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Ultimate Charizard
20th October 2003, 07:05 PM
Right here it is it FINALLY Begins.

There arent going to be any battles untill the players or at least the teams get established and as for the Freelancers...you will be allowed to join together and fight as a team as and when needed however there is a drawback. Earning money is much harder this way as you dont get a Team Bonus. Pilots in Freelance fights recieve C500 for every zoid they take down. If the team wins the battle but they themselves scored 0 kills they get nothing.
Kill stealing is allowed and encouraged.

Ill be adding my Startup post shortly. Anyone who wishes to beat me to it feel free but i just need to add a few notes.

Something i havent told many people is that each team is being given 1 Free spare zoid. So a team of 5 pilots has 6 Zoids to start with etc.
This Zoid must be an already existing zoid (ie not one you make up) and trademark weapons are not allowed. Teams will recieve a bonus of C5,000 to equip this spare zoid however any remaining money will not go to the team funds.
Post your teams choice of Zoid in the Signup thread and please make sure it is your Teams Choice. I dont want one person from each team deciding they couldnt decide between 2 zoids so now theyre gonna have both anyway.

Signup Thread (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=23087)



Continuing the legacy of Zoids and their pilots battling for supremacy, the Zoids Battle Comission finds itself in a new year of battling. The standards and tradition of the Zoids battles have become smoother over the course of a few years with the anihilation of the Backdraft Organization with the help of the Blitz Team. Fame, power, and money awaits those at the top of the ZBC League, while lesser prizes have come to be with smaller tournaments opening up. Rumors of a new class above S is spreading. But not all is right with Zi...

Rumors from Zoids pilots all over Zi have been spreading. A new force acting much like the Backdraft of previous years has begin preying on Zoids pilots in the wilds. None have managed to beat them and those that have returned have done so without their Zoids. The Zoids Battle Comission denies the existence of said group, leaving some pilots wary of the Comission... Added to this, many S-class pilots, including the famed Blitz team have gone missing in the recent months. Not a sign of said teams are left...

As these rumors get into the realms of fantasy with tales of a new sort of wild Zoid in the wastelands destroying piloted Zoids, the entire planet seems to be holding its breath. Something in the air hints of things to come, things that might change the very nature of their world. And in the midst of this change, are the zoids warriors... With a new season of Zoids battling to begin, it yet remains to be seen if all of these rumors have anything to them.


It Begins

Gavin Wynder

I groaned as i released the controls of the Hovercargo, pulling it to a halt in the oversized parking lot/Loading Bay of the ZBC Colluseum. The grand stadium that acted as the headquarters for the ZBC and this year, the official ceremonies and registrations for the start of the Battle Season.
I headed down through the transport and entered the hangar. Rain and Frank were already there tinkering with their Zoids. I looked over at my own and smiled. I had him exactly as i wanted him after the last battle. There was no need for Tinkering but decided against unveiling him and his new look just yet.
I left the HoverCargo and looked around. There were already a few teams here. A couple of the richer teams had come in Whale Kings. Some teams like the Tigers Team didnt even have a transprt, instead choosing to travel in their individual Zoids, the three Saber Tigers standing looking worn but still formidable.

Rain appeared at the hatch behind me. "Hows it looking?" she asked. "Not too bad, a few of the big teams are here already but were still early"
"Looks like a few decided to entertain themselves while we wait huh" she said pointing over in the direction of a small group of zoids. They appeared to be racing. I considered going back for Saix but thought better. Still it could be interesting to check out some competition.
"Im gonna head over. I wont be too long" i called back to Rain as i began jogging over. More than once i was the target of a few insults and curses, dashing around while pilots were manuevering their zoids, one command wolf almost stepping on me.
I ignored the curses as i reached the makeshift raceway, more of a drag strip in the open desert behind the stadium there were a number of zoids there, most were Cat or Velociraptor Zoids, the quicker ground zoids and it was interesting to see them being pushed. So nice of these teams to show everyone their limits before the season starts.
Looking back over my Shoulder i saw the main door to the Cargo lower. Rather than using the Launch lift Rain always preffered to walk her zoid out, even though it was a flyer. I knew she wouldnt be able to resist showing off Stryklerpin's elegant beaty for too long. Even i had to admit it was a beauty of a Zoid, its large wings folded up over its back as it stomped from the ramp.
I heard a laugh behind me and turned to watch the races. A small squat looking zoid had shuffled it way to the start line.
It seemed these pilots hadnt recognised this zoid and that surprised me since it was pretty famous. They were all stood pointing and making fun of this new entry to their races, seeing it as no match for their agile and speedy zoids. I had recognised this particular zoid the second i saw it. Its distinctive body covered in spines.

They were laughing at Hedgerush.


There u go Thargor. Something for u to work with.

20th October 2003, 10:22 PM
I think we should go and get the Lightning Saix for the team.

Alexis DeMarko
"Ah...another Zoid season begins...." I sighed, glad to be back in the Quicksilver hangar.

Then war that ravaged ZBC management enough ton shut it down for over a year is finally over and Zoid battlers are returning. Quicksilver was fortunate enough to remake itself, I've stayed the same, a year away from the high stress of being team leader and all made me think more clearly. My reflexes were sharper and my mind more agile, I did hold some hate for the ZBC for stripping all the weapons of my Zoid and selling them in public auction.

*sigh* And the competition begins.......

Mew Master
21st October 2003, 11:55 AM
Yayness... let's get this party started!

Denny Roth and Talon

A warrior tavern, sitting in the middle of the desert. Transport Zoids and smaller fighting Zoids of all shapes and sizes sat, parked in their own areas. One, a new Raptor-Type stood still, standing in the baking sun, as it's warrior was inside the tavern.

The Zoid was a Raptor-type, orange, white, and black armor attatched to its frame. A light beam and a light laser cannon rested on it's fore-arms. Ion Thrusters were on the Zoid's back, and a long segmented tail stretched out.

* * *

Inside the tavern, Zoid Warriors and visitors wandered around. Loitering in the halls and looking at the various merchandise to be purchased.

In the main lobby, tables were set up. Food was served and people in general enjoyed the veiw of the big screen that showed current Zoid battles going on. Since there was no battle scheculed for today, music was playing instead.

An old classic from back in Zi's past started playing on the loudspeakers. A soft guitar acompanied with bass and other music. The voice was male, and spoke the song very clearly. It was somewhat of a soothing song.

One of the visitors was sitting at a table by himself. A long dark brown vest covered a shirt with no sleeves. Dark grey cargo pants hung loosly on his legs and covered up the boots he wore on his feet. On his left arm was a gauntlet, his right arm was bare though. Fingerless gloves were on his hands, allowing him more grip when he piloted his Zoid. On his head he wore his cap backwards, with the Zoid Battle Commision's logo above the back strap. Finally, a small chian around his neck was a necklace that had a small stone incased in a metal band...

He smiled, "This song always seems to sooth me for some reason..."

1st Person

My name is Denny Roth, and I am a Zoid Warrior. Although I may not look like it... I'm pretty good, esspecially at piloting my own Zoid, Talon. Talon was sitting out in the lot outside this Warrior Tavern, it was sitting still, much against his wishes to keep moving, but I had needed a break for a long while now.

It was hard to believe that a year had passed since Steven Disbanded the Chimeras and we all went our seperate ways.

I leaned back in my chair and held my glass in my hand as I looked up at the ceiling, remembering the good ole days.

Steven and Sean would argue over cooking, Calypso and Lorelie would ignore them.. never taking sides in their argument, and I was just happy being apart of somewhat of a "disfunctional" team. I was a lot happier than I was with the Titans.

But then it all ended when we got beat by the ZBC Team, a team I thought was a little too -overpowered for their own good. Comeon... a geno Breaker?! Not only were those rare, but literally unstoppable in combat... much like the Berserk Fury and sometimes the Liger-Zero. Both of those Zoids had disappeared a while ago... some scary stuff's been happening lately..

I stared at the roof for a bit longer before bending my neck down and looking across the dinning area once again. The song was reaching one of my favorite points when I noticed something as someone walked by.

As someone walked by, I saw a Dragon tatoo on their left arm. The tatoo looked familiar.. as did the hair cut. I sat and stared as he started getting farther through the tables. Something about the way he walked....

Then it hit me. I jumped up, knocking my chair over. "SEAN?!"

He stopped turned his head towards me. And indeed... it was Sean Kahland. One of my friends on the Chimeras Team.

"Who....? Denny?!"

(Sean... continue at your leasure)

~Mew Master

21st October 2003, 04:39 PM
Boris Black
"So you're saying that you're quitting," Proster frowned at me. It wasn't a dissappointing frown, not an angry one either. I knew he would miss me. I had only worked here for half a year, but I had made a huge impact on this small engineering company. I never once was promoted, but my knowledge of machines, computers, and just plain improvising, had made this company plenty more competitive. I looked straight into my boss's eyes, I would need confidence in this.

Aleck Proster was a medium-sized man. He was overweight, he had messy red hair, and his glasses made him look like an owl, but, somehow, he could make himself look as threatening as possible, or as friendly.

"Well, yeah," I said, "The new season is coming up, and I really want to join in on the fun. Working here was great, but it doesn't make up for the action I crave." Proster nodded, being a retired pilot, he understood where I was going with this.

"Besides, I could still be a consultant," I said, "It's not like you need me, just my expertise."

"That's true," he nodded again, "but where are you going to get the Zoid? I don't think that old Arachnoid is going to cut it against the modern competition." I grinned before answering.

"No worries, I had made several upgrades to my Zoid that should do the trick," I said, "I hope you guys do well without me."

"It'll be a shame losing you, Boris. Good luck!"


As the sun was high in the sky, a giant lumbering beast moved across the land scape. Slow was it scuttled along on ten metallic spider legs. The menacing tail was lashing back and forth, balanced by two giant claws that were the monstrosity's fore arms. The blue and black beast kept moving, never stopping, determined to get to its destination. This was King Scorpio, lord of the Arachnid Zoids (though I doubt there are that many).

Alright, I'll stop screwing around with ya,' but that is my Zoid. I was somewhat glad I had installed an auto-navigation protocol in the beast. Though it would be useless in a battle, it gave me more time to do what I love.

"DAMMIT, WHY WON'T YOU DIE!" I cursed at the screen, "DIE FOUL ABOMINATION, DIE!!!!!!" I was struggling against the final boss, no matter what button I pressed, nothing worked. I was always getting hit, knocked back, and then time would run out. It was a mistake to have fought Perfect Chaos. Damn Dreamcast.* Not that it's bad, I'm just not used to the controller. My Zoid was probably hearing all of this, but if he had a comment (noise), he didn't make one. It's generally wise not to badmouth the guy who can recycle you into beer cans. Fortunately for us, we would reach our destination soon enough.
*I know that it's a different planet and all that, but it's giving me a laugh. It's based on my own frustrations dealing with that monstrosity. I can't even beat that thing on the Gamecube, and I have a figurative mindmeld with the Gamecube.

21st October 2003, 04:58 PM
Rainyea Tenyou "Rain"

I smiled as I watched Gavin, or Gav, run off... no way he'd reveal his Zoid yet. He always liked to surprise everyone, or at least show off a bit with the 'sudden' appearance of his Zoid. I smiled, as I decided to bring out Strykler.
"Let's get you out... and let's give you some light!" I said happily, gazing at Stryklyer as his glowy-blue eyed-zone of his head seemingly twinkled. I didn't care what anyone else thought, I believed Strykler was one of the 'smartest' zoids. He always seemed to understand my words, and while most Zoids seemed only to respond with one idea, he gave many realisitc sounds that most humans would have a hard time understanding.
We walked out of the transport, and he followed me rather calmly, down the ramp. I could tell however, that he was happy.
His golden, reflecting wings were arched a little high on his back, and his neck was a tad bit higher than usual... plus he was 'fanning' his golden tail feathers, while his main silver-wolven body gleamed in the light which was around.
"No reason to keep you up there... right? Gotta look at your competition.."
He growled slightly, an affectionate growl as I heard the clanking of his huge, nasty, golden-talloned claws intermixed with silver.
I smiled as I saw everyone else starting to unload their zoids... as Strykler stopped behind me.

"Feel good? What about the energy blades... they feel better now that I fixed them in a little deeper?"
Stykler lowered his head towards me, his huge muzzle-like face glinting in the movement. He then 'snuffed'- a strange soudn which was like a growl and a sigh, which he used often for the meaning, 'yes'.
I laughed, as a few others blinked... for the sound was rather odd sounding, for it was like a horse.
I blinked then, gazing about...

It had been so long since I had participated in this... I was a mechanic formerly, and a pilot before that... but after the accident, I never dreamed of becoming a pilot again.
Here I was ...

21st October 2003, 07:26 PM
Kenichi- Racing with Hedgerush

Hedgerush's controls responded slowly to my touch as we reached the starting line for the impromptu racing match. It had started as a friendly conversation between a Blade Liger pilot and a Lighting Saix pilot, but had quickly turned ugly. With this great gathering of Zoid pilots, others were quick to voice their own opinions about their own speeds. By the time the word "bet" was uttered, a dozen pilots had their zoids ready to go, with their teammates already in the movements for setting up a track.

At that point in time, I felt it was my honorable duty as a Zoids pilot to stop this talk of money for the race. With a single cry from the back of the group, I declared, "Bet your team's food supply on the race!"

While this had caused some of the pilots to make funny faces, my suggestion was taken to heart even though they did not know who made it. The destiny of over thirty crates of food was up to the winner of the race, and the happiness of their teams! The losers could look forward to a slow period of starvation followed by periodical beatings from their teammates for putting up all of their food in one bet. I found myself adding the Rogue Team's food to the pile after liberating a few sandwiches to snack on. One guy though, declined betting after taking a look at me He just smiled knowingly at the rest of them, and shook off their protests. The rest of them didn뭪 seem to understand his reasoning after getting a look at Hedgerush, his bulky, spiked form apparently not looking to impressive to them. Go figure.

I watched one of the participant뭩 teammates come to the starting line with a gun. I flicked on all of Hedgerush뭩 engine systems, and readied the locking system. While this run was for fun there was no reason why I couldn뭪 get some practice out of this Besides, tons and tons of food were on the line!

With a bang that seemed tiny in comparison to the roars of the Zoids, the race began. The Lighting Saix and the Blade Liger that originally started the race got into an early lead, while the rest shot forward. Hedgerush, however, began to slowly lumber forward, gaining speed until he reached a trot. Laughter came over the open channel, as the Lighting Saix pilot voiced his opinion on my Zoid.

밐a! What an idiot! That bulky thing could never compete in a speed tournament! Get that lump of blue metal off the track! similar voices echoed that statement. I just smiled in response, and slammed on the accelerator.

In one fluid movement, Hedgerush ducked its head down, allowing it to roll forward. With a clicking noise, the head itself latched underneath along with its legs, forming a perfect spiky ball. The depths of Hedgerush뭩 spikes glowed bright white for one moment, then the Zoid became a blur. Startled shouts replaced the laughter over the channel as the hedgehog zoid zoomed in front of half of the pack. Our acceleration just continued to multiply, as my aerodynamic zoid picked up its pace. With a slight shudder, it passed the speed of sound, creating a sonic boom behind us. Like a gunshot, the Blade Liger was behind me, and all that was left was the Lighting Saix, its formidable lead completely dissipated. The acceleration was a familiar sensation for me, a slight blur present when pilots unused to such great acceleration would have fainted.

Throttling back Hedgerush, I keyed my own comm., and spoke into the channel, 밆id I forget to mention when I joined this competition that my name is Kenichi and my Zoid뭩 name is Hedgerush? At that moment, Hedgerush was rolling by the strained Lighting Saix, who was doing its best to keep its own speed ahead of the sonic boom.

밙enichi and Hedgerush Oh hell! the pilot ended in a shout, a note of familiarity entering his voice. I wasted no more time, slamming my acceleration back up. The ground beneath Hedgerush flew up to even greater heights, as the cloud of dust and sand drifted higher in the air. We busted ahead of the Saix, who stumbled from the sudden movement. A second later, the Saix sailed through the air having caught the sonic boom, tumbling a few times before it slammed into the ground, just in time to see my zoid cross the finish line.

Uncurling Hedgerush, we landed on all four feet at once, its hind legs going forward while its head looked behind it. For a moment the zoid was moving backwards without its legs unlocking, the force of its momentum carrying it to a stop. Dust surrounded Hedgerush in a cloud for a moment, until a quick burst of engine power blew it away. Hedgerush뭩 belly cockpit opened up, as I dropped out of it. My old leather jacket twirled in the air for a moment, as I let my eyes twinkle in the desert sun뭩 light. The blond of my hair shined with axle grease, and the rest of me didn뭪 look to clean with dust and sand sticking to every dirty surface. But I smiled nevertheless.

I pumped my hand into the air, 밐a! Months and months worth of food!

Eying the pile with glee, I noticed how the area around the track was completely trashed. All of the other zoids in the race seemed to have gotten combat system freezes, and their pilots were desperately trying to get them going again before the ceremonies. They mustn뭪 have been prepared for a sonic boom The nearby hovercargos and zoids that hadn뭪 participated in the match were also covered in sand and dust; some of the pilots still sporting startled looks.

Shrugging off the observation, I let giddiness take over my system. I ran over to the food, and took a dive into it, snatching a sandy sandwich with a clean bite, and tearing off its gritty surface. I noticed the man who declined the bet near the pile, looking at me with interest.

밪o, you really are Kenichi and that뭩 Hedgerush, huh? the brown haired man asked.

I smiled and nodded in return, inhaling a piece of bologna. 밎uess you knew who I was before the race, huh?

He nodded slowly, 밳up, surprised those guys didn뭪 notice right off the bat You뭨e pretty famous. My name is Gavin Wynder. He raised a hand to shake. I looked around for a second, then shrugged. Shoving the rest of the sandwich into my mouth, I gulped loudly, then took his hand.

밎avin Wynder, huh? You뭨e part of the Los Locos Team, right?

He gave me a startled look, 밳eah How뭗 you know?

밒 make it my business to know about other teams뀛 I began, looking at him with narrowed eyes. 밄ut what I really want to know is뀛

I looked around for a second.

밃m I famous enough for you to buy me a drink? I뭢 afraid I would get a little thirsty eating several months worth of food without something to drink. I smiled brightly at him, unwrapping a calzone from its containers.

Zee Sage
21st October 2003, 07:55 PM
Zee Sage/Snipe Liger
As I slowly pushed the control levers up my Snipe Liger responded and sped up, after taking a month off the Chimeras after the previous ZBC season I was good and strong enough for the new compitition.

"Reader Sniper?" I asked my zoid, he growled in response, "At a boy."

I reached the ZBC Colliseum to register and find my old team. I saw Denny and Sean talking but I did not wish to disturb them. I started conversations with other piliots but did not continue for long.

"Hey Zee, how's it been?" I heard Denny ask behind me, I turned,

"Great Denny I see Talon has some more upgrades," I commented.

Shadow Djinn
21st October 2003, 09:49 PM
~-~*~Garod Ran-Ultima Raptor~-~*

The Ultima Raptor was a master of speed and stealth, lethal in close range combat. The zoid was a streak of lightning, able to keep up with the fastest units on Zi. That was the zoid. Not the pilot.

The Ultima Raptor glided across the land, the thrusters at full speed. Increasing the speed, Garod Ran watched as they neared the destination, the ZBC Colliseum. The new ZBC season was starting, and Garod, who was a freelancer last season, decided to finally join a team. The Raptor let out a fierce cry, as it charged forward, nearing the docking bay...


As the Ultima Raptor entered the loading bay, Garod ignored the groans of distaste, no doubt at the armor, covered with sand and battle scars from previous battles. Smirking, Garod found an empty space, and quickly filled the spot. The Ultima Raptor growled quietly.
" Easy boy. I'm only leaving for a bit." Garod lowered the rope as he slid out of the cockpit, planning to clean the armor. Grabbing a nearby bucket and sponge, Garod got to work.

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21st October 2003, 10:04 PM
Celire Kinodama
Celire sighed, running his fingers through his spikey silver hair. "It sure feels good to be back here," he muttered to himself. Travelling all over had it's perks, but Celire found he prefered the steady life with his team. He now understood how early humans felt when they finally could give up being simple hunter-gatherers and living day-to-day.
He walked out into the corridor of the White Reflection, Quicksilver's same old hovercargo. Old and virtually useless as it was, it was still home. Celire took the familiar walk down to the hangar to see his Blade Raptor. Although he still missed the old Lightning Raptor, Blade Raptor was still an incredible zoid, and was still his Lightning Raptor, only refitted. All it's outer armor and weapons and such where destroyed in a brutal battle. As he entered the hangar, he noticed DeMarko staring off toward the ZBC competition.
"Feels good to be finally going back, huh?" Celire asked, walking over to his docked Blade Raptor.
"Definitely. I've missed this the last year or so," DeMarko replied, looking over at his stripped down dragon zoid sadly.
"So where's Boris? In the memo you sent me, you said the entire team was coming back," Celire asked, slumping into a sitting position at the base of his zoid's leg, hands behind his head, staring off into the sun.

OOC: BTW, is it ok if I edit my sign-up a bit? There's a few typos and I want to fix the money problem with my zoid trademark weapon...

22nd October 2003, 06:41 PM
Kayla ~ "Yang Liger"

I chuckled a little as the last Zoid in the race fell to Hedgerush's sonic boom. Anyone with half a knowledge of famous Zoids and pilots would have never challenged it to a race. And Kenichi wasn't a pushover with a great Zoid, either. He had some stamina to be able to pilot a Zoid at that speed... I should know. It's what I liked in a teammate.

I finished removing the cover I had covered Yang Liger with the second I saw Kenichi and his Zoid line up for the race. There hadn't been much damage thanks to my knowledge. Knowledge was a good thing to have in Zoid battles, as well as an open mind. Not everything was what it seemed in the world of Zoids. Hedgerush was proof of that.

Yang Liger was back in the sunlight and sparkling like new. Finished with my task, I went over to inspect the team's new food supply. This was gonna last us... I glanced at Kenichi in a feeding frenzy... A month. At most. Ah, well, have it while it lasts. I grabbed a cup of instant ramen, opened it, and began drinking it cold. It was better cold, not idea why people like it warm.

"Hey, you! What're you doing drinking my ramen?!" I turned to a very pissed off pilot who had apparently lost. "I don't think it's yours anymore, now is it?"
He scowled, not taking the whole 'I just lost my team's meals for a month' thing too well. "Well, who gave you rights to his spoils?!" "Teammates rights. I trusted him with our food supply..." Actually, I hadn't really. He just put it up for grabs and I didn't object. "... And he won all of yours."

With that, I continued sipping my ramen. I was definetely going to like this team...

22nd October 2003, 08:47 PM

"Yahoo!" I said as I pulled into the Quicksilver team's Hangar, finnaly the ZBC had straighten everything out and zoids battles were brought back. I was quite happy to rejoin my old team but, this time I hoped to be more of a help then a nuisence.

I unloaded my zoid the Shadowfox into the hangar and walked over to where everyone else was standing. Alex and Celire were standing around talking and our newest member Borris had not yet shown up.

"Hey there." I said walking over to them. "About time the ZBC straightened everything out. How has everyone been since we last met?"

22nd October 2003, 09:24 PM
NightBlaze: I'm not there yet.

We were close, I could almost feel it. Well, it said so on the Navigation screen at any rate. I didn't really care all that much, having just lost to the same damn boss twenty times in a row. Deep within the mechanical womb, I could hear a deep echoing noise. It was actually the same noise repeated and each noise was loud, sudden, and throaty if Zoids could be throaty. It sounded like...

"HEY! QUIT LAUGHING!" I shouted from inside my Zoid once the noise registered, it quieted some but it didn't subside.

"Well let's see you try to play," I muttered to myself, I was annoyed, so not everything I was saying was making sense.

Fortunately, what sounded like a bomb had interrupted whatever threats that I was going to throw at my currently obnoxious arachnid. It knocked me for a loop, and it startled King. I peered through my cockpit, to see several Zoids. Some motionless, some were covered in dust. There was a round blur that was bolting ahead a Lightning Saix. The scene was familiar, it was definitely a race. So what was that? After the figure slowed down, I could make out a bit of the Zoid.

"Hmm, Kenichi probably, I recognize Hedgerush in action," I said to myself. I had never fought the guy, I left the team too early for that. However, I took the time to learn about my opposition. To be quite honest, I sometimes envy him. I've designed several Zoids in my short time, but I've never gotten one that moved as fast as that. Maybe it's because I like to use original designs more often than a model already used. I suppressed a chuckle.

"I wonder what possessed those idiots to race him?" I talked out loud. A sudden jolt brought me back to my current situation, King had stopped. I took a look at my surroundings, and then realized that we needed to enter the hangar area. I sighed to myself.

"Fine, I'll walk you through it," I said to myself as I took hold of the controls.


Everything was in order, as King settled down, I searched through the trunk area of my cockpit, pulled out several papers, posters, etc. and pressed the button to open the cockpit. With a quick jump, I managed to grab onto a nearby ladder and climbed my way down. After a bit of walking, I quickly picked up on a piece of conversation.

"Feels good to be finally going back, huh?" I recognized Celire's voice, though it took me awhile.

"Definitely. I've missed this the last year or so," this had to be DeMarko, our leader. He sounded somewhat depressed.

"So where's Boris? In the memo you sent me, you said the entire team was coming back," Celire asked.

"And they are," I said from behind them, a smile on my face, "And they are. So cheer up and be merry. Maybe we can get the footage of Hedgerush humiliating a bunch of other 'high speed' Zoids. I brought some drinks with me, too."

Kiori Hayabusa
22nd October 2003, 09:59 PM
Christopher Valentino

Hey, guess what happened today? Kenichi won another race. Not much of a surprise, eh? The Hedgerush is probably the fastest land zoid in existence. I could probably take it if I bothered to fit my Storm Sworder with an ion booster, but my body just isn't built to take the Gs. I think I tried to take the whirly-gig thing...you know, the one that spins you around really fast, up to Mach 4. I say I think because I blacked out at around 3.7. Anyway, there's really only one reason I even bother to mention this race.

Kenichi bet our entire month's food supply.

Yep. You read that right.

He's a freaking pig sometimes, but it will cut down on supply costs for the next month or so. That means we can have a few fancy meals without having to skip out on the bill. Cool, eh?

The only problem I have with the whole arrangement is currently occupying the better part of my back. Yep, I was volunteered to load the other teams' food into our Whale King. I don't really have a problem with that, except that there's a mountain of the damn things...and some of them are really heavy! I'm not exactly a world-class weight lifter here!

I mean, I don't really expect Kenichi to help...he just eats the food. I bet if a naked girl was offering him food, he'd yell at her for getting her germs all over it. However, Kayla's another story. She's just sitting there and enjoying the spoils while she basks in the glow of her "Yang" Liger.

Hey, Kayla, how about coming over here and giving me a freaking hand!

Damn...can't tell if she heard me or not. Guess I'll just moan pitifully and continue loading the food...why can't I ever do the cool stuff!?

Mew Trainer Rose
24th October 2003, 12:36 PM

I couldn뭪 suppress a grin as I sat in the cockpit of my Zoid as he trotted across the desert. After years of waiting, I finally had my own Zoid, and we were off to the ZBC Coliseum. I didn뭪 know Dodger well yet, but as far as I could tell he was glad to be out of a hanger and running again, too. And we both needed to do something with the giddy energy that filled us.

With a loud whoop, I pushed the controls forward, and my zoid was more than happy to leap forward and start racing. We simply dashed forward a bit before I started putting Dodger through his paces. I maneuvered him in tight figure-8s, had him chase his tail, and generally zip around at high speed in a random pattern for a while. When our energy died down, I pointed Dodger back in the direction of our destination, and he started trotting again. Still smiling, I turned on some music and hummed along.

After a bit, I could make out something up ahead. Closer observation revealed that it was a building, with various Zoids around it. A sign nearby revealed it to be a warrior tavern. Great, I was getting hungry, I could stop and get lunch there. Hey, if I was lucky I might find out if any teams were taking on new members, and wouldn뭪 mind a raw beginner. I steered Dodger toward the tavern, parked him nearby, then headed inside. I took a quick look at some of the other Zoids around the building. One in particular caught my eye; an orange, white, and black raptor-zoid. I could뭭e sworn I뭗 seen it somewhere before, but I didn뭪 know where. Maybe it been on a team? I might뭭e seen it on TV then. Man, this was gonna bug me for a while.

I tried to forget about it as I walked into the tavern. I headed for a table so I could get something to eat. On the way, I heard someone say 뱟Chimeras Team뀛 Hey, that was it! That뭩 were I뭗 seen that Zoid before. I looked over in the direction I heard it from, and saw a couple guys talking to each other.


Tag, Denny. :P I figured you probably wouldn뭪 mind, or that I뭗 be hard to work those two words in your conversation. :)

24th October 2003, 03:23 PM
Jigen Bakudon
I hoped out of the cockpit of my Gustav and headed towards my Armordillo, which was sitting on a trailer on the back.
Soon old friend, our hard work will pay off. We뭠l smash the competition.
I then began to explore the area when I bumped into some guy.
밐ey watch it! I growled. I looked up and it was Gavin from Los Locos.
밯ell if it isn뭪 Jigen Bakudon, Gavin said in a friendly fashion, 밾ow are you doing? I haven뭪 seen you since you tried to join the team.
밯ell, I replied, 밃fter you rejected me, I뭭e been training extra hard with my Armordillo and we뭨e going to crush the competition! Gavin burst into laughter.
밡o offence Jigen, but that thing뭩 the slowest thing on Zi! I had never been so mad. My face went red with rage. Rejecting me was one thing, but no one insults my zoid.
밐OW DARE YOU INSULT MY ZOID!!! I screeched, 밒묹L CRUSH YOU AND YOUR PATHETIC TEAM!!! I turned around and stormed off.
I뭠l show them! I뭠l destroy Los Locos and bring Gavin to shame!!

Perfect Chaos
24th October 2003, 08:29 PM
Finally, it has begun :O

Name: Sean Kahland
Age: 19
Looks: Stands at about 6'3, toned kind of body, but not bodybuilder or anything. Has black hair that's always spiked up and dark tan skin (he's Indian) and mocha colored eyes. Also has a light goatee that's connected with the mustache and goes around the mouth area. Usually is seen wearing a long gray T-shirt with baggy black jeans and black sneakers with black fingerless gloves. Also has a silver hoop earring on his left ear and a skull and dragon tattoo on his left arm
Personality: Brave and courageous, he sticks up for his friends and those who need someone to back them up. He's a loyal kind of guy and tries to have an upbeat kind of attitude. Also, he's a good sport and never tries to get cocky (maybe a bit "excited" but not cocky)
History: After the defeat handed to the Chimeras by the Zoid Battle Commision Team, a team originally created to defeat the Orbit Team and Kenichi, the Chimeras decided to go their own ways. Sean went and decided to use the skills he had already to help other teams as a merc and also grown and learn himself. After about a year as a mercenery, he managed to hone his skills even more than before and also became an expert mechanic, after working for the many teams that hired him and seeing how each Zoid of theirs' worked. After working as a merc for about another year or two, he managed to coincedentally run into all his former Chimera teammates including his good friend Denny Roth. It was Denny's idea to restart the team and go back to their former glory, with additions of some new Zoid pilots.
Team: Chimera
Zoid: Diablo Tiger
Description: Here ya go (http://www.artvilla.com/zoids/z99/diablotiger.htm)
Armor (Light) [Free]
Medium Cannon Gun (120mm) (located on back) [C1,000 x2]
Energy Blades (located on the sides [C800 x2]
Ion Thrusters (located on the back but right in front of the Cannon Guns) [C1,500 x2]
Strike Laser Claw [C2,000]
Total Left: C2400
Trademark: None
Other: Has a crush on Rain (if OK with you Kalah)

Sean Kahland
What's up? Name's Sean and I'm known as a Zoid pilot. I know how to pilot alot of diifferent types of Zoids, but the one I know most about is my own the Diablo Tiger. It was out around the back of the Warrior Tavern that I managed to drop in. It looked like a regular old bar that most people would hang out at. Inside the tavern, Zoid warriors and visitors wandered around. Loitering in the halls and looking at the various merchandise to be purchased.

In the main lobby, tables were set up. Food was served and people in general enjoyed the veiw of the big screen that showed current Zoid battles going on. Since there was no battle scheduled for today, music was playing instead.

An old classic from back in Zi's past started playing on the loudspeakers. A soft guitar acompanied with bass and other music. The voice was male, and spoke the song very clearly. It was a gentle song, one that would calm down and sooth most people, but that wasn't really the type of music I was into. Anything loud and that had electric guitars in them, I was OK with. But I guess this would have to do.

It was kinda hard to believe that almost two-three years ago, Stevan Jonathan had disbanded the first Zoid team I had ever joined, the Chimera team and we each went our seperate ways. Me, I became a mechanic/merc, so I could gain some extra cash and learn more about Zoid piloting and about other Zoids in general as well. The new profession wasn't so bad, I had my fair share of kills and helped some teams move up ranks. But soon it got old and I missed the good old times. Me and Stevan would usually argue on cooking, while Calypso and Loreli would just shake thier heads at us. Then Arlene and Denny would just be off somewhere doing their own things.

But all of that soon changed when we were challenged by a ZBC Team, which agreebly was a [i]bit overpowered for its own good. I mean, we were up against a Geno Breaker which is one helluva suuped up Zoid and is like nearly unstoppable. Soon, I kept walking around, trying to find an empty table or booth which I could just sit and relax for a bit. I soon passed one table in which one guy was sitting by himself. For some reason he seemed a bit...familiar. Meh...it's probably just another pilot you've seen around I thought to myself, shaking my head. That's when I heard a chair fall over and a voice exclam, "SEAN?!" I stopped and realized I recognized the voice. I turned around and saw it was my old friend and former teammate, Denny Roth. "Denny? Is that really you?!" I replied excitedly. I walked toward and him and we exchanged handshakes and high-fives. "How you been Denny?" I asked him. "Meh...same old same old..." he replied back. I nudged him the ribs and said, "Still with Tina? Eh? Eh?" I grinned. "Nah, I left after about a year just to wonder about and hone my skills, just entering a few racing competitions, the usual" he said. I nodded, "That's cool, guess that means Talon picked up some speed huh?" I asked with another grin. "Yeah, you could say that...so how about you Sean? Where've you been the last two years?" he asked me. "Me? Well...I just wandered around Zi, joining random teams as merc...managed to save enough credit and then salvage my old Zoid to buy me a new one" This seemed to interest Denny. "A new Zoid? Really...what is it?" he asked. "Oh nothing special...just a Diablo Tiger" I said shrugging. "Hey! Not bad, those I heard were supposed to be kinda rare and a pretty good Zoid too" Denny said, nodding his approval. "Hey! I just got the perfect idea!" Denny said. "What?" I asked him with a puzzled look, wondering what idea could make Denny this idea. "How about me and you restart the Chimera team? I could be leader and you like second-in command, what do you say?" he said beaming. I returned the grin, "I'm way ahead of you...I say let's do it" happily agreeing to his decision

Yes, my post :O


Mr SmileAKASkrusti
25th October 2003, 11:57 AM


"Cough cough.." That hurt. Yeah. "You ok in there boss?" My team mate asked me. He was a freelancer like me, and we worked together on most things. Except for this. "Cough..Yeah. Stupid formula blew up again..." I mumbled. I needed to perfect my 'secret' weapon before the real Zoid games started. Blade roared. "Oh, what're are you complaining about? I'm the one getting blasted by my own weapon!" I told it. Blade roared again. "Is that all? I'm not about to put this in you without testing it exstensivley!" I told it again. We had been through this over a thousand times, but every time testing went wrong...Ya, you get the idea. "Bah. That's enough for today.." I said to myself, packing the equipment away. I needed to perfect this weapon, but it wouldn't do any good if it exploded inside my Zoid instead of on a different person's. "Boss. Need your help for a minute." Paco said. Of course, that was my teammate talking. "Coming. Blade, stay here, ok?" Blade roared in response. I walked through the door of our hover cargo, into our main living area. Paco was filling out papers. "Whatcha need?" I asked. He pointed to a stack of papers. "Signature." Was all he said. I nodded, grabbed a pen, and started signing. It took about 5 minutes total, but it was worth it, since we wanted to fight in the Zoid league itself. It would be the first year I would participate. "How much money do we have left?" I asked. Paco took care of most of the 'office' work. I worked on the Zoids. "50C." "Is that all?! Man!" "I spent 5,000C on my zoid, to outfit it for the games, according to the rules, we can't add my freelance amount to the team's amount, for some weird reason." "What'd you get?" He pointed to the cargo bay. I went to check. His Zoid, a Pteradon(if this isn't the right name, sorry. I forget alot of stuff :\ ), was waiting. I checked it quickly enough, so I could get back to my research.

Zoid: Pteradon.
Description: Normal Pteradon :/

2 Medium Cannon (120mm) *located on 'shoulders' of Zoid* 1,000C each for a total of 2,000C
2 Ion Thrusters *Located near base of tail* 1,500C each for a grand total of 5,000C :\

Yep, that's what it has :D

I finished checking, and walked back into the living area. "Looks good. Hopefully you're ready for some Zoid battles?" I asked. Paco nodded. "Yeah. We need some practice before the leagues actually start. I haven't fought for at least a couple months. He said with a shrug. I laughed. "Well, time to get back to work. I'll be out for dinner in a while. Order a pizza or something." I told him. He nodded, and I walked back into the cargo bay where Blade was to work on my weapon.....

25th October 2003, 06:13 PM
밆iagnostic check, a metallic voice said. 밵oid performance at 76%.

밆amnit! I cried, slamming my hands on the ground as 76% flashed on the screen of my laptop. I began working away at the panel, trying to make my zoid more efficient. I turned to the laptop and pressed Enter, starting the scan.

밵oid performance at 96%

밯oo! 96%! Excellent! I closed up the laptop and set it on the table. 밐ow뭩 that Stormsworder? Good? The Zoid led out a screech of approval, nodding its head a bit, up and down. 밃lright, I thought so. Want to go out for a spin? Another screech was heard and the cockpit opened up. I hopped in and closed the hatch. I put my hands on the cold, metal controls. I flipped a switch, warming up the engines. The stand hissed as it unlocked, allowing Swordstormer to fly free. 밚et뭩 go, buddy. I pushed the handles all the way forward and zoomed out through the open hanger door. I looked down towards the ground, Rain staring up at me, quite possibly mad at my sudden exit right above her and her Zoid, but who could tell from this altitude? 밚ets put on a show, I said, smiling. Swordstormer began zooming across the sky, twirling around, and doing sharp turns around objects, showing off its maneuverability. I guilded it down towards the ground and zoomed forward, the dust rising behind us. I flipped open a hidden button on the handles. The button glowed bright blue, warm to the touch. I grinned and pressed it. The Ion boosters roared to life and a loud boom was heard. 밠usic to my ears, I said, smiling. We broke the sound barrier.

Mew Master
25th October 2003, 06:52 PM
Denny Roth

Yes! Now the Chimera Team was on the road to recovery. I was glad Sean had the same idea I did. It was boring being only a merc, and not having a Team to stick to.

"Okay. We know we have two members, but Two Zoids aren't going to cut it against the teams now-a-days. Most teams have five pilots and Zoids." I replied.

"Oh, I'm sure there are a few rookies out there looking for a team." Sean replied.

It was around then that we met another warrior, Sage. He was looking for a team to join, and me and Steven allowed him to join. It wasn't a problem really, although we did want to start re-recruiting the old Chimera members. It would be best to start getting the best Warriors we could find.

As the three of us were talking, me, Sage, and Sean, there came a female voice behind us.

"Excuse me, are you members of a team. I'm looking for a team to join."

We turned and looked at who was talking.


Rose, that's your cue... you're it now ^_^

~Mew Master

25th October 2003, 07:36 PM
Celire Kinodama
"Hey there." Hiro said, walking over to join the group. "About time the ZBC straightened everything out. How has everyone been since we last met?"
"Same old. Traveling all over Zi. Got some good battles but my old Lightning Raptor got scrapped sadly. Feels good to finally be back with my team though," Celire said
"And they are," Boris walked up behind them, "And they are. So cheer up and be merry. Maybe we can get the footage of Hedgerush humiliating a bunch of other 'high speed' Zoids. I brought some drinks with me, too." Boris said.
"There you are Boris. Good to have you back finally. What took you so long?" DeMarko asked, smirking.
"Had some trouble finding you guys. Besides, I needed time to play my Dreamcast," Boris laughed.
"Anybody check out the competition? I didn't really have time to check what old teams where back and what rookies where coming in," Hiro asked.
"I heard Chimera's back but they have only a couple zoids. Los Locos is there too, but JT's not with them," DeMarko replied, glancing over at Celire.
"JT's not coming back? Oh well. I was looking forward to beating him once but it's no problem," Celire shrugged, although being a bit disappointed that his old rival wasn't coming back.

Ultimate Charizard
25th October 2003, 09:52 PM
Uhh...Skrusti, are you trying to make yourself a team with NPC's? im afraid thats not really allowed. I might introduce NPC's later so teams can fill out their numbers but i cant allow one person to make his own team of NPC's.
It was your choice not to join another team and try on your own and noone joined, i cant allow you to make a team just so you can have the spare zoid. There are still other people looking for teams if youd want to join up....hope that didnt sound harsh, its late, im tired.


I laughed as he put his proposition to me. "Sure why not...for a small price"
I grabbed a watermelon from the pile of food and Kenichu almost looked like he had been shot. "Fine" he said reluctantly..."ill have to make do with just 9."
I laughed as we headed over to the Tavern. Bumping into an old rival on the way. Jigen Bakudan. A mercinary that decided he didnt like me for whatever reason was running through his head. His zoid, from what i could remember was an attempt to emulate Hedgerush which would have been quite a challenge. Unfortunately he hadnt been able to grasp the Idea like Kenichi and instead of the Supersonic rocket that is Hedgerush his resembled a slow rolling Bowling ball. He had once tried to join Los Locos but at the time we were full and i guess he took it personally. There were rhumours he had tried to start his own team but as yet nothing had happened. After another of his usual rants he simply turned and stomped off.
I passed the Los Locos hover Cargo and dropped off what would be for desert tonight. I turned to see Kenichi looking over my shoulder into the Transports Hangar.
"There it is" he said. I looked to see what he was talking about. "I saw you in a match last season, that Blade Liger of yours was pretty decent, whats the one next to it, behind that screen?"
I smiled, forgetting that i hadnt actually had a real battle in my new zoid. Last season i was using my Blade Liger. Pretty standard apart from some slightly heavier weaponry but had decided that, although it was quick the team could use some real speed on the ground. Kalah's zoid was no slouch but it was primarily an Air specialist and since we'd had a pretty decent season last year i could afford to splash out, not only buying the Saix but not having to sell the Liger to do so either.

"Its nothing" i said as i turned and headed towards the tavern again, just a few spares and something ive been working on". I wasnt ready to reveal saix just yet. Sure there plenty of spectacular and 'different zoids' but there werent many Mass production zoids that had been so heavily modified. I had basically pulled off the Saix's main weapon/engine rig and redisigned how it fought. Anyone expecting to fight a Normal Saix was in for a shock. For now id let people think i was still in the Liger.

We entered the tavern just to see the Pre ceremony announcers on TV, hyping everything up and interviewing the teams. The screen Cut to a Storm Sworder performing some Aerobatics . "Frank" i muttered as the screen changed again, this time it was a DiBison. The large artillery zoid was stood proud with the sun reflecting from the gun barrels. Suddenly the Earth seemed to shake and the Dibison on screen was cast into shadow. A Giant foot stomped down behind it and the Pilot of the Bull zoid took no time in moving out of the way. Looking outside the diner i looked around and saw it. "Securities here" someone called out and i craned my neck to look all the way up to the top of the huge zoid that had pulled up. An Ultrasaurus, the ZBC's 'peacekeeper' zoid.
The TV announcers began giving their description of this Gargantuan machine, an intimidating symbol of the ZBC's power.

Turning back i grabbed a drink from the bar and one for Kenichi and took a seat just in time to see the Highlights of Hedgerush burning up the competion just a little while ago.
There were plenty of Pilots hanging around and noticed a few. Chimera's were around, i noticed a couple of Quicksilvers around too.
As i finished my drink there was a bell sounding and the loudspeaker crackled to life.
"Attention Zoid Pilots. The Opening Ceremonies will begin in 30 Minuites. Please report, in your zoids to your alloted location"

I looked out the window to the area marked out for the cermonies. Each team had been given a square marked out on the ground for us to line up our Zoids, these Squares looked to have all the teams lined up in 1 row a few feet from the Speakers Podium.
Some of the pilots rushed out to prepare their zoids. Either the very vain pilots that needed their zoids to shine everytime you see them or the lazy ones that hadnt actually prepared yet.
I sat back, knowing i had at least 15min before i needed to go get my zoid.

25th October 2003, 11:26 PM
Yo Quicksilver
Send me those PM with the spare Zoid suggestions

Ah... a day at the races. Well not much of a race with Kenichi around.
The opening ceremonies were about to commence but I didn't break a sweat to get my Zoid ready. Nor did anyone else in my team. We just sat back and relaxed beside our Zoids.

One one of my trips to the Hover Cargo I bumped into Denny Roth, old friend and member of the Chimera Team.

"Yo Denny...Wazuuuuuuuuuuup?" I suddenly felt a sharp pain at the back of my skull, I turned around to find 6 (OOC: was it 6 or 7 by now?) trout in the hands of my friend.

"Hey dude, where do you keep all those trout?" I rubbed the bruise the trout had left

"They just happen to be conveniently placed around the place see?" He pointed towards the Emergency Trout boxes near the parking areas.

I'm all out of ideas. My mind is pooped.

Denny, continue this as you like

Mew Master
26th October 2003, 04:38 PM
Denny Roth

Heh, DeMarko always was a cut up (and the Trout thing is and always has been one of those Anime comedy things when ppl annoy me)

"Sides man... you do the wassup thing again I'll dump a truckload of fish on your head." I laughed... iut had been a while since I had beat on DeMarko for any reason.


Mr SmileAKASkrusti
26th October 2003, 05:11 PM
Originally posted by Ultimate Charizard
Uhh...Skrusti, are you trying to make yourself a team with NPC's? im afraid thats not really allowed. I might introduce NPC's later so teams can fill out their numbers but i cant allow one person to make his own team of NPC's.
It was your choice not to join another team and try on your own and noone joined, i cant allow you to make a team just so you can have the spare zoid. There are still other people looking for teams if youd want to join up....hope that didnt sound harsh, its late, im tired.

Well, you shouldn't have said anything yet. No offense, but i had something planned for my NPC. He's not going to be my teammate for long, next post he's gone. And after I get done writing it, i'll post a post :D

Ultimate Charizard
26th October 2003, 05:13 PM
Ok, sorry Skrusti...i was just voicing some concern lol.

Mew Trainer Rose
26th October 2003, 05:23 PM

When I had heard the two guys mention that they were restarting a team, I took a seat at a table nearby and ordered a drink, so I could listen to them and get an idea of whether or not they might let me join. After listening a bit and seeing someone else join the team, I figured I had a chance. So i finished my drink, slapped some money on the table to pay for the drink, stood up, and walked over.

"Excuse me, are you members of a team?" I asked. "I'm looking for a team to join." The three of them turned to look at me. "My name's Rivkah," I continued. "I just got my first Zoid recently, so I'm still kind of a beginner. Though I have spent a lot of time in the Zoid simulators in arcades, so even tho they're not quite the same as actual combat, I've got a idea of what it's like." I stoped talking and waited for their reaction, hoping i didn't some of sounding pathetic or something.

26th October 2003, 06:12 PM
Rain Tenyou


I laughed slightly, as Stryke and I gazed up to see Frank fly overhead, letting loose a huge sonic boom. I rolled my eyes, as Stryke just gazed blankly to me.
" He likes to make an enterance... or perhaps just wants to let everyone know he's here."
I shook my head, until suddenly an announcement came over head.
About 15 minutes until the ceremony...
"Well, I was going to go get a drink, I saw Gavin and that impressive other guy go into the bar, but I guess I'm not going to have enough time."
Shrugging, I quickly reached into my light blue shorts-pocket and pulled out my good-luck necklace- a small, thin silver stranned necklace with a small yet noticable pendant upon it. The pendant was encarved in silver, looking like a sun with beautiful flares encrypted with gold every now and then. But inside of it, was a jewel which looked slightly like a diamond except it gave off a slight magenta-hued glow. This jewel was in the shape of a moon inside of the sun... a gift in the past from my father.

" What ever time of day it may be, what ever day of the month it may be, or whatever month of the year it may be... this will remind you, there is always hope Rain." My father's soft words brushed smoothly to my ears like the whispering autumn wind. We stood at the peak of a cliff, overlooking the ocean where a Zoids competition was to be held, far off in one of the outer islands. My father permitted me to go with him... as my first time mechanic job, since I piloted a lot, he thought some mechanical training for one competition would be good.
We stood there, the sun going down in front of us to the west, and the moon slowly becoming evident in the darknening sky as the stars began to twinkle. I held the pendant in my hand, gazing at it with my own sparkling blue eyes... and I felt a warmth from it, like it held a secret which it never intended to tell.
I knew that it was special... from teh very moment my fingers touched it.
Gazing up at my father's handsome and charming hazel eyes, I smiled and nodded.
We understood some thing at that moment in time... some thing that only a father and daughter could ever understand...

Withdrawing a breath, I opened the silver chain and quickly clipped it around my neck. Fastening it loosely, I quickly placed teh pendant underneath my shirt-since the jewel glowed slightly, it some times grew a distraction amongst some eager-stealing people.
"Well, how about we start heading over to the ceremony?" I said, gazing up to Stryke who gave a abrupt and rather playful bark of approval. His wings flexed slightly, showing he was eager to do something. I smiled and nodded, the memories of the past all but slightly faded...
So, Stryke and I began to walk.

I didn't care... most people, or Zoid pilot, would eagerly hop into their zoid and cruise off with speed and eagerness... or perhaps a proud walk inside of the zoid. But not me. I actually didn't like piloting inside my zoid much, even though you had to do it for competition. I prefured much rather to walk side by side with my Zoid, Stryke, than anything. It showed that we were equals, not I higher than him nor him higher than me. Some people thought it stupid... perposterous- a zoid was a machine, built by humans to serve them and little more than a mindless, obeying robot. But to me, that was far, far from teh truth. In fact, if anyone were to even slightly suggest that, they might be asking for a fist to the jaw. I might have created my zoid, but I was not higher than him. I gave him as much intelligence that I could muster... and I wouldn't be surprised if at times he were smarter than me.

I knew tha tonce we reached our limits of the walk to teh ceremony, I'd eventually have to get inside of him to at least stand in a line... in the team, los Locos, but for now a walk would suffice.
Stryke seemed pleased to walk with me always as well, for he'd always gleam in the sun (my polish job and choice of metaloids and color were surpass expectations found on all zoids, in my opinion) and he's even occasionally fan his tailfeathers or wings, just as a proud eagle or an eager competitior would do in their 'own' way.
I smiled at teh thought, and just as my gaze left Stryke suddenly I found my body jolted as I wander a little off from my 'straight line walk' next to my zoid, as I collided into some one.
I fell to the ground, as I blinked and heard a voice...

(The rather usual, 'bump into some one to get interaction' appraoch, but useful none-the-less. ^^ Anyone could be this person.)

26th October 2003, 08:26 PM
I had barely noticed, I was too absorbed in my work. I didn't even feel the collision. The only time I ever noticed was when King turned its head toward me. I turned to where he was staring.

The girl was halfway up by the time I had noticed, and I was quite embarrassed. I decided to put off what was left of my work in order to apologize. I couldn't tell how to react, I didn't know the circumstances.

"Hey, sorry about that," I finally broke the silence, "I was busy working on my Zoid, I want to make sure that King is at maximum efficiency." King made a kind of pompous grunt, his way of suggesting that he was always at maximum efficiency.

"This is coming out of a Zoid who twice broke down on our trip here," I responded before turning back to her ignoring King's embarrased groans, "I tell ya, it was a damn cruel mistake to have called him King Scorpio. Next time I restart him, I'm calling him Arachnoid Mk III. Um, did I already apologize for you bumping into me?"

"Oh, that's okay," she responded, "I wasn't looking where I was going." Okay, so it was a mistake on both sides, that's where the whole problem came from. King made another noise, a provoking one.

"Meh, no problem," I now decided to take on a friendly but indifferent mood, "My name's Boris Black, and this is my partner King Scorpio." King made a nodding gesture toward the woman and I extended my hand in friendship.

The woman extended her own, "I'm Rain Tenyou." She was in a better mood now.

"Not going to introduce me to your friend?" I asked in a cheerful manner as I pointed toward her griffin-like Zoid. She countered my question with a smirk.

"You'll find out soon enough," I laughed at this, Rain had spunk, she'd be a good opponent. I took a look down at my watch and frowned when I realized the time.

"Oh boy, I got to go now," I said, "Scorpio's overland speed isn't all that it's cracked up to be, and I need to make sure the controls are working to boot." I imagined it wouldn't matter that I mentioned one of King Scorpio's weaknesses, it was one of those things that was kind of obvious. YOU try to coordinate eight different legs on one Zoid. I climbed up the different parts of the Zoid, so that I could reach its cockpit. I entered with relative ease and got myself prepared.

"Alright," I said to myself, "Manual/Auto control, check. Navigation screen, check. Com Device, check. Piloting controls (I tested my ergonomic control sticks)...working, but slow reaction, I'll need to work on that. Well, I guess I'll get going now." I pumped up the accel. switch to max power so that King Scorpio moved at maximum speed. I needed to get there early as possible. I opened up the com to inform the other team members that I was off to the ceremony.

Prof. Jb Wolf
28th October 2003, 12:18 AM
Jin Zumatoyou
"Communications array seems to be in working order..." I placed the large dish back against Sniper's head. "Alright then, I'll just run a quick check on the systems again and then we'll head to the shooting range to check the scopes."

Sniper Wolf growled an affirmative as it turned its head to face the open hanger doors. Even though his features could not show it, I could feel a sense of amusement coming from him. I turned to look as well, and smiled as I saw what looked to be a blur of silver and green speeding across the flats, leaving knocked down Zoids in its wake. Shaking my head, I smiled and patted Sniper Wolf. "Heh, seems these boyos didn't know who they were up against."

I turned back to the diagnostics screen. Experience had taught me to be very careful, patient, and thorough in even the most routine check-ups. I'd seen too many pilots rush their check-ups, so eager to get back to battling, and find out that their guns are locked-up due to small mistake in the reloading system or their engines stall at a crucial moment.

Absentmindely, my mind wandered back to how I got caught up in this whole mess again. Orbit had disbanded after Calhoun and Grahamn disappeared and the whole debacle with the ZBC. We had all decided to go are seperate ways, but I bumped into Kenichi a month or so ago. He had wanted to get a new team up and had offered me a position. I had accepted gladly, I hadn't realized how lonely it was without teammates till after I joined the Orbit Team.

My trip down memory lane took an abrupt stop as the hanger was suddenly filled with a loud cursing and the muffled thump of some boxes hitting the floor. It was Valentino, who had apparently just dropped half a dozen crates of food on the hanger floor. I shook my head and patted Wolf before hitting a button, sending the small lift down to the floor. "The last time I heard cursing like that was from a man even older than I am."

His head snapped up and he smiled sheepishly at me. "Oh, heh-heh..."

I waved off any apologies or comments he was about to make. "So, why exactly do you have crates of food from," I peered down through my specs at one of the names on the crates. "Gaigos team?"

"Kenichi bet our entire food supply on the race," He jerked his thumb back towards where the Zoids were just now recovering from Hedgerush's shockwave. "He won, so now I get stuck with the duty of loading the mountain inside."

I blinked as I noticed the large pile of boxes, crates, and food sitting a little aways from the starting line of the race. Kayla was standing nearby admiring her Yang Liger while Kenichi was walking off with another Pilot to the Tavern. "Guess you'd want some help, hmm?"

"Well, yeah, I mean its not really fair with Kayla just sitting there and Kenichi eating it."

I opened my mouth, but the speakers screeched and the voice of the announcer came on. "Attention Zoid Pilots. The Opening Ceremonies will begin in 30 Minuites. Please report, in your zoids to your alloted location."

I stroked my beard and then jerked my thumb farther back. "What do you say I finish loading it up and you go check up on yer Storm Sworder. Shouldn't take me and Snipe longer than twenty minutes and we shoudl still have some time to spare to get to the ceremonies."

He agreed readily, thanking me as he sped away. I shook my head as I headed back to the lift calling to Sniper Wolf. "Nevermind about the range buddy, we're gonna have to do some grunt work."

28th October 2003, 12:55 PM

I don뭪 know if anyone noticed my absence (or cared if they did), but I apologize for not being around. TPM stopped sending me reply notifications to the first two Zoids Rebirth topics, and I was totally unaware the RPG had actually started.

I don뭪 know how to say this, so I뭠l just come right out and say it: I뭢 leaving the RPG. Yes, that뭩 right. I뭢 leaving before I뭭e even started participating.

I have several reasons for doing this, but I뭢 not going to create a furor here by detailing them. Basically, I have some serious concerns about the RPG itself and some serious personal problems with it. If you really want to know more, PM me or something and I뭠l tell you, but you probably won뭪 like what you hear.

Given my feelings, I don뭪 believe that I could be a productive member of this RPG. Therefore, I뭢 going to leave right now instead of hanging around and making a mess of things for myself and others by leaving once the RPG is in full swing.

If any of you want to talk to me, you can PM me, IM me(ZBCultrasaurus on AIM,) or e-mail me (ZBCultrasaurus@aol.com). You can also check out my Zoids RPG (http://angelfire.lycos.com/fang/zoidbattlecommission). It's under construction right now, but I hope to have it up and running around the end of the year. Bookmark it and check back if you like what you see, forget about it if you don뭪.

In closing, since I am no longer a member of this RPG, I must make this request: Please do not take any information from my site!

I wish you all good luck. Farewell.

30th October 2003, 03:25 PM
Woah A_D sorry to hear about the leaving and stuff.
I'm just wondering what we did wrong? (Did we do anything wrong?)

Alexis DeMarko

SInce I didn't want more stinkin trout on top of me again I made a decision to quit the wazup (OOC: at least here)

A voice then resonated over the loudspeakers:
"Ceremonies will commence in ten minutes. All Teams please turn in forms and be present in their respective lots"

I guess that meant I had to hurry up and get the forms from under my mattress.

"See you on the field Denny, I'm only hoping Talon will survive long enough to be there. "

"You can count on it"

OOC: sorry for the short post. Lot's of things to do....so little time

Perfect Chaos
30th October 2003, 07:23 PM
Sean Kahland
I looked over the rookie pilot that asked if she could join our team. I was happy that we managed to find another pilot but I was a bit unsure on how our team would fare with some rookie pilots and me and Denny so far being the "veteran" pilots of our team. I mean, the newest member of our team, Zee Sage, was a guy I never even heard of, so to me, he was a new guy but not necessarily a rookie.
Denny motioned for me to talk to him privately. We both turned our backs on the people who wanted to join. "What do you think Sean?" Denny asked me. I scratched my head and asked him "You want me to lie or give you the honest truth?" "Give me the honest truth" he replied, nodding his head. I sighed and began "Well, to tell the truth Denny...I don't know...I mean we, well technically you, recruit a guy that I never even HEARD of, namely Zee and now we're being asked by a person who's just starting out as a rookie pilot...I mean I'm happy that people are asking to join our team, but you'd think we could some people that are well-known around the league."
I ended my little "philosophical" moment by letting my shoulders sag. "I can't really say that we're going to be a team that can be reckoned with...and even if we recruit these two, we're still down a pilot" He nodded towards me "Yeah...you make some really good points...it's times like these that I wish some of the guys from before were still around, you know" I put my hands behind my head and looked up "Yeah, I know exactly what you mean."
Denny then looked down for a minute, I was guessing that he was reminiscing about the old times and then looked up with an intense look. It was a look I've only seen Denny had during battles, when the odds were against us, when all hope seemed lost. He looked at me and then said "I think we ought to give them a chance. Who knows, they might be Zoid pilot prodigies for all we know. What d'ya say Sean?" I chuckled a little bit and said "Just like the old Denny from before. Alright, let's give them a chance." We turned around and walked back to the two. They had started to chat when we finally came back. Then with a big smile, Denny said, "Welcome to the Chimera team, you two"...


Shadow Djinn
31st October 2003, 12:00 AM
Crap...I need to post...o_O
Garod Ran-Rookie-C Class-Ultima Raptor

The sponge soaked up the mud as Garod moved it back and forth in a steady rhythym, sopping up the dust anf dirt, revealing clean layers of armor. Getting a cloth and finishing the job, Garod headed into the tavern. He ordered a plain glass of water, drinking it down in a hurry as he slapped a few credits onto the counter. However, over the music, Garod picked up a conversation. Glancing at a group of 3, he recognized them all as Zoid pilots. Perhaps a team...Putting down his glass, he thought about joining, though he might be turned down. Shrugging the idea off, he ordered another glass, and turned away.

31st October 2003, 10:54 PM
I just thought you guys should know that I might not be available to post for a week. A bunch of guys are remodeling our house, and they think they might have to disconnect me. If anyone decided to meet Boris halfway to the Ceremony, could you interact with him so he doesn't fade into the background?

Anyone else worried that this is not working out too well?

1st November 2003, 08:58 PM
Kenichi- Putting up a large tab on the Los Locos Team

"Another flaming bannana smoothie! And this time with more sprinkles!" I said, banging the counter with the force my hunger and thirst provided me with. The ten glass cups filled with drops of bannana goo and dead sprinklers shook with each repetition. To the right of the cups lay several plates of bones, many of them with their marrow sucked right out... Buffalo wings never filled me up completely.

"Are you sure about that? You know the wings and the smoothies aren't covered as free for pilots..." The bartender said, as he attempted to talk to me once more... What was his problem anyway? Hasn't he ever seen a man truly enjoy a smoothie while sucking what little remains from a chicken bone before?

"Don't worry, the Los Locos Team is going to pick up this tab! Now bring on the goods!" I waved absentmindedly in the direction where Gavin was watching zoid pilots gather.

The bartender mumbled something about a bottomless pit, and moved to the back of the serving area. I smiled in anticipation, and rubbed my stomach. It growled at me loudly, as I patted it. As I always said, high speed pilots needed to load up on food when they had the chance, since our stomachs tended to be faster than our mouths.

My chair suddenly vibrated beneath me, then violently rocked to the side as the people in the bar screamed. What sounded like a high calibur shot round screamed through the air, and slammed into one of the sides of the Colliseum. The scream of a large zoid filled the air, as the entire ground seemed to jump up. A warning claxon began to scream in the air, covering the shouts of panic from both spectators and pilots alike.

The screens went blank inside the building, the pictures of the race cut short. My hunger forgotten, I raised my hand up and tapped on my comm.

"Jin, Kayla, Valentino, what's going on out there?!" I shouted, already moving past people who were running in the opposite direction. To my side, I noticed Gavin running out a side door, presumably to get to his hovercargo.

"Kayla here! It's an attack! Something just took down one of the Ultrasauruses guarding the entrance! It nearly took down a part of the colliseum as well, but it's neck was shot off right at the torso, so it missed!"

"Can you tell what's attacking?" I said, leap-frogging over an obese woman in a moo-moo who was attempting to get through the exit in vain. My feet hit the dusty ground outside the bar, and I was off.

"Negative, too much sand in the way for me... I'm heading to my zoid!" At this moment, Kayla's voice was cut off, replaced by Jin's.

"Kenichi, the Whale King's sensors say that the attacker is another Ultrasaurus with the registration number of a ZBC Guardian."

I tapped a button on my watch, and saw in shock the chaos that was occuring outside. Zoids were running all over, and as I watched, a Hovercargo was gutted from the inside out from a 360-mm shell. Shards of metal and shrapnel were everywhere, large blazing piles stood that must have once been zoids... If anything, the destructive power of an Ultrasaurus was impressive...

"Well, I don't know how this has happened, but it has to stop. Get Valentino in his Storm Sworder, and get him to do some air reconnaisance on that thing. He should be relatively safe up in the air, and have him coordinate with any other pilots up there," I paused as Hedgerush made it to me, causing a small dust storm as it uncurled and hit the ground. Its mid-section opened up, and a line came down for me. I grabbed on it, and continued talking.

"I'll approach it at high speed on the ground, and see if I can find anything from that angle. Get the automatic guns on the Whale King started, then get into your zoid... We need as much help as possible for this thing..."

I leapt into the cockpit as soon as the line brought me close enough. Quickly securing myself into my chair, I brought up the propulsion systems. Unfortunately Hedgerush was not loaded with its full complement of missiles at the moment, so I would have to rely on the Static system and what few missiles I had left from target practice... And as always, Hedgerush's natural speed and agility.

"Sorry Hedgerush, looks like you didn't get much of a rest... Let's go!" The normally silent zoid rumbled beneath me in an unheralded show of excitement. Rolling up, a sonic boom was formed as we slammed forward towards the Ultrasaurus that was bombarding the Colliseum from a distance...

1st November 2003, 09:16 PM
Celire groaned dully, rolling over, hand on his head. "Damn, what's going on?" he said, flipping on the light in the room. A massive, ear-splitting alarm was going off from somewhere. He tapped the comm at the entrance to his room groggily. "DeMarko, what's happening?" he tried to say over the noise.
"We're under attack! I heard something about a stolen Ultrasaurus. Get to your zoid! Quick!" DeMarko yelled back. Celire began another yawn... only to be rudely interrupted by a nearby hovercargo exploding, sending him flying into the wall. That got him awake in a hurry. Pulling on a coat, he ran toward the hangar. All the other members of Quicksilver were already out there, probably because they where all awake. Blade Raptor snarled anxiously.
"Ready to take on a ZBC Ultrasaurus?" Celire asked, leaping up onto the catwalk and climbing into his zoid. As he booted up all the systems, Blade Raptor roared in anticipation. That definitely was a yes. Celire quickly keyed in a command, and Blade Raptor went rigid. It's Ion Boosters extended outward, tail straight back, with aerodynamic fins sprouting every several feet. It leaned completely forward, head straight, neck parallel to the ground. In the cockpit, the seat slid back and extra padding was added around the cockpit. A soft snarl emerged from Blade Raptor. Celire hit another key, and the boosters ignited, sending Blade flying out of the hangar at several hundred mph. In the distance stood the Ultrasaurus, towering and menacing, with hundreds of smaller zoids swirling around it. It fired it's 360-mm shells, which destroyed whatever was unfortunate enough to be in their way. Silently, Celire took aim with Blade Raptor's stake launchers right at the Ultrasaurus' left leg, and fired...

2nd November 2003, 07:39 AM
Alexis DeMarko
"Team Into your Zoids now, let's blast whatever woke me up from me slumber!"

I could see the whole team running to get into their Zoids as I jumped into the cockpit of Draco and fired up the thrusters. I wasted no time in putting my headset on and setting the comm channel to all.

" Yo, Los Locos what hit us?" My voice crackled a bit over the comm channel

" Hey DeMarko, this is Kenichi of Los Locos, my teammates report an Ultrasaurus is the cause of the attack, it's location is out east at about some 40 miles, Kenichi off "

ONe Ultrasaurus? that would pose no challenge for the assembled teams at the Ceremonies

With that thought I called up the weapon system on my display and let fly a salvo of missiles towards the Ultrasaurus

Ultimate Charizard
2nd November 2003, 11:09 AM
Just a note Demarko.
Kenichi is on the Rogue Team, he was spending time with my Charachter who is in Los Locos.


"Saved by the bell" i kinda cheered, realising how much buying Kenichi a drink would have cost.
Running across the open area between myself and the Hovercargo. The area was much different now. Rather than the scene from earlier with pilots polishing thier zoids it had changed to total carnage.
There were a number of Zoid wreckages reduced to mere metallic rubble and explosions could be heard coming from the smoking body of the ZBC Ultrasaurus.
I reached the Los Locos hovercargo just in time as another Hovercargo exploded. I felt a pain in my leg as i was thrown through the open doorway by the force of the blast. Looking down i saw a small, but still sharp chunk of metal had caught in my thigh, shrapnel from what was left of the other Hovercargo. I dragged myself up and saw the much larger piece of metal that had lodged itself in the outer hull of the 'Casa de Loco'. If that thing had hit then it would be alot more serious than a bloody leg.

Limping over to the Zoid hangar i pressed the button that raised the elevator, lifting me up to the cockpit of my Zoid.
"Sorry Liger...." i said as i looked back at my old zoid. "...but its time to see what Saix can do"
I climbed aboard my Zoid and hit the Comm system.
"Rain, Frank, i hope you two are in the air right now. An Ultrasaurus is gonna be tough i want you two up there and join in with the air support." I flicked a switch and Saix Roared to life. "Ill be there as soon as i can"

I shoved the accelerator forward and Saix leaped out of the Transport, within seconds i had amied myself towards the battle and activated the Ion Thruster. I knew i wasnt as fast as a Zoid such as Hedgerush but with the Thruster at full burn i was catching the rest of the charging zoids, passing some with ease.
I wasnt used to the Full speed of this zoid yet but i grinned as i squeezed every ounce of speed i could from it.
Up ahead the battle was raging, missiles and guns were flashing everywhere and i saw Rain up, Strafing the head of the Giant zoid. I couldnt make out Frank due to the number of Storm Sworders already in the air but Rain's distinctive zoid was easy to spot.
I saw hedgerush rolling through between the Ultrasaurs Legs and saw my chance for a little bit of Showboating. Since he was maneuvering he'd be slower than normal and since i was still on a full speed charge......
Another smile crossed my face as i gunned the engines and aimed directly between the Ultrasaurs legs, firing a missile into each of its ankles, 'buzzing' hedgerush as i emerged at the other side.


(Side note) Sonic Saix can run at about 310kph, with the Ion Thruster at Full burn he maxes near 400kph

Perfect Chaos
2nd November 2003, 01:48 PM
Sean Kahland
While the four of us were talking about how our different battle strageties that we would try out when the Zoid battling started, suddenly, we heard large cannon shots outside and big explosions near the Warrior Tavern. Suddenly, screeching alarms had been aroused all around the Tavern, whining with an ear-shattering sound. The music had stopped and a voice over an intercom was shouting "Ladies and gentlemen, we have an emergency situation! It seems someone has stolen a ZBC Ultrasaurus and is now attacking the vicinity around where the Zoid Ceremonies would begin! We ask you to please remain inside the Tavern for the time being!" I shook my head, a grim expression on my face. "Stay in the Tavern, my ***. I'm going out to help stop that thing." I said. Without me letting another word stop me, I went outside and headed to the garage where all the Zoids were kept. I ran across the catwalk to where my Zoid was located. "Let's go Diablo! Looks like an Ultrasaurus needs some ***-kicking. What'd you say?" I called to him. My Diablo Tiger roared in agreement and opened the hatch for me. I grinned, happy to know my Zoid was ready to fight at any given moment. I jumped in and activated the controls. The hatch closed and we both raced out of the garage. I activated the comm link and called out "This is Sean Kahland of the Chimera team. Someone tell me what's the current situation." "Sean? Is that you? It's me Kenichi" I heard a familiar voice say over the comm. I grinned to myself as I replied "Good to hear you Kenichi, it's been a while." "It sure has..." he replied back, "Anyways, right now the Ultrasaurus is concentrating on tearing down the Colosseum. We have to try and divert it's attention from that. And be careful of it's 360 mm Cannons, they pack a heavy wallop." he finished saying. "Thanks for the input Kenichi, I'll meet you there" I said, cutting off the comm link. "Ready to try out those new Ion Thrusters I added on to you Diablo?" I asked him. He roared in agreement. I took hold of the controls and activated the thrusters. I heard a latch unlock up top and soon my body felt like it was being pushed into the seat of my Zoid, as my speed reached up to nearly 330 kph. I soon saw a whole mess of Zoids surrounding the Ultrasaurus and shooting at it, while I saw the Ultrasaurus manage to take out those unfournate Zoids that were caught in its line of fire. I activated Diablo's weapons system and aimed his twin 120 mm Cannons at the Ultrasaurus and started firing...


Mew Trainer Rose
2nd November 2003, 05:50 PM

When the two of them went off to teh side a bit to discuss my possible membership, I got a bit nervous. 'I shouldn't have asked,' I thought to myself. They looked like experienced pilots, why would they want a raw rookie on their team. I tried not to let my face show my anxiety while I waited. The other guy, Zee, and I had started aimlessly chatting when they returned. With a big smile, one said, "Welcome to the Chimera team..." I grinned, releived. I'd do my best not to let them down.

Everyone introduced themselves, then we started talking about Zoids before something unexpected happened: The sound of a very large shot being fired, followed by the inpact and explosion of whatever-it-was. All the screens in the taverns suddenly went out, and sirens began wailing all over the place. A message was prjected over the intercom, telling everyone that an Ultrasaurus was attacking, and to stay in the tavern. Sean left to help stop it anyway, while I found a spot where i coudl see out the windows, while I debated with myself.

I wanted to be out there proving I'd be a good pilot. But part of my mind argued that charging out there would most likely be disastrous. I wasn't quite sure what I'd do against such a large opponent, and I'd probably end up getting in the way of more experienced pilots. Besides, I wouldn't be expected to charge out there anyway. Would I? After watching a Hover Cargo and several Zoids being blasted by the Ultrasaurus, I made up my mind. I had to do something, even if it was just get my Zoid out of the way of that thing. If it fired this way, Dodger would be a sitting duck. So would I, for that matter. With that thought, I dashed out of the tavern to my Zoid.

2nd November 2003, 07:00 PM
"Damn," I said to nothing in particular, King grumbled in agreement, "Why is it they always host the party when I'm gone?"

We were the late arrivals to this scene, because I had to turn back when I heard the news and I was so very close to my destination.

I began to open up the Com-link so that I could communicate with all nearby allies.

"Alright, this is Boris Black, pilot of King Scorpio. I'm going to help as soon as I can get close enough to the Ultrasaurus. Please keep the rabid behemoth distracted until I can get in from behind."

With that over with, I began a series of operations to make sure that my targeting systems were working.

"Alright," I muttered, "let's prepare for the 'Smackdown.' Switching piloting controls to combat mode." As soon as I punched in the necessary sequence, I gripped at a pair of joysticks and put on a visor which I had made in my spare time. It was a complicated little gizmo, made to replace my targeting controls because I used that for King's new tail stinger.

'God, let's hope this works,' I thought to myself as I accelerated King Scorpio to max.

'Experience, don't fail me now.'

2nd November 2003, 10:13 PM


Suddenly a large bark-like growl erupted from Stryke as we walked, and I jumped- startled, but then suddenly another loud explosion formed. I immediatly heard from my comm, about a Ultrasaurus... a ZBC Guardian number. My eyes widened, as I looked to STryke who, although a machine, had an expression of eagerness. Doubt suddenly entered my mind...

My father... his death.. with battle-
Stryke looked at me, his body shifting and I suddenly felt calm.
"You won't let anything happen to me, will you Stryke?"
He growled an approval, and I suddenly felt eager too...
"You're right! We're a team, and I won't let anything come of you either! Let's go!"
I swore if a zoid could grin, STryke would have done it right there. He quickly went into a loading position, as I clambered into him...


I felt a wonderful sensation as Stryke pounded his mettallic front claws into the ground with a few running leaps, and then suddenly his thrusters activated with huge force which propelled us into the air.
I knew Gavin's Saix was fast, and Frank's zoid liked the air...
But my biased opinion thought that no one has ever exprienced a fully swift, beautiful yet thrilling fly ride until they took a ride in my zoid.
"Okay Stryke... let's focus on manuerving tactics to dodge those nasty weapons and friendly fliers. We're gonna open our scanning systems to warn Gav down below of incoming missles, since he'll probably be busy with the feet. Let's go!"

With that a howl was released, as Stryke flew in... there were a few zoids already there, but Stryke and I had gotten an early start in the air. Frank was there, busy with attacking the head area... and I smiled.
"Let's give Frank a little help... "
With that, Styke swiftly came in from high above the ultrasaurus... and his lower ground racks came from his underbelly. I quickly scanned for the weakest point of the head... which really didn't have a weakness, but I wasn't expecting a major one. Ultrasaurus were like trying to battle a huge rock with a stick. Stryke dove straight at the head, his wings folding up slightly as nothing but a streak of silver and gold was seen, and I felt the adrenaline rush as we sped towards the Ultra... who was busy firing at other ground and air tactics, who were NOT in an extremely-fast-dive.
"Now!" I thought, as the missles were fired, just as Stryke opened his wings and suddenly the dive was abrupted to a hault, as he zoomed just barely above the moving head of the Zoid. Two explosions were heard, as it hit the head. I didn't look at how much damage it held however...
[ Gav! I'm headed to the tower, try to take out a few systems!]
I cried out onto the com, as Stryke soared higher into the sky again... circling above the Ultrasaurus as his systems analyzed the movements of the Zoid.
[ It looks like the Zoid is heading towards the main compartments were the zoid pilots and their zoids are held! We'll keep you posted Gav, and Stryke's systems will warn your Saix's systems of incoming air missles too! We've got you covered!]
I said cheerfully, like usual, as Stryke went into yet another dive.
I loved diving.

"Okay... now we'll fire of the rest of our atg missles, and let's fire off a little cannon power, shall we?"
I thought, as suddenly a missle came flying straight towards us. Id idn't have to shout however, Stryke's wings instantly folded tightly against his metallic body, as he did a double 360 spin to the right, dodging the missle, which allowed the PDT system upon the tail to activate, and instantly fire at the missle twice, disarming it. The tower was getting closer... closer..
"Let's rip them open now Stryke!"
The missles came back out from underneath, as the cannons armed themselves as well as Stryke's wings opened wide-spread again (a beautiful sight I knew, for Stryke's wings were massive when fully extended and glinting gold... I had a picture of it when he was going through testing.) The other missles were let loose, along with a few cannons explosions straight at the tower's weak points, which STryke had analyzed.
Only a few explosions occured...
Then suddenly a huge one from Stryke's two GTA missles...

I yelled, as Stryke wildly turned to his side so he was flying sideways, and he zoomed right past the tower, through the enormous fire-explosion cloud. He was so close his claws could have touched it, as we flew blindedly through it- scanners going crazy..
"Faster Stryke! We don't want debri falling upon us!"
Stryke zoomed downwards, near the tail and then abruptly added some thruster power as we flew back up high...

[ Frank! Gav! Any other Teams! Need any back up?!]
I called...

[i]Always be an aid Rain, remember that. It is far better to assist 10 goals then to score one point yourself.
The words of my father suddenly came to my mind..

^^ (Yay! This is fun! lol, my first Zoid-related anything and my first battle ever with zoid-stuff! lol! YAY! XD Oh, anyone can call to her too, she keeps her COMM open to all the teams.)

Kiori Hayabusa
3rd November 2003, 08:10 AM
Christopher Valentino

Chris was thrown to the ground as the Whale King began to shake beneath his feet. In the confusion afterwards, he nearly missed the familiar crackle of a radio jumping to life. Within seconds, the device was out of his pocket and to his ear, spouting words in a slightly off imitation of Jin.

Damn piece of crap.

"Valentino, an Ultrasaurus, flying ZBC colors, just started to rampage..."

He cringed at what he knew was coming next.

"... Kenichi wants you out there in your Storm Sworder, taking recon."

Yep, he'd called it.

"You've gotta be freakin' kiddin' me! What the hell do I do if that thing notices me!?"

It wasn't until after he'd spoken that he realized he'd forgotten to push the relay button on the radio. A simple, "Jin out," followed by a defining click denoted the end of the conversation.

He felt like crying.

With as much enthusiasm as he could hope to show, Chris leapt into the cockpit of his Storm Sworder. The hatch closed around him as anything meant to light up did so. He wasn't as comfortable with the zoid as he'd have liked, but they say friends made on the battlefield... erm... well, he couldn't really remember the rest of it, but he assumed it bode well for he and his zoid.

They were out of the hangar not too long after. Reluctant to gun the throttle and risk doing damage with a sonic boom, Chris was forced to exhibit the one thing he loathed more than any other.


The zoid accelerated to Mach 0.8 under Chris' oh-so-careful handling. He could already make out the Ultrasaurus in the distance. It hadn't seemed to notice him yet, but he wasn't about to push his luck. It seemed to have a pretty standard loadout. He could make out a quartet of 360mm cannons, a number of missile launchers, and various cannons of smaller calibers, ranging from 20 to 100mm. He really wasn't too well versed in weaponry, but he could tell a big gun from a little one... or a gun from a missile launcher.

There were a number of others already pounding the massive zoid from the ground, including Kenichi's Hedgerush and... what was that? Didn't look familiar to him... some kind of heavily modified Saix. Chris shrugged inwardly as he took his Storm Sworder around the Ultrasaurus' head and tried to catch a glimpse of who might be in the cockpit... if anyone.

3rd November 2003, 06:06 PM
Alexis DeMarko

The missiles hit dead on in the neck area and yet the Ultrasaurus kept firing it's salvo of four 360mm cannonshells.

I stopped two fighter units lifting off of the Ultrasaurus launcha pad but I was soon overwhelmed by the air defense cannons. Suddenly like a ray of hope, a voice crackled out on the free channel:

" Frank! Gav! Any other Teams! Need any back up?!" The voice was feminine and the transmission showed up as coming from a Los Locos Zoid.

"Stryklerpin Zoid, requesting cover fire. Nice to see someone else up in the air." I grinned, we we're really going to shut down this Ultrasaurus

"Rain here," The Zoid pulled alongside me, "cover fire under way" the Point Defense Turret on her Zoid detonated two incoming rockets, "le큧's bust this thing's cockpit wide open!" The Zoid sped ahead

"You're not getting ahead of me and Draco" Cover fire from her Defense Turret still detonated any threats for either while we circled the top of the Ultrasaurus.

I decided to check hull integrity before continuing seeing that my Zoid had taken heavy cannon fire.

Hull Integrity: 82%

With that I let loose fiery breath of Draco onto the Ultrasaurus's neck

3rd November 2003, 08:38 PM
"Heh," I said, looking at Draco and the new Zoid, Stryklerpin, "Hey, Rain, kick-*** Zoid you got there."

I was getting in closer to the rear end of the Ultrasaurus, it would be some time before I could get in close and deploy the weapon, but it would be soon.

"Thanks, I guess," Rain responded, her Zoid made a nice aerial dodge maneuver, "Do you need any help?"

"Just keep him distracted long enough for me to get him from behind. I'd shoot him, myself, but I want to keep the element of surprise."

"What kind of weapon are you deploying?" DeMarko asked, interested to see what new feature I was adding. Well, just interested enough to still be able to send raining fire on the behemoth

"I call it the Shock Shot Whip attack," I responded, "It requires the two weapons that I've installed on King's Tail. In the meantime keep it busy."

I began the final steps, slowing my Zoid down to avoid impacting with the behemoth as well as moving back the tail in whip ready position. I pressed a few more buttons, cocking the claws in case I needed the missiles.

"Alright, it's time to lay on the SMACKDOWN!" I said, enthusiastic to try this out.

3rd November 2003, 08:57 PM
Rain Tenyou


I was pleased to here that Boris, the pilot of King, liked Stryklerpin. Smiling... I couldn't help but feel a tad bit easier knowing that some one appreciated the hard work I had put into designing Stryke.
[ Hey, I'm not going to attack the Ultrasaurus, got it guys?]
I said to all who heard me...
[ I'm gonna offer all of you big boys down on the ground some cover fire... we've gotta find a killer weakness in this big fellah.]
I said over the com, as Stryke flew upwards from the Draco Zoid.
[ Draco Zoid, can you handle being left alone? ]
[Yeah, go ahead... do what you have to do.]

With that, Stryke began to fly a bit lower, and for moments Stryke flew underneath the underbelly of the Ultrasaurus. My PDT was going like crazy, firing... and I was focusing on Hedgerush, Saix, and a few other ground zoids which were going pretty fast as well. Stryklerpin dodged a few missles as he rolled to the side, and then flew upward again... cover fire was some thing he did well, but I couldn't help but think we didn't do anything. I began to wonder if I actually destroyed the tower...
[ Hey, anyone know who's piloting this zoid?]
I called out, as Stryklerpin flew upwards high into the sky... ready to dive back down once again if anyone suddenly needed another 'aid' call.

Kiori Hayabusa
3rd November 2003, 10:45 PM
Christopher Valentino

A small section of Rain's viewscreen soon lit up with a portrait of a young man with white streaks in his hair and flight goggles covering his eyes. He looked somewhat distracted at the time, but still found it prudent to introduce himself.

"This is Christopher Valentino of the Rogue Team's Storm Sworder. I can't figure out who's piloting this thing. The damn cockpit's not see-through. For now, the air zoids should probably just concentrate on stripping this thing of its weaponry. Valentino out."

With a final, cheesy, smile and a thumbs up sign, Chris' transmission shut off and blinked out of existence upon the Stryklerpin's monitor.

The Storm Sworder that had been circling the ZBC Ultrasaurus' cockpit, upon reaching the back of the beast's head, sharply banked left and aimed itself down at the chassis of the monster. Flak came at it from almost every direction, forcing it to maneuver wildly, barrel-rolling to avoid as much of the fire as it could. It couldn't hope to dodge it all, and indeed, it was hit by a number of 20 and 30mm shells. The point defense turret on the bottom of the zoid spun rapidly as it took shots at the, thankfully, few missiles that approached it, detonating them as soon after launch as it could. The barrels of the Storm Sworder's 40mm cannons lit up as they released shell after shell at one of the Ultrasaurus' missile launchers.

Chris kept it firing as long as he dared before pulling up and out. His zoid was slightly scorched, a tad scratched up, but not functionally impaired or seriously damaged.

4th November 2003, 10:49 PM
Time for some damage from the Ultrasaurus to be calculated... *cracks knuckles*

Kenichi- Avoiding being crushed by a foot in Hedgerush

This is getting too crazy... I thought to myself as I swerved and brought my speed down to half of what it had been. I quickly sped up to avoid being trampled by a massive Ultrasaurus foot, but Hedgerush was being greatly hindered by literally having dozens of zoids to avoid just around the Ultrasaurus itself, compounded with the problem of just avoiding the high calibur shots.

The attacks that had hit the Ultrasaurus so far were showy, spectacularly bright... and of no use whatsoever. The attacks that hit just random body parts had at best just burned off the paint, cosmetic damage only. The multiple hulled armor of the Ultrasaurus was way too strong to be taken out this way, and the only major effect seemed to have been on some of its targeting systems, one of its control towers partially damaged by an aerial strike from a griffin-type zoid. Some weapons had also been damaged by a Storm Sworder, probably Valentino if I had to guess.

Many others had been hit or grazed by powerful cannon fire on the ground, everyone's speed doing them much less good when put in this hard to maneuver area packed with too many zoids. I saw in dismay as several Liger type zoids burst into sharpnel as shots hit them dead on. Several smaller zoids got smashed by the gargantuan shoveling feet, and others were toppled by near misses that caused an explosive force to be unleashed. I had to activate my Static system's shield to avoid being hit by a large scorpion-type zoid, which had been thrown off its feet by one blast.

"So, what's the weakness of a walking fortress with heavy armor and weaponry?" I asked Hedgerush casually, doing a quick 180 degree turn to avoid a newly made crater in the dusty ground.

Much to my surprise, Hedgerush "answered" my question. The display monitor locked onto the middle inside joint of the Ultrasaurus' right leg. The armor on the joint was lacking, the need for as little rubbing as possible to take place a priority on a four legged zoid. A weakness...

Confirming the lock, and opened a wide band transmission to the rest of the remaining zoids in the area.

"Attention all Zoid Pilots, this is Kenichi of the Rogue Team. The attack on the Ultrasaurus isn't doing much, we need a coordinated assault. From our position underneath the Ultrasaurus, we have achieved a lock on an inner leg joint. All pilots with missile systems, slave your locking systems to my own, and take my target. With enough luck, we can blow off one leg, and stop this thing in its tracks."

Turning off my transmission, I grimaced to myself as Hedgerush's static shield blew off some shrapnel from another exploding zoid. I watched the counter on my locking system, as several pilots began to respond to my request.

I hope this works...

5th November 2003, 11:53 AM
Alexis DeMarko
"Attention all Zoid Pilots, this is Kenichi of the Rogue Team. The attack on the Ultrasaurus isn't doing much, we need a coordinated assault. From our position underneath the Ultrasaurus, we have achieved a lock on an inner leg joint. All pilots with missile systems, slave your locking systems to my own, and take my target. With enough luck, we can blow off one leg, and stop this thing in its tracks."

"Thargor, DeMarko from Quicksilver here. I have to fly a bit lower to get within better firing range, my missile commands are yours, the manual detonator is still mine so don't try anything. :rolleyes:" I activated the remote controls and found Thargor's command net. The system integrated it right away. Apparently both Hedgerush and Draco had been made by the same people or at least programmed by the same people.

"Ok missile controls are in your hand Thargor. Let the Ultrasaurus have it." I lead Draco into a dive succeeding in getting near the Ultrasaurus's leg.

OOC: yes i know missiles are self guiding and blah but i just got closer to give them a less roundabout path

5th November 2003, 05:32 PM
In that battlefield, a lone figure was enraged, screaming random profanities at the near unstoppable behemoth.

That was me. I don't like it when things don't go too smooth.

"SON OF A..." I was interrupted there by the voice of DeMarko.

-Um, Boris- he said, -you can swear all you want later, but we'd like for you to make use of your missiles.-

Obviously, I turned red in the face. I could of sworn...

"Was my side of the Com on the whole time?"

-Are you kidding?- was his response, -anyone within a 10 mile radius coud hear you. Now would you please use any missile weapon you have.-

I turned even more pale, but complied, "Where to?"

-Didn't you get the message? Well, they've got a lock on his right back leg.-

"Thanks," I responded, "Okay, I'm going to attempt a lock. Let's hope this device works" I turned a knob on my new visor, activating the targeting systems.

"Okay, I got a lock. Just give me the word and this jackass is getting the smackdown!"

Mew Master
6th November 2003, 10:12 AM
*deletes post*

Wellll excuuuuuuuse me for trying to post when I've been silent for far too long already. Besides, I had just read your post after posting cause I had classes, and I WAS suggesting having someone else say that.... too late now..


Okay, time for some editing... my bad.

Denny Roth, Talon (Let's rock! Sorry for my absance)

"Attention all Zoid Pilots, this is Kenichi of the Rogue Team. The attack on the Ultrasaurus isn't doing much, we need a coordinated assault. From our position underneath the Ultrasaurus, we have achieved a lock on an inner leg joint. All pilots with missile systems, slave your locking systems to my own, and take my target. With enough luck, we can blow off one leg, and stop this thing in its tracks."

Great idea, but will it work? I thought to myself as Talon continued running around the Ultrasaurus. "If they hit the leg joint that may stop it from moving, but what about it's weapons systems?"

"We'll just have to see what happens after that." I heard Sean over the com.

"Sean! You're still alive?" I asked.

"You know I can't get killed that easily, especially with Diablo here," The Diablo Tiger growled in agreeance with Sean.

Talon snarled back, as the two Zoids ran.

"Don't you think it will work?" He asked.

I gritted my teeth. "It may stop it from moving, but do you know how much weapons this thing has? Too many. Even if an Ultrasaurus is stopped it can still attack from any direction."

Just then Talon's HUD started beeping. "What?! A Missle Lock?!" A small screen poped up and showed missles being fired from the packs on the Ultrasaurs left leg, right at us. "Not Good... NOT GOOD!"

"Comeon Denny," Sean said. "Punch it!"

Talon and the Diablo Tiger accelerated faster, trying to keep ahead of the missiles. The Zoids were going fast, but Talon was keeping a slower pace so not to lose the Diablo Tiger.

Then several shots rang out, taking out the missles. There, behind us, was the Snipe Liger.

"Need some help?" It was Sage piloting.

"You okay?" asked Rivkah, in her Zoid, a Wolf-like one that looked like a combination of a Koing Wolf and a Command Wolf.

"Yeah. Nice shootin Dead eye." I replied towards Sage.

"Okay, any plans brainiac?" Sean asked me.

I thought, everyone with missles was going after the lock they had on the inner-right leg. Leaving those without missles to do what? Just run around like chickens with no heads?! No... there had to be something we could do.

Talon had no missles, I had never wanted to put missles on his frame. They would cut back his mobility too much. I only had the Laser and Beam cannons on Talon's arms, and the Ion Boosters on his back. I really had nothing that could do much damage to the Ultrasaur's main systems. Even the Fire System, which was still charging wouldn't be albe to cut throught that armor.

"I dunno, just shooting at random parts didn't work before. and I dunno if hitting the leg joint will work either. If anyone has any suggestions, we're listening."


*shrugs* I leave it open to anyone.

~Mew Master

Kiori Hayabusa
6th November 2003, 12:35 PM
Erm... Mew Master, according to your description, the fire system works off the excess heat generated by the zoid core during combat. Thus, it'd only be able to charge while you were in action. Just standing around shouldn't charge it unless your zoid is malfunctioning in some way.

Also, it seems you've noticed that there is, indeed, the option of attacking the Ultrasaurus' weaponry... so... why are you standing around again?

6th November 2003, 04:45 PM
Rain Tenyou

Stryke let out a howl, as we recieved some information from Kenichi. Stryke began to do a 'swirling-observation' dive, which was a skillful, stealthy dive which wasn't as fast as his attack one. I saw as many of the ground and only a few air zoids began to aim at the joint, with their missles if they had them. Unfortunately, I saw a 'group' which wasn't seemingly heading to the joint... and then I heard a voice.
"I dunno, just shooting at random parts didn't work before. and I dunno if hitting the leg joint will work either. If anyone has any suggestions, we're listening."
Stryke recognized it as the voice of Talon's pilot, Denny Roth.
"Let's fly over them Stryke... let's speed it up however!"
Stryke changed directions, for we were going towards the joint but he put an extra burst of speed into it as we headed above the half-team of Denny Roth's. A missle came flying at the both of us, but it exploded before us as Stryke quickly did a 720 and the PDT took care of it with a swift, close-rang shot. We then flew over Talon...
[ Hey, it's me, Rain from the Los Locos team, above you on Stryklerpin!] I called, and then continued..
[ Just aim for the joint!]
[ What will that do?] Denny said, sounding frustrated but I gave a reassuring voice..
[ Just trust Kenichi's Hedgerush. Strykler's scans also indicate there is a potential weakness, if we combine our fire. Just make sure you fire from a distance, or have a fast zoid... because if that big ultrasaurus only has three legs to stand on, with that amount of weight-he's definately going down.]
[ He'll still be able to fire..] another voice commed, but Strykler quickly thrusted ahead as I answered..
[ Yes, but would you rather have the Ultrasaurus head over to our main area with weapons, or would you rather stop him here so we only deal with a sitting weaponry?]
With that, Stryklerpin locked on the joint target and then suddenly fired...
As the collection of missles hit the joint, Stryklerpin immedially thrusted himself upwards, as an explosion of many missles were unleashed, missing us as we zoomed upwards. We had come so close to the joint that it was a good thing Strykler's wings were one of the most high tech, for we instantly zoomed up the side of the Ultrasaurus and narrowly avoided the close-rang weaponry, easily winging around the long cannons which could not go that close.

Flying high into the sky... I held my breath as I watched to see what the outcome was.

Ultimate Charizard
6th November 2003, 05:17 PM

I looked over as i maneuvered around at the combined assault on the Ultrasaurs Leg. I had been in the wrong position to get involved myself but as i approached i noticed a little evidence of twisted metal from the combined assault. I let fire a couple of my own missiles just before Kenichi stopped transmitting and positioned myself in what i hoped was a possible Blindspot for the larger Zoids armaments.

"Rain, can you give me some cover from this things missiles" i sent her my co-ordinates. "I should be ok from its stationary cannons its just the missiles im worried about"

I looked around before setting up but once i saw Stryke appear from the other side of the Ultrasaurs head i braced Saix's feet and switched my sonic Weapon to its vibration setting. I wouldve felt safer if i could have gotten my shield up but the energy drain of my two main weapons would have been too much.
As soon as i felt Rain was in position i fired the weapon. The almost invisible stream of energy, focused at the weakened joint. The air seemed to ripple along the beams path and although no obvious damage could be seen Saix's tactical hud was giving me a readout of the damage being caused. Armour plates loosened by the missile assault were rattling from the vibrations, the tremors so violent the bolts that held them together began to simply snap.
It was beginning to work but on a zoid with this much armour it would take too long and the Ultrasaur would either move out of range, or into position to take me out.

Mew Trainer Rose
7th November 2003, 12:31 PM
I'm just assuming this Ultra Saurus has most or all of the weapons on a model, and working from there.


There's a plan for the people with missiles? Great, but I didn't have any. Neither did Several other people, including a couple of my teammates. While dodging various weapon shots and other Zoids, I looked around for somethign else to do. Spying teh tail, I got an idea.

"We might not be able to help blast the Ultra Saurus's leg off," I said to Denny, "but we can still take out some of the weapons. There's several guns on the tail there, and with that low to the ground we could just jump on top of it and attack the guns. Waddaya say, worth a shot?"

Another thought struck me before anyone answered. "And does anyone know if there are more than one pilot in this thing? With that many weapons, I would think so. Not necessarily in the main cockpit even, there's more than enough space on this for additional ones." I started heading for the tail before anyone replied. I thought it was worth a shot, no matter what anyone else thought.

7th November 2003, 05:55 PM

The arena flashed with light, explosions occuring everywhere. "I hope I can get there on time..." I thought to myself

"Here's your burger, sir."

"Thanks," I said. I walked over to Stormsworder and unwrapped the burger. I lept onto the wing of Stormsworder, leaned onto the body, and took a big bite out of my burger.

"Excuse me!"

I stood up and walked toward the edge. Down below me was a police officer. "What can I do for you, officer?"

"This is no Zoid Zone. Please move your Stormsworder."

"Hold on, let me finish my burger."

"Please move your zo..." His voice was cut off as something buzzed on the com.

"Rain, Frank!" I jumped and dropped my burger...right onto the officer. Bah, it was only Gav...

"Sorry officer," I said, scratching my head sheepishly.

"I hope you two are in the air right now. An Ultrasaurus is gonna be tough i want you two up there and join in with the air support."

"Sir, please step down from your Zoid..." said an obviously perturbed officer.

"Sorry, no can do, gotta go!"

The Ultrasaurus came into view, the teams scrambling around it, trying to take it dow.

"Sorry I'm late, all," I said over the com. Finally, I was going to go into battle...

7th November 2003, 07:16 PM
I am so sorry about not posting. The term was ending, homework was reaching a maximum not felt since I crammed an entire science lab into a night, and the little problem mentioned...

All I could do was hang back and dodge rubble. Really fun. These, I sighed, were the disadvantages of having a missle-less Zoid. I was doing nothing productive on the offesive front. A giganto over-souped-up Ultrasaurus wasn't the easiest thing to take down with two blades and a sheild. All I could do was dodge and occasionally warn a distracted pilot when he'd better move his butt or loose his Zoid. More than once someone had yelled at me to help them fight. Sigh. If only I could.

Suddenly something clicked in my head. No one on the ZBC would ever do something like this. They shouldn't. Or at least on their own free will. It would take one helluva computer system to hack into a remote control location. Someone could have infiltrated the Zoid cockpits, but if there was more than one then that would require a very skilled operation if they could get in without an alert.

So we were currently fighting someone with skills, connections, resources, or manpower. Or the whole stinking lot of them. That meant that this probably wouldn't be the only thing that we'd have to worry about through the whole battle season.

A warning flashed on the screen and brought me out of my thoughts. "CRAP!" I shouted as Yang Liger narrowly avoided a piece of a destroyed Zoid. I needed to remember: thinking is bad. Doing so may cause you to loose your Zoid. Not good.

Wait... I remember... I'd heard a rumor about someone or something stirring up trouble among Zoid pilots... The ZBC said there was nothing, but there were still the stories... Could this... Was this possibly them?!

7th November 2003, 07:37 PM
Name:Kalad Galadorian
Appearance:5'7" Has Dark Blonde, almost brown hair, he has blue eyes, he wears Black pants, boots, gloves and a black shirt. He has a tattoo of a red sword on his right cheek.
Personality:He's fairly nice and friendly, but isn't the most talkative, he trains with his zoid a lot.
History:He was on a two person team with his brother, Janin, but they were never really famous. However, one fateful day, they got into an argument about Janin's tactics, which he felt were too dangerous to enemy pilots, and they went their seperate ways. He went merc for a while, but now he's back, working with Kenichi as a member of the Rogue team.


Zoid:Saber Liger
Description:It's an advanced version of the Blad Liger that has five blades. you can see a good pic of it here. however, Kalad's Saber Liger is redwith black higlights instead of Dark Grey/black with green highlights.

Height:14.6 Meters
Length:27 Meters

Trademark: Five Blade Attack System: It is armed to the teeth with five strong laser blades, one of which is on the tail, two on the sides of the head, and the traditional two on the back that flip down for combat. they can be coated in shield energy to make them even sharper.

Armaments: Energy Shield
Point Defense Turret (on the back in between the blades)
Smoke Screen Generator
Ion Thruster(hidden underneath where the blades normally are)
Medium Armor


Other: his brother has a Blue sword tattoo on his left cheek and pilots a Lightning Saix

Kalad-Rogue team In an area several miles from the battle...
"Kalad, Where ARE you?" Kenichi's voice blared over my comm.
"Why, I'm in the surrounding area, training." I replied, confused. "Well, Get back here, we have a situation!" He said.
"I'm on my way, what's the siuation?" I said. "an Ultrasaurus is on a rampage!" "What!? I'll be there in thirty seconds!" I stated, then turned off the comm. "Alright Saber, let's hit it." I said, punching the button for my Ion thrusters. I hoped I could get there in time...

When I got there, they were still fighting, there were a lot of crippled and demolished Zoids. Seeing the carnage made me mad. suddenly, my warning systems blared. I couldn't worry about those who were already down, I had to help stop this thing.

Shadow Djinn
7th November 2003, 10:15 PM

Garod Ran-Ultima Raptor-Chimeras

As Garod finished his second glass of water, a rumble shook the building. Fighting to stay calm, he sat down, listening. Finally, he heard someone speaking about an Ultrasaurus. The intercom blared.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we have an emergency situation! It seems someone has stolen a ZBC Ultrasaurus and is now attacking the vicinity around where the Zoid Ceremonies would begin! We ask you to please remain inside the Tavern for the time being!" Garod blinked. Without a word, he left the tavern, putting down a few credits on the counter. He quickly sped up, rushing into the Zoid lot. Searching, he found the Raptor. Ignoring the others who were getting into their zoids, Garod quickly grabbed the rope, pulling himself into the Ultima Raptor. Without any authorization, he started the Raptor up. A faint buzz sounded, as the systems were displayed. A surprised engineer leapt back.
" HEY!" The Ultima Raptor dashed out, to see a mighty Ultrasaurus, reering up as several zoids surrounded the giant. Garod quickly turned on his com channel. Listening for a few minutes, he glanced at one of the Ultrasarus's legs. A joint.
" I see." Opening up the weapon systems, he glanced at the diagram. Over the "Energy Blades" label, it displayed, "Sonic Blade System".
" No. Not now." Garod shut his eyes, as he accelerated forward, cannons blazing. The Ion Thrusters increased their output, as Garod pushed harder. The blaze increased. As the Ultima Raptor glided forward, hurling straight at the Ultrasaurus.

I hope this is right...so yea...^^;

Mew Master
8th November 2003, 08:27 AM
Denny Roth, Talon

It was a slightly insane plan, but the best one for those without missles. If the plan to blow out the leg didn't work, we needed a Plan B. So far the newly formed Chimera Team, seemed to be mostly missle less. And since we were already moving towards the tail.

"Okay, This is Denny in Talon, anyone who doesn't have any missles, concentrate your beam and laser weapon fire on the other weapons. IF you don't even have any beam or lasers, help us dismantle the tail and we'll go from there!"

"Rivkah, Take the right flank. Sage, Sean, Shadow us. After passing, cross over and take out the guns before they pick us off."

"YOu got it Den, Let's go." Sean replied.

I pushed Talon's Controls forward and dashed off faster, Rivkah and Dodger on our right, and Sean and Sage shadowing us.

Comeon you overgrown Zoid, let's see what you've got.



~Mew Master

8th November 2003, 09:54 AM
This was quickly getting old. The Ultrasaurus was taking an extremely heavy pounding and showed no sign of slowing down, and the massive swarm of Zoids around it constantly weaved all around it, not presenting it with any clear target. Only a couple of shells had gone Celire's way, and he dodged them easily.
"Okay, This is Denny in Talon, anyone who doesn't have any missles, concentrate your beam and laser weapon fire on the other weapons. IF you don't even have any beam or lasers, help us dismantle the tail and we'll go from there!"
Denny Roth's voice came over the comm.
"Good idea. One of those 360mm cannons is mine!" Celire laughed. Finally, something to do.
"Ok Blade, let's see push these thrusters to everything they've got, 110%, and don't complain. I know you can take 125% burn," Celire said, pushing the thrusters past their maximum. Blade Raptor screamed forward at over 400 mph, leaving a massive storm of sand in it's wake. In the mean time, Celire set his sights on one of the Ultrasaurus' massive side cannons.

In a split second, Celire cut power to the engines, Blade Raptor came to a halt, a massive swarm of sand flying past him, rattling his armor. A few meters away, a massive 360mm shell hit the dirt.
That Ultrasaurus can't target through all this sand. Fortunately, I don't need to Celire thought to himself, firing his stake launchers into the 360mm cannons...

8th November 2003, 10:01 PM
I think this is taking a little long.

This totally sucked, this thing was not about to go down to easily. I was firing everything I got at him, and while they did damage, the whole thing was too slow. Not to mention I was hurled onto my back. God, it's times like this I wish I was still back on Valiance's team, at least then I wouldn't have to fight...well, you already know.

"Okay," I muttered to myself, "Let's think. Just firing at this one leg is taking too long, it should be out by now. We're fighting a four-legged dinosaurian tank, he's got to be heavy. I imagine they could blow off most of the lower leg, but he's got that other leg to support him," suddenly an idea clicked, the same joint weakness could exist on more than that one leg.

"But if we manage to damage both right legs just enough, then the stress of the weight could do the work for us. With both legs taken out, he'd tip over and be unable to move. Plus, all weapons on that side would be rendered useless."

I activated the Com line, signalling all members, "Alright, this is Boris Black, pilot of King Scorpio. If it isn't too much trouble, I'm going to change my target so I'd appreciate it if someone flipped me right-side up. I just had a killer idea."

8th November 2003, 10:55 PM
Rain Tenyou

Stryke and I cover fired Gav, until suddenly I heard some one over the com ask for assistance... it was Boris, with King.
My expression sweatdropped as he needed help being flipped over...
[ Hey Frank, got Gav covered?]
Silence... as Stryke flew around in a circle, cover firing Gav until Frank suddenly popped up.
[ I'm here! I'll cover him!]
[ Good! I'm gonna assit Boris]

With that, Stryke veered off instantly, quickly flying underneath the Ultrasaurus, and dodging incoming missles with 360s and 720s, his wings tucked tightly against his body as possible, while still managing flight. Soon we were flying at Boris... when two missles were fired directly at him. I heard his yell over the com... and I quickly yelped as well.
Instantly Stryke's cannons fired with extreme speed and we zoomed towards Boris... and just before the missles would have been upon the Scorpion Zoid, the missles exploded.
[ Hey, here to give you a 'lift']
I said, laughing slightly... that was a shakey moment. Ultrasaurus missles are quite powerful...
[ Just hold on, Stryke and I will have you up quickly...]
"Stryke, activate hyper-sensative scanning systems... we don't want any surprise missles anymore."
Stryke's eyes glowed from the outside, as we got to work.
Latching onto two sturdy pieces which made up King with Stryklerpin's strong and fierce talon-like claws.
"Alright... all power to thrusters.." I mumbled to myself, as Stryke's wings flailed and then the boosters violently pushed against the ground, instantly thrusting King's side back over.
Stryke then quickly aimed upwards and we flew much higher, being a flyer at so low a level with out moving made both of us nervous...
[ Hope that helps Boris!] I s houted, just as a loud explosion was heard....

The Ultrasaurus was begining to fall down!

Ultimate Charizard
12th November 2003, 04:05 PM
Apologies to all those thinking this is taking too long.

Ive been starting a new job lately and training is hectic and keeping me busy and tired.
Thargor has been helping me run this but he too is away for a while but dont worry. The plan is worked out and this whole mess will be sorted shortly.
Ill look to end this Ultrasaur battle by tommorrow then we can get the main part of the RPG (With team Battles etc) up and running.

Mew Master
1st December 2003, 10:42 PM
Denny Roth, Talon

"The thing's gonna fall!" I shouted.

Okay... the good thing was the Ultrasaurus was falling. Bad part was there was a small group of us still under it!

"We gotta move! Everyone, G.O.D.!" Sean shouted.

Sean, Rivkah, Sage, and myself pushed the controls and our Zoids darted in opposite directions, managing to get out from under the Ultrasaur's large body and somewhat about of danger of being crushed.

"Everyone okay?" I asked.

"Fine over here," Rivkah replied.

"Same here," Sage stated.

"Ditto." Sean admitted.

We were alive and kicking... but there was too much dust and dirt in the air to really tell if everyone else was okay as well....

Mew Master
22nd December 2003, 11:12 AM
Hello? anyone alive?

*sounds of crickets*

oh crap

22nd December 2003, 01:32 PM
Well, what did you expect? Most of the major people rarely seem to come here anymore. I suppose I'll make one post

-What the hell just happened?- Denny commented. It was definitely more of a command than a question. Boris quickly turned on his end of the com-link to give an answer.

"Well, I'll tell you," he responded hotly, "I managed to test my new Tail Stinger on this thing's knee-joint at the same time you managed to blow off the other leg."

Silence, -Okay, so what did you do?-

Boris quickly responded, "Well, I managed to rip into the Ultrasaurus' inner leg and electrocute it. Apparently, that did enough damage for it to lose stability. Then it fell. By the way..."

Boris quickly took a look outside the cockpit, the fact that the horizon appeared perpendicular to what it was originally was not lost on him.

"I need someone to flip me rightside-up, again."

For a moment, Boris could imagine the looks on everyone's face.

22nd December 2003, 10:15 PM
Originally posted by Mew Master
Hello? anyone alive?

*sounds of crickets*

oh crap

Also, I think its because Gav said he would make a post, but he hasn't yet...so...people are waiting?

Mew Master
23rd December 2003, 12:52 AM
Dude, if you're looking for the sign-up topic, go back a few pages. It should be there.

3rd January 2004, 05:01 PM
Here's the post ending this... Then the battles can actually commence. Sorry about the delay, but things can happen... On to the post.


Kenichi- Riding in Hedgerush

The joint of the Ultrasaurus shattered with an explosion that pitted the underside and the rest of the leg. Pieces small and large of flaming shrapnel dug into the ground, passing zoids, and the massive frame of the screaming monster. Another shriek, this time not from the mouth occurred as metal scraped against itself. The joint no longer there, the two parts of the leg went in opposite directions. In seemingly slow motion, the Ultrasaurus began its descent to the earth, cannons on its sides still firing wildly.

My eyes widened, as Hedgerush halted in place, then boosted back. The other zoids beneath the Ultrasaurus all began to run from the falling behemoth, but in all different directions. My boost of speed was enough to get me out with a comfortable cushion of space and time, but I winced as the deceptively fast Ultrasaurus shook the earth, taking several Zoids with it.

The head was the last thing to hit the earth, the whole zoid screaming like a rabid beast. A cloud of dust settled around the scene, and all the zoid and zoid pilots around me seemed to stop and watch the spectacle. Then Hedgerush's lock-on warning system screeched in my cockpit. With a slap that was instinctive, Hedgerush boosted off to the side, slamming my body to the right side of my chair. None too quickly, as bullets streamed from where I had been. Zoids around began to drop like flies, as even grounded the Ultrasaurus continued to fire.

It seems we had deprived it of its target of the Colliseum, only for it to target us...

I slapped on the comm unit. "Everyone, break off and get into evasive maneuvers! This thing is down, but not out! I repeat, evasive maneuvers!"

Hedgerush maneuvered smartly to my touch, as I saw others rushing away from being blown into pieces. Then suddenly my comm unit crackled, as a message to the entire group sounded.

"This is the ZBC Team. All zoid pilots are ordered by the Zoids Battle Commission to return to the Colliseum or risk expulsion for this year's season. We'll be taking care of this."

A screech sounded once more from the Ultrasaurus, one of extreme pain. The ground to its right suddenly dimpled, and a spray of spears erupted from its spot. The spears seemed to be connected by a fine line, almost invisible. Dozens of the things ripped into its armor, creating a virtual net around its shoulders. Then a storm of lighting played over the whole thing, making the massive zoid convulse.

I resisted the urge to duck as a white blur passed narrowly by Hedgerush and several other zoids. My zoid's ball shape helped, as the sonic boom smashed into us, making me roll several meters before my boosters could compensate.

The white form, a storm-sworder, elegantly dodged the now sporadic firing from the injured Ultrasaurus. Nearly scraping its wings with the Ultrasaurus' armor, the machine guns tucked underneath fired neatly at the base of each of the offending weapons. The Ultrasaurus didn't stand a chance, the maneuvers of the pilot too advanced for any shot to even come close. Within a minute, it was stripped of its main weapons.

Checking my screen, I noted with no surprise that two other zoids had managed to flank the Ultrasaurus while everyone was paying attention to the antics of the Storm Sworder pilot who had effortlessly taken care of the offending beast. The floating red form of the Geno Breaker, and the black Geno Saurer landed opposite each other, on either side of the Ultrasaurus. I saw sparks fly from either mouth, and my eyes widened.

"Charged particle beams! Those of you who want to retain their skin, I suggest for you to retreat!" Putting action to my words, Hedgerush made an "about face" in a sense, and bursted away from the scene. Most of the other zoids followed suit, as the energy was quickly gathered in both of the ZBC Team zoids.

With a blinding flash of light, the two charged particle beams shot out of their respective zoids, meeting together at the base of the Ultrasaurus' neck. A ball of energy ripped apart the armor from the very smallest level, and engulfed the rest of the body in light. My sensors were overwhelmed for a moment, then cleared up to see the head of the Ultrasaurus severed from the rest of the fizzling body.

"The Zoid Battle Commission thanks all pilots that helped in this matter. Those that have lost team members or got damaged due to this incident can contact their local ZBC officials for compensation. All teams report to the Colliseum for inspection. That is all."

Everyone began to make their way back to the pock-marked area that had been attacked, while a ZBC marked Whale King landed next to the former Ultrasaurus. The Storm Sworder, Geno Breaker, and Geno Saurer went up its lowered ramp, followed by a War Shark that shot out of the earth. Construction zoids moved down the ramp, and slowly began to drag in the head of the Ultrasaurus into their vessel...

Ultimate Charizard
3rd January 2004, 06:47 PM
Ok, just a bit of a roll call. I know this has been inactive for a while but it is gonna start building momentum again now chrsitmas etc is out of the way. Just let us know your interested and post a little something and we'll get the battles underway.

3rd January 2004, 07:23 PM
Rico Senkhave ~ somewhere in the desert

Explosions rang out around his position, sand bursting up into the air with each hit. It was like a fine mist that almost resembled smoke at a distance. Each hit was completely random and each one grew closer and closer to him.
"Face it. The little thief got away," someone's voice chimed over a closed frequency.
"No....." another voice answered on the same frequency. "He's still out here. He's hiding from us. The little snake killer is too afraid to face us down."
"More like this little snake killer is smart enough not to like 20 to 1 odds you @$$," Rico muttered to himself in the silence of his cockpit.
He had been playing cat and mouse with these buffoons for hours now and he was getting very tired of being the mouse. Twenty to one were very bad odds and he was smart enough to avoid them but the random shellings were getting closer and it seemed his pursuers were not giving up as readily as he had hoped. Perhaps he shouldn't have left that little going away present at the base. Having their entire squadron of flyers sabotaged probably didn't sit well with them. Unfortunately he hadn't been aware of the sabers' speed modifications so he was caught quite by surprise when they caught up with him.
"We'll find you sooner or later Rico! You can't hide forever and you can't outrun us to the ZBC colliseum," the second voice chided over the closed frequency.
Whether it was the hours of waiting, the annoying chatter on the closed frequency, or just a stroke of stupidity, Rico chose that moment to spring back into action. He had been buried for just a tad too long and his mind craved action.
"Who said anything about running?!" Rico shouted over the closed frequency.
Suddenly his zoid burst from the ground firing a full on blast with his medium beam cannon at point blank range to one of the pursuing sabers.
The sabertiger went down instantly and before the others could fire on his position he was already back underground and moving. He could here the rain of fire pouring on where he had been only moments before. Listening for the sounds of shots being fired he darted under the ground until he heard the right sound. Once again his zoid sprang up from the ground and fired with the beam cannon. This time he spun while springing up, firing three shots and taking down two more sabers. He barely managed to reach the safety of underground before fire rained upon his former position again.
"You idiots! He's just going to loop around and pick us off like this. Use your sensors. Track the tunnels you morons," the lead voice shouted at his fellow saber pilots.
Rico's tactics were not lost on him as they were squadmates once upon a time. Those times were long past now for Rico, though.
Seeing his little game of tag wasn't going to keep working he had a new idea. He stopped dead and waited for a moment. As soon as plodding zoid feet could be heard overhead he matched their speed and direction and rose to near the surface. He would wear one of the sabers like a helmet and let them chase their tails for a bit.
Seeing an opportunity while another saber was passing by he surfaced just his zoids head and let lose two missiles. They struck their target and the saber crashed to its knees. Instantly it returned fire only to hit the saber he had been cruising underneath. As a couple of others also fired on that position he decided it was time to cut bait.
His zoid sprang forth between his former shield and the other sabertigers and took off at full thrust. Maybe it would buy him enough of a head start to make the colliseum. They dare not attack him there.
Missiles streamed towards him quickly. the first few fell well short they didn't take long to close the distance. His light tail cannon sprayed bullets madly to pick them out of the air but there were a great deal of them. Too many for even the best of shots to pick off with a simple light cannon. The first one to come close rocked the side of his zoid, pushing it slightly off course. Another hit home even close and he could feel the resulting quake down to his bones. It was not looking like a good plan afterall.
As if understanding the situation his zoids comm started beeping madly. It was a standard distress signal among zoids and zoid pilots.
"Oh no you don't Diablo. We won't be having any help from some greenhorn wannabe pilots. Shut it off or I'll tear your circuits out personally!" Rico shouted at the console, pounding it lightly with his fist.
Instantly upon request the beeping stopped. A second later one of the many missiles targeting him careened overhead and exploded directly in front of him. Rico turned his zoid rapidly to avoid the blast but was still partially hit by it, rolling his zoid to its side.
When they recovered they could see the remaining sabertigers coming in fast. Too fast for them to build up any speed against. The time for hiding or running was over. Now was the time to fight them head on.
"Alright Diablo. Let's show them why we're called the snake killer," Rico gritted his teeth, his hands tense on the controls.
With sudden speed his zoid shot forward to meet the sabers. As it approached the first one it jutted sideways to avoid cannon fire and then leapt back, tearing at the sabers throat. Using their flexibility they twisted as they dragged the saber to the ground, ripping out circuits as it went.
With it's maneuvering thrusters Diablo leapt back as a stream of cannon fire poured in. Rico and Diablo darted about the battle, scratching and firing precise shots when opportunity presented itself. They scratched at and exposed joints, and took them out with their remaining missiles and cannon fire. Their agility was not enough though. No one zoid can avoid fire from a dozen indefinately. As they paused to fire their beam cannon at a wounded saber, removing it from battle, a stray missile found its way home and rocked their port side. The left hind quarter took the worst of it and the maneuvering thrusters barely pulled them away from the blast before it could completely disable that leg. Soon after that more missiles and cannon fire began to find their target. Three more sabers went down in the process but Diablo was starting to run low on ammo and the thrusters were all but spent.
The sabers formed a ring around Rico and Diablo, cutting off their escape. Their weapons were all trained on them.
"Try to escape and we level you Rico. Come back to base with us peacefully. The council wishes to speak with you," the lead voice said smoothly over the closed channel.
"I'm sure they would Savage. But you can tell those power hungry SOB's that I'll see them in....." Rico began but another signal came in to cut him off.
"This is Gavin Wynder of team Los Locos. We have recieved your distress signal and are here to help. To the pilots of the sabertigers, please turn around and leave peacefully or we will send word to the ZBC of these activities," a voice said over an open channel.
A mild hum sounds from Diablo's comm in the cockpit. Almost a sound of vindication.
"Alright, alright. But don't be thinking there'll be a reward for this you willful tinker toy," Rico grumbled at the console in front of him.

Ultimate Charizard
3rd January 2004, 08:52 PM
Gavin Wynder

A cheer went up over the com as the Ultrasaur finally fell. I watched carefully as the ZBC team operated, hoping to pick up on their tactics and abilities. I was forced to turn and run with the others when the two Geno's fired however.
Getting caught in a twin particle blast would be an easy way to strip off Saix's paint........and armour, and circuits and just about everthing else including me.
I turned 180 and headed away at full speed, giving myself a good safe distance. Once it was over i sighed and watched as Frank and Rain moved over to circle above me. The ZBC Whale king had moved in to take away the 'Ultra's head, probably bring in a work crew for the body later but i wondered why they wanted the head right now.
I pushed my controls forward and Saix began to walk forward, back towards the Colleseum when a light lit up on my console. A signal was coming through, not a message just a standard SOS beacon.
"Frank, Rain. You picking up that distress Signal?" I asked trying to figure out where it was coming from but it stopped before i could pinpoint it "Yeah, it was coming from a few miles south of here, you want to check it out?" replied Frank.
Turning saix around i headed in the direction of the Signal. "Ill do it but ill go alone, you two go back and make sure were registered for this years season, ill go see whats going on and get back ASAP"

They both called back in agreement and i flipped the switch to activate the Ion Thruster and accellerated to max speed.
After a few minutes my scanner began beeping, bringin up a basic picture of the battlefield ahead. 8 zoids, Saber Tigers were surrounding a zoid that the computer couldnt identify.
It was easy to see that the unknown zoid mustve been the one to send the signal and 8 to 1 was not good odds.
"This is Gavin Wynder of team Los Locos. We have recieved your distress signal and are here to help. To the pilots of the sabertigers, please turn around and leave peacefully or we will send word to the ZBC of these activities," i announced as i approached. Most teams wouldnt ignore a warning that carried a ZBC threat but these guys werent moving.
"Who asked you to get involved" a voice came over the com. "This is none of your business so why dont you turn around and get lost"
Bringing Saix down to a walk as i approached i stopped a hundred yards from the nearest Tiger. "That pilot sent out a distress Signal, that means its my business"
I flicked the switch that activated my Geo Sensors, ignoring the same voice talking tough and 'inisisting' i leave. The sensors in Saix feet began scanning the area, checking for faults in the ground below us and working out how much power and at what angle id need to fire to take out the Tigers without hurting the smaller zoid.
As expected the three closest Sabers turned to face me and roared in unison, the other 5 kept their weapons locked on the smaller Zoid. It already looked pretty beat up and i wasnt willing to let these guys start pounding it again.
"If theres one thing i hate..." i began as the Geo computer selected the best course of action "Is Bullies!"
With that i aimed Saix's head down and fired the weapon. Instantly the ground began to ripple and shake out in waves from the source, where the weapons attack hit the ground. Following a small fault line the sensors had picked up the foward zoids werent actually the target. The waves were focusing on the rear of this little group and three of the Tigers fell as the ground below the collapsed into a sink hole.
As soon as the collapse had begun i stopped firing and switched over to Impact mode, firing a blast at the lead Tiger. It dodged it faster than i expected but his team mate wasnt as fast and it took the blast to the head. It reacted as if it had been slugged by a Heavyweight boxer and fell over, the pilot obviously shaken.
I gritted my teeth as i saw one of the remaining tigers lining up its cannons but it fell before it could fire, two beam blast had taken it in the back and it fell in a heap. Apparently the smaller zoid wasnt in as bad a shape as i had thought.

It proved itself again as i activated the energy shield just in time to deflect a volley from the Tiger on my left. It quickly moved over towards my attacker and took out all four of its knee joints with its claws and what looked to be energy blades in its mouth.
Now it was down to 2 v 2.
The Lead tiger started to back away and i saw the little zoid suddenly dive underground. The geo sensors said it was picking up Soundwaves coming from him, he had some sort of Sonic weapon too...
The same voice came over the comm shouting the usual 'ill get you next time' bad guy speech before both Tigers turned to run. As they did the 'injured' zoid appeared and blocked the second tigers path, it wasnt the leader, he was already running and although i could probably catch him i figured it wouldnt hurt to teach this last guy a lesson.
The trapped tiger stepped back as the Zoid attacked with its Sonic weapon. It wasnt as powerfull as my own but it was obvious the Tiger was feeling it and its armour began to Buckle.
Moving round so my own weapon wouldnt catch my 'ally' i fired on Vibration mode and the unlucky Tiger staggered to its side, falling under the stress. The other attack seemed to be weakening slowly, figuring it had a time limit i jacked my own power up, maybe i could share a few weapon tips with this guy once its all done. With a small explosion the Saber Tigers eject system kicked in and the pilot bailed out. His zoid was slowly being shaken apart and now resembled a pile of scrap and a half built model kit.

I shut off my weapon as the other pilot's own weapon stopped and slowly moved over towards it.
"Hey, how you doing down there. That was fun, anything else i can do for you" Silence came over the Comm...."We have a repair bay you can use if you like...."

3rd January 2004, 08:55 PM
Locke Davenport- Pilot #1343

Locke got up and flipped open the laptop sitting on his desk. It had been chiming alerting him that he had a video message on it.
It was a man with greying black hair.

"Yeah, Locke, what's up K.?" he said, rubbing his eyes wearily, " what do ya wa--- Wait! It's not here is it?"

"Yeah it is, Locke! Brand-new, state-of-the-art!" he replied excitedly, "Come on down. It's waitin--" but Locke was no longer there. He was already downstairs in his PJs zooming around the box anxiously.

"How do ya open this thing?" he asked K.," I think this box is defective...Hey, can ya wheel her to the hangar? Boy, do I love Zoids. and to think: a boy of my beauty and money is just getting his first. That little Jimmy down the street won't laugh anymore. I have the brand-new, state-of-the-art---"

K. had become impatient," SIGN THE FREAKIN PAPERS!" At this, Locke quickly became very small. He grabbed the papers slowly, signed here, initialed there, DotDotDotted here, and they were off to unbox it in the hangar. But K. yet again waited because Locke had to go and get his camera.

Locke and the delivery man both got into the Gustav that was carrying the crate from place-to-place. Once they got into the hangar, they both got out and quickly got to the crate and unloaded it.

"Now, how do ya open this thing?" Locke asked.

"Ahh, just pull that tab," he said, taking a couple of steps backwards," yep, but I wouldn't just..."

Locke quickly ran up and excitedly pulled the tab from out of the corner. There was a loud rumbling. The crate started to shake and the wooden sides fell. Yep, they fell. Right onto Locke. Though he seemed to be in pain, he quickly wiggled his way out, got up, and took a long look at the zoid.

He had bought the brand-new, state-of-the-art Storm Tiger...

"I should take her for a test spin, eh?" he asked, "Yeah, I think I will..."

Locke quickly got into the cockpit of the Griffon Zoid. His desert home made a perfect field for exploration for a zoid. "Let's see... Engines on...Activate... and..." He pushed the controls forward and the zoids leapt forward at high-speed. "Let's see... Aerial Zoid, so..." He rotated the controls and they clicked into place as they zoid took flight. He flew around for a while, then switched to auto-pilot while he read the manual.

"Let's see...Okay, there's a rock column...Okay, let's try this..."
Locke pressed the buttons on the front of the Control Sticks and fired his two 150mm cannons taking a chunk out of the coulumn. He then flipped open a little cover onthe Control sticks and pressed the red buttons. Two Missiles shot out and took out an even bigger chunk of the column. On the screen, a small box appeared with 6 missiles and two disappeared. He now had four.

By now, the column was very thin in the middle and was almost about to collapse. Locke looked behind the column and noticed there were two more. He looked to his left and noticed a small compartment. He opened it and noticed three switches each had a lable: L.Wing, R.Wing, and TURBO.

He flipped on the two 'Wing' switches and noticed that 2 blades were hidden among the wings. The blades started to glow a cool orange color. He swooped around and aimed straight for the columns. He flipped the TURBO switch and the seat shifted back as the whole zoid started to vibrate wildly. The zoid was going so fast that all of the canyons and formations outside were barely visible blurs. He focused and headed straight for the columns. He felt the initial impact of the first column but after that he felt nothing. He flipped off the TURBO switch and swooped back around the columns looked to be untouched. He landed his zoid and jumped out. He was disappointed. His zoid wasn't even good enough to slice through a few columns. He sat down.

He looked back up at the columns. He thought he saw something. He did. All at once, the top of the columns slowly slid off. He went so fast that it took a couple seconds for the columns to be effected....

"Man, I love this zoid!", he yelled," Ha-haaaa!"
After he got through admiring what he and Storm had done, he got back in it and went on his way home, thanks to the TURBO switch.

"What the...?" he said. His Zoid was slowing down. Suddenly, his screen began flashing red and had a message saying 'OVERHEAT...COMMAND SYSTEM FREEZE....'

He sat there for an hour or so before the command system actually came back on. "What happened to ya?" he asked the zoid," Ya just froze on me..."

Storm roared back at him," Yeah, Yeah, It's always my fault. Anyways, we gotta get to the ZBC Colloseum so we can compete in this Season." Locke hopped into the cockpit of the griffon Zoid and flew South towards the ZBC Colloseum coordinates.

Upon arrival he realized he almost didn't make it. He hurried inside to the front desk and registered himself and Storm. After filling out a bunch of papers, he was finally registered as an official Zoid Battler- Pilot #1443.

He walked Storm out onto the track and noticed a bunch of different zoids. Just to name a few:

A Strykler- which was the most beautiful zoid he had ever seen(next to Storm) and
A Hedgerush- which was the most amazingly odd zoid he had ever seen.

He thought for a moment and then walked back inside looking for something. He smiled on the inside. It was the Recruit Board. He looked at it and then at the track. Walking back outside getting ready for the race, he jumped into Storm and thought about that board.

He opened the little compartment and flipped the switch....

He saw the light:3...2...1...GO!

4th January 2004, 11:39 AM
Kayla ~ "Yang Liger"

"Crap crap crap crap shoot shoot shoot shoot dang dang dang dang YAGH!!!"

The impact of the Particle Beams ripped through the Ultrasaurus's armor like nothing. My screen (and pretty much every other thing) went off the hook and the shock shoved me forward in my seat. When I lifted my head and the scanners came back on, nothing seemed heavily damaged. Liquid trickled down my forhead, and I reached my hand up. Red. Blood, great. So my Zoid took the shock and I was the one who got hurt. I plopped my head down on the main consol, waiting for the joints to reactivate. "You lucky pile of scrap, you..."

It growled at me in response.


"The Zoid Battle Commission thanks all pilots that helped in this matter. Those that have lost team members or got damaged due to this incident can contact their local ZBC officials for compensation. All teams report to the Colliseum for inspection. That is all."

"So let me get this straight. If any of our teammates had died out there, we'd go to the ZBC and they'd give us a cash sum to make up for it?" I asked over the intercom to my teammates. It was a reasonable question, right? What else could they do for a team, assign a freelance? That wouldn't be very effective. Laughter met my ears. Geeze, Kenichi, it's true though, isn't it?

Yang Liger stopped in its assigned space, and I hopped out for an outside assesment. There really hadn't been much damange: a few easily replaced plates of armor were dented here and there. The biggest problem right now wasn't critical... "Grrr... DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I CLEANED THIS STUPID THING?!"

Note to all pilots: never have an almost-all white Zoid if you don't care about cleaning it and you don't want to look run-down. Dirt shows up on white. Very, very, very well, I might add.

Grumbling, I grabbed a cloth and started wiping... again...
*raises hand* HERE!

4th January 2004, 04:08 PM
Wow, this was definitely inactive for a while. 2 or 3 months if I remember correctly

Celire Silverblade
"My god. I sure don't wanna be the pilot of that Ultrasaur right about now," Celire laughed, kicking his feet onto the control panel of Blade Raptor and leaned back, hands behind his head. He wanted to be comfortable when the fireworks began.
The pilot of the Storm Sworder was incredible, better than anybody Celire had ever seen. The Ultrasaur was firing everything it had, and the Storm Sworder dodged every shell like it was nothing. The white frame of the sworder was a blur, it expertly skimmed under the Ultrasaur, pounding it's relatively weak underside with fire. Then a Geno Saurer and Geno Breaker landed on either side of the Ultrasaur, beginning to fire their charged particle cannons.
"Charged particle beams! Those of you who want to retain their skin, I suggest for you to retreat!" came a voice over the comm.
"Brilliant idea! Did you think of that all by yourself?!" Celire yelled back, panicking. At this range, he'd be caught in the explosion and be completely fried. He made Blade Raptor turn completely around and pushed Blade Raptor's engines to 100%, rocketing out of there, blowing past a massive group of other zoids who where leaving the range of the explosion too. As for the explosion itself, all Celire saw was a big purple flash and could feel the very air tremor with the force of the two beams.
"Well, that's that. Now back to sleep. Alright with you, Blade?" Celire yawned, his head drooping onto his left shoulder. Stupid Ultrasaur woke him up. Blade Raptor snarled in agreement.

4th January 2004, 09:07 PM
Rain Tenyou

Stryklerpin - F

[ Gav... GAAAv!] I yelled over the com, but he wasn't really listening either that or he was too far away or too focused.
[ NOO!] I growled, as Stryklerpin gracefully flew about... I rolled my eyes, as I gazed at the comm again and then pressed the button.
[ Hey... Frank, pretty odd huh? Ultrasaurus comes barging in here and no one knows why?]
Frank agreed... and then I smirked as suddenly Stryke veered away from Frank completely.
[ Rain! What are you doing?]
[ Umm... go register us Frank. I'm gonna go say hi to Gav. ]
Silence insued from this...
[ PLeeeease Frank? Please?] I used my puppy voice, making the face with it although that didn't really help.
More silence... until finally..
[ Alright alright... don't know WHY you wanna go after Gav after he told you not to- or... or maybe I do-]
[ Don't get any ideas Frank. See you later- and don't spend all our funds on your equipment or FOOD!] I laughed... as suddenly my thrusters activated and I flared off towards GAv.

I followed the distress signal... and right when I arrived I saw Gav's Saix, standing rather proudly with 8 other zoids and 1 injured one... and ironically, the 8 didn't seem tohappy.
[ Show off!] I yelled over the comm, laughing as I made a circle above him.
[ Rain! I thought I told you and Frank to register?]
[ Look, Frank can do that by himself. You know me... I get bored easily. Even though it looks like you took care of everything...]
I said, laughing slightly as I rolled my eyes even though no one really could see. Stryke seemed to growl in agreement, obviously wishing it would have gotten a piece of teh action.
Gav told me what happened... and then he tried to get contact with the injured Zoid's pilot. Meanwhile..
"Stryklerpin, scan the other zoids. Get their pilot's ID and let's keep it on record so we can report it later. Heheheh... "
Stryke's eyes shifted green as a scanner ray went over each zoid and soon each pilot was identified.
"That's good... "
[ Get ahold of the pilot? ] I asked Gav... not hearing anything from the zoid pilot.

Mew Master
4th January 2004, 09:31 PM
Denny Roth, Talon

"Charged Particle Beams?!" I shouted. "Are they crazy?!"

"More like we're going to be dead if we don't evacuate in the next few seconds." Sean told me over the com.

"Right," I Replied. "Let's G.O.D.!"


"GET OUTTA DODGE!" I pushed Talon's Controls to the max and my Zoid dashed away from the Ultrasaurus. Sean, and Rivkah beside Talon.

As the Charged Particle Beams hit the Ultrasaurus. The following dome of pure Energy started to expand, vaporizing the ground and any Zoids that weren't fast enough to get out of the way. We started heading towards one Zoid that was flipped on it's side, and struggling to get up.

"Hey, help me out!" said the pilot of this insect Zoid.

I slowed Talon down and dug in my Zoid's Claws into the dirt as it pushed. "Hang on, I got ya."

"Denny," Sean said. "You ain't gonna make it!"

"Go, we can't just leave him!" I shouted back, starting to push and slowly getting the giant arachnid upright. Come on,.... come on..... Talon pushed harder.

Left open to Sean or Rose when they get the chance

~Mew Master

4th January 2004, 10:17 PM
OOC: Um, I meant Boris to be on his side (like the Ultrasaur), not upside down.

Obviously, I'll wait for either Rose or Sean.

Kiori Hayabusa
5th January 2004, 07:30 AM
~Christopher Valentino~
He'd begun to question whether he'd ever prove able to wash the scorch marks from his beautiful Storm Sworder. With each attack run he'd made, miniscule amounts of his zoid's armor had been shaved off by barely dodged cannon fire. With a jerk on the control stick, his zoid had banked left and prepared for another run.

It was then that the Ultrasaurus' leg joint had blown out.

Not privy to the sensations the ground zoids must have been experiencing, Chris was slighly more surprised than they when the Ultrasaurus focused its firepower with greater intensity on the surrounding zoids. His attack run was postponed as his full attention turned to dodging the cannon fire. Just as the shells began to catch onto his dodge pattern, dealing blows to his spread wings, another air zoid tore by him as high speed.

And the cannon that had been focusing its fire on him exploded.

She was amazing. Her maneuvers were graceful and precise, skating the thin line between safety and danger in a deadly dance he felt he could never hope to imitate. Awestruck, it was only his own vessel's proximity alarm that shook him out of his daze and averted an embarrassing collision with the terra firma.

Chris could feel his cheeks burning.

As soon as the warning sounded, he was out of there. His speed leapt into the supersonic as he tore across the zoid-pocked landscape at speeds that shattered the sound barrier. The twin flashes behind him told him of the charged particle release as he slowed his zoid, only to realize he'd passed directly over a raptor zoid and bug zoid who seemed to be struggling to move.

Chris' face appeared on Denny's monitor seconds later. He was smiling sheepishly and rubbing the back of his head.

"Um... Sorry to bother you, sir, but it appears you've already cleared the blast radius."

He swore he could see a tumbleweed pass between them.

Mew Trainer Rose
5th January 2004, 10:23 AM

Two Charged Particle Beams? I didn't need anyone else's urging to get outta there. Like everyone else who was smart and still able to pilot their Zoids, I turned and ran full-tilt away from the blast zone.

Ahead of me I saw Talon trying to push over a scorpion Zoid, which had fallen on it's side and seemed unable to right itself. And was heavy enough that Talon looked like it could use some help. I opted for the quickest solution I could think of in a span of about ten seconds.

I continued to race toward the scorpion Zoid as Dodger's sensors showed the Charged Particle Cannons firing. Dodger lowered his head as I braced for the impact.

WHAM! As I had plan, Dodger's head slammed into the side of the overturned scorpion zoid, and the force of the impact impact was enough to roll it back over. My Zoid and I were momentarily stunned, then shook our heads as Dodger got back to his feet.

"You OK?" I asked Denny and the pilot of the scorpion Zoid, as i prepared to continue running from the Particle Beams.

5th January 2004, 08:59 PM
Two Charged Particle Beams!? They were insane! "Saber let's get outta here!" I shouted, turning my zoid around and dashing for safety. I felt guilty for leaving people behind.... but, I couldn't help them.

I watched in horror and awe at the vast explosion as it occured. Then I began thinking about the events that had just transpired. There's something definitely wrong here, first an ULTRASAURUS of all things goes crazy and starts attacking everyone, everyone naturally retaliated. THEN, just as the thing is crippled and victory appears to be near, ZBC comes in, threatening everyone with expulsion and uses vastly excessive force to take it out...

I activated my comm and contacted Hedgerush, "Kenichi, something about this whole scenario is suspicious, like it was set up, the method ZBC used would have destroyed a lot of possible evidence..."

"Okay, just prepare for the registration and upcoming battle, even if it was set up, there isn't much we could do about it." Kenichi replied over the comm.

I then started piloting Saber towards registration...

5th January 2004, 09:57 PM
"Yeah," I responded, "I'm cool. A little shaken, but cool. Is the stinger still there?"

-You've just survived a fight with an Ultrasaurus and the only thing you can think about is your Zoid's stinger?- Denny commented, his tone was hard to detect.

"Hey, I'm Boris Black," I sweatdropped, "I'm wired differently than most. I mean, I just built that stinger. It took a lot of my money and time. Do you think I'll abandon my stinger and just flush that money down the drain."

There was an ominous silence. I had this wierd feeling...

-Boris Black- Denny commented -Didn't you stalk us at our HQ?-

I sweatdropped again. I can't believe he remembered it that way. I tell you, it's hard being rival-friendly. It was really starting to piss me off.

"First, I did not 'stalk' you guys, let me get that straight. I merely choose to visit other teams in my spare time. It's called 'friendly-rivalry.' Second, whether you like it or not, I did provide a diversion in the fight that occurred."

My Zoid began to make another one of his noises. This time he indicated that I was acting like a jerk.

"Incidently, King Scorpio has informed me that I am acting like a jerk. I apologize for that. I'm not really in the mood for talking. Just tell me if the stinger is there."

6th January 2004, 05:21 PM
Locke Davenport- Pilot #1443 (Note: Don't click the little link below, Ihave no Idea as to where it leads...)

Storm lifted off with such force Locke let out a shrill cry. He was overjoyed at the fact that he was in 1st place-- a place he was destined to be in. Locke looked out the cockpit window and noticed a small zoid that was keeping up to his speed. He pushed the controls slightly forward and his zoid sped up. The small zoid next to him sped up ahead of him.

"So, ya wanna challenge me huh?" he said to himself, " Try this." He pushed his controls as far up as he could and gained a considerable lead. " Haha! Where are ya now?"

The opposing zoid appeared to be somewhere behind him. He turned back around and noticed the zoid was in front of him.
"What the...? How did... But..." The zoid crossed the finishline just before he did.

"Sorry, junior, try for the big leagues some other time."

This really frustated him. He hopped out of the zoid and sat at Storm's feet. "Ya know, maybe we shouldn't have registered for this season," he said, just before Storm growled in reply," What? Ya think so?.... A team?....How?... The Board? Oh yeah! Let's Go..."

Locke hopped into Storm's cockpit and they walked into the large hangar-type area. Locke got out once again and posted on the Recruit board:



He put the cyber-pen back in the little slot and hopped back in Storm. " Hopefully, someone'll reply or find me or something. Anyway, let's go, I'm starting to get hungry...Tacos at my place!"......

Mew Master
6th January 2004, 05:58 PM
Denny Roth, Talon

I sighed. "Yeah your Zoid's Stinger is still there."

Talon snarled as the Ultrasaurus was obliterated by the two Charged Particle Blasts that incenerated the large Zoid.

"Damn," I commented. "What a waste."

"The Zoid Battle Commission thanks all pilots that helped in this matter. Those that have lost team members or got damaged due to this incident can contact their local ZBC officials for compensation. All teams report to the Colliseum for inspection. That is all."

There was some silence over the lines.

"What the hell?" I nearly shouted. "They think that money can replace people and Zoids eliminated by that thing?!" that time I did shout.

Talon growled in agreement with me.

"Just who do they think they are..." I gritted my teeth.

"Comeon Den," Sean said over the comm. "Let's just go."

I lowered my head. "Fine."

Talon turned and Dodger, the King Scorpio, and the Diablo Tiger started to head back to the Colliseum. Leaving the wreck of the Ultrasaur to be cleaned up by the Zoid Battle Commision Clean-up Crew.

As we passed them, we passed the red Geno Breaker that had aided in severing the Ultrasaur's head by blasting the neck. Silently I glared at it. I would have glared at the Genosaur too, if I could see it.


Perfect Chaos
10th January 2004, 06:07 PM
Sean Kahland
The battle with the renegade Ultrasaurus was finally over. The ZBC had arrived on the scene and told everyone to leave or be expelled from the Zoid season. They planned on destroying the Ultrasaurus with TWO Charged Particle Beams. That seemed suicidal right there itself.

I could see why Denny was so upset with the ZBC. They put the matter all behind them as soon as it happened. "What the hell?" Denny nearly shouted. "They think that money can replace people and Zoids eliminated by that thing?!" that time he did shout. "They're completely nuts if they think they can!" he said, still shouting. "Calm down Denny...there's nothing more we can do about it...let's just go" I said to Denny over the comm in a low voice. "Fine" he replied in annoyed tone and me, him, Rivkah and Zee headed back to the Coliseum.

Once we left our Zoids in the garage, we headed inside the Colosieum where we saw alot of other Zoid pilots, most of them having participated in the battle with the Ultrasaurus.

We walked around a bit, looking around at the surroundings when we suddenly bumped into another group. It consisted of two guys and a girl "Well, well, well. If it isn't Denny Roth." I heard a guy said. I looked at him and he seemed familiar to me, like I had seen him somewhere before. That's when Denny spoke up and said "Hey Gavin, it's been a long while, hasn't it?" I recognized the guy as Gavin, the leader of the Los Locos team.

That's when my attention proceeded to the girl on the team. I couldn't help but gape at the sight of her. She had long, flowing, sun golden hair and bright crystal blue eyes. She was wearing a pair of short blue jean shorts, a black tanktop and black sneakers as well. I think I may have a crush... I thought to myself, trying to stop myself from staring but in vain failing to do so...


Ultimate Charizard
10th January 2004, 07:00 PM
PC. I dont want to sound too rude but its kinda a bad time for me, ill just make a hint.

Read other peoples posts before you make your own.

Both myself and Kalah have placed out Charachters miles away from the colleum helping out the new guy.

11th January 2004, 11:07 AM
*tackles Gav since he's in her sights* POST! *tackle*
^^; Anywho... that post PC made could be after we get back...
... assuming we get back... which I hope my assumptions are correct and we do... assuming Gav doesn't have anything in mind... are you assuming I'm trying to say assume as many times as I assume I can?

^^;;;;;;; Yeah... *fwack* Post Gav...

15th January 2004, 04:29 PM
Sorry I haven't posted for so long.

Jigen Bakudon
I punched the side of my Gustav in rage. I was still ticked off at what Gavin said.
I'll show him! Armordillo isn't slow and I'll prove it!!
I climbed into my gustav and pressed a button on the controls.
"I'll send little Gavin a message!" I snarled. A picture of Gavin appeared on the screen.
"Sorry," Gavin said, "I'm unable to answer your call, please leave a message after the beep." It was a recording!! A god damn recording!!
"Listen here Gavin!!" I screeched, "I challenge you to a battle!! One on one! Me versus you!! Got it!!" I shut off the moniter and jumped outof my gustav.
If he doesn't accept my challenge I'll...

Note: Jigen does not know about the whole Ultrasuarus incident.

Mew Master
18th January 2004, 12:13 PM
Denny Roth, Talon

I slpit up from the rest of the group, wanting to be on my own for a bit. The whole Rouge Ultrasaurus buisness had struck a cord with me, and now I currently wasn't in a very good mood.

Tow of the people we were with out there still hadn't reported in, so that bugged me. Also the fact that the ZBC was trying to make up with it with money as damned compensation! Lately the ZBC had been acting strange. The latest Season of Zoid Battles was ready to get underway, and then this incident pops up. That plus the fact that those damned ZBC Team had showed up.

After they beat the Chimeras last time and forced us to split up, I had spited them for it. They had Beaten us easily... Too easily, and seeing them today just put me in a worse mood.

It didn't make sense. Why did the ZBC need a team in the first place? There haven't been any unsoliceted battles on Zi for over a year now. And the ZBC was supposed to keep Zoid Battles in Check, not to participate in them. Even then, why give five pilots some of the strongest Zoids on Zi? A Geno Breaker and Saurer, Elephander, Wardick, and Storm Sworder. That damned Breaker and Sworder had cut me down too fast last time, and I was always itching for a rematch.

Meh, I was brooding too much on the past, but the past annoyed me....

18th January 2004, 10:31 PM
Rico Senkhave

He looked about at the now wrecked sabertigers. They had all gone down real fast with the help of that saix. Without Savage Rico may have been still able to polish them off himself but with Savage present it was just as well he had the help. Not that he was liable to show much gratitude.
"Hey, how you doing down there. That was fun, anything else i can do for you?" the pilot of the saix commed. "We have a repair bay you can use if you like...."
"That repair bay near the ZBC registration?" Rico said unceremoniously.
"Close enough. You were on your way to register? What team are you with?" the saix pilot asked enthusiastically.
"Yes I was on my way to register and none of your business. I think I'll take you up on that offer to use your repair bay though. Doubt it'll have the right equipment to re-tune my sonic emitters, though. That sonic blast cannon of yours isn't nearly as focused as my emitters," Rico answered back with obvious lack of patience.
"Hey now. I just helped save your....." the saix pilot began in response.
"Alright. I'll buy your team a round of drinks as payment for use of your repair bay tonight but don't think yourself entitled to more. So.....where is this repair bay?"
Rico brought his zoid about, ready to follow the saix. He wasn't really as harsh as he came off but the last thing he wanted was to leave someone with the impression that he felt he owed them. Now that he was temporarily free of his former associates, Rico could register with the ZBC. He'd be free to track down the prize he'd been chasing for two years.

19th January 2004, 11:58 AM

Listening to the conversation coming from the pilot of the other zoid and Gav. Stryklerpin snorted as we flew above them, the pilot obviously not knowing I was there for some odd reason or he was just ignoring me. Finally however, he decided to accept our offer of a repair bay. I grinned as I flew down lower.. above them just barely and I swooped in a circle.
[ Alright! Now that you two have it all figured out... let's head over there... I'm Rain by the way....]

With that as Gav and the other pilot began to go off, Stryke flew ahead of them just a little bit, swerving and doing little swaying motions in the air. Stryke enjoyed free flying time... and I enjoyed it too.
[ What are you doing Rain?] Gav asked, laughing slightly although I could tell he was a bit off edge about the other pilot...
[ Nothing. Just enjoying the air... after that battle, Stryke and I like 'scampering' in front of you in the air. Nice job on those pilots again though Gav... you little show off...] I said laughing, joking of course.
[ Hey... speaking of that, excuse me, are we ever going to know your name? I would like to know your name so if I ever see you I could say hi...] I said to the other pilot who was silent at this point, as we approached our destination...