gonna post that we meet up with you ok? :)

Name: Eralan
Age: 401
Gender: Female
Species: Elven (warrior)
Physical description: About 5'9; mid-back length pitch black hair with two small braids hanging by each pointed ear, sparkling light-hazel eyes that can give a peircing gaze and stand out on her pale skin. Wears a brown tunic top similar to Legolas (from Lord of the Rings) with a white collared shirt underneath, and tight brown pants with black pointed boots. Also wears a blue crystal star pendent around her neck. It is a mystery as to where she got this pendent except for a select few.
Personality: At first meeting she gives seems slightly bitter and uptight but will loosen up around people she trusts. She's very trustworthy and will never go back on her word once she has given it. Unlike her partner Asilynne, she is often dislikes associating with people of races that she feels are not on the same level as Elves; such as Humans, Fallens, and Half-angels/half-breeds.
Weapons: A silver Elvish sword that a ruby-eyed dragon encreasted (sp?) on the hilt. Is also fairly skilled with a bow & arrow but usually prefers to fight with a blade. Also posseses simple Elven healing magic
Other: Is Asilynne's travelling companion/partner. They are good friends but have diferences in opinion on many matters.

Asilynne and I were drawing closer to the celetial being now. It was angel....there was no doubt about it. That sort of aura could only come from a celetial creature, and a strong one at that. I was pleased. It would be nice to talk to an angel again. They were one of the few beings that I didn't mind associating with. Angels and occasionally demons were the races besides elves that I was able to tolerate. I couldn't stand Fallens. Jus the sight of them made my skin crawl and the very thought of them made me sudder. Humans....well they were just annoying and bothersome. I found them quite crude and disgusting at times. I avoided them whenever possible. Then....there were those Halfsies! The Half-angels....half-demons....half-whatever. I really had no disgust towards them really...more like apathy. I did not approve of interbreeding between species personally; I felt that different races should stick to their own kind for it would make the world alot less complicated.
I didn't not blame the Halfsies, for it is never their fault that their parents were of different race. But I prefered not to associate with them for it would most likely create some enemies for me, for the Halfsies had very few friends amoung other races and they were also bitter towards anyone who tried to be civilized towards them. They were the lowliest of creatures.....hunted down by almost anyone with a weapon or skills to do so. I found it much easier just not to get involved with them. It was for the best....
"Eralan! Look!" Asilynne's voice snaped me out of thought. She pointed in front of us, her manner full of excitement and anticipation. I lifted my head slightly and followed her finger to a spot about 50 yards away. I saw a feminine figure, pale with long strawberry-blond hair, poking her head out from behind a tree. I could tell from the aura eminating from her that she was the angel we were looking for. She gave off a soft glow that was common amoung angelic creatures and her feathery white wings were tucked down and in as far as they would go. Obviously she was trying to be discrete, and she seemed to be watching us, unaware that we had noticed her.
But it didn't take her long to realize that we were heading towards her. She slowly came out from behind the tree and watched our approach curiously. I was now able to see her full form. She was barely clothed; her only garments a thin cropped tanktop and short skirt. She did not seem hostile but I figured we should not assume that she thought the same of us. I put on a friendly face to show her that we meant no harm as we reached her. Asilynne was the first to make a move of introduction.
"Hello there!" She said invitingly, waving in greeting. The angel made no move. I took a step foreward.
"Greetings honorable angel," I said with a slight bow of my head, "I am Eralan of the elven village of Lavendrell. Daughter of Rangolan and Eraphyn. This is my partner Asilynne, from the same village. May we inquire as to your name?"

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Ginger Cat
29th December 2002, 06:11 PM
Not quite sure what to do, but something... O_o
So yeah.
Intro post!

Name: Fierna
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Fallen Angel
Physical description: 5'11". Body is slim, pretty much can be thought of as wirey. Complexion is quite pale. Hair is black; she wears it down, and it often hangs around her face, shadowing it. Eyes are a deep gray. Her nails are naturally black, as are her lips. Has wings that used to be white but have since become black--sensing a theme here--and rarely cracks a grin. Wears, I know you can guess it, black! Mmm... go figuah... Overall, looks to be slightly twitsed, definitely "darkened" since being an angel...
Personality: A downer, o' course. Not so much in that she embraces the norms of a typical cynic, but that she rejects everything that she was told to believe when she was younger. From the time she was born, she abhored the ways of the angels; felt them to be overbearing, hypocritical, and all-around irritaing creatures. As time past, she fell away from them, and finally managed to escape. She remembers being there, and is glad that she left, but still has been unable to find any sort of place to be accepted. In soem ways, she's glad o this, but in others she's tired of running from others or confronting them, only to be cast away. Ah well...
Weapons: Seeing as she lives on Earth... A Magnum and a bunch of throwing knives. Works for her purposes.
Other: ...bwip...

Fierna ~ Fallen Angel

Oh, angels in heaven, how you hold yourselves above, how you watch us with contempt. Angels of mercy indeed. Angels of love. Angels on the most high, the best of the best. None above, none better than. Holier than thou, without a doubt. Able to whisk away all trouble with a single beat of a pair of powered wings.

I snarled slightly, walking through the woods. My head was down, my minds elsewhere, but I managed not to fall. I'd been walking through the forest for years. After all, the forest was comforting. In the forests, the angels saw less. They cared less for the forest. To them, what lay beneath didn't matter. They could not see it, it did not matter.

Angels, fie. I hated them, honestly I did. To think that I'd been one... Or maybe I'd never really been one. I could hope. Wings? I had wings of my own, but these were not the wings of light. These were different. Everything about me was different.

Always different. No one would accept this, so f*** them. I had been an angel and was no longer. They could not see... Why could they not see? I was no angel. Yet they despised me for being one. The angels looked down on me, condescending in their traditional manner.

"Leave me alone..." I muttered darkly, brushing a few strands of hair out of my eyes.

I ddin't really want to be left alone completely, but they were driving me to eternal solitude. No matter. Right. Sure. I could handle this. Needed to handle this, because they didn't give a damn.

Were there others like me? If so, I'd never seen them. Maybe I would soon. Maybe someone like me would understand. Was that true, though? Was there anyone like me? Did they hate?

Hate. What was wrong with hate?

The forest called, always called. It was almost beautiful. SO alone... But alone in the beautiful night.

29th December 2002, 06:37 PM
How wierd, I thought, for so many different species would interact in one place. the fight was becomiong larger, and my continuing to stay was endangering my daughters life. Slowly, I stood, preparing myself to leave. I shielded my daughter with my cloak, quietly exiting the building.

Outside I sat my daughter, under the watchful eye of He. He would keep her safe until I returned. I stepped back into the building, and placed my gauntlet upon my right hand. Without my cloak, the black wings upon my back spread, and I allowed the horns of my people to potrude from my head. I hesitated to withdraw my sword. There were mostly humans in this bar, and I had no desire to kill this particular half-angel. I held out my palm, and focused my energy into it. A red orb of flame materialized in my hand, and I unleashed it upon the wooden establish. The building quickly caught fire, and I, now in suitable conditions, mercilessly slaughtered the drunken humans. They all deserved to die, and today, I would be thier Grim Reaper.

29th December 2002, 07:05 PM

The Door opened and I bursted out with Morbrid. The boy charged out with his Dagger ready, but I kicked wall after wall and finally got on top of the roof of another building. The Bar was now on Fire. I looked over, and cousidently, Morbrid wasn't there.I there on the roof as the rain poured on my hair,making it fall down and blocked my eyes. i sat down for a rest, and gently descended into a peaceful sleep.

29th December 2002, 07:39 PM
Dunno what to do, but I'll just wing it.

You're a wretch. One minor wound and you ruin my chance to prove myself! You go sobbing like a little girl into some half-demon.

Shut up. Valentine responded. She pushed the hair from her eyes back, tucking it neatly behind a pointed ear. The two of them found a secluded spot somewhere along the trees so that the half-demon could properly look over her wounds without any fear of being seen. An awkward silence, like the light drizzle of rain, fell over them the two of them as he did so.

This person was comforting to her -- especially since without knowing anything about her, he had exposed his darkest secret. Demons were like humans sometimes. They could hate one another, or just hate a certain type of demon. Succubae were one of those types, hating things that was unattractive. Being unattractive and male were just one of the things that drove succubae insane.

"My name's Valentine," she said quietly.

"I'm Ry." he paused, as if to think, but still continuing to patch the wound up with various pieces of his clothing. "If you don't mind me asking. How'd you get this wound? It's awfully deep. And there are little cuts along your arm, too."

"Oh, uhm," Valentine stumbled over her words, desperately trying to think of an excuse. She couldn't just say that she tried to kill some half-angel, so she let something - anything - come out. "I fell."


Ry's olive-green eyes stared suspiciously into hers, a hint of puzzlement hiding behind his boldness. "You... fell." He paused again, as if trying to think of ways of how that could've worked. Or he might've been wondering if she were lying or not. "And I suppose you got these knicks in your arm on the way down?"


He stopped tending to her wound, and stated quietly, "You're lying. And you're not a succubus, are you? Succubae can lie better than that."

It was amazing how he knew. I might as well.. And with that, she began to explain. About her wounds, her alterego, when a crack in the distance caught her attention.

29th December 2002, 07:45 PM

When i woke up, it was darker then before. I felt a strange disturbance coming but ignored it. I jumped from roof to roof, until I heard a strange converstation bewteen a demon and a.... Demon-Angel. I listened quietly and carefuly making sure they couldn't hear me.

29th December 2002, 09:09 PM

My raged only lasted a few seconds, as I soon grew tired of killing humans. I quickly closed my wings, pressed them against my back, and with a little bit of magic, hid the horns potruding from my head. I stepped outside what used to be the door, now ambers and ashes, and turned to the sight of he nuzzling my daughter into a deeper sleep. I walked over to them, and picked her up slowly, holding her against my chest.

In that moment, a drunken human ran out of the burning bar, a knife in hand. He crouched, and launched himself at the attacker, tearing his body in half. He turned to me, and I laughed. I had more to live for in life than my daughter. I had him to live for as well.

I sat upon the ground, marveling in my work. I had burned many bars to the ground, but there was something special about it this time. Perhaps the half-angel, the reason for my burning of the bar in the first place? Tiredly, I curled into a ball, covering myself with mywings. He loomed over me, already having slept enough to lay awake for the rest of the night. He would protect me along with my daughter, and with that thought in mind, I too drifted off into dreamland.

He, him =Lion

29th December 2002, 09:19 PM
{----} Morbrid {----}

After busting down the walls, Strider eventually got out....while I was just about to escape, a huge chunk of the bar fell on me...knocking me unconcious....When I awoke, I knew something or someone was above me...I could hear two voices...when I looked to my left I saw that Strider was badly injured so I threw off hte block of wood on me and ran out of to join him...I lifted him to his feet, by then I suddenly fell to my knees..the huge chunk had not only compressed my ribs, but had created a gash right acroos my chest-line..I stared at my blood..and, while Strider was talking about something on the roof, then blacked-out...

30th December 2002, 05:13 AM
Name: ???? (people just call him Fool)
Age: ?????
Gender: Male
Species: ????? (looks human though)
Appearance: He's dressed up as a court jester. He wears a red and white mask and large white gloves. There is no trade of skin,hair or anything showing.
Personality: He's happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He's enjoys dancing around and thinks life is just a game. He's a complete fool.
Weapons: He carries a giant mallet. But mostly uses his magic.
Other: Fool usually comes and helps people for no reason. Good or Evil.

I fell to the ground as that demon punched me in the face.
“Come on you weirdo!” he growled, “Show me your face, or do I have to remove that mask myself?” He lunged forward at me just as an angel appeared from behind a tree.
“Leave him alone!” she cried. I stuck my hand out and with a loud explosion; the demon went flying into a tree and went unconscious. I got to my feet and turned to face the angel. She stared back at me with a horrified look in her eyes.

Note: the angel I’m talking about is Avayiarah I hope that’s all right B4?

30th December 2002, 08:12 AM

I knew I was a smart human, but for some reason all I could hear was static for some reason. "Maybe my brain had became fried from all that heat and using up about 2/3 of my magic abilites. It'll take a 10 hour sleep to recharge, but that leaves me wide open fir me to be murdered. Hmmmm," I thought thoughtfully, for i didn't want to make the wrong choice. Suddenly, A Huge Bell rung. I looked at the clocktower. the Bell was ringing. 1 ring. 2 ring. 3 rings.4 rings.5 rings.6 rings. 7 rings. 8 rings " Wow! It was only Eight o clock? Either I fell asleep for a hour, or I descended asleep for 11 hours! I must have all my magic back by now," I remarked with glee in my voice.
I jumped down from the roof near the back door of the bar and saw Morbrid bleeding, probally knocked out also. "Hello in there?" I asked. No response. When i picked Morbrid up, I almost Collasped.
"Man buddy, what did you eat today, A Cow?" I weakly said as I carried him to a abandoned barnyard. No Hay was in there. It didn't smell like Manure either. It just had a plain smell. "We might as well stay here until the rain stops.[COLOR=orangered]

30th December 2002, 10:03 AM

Name: Lautakwah "Delphi"
Age: Refuses to reveal, estimated to be over 200 years old.
Gender: Male
Species: Elf-Human
Physical description: Looks more human than elf, but some of the elvish influences are plain to see. He is tall, long flowing blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and has pointed ears. The human influence on him is more widespread. He's solidly built (but not overly bulky), very tough. His skin is no longer pure and fair as an elf because of his countless battles. He wears a black leather vest, loose-fitting blue jeans, a black belt, and lightweight leather shoes. He also wears a large black hooded cloak for traveling and "not being noticed."
Personality: Has the calm optimism and wisdom of an elf, and the fierce determination of a human. He's been a fighter all his life, and has been close to death countless times. His desire to survive and continue fighting is keen and absolute. But, no matter what the situation, he never loses his temper or composure. Has incredibly sensitive hearing, eyesight, and smell, his more elvish traits.
Weapons: He has a variety of weapons he keeps for emergencies only. He can adeptly wield a polearm, longbow, fighting claws, or even a sword if he has to. But his weapon of choice is his martial arts skills and sometimes the polearm.
Other: Occasionally gets weepy when he sees the sunset *shrug*.


I awoke with a start, breathing heavily and sweating a bit. I glanced over at the clock.
"1:30..." I said, disappointed. In the past few weeks I had been suffering many a restless night, filled with nightmares and horrific premonitions when I did sleep. I always just blamed it on my pre-tournament anxiety. Fighting was a passion I had always enjoyed. I mean, this tournament only happens once a century. And to think, my skills I had been honing for the last seventy years would finally be recognized! I felt myself getting a bit excited, so I calmed myself and lay back down in my bed and began to ponder, thinking about my life. Society had rejected me. The humans hated the elves, and the elves "didn't associate" with humans, meaning they disliked them too. And here I was, caught in the middle of a bitter rift. My mother and father had thrown away all ties to their respective races just to be together. Unfortunately their example went unnoticed, as the elvish society shunned my mother, and the humans ignored my father. Going through school was a painful experience for me as well.
At first, the human kids would tease me for my appearance(I went to a public human school, since I looked more human than elf). After a while, they began to mock me and my heritage. I usually ignored them, but every once in a while their taunts would cause me to get angry, and I would fight back. I was always a bit bigger than the human kids, getting height early from my elvish side. Things really weren't so bad until I reached my final year of high school. Starting the year before, the taunts had turned to violent fights, as they would gang up on me and beat me up. I could bear with the bruises and cuts, but the humiliation stuck with me. Then, with just a few months remaining in my last year, it happened.

I was on my way to class when I was approached by several big guys. It seemed like normal procedure at first, til one of them pulled out a knife.
"We're gonna make sure you die this time, you freak." He said to me with the absolute coldest tone you could ever imagine. My calm exterior was holding, but my heart was pounding like crazy. FOr the first time, I felt a nip of fear. It was this nip that caused my elvish instints to click on with a start. Half conscious, I stared at the guy holding the knife at me. With one swift motion, I brought my hands across, striking his arm at the mid forearm and wrist exactly at the same time. This move caused his bone to immediately snap, and he dropped the knife as he cried out in pain. He staggered backward, clutching his disfigured arm.
"Get him!" He yelled, signaling the others to attack me. I crouched down as the first one lunged at me. I quickly rose and met his oncoming body with a hard uppercut to the lower jaw. He was immediately knocked out, and his limp body fell on the floor to my right. Two more guys came at me from my left I sprung into the air and swung my right leg, hitting one guy's left shoulder and sending him into the other one, knocking them both into the wall. The last man came at me from the front, this time with head down. He was aiming to tackle me. I crouched down and met him head on in the same position. It was like two bulls locking horns. After pushing back and forth for a few seconds, I did something that surprised even myself. I wrapped my arms around the guy's chest, directly behind his own arms. With a yell of letting go, I lifted him up off the ground, and threw him over my shoulder, landing on top of the two bodies lying by the wall. Breathing heavily, the huge crowd of onlookers gasped, as they had never seen anything like it. It was at that moment I decided to become a martial artist (Corny I know, but the post is beginning to get long).

I let out a deep sigh as I remembered that day. That event sparked my intense training in the fighting arts. I had continued this pattern for 70 long years, practicing in solitude, and moving around the world like a nomad. I had been in this town for a couple of years now, and things weren't so bad. I had noticed there were many other intelligent beings here besides humans. Some I could tell shone with spriitual grace. Others I saw had an evil aura about them. And some were just interminable, but were obviously not human. I even saw a few elvish folk around. I had been able to find a job and an apartment, and continued to train in the back of the laundry room basement of the apartment building. I finally managed to get back to sleep, and woke up again at around 8:30, getting out of bed to start a new day. Little did I know I would come to know of the greatest opportunity of my life on this day....

Had to cut it off somewhere, I don't want to be too long and boring. I'll make a follow-up post sometime later if nobody feels compelled to interact with him. But don't let his fighting nature fool you. He doesn't bear the same hatred of others that his races seem to bear for him.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
30th December 2002, 10:31 AM

Heavenly beings that called themselves angels. Creatures of light, purity and beauty.

I could have laughed. Any other fallen angel would have told you the same thing: angels are not what they seem. Great celestial beings.... They had less mercy than demons sometimes. They had no pity for halflings at all, and angels felt that falled deserved pity, but also deserved their fate. I called out to the uncaring darkness, I'm happier now than I ever was.

Rain still pattered down, and the wind was blowing strongly. My hair kept on brushing against my face, tickling me and annoying me. I could not see well at all.

As I walked further, I sensed several presences. One was a fallen one like me, who's presence kept on blinking in an out of my conciousness. This probably meant that he or she was not that close.

There were three other presences. One, a celestial being. An angel, and the other two, elves. I sighed, and would have avoided them, but something drew me to them. maybe it was because I wanted to get a glimpse of what I had been. I walked boldly into the clearing, not wanting to be sneaky or anything like that.

I saw the angel. She....I think I remembered her. Very vaguely, but she was familiar.

Confused, I examined her features, trying to see who she was. A name came to mind. Tentatively I tried to say it out. "Avayiarah?" I said softly.

The first word I had spoken to another creature since my...departure from the ranks of the angels. She turned to me and gazed at me. I could discern nothing from her gaze.

I then remembered what I was, a fallen, one disgraced, and realised that my presence was probably noxious to all other creatures. Indeed, the two elves were looking at me in clearly undisguised disgust.

I turned to walk away, out of this clearing, away from these disdainful creatures.

30th December 2002, 10:51 AM
Somehow, now; I was away from the bar, sitting quietly under the protection of a tree, slender arms wrapped around my knees as my head was burrowed within. Messy silver hair, tossed around my the wind as the rain patted harshly against it. Void orbs, now the faintest blue glared to the sky.

"Rain... it feels so sad, as if the sky is crying..." a deep sigh escaped pale lips, "Just what I needed. Something that I say that depresses me. But that's often." my glare lowered onto the ground, flowing ebony robe showered with markings the colour of blood now tainted with mud stains and water.

Eyelids softly slid over eyes, attempting to get rest, but it never came.

30th December 2002, 01:55 PM
Ry - M - Half-Angel (Demon/Angel)

I glanced at the wound, and I shook my head. She wasn't the best liar in the world... but she must have had some reason for it.
It was then she opened up... and told me about herself.
How she had an alter ego which some times took a hold of her, and made her into a beserk killing demonic being... and then how she in fact got the wound- from a knife to the side by a half-angel.
Poor woman... having an alterego.. I thought, but I shook my head as I held my hand out by her side.
"Your wound is deep... and should heal by it's own, but since you are a demonic being... I can use my demonic side to heal some of you with dark energy... if you were any other creature, I'd corrupt you but..."
With that I closed my eyes for a brief moment and reached deep down into my demonic blood... and instantly found the dark energy which waited there, always block and trying to be stuffed by the angelic mixings with in me. I unleashed and unlocked the dark energy however... and as I opened my eyes, instantly my hand caught on fire- but this fire was dark violet, and did not burn. The fire tried to spread all over my body... tried to take over, but using my will power and mind I surpressed it just to t he hand. Instantly I took a tender finger and touched Valentine's side, and instantly the violet engulfted the wound and tried to spread over her body...

I surpressed that as well, and kept shouting words at my demonic side in my head..
Heal... heal... HEAL!
FInally with a moan inside the demonic blood, the wound was partially mended and it could go no further. I quickly withdrew my finger and called the demonic energy back with in me. It refused... but as I released the angelic powers a small bit, the dark energy listened and returned inside of my soul... and I sealed off the energy once again.

The glow disappeared, and I breathed heavily as Valentine was about to speak until...
We heard a crack not too far off, and it caused me to sharply twist my head up, and Valentine to get to her feet. Though she was not fully healed... I healed enough of it to make her able to move with ease- only a bit of discomfort.

"Some thing is up there.." She whispered, as I nodded.
" Before we have action however... let me say one thing. I don't care about your alterego... I've had a bad enough time in my life to learn and know you don't judge a person by what they are and what they have done..."
She nodded, but just as she did suddenly a figure leapt down from teh roof tops...

(Anyone's cue! ^^;;)

Avayiarah - F - Angel

"Greetings honorable angel," I said with a slight bow of my head, "I am Eralan of the elven village of Lavendrell. Daughter of Rangolan and Eraphyn. This is my partner Asilynne, from the same village. May we inquire as to your name?"

I was shocked... and pleased at the same time. It had been a long time since I had met Elvens, and out of all the creatures I had to admit that they were probably the most fasinating. I smiled breafly as I bowed before them as well, letting my wings untighten a bit and hand loosely before me.

" Greetings to you both as well. I am Avayiarah of the Angelic Cities of Amaron, near the post of Okya Mountain. (The city is above the mountain, but Okya mountain is the tallest mountain around and thus they tend to visit there as a post.) I am kyn of the leader Byavika and spouse Mefialyrah."
I normaly didn't do such formal introductions, but with two Elvens present, it was some thing you had to do for manners. Plus they had treated me with more respect then most species would show, which made me feel pleased.

"What fancy do you have in this forest?" The other Elven, named Asylinne enquired, as the other Elven named Eralan gave her a look. I smiled meekly and spoke again.
"I am simply out for the purpose of getting away from the Okya Mountain post for a while... news has been heard by my kyn that half-breeds are out in more numerous numbers then before, and attacking some quaint villages to recover their endangered kind. Thus many of our .."
I hesitated, Angels were not commonly known for their parts in war... but more as givers of peace. Lately however, that statement was untrue and becoming more faint...
"- they have gone out in search of them."

With that, Eralan nodded and was about to speak when suddenly I felt a strange... holy yet tainted aura present. I whirled my head around when I heard my name...
" Avayiarah..."

I whirled my head, along with the two Elvens to see a being... and it took nothing less of a second for me to recognize it to be a Fallen Angel. Eralan made a look of disgust, as Asylinne was rather curious..
But as this Fallen Angel looked at me, with her saddened and some what bitter gaze... she turned away and headed out of the clearing.
I rummaged through my mind... there was some thing familiar about her... some thing...-
Yes! It was Shykra.. that was her name. I knew it... but why? Only a bit of memories from past ago of her... but...

"Excuse me..I must go after her..." I spoke to the Elvens, as I quickly dashed upon my feet after the Fallen Angel,my wings swaying in the wind as I went after her. I could hear the Elven's debating on whether to follow or not..
"Shykra! Shykra!" I called out in the darkness, until I stopped abruptly to see her stopped, facing directly at me.

"I know of your name... it is Shykra." I said gently, as she frowned but nodded.
" I am surprised you would even tolerate saying a Fallen's name... Angels I thought shunned even the mere memory of the fallen.."
I frowned, as I stared at teh ground and then gazed back up..

"I sadly will admit it to be true, but i am not like most Angels. I do not care about races.. I do not care what blood you have, what species you are, what others think of you or any kind... I only care about the being in essense of itself- I don't care what you are, but who you are... and I do not shun anyone- shunning is for murderers and those with evil intentions."

30th December 2002, 02:36 PM
okay Im kinda confused...are we all going to meet up for one purpose or just run around like lunatics barely following the last persons post (not that thats happened yet)....amnd whats the deal with the faint posting colors..I cant read em otherwise my eyes would pop out from aquinting so much....

{----} Morbrid {----}

"ugh...." I sadi when I finally woke up...."Your finally awake..." said a voice...it was Strider..I shook my head in order to wake up...I quickly realized that my arm was broken when I tried to lift it..."Urghh..." , "Dont move it" Strider said,m "itll only make the pain worse..." ...then, getting the feeling to spread them, I let down my poncho and opened up my black angel wings...Strider just stared at them...I guessed it was his first time seeing a 1/2 angel 1/2 demon in full form...then I said, "Strider...do you remember on the roof..." I asked him..."What on the roof?" he answered back.."There were two voices..speaking to each other...about something..." "Yeah....but I think they left after I got u in here...cuz IO didnt here anything else from them..." "And what happenend to the boy in the bar?" then with grity look Strider replied..."I dont know..."

30th December 2002, 03:21 PM

I had been lying awake for some time now. The trees protected us from the rain, but the wind was cold, and I could fell my daughters uncomfort.

"We have to get home,"I whispered to myself. I signaled to him that he could leave, and meet us back at home, deep in the forest. Why I built a home in the forest I did not know. Perhaps it is because that's where I spent most of my time as a child. Or maybe because of the peace, and the easy meals. Nevertheless, I unfolded my wings, and let the wind carry me away. I drifted sleepily through the clouds, the wind at my back, and rain and my face. I floated for what seemed like an eternity, lost in my own thoughts.

I was becoming afraid. I loved my daughter dearly, and I would not want her to awake in such conditions. Then, I felt a prescence. Very faint, because of my altitude. I slowly descended, until finally, my eyes caught sight of the prescence. It was an angel, with another. Fallen perhaps... I continued my descent to the ground, until I hovered a few hundred feet above them. Even though angels and demons were sworn enemies, she could soothe my daughter to sleep, and that is good enough reason to associate with an angel.

30th December 2002, 06:02 PM
[----] Morbrid [----]

I was slowly re-cooperating, when Strider yelled, "What the H3ll?" as I turned to see what he was talking about, I saw a Demon, slighly bruised, flying in with a child....I didnt know what Strider was thinking, but I had compassion for this woman because I am 1/2 demon. She was soaking wet, and was holding a child in her arms...so with no questions asked I went go get some warm blankets for our un expected visitors...

30th December 2002, 06:11 PM
I stepped towards the angel. But when I did, she turned and flew off.
"Why did she run?" I thought. I began to dance around hapilly. I didn't care if she ran or not, I was still happy. Suddenly, a strange creature came from the bushes and colided with me. We both fell to the ground and I laughed. The creature was a fallen angel. She backed away quickly. I looked at the expression on her face. She was frightened and yet sad. I couldn't stand to see another creature be sad, I wanted everyone to be happy. So I pulled out a smal loaf of bread from my pocket and offered it to her.
"Y y y you're freindly?" she stuttered. I nodded. She then came down to take the bread.
"What's your name?" she asked. I took a stick and wrote the word Fool in the dirt.
"Fool huh? well Fool, can you speak?" I wasn't sure if I could speak anymore. I hadn't spoken in a long time. So I shook my head.
"Alright then. Well, my name's Fierna."

30th December 2002, 08:45 PM

"too many fuc*ing demons around here," I muttered as I used my Magic to create Items. I created a Sofa, A Enterianment Center along with a Refrigator and Xbox and Gamecube and stuff. Only thing it was missing was a TV. I aimed my magic at the enterianment center and sadly, instead of a TV, A Giant Milk Cow broke the Enterimant Center and mooed. Morbrid let out at chuckle as I s-ai-d "Bisyabitc*ya!" I cursed in a language only I knew. I teleported another E.C and another TV and created a 2 beds, then my magic powers ran out."I looked over at them and smiled. "Looks like Morbrid and this other woman have to share a bed, while I'll sleep on the couch,unless one of you will sleep on the floor," I said collasping backwards onto the coach, onto my feathery soft pillow and descended into a deep, snoring sleep

30th December 2002, 11:39 PM
Um... Raven? Where are you getting all these modern things? I mean, Pepsi, X-boxes, etc. They don't exist here...

The pub exploded with fire and I crawled away on my hands and knees. After crawling to the edge of the village, I fell closer to the ground and vomited. Everything I had eaten for the last day; the ale, the small sandwich I had eaten for lunch, the apple from breakfast... All of it came up and out until traces of blood began to appear. Coughing and hacking blood, I rolled away, doubled over with pain and guilt.

Never give them a reason to hate you... Passive resistance, Azrael had always said. And I had killed. I had murdered a human, sacrificed myself to the beserker that hid inside of me. I could smell his blood on me... My heart sank even farther as I thought of returning to my village. Of explaining to Lethiel... Lethiel, my foster mother. Her heart had almost broken when Azrael was killed, and to find out the boy she considered her son was a murderer...
They're going to kill me too... they'll find a hunter, and I'll die. I don't want to die! I could feel tears welling up in my eyes again.
Slowly, I pulled myself off the ground and stood up. My cloak had been reduced to a hood clinging stubbornly to my head... I ripped it off in disgust and threw it to the ground. My headband came up over my ears and I brushed myself off. The moon was high in the sky by then, casting a milky light over everything. It's soft, silver light bathed the land... and stopped short at the fire raging in the village. Screams and shouts echoed through the stillness of the night. Tonight Half-angels and Demons walked the streets. As I idly tred to remember the day, I suddenly struck on it. Midnight tonight began the feast of the Half-angels patron... Saint Mindel, the Lady of Bitterness.

30th December 2002, 11:52 PM
Paw-like hands and feet crashed onto the ground as I moved, blurring in the night, wind lashing my hair as if whips behind me. The midnight robe I wore flapped idly, the scarlet markings wrinkling and becoming unable to tell what they were. The chainmail on front limbs clanked, as if singing a sorrowful song to the night.

Smoke tainted the air, with every breath taken in, it twirled within frail lungs. Pale silver eyes locked onto the scared mortals, as they ran towards where the pub burned, trying to save the ones trapped inside. Their fate were sealed by now.

The man, the one of half from the pub stood within the moonlite area. Blood was on the ground, fresh blood, still shining of deep crimson. A hand crashed down on a sharp twig, laying absently on the ground, a wince escaping dryly. Suddenly, the man turned, I could hear him demanding to know who I was. As I pondered if I should tell, or flee.

Ginger Cat
31st December 2002, 01:26 AM
*hugs Grima*


I regarded the new arrival cautiously, giving him my name only because I cared not if my name was known to every one of my enemies; if indeed I had any true enemies. Was this a danger? What, really, was this?

It... he--at least, it seemed to be a he--was covered by a costume, which immediatly set me as a bit wary. Anything that could not be seen could not be fully trusted. Luckily, it did not appear to be an angel of any sort; no wings. If it had been an angel, it's wings had been cut and it had been banished long ago.

A demo, then? Perhaps an elf? Or a half-and-half? None of these seemed to fit. I sensed something different about this one, soemthing strange... It was almost intruiging.

He was happy, that was for sure. A cheerful sort, not one to be dampened even by the most cynical. He seemed to be mute, unless he simply didn't know whether or not he could speak. Perhaps nobody had taught him. Fool... He referred to himself as Fool. Where had that come from?

It seemed that, for good or ill, I found the thoughts of this new arrival intruiging. Perhaps he was there of ill intent, but he ddi not seem so. Deceit was possible... But what did it really matter? There was a point when nothing really mattered.

I looked at him for a few more moments, then began to speak, slowly at first, then more rapidly. "I must admit, good sir, that you present to me a mystery... Never in my life have I seen one so difficult to define. What are you, if you don't mind my asking? From where did you come? This costume you wear... I have never seen one quite like it. Then again, I suppose there is much I have not seen... But that is of little importance. I would like to know, if you could tell me... Who gave you the name Fool?"

31st December 2002, 02:53 AM
I was surprised, for a fallen angel, she sure asked a lot of questions. What was more surprising was that I barely knew the answers to any of them. I picked up the stick ext to me and began writing.

Sorry Fierna But I don’t know what I am and where I’m from. As for this costume, I’ve been wearing it since I can remember. As for the name Fool, everyone I meet has been calling me that, I can’t remember my real name.

Fierna looked at me with a confused look in her eyes. She had finished the loaf of bread.
“Do you have anymore food on you?” she asked. I rummaged through my pockets, but I couldn’t find anything. I shook my head, but I pulled out bag of gold and a map. I began writing again.

Sorry, but I’m out of food. But if you follow this map, You’ll reach Gardello, a market town. You can use the gold I gave you to buy food. Farewell.

After I had finished writing. I got to my feet and ran into the forest.
“Wait! Come back!” Fierna cried. I ignored her and continued running.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
31st December 2002, 10:04 AM

I smiled a small smile at her. "I remember you....very slightly. You were always the compassionate one, the one who...opposed violence. One of the decent ones. Maybe the only decent one."

She stared at me. "I know of you, you were the one that..." She hesitated.

"Went insane?" I said, and laughed bitterly. "Yes, it was I. And I don't really remember a thing." I closed my eyes. "Do you know what it is like to wander on the earth with only the barest memory of your past? Do you know the pain?"

I stiffened up slightly. There was a demonic presence, no two, the other one weaker, maybe that of a halfling. "Ava-"

She held up a hand. "I know."

We both looked up at the demon hovering above us. His stance was not threatening, and his ice blue hair was fanning out in the wind.

"What do you want with us?" asked Avayiarah, softly, without hostility. She was truely the most tolerant of angels.

"My daughter," he stopped, hesitating. "I need your help. She needs to sleep, and I know angels to be very good at soothing tired souls."

Silently, Avayiarah held out her arms for the child. Indeed she was a halfling. There were distinct signs. Avayiarah set to work, doing whatever angels do. I did not care. The magic that angels used were of no concern to me.

"My name is Illu'vatar," he said, "And I thank you," he addressed Avayiarah.

I looked at him. "You are a demon, are you not?" I needed no answer. "It seems that the world has changed while I was not looking. I thought demons and angels could not tolerate each other, and never have I thought that I would see the day a demon willingly ask an angel for help."


31st December 2002, 11:09 AM
Name: Hikari
Age: Unknown, but young by angel standards.
Gender: Female
Species: Angel
Physical description: Long, flowing, golden hair. It reaches her waist. Some of it hangs over her shoulders on either side of her head. She has bright, blue eyes that sparkle in the sunlight. Her skin is a very bright tone, almost pale, with no blemishes whatsoever. She stands somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 2/3 feet. She's so slim, and her skin is so pale, she almost seems sickly at a glance. However, her skin isn't so tight it reveals her bones. Her wings are about a foot over her head when folded, putting them around 8 feet long. They seem tinted golden in the light and light blue in the dark. She wears a tank-top, with cloth that connects from her shoulders to her golden bracelets. Her stomach is exposed, and a dress-like garmet covers her legs. She has ankle bands as well, and uses no kind of footwear.
Personality: She's secluded, generally, but won't object if someone tries to become a friend. Likes to stay out of the action. Kind of childish in battle, but a great fighter anyways.
Weapons: She doesn't carry any, but can use magic to fight. Her favorite technique is creating a bow and arrows out of virtaully anything, even thin air.
Other: Carries around a ribbon that she plays with. More proof she's childish, but the real reason make be revealed later. (Or maybe I'm just wishful thinking ^_^; )
I'll add my story when I finish reading everyone elses, and when I get back.

31st December 2002, 02:47 PM

"Not all demons are the same. My hatred for angels is natural, and there is nothing I can do about it. However, my mother taught me to commpassion for any and every race. And besides, my daughter is much more important than my ego."

I let myself descend, and focused my attention to the angel. Only a hand full of angels would help a demon, much less a full-blooded one. And not many angels with even have conversation with a fallen, let alone even look one to the face.

"You, angel...why did you help me? I too thought angels and demons were sworn enemies. And this fallen. Why do you associate yourself with her. If I'm not mistaken, I thought they were only good enough to recieve your pity."

Kuro Espeon
31st December 2002, 03:06 PM
Dang...this RPG is moving to fast...(Now THERE'S Something I never thought Id say...)

I watched in amazment as Avayiarah ran after the Fallen. Why an angel would even consider associating with such a lowly creature was beyond me. And I thought angels were supposed to hate Fallens.....
"What do you suppose that was all about?" Asilynne asked curiously, scratching her head in confusion. I folded my arms across my chest and cocked one eyebrow skeptically.
"Obviously she is aquainted with that fallen. It was probably an angel before it fell and she may remember it from somewhere. But if you ask me...a Fallen is a Fallen no matter what they used to be. She should just let her be."
Asilynne gave my a slightly aggravated look.
"Why are you so hard them Eralan? They never did anything to you did they? Actually...I find them rather interesting..."
"It's all a matter of status Asilynne," I replied, "Fallen's are lowly creatures and therefore at the bottom of the social structure of this world. This is the way it has been for centuries and will not be changing anytime soon. It's nothing personal, it's just the way things are."
Asilynne shook her head slightly. "Well...I don't think it should be that way..."
"Oh? And I suppose you're going to change it are you?" I said with a small smirk.
"Well I just mi-!" Asilynne started. But she cut off suddenly, and I knew exactly why. A new energy signiture had appeared close by...and a dark one. It was a demon. It had appeared off in the direction that Avayiarah and that Fallen had gone.
"Eralan....do you feel that?" Asilynne said slowly.
I nodded. "I do. We should go say hello....we wouldn't want to let our new angel friend have all the fun, now do we?"
Asilynne just shrugged and we started off after Avayiarah. It didn't take us long to find them. They were standing in a small clearing, Avayiarah and Shykra looking up at a blue-haired demon that was floating above them. we stayed by the tree at the edge of the clearing and heard the last bit of their conversation.
"My name is Illu'vatar," said the demon to Avayiarah, "And I thank you." The demon handed a small child (that seemed to be a demon itself or possible a halfling) to the angel. For what purpose, I wasn't sure. Then Shykra, the Fallen, spoke in her monotonous tone.
"You are a demon, are you not? It seems that the world has changed while I was not looking. I thought demons and angels could not tolerate each other, and never have I thought that I would see the day a demon willingly ask an angel for help."
The demon looked at Shykra with a small, demonic grin, showing off one of his small fangs.
"Not all demons are the same. My hatred for angels is natural, and there is nothing I can do about it. However, my mother taught me to commpassion for any and every race. And besides, my daughter is much more important than my ego. You, angel...why did you help me? I too thought angels and demons were sworn enemies. And this fallen. Why do you associate yourself with her. If I'm not mistaken, I thought they were only good enough to recieve your pity."
I smiled and spoke up from my spot in the shadows.
"A demon with compasion for something other than himself....how touching. And didn't you know? Not all angels are the same as well. This one in particular seems to show pity for almost everything, which I find a very unique quality."
"Yeah," Asilynne agreed, "I think it's a quite admirable quality myself..."
All three of them turned in our direction. They had most likely already sened us so I wasn't surprised that they all had calm looks.
"I was wondering when you would speak up, elves," the one called Illu'vatar said with a smirk. "Why don't you and your friend come out from there so we may see who you are."
Asilynne and I stepped out slowly into the light. I looked out of the corner of my eyes at Avayiarah.
"Gee Avayiarah....if you were having a party you could have at least invited us. Right Asilynne?"
Asilynne just smiled and nodded.

31st December 2002, 03:12 PM
*edited* Kuro posted before meh!

Avayiarah - F - Angel

I smiled at the little child, and gently touched her upon the forehead. She was a hafling demon... I could sense the demonic presence with in it. Normally an angelic being would not even touch a creature with demonic blood through it's veigns, but I did not care nor saw any reason to hesitate helping it. I placed my hang upon her head and spoke soothing words to her, as a small, violet glow aura formed around the child's head. She closed her eyes and cooed softly with her own, happy gibberish words. The soothing affect of small, angelic songs would stay with her through out the night- until her father wished for her to wake up, if not then, then morning.

I glanced up at the male demon, as his icy blue hair swirled some what in the gentle breeze, and his blue eyes gazed from Shykra to me. He then spoke,

"You, angel...why did you help me? I too thought angels and demons were sworn enemies. And this fallen. Why do you associate yourself with her. If I'm not mistaken, I thought they were only good enough to recieve your pity"

I sighed, shaking my head as I held his child, resting peacefully.
" I helped you, because you asked for it. And maybe the stereotype is that angels and demons were sworn enemies, but I have never proven myself to go with such stereotypes. I also remember this Fallen when she was an Angel, but more importantly I do not care what my kind does or says about 'only pittying them and nothing more.' Besides, I do not look at the race a creature is, whether it be demon, fallen, hafling or whatever... I look at the charisma and the good in the person. Everyone has my respect, only they as a being can take it away."

I gave a soft smile, as the demon looked puzzled. I held the child to him,
"There, she will sleep peacefully until morning or until you wish her to awaken."
I then smiled wider as he still looked some what puzzled.
" I thank you... angel, but-" I held my hand up to him, and gazed at Shykra and then the demon again.

" Please, my name is Avayiarah." I smiled again, as I could already hear the shrieking of angelic voices if they were to know I gave a demon my name. But I did not care... the angels where I was from already called me the odd one.
Then suddenly i sensed my two Elven friends join us, and instantly the demon turned and spoke to them to show themselves and such. They came forth, and Eralan smirked as she spoke.

"Gee Avayiarah....if you were having a party you could have at least invited us. Right Asilynne?" Asilynne nodded as she gave a soft smile, and I nodded my head a little.

" I am sorry... I-I had to catch up to Shykra.." I trailed off softly..

Kuro Espeon
31st December 2002, 03:16 PM
ERG! eVer time I tried to edit that post someone else posts.......
Sorry if my post doesn't follow it exaclty, but I'm not gonna edit it again....
Just have Eralan and Asilynne enter after B4's last post...

31st December 2002, 03:17 PM
No no that' sokay... I'll just edit my post a bit to make you guys fit right in. ^^

31st December 2002, 04:01 PM
Hikari (angel)

A drop of water hit my face, wakening me. I mumbled in some tounge I assumed I didn't know I knew. It didn't matter. Still staring upwards, I noticed as it began to rain. Rain... Why does rain just seem to be so sad? Is it because it imitates tears?
I was always questioning with philosephy like that. I bent my legs so I could sit up. A rustle greeted the movement. I sat up, confused. A forest? Did I fall asleep here?
I had been sleeping on the tops of various trees, my outstreatched wings supporting me. Looking around, I tryed to get a feel for my new surroundings. A crack beneath my body notified me a second too late I was is a delicate situation.
"WHAAA!" I screamed for a second, plummeting down through the forest. This was great. Here I was, falling through the forest, with trees obscuring my flight path. How was I supposed to get out of this one?
"What a brilliant place for a nap!" I shouted to myself, trying to slow my fall with my wings. To no avail. I finally stopped on a leaf-covered branch after crashing through two. Sighing, I tried to gather my bearings. Another sickening crack told me the ride wasn't over. The branch snapped like the others, and I fell. Five feet.
I hit the ground, not tremendously hard, but it still hurt my legs. I took a quick glance around to make sure no one had seen me. What a sight I probably was, a holy angel, falling through trees! Satisfied I hadn't been spotted, I stood up and cleaned my clothes. Spotless once again, I began to figure.
OK. I can't fly until the trees thin out, so I guess I have to walk. Trouble is, which way? I don't remember falling asleep... This is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into, Hikari! Picking a random direction, I began to walk.
If you wanna interact, that's ok. If not, that's fine as well.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
31st December 2002, 08:59 PM
Sorry it's taken so long, and sorry that this'll be short

Name: Amras Calmcacil
Age: Unknown, physiological age is about 28
Gender: Male
Species: Fallen Angel
Physical description: 6'8" tall, ice blue eyes with flecks of grey, fairly muscular, pale, used to have white hair but died it black, along with his wings. His hair is very long and is usually tied in a large braid. He wears a large black hooded cloak and cape with red and gold decoration on the insides, and under that he wears light leather armor that is painted black and has gold embossing on it that shows the picture of a dragon and his soft leather pants are also black and decorated.
Personality: Doesn't like anyone to take pity on him, Angels included, and will fight to the death to show that he needs no one's pity. He is very confident in himself but not overconfident, and he always tries to overestimate his opponent.
Weapons: He has a light weight, well-balanced glaive that doubles as a walking staff, and he has a small crossbow. Both are enchanted but he didn't enchant them himself.
Other: Only uses magic on occaision. He took a liking to the Elvish Fallen. His name is Elvish, but translated it is Kagerindon Ikagaide.

I leaned lightly on my glaive as I walked through the cool, dark forest. Only my hand and a small part of my face were visible as I walked slowly on, letting the rain splash on my hood and run off of my glaive. I glanced up and to my utter surprise, a saw a young, frail-looking girl, who upon closer inspection I noticed had angel wings. She had blond hair framing her face and if she had been a little older I could have considered her pretty. She was walking along, dusting herself off and muttering to herself. "What are you doing out here?" I called.

1st January 2003, 12:55 AM
Name: Yataku
Age: Unknown, believed to be a teenager.
Gender: Male
Species: Half-angel (Demon-angel)
Physical description: http://www.tdustdum.free-online.co.uk/temp/2.jpg
Personality: He is only nice towards those he knows he can trust, and towards others he is seemingly cold, until the point he kows can open himself up to them. He fights strongly for what he believes in. He will protect those he cares about at any cost. He feels most alive during battle, and loves to fight.
Weapons: He is a half demon, so he has abilities of dark magic, but also he uses holy magic as well. He uses his favorite sword, a long blade known only a the Masamune.
History: No one knows how Yataku came to existance, only that he was found abandoned as a baby outside the half-angel village. He was taken in to the village and trained to become a warrior. Most people believe he is a human/angel half-angel because he looks more human than demon, but they know after they see his black wings.


Only a few chairs away from me was a couple of drunken idiots bad mouthing half-angels. Being one, I felt enraged, but I managed to keep cool about and not finish the off. They had not noticed I was a half-angel because I managed to keep my wing underneath my cape. A couple of more drinks and everyone would leave alive.
"I found my daughter pregnant with some half-angel child. What should I do with it?" one of the drunks asked.
"You should kill it for her own good. One day it will grow older and kill you," another man replied.
"Damn half-angels! Just hire a hunter and we can get all of them easy. Isn't that right, you, the guy with the cape?"
He was talking to me.
"I wouldn't be so sure about it. Weakling humans like you, even hunters, have no chance," I replied. I threw off the cape and unleashed my black wing.
"He's one of them! Get him!"
I drew Masamune and waited for their move.

1st January 2003, 01:35 AM
umm. Yataku? The bar has burned down..

Hyperness is a Good Thing
1st January 2003, 10:27 AM

This clearing was getting fuller and fuller.

Avayiarah was talking to the elves that had just came.

"I am sorry... I-I had to catch up to Shykra.." she said quietly.

I discovered that I sort of liked the elf that had asked the question. She had an innate sense of curiousity. This seemed to over ride whatever prejudices that were inborn within the elves. I looked around at everyone in the clearing.

"We seem to have a very strange...congregation over here. Elves, and angel, a demon, a halfling...and a fallen." I laughed slightly, bitterly. "All we need to complete this set is a human."

Illu'vatar smiled too, showing his slightly pointed teeth. "Do we need one?"

"I don't know. If you told me in the past that a gathering such as this could happen, without,or with only slight hostility on everyone's part, and we aren't trying to kill each other....I would have laughed. Racial prejudice was why I left the ranks of the angels in the first place. If I knew this could happen....maybe I wouldn't have become so disillusioned."

I turned to Avayiarah. "I'm amazed you managed to keep your sanity, you being so compassionate and all. Tell me, don't the Higher angels aggravate you sometimes? Their violence, their prejudices and their plain stupidity sometimes?"

I don't know why I asked her that. Maybe because I wanted to know, what it was being like, and see why had I broken under the pressure. Was I weak?

1st January 2003, 02:50 PM
I meant a diffrent bar, sorry.

1st January 2003, 03:01 PM
*very confused* what the **** is going on? I mean this RPG is in total chaos, and pretty much dis-organized.....uh....besides that...

[----] Morbrid [----]

It had been 2 days since the bar had burned down, I had finally recovered from my injuries..but there was another problem... where to go from now? I turned to Stirder, who was carving a piece of wood inot a spear, and said "Strider...what do we do now?" he just stared at me and said, "We will decide once the rain stops..." I had to admit, he could always think of an answer to my questions...OS I sat down and watched as the rain started to slowly pour down on the shed....Waiting for it to stop...

1st January 2003, 05:18 PM

What makes her think we aren't trying to kill each other? If not for the prescence of my daughter, they all would have been dead a long time ago...

"You show much hostiliy toward your higher angels. You call them stupid, prejudice, and violent. I would think the higher angels to be the most peaceful of all those disg-," I paused, realizing that I was in the company of an angel myself," disgruntled angels."

*I thought about what she said, and what it would mean for the demon army. Stupidity....if only the angels felt that way. If it were true, then there would be more chaos between their ranks than our own...and it wouldn't be so difficult to march through thier heavenly gates and destroy them all!*

"You felt this way even while you where an angel?"

1st January 2003, 05:43 PM
Avayiarah - F- Angel

"I'm amazed you managed to keep your sanity, you being so compassionate and all. Tell me, don't the Higher angels aggravate you sometimes? Their violence, their prejudices and their plain stupidity sometimes?"

I was shocked by the sudden question. I gazed at her, my eyes wide as if she had just asked some thing not to be questioned. Slowly my expression melted to more of a saddened thought, and I stared at the ground. Silence consumed the air... as I shook my head slightly, and tucked my hair behind my ear. My wings tightened behind my back again, as I gazed at her again with my liquid icy blue eyes.

" Well... you see, I do not speak against them- they forbid such talk, saying it is unholy and-"
I stopped short, I shouldn't ... I was going against rules even letting other species know the rules of our kind. My eyes tightened in an expression of pain and longing, as I sighed sadly.

" The higher angels do not aggrivate me... I tell them I do not agree, and that I think we should be peaceful and accept everyone. I ask them every day why they want to rid of half-breeds with intermixes of angels, why they do not care for humans... and why we classify species anyway- why does it matter? But they do not listen. Some even shun me for speaking out loud... if it were not for my father being ... well, a figure of power, most would probably have clipped a few of my feathers as punishment."

I laughed weakly to myself,
"I just ... well, I just overlook what they do. I am just one angel, and I haven't met another angel with t he same views as me yet- they all seem to agree. That is one thing the angels are good at, sticking with each other... and they all agree on the matters of other species it seems. So I t hought... that I must be the foolish lone angel, so I do not think of them as wrong. I keep my ways, and keep tellin gthem what I think... but.. I listen to them and obey. The only thing I would not do is kill, but they never ask of me such an act."

Silence continued, until Illu'vatar spoke to Shykra and I listened.

1st January 2003, 06:51 PM
Ummm... Mystic Clown, I'm thinking you should reread through all the posts. We are sorta 'indepth' here with a demon, a fallen, an angel, two elven folk.... ^^;;;

1st January 2003, 08:55 PM
Hikari (Angel)

I continued walking, hard in thought. What am I gonna do if I can't find enough room to take flight? I kept asking myself.
I almost jumped when a voice called out: "What are you doing out here?"
I turned to the figure. Though he was hidden by a cloak, I could tell right away he wasn't human. He didn't seem like an angel, either, so this might not be a friendly confrontation.
"I... kind of... got a little lost..." I knew it sounded silly coming from an angel. Everything having to do with confusion or sin did. It was the stereotype of our species, and it hurt sometimes. We were supposed to be perfect, unashamed. No other species knew how it burned when we slipped up, just like everyone else. We had guilt, we had concience, we had pain, we had sorrow. All that seemed to be misunderstood by others. It wasn't as easy as it seemed. And the control over us... I mentally slapped myself. I wasn't supposed to question those higher in power. Refocusing on the present, I was in a bit of a shock to see how the person I had met was in no way surprised by my embarassment. Could he be...?
"Well, what are you?" I asked, curious. He could be, but was he really a...?
He pulled off his hood, revealing his face. It was pale with blue eyes, but his hair was black. That wasn't a characteristic of an angel. He could probably see the confusion in my face.
"Yes, I was an angel... once." I gasped sharply. So this was a fallen, I was finally meeting one. What a sorry sight. He looked disgusted, then turned sharply. "Do not pity me for what I once was!"
I must have insulted him. I was new in this kind of situation, so I wouldn't be sure how to react anyways.
"I'm sorry... if I have offeded you..." I knew I wasn't supposed to be so formal to a fallen. It was how I had been taught. But still... I couldn't help but wonder what difference banishment made. I didn't see anything right with mistreating an exile. We were always being shunned from another society, but being shunned from our own? That would be the worst for me.
His wings I then noticed, protruding slightly from his cloak. They were angel-like enough, but like his hair were black, not like a normal angel's. So he was fallen... how sad...
"Hey, wait! Where are you going?" I shouted, noticing him walking away. "You want to get out of here, right? I suggest you follow."
In a few hurried steps I had caught up to him. "I don't even know your name yet."

Darkmaster Kagemusha
1st January 2003, 09:26 PM
"I am Amras Calmcacil," I said quietly. Angels really should learn how to talk to others better.

"Is that an Elvish name?" she asked.

"What other language could it be?" said angrily. I can't believe I'm helping an Angel! It wouldn't be too bad if she hadn't looked so pitying. GR! I'm interrupting my nice little walk to help an Angel. I need to get my head examined. Soon we came to an area in the woods where the faint path split, one went into the denser, darker area of the woods and the other went to a thinner, lighter part. Out of habit I headed for the dark one.

"Um, shouldn't we go to where there is more light if we are going out?" she asked nervously.

"Only if you want to walk for a week, that path is long. It leads to a small canyon full of strange serpents as well. I'd advise we take this one, I've travelled it more."

"O...kay..." she said slowly. I walked on, taking much longer strides than the Angel behind me.

"Try and keep up," I muttered. As we walked, the air grew thicker and despite being dark, warmer as we went downhill. I took my large cloak off and stretched out my wings as I folded my cloak and put it over my shoulder. "It'll get very hot before we get out of here. There's no breeze, we're closer to the core of the world, and there's a demon den nearby."


"Quiet!" I said.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
2nd January 2003, 10:17 AM

The demon asked, "You felt this way even when you were an angel?"

I looked at him and said, "I always did. I was discontented with their decisions and opinions, and there were only a few who agreed with me. As Avayiarah said, almost al the angels agree when it comes to species classification. In case you wanted to know, almost all angels who feel that way became Fallens. That's why I asked Avayiarah."

I heard her gasp.

I turned to her and smiled. "I don't think you will ever become a fallen. Though you do not agree with all that the Higher Ones say, you are more tolerant, and agreeable. You can be talked down sometimes. You are acceptable to the Higher ones. And, anyway, you have a high ranking father do you not? I doubt that you will ever be so disillusioned that you become a fallen."

Kuro Espeon
2nd January 2003, 04:59 PM
Up until now I had been keeping quiet with my eyes close, and was listening to the conversation between the angel, the demon and the fallen with great interest. Never in my lifetime had I expected to see such an odd assortment of races in one place. It was most definetly peculiar, for they did not even seem to be showing any hostility towards each other at all. All except the demon.....I had the feeling that I should keep an eye on him. Although his was not outwardly hostile towards the angel, I could tell that he was hiding something. After all....it was next to never that you found a demon that would tolerate an angel...
"And, anyway, you have a high ranking father do you not?" said Shykra to Avayiarah. "I doubt that you will ever be so disillusioned that you become a fallen."
I finally decided to speak up.
"Having friends in high places does not always gaurantee (sp?) your fate...." I said, my eyes still closed. I did not see their reactions but I heard Avayiarah speak first, her tone wary.
"What do you mean Eralan?" she asked. I opened my eyes and looked at her calmly but sternly.
"Fate does not care about who your friends and enemies are. If you completely give yourself into anger, rebellion and betrayal and denouce the ways and views of your people, your very heart and soul will change completely and become something entirely different. You will no longer be a member of your race...but a fallen. Be you angel, demon, human....or elf, all races are capable of falling at anytime if they lose faith."
There was an akward silence following my statement. Avayiarah seemed slightly disturbed by it and looked rather uncomfertable. I gave her a small smile (OOC: As much of a smile as an elf can give..) and continued.
"But I believe that Avayiarah has nothing to worry about. I can tell that her heart is strong and no thoughts of betrayal rest in it. Her intentions are pure for she only wishes for peace amoung all living beings. Am I right, Avayiarah?"

2nd January 2003, 06:59 PM
What if their was no faith to begin with...

The words of the elf made sence, except on part of the demons. High class demons lived for the day when they could rally their own troops, and rebel against the higher gods. Ties were still kept within the demon ranks so that one day we as a people could finally obliterate the realm of angels.

Angels like Avayiarah were har to come by. But if there were more, the angel race would have been extinct a long time ago. An angel with desire to kill is an easy victim. And oneless angel to worry about...

"But I believe that Avayiarah has nothing to worry about. I can tell that her heart is strong and no thoughts of betrayal rest in it. Her intentions are pure for she only wishes for peace among all living beings. Am I right, Avayiarah?"


How can you have thoughts in your heart? ;)

Ginger Cat
2nd January 2003, 08:44 PM

I tried to chase him down, but the creature... this "Fool" was gone. He'd left money... What sort of deal was this? Nobody left anything for anybody else unless they wanted something by it, so what did he want? He hadn't said, and now...

Now I was perplexed. Damn. Sighing, I leaned against a tree, looking at the bag. Honestly, I couldn't go buy any... Every time I tried, I was driven away. Apparently, they didn't like me much. The wings or something. Maybe the overall mood. So what then was I to do? And why had he given it to me?

Sighing, I slid it into my pocket; perhaps I could find someone who could use it, find a way to use it myself, or find the being who had given it to me. Where had he gone? And why did he accept the name of Fool so easily?

Then again, what did a name matter, really? Nothing. I had been given a different name at my birth. I no longer remembered what it had been, only that it hadn't been Fierna. The angels had given me a different name, and when I had left them I had left my name.

I was different from when I had started, but confused. And now this... The money, the creature, and an odd feeling in the air that I could sense as I leaned against the tree. What was this? What could it all mean?

Nothing in heaven, in hell, or on the surface of the earth seemed to want to tell me.

2nd January 2003, 11:08 PM
Avayiarah - F - Angel

"But I believe that Avayiarah has nothing to worry about. I can tell that her heart is strong and no thoughts of betrayal rest in it. Her intentions are pure for she only wishes for peace among all living beings. Am I right, Avayiarah?"

I smiled softly, their words about becoming a Fallen had tightened my t hroat a bit, just thinking about me shivered me with thoughts. To be a fallen..- it frightened me. I saw many fallens these days, and they all were ... strong, in their fighting ability and spirit. But I? I would never be a fighter... I was never one to fight. My body wouldn't be able to handle the torture of falling... my wings..- I couldn't think of it. But, though I wanted nothing but peace amongst all species- I would never betray my kind.

" In that way... you are right." I smiled softly, gazing at all of them, and then at the sky. My eyes twinkled slightly as I gazed back down.
" I do want peace, but my greater goal is to be an angel of aid. I want to help those in need- whether they be demon, elvin.. fallen.. .half.. whatever, I want to help. A lot of the Angels shun me for it, saying it is impossible. But even though they shun me for it, I still will always be true to them and never betray them. Even though I disagree in my heart about what they do and say, I will never betray nor hurt them. I will not kill, fight or hurt another being... even if they ordered me to, but I will defend. They understand that much... and therefore, leave me alone on that part."

I smiled again, and then I gazed at Ill'vatar's child.
" She's beautiful... you must be proud." He nodded, as I frowned slightly as I gazed at him.
" Are you alright?"
His eyes widened, as he slowly nodded his head... confused. I sighed, and looked away painfully.
" I try not to... but I can feel aura's shift and change. Angels are specifically sensative to... well, other auras. Yours... it ... c hurns, like you are... well.. thinking about some thing."
I gazed back to him and made a frown.
" I hope I do not affend you if that is what causes the aura to change..."

2nd January 2003, 11:23 PM
I sat on a tree branch, looking down on the angel, demon fallen and the two elves that were talking below. I starde at the angel.
"She seems nice," I thought, "But I know that deep inside her, there is a deep sadness." Suddenly, there was a loud 'CRACK'. I turned around to see that the branch I was sitting on was about to give way.

Sorry if I'm interfering with anything B4.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
3rd January 2003, 09:55 AM

The aura that I had sensed made an appearance. A rather dramatic one, I have to say. He landed in the side of the clearing, bringing down an entire branch with him. His appearance was strange, to say the least, but there was something that was puzzling me. Was he a halfling, a fallen, and elf, and angel, a demon or a human? He was puzzling, and his species was undefinable. I felt myself smiling slightly. What would the High angels, so used to discrimation of races say to this? They had no race to classify him, so what would their feelings be about him? A puzzling enigma(OOC. is this the right usage of that word?) indeed.

There was a faint presence of someone else, possibly a fallen, nearby. You could usually tell with fallens. Their auras had a slight tinge of pain, bitterness and maybe, hopelessness. It wasn't always the same, but there was a certain thing about the aura of fallens. They had a certain sense of not-belonging, vague,but usually present.

She or he was nearby, and I was sure the others knew it too. I wanted to look, as I had not seen any other fallen before. I walked slowly towards the source.


3rd January 2003, 09:33 PM
I stood outside the ruins of what had once been a bar, now burned to the point of Well Done.
"So you say a half-angel killed a man here?"
"Killed two men," a young workman said. "He killed my senior, and an old man."
"Hm.... mostly they don't actually kill humans. They may wound them, but generally they just run away."
"I don't care what they normally do! He's a murderer... and a half-angel. We would kill him ourselves, but since you're a professional..." he looked askance at my staff. "We know you could do a better job."
I sighed deeply. "All right... well, could you describe him at least?"
"Um... he was fairly normal looking... except he had big gray wings and a lot of scars. He was just a run-of-the-mill half-angel. And he had some kind of connection to the name Azrael."
My eyes widened. "Azrael? My grandfather killed him!"
The young man shrugged uncomfortably. "Well, they say those bastards are awfully long-lived... Anyway, he called himself Fel. And he disappeared after the bar caught fire. On the Feast of Saint Mindel."
Saint Mindel... I mused. What could possess a half-angel to come out on that most cursed of nights? I probably wasn't dealing with the most experienced one of the lot... or the most intelligent.

4th January 2003, 12:29 AM

" I hope I do not affend you if that is what causes the aura to change...,"said Avayiarah, frowing at me. I contemplated if I should respond, and decided not to. There was really no need to. I looked up at her, and smiled, very faintly, but enough to be known.

Then...*SNAP*. Out of a tree fell some odd creature, unkown to myself, and by the looks of it, the fallen as well. She had a puzzling look on her face, and then, he noticed the look change, and appeared as though she was concentrating on something.

I realized wat she had felt, after I felt it myself, and watched as she walked towards the energy that she felt, and believed to be a fallen.

As the rain grew fainter, I decided to wake my daughter. She had been sleeping all day, and it was the perfect time for her to wake.
I whispered into her ear, and very slowly, her big seal-like blue eyes opened, and she looked up at me, smiling. I placed her on the ground, and she grasped ahold of my hand, her hair, exactly like mine, swaying in the breeze. I decided to follow after Shykra, and along with me, came my daughter.

Ginger Cat
4th January 2003, 01:40 AM

Well past the hours of light, when shutters have been closed and the angels have quit thier condescending watch, shadows creep through the forest. More truth lies within the darkness, within the viel of night than can ever be found in all of the daylight. Hopelessness and despair carry the truth, the reality, the only reality. Everything that is can be found in the night, carried by the servitude of the shadows.

My head snapped up and my eyes widened as I caught a new scent. Or, rather, a scent that had been eluding me. It'd been out there, but I'd been lost in thought, and the scent had been nothing. Now I could sense it. There was a group a ways off, mixed and with a faint scent... Those I could not distinguish, not from so far.

The new scent that was approaching, though, was it...? But could it really be? It seemed to be a Fallen... I'd never seen a fallen. And it seemed to be a Fallen angel... Much as myself... How? Was I to finally meet one? For good or ill, it seemed that I was.

There was another with the fallen approaching... This one was a demon. A demon with a half-demon, a child--perhaps the child of the demon. An odd combination this seemed, and yet many occurances seemed odd. The group, what was the group?

Strange occurance begin to unfold, leading into a new era. A sunrise or a sunset; nothing will speak of which it may be. Leaves rustle softly, speaking to unseen beings, whispering the lore of the night. Outside, meanwhile, birds chirrup thier stingingly sweet song to the humans, the oblivious. Stirring beneath everything, waiting, watching, is soemthing far greater...

Footsteps. Whomever this was, he, she, or the group was approaching. I tensed myself, ready to fight if necessary. These were odd times, and perhaps I would neep to fight. My weaponry was available but, even so, I would wait for a need before I attacked.

The fallen approached first, breaking through the trees--for she was indeed a fallen. We stood for a few moments, staring at each other without speech or movement. She had a sense similar to mine, yet she was different in appearance... Almost more like an angel, less as if she had been dipped into the night. Yet she had the same sense about her, perhaps the same sort of mind. More angelic she was, and yet not any more at heart, it seemed.

Behind her came more crashing, and the others entered the clearing, startling the both of us from our stillness. This was indeed a demon; tall and of the sort that seemed to attract even humans in some way. Behind him was a girl child, who honestly did look to be his daughter.

My first impulse upon seeing th demon was to attack, but I surpressed it; this was no time for foolery. Something is changing... Instead, I asked the only question that seemed fitting.

"Who are you?"


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Hyperness is a Good Thing
4th January 2003, 10:26 AM

I stood there and gazed at the other fallen. She was the first of "my kind" that I had ever seen, an angel, fallen like myself. Of course, due to my self imposed solitude, I had not met up or spoken with anyone for many a year, and had not wished so. However, she was someone who had undergone the same circumstances I had, and I was deeply interested. We stayed there in absolute stillness, neither speaking nor moving, each studying the other, weighing the other up.

She seemed very different from me, as if falling had changed her whole appearance. Her face, arms and other visible limbs were all pale, and she seemed like an angel of death, all in black, giving out an aura of darkness. Her wings were still magnificent, but were as black as her clothes.

We were still examining each other, comparing and noticing each other, but this was disturbed by the entrance of the demon and his daughter into the clearing.

"Who are you," asked the Fallen. I was quite sure that the question was not directed to me so I remained silent.

"Illu'vatar," said the demon. He offered no other information.

"Why did you follow me?" I asked him.

"Why not?" he countered, smiling. "I do not need to justify my every movement and every action with you. What I do is my business."

Seeing that I would gain no advantage in speaking to Illu'vatar, I turned away and concentrated on the fallen.

"You walk alone, do you not." It was more of a statement than a question. "You see the beaty of the forest around you, the sky above you and the ground beneath you."

She did not speak, so I waited.


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4th January 2003, 10:48 AM
Hikari (Angel)

What did this guy take me for, a complete idiot? But he said he had traveled this path before, so right now I probably had no choice but to follow.
Indeed, it did grow hotter as we walked down. Not that heat bothered me much, I had become quite adapted to changes in temperature. But it was the demon den that worried me.
Angels and demons don't get along much at all. And a fallen is supposedly even lower than a demon, so I doubt they'd form any kind of alliance. So if common sense stands, this isn't a trap.
I found myself breathing hard, not from the heat but from keeping up with the taller fallen angel. He turned around to me suddenly. "Shhhhhhhh!"
I detected several presences up ahead. Yes, a family of demons. If I had to, I'd fight. I had already decided that. Right now about 90% of my survival rested in this fallen who didn't seem to care that much about me.
Oh, great, I'm in big trouble...
I didn't know if you had anything in mid for the den, so this is about as far as I can go.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
4th January 2003, 11:01 AM
I'll assume that you'll be stumbling across our nice little group.....


More presences were approaching, and both were alien to me. One was an angel.....and the other was yet another fallen.

"We're turning up everywhere," I muttered. The other fallen heard me and looked at me, and I shot a very small smile at her. There was no flicker of emotion on her face at all. Truly, the darkness had claimed her for its own.

They came, and we stood and stared. This fallen was male, and the angel female. The angel looked slightly bedraggled and her wings were ruffled. Unusual for the race that usually maintainted appearance above all else.


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Darkmaster Kagemusha
4th January 2003, 08:42 PM
I could hear that chattering of demons ahead. From what I heard it sounded like a group of ten, but to be safe, I doubled my estimate. "Sounds like ten, so I'm gonna say there's about twenty," I said. The look on the angel's face was one of confusion. "Just be ready to fight, but we'll try and go around." Leaving the path in this part of the forest was dangerous, what with all the evil creatures lurking in the shadows, but they were nothing compared to a large group of demons. I shifted the way I held my glaive and slowly crept into the forest. The angel followed me carefully.
__________________________________________________ __

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Ginger Cat
5th January 2003, 06:19 PM
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Ice cold, shiver again. Everywhere around it's coming in, waves of cold, washing with freezing iniquity. Constant reminders all around, heaving sighs in insignificant breaths.

New ones coming. I could sense them now... And the other fallen had mentioned them. She had smiled... How had she smiled? How was happiness anything that would ever work, especially for a fallen? Why could she be happy?

Was there perhaps something wrong with me? The probability was high... And yet the contrast wasn't entirely surprising. After all, we looked different... She far more like an angel, though without wings. Almost human. Like a half-angel... Not that it would help her at all with the angels. And who would want there help, anyway?

Emotions shadows passing by. Smiles nothing more than frail decoration. The thin cover of joy is a mere sheet of ice; underneath lies a tumoilous body of water, raging within itself. Anger, pain, torment, all below, all real.

I snapped back into reality with a start, for I had heard, and now I saw... They had entered the clearing.


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6th January 2003, 08:47 PM
I woke slowly and painfully. At first I couldn't remember where I was, but a whif of cooking reminded me. I had practically crawled onto Lethiel's doorstep and collapsed. She must have brought me in... I smiled faintly as I heard her in the next room. It made me feel like I was a young boy again, listening to Azrael and Lethiel talking and joking while making breakfast, while I waited until they called me. But... today I would have to tell her. This was most likely the last time I would be in my own bed, in my own house.
"Fel," her voice floated in from the kitchen. "It's ready."
My eyebrows furrowed as I tried to figure out how she knew I was awake. It was uncanny how good she was at it. Very slowly, I pulled myself out of bed... the whole time thinking that if I stayed in bed, I wouldn't have to tell her... it never would have happened... it was all just a bad dream...
"Fel?" her head poked in the door.
I looked back at her with tears streaming down my cheeks.
"I killed.... Lethiel..... I killed a human."

18th January 2003, 02:51 PM
I stood in front of the Council, staring at my feet. The elders of the village had been called out to judge me on my crime of murder... a crime that would only deepen the blood feud. Tears of shame pricked at my eyes as I felt every half-angel of my village staring at me with resentment. The chains on my arms felt like they would drag me to my knees, but I knew they were necessary. My sin must be shown to all half-angels.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the newest member of the Council, Rhystel, speak.

"Azraefel, ward of Azrael, you are charged with the murder of two humans. How do you plead?" his voice was commanding, not pompous as it had always seemed when I was standing in the crowd.

"Guilty," my voice was softer than a whisper.

"You are aware that this crime will force us to abandon our village?"

I nodded silently.

"And you are also aware that the humans have marked you for death?"

Again, I nodded.

"And that they have hired the Bakarne huntress to kill you?"

My head shot up as I stared at him in horror. The Bakarne family had been hunting half-angels since they first appeared. They were the best... And it was certain that Azrael had died at the hands of one.

"Are you beginning to understand how serious this is?" Rhystel's voice boomed across the square. "One Bakarne could kill every man, woman, and child among us without a second thought! Including your beloved ward mother," his finger jabbed at Lethiel.
"And you," his finger was aimed at me now. "You have brought this upon us! The humans have never been able to find us, because they never cared enough to. But you have spilled their blood, and now all of them will thirst for yours in return!" he turned towards the Great Elder, Jibriel. "I say we should leave him for the humans at the edge of their territory. Then they can be satisfied that they are avenged. We can go to the caves until we can be sure that they have calmed down."

Jibriel thought it over slowly. I watched the conflict on the ancient face: the one half-angel who had survived over 600 years. I knew what they would do... I would be chained to the Post on the border between the humans land and ours. Whenever the humans went on the warpath, the offending party was left there after five days to be taken by them. I had seen them sentence others before... for crimes not half so great as mine. The last I had seen was my childhood best friend, Quistil, who had dared to fall in love with a human. He had been sacrificed to them, as had the child he had fathered on the human girl. The girl had gone free, with the excuse that he had enchanted her. I had watched his execution from the edge of the humans town... they had put him on a cross, nailed with iron. They had done the same to the infant... after cutting off both their wings and nailing them to a post. And Quistil's human lover had merely looked away. As soon as they humans had cleared the square, I had crept up to him and slit his throat, granting him a quick, merciful death. The child has long since died by then.
Tears sprang to my eyes again. They were going to sentence me to that.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
19th January 2003, 04:13 AM

The new ones had not spoken at all. The silence hung over the air, heavy and irritating in a way.

The fallen seemed to want to speak, but he was watching all of us. The demon and his daughter in particular.

I noticed the way he was dressed, and the things he carried. "Hunter," I murmered softly.

His head snapped in my direction when I spoke. His eyes narrowed. Illu'vatar grinned.

"You seek me out, demon hunter? And his angel accomplice?" His tone was unmistakably mocking.

The angel fidgeted. She seemed extremely uncomfortable.


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19th January 2003, 04:52 PM
Hikari (angel)

Angel accomplice? I just wanted to get out of here, and now this demon thought I was working with a fallen! Everything had become so strange lately, after I woke up. And now there was this group...
I was still so tired, my vision was blurring. The rain had woken me too soon, and after all of the walking I had to rest. Yet there seemed no time to. I had to stay standing. Otherwise I seemed weak. When one seemed weak, one was vulnerable. The first rule we angels as fighters learned was never to show weakness. It was hard, though, staying upright in weakness, in this meeting. And there was the... I couldn't describe it quite right... oddity of it. The assortment of species, all assembled here. This was indeed a strange encounter. And after the demon's comment, the awkward silence seemed to intensify. I couldn't describe this feeling of mine as embarassment, but... it was all so strange, so new, so different.
*waves* I'm alive!

Darkmaster Kagemusha
20th January 2003, 03:25 PM
Kage Ikagaide
I grinned slightly. "I would not work with an Angel, were I hunting demons or mining stone in a prison," I muttered. "I am also, not a demon hunter, and to call me such would be a disgrace to my honor," I said, coldly, stepping up to the demon. "I could hunt demons in my spare time if I chose to, but my profession isn't that," I said, turning around and walking over to a tree.

"Then what do you do?" The demon asked. I glanced back.

"I am a wanderer. I do what I please and am not bound by the laws of any race. The Angel's put me on trial and I decided to fall. The Elves tried putting me on trail and I escaped. The humans tried to kill me on one of their Halfie-Hunts. The Fallen do as they please and help each other when they need to. There are no laws that we need abide by. I need no profession, for I need no money. I have everything I need in the forest and when I need something else I go into a new human town. Society is cruel and government is opressive. I am truly free." I said, finishing up my speech. "Even demons follow a very loose set of laws, even if they are unwritten."

21st January 2003, 01:16 AM
I felt as though I had been standing in the square for days, where it had actually been less than an hour. All of the villagers eyes were on Jibriel, waiting for him to say 'Post' in his ancient, cracked voice. There was no hope for my survival... and even if he felt bad doing it, I had never heard Jibriel say a complete sentence in anyone's defense. The safety of the many outweighed the one. If the humans didn't find me, they'd massacre the rest. Tears slipped down my cheeks as I realized I didn't have any hope at all. Even killing for revenge, which was allowed by most laws, couldn't be excused in a half-angel.

Slowly, softly, Jibriel began to speak.
"The boy... he was Azrael's?"
"Azrael's ward, yes," Rhystel replied, looking confused.
Jibriel settled back. "He saved the boy... who was there?"
A hunter named Ximel answered quickly, "I was. I was one of the hunters who rescued him."
"Speak," Jibriel said simply.

Ximel looked distinctly nervous to have to be defending a known murderer, but he came forward anyway.
"About," he thought for a minute. "Seventy winters ago, we found the boy abandoned outside an elf village. Newborn, still red... but not crying. He was just lying there, looking up at the sky. At first we couldn't tell if he was alive or dead... but he moved a tiny bit, so we debated whether we should just kill him and spare him a life of being hunted down like an animal. Azrael was the head of our party, like he was until the day he died. And he took out the mercy knife and walked towards him, when the baby just turned and looked at him. Just looked at him, not at the knife, not at the rest of us. And Azrael froze. Then the baby just made a sort of sighing sound and looked away. And Azrael dropped the knife, picked up the kid, turned to us and said 'This is my son, Azraefel. And he will save us all'. And when Azrael died, he called Azraefel his son and our hope again. One night he said something about the tournament..."

I stared at Ximel. The tournament? That was for great warriors, and though technically open to all, no half-angel had ever dared to fight. But if they thought that I was supposed to enter... My eyes darted to Jibriel. I might live after all.

19th February 2003, 03:09 AM
Jibriel's face had conflict written plainly across it. I couldn't hear a breath from anyone... the only sound was the distant crash of the waterfalls. In the few minutes that seemed to last for years, I petioned God and every single saint of the half-angels that if it was their will, that I might be spared. Azrael had died so that I could live, and I had thrown it away in what I thought was revenge.

St. Mindel, on who's feast blood was shed, human for half-angel, spare our tribe from retribution...
Her novena ran through my head before I realized Lethiel was saying it under her breath:
Mindelos, artretani lisheilos, irentous leres azrael ishtos. Pirentiel fershe, pirentiel fershe, artretani kishmetos azreal. Leshrael, Mindelos, lisheilos rishta qytelous ishtos. Pirentiel fershe.
Over and over, it repeated:
Mindel, Lady of Bitterness, patron of the damned half-angels. Protect us, protect us, lady mother of half-angels. Mercy, Mindel of Bitterness, pity for your damned children. Protect us...

The words grew louder, more incessant. It felt as though a thousand voices were petitioning St. Mindel, their voices melding with Lethiel's whispers. Slowly, though my eyes never left Jibriel's face, I began to realize that each half-angel was repeating the novena. Jibriel's face began to change, as if he had decided.

"Azraefel, whose name means 'Son of Half-Angels', are you willing to serve your sentence?"
I pulled myself up to my full height, trying to stand with pride and dignity.
"I am willing and ready."
"Azraefel, you have been recognized by your village as their champion. They have petitioned our Beloved Saint on your behalf, knowing that it may mean their own deaths. You must go to the Shrine of Mindel. The priests will point you down your path. However, if you return, it will mean death to us all. You must be gone before the sun sets. The Elders have spoken."

I sank to my knees, numb, as the novena of St. Mindel ran in my ears.
[/i]Pirentiel fershe.[/i]

1st March 2003, 11:02 PM
I'm going to make one last effort to revive this. We now have a new direction we can move in, instead of all standing around! The tournament's about to start!
Please, somebody, post! Or at least PM me to say that you've left for good, and then I can just let this go on it's merry way to oblivion.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
1st March 2003, 11:33 PM
I'm sorry I haven't posted. I would really like to, as I find this RPG very, very interesting and entertaining, but I have a mental block as to what I should do next. We're all standing around with no word reaching us of the tournament and I need a little more to work with. If somehow we learn of the tournament and someone in it pisses someone else off, I can work with this a lot better.

1st March 2003, 11:43 PM
Ugh! I can't believe I forgot about this. >< Sorry, Mewtwo-D2!

It's about to start, my demon thoughts hissed deeply, with a sneering sort of sound, arrogance flowing with those words. They distracted from the outside world, the sun set so high, seemingly glaring down at my fragile frame, as if at any moments the pale skin upon me would burst into flames and send me to my death. No, no, that wouldn't happen. The tournament! it hissed once more, that tiny sound deep within my mind, that never left - never quieted, and only became worse at night. When everything was silent, only that little voice that snarled in my head keeping all the quietness and peace from overtaken me.

"Look, it's that demon girl," a villager whispered, to the other women surrounding her, filled with gossip and slander. But this was right on the mark. Yes, they did not know how close they were hitting, how far the wound was dug.

"She must be a demon, she's much to ahead of our time." as much as my voice wanted to screech at them, that banshee-like screech it always had, they would just have their point proven. Then again, the clothes that covered my body was nothing like the ones covering theirs. Perhaps they had a reason to taunt me

It was silent. Maybe they left, tired of picking on the sad prey that I am. But they didn't leave, they were still standing right there, judging eyes piercing cruelly in me. "She's evil." this stopped me in my tracks, gaze lowered to the ground, metallic and ebony hair hanging over my eyes and in front of my face.

You cannot fight back. You'll... prove their point,

"Go away," I whimpered, though the words were still as if needles, stride becoming quicker with every single second that passed by me. And that voice, did not come back. But it would be back, it always came to me once more. Yet for now, I was free.

And what was that speaking thought in my mind saying? A tournament? How could it know something I do not?

Once every centuary... it came back again, tone sing-songy. The halflings must die... the voice continued to sing. The humans think they will win, and the angels shall cry...

So much for hoping that voice would go away. Now it was even... singing to me. Yes, if this was't a sign of how odd I had become, I do not know what is.

And you will join. You must join. the voice stated softly, with a matter-of-fact tone.
O_o Whee. Um, I dunno how to get started in the tournament, so... dah! ^^;

Darkmaster Kagemusha
2nd March 2003, 12:00 AM
Hey, I just realized something. Former Angels can know about the tournament can't they? Well, I'll edit this tomorrow with a post, but I have to go now.

2nd March 2003, 04:06 PM
Thanks for posting again ^_^ As for the tournament, you will be pointed down the path to the arena: although right now the travelling is the most important part. You can do what Azraefel is doing and be directed by the high priests of his society, or follow your own instincts, or whatever.

I stumbled through the woods, lost. I had the map Lethiel had given me, but even it didn't pinpoint exactly where the shrine was. She had told me it was in case the map ever fell into the hands of anyone besides half-angels, but I figured it was more no one did know exactly where it was.
I pulled out the map again and frowned at it. There was a huge area, easily equalling two hundred miles with 'Shrine in this area' written across it. Well, that was a huge help. I had been wandering in this forest for three days already. I kept walking though, my feet bruised and aching from running into rocks and branches. My skin itched with dried blood from small cuts in a hundred places. If I didn't get out of this forest soon, then there would be no reason for the pardon I had recieved.

I had long since checked the post for the half-angel I was hunting, and now I had found his village. Of course, with so many days warning, the vermin had cleared out. Not even a feather remained to show that they had been here. Their square was enormously empty as I walked around it, checking for any traps they may have left. But there were none... as usual, the cowardly halfsies had run away with their tails between their legs. They were hiding somewhere, obviously. If they weren't, the lot of them would have committed mass suicide right in the square, as I had seen before. That meant the one they had released was something important.
I strode through the village to the only stone building: their temple. It was just like the filthy beasts to worship a felon of our past: dead for the last thousand years, and good riddance. I kicked the door open, letting it smash into the delicate mosaics on either side. I smiled grimly as I heard stones shattering: more of their blasphemous imagery destroyed. Every half-angel village built their temple the same way, making them so much easier to destroy. But as I stepped inside I was greeted by something I hadn't expected: thousands of candles burning, or freshly-blown out from my entrance circling the altar. And one half-angel: an ancient one, 600 years or more. He was shown in profile by the flickering candle-light, the flames outlining his age perfectly. His wings were huge, but the feathers were obviously brittle, and his hair was long and pure white.
He turned slowly to me, his eyes sad.
"So, Bakarne, you have found our village at last. The one you seek is not here."
I growled deep in my throat. So the half-angel knew my family's name.
"I know that. Tell me where he is, old bastard."
He sighed softly," He is far from here, girl. He and all the others. As their elder I chose to stay and watch the candles."
I snorted loudly. "Watch the candles? Does your life mean so little to you then?"
"I am old," he returned slowly. "I have avoided you and your kind for almost 700 years, and I have grown tired of running. For even if you end my life," he gestured at the thousands of candles, "Each one of these is one more half-angel. Not even a species as stubborn as yours can eradicate each of these. And these are only a small part of our people- we are weak, but each has given their prayers to ask for the victory of our champion. Even you can't stop that... not even you, Iolanthe Bakarne."
My eyes grew wide with rage. How dare this arrogant old bastard use my full name? I forgot completely about trying to pry information out of him: I just wanted to kill him. I charged, my staff pointed straight for his stomach.
The horns pierced with a wet crunching sound, but I drove them in farther. I buried the entire demon skull before it burst out the back, my staff through all the way to my hands. His thick, warm blood poured over my fingers, staining them red.
"I am Jibriel," the old one croaked out. "And Azraefel shall save us all."
I angrily pulled my staff straight up, the iron easily cutting through him. One pull and he was split from his stomach straight through his head, and my staff flew free. Still blinded with rage, I smashed all the candles on one side of me to the ground, onto the wooden altar, which quickly caught fire. But I didn't stop: every candle had to fall. I swung my staff wildly, but there always seemed to be more. Hundreds of thousands- millions of candles on every side. Despite the growing fire at my back, I continued to destroy every candle within reach. And finally, there was only one- just one that seemed to grow before my eyes. The flame grew, twisting in shape until it became a clear figure. A young half-angel, with huge wings of flame spreading on either side of him. He reached out a hand to me, and I swung at it. The illusion shattered for a moment, then reformed with a companion.
My breath caught in my throat. Blood filled my mouth as an old wound re-opened at the sight.
"No... I'm not going to lose like this!" I screamed, knocking wildly through the flames, out the door, into the street. I fell to my kness and spat out the blood violently, then stood up, my back to the burning church. The half-angels had died there. All except my prey.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
2nd March 2003, 08:23 PM
We had all been just standing around arguing with each other for days. No one really trusted each other, and no one had really slept. I knew that at least the Angel and I would need to be rested. "Everyone, stop fighting!" I yelled, and everyone got silent. "I don't know if you can feel it, but I can! The Tournament is upon us!" I said. I knew where the Tournament would take place, for I had watched it before. Demons who found the Shrine where the Tournament would take place were usually either killed during the battles or afterward, and Fallen were supposed to take an oath to never reveal the location to anyone, which most never did anyway because they weren't asked. This Tournament promised to be interesting. "We need to get going, since not everyone can fly," I said, glancing over at the Elves, before putting my hood up, grabbing my Glaive, and walking in the direction of the Shrine.

2nd March 2003, 09:11 PM
Forward ahead, limber body twisting about the trees, stray branches scratching harshly against what skin was bared. Sharp, psychoticly bright cat-slitted orbs glittered faintly with what few strands of sunlight were allowed to shower down upon the slender frame of mine. Clear, ghostly metallic peered stoically towards what seemed to be the ground bathed in shadows from my point of view, roguishly torn and shredded clothing barely holding back the speed of every leap and stride performed. Twisted grin, only to be drawn out my six sharp and semi-curved fangs, played across the pale skin upon my face.

You look evil. the voice sounded off, not even with a thoughtful or wistful hint, more as if a sneer, something meant to shatter your soul. Silence overcame once more as my own voice replied with nothing more, only the rare snapping of twigs sounding of my presence.

Glancing upwards, though I knew that the voice was not there, grin pulled inself into a smirk - as if smirking to the sky. "But I'm not." once more, even after allowing a few moments to pass, nothing else was said, not even a snarl or growl to sound of anger of bitterness. Even the wind died down, the birds quieted, the twigs almost disappearing as not even their breaking noises broke the silence. This was complete silence. And it was torture, not a single thing there to drag your thoughts away. Only... nothing, complete solitude, being alone. Sighing a simple, breathy sigh, my gaze trailed down once more to the ground as I leapt from the tree that hid my presence on the earth. Once more I was insight. But it bothered me not, until something ahead caught my sight. Stepping back into the shadows, I rushed ahead, somehow staying hidden and unheard.

I had seen the man before. No, not a man, a halfling. An angel, but not quite. Every now and then he'd take a confused glance down towards a map clutched within his hands and give a bitter sigh, then continue on. Ah, yes, he was at the bar. The one that burned to the ground, the one I even bothered to take the time to look around. It was him, without even a second thought, due to to the unique build he carried and the odd features upon his face - obviously mixed, but not hideously so.

He could not see me, but I could see him. Somehow, that amused me, for whatever reason they may be.

One foot set outside onto the path. Almost there, in sight.

Two feet on the path. Out in sight. Can't turn back now.
O_o Yeah. Hehe, Rio's met Azraefel. (Finally. >_>)

3rd March 2003, 12:54 AM
"Ishtos pyor! Stupid, meaningless, ishtos, merente, jutarus map!" I shouted in frustration, crumpling it up and throwing it as far ahead of me as I could. With a sigh, I realized what I had done and went to go pick it up. Only thing was, as it was night, I couldn't see it too clearly. I dropped to the ground to whiffle around for it- my dark vision was terrible in the best of circumstances, and in the gloom of a forest with low moonlight, I was functionally blind.
"Why did I even keep going? Why didn't I just stop somewhere and lie down for awhile?" I growled before I remembered. I couldn't stop because I was a wanted man. So I continued to crawl on my hands and knees through the forest, cursing under my breath.
I abruptly stopped cursing as I felt something. Could it be the map? I continued patting the thing I had felt, around it and up it... it didn't feel like crumpled paper- it felt like... a foot. With a shout of surprise I jumped back. What was someone else doing in the woods at this time of night? My eyes widened. They must be here to kill me.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
3rd March 2003, 09:55 AM
Just here to say that I do like this rpg.....it's very fun in interesting.....

But I'm still not clear on what the Tournament is about....an explanation.....pretty please?

3rd March 2003, 12:53 PM
I'm confused here, and I'm lost. Just posting to say I haven't neglected this entirely. When I get the time and gather my bearings (and hopefully get an explanation or two) I'll do a real post.

3rd March 2003, 03:11 PM
Okay, to explain the tournament:
It's a huge tournament that takes place once every 100 years. No one who hasn't attended before knows exactly where it is: they only have a vague idea. The fights range from hand-to-hand, to weapon, to psychic and back again. At the end of the tournament, the winner is granted their deepest desire, even if they don't know what it is.
As for what judges them, the true leader of the world does. However, only the champion will see who that is. Former champions are not allowed to enter again, or to train hopefuls for the next one. Hopefully this clears things up a bit ^^;

6th March 2003, 03:16 PM
Just to say, I'll try to post more often, just been quite busy. ^^ *pokes everyone* Ja, hai, and any other form of "yes". Thaaaank you. =3
Downwards my gaze went, onto the angelic creature at my feet, looking as if a mouse caught by a cat, eyes unusally wide with a small glint of fear dead within their colour. A smirk, amused nor cruel, played upon my face, tugging back pale-toned lips as the other stood, backing off slightly; his eyes stayed fixed on me, staring. Arching a brow effortlessly, stratching as if a dog at the side of my face with slightly sharp claw-like nails, I blinked oddly, watching the halfling in front of me.

"Why," pausing slightly, wavering a hand about in front of me, as if trying to find any words to say, my shoulders rolled in the form of a shrug. "Hello."

6th March 2003, 09:52 PM
I continued to stare up, completely terrified before I managed to croak out a "Hi".
My head was crowded with thougts- I could get up and run, but considering my dark vision, I'd probably run straight into a tree. I could get up and try to fight, but she looked stronger than me. I could beg for mercy, but that may not be helpful, considering what I was. Fear completely choked me, and began to get a stranglehold on my thoughts.
"Are you going to kill me now?" I asked, hoping to sound dignified, but sounding more like a frightened child.

8th March 2003, 10:00 PM
Just posting to say I'm alive? Other than that, I don't have anything to post...

Darkmaster Kagemusha
21st March 2003, 08:58 PM
Just posting to let you guys know that I'm leaving tomorrow and probably won't be back until Wed. next week. Sorry.

11th April 2003, 11:07 PM
After I had calmed down from the scene in the half-angel temple, I set up camp in the woods to plan my next move. Obviously, this Azraefel boy was important, if a halfsie that old was willing to die for him. I hated to do it, but I was actually going to have to read the Book of Mindel. She had been known as somewhat of a seer in her time, before she had become a heretic.

I started a fire and sat down beside it. Grimacing, I cracked open the book and began to read:

"And the day shall come when the son shall be called the father. The son of man and angel, of god and elven. He shall be a new race, with the strength of humans, the cunning of demons, the beauty of elves, and the wisdom of angels. And he shall be called the Father of his people...

A cold shiver went down my spine. 'Azraefel', son of half-angels. But I couldn't make sense of the passage, 'god and elven'. Half-angels weren't born like that....

24th April 2003, 01:47 PM
The crickets sang through the night air as I started out of my sleep. What.....what IS that.... I thought, at instant alert. It wasnt a sound that had awakened me, but a feeling. The forest was whispering, telling of the strange creatures whose life forces did not fit in with it. I stood up on the tree branch I had been sleeping on. Someones here.....
And it wasnt Eralan. I wasnt sure where she had gone, but when I lost track of the Angel I lost track of her. Suddenly I KNEW what had come into my forest.
A Fallen.
They had always made me curious. Curious as to what could possibly happen to cause a being to lose all faith and hope in the world, to cause it to deny its very existance and become something darker. I knew what Eralan would say if she knew what I was thinking. "Asi-chan, Fallens are lowly creatures and we re better than them so we shouldnt bother associating with them." Hm...but I had a feeling it was more than just social status that kept her away from them. It was probably something like a fear of catching it, if something could lose its faith like that, what if its very prescence could influence you? What if just by being near it it could cause you to slip? I shook my head. The greatest faith is Faith tested...Sorry Eralan, but I have to see whats going on.
Starting off through the calm night woods I soon came to the orgin of the strange alien aura. A Fallen was kneeling on the ground, looking up at someone else that didnt belong here. I frowned. While I wasnt sure which one of these strange people was friend or foe, I felt bad for the Fallen. He was on the ground, looking for all the world like a scared little kid. He was clearly afraid for his life.
And I cant ignore people in need.
Jumping silently and nimbly from the tree I landed squarely on the strangers back squashing it down and kicking it as I leapt to land in front of the Fallen. Standing up, the creature I had kicked looked at me and spat angrily. I pointed my crossbowed arm at it and said in a stern voice, "Nobody kills anything in my forest unless they have permission. This place is a sanctuary for those who are lost. Begone from here!"
The creature just stared at me and stumbled away, soon disappearing through the trees. Turning around I reguarded the once frightened, now wondering Fallen. I smiled. "Hi, Im Asilynne. Who are you?"
I watched the Fallen take to his feet, a warm smile on my face.
"It's all a matter of status Asilynne. Fallen's are lowly creatures and therefore at the bottom of the social structure of this world. This is the way it has been for centuries and will not be changing anytime soon. It's nothing personal, it's just the way things are."

"Well...I don't think it should be that way Eralan..."

"Oh? And I suppose you're going to change it are you?"

Remembering Eralans words made me smile. I just might.... I thought to myself. I JUST might........
Take it away Jen-chan! ^-^

24th April 2003, 05:12 PM
I'm back!

I looked up at the strange group that was now staring down at me. The fallen had walked off. The angel held out her hand.
"Let me help you up," she said. I grabbed her hand and pulled myself up.
"I'm Avayiarah. What's your name?" she asked. I picked up a stick and wrote 'Fool' in the dirt.
"Can't you speak?" she asked. I just shrugged.
"What are you?" I just shrugged again. I quickly picked up a stick and began writing in the dirt.

Now it's time for me to ask you a question. What's the matter?

"What do you mean?" she asked. I began writing again.

I know that deep down you're upset. I just want to cheer you up.

Avayiarah sighed.
"Come over here and I'll tell you,"

25th April 2003, 12:41 AM
Again, I felt desperate to run away, but this elf was actually smiling at me. She had to be able to see my wings... she had to know what I was... unless... A hopeful thought sprang into my mind. Maybe she didn't know I was a half-angel.
That hope began overwhelming my fear. Maybe she thought I was Fallen, since I was obviously not an angel. I looked at myself quickly- scarred and stocky, with a little bit of pudge. Very obviously not the kind of sculpted perfection an angel was. But a fallen angel...
Those thoughts stewed in my head as I rose to my feet.
"Um... my name?"
Ishtos! What kind of name would a Fallen angel have?
"It's... uh..."
Gotta think quick.... wait a second. We take our names from variations of Divine. I could have smacked myself when the realization hit me.
"Azraefel. My name is Azraefel...

1st May 2003, 12:09 PM

Azraefel, huh?

"Well, Felly!!" I said grinning as I patted him on the arm cheerfully. "What brings you to my forest?" I saw him flinch as I patted him but I tried to ignore it. I realised Fallens dont usually have much contact with other people, and this one seemed to be especially shell shocked. Even the least thing could scare him, so to minimize the threat I posed I leapt up to a low limb and sat cross-legged, waiting for him to answer. He looked apprehensive, but then I guess he figured hed tell me. "Im looking for something....a temple....the only problem is, no one seems to know exactly where it is..."

I cocked my head to the side. A temple? I figured if there was a temple in my forest I would know about it...

"And anything that gets near it vanishes..."

?! ANY THING THAT GETS NEAR!? There was a place in the forest where animals would wander in and never be seen. An area that no birds ever flew over, a place where something inside me told me no one should ever go. And now someone was going there.

I looked at him, an apprehensive look now on MY face, and studied the sad looking guy in front of me. I wanted to know why, and who exactly he was, and what this 'temple' was, but when I spoke none of these questions came out.

"There is a place......"

7th May 2003, 08:23 PM
If yall don't mind, could you tell me what's going on?

13th May 2003, 12:50 AM
Okaybees, currently Azraefel is lost in the woods, looking for the Temple of Mindel so he can be directed the to the tournament. He has met up with Asilynne who believes him to be a Fallen, not a half-angel. She's offered to guide him to the temple.
Meanwhile, Iolanthe has destroyed the temple in Azraefel's village and killed Elder Jibriel. She has begun reading the Book of Mindel to see if she can figure out anything about why Azraefel is so important.
In my next post I'm making a new character who's quite important, and that will be explained in the profile.

"Really? Could you tell me where it is... it's very important that I find it," I looked down, ashamed. "I need to be atoned for."
Then it struck me that a Fallen angel wouldn't be looking for a temple to recieve atonement for anything. Hopefully, she wouldn't notice anything strange about it. If she did, I may have to tell her what I was.... and what I had done.

13th May 2003, 01:25 AM
Name: Shalene
Full name (with title): Artretani Therinta Shalene Yuteska Myartymi (Title: Lady Priestess)
Age: 287, physically roughly late twenties- early thirties
Gender: Female
Species: Half-angel (Demon-angel)
Physical description: Tall and sturdily built, like most of her species. Has pure silver hair, and one blood red cat's-eye and one sky-blue normal eye. Her right wing is white feathered, and her left is black bat's. Wears silver robes emblazoned with the Rose of Mindel and carries the Mirror of Fate.
Personality: Quiet and somber most of the time, though with an edge of superiority. After all, she does know the past, present, and a good bit of the future. Also commands the respect of being the High Priestess of all half-angels.
Weapons: None needed
Other: Is the Atretani Therinta ta Azrael. And owns the Mirror of Fate. She speaks half-angel speak pretty well, too. (I'll provide translations ^^; )

I looked up from my mirror. He was coming.
One of my attendants hurried up to me and bowed hastily.
"Artretani Shalene, iy qolantous azrael ti carasen yer iy hrael. Jilen qast ben xie lentos?" (Lady Shalene, an unknown half-angel is approaching our gates with an elf. What shall we do?)
I stood, stretching my wings out.
"Liqeantous. Ben qast tsy las jynten raest ferwen ty gylentous jyntenym xiel yrtael kes" (Patience. We shall see if they are smart to find they're own way in.)
"Ie lentous, Artretani" (As you wish, Lady)
She scurried out of the room, probably heading to watch the gates.
If Azraefel was what his name implied, he should have no trouble getting in.

16th May 2003, 11:58 PM
Her Forest

I tilted my head. What Fel was asking was a very hard thing to do. The very aura of that place told me to stay away from it, but....strange. That very same aura told me that he belonged there...

I leapt off the treebranch I had been sitting on and stood in front of him. "Ok, Ill take you there..." I turned to look to my right, the forest seeming to hush as if it knew what I had decided to do. "Its this way...watch your step, I had set up a lot of traps to keep the forest animals from wandering in after I discovered anything that wandered in disappeared." And with that, I took off trotting though the forest, every now and then glancing back to make sure Felly was keeping up. He was doing pretty well until a tree root tripped him and made him fall. For a Fallen he didnt seem to have very good night vision. "Are you ok?" I called out. He just stood up and nodded his head. "Be careful about falling Fel. ...." I thought about what I said.
Hm...Fel the Fallen fell! Hehe!
But somehow I figured Felly wouldnt appreciate that rhyme so I kept it to myself as we got closer to the place....



21st May 2003, 01:05 PM
I struggled to keep up with Asilynne, tripping over tree roots, occassionally smacking face first into trees... Not surprising at all. However, I was quite surprised when a hidden rope trap grabbed my ankle and left me suspended between two trees.
"Asilynne! HELP!" I shouted, swaying back and forth. Unfortunately, the swaying made my knife drop to the ground, well out of my reach.
Why does kind of thing always happen to me? I wondered. Was this supposed to be some kind of divine retribution?

21st May 2003, 07:20 PM
This may not make much sense, so bear with me here.

The past few days had been uneventful, and the arguing and fighting had become boring. At some specific intervals it got funny but overall, it was purely tired. Without warning, I spread my black leathery wings to their full length, and with my daughter in hand, pushed off of the ground, and into the sky. I hovered above the others for a few moments, before soaring away, slicing through the air like and arrow. Below on the ground, a tan blur shot through the trees. It was He.

I flew only for a few minutes before I arrived at my destination. On the outside, it appeared as nothing but a worthless shack. But under the termite infested dump was my lair, and place of business.It was mostly dark, and was lit by torches. There were long winding halls and stairwells, most that went off to mine shafts, guarding by demon lackies.

I set my daughter down to play, leaving her with Him. I continued on to my personal quarters, to do some more research on the tournament...

19th October 2003, 05:19 PM
Look ma! I caught a Fallen!

Poor Felly....

I jumped up to a treebranch of the tree Fel was hanging in and hung upside down with him. I studied him for a while as he looked at me with a ‘Why me’ look on his face. “You know,” I said, trying to keep a straight face though I was on the brink of laughing. “That traps not for fallens, so you shouldnt be in it!” And with that, I cut him down and watched expectantly, to, I thought, seeing him land on his feet.

Wincing, I saw him land on his stomach, making a ‘uuhhH!!!’ as he fell. He was doing an awful lot of falling lately. “Im sorry Fel!” I said, jumping down to help him up.

Soon we came to the spot of the forest where everything was completely silent. No birds called, no animals rustled the bushes, even the wind was still. “Here we are...” I said, serious for once.

There was no turning back now....

^-^ Go for it Kendo-chan!

29th October 2003, 10:37 PM
I swallowed nervously. I wasn't quite sure what the rules were on bringing elves into our sacred ground. Also, she had to know that only half-angels worshipped Arza and Mindel. And since she thought I was a Fallen, she probably thought it was a temple of Letshin, the Dark Mother.
I glanced at Asilynne, wondering if she thought she was walking into a demon temple, even with the long-standing blood-fued between elves and demons.

"You don't have to go in, if you don't want too... I don't know if elves consider entering other species temples sacrelige, like humans do..." I trailed off uncertainly. Of course, her going in depended on my finding the entrance, but I was in no rush to find it until I knew what she planned to do.

31st March 2004, 01:09 AM
To the cast of When Angels Deserve to Die:
Im sorry but I will no longer be posting. When I joined this, TPM was a fun place to be, and it was fun to write stories about mystery and intrigue, blood and feuds, love and honor. But far too much has been happening behind the scenes, and broken trust and betrayal, something you might see in an RPG, has manifested itself on how this place is run.
When the people in charge, who are supposed to help people and provide guidance, get so power-hungry and spiteful that theyd screw over a fellow person, a FRIEND, that is when it starts becoming less fun. The system is corrupt, and I want no part in something that allows betrayal of friendships to happen. I want no part in a place where people who act nice and innocent, and smile in your face and call you friend, stab you in the back when your not looking.
Its been fun, and if anyone wishes to continue to RP with me, feel free to give me an IM. But I wont stay in this corrupt place any longer. Sorry about this Jennie.
Asilynne Outlaw